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walmart savings catcher (7/12/2014 10:04:02 AM):  for those in select markets, the walmart savings catcher does not require a smartphone, you can go to the savingscatcher website and enter the receipt number.,  Jack L, TX

6004 CVS Olay Renegerist on clearance (7/12/2014 11:45:14 AM):  If you're looking at the "Buy $50 get $20" Olay facial products rebate then check out CVS. A couple of Olay Regegenerist products are on 75% clearance. Today I got the 1.7 oz Oly Regenerist DNA superstructure cream with sunscreen for 75% clearance (roughly $9), plus it kicked out $3 extrabucks for the CVS/Olay Regenerist deal this week. Plus I was able to use the MF coupon for $5 off any Olay cleanser when you buy Olay Regenerist from 7/6 Sunday's P&G inserts. I grabbed an $8.99 Olay Regenerist advanced aging wet cleansing cloths. The $5 MF coupon scanned, no problem.,  William M. M, FL

6005 Fresh Express offer (7/12/2014 11:46:59 AM):  Does anyone know when this deal where you enter codes to obtain coupons began? TIA,  Jeanne E, IL

6011 Amazon WOW (7/12/2014 11:59:53 AM):  I started a new job and need a few 'scrub' tops. Boy was I thrilled with Amazon! I don't need a particular color or style and if you are the same maybe you can grab a few too. Only Certain colors and sizes but I got 4 tops SHipped for $1.01...Yes 1 dollar and .01 cent! 3 were .28 a piece and the other was .17 Search: WonderWink Women's Scrubs Bravo 5 Pocket V-Neck Top REAL TEAL in Large, 2XX, 3XXX and 5XXXXX are .17 the others are $13.99 Is a different style and some sizes/colors are .25 each Navy & white in Large is .25, Lime in x-small and large are .25 Pewter and Black in Large are .25 Click around to find the cheap ones. Regular price of these is $24.98. The color/size I got an hour ago is already gone so hurry if interested! And they are FREE SHIPPING?!? Only the cheap ones are free shipping, the full priced ones charge shipping. Don't understand but I don't care--very happy!!,  Laurie D, DE

6018 SavingStar app (7/12/2014 1:27:14 PM):  I've got a smart phone but not sure how to load this app. A bunch of cell phone pictures show up, am I supposed to click on one of them? I've only had the phone for 2 weeks so still learning. It's a tracfone bought for $49.99 at King Soopers. The ZTE Valet.,  Sheree L. D, CO

6022 CVS scanning guarantee problem (7/12/2014 2:20:48 PM):  I was in CVS today and saw the All laundry packs were marked 1/2 price. They scanned at full price and the clerk didn't believe me. He made me take him to the shelf to show him. Then I asked for the "Scanning Guarantee" since they did not scan at the correct price. He said, "What's that?" I pointed to the red notice at checkout that spells out the scanning guarantee. He said it didn't qualify. I asked why and he said it just didn't qualify. I am so furious that employees are not trained about the scanning guarantee policy. This happens a lot at Safeway too and they treat you like a criminal for asking for it. Any suggestions about how to handle this. I plan to call corporate on Monday. I asked for the manager and he said he was the manager!,  Dorothy I, CA

6028 Patricia K.S. Ohio re: Hometown (7/12/2014 2:54:31 PM):  Patricia, I got 4 bears on the same day because I had enough UPs that I had saved. They were all on the same acct.,  Pat B, DE

6029 Buy $50 Olay Facial products receive $20 rebate (7/12/2014 2:54:32 PM):  I did it at CVS today. Here are the details. Buy two- Olay Regenerist 1.7 oz Oly Regenerist DNA superstructure cream with sunscreen (upc 0-7560903043-9) on 75% clearance for $8.12 each, twoOlay Regenerist Wet cleansing cloths (upc 0-7560960424-1) $8.99 each, one- Olay Total Effects 1.7 oz Tone Correcting Night Moisture (upc 0-7560919035-3) $20.99. Total = $55.21 plus tax. Minus $3 weekly deal for extrabucks for buying 1 Regenerist, $3 weekly deal for extrabucks for buying, $5 extrabucks for CVS Beauty Club,2- $5 MF coupon in 7/6 P&G Sunday insert for “Buy Regenerist and cleanser get $5 off, $2 MF coupon in 7/6 P&G Sunday insert off Olay Total Effects, $20 Rebate for buying $50 Olay Facial products. You should end up with $55.21 minus $43 for a net of $12.21, plus tax, for 5 Olay products. ,  William M. M, FL

6031 Swagbucks Code (7/12/2014 3:29:58 PM):  GettingReady before 3 PM PDT, worth 2 SB!,  Melody R, WA

6034 Zoom panel (7/12/2014 3:49:11 PM):  The past few days, I have been having a problem getting the ZoomPanel surveys to load.I noticed that I only have an issue with the ones- that on the top of my screen, the IE icon appears with the words ZoomPanel- Dashboard appear.Never in all of my years has the word Dashboard been in there.Anyone else having a similar problem?,  Linda M, RI

6038 Riteaid (7/12/2014 4:06:35 PM):  Posted great deal on unstoppables at riteaid And it went to off topic by mistake hope it Can be redirected to regular chat. ,  Sharon V, PA

6039 Dr Pepper Rebate (7/12/2014 4:07:40 PM):  Stocking up for summer? Buy 5 12 packs of Dr Pepper and receive a $10 gift card from Walmart: R, TX

6042 MI. Vacation (7/12/2014 5:08:53 PM):  Thanks to all who told me what to see on our vacation in Michigan. I think we've seen everything except the copper mine--ran out of time. Loved the shipwreck museum and even climbed the Sleeping Bear Dunes. The Pictured Rocks were fantastic and Mackinac Island was lots of fun. The drive along the shores of both Huron and Michigan were breathtaking and we loved seeing the miles of cherry orchards and eating whitefish.,  Pat B, DE

6047 savingstar (7/12/2014 5:33:22 PM):  I posted on Facebook about why cant we link our Walgreens card to savingstar. They replied that Walgreens has yet to link their card to savingstar and they are encouraging people to post to the Walgreens facebook page requesting that they do. I just posted,  Judy B B, LA

6050 Ebates reminder (7/12/2014 5:52:22 PM):  Just a reminder to all of you who order online to check ebates first. I don't order a lot online but today I had a Rewards Certificate from Christopher Banks to use and ALMOST forgot ebates. Not a big order(1 item) but I will get 4% back and best of all they had a code I was not aware of for free shipping!! I saved $5.95 on that!!,  Debra J. L, MI

6053 bounce houses (7/12/2014 6:30:46 PM):  I live in the Victorville area of calif.. looking to rent a bounce house for 12 kids does anyone have any experience with companies in this area any help appreciated thx,  Marilyn G. G, CA

6054 (7/12/2014 6:39:16 PM):  Was playing around with zip codes and found that Los Angeles 90001 brings up a .55 cents off c/0 for nature's harvest bread and .50 cents of c/o for pepto bismol. Such a pain though having to look up zip codes. I liked the old way better.,  Susan V, PA

6057 RAOK (7/12/2014 6:58:59 PM):  Brisk bodega codes P9F3L NRFHT KNTP6 LGCL3,  William M. M, FL

6058 Need Lowe's coupon (7/12/2014 7:17:02 PM):  Anyone know of a current Lowe's coupon besides the 10% for moving? A friend is looking for any discounts, as he will be spending around $15,000 there in the next few months. I have one $25 off $250 from a home mailer, but that and the 10% are all we have found. Any help appreciated!,  Paula T. T, TN

6059 Walmart (7/12/2014 7:29:40 PM): Through September 30th, buy two Farmland Bacon Products in a single transaction at Walmart, snap a photo of your receipt, and receive a FREE $5 Walmart eGift Card. There is a limit of two redemptions per customer.,  Jeanne W, PA

6060 Enter to win (7/12/2014 7:33:43 PM): Through August 3rd, head on over to the Irish Spring Facebook page, “like” them and then click on the Irish Spring Summer Survival tab to enter in the Summer Survival Giveaway for a chance to win 1 of 1,000 bottles of Irish Spring GEAR body wash (a $3.99 value).,  Jeanne W, PA

6064 Ooma Telo Home Phone (7/12/2014 8:28:13 PM):  I am looking into saving money on my landline by switching over to Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System. Still attempting to figure it out. Here is what consumers report said: Many homes already have Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service from their cable company, Verizon FiOS, or AT&T U-verse. Costs usually run about $30 a month as part of a bundle or about $50 à la carte, including a long-distance plan. Our Ratings include alternative VoIP services, described below, that cost less—from nothing to about $25 a month for unlimited domestic calls, plus an up-front cost for equipment in most cases. Taxes and fees can add a few dollars a month. From what I am reading cost could go up to $10/mth depending on your state. Is any here familiar with Ooma Telo Home Phone. I could really save some money with this. ,  Trisha A, TX

6066 Dallas Morning News 12 week subscription home deli (7/12/2014 9:13:59 PM):  Been looking for a deal. Will likely cancel or re-negotiate after the 12 weeks. Got this in a mailer. May be for new subscribers only? HOME DELIVERY + DIGITAL ACCESS Everyday Home Delivery + Digital Access Get the paper delivered to your office or home 7 days a week Local, national and world news everyday Associated Press Sports Editor's Triple Crown Winner 21 years in a row - SportsDay Friday Guide, thought-provoking Points section and letters to the editor Money-saving coupons on Wednesday & Sunday Premium Digital Access $2.99/wk Sunday & Wednesday Home Delivery + Digital Access Save money with our two biggest coupon days Sunday paper packed with the most important news of the week Award-winning content and special sections like our West special coverage Business section Sunday & Wednesday columnists featuring Michelle Singletary and Cheryl Hall Premium Digital Access $1.99/wk Sunday Home Delivery + Digital Access Our biggest paper of the week: Packed with the most important news stories of the week Award-winning sections like SportsDay and our newly redesignedBusiness section Personal Finance, letters to the editor, comics and weather Premium Digital Access .99 cents/wk Sunday Home Delivery + Digital Access Our biggest paper of the week: Packed with the most important news stories of the week Award-winning sections like SportsDay and our newly redesignedBusiness section Personal Finance, letters to the editor, comics and weather Premium Digital Access,  Barb R, TX

6071 Any deals on computers? (7/12/2014 9:37:22 PM):  I am looking for a deal on a computer for my 12 yr old son. I've checked a couple of sites for clearance laptops and desktops, but I am looking for the best deal. Thanks.,  Jim W, IN

6073 refund (7/12/2014 10:33:39 PM):  anyone know if there is a new date, on dawn, or Quilted Northern Ultra Plush,etc, can we do it again ?? ,  Janet C, WI

6077 Dreamfield Pasta (7/13/2014 2:11:14 AM):  I have bought this before and want to file a claim. I am looking at the claim form. What is the "correct" answer they are looking for - as to the date you bought it. I've gone back to the info and I know it can be bought up to July 20l4. "Class Members of the Dreamfields pasta settlement include anyone who purchased Dreamfields pasta products in the United States for personal use and not for resale, with a label that referred to “glycemic index” or “digestible carbs,” between February 2004 and July 1, 2014." But this is the question if 50% purchased after l2/3l/20l3 *Were fifty percent (50%) or more of the Dreamfields Pasta boxes identified above purchased after December 31, 2013 ? Yes No Just wondering why they want to know when and if they can deny you if you answer "incorrectly"?,  Donna A, GA

6084 CVS 50%-75% clearance (7/13/2014 6:48:44 AM):  Automotive section- STP fuel treatment, STP gummout,  William M. M, FL

6085 CVS Instant coffee (7/13/2014 6:50:12 AM):  On sale- Maxwell House Instant coffee regularly priced at $7.99, on sale for $2.99,  William M. M, FL

6088 Walgreens free Schweppes after RR (7/13/2014 7:02:54 AM):  You already know all about that deal that starts today- "Buy one 20 oz Schweppes Sparking Seltzer Water for $1, receive $1 Register Rewards" at Walgreens. To add to the deal, this morning one of my Walgreens had Manufacturer's BOGO coupons for 20 oz Schweppes bottled Seltzer water on the front of the refrigerator door where the bottled waters are stocked. Maybe your Walgreens has them, too. Check it out.,  William M. M, FL

6090 Coupons in USA Weekend Sunday insert (7/13/2014 7:09:36 AM):  Don't throw it away just yet. First, look on page 10 for two MF coupons for Stopain products. Also, look on page 13 for a MF coupon for Qunal CoQ10.,  William M. M, FL

6093 coupon wording (7/13/2014 7:30:05 AM):  I'm looking at a Michael's email. 25% off everything. including sale items. Of course you read the fine print and certainly is not everything. No clearance, certain brands etc. I would rather see an honest coupon that says something like most regular price and sale items and then list exclusions.,  Judy B B, LA

6094 Dollar General Gift Card (7/13/2014 7:52:01 AM):  Dollar General has 10% off Burger King, Sonic, Taco Bell and Subway Gift cards. I saw it on the back page of their ad.,  Mary G. G, NY

6095 Huggies (7/13/2014 7:53:52 AM):  Here is a Huggies code. JTRPF-DWBTD-NRXXP I didn't see any expiration date.,  Cathy G, OH

6096 printer paper (7/13/2014 8:21:00 AM):  Its finally happened, I am almost out of printer paper. Where are the good deals? The only office supply store here is Office Depot.,  Judy B B, LA

6097 Murad (7/13/2014 8:23:22 AM):  I got an e-mail from Murad, that my Acme cleaning solution, that I ordered, is being delivered. Please tell me, it was free, as I don't remember ordering it. TIA,  Carol S, PA

6100 Tide Oxi (7/13/2014 8:41:06 AM):  If you're thinking of getting this at first. I went to the Gurnee,IL store and it was gone by the the time I walked to the isle. Plus they had no more in the back. Also surrounding store had zero left. (They called for me). The only thing they said I could do was call the morning the truck comes in and ask them to hold it for me. I just don't want others to waste there time. Happy shopping.,  Cheryl L, IL

6106 Staples free Sharpies (7/13/2014 10:49:54 AM):  I don't know if this is valid in all places, but my Staples ad features a 2 pack of fine point black Sharpies for $1.99 that is free after rebate.,  Helga G, CA

6109 wAG receipt (7/13/2014 11:15:04 AM):  RFN 0522-021602016-2071-1407-1203. 7/12/14 total $1.01. About $6 nice products,  Andrea C, CA

6111 WAG receipt (7/13/2014 11:17:22 AM):  RFN. 0522-0216-2084-1407-1203 7/12/14 total $.98. $3 nice products,  Andrea C, CA

6113 $100 shipped- Bench/storage chest (7/13/2014 11:20:30 AM):  Cameron Bench/Blanket Chest in Antique Ivory, Heritage oak, or Driftwood (grey) for $100.49: All sale items, including this one, have free shipping.,  Tricia B, MD

6116 Rite Aid (7/13/2014 11:42:23 AM):  Noxzema Disposable Razors 3 or 4 ct., Shave Cream 11 oz. -$3 +UP Reward (limit 2) I tried to do this deal this morning and it doesn't print the UP. I bought 2 of the shave cream. The manager would do nothing about it so I will call them tomorrow. Just a heads up. ,  Jeanne W, PA

6119 Swagbucks Code (7/13/2014 12:17:21 PM):  SchoolPrep before 1pm PT/4pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody R, WA

6120 Nice B'day freebie (7/13/2014 12:41:57 PM):  Marlboro sent me 2 free movie tickets for my birthday. The vouchers expire in 9/13/14. ,  Randi L, NY

6123 Walgreens Sandals (7/13/2014 1:01:22 PM):  My local Walgreens has moved all of the sandals and flip flops to the main/center aisle. (The other half of the aisle is back to school supplies.) They're all marked down to $1.99, regardless of the original price. The only exception were the really thick rubber sandals. Now granted, these are very low quality. However, I did find a pair to go with a pair of shorts that I don't wear too often so it was a good price. ,  Laura M, WI

6124 School supplies Dollar General (7/13/2014 1:04:15 PM):  Dollar General ' s ad for this week have a subject notebooks 70count wide/college ruled are 3/$1.00. $1.00 will also buy a 1 inch economy binder,3count pack of Elmer's glue stick. For 50 cents, crayola 24 count crayons, Elmer's 4oz glue, Bic round stick pen black or blue 10count. (Well this means I need to finish cleaning my house so I can find a spot for things. Due to locker renovations in our hallways, we are not allowed back on to our rooms until Aug 18th. which is our first meeting day.),  Joanne K, VT

6126 Kelloggs RAOK (7/13/2014 1:36:40 PM):  I have three Kelloggs codes from 12-packs of Frosted Blueberry Poptarts -- 4XPT-L3OP-135R-KYR9; 49T3-PFKF-95WR-RDTL (D may be 0); 4X3M-5NVG-40Y3-518P (8 may be B).,  Lynn H, VA

6131 Big Lots 20% off coupon (7/13/2014 2:09:21 PM): today only.,  Tricia B, MD

6134 No Tide Oxy at Target (7/13/2014 2:19:26 PM):  I made an exception to my never shop on Sunday rule and ran over to Target to do the Tide Oxy deal. not only were there none left, they told me they were only scheduled to get 4 in this week. There weren't any left in any of the stores nearby and no rain checks. ,  Susan A, MA

6138 Deb M, OH (7/13/2014 2:26:45 PM):  Where do you get internet connection for $20 a mo?,  Donna E, FL

6139 PediaSure powder mix (7/13/2014 2:42:17 PM):  I saw Pat S, AZ, posted asking what stores carried the Pediasure powder, but no one answered her. My DD would like to get some for DGS who needs to gain weight. Anyone know? Thanks.,  Pat B, DE

6140 AVG Class Action Check (7/13/2014 2:52:05 PM):  There was a post on here about someone receiving a check from an AVG Class Action suit. Did you have to register to be part of this class action suit? I had AVG for a few years. Switched to another anti-viral free program for a few years. Then switched back to AVG. I didn't know about any class action suit against AVG. Wondering if I will get any check from them?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

6141 Ibotta (7/13/2014 3:01:08 PM):  Does anyone use VENMO to get your cash?,  Carla B, OH

6143 My Points Search (7/13/2014 3:39:30 PM):  Got an email today from My Points re finding the lucky website daily for extra points, like they had in the past. Has anyone explored this yet? I don't use Facebook so have no way of finding the right place. Thanks,  Mrs W I, FL

6144 Downy Unstoppables (7/13/2014 4:03:35 PM):  Sharon, PA, do you know if that Unstoppable deal was last week only? I'd like to do that deal if it's still available. Thank you,  Diane J. D, ME

6150 Swagbucks Code (7/13/2014 4:32:20 PM):  GermanyWINS before 4pm PT/7pm ET for 2 SB!,  Melody R, WA

6152 Enter to win (7/13/2014 4:39:23 PM):  Through 7/23, text the word JEANS to 32453 to enter the AEO 2014 DENIM TRY ON EVENT. You will receive a text message back with a link to click on to find out if you’re a winner. You have the chance to win a pair of AE Jeans (1,000 winners), a $50 AE Gift Card (500 winners), an iPad Mini (20 winners), a MacBook Pro (10 winners) or even possibly $10,000 (2 winners) or a 3 night trip for 2 (5 winners).,  Jeanne W, PA

6153 Walgreens receipt (7/13/2014 4:40:39 PM):  RFN# 0610-1215-3969-1407-1303, 07/13/2014, $14.01,  Teresa S, CA

6154 Walmart (7/13/2014 4:41:41 PM): Through September 30th, buy $15 worth of any Quaker products at Walmart in a single transaction, snap a photo of your receipt, and receive a FREE $5 Walmart eGift Card. There is a limit of five redemptions per customer.,  Jeanne W, PA

6155 Uniform Polo Sale (7/13/2014 4:42:59 PM):  I always buy my kids' polo shirts at the Old Navy Uniform Sale when the polo shirts are $5 each. Well, I just received an email that the sale is this week, but the polo shirts are now $7! That's a big increase over last year! Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get decent polo shirts for less? Thanks!,  Laurie F, FL

6156 Walgreens Spam/eggs (7/13/2014 4:43:18 PM):  I bought 2 cans of Spam & 1 dozen eggs. The coupon for free eggs wyb 2 Spams takes off $2 when scanned, not $1.49 which is the price of eggs this week,  Teresa S, CA

6163 Post cereal catalina (7/13/2014 5:44:12 PM):  I received a catalina from Harris Teeter for Post Cereal. It runs 7/14 -8/10. Buy any 2 Post cereals receive $1.00 for future order. Buy 3 get $2.00 buy 4 or more get $3.00 for future order. I know many times other stores also participate. HTH ,  Ruth F, MD

6166 Stouffers (7/13/2014 6:25:21 PM):  I'm not sure if these are good codes. I found them on the end flap of Stouffers products. 4142587811G lasagna 4071500412Z Salisbury steak 4063595911Q roast turkey,  Cathy G, OH

6168 Kohls shipping code (7/13/2014 6:36:51 PM):  Is there a free shipping code for kohls,  Debb P, IA

6170 Kelloggs (7/13/2014 6:54:00 PM):  Is the codes listed one time only?for one person?when I tried to use it it said duplicate?I had not used it on my account before.Thanks,  Ava J, FL

6171 diapers (7/13/2014 7:00:14 PM):  are there any diaper deals anywhere that you know of right now?,  Janet C, WI

6173 CVS (7/13/2014 7:09:20 PM):  Are you sure CVS has 2.99 instant Maxwell House?I don't want to make an extra trip.Our Walgreens ad had 2.99 Maxwell House instant.Would be great CVS as there is some CVS coupons out there for the coffee.,  Ava J, FL

6177 Target summer (7/13/2014 7:30:05 PM):  Someone earlier posted about finding summer things 70 or 75% off, Not my Target, Even as they clear the area to put in school supplies, summer and grill and garden are still full price as is what little furniture there is. The only good deal I got was a garden kneeling pad. The dark blue one was $3.88. the print ones are $12.99. I'm thinking stuff isn't being clearance since we can use it pretty well year round here Anyone else found it on clearance?,  Judy B B, LA

6179 Sheet sets? (7/13/2014 7:45:08 PM):  Where can I get good sheets for a good price? We need some regular sheets (cotton) for a full size bed. TIA,  Susie M. C, MD

6181 Target 15% off electronics w/cartwheel (7/13/2014 7:58:48 PM):  I just got an email that there is a 15% off electronics coupon for Target on their cartwheel service. It's good for today and tomorrow (Monday) only. It said good on tvs, and several other things. There are a few exclusions like Bose but someone did comment that they bought an ipad and was able to use it. You also get 5% off if you use your target card.,  Deborah L, PA

6185 Target (7/13/2014 8:39:16 PM):  Buy two 12.6 oz two-packs of Suave Professionals priced around $3.79 each Buy one Suave Dry Shampoo priced around $2.89 Total = $10.47 Use the $3 off Suave purchase of $10 or more Target store coupon found on target site Pay $7.47 Get back a FREE $5 Target gift card Final cost only $2.47 total, like paying $0.49 per item,  Jeanne W, PA

6195 CVS Maxwell House ground coffee (7/14/2014 6:52:49 AM):  Not only are the 8 oz instant coffees on sale for $2.99 each but the larger containers of ground coffee are also on sale. Those that usually priced in the $12 range are on sale for $6.99. Look for them on the same shelves as the Maxwell House instant coffee.,  William M. M, FL

6196 coke points (7/14/2014 6:57:28 AM):  are there any bonus or double coke points.. I just realized that I don't have enough points for Christmas. I will admit , I got lazy putting in the codes even if I put in 100 a week ,It will now be close. thanks for any help ,  Mary H, ME

6203 Kelloggs water bottle (7/14/2014 7:27:25 AM):  DD spent 10,000 Kells. pts. for the water bottle. DGS dropped it at first use and it broke!,  Pat B, DE

6204 Rite Aid Mistake (7/14/2014 7:29:07 AM):  Be careful if you plan to buy the Noxemia shave crème. It is listed in the ad as having a $3.00 UP reward. Rings at $1.99 with gold discount, limit 2. However does not print. I just called customer service. It is a mistake in the ad. They will send me a check for $6 (but not put it back on my card.). The reimbursement will take 14 to 21 days to receive. So you may want to think twice before buying this item.,  Susan B, SC

6205 $20 Mo. Internet connection (7/14/2014 7:42:20 AM):  Donna E. FL You asked about a $20 a month internet connection. I'm using a local ISP Northern Neck Wi-Fi( & pay $40 a month for unlimited high spewed internet connection. I can tie another household member on to my account for a one time $50 connection fee. My nephew & his lady friend live with me & help take care of me. He is tied into my account. And pays me $20 a month for his share of the monthly internet connection fee. I signed up for a 2 year contract. So I got the professional installation fee of $250 waived. I had previously had Toast as my ISP. They are headquartered in Toledo, OH. They charged $40 a month for certain maximum GB transfer. I kept going over my GB transfer limits each month, even though I was upping those limits more than once. I called them & said I was cancelling my contract with them & signing on with Northern Neck Wi-Fi. They couldn't believe that another ISP could offer unlimited GB of high speed transfer for just $40 a month! I've been very happy with Northern Neck.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

6206 Staples Deal (7/14/2014 7:46:10 AM):  On Staples website is a coupon for $5 off $25 purchase. In ad you can get $5 gift card to staples when you spend $20 on various toilet paper/paper towels. So I plan to buy (2) Angel Soft (11.99 ea)and the Sharpies with full purchase price rebate. So will spend 25.97 plus tax on products, use a $5 coupon to make it 20.97 and then send for $1.99 rebate and a $5 gift card. I hope that works out.,  Susan B, SC

6207 CVS coffee (7/14/2014 7:48:55 AM):  My CVS has the small cans of Folger's 2/$6. It wasn't in the ad.,  Sherry S, IN

6215 Rainchecks (7/14/2014 8:29:28 AM):  Does Target issue rainchecks? Last Sunday & this past Sunday Target did not have the Tide Oxi. This past Sunday I was there at 6:30 am and none on the shelf. I asked for a raincheck & was told they didn't issue rainchecks on sale items! ,  Patricia K. S, OH

6219 Starfish (7/14/2014 9:11:03 AM):  At my points is on AVEDA,  Mary D, OK

6220 Theresa M, VA (7/14/2014 9:15:04 AM):  Hi Theresa, are you out there? I was wondering if you know if Rite Aid is offering 20% for next year after accumulating 1000 points? Thank-you,  Joy G, PA

6223 Walgreens (7/14/2014 9:38:01 AM):  Went to Walgreens to use the $1RR from Starbucks 2 weeks ago. I got the water and the RR didn't print. So I went to the cosmetic counter because when the Starbucks RR didn't print at the front, it did at cosmetics Still no RR. Of course they said it was because I used a coupon. I asked when it had changed and was told it had always been that way. Well, I knew differently. So will try another Walgreens after lunch. Have others had this problem with getting their RRs?,  Donna E, FL

6224 My Points Starfish (7/14/2014 9:41:37 AM):  The My Points starfish is under Aveda today. No points for me!,  Mary C, SC

6226 MyPoints Starfish (7/14/2014 9:53:16 AM):  On Aveda website today; clues on Facebook. I won 55 points! Had to look twice to believe this. Good luck to all.,  Nancy J, WI

6227 Target Tide rainchecks (7/14/2014 9:58:45 AM):  In the Target add it plainly states "quantities limited" and "no rain checks" for the Tide Oxi. I was going to try to do the deal, but won't drive 40 miles one way to not even be able to get a rain check. Our store doesn't even carry 24 pack Pepsi products, which had an offer about a month ago. I rarely shop Target; too much trouble for too little gain ;(,  Paula T. T, TN

6229 Walmart (7/14/2014 10:30:00 AM):  Is there a link where you can find all the Walmart gift card deals? ,  Trisha A, TX

