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Disney Movie Rewards question (8/7/2016 6:31:32 AM):  Is there a code available that is "good for all" I know there have been codes before. My Disney points expire in a week.... TIA!,  Michelle M, NY

1389 Kashi Check (8/7/2016 7:17:17 AM):  I believe I read a few days ago where someone else had received their Kashi Settlement check - got mine also, it was $8.88. I'll apply this to the principal of our mortgage, as I do with all the refund checks or found coin that we stumble upon. Fun way to pay it off faster!,  Marijane W, MI

1390 Irazoo Treasure Code (8/7/2016 7:27:55 AM):  centuryLocationCook 15 points,  Dolores S, WV

1391 1-cent paper Staples (8/7/2016 7:49:00 AM):  Hammermill paper is 1-cent after rebate and coupon. Print the coupon at H, TX

1395 The Kia test drive (8/7/2016 9:36:24 AM):  The test drive for Kia Optima $25 that Michele posted IS the same one We Just did already. It is NOT a different one. The one most all of us just did and just received our $25 Visa gift cards from was this..............Test-drive any new Kia Optima (including Optima Hybrid) from July 29th, 2016 - October 31st, 2016, and receive a $25 Kia Visa® Prepaid Card†, while. So anyone who just did this offer, It is the same one you already did.,  Shirley S, OR

1404 Kohl's Mystery code (8/7/2016 12:17:06 PM):  30% off 5PKV86LMCMXKJ,  Sam H, OR

1405 Panera bread coupon (8/7/2016 12:34:34 PM):  For $3 any full, half, or 1/2 of a pick two salad. Go here and log in or make an account: After you log in, Click where it says "Explore The Land of Clean". If you don't see that, go here: Complete all three 'Scene' challenges. Then a $3 coupon for salad will be added to your card.,  Tricia B, MD

1406 Papa Johns (8/7/2016 12:49:15 PM):  Use code PREASEASON7 to get a large 1 topping pizza for $7. Or 2 Large 3-Topping Pizzas for $9.99 each with code PRESEASON. www.papajohns.comTricia B, MD

1408 savingstar (8/7/2016 12:56:37 PM):  last week I posted about the healthy deal being corn on the cob. Today I found it at a different Winn Dixie than the one I go to. 75c each and easily the worst looking I have ever seen. When Savingstar comes up with these things I wonder if they ever consider whats in season,  Judy B B, LA

1412 CVS (8/7/2016 2:13:41 PM):  Yes, my CVS has the new coupon policy glued to the counter!!! I printed the $2.00 Bioron burn cream coupon and when I tried to use it, their scanner could not read it and they are not allowed to hand enter the coupons!! I will be contacting CVS!,  Mary H, IN

1413 Traveling deals (8/7/2016 2:43:54 PM):  My family and I are planning a two week vacation next May. I am wondering how to save money like on hotels and if there is a certain visa, mastercard to use and so on to build points . We are thinking about renting an SUV or other vehicle that would hold 6 individuals . Any help or advice would be appreciated. Private message me. thanks ,  Melissa S, WV

1416 Credit Card (8/7/2016 3:25:33 PM):  I need some suggestions and I figured this would be the best place to ask! DH and I need to open a new credit card and we figured we would try to be strategic and get one that would give us the best rewards...any suggestions? We were thinking of doing something that could help us pay for air flights, like the Southwest promo Michele talked about, but we weren't sure what other, potentially better, options there were out there. Any thoughts? TIA!,  Mary Jane B, NJ

1419 JCPENNEY B&M ichi Flat Iron $39 (8/7/2016 3:45:07 PM):  Found the Pretty Pastel iChi flat iron with travel case on clearance for $51.99 at the JCPENNEY salon. The Friends and Family coupon for 25% off reduced it to $39, excellent price! Friends and Family coupon good until Wednesday.,  Dana L, PA

1420 Staples (8/7/2016 4:28:08 PM):  Can't find where to enter easy rebates. Put it in the search and weird paper comes up. I've done it before, not seeing what I'm doing wrong. Any help? Please? Thank you,  Diane J. D, ME

1436 Mindy, Free or Cheap (8/7/2016 9:13:30 PM):  Bumping up your Free or Cheap. Went to Kroger, got 5 Huggies 72 count wipes .99 - .50 coupon = .49 each plus tax. Also got 4 Crest toothpaste 1.99 and used 4 2.00 coupons from recent P&G insert so free except for tax. Then I found 4 more .50 Huggies wipes coupons and got 4 more for .49 and 1 pack of Luvs for 5.99 - 2.00 coupon from P&G insert so paid 3.99. DD got 12 Oxiclean detergents for .99 using the 3.00 coupons and 3 Huggies wipes for .99 each.,  Pam G, KY

1437 Rite Aid (8/7/2016 9:15:16 PM):  Rite Aid had some of their Scott, Brawny, and Bounty paper towels on clearance today for 75% off.,  Pam G, KY

1441 Savings Catcher & Fresh Potato's Check (8/8/2016 4:49:53 AM):  On Friday, I got an email from Savings Catcher saying they had found a better deal for me for my receipt on 7/16. It was a bogo on wipes and I got an extra 1.56 back with them. I just emailed them about a bogo on some cat food that was on sale about 2 weeks ago that was not matched. Looks like Savings Catcher is really far behind on the emails they get regarding missing items. Guess I won't give up hope. Also on Fri I got a check for 30.49 from the Fresh Potato's class action lawsuit. Nice surprise for the weekend. ,  Victoria L, FL

1449 Dollar General $5/25 & P&G WYB15 (8/8/2016 7:12:01 AM):  Thru 8/20/16 Get $5 WYB $15 P&G products coupon prints on receipt WARNING total must be $15 after coupons and before tax or coupon will not print You can use that coupon with $5/25 Dollar General but it must be manually entered some inexperienced cashiers may not know how a mgr may have to enter it (happened at my store) so I ended up with $10/25 ***ALWAYS give cashier $5/25 FIRST *** the register will prorate % discount off each item purchase price ,  Ann A, NC

1450 Snickers sweeps (8/8/2016 7:20:17 AM):  Won coupon for a free snickers candy bar,  Gloria B, LA

1452 Pepsi (8/8/2016 8:15:11 AM):  How can I find an address for Pepsi?,  Ava J, FL

1453 Tresemme or Pantene shampoo (8/8/2016 8:22:07 AM):  Was there a rebate for one of these?,  Ava J, FL

1456 $24 shipped- 48 AA batteries (8/8/2016 8:44:30 AM):  48pk Duracell AA Duralock Alkaline Batteries – 10 Year Shelf Life, $24 with free shipping: B, MD

1457 Walgreens (8/8/2016 10:31:32 AM):  I bought a few things at Walgreens today. I received a coupon for 5000 points on a $15 purchase at check out. But only good for 3 days so I'll have to plan wisely and try to go back tomorrow.,  Susan B, SC

1459 bumping up credit card chat.. (8/8/2016 10:34:57 AM):  just some thoughts on airline credit cards...unless you fly regularly & often, airline cc's are not the best deal. airlines have changed their rules &, on most, you earn miles on price of your ticket rather than miles flown. anyway, you might be better off, if you want a travel card, to get something like the capital one venture card (i have this, but there are others like it). all i have to do is make my regular reservations (any hotel, airline, travel company) with this card & then my "miles" or "points" on the card can be applied to the total amount. i have done this several times already & saved hundreds of dollars on my trips. easy-peasy lemon squeezy! of course, like every card, you must pay off your balance every month. i charge EVERYTHING to my card, so it does add up pretty quickly. really look into credit cards carefully & find out what fulfills YOUR needs the best. we are lucky nowadays that we have so many different reward plans to choose from!...,  Donna M, CA

1460 Irazoo Treasure Code (8/8/2016 11:40:34 AM):  lyingCourtDiscovery 15 points,  Dolores S, WV

1461 $80 shipped- Serta raised air bed (8/8/2016 11:50:27 AM):  Serta Raised Twin Air Bed Mattress with Never Flat Air Pump. Use code BRADSBED8 to make it $79.99 with free shipping. B, MD

1463 RAOK - Shutterfly Shopping Bag (8/8/2016 12:18:23 PM):  Free shopping bag code: CTLM12J951XGBHG287 Please post when used.,  Sheila M, VA

1468 Helping Others (8/8/2016 1:16:47 PM):  I think this is a great idea!! It made me think of my friends here at RMC. S, MD

1472 Kashi class action came (8/8/2016 3:06:39 PM):  Received over $44 check today.,  Shirley S, OR

1476 Looking for Thule bike rate (8/8/2016 4:37:20 PM):  My DH is looking for a Thule Bike Rack w/ Anti-Sway Hitching Post to hold 4 bikes. I know Amazon has it but I'm looking for a better price. They cost around $300.00 ,  Renay E, NJ

1477 Nordstrom $10 (8/8/2016 4:52:50 PM):  I forgot to use my Nordstrom $10 reward by yesterday. I had looked several times but never ordered. However, I just tried it, and it still works today!! yippee!,  Tricia B, MD

1478 $30 shipped- Vera Bradley backpack (8/8/2016 4:54:58 PM):  Vera Bradley Lighten Up Just Right Backpack, $29.99 with free shipping: B, MD

1480 M&M (8/8/2016 5:18:43 PM):  Has anyone who's won the vouchers for concessions have trouble with them? I have four of them and I've always used in the past and they took every single one of them but they said one of them wasn't working and they couldn't figure out which one. So instead of ringing me up each item separately and using one on each item they decided that they were going to do that. So now I have four of them which I have no idea which one is not working. ,  Carla B, OH

1482 Wheel of fortune (8/8/2016 6:18:53 PM):  $5,000 and a Cruise to Mexico! Spin ID: JS2757739 Bonus Round Puzzle: OUR OBJECTIVE,  Rhonda K, FL

1483 yaarlo (8/8/2016 6:44:41 PM):  is anyone else having trouble uploading your receipts to yaarlo? When I upload mine all I get is a message that "receipt queued for upload", but nothing else happens. This has been happening since yesterday. ,  Deb H, IN

1484 CVS Survey (8/8/2016 6:59:40 PM):  Just wondering if anyone has won a $ amount by filling out their survey. I fill them out every time they send one; at least twice a month and am never an Instant Winner. Just curious.,  Linda G, MI

1488 Mypoints (8/8/2016 8:20:00 PM):  The featured merchant today is Walmart for the back to school sweeps and its 16 points per dollar! The 15 winners from last week 8/1 - 8/7 are posted that won $100 visa gift card. I didn't know they were offering the sweeps thru 8/21 weekly. ,  Colleen M, WI

1489 Swagbucks referral (8/8/2016 8:20:43 PM):  Today my friend joined Swagbucks but she forgot to use me as a referral when she joined. If she cancels her account and joins again using me as a referral will I be able to get the 10% they offer at SB's for referrals even though this will be the second time she joined? ,  Rosalie S, PA

1491 Swiffer (8/8/2016 9:13:17 PM):  Has anyone found the form for the swiffer that expires in September. The only ones I see expire in June. Wheres the current one at. The ones I printed out have the earlier expration dates and are no longer good ,  Becky M, MO

1492 Shanna - Pismo (8/8/2016 9:51:30 PM):  Just wanted to say we love visiting that area. I have lotsa fav places to eat - Arroyo Grande Meat Market for the tri tip sandwich, Efrems in Oceano for good hole-in-the-wall Mexican, Okui's farm stand for strawberries, etc,  Teresa S, CA

1495 Kroger (8/9/2016 5:05:21 AM):  Today is the last day for the "buy 5 get $5 off" deal. I found these items. Crest 3d white 2.99- 2.00/1 ss coupon. Checkout51 has 75c back. Country crock 99c-50/1 ss coupon. There is also a 35/1 Kroger e-coupon. Weber bbq sauce 1.47. Ibotta has cash back on this. Super pretzel 1.19(?)-1.00/1 ss coupon. Savingstar has 50c back. Dove ice cream bars 2.49-1.00/1 ss coupon. Kroger shredded cheese 1.49. Ibotta has 25c(?)cash back.,  Cathy G, OH

