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RiteAid Comprehensive
Shopping Guide

Rite Aid Pharmacy - With Us, Its Personal.

by T.K.  

with contributors:  Michele Easter, Stephanie Lada, Stephanie Maneese, Karentina Fujinaga

Shopping at RiteAid is now HOT! That's because there are so many new programs that overlap, meaning a single purchase could end up dirt cheap, or  free, or even give you overage to spend on other items. To maximize your RiteAid experience, study this guide, then dive in. You will soon be an expert who is delighted with numerous freebies. Be sure to read and print the current RiteAid Double Plays list before you shop. 

Rite Aid store coupon vs. manufacturer coupon:

You are allowed to stack one manufacturer coupon and (at least) one store coupon per item according to the official RiteAid Coupon Policy. However since that policy came out there have been products in the weekly ad showing the use of two store coupons so this seems to be okay now.

Store coupons, as defined by Rite Aid, will have an RC at the beginning of the barcode. The bar code also looks considerably different than regular manufacturer coupons and that's the giveaway that they are store coupons and not manufacturer coupons. Many Rite Aid store coupons will have the words "manufacturer coupon" at the top but they are, in fact, store coupons and should be treated as such.

There are eight types of coupons available for use at Rite Aid:

* Video value coupon:
Video values - Special Offers. FujiFilm Father's Day mouse pad - Free! $12.99 value.Go to and register for an account. You can then select videos to watch (15 seconds to 3 minutes in length) and you will be able to earn coupons for the products that you watch. In addition to each individual coupon you earn points for watching videos (one or two points each). Once you earn 20 points in a month you are eligible to print a $5/20 coupon good on your total transaction.
You can watch as many or as few videos as you want each month. Once you watch a video the coupon is banked in your rewards section. That coupon will stay there until the following month in which it was earned allowing you up to two months for redemption. However, if you don't watch a coupon during the May month for example then come June that video will not be available for watching anymore, while if you had watched it and banked the coupon in June it would still be available to print from your rewards section. You can set up as many video value accounts as you want, the video value coupons are not connected to your computer and you won't receive the "print limit reached" message like you do with Bricks coupons. Each different account just needs a different email address. All video value coupons I've ever seen (with the exception of Prevacid) are store coupons.

*There has been some controversy in how many video value coupons you are allowed to print and redeem. You are only allowed one chance at printing coupons from your computer for each account and then they are removed from your rewards section. However your computer prompts you at the time of printing as to how many pages you'd like to print and you can change that number to whatever you want and print multiples. You can also save these coupons to your computer for unlimited printing at a later time. To do that you can use Cutepdf which I will explain later. There have been mixed experiences with using multiples of the same video value coupon in a single transaction or during the entire month. The $5/20 video value coupon seems to have caused the most scrutiny. As it stands now there is no official across the board word on this so you will need to do what you feel comfortable doing and what your store allows.

Hot Buys* Weekly in ad coupons:
Weekly in ad coupons need to be cut out of the ad and given to the cashier. You will need one coupon for each item you want to use.  These coupons do not work like Walgreens whereas you give one coupon and it automatically deducts for each product. The cashier will keep your in ad coupons but you can usually find as many of them as you want up front by the doors. Almost all weekly ad coupons are store coupons, very rarely there will be a real manufacturer coupon in the ad.

* Wellness printed coupons:

If you have a Wellness card you can register your account here After logging in you will see in the top left hand side of the page available coupons and a link to view all of them. Each week they change, however the coupons are dated two weeks out. These are in a pdf form and can be saved to your computer and printed unlimited amounts of time at your discretion. These are store coupons and must be used with your Wellness card.

* Wellness receipt coupons:
At random you will receive coupons that print out on the bottom of your receipt. Each week everybody gets the same coupons, but you may
or may not get them on any given transaction. These coupons are now for things such as $1 off a purchase of $10 or more in seasonal products,
allergy products, cosmetics etc. These are store coupons. You need to scan your Wellness card to receive these coupons and to redeem them.

