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Herbal essences (10/7/2016 12:23:36 PM):  Has anyone had trouble using more than four coupons at a time since it does clearly state on the coupon four per day? I haven't tried yet. ,  Carla B, OH

4448 herbal essence (10/7/2016 1:04:20 PM):  what is the address for the Herbal Essence MBG,  Debb P, IA

4449 Weekly Irazoo Code (10/7/2016 1:41:18 PM):  120 points objectProduceGold,  Dolores S, WV

4450 Safeway Sheba/Cesar on sale use coupons (10/7/2016 2:07:09 PM):  Thai week my Safeway has Sheba Perfect Portions cat food and Cesar dog food on sale for .48 each. has Sheba coupons buy 3 get $1.00 off and Cesar buy 4 get $1.00 off. With coupons 3 Shebas are .44 (.15 cents each) and 4 Cesars are .92 (.23 cents each).,  Nicole Y, WA

4453 Aldi (10/7/2016 3:11:03 PM):  About once a month while doing other shopping out of town we run by Aldi's in Morgnaton Nc to pick up deals we love no matter the day or time weekday or weekend morning, noon or night store is crowded and difficult to navigate, plus many items seem to be low or out of stock and few parking places and rarely do they have more than 1 or 2 cashiers I sure wish we had a store closer Here's some deals they have Peanut Butter Bars .99 Saltine cracker 16 oz .75 Bread .85 wheat or white Buns .85 hot dog or Hamburger Gravy mix brown .35 Cereal $1.19 to $1.99 Sugar white 4 lb 1.49 Peanut Butter 40 oz $2.69 crunch or smooth Condensed Milk can .69 Pork N Bean .49 Kidney Beans .49 Diced Tomatoes .59 Most Can Veggies .65 Can Fruit .99 Can pumpkin .89 Can Tuna .65 Spaghetti Sauce .99 Cat food can .35 Chips potatoe/corn, cheese puffs .99 to $1.49 12 oz Cheese Shred Mex,Ched, Moz or Ital $2.99 Big Take and Bake Pizza extra large cheese 4.49 Pepperioni 5.49 similar to Walmart ,  Ann A, NC

4454 Swell bottles $20 in Sam's (10/7/2016 3:35:54 PM):  For any of you (or your teens) that are into the Swell water bottles: if you have a Sam's club in your area, they are $19.88 for the 17 oz. size. They are supposed to keep cold stuff cold for 24 hours and hot stuff hot for 12 hours. Regular price for this size is $35 in stores. (Example: ),  Tricia B, MD

4455 Watch Your Coupons (10/7/2016 3:55:11 PM):  I just encountered something ridiculous that I've never seen before. I bought 3 packs of Olives to Go! and handed the clerk three $1 c/os at Giant Food Stores. Two coupons were rejected because these c/os state, "LIMIT ONE C/O PER PURCHASE AND PER TRANSACTION." When did they start doing this PER TRANSACTION thing???,  Kathleen R, PA

4456 $129 - Manhattan NYC hotel (10/7/2016 4:05:28 PM):  The Gregory in Herald Square; Midtown Manhattan NYC hotel, 50% off. Book by Oct. 21: •Tailored King rooms start from $129 on weekend stays •Weekday stays are $149-$159 per night •For an additional $10, you can book a room with a flexible cancellation policy •Double Double rooms also discounted Free wifi. B, MD

4457 $369 & up- All-inclusive Mexico getaway (10/7/2016 4:16:06 PM):  Cancun all-inclusive trip. •Roundtrip flights from the U.S. to Cancun •Three nights in an oceanview room at the Great Parnassus Family Resort •All meals and drinks at the resort's eight restaurants and nine bars •Two kids ages 12 and younger stay and eat for free (airfare is additional) $369 from Dallas or Fort Lauderdale; other cities higher (for example, Baltimore is $509.) B, MD

4460 Wheel of fortune (10/7/2016 5:47:00 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: APPLYING YOURSELF,  Rhonda K, FL

4465 276 Huggies diapers, $25 shipped (10/7/2016 7:15:04 PM):  Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers, Size 1, 276 Count (or you can pick size 2, 3, etc.). The price is $37.14 with subscribe & save (remember you can easily cancel s & s after item ships.) Then, sign in to get 15% off coupon. THEN, if you have Prime, you get an additional 20% off, making them $25.41 ($0.098 each!) with free shipping. B, MD

4466 $10 air mattress with $5 in SYW points (10/7/2016 7:25:42 PM):  Northwest Territory Twin Airbed with Inner Coils, was $19.99, now $9.99. Plus you get an additional $5 in Shop Your Way points. Remember, you can use existing points to pay for this, and get the $5 in bonus points, as long as you pay at least 1 cent with regular payment options. Free shipping on $49 or free in store pick up. B, MD

4470 Irazoo Code (10/8/2016 4:04:23 AM):  fishProgramPipe,  Dolores S, WV

4473 My Points (10/8/2016 7:07:19 AM):  Matthew is gone and we were one of the lucky ones to not loose power. Now it is catch up time. Back in July we made an online purchase at Best Buy thru MyPoints. I have yet to receive my points and the emails from the online request are now going unanswered. I have had to fight for my BZZ agent points, of which I did receive. Just getting very frustrated after being on this site for 18 years. Not liking the new company (of which I am also a member of and have not had this much of an issue with) ,  Joanne R. F, FL

4475 WAGS Beauty Enthusiast (10/8/2016 7:46:17 AM):  I signed up online on Sunday. Used the "Join now" button after I'd signed on to my account, and got a "Beauty Enthusiast added" confirmation. Just now I was on my BR page and clicked on the button to check my Beauty Enthusiast activities; it said I hadn't joined! So I clicked the "join now" button and it said it can't add that right now, that I should call. Okay, I'll call, or just do it in the store, but I thought I was already in, and am wondering what others' experience has been.,  Linda R, TX

4476 KFR (10/8/2016 8:54:58 AM):  A Kelloggs email just made my day. I did not realize I was a KFR member for 4 yrs, but they did (LOL). As an "anniversary" gift they gave me 400 free points. Hope when your "anniversary" comes, you get free points too!,  Michelle M, NY

4477 Kohl's shipping code (10/8/2016 9:34:26 AM):  Any Kohl's free shipping codes? Thanks!,  Dixie D, TX

4487 Chicken of the Sea Salmon $1 cou[on (10/8/2016 11:26:14 AM):  I am unable to find this coupon when I click on the notification under Friday's coupon posts. Found one for buy one get one free. Anyone able to find subject coupon?,  Eloise B, IN

4489 Shutterfly code (10/8/2016 12:12:18 PM):  KEBB-19BR-MJE5-4NVU2N Get 2 8x10 prints or one personalized placemat. Sign up or sign in at Enter your promo code; it will save to your Shutterfly account Apply your code at checkout by 10/31/16,  Gayle S, MI

4490 Walmart deals (10/8/2016 12:28:59 PM):  Cannon whole milk yougurt singles 52 cents each buy 4 use 2 bogo coupons = 1.04 then do the 50 cents Ibotta rebate to get all 4 for .54 cents. Totinos pizza rolls stick on sale for $3.00 they were demoing them today and gave me $1.00 off one coupons so $2.00 a box. Pillsbury biscuits $1.00 a cans 5 pack one reg. price use $1.00 off 3 coupons for $2.00 thendo Savingstar rebate to get back a $1.00 so after that $1.00 for 3 cans. ,  Sheri C, FL

4493 Dole Smootie Shakers at Kroger (10/8/2016 12:53:56 PM):  Dole Smoothie Shakers are on sale at Kroger for $1.50. Use $1.25 coupon from SS 8/21. Only 25 cents each! Coupon and sale good thru 11/20.,  Janice H, TX

4495 GMC/Buick/Chevy Possible Test Drive (10/8/2016 1:09:24 PM):  Saw where some local Ohio GMC dealers, a Springfield, OH Buick/GMC/Cadillac and an Elyria, OH Chevy, currently having pop-up offer of your choice of a $25 Walmart/Visa or (depending on dealer) Amazon or Best Buy gift card or to test drive. So, possibly local car dealers elsewhere are doing it so check your local GMC dealer's website new vehicles. Usually don't see a test offer from them here unless you get their New Roads magazine. So, good luck if interested.,  Janet B, OH

4497 What did you get for free or cheap? (10/8/2016 1:24:27 PM):  I really didn't get very much last week for free, primarily because I had company. This week has been a tad better. Harris Teeter opened a store at a nearby town so I got a store card and they gave me a $5 gift card. Penneys sent me (usually it's DH) a $10 gift certificate because they updated their credit card. I don't know what was actually updated except the design of the card. My company and I went shopping last week and we stopped at Penneys. I was able to get a nice pink blazer for $10. At work, I primarily wear a sleeveless shirt with a sweater or jacket over it. Sometimes I long for my military days when I wore the same uniform over and over. A guy at work gave me his Coke caps, because he only saves the Coke 12-pack codes. My new direction with my coupon habit is taking the excess to a food pantry down the street. They are SO thrilled that I bring stuff in. It really has made me more of a 'thrillseeker' trying to see what I can get for cheap. They make these 'Blessing bags' for the homeless where a roll of toilet paper, washcloth, tooth paste, soap, etc is put in there. I feel so lucky to help. I hope you had a great couponing week. The deals were certainly abundant.,  Mindy C, MD

4499 Aldi/ Wal-Mart (10/8/2016 1:54:42 PM):  I shop both these stores and in my area they are not close to each other. Aldi has the greatest prices, especially on vegetables and fruits.,  Marge S, OK

4503 Shutterfly code (10/8/2016 2:33:25 PM):  JA44-1GGT-KB78-HDWC9P Good for one free 8x10 art print, shipping not included. $24.99 value. Expires 10/25/16,  Gayle S, MI

4506 Naomi P, NJ (10/8/2016 3:31:05 PM):  Thank you for the test drive offer you posted! I just got it today! Had no idea it could come so FAST! Thank you!,  Diane J. D, ME

4510 $50- Womens' Nike Roshe (10/8/2016 4:24:44 PM):  Womens' Nike Roshe, was $99.99, now $49.98. 3 different colors to pick from. Shipping is $6.99 if you can't find a store near you for free pick up: Side note: DD 18 LOVES these shoes. B, MD

4511 Staples 1-cent paper (10/8/2016 4:49:48 PM):  Starting Sunday, penny paper is back at Staples. Limit 4 Staples Multipurpose Reams. Pay $7.99 get $7.98 rebate. No coupon needed.,  Janice H, TX

4512 Check your receipts (10/8/2016 4:58:11 PM):  Just a reminder - check your receipts from grocery stores or any stores to make sure you're not being over charged. In the past 2 weeks I've been over charged $7.00 each time ;or the coupons weren't taken off. It does add up - both times it was a different Safeway store in areas.,  Barbara K, OR

4514 Ncp (10/8/2016 5:39:06 PM):  If you scan for NCP on your smartphone, they have a new feature. Spin to win/3 spins a week, but appears only highest spin counts.,  Lynn L, WI

4515 20 KFR PTS (10/8/2016 5:50:55 PM):  EARNGREATREWARDS good for 20 points.,  Marion I, CA

4524 Points on Kellogg's site (10/9/2016 7:20:54 AM):  Someone asked if the Kellogg's site had changed and wondered if the points from the codes were being added - I noticed that the total to the right, on the "THANKS" screen, doesn't change but when I watch the total at the top of the page, the points do accumulate in that total. No clue why it wouldn't accumulate in both spots. Probably an area they didn't think to tweak when they made changes to their site.,  Marijane W, MI

4526 Coke/Shutterfly (10/9/2016 7:44:51 AM):  Coke is offering a photo bag through Shutterfly for just 3 points. Offer ends 10/31, needs to be redeemed by 11/30/16.,  Marijane W, MI

4535 Irazoo Code (10/9/2016 8:55:31 AM):  inchSleepThrough,  Dolores S, WV

4537 LOL Pumpkin Pie Spice Butter Spread 75¢ coupon (10/9/2016 10:08:07 AM):  LOZO coupon site e-mailed me they had found a 75¢ coupon for LOL spreadable butter & margarine, but when I clicked on the link in their e-message, I brought up a Web page showing coupon for LOL Pumpkin Pie Spice Butter Spread! That's the only variety this coupon is good on! And according to LOL Website, it's a limited edition flavor! Has anyone tried it? Do they like it?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

4540 $7 shipped- Cat pad (10/9/2016 12:22:59 PM):  Comfy Thermal Cat pad, in leopard black or leopard brown, $6.99 with free shipping: B, MD

4541 Wal Mart (10/9/2016 12:31:51 PM):  went in to price match milk at the Aldi price, they would not go lower than $1.99 unless I had a printed ad. She said all price matching is to end Oct. 23. Because they have "roll back: prices. I probably won't go in there much after that.,  Dayle R, KY

4544 Kohls (10/9/2016 1:43:14 PM):  Does Kohls still have the bath towel for $2.99? I went to the closest store and it appears they are now $9.99 with 50% off but when I go online I do see some for $2.99 listed.,  Ann S, OH