6237 Repost (7/14/2014 11:12:40 AM):  Not sure if anyone used this receipt that I posted yesterday so I'll post again. 76153 Walgreens receipt (7/13/2014 4:40:39 PM): RFN# 0610-1215-3969-1407-1303, 07/13/2014, $14.01, Teresa S, CA,  Teresa S, CA

6240 m n m text game (7/14/2014 11:27:13 AM):  Has anyone tried to contact them viva phone or email and gotten a response? Have tried multiple times calling no answer. Just wondering why they changed the game and took off the streaming video!!,  Cheryl K, NY

6241 Free pet safety pack (7/14/2014 11:31:34 AM):  In the event of an emergency, the pet rescue window decal alerts rescue personnel that pets are inside your home. The safety pack also includes an ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center magnet—a great way to keep the APCC's toll-free emergency number and website address handy in case your pets get into something they shouldn’t! R, IN

6242 Entenmann's weekly giveaway (7/14/2014 11:47:26 AM):  Today they are giving away free coupons. Enter for your chance to win. R, IN

6244 Stouffer's (7/14/2014 12:13:45 PM):  Here are 2 codes if someone can use both are from French Bread Pizza (we love it) DTYFR7Y74CF6 RWTGNJ7N3J3G,  Lynn C, CO

6245 Harbor Freight (7/14/2014 12:17:40 PM):  Do you think you could get all 3 free items at one time? Or do you think it would be just one per visit? The nearest HF is 40 miles away for me. ,  Pat H, OH

6252 walmart egiftcars (7/14/2014 1:15:28 PM):  with these, it says to send a snapshot of receipt, do we buy these things by themselves so that you can see the entire receipt in one picture?,  Roxie L, TX

6256 M&M game (7/14/2014 1:32:33 PM):  I won again and when I went to put my info in, it didn't give me the option of the streaming service ($6 debit card) and only gives me the option of putting it on my cable bill. Do you know if we have to order pay per view to use this amount, or if it can be used to pay the basic cable bill? To you think the debit card option is gone for good?,  Sheri B, WA

6257 Swagbucks Code (7/14/2014 1:36:25 PM):  MightyMascot before 1pm PT/4pm ET for 5 SB!,  Melody R, WA

6260 Target Summer Clearance (7/14/2014 1:47:44 PM):  Target summer line went to 70% around here. Lots of cute cups, table cloths, and towels. The best unmarked steal: The stackable coolers are ringing up at $5.99, and one HUGE white rolling cooler rings up at $11. Check it out.,  Eve Z, FL

6268 Rite Aid Clearance (7/14/2014 2:43:31 PM):  I found Covergirl & Olay pressed powder for 3.54 This was with all the covergirl makeup, hanging up. It was marked regular price, no clearance price tag. We have 3.00 coupons from the last P&G insert that say 3.00 on any covergirl&olay product. It is a compact with a mirror. The UPC from the fair/light number 320 is 22700 13679. The medium color rang up that price too. I don't have it with me. ,  Pam G, KY

6269 Butterball (7/14/2014 2:53:43 PM): Go to the Butterball Facebook page, give them a “like”, and click on the Join the Movement tab. Then click on the blue “Find Yourself Here” button and follow the prompts to get a coupon valid for $1/1 ANY Butterball Fresh or Frozen Product when you share it with a friend. Starting 7/20 Walgreens will have the turkey bacon for $1.29 so $.29 after this coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

6271 Target (7/14/2014 3:00:28 PM):  The Target Keebler pretzel crisp deal that Michele posted today is even better if you have the store pad coupon for $1/1 package. They were $2.46 here, half price cartwheel was $1.23, 5% redcard minus $.06=1.17 minus the $1/1 coupon is $.17 per box. You are limited to 2. My cashier left me check out 2 orders with no questions asked.,  Jeanne W, PA

6272 Check (7/14/2014 3:01:41 PM):  If you’re a Box Tops for Education member and receive their emails, you can possibly get a FREE sample of Ultimate Creamy Carbonara Chicken Helper. Note that it appears you have to click through the link in your email to get this sample so check your Inbox for an email with the Subject Line “Over 35 New Boxtop Products & Free Member Exclusive Sample” from the email address,  Jeanne W, PA

6273 Walgreens (7/14/2014 3:04:37 PM):  Trying to buy a few Seltzer waters yesterday I ran into the same problems. One manager told me even though Starbucks is NOT made my Pepsi (Seltzer water parent company) that it probably wouldn't print a RR because it is delivered by the same trucking company. Sure enough, when I used a $2.00 RR from last week and bought the Seltzer with something else it printed. Go Figure. ALSO I noticed of the five times I bought the Seltzer (at five different stores) it rang up incorrectly four times BUT did print out the RR. Good luck!,  Kathy V, CO

6274 Freebie (7/14/2014 3:06:21 PM): Go to the SunRype USA Facebook page, give them a “like”, and click on the “SunRype Fan Coupon” tab to get a printable coupon valid for a FREE SunRype Fruit Strip or Fruitsource Bar (max value $1.49). You’ll want to hurry as this coupon will only be available to download for the first 20,000.,  Jeanne W, PA

6275 Dominos (7/14/2014 3:09:21 PM): Through July 20th, Domino’s Pizza is offering 50% off ANY pizza at Menu Price when you order online. To get this deal, just head on over to Domino’s, click on the 50% off banner, enter in your information and click continue. Choose the pizza you’d like and your discount will be automatically applied at checkout (if you are prompted for a promo code use the code 50off at checkout). If you have a ShopRunner account you’ll also get FREE Delivery from Domino’s. Otherwise, you can opt to choose Carryout for FREE or you’ll need to pay delivery charges of $1.95.,  Jeanne W, PA

6280 Amtrak - Need to Save! (7/14/2014 3:37:02 PM):  My husband, daughter and I are riding Amtrak from the East Coast to the West to tour Zion National Park, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Sedona. Anyone have money saving suggestions (including meals on the train)? Here's thanking you in advance for any input you can give me. ,  Brenda M, VA

6281 Rewards Card (7/14/2014 3:37:36 PM):  I just got a Visa debit card in the mail for $20 with no indication of why or where it came from.,  Donna E, FL

6282 Rite Aid (7/14/2014 3:40:24 PM): Print a $5.00 coupon valid on Physicians Formula powder, bronzer, foundation or blush. Starting 7/20 they will have these items on sale.,  Jeanne W, PA

6285 printer paper/Kmart (7/14/2014 4:18:32 PM):  I was just at our KMart that is closing and I bought some 30% off. Darn I am going to miss KMart! Didn't get in on the doubles last week since they are closing and even though I didn't go often they still had some great deals. My favorite loss prevention person that always greeted us at the door is gone. Now they have security people to check your stuff as you leave. The one this afternoon didn't even bother to check my cart or receipt. She opened the door to let me out and said as long as it didn't beep, I was good. I had a couple of small appliances (20% off) and I guess I have an honest face. ,  Judy B B, LA

6291 Savingstar Question (7/14/2014 4:56:49 PM):  So, do you now have to take a picture of all receipts? I did the Friday Freebie for the Scott TP and in the past when I purchased at Winn Dixie it would automatically apply to my account because I scanned my card at the register and it has only taken 2 days but I have not received my credit for it? Does anyone know since they now take other stores and you take a pic of it? TIA ,  Cyndie R, FL

6292 Survey (7/14/2014 5:08:57 PM):  In my e-mail there was a survey to take for CVS.You would receive $100 to spend at their store. Has any one else received this?,  Katie O, MI

6302 Cheesecake Factory (7/14/2014 5:59:23 PM):  On July 30th and 31st, you can stop by your local Cheesecake Factory restaurant to get ANY piece of Cheesecake for half price. This deal is valid for dine-in only and limited to one piece per guest.,  Jeanne W, PA

6303 Einstein Bros. (7/14/2014 6:02:15 PM): Print a coupon for a Free All American Bagel Dog at Einstein Bros Bagels on 07-16.,  Jeanne W, PA

6309 Wheel of Fortune (7/14/2014 6:14:48 PM):  Wheel of fortune puzzle for Monday: HUMOR ME If your Spin Id is KW5415541, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

6315 coke codes (7/14/2014 7:12:26 PM):  Are there still Walmart codes out there to get extra points when posting codes to Coke? I thought I save them and can't seem to find them. Thanks,  Ginnie K, CA

6317 Target Cereal Coupons (7/14/2014 7:16:52 PM):  Does anyone know if the new Kelloggs cereal coupons (Jif, etc) on the Target site are manufacturer or Target?,  Kim C, FL

6325 Tide Oxi (7/14/2014 9:55:40 PM):  Is the Tide Oxi a regular laundry detergent? Can I use it the way I use my regular Tide? If not, how can I use it? ,  Nancy L, TX

6327 40% off Vera Bradley (7/14/2014 10:47:10 PM):  I will forward the email with code which expires on July 20th. Pool dot momma at comcast dot net,  Stephanie J, MD

6332 BIG Sweepstakes Win (7/15/2014 4:42:42 AM):  Skinny Cow Glamping sweeps selects a grand prize winner once a week for a 3 day glamping trip for 3. Value $12,xxx--must go Oct.3rd-5th in Montana. I was trying to win one of the $150 gift cards and not the grand prize. I have never been camping in my life (I'm 78) and asked if I could have the rest of the sweeps prize excluding the trip. I won this in May---it took a while but I heard from the judging agency last week and the sponson (nestle) agreed. So I am receving a $2,000 check--3 robes--3 pair slippers--1 baseball hat--1 long-sleeved hoodie and 1 duffle bag. I have already mailed back the affy and will get a 1099 at tax time for $2,210.30. I'm happy. Dorry,  Dolores S, WV

6335 Strafish My points (7/15/2014 6:16:55 AM):  Starfish at MyPoints D, OK

6337 Crush Pop (7/15/2014 7:03:43 AM):  There is a game going on to win Ninja Turtles movie tickets by entering Crush cap codes I purchased 2-12 packs of grape crush and inside is a code to enter online, and if you want you can immediately print a coupon for $1 off towards a movie ticket, or you can enter 6 of the codes and redeem for a FREE movie ticket!,  Lori H, IN

6341 Tide Boost MBG (7/15/2014 7:30:11 AM):  Not sure if this is a repeat for Money Back Guarantee on Tide Boost White + Bright Pac product. Enjoy.,  Patricia K. S, OH

6342 Stouffer's Codes (7/15/2014 7:33:20 AM):  CY77N0TW4JF9 & 9H3H7J6XGKP4 Please post when you have used them. ,  Kathy M, MI

6348 White Cloud question (7/15/2014 8:17:04 AM):  I got a LOT of 1.00 coupons for white Cloud toilet tissue at the recycle center. A 4 pack 3 ply, 176 sheets, total 76.2 sq. ft. Is $1.97. Is this a really good price, .97 for this? The packages used to be bigger. I will probably get a few but I didn't know if this is a stock up price.,  Pam G, KY

6350 My Points Starfish (7/15/2014 8:28:30 AM):  The My Points Starfish is their new daily chance to get points. Today it's under Blendtec. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

6351 Herdez coupon (7/15/2014 8:44:12 AM):  Found hangtag on Herdez salsa at Wal-Mart for 1.00 dollar off any one product. Used it on their Jalapenos sliced peppers which cost 98 cents,so got them free.,  Gloria B, LA

6353 Irazoo Treasure Code (7/15/2014 8:45:53 AM):  laundry Expires: 7/20/2014 9:20 AM ET. Worth 100 points.,  Melody R, WA

6356 No receiving e-mails (7/15/2014 8:53:03 AM):  I am not receiving e-mails for the trading board, does anybody got this problem. Moderator could your please advise me on where to go for this.,  Reathal B, MO

6357 ZoomPanel (7/15/2014 8:56:25 AM):  For the past week, I have been having trouble with the surveys.I can log in, but when I click on the survey it never loads.The top of my screen says "Zoompanel-Dashboard".Whenever "dashboard" appears these are the ones I have trouble with.If it does not say"dashboard" it's fine.Anyone else having a problem with Zoompanel ? Also does anyone have an address for them? I like to have a physical address for all of my survey sites.,  Linda M, RI

6360 All You best price (7/15/2014 9:38:33 AM):  Does anyone know where I can find the best price to renew my All You subscription. I've seen the one where you have to sign up for 'automatic renewal' - but I'm a little leary about doing that. Anyone know of any other good deal. Thank you.,  Marsha G, MI

6364 Tai Pei (7/15/2014 9:46:21 AM):  I received a free Tai Pei entrees coupon today. Where is this sold in the Philadelphia area?,  Theresa W, PA

6370 $28 - Tinkerbell desk & chair (7/15/2014 9:55:52 AM):  Disney TinkerBell Fairies Desk & Chair, $28, reg. $36.50: Free in store pick up. So cute!,  Tricia B, MD

6372 $10 Disney backpack w/ free shipping (7/15/2014 10:04:44 AM):  All kinds of Disney backpacks for $9.99 with free shipping. B, MD

6380 Update on Coke Free Fuze Cpn (7/15/2014 10:43:54 AM):  Background info---Coke offered me a free 20oz Fuze cpn for 3 points---when it arrived it had already expired. I emailed them--they said they were sorry and would put the 3 points back in my account. I emailed again and said I felt this was not fair as I took advantage of their offer in good faith. Just got another email from them---they have added 50 points to my account and said I can now order a 20oz of Fuze cpn. I'm satisfied. but if they have those cpns why not just send me one(sigh). Dorry,  Dolores S, WV

6386 Swagbucks (7/15/2014 12:17:44 PM):  Offer on Swagbucks homepage for Madison Reed Haircolor (fancy schmancy brand) Offer is 50% off first order, Free shipping and 1100 Swagbucks. I paid $12.47 Got my fancy haircolor and 1100 Swagbucks, which most of us know equates to $10+ in giftcards. I feel it was a nice deal at $2.47 to try a normally priced $25 haircolor! Look on your SB home page, it should be one of the first offers--it's 'featured' today. Or go directly to the site Make sure to use code SUMMERSWAG to get your swagbucks,  Laurie D, DE

6388 W card (7/15/2014 12:38:34 PM):  When you try to submit a WAGS receipt on-line, and you get a message that says "null," what does that mean????,  Geri P, WI

6392 Nestle Purelife Rewards (7/15/2014 1:01:36 PM):  All you need to do is purchase specially-marked packages of Nestlé® Pure Life® water at then sign up at their website. Then start collecting points by entering the unique code on the bottom of the Nestlé® Pure Life® packages online. For doing this you can then redeem your points for great rewards like free Amazon giftcards, sport equipment, and Free Nestlé® Pure Life® water and more until 9/30/14. R, IN

6395 M&M game (7/15/2014 1:28:22 PM):  Thanks for all of the responses to my post yesterday (76256) about winning and no debit card choice anymore. I did see that they had changed their rules page (I had previously printed it). I suppose they ran out of them and since they have two billing cycles to give us the cable bill credit, that gives them some extra time to cough up the cash! I had won $18 and added to my amazon account, and how now won twice for my cable bill, as has my husband. I must admit, it is more fun to win for something 'extra' than to pay a regular bill, but we will take it! It will be nice to have a lower cable bill once or twice. Every little bit helps, doesn't it?,  Sheri B, WA

6396 Enter to win (7/15/2014 1:36:29 PM): Through August 22nd, go here to enter the Red Tricycle Amazon Nursery Make Over Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail, Hudson Changer Dresser, Pop Mini Chevron Chair, Wall Decal, Fitted Crib Sheet, Crib Skirt, Play Blanket, Stroller Blanket, and Countour Changing Pad Cover (a $1,134 value),  Jeanne W, PA

6397 quited northern rebate (7/15/2014 1:37:23 PM):  Does anyone know if you can do the quilted northern tp rebate more than once. There is a new end date. Maybe someone has a phone number to call the company? Thanks so much!,  Cathy M, WI

6398 Meijers (7/15/2014 1:38:18 PM): Meijer is offering a FREE Fountain Drink or ICEE at any Meijer Store or Gas Station to mPerks users who go here, enter the offer code fountain14 (note that the Offer Code field is on the right side of the Coupons tab in mPerks), and then clip the coupon. This coupon is only clippable and redeemable through July 17th.,  Jeanne W, PA

6400 Postage scale (7/15/2014 1:41:33 PM): has an American Weigh Scales Table Top Postal Scale that’s on sale for $19.25 (reg. $29.95). Plus, this scale ships free with a Super Saver Shipping order of $35+ or get Free 2-day shipping (no minimum) with Amazon Prime.,  Jeanne W, PA

6402 Savingstar (7/15/2014 1:45:32 PM): has 20% back (up to $2) on your loose Lemons & Limes Purchase valid through 7/21/2014.,  Jeanne W, PA

6403 Toys R Us (7/15/2014 1:47:55 PM):  Go to where you’ll find Crayola 4-Count Sidewalk Chalks on sale for just $0.38 (reg. $0.99). These Sidewalk Chalks are also on sale Buy 1 Get 1 50% off – that means you’ll pay just $0.57 for 2 packs making each pack only $0.29. Choose FREE in-store pickup if available at your local store; otherwise, shipping is FREE on orders of $49 (or it is a flat-rate of $7.99). Remember, go through Ebates for 2% cash back or go through for an additional 1% cash back. ,  Jeanne W, PA

6406 CVS email (7/15/2014 2:16:07 PM):  Just got an email from CVS saying I was in the top 1% of shoppers based on the amount of savings I'd accrued - along with everyone else on this board, I'm sure!!,  Nancy A. H, GA

6407 Rite Aid (7/15/2014 2:20:27 PM):  Dramamine Tablets, 8 or 12 ct $6.00, sale price through 7/19 Buy 1, Receive $6.00 Up Reward through 7/19, Limit 1 Use $0.75/1 – Dramamine Motion Sickness Tablets ( Pay $5.25, Receive $6.00 Up Reward Final Price: $0.75 Moneymaker,  Jeanne W, PA

6409 Target (7/15/2014 2:25:21 PM):  Pure Via Stevia Sweetener, 40 ct $2.29, regular price Use $1.00/1 – Pure Via Product ( And use $1.00/1 – Pure Via Sweetener, 40 or 80 ct, Target Coupon ( Final Price: $0.29,  Jeanne W, PA

6410 Target (7/15/2014 2:26:15 PM):  Buy 4 Scotch Expressions Washi Tape $2.99, regular price Buy Three Get One Free through 8/2 Use one $5.00 OFF – Scotch Expressions Tape, $10.00 or more ( ) Final Price: $0.99 each, when you buy 4,  Jeanne W, PA

6416 Thanks for AmEx info (7/15/2014 2:46:06 PM):  Thanks to the OP who described how to go onto the American Express site and get offers for cardholders. I just did the Costco offer and have already received my $25 credit. Great deal because I was desperately needing paper towel!,  Susan M, MA

6417 Red Plum Coupons (7/15/2014 2:53:30 PM):  In order for me to be able to print coupons from the Red Plum website, It wants me to install "P & H Program". Is this safe to do? Thanks,  Diane W, CT

6418 (7/15/2014 3:04:35 PM):  I asked about this website last week, and got some good info from everyone. I needed an RX for hydroquinone cream. Cash price was $90, my insurance would not cover this--they usually cover everything--I'm a teacher-we have excellent health insurance. I took in the printed info for this RX from and got the RX for $20.36. I was super happy!! Thank you to everyone for the info. Just an FYI-it did say on the coupon not good for Medicaid or Medicare recipients.,  Tammy K, MO

6424 Swagbucks Code (7/15/2014 4:29:04 PM):  OptimusMeow 5 SB before 4 PM PDT!,  Melody R, WA

6427 Land's End egift card (7/15/2014 4:39:55 PM):  Do you know if they accept a Land's End egift certificate at Kmart or Sears for anything or must it be used for Land's End merchandise only?,  Susan P, PA

6430 Rite Aid (7/15/2014 4:53:20 PM):  If you buy Gerber Graduates and buy 4 you will get a $2.00 catalina coupon on your next shopping order. Good 7/21 and 8/10.,  Jeanne W, PA

6434 Keurig (7/15/2014 5:42:37 PM):  Does anyone know of a good deal on a Keurig machine? I don't need a programmable one just the basic model.,  Cathy G, OH

6435 Freebie (7/15/2014 5:45:12 PM): Through July 31st, go here and fill out your information for a chance to score a FREE sample of Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Serum. There will be 17,000 randomly selected winners (1,000 per week over the course of 17 weeks).,  Jeanne W, PA

6436 Friskies (7/15/2014 5:47:40 PM): Go to the Friskies Facebook page, “like” them, click on the Friskies Grillers tab and scroll down to request a $2/1 Friskies Grillers cat food coupon. Please note that this coupon will be sent in the mail.,  Jeanne W, PA

6439 Enter to win (7/15/2014 5:59:57 PM): Through October 15th, go here and sign into your Cottonelle account to enter in the Cottonelle Wipe & Win Sweepstakes for a chance to be 1 of 1,000 lucky winners that will get a FREE $5 Target gift card. Please note that if you’re a winner, they will send your gift card to the registered address – so be sure that information is correct. Plus, after you enter, you’ll be able to print a coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

6440 Wheel of Fortune (7/15/2014 6:18:45 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Tuesday: QUAINT VILLAGE If your Spin Id is JA6308946, you have won $5,000 ,  Barbara L, FL

6443 $70 Ray-Bans shipped (7/15/2014 6:45:02 PM):  Wayfarers or Aviators, $69.99 with free shipping. You can pick from several different colors. B, MD

6446 ROAK: MCR (7/15/2014 7:38:39 PM):  Inside my Coke case: BPW4T9R (B may be an 8?) BN5RHWN Please post when used. Enjoy! :),  Heather G, PA

6447 $40 shipped - bamboo sheets (7/15/2014 7:38:44 PM):  Bamboo negative ion 6 pc. bed sheets, $44, then use code BRAD1943 for $4 and also get free shipping. They come in sizes full thru CA king. *I have no idea what negative ions have to do with sheets, but maybe it's a good thing. Who knows... B, MD

6450 ROAK: Shutterfly (7/15/2014 7:43:07 PM):  Received these codes in a flyer in my Kohl's card statement. Hope they will go to good use- please post when either or both have been used. Expires 9/15/14. Free 16x20 print or collage poster (shipping not included): KH37-5XRC-GV35-6YE4U8 $20 off home décor: KH36-6KNE-6RHU-F20BNN,  Heather G, PA

6454 Energizer-WM rebate (7/15/2014 8:44:53 PM):  Has anyone had the WalMart Energizer Bunny gift card been refused...unless you send a receipt and copy of the letter? I typed in the codes and they were all, several weeks later Young America sent a letter that has to be returned with a receipt...,  Sharon J, WI

6460 COUPON BOOKS (7/15/2014 9:48:16 PM):  Stock up on Enjoy the city coupon books NOW pick the 2015 National version it has Winn Dixie, Albertsons and Fresh Market coupons $5 off a $50 4 of each store. Buy 8 at $15 and you get 120 of them plus free shiping when you use Promo code TRUEQ. That makes them $1 a book can't beat that plus I saw Kmart, dicks,bucca,childrens place and many more stores.,  Jennifer S, FL

6461 Stouffers, (7/16/2014 12:40:31 AM):  a few codes, hope some one can use. NJP6 7R74 YHNK cheddar baked spud GGN9 WYF6 FG96 cheddar baked spud 40GY WR97 C47N mac/cheese ,  Alene H, VA

6465 Vigils (7/16/2014 5:29:10 AM):  I joined this, but it keeps telling me there us too much back ground noise. There us nothing else on or other noise. Anyone else use this to earn points?,  Carla B, OH

6473 MCR (7/16/2014 7:09:21 AM):  There is a .25 coupon you can print twice for Mango Powerade. Also this Friday is the last day for double on 12 pks of Fuze. Strange that the wording is all summer, but it ends in July!,  Carla B, OH

6475 Staples/paper $27.99 (7/16/2014 7:51:03 AM):  HammerMill® Copy Plus Copy Paper, 8 1/2" x 11", Case •Limit 2 •20 lb. •92 US / 104+ Euro Bright A, TX

6476 Coke Codes (Walmart) (7/16/2014 8:01:40 AM):  For Ginnie and others who may need them, here are coke codes that I wrote down. I've no idea what products they are tied to, I only wrote down the codes. 0020272700000 0020275200000 0020279200000 0068113171534 0068113191775 0068113171535 0068113191768,  Marijane W, MI

6481 Walmart/Coke Codes (7/16/2014 8:22:37 AM):  Would someone update me on how to use the Walmart codes on the coke site. I have the codes but forgot about it -old age is sitting in for real.,  Patricia D, FL

6482 MP Starfish (7/16/2014 8:39:07 AM):  Starfish is on Embassy Suites Hotels ,  Mary D, OK

6483 Mypoints (7/16/2014 8:51:11 AM):  Starfish found in Embassy Suites Hotels,  Helen F M, VA

6485 My Points Starfish (7/16/2014 8:55:30 AM):  The Starfish for today is under Embassy Suites. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

6489 $5 gift card (7/16/2014 10:02:28 AM):  I won, my son won too.,  Shirley S, OR

6491 Swagbucks Code (7/16/2014 10:18:11 AM):  WeveGotSpirit before 10am PT/1pm ET for 4 SB!,  Melody R, WA

6492 Free Redbox DVD Rental (7/16/2014 11:06:28 AM):  FREE Redbox DVD Rental when you enter code FRIENDS It can be used at a kiosk or online and is valid July 16 & July 17 only.,  Melody R, WA

6494 Pedisure (7/16/2014 11:26:43 AM):  can someone please post a link to the pedisure rebate. I searched and can not find it..Thanks ,  Sandra S, ME

6495 I WON! (7/16/2014 11:37:22 AM):  First I received an email from ePrize that I won a 6th place prize in the Mio Full Ride Sweepstakes (a $25 Amazon Gift Card) and it has shipped. Then I played the Cottonelle sweeps and won the $5 Target gift card. Not a bad start to July when I all won in June was a Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike (thanks to that reliable sweeps).,  Marion I, CA

6496 TracFone Promo Code (7/16/2014 11:39:25 AM):  Any good codes for 60 or 90 min. cards. already have the cards for my double min. phone. ,  Loraine K, AZ

6501 Dr. Pepper contest win (7/16/2014 1:05:20 PM):  I missed out on the M&M contest but found a link to a Dr. Pepper contest and won a t-shirt. It came in the mail today, XL, black, very nice quality.,  Barbara S, CA

6506 Maurices (7/16/2014 2:16:58 PM):  If you like to shop at Maurices in store or online they are having a 75% off of the lowest sale price sale right now. ,  Jeanne W, PA

6507 Dollar General (7/16/2014 2:20:17 PM):  They now have an extra 70% off Yellow Dot Summer Apparel & Shoes for the family (excludes Hanes, Gildan, Sunglasses, & $1 Flip Flops). Look for the yellow dots!,  Jeanne W, PA

6508 Target (7/16/2014 2:21:45 PM):  In addition to the $5 off a Personal Care Purchase of $15 or more and the $10 off $50 Home Purchase In-Ad Coupons at Target (starting 7/20), there will also be a $15 off Dog/Cat Purchase of $50 or more coupon. This coupon includes Food, Litter and Treats. Please note that rawhide is excluded.,  Jeanne W, PA