1496 FOY Gifthulk (8/9/2016 5:32:14 AM):  lby304p8w 1 user 21 coins,  Lacinda T, IA

1497 upc code for Ice (8/9/2016 5:41:56 AM):  Is there a way to look up the upc code for bagged ice? I tossed the bag.,  Shirley H. R, NC

1502 Walmart (8/9/2016 7:31:03 AM):  Suave men's body wash is $1.65. Ibotta has a $1.50 off and there are buy one get one free coupons. Use the coupons, submit receipt and get BOTH for just pennies!!!,  Millie P, KY

1507 $44 - Beats in ear headphones (8/9/2016 8:43:12 AM):  Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphones in Space Gray (2016 Model), $49.99 but use code BRDSDEAL44 to make them $43.99 with free shipping: B, MD

1510 $38 Women's Parka from Nordstrom (8/9/2016 8:54:49 AM):  Rachel by Rachel Roy Faux Fur Trim Hooded Faux Shearling Lined Parka, $37.50. Shipping is $7.95 or free on $100. B, MD

1516 Kashi (8/9/2016 10:14:19 AM):  Received a check today for $26.48. I'm very pleased since I had submitted without store receipts.,  Theresa W, PA

1517 Irazoo Treasure Code (8/9/2016 10:17:47 AM):  teamHigherVisit,  Dolores S, WV

1519 Rite Aid (8/9/2016 11:20:06 AM):  On my way home from voting this morning, I stopped by Rite Aid. Since our Rite Aid is remodeling, a lot of items are 75% off. I picked up a Bounty with Dawn cleanser paper towel (6 pack) fro $1.99. I've never tried the paper towels with Dawn infused in them. I figure the towels would be good for cleaning desks at school if I don't like the towels for home use.,  Joanne K, VT

1520 Warning Mypoints (8/9/2016 12:07:16 PM):  Check your account. Make sure there is no subtractions. Someone, and I'm pretty sure it's an employee subtracted 149 points from my shopping. I only made one purchase from that vendor back in May. I never purchased that much from them.,  Faye B, VA

1522 (8/9/2016 12:15:12 PM):  If you use they are changing part of their site, they will no longer award shopgold points. Effective Aug. 16, 2016, will no longer award ShopGold points. You may continue to redeem your ShopGold points for gift cards through Nov. 2, 2016. After Nov. 2, 2016, ShopGold points will no longer be redeemable. Please review our updated Terms and Conditions for additional details or Contact Us with further questions. ,  Nicole Y, WA

1523 Roman Meal product promotional offers (8/9/2016 3:54:57 PM):  Michele has a link in her Print Formsw for promotional offers from them. She says to click on the "Rewards" link on the Roman Meal Website. I checked that Website today to see if there were any new promotional offers. Was surprised to learn that Roman Meal products are now part of the Flowers Foods empire. I saw no link for promotional offers. So e-mailed them. Was told they no longer offer any promotional offers. ,  Virginia Ann S, VA

1525 $35 - Men's Sperry Flex deck shoes (8/9/2016 4:52:07 PM):  Men's Sperry Flex Deck Boat Shoes, reg. $70, now $49.99. Use code code TOOHOT to drop them to $34.99. Shipping is free. B, MD

1528 Sylvania Dual Monitor Portable DVD (8/9/2016 6:10:57 PM): has a Sylvania Dual Monitor portable DVD player on sale for $74.50, but you get over $50 back in points. It ships for free. Even if Kmart isn't near you, they'll ship it for free and then you can spend the $50 online and get free shipping on that order too. The site tells me that I get $52.49 back in points. But, you may need to check the online coupons for bonus deals to get to that point. It only has 2 reviews on the site and it gets an average of 2 stars. Still, for $25, I'll give it a shot. Order through ebates for 2% back too. Good luck! ,  John B, IN

1529 Wheel of fortune (8/9/2016 6:16:18 PM):  $5,000 and a Cruise to Mexico! Spin ID: PS2939616 Bonus Round Puzzle: FINAL APPROVAL,  Rhonda K, FL

1530 Virgin America sale (8/9/2016 9:07:01 PM):  $39 & up One Way Fares on Virgin America: For example: Dallas - Las Vegas, $59 each way. Book by August 10; travel between August 23, 2016 - March 1, 2017,  Tricia B, MD

1532 Gifthulk FOY Code (8/10/2016 5:28:56 AM):  Z25f6x14i 1 user 10 coins,  Lacinda T, IA

1533 Swiffer MBG (8/10/2016 7:35:14 AM):  Bumping up An RC'er posted yesterday that they were told to use a 3"x5" card to submit for the Swiffer MBG promo. More than one place on that MBG form states form IS REQUIRED!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

1534 1/2-price Cheeseburgers at Sonic Drive-ins (8/10/2016 8:35:34 AM):  Tmorrow only, get 1/2-price cheeseburgers all day at participating Sonic Drive-ins. Add-ons are extra. I think there is a limit of 5 per person.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

1535 1/2-price Cheeseburgers at Sonic Drive-ins (8/10/2016 8:40:10 AM):  Tmorrow only, get 1/2-price cheeseburgers all day at participating Sonic Drive-ins. Add-ons are extra. I think there is a limit of 5 per person.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

1536 Drano MBG ? (8/10/2016 9:15:06 AM):  Hi, Anyone know if we can do all 3 MBG for Drano ? All 3 have the same offer# and the same P O box#, Thank-you.,  Joy G, PA

1537 Hefty/Swagbucks (8/10/2016 9:55:02 AM):  Does someone remember how many Swagbucks were to be credited for doing the Hefty Swagbucks offer in June? I have not received my points yet and need to contact them. TIA.,  Denise M, MI

1538 Staples Ink artridges (8/10/2016 10:02:22 AM):  I can't remember how much we have to spend on ink cartridges to be able to recycle. Can someone tell me the amount please?,  Pat S, AZ

1544 Walgreens receipts (8/10/2016 12:52:54 PM):  Walgreen receipts Rfn. 1514 4316 4730 1608 0903 Date August 9. Total. 12.89 Rfn. 1514 4028 0208 1607 2603 Date. July 26. Total. 46.47 Rfn. 1050 4210 5586 1608 0503 Date August 5. Total. 4.65,  Linda S, AL

1545 mycoke double points (8/10/2016 1:04:20 PM):  GET BACK TO SCHOOL READY WITH DOUBLE POINTS Earn Double Points now through 8/14 on participating Minute Maid®, Powerade® and Dasani® products. Use your points to get the goodies you need to start the school year.,  Michelle M, NY

1547 Disney Movie Rewards (8/10/2016 2:08:32 PM):  does anyone have a code to share....Haven't seen any good for all ones ANYWHERE! TIA,  Michelle M, NY

1548 Disney rewards code (8/10/2016 2:12:10 PM):  GOLDWIN 5 points MEDALS 5points Good for everyone.,  Gayle S, MI

1549 Disney Movie Rewards (8/10/2016 2:12:34 PM):  After posting asking about codes, I just discovered 2 codes that worked today: MEDALS and GOLDWIN Hope this helps someone :-),  Michelle M, NY

1550 Giant Eagle (8/10/2016 2:22:11 PM):  Starting Thursday giant eagle for their free item is a power bar protein plus bar. ibotta has a dollar back Mobisave has $.50 back. MM,  Carla B, OH

1551 Organic Balance (8/10/2016 2:41:21 PM):  Has anyone in So. Cal found the Organic Balance that we have the free coupon for? It's a milk protein shake so I assume it would be refrigerated. I've looked in Sprouts so far, no luck. The coupon expires 8/31/16.,  Linda B. B, CA

1552 Skin So Soft (8/10/2016 3:32:17 PM):  I want to buy and use Skin So Soft as an insect repellent. Is it available at retail stores or must I contact an Avon rep? Thanks for comments.,  Jackie C, OH

1553 $7 - 24 pack Angel soft TP (8/10/2016 4:16:55 PM): Angel soft 24 pack 2 ply toilet paper, $6.99. Free in store pick up or free shipping on $14.99 with rewards membership.,  Tricia B, MD

1562 Wheel of fortune (8/10/2016 7:02:18 PM):  $5,000 and a Cruise to Mexico! Spin ID: ET9935758 Bonus Round Puzzle: GOING ABROAD ,  Rhonda K, FL

1565 Dollar General market?? (8/10/2016 7:17:53 PM):  what is this -- just a DG grocery store??,  Laine J, TX

1566 FS SURVEYS (8/10/2016 8:02:52 PM):  Is anyone a member of FS Surveys? Are they legit and worth it? Got an email out of the blue and I've never heard of this one. ,  Cathy S, VA

1572 Irazoo Treasure Code (8/11/2016 6:54:35 AM):  fellowCheeseDiameter 15 points,  Dolores S, WV

1574 $131 shipped- storage coffee table (8/11/2016 8:11:47 AM):  Pyramid Trunk Storage Bench Coffee Table, $130.94, was $279.99. Free shipping. B, MD

1575 Smashburger cupon (8/11/2016 8:15:35 AM):  Buy one entree, get one free. Good thru Sept. 10. B, MD

1576 Walmart Old El Paso YMMV (8/11/2016 8:16:28 AM):  A couple of days ago, I checked out the neighborhood walmart discontinued section. In our store, it is right next to the discounted bakery goods. I found Ortega taco kits for $1 and they had an 18 ct taco shell pack next to it but didn't have a price. There were 2 more underneath the display so I decided to go price it. It came up 12 cents! Needless to say, I went and got the other two. Out of curiosity, yesterday I was in and went to the regular shelf. grabbed one and scanned - 12 cents! Bought all 13 they had. WE have tacos once a week so this is awesome for my family. UPC number is 46000 81151. Also used savingstar to get $1 back on 3 so 56cents for all 13. There are probably coupons available but I didn't have my box with me.,  Kathleen H, CA

1577 AT & T Customer Service (8/11/2016 8:21:28 AM):  Does anyone have a number for AT & T customer service where they can actually speak English? Spent 3 hours the other night on the phone and have to call back today trying to keep my old phone number and can't understand what they say and told to get info and call back and the next person wants different info!,  Donna H, WV

1578 Rite Aid week of 8/14/16 KLEENEX DEAL (8/11/2016 9:09:07 AM):  Rite Aid deal starting 8/14 : Buy 6 boxes of kleenex 85 ct $5.94 use three ~ 50/2 coupons = 1.50 get $2 OYNO wyb 6+kleenex boxes catalina = 2.00 Submit 50/2 checkout51 = .50 Total cost would be 1.94 for 6 boxes ,  Melissa S, WV

1579 Swagbucks (8/11/2016 9:14:25 AM):  My SB inbox has a Glucerna offer for 15 SB. I clicked on the link then on the offer to SAVE $3 and got 15 SB without the coupon printing. ,  Rosalie S, PA

1582 Fitbit Price match (8/11/2016 9:37:07 AM):  If any one was looking for the FitBit Charge HR that usually runs 149.99 it is on sale at Best Buy this week for 149.99 and you can price match for 110% at I was on the phone for about 20 minutes while the rep filled out all of the screens she had to but it ended up being 105.99 and I had it shipped to my daughter at college for free. I still haven't figured out how it got that low so YMMV but even with 110% it was the best deal I could find. ,  Susie R, MD

1596 (8/11/2016 11:53:45 AM):  here is a coupon code for $10 off your first 3 orders ($35 minimum) for 632BD83DEL . know there was some talk about this site awhile back, so hope someone can use it!...,  Donna M, CA

1597 schwan's (8/11/2016 11:56:57 AM):  here is a code for your first order of $50 or more, saving $25 & receiving free delivery (not including mail order or gift card purchases): go to or call 1-888-schwans & use code Taste48 . hope someone can use this!...,  Donna M, CA