4545 Keurig (10/9/2016 2:04:50 PM):  Just got a Keurig 10 at a garage sale for $3. All the times I passed up k cups on sale or clearance because I didn't have a use for them....,  Judy B B, LA

4546 returns (10/9/2016 2:06:05 PM):  What are your experiences with returns at Walmart? I have an unopened ink cartridge set and want to exchange it for another HP ink cartridge. I hate going to Target for anything that might possibly need to be exchanged so try to avoid them.,  Jeanne E, IL

4554 Mail (10/9/2016 5:45:07 PM):  Is there mail tomorrow?? I'm guessing there is not due to the holiday.,  Susan B, SC

4559 Lowes Mums Beware ! (10/9/2016 7:21:27 PM):  I've always bought Mums for the fall at Lowes and have been very happy with them I love the new Burgundy color In the past they have lasted thru out the fall season This year they were out of the ones for 4.99 each so my husband insisted I get the ones for 8.99 in a wooden pot b/c they were burgundy I got 3 of them and right after I watered them I noticed the color looked faded and fake To me they look like the color is washing out like they are dyed truly look like yellow mums somehow artificially colored when we went back to Lowes all the mums in the wooden pots look like that now I really feel its a rip off I cant locate my dcrt or I would take them back ,  Ann A, NC

4560 Columbus Day (10/9/2016 7:36:40 PM):  The Post Offices are closed tomorrow because of the Columbus Day Holiday. ,  Marlen M, CA

4565 tide pods (10/10/2016 2:08:37 AM):  I picked up my tide pods from walmart yesterday. all went smoothly as far as topcashback went. it (+a $10 new customer bonus,) is showing up in my account as pending. Don't know when I will actually have the money, but so far so good. and tide is a great brand anyway,  Jack L, TX

4566 Irazoo Code (10/10/2016 4:50:19 AM):  rootMainSweet,  Dolores S, WV

4567 FOY Gifthulk (10/10/2016 5:24:55 AM):  Mgvwfmfag 3 users 23 coins,  Lacinda T, IA

4569 $35 shipped- 10 Aerie panties (10/10/2016 8:45:44 AM):  Aerie has their panties 10 for $35 today only, with free shipping. These are the lace bikinis, for example, but you can pick from other styles, too. ,  Tricia B, MD

4570 $35 shipped- 10 Aerie panties (10/10/2016 8:48:30 AM):  Aerie has their panties 10 for $35 today only, with free shipping. These are the lace bikinis, for example, but you can pick from other styles, too. ,  Tricia B, MD

4571 $115 Hoover Windtunnel vacuum (10/10/2016 8:54:47 AM):  Hoover Windtunnel bagless vacuum, reg. $229.99, today it is $114.99!! Free 2 day shipping.,  Tricia B, MD

4574 Riteaid (10/10/2016 11:09:29 AM):  Made a purchase in Riteaid today, from the Catalina, I received 2 coupons, both free disposable Gillette razors. Pay attention to those coupons. ,  Dru T, KY

4575 Kroger (10/10/2016 12:31:37 PM):  Went by the clearance bins this morning at Kroger and they had Green Mountain Organic Dark Roast Coffee 10 K-cup pods for use in Keurig Brewers for $2.99. I had loaded $2 digital coupon for Green Mountain that could be used up to 5 times in a transaction. So I bought 5. So 99 cents for each box of 10 pods. I hope it tastes good.,  Janice H, TX

4576 Kroger (10/10/2016 12:37:28 PM):  Chicken of the Sea Salmon in the pouch is on sale for $1. I bought 2 this weekend using the two $1 coupons that I printed. Free. I tried the lemon pepper this morning and liked it. So I went back to Kroger and purchased more using the $1/2 coupon from SS 10/2. That makes them 50 cents each after coupon. Salmon is a healthy addition to my daily salad.,  Janice H, TX

4577 My Points (10/10/2016 12:53:40 PM):  It's been a while since I redeemed points at My Points. I was wanting to get some gift cards for Christmas I learned today that most of the gift cards are now E-Certificates. Can someone tell me how these work? I understand they will be emailed to me but can they be used at brick and mortar stores? A piece of paper just doesn't seem as"good" as an actual gift card! Thanks in advance for enlightening me! ,  Laurie H, WY

4580 Staples - Scott toilet paper (10/10/2016 1:31:11 PM):  Staples has Scott toilet paper for $10.99 for a 20 roll package this week. I can't remember the exact square footage, but it is basically half of the "go to" .01 per square foot formula, so definitely a good deal if you don't mind basic toilet paper!,  Lisa S, OH

4581 Chipotle $3 burrritos (10/10/2016 1:32:43 PM):  On Halloween, Chipotle has $3 burritos (burrito bol, salad, etc) if you come in costume from 3-close.,  Lisa S, OH

4583 coke codes (10/10/2016 1:58:40 PM):  6VLVTWLFOFTVJL BVWKHVOOJMHO77 VT764M5M55B5WM ,  Beatrice C, MA

4587 $5 off $20 Meat at Target (10/10/2016 2:39:59 PM):  I really scored yesterday, using the $5 off $20 Meat at Target and the 25% off ground beef on Cartwheel. I got 2 2lb. pkgs, each $10.79. Each had a $3 coupon stuck on them, so I paid $6.68 for 4 lbs. Used gift cards I had from previous deals. ,  Sandra F, WI

4588 Big and Tall NFL Apparel (10/10/2016 2:45:43 PM):  At Kmart right now, there are member deals on the following: $10 back in points when you buy $20 in NFL merchandise AND $10 back in points when you buy $20 in Big and Tall apparel. These offers COMBINE!!! So, for every $20 you spend on Big and Tall NFL Apparel, you get $20 back in points. I think the limit is $50 for each offer, so $100 total. There are T-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, etc. available on And there should be free shipping for everyone at $49. This is an outstanding deal for NFL merchandise. I found several Colts items for me and some Bengals items for my brother in law. Good luck! ,  John B, IN

4591 airbab hosts - free rooms (10/10/2016 3:10:06 PM):  I realize this may not be for everyone, but I thought it was interesting enough to share. "During an emergency, Airbnb may email local hosts with information about how to help and how to offer their extra space to affected community members. These hosts are still covered by the Host Guarantee, and Airbnb’s fees are waived." So if you know of someone that either NEEDS a place to stay, or would like to OFFER a place to stay, either one can sign up below under their corresponding states (some are offering free spaces only thru tomorrow, others thru Oct. 16): B, MD

4592 (10/10/2016 3:18:17 PM):  Philosophy has 30% off with code fallsale30 thru 10/14. Free shipping on $50. Also code whinemask adds an extra free sample, and coolaging takes 25% off skincare including things in the outlet (but you cannot stack 30% off and this 25% off code.),  Tricia B, MD

4598 Dollar Tree (10/10/2016 4:20:46 PM):  I stopped in Dollar Tree today and found two good deals--might be worth checking out your Dollar Tree as well! 10oz cans of Rosarita Enchilada Sauce 3 cans/$1.00 and 32oz cartons of Progresso Chicken Broth (regular and low sodium) for $1.00.,  Stephanie S, MD

4602 Kohls free shipping (10/10/2016 4:31:01 PM):  Are there any codes for free shipping at Kohls? ,  Larie C, KY

4605 $9 shipped- Sterling silver bracelets (10/10/2016 6:23:06 PM):  All kinds of sterling silver bracelets with inspirational quotes, saying, or scriptures. $6.99, but use code BRADSDEALS to make them $5.99. Shipping is $2.99. B, MD

4606 Wheel of fortune (10/10/2016 6:24:05 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: JAZZ GUITARIST,  Rhonda K, FL

4607 New Kellogg' Code = 100 Pts (10/10/2016 6:47:54 PM):  SUMMERBONUS4MOMS ,  Geri S, IL

4615 Irazoo Code (10/11/2016 4:36:43 AM):  lakeFeetLamp,  Dolores S, WV

4618 Gifthulk FOY code (10/11/2016 6:13:00 AM):  al1nsq3ud for one user and is worth 27.,  Sue E, MN

4619 $16 - Merrill Men's half zip pullover (10/11/2016 6:15:48 AM):  Men's Ascendancy Half Zip was $49, now $19.99. Use code FALL20 to make it $15.99. Black has sizes S - XL. Grey has S - XXL. Shipping is free: B, MD

4621 2 ice cream brand recalls (10/11/2016 7:51:31 AM):  Turkey Hill ice cream has recalled some of its 48 oz. containers of chocolate ice cream because they actually contain Rocky Road ice cream! Log on to Turkey Hill Website to read more about which cartons are recalled. Nestle has recalled some of its cartons of Drumstick ice cream cones because of contamination with Listeria. You'll find more info about these recalled ice cream brands on the Web.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

4623 Walgreen's Lindsey Olives Ibotta question (10/11/2016 8:42:34 AM):  For the Lindsey Olive's (green) deal buy them at .99 ea use the 1.00/2 printable and then submit for the Ibotta rebate of .50. My Ibotta says 5.75 oz the jars at my store are 5 oz and Ibotta won't accept it. Is anyone else finding the correct size or does IBOTTA have it wrong?,  Sheila M, MN

4627 Winn Dixie dog food catalina (10/11/2016 10:31:25 AM):  Milk Bone dog treats products. But 2, get $1 OYNO. Buy 3 or more, get $2 OYNO Expires 11/6/16,  Joan B, FL

4630 Rite Aid TRU offer (10/11/2016 11:33:05 AM):  Does anyone have an enlarged view of the fine print. I can barely read it, but it looks like it says the purchase period started in September. ,  Deborah L, PA

4632 RAOK (10/11/2016 11:46:34 AM):  Kellogg Dory Code Uk5y-L6h6-wbmz-rpjt. Please post when used. ,  Lisa H, MN

4633 $38 shipped- Xbox 12 mth code (10/11/2016 12:12:25 PM):  Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Membership Subscription Card, $37.99 with free shipping: (I don't know what this means, but if you use code 10BACK you get 10% back in Rakuten points.),  Tricia B, MD

4634 Schwarzkopf (10/11/2016 12:12:43 PM):  Michele, This deal ended on 9/30, it has to be post marked by 10/15, at least the one I have says this.,  Carla B, OH

4637 Cover Girl Products (10/11/2016 12:56:26 PM):  Cover Girl products are no longer owned by Proctor & Gamble. Coty bought the Cover Girl line on October 1st. This was verified by P & G If you have any coupons for free products, it is probably a good time to use them. ,  Vicki J, AZ

4638 KOHLS CASH (10/11/2016 1:09:51 PM):  Can we used expired Kohls cash at the store? I tried online but it wouldnt let me. I have $20 that expired yesterday ,  Larie C, KY

4639 Blue Bell ice cream recall (10/11/2016 1:14:38 PM):  A poster had said Blue Bell was recalling certain ice cream varieties. Here's the details. Their outside supplier, Aspen Hills Inc. had expanded their recall of cookie dough ingredients due to contamination with Listeria. Blue Bell uses that supplier. They've recalled all 1/2 gal. & pts. of chocolate chip cookie dough, cookie 2-step sold to retailers. And 3 gal. tubs of Blue Monster chocolate chip & Blue Bell Krazy Kookie. The states involved in this recall are AL, AR, FL, GA, KS, LA, MS, MO, NM, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, & VA.The tubs were sold to food service businesses. Consumers are to return recalled product to the place of purchase.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

4642 Penn Station new fun game (10/11/2016 1:29:43 PM):  Just got e-mail from Penn Stationm, thru 10/31 having a hangman game where could win rewards (usually food coupons) by completing phrases. Game is fun, since Halloween hangman is a skeleton. In past their games have been easy to win. Complete the phrases to receive an instant reward. Can play every day through October 31st, 2016 at B, OH

4648 Star Kist Tuna (10/11/2016 2:58:20 PM):  Found paperwork today while I was cleaning regarding Hendricks v Starkist Co dated 8/26/15. I don't show that I received the $50.00 in vouchers. Does anyone else remember if this was ever settled or how to find out more about it?,  Ginnie R, CA

4651 Hannaford (10/11/2016 3:36:01 PM):  Saw an ad on TV just now, buy 4 Hannaford products and get a $1 Catalina I think that's what was said. I'm thinking small items might come out to be free? Store brand Jello? Canned tomato sauce? Must be other items that would work out cheaply. Wish I had seen it more than once so I could quote it better, but wanted all to get a chance to do this deal if they wanted.,  Diane J. D, ME

4652 skype messed up again (10/11/2016 3:54:14 PM):  wondering if there is a free instant messenger I have missed seeing since yahoo messenger dropped the old one the new one does not work and messed my computer up so bad had to take it out downloaded Skype and it seems to go off about once a week and ether my brother can't see what I type or I can't get in as it tells me my user and password is wrong, Please if anyone know something I thank you ahead of time,  Shirley T, TN

4653 Michele (10/11/2016 4:54:16 PM):  The ToysRus gift card has run all month,  Ruth S, OH

4654 Wheel of fortune (10/11/2016 5:37:27 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: BAKING A PIE,  Rhonda K, FL