6509 7 Up coupons (7/16/2014 2:31:57 PM): This was odd because when I clicked on the link the message read that these coupons were no longer available. But if you scroll down there are the 3 coupons and they all printed for me. * $0.55/1 7UP Ten, A&W TEN, Canada Dry TEN, RC TEN or Sunkist TEN Soda 2-liter * $1/2 7UP Ten, A&W TEN, Canada Dry TEN, RC TEN or Sunkist TEN Soda 2 liters * $1.50/1 7UP Ten, A&W TEN, Canada Dry TEN, RC TEN or Sunkist TEN Soda 12 pack Walmart: 7UP TEN 12-pack $3 Use the $1.50/1 7UP TEN, A&W TEN or RC TEN or Canada Dry TEN 12 pack coupon found here Final cost $1.50 CVS 7UP, Canada Dry, A&W or Sunkist 2 liter bottles – Buy 1 Get 1 Free (limit 4) Deal Scenario: Buy 2 7UP TEN, A&W TEN, Canada Dry TEN, RC TEN or Sunkist TEN 2-L. bottles $2.09 each Minus Buy 1 Get 1 Free = $2.09 for both bottles Use 2 $0.55/1 7UP TEN, A&W TEN, Canada Dry TEN, RC TEN or Sunkist TEN Soda 2-liter bottles coupons found above Or use $1/2 7UP Ten, A&W TEN, Canada Dry TEN, RC TEN or Sunkist TEN Soda 2 liters coupon found above Final cost $0.99 – just $0.50 each Walgreens Dr Pepper, 7 Up, A&W, Sunkist, Canada Dry or Hawaiian Punch $1 Use $0.55/1 7UP TEN, A&W TEN, Canada Dry TEN, RC TEN or Sunkist TEN Soda 2-liter bottles coupon found above Or use $1/2 7UP Ten, A&W TEN, Canada Dry TEN, RC TEN or Sunkist TEN Soda 2 liters coupon found above Final Cost $0.45!,  Jeanne W, PA

6511 CVS starts 7/20 (7/16/2014 2:39:34 PM):  Michele has listed in her todays update for these Dial coupons to print. Dial Complete Hand Wash 7.5 oz. 2/$4 = $2 Ecb Use $1/2 Dial Complete Hand Wash coupon Pay $3 Get back a $2 Ecb (limit 1) Final cost $1 - $0.50 each. Dial body wash 16 oz. or Bar Soap 6 pk. 2/$6 = $2 Ecb Use the $2/2 Dial Body Washes or Bar Soaps coupon Pay $4 Get back a $2 Ecb (limit 1) Final Cost $2 – $1 each!* * Get $1 from Ibotta when you purchase Dial Body Wash making the final cost just 50¢ each.,  Jeanne W, PA

6512 Target (7/16/2014 2:42:57 PM):  Deal Scenario: Buy 4 Up & Up Liquid Hand Soap 7.5 oz $0.97 Total = $3.88 Minus the buy 3 get 1 FREE sale = $2.91 Use the $0.50/1 Up & Up Soap or Body Wash Purchase $2 or more Target Mobile Coupon (text OFFERS to 827438) Plus, use the 5% Off Up & Up Hand Soap Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.12) Final cost $2.29 total, $0.57 each. Buy 4 Up & Up Nail Polish Remover $0.97 each Total = $3.88 Minus the buy 3 get 1 FREE sale = $2.91 Use the $0.50/1 Up & Up nail care purchase of $2 or more Target coupon found on Target site Final cost $2.29 total, $0.57 each. Buy Guldens Spicy Brown Mustard 12 oz $1.27 = FREE Market Pantry BBQ Sauce ($1.32 value) (Sale Valid thru 8/2) Total for both = $1.27 Use the 15% Off Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.19) Pay $1.08 Earn $0.25 back via SavingStar for purchasing Gulden’s Mustard Final cost only $0.83 for both,  Jeanne W, PA

6513 Kmart (7/16/2014 2:45:19 PM):  Kmart is currently offering an additional 75% off already reduced clearance games and toys. And beach towels are 50% off with prices ranging from $2.99 to $7.99.,  Jeanne W, PA

6514 Staples (7/16/2014 2:47:36 PM):  Go to where they are offering this Staples Stiner Fabric Managers Chair in Black for only $39.99 (regularly $99.99) after instant savings.,  Jeanne W, PA

6515 Sample (7/16/2014 2:50:42 PM): Go to the TUMS Facebook page, “like” them and then click on the Tums Chewies Giveaway tab to get a FREE sample of Tums Chewy Delights.,  Jeanne W, PA

6517 Enter to win (7/16/2014 2:54:36 PM): Through July 26th, Kroger and affiliate shoppers can go here, select their store, and then sign-in or register to play the Kroger Rocks Back to School Instant Win Game & Sweepstakes for a chance to win Groceries for a Year (a $2,400 value) or 4 tickets to a One Direction Concert (33 winners). PLUS – there are a ton of awesome instant win prizes consisting of 6,000 manufacturers coupons valid for a FREE Mondelçz product (valued at up to $3.89 each) AND 200 will win a $25 Kroger’s Gift Card. Coupons and Gift Cards will automatically be loaded to your current Plus Card account and applied to your next purchase of the specified product when you present your Plus Card at checkout.,  Jeanne W, PA

6518 Fischer Price coupons (7/16/2014 2:57:30 PM): Ex. 07-31-14 (may depend on when you print them) Print limit is two of each $3 off Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks $2 off Rock-a-Stack Toy $3 off Brilliant Basic Corn Popper Toy $5 off any Little People Fun Sounds Farm $4 off any Brilliant Basics Classic Xylophone $3 off any Silly Sounds Puzzle $5 off any Little People Lil’ Movers School Bus $5 off any Little People Lil’ Movers Airplane $5 off any Little People Tow‘n Pull Tractor Toy $3 off any Little People All Around Car $3 off any Little People Spin ‘n Fly Helicopter Toy $3 off any Little People Dump Truck,  Jeanne W, PA

6520 Kozy Shack (7/16/2014 3:08:39 PM): Print a $.75/1 Kozy Shack pudding coupon. Weis Markets sells this in individual cups for $.80 so free with the coupon doubled.,  Jeanne W, PA

6522 Tai Pei Free Coupon (7/16/2014 3:40:49 PM):  Lot os discussion about peeople getting Tai Pei coupon in mail. The free coupon was for a customize your entree kit. You bought 4 different Tai pei ingredients of your choosing. Then heated them together for your customized entree is being marketed in selected WalMart Supercenters in the midwest. You had to register for this free coupon. I think Michele listed it in one of her Web editorials. When many of us registered for it, we were told product wasn't available in our area!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

6530 $98 - 3.5 cu. ft. mini fridge (7/16/2014 5:14:58 PM):  Stainless Magic Chef mini fridge, was $159, now $98(other colors are higher): Free in store pick up. You can get 5% back thru ShopDiscover, or 2% back thru Ebates.,  Tricia B, MD

6534 $74 - Las Vegas hotel w/ break (7/16/2014 6:08:07 PM):  The Palms Casino Hotel for $74 Sunday thru Thursday ($49 + $25 resort fee). Includes daily breakfast buffet and other freebies. $89 - $119 on weekends. Gets good reviews on B, MD

6535 Wheel of Fortune (7/16/2014 6:26:50 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Wednesday: GROUNDHOG If your Spin Id is RA8148619, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

6536 (7/16/2014 6:39:27 PM):  Is anyone else having trouble printing for web site. I pick the coupons and then click print and nothing prints. Any help would be great. thanks,  Georgia M, IA

6542 Surprise (7/16/2014 8:10:28 PM):  Got a nice surprise this afternoon when the Fed-Ex guy brought me a big pink box. It was the summer fun package from my Banana Boat win. When I won, I got an email but it did not say what my prize was. I knew it wasn't the movie tickets because I never got a code, so I knew it was going to be one of the gift cards, (was hoping for the $50) or the summer package. It is very nice. Supposed to be worth over $200.And it came fast as I only won on June 29. ,  Anne W. W, GA

6543 $40 shipped - Oakley sunglasses (7/16/2014 8:28:35 PM):  Oakley MPH Beckon, $39.99 (reg. $110): Oakley MPH Pampered, $42.99 (reg. $110): Lots of other (namebrand) sunglasses on sale also.,  Tricia B, MD

6545 $799 fall 7 nt. cruise + $200 credit (7/16/2014 8:41:14 PM):  •$799 ... Roundtrip Fort Lauderdale on Allure of the Seas Depart Sept. 7, 14, 21, 28 •$849 ...Roundtrip Port Canaveral on Freedom of the Seas Depart Aug. 24; +$50 Aug. 10, 17 With this deal, score $200 in onboard credit per cabin, prepaid gratuities and dinner at a specialty restaurant (a total value of $428). Plus tax. Book by July 18. B, MD

6546 Sonic (7/16/2014 9:12:40 PM):  All day the 23rd all American hotdogs $1,  Judy B B, LA

6547 landline phone (7/16/2014 10:01:00 PM):  I currently have Verizon for my home phone. The bill is over $50 without any long distance calls. Any suggestions for an affordable home phone. I would like to be able to talk to the kids when I am away from home and it not cost a fortune.,  Kim T, MD

6549 At Rite Aid (7/17/2014 12:03:08 AM):  does anyone know if NYC lip is tracing? I need a little more for the 5.00 to get my 2. up.,  Janice L, WA

6555 Petco (7/17/2014 7:15:02 AM):  I got an email with $5 off $35 or more and free shipping today only. It sounds like only things apply. I want to get canned catfood and I get the feeling its only certain (expensive) brands How does that work?,  Judy B B, LA

6557 All You magazine (7/17/2014 7:44:22 AM):  Would whoever posted the code, to get All You magazine, for $1 an issue, please repost it. I can't find it, and I need to order the magazine. TIA,  Carol S, PA

6560 My Points Starfish (7/17/2014 8:24:36 AM):  The starfish is under Keurig today. Yay! 50 points for me after days of 0!,  Mary C, SC

6561 Swagbucks (7/17/2014 8:26:19 AM):  I am trying to do my NOSO path and there is a shaded part over where I am supposed to enter the Captcha. Anyone have any idea how I get by this?,  Carla B, OH

6562 mypoints (7/17/2014 8:35:53 AM):  Starfish is found at Keurig,  Helen F M, VA

6563 $15 Adidas Merch. code (7/17/2014 8:36:28 AM):  This expires on 7/26. Please post if used. Go to : and order only Adidas merchandise. Or you can phone in your order to: 1-800-934-3876. Code #: PE18550370222755 Again, this is for $15 off Adidas merchandise.,  Pat B, DE

6564 Prevacid $4 cpn Where? (7/17/2014 8:39:36 AM):  On Mon. I used a $4 Prevacid cpn at Rite Aid, but it's not in the database. I'm quite sure it's still good and need another bottle or 2. Anyone know where this one was? Thanks.,  Pat B, DE

6566 Cinemark (7/17/2014 8:49:29 AM):  Those that are signed up with this, be sure to click on as many theatres as it will allow you too as you will get a coupon for each one. If you have a large bunch going to the movies, it pays off!!,  Carla B, OH

6567 crest whitestrips (7/17/2014 8:52:09 AM):  Does anyone know where I can find coupons or rebates for crest white stripes?,  Carolyn S, IL

6569 Michael's 25% off entire purchase (7/17/2014 9:15:51 AM):  Go to and you can print out a coupon for 25% off your entire purchase, including sale items! Use code SALE25A for online purchases. B, MD

6575 Fountain of Youth Code (7/17/2014 9:55:25 AM):  For Gifthulk personaly for the first 25,000 users, worth 25 HC.,  Melody R, WA

6576 Free flag w/ purchase (7/17/2014 10:13:37 AM):  Free 12 x 18 American flag or car flag with purchase of 5 quarts of Valvoline oil: You can either mail in or upload a picture of your receipt.,  Tricia B, MD

6580 Bev and family (7/17/2014 10:36:25 AM):  How fun! Thanks for the picture!,  Deb H, VA

6581 Kroger (7/17/2014 10:37:44 AM):  My store had Popsicles for $1.00. They were the red flavor only.,  Cathy G, OH

6582 Kellogg's Family Rewards code (7/17/2014 10:40:55 AM):  This 100 point code is from Facebook and is good for all: TOTALLYHOTSUMMER,  Mary C, SC

6583 Keurig (7/17/2014 10:42:59 AM):  I posted the other day looking for a deal on a Keurig machine. Yesterday I went through Ebates & Kmart. They were offering 6% back. I found a Mr. Coffee machine that takes k-cups on sale for $79.99. I got free shipping & will earn $10.** for using my sywr card.,  Cathy G, OH

6586 Kelloggs Rewards win (7/17/2014 11:00:05 AM):  I opened my e-mail this morning to find that I had won a $100 GC from the Kelloggs game. If you win--BE VERY CAREFUL when you get your code to redeem. I printed the info on the page--but at the very top was a button that said BUY. I just assumed it was to confirm my GC--but instead I had bought a $49 software thingy that I did not want--had to write to cancel-they would not until I filled out a letter of destruction & faxed or emailed it back to them. I finally was able to cancel-so just be very careful when claiming your GC. I have won several-had no problems claiming them-this is the first problem I have had. ANYWAY-the $100 GC is resting comfortably in my amazon account!!,  Marcella B. B, TX

6587 Just got an iPhone - need best shopping apps (7/17/2014 11:02:20 AM):  I just got an iPhone and there is a big learning curve! I know people have been using apps to save on groceries and other things - what are the best apps out there? Is there a tutorial for each of them so I know how they work? Some I've heard of are Favado, Checkout51, Target Cartwheel, etc. What are some others? TIA!,  Deborah S, FL

6592 kelloggs code (7/17/2014 11:24:39 AM):  TOTALLYHOTSUMMER kelloggs facebook free code 100pts!,  Joan D, IL

6595 I WON!!! (7/17/2014 11:54:27 AM):  I enter alot of sweeps & IWG's and finally won a very nice prize. I got an email that I was the 3rd person out of 6 that won from "T-fal Optigrill Six Weeks of Sizzling Giveaways": --- Ultimate T-fal OptiGrill Grilling Prize Packages valued at $500 and filled with all of the essentials one might need for throwing the perfect indoor BBQ (including a T-fal OptiGrill, T-fal Meat Tenderizer, a signed copy of Chef Tim Love’s cookbook "Tim Love on the Lonesome Dove Trail" - AND Tim Love's secret rub recipe.) I went to the site and can't believe what all this grill will do, can't wait to start cooking with it! T-fal Optigrill - - - - - They sent an email yesterday to let me know that it has been shipped! Wooohooo! ,  Teresa H, AR

6598 Swagbucks teams (7/17/2014 12:06:02 PM):  I've been trying to sign up for a Swagbucks 'team'...tried thru the email, blog and link on FB...can't do it..what is the secret? Also, I keep getting a message to update my browser..I have Vista and cannot update IE and have tried with FF and Chrome and it hasn't worked...what am I doing wrong?,  Sharon J, WI

6601 Lego Movie coupon (7/17/2014 12:19:31 PM):  I was just sent this Bricks coupon for $5 off the purchase of the Lego movie. =&cl=&cp=&eb=&c=RB&p=46214641&z=&r=&pc=&tc=,  Alisa G, DE

6607 Redbox (7/17/2014 12:45:53 PM):  Today only, Redbox is offering a FREE 1-night DVD Rental whenever you text THURSDAY to 727272 on your cell phone. Afterwards, you will receive a unique code good for a FREE DVD rental, valid at and at your local Redbox kiosk. If you’re already signed up to receive Redbox texts, be sure to check your phone as you may have already received your unique code.,  Jeanne W, PA

6608 I won! (7/17/2014 12:56:01 PM):  I just a $5 Target gift card via this Cottonelle sweepstakes. 1,000 people will win. Check it out! http://wipeandwin.cottonelle.comAlisa G, DE

6615 Dole juice (7/17/2014 1:09:19 PM): Print a Dole 6pk 6oz or 45oz Canned Juice $.35/1 coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

6616 Target (7/17/2014 1:12:12 PM):  Buy 4 Tampax Radiant Tampons, 18 ct $3.99, regular price Use one $5.00/1 Personal Care Purchase, $15.00 or more, Target Mobile Coupon (exp 7/26) Text CARE to 827438 And use four $2.00/1 – Tampax Pearl or Radiant Tampon, 16 ct or larger from PG 7/6 Final Price: $0.74 each, when you buy 4,  Jeanne W, PA

6617 Favado app (7/17/2014 1:16:14 PM):  I am stuck on the page where you select the stores, it won't go anywhere now help!!,  Carla B, OH

6619 Target (7/17/2014 1:19:23 PM):  Buy 3 Sally Hansen Nail Files (reg $1.00) $0.70, clearance price Use one $1.00 OFF – Sally Hansen Beauty Tools Purchase, $2.00 or more ( Final Price: $0.37 each, when you buy 3,  Jeanne W, PA

6623 ? Coke Rewards Beta (7/17/2014 1:33:40 PM):  I received an invite to join beta version of my coke rewards its seems there's multiple steps has anyone else had problems completing membership it keeps telling me my email can't verify my email any suggestion appreciated I've been a member of the old version for several years,  Debra A, NC

6624 Kroger (7/17/2014 1:37:49 PM):  Has 2 pack of Dial bar soap on sale for $1.00 this week. Ibotta has $1.00 back,I think.,  Cathy G, OH

6625 Walgreens/Glade (7/17/2014 1:57:08 PM):  I don't have a smart phone so I wont be trying it but boy! that's a lot of hoops to have to jump through. I'm looking forward to the posts that say it was successful,  Judy B B, LA

6627 Free Glasses (7/17/2014 1:58:24 PM):  A while back, Michelle posted in her updates that was running a promotion for a free pair of glasses. I just recently had an updated eye exam, asked for a copy of the prescription, and took advantage of their offer to receive your first pair of glasses free. This is for select frames only, but there were about 18 pages of frames to choose from. I paid for shipping and a $6 handling fee, for a total of $16.10 shipped. My vision insurance pays for the exam, but they only offer partial coverage for frames and lenses, so I saved over $100. The glasses are great, I really love them! I had tried some frames on at the eye doctor, so I knew what shape I was looking for. It only took 2 days to receive them, they are nicer than what the eye dr. had to offer, and I'm really happy! this offer includes only the very basic lenses and does not include bi-focals. You cannot return the free glasses, but I figured if they weren't right, I was only out $16. They really are perfect!,  Dana L, PA

6634 Amazon scrub tops (7/17/2014 2:48:32 PM):  I got my Amazon scrub tops today! They are amazing quality - paid .25 each for 4 of them, and .14 for the 5th! If I worked in a field where I needed them, I would have bought many more! The only thing is, the invoice says I was billed $113.95. So...I'm going to just make sure only the $1.14 is billed (I see the Amazon charge for $1.14 - just want to be sure no other charges for the difference show up!). Great quality, and they don't look like traditional scrub tops, so I may even wear them when I'm out and about (love the pockets and comfort!).,  Lisa S, OH

6635 Pinecone Rewards (7/17/2014 2:55:47 PM):  I could use some input from you all. I have a pile of credits from Pinecone and signed up when it was for $$. I want to redeem them for cash and I'm almost certain I've seen someone post that if you signed up under the old arrangement--cash--you still can specify that. I could use some backup here in case I am told differently. TIA!,  Jeanne E, IL

6636 M&Ms (7/17/2014 2:57:10 PM):  Tried entering the code I was given to and it says it's invalid- it needs to be 14 spaces, my code was only 12. Any ideas what to do? TIA,  Diane J. D, ME

6644 Savingstar, Ibotta, Checkout 51 (7/17/2014 3:34:10 PM):  I have a question regarding all of these saving places, Do you have to cash out when you hit $20? I am wanting to leave it in there till it reaches $100 and then take out. Anyone know? TIA,  Cyndie R, FL

6645 Alcohol Rebates (7/17/2014 3:34:25 PM):  Could someone please tell me where the alcohol rebate list is? We moved to a state that participates.,  Charlotte W, TX

6654 All You Magazine (7/17/2014 3:58:12 PM):  I saw them at Smith's (Kroger owned), a few weeks ago, in a special magazine rack, over by the newspaper stands. Recently they were moved elsewhere that I never found. I didn't look on the regular magazine rack. I was surprised as Wal-Mart has been the only store around here that's sold them for the last few years.,  Ellen T. H, NV

6656 Halo Pets Food C/o's (7/17/2014 4:01:20 PM):  I found in my email where Halo Pets has several coupons for their pet foods. Their newsletter said their pet food has never been recalled. Go to their website & look for c/o's, . One of their c/o's is a $1.00/1, another is $2.00/1, etc.,  Ellen T. H, NV

6658 Bob Evans Restaurant (7/17/2014 4:05:07 PM):  I got an email from Bob Evans Restaurant saying for the whole month of July, children eat free, weekdays, all day (Dine in only & 1 childs entree with the purchase of an adult entree, not available with any other offers or discounts.) The newsletter also said to 'Stop by every Tuesday night, for special activites.',  Ellen T. H, NV

6663 All You (7/17/2014 5:12:47 PM):  I had signed up to be an All You reality checker. Today I got a link in my email to get All You for $5.00 a year. If you want this magazine try signing up.,  Jeanne W, PA

6664 Free book (7/17/2014 5:16:45 PM): Go here and log in/register to request a completely FREE hardcover copy of Safe in the Arms of God by John MacArthur – a $16 value (no credit card required.). This same book is selling for over $14 on Amazon and has excellent reviews. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. In his book Safe in the Arms of God, John MacArthur offers biblical comfort to parents grieving the death of an infant, small child, or mentally disabled adult child incapable of exercising faith in the Lord Jesus. The book also features real-life encouragement from Christian couples who have lost children and have found true peace—even joy—through faith in Christ.,  Jeanne W, PA

6666 Target (7/17/2014 5:20:01 PM): If you’re a fan of Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program, did you know that is offering up a similar subscription program? To get started, simply head over here and shop for eligible subscription items – choose from baby, household, grocery, beauty, home/office, pet items and more. Once you find an item you like, choose how often you’d like to receive your order (you can cancel at any time) and complete your purchase. for the next few days (through 7/19), is offering 20% off all subscriptions (normally only a 5% discount). In addition to this 20% off discount, items you “subscribe” to will be shipped for FREE. And if you have a Target REDCard, you will also receive your normal 5% off discount.,  Jeanne W, PA

6667 Shout Pet Spray C/o's (7/17/2014 5:20:55 PM):  Got this in an email: These coupons are only for Pet Smart stores, both expire 8/31/14. One for $1.00/1 Shout Pet Product & 1 is for $2.50 off any gallon of Shout Pet Product @ .,  Ellen T. H, NV

6668 Target (7/17/2014 5:37:54 PM):  Select Up & Up Products, Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Deal Scenario: Buy 4 packs of Up & Up Facial Cleansing Wipes 25-count $1.14 each (Reg. $3.84) Total after buy 3 get 1 FREE sale = $3.42 for all 4 packs Use the 5% off Up & Up facial cleansing wipes Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.17) Plus, use the $1/1 Up & Up Face Product Target Mobile Coupon (text OFFERS to 827438) Final cost $2.25 total, just $0.56 per pack.,  Jeanne W, PA

6669 Mattel's Share the Play (7/17/2014 5:41:40 PM):  I got an email from Mattel saying "Make a purchase on & we'll donate a toy to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America "Share the Play". Mattel is having their 'Christmas in July' promo with 20 o/o off sitewide. Also, at Mattel's site, it says "sign up for emails & get 15 o/o off your 1st order".,  Ellen T. H, NV

6671 HEB (7/17/2014 5:45:10 PM): Ex. 07-31-14 (print limit is two of each) Buy one get one free HEB or Central Market Frozen Vegetables $4 off $15 or more in HEB Fully Cooked Meals $2 off any $5 of or more in Frozen Bread (any brand) $3 off $8 or more in HEB or Central Market Frozen Fruit $2 off $8 or more in Frozen Desserts (any brand) (includes ice cream, pies or novelties),  Jeanne W, PA

6673 Rio (7/17/2014 6:01:09 PM):  I got a text saying my DD won the Rio soccer ball. I went to the link to fill out the info & it said sweepstakes was over. ,  Cathy G, OH

6675 Reames Presto Pasta c/o (7/17/2014 6:09:28 PM):  @ : $1.00/1 Reames Presto Pasta (frzn. foods section of grocery store) (I hope this hyperlinks).,  Ellen T. H, NV

6680 ShopRite (7/17/2014 6:41:57 PM):  Despite every Customer Service Person I've spoken with telling me the doubling up to .99 promo is long over, all my .75 coupons are still doubling to 1.50. I show them the proof on my receipts, they are perplexed. I cant imagine I'm the only one who has noticed this. Today the CS Rep just shrugged and said maybe your just Some Nice deals today :) Chicken of the Sea 5oz Tuna in water is .59 limit 4 There is a .75/3 cans printable at I printed 4 coupons (2 computers) and got 12 cans. 4x.59= $2.36 8x.80=$6.40 TOTAL= $8.76 minus my four doubled .75/3 ($6.00) equals OOP $2.76 or .23 a can. If I just got 3 cans at .59 =1.77 minus .75/3 doubled OOP .27 for 3 cans. Dunkin Donuts New coffee creamer is on sale for $2.99. has .75/1 AND there is a load to card .75/1 coupon. I bought 2 and used 2 coupons AND the digital coupon actually came off this time...usually they don't stack for me. SO OOP for 2 bottles $2.23,  Laurie D, DE

6681 Wheel of Fortune (7/17/2014 6:50:24 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Thursday: FLOOR WAX. Wheel was not shown in our area tonight. I got the final puzzle from another website and unfortunately, they do not show the Spin ID. Sorry,  Barbara L, FL

6682 restaurant help (7/17/2014 7:03:10 PM):  hi, i'm going to vir.beach in a few weeks and was wondering if there are any rest. coupons out there, chain rest. are fine too. I just need help thanks. ,  Kathy S, NY

6685 Saving Star (7/17/2014 8:01:19 PM):  Now includes Walgreen's, and other stores. ,  William M. M, FL

6689 Jeanne E, Il Pinecone Rewards (7/17/2014 8:51:15 PM):  Bumping Up - Jeanne if you want to change from check to pay pal contact Karen Scott. She will change the processing procedure on your account.,  Carlene C, OK

6690 CVS (7/17/2014 8:52:19 PM):  Thanks for the heads up about automotive products 75% off. I went to one that had the 75% off signs. The only thing I got was CA tire gauge for 59c. I went next to the CVS near me where the signs still said 50% but scanned at 75% We got Gumout fuel injector, Armour All wheel cleaner, Rainex never fog towels, ATC fuse assortment, CA mirror adhesive (for when your rear view mirror comes unglued from your windshield). Also saw but didn't buy, pink ribbon air freshener. On a display near the automotive stuff, Farberware bottle opener also 75% off. ,  Judy B B, LA

6691 Wins today (7/17/2014 8:56:37 PM):  Lucky day for me today: $5 Target gift card from the Cottonelle contest $6 from Mars contest - applied it to my cable bill $50 gift card from the Retail Me Not contest...said I would recieve my $50 gift card good at the retailer I selected when I registered...don't remember whic retailer I selected so it will be a surprise! Don't give up on those Instant Wins!!,  Debra J. L, MI

6692 Walgreens (7/17/2014 9:06:00 PM):  I went to Walgreens to get the Nestle bars. It was not one I usually don't go to except on Thurs. nights. However, I usually have my Walgreens shopping done by Thursday, unless I wasn't able to find something. I had 3 of the 50cent coupons and I had a 55cent coupon off one Butterfinger (also on sale) that I got from a tear pad somewhere. First she did something (I don't know what), like she had to go look if the price was right, like she made a mistake or something. After she rang me up (finally) I gave her my coupons and she said, "You can't use all these coupons." I said, "Why not?" So she showed me where it said "limit one" so I said, "Oh, you mean I have to do this three times." There was a line. She said she would try it and see, and it took off all 4 coupons. So I got 7 candy bars for 68cents plus tax. I thought she might say I couldn't use the 55cent coupon since it was over the price and I know they no longer price modify. So if you have any of those Butterfinger coupons see if you can't use them. If you have a coupon friendly store (is there such a thing as a coupon friendly Walgreen?) you could actually use one for every two bars and get three bars for 12 cents plus tax.,  Donna E, FL

