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Staples (9/1/2014 7:41:48 AM):  My local NH Staples store has been having tons of clearance items. I guess they are clearing out "old" stock. Yesterday, I bought some disposable razors for $.25 -- there were 2 razors in each package. I also bought some packages of labels for $.25 each too. Last month I bought a "laptop" desk for $5.00.,  Joanne K, VT

0689 Walgreen - Senior day (9/1/2014 7:43:38 AM):  is tomorrow, Tuesday, September 2. 20% off regularly-priced stuff.,  Ginger G, TX

0690 A+ values - Henkel (9/1/2014 8:26:15 AM):  Has anyone received the email with the coupons for this? You take a picture of your receipt and send it to them. They received it and told me to enter the email and said it was on the way and it has yet to come, that was over a week ago.,  Carla B, OH

0693 CVS Last Pack (9/1/2014 8:43:12 AM):  At my CVS store they are giving out Tabacco Quit-Kit's in the shape of a pack of cigarettes. Inside are stickers and other motivational tools like a CVS coupon for $5/$10 or more off any stop smoking aids. Plus there is a CVS coupon for a free 4x6 print to "remind yourself of your one good reason to quit smoking. ,  William M. M, FL

0694 Swagbucks code (9/1/2014 9:08:09 AM):  code LaborDayFun good for 6 pt until 4pm PT. found in the blog because of holiday,  Lynn C, CO

0695 Hollywood Movie $ (9/1/2014 9:42:11 AM):  Was not happy, went to a movie yesterday. The cashier would not take my concession money cert. He said they have never taken them. I have used them at least 20 times over the past several years there. He said it's Fandango, you have to use it online. FOR CONCESSIONS??? I asked him how do I order popcorn on line? He said, I don't know. This is also the same person who wouldn't split my med popcorn, all the other times I have had no problem. Oh you bet a phone call/email is in the works.,  Carla B, OH

0696 Kelloggs code today (9/1/2014 9:43:20 AM):  enter relaxitslaborday on the kelloggs family rewards site 100pts today only.,  Doreen S, MI

0697 Hollywood Movie $ (9/1/2014 9:48:37 AM):  Did you know if you do not have a theatre near you, you can see a movie and send them the receipt and your voucher and they will send you a check? Also if you are turned away and do not see a movie, you can send the info and the voucher in and they will send a new one.,  Carla B, OH

0699 epson printer/need help (9/1/2014 9:54:33 AM):  all of a sudden when I try to print coupons they are saved but don't print unless I restart my computer. What would be causing this and can it be fixed?,  Cheryl K, NY

0701 coke rewards (9/1/2014 10:06:40 AM):  tell me can you have an account for your husband on the same computer/address TIA,  Bobbie S, AL

0704 Kelloggs Codes (9/1/2014 10:32:45 AM):  I was searching thru chat for new to me codes these may work for you too relaxitslaborday = 100 pts FREEPTSFROMERNIE = 50 pts Expired code GOLI-TTLE-LEAG-UERS Thanks to all who post codes !!!!!,  Debra A, NC

0706 Zoombucks Code (9/1/2014 11:06:23 AM):  LABOURDAY2014 Worth 4 points.,  Melody R, WA

0708 Bon Ton Coupons (9/1/2014 11:09:09 AM):  From Trisha A, TX She asked me to post them. :),  Melody R, WA

0711 Irazoo Treasure Code (9/1/2014 12:05:47 PM):  laborday2014 Worth 100 points.,  Melody R, WA

0714 Cesar dog food---I (9/1/2014 12:30:11 PM):  found Cesar Dog food .50/1 can in Dollar Tree. If you have the $1/2 coupons, it will be free. ,  Sandra F, PA

0715 Kohls update (9/1/2014 12:31:07 PM):  I was wrong about the red Rachel Ray being on sale. The orange Rachael Ray are ringing up $23, but the red lasagna pans are still $49. The red, orange, dark green, yellow and purple 3 pc Bubble and Brown that say $29 are ringing up $23 and the orange lasagna are ringing up $25.50 before coupons. Absolute legal theft with the two $10/$25. ,  Helen N, ID

0716 Promo VISA not received (9/1/2014 12:31:10 PM):  I did the offer that ended 5/24/14 where you purchased 2 "treat" products and 1 "soothe" product (McNeil?). I was to receive a $20 VISA GC but still have not received it. The website ( is no longer active. I'm sure the PO box is closed, too. Does anyone have contact info on this? Is anyone else missing this GC?,  Susan C. C, TX

0717 kohls question (9/1/2014 12:59:05 PM):  Is there a free shipping code for Kohl's today? The one on Michele's updates has August in it and when I keyed it in to my order it said it was expired. Seems to take me hours to shop online-got pretty good deals-but when the shipping is $10.99 I feel like I am missing a piece.,  Andrea C, MD