4656 Go Veggie Cheese Cpn (10/11/2016 5:48:59 PM):  Where is this product sold and what aisle is it in? Clerk checked for me at WalMart and said they must not sell it since he scanned the barcode on my coupon and it said--item not found. Dorry,  Dolores S, WV

4659 Cheap Halloween candy (10/11/2016 6:35:02 PM):  Here is a deal that may help you getting Halloween candy cheap. The fun size bags of Mars, M & M’s candy are regularly $4.39 ea. Stop and shop (maybe Giant or something else where you are) has them on sale for 5/$10.00. Print off 2 coupons from Quick rewards coupon section, $1.50 off 2 m&m’s and 1.00 of 2 mars candy, bringing it down to a total of $7.50, Email support for the 2 coupons used, final price is $7.40 for 5 bags instead of $21.95!,  Marcie B, NY

4660 Chipotle coupon (10/11/2016 6:39:25 PM):  Play the matching game to get a buy 1 get 1 free entrée at Chipotle. Coupon is good no matter whether you win or not and is good thru 11/30/16.,  Tricia B, MD

4669 Spirit lawsuit (10/11/2016 8:06:03 PM):  About two months ago I received a postcard from Spirit Airlines about a claim suit, so I filed it online. Today, I received a $112 check because I did this. I hope you do too.,  Mindy C, MD

4671 $27 - 4 Tier steel shelving rack (10/11/2016 8:17:35 PM):  4-Tier Adjustable Steel Wire Metal Shelving Rack - 36" x 14" x 54" (Black), $26.99 and free shipping. B, MD

4673 Fabric Sale (10/11/2016 9:53:51 PM):  I've been quilting everyday. I love it! I make mostly baby quilts including the baby's name. I have tons of fabric but I had a request for a pink & gray quilt. It is so sad that we don't have the Rag shop anymore or local fabric stores. I drove about 30 miles to a Joann's. I'm usually very unhappy with their selections and prices. I was so pleased to discover that they were having a fat quarter sale 75% off. I just had to post this for the fellow crafter to be on the look out for their sales. I didn't know they ran sales like this. So I hope this post helps. ,  Renay E, NJ

4675 Irazoo Code (10/12/2016 5:11:13 AM):  shoulderConstantlyWheel,  Dolores S, WV

4677 shut down (10/12/2016 9:06:40 AM):  Was anyone aware that & shut down as of 9/30/16? I got an e-message from Tena this morning saying with having shut down, now has a full selection of Tena products. And when I tried to access Website, I was immediately taken to Website. I knew had ended their $$ program in August. But wasn't aware they were shuttering their Websites as well! If you have any questions about any orders you placed with or, you can contact,  Virginia Ann S, VA

4678 Kohls code (10/12/2016 9:45:56 AM):  $5 off $25 or More on Purchases when you use code MOBILE5 at Good today only.,  Tricia B, MD

4679 Walgreens/Brachs Deal (10/12/2016 9:55:46 AM):  Has anyone done the Brachs deal that Michele posted for Walgreens with the $1 cpn from 10/2? Just wondered if the cpn works on the candy that is 2/$2. thanks.,  Pat B, DE

4681 Walgreen/mentos (10/12/2016 10:25:26 AM):  If I do the 1.99 mentos deal and use the points I have earned will I still get the 1.99 RR? Do I have to use at least $5 at a time. ,  Barbara H, IN

4682 Sams Club Membership?? (10/12/2016 11:14:51 AM):  See Sams $25 posted for groupon, but I was wondering if there are any other current deals????. Wanted to do the free $45 offers earlier and couldn't--and now need new membership. Thanks for any help,  Louise W, ND

4684 Shutterfly code UFG (10/12/2016 1:02:58 PM):  I got this offer with my Kohl's cc statement. It's for a free 20-page, 8x8 hard cover photo book and expires 11/30/16. The code is: KH83-8WPX-BZEG-R41HP2. Please post when used. :),  Heather G, PA

4686 King Arthur flour Pledge to Share Baking (10/12/2016 2:26:54 PM):  Log on to King Arthur Flour Website & pledge to share your baking with others this month. For each pledge they receive, they will maker a donation to Feeding America. And you will be e-mailed a 75¢ coupon good towards any King Arthur Flour redeemable at your area supermarket. The coupon is only valid for 2 weeks after you get that coupon link in your e-mail Inbox!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

4691 Walgreens aarp membership (10/12/2016 3:13:29 PM):  Does anyone still have the address to send the receipts from Walgreens to get the free aarp membership.can,t read mine.thanks so much,  Reba S, OK

4693 Free Birthday Meals (10/12/2016 3:19:36 PM):  An article in today's US News and World Report on "Ten Restaurants That Offer Free Birthday Meals". S, MD

4694 Denny's (10/12/2016 3:32:45 PM):  Denny's has the deal again when you buy a $25 gift card you get an additional $5 gift card to be used after January 1st.,  Diane J. D, ME

4697 Wheel of fortune (10/12/2016 5:41:25 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: BASIC MATH,  Rhonda K, FL

4700 Panera Bread code (10/12/2016 6:32:56 PM):  Use code RPUF2 for $3 off your online order of $6 when you order for Rapid Pick up. Must be logged into your Panera account. Good thru 11/6.,  Tricia B, MD

4701 $25 - Women's Sperrys (10/12/2016 6:41:13 PM):  Sperry Top-Sider Bahama 2-Eye, Womens', $24.99. Free shipping on $50 or if you order 2 or more items. B, MD

4703 Member Deals @ Sears (10/12/2016 7:44:26 PM):  There are some outstanding deals right now on the Member Deals page at I went through ebates first, so I might get some additional cash back too. The BOLT ON attachments all come with 100% back in points. They tend to be in the $30 - $40 range, but with 100% back in points, it seems like a great deal to me. I bought the air attachment, the flashlight, and the hammer drill IN 3 SEPARATE transactions. The 3 transactions is important, because on each order, I added something to take it over $50. They have tool bags and Craftsman bottle openers, all with 100% back in points. Those make great stocking stuffers. There are also portable batteries for charging cell phones and tablets on the go with 50% back. And you get another $10 back in points when you spend $50. Be careful if you're using a Sears card, though. They'll take 5% off your tool purchase off of your total and it doesn't show you that until AFTER you've paid. So, if your total falls below $50, you won't get the extra $10. In 2 of my 3 orders, I received more than 100% back in points. And if I get the ebates 1.5% back too, it'll just be a bonus. To find the deals, click on DEALS in the upper right hand corner of the home page. Let it load. Then click on MEMBER DEALS in the middle of the page. There were 33 offers tonight. Most of the best ones were right at the top though. Good luck! ,  John B, IN

4704 Swagbucks Code (10/12/2016 8:31:55 PM):  I never got the email with the code when I redeemed for an Amazon gift card. I followed their suggestion to send for a new code, and nothing comes. I emailed them, and the reply indicated I do just what I had already done. It was as if they didn't read my email. Any suggestions. ,  Pat P, NY

4709 Free M&M - Kroger Card (10/13/2016 4:56:56 AM):  Today is National M&M's Day. Log into your Kroger account and load a free M&M's to your card. I saw this on Facebook this morning. Dorry,  Dolores S, WV

4710 Irazoo Code (10/13/2016 6:01:43 AM):  softlyTheseWave,  Dolores S, WV

4712 Kohls 30% off & Free Shipping (10/13/2016 6:51:51 AM):  When you use your Kohl's Charge - Starts today 10/13 to 10/23 - 30% off - PUMPKIN30 and Free Shipping no minimum - SHIP4FREE. Happy Shopping!,  Susan J, OH

4713 $62 shipped- Womens Coach Maddy Watch (10/13/2016 7:09:16 AM):  Coach Women's Maddy Watch, was $160, now $90. Use code BDCMADDY62 to make it $62. Free shipping. B, MD

4714 $100 BP gas card for $92 (10/13/2016 7:11:51 AM):  $100 BP gas card for $92 shipped. B, MD

4716 Yankee Candle coupon (10/13/2016 8:03:32 AM):  $10 off $10 coupon for Yankee Candle: or use code BIGTEN for $10 off $10 online.,  Tricia B, MD

4719 Queen Mary's Dark Harbor (10/13/2016 9:13:49 AM):  Anyone going to the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor Halloween attraction? Message me for a ONE USE discount,  Melissa C, NV

4722 Staples Scott Toilet Paper Tricia (10/13/2016 9:43:38 AM):  Tricia, or anyone, would you please post a link for the particular Scott toilet paper mentioned as being $10.99 this week. When I navigate to the Staples site the 20 pack does not come up at that price for me. They just sent me a $10.00 reward coupon to only be redeemed online so check your emails. Thank you very much!,  Susan P, PA

4728 Cathy M, WI - VS gift card (10/13/2016 11:10:58 AM):  Cathy, I have an account & have received the $10 every year.,  Teresa S, CA

4730 Baby costumes $7 (10/13/2016 12:21:01 PM):  Honey Bee Costume - Baby 6-12 mths, was $24.99, now $11.99. Use codes CIDER30 and SHIP4FREE (w/Kohls card) to make it $7.13 with free shipping. Little Monkey Costume - Baby, 0-6 or 6-12 months, same price as above. There are other cute baby costumes like a pea in a pod and pig in a blanket.,  Tricia B, MD

4733 Home Depot Coupon (10/13/2016 2:28:04 PM):  I think I may be needing a new freezer. Does anyone know where I can get a Home Depot coupon? Thanks for your help.,  Donna B, WV

4735 Frys Digital c/o (10/13/2016 3:01:27 PM):  When you load a digital c/o to your card how many times can you use it - I other words how many of that product can I buy?,  Pat S, AZ

4737 Toilet paper (10/13/2016 4:06:51 PM):  Ok, I'm having a blonde (gray haired moment) people tried to explain the formulas on a good buy on TP. I just don't get it. So, for this example, menards has Charmaine on sale, 500 sq ft for 12.99. So, if I move this two decimal points, its 5 cents a sq ft? Not a good deal right?,  Karen H, IA

4738 $14 = Coleman sleeping bag (10/13/2016 4:54:38 PM):  Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag (rated for 20-40 degrees), $14.30 on Amazon (free shipping on $49 or with Prime): This is the same sleeping bag that is $24.30 on B, MD

4740 Virgin America points (10/13/2016 5:10:01 PM):  Opt to receive a Virgin Airways newsletter. Sign up by October 26, 2016 to receive 500 points. B, MD

4741 $50 shipped- 20 (10/13/2016 5:15:39 PM):  20" Monster High Girls' Bike, was $99, now $50 with free shipping or free in store pick up. B, MD

4743 Best buy $10 code (10/13/2016 5:23:26 PM):  Sign up for the Best Buy® Mover's Program before 10/27/16 to get a $10 Savings Code. You should receive code within 7 days via email: B, MD

4744 Wheel of fortune (10/13/2016 5:51:54 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: POPULAR VIEW,  Rhonda K, FL

4745 $19= 3 person tent (10/13/2016 6:10:24 PM):  Mountain Trails Twin Peaks Tent - 3 Person, now $18.91 (Free shipping on $49 or with Prime): Same tent is $49.89 at Walmart (but it out of stock.),  Tricia B, MD

4747 $8 Twin airbed (10/13/2016 6:16:07 PM):  Intex Twin 8.75" Classic Downy Inflatable Airbed Mattress, $7.97, reg. $15.97. Free in store pick up: B, MD

4749 $139- San Fran hotel (10/13/2016 6:30:00 PM):  Tuscan Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco: •For $139 per night, stay in a standard one queen room •$25 daily food and beverage credit •Two complimentary house cocktails upon arrival ($24 value) •Complimentary Wi-Fi (for all guests) •Additional room types and suites also discounted Most dates through April 30, incl. weekends. B, MD

4751 AARP (10/13/2016 7:19:23 PM):  could someone please explain how to get AARP free with Walgreens receips....thanks ,  Lorraine G, WI

4756 Bing Rewards (10/13/2016 9:48:40 PM):  I have been a member of Bing Rewards for quite a while and redeem for Amazon gift cards. A family member jointed recently and is Level 2. However, Amazon gc's are not offered as a reward--only sweepstakes and a couple of charitable donations. Will they ever have Amazon gc's as a reward(after earning more points maybe?) or did rewards change for new members? Anyone know? Thans!,  Lynn W, IN

4757 pepsi codes (10/13/2016 9:53:41 PM):  can someone explain the program regarding codes on 12 pack what is the offer,  Mary T, KS

4758 Sweepstakes Sites (10/14/2016 1:04:16 AM):  Can anyone suggest a good sweepstake/contest site to join? Thanks for any information :),  Shirley B, OR

4760 Irazoo Code (10/14/2016 4:14:49 AM):  runBorderBear,  Dolores S, WV

4764 Browning hunting camo (10/14/2016 6:12:17 AM):  Browning Hell's Canyon Camo Base Layers shirts, reg. $66, are $19.99. Get free shipping with BRADSBASELAYER. B, MD