6696 Coke rewards (7/17/2014 10:42:46 PM):  If I input 9 caps and 9 Wal Mart codes, shouldn't I get 90 extra points. On my account I got 30 and on my husbands nothing. Any help would be appreciated.,  Barbara M, MI

6703 Stouffers, (7/18/2014 3:36:50 AM):  anyone want to try these codes? JTHXRG9PY4FP SPINADH SOUFFLE CYFWRXP06PN9 STUFFED PEPPER YFCXKFWXYPCK STUFFED PEPPER,  Alene H, VA

6704 Annaheim & LA, CA (7/18/2014 4:13:21 AM):  Hi, We are finally going to California with my coupon/refund savings! Can someone suggest a good mid-priced hotel in walking distance to Disneyland. We also want to go to LA but aren't sure if we should stay in Annaheim & take trips in, or move to a hotel in or around the city. Anyone have tips/suggestions for a family of 2 adults, 3 teenagers for attractions? Thank you for any help. Can you tell I'm excited? It was a tough year & we all NEED this vacation.,  Regina R, NY

6707 RAOK (7/18/2014 5:14:15 AM):  Brisk Bodega code V73VP KPMP7,  William M. M, FL

6708 Friday freebies (7/18/2014 5:44:22 AM):  Kroger has a 2 liter of A&W,Sunkist,Dr. Pepper or 7up 10. Savingstar has Keebler or Cheez-it snack cup.,  Cathy G, OH

6712 Arlene - WOF (7/18/2014 7:32:31 AM):  Thanks for posting the WOF Spin Id.,  Barbara L, FL

6714 Weight Watchers Promotion (7/18/2014 8:05:33 AM):  Has anyone else had a problem receiving their rebate from the Weight Watchers "Tasting is Believing Challenge?" My submission was over 2 months ago and I have no way to contact them. Any help would be appreciated.,  Susan G, PA

6715 My Points Starfish (7/18/2014 8:18:06 AM):  The My Points Starfish is under Michael's today. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

6716 Mypoints Starfish (7/18/2014 8:28:11 AM):  is at Michael's Stores today. I won 5 points. Got 50 points on Wed., which was my birthday!,  Paula T. T, TN

6718 My Points Starfish... (7/18/2014 8:38:07 AM): at Michaels (arts & crafts) today. I have won 3 out of 5 times since the Instant Win started - each win was 5 pts. Glad to hear that some of you are scoring the 50 pts ! :) Good Luck everyone!,  Marilyn P, CA

6719 Saving Star Friday Freebie ? (7/18/2014 8:44:29 AM):  Save 100% when you buy any ONE (1) Keebler® or Cheez-It® Snack Cup (2.2 - 3.0 oz.). Check back every Friday for a new Freebie! Expires 7/20/2014,  Marilyn P, CA

6722 Mars Contest (7/18/2014 9:03:45 AM):  I have five wins for the contest that I am unable to submit to my cable bill. I have successfully submitted three times before but with the same information, I keep getting that my account is not verified with the provider. Has anyone else encountered this with the cable submission? I don't understand why it worked before and doesn't work now. I am working with Dish Network. ,  Marian N, OH

6723 Advice (7/18/2014 9:16:48 AM):  I could use a little input here. I am making a DVD for my class reunion. I have scanned the photos etc. I have music to go along. Is there anyone on this board (off topic and also chat) who has made a DVD with photos AND the music. It almost seems simple but I think I might be making it too easy. I am getting a bit beside myself. Please….. anyone here put music AND photos to a DVD and gave it out to friends or family Any advice would be grateful appreciated. ,  Nancee H, IN

6724 Amazon 90 % coupon (7/18/2014 9:18:58 AM):  Did anyone get an email saying they won a 90% off coupon from Amazon? It says it expires in 24 hours. Is it trick?,  Cheryl L, IL

6725 Oxi Clean - Target (7/18/2014 9:21:28 AM):  The Gurnee, IL store had Oxi Clean this morning if anyone still needs it. They also get another truck if you go when the store opens you may still be able to get some.,  Cheryl L, IL

6726 Kmart (7/18/2014 9:25:40 AM):  If you are thinking of buying from there here is what I found. 5% in points when you use a Kmart credit card. Free shipping with orders $59 or more. $10/$75 or more. 5% off on appliances. 6% cash back through Ebates.,  Cathy G, OH

6727 CVS clearance (7/18/2014 9:38:00 AM):  Spotted on clearance at CVS this morning- Olay Professional Pro X Even Skin Tone, Carmex lip conditioner orange flavor,Cold-Eeze old-Eeze Daytime Nighttime Cold Remedy and Natural Immunity, Zicam Ultra 18 Crystals, NyQuil 2 packs of Cold & Flu, Ricola Lemon Mint, Ludens Sugar Free Wild Cherry, and a few Robitussin liquids,  William M. M, FL

6729 CVS tuna (7/18/2014 10:00:22 AM):  CVS has tuna on sale 4/$3=75¢each. If you pulled any of the 55¢ Bumble Bee tuna coupons from Publix the cans are 20¢ each. They scan fine, no beeping. Good deal to me.,  Virginia V, FL

6733 Ladies Home Journal (7/18/2014 11:14:21 AM):  Yesterday I received a copy of Parents Magazine along with a letter that states Ladies Home Journal is not going to be home delivered anymore and they are completing my subscription with Parents. I really do not want Parents so I called this morning and the other choices are Better Homes and Gardens, Everyday with Rachel Ray and Family Circle. She was very happy to exchange Parents for one I would like better. She also said that Ladies Home Journal would now be quarterly and available at the newstand only.,  Sue B, MI

6735 Michele's Updates - Macys Ibotta (7/18/2014 11:17:26 AM):  On Michele's Updates for today there is an offer for $10 off a $100 Macy's online purchase thru Ibotta. How do I do this? I made a purchase this morning before I knew about this offer and while I do have Ibotta I have not yet used it. Thanks for any help.,  Shelby P, IA

6736 I won! (7/18/2014 11:19:14 AM):  I followed the link to the Cottonelle game on Michele's update and won a $5 Target gift card on my very first try. I don't think I've ever won from one of these types of games although I try a lot. I'm very happy!,  Susan M, MA

6740 Giant,DE,MD etc. (7/18/2014 11:58:17 AM):  today at giant I got Honey Nut Cheerios for $1.77 minus the doubled 50-cent cpn, 77 cents. Poptarts are 3/$5, so the new Wild Cherry Frosted ones were 67 cents with a recent 50-cent insert cpn. and bananas are 49 cents a lb.,  Pat B, DE

6741 Disposable Eye Patches (7/18/2014 12:00:17 PM):  DGD needs the stick on disposable kind of eye patches. They re $8.99 at Rite Aid, so even with gold disc., that's pricy. I tried Dollar Tree, but they don't have them. (Stocked up on their version of Benadryl and Sudafed while I was there.) ShopRite doesn't carry them. Where should I look? DD is away and I know she doesn't pay that much. Thanks.,  Pat B, DE

6743 SavingStar Peter Pan (7/18/2014 12:04:05 PM):  I bought Peter Pan peanut butter for $1.39 at ShopRite this week, but it hasn't posted to my SS acct. & I bought it on Mon. Anyone else buy it there and get the credit?,  Pat B, DE

6746 Enter to win (7/18/2014 12:31:38 PM): Through 8PM PST tonight (that’s 11PM EST), go to the Physician’s Formula Facebook page, “like” them and click on the Promotions tab to enter to win one of 500 Shimmer Strips All-in-1 Nude Palette for Face & Eyes.,  Jeanne W, PA

6747 CoffeeMate (7/18/2014 12:33:31 PM): Go to the Coffee-Mate Facebook page to print a $1/1 Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

6748 Sample (7/18/2014 12:39:36 PM): Go to the Target Sample Spot where you can request a FREE sample of Weleda Skin Food. Simply answer the questions and complete the form. You should receive your free sample in 3-5 weeks.,  Jeanne W, PA

6751 Rebate form (7/18/2014 12:56:52 PM): Kids N Pets Instant Stain Removal ~ Free Bottle by Mail In Rebate. You have to like them then click on “free KNP” on the left menu. Click on form. Form states Form expires 30 day after liking them but I see no other expiration date on the form. One per household, address, or person.,  Jeanne W, PA

6752 M&M game (7/18/2014 1:05:14 PM):  I am so loving this!! By the next time we get a bill, pretty sure there won't be one!! Also, I got NFL Sunday ticket free last year and just called retention department and got it free again this year! So if you gave Directv, give them a call!!,  Carla B, OH

6754 Printing Coupons (7/18/2014 1:10:26 PM):  Has anyone else been having problems printing Target coupons the last week or so. I haven't been able to and I'm just wondering if it's my computer or a Target issue.,  Beverly C, TX

6759 Pensacola and surrounding areas (7/18/2014 1:51:59 PM):  Gulf Coast Panhandlers Sweepers club meeting Saturday July 19 at 11:30 at Ryans Hwy 29 ( Ensley) next to Walmart.Come join us!,  Gerry P, FL

6769 Swagbucks Code (7/18/2014 3:23:24 PM):  HogWild for 3sb before 3PM PDT!,  Melody R, WA

6772 Instant win (7/18/2014 4:26:23 PM): Through June 30th, 2015, head over here and click the Get Started button to enter the 100 Ways to Get Glad Instant Win Game. Note that you will need to register/log into your account and then view, share, or like the different items on the page 3 times for a chance to win. In addition to being entered to win a $10-$500 digital Visa gift card, you may instantly win one of 7,500+ coupons valid for up to $3 off Glad Trash Products. Enter once daily.,  Jeanne W, PA

6777 Pillsbury cookies (7/18/2014 4:54:18 PM): Print a $1 off any One Package of Pillsbury Ready to Bake Melts Cookies coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

6778 Walgreens Aquafina 20 oz (7/18/2014 5:22:05 PM):  When you buy 1 at Walgreens, the 20 oz Aquafina waters are ringing up for $1 and printing out a $1 RR.,  William M. M, FL

6782 Harbor Freight Tools (7/18/2014 5:44:36 PM):  If you have a Harbor Freight Tools, you might want to go to and print the freebie coupons. I went there today and was told you can get six different free items per visit. Today I got a 5x7 tarp, a tape measure, a screwdriver set, a pair of scissors, a multifunction meter to test electric outlets and a 24 pack of AAA batteries for free, not even any tax. Total value $41.74.,  Vicki R, AL

6785 Wheel of Fortune (7/18/2014 6:16:24 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Friday: HOLD THE PHONE. If your Spin Id is DF7962492, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

6786 have a question, about stockpile sales (7/18/2014 6:41:09 PM):  I have been getting mixed signals about selling my stock pile items. Is it legal or not ? I dont want to be breaking any laws. I feel it isnt but just these certain people are territorial and prejudice but want to know can any one tell me for sure? thanks for the help. ,  Sara B, KY

6787 Walgreens receipt (7/18/2014 6:48:10 PM):  RFN# 0966-9218-8657-1407-1503 $8.85 7/15/14 Nice product,  Edna B, OH

6788 Yard Sale Tomorrow (7/18/2014 6:55:09 PM):  Saturday 8 to 3 pm at #10 Saco Street in Scarborough ME, between Rt 114 and County Rd. Lots of the usual coupon items. Anyone in the area, please stop by and visit. Also a moving sale for the owner of the house. I'm just joining him. ,  Cheryl C, ME

6793 Maxwell House (7/18/2014 8:55:19 PM):  The coupon for CVS was one that had come from the red machine a while ago.They took expired.I am glad I only bought one as Walgreens has jars with a 15% bonus for same price.,  Ava J, FL

6794 Confusing (7/18/2014 8:56:52 PM):  I am so confused with Ibotta, checkout51, saving star, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Pick n Save etc. and trying to keep things straight to get credit more than once that I am going goofy. Anyone else having these issues? Last week I bought Ziploc at Walgreens only to realize that that offer was only good at WalMart. Just curious if anyone else if having trouble? I know the ins and outs but still get confused. Thanks for the info on how to find out if WalMart etc. would be good with Savings Star. I had to change my zip as my home on the lake doesn't have any stores.,  Barbara M, MI

6795 Coke rewards (7/18/2014 8:58:38 PM):  Is this a new way for the Walmart rewards?I did it the the way I did it last time.I only put in 1Walmart reward then let me put in 5 caps numbers for each of 3 walmart rewards.Extra points for 15 caps.,  Ava J, FL

6800 $20 off $40 at HSN (7/18/2014 11:07:34 PM):  Got this coupon in my cable bill: $20 off Your First Order of $40 or more with coupon code 148359. For first time shoppers through September 30, 2014.,  Patricia D, FL

6807 Ladies Home Journal (7/19/2014 5:13:25 AM):  The number I called to switch magagines is 1-800-374-4545. I posted the number here and again under the original post so you would be sure to see it. ,  Sue B, MI

6813 cottonelle wipe and win game (7/19/2014 7:03:12 AM):  Is the wipe and win game from Cottonelle over? You could win a $5.00 gift card. Thanks.,  Cathy M, WI

6815 NFL Sunday ticket (7/19/2014 7:24:25 AM):  Rachel, AZ You are supposed to get it free once, if you have not gotten it free your one time, call them and ask for the retention dept . I have had it since 1996. That's a lot of $$. When I called last year I complained that new customers are getting that and a bunch of other things free. I never received all these perks , so they gave me the NFL free, and several other credits too. They told me then to cancel it in May and call again in July. HTH,  Carla B, OH

6819 pampers gifts to grow (7/19/2014 8:06:39 AM):  good for all--free 5 pts TWIT89C7C87DA14,  Michelle M, NY

6821 Red Plum Coupons (7/19/2014 8:22:15 AM):  The Red Plum coupon site wants me to install "Print at Home" in order to print any coupons on their site. Is this safe? I imagine it is since others have no trouble printing. Thanks for any help with this.,  Diane W, CT

6827 JCP GDA (7/19/2014 8:51:07 AM):  I was in Annapolis and they have some good clothing deals. I picked up a small gray sweater for $5. Anyway, they had a sign at the register stating if you buy $100 of JCP gift cards, you'll get a free $15. I'm thinking of doing this because I have to buy curtains very soon. I like JCP curtains.,  Mindy C, MD

6832 $35 shipped - UGG flats (7/19/2014 10:32:08 AM):  $35 UGG flats in tomato, black, or white. Free shipping: B, MD

6833 S Star (7/19/2014 10:35:17 AM):  Any one find Friday from Saving Star?,  Mary A B, OH

6834 Target game? (7/19/2014 11:08:37 AM):  Yesterday I played and won on the cottonelle game. I think it said I would get something in my email but so far nothing. Can someone tell me how long it took to hear anything from them? Any suggestions? TIA,  Mary Jane B, NJ

6836 Outback coupons (7/19/2014 11:35:47 AM):  Outback, $5 off 2 entrees: or $4 off 2 lunch entrees: B, MD

6837 Swag (7/19/2014 11:45:40 AM):  This may not get posted on time but I'll try anyway. Use code ThatWasEasy for 3 SB by 2 p.m. eastern.,  Tricia B, MD

6838 Six Flags america promo code (7/19/2014 11:46:00 AM):  Use code DCGOVT to buy tickets to Six Flags America for $25.77 on August 9 - 17 and October 11, 12, 17, 18, & 19. *Not the nicest of parks, but teenagers seem to like it...,  Tricia B, MD

6839 Eucerin Signup (7/19/2014 11:50:31 AM):  I tried to sign up for the free Eucerin sample on Michele's Updates, but after filling everything out, I got a message about the server and it wouldn't go through. Anyone else having trouble?,  Pat B, DE

6841 CVS - 30% off and free tote (7/19/2014 11:56:26 AM):  The fine print on this offer states that it excludes sale items, batteries, vitamins, sun care, and clearance items. Limit is 1 offer and 1 tote bag per customer, while supplies last. ,  Theresa W, PA

6842 HUGGIES RAOK (7/19/2014 12:01:08 PM):  RKLJH - WXCFT - HZFHM,  Stephanie J, MD

6846 See's (7/19/2014 1:12:07 PM):  Tomorrow, July 20th, is National Lollypop Day and See’s Candy is spreading their love for lollypops by offering FREE lollypops all day at each of its shops nationwide – no coupon needed.,  Jeanne W, PA

6849 Coke Code (7/19/2014 2:13:08 PM):  4KP464F7TTKKLN,  Elaine S, NJ

6854 Ladies Home Journal (7/19/2014 3:16:16 PM):  I need help from you guys. My late Mother subscribed to ladies Home Journal, as well as Good Housekeeping, Better Homes & Gardens, & others. Some of her subscriptions don't expire until 2018! It's been posted on here that Ladies Home Journal is stopping home delivery of subscriptions. And will also become a quarterly issued magazine. Since her subscriptions don't expire for as much as 4 years, I let those magazines keep coming each issue. Some issues come with a renewal form offering a special rate.She had told me before she died that when some subscriptions expired, she wasn't going to renew them! So I know which ones she wasn't renewing. I have yet to see an envelope from Ladies Home Journal come to her about the magazine stopping home deliveries. How do I handle that form when it comes in her name? One poster said they were told they'd be getting Parents magazine. And they didn't want it. They were able to call Customer Service & get the remaining issues switched to another magazine they did like. But how am i going to do that since she's deceased?I don't even know what magazine she'll be sent in place of Ladies Home Journal. If I were the subscriber, I'd opt for the Rachel Ray magazine to finish out her subscription.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

6857 Next weeks Walgreens as (7/19/2014 3:26:49 PM):  flier for July 20-26 reports it is unsafe. Any one know where to find it somewhere today?,  Karen B, TN

6858 Target (7/19/2014 3:29:34 PM):  Deal Scenario: Buy 3 Always Radiant Teen Pads 28-count $5.49 each Total = 16.47 Use the $5 off Personal Care Purchase $15+ In-Ad Target coupon (OR text CARE to 827438) Plus, use the 5% Off Always Pads or Liners Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.82) And, use three $2/1 Always Radiant or Infinity Pads coupons found in the 7/6 PG Pay $4.65 Get back a $5 gift card Final cost 3 FREE packs!,  Jeanne W, PA

6860 Walgreens (7/19/2014 3:38:55 PM):  Date 7/17, RFN# 10428218550314071703 Total $1.92 Date 7/16, RFN* 12326219479814071603 Total .96 Both have $5+ in Nice items. Please post when used so people don't keep trying.,  Diane J. D, ME

6864 MyPoints (7/19/2014 4:37:05 PM):  Is there a"Starfish" sighting today?,  Georgiana C, PA

6867 Kellogg's reward points (7/19/2014 5:30:49 PM):  After adding points to the Kellogg's rewards points for magazines and what not - how long before the subscriptions are sent to you? Just curious.,  Barbara K, OR

6885 Good CD rates? (7/19/2014 7:31:23 PM):  I'm looking for a good 2 yr. CD rate. Has anyone heard of Valley Green Bank in Philly? They are offering 1.50% FDIC insured. Thanks,  Kathie B, PA

6889 Kim C, FL (7/19/2014 8:10:19 PM):  Thanks so much, Kim, for the ability to view the flyer for Walgreens. I really appreciate it. Is there a way to see the one that is for in my area?,  Donna E, FL

6890 Winn Dixie New Coupon Policy (7/19/2014 9:13:46 PM):  We live in a small town and have only a Winn Dixie here. So this is exciting to me. It seems they are changing their coupon policy. Winn Dixie Stores Now Accepting Competitor Coupons Accepting: Target, Kmart, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Publix and Save A Lot Family Dollar, Dollar General, Albertson’s, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and all grocers as well. . It seems each WD is different, so check with your local store to verify their coupon policy. ,  Diana B, FL

6896 Safeway Deals (7/20/2014 7:54:19 AM):  I went to Safeway to redeem the Facebook free Kraft shredded cheese cpn--don't know why it was only redeemable there, and I seldom go there. I did, however, get the Kleenex with their store cpn: 99 cents each for the 160's, limit 3, to with the 50-cent cpn double, 3 boxes for $1.97. Their Progresso veg. soups are 99 cents a can, limit 6 with store cpn. We eat lots of soup, so even without a manuf.s cpn, it's a good deal. They were out of one of our favorites, so got a 90-day raincheck. Maybe there'll be a cpn before I redeem it. ,  Pat B, DE

6897 $50 - Instep Jogger baby stroller (7/20/2014 8:06:18 AM):  Instep Suburban Jogger Baby Stroller, $49.99: Free in store pick up IF available at your local store. *These are normally $100+.,  Tricia B, MD

6898 $100 iTunes card for $85 shipped (7/20/2014 8:15:26 AM):  $100 iTunes card for $85 shipped - Free shipping too.,  Tricia B, MD

6899 Ibotta & Checkout51 Questions (7/20/2014 8:22:08 AM):  I'm ready to take the plunge and sign up for these two programs. I finally got the hang of my new phone, I I do have some questions tho. Where do I go to sign up & would having a referral for these programs help anyone? TIA,  Victoria R, OH

6900 CVS free tote bag (7/20/2014 8:23:29 AM):  When you scan your card at the Big Red Machine you'll receive a coupon for a free CVS tote bag. One store hadn't received the bags so they were giving away your choice of .99 CVS bags. ,  William M. M, FL

6901 CVS 30% off coupon (7/20/2014 8:26:54 AM):  When you scan your card at the Big Red Machine you will also receive a 30% off CVS products that are not on sale. This place is forever in need of paper plates, red (CVS brand) cups, and so on. Those items are seldom on sale so that's what we purchased.,  William M. M, FL

6902 CVS vitamins are BOGO (7/20/2014 8:28:57 AM):  Plus there's a $2 off coupon, when you scan your card at the Big Red Machine. The cheapest CVS vitamins I spotted were $3.99 for vitamin C. ,  William M. M, FL

6903 Saving star app (7/20/2014 8:33:12 AM):  I do not have a smartphone so can I download this app on my iPad? I looked at it on thee and said it was free but then asked me for a credit card what is up with that? Has anyone put this on their iPad for free?,  Cheryl K, NY

6904 Estes park/Loveland (7/20/2014 8:53:13 AM):  Thinking of going for. Few days the first week of August. Can someone from the area recommend a good inexpensive hotel. Or things to go other than hiking in the park. Thanks,  Angela M, NE

6905 $40 shipped- Women's Sperry wedges (7/20/2014 9:05:49 AM):  Womens' Sperry wedges, $39.99, reg. $195. Free shipping. B, MD

6906 Healthy Essentials Coupons (7/20/2014 9:14:35 AM):  Is anyone having trouble printing the Benadryl or other coupons from the Healthy Essentials site that Michele lists in the new CVS deals? I've tried on IE, Safari and FF...2 different computers, but no luck!,  Lori H, IN

6907 $5 shipped - boys Converse socks (7/20/2014 9:27:54 AM):  6 pack Converse boys socks, multi colored, $4.99 shipped: Reg. price $16.50. Other good stuff at 6pm w/ free shipping: Women's Merrell Scarf, $5.99 shipped (reg. $29.): Women's ExOfficio bikini, $6.99, reg. $19: Roxy iphone 5 cell phone case, $4.99, reg. $19.99: B, MD

6910 CVS free tote (7/20/2014 11:03:08 AM):  The CVS store here has no clue about a free tote.Said they put items in plastic store bag,  Gloria B, LA

6911 Smart Ones (7/20/2014 11:30:43 AM):  I haven't eaten a Smart Ones product in at least 15 years but grabbed one yesterday and ate it for lunch. I was disgusted by the "chicken" in the Chicken Oriental. It was a sorta solidified mass of goo instead of meat. I had read recently that a lot of the chicken in prepared meals and soups is coming from China so will need to be more wary of these type of product. Recently I ate a Marie Callendar riblets meal that was also sub-par and closely resembled a Banquet type meal. Will be relying on my own cooking even for those catch-it-when-you-can type of meal from now on!,  Jeanne E, IL

6913 Staples (7/20/2014 12:06:41 PM): Scott Choose-A-Size Paper Towels, 1-Ply, 12 Rolls/Pack $7.99 (reg. $11.99) Buy 4 = $31.96 Use the code 15782 to save 20% (will deduct $6.39) Final Cost $25.57 – just 54¢ per roll. Angel Soft Big Rolls Bath Tissue, 2-Ply, 24 Rolls/Pack $7.99 (reg. $11.99) Buy 4 = $31.96 Use the code 15782 to save 20% (will deduct $6.39) Final Cost $25.57 – just 27¢ per 2-ply roll.,  Jeanne W, PA

6914 Coupons (7/20/2014 12:09:21 PM): has added these coupons: * $1/2 Shout products * $1/2 Windex products * $0.75/1 Windex Touch-Up Cleaner * $1/2 Pledge Furniture products * $0.50/1 Scrubbing Bubbles All Purpose Cleaner with fantastik * $1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel * $1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Starter Kit & Caddy or any Fresh Brush Refill * $1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Bath Cleaning Product * $1.50/1 Pledge FloorCare product * $1/2 Shout Color Catcher products,  Jeanne W, PA

6915 Sample (7/20/2014 12:14:58 PM): Go here to get a FREE sample of Garnier Ultra Lift Transformer. Click on “Request Sample”, answer a few questions and submit your mailing address. Allow 3 to 5 weeks for your sample to arrive.,  Jeanne W, PA

6917 staples Rewards? (7/20/2014 12:29:33 PM):  How do I find out that I need to purchase ink for the rewards program? Can I sign into my account to find out? If so, where is it listed? TIA,  Renay E, NJ

6918 Walgreen's (7/20/2014 12:31:17 PM):  Went to Wallgreen's purchased the toothbrushes (Reach) used my $2 manf. coupon and DID NOT get my $2 RR....they said that I wouldn't get it because I used a that true?,  Virginia A, GA

6919 Amazon Scrubs (7/20/2014 12:36:49 PM):  A week or so ago someone posted that Amazon had women's scrub tops on sale for .25. I ordered about 17 of them and received them, shipped from Lydia's Uniform Warehouse. Inside the box was an invoice for $355.84, billed to Amazon, but shipped to me!!! I quickly looked up my Amazon account and was only billed $3.56! Not even Amazon can take too many hits like that....,  Lori H, IN

6927 Coupon fraud (7/20/2014 1:41:31 PM): This may be one that we already read about but I am not certain.,  Jeanne W, PA

6929 Walgreen's Clearance (7/20/2014 2:21:51 PM):  Take a look around your local Walgreens...they seem to be clearancing items in each department. I noticed that Bounty paper towel 6-packs were 4.59. Also had clearanced Northern (I think it was Northern) tp, both 9 roll and 16 count packs. Also, 2 different sizes of Puffs were marked down to $1.09. Clearance items are easy to spot as they have orange shelf tags. ,  Laura M, WI

6931 Swagbucks Code (7/20/2014 2:34:11 PM):  SearchForCBs before 3pm PT/6pm ET for 4 SB!,  Melody R, WA

6937 CD Rates (7/20/2014 3:07:31 PM):  Wish you lived Florida.I think its Fl only Doral Bank has great CD rates and if it goes up you have chance to change to new rate one time after 12 months.,  Ava J, FL

6943 Tide OXI (7/20/2014 3:47:07 PM):  I found this at Menards for $9.97 They had lots in stock.,  Karen M, IL

6946 Chicago (7/20/2014 4:12:42 PM):  Our family of 4 would like to spend the weekend in Chicago some time. We are thinking of taking the Amtrak train there. Not sure what time of year we would go. Kids are 16 and 18 (boy and girl). (I had posted this a few weeks ago but didn't have a chance to log back in to see responses). Any suggestions on what to do - how to make the most of our time there? We have seen the Willis Tower already. Thanks in advance for any responses!,  Julie B, MI

6947 Rite Aid (7/20/2014 4:14:14 PM):  They are discounting some of their Cover Girl makeups. Take your coupons and check what your store may have available. Most is marked down to 75% off. ,  Jeanne W, PA