1598 shutterfly code (8/11/2016 11:59:07 AM):  for a free reusable shopping bag, use code: KH78-5XS3-4U0(orO)H-85VG37. hope someone can use this!...,  Donna M, CA

1600 Staples Teacher Appreciation Day 8/17? (8/11/2016 12:36:21 PM):  I just received an email from Staples today saying that teacher appreciation day will be on 8/17 for the stores in my area. Unfortunately, that is our retreat day and I will not get home in time to drive to the nearest staples store which is an hour from me. Hopefully others can get to it. I'm not sure if this is the same day nationwide.,  Joanne K, VT

1602 Bausch & Lomb (8/11/2016 12:47:34 PM):  Michele has a link to get a free sample. They ask you to pick what kind you use. I clicked B&L but I did not get a sample I got a 2.00/1 coupon instead.,  Cathy G, OH

1608 Caress at CVS (8/11/2016 2:42:19 PM):  Regarding Michele's post about the Caress at CVS, my Ibottas are both 75 cents each, but there is also a Savings Star $1.00 for the Caress body wash until 8/21. ,  Sandra F, WI

1611 hair and beauty productgs (8/11/2016 2:54:30 PM):  A lot of those (Garnier, etc) are on Savingstar,  Judy B B, LA

1613 Roxy sale (8/11/2016 2:58:36 PM):  Roxy has lots of clearance, and extra 40% off with coupon code SD-SCORE. Shipping is free. B, MD

1614 Schwarzkopf Hair Care (8/11/2016 3:26:40 PM):  Beware of these rebates! I just received a check for $.47 on a$11.99 purchase because I used extra bucks. Trying to get them to make it right was fruitless and frustrating!,  Deb H, VA

1618 AT&T (8/11/2016 5:36:07 PM):  Just hang up and keep calling back.You will get one(English speak)in time.,  Ava J, FL

1619 old el paso (8/11/2016 5:45:35 PM):  Is it ole elpaso taco shells or Ortega?If you can't find sale $tree has Ortega shells.Only one we buy/only one made USA,  Ava J, FL

1622 Wheel of fortune (8/11/2016 6:06:08 PM):  $5,000 and a Cruise to Mexico! Spin ID: RF8353366 Bonus Round Puzzle: DAMP WEATHER,  Rhonda K, FL

1627 $99 + credit, Washington DC hotel (8/11/2016 8:36:53 PM):  One Washington Circle hotel, all suite hotel. Gets very good reviews on tripadvisor. Studio rooms with a king or two double beds start at $99 per night Includes a daily $20 credit toward food and drinks at Circle Bistro Complimentary Wi-Fi and bottled water Travel through Nov. 6. Book by Aug. 19. B, MD

1632 CVS $1 area? (8/12/2016 8:09:18 AM):  does anyone know?? when does this stuff get marked down? thanks,  Laine J, TX

1635 jcpenny rebates (8/12/2016 8:36:41 AM):  On the jcpenny $11 visa prepaid card,can you put all 6 cooks small appliance rebates on the same form and send in same envelope? ,  Rose W, KY

1636 Redbox Double Points (8/12/2016 8:54:32 AM):  Check your email or phone for a special text to enter and win $500 when ordering movies thru that link you get double points !,  Ann A, NC

1637 Lays Producrs (8/12/2016 9:16:08 AM):  I received the Lays c/o for a 2.75 bag Lays chips. What stores carry this size?,  Pat S, AZ

1641 Disney Movie rewards (8/12/2016 11:14:19 AM):  SWIMMING for 5 points today,  Susie R, MD

1643 kroger digital coupons (8/12/2016 12:09:07 PM):  Can you use a manufacturer coupons with the digital coupons upt to five times deals at Kroger? I know I have in the past. ,  Melissa S, WV

1644 Schwarzkopf rebate (8/12/2016 12:46:30 PM):  If everyone would remember to READ THE FINE PRINT on the forms before attempting to do the offer, it would save a lot of disappointment & postage! The forms plainly state that if you use coupons, that amount will be deducted from the rebate! JMHO,  Paula T. T, TN

1645 Office Depot (8/12/2016 12:53:20 PM):  Don't forget to name a school to get 5% back in the Give Back to Schools Program if you do you Back to School shopping at Office Depot (or any shopping all year round) Also for the crafters out there the Sharpie Paint pens were included in the 25 cent sale for single sharpies (limit 3),  Susie R, MD

1652 $12 = Trunk organizer & cooler (8/12/2016 3:15:30 PM):  Collapsible Trunk Organizer and Cooler, $15, but with code BD3 it will be $12 with free shipping: B, MD

1654 $14 memory foam pillow (8/12/2016 3:56:06 PM):  Apothecary Select-A-Side Memory Foam Pillow, was $79.99, now $13.99. $13.99 after codes. Use code PENCIL30 for 30% off and FREE4AUG for free shipping (with Kohl's card). GREATSAVER can be used for 15% off if you don't have a Kohl's card.,  Tricia B, MD

1656 Has anyone bought the Perfect Cooker? (8/12/2016 4:51:42 PM):  It looks great....but it's a seen on tv thing. Wondering if it cooks the way it says it does. Thanks! ,  Mindy A, MI

1658 Wheel of fortune (8/12/2016 6:08:54 PM):  $5,000 and a Cruise to Mexico! Spin ID: CG7932616 Bonus Round Puzzle: GEOGRAPHY QUIZ,  Rhonda K, FL

1660 Dryer Died... (8/12/2016 6:34:31 PM):  I would appreciate any & all suggestions. Our dryer died & will cost over $500.00 for repair. Where would you suggest looking for a new one? I might purchase a new pair- presently have a matching GE Profile set that came with our house seven years ago. I am also open to only purchasing dryer. I am not brand loyal. I would like American made as much as possible. THANK YOU!,  Bernetta S, NV

1663 Staples $30 off $60 online coupon code (8/12/2016 7:09:03 PM):  I have 2 codes for $30 off $60 order. They expire tomorrow (8/13). Here they are: 2826026912410860 and 2826024055049314. Please post when used.,  Jim W, IN

1666 Best Ways to Save at Old Navy? (8/12/2016 7:53:30 PM):  I haven't been able to afford to buy clothes for a few years. I also lost 60 lbs 3 years ago, so I just started wearing my clothes from high school again. Now, I can buy some things - so I bought a pair of jeans. I would like to buy another pair - but wondered if there are deals and what not that I am missing. For this first pair, I bought them online using a coupon code - which saved me $12 something and also got free shipping. Do their jeans ever go on sale? Or clearance? I did just see that Old Navy Gift Cards are buy $50 get $10 ECB at CVS next week.,  Jenny D, KS

1672 IDSO iPhone 64G (8/12/2016 10:10:22 PM):  I need your help locating an iPhone deal. I need a 64G iPhone & we are on Verizon. I changed from an iPhone to a Samsung about 4 years ago. I never cared for my choice & change in phones. I made this decision because of cost. It never worked correctly. It cuts off and on while I listen to the radio & music. If I receive a text or phone call my phone freezes. Now my phone will not charge. I've had it plugged in and trying to charge it for over 48 hours. I do not want another android. Before this phone I had an iPhone 4 and I was very happy with that phone. Please post any deals. I found one deal at Best Buy still looking. TIA,  Renay E, NJ

1677 FOY Gifthulk (8/13/2016 6:17:22 AM):  8yz1szzb1 1 user 14 coins,  Lacinda T, IA

1679 shutterfly note pad (8/13/2016 6:46:45 AM):  free notepad CCBE-0XJ2-HVZN-JBRK0S,  Marlane E, PA

1681 Giant eagle (8/13/2016 8:05:12 AM):  Kellogg's cereal certain ones are on sale for $2.49 and $2.99 Then when you buy five you get $5 off. I had five $1 coupons, and got $1 from checkout51 and $1 from Mobisave for buying certain kinds. I ended up paying $2.45 for five boxes and earned points through KFR.,  Carla B, OH

1682 Walgreens free 8 x 10 (8/13/2016 8:56:46 AM):  Free 8"x10" Photo Print for free when you use coupon code JUSTBECAUSE. Make sure to sign in first. B, MD

1684 $20 shipped- Classic LL Bean Back Pack (8/13/2016 9:05:08 AM):  Classic Campus Back Pack, was $59.95, now $19.99. Shipping is free. B, MD

1686 (8/13/2016 9:15:07 AM):  Anyone else have trouble exchanging certs? I keep getting the exchange not available right now message,  Judy B B, LA

1687 ShopRite Freebie (8/13/2016 9:27:51 AM):  Last day for free Bic disposable razors at ShopRite. Use the $3 cpn from last Sun.s SS & get the $2.99 razors for free.,  Pat B, DE

1690 $24 shipped- Shopper totes (8/13/2016 10:03:10 AM):  Olympia Rolling Shopper Tote, was $60, now $24. Use code BRADFREE20 for free shipping. or B, MD

1692 $21 - Pottery Barn throw (8/13/2016 10:09:02 AM):  RAYON CHENILLE THROW, was $99, now $29.99. Use code THROWS to make it $20.93. Shipping is free: B, MD

1693 Irazoo Treasure Codes (8/13/2016 10:13:01 AM):  rootWesternSun weekly code 60 points snakeChosenAncient today's code 15 points,  Dolores S, WV

1705 Columbia fleece jackets under $20 (8/13/2016 2:14:16 PM):  Columbia jackets including plus size. Use code YDAPPAREL12 for % off and BRADFREE20 for free shipping on $20. Both jackets will fall to the $15-$16 range, so add something small to get to $20 for free shipping. another one: B, MD

1713 Lay's Passport To Flavor (8/13/2016 5:57:21 PM):  Saw this promotion on Lay's 7 3/4 oz bags today, back of bag reads: Collect codes from specially marked bags of Lay's Potato Chips. Enter your codes at to bank your miles. Use your miles to choose your prizes. You could win trips, travel gear and more. Begins 8/1/16 and ends 10/16/16. ,  Marijane W, MI

1714 Michigan residents (8/13/2016 6:02:28 PM):  If anyone on this board saves for their non-profit the Direct Your Dollars from Family Fare receipst, contact me. Also hoping someone saves Spartan upcs for their school. Looking to do a RAOK mjwiebenga at,  Marijane W, MI

1715 Kashi Settlement (8/13/2016 6:58:44 PM):  Just received a check for $21.20 from the Kashi settlement. I can't remember exactly when I submitted the claim. We do eat a lot of their products.,  Joanne K, VT

1720 Big Lots coupon (8/14/2016 8:03:59 AM):  Big Lots coupon for $10 off $50, $20 off $100, or $40 off $200. Good thru August 20: B, MD

1721 Schwarzkopf Ultime hair care (8/14/2016 10:56:32 AM):  I don't see the Schwarzkopf Ultime hair care, but I do see the color in Ibotta for CVS. Are these deals regional?,  Beth W, KY

1722 $5 shipped- pet collars (8/14/2016 10:57:44 AM):  Led pet collar. Free with $4.99 shipping at Tanga: B, MD

1724 Kohls? (8/14/2016 12:03:16 PM):  Anyone have a 30% for Kohls ? TIA,  Mary Jane B, NJ

1725 What did you get for free or cheap? (8/14/2016 12:10:38 PM):  I have been enjoying the free food from Food Lion in the Champions program. The program ends on Tuesday and I still don't have all of my entries in so I guess I'll be spending some time there today. On Wednesday, I had a free vascular screening through the 'Dare to Care' program which is sponsored in the Annapolis, Bowie, Odenton, and Kent Island, MD areas. They did a quick ultra sound of my chest and my leg. Everything went well. I go back in five years. Hard for me to believe I would even be eligible for a test like this. I am my mind. At Riteaid, the Dollar Day items were 50% off, so I picked up some gallon size bags to keep on hand. I went through Ebates to get a 40% off Groupon for a chimney cleaning/inspection in my rental house. I thought that was a nice surprise. I notice that Groupon gives a lot of discount codes. We went to the Bird in Hand restaurant and had lunch and saw the magic show (very good). Instead of doing the package deal, I paid separately because I was able to use coupons that were on the B1G1F American Music Theater Christmas show tickets. It wasn't much but hey, every dollar counts to me. Lowes has their plants marked down so I used a Lowes gift card I earned either through Swagbucks or Kelloggs and bought flowering plants for the front of the deer. Luckily, the deer have not touched them. I filled up the car for $1.95/gal. It's higher in PA, then MD. How was your week?,  Mindy C, MD