4767 Hanover Coupons? (10/14/2016 6:35:41 AM):  Are there any printable Hanover frozen veg. cpns? They are 99 cents at ShopRite this week, even the gold line.,  Pat B, DE

4768 Cat food deal? (10/14/2016 6:58:16 AM):  My daughter is invited to a party where the birthday girl will be collecting cat food for a local shelter. Is there a deal anywhere on wet or dry cat food? I'd like to buy as much as I can for these poor kitties.,  Susan M, MA

4778 Nature's Bounty (10/14/2016 10:47:15 AM):  Promo code for 15pts:Fallin2016 enjoy Happy Fall ya all,  Lilli T, OH

4781 Mason jars (10/14/2016 11:42:57 AM):  At my local Rural King store they have Ball canning jars for $7.99. I used the $3.00/1 coupon from this past weekends paper. But there were not many cases left on the shelf. The lids were $1.69 each & there was also coupons for $1.00/2. ,  Cathy G, OH

4783 Swagbuck (10/14/2016 12:38:25 PM):  Does anyone have any suggestions? Despite all my efforts at contacting Swagbucks, I cannot get them to send me the code for a gift certificate I received. I have tried hitting the button, which says "resend code" as well as submitting the request thru their "help" desk. All I get back is canned replies. Does anyone have a telephone # for them, or an email address, other than the one on their Help page. Thanks. I am getting very frustrated.,  Pat P, NY

4784 DollarGeneral No Free Cookies (10/14/2016 12:50:38 PM):  This was the last day to get ChipsAhoy Thin cookies free with online digital coupon from Dollar Generals website I just returned from Dollar General No Chips Ahoy Thins :-( They said they carry them yet Oh well Anyone else have trouble finding them ? ,  Ann A, NC

4794 Weekly Irazoo Code (10/14/2016 2:48:08 PM):  120 points senseListArrive,  Dolores S, WV

4796 AVG free (10/14/2016 3:03:17 PM):  AVG free updated something, now it's blocking facebook. I don't have an account as far as I know. What can I do? Thank you,  Diane J. D, ME

4797 SYW Points (10/14/2016 3:10:23 PM):  I suspect you all are tired of hearing about Sears, Kmart, and the shopyourway program. So, I'm sorry for posting as this isn't a "good deal" alert, but I'm pretty happy and wanted to share. With all of the 100% points back on tools, batteries, clothing, etc. I had accumulated almost $500 worth of points over the last couple of weeks. Today, I stopped at Sears to pick up an order, and tried out mattresses while I was there. We've needed a new twin size for our guest room for a while. I didn't want to get a "cheap" one because that's what's on it now. I found one in the store for $742. I went online and found it and got it down to $629 with coupons and by using my Sears Card. After points, I paid $151 and that includes delivery, hauling away the old one, and I earned $61 in points. We needed a mattress. And it's like we got all of the clothing, tools, etc. for FREE. I can't say enough about the syw program. It truly is a great program. ,  John B, IN

4798 Mattress pads (10/14/2016 3:38:27 PM):  Home Design Mattress Pads, ALL sizes are $19.99 (reg. $50): Add a beauty item like this eye pencil sharpener for $4.50 (or something else) to get free shipping: Otherwise shipping is $9.95. ,  Tricia B, MD

4801 candy bar (10/14/2016 5:21:23 PM):  Got one coupon today for the free Snickers candy bar, hope I get more than one. I won quite a few ?? ,  Karen F, PA

4804 Mystery shopper (10/14/2016 7:29:10 PM):  I am thinking of participating in mystery shopping to earn some extra holiday money. Does anyone have any suggestions about the best companies?,  Missaha L, MS

4807 Staples rebates (10/14/2016 9:04:48 PM):  Is anyone else having trouble getting to the Staples rebate center? I click on the link, or also a link from a product page and keep getting an error. It was like this earlier in the week too. ,  Deborah L, PA

4809 Irazoo Code (10/15/2016 5:02:18 AM):  becomeThisToday,  Dolores S, WV

4811 MyPoints searches (10/15/2016 5:50:29 AM):  Since they had some changes on Mypoints I'm not getting very many points doing searches. I haven't gotten any points for about 5 days. How is everyone else doing?,  Carolyn S, IL

4818 Ibotta issue (10/15/2016 7:16:19 AM):  I updated ibotta because I got a message that there was an update. Now, I can not even get into the app. I uninstalled and reinstalled twice but no luck. Anyone else having any issues? Thanks for any advice. ,  Melissa S, WV

4823 Try Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt FREE (10/15/2016 8:56:52 AM):  Love or it's Free for form (top of page) Good only on 5.3oz container, up to $4.00,  Maria S, NY

4827 Butterball 5 $1 Coupons (10/15/2016 9:29:31 AM):  It's that time of year again to start watching for mail-in promos for buying a whole turkey. The outsert coupon booklet I got with my November Better Homes & Gardens magazine yesterday has a Butterball promo. Buy a whole frozen or fresh Butterball turkey between 9/1/16 & 6/30/17. Mail in either the UPC tail tag or a valid original CRT along with a 3x5 card with your NAZ, e-mail clearly printed to Butterball $5 Coupon Offer, Dept.#BB16-2531, Box 472, Scottsdale, AZ 85252-0472. Limit 1 offer per envelope & 1 offer per name/household/address. Claim must be postmarked by 7/14/17. Please allow 8 weeks to receive your 5$1 coupons. Full terms & condition, plus additional offers/printable coupons are available on To check the status of your rebate please visit www.rapid-rebates.comVirginia Ann S, VA

4828 Butterball 5 $1 Coupons (10/15/2016 9:29:34 AM):  It's that time of year again to start watching for mail-in promos for buying a whole turkey. The outsert coupon booklet I got with my November Better Homes & Gardens magazine yesterday has a Butterball promo. Buy a whole frozen or fresh Butterball turkey between 9/1/16 & 6/30/17. Mail in either the UPC tail tag or a valid original CRT along with a 3x5 card with your NAZ, e-mail clearly printed to Butterball $5 Coupon Offer, Dept.#BB16-2531, Box 472, Scottsdale, AZ 85252-0472. Limit 1 offer per envelope & 1 offer per name/household/address. Claim must be postmarked by 7/14/17. Please allow 8 weeks to receive your 5$1 coupons. Full terms & condition, plus additional offers/printable coupons are available on To check the status of your rebate please visit www.rapid-rebates.comVirginia Ann S, VA

4829 Kate Spade sale/code (10/15/2016 9:42:23 AM):  make a splash rey by kate spade, was $298, now $106. Use code EVERYONE to make it $78: lita street andrea was $198.00, now $110.00. With code it will be $82.50: Mr rebates or Upromise both give back 5% cash back.,  Tricia B, MD

4830 bulk coupons (10/15/2016 9:49:23 AM):  Goodmorning ladies quick question I'm a former member o RC and just signed back up can you all please tell me who has the best deal on bulk coupons? I'm restarting my coupon clipping and need plenty. I use to use The coupon Clippers. Thank you,  Kimberly S, TX

4832 Curly's BBQ NonSMP c/o (10/15/2016 10:57:39 AM):  Recently, I found a Non SMP coupon, on inside cardboard packaging on Curly's tub BBQ pulled pork : Save .75/1 Curly's item, Exp. 12/31/16. I've not been on here in a while, I got a job. Hoping to get back on here more often, I've missed not being on. ,  Ellen T. H, KY

4835 $40 shipped- Womens Naturalizer boots (10/15/2016 11:26:18 AM):  Naturaluzer Variant tall boots were $99.98, now $39.99. Free shipping with code BRAFSFS. B, MD

4836 Cheap Simply Tide 138 oz (10/15/2016 11:46:30 AM):  Amazon has the simply tide, the large container with the spout for $3.80. Go to Target and price match it. Use your phone to show it to them, of course they will look themselves. I did it on yesterday, scored 9 bottles...138 ozs each. One Target honored it and another would not. Good look.,  Barbara T, MS

4837 (10/15/2016 11:50:54 AM):  I've been good about not falling for the "Fall or Autumn "flavors" each year. Yesterday, I just had to try the Pumpkin with white choc. chips cookies (3 in a bag) near Walmart checkouts, for .98 cents. They're really good. I'd like it, if this flavor were sold year around!! Anyone else have a favorite Fall/Autumn flavor product? Thanks!,  Ellen T. H, KY

4838 Coupons Ringing Up Wrong (10/15/2016 11:57:06 AM):  I recently shopped at Food Giant. One of my coupons $1.50/1 rang up only $1.00/1 off. I brought it to the cashier's attention. She said she'd not noticed. She checked it & noticed I wasn't fibbing. She went to try to take off the additional .50 cents & it wouldn't do. Not sure what she did next but, it when she put the numbers up on it, the register doubled the .50 cents & took off $1.00 more. She acted like it was no big deal (a young gal.) I was pleased, lol.,  Ellen T. H, KY

4839 Free or Cheap? (10/15/2016 12:19:20 PM):  In the summer, I went to a local pizza restaurant, that offers a lunch buffet. I requested a veggie pizza on the bar. They fixed it & soon afterwards, the lunch buffet was taken down. They offered me the veggie pizza to take home, free of charge. I was really surprised!! Also, at a local business has apple trees as part of their landscaping. I inquired back in the summer about the apples on the ground. I was allowed to take some home. They even furnished the bags for me. I was pleasantly surprised. They said I was the only customer inquiring about them. I made homemade applesauce for the freezer. I did share a package of it with the employee who ok'd me to take some of the apples. He recently paid me a compliment on my applesauce & said if I wanted to give more that he'd happily take more, lol. I'd never asked a business for anything such as this before.,  Ellen T. H, KY

4840 Cheap Clothing (10/15/2016 12:25:06 PM):  Check out your local Senior Citizen's Center. Our town's Senior Center has a clothing rack & a table with clothing, etc. that people donate. They only charge $1.00 per piece. These funds keep the Senior Center in funds for their ice cream machine upkeep. Even if you don't frequent their card games, or other events, luncheons, etc., you can go there & shop. I will say this, at our local Senior Center, it's only adult clothing.,  Ellen T. H, KY

4841 Always Discreet Pads/CVS (10/15/2016 12:35:38 PM):  A family member uses these. CVS has them regularly for $14.99. They're on sale this week for $11.99, use the current, soon to expire $3.00/1 Always Discreet pads coupon to bring them down to $8.99 a pack. A great deal!!,  Ellen T. H, KY

4843 Check Your Email KFR ! $1/1 Cpn (10/15/2016 12:48:03 PM):  Get $5 Movie Concession Cash!from Kelloggs scroll down to Coupon $1/1 off any Kelloggs, Cheez-it and Keebler product Coupon can be printed twice ! Let coupon print close window then go back to email click the link again Very nice coupon ,  Ann A, NC

4845 Ragu Limiting Coupons (bump) (10/15/2016 12:48:54 PM):  The night that the Ragu $1.00/1 coupons were to expire, I bought several jars of Ragu pasta sauce, using a coupon per jar. Neither the cashier or myself, noticed the limit of coupons that could be used by consumer. I never read the small print. I just knew I wanted to use this great coupon before they expired. I was able to use each of them on my purchase (all in one transaction), successfully. Sorry your store wouldn't allow you do do so (original person who posted about it.),  Ellen T. H, KY

4846 Paying It Forward (bump) (10/15/2016 1:00:27 PM):  One time, while shopping in Kohl's (not a local store for me), I'd received a coupon there that I knew I'd not be back to use before it expired. I looked around at the shoppers. The lady I picked to receive my coupon, if she wanted it, had showed me sympathy when she saw my Rx walking boot, I went to her & asked if she shopped here lots. She replied she did. I told her of my Kohl's coupon, I'd not be using, if she'd like it. You'd have thought I'd offered her a gold piece!! She was SO thrilled!! I was glad I'd picked her. I, sometimes leave manfacturer's coupons that I'm not going to be using on grocery store shelves by the like products. I've sometimes been the recipient of such coupons in stores. It's only right to help others out when possible.,  Ellen T. H, KY

4858 Ellen T H Ky (10/15/2016 2:42:29 PM):  Thank you for your posts. I like reading everyone's ideas, suggestions, opinions & your good deals. Please keep posting for all of us to benefit.,  Dayle R, KY

4860 Ibotta (10/15/2016 4:20:35 PM):  Can we use a crt for items we have bought last week on new Ibotta items I just added to my list. How long are the crts good for? ,  Larie C, KY

4864 Tervis tumbler (10/15/2016 5:11:35 PM):  Tervis was having a sale this week that included personalized tumblers for 25% off. I ordered two. They came lightning fast- but NOT personalized! Was disappointed. Did a live chat, they are sending two more this time personalized (only charging for the personalization) and said I could just keep the other two! Amazing!,  Diane J. D, ME