6950 Wags free songs (7/20/2014 4:30:10 PM):  Last week I received a catalina for two free song downloads from The Voice. Hope someone can use them. Visit enter code: JNTJVTHV7Q This week I got a catalina for a free Gatorade protein shake. Don't know what triggered it.,  Stacie J, OH

6951 MCR (7/20/2014 4:43:03 PM):  Is anyone else having trouble signing in to MCR today? I keep getting the message that they're unable to complete my sign and to try again in a few minutes. It's been all day of trying to sign in with the same message each time. Thanks...,  Marion I, CA

6952 Kohls Cash (7/20/2014 5:15:09 PM):  Shopped at Kohls yesterday and used my expired Kohls cash. They said effective August 1 they no longer will take them. Don't know if that's just this store or nationwide.,  Judy M, IA

6953 Rite Aid (7/20/2014 5:23:00 PM):  Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color $4.99, regular price 40% Off through 7/26 Use $1.00/1 – Sally Hansen Nail Color, $1.97 or more from RP 7/13 And use $2.00/1 – Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Enamels, Rite Aid Coupon ( Final Price: Free,  Jeanne W, PA

6955 Delmonte (7/20/2014 5:34:47 PM):  Is there a coupon for Delmonte cans?Suppose to be one at Walmart.comcoupons but can't find it.,  Ava J, FL

6956 IBOTTA (7/20/2014 5:35:47 PM):  I have downloaded the savings apps from goggle store. The only one that I'm having trouble with is IBOTTA. Any suggestions.,  Trisha A, TX

6960 Ibotta (7/20/2014 6:32:09 PM):  Does anyone understand how Ibotta teams work? How do get someone on your team without referring? Like if they already have it? It seems my FB friends who have ibotta are on my team but it's just very confusing!,  Alisa G, DE

6970 Cheerios (7/20/2014 7:28:59 PM): Print a Cheerios $.75/1 coupon. The one in the yellow box.,  Jeanne W, PA

6971 CVS Deal Sally Hansen (7/20/2014 7:56:40 PM):  I was wondering,what is the Sally Hansen deal for nail polish @ Cvs where you get 2 free? I bought 2 and used 2 $1.00 c/os and got $5 in ecb but they were $7.79 each. Was there cheaper ones? ,  Susan E, WI

6982 Carla, Ohio (7/20/2014 10:44:42 PM):  I called DirecTV again today and this time I asked for the retention department. I had a very nice guy who laughed and joked the entire time. He still claims he doesn't know how you are getting this for free but in last weeks SS there was an ad for new customers and they were giving 1 year of NFL Sunday Ticket free. I explained that a friend gets this and about the ad in the paper. So, he wants to play "Let's Make a Deal". He offered it for 50% off and I said "nope" that isn't what you get. So, he came up with some brilliant idea to add $11.00 to my bill for 4 months and then he is going to give me a $30. credit after that. So. I think he means for just 1 month but he had me so confused with how he had to do this that I know there is at least 1 month of $30.00 credit. But, if this is correct, I am only going to pay $14.00 for the entire season Of the NFL package. I got a confirmation and wrote down everything he said in case there is a problem. He told me that I will be charged full price next year unless I cancel and I told him that you cancelled in May and they gave it to you again in July by calling his department. Then he started quoting me how much it costs them to even obtain this package and I told him that for 17 years we have paid between $125. (Years ago) and we have been over $200. if DH is paying for multiple sports packages for 4 months. So after we were finished hashing this out, I told him I will speak to him again next July and he just laughed. Thanks for the tip and LMK how you make out next year! ,  Jeanne W, PA

6986 seattle advice (7/21/2014 4:36:59 AM):  We will be staying overnight in Seattle in late August and know nothing about the area. We are flying in early on a Friday then leaving on a cruise the next day. Any ideas as to where to stay? Should we stay near the airport or near the cruise terminal? Anything fun to do in one evening? Any great restaurants we don't want to miss? Any advice would be helpful as I was just going to priceline a hotel but thought I would ask here first. ,  Laura M, NJ

6992 Subway Game (7/21/2014 7:19:05 AM):  If anyone is playing the subway game, you were supposed to earn a free movie ticket after you entered 5 cup codes, but the limit of 5000 have already been given away. You can still play for the prizes, but after only 18 days there are no more free movies!,  Lori H, IN

6996 MyPoints (7/21/2014 8:08:20 AM):  There was a recent offer from MyPoints (came to me as an e-mail) to purchase $5 worth of Naked Juice products and receive 1000 MyPoints after submitting a cash register receipt documenting your purchase. I can not find this e-mail and I have searched the MyPoints website but can not find mention of this offer. Does anyone else know anything about this? I am thinking maybe the offer has expired and that is why I can not find any information about it on their website? Thank you for the help!,  Stephanie S, MD

6997 My Points Starfish (7/21/2014 8:20:06 AM):  The My Points starfish is under Shop - Sports and Leisure on Monday. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

6998 Kellogg's Family Rewards code (7/21/2014 8:22:24 AM):  Good for everyone, via Facebook, for 50 points: BROOKSTONESWEEPS,  Mary C, SC

6999 Kelloggs code (7/21/2014 8:45:57 AM):  New one from Facebook: BROO-KSTO-NESW-EEPS , worth 50 points. Expires 7/25.,  Deborah K, VA

7000 $7 shipped - 12 poof sponges (7/21/2014 9:09:30 AM):  12 pack of shower poof sponges, $7.99. Use code CCSHNOOP1 for $1 off, making them $6.99 w/ free shipping. B, MD

7001 J crew clearance (7/21/2014 9:17:08 AM):  J Crew factory store has an extra 50% off clearance with code EXTRA50. Shipping is a flat $5 or free on $100. Some cute stuff here. Note, final sale items cannot be returned.,  Tricia B, MD

7002 FREE Kindle Download The Couponing Stockpile Garag (7/21/2014 9:18:59 AM):  I'm running a FREE PROMO on a book I wrote, The Couponing Stockpile Garage Sale: A How To Guide. It is completely free to download and you don't need a Kindle to read it. You can read it on your desktop through Amazon's website or you can download the free Kindle app on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, etc and read it there.,  Jenny D, KS

7003 Safeway carrots deal (7/21/2014 9:19:02 AM):  If you like to juice a lot of fruits and vegetables most Safeway stores carry a 25 pound bag of carrots for $7.99. That's 32 cents per pound and a lot of carrots! Anyone have a good place to buy inexpensive fruits??,  Susan C, NM

7006 Rite Aid (7/21/2014 9:33:14 AM):  Rite Aid has $25 Kohls gift cards with $5 UP and limit of two. So I bought two. Spent $40 (after UP figured in) and will have $50 to spend this Christmas at Kohls. Or maybe for my teens back to school clothes.,  Susan B, SC

7009 Shutterfly-Short notice (7/21/2014 10:07:26 AM):  Free photo book - must be ordered by 7-31-14. CC73-6K7S-WXKT-2DZHKF,  Peggy L, CA

7013 CVS (7/21/2014 10:53:09 AM):  My CVS had lots of items on clearance from 25 to 75% off in the drug aisle. I bought a box of Dayquil/Nyquil with 48 capsules for $4.xx. Great price for my Sinus problem hubby.,  Susan B, SC

7015 Mars Movie (7/21/2014 11:34:01 AM):  Between my husband and myself we have won 10 times! Certainly makes it worth entering every day. At this rate our cable bill will be paid in full!,  Anne S, AL

7016 ShopRite Warning (7/21/2014 11:42:36 AM):  If you are using the 35-cent LOL Eggs coupon at ShopRite this week, make sure that it doubles. It doesn't say not to, but mine didn't. I took one just like it to the cashier at selfcheck, she called a supervisor and she told the other to double it. ,  Pat B, DE

7017 59-cent Jif cereal/ShopRite (7/21/2014 11:43:41 AM):  My ShopRite was already out of the new Kells. Jif cereal at $1.99, but it would be 59 cents with the 70-cent cpn doubled from the RP 7/13.,  Pat B, DE

7018 Rolaids Liquid/ShopRite (7/21/2014 11:45:40 AM):  My ShopRite had lots of bottles of Rolaids liquid on clearance in the back of the store near the dairy on a rack. They are $1.50, so got two free with $3 on 2 cpn.,  Pat B, DE

7021 No Penny Deals at Staples?! (7/21/2014 12:33:44 PM):  Was shopping at Staples last week and my fav cashier said no more penny deals for back to school! I was so bummed as I've been saving rewards, etc. She said to just watch for weekly sales (last week free sharpies). Quite by chance, I noticed that Menards has notebooks & 10pk pens on sale for .89 each/rebate .89 (Menards cash) = free. Limit is 10 each. Helps to stock up as we can!,  Angie F, MI

7023 $20 shipped- Naturalizer sandals (7/21/2014 12:35:34 PM):  Naturalizer Natural soul sandals are $19.99 with free shipping at 6pm in 3 different colors: Reg. price: $59.99.,  Tricia B, MD

7024 $17 shipped- Crossbody bag (7/21/2014 12:46:29 PM):  Cute Franco Sarto crossbody handbag in 4 colors. $16.99, reg. $69. Free shipping: B, MD

7027 Rite Aid (7/21/2014 1:28:19 PM):  I found Cover girl lash blast mascara #810 marked down to 75% off regular price $8.99. It rang up $2.27 & I used a $3.00/1 s.s coupon getting it FREE!,  Cathy G, OH

7032 Lane Bryant (7/21/2014 1:58:11 PM):  Just wanted to thank the OP of the $10 mobile coupon. I went to the store and got a necklace and earrings for FREE! Didn't have to pay tax. They had a rack of jewelry for $5. Worth checking it out if you received the coupon.,  Lisa P, CA

7033 Lindsay olives (7/21/2014 2:06:29 PM): Print a Lindsey olives $1/1 coupon. Zip 46901 Indiana Prints with a redeem at Marsh on it but should be accepted anywhere.,  Jeanne W, PA

7034 Scentsy (7/21/2014 2:08:22 PM): Starting today through July 28th, Scentsy is hosting a Christmas in July Sale and offering up to 75% off off select Scentsy Fragrance Items including Christmas warmers, Layers sunscreen, and more.,  Jeanne W, PA

7035 Enter to win (7/21/2014 2:12:20 PM): here and click the “I Want In” button to opt-in for your chance to get one of 50,000 FREE Domino’s Pizza Promo Cards valid for up to $100. The first 150,000 only to opt in to the promotion will gain access to the live release (the promo will go live sometime between now and August 9th) and a total of 50,000 will win. When the promo does go live, you’ll be sent an email or text (depending on your preference selected at opt-in) letting you know it’s live – the more quickly you claim your prize, the greater the value you’ll get. And all rewards are electronic gift cards that can be combined with any Domino’s offers.,  Jeanne W, PA

7036 Target (7/21/2014 2:13:55 PM):  Target released quite a few new Mobile Store Coupons. Simply text PACKITBACK to 827438 to get the following store coupons, valid all the way through 10/4. $1/1 Kingsford Charcoal 4.2-lb. or larger $1/1 Energizer Batteries- AA or AAA $2/$10 or higher Energizer flashlight $1/2 Axe Items- deodorant or hair care $1.50/1 Burt’s Bees Lip Color $1/1 Glad trash bags 25-ct. or larger $4/1 Brita pitcher or 3-pk. or higher pitcher filters $1/2 Clorox cleaning items $0.50/1 Clorox liquid bleach 55-oz. or larger $1/2 Hidden Valley salad dressings $1/1 Viva paper towels 8-pk. or larger $1/1 Scott bath tissue 15 ct or larger or Cottonelle bath tissue 12 ct or larger $1/1 Kleenex facial tissue 3-pk. or higher $1/2 U by Kotex feminine care items $1/2 Suave hair care items,  Jeanne W, PA

7037 Target (7/21/2014 2:18:29 PM):  Through 7/26, go to where they are offering a FREE $25 Target Gift Card when you purchase 2 Pampers Diaper and Wipes Combo Packs. When you purchase 2 of these combo packs, you’ll also save an additional 10% – automatically applied at checkout. Shipping is FREE on $50 orders after discounts or if you’re a Target REDcard Holder, you’ll get an EXTRA 5% off AND FREE shipping (no minimum). Deal Scenario: Buy 2 Pampers Swaddlers size 1 Combo Packs (168 diapers + 192 wipes) $42.99 each Total = $85.98 Automatically save an additional 10% = $77.38 Pay $77.38 for both (or $73.51 for REDcard holders) Get $25 Target Gift Card Final Cost $52.38 + FREE shipping for all (or only $48.51 for REDcard holders) * That is equal to paying 16¢ per diaper (or 14¢ for REDcard holders) and getting 2 BIG packs of wipes for FREE.,  Jeanne W, PA

7038 Air filters (7/21/2014 2:21:04 PM):  Amazon has up to 51% off select Filtrete Healthy Living Air Filters. Today only. Plus, get free shipping on a Super Saver order of $35+ or Free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime.,  Jeanne W, PA

7039 Free coupon (7/21/2014 2:23:39 PM): Go here and complete the survey to print a Smart Source coupon valid for a FREE Matlaw’s Seafood Product (up to a $4.99 value).,  Jeanne W, PA

7041 Kelloggs codes (7/21/2014 2:26:57 PM):  Here is another 50 pointer BACKTOSCHOOL2014 ,  Jeanne W, PA

7043 Herrs chips (7/21/2014 2:34:06 PM): Print a Herr’s Kettle Potato Chips Product 8oz or Larger $1.00/1 coupon Print a Herr’s Baked Crisp Product 9oz or larger $1.00/1 coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

7044 Post (7/21/2014 2:39:25 PM): zip 62946 Illinois Print a $1 off any One Post Bag Cereal (40 oz fruity Pebbles, 40 oz Cocoa Pebbles, 33oz Honeycomb or 39.5oz Golden Crisp coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

7045 Smithfield (7/21/2014 2:41:32 PM): Print a Smithfield bacon $1/1 coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

7046 Domino's Pizza Contest (7/21/2014 2:45:58 PM):  Domino's has a new contest to earn free pizza for one year or one of 50,000 other prizes: M, VA

7047 Target (7/21/2014 2:46:23 PM):  Monkey Bars Chewy Granola Bars, 5 ct $1.99, price cut through 7/26 Use $1.50/1 – Monkey Bars Granola Bars, must Boost coupon for value ( Final Price: $0.49,  Jeanne W, PA

7049 tops (7/21/2014 2:57:32 PM):  Finally got mine. I only got 3. That was about all I could find in my size. If they hadn't been so inexpensive, probably wouldn't have got the colors I did. I'm sure I'll use them. I love pockets--especially when I'm working up high. Sometimes I put an apron on. Not a bench apron, but one with pockets for whatever tools I might need so I don 't have to come down the steps or ladder to get what I need. Also I see the order totaled $63.97--$13.99 for one and $24.99 for the other 2. I immediately check my credit card to make sure they didn't charge me that. Nope, just 64 cents. I haven't tried them on yet for size.,  Donna E, FL

7053 What did you get for free or cheap today? (7/21/2014 3:09:52 PM):  I do my coupon shopping on Mondays, which is why I pose this question. I got cheap bacon at Walgreens - $1.29 with .55 and $1/2 coupons and they were actually in stock. Initially, I didn't think I would do the RA Hometown deal where you get $9 back on items even if it was cheap/free because I didn't know what to do with it. I don't have garage sales or do Ebay sales. Now that I'm down in MD, it's harder to give my free stuff away (although there are food banks). However, I saw baby onesies for 6 month and 1 year olds for $8.99. So, I have bought two. I am making a box up for a friend's son for his new daughter and putting these items in it. I keep getting these Applebees $5 Perks off anything so I treat myself to the $6.99 lunch. Today I tried the grilled cheese sandwich. I'm thinking of writing a letter to corporate telling them how much I like this program. However, you could just get a dessert which would make it almost free. I ran over to CVS and got my free bag and papertowels. I also looked in the auto section but the only thing clearanced was the fuel injector cleaner. I also stopped in at Office Depot to get credit for my ink cartridge in hopes that I'm close to my limit of getting a free gift certificate. I don't buy enough ink to do the deals at Staples and OfficeMax. What did you get for free or cheap?,  Mindy C, MD

7055 Ibotta (7/21/2014 3:26:45 PM):  Some questions concerning Ibotta I need help with. When you post on facebook, does it get your friends list? I have such a problem with that, now I have created a spam facebook account however I have already sync my correct facebook account to my cell, so I think that there would be a conflict on cell phone. Can someone please post. Maybe I would need to use two facebook accounts and use a spam e-mail for spam facebook.,  Trisha A, TX

7056 Kindle Unlimited (7/21/2014 3:28:11 PM):  Has anyone tried this? I'm wondering if you download the books if the time period "expires" like Overdrive or library books? I don't have time to read much before school starts back up - I'd like to take advantage of the program and d/l some books - but do I have to read them in a hurry? Thanks for any info you can shed on this program Ü,  Deborah S, FL

7066 Help (7/21/2014 4:11:47 PM):  Where is the Starfish please? Thanks,  Judy S, MO

7070 Enter to win (7/21/2014 5:43:39 PM): Through October 4th, go here to play the Pack It Back to College Instant Win Game & Sweepstakes for your chance to win a Dorm Room Survival Kit or one of over 1,400 Target Gift Cards. You will also be entered to win the Grand Prize of a new car. Play daily to increase your chances of winning. Instant Win Prizes: * $500 Target Gift Card – 10 winners * $150 Target Gift Card – 100 winners * Dorm Survival Kit – 250 winners * $50 Target Gift Card – 300 winners * $10 Target Gift Card – 1,000 winners,  Jeanne W, PA

7071 Hurry! Free book (7/21/2014 5:49:12 PM): Through September 21st or while supplies last, go to the Sun-Maid Snack ‘n’ Read Offer to request a free book. You will receive one of the following books (chosen at random by Sun-Maid): If you Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff (14,400 available), Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses by Kimberly and James Dean (9,300 available), or The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle (9,300 available). Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.,  Jeanne W, PA

7073 Betty Crocker (7/21/2014 6:07:03 PM): Print a $1 off any Two Betty Super Moist Cake Mix or Betty Crocker Ready to Spread Frosting coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

7080 Kmart (7/21/2014 7:15:36 PM): has these back to school deals for only 25¢. Dixon No. 2 Pencils, 10 pencils 25¢ (Reg. $0.99) Top Flight Standards 1 Subject Notebook, Wide Rule, 70 Sheets, 1 notebook 25¢ (Reg. $1.19) Norcom 1 Subject Notebook, 70 Sheets, Wide Ruled, 1 notebook 25¢ (Reg. $1.19) *Please note that these supplies are only available for FREE in-store pickup (IF available near you).,  Jeanne W, PA

7083 CVS free bag (7/21/2014 7:40:15 PM):  CVS wouldn't give me a free bag unless I purchased a CVS item to put in it. How is everyone else doing on this? The clerk checked with the manager, and he said you had to put CVS stuff in it.,  Sandra F, WI

7089 Wheel of Fortune (7/21/2014 8:42:50 PM):  Wheel of fortune puzzle for Monday: MY JAW HIT THE FLOOR If your Spin Id is AY0453562, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

7091 $18.50 oil change @ Sears (7/21/2014 8:53:20 PM):  $14.99 oil change at Sears. Up to five quarts. $3.50 shop fee applies except in CA, IL, MN and PR. Most vehicles. Coupon is embedded in this link, so if you go thru the link to make your appt., you'll get this price.,  Tricia B, MD

7092 Food Lion $10 Catalina (7/21/2014 8:54:15 PM):  Food Lion shoppers signed up with P&G everday should watch their e-mail Inbox for this offer. Running 7/22 through 8/2/14, buy any 2 boxes of Luv's Diapers at Food Lion in 1 transaction & earn a $10 next shopping order coupon at the register. ,  Virginia Ann S, VA

7096 Swag Code Extravaganza 7/22 (7/21/2014 9:21:43 PM):  Swagbucks is taking you to Summer School! Earn up to 35 SB in Swag Codes alone throughout the day and help your Mighty Mascot team earn more points! Codes are in these places (Pacific time) 8 AM Facebook 10 AM blog 11:30 AM Twitter 1:30 PM Facebook 3 PM Twitter 5 PM Instagram Watch here all day for them to be posted.,  Melody R, WA

7101 Dimetapp Children's On Clearance at CVS (7/21/2014 10:13:46 PM):  Tonight I bought 3 Children's Dimetapp Long Acting Cough Plus Cold for $1.99/ea. They had $1 peelies on the boxes, so really paid $0.99/ea I came home and found there is a $2 off any Dimetapp Product Bricks Coupon available to print here: So now I go back and grab two more boxes - there was another version Children's Dimetapp on Clearance for the same price, but can't remember which one it was - regardless, hopefully your store will have it tagged like mine did.,  Jenny D, KS

7104 Sunmaid deal OVER (7/21/2014 11:07:10 PM):  After several browser refreshes, I got a message at 11:45pm CST that Sunmaid gave away all the books. ,  Christina S, TX

7108 Mars Movie Codes~ (7/22/2014 3:33:42 AM):  Where do you get the Mars Movie Codes?? Missed this one when on vacation. TIA ,  Nancy N, FL

7111 using apps (7/22/2014 5:30:24 AM):  I would like to be able to do the ibotta, checkout 51 and other apps and would like to know what devices I can do these on. Was thinking about getting a ipad or tablet, I don't have internet access on my mobile phone. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.,  Susanne L, PA

7112 Sunmaid (7/22/2014 6:00:25 AM):  The site says all books have been claimed.,  Cathy G, OH

7113 Savingstar (7/22/2014 6:11:54 AM):  Tuesdays deal is for 20% off grapes.,  Cathy G, OH

7116 Kelloggs family rewards (7/22/2014 6:43:13 AM):  Wasn't there a bonus on Kelloggs if you entered your codes late at night? Any help would be appreciated.,  Barbara M, MI

7120 My Points Starfish (7/22/2014 8:31:25 AM):  The My Points Starfish is under Ralph Lauren for Tuesday. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

7121 Lean Cuisine code (7/22/2014 8:42:01 AM):  Here is a Lean Cuisine code for steak portabelo LG3W-CKY3-DKP33,  Anne T, NY

7122 Walgreens (7/22/2014 8:48:41 AM):  I was at Walgreens this morning & I checked out at the cosmectic counter what a surprise cashier threw in some samples plus she let me go thru their coupon box & I found a free(valu $4.99)coupon for Irish Spring Gear bodywash(3in one hair.body,conditioner plus the coupon machine threw out a $2.00 c/o for Keri lotion which I 'll use next time to get $4.00off I already use 1 Keri lotion coupon(was in paper) wouldn't let me use all 3 plus I had a $7.00 coupon for Nature Made vitamins(thru wellness program)plus I got a bunch of rewards pts. So check out at cosmectic counter(if ya can),  Lilli T, OH

7123 $7.50 shipped- 240 Bounce sheets (7/22/2014 9:12:38 AM):  240 count package of Bounce free dryer sheets. Right now they are $8.39. Sign in to Amazon. Clip 50 cents coupons. They buy using subscribe & save. Then price will be $7.47 with free shipping. B, MD

7124 Swagbucks Code (7/22/2014 9:17:57 AM):  GoBackInStyle before 9am PT/12pm ET for 5 SB!,  Melody R, WA

7127 Zoombucks Code (7/22/2014 9:38:40 AM):  HAMMOCKDAY2014,  Melody R, WA

7132 CVS 90% Off 4th of July (7/22/2014 10:15:19 AM):  This morning at CVS(YMMV) I found the July 4th merchandise for 90% off. They had decorations, plastic cups, childrens sunglasses and other misc. merchandise included. The best deal was the candy that was included. Bals of Jolly ranchers, the red ones, for .38, Starbursts Fave reds .38, tubs of orange slices, gummy worms, gumdrops, Gold Emblem Band for .28, and the blue bags of chewy Jolly Ranchers for .38 a bag. Picked up packs of glow sticks, we use these for in the tent when we backpack, for .19 a pack. Some nice deals!,  Dana L, PA

7137 Kelloggs Expired Code (7/22/2014 11:01:04 AM):  The Kellogg's code "SPECIALK5BONUS4U" has expired. I've just come from their Rewards site. Thanks to all who've posted their codes!,  Ellen T. H, NV

7140 Swagbucks Code (7/22/2014 11:18:27 AM):  SayCheese before 11am PT/2pm ET for 7 SB! ,  Melody R, WA

7142 Memocodem 50 pts (7/22/2014 11:47:16 AM):  Enter code B2SHANES in the Memocode box at memolink for 50 pts. Won't show as a credit until the 29th.,  Vera W, SC

7146 Ibotta (7/22/2014 12:13:28 PM):  I finally joined Ibotta (I know !) I just submitted my first receipt, but was wondering how I can link my store loyalty cards with Ibotta? I don't see anything on their website or app FAQ that tells me..... TIA,  Nancy A. H, GA

7150 Swagbucks Code (7/22/2014 12:49:12 PM):  NomNomNom for 6 SB Swag Code before 12:30pm PT/3:30pm ET! ,  Melody R, WA

7152 I won something (7/22/2014 1:02:10 PM):  Just wanted to say thank you for everyone posting the contests on here. I entered for the Steak and Shake birthday bash contest...just got an email yesterday saying I was selected as a winner! Prize is for a $100 gift card and some SNS swag. Had to look up what the win was bc completely forgot what the contest was for.,  Ali N, IL

7156 Kellogg's Codes? (7/22/2014 1:50:09 PM):  Are all of the codes in the products listed for the 1000 bonus the same or are they individual codes?,  Patricia D, FL

7162 Sonic (7/22/2014 2:44:40 PM):  If you have a Sonic Drive-In near you and are looking for an inexpensive lunch or dinner idea, you’ll be able to score $1 All American Hot Dogs and Chili Cheese Coneys ALL day tomorrow, July 23rd (no coupon needed) – in celebration of National Hot Dog Day.,  Jeanne W, PA

7163 7-11 (7/22/2014 2:45:39 PM):  If you have a 7-Eleven nearby, they will be celebrating National Hot Dog Day by offering its 100% beef Quarter Pound Big Bite Hot Dog for just $1. This offer is available all day at participating 7-Eleven hot foods locations while supplies last.,  Jeanne W, PA

7164 Starbucks (7/22/2014 2:46:56 PM):  From July 22nd through August 17th, make any Starbuck’s purchase before 2PM and then enjoy any Grande 16 oz cold beverage for just $2 (plus tax) after 2PM the same day at participating stores in the U.S. Just remember to show them your receipt when you return.,  Jeanne W, PA

7165 Freebie (7/22/2014 2:48:54 PM): Go here to get a FREE subscription to FamilyFun Magazine, courtesy of Value Mags. There are no strings attached and you will never receive a bill. Allow 6-10 weeks for your first magazine to arrive.,  Jeanne W, PA

7166 Swagbucks Code (7/22/2014 2:49:17 PM):  Hertz worth 8 SB until 2:30pm PT/5:30pm ET! Thanks for all the encouragement and kind words about getting the codes. I'm happy to be able to help boost those SB accounts. :),  Melody R, WA

7167 Freebie (7/22/2014 2:51:31 PM): Calling all you Android users! Today only, head on over to where you can download the highly rated Just Three Words – Amazing Word Guessing Game Android app completely FREE (regularly $0.99).,  Jeanne W, PA

7169 Target (7/22/2014 2:59:07 PM):  Deal Scenario: Buy 3 Kellogg’s Gone Nutty Pop-Tarts, 6-ct boxes $1.97 each Total = $5.91 Use 30% off Kellogg’s Gone Nutty Pop-Tarts Target Cartwheel (will deduct $1.77) Use the $1/3 Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts coupon found here Final Cost only $3.14 total – just $1.05 each.,  Jeanne W, PA