0718 missed free coupon (9/1/2014 1:07:41 PM):  Yesterday while cleaning my desk I found the free Ritz coupon from Coke that expires today I went shopping yesterday and while recording my receipts on my spreadsheet, realized the free coupon had not been scanned. this was over $3 and I don't want to just let it go. So do I go to customer service today (since it expires today) or will they be able to track it and reimburse me?,  Judy B B, LA

0730 stouffers codes (9/1/2014 4:58:59 PM):  i just finished ordering the last thing that i wanted from stouffers, and have two codes left over, so here they are 9r6wt9w4f6d4 4wjtc4ctx6jr,  Jack L, TX

0731 Cokerewards (9/1/2014 5:04:00 PM):  I just went in to cash out some tokens. Says new and only need 50 tokens for a 12 pk of Dsani Sparkling Free. Thought this might be of interest to someone else.,  Vera W, SC

0732 Ortega (9/1/2014 5:47:17 PM): Print an Ortega $1.00/2 any product coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

0733 Target (9/1/2014 5:50:39 PM):  Buy 3 Puffs Facial Tissues 10-packs $8.99 each Total = $26.97 Use the $2/2 Puffs Tissue 3-ct.+ Mobile Target Mobile Coupon (text THANKS to 827438) Plus, use three $0.50/1 Puffs (3-pack or larger) coupons found on Pay $23.47 Get back a FREE $10 Target gift card Final cost only $13.47 total, $4.49 per 10 pack (ONLY $0.45 per box),  Jeanne W, PA

0734 CVS 9/7 (9/1/2014 5:55:23 PM):  Combos 6.3oz $2.57 Buy 1 get 1 Free Use $1.50/2 Combos 6.3oz or larger coupon found here Final cost $1.07 for both – just $0.54 per bag.,  Jeanne W, PA

0736 CVS ECBs (9/1/2014 6:40:48 PM):  I found a month old $4 ECB so this weekend at CVS I asked the manager if I could use it. He let me. It never hurts to ask.,  Mindy C, MD

0739 Stouffer (9/1/2014 7:08:57 PM):  Codes W7GR 0RY6 J0XR chicken a la king JHXP YTH9 W4WG chicken ala king next 4 are all rigatoni pasta with roastd white meat. T3TC CR04 FHC3 947N 4WP N9T3 FRRG HPWN 6KTX CYKY 7YTJ N3YG ,  Alene H, VA

0742 No hitter (9/1/2014 7:40:38 PM):  As posted back in April, you can get a FREE 2-topping pan pizza from Domino’s Pizza this MLB season whenever a pitcher throws a no-hitter. A , a No-Hitter was just recently thrown, which means 20,000 registered users are now eligible for a FREE Dominos Pizza beginning tomorrow at 3PM ET.,  Jeanne W, PA

0743 Swagbucks (9/1/2014 7:43:01 PM):  YMMV under Special Offers, Radium One tab-- there is an offer of 50 Swagbucks if you print a Bourdreaux's Butt Paste coupon. Thought it was too good to be true, but I did it and I got the 50 SB right away. Scroll thru the 'featured' offers at the top. Offers differ sometimes so please don't bash me if you don't have it!,  Laurie D, DE

0745 Kellogg's Code (9/1/2014 8:52:52 PM):  Another Kellogg's Code. This one for 100 points: RELAXITSLABORDAY.,  Kathleen S, OH

0746 Wheel of Fortune (9/1/2014 9:10:53 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Monday: A BRIEF EXPLANATION If your Spin Id is RB4145286, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

0748 a warning (kind of!) (9/1/2014 10:41:03 PM):  i was at dollar tree today & they had a four pack sleeve of coffee cups for the keurig - 4 cups for $1 - yay!! so i bought (thankfully, only) one & tried it out tonight. boo, hiss! it clogged up my machine, which is new, & made a mess everywhere. so i wanted to let everybody who shops there know - avoid these things at all cost! ,  Donna M, CA

0749 Hallmark rewards (9/1/2014 10:53:38 PM):  I was able to redeem for a $5 Starbucks egift certificate. Can load these into a Starbucks account. Hope available for you too. ,  Susan P, PA

0751 Kraft Singles Recall (9/2/2014 1:39:01 AM):  Sorry if this is a repeat, I've not been able to be on for a while. Heard on the Las Vegas news tonight about Kraft cheese Singles recall. Look for exp. dates to be in Feb. 2015. Return them to the store for a refund.,  Ellen T. H, NV

0758 TV GUIDE (9/2/2014 7:34:18 AM):  Does anyone know of an inexpensive subscription? Amazon has it for $20 and I'm hoping to find it for less. Thanks,  Maureen S, NJ

0760 Kelloggs Labor Day Code (9/2/2014 8:42:25 AM):  I just entered the (2) codes listed and they both worked even though (1) was supposed to be for Labor Day only: RELAXITSLABORDAY FREEPTSFROMERNIE,  Mary B, WA

0761 Coke points (9/2/2014 8:42:57 AM):  Does anyone else "Treasure Hunt"? I went this weekend because I recycle cans and find many Coke caps. It was a great weekend for hunting. I also found a Victoria's Secret coupon for a totally free panty. I now have tons of Coke points. ,  Vicki R, AL