* Up+ Rewards:
If you are familiar with ECB at CVS this is very similar. You must use your Wellness card at the time of purchase and purchase certain products in certain amounts to receive a coupon on the bottom of your receipt that is good towards your next purchase of almost anything in the store. Each week the weekly ad will showcase any available Up+ Reward sales. On the sales flier, the Up+ Rewards are highlighted in yellow. (See example above). You may only earn one Up+ reward per transaction per offer. You can receive multiple rewards on one receipt, but not more than one of the same type. Up+ rewards are dated approximately three weeks out from the week you earned them. They are store coupons. They are good on your total purchase of almost anything (excludes giftcards, stamps, lotto, the usual exclusions). If you have a $3 up+ reward you do not have to purchase an individual item for $3 or more. You may redeem as many up+ rewards in one transaction as you want. You may use an up+ reward to purchase the same products again that you just earned the first reward from. (ie: Buy Pantene and earn a $1 reward, you may buy another Pantene, use your $1 reward and you will get another $1 reward) *Even though the weekly ad says you will only receive one up+ reward per offer per transaction there are reports that multiple rewards will print in one transaction. (Like buy two Old Spice products, get a $4 reward. If you buy four Old Spice you'll earn two $4 rewards at once)

* Total purchase coupons
Total purchase coupons are coupons such as $5/20, $3/15, $5/25, etc. Print the latest $5/$25 RiteAid coupon here. These coupons are currently plentiful and available in a variety of places. RedPlum often offers a $5/25, click here to see RedPlum. The video value site offers a $5/$20 monthly. And other total purchase coupons are common in Rite Aid emails and on the Wellness website. According to the Rite Aid coupon policy you are allowed to use one total purchase coupon per transaction. You are allowed to do multiple transactions, at the discretion of management.

* Coupons in magazines & booklets:
Occasionally at the front door, up by the register or back by the pharmacy waiting area there will be free informational books and magazines, usually about health related topics like allergies and diabetes. These books are free and sometimes contain store coupons or manufacturer coupons.

* Manufacturer coupons:
Rite Aid accepts all manufacturer coupons including internet coupons.

One per customer:
The majority of Rite Aid store coupons say one per customer. The register will accept as many of these coupons as long as you have one per item. Most stores do not enforce this and you're allowed to use as many of the same store coupon as you want, this is especially true of weekly ad coupons.

While it's up to each person and store as to how many store coupons they will allow for one item the register will accept as many store coupons for one item as you use. You could in theory use a weekly ad coupon, a video value coupon, a wellness coupon and a manufacturer coupon all on one item.

Coupon to item ratios:
The Rite Aid register system does not recognize coupon to item ratios and you may use as many coupons as are applicable to any number of products and the register will not beep. You do not need fillers as you do at Walgreens. I have bought four items before and used a total of nine coupons (a total purchase coupon, four store coupons and four manufacturer coupons) and none beeped.

Receiving overage:
You will always receive overage unless your cashier is aware of the price difference and enters the coupon by hand. This is true of store coupons and manufacturer coupons. The register will not beep because your coupon amount exceeds the cost of the item. It doesn't matter if it's one coupon that exceeds the value or a combination of two coupons that totaled exceed the value of the product. None will beep.

wellness+ rewards cardWellness card:
Rite Aid now has an in store loyalty card. You can sign up for this card in store or online here If you sign up in store you will be given a card instantly to use. If you sign up online you will be given a printable temporary card until your real card comes in the mail. You need a wellness card to receive the sale prices, up+ rewards, wellness coupons and other special offers. You will receive 10% off all Rite Aid brand products every time you use your wellness card from day one. You will also earn points on your purchases that can allow you to earn additional store discounts. The point system ~~~~~

How do the points accumulate:
You will earn one point for every dollar spent. This is accounted for on your after store coupon total and your before manufacturer coupon total. Example: You buy $30 worth of stuff and you use a $5/25 coupon, three $2 Rite Aid weekly ad coupons and six $1 manufacturer coupons. You will earn 19 points for this purchase. You can track your points on your account page after registering your wellness account on the link above. Points can (and usually do) take up to 48 hours to post. Once your reach a savings level (10% or 20% off) that savings discount will remain in effect until the end of the calendar year (12/31) of the current year. On January 1st of any given year everybody starts over at 0 points.