7170 Target (7/22/2014 3:00:28 PM):  Welch’s Farmer’s Pick 46 oz $2.50 (Price Cut thru 8/2) Use the 25% Off Welch’s Farmer’s Pick Juice Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.63) Plus, use the $1/1 Welch’s Farmer’s Pick Juice coupon found in the 5/18 RP (Exp. 8/18) Or use the $0.75/1 Welch’s Farmer’s Pick Juice coupon found in the 7/13 RP (Exp. 9/30) Final cost as low as $0.87,  Jeanne W, PA

7171 Rite Aid (7/22/2014 3:07:47 PM):  Buy 6 Brawny Paper Towels, 8 pk $11.99, regular price Buy One Get One Free through 7/26 Spend $15.00, Receive $5.00 Up Reward through 7/26, Limit 2 Use three $1.00/1 – Brawny Paper Towels, 6 roll or larger ( Pay $32.97, Receive two $5.00 Up Rewards Final Price: $3.83 each, when you buy 6, or $0.48 per roll,  Jeanne W, PA

7172 $4.50 - Craftsman bypass pruners (7/22/2014 3:16:29 PM):  Craftsman bypass pruners, $4.49 with free in store pick up at Sears. (Reg. $14.99.) B, MD

7178 Is your name GEORGE ? (7/22/2014 3:40:47 PM):  In honor of Prince George's first birthday, you get a free box of Tetley Tea British Blend if your legal first, middle, or last name is 'George'. To claim your free tea, go to the Facebook page for Tetley Tea. You must have "George" somewhere in your name as shown on your Facebook page. Post a baby picture on the Tetley Tea page today only, July 22 before midnight EDT.,  Marilyn P, CA

7179 Kmart MircoWave Deal (7/22/2014 4:00:37 PM):  Kenmore Microwave $139 SALE $35 !!!!! Item # 011W064797503000P Model # 66339 if this item is available in your area you could save over $100 ,  Debra A, NC

7180 Swagbucks Code (7/22/2014 4:19:36 PM):  Detention before 4pm PT/7pm ET!,  Melody R, WA

7188 Freebie (7/22/2014 5:50:57 PM): Calling all Kindergarten through 1st grade Teachers! Go over to the Colgate site, where you can request a FREE Bright Smiles Bright Futures Kit for your classroom. Simply click on the appropriate link and complete the registration form. Then, in February 2015, you will receive a video, posters, storybooks, curriculum, parent take-homes, and Colgate Kid’s toothbrush and toothpaste samples for each student.,  Jeanne W, PA

7189 Pillsbury (7/22/2014 6:00:13 PM): Print a $.75 off any One Variety of Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, Toaster Scrambles or Pancakes coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

7190 Nature Valley (7/22/2014 6:03:00 PM): Print a $2 off any One Box of Nature Valley Oatmeal Bistro Cups coupon. This is for use in Keurig K-cup brewers.,  Jeanne W, PA

7191 Huge RiteAid store in Oregon (7/22/2014 6:04:55 PM):  Yesterday I stopped at the store in Newport, OR. I couldn't believe how big this store was! The man (I think he was the manager) told me that this is the biggest RiteAid on the Oregon coast. I was looking for "My Town" items and he was very nice about letting me go into the "stock room" to look through the racks. He had just moved all the items back there while the floors were being refinished.,  Teresa S, CA

7192 RE: dishwasher (7/22/2014 6:23:19 PM):  I'm looking for recommendations on a great dishwasher at a good price. What brands and models do you all find to be the most reliable, best cleaning and quietest? I do not want to spend over $500. I had a wonderful Whirlpool as my first dishwasher but, 12 years later when it died I bought the Whirlpool I've had since May 2011 and it has completely died! Any advice would be appreciated. ,  Tracy R, MO

7193 Swagbucks Code-Last one (7/22/2014 6:29:54 PM):  SisBoomBah Worth 5 SB before 6 PM PDT!,  Melody R, WA

7194 Wheel of Fortune (7/22/2014 6:34:02 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Tuesday: WICKER HAMPER If your Spin Id is DS8035786. (It's my mother's initials, but the number is way too big.),  Barbara L, FL

7195 Dishwasher (7/22/2014 6:36:12 PM):  I have never had one, but a few of my friends swear by Bosch. It is all stainless steel inside and super quiet. I don't know the price, but you might want to check it out.,  Barbara L, FL

7199 KMart (7/22/2014 7:45:05 PM):  YMMV as this may not be in all stores. My Daughter and I were in Kmart for ONE thing of course and came across a few racks of the 'Adam Levine' clothing brand for juniors/teens. Just about EVERYTHING was on clearance for $2 (new arrivals and jewelry were not included) It was quite thrilling for us, as my DD recently lost about 25lb and since there was mainly only small/medium sizes left, she was able to get 7 new trendy pieces for a whopping $14. Last year she wouldn't have been able to get anything. ,  Laurie D, DE

7201 $20 shipped- 5 OPI nail polishes (7/22/2014 8:04:00 PM):  5 pack "mystery set" of OPI nail polish, $14.95. Add about $5 for shipping: B, MD

7206 CVS (7/22/2014 8:46:20 PM):  Got my bag today with no problems!,  Cindy S, PA

7208 Long John Silver Date (7/22/2014 9:19:33 PM):  Where Michele got her date for Long John Silver, but the website says June 28th....,  Christina S, TX

7226 Stouffers, (7/23/2014 7:10:27 AM):  both same dish G7PC 3HWX 6RCW YXH4 77Y9 HFJ9 CREAMED CHIPPED BEEF,  Alene H, VA

7227 Kelloggs Shutterfly Code (7/23/2014 7:15:32 AM):  0B9G-HTJZ-J94L-3L13 Here is a code for a free Shutterfly 8 X 8 Photo Book at Kelloggs Family Rewards site. Code expires 8 31 2014. ,  Karen R, LA

7232 My Points Starfish (7/23/2014 8:40:57 AM):  The My Points starfish for Wednesday is under Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

7235 Irazoo Treasure Code (7/23/2014 9:43:25 AM):  dogsandcats Expires: 7/30/2014 11:24 PM ET.,  Melody R, WA

7236 school sales (7/23/2014 9:46:21 AM):  I thought the best back to school sales began in mid to late July in past years. I hope I'm wrong as I just haven't seen that great of prices yet for school supplies. I know for our state, our tax free weekend is the first weekend of August. Hopefully there will be some deals then.,  Susan B, SC

7237 Tango Gift Cards (7/23/2014 9:50:52 AM):  Has anyone had experience with these gift cards? I see on some of the points programs that these are available.,  Patricia D, FL

7238 rockthelighthouse game (7/23/2014 9:51:47 AM):  Has anyone ever won? I don't know if its worth my time each day! TIA,  Mona A, TX

7240 Remodel or big job? Menards is kickin' it this we (7/23/2014 9:55:19 AM):  Bought a home to remodel and we'll be spending substantial $these next couple of weeks. Menards is having huge free after rebate sales this week: packets of pens (limit 10), notebooks (10x), night lights, reading mag glass, disposable gloves, etc. I spent $257 on product and will get $243 back in Menards $ which will easily be spent these next couple of months. One of my most exciting finds? I'm going the "open shelving" concept in the kitchen...and Menards has 12" x 72" prefinished white shelves (that can be cut) for 9.99 rebate 9.00 only .99c oop! That was just HUGE savings for me & filled the bill for product I can use! There was also a primer/paint combo on rebate. Typically I don't shop Menards b/c we don't usu spend the "menards cash", but for anyone doing construction or spending $ in the next couple of months, it's worth maxing out the rebate product this week.,  Angie F, MI

7241 Swagbucks (7/23/2014 10:01:04 AM):  Type coinstar in the search, you may get some bucks,  Carla B, OH

7243 Swagbucks (7/23/2014 10:05:01 AM):  Has anyone else lost their SB toolbar? I now have a small green square from SB and no tool bar.It doesn't have anything on it but shopping. Don't know what happened. I have tried to reinstall and it shows up in Firefox addons, but not at the top of my page like it used to be.Anyone know how to get it back?,  Mary D, OK

7247 McDonalds Sat. free Backpacks with school supplies (7/23/2014 11:07:41 AM):  Last year 3 area McDs gave away 300 backpacks loaded with school supplies to K-12 from 7-9 AM. This Sat. is the day but at Nampa in front of Costco, Chinden.Linder in front of Fred Meyer and Broadway Boise. Call your area McDs to see if they are participating. Child must be there to get one. They using different store fronts than last year.,  Helen N, ID

7252 Oxi Tide Rebate Question (7/23/2014 11:49:28 AM):  I was filling out the form today and noticed it said I needed to spend $30 after coupons...well, buying six with coupons (bogo) means I spent $29.97. Are others buying another item, and can it be on a separate receipt? What is the least expensive ? Thanks.,  Cheryl L, IL

7259 TroysRUS 3/$1 Crayola today (7/23/2014 1:21:54 PM):  ToysRUs stores have a 1 day special on the 24 pk of Crayola 3/$1. This is the best deal I have found. Pay in groups of 6. I bought 28 for Halloween and they rang them up in 6's. HTH on school supplies.,  Helen N, ID

7266 Mars Movie (7/23/2014 2:03:39 PM):  I had out of town company for a week and then I was out of town for 10 days so I am a little behind. On the Mars Movie win game, I now see there is only one option, movies on demand credit. I have never submitted for this one before. Does it give you a credit on your cable bill, or only a credit if you rent a movie through your cable company? And can we not use the streaming one for Amazon anymore? Any help in understanding this is appreciated.,  Debra E, AL

7267 Home Depot (7/23/2014 2:04:33 PM):  Go to and they have a black & white golf umbrella Model 38123 for $4.97 with free in store pickup.,  Jeanne W, PA

7268 Free (7/23/2014 2:06:17 PM): Go here to get a FREE subscription to Diabetes Self-Management Magazine. Just fill out your information to get your free subscription (6 issues).,  Jeanne W, PA

7270 Target (7/23/2014 2:09:36 PM):  Deal Scenerio: Buy 2 Oral-B Pro-Health Toothbrushes $1.48 each Buy 2 Vaseline Spray & Go $6.49 Total = $15.94 Use the $5 off Personal Care Purchase $15+ found here, In-Ad Target coupon (or text CARE to 827438) Plus, use the Buy 1 get 1 FREE Vaseline Mens Spray Lotion (up to $6.49) coupon found in the 7/13 RP And, use two $1.50/2 Oral-B Sensi, Pro-Health, Complete, or 3D White Toothbrushes coupons found on Final cost $1.45 total, just $0.36 per product,  Jeanne W, PA

7271 Reebok (7/23/2014 2:11:45 PM):  Reebok Outlet: Extra 50% Off Everything + Free Shipping = Great Deals on Shoes, Clothing & More (Today Only). ,  Jeanne W, PA

7272 Best Buy (7/23/2014 2:14:21 PM):  Today only, Best Buy is offering the Dynex Wireless Optical Mouse in Silver or Blue for $4.99 (reg. $9.99). This mouse will ship for FREE!,  Jeanne W, PA

7273 Amazon (7/23/2014 2:16:52 PM): Android users! Today only, go here where you can download the Simply Yoga Android app completely FREE (regularly $3.99). Simply Yoga is your own personal yoga instructor. The app contains level one and level two 20, 40 and 60 minute yoga routines that step you through each pose. Each pose is demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, so simply choose your workout length and follow along in the comfort of your own home.,  Jeanne W, PA

7283 $30 shipped- 2 pack Calphalon (7/23/2014 4:36:34 PM):  Calphalon 2-pc. Contemporary Nonstick Fry Pan Set. Use code SLICK20 to make it $30! New customers ONLY can use this code. Free shipping. B, MD

7285 Free 8 X 8 photo book (7/23/2014 4:41:51 PM):  Here is a code for a free photo book through Shutterfly, exp. 7/31. Your digital code is: CC73-0A6G-PA38-P948C2 I hope someone can use it. ,  Anita M, CA

7286 Print (7/23/2014 4:51:00 PM): Go here to print these coupons: $1 off any Two Sargento Shredded Natural Cheese ($.50 each at the Dollar Tree) $1 off any two Sagrento Tastings $1 off any one Simple Green product $1 off any one Peter Pan 40 oz or larger $1 off any Two Right Guard Total Defense Five or Xtreme Antiperspirant/Deodorant $1 off any two Dial Complete Foaming Antibacterial Hand Wash $1 off any White Cloud Bath Tissue $1.50 off Crayola 24 ct. Erasable or 30 ct. Tistable Colored Pencils $1.50 off Crayola Visi-Max Dry-Erase Markers $1 off any 4 Snack Pack 4 count $2 off any 1 package of HUGGIES LITTLE SWIMMERS Disposable Swimpants $2 off any 1 package of PULL-UPS Training Pants (Jumbo or Larger) $1 off any 2 Del Monte Fruit Burt Squeezers 4 pk or Fruit Cup Snacks 4 pk. $1.50 off the purchase of any 1 Tate + Lyle Fair Trade Sugar product $1 off any Naked Juice product $1 off O.N.E. coconut water, 1 L or (2) 16.9 oz,  Jeanne W, PA

7287 swag code (7/23/2014 5:19:18 PM):  This may not get posted in time but I thought I'd try. Use LegsOrHotDogs for 2 SB by 7:30 eastern or 4:30 pacific.,  Tricia B, MD

7288 MBG (7/23/2014 5:25:21 PM):  Went to Walmart today and saw where Hefty trash bags have a money back guarantee on them. Tutti Frutti cereal in the box had a love it or its free banner on it. Then I saw the lime away with a rebate on it. Good day at Walmart.,  Becky M, MO

7289 Rebate form (7/23/2014 5:26:18 PM): There is a Try Me Free Rebate available for Oxy Maximum Action Action 3-in-1 Treatment Pads or OXY Daily Defense Ultra Facial Cleanser to $8.99. Also on roll back for $3.97 at Walmart. (Rebate is valid from 07/01-12/31) To receive your rebate, mail the following: 1. The original cash register receipt dated between 7/1/14 and 12/31/14 showing the purchase of OXY Maximum Action 3-in-1 Treatment Pads or OXY Daily Defense Ultra Facial Cleanser with the date and purchase price circled. Submission must be postmarked within 15 days of purchase. 2. Original UPC, or copy of UPC from OXY Maximum Action 3-in-1 Treatment Pads or OXY Daily Defense Ultra Facial Cleanser 3. The completed form,  Jeanne W, PA

7290 Target (7/23/2014 5:36:54 PM):  Right Guard Xtreme Deodorant, 2.6 oz $3.34, regular price Use $1.50/1 – Right Guard Xtreme Clear or Clinical Clear Product from RP 7/13 And use $2.00/1 – Right Guard Antiperspirant, Deodorant or Body Wash, Target Coupon ( Final Price: Free,  Jeanne W, PA

7291 Swagbucks Code (7/23/2014 5:39:02 PM):  LegsOrHotDogs for 2 SB before 4:30 PM PDT! ,  Melody R, WA

7292 Target (7/23/2014 5:40:18 PM):  Buy 1 Reach Floss $0.97, regular price Buy 4 Bic Soleil Bella Razors, 3 ct $4.99, regular price Buy Three Get One Free through 9/7 Use one $5.00/1 - Personal Care Purchase, $15.00 or more, Body Wash & Bar Soap, Deodorant, Hand & Body Lotion, Shave, Feminine Care, Oral Care, Target Coupon – ( Or $5.00/1 - Personal Care Purchase, $15.00 or more, Body Wash & Bar Soap, Deodorant, Hand & Body Lotion, Shave, Feminine Care, Oral Care, Target Mobile Coupon, Text CARE to 827438 And use four $2.00/1 – Bic Disposable Razor from SS 6/29 And use one $1.00/1 - Bic Soleil Bella or Flex 4 Disposable Razors, 3 ct, Target Coupon ( Final Price: $0.39 each, when you buy all 5,  Jeanne W, PA

7294 coke codes (7/23/2014 6:48:55 PM):  V7X7OKPMHJBPKK PK54X6MNT96RM4 P9H4R5HB77MBXV V7X7OKPMHJBPKK NLBHHVPMXRXNHP ,  Beatrice C, MA

7295 Wheel of Fortune (7/23/2014 7:11:19 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Wednesday: QUIRKY PERSONALITY If your Spin ID is KP0196894, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

7301 Freebie (7/23/2014 10:03:25 PM): Take a quick survey to get a FREE Drinkin’ Mate (2-pack) and a tube of AmeriWell Energy product.,  Jeanne W, PA

7302 Dreft (7/23/2014 10:06:51 PM): Print a $2/1 Dreft Detergent Product coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

7304 Target (7/23/2014 10:11:00 PM):  Hunt’s Snack Packs – Buy 4 Get 1 FREE Deal Scenario: Buy 5 Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding $1.02 each Total = $5.10 Minus the buy 4 get 1 FREE sale = $4.08 Use the 5% Off Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.20) Plus, use the $1/4 Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding 4-packs coupon found here Final cost $2.88 total, $0.58 each,  Jeanne W, PA

7305 The Kelloggs Game (7/23/2014 10:13:54 PM):  I just sat down to play instant win games and my third game I played was the Kelloggs one. Congrats! You’ve just won $100! Awarded in the form of an e-voucher. (Subject to verification) To redeem your prize, please check your email and follow the instructions provided. (Note: Please allow 3-4 business days to receive your email while we verify your account.) *Awarded in the form of an e-voucher. Codes must be entered by 10/28/2014. E-vouchers must be redeemed by 12/31/2014. Limit one game play per person per day during the promotion period. KELLOGG’S™ SNACKS BACK TO SCHOOL INSTANT WIN GAME ,  Shirley S, OR

7306 Won another game tonight (7/23/2014 10:51:12 PM):  Wow, tonight is good on instant win games for a change. Congratulations! You've potentially won a $10 Gift Card! You will receive an email within the next 24-48 hours on how to claim your prize. Earn more chances to win! Tell your friends about the Wheel & Deal Sweepstakes today.,  Shirley S, OR

7308 Memocode (7/24/2014 4:58:43 AM):  New memocode for 10 points (awarded July 29): Hoodies .,  Deborah K, VA

7310 Purina Perks Program (7/24/2014 6:54:27 AM):  From the Purina Perks Website: ENJOY DOUBLE POINTS FOR EVERY BAG OF PURINA® CAT CHOW® HEALTHY WEIGHT YOU BUY. LIMITED TIME ONLY. I discovered this after inputting the UPC and manufacturing codes from a bag of Healthy Weight Purina Cat Chow (orange bag) and receiving 6000 points instead of the usual 3000 points. Not sure how long the double points offer will last so if you have any to input do it now.,  Stephanie S, MD

7311 Giant,DE,MD etc. (7/24/2014 7:30:32 AM):  Last day to get cherries for $1.99 per lb. Got to get myself over there!,  Pat B, DE

7312 Kellogg's Game (7/24/2014 7:50:06 AM):  Hi. Can someone please explain the Kellogg's game to me? Thanks.,  Cathy M, WI

7314 instant win games (7/24/2014 8:29:44 AM):  isn't anyone doing the instant win games. Mine show all are expired. Is there something I have to do to update?,  Debb P, IA

7315 My Points Starfish (7/24/2014 9:08:00 AM):  The My Points Starfish for today is under Savile Row. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

7316 McAlisters free tea day! (7/24/2014 9:25:45 AM):  Don't know how regional McAlisters is, but they have free tea today! No purchase necessary, just stop in and get a cup!,  Lisa S, OH

7318 Rite Aid Question (7/24/2014 9:46:45 AM):  Anyone know the last day for buying the Hometown tees, bears, etc. at Rite Aid? I'm thinking 7/27, but have never actually seen the tag on a store shelf. Thanks.,  Pat B, DE

7319 MyPoints Starfish (7/24/2014 9:45:41 AM):  Today's hidden starfish is located at Savile Row. I won 5 points today!,  Kathleen S, OH

7320 Shop World Kitchen (7/24/2014 9:52:58 AM):  Shop world kitchen is offering a $10 off $10 on facebook. 2."Like" ShopWorldKitchen on Facebook. 3.Click the "Redeem Offer" bubble in the lower right-hand corner and purchase a minimum of $10.00. Checkout. 4.Your coupon will automatically take $10.00 off. 5.Flat rate shipping is $5.95. Coupon expires August 31. I missed it earlier when they had free shipping for a temp time. Still, you can get measuring spoons, spatulas and small items.,  Trisha A, TX

7321 Thanks Michelle (7/24/2014 9:53:52 AM):  Just saw on the home page about the Kmart contest for points. Won 2000 points ($2) right away!,  Debra J. L, MI

7323 Teacher Appreciation Day? (7/24/2014 10:34:28 AM):  I wonder if Staples will be having any teacher appreciation days this year in August? I haven't been able to find anything on their website this summer.,  Joanne K, VT

7324 Cheapest vinegar? (7/24/2014 10:34:50 AM):  Does anyone love vinegar for a lot of things like I do? Has anyone done their homework - where is the cheapest place to buy it? TIA!,  Deborah S, FL

7330 ShopKo Clearance (7/24/2014 11:29:22 AM):  Yesterday I found boxes of patio lights that are tiny Mason jars marked down from $19.99 to $5.99 a box. These are so cute for gifts and even on country theme Christmas trees. Also bought Dahlia bulbs in boxes that had been $5.99 each and are .59 for fancy bulbs.,  Helen N, ID

7334 Stouffers code (7/24/2014 11:44:49 AM):  R3FXW4WFWTFF Stouffers fish filet,  Sheree L. D, CO

7335 CVS - 30% and tote (7/24/2014 12:00:42 PM):  Next week's flyer is showing the 30% off CVS items and free tote bag again. Do you think we can do it again?,  Theresa W, PA

7336 WalMart- Farmland Bacon (7/24/2014 12:06:06 PM):  Has anyone tried submitting a receipt via email to earn their $5 Walmart gift card. My email says undeliverable and I have tried two times. Does anyone know the number to text to submit the receipt? ,  Penny M, MO

7337 Walgreens Bounty & Puffs (7/24/2014 12:07:30 PM):  Today at Walgreens, I found Bounty towels 6-packs on clearance for $1.79 each and 68 packs of Puffs plus lotion for .55 each.,  William M. M, FL

7343 Coldwater Creek Closes Sunday (7/24/2014 1:41:23 PM):  Today's paper says Sunday is the last day for Coldwater Creek at our Boise Mall. Since they are based in Sandpoint, Idaho this probably means all stores close Sunday.,  Helen N, ID

7344 FOY Gifthulk code (7/24/2014 1:46:39 PM):  3cft201ag 2 users 18 coins,  Lacinda T, IA

7346 Swagbucks Code (7/24/2014 2:21:06 PM):  KnightsWin before 2pm PT/5pm ET for 4 SB!,  Melody R, WA

7356 $17 shipped= Columbia sunglasses (7/24/2014 3:42:26 PM):  There are several different types of Columbia sunglasses at for $16.99 - $19.99 w/ free shipping: These are not all of them, just a few examples.,  Tricia B, MD

7366 Fuze (7/24/2014 6:44:38 PM):  I never contacted Coke about the expired Fuze coupon. Today I got a new one in the mail that expires 10-31,  Judy B B, LA

7367 Wheel of Fortune (7/24/2014 6:52:19 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Thursday: COMPUTER JARGON If your Spin Id is DR5925426, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

7369 Shopkick (7/24/2014 6:54:25 PM):  Does anyone use this app?,  Carla B, OH

7371 CVS 30% off coupon in email (7/24/2014 7:50:33 PM):  I want discuss two topics here, and the first is a relatively simple one- what to do with a 30% coupon from CVS that many others are also receiving from time-to-time. There are many restrictions so the best uses are to use it on things you need that are seldom on sale. You can also use it on items for rebates. I like to use it with coupons and see if I can use it as part of a deal for something that will be used around this household, like lotion, cups, or Ensure. Everyone's needs are different. But, you should make every effort to use coupons you receive by email from CVS. Why?,  William M. M, FL

7374 Receiving CVS coupons by email (7/24/2014 8:17:37 PM):  One very common question people ask is why do they or, (probably asked more often), why don't they receive CVS coupons by email? Honestly, I don't know why certain people are chosen, but let's look at this logically. Those who shop at CVS, and have it on their CVS cards, do receive more store coupons. This also works for specific items like: diapers, Nature Made, Ensure, and Olay. Trust me, I know. Buy them and you'll likely get more coupons. So, the coupons that arrive by email are more likely to be sent to frequent shoppers. A funny thing happens, though, if you maybe buy too much for their system. There's a point where you will receive fewer and fewer coupons. It has happened to me, and others, who were heavily shopping at CVS. The email coupons are not a reward but an incentive to draw people to shop for items they wouldn't normally buy, especially expert couponers. So, what does this mean and what should you do to receive the maximum number of store coupons, including coupons by email? I suggest, based on observation and experience, that CVS shoppers should shop as much as possible, (lol), always using coupons and deals to pay as little out of pocket as possible. The use of coupons and sales does not seem to be seen as a negative in the CVS system. The shopper should receive more and more store coupons as time goes by. But if you reach a point where CVS stops sending you coupons by email, despite increased spending by the shopper, then you should wait until the end of the quarter and get a new CVS card. The way the system works you'll eventually be back to where you are once again receiving many CVS store coupons. Just my humble opinion.,  William M. M, FL

7376 $76 - Ninja XL blender (7/24/2014 8:42:35 PM):  Add the blender to your cart: $99.99 (reg. $139.99.) Then checkout and use code SPENDNSAVE for 15% off. Then add code HOMESALE10 for $10 off $50. You will receive free shipping, $10 in Kohls cash, and your total will be $76.49 + applicable tax. MY girlfriend has one of these and absolutely loves it. After seeing her results using this, I am tempted... but really don't need it. ,  Tricia B, MD

7377 Target (7/24/2014 9:23:02 PM):  Starting July 27th, Target will be offering a FREE $10 Target gift card when you purchase four participating household products. Included in this sale —> Gain & Tide laundry detergent, Bounce dryer sheets, Charmin toilet paper, Bounty paper towels, Downy fabric softener & Glad trash bags.,  Jeanne W, PA

7378 Enter to win (7/24/2014 9:25:46 PM): Through September 29th, go here to enter in the Lean Cuisine FUNtastic Sweepstakes for a chance to be 1 of 7,500 winners to win a FREE pair of kids movie tickets (up to a $16 value). Please note that if you are a winner, the tickets will be available to use 11/26/2014 through 1/31/2015.,  Jeanne W, PA

7379 Target (7/24/2014 9:26:54 PM):  Starting July 27th, Target will be offering a $5 off a $20 Meat purchase coupon. You will be able to find this coupon in the Target ad (starting on Sunday, 7/27). This coupon will be valid on fresh, frozen AND deli meat.,  Jeanne W, PA