0762 also lean cuisine (9/2/2014 9:15:03 AM):  just got an email from lean cuisine, a stouffers company, that they are also ending their program on 31 dec. this was not unexpected.,  Jack L, TX

0763 Payless Coupon Code (9/2/2014 9:34:22 AM):  Does anyone have the September Birthday code for 25% off at Payless? I didn't get the email yet from them for my birthday this month and wanted to buy some school shoes today. TIA,  Mary H, NY

0769 Alene H, VA/Stouffers (9/2/2014 10:06:36 AM):  Your previous post 80739 had 6 Stouffers codes listed. Someone was able to use 3 of the codes (the 1st one and the last 2 codes). The remaining 3 codes came up as invalid when I tried to submit them. Do you still have the codes that you could check them and repost? I would be happy to have a few of these codes. Thank you!,  Stephanie S, MD

0772 Try me free (9/2/2014 10:32:16 AM):  I found on packages of Bar S jumbo premium hot dogs, a try me free offer printed on the label to get your full purchase price back. You will receive back up to $4.50 Must purchase between 8/1/14 - 11/1/14 Look for it.,  Shirley S, OR

0773 Riteaid (9/2/2014 10:55:56 AM):  I want a Riteaid!,  Trisha A, TX

0776 Pep Boys (9/2/2014 11:12:22 AM):  Check out the last chance items online. Some are giveaway prices. You can pay for and pick up in store. When you go through the ordering process you will probably find that it rejects your phone number when you enter it the way they say. I called customer service and she said they have had problems lately and to just type the whole thing in one string of numbers (no spaces or dashes). that worked,  Judy B B, LA

0777 Rite Aid summer clearance 75% (9/2/2014 11:29:07 AM):  I bought a big bag of potting soil for $1.75 and two beige resin chairs for $2.49 each. Lots of outdoor lights, a few chair pads, outdoor pots, etc. Also, if you still have the Nestle Girl Scout candy coupons (.50 off 2) and the $1.00 off 4 video values coupon, the bars are now 50% off - they will be free with 2 coupons and the VV coupon.,  Teresa S, CA

0779 Coffeemate (9/2/2014 11:42:47 AM):  75c coupon on Facebook,  Judy B B, LA

0780 Shutterfly 8x8 book (9/2/2014 11:49:53 AM):  Expires 9/26, please post when used. CT9Q8V72WUH1MKE3VT for 8x8 photo book.,  Sue S, WI

0784 CVS One A Day Women's Multivitamin (9/2/2014 12:12:45 PM):  The One A Day Women's Pro Edge multivitamin 50 ct is on 75% clearance for $2.49 each. There were $3 off any One A Day vitamins in past Sunday inserts.,  William M. M, FL

0787 $69/$79 - 1br unit Williamsburg (9/2/2014 12:42:15 PM):  Williamsburg resort (has all kinds of stuff to do like mini golf, restaurants, pools, esp. in the summer) One bedroom unit: •Stay Sept. 9 - Dec. 1; two-night minimum •$59 per night … Sundays-Thursdays •$69 per night … Fridays-Saturdays •One-bedroom accommodations with partial kitchen •Room price for the one-bedroom villa is based on four guests $10 resort fee per night. B, MD

0788 Barbara's Bakery Check (9/2/2014 1:03:43 PM):  Received my settlement check in the mail today. Forgot about it, so it was a nice surprise.,  Betsy D, MA

0789 Southwest airlines sale (9/2/2014 1:04:09 PM):  $69 & up each way. Book by September 18 for travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, September 16, 2014 through March 4, 2015. B, MD

0792 Rec'd Bakery Litiagtion Check (9/2/2014 1:15:08 PM):  I received a check from the Bakery Litigation today,  Debra A, NC

0793 ? ISO Weed Trimmer Blade Kit (9/2/2014 1:18:13 PM):  My hubby needs a blade kit for his Craftsman gas weed trimmer we checked Lowes and tried Shakespeare brand it didnt work wouldn't fit although it said it fits Craftsman .... checked online with Sears and Kmart couldn't find any ... any suggestions appreciated ,  Debra A, NC

0795 Walgreens/OFF (9/2/2014 1:39:13 PM):  Tried my luck with the Walgreens OFF! deal posted on Michele's Updates. There were no signs indicating they were on sale, but I checked and they rang up $4.99 as promised. I had Two $4 coupons and they scanned with no issue. There were several of the starter kits but no refills left. Pleasantly surprised they had them at all.,  Laurie D, DE

0796 Swagbucks Code (9/2/2014 1:51:19 PM):  CutItOut before 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET for 4 SB!,  Melody R, WA