1726 What did you get for free or cheap - Part 2 (8/14/2016 12:11:57 PM):  I forgot to add that our Kmart has a deal where if you buy $10 of women's clearance clothes, you get $10 back in points. It was not posted in the flyer. I looked really hard but couldn't find anything. Did you all have or do this deal?,  Mindy C, MD

1727 1-cent paper Staples (8/14/2016 12:19:55 PM):  Hammermill paper is 1 cent after coupon and rebate. Go to to print the coupon. Limit 4.,  Janice H, TX

1728 Schwartzkof (8/14/2016 12:34:27 PM):  Where is it sold anyway? CVS here does not carry it. I wonder where the CVS are that do,  Judy B B, LA

1732 CVS Red machine coupons (8/14/2016 1:14:06 PM):  Were the CVS Red Machine coupons Michele listed from last week (when I didn't scan my card, of course!)? I am talking about the Almay and razor coupons.....was looking forward to doing some deals at CVS, but those didn't print, and they didn't have the I just got the Garnier.,  Lisa S, OH

1736 CVS clearance (8/14/2016 1:26:51 PM):  Had anyone found their CVS summer clearance marked down to 50% or better yet? Here it still is 33%. ,  Jeanne E, IL

1737 CVS clearance (8/14/2016 1:26:51 PM):  Had anyone found their CVS summer clearance marked down to 50% or better yet? Here it still is 33%. ,  Jeanne E, IL

1738 Weimans Cook top cleaner (8/14/2016 1:36:49 PM):  Anyone know what stores carry this product? I have checked WalMart but nothing there.,  Pat S, AZ

1740 Book case, $29 (8/14/2016 2:02:30 PM):  Mainstays 3 shelf bookcase, multiple finishes, was $39, now $29. Free in store pick up or free shipping on $50. B, MD

1742 Understanding new advertizing (8/14/2016 2:34:53 PM):  I would like to know if you have noticed the adds Cvs, Walgreens ,and Rite Aid have adds buy 2 Arizona Tea for $5 but if you buy 1 it cost 79c more . Is that fair for us seniors who can only buy one?Walgreens has 3cokes. for $10 but if you can only buy one you pay$2.62 more.Today I found 41 adds like this in Walgreens and 38 adds like this in the CVS adds.Most of the times I don't realize I paid extra until I get home and check the add to see in very small print the price for one. Is this the new rip off for seniors?,  Beatrice C, MA

1747 Raisin bran (8/14/2016 4:27:56 PM):  The 75c coupon says kelloggs raisin bran granola. Anyone see it at walgreens,  Judy B B, LA

1753 $31- Coleman 62 qt Wheeled cooler (8/14/2016 6:00:48 PM):  Coleman 62 Quart Xtreme® Wheeled Cooler, $31.49, was $54.99. Free store pick up or free shipping on $35. B, MD

1764 Food Lion 'School of Champion' question (8/14/2016 7:51:35 PM):  Tonight, I went through the store and marked down the price of the items included in this deal. Would any of you like me to post the price of the items I found?,  Mindy C, MD

1765 Copper Chef (8/14/2016 8:00:26 PM):  I was going to order this for $49.99 which I thought was pricey. Now they have really increase in price, what gives?,  Karen F, PA

1768 small profit (8/14/2016 8:38:08 PM):  today at walmart i purchased 2 glade adjustables. 94 cents each. used $1/2 and sent in for $1 checkout 51 so 2 x .94 = 1.88 -$1 (cpn) -$1 Checkout 51 = 12 cent profit so not much but free is free. and i like that ,  Jack L, TX

1774 Savings Catcher is 10,000 emails behind (8/15/2016 2:22:56 AM):  Please be advised - I had to call Walmart today because every week they miss price matches at either my Winn Dixie or Publix which is the only 2 grocery stores in my are to match with. I found out from customer service that they are 10,000 emails behind in complaints/price matching screw ups. Also verified with her that YES, if you go ahead and put you money on either the Bluebird Card or the e certificate, if and when a better price is found, you WON"T get it. The original rebates have to to still be in your Reward Dollars. So, for now on if something is not matched, I'm just going to call and have them put the correction in for me. I'll also make sure to write down the persons name I'm speaking with, the date and time and also make sure I get a reference number in case I have to call back on the same issue. I was told it takes about a week for the correction so before submitting any money for a redemption, make sure EVERYTHING on your receipt that should be price matched is or you will lose that money. ,  Victoria L, FL

1776 FOY Gifthulk (8/15/2016 5:25:28 AM):  bhf38y0r9 23 coins 2 users,  Lacinda T, IA

1778 Cheapest Ensure (8/15/2016 6:06:52 AM):  Need this for dh aft a hosp stay thanks. ,  Hilda B, NJ

1786 $6 -2 Martha Stewart towels (8/15/2016 7:57:24 AM):  Martha Stewart! Quick Dry 27" x 52" Bath Towel, $5.97 each but buy ONE get ONE free, so TWO FOR $5.94 (that's what it comes to when they half the price, and then times it by 2 again.) These say originally $16 each. Shipping is free on $99, free in store pick up (only where available) or add a cheap beauty item such as this eye pencil sharpener for $3 to get free shipping: or Burt's Bees lip balm for $4: B, MD

1790 discontinuing auto reorder & save (8/15/2016 9:05:11 AM):  I ordered some home health items from this morning. I saw that they are discontinuing their auto reorder & save program. All auto reorder & save shipments will continue to ship until 9/10/2016. But no further shipments will occur after that date! They have already discontinued their $$ program. The last day you could earn those $$ was 8/13/2016. You have until the end of September 2016 to redeem them.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

1792 Puzzle missing pieces (8/15/2016 9:35:37 AM):  Has anyone ever tried to take a puzzle back because it was missing pieces. This is a Native American Puzzle, and some of the edge pieces are missing. Mom and I are framing these and putting them in the bedroom. I paid $10.97 for the puzzle, and I would like to get my money back, Walmart does not have any other Native American puzzles at the moment. Anyone know what my chances are of getting money back?,  Sherry S, NC

1793 Organic balance (8/15/2016 9:45:53 AM):  I have coupon for free 11 oz Organic (valley) Balance. I can't find it. any one know where this is located ?,  Nancee J, IN

1810 CVS Good Deal (8/15/2016 11:38:56 AM):  Colgate Tooth Paste 3.99 each scan your card at the Red coupon printer get $2/2 Colgate + use manufacturer coupons .50/1 I used $5 ecbs = free for me then received $4 ECBS for my purchase used it in $5 Nivea + $1/5 Lotion from printer = FREE,  Ann A, NC

1811 Pepsi Products (8/15/2016 11:40:26 AM):  Earn points for purchases 500 per 12 pack enter at Sale 3 for $9 at Jb's Galaxy ,  Ann A, NC

1816 Homescan (8/15/2016 1:14:16 PM):  I've participated in this program several years ordering some nice gifts that arrive quickly too most recently Cuisinart Sand which maker its really very nice I wish they let us review gifts ,  Ann A, NC

1817 $54 shipped - North Face rain jacket (8/15/2016 1:29:27 PM):  The North Face Resolve Rain Jacket for Women, now $53.95, was $90. Free shipping. B, MD

1818 Swag bucks poll (8/15/2016 1:31:59 PM):  The daily poll used to be so easy to find and now I don't see it anywhere. Where is it hidden now?,  Mary D, OK

1819 Penny's (8/15/2016 1:45:21 PM):  Penny's is putting out a lot of clearance clothes today. I was looking at the $10 rack when an employee told me it was now $2.97. I asked if all Penny's were doing it and she said yes! They also had racks of pants for $4.97 and dresses for $9.97. I saw the racks in ladies and juniors. I don't know about mens or kids. And don't forget the 15/20% coupon from the Sunday flier ,  Judy B B, LA

1823 Hertz (8/15/2016 3:55:39 PM):  Does anyone have the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership? Is it worth it? I need to rent a car for 10 days in September. Anyone have any helpful hints? Thanks in advance.,  Noreen L, IL

1826 Staples $10. off (8/15/2016 6:25:11 PM):  on line- phone or in store. $10. off $40. regular priced purchase school supplies. expires 9-17. # 3858 9406 8012 7507,  Dayle R, KY

1827 Wheel of fortune (8/15/2016 6:34:58 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: BC2773890 Bonus Round Puzzle: SHAKE OFF THE COBWEBS,  Rhonda K, FL

1831 possible freebie walmart (8/15/2016 8:10:16 PM):  went on my swagbucks messages and found for 15SB a quiz on kotex and an offer for up to $25 off kotex u bought on walmart you must buy two packages. upload recipe on kotex website. offer good on kotex website till 9/30. has anyone done this yet? ,  Beth P, PA

1832 Food Lion 'School of Champion' program (8/15/2016 8:14:53 PM):  Here are some prices I found yesterday for this program: Polly String Cheese - $3 (1/2 coupon) Eggo Waffles - 2 Ore Ida potatoes - 2 Tyson Anytizers - 5.99 Tyson frozen chicken - 5.99 Campbells chunky soup - 1.69 Campbell's skillet/slow cooker - 2.48 Cheez-It - 2.78 Del Monte fruit cups - 2 Hershey's syrup - 2.29 Hershey nuggets - 2.99 Hunt's pudding snacks - 2.39 and 2.98 Jif peanut butter - 2 Mott's juice - 2.59 Pace picante sauce - 2 Pace ready meals - 1.99 Pepperidge goldfish - 2 Prego sauce - 2.39 Quaker chewy granola bars - 2.79 Ragu sauce - 1.69 Smucker's jelly - 1.78 for grape V8 splash - 2 Suave hair care/body wash - 2 If you go into your FL account, there are some coupons to match. In addition, there are coupons for the Suave. I used the B1G1F coupon and it worked out well. Since Tuesday is the last day, I'm going to figure out my groups of five and then make individual purchases. I thought the program lasted longer. I'm giving a lot of my stuff to the pantry.,  Mindy C, MD

1833 $35- Kenmore stand fan (8/15/2016 8:48:28 PM):  Kenmore 35182 18" Stand Fan w/ Remote - Black Cover, White Base & Stan, was $49.99, now $34.99 with $10 in Shop Your Way points. If you order two., you get $30 in points. Free shipping on $35 or free in store pick up. B, MD

1834 CVS - $10 ecb (8/15/2016 9:38:58 PM):  In this weeks ad, there is an offer to get a $10 ECB when you spend $50 on select gift cards. Pictured is GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Nike, AMC. I'm sure there are more at the store, has anyone checked or bought any GC's yet? It's limit 1 per card. ,  Colleen M, WI

1838 Sue-NOSO (8/16/2016 6:33:18 AM):  I was wondering the same thing. Anyone know if the NOSO is still there?,  Sherry S, IN

1842 Food Lion (8/16/2016 7:49:31 AM):  I was able to get a few of the $10 School of Champion certificates. I am able to follow the instructions and get the visa code. How can I convert that to a gift card? Last year, I was able to add money to a Food Lion gift card. I cannot get that to work this time. Any suggestions? ,  Kim T, MD