4865 What did you get for free or cheap? (10/15/2016 5:25:13 PM):  I did multiple CVS deals to get my total over $30, because I had a $6/$30 coupon. In the end, I got everything for free and made $2. There was some planning involved, but of course, that's almost as fun as getting the stuff for free. I earned some SYWR points. I'm still trying to figure out John's points about all of the stuff he gets for free. I'm still irritated that I didn't get my $15 of points when I purchased a Petco item (despite at least four calls), so I haven't tried anything else. I received a free liquid brownie mix from Harris Teeter when I signed up for it on Facebook. I'm really not encouraged by the fact it's liquid. I'm thrilled to have received a $112 Spirit airlines claim check from completing the online redemption form. Normally, I don't pay much attention to these cards but I will now. I received a two-year subscription of the Rolling Stone magazine. Was this a post and I signed up for it? Hmmmm.... I got poison ivy from going through a corn maze (I think). I went to our health doctor in our building and she gave me about 7 packets of hydrocortisone cream. That was nice. At my husband's house (I's my house too), we have a deteriorated security alarm sign (we aren't connected with a company). I was going to buy one but my coworker brought one in for me. I'm thrilled at that too. I ordered some steps for a sunken tub and got them free through my Amazon points. I found out that the deal with American Express and Amazon does not involve the Blue Card from Amex, which explains why I couldn't get it to work. I received my free Money magazine subscription from the Maryland lottery where I put in codes from expired lottery tickets. I love seeing your posts about free stuff. The holidays are coming and I am already stocking up for Toys for Tots and family members.,  Mindy C, MD

4866 $25 shipped- Staples shredder (10/15/2016 5:39:10 PM):  Sentinel Micro cut paper shredder, was $69.99, now $24.99. Free in store pick up or free shipping for Staples Rewards members: B, MD

4869 Getting My Swagbucks (10/15/2016 7:21:25 PM):  When I try to get my swagbucks code I get a message this page can't be displayed. Does any one know how to get around this?,  Shirley C, OK

4870 KMart (10/15/2016 7:54:44 PM):  They had a sign get $5.00 in points when you buy any exercise items gloves jump ropes weights.They had some for 4.99 but it has to be over $5.Some nice things 8.99 if some you need.Would make nice gift.Can't use points to get points,  Ava J, FL

4875 Irazoo Code (10/16/2016 5:22:45 AM):  developmentFormTwelve Hope I spelled it correctly--my handwriting in the morning darkness leaves much to be desired.,  Dolores S, WV

4876 CLFE upc list (10/16/2016 5:25:54 AM):  where on the Labels for education site is the current UPC lookup? Or if anyone has this year's spreadsheet, please email it to me at deblebel at hotmail dot com. thanks!,  Deborah L, MA

4879 Staples .01 paper (10/16/2016 7:46:34 AM): code 42860,  Lisa S, OH

4880 Staples 1-cent paper (10/16/2016 7:59:54 AM):  Go to to print a coupon to get Staples multipurpose paper for 1 penny after rebate.,  Janice H, TX

4884 WalMart Sling Vudu Deal (10/16/2016 9:04:49 AM):  Save $80 2 FREE months Sling ($40) + 3 Free Movies VuDu when you buy ANY TV, Tablets, Streaming Device,laptos, gaming consoles go to for more details No long term contracts, no hidden fee easy cancelation ,  Ann A, NC

4885 Target (10/16/2016 9:58:19 AM):  I purchased some toys last week to donate to a charity. I paid with my credit card. Yesterday I received an e-mail from Target thanking me for my recent purchase ( with a picture of some of the toys) and pictures of new toys with the question " How about a little something to go with your recent purchase ?" I don't understand how Target got my e-mail address. Anyone have an explanation for me ?,  Maureen S, NJ

4886 publix (10/16/2016 10:20:43 AM):  publix has cesar dog food 12 cups buy one get one free, use 2.00 c/o + store c/o to get 24 cups for 6.99 ,  Betsy R, GA

4889 Festival Foods (10/16/2016 11:05:44 AM):  Festival foods in Wi. have a special on red gold products when you buy 5 in ss 9/11 there was a coupon for 1.50 off of 5 the salsa is very good so are the other products.,  Eleanor T, WI

4895 $8- 10 boxes Kleenex (10/16/2016 1:39:08 PM):  Kleenex® Facial Tissues, 2-Ply , 10 Boxes/Pack, were $16.99, now $7.99. Do free store pick up, or Staples Rewards get free shipping if you order at least $14.99: B, MD

4901 shutterfly 8X8 book (10/16/2016 3:44:12 PM):  Free 8X8 photo book exp 12/15/16 Promo code: CTMP6EYKB6A5V2CG42 PLEASE POST WHEN USED!,  Michelle M, NY

4902 Thanks for the cat food advice (10/16/2016 4:11:23 PM):  I stopped by my local Unleashed today and was able to buy 2 clearance 14-pound bags of Purina Pro Plan cat food for just under $20. I checked expiration dates and they don't expire until next February. Yay!,  Susan M, MA

4904 $30 - Pulsar by Seiko Women's Watch (10/16/2016 5:17:10 PM):  Pulsar by Seiko Women's Swarovski Crystal Accented Dress Black Leather Strap Watch, $29.99 with free shipping: B, MD

4907 Checkout 51 (10/16/2016 8:28:17 PM):  I added the Checkout 51 app to my phone and noted I have different offers on my phone than on my computer. Has anyone else noted this? Can you do the offers via the phone separate from what is on the computer?,  Kim C, FL

4908 Smashburger b1 g1 free (10/16/2016 8:42:48 PM):  Smashburger coupon: B, MD

4909 kohl's mattress topper (10/16/2016 9:16:22 PM):  Good deal for me, maybe you too-if you're a cardholder 'The Big One® Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper' is priced at $39.99 ANY SIZE. 'The Big one' standard pillows are $3.99. Use PUMPKIN30 for 30% off Use HOME10 for $10 off $50.00 Home goods and SHIP4FREE for free shipping. Pay $29.36 for queen Mattress topper and 3 pillows delivered. 3% back from EBates. The toppers go for $40 to $100 normally and get mostly great reviews. No sales tax here, so may run more in your state. ,  Laurie D, DE

4911 Irazoo Code (10/17/2016 4:26:24 AM):  almostFruitPoint,  Dolores S, WV

4912 Olay Deal at Walgreen's (10/17/2016 4:34:29 AM):  Just wondering what anyone thinks about the current Olay deal at Walgreen's. They are offering a $20 Register Reward when you buy $50 of the Olay products listed in their ad. There are online coupons from WAGS that you can load to your card ($5/2) and it appears that you have to have $50 after all coupons and discounts. Seems like it would be a great deal. I know Olay has offers like this occasionally where you have to mail in and sometimes you don't get the rebate. This one would be immediate. I have points that I could use to pay for most of you think it would work if I used points?? Anyone have any thoughts??,  Debra J. L, MI

4913 Olive Garden coupon (10/17/2016 7:14:25 AM):  Coupon for Olive Garden for $5.99 Unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks. Good thru Oct. 21.: B, MD

4915 Cow creamer- $3 shipped (10/17/2016 7:36:39 AM):  Food Network™ Cow Creamer, comes in 5 colors, was $8.99, now $4.49. Kohl's card users can use codes PUMPKIN30 and SHIP4FREE to get this little guy shipped to you for $3.14. B, MD

4918 Crisco hangtag (10/17/2016 9:58:51 AM):  Check 48 oz. bottles various Crisco oils for a $2 hangtag - good when you purchase said oil plus ANY Crisco shortening. At WalMart, the oil starts at $2.50/bottle; single stick Crisco is $1.28 so you pay just $1.78for BOTH. Think holiday baking! I'd send Michele a pic of it but have no scanner nor cell phone. HTH someone.,  Nancy J, WI

4920 Energizer Prepaid $5.00 Visa Card: (10/17/2016 10:46:27 AM):  Energizer Prepaid $5.00 Visa Card Rebate: good 10-1-16 thru 1-30-2017, (Buy $15 worth of Energizer Batteries in a single transaction),  Teresa H, AR

4921 Walmart $5.00 Gift Card Rebate: (10/17/2016 10:46:57 AM):  Walmart $5.00 Gift Card Rebate: good 10-1-16 thru 1-30-2017, H, AR

4922 Butterball Coupons & Holiday Rebates: (10/17/2016 10:47:35 AM):  Butterball Coupons & Holiday Rebates: Teresa H, AR

4923 Colgate Latin Grammy Sweeps: (10/17/2016 10:48:16 AM):  Colgate Latin Grammy Sweeps (Walmart G.C.) daily, exp. 10-31-16, ,  Teresa H, AR

4924 Visa Gift Card $100.00 Giveaway: (10/17/2016 10:48:42 AM):  Visa Gift Card $100.00 Giveaway (FB): daily, exp. 11-3-16, H, AR

4926 Lays instant win (10/17/2016 11:07:26 AM):  Anyone win anything yet on the Lays Allstar Flavor instant win? I call every hour and nothing but "Sorry, you are not a winner",  Joy G, PA

4927 (10/17/2016 11:45:19 AM):  Never used this I just print the coupons I want and Walmart (my only grocery choice where I live ) will accept them? Thanks for any help/tips.,  Georgia B, PA

4928 Doolar Generals Response Free Cookies (10/17/2016 12:08:38 PM):  Thank you for your e-mail. We do apologize for any inconvenience and as stated in our print and online advertising “All styles and colors shown may not be available in all stores and brands may vary by store. Early sell-out possible on special purchase and bonus pack items, and quantities may be otherwise limited”. For this reason Dollar General is unable to offer rain checks. Please be assured that your comments are being shared with appropriate members of the Dollar General team. We appreciate your shopping with Dollar General and we hope to continue to serve you in the future. You are a valued customer here at Dollar General. Kind regards, Jada Johnson,  Ann A, NC

4929 Queen Mary's Dark Harbor (10/17/2016 12:20:34 PM):  I have 2 tickets for the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor Halloween experience up for grabs!,  Melissa C, NV

4930 Diet Coke Triple Day Question (10/17/2016 12:20:38 PM):  When they had the triple point day on 9/30, how many codes could you put in? I couldn't get in and coke responded to send them the points and they would get for me. I am just getting around to doing and don't know how many I can send. I will be using the diet coke lids. Thanks They gave me a ticket number to use.,  Beverly H, IN

4931 Free nail polish at Sally Beauty today only (10/17/2016 1:04:30 PM):  I just got an e-mail from Sally Beauty. Today only, from 1 p.m. to Midnight, get a free nail polish in store or Online. No additional purchase required. Other restrictions apply, such as all nail gels excluded. You may need to receive their e-newsletter in order to get this promo. I logged on to Sally Beauty Website after receiving this e=newsletter. I couldn't find that promo shown there!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

4932 Cartwheel app (10/17/2016 1:23:29 PM):  I just heard part of an ad for the Cartwheel app. It said a new spin on rewards. I tried googling it, but it doesn't show anything new. The link on the ad was just for downloading the app. Does anyone have any "new" info? TIA! ,  Lorena M. M, TX

4934 Shutterfly Free addy labels or 101 4x6 prints (10/17/2016 2:50:09 PM):  CODE: KEBC-0PBM-HCYU-10MCZA *Offer expires November 30, 2016 (11:59 P.M. PT). Choose 101 free 4x6 prints or one free set of address labels through, our mobile-friendly site or the Shutterfly app (only select products are available on the app). Promo can only be redeemed once per account and/or billing address. This offer code can only be entered once. Taxes, shipping and handling will apply. We reserve the right to modify or replace any part of these terms and conditions without notice. Other restrictions apply. Visit for more details.,  Maria S, NY

4938 Snickers (10/17/2016 4:54:20 PM):  I won 5 free candy bars between 8/27 and 9/5. Today, I received 5 free coupons in the mail - all in separate envelopes.,  Janice H, TX

4940 $17- shipped- Realtree hoodie (10/17/2016 5:08:52 PM):  Men's Realtree Camo hoodie $16.99. Free shipping with code BRADSHIP. B, MD

4941 Wheel of fortune (10/17/2016 5:30:45 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: PARADING AROUND,  Rhonda K, FL

4944 BEFUGAL (10/17/2016 6:26:02 PM):  Has anyone ever printed coupons from here?I think someone got a virus there once?,  Ava J, FL

4947 Free 5 x 7 photo book (10/17/2016 7:36:47 PM):  Free 5 x 7" softcover photo book. Copy and paste link into browser. Shipping is $3.99 and use code FREE5X7. Good thru Oct. 18.,  Tricia B, MD

4950 Questions / Paypal (10/17/2016 9:24:26 PM):  I paid two people tonight and have not received a confirmation email. Has this happended to anyone else lately? TIA,  Renay E, NJ

4952 How are your good deals ? (10/17/2016 11:07:02 PM):  It was a fun time picking up FREE items yesterday from Ralphs (Kroger) Friday Freebies and Best Customer Rewards: FREE Del Real Fire Roasted Red Salsa $3.99; FREE Best Foods Mayonnaise 30 oz. 3.99; FREE Belvita Breakfast Biscuits $3.29; FREE Airheads $1.00; Free M & M's $1.19; (Total FREE items: $13.46). Plus I had coupons with a total of $4.85 on 4 items. Then on to CVS to purchase 6 items with $3.25 in MFG coupons, $1 off from the red machine; and 25% off my savings of $7.47. A great hour of Shopping and Saving ! ,  Marilyn P, CA