Get $50 and more when you transfer two prescriptions.  Click for details.You also earn 25 points for each prescription you fill.

You do not want to sign up everyone in your household for a different card. Since you earn points on your purchases that get you to the discount level you want to get all the points possible on one card. When you sign up you will get one regular size card and two keychain cards. Give those out to spouses or children to use. Rewards and sale prices are not limited to one per card ect. like CVS so there is no reason to need to have different cards for different family members.

How do the discounts work:
Once you are at a discount level your discount applies in different ways. You will receive 10% or 20% off of all products in the store (excluding cigs, lotto, giftcards etc.) You will receive either the current sale price or your discount, whichever gives you the better price. So if an item has a regular price of $5.49 and is on sale for $4.99 and you are at the 10% off level you will receive this item for $4.94 because the 10% discount from your wellness card is a greater amount off than the current sale price. You always get one or the other, but not both.

The Wellness + card has replaced the Living More card for seniors. There is currently no senior only discount I'm aware of.

Single Check RebatesSingle Check Rebates:
Each month (not a calendar month) Rite Aid has a booklet of available rebates. It's called the Single Check Rebate book, and it's available in every RiteAid. This booklet overrides any information in the weekly ad. Occasionally the weekly ad will say an offer is limit 1 while the rebate book says limit 2. The rebate book is correct and what you should go by in the case of a discrepancy. Each rebate is listed and will give the full details about product sizes, rebate limits and possible time frames. Most rebates are valid for the entire rebate month, however some are only valid for a certain week or even a one or three day period. These dates should be marked in the weekly ad and they will be marked in the rebate book on top of each individual rebate.

Rebates can be combined with manufacturer coupons and store coupons.
You can combine up+ rewards with rebate offers.

Even if the rebate booklet has a notation that your rebate amount will be deducted after any and all coupons I have never once seen that enforced. Count on all of your rebates to be based on your before coupon amount (before store and manufacturer coupons).

You are allowed one rebate account per family/household.

If you happen upon a product that qualifies for multiple rebates all applicable rebates will apply. For instance if Pantene has a $1 rebate available and Pantene also qualifies towards a rebate of $5 when you buy $20 in P&G products the Pantene will qualify for both rebates and show up under each one separately and automatically.

Sometimes there are rebate offers that require multiple purchases - Buy two bottles of Pantene and receive a $2 rebate or Buy $20 worth of P&G products and receive a $5 rebate. Any time a rebate requires multiple purchases you may make those purchases on as many receipts as you want. They have never once to my knowledge been required to be on one receipt. You may also buy them throughout the month as long as you stay within any date specific rebate terms.

Occasionally on your rebate account page you will see a giftcard offer listed separately from your monthly rebate totals. If you have reached the maximum amount for that rebate which is listed separately you may request that rebate and it will not have any bearing on your monthly rebate and you can continue to accumulate monthly rebate items.

If you want to see a detailed listing of what items are currently qualified towards a rebate click the "show detail" button on your Single Check Rebate page. In the past Rite Aid has not rounded up amounts. So if the rebate offer says spend $20, spending $19.98 will not qualify.

You can enter receipts throughout the month or all at once, it's your choice. I recommend entering receipts as soon as you get them for two reasons. 1 - you don't misplace the receipt and lose your chance to enter it. 2 - If you enter a receipt early in the week and don't receive credit for a rebate you still have time in that week to correct the problem with your local store and return and purchase a different product.