0800 Lowes (9/2/2014 2:26:09 PM):  On Sunday I went to Lowes. I had a Lowes gift card for $56.96 & a Visa card with $13.26 on it. I went through Lawn & garden register to pay. The Lowes card worked fine but after scanning Visa the cashier told me it only had $12.25 on it. I only used this card on 1 other purchase & was pretty sure of the balance. So I asked for the card back to check the balance when I got home & she wouldn't give it back. Said she had to keep it since I used it on a purchase there. When I got home I found the balance I had was correct. Granted it was only a $1.01 but it was my $1.01. This is not the first time this has happened at this same store & always at lawn & garden register. I sent a email to Lowes but haven't heard back. ,  Cathy G, OH

0808 Victorias Secret (9/2/2014 3:46:13 PM):  Watch your mailbox for a possible Victoria’s Secret mailer with a FREE Undie coupon (no purchase required – $10.50 value) – valid from September 2nd-29th. Plus, you may also find coupons for $15 off any Bra purchase (valid September 2nd-29th) and a FREE Glitter Tote with a $75 purchase (valid September 4th-7th).,  Jeanne W, PA

0810 JC Penneys (9/2/2014 3:49:03 PM):  JCPenney has a lot of Disney summer clothes, bathing suits, and cover ups kids sizes for $1.99 each. Also, they had a lot of Carters and Okie Dokie on clearance for $1.99 as well. Plus, you can still use you 20% with card or 15% with other payment on top of that through tomorrow, 9/3 (excludes Disney). Code for discount is BUYNOW,  Jeanne W, PA

0811 CoffeeMate (9/2/2014 3:59:02 PM): Print a $0.75/1 ANY bottle Coffee-mate Creamer coupon (excludes Natural Bliss). Facebook,  Jeanne W, PA

0815 Car Dealer Ship Maintenance (9/2/2014 4:27:00 PM):  Just a word of warning to others who take their cars in for routine maintenance like oil changes ect when you oil is changed they are "supposed" to check and top off all other fluids in car (brake, transmission, windshield washer,radiator antifreeze ect) we get oil changes at a special rate as long as we own the car (bought it new there) because I travel for work we get an oil change more frequent usually every other month so its been in dealership about 9 times since we got it "new" in the beginning they were topping off fluids my husband likes to do some maintenance for us to save money replace bulbs, air filters, rotate tires , brakes and stuff like that.... awhile back I noticed when he was replacing an air filter the radiator reserve tank looked low .... my husband added antifreeze no big deal ..... then about a week ago our defroster would not work hubby thought possible thermostat problem and was ready to take in for a costly repair not under warranty set up a loaner and arranged for repair but when my husband checked he found the reserve tank empty completely DRY ! we had just had car in and they had not added any fluid to anything again he added antifreeze and everything is working properly we were afraid if we complained ... they failed to check and add fluids they could turn around and blame us (seems always a loop hole) today I took it back for another oil change and my car smelled like a KFC factory while I love their chicken I had to wonder if the service tech used my car to go to lunch I had a diagnostic test run prior to taking it in everything checked ok including tire air pressure Ran another after oild change now all tires are 2-3 lbs low even after driving 10-15 minutes I am now wondering if they let air out to sell tires ? I get surveys each time its serviced I quit doing them b/c my sales person instructed us not to answer survey if we could not report 100% satisfaction if I knew they could not id me I would report whats happened there are just mean people now a days that could tear things up without us knowing,  Debra A, NC

0816 Rite Aid (9/2/2014 4:49:56 PM):  Today was at 75% for all summer. I got a good outdoor chair for $7.50-about half was pd by +ups. She called around to other stores to find more of them, but no luck. ,  Dayle R, KY

0817 Rebate form (9/2/2014 4:56:14 PM): Purchase any Cascade ActionPac, up to $5.00 in value. Mail the rebate form, the UPC from the package, and the receipt with the store name and product purchase price circled in a stamped envelope. This offer cannot be combined with other offers, including coupons. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. There is a limit of one refund per name, household or address.,  Jeanne W, PA

0818 Target (9/2/2014 4:58:05 PM):  Buy 10 Sheba Wet Cat Food, 3 oz $0.52, regular price Use one B5G5 Free – Sheba Cat Food Cans from RP 8/3 Or $1.00/24 – Sheba Wet cat Food Cans or (1) Variety Pak, 24 ct ( Or B10G10 Free – Sheba Cat Food Cans from RP 8/3 Or $2.00/24 – Sheba Cat Food Cans OR (1) Multipack, 24 ct from RP 8/3 And use 10% Off – Sheba Wet Cat Food Cans Target Cartwheel Offer (exp 12/31) Final Price: $0.24 each, when you buy 10,  Jeanne W, PA

0819 Children's sleeping bag (9/2/2014 5:02:46 PM):  I was browsing the clearance section at Camping World this weekend and came across a child's sleeping bag for $19.92, which I thought was so cute. I decided to buy two that I will use for Christmas presents. I came home and searched for them online and found them priced at $70 through other retailers. If you want to see them, just Google "Northpoint Monkey Sleeping Bag". There are other animal designs but they were not marked as low.,  Teresa S, CA