7380 Instant win (7/24/2014 9:38:59 PM): Now through August 11th, go here to play the Purina Summer Treasure Instant Win Game for a chance to win one of 40,000 prizes for your cat or dog. There will be 20,000 dog prizes awarded and 20,000 cat prizes awarded, including free pet food or treat coupons (up to a $9.99 value). Dog Prizes: *FREE 8.8lb or smaller bag of Purina Dog Chow brand Dog Food (1,000 winners) *FREE 4lb or smaller bag of Purina ONE brand Dog Food (1,000 winners) *FREE 11oz package of Purina Wagon Train treats for adult dogs, (1,000 winners) *FREE 3.5lb or smaller bag of Purina Beneful brand Dog Food (1,000 winners) *FREE 72-oz or smaller package of Purina Moist & Meaty brand Dog Food (1,000 winners) *FREE package of Purina Busy HeartyHide brand Chew Treat (1,000 winners) *FREE package of Purina Beneful brand Baked Delights Dog Snacks (2,000 winners) *FREE 7oz or smaller package of Purina Busy brand Chew Treat (2,000 winners) *FREE 7oz or smaller package of Purina Beggin’ Strips Brand Dog Snack (2,000 winners) *FREE 10 oz. package of Purina T Bonz brand Dog Snack (2,000 winners) *Two (2) FREE cans of Purina ONE SmartBlend Adult Dog Food (1,000 winners) *FREE 10oz tub or 3oz sleeve of Purina Beneful Brand Wet Dog Food (1,000 winners) *Two (2) FREE cans of Purina ALPO Dog Food (2,000 winners) *Two (2) FREE 5.5 oz. cans of Purina Mighty Dog Brand Dog Food (2,000 winners) Cat Prizes: *FREE 14-lb jug of Purina TIDY CATS brand Cat Litter (2,000 winners) *FREE 3.15lb or smaller bag of Purina ONE brand Cat Food (2,000 winners) *FREE 3.15lb or smaller bag of Purina Cat Chow brand Cat Food (2,000 winners) *FREE 3.15lb or smaller bag of Purina Friskies Cat Food (2,000 winners) *Two (2) FREE packages of Fancy Feast Broths for Cats (2,000 winners) *FREE 3oz or smaller Friskies Party Mix Cat Treat (2,000 winners) *FREE 3oz cans of Purina One SmartBlend Premium Cat Food (3,000 winners) *Two (2) FREE cans of 3oz Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food (3,000 winners) *Two (2) FREE 5.5oz cans of Purina Friskies Tasty Treasures Canned Cat Food (2,000 winners),  Jeanne W, PA


7394 Best Deal Magazine (7/25/2014 7:43:26 AM):  I am waiting on a subscription from the beginning of April through best deal mags. I emailed them about this and have not gotten a response. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!,  Cathy M, WI

7395 Kellogg's Rewards code (7/25/2014 8:04:20 AM):  JHK3-N3V6-NDWK-5PF7.,  Theresa W, PA

7396 My Points Starfish (7/25/2014 8:24:53 AM):  The My Points starfish for today is under Easy Points - My Points Score. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

7397 $50 shipped - 6 person tent (7/25/2014 8:25:57 AM):  Ozark Trail, 6 person instant dome tent, $50, was $89! 30-second set up! Free shipping or free in store pick up.,  Tricia B, MD

7400 American Eagle, 50% off & free shipping (7/25/2014 8:44:54 AM):  American Eagle has an additional 50% off clearance, with free shipping on everything. For example, this dress will be $12.50 shipped: B, MD

7403 Kohl's No More Expired Kohls Cash (7/25/2014 9:24:07 AM):  I haven't seen this here but on August 1, Kohl's will no longer accept expired Kohl's cash. Thanks goodness I went in yesterday! We had $40 that my hubby was supposed to spend while the kids and I were out of state. I also was able to use a $10 reward, a $5 bday reward, a $5 coupon they sent out yesterday, and the $10/$50 household coupon. It said no luggage so I didn't think it would work on backpacks, but it did. I paid $7.21 for 3 pillows, 2 backpacks and 2 clearanced bras. Saved $207.96. I also had $10 to spend at JCPenneys - found a swimsuit for my daughter for $11.99, cashier gave me 15% off and paid 21 cents out of pocket. ,  Kathleen H, CA

7404 Walgreens (7/25/2014 9:24:20 AM):  Our Wags did not even carry 6 packs of bounty. The puffs were clearance at .89 and not .55. Wish they had the same prices.,  Susan B, SC

7405 Safeway clearance dog food (7/25/2014 9:26:53 AM):  YMMV but worth checking out! Did the deal at Target for the $15/$50 in pet food, which I thought was a great deal even without coupons. Went to Safeway afterward and hit the jackpot. They had re-set the pet food aisle and I ended up with 2 16lb bags of kibbles n bits for $6 each, 16lb purina cat chow for $5.50, Purina 13lb be happy for $5.50 and best of all, 7 3lb bags of purina one beyond for $1 each as they had $3 coupons on them!,  Kathleen H, CA

7407 Rite Aid (7/25/2014 9:34:34 AM):  Purchased 10 ct. sheet protectors at Rite Aid last night buy one get two free. $2.99 for three packages - I thought a $1 per pack was a fairly good deal. Children's scissors, same deal - buy one get two free, $3.49 for three packages. ,  Marijane W, MI

7411 $879 - all-incl. week to Cancun (7/25/2014 10:48:43 AM):  Brand new Dreams Sands Resort and Spa, $879. Includes: •Nonstop air from Baltimore to Cancun •Six nights at a 4-star, all-inclusive resort •Unlimited meals and drinks, including alcohol •Nonstop roundtrip transfers •Air and hotel taxes Book by July 30; travel on (Sundays) Sep 7-Oct 5, 2014. *We just did a similar trip to the lovely Dreams in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico on a trip thru Apple Vacations. They charter a plane thru AeroMexico where you even get TWO FREE checked bags. B, MD

7414 Zulily (7/25/2014 11:27:06 AM):  Anyone here know their return policy. Want to order some StrideRite shoes for my grandson. this would be my first order thru Zulily. Good company?? ,  Janis L, IA

7415 post office greeting cards (7/25/2014 11:27:16 AM):  My local US post office has started selling greeting cards for a pretty reasonable price. Yesterday, I got a postcard from the post office with an offer to get one card at 50% off.,  Joanne K, VT

7419 Walgreens Centrum (7/25/2014 12:06:20 PM):  Skittles walked on the computer's keyboard. Long story short- Two Centrum Silver 100 ct for Women on sale for $9.99 each. This week at Walgreens they go for Buy one get one 50% off, so we're down to about $15. Scan two of the $4 manufacturer's coupons from a Sunday insert a few weeks ago and also scan the $5/2 Walgreens store coupon on page 48 of Walgreens July Savings Book. That's a final price of $2 plus tax. My only special advice is to closely examine the Walgreens store coupon on page 48 of July's Savings Book. The Walgreens Centrum store coupon only applies to specific Centrum products.,  William M. M, FL

7420 Kelloggs Codes (7/25/2014 12:38:16 PM):  MWHK-X4NM-49N9-1PM3,  Donna B, WV

7430 JCPennys (7/25/2014 3:34:14 PM):  Got a flyer in the mail today with a $10/$10 coupon and a $10/$25 coupon. Great for back to school necessities.,  Susan B, SC

7432 Austin Mahone Concert Code (7/25/2014 4:23:56 PM):  Here's a code folk can enter on to try to win a concert by Austin Mahone at your high school. One code + 3 entries. J69K-R0ZF-T9R1-YFKV The last leetter may be a "U" instead of a "V". And the zero after the "R" may be a capital "O" or vice-versa. Please post when it's used so i can toss carton in recycleable cardboard. You can also get Tix, Music, & more at,  Virginia Ann S, VA

7434 Sears Groupon (7/25/2014 4:32:19 PM):  If you bought the Sears Groupon last month, you can get a good deal through tomorrow on Vanity Fair underwear. The VF panties are 3/$24 (check the tag to make sure) as well as 30% off. Subtracting the $20 Groupon, I paid $15 out of pocket for six pair. That's a really good price for VF!,  Deborah K, VA

7439 rite aid gas card question (7/25/2014 5:19:00 PM):  do you think that all covergirl will count for the gas card.. like nail polish if they have it? trying to figure out the best way to do this sale.. and suggestions will be appreciated ,  Mary H, ME

7441 Wheel of Fortune (7/25/2014 6:02:18 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Friday: VAGUELY FAMILIAR. If your Spin Id is MS7492650, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

7444 Washington National game tickets (7/25/2014 6:44:18 PM):  In the DC area, if you go to VA or MD hhgreggs stores between 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. you can pick up four free Nats baseball game tickets. The two Maryland places are in Waldorf and Annapolis. You may want to go to their website or the hhgreggs website for more information.,  Mindy C, MD

7445 Gold Bond (7/25/2014 7:07:37 PM): Print a $1 off any One Gold Bond Medicated Product (no size Restrictions). Walmart, Target and various other stores sell Travel/Trial Gold Bond products. Free after the coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

7446 Reynolds (7/25/2014 7:17:41 PM): These coupons have reset. You can print two more copies of each one. Ex. 30 days from print (Print limit is two of each) Print with Red Plum Software $1 off any two Packages of Reynold Baking Cups ($.92 at Walmart)($.42 each after the coupon) $1 off any One Reynolds Genuine Parchment Paper $.75 off any one Package of Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil $.75 off any one Package of Reynolds Wrap Foil (35 sq ft or larger) Excludes Wrappers Foil Sheets, and Heavy Duty Non-Stick Foil) $.75 off any One Package of Reynolds Slow Cooker liners (4 Count or Larger) $.75 off any one 5 Count Large Size Reynolds Oven Bags $1 off any One Reynolds Bakeware Pan Product,  Jeanne W, PA

7447 Walgreens (7/25/2014 7:32:31 PM):  no Bounty towels, no shelf space for them either The Puffs were $1.59 I found Kleenex reg. $2.39 80ct upright on clearance for $1.49 (and B1G1) Quilted Northern soft and strong 16 roll reg. $9.99 for $6.49,  Judy B B, LA

7448 $27 - Craftsman wet/dry vac (7/25/2014 7:47:55 PM):  Craftsman Wet/Dry Vac, $26.96, was $49.99: Free in store pick up.,  Tricia B, MD

7455 Unwanted food GC's (7/25/2014 10:57:15 PM):  I saw this in my Woman's World Magazine - donate unused gift cards to national restaurants to military families. They also accept gc's to grocery stores. Check it out at ,  Shanna W, CA

7456 Coupoing eBook For Free Download (7/25/2014 11:01:06 PM):  Hello, All! I wrote a book, Couponing for the Beginner: A Guide to Couponing for the Uninitiated, for beginners about couponing. If you have family and friends that want to get into what you're doing, this might be the perfect fit for them. I also talk about RefundCents in the book because I love this community so much! The book is free to download for 4 days! Here's a link to the ebook: D, KS

7459 M&M Text (7/26/2014 6:23:49 AM):  Has anyone had a credit applied in the last three weeks to their cable/internet bill? I had the first two applied right away, within a week. These last 12 have not been applied yet. I know it says up to two billing cycles, but thought at least half would be by now.,  Carla B, OH

7463 Living Social & Swagbucks (7/26/2014 8:41:00 AM):  If you're planning to make a purchase from Living Social you might want to go thru Swagbucks. This was posted on their site. "In celebration of Living Social's first deal launched 5 years ago, save 20% off your next purchase when you use code LSBDAY, and earn 10 SB per dollar.",  Cindy S, TX

7466 Crest Whitestrips deal (7/26/2014 9:20:59 AM):  Crest 3D White Whitestrips are well priced on when you clip the coupon on the page. Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Advanced Seal Technology, 14 Treatments $20.99 after coupon: Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects - Teeth Whitening Kit 20 Treatments $25.99 after coupon: Shipping is free on $35.,  Tricia B, MD

7467 Ebay question (7/26/2014 9:21:45 AM):  Has anyone ever used Ebay's valet service? I saw this in a past issue of Oprah mag: "Now a valet does all the work, including listing, selling and shipping your items. You get paid 70% of sale proceeds when your items sell.",  Linda B. B, CA

7469 Stouffer's red box codes (7/26/2014 9:30:28 AM):  H4DKWP9WF3C9, 66P46X64HRRJ, GYTX3DR764H7.,  Theresa W, PA

7470 CVS Temptations cat treats (7/26/2014 9:39:36 AM):  On the shelf the 6.3 oz Whiskas Temptations Tasty Chicken flavor are priced at $4.99 but they are ringing up for $3.49. Skittles loves these treats. At my store there were no sales stickers on that shelf so this was a happy surprise.,  William M. M, FL

7473 Safeway (7/26/2014 9:51:15 AM):  There is a $1 rebate on Checkout 51 for Florida's Natural Citrus Smoothies (only valid on Orange Pineapple Mango or Orange Strawberry Banana flavors) & a $1 coupon thru Swagbucks. It looks like Checkout 51 requires you purchase it @ Safeway. Don't know how much this item costs but $2 off sounds pretty good.,  Cindy S, TX

7482 $50 shipped + freebie- Shark steam mop (7/26/2014 1:01:22 PM):  Shark® Ergolite Steam Mop + FREE Mop Pads! Regular price is $90 plus $40 for the pads = $130. This deal gives you both for $49.97! Go here and add the mop to your cart: Then MAKE SURE to add the pads which are #185356 to your cart. They will be free but you have to add them yourself. When you check out, make sure to add FREESHIP25 for free shipping. Don't forget to go thru ebates.,  Tricia B, MD

7483 staples coupons (7/26/2014 1:04:12 PM): There are coupons here for 20% off your purchase and 15% off your technology purchase, including printers. Exp. 7/27.,  Tricia B, MD

7484 staples coupons (7/26/2014 1:04:30 PM): There are coupons here for 20% off your purchase and 15% off your technology purchase, including printers. Exp. 7/27.,  Tricia B, MD

7485 Finish TMF Offer (7/26/2014 1:23:58 PM):  I received a check for $3 and I sent in my crt with a price of $4.99. Was there a maximum of $3 for this rebate? I think I will call them on Monday.,  Ellen C, NY

7486 Walmart (7/26/2014 1:47:06 PM):  I heard a commercial this morning that Walmart is giving 10% discount for a week (now til next Sat) for all teachers. I'm not sure if I heard correctly. Will have to see if they know anything at the store.,  Susan B, SC

7491 need JUMBO playing cards (7/26/2014 3:25:50 PM):  I'm looking for approx. 30 decks of new jumbo playing cards. Costco used to carry them in my area. They are being discontinued so they no longer have them here. Has anyone seen them in their area? TIA,  Simone M, CT

7495 Savings Star (7/26/2014 3:54:51 PM):  I emailed Savings Star to see if you didn't have a smart phone if you could submit a receipt another way. Here is their response Hello, Thank you for using SavingStar! At this time, we do only allow receipt submission from our iPhone and Android apps. If you do not have a smart phone, you can still save at hundreds of Automatic-Savings Stores, by registering your existing loyalty card through our website. Thank You, Amy ,  Ginnie K, CA

7499 savings star (7/26/2014 6:13:32 PM):  I don't have a smart phone but still would like to take advantage of the new stores that savings star has added. I've seen people talk about using their IPad. Can you also down load the app's on a tablet? My kids just gave me birthday money for a table or Ipad, but need suggestions on what I should get that doesn't cost too much. ,  Gloria S, WI

7502 Target (7/26/2014 7:23:55 PM):  Post-it Notes $1.02 each Use $1/1 Post-it Notes Target coupon found on Target site Final cost 2¢. Scotch Tape 2-Pack $1 (Found at The One Spot) Use $1/1 Scotch Tape Target coupon found on Target site Final cost FREE,  Jeanne W, PA

7503 Freebie (7/26/2014 7:27:00 PM): Go here to get a FREE Sample of NatureSmart Disney Gummy Vitamins. You can choose from Sugar-Free Multi-Vitamin, Omega-3, Vitamin C, or Calcium with Vitamin D3.,  Jeanne W, PA

7504 Office Depot (7/26/2014 7:28:30 PM):  Check to see if your Office Depot has these $.25 items starting tomorrow. 25¢ Deals *Office Depot Brand & OfficeMax Brand 6″ Protractor 25¢ *Office Depot Brand & OfficeMax Brand Plastic 12″ Rulers 25¢ *Office Depot Brand & Wescott 5″ Scissors 25¢ *Scholastic & OfficeMax Brand Pourable Glue, 4oz 25¢ *Office Depot Brand 3-PK & OfficeMax Brand 5-PK Beveled Erasers 25¢ *Really Useful Boxes, 0.14L 25¢,  Jeanne W, PA

7505 Staples (7/26/2014 7:30:52 PM):  Starting tomorrow Staples will have: Paper Mate Sharpwriter Mechanical Pencils, .7mm, Yellow Barrel, 5/Pack $3.79 Pay $3.79 Submit for the $3.79 Easy Rebate (limit 1 rebate) Final Cost FREE.,  Jeanne W, PA

7511 Toys & Babies R Us (7/26/2014 9:38:59 PM):  Toys R Us and Babies R Us have a deal on facial tissue. When you buy 2 boxes of the Geoffrey brand tissue they are $0.50 each and no coupons needed. But be aware, you must buy then in twos or you will pay the regular price of $1.99. There was a sign hanging in store with this offer good until 8/4.,  Jeanne W, PA

7512 Costco Members (7/26/2014 9:40:44 PM): Go here and click “Get a sample” to get a FREE Sample Tums Ultra Maximum Strength, 12 Chewable Tablets. Please note that you will need to enter your Costco member ID number, so be sure to have it handy.,  Jeanne W, PA

7513 Samples (7/26/2014 9:52:12 PM): Get a free sample of a FREE sample of Hugo Man Cologne Get a free sample of Hugo Boss Men’s Cologne,  Jeanne W, PA

7514 Shutterfly code (7/26/2014 10:21:34 PM):  This is for a free 8x8 Shutterfly photo book, expires 8/31/2014. Please post when used, thanks! 054K-LPRR-9TBL-V1X1 ,  Teresa S, CA

7522 Free Shutterfly Code (7/27/2014 7:11:16 AM):  0LVK-LPT0-GTBL-V1NL Free code from Kellogg's for Shutterfly Please post when used,  Victoria L, FL

7524 Winn Dixie (7/27/2014 7:52:29 AM):  I saw the Nature Made melts on clearance for $2.25 each. I also found the Celeste for One pizzas that are the "Friday Freebie" for savingstar.,  William M. M, FL

7525 Avast question (7/27/2014 8:24:03 AM):  I have had Avast for a very long time. Always thought it was free. Now I am getting notices that it will expire in 13 days and I should renew. The only option is to buy it. Is it not free anymore?,  Mary D, OK

7528 rite aid gas card (7/27/2014 8:54:40 AM):  Diane J, my store thinks only the first 4 will track.. my store had some cover girl on clearance and they took a coupon. and it tracked. so I have 1.15 tracking and spent .23.. I will buy 4 tides and 2 crest and 2 bounty basic.. and it should work.. using 4 2.00 tide coupons and 2 crest rinse coupons and one basic coupon. my OOP should be 12.97 ... so 2.97 for the gas card is good to me ,  Mary H, ME

7530 NatureMade points (7/27/2014 9:49:01 AM):  25 free points, good for everyone: SCHOOL25,  Sam H, OR

7531 Ban total rebate (7/27/2014 10:35:57 AM):  For those that did the 'free after rebate' on Ban Total Refresh Cooling Cloths several months ago. I contacted them since it had been beyond the expected time to get my refund. Here is their response: "Thank you for contacting us regarding our recent Try Me Free Ban Total Refresh Cooling Cloths offer. Due to an overwhelming response for this offer we ask for your patience as we continue to process through all of our requests. We appreciate your interest and look forward to your continued interest in our product. Thank you for taking the time to contact us." So, hang in there, sounds like they are working on them. ,  Angela B, NV

7533 25 free points with Nature Made (7/27/2014 10:42:58 AM):  Go to and enter the code: SCHOOL25 for 25 free points.,  Janice H, TX

7534 Target deal (7/27/2014 10:51:54 AM):  Save $10 off $40 when you order at and pick free in store pick up. Make sure to select free in store pick up to get the discount. Ends 8/2. In addition, you can stack this with the promotion for a free $10 Target gift card for buying 4 certain items (like Bounty paper towels, up & up diapers, and stuff at the link here: B, MD

7536 $8 shipped- men's or womens flip flops (7/27/2014 11:08:05 AM):  Men's Rider flip flops in black/grey or blue for $7.99. Black/yellow is $8.99. Womens Rider flip flops, $7.99 in green/brown: or $9.99 in black/pink,  Tricia B, MD

7538 rite aid question (7/27/2014 11:21:33 AM):  can I use a manufacturer coupon and a load to card coupon for the same product ,  Mary H, ME

7539 Pampers Points (7/27/2014 11:28:45 AM):  This code is good for everyone. I think its for 10 points. FB83PRN8TCEDY14,  Elizabeth H, VA

7540 Saving Star (7/27/2014 11:30:59 AM):  I need help with Saving Star. Can anyone tell me how to get into my account information? I need to add my CVS card number but can't figure out how to get to the proper place. Thanks to all.,  Elizabeth H, VA

7541 Kohls (7/27/2014 11:44:13 AM):  Kohl’s shoppers that are signed up to receive Kohl’s emails. Be sure to check your inbox as you may have received an email worth up to $15 off your purchase of $25 or more, valid in-store and online. The email will be titled “Cash In! Will You Save $15, $10 or $5? ” coming from the address These discounts are valid today, 7/27 only. If you’re planning to shop online, here are a few more codes that you may want to use… * Note that you can use up to 4 codes per order! POOLSIDE –> 25% off your order – Kohl’s cardholders HOMESALE10 –> $10 off a $50 home purchase URSPECIAL –> $10 off a $30 purchase SPENDNSAVE –> 15% off your order- non cardholders JULY15SHIP –> Free shipping KIDS15 –> 15% off Kids’ apparel, shoes and character backpacks LUGGAGE50 –> $50 off luggage purchase of $200 or more BRITAX30 –> $30 off select Britax car seat purchases SUMMERFUN20 –> 20% off select Women’s and Juniors’ summer tops, bottoms, dresses and swimwear,  Jeanne W, PA

7545 Best Deal Mags Problem (7/27/2014 12:00:37 PM):  When I try to order through Best Deal Magazines it is giving me a message that my order must be processed by calling in is anyone else getting this error message? I've ordered from them in the distant past, but not anything in the last few years. Any suggestions? I tried calling the number, but no answer. ,  Marianne D, NC

7546 free Downy (7/27/2014 12:04:53 PM):  K-mart buy 3, 60 load Downy 3/$15 use $5 off 3 coupon in Sunday paper get $5 coupon to spend in next 15 days at Kmart get $5 worth of points on SYW card = free Downy,  Becky W, KY

7556 Sears (7/27/2014 1:05:39 PM):  Shop Your Way Rewards Members-- Be sure to sign-in to your Shop Your Way Rewards Account (or register) as you may have received 5,000 FREE bonus points (= $5 Reward) for being a valued member. These points expire on 7/29 (as least for me they did), so you don’t have much time to use them.,  Jeanne W, PA

7560 Shutterfly Photo Book (7/27/2014 1:26:00 PM):  8x8 Shutter Fly Photo Book Exp. 8-31-2014 0B9C-HTP5-69PK-3L17,  Becky R, IN

7561 CVS Gold Emblem snacks ECBs (7/27/2014 1:29:27 PM):  On page 2 of this week's CVS ad you can see a sale and extrabucks deals on selected CVS's store brand, Gold Emblem snack mixes. Buy $6 worth and get $2 extrabucks, and buy $10 worth and earn $4 extrabucks. Well, there's good news and bad news with this deal. The good news? The sale covers a variety of snack mixes and some of the bags are good size bags. The bad news is that there's no "near miss" with this deal. Even though the prices are $1.99, you will need to go over $6 to earn the $2 extrabucks and over $10 to get the $4 extrabucks. I grabbed 5 bags at $1.99 each and I was still a nickel short. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the 30% CVS products coupon did not work on them because they are on sale. Finally, I noticed that there is a Gold Emblem peanut butter, with the regular groceries, and it counts for this deal at $2.99.,  William M. M, FL

7562 Walgreens Carmex lotion (7/27/2014 1:37:06 PM):  On page 9 of this week's Walgreens' ad there's a surprising deal for 2,000 Walgreens' points for buying a Carmex 4 or 5.5 oz lotion or cream. That's a good deal for points at Walgreens so I checked it out this afternoon. Yes, it works. The best part for me was that it still worked even when I bought multiples of 3 at a time so that I could use up some $9 and $10 register rewards that were close to expiration. Three at a time cost $8.97 and gave me 6,400 points. I did it twice and paid with register rewards both times.,  William M. M, FL

7564 Minute Rice (7/27/2014 1:38:54 PM): Print a $.50/1 Minute Rice ready to eat coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

7565 Staples 20% off today,free Ice Mountain (7/27/2014 1:50:57 PM):  Not sure if this is regional? Last day to receive 20% at Staples (cashier's have the code, think it excludes technology). In addition, if you buy $20 worth of breakroom/cleaning, you will receive a free case of Ice Mountain water. ,  Angie F, MI

7567 Rite Aid EPT +UP (7/27/2014 2:01:16 PM):  The +UP did not print this morning. Manager just gave me a RA gift card.,  Linda M, OR

7570 Ordering Checks (7/27/2014 2:51:48 PM):  I need to order checks. Does anyone know who has the best deal? TIA,  Renay E, NJ

7571 purell (7/27/2014 3:08:10 PM):  I tried to do the walgreens purell deal. Used August coupon book. I used a 2 dollar coupon from the purell website. Walgreens wouldn't take both coupons because it was more than 2.99. Are all walgreens this picky?,  Barb C, MN

7575 Shutterfly and CODES (7/27/2014 3:26:33 PM):  On the site it says use code MERRYJULY for 40% off your order. I was able to use this code for a hard cover book, deducted -$15.69 as well as a Kellogg Shutterfly code for -$20 off my next order. I entered the merryjuly code first and looked at the total. Hit the back button and typed the long digit code from Kellogg in the code box it deducted the $20. Total off my order was $35.69. THANK you to all that are posting the Kellogg Codes, as I also was getting them in my IN BOX MAIL but never paid attention. Made a 30 page book of a recent New York City trip. Thanks again. Hope this helps someone else.,  Debra P, CT

7582 B&BW codes (7/27/2014 3:55:33 PM):  Free shipping on any order of $25 or more (exp. 9/30): SUNNYtGTfpuJa3W2a $10 off any purchase of $30 or more (valid 8/4-9/2): F142953,  Anita M, CA

7584 Carla B OH (7/27/2014 4:11:20 PM):  Thank you very, very much for your help. Now my CVS card is on Saving Star. :-) I appreciate your help.,  Elizabeth H, VA

7587 Swagbucks Code (7/27/2014 4:30:34 PM):  DaysOfSummer before 5pm PT/8pm ET for 4 SB!,  Melody R, WA

7592 MCR Bonus Points (7/27/2014 5:47:44 PM):  Starting 8/1, earn a bonus sweeps entry with every zero-calorie, multi-can package code for your chance to win amazing Back-To-School themed prizes. Plus, get 20 bonus points after playing 6 times.,  Laurie F, FL

7594 KFR 1000 Bonus Points offer extended to 7/31 (7/27/2014 5:50:57 PM):  The offer to get 1,000 bonus points when you enter 5 codes from any cookies or crackers has been extended to 7/31 (offer can be earned twice.),  Laurie F, FL

7595 Target (7/27/2014 6:08:05 PM):  Buy 3 Old Spice Deodorants = FREE $5 Target gift card Deal Scenario: Buy 3 Old Spice Deodorants starting in price at $2.69 (prices will vary a bit by region) Total = $8.07 Use three $1/1 Old Spice Deodorant coupons found on Pay $5.07 (or possibly more depending on the price of the deodorant at your local Target) Get back a FREE $5 Target gift card Final cost 7¢ for all 3 deodorants,  Jeanne W, PA

7596 Kmart (7/27/2014 6:11:31 PM):  Go to where you can score several different packages of BIC Pens (10 to 12-count) for ONLY $0.50 – regularly $2.19. Plus, you can opt for Free in-store pick up (if available at a store near you). Note, that these pens are not available for shipping to home.,  Jeanne W, PA

7597 Sears (7/27/2014 6:12:55 PM):  Go to to get a Craftsman Programmable Digital Tire Gauge for $9.99 (reg.$26.99), plus Free in-store pick up (if available at a store near you). Note, that this item is not available to be shipped.,  Jeanne W, PA

7598 Living Social Deals (7/27/2014 6:14:02 PM):  I just got an email for Living Social and they have a few really great deals. Jawbone Jambox Speaker reg $149.00 deal $89 with free shipping. Outerbox Defender case for iPhone 5/5S reg $50 deal $15 Swarovski Stud earring reg $49 deal $9 These were on Long Island Living Social ,  Randi L, NY