What if I lost my receipt:
Call the store that you made the purchase at and ask to speak to the manager. Tell the manager as much information as possible about your transaction. The date, time of day, method of payment and items purchased. The manager can find your receipt in their computer and give you the information you need to enter your receipt online for the Single Check Rebates. If you need the receipt for a mail in rebate offer the manager can print this computer generated receipt out and give it to you.

You may only request one rebate per month and the rebate check will be for your total monthly rebate earned except any separate giftcard offers you qualified for. Your check will come as a postcard without an envelope. I believe only rebate checks in excess of $200 will come in an envelope. Your check can be cashed or deposited in your bank or cashed at a Rite Aid store or used towards your purchase and if your purchase is less than the amount of your check you will receive cash back for the difference.

Since you enter your receipt information online you can use your original receipt to mail away for any available mail in rebates.

How do bogo sales effect my rebates?
Two ways-
If the rebate says Buy two Pantene and get a $2 rebate - you only have to buy two Pantene total (one free from the sale) and both will qualify and you'll get the $2 rebate.
If the rebate says Buy $10 worth of Pantene and get a $2 rebate any bottles of Pantene that ring up with a 0.00 price will not qualify for the rebate. Using bogo coupons has no effect on rebate offers and if both Pantene bottles ring up with a price and one is free only because of your coupon they will both qualify.

Generally clearance merchandise and special packages with freebies attached etc., will qualify for the rebates, however there have been times when bonus packages did not qualify. Buy at your own risk.

I looked at the rebates available online and they say valid only in select CA and NV stores.
All the rebates shown in the rebate booklet and online are valid for everyone. The CA & NV notations are to alert customers in the Las Vegas and Southern California markets that their rebates are different. Those markets start the weekly ad on Friday, while the rest of the country starts the weekly ad on Sunday.

You can purchase products online at under their online shopping tab and these products will qualify for the rebates. This option would be good for people who do not live near a Rite Aid and want to take advantage of advertised FAR items. There are many downfalls to buying online for the rebates. Weekly sale prices may or may not be the same as the online price. Coupons cannot be used at all on You will not earn up+ rewards or other special coupons from buying online. You may have to pay shipping & handling.

How to use the Single Check Rebate online account pages:
Go here and sign up for an account. You'll notice many links on the left side of the page. You can view all available rebates, make shopping lists, view past rebate programs and check the detailed status of your rebates as well as other things. There are also tabs at the top of the page including Enter Receipts. After clicking that it will allow you to enter receipt information for a store or online purchase.

You can only request your monthly rebate check once. I recommend waiting until the end of the month to do this because many times good rebate offers come up combined with new coupons and if you've already requested your rebate you can't particiate in them. There are many last minute deals so hold off until you're sure that you will be buying no additional rebate items.

Rite Aid Allergy Rewards ProgramAllergy Savings:
Currently Rite Aid is offering an Allergy Reward program. You can sign up here You will earn a $20 gift certificate when you buy $75 in Zyrtec and/or Benadryl purchases. The $75 is based on before all coupon amounts. You can earn three $20 gift certificates. Each gift certificate must be used in one transaction with no cash back. The current Allergy Reward program goes until 8/28/10. Once you reach a $75 level your $20 gift certificate will be requested automatically on your behalf. Requesting your first certificate will not mess up getting a second and third certificate. Any money that is left over from the first $75 (if you entered $79 worth of receipts) will carry over towards the second certificate etc. ($4 would carry over) If you enter a receipt in your Single Check Rebate account you do not need to enter the receipt again in your Allergy Rewards. They are connected and entering the receipt will once will show up in both accounts.