4956 Irazoo Code (10/18/2016 5:00:55 AM):  symbolGraphBridge,  Dolores S, WV

4959 Staples (10/18/2016 5:16:18 AM):  Has anyone else had a problem accessing Staples website? No matter what I do,I keep getting a message that says the site is currently unavailable- it's been unavailable for 3 weeks now Thanks for any help you can provide,  Naomi P, NJ

4961 Magazine Subscriptions (10/18/2016 5:54:11 AM):  Hello, If anyone is interested in ordering any magazines from my daughter Riley, here is the link: . Any sales will benefit her Brownie Troop towards badges and field trips. One great deal is 50 issues of People magazine for $47. Her ID in case you need it is: 234ANC6. There are over 600 magazines to pick from. Thanks for looking. ,  Kelly I, IL

4962 Outdated inserts (10/18/2016 6:21:40 AM):  Does anyone know a site that lists outdated inserts? Thanks in advance. ,  Barb C, MN

4967 $115 Lowe's for $100 (10/18/2016 7:10:07 AM):  Buy a $100 Lowe's Gift Card & get a bonus $15 Code. Limit 5 per customer. Comes via email within 24 hours, and the $15 code comes in separately email. B, MD

4969 Outback coupon (10/18/2016 7:29:39 AM):  15% OFF YOUR ENTIRE CHECK at Outback: Exp. 10/23/2016.,  Tricia B, MD

4970 Carolina Rice cpn? (10/18/2016 7:49:16 AM):  I know there was a Carolina or Mahatma Rice cpn in the inserts recently, but can't find it now. Anyone know which one it was in? Thanks.,  Pat B, DE

4976 Samsung Note 7 (10/18/2016 9:16:46 AM):  Has anyone who purchased the Samsung Note 7 been able to return accessories to Amazon? Thank you..,  Mary Jo S, MI

4977 mypoints daily survey (10/18/2016 9:20:42 AM):  Anyone having trouble getting credit for doing the daily survey? I usually get mine, but my DH, DD, and DS are having trouble. I keep sending the message and eventually they get credit. If it's gray on their screen, does that mean anything? ,  Marcie M, WI

4979 My Survey (10/18/2016 9:35:03 AM):  It has been taking an exceptionally long time for the pages to load in the past week or so, and often I end up getting thanked for my participation without ever having seen a survey. (And then not redirected to the home page.) I'm assuming it's not just me, but it's quite irritating. If I got more surveys (or got points when I spent 10 minutes finding out I don't qualify for some of them)it wouldn't bother me so much.,  Linda R, TX

4980 Starbucks chile mocha? (10/18/2016 9:38:18 AM):  Has anyone tried one of these and liked it? I tried it when they had a $3 Grande offer and thought it was awful--not enough chocolate, so tasted like a slightly spicy weak latte. I thought it was just me, but a friend told me yesterday she had the same experience, at a different StB. For the record, I usually love pepper/spice in chocolate, esp. with coffee added--got a wonderful easy fudge recipe from that friend that has dark chocolate, cayenne/red pepper, and espresso powder. I did contact Starbucks, but they don't seem particularly responsive to customer complaints.,  Linda R, TX

4983 Starbucks Chili Mocha (10/18/2016 10:47:01 AM):  My DH and I tried the new flavors sometime last month when they had that weekend of $3 specials and we both liked the Chili Mocha very much! We'd get it again, for sure. PS-Wish I could have responded directly to your post but when I hit "Post response", the window that opened just kept spinning around and never loaded! -LisaES, Levittown, PA,  Lisa E. S, PA

4988 Hale Groves promo code (10/18/2016 12:03:55 PM):  I got a Hale Groves (oranges) catalog in the mail today. It had a coupon for free shipping on Any order: HPE2. Good thru 12/23/16.,  Tricia B, MD

4989 shutterfly code (10/18/2016 12:23:24 PM):  Free 8x8 photo book. Exp Dec 15, 2016 20 pg visit SHUTTERFLY.COM/GROCERYPB code: CTMP0UK64UGWAS3V1 The 0 may be O Must pay taxes and shipping. Enjoy,  Mary Grace S, MD

4990 $25- Under Armour Medium Duffle (10/18/2016 12:53:41 PM):  UA Storm Undeniable II MD Duffle, $25.49, Reduced from $44.99. Free shipping with code BRADSFS. B, MD

4993 New Kellogg's Code = 100 Pts. (10/18/2016 2:21:20 PM):  ILOVESUMMERBONUS ,  Geri S, IL

4995 $39.99- Staples Manager's chair (10/18/2016 2:39:02 PM):  $39.99 with free shipping if you have Staples Rewards. Otherwise free pick up in stores. B, MD

5002 target (10/18/2016 4:16:51 PM):  was at target today, usually my favorite store -BUT....perhaps no longer. i was buying 3 venus shave creams, which would give me a $5 gift card, & i had 1 $2 coupon. imagine my surprise when the register took off only $1.31 for my coupon. the cs person "explained" to me the reason - the coupon was prorated so that if i brought back the items, & since i received the $5 card, i would not receive the full value of coupon for my refund. ???? i hope you understand this "explanation" better than i did! i didn't have time right then to discuss it further, so i just took my coupons for the items i intended to purchase & left. i was also told that the $2 bic coupon for ANY razor wasn't being accepted on the 8?10? pack of them, as this was a "travel size". again, ???? i must say that i have always been happy at my target, & have made many fabulous deals, but until i can talk in some detail with the store manager, i won't go back. may have to force myself to become a walmart shopper, which fills me with dread!...,  Donna M, CA

5005 Rite Aid receipt question (10/18/2016 5:18:28 PM):  I can't find my Rite Aid receipt to file for the Amope rebate. Is there anyway to pull up a receipt copy from their website or at Plenti site? Thanks for your help!,  Susan P, PA

5007 Wheel of fortune (10/18/2016 5:40:56 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: FLIPPING A SWITCH,  Rhonda K, FL

5008 Walgreens (10/18/2016 5:45:42 PM):  Last week I went to Walgreens to do a couple of their deals. When it came time for my register rewards to print they did not print. The cashier called the manager over and they tried it again. Still didn't work. They eventually moved to another register and it worked. They gave me every excuse under the sun why it didn't print. Tonight I go in and get the same cashier and same register. He rings everything up and no register rewards print. I tell him there should be rewards that print he says I know and just stares at me! I said ok what are you going to do? He said we have to move over to the other register because this machine is off line so it doesn't generate any register rewards!! I said then why are you on this register and he said my boss makes us use this register. I said that's what happen to me last week and he just looked at me and smiled!!! I said management knows that register doesn't generate rewards, but they make you use it!! He said YES. I said if you don't say something about your rewards then you just loose out and he said YES. So pay attention when your doing register reward deals at Walgreen's!! ,  Nancee J, IN

5014 office depot question (10/18/2016 7:07:24 PM):  Forgive me if this has been asked long does it take for the Office Depot rewards and where will I see them? I purchased the batteries and paper of couple of weeks ago but haven't received any emails from them. ,  Vicki L, PA

5017 One time code for sweepstakes (10/18/2016 7:58:05 PM):  White Castle Sweeps. I have a code to enter if someone wants to use it: 4XR6YXXCG9. (I would rather not sign up for one more thing.) B, MD

5021 Pink tax!! (10/18/2016 8:50:22 PM):  Deodorant, shampoo, shavers and possibly shaving cream for men are $1-$3 cheaper than the same products for women. They are the same products only if they are in a pink or purple packaging they are priced higher. Could save women around $400. yearly. It is called pink tax. Just a heads up!! ,  Carole H, KY

5026 Staples/Office Depot Toner (10/18/2016 10:03:30 PM):  Today I went to Office Depot to purchase toner. Their price for high yeild color was 98.99 and black 89.49. I price matched to staples 70.39 and 57.89. I also used a 15% off 200.00 + on toner from Staples. My total was 228.70 for 4 toners and I paid for all w/rewards.,  Linda M, OR

5030 Irazoo Code (10/19/2016 5:50:08 AM):  compassTruckMilitary,  Dolores S, WV

5031 That Marlboro class action (10/19/2016 6:28:42 AM):  I used to smoke Marlboro and when we visited my brother in MA, we all used to do a day trip to NH to buy cheaper cigarettes. I had a NJ address. I now have a FL address. I filled out the form but cannot tell who qualifies,  Joan B, FL

5034 Clearcare Coupon (10/19/2016 8:33:36 AM):  Did anyone else have trouble with their $5 Clear Care Coupon. Took mine to CVS last week, register wouldn't scan it. Cashier asked what site I had printed it from, I told her I couldn't remember. She said sorry the register won't take it. Had already been told by the manager that they would not override coupons anymore. So I told her, nevermind about the Clear Care. I was trying to do the buy 2 and get 5RR back.,  Sherry S, NC

5035 Newly Found Coupons (10/19/2016 9:13:27 AM):  I found these coupons recently : #!. @ Walmart Superstore. Hangtag. "$2.00 off with the purchase of 48 oz. Crisco oil AND ANY shortening product (must be purchased in the same transaction. Exp. 4/30/17." It also says visit for fun holiday ideas & recipes. (shows Facebook & Pinterest icons). "Because your rolling pin needs practice". #2. Found this coupon in a local convenience store cardboard display for the smaller chip bags with fancy new flavors for Lays. "Save .35 cents when you buy 2 or more bags of Ruffles Potato Chips (2.625 oz. or larger, any flavor/varieties, Exp. 12/31/16. There seems to be lower amounts of coupons in stores here in our area. When I find any I'll let you all know to be on the lookout. Hopefully we all will. ,  Ellen T. H, KY

5043 Diane J. D, ME / Yankee Candle (10/19/2016 10:07:06 AM):  Nice of you to share your $10. coupon with the couple!! I, personally, buy their little disc candles at Cracker Barrel Restaurants, as no Yankee Candle Stores near me. I buy those little disc candles and keep on hand for "a little something", to enclose in or along with a birthday card, for like the ladies at church, etc. They've always brought such compliments & everyone likes them. Plus while I've got them, they're scenting up the space they're in! I've got a few around my house that are 'just mine', such as the "Frosted Pumpkin" scent &, also, the "Sun & Sand" scent, which takes me away, like a Calgon moment... lol.,  Ellen T. H, KY

5048 cvs curb side (10/19/2016 12:23:17 PM):  be aware that you can on use SS coupons on these order and also I tried to enter xcarebuck and it would not take them or the CVS coupons either. not worth it to me. ,  Jo Ann M, NJ

5051 $45- portable hard drive (10/19/2016 1:05:44 PM):  500 GB Portable hard drive $44.95 with free shipping at BH Photo. B, MD

5052 target (10/19/2016 2:12:56 PM):  if you order something online to be picked up in store can you then use a coupon? or do you purchase items then return them and then repurchase to use coupons? I have stopped shopping at Target because of coupon policies.,  Linda D, IL

5053 Fazoli (10/19/2016 2:34:01 PM):  Does anyone know what coupons are in the pasta with a purpose coupon book that is $1?,  Ann S, OH

5055 Swagbucks (10/19/2016 2:40:55 PM):  Is anyone else having problems with Swagbucks? I got an email saying I had points from a purchase today or yesterday from a shop I had never heard of (, I sent them a ? about it and logged out of my account. Now I can't log back in?,  Lynn C, CO

5056 American Consumer (10/19/2016 2:56:14 PM):  Ladies do any of you buy bulk coupons from American Consumer if so do they have good deals or can you suggest a good place to buy in bulk. Thanks,  Kimberly S, TX

5057 Pat B, DE (10/19/2016 3:00:49 PM):  Pat just saw your post re Carolina coupons. Do you need them? I have extras. Thanks for all your posts for Shoprite!,  Mary Jane B, NJ