1845 alcohol (8/16/2016 8:32:44 AM):  I just moved to Charlotte,NC. Can anyone tell me how to get alcholol rabate forms. I am trying to find more ways to save money. I have a Harris Teeter and Food Lion near me. Any help would be greatly apprechiated. ,  Kellie B, PA

1849 disney movie rewards (8/16/2016 9:26:18 AM):  Any new code for today? ,  Marcie M, WI

1851 Get 15% back in Staples Rewards with qualifying HP (8/16/2016 10:22:53 AM):  GEt 15% back in Staples Rewards when you buy $60 in HP ink cartridges or $200 in HP Toner this week. zI went through ebates first for its 2% ebates rebate. Then bought 2 XL 63 tricolor ink cartridges. Those ink cartridges print twice the number of pages as a regular 63 tricolor ink cartridge does. I'm doing a lot of color peojects now. So it's worth the investment to buy the XL ink cartridge. Staples says it fits the same size as the regular ink cartridge does. They also have an XL 63 black ink cartridge. I got free shipping on the deal. 15% back in Staples Rewards. And 2% in ebates rebate.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

1852 Disney Movie Rewards (8/16/2016 10:35:04 AM):  new code, good for all WINNERS,  Michelle M, NY

1855 Disney Movie Rewards (8/16/2016 10:57:11 AM):  5 points for today - WINNERS,  Susie R, MD

1860 Food Lion Pepsi Check Your DCRT (8/16/2016 11:51:33 AM):  If you bought 12 pk Pepsi products this week at FOOD LION check your DCRT Sale price is 4 (12) packs for $9 you can use $1/2 printed from last week brining them down to $7 for 4 I was doing my last minute shopping today so I ran in for the pepsi deal hoping to get the carton with the 500 points :-( they didnt have those normally sale discount comes off at the end Mine rang up $4.99 regular price and NO discount was given ! They had to void all 4 then key them in $2.25 each then deduct my coupons ,  Ann A, NC

1862 Cheapest Ensure (8/16/2016 7:41:41 AM):  I buy Breakfast Essentials for my Mom. She loves the chocolate the best. A friend of mine is a PA and suggested that I switch since Ensure and Breakfast Essentials are close in ingredients plus BE is much cheaper. ,  Carole H, KY

1863 Massage envy classd action settlement (8/16/2016 1:50:13 PM):  I have not been on here in a few days so wasn't sure if its posted or not.. Anyone have any info on this.. I bought a 1 yr membership recently ,  Laine J, TX

1866 Giant Eagle (8/16/2016 2:20:12 PM):  Giant Eagle has Herbal Essence & Aussie shampoo 3/$8 less $3 auto off bill on purchase 3. Buy 6 at a time, use 3 coupons for $4/2 Herbal or $3/2 Aussie = free or cheap shampoo.,  Hilda S, OH

1868 $40 - Queen raised airbed (8/16/2016 2:59:08 PM):  Intex Queen Raised Air Mattress With Built-In Pump $45.99 (was $89.99). Use code BRADS816 to make it $39.99. Free shipping. oduct_14472/Intex-Queen-Raised-Air-Mattress-With-Built-In-Pump-.html,  Tricia B, MD

1870 Carol, Ny, and Anne, GA (8/16/2016 3:26:01 PM):  Thanks so much for the posts about gift cards. I'll have to check out Rite Aid and BiLo this week!!!,  Susan B, SC

1871 Snickers win (8/16/2016 3:28:13 PM):  Just won my second coupon for free candy bar,  Gloria B, LA

1873 Herbal Essence good deal! (8/16/2016 3:36:18 PM):  Went to local Walmart today; they had the 12.5 ounce size Herbal Essence shampoos and conditioners priced @ $2.50. Bought two; used the $4 off two coupon = 50 cents per bottle! Woo hoo! Also used the Rhinocort coupon - $10 off ANY - got the nasal/allergy spray priced @ 3.94 = a GREAT deal. I use this for my allergies. Then went to Schnucks - they double up to and including 50 cent coupons. Had two of the Snickers .50 off one; got two, priced @ $1 each = two free candy bars. All in all, a very good shopping day.,  Mary H, MO

1874 Macy's Martha Stewart towel update (8/16/2016 3:44:20 PM):  I wanted to provide a quick update regarding the Martha Stewart towels that I ordered yesterday to pick up in store today. For one of the orders, I ordered 6 bath towels for a cost of $19.xx, after tax. Sure enough, they only had 3 in stock and charged me the same $19.xx for the 3 of them. The receipt showed that the "free" ones were the ones out of stock. When I arrived, I suspected this might be the case, so I politely asked the saleslady to call for a manager. The manager couldn't believe that the system didn't at least give me one of the 3 for free. She indicated she had never seen a receipt like mine before. She took care of me and gave me the 3 bath towels for $9 plus tax. So, if you haven't picked up your towels yet, be aware: Macy's store inventory apparently has no relationship with what they'll sell online! And it may be up to any associate in the store to decide which ones are in stock and which ones are cancelled! So, be careful.,  John B, IN

1876 Chicago Tribune Newspaper (8/16/2016 4:02:46 PM):  I just thought I would share with IL residents, I was mailed an offer for the Chicago NewsTribune, Sunday only paper with delivery for $20 for 1 year. weblink is promo code 5801 Hope it can save someone some $$!,  Sandra K, IL

1884 Swagbucks 6 out of 7 (8/16/2016 6:34:37 PM):  Do you get anything extra by doing 6 out of 7. I completed 6 out of 7 twice but haven't gotten anything extra for doing so. ,  Rosalie S, PA

1890 Shutterfly FREE Photo Book (8/16/2016 7:55:14 PM):  FREE 8X8 Photo Book ($29.99 Value) with Promo Code: CTKW76N330BKZD9522. Offer expires Sept 30. Hope someone can use these. Please post if you do. Thanks. ,  Fran L, NJ

1891 Shutterfly FREE Shopping Bag (8/16/2016 7:57:43 PM):  FREE Shutterfly Shopping Bag with Promo Code: CTLL9JXF0YDH79MJJB. Offer expires Sept 30. Hope someone can use this. Please post if you do. Thanks. ,  Fran L, NJ

1892 Shutterfly FREE Personalized Notebook (8/16/2016 8:00:13 PM):  FREE Shutterfly 5X8 Personalized Notebook ($14.99 value) with Code ON2C-2HKS-APMH-U5HWK2. Expires Sept 30. Hope someone can use this. Please post if you do. Thanks. ,  Fran L, NJ

1894 Wheel of fortune (8/16/2016 8:25:13 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: CH0502041 Bonus Round Puzzle: HEROIC JOURNEY,  Rhonda K, FL

1898 online code (8/16/2016 9:05:11 PM):  i am trying to do some geneology & have gotten some info from "my heritage". i'm thinking of joining it to get more, since i believe some of the info has been from someone i believe is a cousin (i'm not close to my extended family), & am looking for a discount code. anybody have one, or have any hints for free geneology searches? thanks, i'm just beginning this journey & am being thwarted at every turn by sites that want fees!,  Donna M, CA

1902 Staples Free Ream of Paper (8/17/2016 5:05:08 AM):  Question: I did the free Staples ream of paper rebate last week. This week there is also an offer for a free ream. Are these considered two different rebates? Can I do both and get paid?,  Kathy P, NC

1905 Sams Club deal (8/17/2016 6:01:03 AM):  Sam's Club has another deal on membership. For $45, you get a $20 gift card plus several free coupons (which includes: Free 16” Take & Bake Pizza, Free 18-Count Chocolate Chunk Cookies, and $4 off Organic Spring Mix Salad for the first 10,000 people) and a FREE upgrade to Sam's Plus membership where you earn $10 for each $500 you spend in store. Enter your email address where it says "Get offer". This is for new members, but I'm not sure if that means you can have a membership that has expired.,  Tricia B, MD

1907 massage envy class action (8/17/2016 6:38:05 AM): this was on an email I got just this past week,  Laine J, TX

1911 swagbucks (8/17/2016 8:24:04 AM):  The first code for Swagbucks is SwagDash,  Noreen H, NY

1913 Free Shutterfly notepad (8/17/2016 8:38:13 AM):  KEBA-1JED-ABTM-4JGNFU ,  Linda B. B, CA

1916 DMR code (8/17/2016 10:03:33 AM):  The codes aren't showing up in facebook for me. I appreciate that someone posts the daily code.,  Marcie M, WI

1917 Kmart (8/17/2016 10:15:21 AM):  Thank you to the person who posted about Kmart's unadvertised special on clearance. The person who posted wrote that there were signs up in the store that said you get $10 back in points when you buy $10 worth of women's clearance clothing. I went on Sunday to my Kmart and saw the signs. They also had signs up for the same deal on kids clearance. I wasn't able to find anything in women's but did pick up $24 worth of kids clearance and got 20,000 points ($20). The points are credited to your account 24 hours later and I think they might only be good for 14 days but that's okay with me. I can always find cleaning supplies or school supplies, or look for some item to use as a Christmas gift.,  Debra J. L, MI

1918 Ibotta & Coke (8/17/2016 10:30:11 AM):  My Ibotta has 50¢ on a 20oz diet Coke. If you have free coupons from MCR, it is a money maker,  Joan B, FL

1920 First Time Home Buyer (8/17/2016 10:40:05 AM):  Hi y'all. I just built my first house, and I need to find great deals on furniture. I coupon everything that I ever purchase, but I'm having a hard time finding good deals on furniture. Does anyone know any great deals for beds, mattresses, dining set, and a sectional. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would be forever grateful. ,  Leeann B, AL

1921 Irazoo Treasure Code (8/17/2016 10:40:18 AM):  futureEnvironmentLook 15 points,  Dolores S, WV

1924 Check your email (8/17/2016 11:23:11 AM):  I got an email today that I was about to was from "Hello World Customer Care" and had "Big News from School Supplied". Opened it up and I am a winner in the contest that recently ended. Had to verify my address and then immediately got an email that said my prize is a pack of Reynold's products valued at $30.92. What a nice surprise and I almost deleted!!!,  Debra J. L, MI

1925 Krogers (8/17/2016 11:43:33 AM):  Does anyone know when you load a Kroger coupon onto your Kroger card that states "use up to 5 times" do you have to buy all 5 items in one transaction? Or can you use that same coupon in 5 different transactions?,  Nancee J, IN

1926 Swag Code Alert! (8/17/2016 12:08:30 PM):  Swag Code Alert! Enter BatonRelay in the Swag Code box until 12pm PDT/3pm EDT to earn 6 SB!,  Anita M, WA

1930 mypoints question (8/17/2016 1:30:36 PM):  Has the daily poll on Mypoints ended?? ,  Michelle M, NY

1931 Green Dot (8/17/2016 1:35:48 PM):  What do you all think about those "Green Dot" cards as gift cards? Someone posted that Dollar Tree doesn't charge for those but maybe most retailers do not. I'm needing two for upcoming birthdays.,  Jeanne E, IL

1932 Swagbucks (8/17/2016 1:40:17 PM):  A question for all of you that are on Swagbucks all the time. I see a lot of offers for samples for anywhere from five swag bucks 25 if you sign up. Are they all safe is out anybody signed up for every single one of them. I want to know because I want to start my husband on Swagbucks when he retires and I need to know if some of these things are safe to go into when you won't get a ton of spam mail. I would think swag bucks would vet everyone so that that wouldn't happen but who knows. Any input is appreciated. ,  Carla B, OH

1938 Wendys (8/17/2016 2:26:34 PM):  Small Frostys are on sale for 50¢. I usually pay $1.50 for them at some stores. One Wendys still has them for $1 plus tax.,  Diane J. D, ME

1939 ROAK (8/17/2016 2:39:16 PM):  If anyone here takes DHEA, I have some I am willing to send to somebody, just for postage.,  Carla B, OH