Cutepdf is a program that you can download to your computer and it "prints" things and saves them in a pdf format on your computer. This program is free of charge and free of ads and popups. Go here to download the free version Once you download this the cutepdf option attaches itself to your printer options. When you want to save something, like a Rite Aid coupon, you bring up the internet page you want to save. Click the print button. Your computer print box will pop up on the screen, at the top you need to click the drop down menu and select cutepdf. Then hit print. Nothing will actually print from your printer. Cutepdf sends an image of the internet page to your saved documents in a pdf format. It will prompt you to enter a name for your new document. You can access this document by going to your start menu, my documents and then selecting the name of the file you just chose. (That is how mine works)

RefundCents reader comments:

"There are so many AWESOME things about Rite Aid that I am going to concentrate on only one: Video Value coupons. They are the GREATEST addition to Rite Aid because
a) you can stack them on top of manufacturer coupons
b) you can get a $5/$20 coupon every month and
c) as someone who isn't always a TV watcher - you are in tune with very clever commercials that are new.
      Every month watch the Video Value adperk videos online. I try to do it on the first day of the month either when my son goes to sleep at night or during his nap. You have to watch them and then put in the code to get points (20 points = a $5/$20 coupon every month!!). I fold clothes or file endless paperwork while watching. That way I am getting things done. As for which ones to watch? I find any time there are Huggies videos, I watch them....or any other product that I buy every month (and have coupons for). That way I can stack the manufacturer coupon with the VV one. I also check the rebate list for the month and match that up with any VV coupons I can. Sometimes they don't match up at all, but the VV coupons are good for two months - the current month and the next, so chances are some of the VV videos will match up with next month's items!!
   You can access the VV coupons you "earned" until they expire. That way, you don't have to print them all at once and waste paper if you never used one before it expires. Speaking of printing, there is another interesting thing about the VV coupons, but it's a bit controversial. You can print multiple copies of the coupons you have earned ONLY the first time you print. Once you've printed the coupons, you cannot reprint a coupon. So, when you choose which ones to print, a screen comes up for your printer. At that time you can adjust the number of copies you want to print. Some stores will not accept these, some will. Some stores do not take multiple VV coupons in one purchase, so YMMV with that part.
   Even if you only earn 20 points every month, print out one copy of the coupons you want to use, and use the $5/$20, you will see amazing results in your RA purchases. Saving 60-80% every time is not uncommon when you are use a VV coupon and a $5/$20. Lastly, here is my most recent AWESOME purchase! (keep in mind, I am in CA, where sales tax is I bet your deal would be better!!)
Last week I purchased:
2 - Huggies Lil Movers @ 8.99 each
1 - Tugaboo sample pack @ 0.99 
subtotal: $18.87 + tx =
- $5/20
- 2 Huggies coupons @ $3 each
- $1 Tugaboo coupon
-$0.10 for Tugaboo (because of the wellness card - another RA perk!!)
- 2 $1 VV Huggies coupons from May VV videos
OOP $6.56 with tax. ( 68% savings) ** this was the last two packs of diapers I needed for the Huggies rebate, so it was an awesome purchase! :o)
Enjoy your Rite Aid endeavors!!"  Karentina Fujinaga
Rite Aid Video Values Watch 20 seconds to 3 minute Advertisements, AKA Video Values for products to earn credits towards $5 off $20 purchase at Rite Aid.  For every Video you watch you also get a "VV Coupon" (VV=Video Value Coupon) which is specific to the Video you watched.   If you watched a Huggies Video then you will get a Huggies coupon, if you watched a Metamucil Video then you will get a Metamucil Coupon and so on & so forth.
Example: You watched a 30 second video that was worth 1 credit & the video was about Huggies Diapers.  Now you have earned 1 of the 20 credits needed to get
the $5 off $20 purchase for Rite Aid plus you get to print a $1.00 / 1 coupon for Huggies Diapers.  VV coupon can be combined with a manufacturer coupon. 
Getting Started:
  1. Sign up for Video Values @
  2. Log-in to your Video Values Account
  3. Start Watching videos to earn credits towards HUGE savings
How to watch videos:
  1. Log In
  2. There are three tabs located at the top right of the screen, select "Video Library" tab.
  3. Scroll through & click on the video you want to watch.
  4. Press the Play button to start watching videos.
  5. Do NOT attempt to let the video play as you try to surf on another website.  The video may stop playing or even disappear.  Once you have started to watch the video, you must let it play to the end.
  6. As soon as the video is done playing you will have 30 seconds to enter in the 5-6 characters you see on the screen.
  7. Congratulations!  You have earned "xx" credits.
  8. From this screen you can select to continue watching videos or start printing your valuable coupons. See below for printing instructions.
How to print Video Value Coupons:
  1. Log In
  2. There are three tabs located at the top right of the screen, select "My Rewards" tab.
  3. From the "Select for Print" column  you can scroll through & select all the coupons you want to print.
    • I watch all the videos but rarely print them until I need them & some may expire before I ever need them.
    • Make sure you select the number of prints you want before you print!!!  Once you have hit the print button, they are gone forever.
    • Only 6 different coupons can fit on one full sheet.
How to Update Account Information, Edit Profile & Change Password:
  1. Log In
  2. There are three tabs located at the top right of the screen, select "My Account" tab.
  3. From this screen there are the three following tabs...
    • "My Account"
    • "Edit Profile"
    • "Change Password"
Rite Aid Wellness + Benefits & Rewards  
Getting started:
  1. You will need to sign up online or in-store for your card.
  2. Not only will you receive the benefits listed but when signing up on line you can select to receive additional savings my mail or e-mail.
    • Depending on what you selected for frequency of letters/messages will determine how often you will receive messages.
    • Some of the messages received include coupons.  Most are $1 off of $10 purchases in a specific category.  IE: $1 off your next $10 or more purchase of Hair Care products.
    • These coupons can also be combined with manufacturer coupons & video value coupons.
    • Once you are signed up & using your card you will also get coupons printed at the bottom of your receipts.
  3. Start shopping to earn points & coupons!!!
You earn one point for every dollar spent on non prescription purchase & 25 points for every prescription you purchase. 