5058 CVS Curbside (10/19/2016 3:07:25 PM):  I see in Michele's updates that she says you can use coupons and ECB's on the curbside pickuo. NOPE, your only option to pay is a credit card. Here's the feedback I sent to CVS after my experience: Feedback and thoughts: Wow, where do I start? My initial order was placed at 8am and wasn't available until 8 hours later, at 4pm, never mind the confirmation said it would be ready by 9:15am. I was available to pick it up at the stated time, but the delay caused me to make a special trip out the next day. The good news is that the order was filled correctly, although it was a bit disconcerting that the receipt in the bag did not reflect the $10 discount. (My credit card statement shows I was billed correctly however, more good news.) Now for the bad news. I very likely will never use Curbside pickup again and here's why: Payment options are credit card only, no option to use my Extra Bucks, no option to use the $5 off $25 coupon loaded to my CVS card (now expired and no longer available for use.) Bummer, this was my only chance. I am a (somewhat fanatic I admit) coupon user. If I had ordered name brand items for which I had a coupon, I still would have had to go in the store, return the item(s) and re-ring using my coupon(s). One of the items I purchased was on sale, Buy 1 Get 1 Free. I attempted to order 4 to meet the $20 minimum for $10 off, and was given a limit of 3, with the third item being full price. (Uh no, I don't think so...) I understand this could have been due to store inventory, but if I had been in the store, I would have been able to purchase the 3rd item for half price. That option was not available on-line. (And speaking of store inventory, if that indeed was the problem, why would the store have such a low quantity at the beginning of the weekly sale?) When I got to the store for pickup this morning, I parked in the designated Curbside parking spot (in full view of the cashier at the front counter, by the way) and double checked to be sure I was logged on to the CVS app on my Iphone, which I was. I waited 5 full minutes with no activity from any store employee, not even an acknowledgment of my presence. I got out of my car and went in the store and told the cashier I was there for a Curbside pickup. She called 2 different employees and eventually one came to help me. Robert immediately found my merchandise in a bag with my name and order number on it so I offered my phone for him to scan my pickup code. He was attempting to use a small hand held device (maybe a phone?) to scan my phone but it wouldn't work. By the way, he was using instructions handwritten on a piece of cardboard, obviously cut from a box. The cashier who previously ignored me outside took the device from him, pulled off the cover that was blocking the camera, and he was able to scan my code. I stated to him "I guess this Curbside pickup thing isn't working so well" and he replied that they'd only had it for a month now and weren't sure how to use it. (My thoughts: Gee, you think??? You've had a process in place for a month and your only instructions are handwritten on a piece of cardboard? And the camera needed to scan the customer's pickup code is blocked by a cover? Wow, management is completely falling down on the job here.) Total elapsed time including getting out of my car and going in the store, eleven minutes. It would be faster for me to go in, grab what I needed, use my ECBs to pay and leave. Never again... So there you have my experience in a nutshell. The reply I got was less than useless as they apologized for me not receiving my ECBs! HELLO! That's not what I said. I stated that I couldn't USE my ECBs not that I didn't EARN any. I thought my email was pretty clear.......,  Linda B. B, CA

5061 $16 or less winter boots in size 6, 7, 8 (10/19/2016 3:36:12 PM):  Northside Kimberly boots in size 6, 7 or 8. $16. Use code SH1265 for free shipping. If you want to join their buyer's club to get 10% off, or already belong to it, the boots will be $14.40. (You can do a free trial for 30 days as you go thru checkout. Then cancel if you want. After 30 days you will be charged.) SK1857 is listed on their site as getting you a double discount (20% off) if you are in their buyer's club. Ebates gives back 2.5%. FYI: At Amazon, these boots are $25 with free shipping with Prime or on $49.,  Tricia B, MD

5063 repost RE: #35035 Crisco (10/19/2016 3:54:53 PM):  34918 Crisco hangtag (10/17/2016 9:58:51 AM): Check 48 oz. bottles various Crisco oils for a $2 hangtag - good when you purchase said oil plus ANY Crisco shortening. At WalMart, the oil starts at $2.50/bottle; single stick Crisco is $1.28 so you pay just $1.78for BOTH. Think holiday baking! I'd send Michele a pic of it but have no scanner nor cell phone. HTH someone., Nancy J, WI,  Nancy J, WI

5067 Macy's - 100% cotton blankets (10/19/2016 4:46:37 PM):  Macy's cotton blankets from $17.99 (twin) to $23.99 (king). Shipping is free on $50 (or add any beauty item such as an eye pencil sharpener to get free shipping.) Ebates gives back 3%.,  Tricia B, MD

5070 CVS (10/19/2016 5:20:32 PM):  I had a good experience at CVS this morning.I had 2 of the $1./2 Snickers coupons. They did not have any original snickers in the small size- but they had the king size in their place. When i mentioned this to the cashier, he said since they were in the wrong place he would give me them for the price of the smaller size.Instead of price modifying, he just scanned a diff flavor of the small size. They were B1G1.25. But if you bought 4 they were 2/$1 and 2/.25. So after my 2 coupons,I got 4 King size Snickers for $.50.,  Peggy L, CA

5072 Wheel of fortune (10/19/2016 5:28:02 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: EMBARK ON A JOURNEY,  Rhonda K, FL

5077 $25 - Boys 12 in bike + $5 SYW points (10/19/2016 8:04:18 PM):  Upland Storm 12" Boys Bike, was $49.99, now $24.99. Plus $5 in Shop your way points. Free pick up in store where stock permits, or free on $49. B, MD

5078 $799--$899 Week cruise w/ freebies (10/19/2016 8:22:45 PM):  $799 or $899 for 7 nights on Norwegian Cruise lines plus $50 in onboard credit per cabin, plus a choice of two of the following extras: unlimited drinks for two (including alcohol), a specialty dining package, prepaid gratuities, a Wi-Fi package or free fares for the third and fourth guests in your cabin. Various dates next year. Book by Oct. 28. B, MD

5079 Herbal Essence (10/19/2016 9:31:01 PM):  I did an eariler rebate on 2 times your money back on this product. Then a new form cam with a different date. I bought the shampoo and sent it off.Should of gotten a 40 dollar visa prepaid card from them. Called today and was told that I did one earlier and I the recent submission was void because I had done one earlier in the year. Then I said if I did another 2 times the money back that had just came out with a new date would I get it She said no. Should I go back and argue this with someone or just let it go.Both of the forms had different dates on them to. What would you do. thanks in advance. ,  Becky M, MO

5080 Pampers code (10/19/2016 9:45:29 PM):  All the codes under "Older" are expired, so no need to even try them. Just fyi.,  Tricia B, MD

5081 Irazoo Code (10/20/2016 5:09:38 AM):  sameSilenceSelect,  Dolores S, WV

5087 savings catcher (10/20/2016 8:08:02 AM):  I havent paid much attention to it. I have a friend who practically lives at Walmart and she swears by it. I almost never go there. How does it work and is it worth it if you dont go to WM much?,  Judy B B, LA

5089 Christianbook sale & free shipping (10/20/2016 8:28:13 AM):  Use code MEGASALE at for free shipping on $35+. Good through October 24, 2016. Plus they are having a mega fall sale.|1008221Tricia B, MD

5091 Tricia B (10/20/2016 9:49:02 AM):  Hey Tricia, can you shoot me an email? I am using the one for you on file, but I think it's wrong. Thanks, all good,  Michele E, UT

5094 Good Morning America deals (10/20/2016 10:57:02 AM):  Good Morning America Deals for today only: The only thing I might be interested in is the Pack-It Original: $15 to $25 but now half off.,  Tricia B, MD

5095 Good Morning America deals (10/20/2016 10:57:02 AM):  Good Morning America Deals for today only: The only thing I might be interested in is the Pack-It Original: $15 to $25 but now half off.,  Tricia B, MD

5099 chicken of the sea game (10/20/2016 12:13:25 PM):  I just won $2.00 GC from Amazon. I don't win many things but happy with this win.,  Ginnie R, CA

5102 price app (10/20/2016 1:17:48 PM):  somewhere I heard about an app called favalot or something like that that would match up sale prices and coupons. Anyone know about that?,  Judy B B, LA

5103 $195 - Stainless Kenmore dishwasher (10/20/2016 1:21:49 PM):  24" Kenmore Built-In Dishwasher Stainless Steel was $399.99, now $199.99. Use code SEARS5OFF50 to make it $194.99. Free in store pick up. Plus get $12 in Shop Your Way points. 1.5% cash back at Ebates.,  Tricia B, MD

5104 Ibotta (10/20/2016 2:07:55 PM):  Does paypal take a part of your Ibotta money if you have it put in your account. If so I will just get gift cards. I have had lots of issues with Ibotta lately and want to get my money out. ,  Debbie K, IN

5106 Dollar General (10/20/2016 2:38:42 PM):  New Dollar General is Grand Opening this Saturday in Windham ME 367 Roosevelt Trail.,  Diane J. D, ME

5109 CVS Curbside (10/20/2016 3:30:17 PM):  I did this yesterday, and picked up my order today. I bought 6 12-packs of Cokes for $20 (sale price 3/$10). But in the app, the price is $5.99 each. The store adjusts the price when it fills the order and they email the adjusted the receipt to you. When I went to pick up, there was no sign for the Curbside program, so I waited in front of the door for five minutes. Nothing. Had to google the store's phone number, and the person who answered didn't have a clue. Luckily, the person she transferred me to did. A minute later, she came wheeling out my Cokes and put them in the trunk for me. She was very nice. I got a good deal, but there's still a few bugs in the program.,  Deborah K, VA

5111 Enery Drink settlement (10/20/2016 3:37:57 PM):  Received a check today for the second distribution of the Energy Drink Settlement $2.01 Watch your mail box for free money,  Ginnie R, CA

5114 Wheel of fortune (10/20/2016 5:30:43 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: DIFFICULT TO IGNORE,  Rhonda K, FL

5116 800 Point Kelloggs code (10/20/2016 6:12:46 PM):  Can you believe it - SPOO-KYBO-NUS4-U800 - 800pts,  Dolores S, WV

5119 Coke Rewards Problems? (10/20/2016 6:55:17 PM):  2 different days now, when I enter my coke codes, a line comes up that there is an error in the code. I'll try a few more and they all say the same thing. The Coke Zero went through; but, all the Diet Cokes said "Error". Has anyone else had this problem? It's getting frustrating trying to load my codes. Ugg!!,  Linda G, MI

5130 airline tickets (10/20/2016 9:59:46 PM):  hello, I overheard two ladies talking about an app for you phone that save on airline tickets. You can only bring carry on luggage due to the fact you are only going to the first stop. Example you are flying from Pittsburgh to California and the flight has a layover in Chicago. You get off in Chicago but only pay for part of the flight. They were saying it was very cheap to do this. Thanks,  Kellie B, PA

5133 More Newly Found C/o's (10/21/2016 12:08:20 AM):  Tonight, I found these at Food Giant grocery stores (all on cardboard displays), so watch out for them in your area : #1. Save $1.00/3 Any Baker's Bar products (baking chocolate), Exp. 12/31/16, dnd. #2. (Kraft Shake'N Bake) Save $1.00 on Fresh Chicken or Pork when you purchase 1 Shake 'N Bake Coating MIx (3.8 oz+), Exp. 1/31/17. #3. (Jello No Bake Desserts) Save $1.00/2 any Jello No Bake Desserts, Exp. 3/31/17, dnd. #4. Litehouse Guacamole Herb & Spice Blend .55 cents/1, Exp. 6/30/17, dnd. #5. Kraft Taco Bell Seasoning Mix Packets $1.00/3, Exp. 3/31/17. (this one also says "One coupon allowed per person, per transaction." I was pleasantly pleased to find all these coupons, at the same store, all at one time.,  Ellen T. H, KY

5135 Irazoo Code (10/21/2016 4:18:11 AM):  flyStrangerAddition,  Dolores S, WV

5140 Yankee Candle (10/21/2016 6:37:12 AM):  If the coupon says One Time Use, how come we can all print it and be able to use it? Just don't want to get to the store and be told it was specific to someone. Thanks.,  Debbie M, NY

5141 Lowes GC on ebay? (10/21/2016 6:57:58 AM):  Someone posted about $100 Lowes GC on ebay ....use paypal and get $115 worth of money back....brand new GC. I had to move money into PP and now I cannot find the offer,  Joan B, FL

5142 Winner!!!!!!!!!! (10/21/2016 6:59:10 AM):  I don't believe this! I won a $500.00 Visa GC from a sample site & was a random drawing & NO STRINGS there's an activation fee but sample guys will take care of that. But I'll believe it when I get it I never had won anything that large before!!!!!!!!!!,  Lilli T, OH

5147 chicken of the sea (10/21/2016 7:50:12 AM):  Is anyone else having trouble getting into the game. My just plays music and says loading. Doesnt go any farther than that ,  Becky M, MO

5148 Irazoo (10/21/2016 8:02:49 AM):  I just redeemed points at Irazoo. This is my first time since they changed their site. It used to take months for a gift card. Anyone know how long it's taking now? Thanks.,  Roberta P, NC

5156 Irazoo Email (10/21/2016 10:14:20 AM):  CINT makes a triumphant return to iRazoo! Historically our highest paying and biggest provider of high quality surveys, members have long requested CINT’s return. We are happy to announce that CINT is available from our survey wall right now. To celebrate their return, we are offering a new promo code worth 60 points. Act fast, as the code expires 10/24/2016. This special promo code is: iRazooWelcomeBackCINT ,  Dolores S, WV

5157 Rural King (10/21/2016 10:20:09 AM):  Has canning lids for $1.69 each. There was a coupon in the paper 2 weeks ago for $1.00/2. Price for these at Kroger is $2.29.,  Cathy G, OH

5160 PhotoBarn save $40 off $40: (10/21/2016 10:41:38 AM):  PhotoBarn save $40 off $40 - ANY PURCHASE: use coupon code CASH40 at checkout, Get a $50 Gift Card for only $10.00. Get a FREE 5×7 Photo Board. Get a FREE 4×4 Photo Square. Set of 4 Photo Coasters for FREE. Get 2 of the 8×8 Wood Prints for FREE. Get 2 (2) 2x2 Photo Cubes for FREE. Photo Block Ornaments, Get 1 for FREE or 2 for $6 each. Use code CASH40. Shipping is a Flat $9.99 per order, so you could grab several things in the same order and it’s cheaper than placing multiple orders! (FYI - I did this last night and hopefully I will like them, they are some great samples that you can look at first. You can only up-load 1 picture at a time. They don't have a place on their site to store your pictures.),  Teresa H, AR