0821 Alexia + Publix = double free (9/2/2014 5:15:28 PM):  This is for people with the Alexia $3.25 coupons from the settlement and Publix with true BOGO like here in FL. I went to grab a few bags to get my total over $30 so I could use a $5 competitor coupon. The Alexia potatoes are $3.29 here and BOGO. I used up the rest of my coupons and got 24 bags for $.02 each and saved $10 because I did it in 2 orders. ,  Maryjane S, FL

0826 Wheel of Fortune (9/2/2014 6:10:50 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Tuesday: WORKS WONDERS If your Spin Id is CH0975013, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

0829 re: walmart gift card on FB (9/2/2014 6:39:57 PM):  Does anybody know if the $500 walmart gift card win on FB is a scam? Has anyone on here won?,  Tracy R, MO

0832 Spin ID (9/2/2014 7:15:02 PM):  number for wheel of fortune? I hope you might have written it down. It went by so fast!,  Carole H, KY

0833 Thanks Swagbucks (9/2/2014 7:32:06 PM):  Thing everyone for the Swagbucks information. It has help me. I appreciate all the Swagbucks tidbits, in fact, I appreciate the information shared on this site.Thanks again,  Jaunce M, FL

0834 Portable gas grill (9/2/2014 7:33:38 PM):  I'm looking for a portable table top propane gas grill for camping and tailgate parties. I would prefer the lid be hinged and attached to the base. Was wondering if anyone has found a great clearance on these. Thanks a bunch!,  Denise D, WV

0837 Kelloggs 400pt bonus (9/2/2014 7:43:20 PM):  Sorry if this is old news, but I don't recall seeing it here, I did a search and didn't see it either. *400 point bonus from Kelloggs family rewards when you enter any 4 codes between today 9/2 and 9/4, and you can do this twice. Stupid me thought it was from 9/1 and entered 2 codes before I realized it...grrrr!,  Laurie D, DE

0838 Shutterfly Free 5x7 Grocery Notepad (9/2/2014 7:46:20 PM):  CODE: KE56-28BT-P7SZ-09XSBB exp 9/30/14 Offer cannot be redeemed more than once per account and/or billing address. This particular offer code can only be redeemed once. Taxes, shipping and handling will apply. Please post when used. Enjoy!,  Maria S, NY

0842 Target (9/2/2014 8:26:07 PM):  All VIACTIV Products Buy 1 Get 1 Free – starting 9/7. Deal Scenario: Buy 2 Viactiv Calcium Plus D, Milk Chocolate Soft Chews 60-count $4.89 each (based on online price) Total = $9.78 Minus the Buy 1 get 1 FREE sale = $4.89 for both Use the $2/1 VIACTIV Product coupon found on Final cost $2.89 total – $1.45 each,  Jeanne W, PA

0847 Walgreens re:points (9/3/2014 4:53:32 AM):  I just wanted to mention something to anyone that goes to walgreens. I went sunday to several stocking up on the pantene they have on sale and using up my coupons that would expire that day. I went to like 4 different ones. Each was very friendly and allowed me to get as many as I wanted.(No I didnt clear the shelves) But at one while I was checking out in cosmetics and older lady problay close to 80 came up in line behind me and she commented to me that I must be cashing in my points and I explained to her that I was buying this stuff to get the points they were giving away on them. And she began telling me and the cashier how she never gets points at all and thats why she was there and she showed me several reciepts that had no points on them.And wanted to know how to get her points because she buy prescriptions all the time and other items as well. I explained to here about the point system and the cashier said yes there are LOTS of points when you buy prescriptions(seemed very excited about that the cashier not the lady) LOng story short when I got my reciept after paying I noticed that at the bottom of my reciept that I had ONLY 30,000 points and that was just from this purchase. At the previous store I have over 100000(I have been saving my points and not spending) so I pulled out my walgreens card and noticed the acct # on reciept and my card didnt match(mind you I did type in my phone number so not sure who for real is at fault) I point out to the cashier that the numbers didnt match and she explained that the number on the card is a upc number not my acct number(WRONG) and that the number on my reciept was my acct number. Seems kinda funny because of what had just been discussed. I have in the mean time called customer serivice and they are looking in to this. They cant give me my points right away because it is on another customers card. Im at this point thinking its the cashiers card or one she has as a back up to scam people. And maybe the older woman behind me has been getting scammed constantly also. Just a heads up watch your reciepts and points so you too dont get scammed out of them. Ill let yall know how their investigation turns out.,  Sara B, KY

0850 Free/Cheap AAA for certain states (9/3/2014 6:05:07 AM):  Free AAA membership for northern CA, NV and UT. My link come up as a town near San Fran (because I had to select a zip code before entering the site) but you can change it to any zip in Northern CA, Utah or Nevada. Sign up for a new account. Enter code MEMSEM to eliminate the enrollment fee. Sign up for automatic renewal to save $10. Your price will be 0 for classic membership! Then you will want to go back into your account and cancel automatic renewal unless you want to be charged full price automatically in 12 months. Once into your account, you can upgrade to Plus membership for $18.91 or Premier for $46.81. (The Classic AAA membership is usually $57 + $17 enrollment fee and Plus and Premier are more.) I am reading this from another site, so I hope I have this all correct. ,  Tricia B, MD