1942 Possible ShopRite Freebie (8/17/2016 2:48:46 PM):  There is a Vlasic/Wishbone Catalina deal going to get $1 for 2 & $1.75 when you buy 3. In my ShopRite 's produce dept. there is a display of boxes of dry Wishbone Italian dressing mixes reduced to 49 cents each. I bought 2 & got the $1 Cat, so free dressing mix/marinade/dip mix.,  Pat B, DE

1948 Swagbucks code (8/17/2016 4:20:02 PM):  Go to and click where it says "Click Here To Get A Code". Then you will get a ONE TIME USE CODE to enter at Swagbucks for 4 SB.,  Tricia B, MD

1949 $119 - Little tikes Jump N Slide (8/17/2016 4:25:37 PM):  Little Tikes Jr. Jump N Slide, $119.00, was $179. Free shipping. B, MD

1950 $499- all inclusive trip to Bahamas from Balt. (8/17/2016 4:39:41 PM):  For $499 including tax: You'll fly on roundtrip nonstop flights from Baltimore to Freeport, Grand Bahama Island (departures from other major cities are also on sale) This package includes four nights at Memories Grand Bahama Beach & Casino Resort Unlimited meals and drinks, including alcohol, are covered One child (12 or younger) stays and eats for free (airfare is additional) $150 in credits: $50 for the spa, $80 toward a room upgrade and two $10 credits for wine Depart select dates September-October Gets good reviews on,  Tricia B, MD

1952 Kroger Ad (8/17/2016 5:50:40 PM):  When I didn't get the Kroger ad in today's paper as I usually do I went to their website to check it out. Imagine to discover that last week'ad was a 2 week ad so same prices this week. Wonder if this is going to be their policy from now on? If so--I like it. Dorry,  Dolores S, WV

1954 Wheel of fortune (8/17/2016 6:02:07 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: RS1996989 Bonus Round Puzzle: IT BOILS DOWN TO THIS,  Rhonda K, FL

1955 Swag Code Alert! (8/17/2016 6:31:22 PM):  Enter FinishLine in the Swag Code box until 6pm PDT/9pm EDT to earn 6 SB!,  Sam H, OR

1961 Free Notepat @ (8/18/2016 5:24:51 AM):  Personalized 5x7 notepad. Go to: 2. Enter your promo code; it will save to your Shutterfly account 3. Apply your code at checkout by 9/30/16¥ NOTEPAD PROMO CODE: KEBA-0PW8-D33N-FU6YYD ¥Offer expires September 30, 2016 (11:59 P.M. PT). Offer is good for one free notepad through or our mobile-friendly site. Promo can only be redeemed once per account and/or billing address. This offer code can only be entered once. Taxes, shipping and handling will apply. Not valid on prepaid plans, other products, prior purchases and orders made on the Shutterfly apps. Cannot be redeemed for cash or combined with select offers or credits. Not valid for resale. We reserve the right to modify or replace any part of these terms and conditions without notice. ,  Maria S, NY

1962 SUTTER FLY CODE (8/18/2016 5:54:02 AM):  here is a code for the coke/sutter fly note pad CCBE-4CXA-75ZY-G5M6-T8,  Bobbie S, AL

1967 Royal Caribbean sale (8/18/2016 7:41:47 AM):  Royal caribbean cruises is having a sale. Quite a nice deal from that sale is: •$199 ... Roundtrip Miami on Empress of the Seas Five nights, Sept. 17; Oct. 10. But there are many other dates and cruises on sale throughout the fall into December. Taxes are an additional $98-$122 per person, depending on sail date. Book by Aug. 23 ,  Tricia B, MD

1968 Free $25 Amazon g.c.when you book on Tripadvisor (8/18/2016 7:53:09 AM):  Tripadvisor (the site where you leave and/or check out reviews on hotels, attractions, restaurants, etc.) has a deal right now if you need to book a hotel. Book through them and leave a review about your stay, and you will receive a $25 Amazon e-gift card. Details below: Book your hotel between August 15th, 2016 and September 5th, 2016 (minimum $200 spend before taxes and fees) on using a valid US address. Be sure to complete your stay and submit your review by October 15, 2016. Once your review is published and we've confirmed your stay, we'll email you the code worth $25 to use on One Gift Card per person. B, MD

1969 $34 - Skechers GoWalk 3 walking shoes (8/18/2016 8:19:17 AM):  Skechers Womens GOwalk 3 Force Athletic Shoes, reg. $70, now $39.99. My sister swears by these shoes. She says they are very comfortable and wore them most of the time for 2 weeks on their tour of England this summer. Anyway, they are $39.99. Use code EXTRA15 to make them $33.99. Shipping adds $5 unless your order is $50+, then it is free. B, MD

1970 AmEx offers (8/18/2016 8:32:01 AM):  Remember to periodically check your American Express card offers. I looked today and had one for $10 back when you spend $50 at Petco. We buy our dogs' food there and I had a $5 reward credit. I went on line and bought dog food (which is currently on sale), got free shipping, used my $5 reward and instantly got an email from AmEx telling me I'll get a $10 credit on my next bill.,  Susan M, MA

1975 5X everyday BR points at (8/18/2016 10:11:17 AM):  Make a qualifying purchase of $10 or more on through ebates first). then click on link for 5X everyday points for $10+ online order. Get back 5X everyday BR points when you place a $10 or more order through 8/20/16. Limit once per BR account. Get free shipping for $35 or more order.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

1976 5X everyday BR points at (8/18/2016 10:11:18 AM):  Make a qualifying purchase of $10 or more on through ebates first). then click on link for 5X everyday points for $10+ online order. Get back 5X everyday BR points when you place a $10 or more order through 8/20/16. Limit once per BR account. Get free shipping for $35 or more order.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

1977 Staples (8/18/2016 10:23:23 AM):  I didn't know Staples sold towels. Found this on their web site: Lavish Home 8 Piece 100% Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Set... $15.99 - Save 73%! They look a dark gray. Doesn't say color, just size. Has anyone bought towels from Staples? I don't need towels so going to pass on this. I guess the 73% off just caught my eye. Still have a couple weeks to use my rewards. I was trying to find next week's ad, but haven't been able to.,  Donna E, FL

1980 Staples (8/18/2016 10:47:13 AM):  Do all the refunds come back as a gift card now?,  Donna E, FL

1982 Debra J. L, MI (8/18/2016 11:02:59 AM):  Debra I think I deleted the nessage did not reconize the email do you have an email address you could forward ljbarnes @ cfl.rr. com,  Lois B, FL

1984 Irazoo Treasure Code (8/18/2016 11:08:08 AM):  riceFightingMostly 15 points,  Dolores S, WV

1989 Kedem to $6 rebate (8/18/2016 12:30:25 PM):  Log on to Click on "Savings" link. Fill out the form there for $1.50 rebate per bottle purchased up to 4 bottles of Kedem Sparkling Grape Juice products. Expiration date of this offer is 12/31/16. You must submit UPC from each bottle purchased. Plus the CRT(s) for all bottles. Must fill out form online before printing.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

2004 To add to Michele's (8/18/2016 3:29:06 PM):  Target also has .75 rebate on the Hillshire in Ibotta,  Carla B, OH

2006 skechers go walk (8/18/2016 5:09:44 PM):  Skechers Go Walk as low as 22.99 on Amazon!,  Sue O, NE

2008 Herbal Essence MBG (8/18/2016 5:52:29 PM):  Today I received my MBG up to 40.00 on Herbal Essense. I paid OOP 21.00 but got 40.00 back on prepaid card. 19.00 Profit!,  Linda M, OR

2009 Pampers Code (8/18/2016 7:07:46 PM):  Good for all until 8/21 TWTWVABPQ33EZ16 5 pts. FBUMGLU3MJ52P16 10 pts. ,  Susan P, PA

2011 Wheel of fortune (8/18/2016 7:34:22 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: KH1052668 Bonus Round Puzzle: PAVED THE WAY,  Rhonda K, FL

2013 Green Dot cards (8/18/2016 8:44:58 PM):  Someone asked yesterday about giving Green Dot cards for birthday presents. I got swamped by other things and could not post. NO, I would stick to regular gift cards or prepaid Visa's as a second alternative. Green Dot cards are one of those accounts for managing your money in place of checking accounts. The person would have to sign up for it online as if they were opening up a bank account and they have all kinds of hidden fees. There has been a lot of bad press about some of these lately. Some people lost access to their money for 2 days to up to 2 weeks. If you have to use one of these, you have to, but for gifts I'd stick to gift cards or prepaid credit cards. ,  Debra D, CA

2018 FOY Gifthulk (8/19/2016 5:50:45 AM):  Z5qvzd1fd 40 coins 2 users,  Lacinda T, IA

2022 Unique Learning systems-- any cheaper option?? (8/19/2016 7:53:42 AM):  Does anyone know anything about Unique Learning Systems? My friend has two severely autistic children that the school has not treated right (long story). So with her Dr's agreement, she pulled them out of school last year and they have tutors through the county come to their home. Now she says she is going to homeschool, but this curriculum is $479. Does anyone have any experience with getting this curriculum cheaper? There is no way she can afford it. She is a single parent. The two girls get disability and she does get some foodstamps. Me and Hubby already help her some and we could certainly help her some with this. But we also have other concerns about her even being able to use it because she is computer illiterate- then it would be $500 down the drain... Are there any other options you all can think of? Is there a trial version that she could try? Sorry so long. Any thoughts or ideas? B, MD

2023 Dooney & Bourke Purses sale (8/19/2016 7:56:02 AM):  Dooney & Bourke Purses and Bags on sale at Macys. These are $88.88, reg. $158. Shipping is free on $99, or as usual, add a beauty product such as a $3 eye pencil sharpener or Burt's bee's lip balm for $4. B, MD

2025 Swiffer Wet Jet Kit (8/19/2016 8:47:15 AM):  Swiffer Wet Jet Kit is on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond for $14.99. These are normally priced from $20.00 to $24.00 everywhere! Great deal! B, AL

2030 Staples (8/19/2016 11:03:59 AM):  Are all Staples rebates now just on gift cards?,  Donna E, FL

2031 Walgreens (8/19/2016 11:25:21 AM):  My cosmetic lady told me today, in Oct. WG is starting a Beauty Club. spend $50, get $5 in points. Sound like CVS. Also that Riteaid was #1 in cosmetic sales, Walmart was #2 and WG was #3, WG is striving to be #2. Also that WG now owns Riteaid.,  Dru T, KY

2032 Always discreet Double MBG (8/19/2016 11:35:34 AM):  There have been posts on this board about some P&G Double MBG offers not be received. I submitted for the Always Discreet Double MBG offer 7/5/2016. I got a CITI VISA prepaid card back yesterday for $31. It's valid through the end of next February, 2017. The materials that came with the card say it's not usable at ATM's for cash. But I thought someone did say how to use it at an ATM.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

2034 Disney Movie Rewards (8/19/2016 12:32:46 PM):  Today's code is 4THEWIN for 5 points,  Susie R, MD

2036 Petco (8/19/2016 1:10:14 PM):  I was there today and they have coupons they scan to give the $10 off dry catfood. If you missed getting them from this is your chance I don't know if they are doing it this weekend,  Judy B B, LA

2042 Rhinocort (8/19/2016 2:31:34 PM):  Did anyone have success printing the rebate coupon for Rhinocort?,  Dorothy Z, NY

2044 Office Depot (8/19/2016 3:00:19 PM):  Office Depot® Brand Multipurpose Paper, Letter Size Paper, 20 Lb, Ream Of 500 Sheets Item # 244491 $6.00 online with $5.99 if you are a member. Limit 3, no free shipping or pick up so I added a stapler that I needed.,  Trisha A, TX

2047 $89 shipped= White Kitchen island (8/19/2016 4:04:38 PM):  South Miami Kitchen Island by Beachcrest Home, was $193.91, now $88.99 with free shipping: B, MD