  • Members-only sale pricing throughout the store
  • 10% off Rite Aid brand products every day5
  • 24/7 exclusive access to a pharmacist when you call 1-800-RITEAID
Combining Coupons
From my experience (may vary from store to store or even cashier to cashier) you can use 1 Manufacturer Coupon + 1 Video Value Coupon & when applicable 1 Wellness + Coupon for a single item.
Actual Example from 5/25/10:  All Rite Aid coupons are deducted before tax is applied.
Transaction #1
(1) $29.99 Olay Regenerist Cream
After I scanned my Wellness + card it automatically dropped to $22.00 (The sale price is $22.00 with card - better than 20%, so the CPU automatically took the best deal for me)
Here are the coupons I used...
(1) $5 off $20 purchase Video Value
(1) $3 Olay Manufacturer coupon
(1) $1 off $10 Skin Care Purchase from Wellness+ (e-mail I signed up for with Wellness + Card)
Total OOP $14.08 [ Includes Tax  {$22 - ($5/$20 + $1/$10) x .0675 tax} ]  basically I was taxed for $16 of the $22.
Transaction #2
(1) $29.99 Olay Regenerist Serum
After I scanned my Wellness + card it automatically dropped to $22.00 (The sale price is $22.00 with card - better than 20%, so the CPU automatically took the best deal for me)
Here are the coupons I used...
(1) $5 off $20 purchase Video Value
(1) $3 Olay Manufacturer coupon
(1) $1 off $10 Skin Care Purchase from Wellness+ (e-mail I signed up for with Wellness + Card)
Total OOP $14.08 [ Includes Tax  {$22 - ($5/$20 + $1/$10) x .0675 tax} ]  basically I was taxed for $16 of the $22.
I registered for SCR (Single Check Rebates).  These two transactions are for SCR #73
Valid from 05/23/10 to 05/25/10
$20.00 Rebate      Olay Regenerist
Purchase One (1)• Micro Sculpting Serum, 1.7 oz. AND
Purchase One (1)• Micro Sculpting Cream, 1.7 oz.
Both items must be purchased to qualify towards rebate   LIMIT ONE (1) $20.00 REBATE 
I am also looking in to the Rebate Michele posted "Conde Nast Special Programs P&G" for a $12 rebate or free one year subscription.
 $28.16 OOP for both transactions
-$20.00 SCR
-$12.00 P & G Refund
$3.84 Profit
If I hadn't used any of the above coupons or rebates I would be looking at $64.03 OOP instead of $3.84 profit.
Single Check Rebates aka "SCR" 
RA puts out a new SCR every month.  Some SCR are only good for a few days, a week and up to a few months. From my experience when you sign up online for the SCR it saves a ton of time & money on stamps & envelopes.  Not to mention when you mail your rebate in, who knows if it will even make it to the intended destination.  By entering minimal information from your receipt directly on-line you know they got your rebate information.  If you made a mistake all you have to do is enter the information again.
Getting Started On-line:
  1. Sign up online for SCR @  Look towards the bottom left & you should see "Single Check Rebates"
    •  If you prefer the traditional Rebate forms, you can pick up a monthly circular from your local Rite Aid
  2. Benefits
    • No long form needed
    • No stamp
    • No envelopes
    • No cutting & sending UPC in
    • No relinquishing of receipts just to find out you need it for another rebate offer or you need to exchange an item but have no receipt.
    • Enter all your receipts just in case there is a rebate you were not aware of.
  3. Down Falls
    • I have heard some of the rebates take too long...luckily I have not had problems with this.
    • I can't think of any other issues.
How to Enter Receipts:
  1. Log-in to your account (this will take you right to "My Rebate Status")
  2. You should see the following at the top
    1. "View Offers"
    2. "Enter Your Receipts"
      • Select Receipt Type "In-Store" or "Online"
      • Enter the following information...
        • Store #
        • Register #
        • Transaction #
        • Date of Purchase
    3. "Request Your Check" (Same for vouchers & coupon books - everything is mailed at one time)
      • You can request one check per calendar month.  If you request your check in the middle of the month & still have rebates for that month that you entered after you requested your check, you will have to wait until the next month to request your check.