0851 7-11 Coffee (9/3/2014 6:41:04 AM):  Check your 7-11 app -- it advertises a small coffee for 50¢ for Sept. 3-14 (at participating locations).,  Deborah K, VA

0855 Omaha Ne Harbor Freight (9/3/2014 8:15:58 AM):  Do any of you Omaha area refunders use the free cpns from their ads at Harbor Freight? Can you use more than 1 at a time? Thanks!,  Karen R, MN

0857 Savingstar GDA (9/3/2014 8:31:47 AM):  Was just updating my savingstar offers and noticed lots of good ones, normal food I usually buy. Cascadian farm product 75¢. Green Giant vegetables 50¢, Honey Nut Cheerios 50¢, Ronzoni pasta 25¢, Starbucks single products $1. There were coupons for all this on this week and you can use the $2/2 Starbucks we printed earlier this week to double down.,  Joan B, FL

0859 Recycle Rewards (9/3/2014 9:04:02 AM):  Deal to get one year subscriptions for both Better Homes&Gardens, & Woman's Day for 240 points. Another deal is get a free Tote Bag with 1 year subs to either Cosmopolitan or ELLE for 240 points.,  Martha R, GA

0860 Free HBO & Cinemax Weekend (9/3/2014 9:09:08 AM):  DirecTV is offering a free HBO and Cinemax weekend Sept. 5-8.,  Deborah K, VA

0861 MCR/Beta (9/3/2014 9:25:03 AM):  Does anyone participate in My Coke Rewards new Beta program? I don't really understand it but did some of the challenges & made my way up to silver status which unlocks some new rewards. There's a $10 Amazon gift card for 690 points & a $5 WalMart gift card for 345 points. Gold status has Fandango movie tickets 485 points for one or 940 for two. I'm wondering whether to take advantage of these deals or save my points for holiday deals, if they even have any this year!,  Denise C, TX

0862 Harbor freight return without receipt?? (9/3/2014 9:39:02 AM):  Hi. I bought this electronic fly swatter (it looks like a small tennis racket) and want to return it at Harbor Freight, where I got it. Personally, I don't like how it does the job. Also seems like it's easy for someone to get electrocuted with it by accident, especially kids. Not sure if it was my imagination or if I felt a tiny bit of a buzz of the current after using it, but I rather not risk it. ANYWAYYY, I'm having trouble finding the receipt. IT says on their website they only accept returns WITH a receipt. Anyone here have success return anything WITHOUT one anyway, if it's clearly a Harbor freight product? Thank youu in advance.,  Arlene A, FL

0863 $40 shipped- $50 itunes card (9/3/2014 10:06:44 AM):  Giftcardmall via ebay has $50 iTunes cards for $40 shipped: B, MD

0864 Dunkin' Donuts/Starbucks coupon offers (9/3/2014 10:13:54 AM):  I got 2 new coupons in a trade yesterday. One is for 50¢ off purchase of 1 donut & 1 Starbucks Iced Coffee,Frappuccino, Refreshers, or Double Shot Single Serve beverage. Coupon expires 12/31/14 & is not valid at Starbucks stores. The other coupon is worth $1.50 off any 11 oz. bag of Dunkin' Donuts Bakery Series Coffee. it's not redeemable at ANY Dunkin' Donuts Restaurants. This coupon expires 10/31/14. Where are these coupons being found?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

0868 Running Shoes-Finish Line (9/3/2014 11:28:17 AM):  Men's Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 Running Shoes for $65.44 after coupon Fall15. Awesome shoes at an awesome price. These are normally $115.00 at Amazon. If you shop Discover there is a 15% back code, which make $55.43. I purchased some for DH for Christmas. Go thru link: Make sure you select the midnight/electric blue. Shipping is $5.49. ,  Trisha A, TX

0870 Fisher Nuts Coupon (9/3/2014 12:08:18 PM):  I have a coupon for 1.00 off Fisher nuts/snacks, exp. 9/7/14. I need more for a good sale this week. I don't find it on Michele's list. Does anyone know what SS it was in?,  Janet K, IL

0871 Empty Ink Cartridge Price? (9/3/2014 12:26:14 PM):  It's been several years since I bought ink cartridge from eBay for the Staples/Office Depot deals. What is considered a good price per cartridge? TIA!,  Sheila M, VA

0872 Kelloggs Email (9/3/2014 12:56:25 PM):  Check for an email from Kelloggs concerning an instant win game scroll to bottom there's a code for 100 pts and a chance to instantly win a MLB trip with 2 tickets and $350 Prepaid Visa ,  Debra A, NC