5161 Global Test Market (10/21/2016 10:47:56 AM):  I have been doing Global's surveys for several years with no problems. Always cashed in my points for a $50 check when I earned enough. Two weeks go I got an email from them regarding the recent check I had gotten from them. It said they were having problems and banks were charging fees and requested that I return the check, which I did. Since then I have had absolutely no survey emails from them, not one, and they usually send several a day. Anybody else having the same problem?,  Susan H, CT

5169 Just in case you ever wanted a.... (10/21/2016 1:01:11 PM): head mask for $5.50 with code OCT01 OR a unicorn head mask for $5.50 with code OCT02: Shipping is free! ,  Tricia B, MD

5171 $13 Under Armour sports bras (10/21/2016 1:09:32 PM):  Under Armour sports bras, 10 different colors are $13.49 (with a few colors being higher). Shipping is free with code BRADSFS. Sizes XS- XL. Regular price is $29.99. 4% back through Ebates or 10% back if you have a Discover card and shop thru,  Tricia B, MD

5172 Snickers coupon win (10/21/2016 1:16:56 PM):  Got my free coupons. Used them at WinnDixie.Buy 1 get 1 free so 2 free bars for each coupon.More free candy.,  Gloria B, LA

5175 RAOK Shutterfly Code (10/21/2016 2:11:18 PM):  Free 8x8 photo book CTMV495V6CSX2Y3TJ2 Expires 12/15/16 ,  Denise W, NC

5177 Irazoo Weekly Code (10/21/2016 2:39:01 PM):  Must be the day for extra Irazoo points -Weekly code - 120 points - porchAccurateInvolved,  Dolores S, WV

5179 Groupon Target (10/21/2016 4:14:17 PM):  You can only do this if you received an email for it. You get a $20 Target card for $10.,  Carla B, OH

5181 Wheel of fortune (10/21/2016 5:56:21 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: ADORABLE DIMPLES,  Rhonda K, FL

5187 Jiffy (10/21/2016 8:12:49 PM):  Anyone know if Rite Aid or CVS carry the Jiffy corn muffin mix?,  Judy B B, LA

5190 Irazoo Code (10/22/2016 4:49:40 AM):  sportCompanyScreen,  Dolores S, WV

5193 Target Class Action (10/22/2016 8:32:20 AM):  I received a strange e-mail, concerning the sheets from Target that had a class action lawsuit attached to it...they said they could not confirm my purchase! This was years ago, and I do not have my proof of purchase. Anyone else hear from them?,  Lori H, IN

5195 $38 shipped- Comforter sets (10/22/2016 10:39:51 AM):  Macy's has certain 8 pc comforter sets that were $100, now $37.99 in any size. Plus shipping is free on $25 today:,Price/8%20piece,37%257C38?id=26795 3% back thru Ebates.,  Tricia B, MD

5202 Target Ground Sirlion (10/22/2016 3:08:58 PM):  Don't have all the status, but today is last day and wanted to say don't miss out. The cartwheel for market pantry 90/10 ground sirloin is 40% off, 20% off sale if you b1g1, we found $1 off stickers for soon expiring packages and I got a $5 off $25 coupon in the mail just a few days ago...also had a free Starbucks drink coupon on the same postcard. Got my free drink and super cheap meat for the freezer. Don't miss out.,  Cindy T, TX

5205 JC Penny's (10/22/2016 4:55:22 PM):  Asked about coupons. They said they didn't have any more. Around 11am.,  Diane J. D, ME

5206 What did you get for free or cheap? (10/22/2016 6:13:54 PM):  Well, I didn't get much for cheap or free primarily because I didn't do my coupons and as the week rolled on, I lost my energy. However, I did get two free Propel waters from CVS because they emailed me a $2 off any grocery purchase. I have been receiving my CVS coupons in my email lately. For date night, I took DH to get a massage and dinner at the mall. At Charlies steak sandwiches, we got free fries/drink when you buy a sub. In addition, I was able to get their card initialed twice which eventually will allow me to get a free sub. I found out that if you have an American Express card, you can get concert tickets ahead of time. At the new MGM casino at National Harbor (means nothing unless you live around the DC area), Cher is coming in March so I was able to get tickets. We got an outstanding deal on our trip to Las Vegas in December going through Travelocity. $353/pp for 7 days/6 nts at the Luxor. We are primarily going to do day trips to Grand Canyon, Death Valley, etc. We can only take the Strip for a couple of days. Heather - are you close by? I missed the Kmart deal but it was so windy and dreary today I really couldn't find the energy to move. I was excited to be accepted into a focus group where they paid $100/1 hour. I responded in 12 minutes and the slots were already full. Darn! However, I am looking forward to tomorrow (Sunday) as Office Depot has batteries on sale/rebate for .01. I hope you have great things to report. ,  Mindy C, MD

5207 $34 - Men's New Balance shoes (10/22/2016 6:52:35 PM):  Men's New Balance Vazee Rush, orig. $89.99, now $32.99. $1 shipping with code DOLLARSHIP. B, MD

5214 JCP Power Penny sale - what is it? (10/23/2016 12:18:33 AM):  I am looking @ the fine jewelry. DD & I can only wear 14K or higher. Some jewelry has "Power Penny Deal". I can't find out how that works. I put 2 items in my cart and the 2nd was the sale price, not 1 penny. Can someone explain, please?,  Susan C. C, TX

5216 FOY Code (10/23/2016 4:40:29 AM):  FOY code for 3 users = 18 hulk coins. jpo3kox8o,  Cheryl W, PA

5218 Irazoo Code (10/23/2016 6:17:21 AM):  raceLungsHandle,  Dolores S, WV

5219 Edwards Pie - Dollar Tree (10/23/2016 6:20:06 AM):  Dollar Tree has single slice Edwards Pie naturally for $1.00. Checkout51 is offering $1 for any--I've already been paid. Sheet of coupons at registers for 50¢/2. I only bought one just to do the rebate. Dorry ,  Dolores S, WV

5221 $20 shipped- Peanuts Holiday DVD Collection (10/23/2016 7:28:40 AM):  Peanuts Holiday Collection: Anniversary Edition - It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown / A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving / A Charlie Brown Christmas (Blu-ray), $19.96 + free shipping. Regular price is $39.99. This is a Pre-Order, and does not ship until November 15. (Note: same price on also.) B, MD

5222 Walgreens $50 purchase = 5000 pts (10/23/2016 7:30:36 AM):  Today, I bought a few Colgate mouthwash for $3. When I paid using manufacture coupons and RR, I got full credit for the $3 purchase. When I paid using c/o and 1000 pts, I only got credit for $2 purchase. I had read somewhere that if you used RR or points, that portion of your beauty/personal care would not count. But it appears you can use RR and manufacture coupons and still get credit. Only the points you use don't count towards the beauty purchase.,  Janice H, TX

5223 Staples 1-cent paper (10/23/2016 7:41:23 AM):  Go to to print the coupon to get a ream of Staples Multipurpose paper for 1 penny after rebate. Limit 4. Expires 10/29.,  Janice H, TX

5227 PhotoBarn (10/23/2016 8:52:57 AM):  Has anyone purchased from this company? I am curious about the quality. Thank you for any opinions! ,  Bernetta S, NV

5230 Amazon Prime - 50 free photo prints (10/23/2016 10:00:00 AM):  Use code OCT50PRINTS to get 50 free photo prints for Amazon Prime members.,  Vicki E, WA

5231 SC Johnson offer (10/23/2016 10:33:13 AM):  Some coupons came in yesterday's mail....had a blurb about a $5 GC offer from SC Johnson....went to the site of and nothing there? Any body hear of this? ,  Joan B, FL

5232 Duracell battery deal (10/23/2016 11:08:13 AM):  Office Depot/OfficeMax has 16-Pack of Duracell Coppertop Alkaline Batteries for $13.99 with $13.98 back if you are in their rewards program. You can choose AA or AAA and it is a limit of 2. Choose free store pick up or free shipping on $35. Looks like you can do this deal thru 10/29. AA: or AAA: B, MD

5234 P&G short dated coupons (10/23/2016 12:33:23 PM):  Regarding the editor's observation and thoughts about P&G's short dated (and less value) coupons I think she is on track. However, I would go further and suggest their goal is to convince themselves and consumers that coupon use is down. Thus they are vindicated by offering fewer coupons or none at all. Marketing can be very clever and results can be skewered. imo. ,  J. E, FL

5237 $40- Men's NIke Air basketball shoes (10/23/2016 1:29:54 PM):  Men's Nike Air Overplay Basketball Shoes show as $69.99, but are actually $39.98 when added to cart. Shipping is $6.99 or free if you can pick them up at a local store. Ebates gives back 4% or Discover is 10%.,  Tricia B, MD

5240 Kroger (10/23/2016 3:08:42 PM):  On my Kroger coupon site they have a free Aquafina sparkling water.,  Cathy G, OH

5241 Kroger Mahatma Rice (10/23/2016 3:23:54 PM):  I bought both the Mahatma yellow rice and Spanish rice for $.69. Used the 50 cent c/o in the RP 9/11 and paid .19. I don't remember the exact date, but I think the sale goes for awhile yet - first to middle part of November.,  Janice H, TX

5243 Michele, editor (10/23/2016 3:35:29 PM):  Have a wonderful vacation, enjoy every minute of it, you deserve it. You just don't know how much you have helped me over the years with all the information you have put online and in the magazine years ago. Thank you and have a great 2 weeks. You really deserve it.,  Gayle S, MI

5244 Swagbucks surveys (10/23/2016 3:36:02 PM):  I am getting real tired of spending 20 minutes on these and then it saying thanks and no points. I qualify but it stops after a questions about liquor or income. I should have had 250 swagbucks but instead I got 3! It needs to stop saying I qualify!!,  Carla B, OH

5249 Baskin & Robbins (10/23/2016 4:13:40 PM):  Don't forget on October 31st go to Baskin and Robbins for their 1.31 per scoop (you can get as many scoops as you want on one ice cream cone).,  Barbara K, OR

5252 RAOK- Kohl's code (10/23/2016 5:00:19 PM):  Someone is welcome to use this one time use 20% off code from Kohls: LGPHJPBVQ9XMR. MUST use today. I do not think you need a Kohls card to use it. Remember to check your email if you normally get email from Kohls. Today they sent out 20%, 30% or 40% off codes but they are only good TODAY.,  Tricia B, MD

5257 staples rebates...... (10/23/2016 5:43:15 PM):  is anybody other than me having trouble with the staples rebate site? i have been trying for nearly a week to submit my rebate for the staples paper i bought & keep getting error messages. the one i got today says: "413 request entity too large". i went to the store & they said the haven't heard of any problem. i hate to have to send in my rebate, because there's the chance of it being lost & because it takes 10 times as long to receive it back. i also ordered a laptop from them with a rebate, so when i pick it up on tuesday, i'll make them check out the website & see if it works for them.......,  Donna M, CA

5262 Outback - free Bloomin onion on Monday (10/23/2016 6:47:10 PM):  Celebrate Kevin Harvick's® TOP 10 finish this weekend with a FREE Bloomin' Onion on Monday, October 24th. Simply say "Bloomin' Monday" to your server. Valid with any purchase. One per table. ,  Tricia B, MD

5271 Irazoo Code (10/24/2016 4:20:50 AM):  trunkLoseProtection,  Dolores S, WV

5275 Form filler (10/24/2016 7:47:07 AM):  Is there another free form filler besides Roboform. I am having trouble getting it to fill my forms. Always tells me my master password is wrong,when I know it is not.,  Mary D, OK

5283 Free basic oil change at Meineke car care centers (10/24/2016 10:03:12 AM):  Active duty & military vets can get a free basic oil change at their participating Meineke car care center 11/11/16 only! You must show military ID to get this promo that day. You must also log on to & click on the link for this promo to locate the participating Meineke car care center for your area!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

5284 Kellogg Rewards (10/24/2016 10:14:49 AM):  I think this code is good for anyone. Not sure....Good Luck Kellogg Rewards SPOO-KYBO-NUS4-U800,  Nancee J, IN

5288 $120 - Wooden Rocking chair (10/24/2016 11:02:11 AM):  I thought this was nice looking: Coast Indoor/Outdoor Mission Slat Rocking Chair - Natural, was $299.99, now $119.98. Free shipping. B, MD

5290 coupons experience (10/24/2016 11:13:01 AM):  I took a coupon to PetSmart and they tried to convince me that it was expired because the register rejected it. The coupon expired on the 21st and I told them that it was the 21st so it was finally entered manually. I seem to recall having that experience another time with them. Anyone else have that happen?,  Judy B B, LA

5291 Dollar General (10/24/2016 11:14:28 AM):  Dollar General has a $3 off $15 coupon good through tomorrow, Tuesday. B, MD

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