After everything is entered you should receive an e-mail confirming your receipt entry.  It generally takes 2-5 business days before you will receive another e-mail updating the status of your rebate.  This e-mail will attach a link that takes you right to your status page to view the progress of your rebate.  Stephanie Maneese


"Rite Aid has improved the customer shopping experience tremendously for those of us that like saving money!  The new Wellness Card Program along with the Video Vault provides more ways for us to save money!  Here are some tips:

·         If you do not have your Wellness card with you, the cashier can easily locate you via your telephone number.  As soon as I registered online, they were able to find me in the computer the next day even though I didn’t have my card. 

·         The videos in the vault are Manufacturers Coupons.   This is important to know for those of us that like to “double up” our couponing when possible. 

·         When watching video vault coupons, they make sure you are actually viewing the advertisement being played on the video.  I tried continuing to surf while a video was playing, and it paused automatically until I returned to the page. 

·         At the end of the video, you will be required to enter in the security words viewed on your screen.  It’s important to know that they put a time limit!  Don’t just wander off or you will miss the time limit.  But here’s a tip if you do…I found that if you hit the button that requests a different security code because you couldn’t read the first presented, it will allow you to then at that point have a new “countdown” on your time. 

·         After watching the video, you are not instantly presented with the coupon to print.  Rite Aid has made it quite convenient to view several videos and THEN go print ONLY the coupons you wish to at that time. 

·         While you get a $5/$25 coupon after signing up for the wellness program, I’ve also found the same coupon to print again on so you can keep repeating the savings! Hopefully this will continue!

·         The video vault will reset with new offers every month, so keep a close watch!

·         Pair video vault coupons with Rebate offers for outstanding deals! 

Best of luck!  I’ve always found Rite Aid to be friendly and quite open to coupons.  In fact, I can’t think of a single time I’ve ever had coupons.  Given the new program, it seems like corporate also supports couponing and money saving offers for their customers!  Sincerely, Stephanie M. Lada