0873 Rite Aid (9/3/2014 1:12:34 PM):  Bounty Paper Towels, 1 ct $0.99, sale price through 9/6 Buy 5, Receive $2.00 Up Reward through 9/27, Limit 4 Use three $0.25/1 – Bounty Paper Towels ( ) And use two $0.25/1 – Bounty Towel or Napkin from PG 8/31 Pay $3.70, Receive $2.00 Up Reward Final Price: $0.34 each, when you buy 5,  Jeanne W, PA

0874 Publix trip (9/3/2014 1:16:42 PM):  We made a big trip to Publix and bought many different things we needed like: Alexia spicy fries, cat treats, cheese, yogurt, and other necessities. We used sales, BOGO's, MQ's. store coupons, and Digital coupons to save about $50 to cut the total down below $90, so we saved roughly 40%. Sorry that it's not as exciting as others who brag on other sites about saving 99% at grocery stores and leave with $120 worth of pixie sticks and chocolate coins. Obviously those shoppers are the best shoppers out there. ,  William M. M, FL

0875 Rite Aid (9/3/2014 1:18:32 PM):  Buy 2 Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Facial Cleansing Wipes, 25 ct $5.99, regular price Buy One Get One 50% Off through 9/6 Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Up Reward through 9/27, Limit 2 Use two $1.10/1 – Clean & Clear Product ( ) Pay $6.79, Receive $5.00 Up Reward Final Price: $0.89 each, when you buy 2 Buy 2 Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser, 8 oz $6.49, regular price Buy One Get One 50% Off through 9/6 Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Up Reward through 9/27, Limit 2 Use two $1.10/1 – Clean & Clear Product ( ) Pay $7.54, Receive $5.00 Up Reward Final Price: $1.27 each, when you buy 2 Buy 2 Clean & Clear Essentials Deep Cleaning Astringent, 8 oz $6.49, regular price Buy One Get One 50% Off through 9/6 Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Up Reward through 9/27, Limit 2 Use two $1.10/1 – Clean & Clear Product ( ) Pay $7.54, Receive $5.00 Up Reward Final Price: $1.27 each, when you buy 2,  Jeanne W, PA

0877 My Coke Rewards (9/3/2014 1:30:23 PM):  code: BL4TWX6PXNK5TB ,  Carole H, KY

0882 Carole H - WOF (9/3/2014 2:11:51 PM):  80826 Wheel of Fortune (9/2/2014 6:10:50 PM): Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Tuesday: WORKS WONDERS If your Spin Id is CH0975013, you have won $5,000, ,  Barbara L, FL

0883 Alexia. (9/3/2014 2:21:17 PM):  Does anyone know where to find Alexia in Toledo? I got them a few times but don't remember where. Thanks,  Carol M, MI

0884 memolink code (9/3/2014 2:24:26 PM):  does anyone know the memocode???? TIA,  Michelle M, NY

0886 Lean Cuisine Code (9/3/2014 2:43:42 PM):  I cashed out my points and am all done with this program. Here is a code for someone to use. LJTW 0643 RPHT3,  Wendy F, CA

0888 Need Printer. (9/3/2014 3:36:33 PM):  I haven't seen a good deal on a printer lately. Anyone have any suggestions. Need one for college student.,  Kathy N, OK

0890 savingstar (9/3/2014 3:40:37 PM):  I just saw on Facebook that savingstar added Sam's BJ's and Costco. You can register your BJ's card but you have to use an app for Costco and Sam's,  Judy B B, LA

0899 Target - Playtex Tampons (9/3/2014 4:28:04 PM):  How many times can we do this deal? I was able to print 4 $3 coupons and used 2 today. I found the Target coupon when I got home (of course). Want to go back tomorrow and buy some more. ,  Randi L, NY

0900 Lean Cuisine code (9/3/2014 4:53:30 PM):  Here is a Lean cuisine code from butternut squash ravioli LCCD-RN3F-XY3CD,  Anne T, NY

0901 Humana Ins. Joyce A. (9/3/2014 4:54:42 PM):  Hi Joyce, I just read your post from 8/23 about free stuff in your acct. I'm not seeing this. Can you (or anybody) give me more info on this? I accessed my Right SourceRX acct but nothing is showing. TIA! Shelagh, Mills River,  Shelagh T, NC

0909 free silk (9/3/2014 7:36:35 PM): ,  Janice L, WA

0910 Cancer Warning on Lowe's Light Fixture (9/3/2014 7:41:52 PM):  I bought 2 Progress Lighting ceiling light fixtures from Lowe's, Prattville, AL. I read the printed label on the box, but I didn't turn the box over,so I missed the Cancer Warning on the back. At home, I discovered this warning written on the back. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects &/or other reproductive harm. Thoroughly wash hands after installing, handling, cleaning or otherwise touching this product. I was horrified. When did light fixtures cause cancer & why is Lowe's selling them. Is anyone else stunned or is this just the way it is now.,  Debbie S, AL

0914 Ore Ida (9/3/2014 8:48:23 PM): Print an Ore Ida $1.00/2 tater tots coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