2049 $50- Writing Desk shippped (8/19/2016 4:14:02 PM):  Comfort Products Adina 2-Drawer Writing Desk, $49.97, was $69.81. Add something small of at least 3 cents to get to free shipping. Go thru ebates for 1% cashback or 5% thru Discover.,  Tricia B, MD

2058 Wheel of fortune (8/19/2016 8:21:32 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: MC5705944 Bonus Round Puzzle: FAMOUS COMPOSER,  Rhonda K, FL

2059 Kroger (8/19/2016 9:39:53 PM):  Keep playing this Instant Win Game ! I just won for the 2nd time: Skittles or Starbucks single package 1.8 oz - 2.17 oz. Nice surprise to add to my candy supply for my grandchildren :),  Marilyn P, CA

2060 What did you get for free or cheap? (8/19/2016 9:44:40 PM):  It's nice that life has settled down and I can start getting in on good deals. I used a Famous Dave's restaurant survey from a year ago to get a free dessert tonight. On the receipt was another of the same survey. Last night, we went to see a movie and the guy asked if we were seniors, military, etc. I said I was military but left my card at home. I started rattling off my usual military background banter and he says, "Oh, I believe you." My DH was just cringing and as we started walking to the theater, I said to him, "A dollar is a dollar." I went to Sears to use my free $5 for doing the ShopYourWay rewards game that Michelle had posted this week and bought a clearanced skirt. In turn, Sears gave me another $6 to use this week. Ugh...these deals, so many to do! Harris Teeter had triple .99 coupons this past week. I spent too much time getting my coupons aligned, walked through the store, and the only thing I would buy was the free canned chicken. Wouldn't you know that they had closed most of the registers and the line was wrapped around the store? I walked out and decided from now on to do these deals during the day. I'm glad the Food Lion deal is over. Wow! I spent Tuesday night doing the Champion deal where you get the $10 digital voucher. So, I think I ended up with about $60 of free food and then made about $10 because I had coupons. While doing these Food Lion deals, a lady stopped and asked me where I got my coupons. I told her and then I said, "If you want, I'll teach you. I used to teach classes." She was very interested, so I have a class lined up mid-September. I decided to charge because I have to drive a short distance. I went to H&M and turned in a shirt and got a 15% coupon and gave it to a coworker. While eating at Unos, I used a $10/$20 coupon and ended up paying $14 for two meals. In DC, this is an excellent deal. Ok, enough about me (I hope you don't mind I write this little post). Let's hear your incredible deals. I know they are out there!,  Mindy C, MD

2062 $20- $25 AMC movie gift card (8/19/2016 10:40:52 PM):  $25 AMC movie gift card for $20: B, MD

2063 Cooling towels, $5. (8/20/2016 6:29:03 AM):  Mission Blue, Coral or Green Polyester Cooling Towels, was $17.98, now $4.99. Free in store pick up, where available. B, MD

2065 Men's Skechers from $17 + $5 shipping (8/20/2016 6:47:05 AM):  Men's Skechers shoes from $16.99 and up on Shipping is $5. Go thru Ebates for 2.5% cash back. B, MD

2071 Irazoo Treasure Codes (8/20/2016 8:06:45 AM):  principalProudDinner 15 points daily code whereverNotedAdd 60 points weekly code,  Dolores S, WV

2072 Nestle $5 E-Debit (8/20/2016 8:27:37 AM):  Where have you been able to use your Nestle $5 E-Debit card from the purchase of 2 candy. Everywhere I've tried will not accept both online and in store. I have always been buying something more than $5.,  Kim C, FL

2076 ROAk Request. (8/20/2016 10:12:00 AM):  Could really use a random act of kindness. Can you share a $30 off $60 Staples code that you won't be using ? That would be so appreciated. TIA !,  Annmarie C, NY

2079 Quilted Furniture Protectors (8/20/2016 10:55:28 AM):  We have been thinking about getting these for about 2 weeks now....I keep my two couches covered with sheets to keep off dog hair and because I am a piggy. Great Deal!!,  Joan B, FL

2082 JollyTime corn (8/20/2016 11:19:04 AM):  I just found out today they're out of the bowls I did get the tote bag & they sent the pop's back (a certificate for 6 proofs) which exp end of the year. Check the website for more offers,  Lilli T, OH

2086 $17- boc Womens' sandals (8/20/2016 12:31:12 PM):  b.o.c. Women's Kimura Sandal, was $79, now $20. Use code GETNOTICED to make them $17. Pick them up in store if available, or shipping is $5.95. B, MD

2087 Ebay coupon (8/20/2016 1:04:34 PM):  Paypal has a coupon for $15 Off $75+ when you checkout via PayPal and use code CPREP4SCHOOL16. Only good today until 4 p.m. PST. Eligible items exclude Coins & Paper Money, Gift Cards & Coupons, and Real Estate.,  Tricia B, MD

2093 Mary B in New Jersey (8/20/2016 6:58:53 PM):  I tried to email you but it kicked back. You can email me at,  Mindy C, MD

2094 Kohls (8/20/2016 7:45:08 PM):  anyone have a 30% code? Thank you,  Dayle R, KY

2096 What I got free today (8/20/2016 10:32:08 PM):  I am sooooo happy!! I have been fighting with an old can opener and was looking for a new electric one. I checked Kohl's and decided not to buy one there. Tonight I decided to check Kmart and found one on sale for $24.94 and I had $24.94 in available points to use on it too...can you say FREE electric can opener??? Oh, and I also went through Ebates too so I may get a little bit back even. Doing the happy dance here!! ,  Sandy L, TX

2097 Snickers Instant Win (8/21/2016 12:52:48 AM):  There's hope for everyone ! :) I finally won a candy bar just before midnight tonight - a nice surprise. More to add to my stash of candy for my grandchildren. ,  Marilyn P, CA

2101 Walgreen's.... (8/21/2016 7:05:39 AM):  I just found a great deal on the Oral B electric toothbrush (Professional Serious) in the clearance isle at Walgreen's. The original price was $79.99 and it was marked down to $17.29, which is a great deal. Then I went to the cosmetic counter and found a coupon book on the counter that had a $10.00 off coupon for the Oral B Professional Series. That brought the price down to $7.29. Then I remembered I had a $6.00 reward coupon I still needed to use so I used it. I ended up paying $1.29 for a $79.99 electric toothbrush!,  Nancee J, IN

2102 Staples Hammermill paper .01 (8/21/2016 7:15:23 AM):  Staples has Hammermill paper reams for .01 after rebate (again!) this week. Coupon code is 62251. S, OH

2103 $45- foldable adirondack wooden chair (8/21/2016 7:32:47 AM):  Foldable wooden adirondack chair, $44.99, was $99.99. Free shipping: B, MD

2104 Staples One cent paper (8/21/2016 8:06:29 AM):  Hammermill paper is 1 cent after rebate using the coupon online at There is also a coupon for 15% off one regular priced item.,  Janice H, TX

2106 SYW points (8/21/2016 8:56:27 AM):  Thank you yo everyone for all your help understanding and navigating Kmart and Sears SYW points program. I really started getting into it in Feb and the result of my efforts arrived yesterday. I had a $600 Electrolux convection microwave delivered, all paid for with points. YAY!,  Deborah L, PA

2109 CVS White Strips MM (8/21/2016 10:27:59 AM):  Buy CVS brand 5 minute whitening gel kit for $6.39, produces $10 ECB, you can do this twice. Great money maker!,  Deb C, NJ

2110 Old TV stamp books (8/21/2016 10:32:51 AM):  I was recently given 20 full books of Top Value stamps - old timers will remember them. Any value to them? I'm ready to chuck them into my paper recycle bin. As always, thank you,  Patricia M, PA

2111 Office Depot/OfficeMax now ebates In-store merchan (8/21/2016 11:41:09 AM):  Just learned from ebates that Office Depot & OfficeMax are now ebates In-store merchants.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

2118 Free shipping on 6pm (8/21/2016 1:34:53 PM):  Free shipping, no minimum, all this week at 6pm. August 21-29! For example: Ivanka Trump sunglasses, $12.99, was $57: B, MD

2119 $8 shipped- Niked headbands (8/21/2016 1:59:51 PM):  2 NIKE Swoosh Headbands, $7.99 with free shipping B, MD

2123 Mypoints (8/21/2016 2:23:23 PM):  Sears is at 10 pts per dollar today at mypoints. HTH someone! ,  Colleen M, WI

2126 KOHL's Dana Buchman Boots (8/21/2016 3:04:37 PM):  Check the clearance for Dana Buchman Women's Knee High Boots - only have size 5 and 5.5, regular $99.99, on clearance for $29.99, plus 20./. Off today. Go thru ebates for 6./.. HTH someone - maybe a good Christmas gift! ,  Colleen M, WI

2127 Ibotta (8/21/2016 3:30:07 PM):  Is there a way to add someone to your team? She already has a Ibotta account.,  Cathy G, OH

2146 $7 shipped- HP wireless mouse (8/22/2016 8:34:35 AM):  HP 3000 wireless optical mouse. $6.99 with free shipping @ Best Buy. Reg. $24.99!! B, MD

2148 $60 shipped- nice office chair (8/22/2016 8:45:05 AM):  Staples Montessa II Luxura Managers Chair, Black or Brown. was $99.99, now $59.99 with free shipping. Great reviews. 2% back thru Ebates and even better deal if you have a coupon. B, MD

2149 Kohls Flash Sale (8/22/2016 8:58:09 AM):  FYI Kohl's is having a flash sale today - Dresses, tank tops, tees, shorts, capris and swimwear for the whole family (select styles) 35% unit Noon CT SAVEBIG and 25% off until Midnight CT BUYNOW. ,  Susie R, MD

2151 Cick-fil-a Opening (8/22/2016 11:07:37 AM):  Anyone ever done the 24 hour first 100 grand opening thing at a Chick-fil-a??,  Susan C, NM

2152 Disney Movie Rewards (8/22/2016 11:47:47 AM):  WINSTON is a 5 point code for this week. It says you can use it for an extra entry in the Dog sweepstakes but I just got the points.,  Susie R, MD

2155 coke reward points (8/22/2016 12:32:06 PM):  I emailed some expired promo codes that I was given to coke on saturday and credit for them was in my account on Monday morning. points added by a customer service rep DO NOT count against the 75 points a week limit,  Jack L, TX

2156 Kohl's printable coupon (8/22/2016 12:45:46 PM):  Taking my kids tonight for back to school clothes shopping - does anyone have the link that I can print a in-store discount coupon?,  Tammy C, CA

2157 RAOK - Shutterfly Shopping Bag (8/22/2016 12:48:23 PM):  FREE shopping bag: CTLM379AW713K5SDYZ Please post when used. Thanks!,  Sheila M, VA

2158 what's the name of.... (8/22/2016 12:51:38 PM):  the site that shows all the reward sites & how much they each pay???,  Donna M, CA

2159 Triple Cash Back Week at starting 8/23/ (8/22/2016 1:11:46 PM):  Log on to to learn about triple cash back week starting 8/23/16. It runs for only 1 week starting tomorrow. ,  Virginia Ann S, VA

2160 Triple Cash Back Week at starting 8/23/ (8/22/2016 1:11:46 PM):  Log on to to learn about triple cash back week starting 8/23/16. It runs for only 1 week starting tomorrow. ,  Virginia Ann S, VA

2162 Staples Banners (8/22/2016 1:16:20 PM):  Looking for a sale on banners and signs at Staples like they have had in the past. I have a print & copy coupon to use this year from having a premier acct and thought this would be a good way to use it making some Happy Birthday banners for Grandkids. Hoping they have it again and someone sees and posts. Thanks.,  Mike W, MO

2164 Finding Dory codes (8/22/2016 1:26:17 PM):  Here are 3 codes for the Finding Dory Lantern. Only 1 per household and I already sent for one. jkwc-0p7z-679v-g1v9 y6jk-ccp1-59mw-ftkp yrjk-ccp1-5lmw-f3k6,  Lindy G, VA