7599 Toys R Us (7/27/2014 6:14:46 PM):  These items are on sale. * Cra-Z-Art Crayons 24 ct 4/$1 * Cra-Z-Art Glue Sticks 2 ct 4/$1 * Cra-Z-Art Glue 4 oz 4/$1 * Cra-Z-Art Classic Markers 10 ct $1 * Cra-Z-Art Colored Pencils 12 ct $1 * Cra-Z-Art Super Tip Markers 30 ct $3 * Cra-Z-Art Colored Pencils 24 ct $3 * Cra-Z-Art Dry Erase Markers 6 ct $3 And, they are also continuing to offer a FREE Lunch Kit (up to $9.99 value) when you purchase a Backpack priced at $12.99 or more.,  Jeanne W, PA

7601 ? Prescription Help (7/27/2014 6:34:45 PM):  Its time for me to go back to doctor to get a prescription for my Bp meds "Losartan" generic for Cozaar I am trying to find out how much it will be for 90 day supply I live in a small town we CVS, RiteAid, Bi-LO, WalMart Pharmacies any suggestions appreciated big chain pharmacies are about 45 minutes to 1 hour away I ordered from a reputable online pharmacy $45 every 6 months sometimes using patient assistance mail order is a hassle for doctors offices and staff any suggestion appreciated I thought there was a link here for saving on prescription medications ?,  Debra A, NC

7602 My Points (7/27/2014 6:41:39 PM):  Is their game still going on???,  Marcie B, NY

7608 $18 Postal Scale (7/27/2014 7:26:32 PM):  $17.99 Postal Scale: 55 lb. capacity. Free shipping on $35.,  Tricia B, MD

7609 $229 4 piece patio set (7/27/2014 7:35:43 PM):  Elise 4-Piece Patio Conversation Set, $229 (was $499): Free in store pick up or free shipping BUT you do pay $9.97 weight surcharge.,  Tricia B, MD

7610 Rebate form (7/27/2014 7:41:53 PM): Print a Lanacane TMF rebate form.,  Jeanne W, PA

7612 CVS Gear deodorant (7/27/2014 8:16:19 PM):  If you received the BOGO coupon, up to $4.29, for Gear deodorant in your Sunday inserts the best place to use it is at CVS. You see, that Gear deodorant counts as a qualifying product for a "Buy $10 get $5 extrabucks" deal on page 9 of this week's ad. The Gear deodorants cost $5.29 each here, so with the BOGO coupon, you pay $6.29 for two deodorants and get $5 extrabucks. Plus, you can do the deal twice and other products like Softsoap body wash and liquid hand soap also qualify for the extrabucks deal.,  William M. M, FL

7617 CVS 30% OFF REMINDER (7/27/2014 8:26:19 PM):  Just a reminder, use your 30% off coupons to buy CVS brand $1 snacks. NOT the ones that Carla talked about in Post# 77582. There's nuts, cookies, chips, raisins, prunes and others. A great deal especially for traveling, lunches, etc. Blessings to all! Pat,  Patricia Ann H, CA

7618 Target (7/27/2014 8:36:20 PM):  Buy 4 Bagel Bites, 9ct $1.99, regular price Buy Three Get One Free through 8/2 Use one $1.50/3 – Bagel Bites Products ( And use one $1.50/3 – Bagel Bites Frozen Snacks, Target Coupon ( Final Price: $0.74 each, when you buy 4,  Jeanne W, PA

7619 KMart (7/27/2014 8:37:13 PM):  Buy 3 Downy Fabric Softener, 48-60 load $5.00, sale price through 8/2 Buy 3, Receive $5.00 Off Next Purchase and $5.00 in Shop Your Way Reward Points through 8/16 Use one $5.00/3 – Tide or Tide Boost, Downy, Downy Unstopables and Bounce Bursts from PG 7/27 Pay $10.00, Receive $5.00 Off Next Purchase and $5.00 in Shop Your Way Reward Points Final Price: Free,  Jeanne W, PA

7620 Target (7/27/2014 8:39:04 PM):  Buy 3 Secret Scent Expressions Deodorant, 2.6 oz $2.99, regular price Buy 3, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 8/2 Use one $4.00/3 – Secret Outlast, Destinations or Scent Expressions Deodorants and Body Sprays from PG 7/6 Pay $4.97, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card Final Price: $0.03 Moneymaker,  Jeanne W, PA

7621 Rite Aid (7/27/2014 8:40:25 PM):  Buy 2 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Crazy Wrapz $7.49, regular price Buy One Get One Free through 8/2 Buy 2 Orajel Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste, 4.2 oz $2.99, regular price Buy One Get One Free through 8/2 Spend $10.00, Receive $5.00 Up Reward through 8/2, Limit 2 Use one $2.00/1 – Arm & Hammer Spinbrush, any ( And use one $1.00/1 – Orajel Product ( Pay $7.48, Receive $5.00 Up Reward Final Price: $0.62 each, when you buy all 4,  Jeanne W, PA

7622 Rite Aid (7/27/2014 8:41:23 PM):  E.P.T Male & Female Complete Home Fertility Kit $14.99, sale price through 8/2 Buy 1, Receive $10.00 Up Reward through 8/2, Limit 1 Use $5.00/1 – E.P.T. Complete Home Male & Female Fertility Kit or Ovulation Test ( Pay $9.99, Receive $10.00 Up Reward Final Price: $0.01 Moneymaker,  Jeanne W, PA

7623 Rite Aid (7/27/2014 8:42:11 PM):  Nexxus Therappe Ultimate Moisture Shampoo, 5.1 oz $5.99, regular price Buy 1, Receive $3.00 Up Reward through 8/30, Limit 5 Use $3.00/1 – Nexxus Hair Care Products, Rite Aid Coupon ( Pay $2.99, Receive $3.00 Up Reward Final Price: $0.01 Moneymaker,  Jeanne W, PA

7624 Target (7/27/2014 8:44:53 PM):  Buy 4 Bic Soleil Bella Razors, 3 ct $4.99, regular price Buy Three Get One Free through 9/7 Use four $3.00/1 – Bic Disposable Razor from SS 7/27 And use one $1.00/1 – Bic Soleil Bella or Flex 4 Disposable Razors, 3 ct, Target Coupon ( And use $1.00/1 – BIC Soleil Bella or Flax 4 Disposable Razors, 3 ct, Target Mobile Coupon, Text SAVINGS1 to 827438 Final Price: $0.24 each, when you buy 4,  Jeanne W, PA

7625 Target (7/27/2014 8:46:44 PM):  Buy 4 Pringles Pizza Super Stack $1.52, regular price Use one $1.00/4 – Pringles Full Size Cans, 160 grams or larger from RP 6/29 And use 50% Off – Pringles Pizza Super Stack, Target Cartwheel Offer (exp 8/2) – ( Final Price: $0.51 each, when you buy 4,  Jeanne W, PA

7629 Cartwheel (7/28/2014 5:20:01 AM):  I don't have a Smart Phone YET. Does the Target Cartwheel program have a code that you can just give the cashier and they can deduct the percentage from your total? Thanks. ,  Joy M, KY

7631 diapers (7/28/2014 6:02:31 AM):  A family hit by difficult times in my church needs pull-up diapers. Are there any good deals on these. There are 6 children. I've been working on school supplies. I really haven't been into diapers for a long time. ,  Barb C, MN

7634 Amazon coupon code (7/28/2014 6:40:37 AM):  Received an email I think from amazon. It supposedly is their 20th birthday. It said 90% off. Sounds fishy to me. Anyone else get this email?,  Valerie K, NY

7635 Dollar Tree Buys Family Dollar (7/28/2014 6:52:46 AM):  Dollar Tree Corp. is buying Family Dollar. Wonder how that will change both stores??,  Susan B, SC

7642 Direct TV vs Dish (7/28/2014 7:52:07 AM):  We have Dish, but even the basic pkg has gone too high for me. Has anyone here had any luck with calling them and asking for reduced rates? I'm going to switch to Direct to get a lower price, but if Dish will work with me, I'd stay. Switching is a lot of trouble. If they can give great deals to new customers, they should be willing to deal with long time customers. Thank you for any info.,  Dayle R, KY

7647 Walmart gas (7/28/2014 8:09:11 AM):  My husband bought gas yesterday using his Walmart reloadable card and got 10c off a gallon (usually 3c). I think they did the same thing last year. ,  Judy B B, LA

7649 Target online (7/28/2014 8:32:02 AM):  Is it possible to get items online and get gift cards. Even when you purchase online?,  Trisha A, TX

7653 Rite Aid (7/28/2014 8:39:33 AM):  Page 11 of sale ad. Buy $15 worth of participating items get $5 up. Simple cleansers & wipes are $5 each. yesterdays paper had b1g1g coupons. I got 2 each cleansers & wipes paid $10 & got $% ups back. Axe is also part of deal & there were b1g1f coupons for these in the Sunday paper.,  Cathy G, OH

7654 My Points Starfish (7/28/2014 8:40:55 AM):  The My Points Starfish is under the Apple Store today. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

7655 Kroger (7/28/2014 8:43:24 AM):  My store had these on clearance. Ronzoni wheat wide noodles 97c. Private selection Italian linguine 50c. P.F. Changs frozen meals for 2 I got spicy shrimp $2.50. 16oz bag honey roasted peanuts(found in produce section)99c. ,  Cathy G, OH

7656 Rite Aid (7/28/2014 8:46:37 AM):  Page 10 of sale ad. Oral-b powered toothbrush $6.00-$4 ups. In my paper yesterday was a coupon for $2.00/1 & $5.00/1. In the fine print it says the $5.00/1 works for this toothbrush. Making it a $3.00 profit & limit 2 on this deal.,  Cathy G, OH

7658 Pampers points (7/28/2014 8:58:12 AM):  This code is good for everyone. Good for five points. TWITPREN8CEK014,  Elizabeth H, VA

7666 savingstar (7/28/2014 9:34:53 AM):  My Mart will be gone in about a month. I figured why not register the card anyway and maybe get credit for something. I don't see the SYWR card among the ones to chose at Savingstar. ,  Judy B B, LA

7669 CVS Gold Emblem Snack mixes (7/28/2014 10:11:44 AM):  We've gone through 3 bags, already, and my vote for the best is the "Greek yogurt trail mix" with: greek yogurt covered pretzel balls, peanuts, dark chocolate covered raisins, & butter toffee covered peanuts. At $1.99 for a 7 oz bag, and extrabucks for buying at least $6 worth, it's a good week to try these.,  William M. M, FL

7671 anyone with AT&T internet (7/28/2014 10:47:38 AM):  I have switched servers and am confused. With suddenlink I had 2 email addresses using thunderbird,they were through suddenlink but different.One was @suddenlink the other was@classicnet.They were also on different computers.can I do the same with AT&T?The service man could not help with that.,  Mary D, OK

7673 CVS (7/28/2014 11:04:18 AM):  I can't believe this! First I did get another coupon, so I got another bag. I didn't know if I wanted to spend 70cents on a few cashews as I did before. I need raisins. I couldn't find any at the other store, but decided to look at this store. Finally found them and there was a sign that they were $2.99, so I figured I wouldn't be able to use the coupon. Since I needed then and knew they were more than that at Publix, I figured I would get them any way. Wasn't sure if I would be able to get the bag. I ended up paying 99cents! I paid and left to do my other shopping. It wasn't until after I got home I thought why didn't I get more at that price--if there were any more. Well, I don't think I could. Here's what I saw on my receipt: $2.99 for the raisins, 99cents for the bag, 99cents taken off for the bag, and "1 fill your bag" that took off $2.00 I don't know why. Again no tax.,  Donna E, FL

7674 Dormatory Bed suggestions (7/28/2014 11:08:42 AM):  I went to orientation with my son and was disappointed to see the thin mattresses on the beds. I didn't realize it was so luxurious when I went! I don't want to get him the foam egg crate or memory foam pads that smells terrible, and was thinking of springing for a feather bed to pass on to his sisters. Have others used things that were good and didn't cost a fortune? Thank you. Regina ,  Regina R, NY

7681 Eggs .99 - Walgreens (7/28/2014 12:33:44 PM):  Eggs are .99 cents a dozen at Walgreens. This is a great price for me, as it's half of the price of Walmart (only local store). Even buying the larger cartons is not cheaper. Also I think the (butterball?) bacon is . 99 this week. ,  Tricia B, MD

7686 Amtrak - Need to Save! (7/28/2014 1:03:41 PM):  Trying to save money on our Amtrak trip. Does anyone know what food you can carry on the train? It mentioned on their website that a small cooler did not count towards the limit of 2 carry ons. Are you allowed to take juice, flavored coffee creamer, etc. in a cooler? Also thinking about peanut butter & jelly? Thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions.,  Brenda M, VA

7688 Schick c/o (7/28/2014 1:35:09 PM):  I just printed the Schick coupons that Michele My Points...they expire on SEPT you have time..if you don't need them or have the money to buy for sales!,  Sharon J, WI

7690 Prescription Drug Discount programs (7/28/2014 1:54:10 PM):  I'm in MyPoints & got an e-message Friday about signing up for GoodRx prescription discount program. I live rural & get my prescriptions at a small, independent pharmacy near me. The drug price quotes they provide are only for major pharmacy chains, not independent pharmacies. You would earn 500 points when you had a prescription filled using the discount card. I couldn't be certain if the small, independent pharmacy I use would accept the GoodRx card. I had registered for the permanent card & had printed out the temporary card to use until I got the permanent one. I'm already using Leader Rx prescription program. I called the consumer help liene today to ask if the small pharmacy I use would accept the Good Rx card. And if i would save more money on my 2 generic Parkinson's drugs using Good Rx instead of Leader Rx. Was pleased to know Good Rx is accepted at pharmacy I use. But I save MORE money using my Leader Rx card! I don't drive. And I'm at least 1/2 hour's drive or more from major pharmacy chains. With the cost of gasoline these days, any savings I'd make using a major chain would be eaten up by the cost of gasoline used to get there! And someone would have to drive me there. That's why I used small, independent very close to me. So be sure to check drug prices. The savings will vary from program to program!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

7691 Kmart (7/28/2014 1:55:04 PM):  Go to and select Valvoline Wiper Blades are marked at 70% off – prices start as low as $1.95. You can choose FREE in-store pick up (many of the wiper blades are not available for shipping to your home).,  Jeanne W, PA

7692 Rubbermaid (7/28/2014 1:59:16 PM): Print a Rubbermaid Modular Canister or Cereal Container $1.00/1 coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

7693 Target (7/28/2014 2:02:28 PM):  Up & Up Eye Drops, 0.5 oz $1.14, regular price Use $1.00/1 – Up & Up Eye Care Product, Target Mobile Coupon, Text OFFERS to 827438 And use 5% Off – Up & Up Eye Care, Target Cartwheel Offer (exp 8/2) – ( Final Price: $0.13,  Jeanne W, PA

7694 Target (7/28/2014 2:05:00 PM):  NYC Eyeliner $1.57, price cut through 8/16 Use $1.00/1 – NYC Product, $1.00 or more ( Final Price: $0.57 NYC Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara $1.57, price cut through 8/16 Use $1.00/1 – NYC Product, $1.00 or more ( Final Price: $0.57 NYC Eye Shadow $2.23, price cut through 8/16 Use $1.00/1 – NYC Product, $1.00 or more ( Final Price: $1.23,  Jeanne W, PA

7696 Rite Aid (7/28/2014 2:08:22 PM):  Buy 6 Five Star 2-Pocket Folder $0.33 each, when you buy 3, sale price through 8/2 Use three $1.00/2 – Mead Five Star Products ( Or use three $1.00/2 – Five Star Products from PG 7/6 (exp 7/30) Final Price: Free,  Jeanne W, PA

7698 Walgreens (7/28/2014 2:11:53 PM):  Buy 2 L'Oreal Advanced Hair Care Stylers, Shampoos or Conditioners, 12.6 oz $3.99 each, when you buy 2, sale price through 8/2 Buy 2, Receive 3,000 Balance Rewards Points through 8/2 Buy 2, Receive $1.50 Catalina through 8/3 Spend $1.00, Receive 50 Balance Rewards Points With In-Ad Coupon through 8/30 Use one $3.00/2 – LOreal Advanced Haircare Shampoo, Conditioner or Hairstyle Products from RP 7/27 Pay $4.98, Receive 3,350 Balance Rewards Points ($3.35) and $1.50 Catalina Final Price: $0.07 each, when you buy 2,  Jeanne W, PA

7700 K Mart (7/28/2014 2:28:57 PM):  You are all so good at knowing what to do. I went to K Mart for the 3 Downy bottles, and the $5 off next shopping order did not print. I asked, they saw the ad and then gave me a $5 gift card. My points did show up on receipt. Can we do this offer more than once? On the shelf next to the Downy, was a Buy $30 of Downy, Tide, Gain, (etc) get a $10 rebate (gift card). It says after coupons and discounts. My thinking was can I do the Downy three times, and that would give me my $30 for the rebate, but will K Mart give me the $5 store coupon and the 5000 points each time? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.,  Noreen L, IL

7702 Swagcode (7/28/2014 2:38:00 PM):  Enter FORINSTANCE for 4 SB Expires 2:00pm pst,  Teresa S, CA

7703 Swagcode (7/28/2014 2:44:56 PM):  Good for 4 points before 2 pm PT/5 pm ET FORINSTANCE ,  Sam H, OR

7710 M&M Game (7/28/2014 3:55:16 PM):  Does anyone have or know where I can get a list of the names of the cable companies who are particapting. I have Googled it and can't find it.,  Patricia D, FL

7711 $3 - 6 pack Hanes mens socks (7/28/2014 3:57:11 PM):  6 pack low cut black Hanes socks, $3.99: or 6 pack no show black Hanes socks, $3.99: Use code CLEAR30 for 30% off to make them $2.79 with free in store pick up.,  Tricia B, MD

7717 What did you get for free or cheap? (7/28/2014 4:48:41 PM):  Ok, it's my Monday errand summary. Thanks for finding this post positive and interesting I went to Rite Aid and got my two free Crest and used the $1.50/2 Crest coupon. Tomorrow I'm combining my $3 UPS with my $9 UPS from the My Town deal and getting a free outside table to sit by the lounge chairs. My sister is visiting so I want things to look nice. I found a Goodwill store that is pretty nice. I went to Kmart to shop for some things and a Sunoco 30 cents/gallon coupon popped out. I don't know why. I went to CVS and used my $1.50/3 Hallmark cards. I decided to get a baby shower card and two birthday cards for .99/each. Tonight, I'll go to Hallmark Rewards and put in the codes. I'm at the point of getting another free reward prize. I contacted Office Depot and found out the ink cartridges that are in the recycling program are good for that quarter. As a result, I lost credit on four ink cartridges. They also changed their rewards program so you will need to reregister. I went to Target because they have a $5/$20 meat coupon (fresh, frozen, or deli). I was able to use a $1 Laura's ground beef and $1/2 Hatfield ham steak coupons. If you check the Target coupon codes from texting, there are probably more coupons. I was happy. I also found a TMF on Limeaway. I passed on that. I also used my free Kraft cheese coupon before it expired on Thursday. Let's hear about your good deals.,  Mindy C, MD

7718 Turkey Hill GDA (7/28/2014 4:49:39 PM):  One half gallons of iced tea are 4/$5. I used 2 $1 and 2 .35 coupons and got all four bottles for around $2.20. I was happy.,  Mindy C, MD

7721 CVS Question (7/28/2014 6:01:29 PM):  I popped into CVS Sunday just to scan my card. Well today when I scanned my card a message came up that I had already gotten my coupons and new coupons would be available tomorrow. Does the machine not give coupons everyday now?,  Victoria R, OH

7722 Werthers (7/28/2014 6:09:17 PM): Print a $1/1 Werther’s Sugar Free Candies Coupon. Reset,  Jeanne W, PA

7723 Target (7/28/2014 6:11:26 PM):  If you’re a Target shopper, be sure to look for possible clearance on the huge boxes of Pampers diapers.Someone was able to find the 144-count boxes of Pampers Baby Dry diapers for ONLY $10.74 (regularly $42.99.). Remember, if these are not marked at your store, be sure to price check.,  Jeanne W, PA

7724 Free Snickers Coupons (7/28/2014 6:12:27 PM):  If you have any of the free Snickers coupons from the online game we played a while ago, they will expire 7/31. I used my last 4 today at Shaw's where they have Snickers B2G1F so I was able to get 6 free bars with my 4 coupons!,  Vicky N, ME

7725 Freebie (7/28/2014 6:13:13 PM): Go here to request a FREE Mini Natural Beauty Magazine. This mini magazine is packed with healthy living tips and lots of samples.,  Jeanne W, PA

7726 Target (7/28/2014 6:19:01 PM):  Suave Natural Infusion Shampoo $2.89, regular price Buy 1, Receive $1.00 with Checkout 51 Use $1.50/1 – Suave Gold Infusion Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling or Treatment Item from RP 7/27 Pay $1.39, Submit for $1.00 Checkout 51 Credit Final Price: $0.39,  Jeanne W, PA

7727 Rite Aid (7/28/2014 6:20:28 PM):  Buy 2 CoverGirl Bombshell Intense Mascara $11.99, regular price Buy 2 CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara $8.99, regular price Buy One Get One 50% Off through 8/2 Spend $30.00, Receive $10.00 Up Reward through 8/30, Limit 2 Spend $30.00, Receive $10.00 Gas Card through 8/2, Limit 1 Use two $3.00/1 – CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara from PG 7/6 And use one $3.00/2 – CoverGirl Products from PG 7/27 And use one $1.00/1 – CoverGirl Bombshell Eyeliner or Mascara, Rite Aid Coupon ( And use one $1.00/1 – CoverGirl Bombshell Intense Eyeliner or Mascara, Rite Aid Coupon ( Pay $20.47, Receive $10.00 Up Reward and $10.00 Gas Card Final Price: $0.12 each, when you buy all 4,  Jeanne W, PA

7731 Wheel of Fortune (7/28/2014 7:06:59 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Monday: COMPLIMENTARY UPGRADE. If your Spin Id is DB7144663, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

7735 Joy M, KY--cartwheel (7/28/2014 7:22:34 PM):  No, each item does not have a code. There is just 1 code for everything. There is a limit of how many you can have at one time. I found out what it was, but now forget. I was putting things on it and it told me I had reached my limit. So I had to determine if I wanted to take any off to make room for something else. There is a limit of how many you can get the discount for each item at one time. However, you can come back the next day, or maybe just do another transaction, I don't know, until the date runs out. According to the helpful post from Carla B, OH the code is good for every time you use cartwheel, no matter what your selections are.,  Donna E, FL

7740 Gold Emblem snacks (7/28/2014 8:04:11 PM):  Did you notice they are made in Mexico now.No thanks If the food isn't USA we don't buy it!,  Ava J, FL

7744 Shutterfly (7/28/2014 8:32:09 PM):  5 free 5x7 folded cards. Just pay shipping. Use promo code LUCKY5. Good for everyone. Must be done by July 30th. ,  Gayle S, MI

7745 matlaws frozen (7/28/2014 8:36:13 PM):  B1G1 Free thru Tuesday @ Winn-Dixie.They took both coupons.Might depend which WD you go to.They are suppose to take cpn on free one.$22.00 savings!,  Ava J, FL

7746 $2/1 Colgate total (7/28/2014 8:37:26 PM): has $2 off 1 coupon for Colgate total. I didn't put in any zip code. B, MD

7747 Paying to watch T V !! (7/28/2014 8:41:07 PM):  Why pay to watch your own T V and waste your time ? I watch very little T V, I think it is a waste of time and money.,  Joy G, PA

7748 $380 - hi- efficiency washer (7/28/2014 8:41:48 PM):  Kenmore 4.5 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Top-Load Washer w/ Express Cycle - White: was $949.99, now $429.99. Use code SEARS50 for $50. Final price = $379.99 + extra SYW points. Go thru ebates for 3% back or if you have a Discover card for 10% back!,  Tricia B, MD

7750 $62 shipped- Ottoman storage set (7/28/2014 8:48:11 PM):  Convenience Concepts Sheridan Leather 4 Piece Double Storage Ottoman with Tray - Black, now $69.29; use code FURN10 to save 10% making it $62.36. Free shipping. B, MD

7751 $62 shipped- Ottoman storage set (7/28/2014 8:48:13 PM):  Convenience Concepts Sheridan Leather 4 Piece Double Storage Ottoman with Tray - Black, now $69.29; use code FURN10 to save 10% making it $62.36. Free shipping. B, MD

7756 Walgreens/Beauty (7/28/2014 10:05:19 PM):  Catalina came out today - text "beauty1" to 21525 and receive a coupon for a FREE travel brush set with any $20 beauty purchase,  Ginnie K, CA

7757 (7/28/2014 10:16:51 PM):  Go to where they are offering BIC Brite Liner Grip Highlighters 5-pack in Assorted Colors OR in Yellow for only $1 (regularly $4.29) after instant savings. You can pickup at store.,  Jeanne W, PA

7758 (7/28/2014 10:18:13 PM): has Crayola Mini-Twistables Crayons 24-Pack for $2.50 (Reg. $6.66) + FREE In-store Pickup.,  Jeanne W, PA

7759 Kmart (7/28/2014 10:20:23 PM):  Buy 3 Tide Pods, 16 ct $5.00, sale price through 8/2 Buy 3, Receive $5.00 Off Next Purchase and $5.00 in Shop Your Way Reward Points through 8/16 Use three $2.00/1 – Tide Pods, Gain Flings, Downy Unstopables, Bounce Bursts or Gain Fireworks from PG 7/6 Pay $9.00, Receive $5.00 Off Next Purchase and $5.00 in Shop Your Way Reward Points Final Price: $1.00 Moneymaker, when you buy 3,  Jeanne W, PA

7762 ShopRite deal/Wylers (7/29/2014 4:24:23 AM):  If you like Crystal Lite & similar products, I think this Wylers deal at ShopRite is hard to beat. The tall containers of powdered tea are on sale for $1.49. Each makes 3 gals. There's a manuf.s cpn that expires 7/31 to B2G1F. I guess that's 3 gals. for about a dollar when you buy 3. This is artificially sweetened, not the huge cans of tea mix, but like Crystal Lite.,  Pat B, DE

7769 Mindy (7/29/2014 6:39:24 AM):  In a prior post you asked about getting UP on a $15 required purchase but spending only 14.98. My experience is that you will not get the UP. CVS is the only one that has the 98% rule.,  Susan B, SC

7772 Lean Cuisine code (7/29/2014 7:10:28 AM):  LW63-KCYH-PGPNT (spaghetti w/meat sauce),  Corinna B, WI

7779 CVS 30% off their brand (7/29/2014 8:09:34 AM):  Does anyone know if their brand of pull ups are part of this deal? That's really the only thing I'm interested in. Also are their pull ups decent in quality? Trying to help out some relatives. Thanks!,  Deborah L, PA

7784 Target ? - $10/40 store pickup, coupons, GC offers (7/29/2014 9:03:35 AM):  This may have already been asked. I searched but could not find it. If I were to take advantage of the $10 off $40 or more offer to order online and pick up in the store, could I also use coupons and receive any GC offers associated with my purchase?,  Susan C. C, TX

7785 $6 - 6 pack Scotch craft tape (7/29/2014 9:07:04 AM):  Scotch Expressions Magic Tape, 3/4 x 300 Inches, Glyphs, 6-Rolls/Pack, $5.68 w/free shipping on $35. (One roll is $2.99 at Walmart so I thought this was a great deal.) B, MD

7790 Starfish My Points (7/29/2014 9:39:32 AM):  Today's starfish location on My Points is under Total Gym. Good Luck - No points for me today,  Ginnie K, CA

7798 Purina instant win (7/29/2014 10:56:23 AM):  Has anyone won anything on the purina instant win game? ,  Ann S, OH

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