2165 CVS Hershey's (8/22/2016 1:55:54 PM):  This week Hershey's has bags of chocolate (assorted, York peppermint patties, etc) for 2/$6. A $3/2 coupon prints from the red machine, and there were $1/2 coupons in a recent SS. So, it ends up being 2 bags for $2!,  Lisa S, OH

2167 Cheap or Free (8/22/2016 2:33:59 PM):  Today at ShopRite I got sa $37 plus order for under $7.50. There were 4 free cpns in the Wilmington ad and 1 freebie in the W. Chester ad. I had to spend $30, but the free items count in the total. For free I got 4 Bic Silky Touch razors 4-pks with the $3 cpn from a couple weeks ago, free Skippy peanut butter, Welch's squeeze grape jelly, 10-pk of Sip-s drinks, & SR cereal. There was also a cpn in the ad to get a free loaf of any bread when buying the Skippy & Welch's, so I picked a $1.99 loaf of Arnold's wheat bread, used the 55-cent Arnold's cpn, which doubled, & got the bread for more than free. The W. Chester freebie was Herrs chips. Great buy also on Lance 8-packs of Crackers, $1.88, & used the $1 off 2 cpn from a Sun. insert & a ShopRite Cat for $1 off salty snacks, so 88 cents per 8-pk. Had a $1.50 Cat cpn for Cooked Perfect meatballs, on sale for $2.50, so good deal on those, too. Lots of fun today.,  Pat B, DE

2168 (8/22/2016 2:48:17 PM):  20% off any online order at Lancô, use code: Friends,  Sue M S, FL

2170 Purina Pure Love for Pets (8/22/2016 3:05:46 PM):  Today started the Marvelous Mondays at Purina Pure Love for Pets. From now through a certain date in October, Log on first thing to be one of 500 lucky people to print a coupon for a Purina pet product WSL. I wasn't one of the lucky ones today. But I was still able to print some coupons for various Beneful products.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

2172 Shop-Rite (8/22/2016 3:29:55 PM):  If you have the 50 cent Snickers bar coupons from a few weeks ago, Shop-Rite has them this week for 89 cents and B2g1f. So two coups will get you three free bars. Nice.,  Susan H, CT

2174 Big Y (8/22/2016 3:33:53 PM):  For New England people, Big Y has Bounty 100 ct napkins for 99 cents this week.In the Kellogg's "Back to School" pamphlet (from the school bus display) there is a $1.00/1 coupon = free napkins. ,  Susan H, CT

2176 CVS - Kashi (8/22/2016 3:56:03 PM):  I got four free Kashi Go-Lean bars at CVS today. On sale for $1 and there was a $1 on any Kashi product in the SS a few weeks ago. Fresh thru Jan 2017, so these will go in my stocking-stuffer stash. The dark chocolate/nut one looks delicious - I may just have to sample one of those.,  Susan H, CT

2181 free shipping... (8/22/2016 4:49:55 PM):  has anybody seen a discount code for the passport free shipping program, used by popcorn factory, cheryl's, harry & david? need to order several things to different addresses, so would like shipping to not cost! ,  Donna M, CA

2183 Clearsil (8/22/2016 4:57:49 PM):  There is a TMF on this product. I bought a face scrub with the TMF sticker . Today I looked at the rebate and it requires the UPC mailed in. I am returning this because this product comes Ina plastic package which would be a mess to cut. Actually , I bought the product in part to encourage manufacturers to do more rebates. Oh, well,,  Robin C, NY

2184 Staples rewards (8/22/2016 5:04:32 PM):  I am afraid that I have really messed up this time. It has been a rough couple of months and my brain just refuses to kick in. I had until the first week of September to buy more ink at Staples, so I could recycle the used cartridges. I ordered the ink this week online and used my $20 credit for recycling 10 ink cartridges last month. Will this cause my ink not to count towards next month's recycling? I just am worried that since I used my ink recycling rewards on this ink, it will not count towards what I need to have bought to be able to recycle more cartridges. I just need to figure it out again. Thanks for your help.,  Teresa G, MO

2186 Wheel of fortune (8/22/2016 5:46:54 PM):  $5,000 and a Cruise to Mexico! Spin ID: SR2279412 Bonus Round Puzzle: MAKING THE ROUNDS,  Rhonda K, FL

2192 Joe's New Balance- free shipping (8/22/2016 7:25:09 PM):  Joe's New Balance has free shipping on everything thru 8/24. There are lots of great deals such as these Women's New Balance 490 shoes, $34.99: B, MD

2193 Hershey (8/22/2016 7:59:06 PM):  They can not give to me.They are made in Mexico now.Even my belove Pot O Gold box.Come back to USA Hershey and we a family of 20+ will start to buy again.Its been 2 years that we have not bought and we miss you!,  Ava J, FL

2197 Need Lactaid coupons (8/22/2016 8:28:16 PM):  Had anyone found a way to print Lactaid coupons? It is a smartsource coupon and the Lactaid website won't let me print either. Has anyone found a way?,  Karen C, MN

2199 Wayfair clearance rugs (8/22/2016 8:44:33 PM):  Lots of rugs on clearance, with free shipping on $49. B, MD

2206 Kroger (8/23/2016 5:35:29 AM):  They have a free protein plus bar this week. Ibotta has 1.00 back wyb 2.,  Cathy G, OH

2213 Kings Dominion tix - $33 (8/23/2016 8:06:32 AM):  One day passes to King's Dominion for $33 through Sept. 5. Enter KDTRAVELZOO for both the user name and password. Buy how many you want, and print out to take with you. After Sept. 5, the price will be $43.50 through Oct. 30. B, MD

2216 Question (8/23/2016 8:34:04 AM):  Just got a laptop, how do I "install" a wireless mouse? I'm so NOT tech savy..Thank you,  Dayle R, KY

2218 Irazoo Treasure Code (8/23/2016 9:57:16 AM):  Not sure how many even do Irazoo but here's the Treasure Code for today. sinkSocietyCoast,  Dolores S, WV

2220 Ibotta (8/23/2016 10:32:14 AM):  I would like to know how everyone feels about the Ibotta program. Is it worth joining? Thanks for any input.,  Geraldine P, IN

2223 Dolores S, WV (8/23/2016 10:46:37 AM):  Thank you for posting the IRAZOO codes every day,  Lois B, FL

2226 tricia, md (8/23/2016 10:59:53 AM):  you answered a question i had about the passport shipping on harry & david's, etc & said that it was $19.99 on certain sites; i only get it as $29.99 on all of them. how did you find that lower price?,  Donna M, CA

2227 Walgreens Aspirin (8/23/2016 11:15:51 AM):  Wags has a bottle of Well at Walgreens Regular Strength Aspirin 325 mg for $1.29 or 2/$2. This week they are bogo50%. So the first bottle rings up $1 and the second bottle rings up 50 cents. You receive 2000 points for buying 2 so that is a Money Maker!,  Janice H, TX

2228 CVS (8/23/2016 11:55:36 AM):  I went in today & found the whitening gel. They only had 1 box that was $9.29 left. But the sign was hanging there saying it produced $10 ecb's. But it did not print out. My nice cashier manually printed them out but. But he took down the sign right afterwards. ,  Cathy G, OH

2233 Coke Reward Codes (8/23/2016 1:07:15 PM):  Here are a few reward codes for anyone who wants them. 7V05MVJBBJP50B, VJ0BHBVNF6TRL7, 04VL5544PPWLF0. Once again, I'm not sure if the 0's are zeros or 0's. Try both. ,  Beverly C, TX

2235 Free Magnet (8/23/2016 1:29:13 PM):  code: PG2X-8F7T-E8AF-KZNGDA Offer ends September 30, 2016 Offer is good for one free magnet through or our mobile-friendly site. Promo can only be redeemed once per account and/or billing address. This offer code can only be entered once. Taxes, shipping and handling will apply. Shipments to Canada are subject to taxes, duties or other custom fees, payable by you upon delivery. Not valid on stationery or glass magnets, prepaid plans, other products, prior purchases and orders made on the Shutterfly apps. Cannot be redeemed for cash or combined with select offers or credits. Not valid for resale. We reserve the right to modify or replace any part of these terms and conditions without notice. ,  Maria S, NY

2244 Restaurant reward site GDA (8/23/2016 5:04:34 PM):  If you eat at Bonefish Grill, Carrabbas, or Outback, join this website to get 50% off your fourth visit within a six month timeframe:,  Mindy C, MD

2245 Nielsen Consumer Panel question (8/23/2016 5:06:32 PM):  I was selected to be a scanner but now I am reconsidering this idea. I didn't realize you had to scan every purchase you made to include what discounts or coupons that you used. For those of you who do this, is my intuition correct that being a scanner is sort of a hassle?,  Mindy C, MD

2246 Cafe Bustelo at Target (8/23/2016 5:21:32 PM):  I think I posted previously that we love this dark roast coffee. Cartwheel has 20% off through 8/27; and today my store had the big containers (36 oz) for $9.77. Apply cartwheel discount and it comes down to $7.82 per container. I bought 4,  Teresa S, CA

2250 Shutterfly question (8/23/2016 6:09:25 PM):  Does anyone know if the code for the free prints can be used more than once?Is there an expiration date on it?,  Mary D, OK

2251 Subway (8/23/2016 6:14:54 PM):  Text OFFERS to 782929 to get deals thru your phone,  Ann A, NC

2252 Kashi Go Lean Bars (8/23/2016 6:18:37 PM):  Kashi Go Lean Bars--bumping up--I didn't notice the time on the original post. Here's what I posted: Thanks to all those who posted about other sources for the coupon. I thought I was out again. I looked through every RP and then even SS, but no coupon. This seems the way it always is. I never am able to get these good deals. Hope I have better success on line. Well I could not find it at, but I did at CVS. I didn't think I could get in, but I did.,  Donna E, FL

2253 Staples (8/23/2016 6:25:48 PM):  Is it possible to turn staples ink rewards into a gift card to somewhere else? I know they have lots to choose from,  Dee H, WA

2255 Kohls 30% off & Free Shipping (8/23/2016 6:48:49 PM):  Starts 8/24 to 8/31 - When you use your Kohl's charge - 30% off - SPLURGE30 and Free Shipping no minimum - SHIP4AUG. Happy Shopping!!!,  Susan J, OH

2258 Finish Deals??? (8/23/2016 7:37:32 PM):  Does anyone know if Finish will be on sale soon so I can use the $2.00 off coupon to score some cheap or free dishwashing detergent? Thanks in advance,  Millie P, KY

2260 Wheel of fortune (8/23/2016 7:54:57 PM):  $5,000 and a Cruise to Mexico! Spin ID: LE0004459 Bonus Round Puzzle: DISPLAY OF AFFECTION,  Rhonda K, FL

2261 $20 shipped- Crocs Rio flip flops (8/23/2016 8:13:02 PM):  Crocs Rio flip flops, $19.99 with free shippjng. B, MD

2268 FOY Gifthulk (8/24/2016 5:28:43 AM):  njc2ys312 1 user 21 coins 4epf4lj1j 1 user 21 coins,  Lacinda T, IA

2269 $1 hotdog combo at Sam's (8/24/2016 6:02:49 AM):  Sam's club is offering their Nathan's hot dog & drink combo for $1 this week (thru Aug. 26). B, MD

2271 Irazoo Treasure Code (8/24/2016 6:03:57 AM):  partBringEarly 15 points,  Dolores S, WV

2273 Michele (8/24/2016 7:07:19 AM):  Did you ever get your five dollars in points from the Kmart Shop Your Way instant contest? It says it posts in 48 hours but for me it's been four days and I still don't have it. ,  Carla B, OH

2274 $1 Hot Dogs Sonic Drive-ins 8/25/16 (8/24/2016 7:43:24 AM):  Get hot dogs at participating Sonic Drive-ins for $1 all day tomorrow only. Add-ons are extra. Limit 5 per person.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

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