0917 CVS (9/3/2014 9:13:07 PM):  Pantene Styler, 5.7-11.5 oz $3.33, sale price through 9/6 Use $2.00/1 – Pantene Styler or Treatment Product from PG 8/31 Or $2.00/1 – Pantene Styling Product ( And use $1.00/1 Procter & Gamble Select Products, CVS Coupon from CVS Coupon Center Week of 8/31 Final Price: $0.33,  Jeanne W, PA

0919 Myrtle Beach (9/4/2014 12:52:14 AM):  We are staying in a condo in Myrtle Beach SC from Sept 6-13. Plan on eating out a few time but mostly cooking at the condo. Any good deals out there for fun/cheap things to do. We get free golf fees with out condo and the beach is really close and free except for parking. We are actually in Surfside Beach so Murell's Inlet is close by also. Thanks in advance!,  Glenda R, TN

0922 LL Bean (9/4/2014 4:53:10 AM):  One time use code to LL Bean for $10 off $50 KQ 7900 1985 60,  Mary H, MO

0927 Giant Eagle (9/4/2014 7:21:30 AM):  Check your E mail from Giant Eagle they just sent me coupons W/ $1.00 off 3 different meats,cake mix ,coffee ,veg,klondike bars,canned veg,crest,dannon yogurt .daisy sour cream or cottage cheese,Heluva good dip.pickles.,  Ruth S, OH

0928 Lean cuisine- Melilssa (9/4/2014 7:51:19 AM):  I had that too where one number was illegible. I did not contact them, instead what I did was entered all the other numbers, then tried different endings until I found the correct one. Since you can enter 10 codes a day I would take the number that I could read, eg: 12345 and then add to it, first try a 6, then a 7, etc. There are numbers they don't use and also letters they don;t use so you can eliminate them right away. Trying to think back, I think they don't use "a" ,so I never tried it. It was kinda fun and a challenge to see if I could get it. I think I did on the 3rd day. Yes, I know contacting them would have been easier, but this worked for me.,  Marcie B, NY

0930 Dual alarm clock (9/4/2014 8:32:00 AM):  I am looking for a dual alarm clock. Does anyone have one they like, and where to get it? TIA,  Carol S, PA

0934 Text Club members (9/4/2014 8:57:38 AM):  Can anyone refer a good Text Club to join. These are new to me & I don't know anything about them.,  Trisha A, TX

0937 Home Depot-Nurtural Aire Filters (9/4/2014 9:02:53 AM):  Special Buy of the Day at The Home Depot, UP TO 60% OFF OVER 50 SELECT AIR FILTERS! Mine were regular $98xx/12 cost $49xx/12. These are the good ones. A, TX

0939 Stouffer/Lean Cuisine (9/4/2014 9:30:35 AM):  Stouffer code: XJWN39PKJWH6 Rest are Lean Cuisine: LFJC-X0XG-49TTJ; LKYF-PCY6-WNYKW; L6X7-WHY3-9N3X0; LC7W-WF74-F0T99 Please post when you have used these -thanks. ,  Kathy M, MI

0940 Dollar General deals (9/4/2014 9:45:19 AM):  Has anyone found really reduced clearance prices yet on the summer things at Dollar General? I have found things for .25 or a penney before. Just wondering if I missed it??,  Susan C, NM

0947 I Won! (9/4/2014 11:39:31 AM):  I just won a $5.00 ecode from amazon playing the Lunchables Instant Win Game! Thanks Michele for the instant win list!,  Rhonda K, FL

0948 Staples-Bounty paper towels (9/4/2014 11:45:16 AM):  Bounty® Basic Paper Towel Rolls, 8 Giant Rolls/Pack item #486091 $6.99, Buy 3 @ .70/roll. If rewards member you have free shipping.,  Trisha A, TX

0949 Staples (9/4/2014 11:48:16 AM):  Bounty Paper Towels, forgot code for 20% off "76791",  Trisha A, TX

0951 Ralphs (9/4/2014 11:54:59 AM): If you shop at Ralphs, go to the Ralphs Facebook page and click on the Ralphs Exclusive Coupons tab to load an offer for a FREE Simple Truth 32oz Broth (Chicken, Vegetable, or Low Sodium) to your loyalty card – valid through 9/8.,  Jeanne W, PA

0952 Shop Your Way (9/4/2014 11:59:58 AM):  Kmart has an Eclipse Gum Eclipse 180 Pro MP3 and Video Player in Red for $24.99 + FREE Store Pick-up if available near you. If you’re a Shop Your Way Rewards member, you’ll get $20.25 back in points just for purchasing one of these players (note that the 20,250 bonus points will not show up until you add the player to your cart).,  Jeanne W, PA

0953 Yankee Candle (9/4/2014 12:01:31 PM): Yankee Candle buy 1 large jar and get 1 free coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

0954 Alpha Bits (9/4/2014 12:06:07 PM): Print a Post Alpha Bits $1.00/1 coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

0955 Glad (9/4/2014 12:08:04 PM): Print a $1 off any Glad Odor Shield Trash Bag 34 Count or Higher coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

0956 Walmart (9/4/2014 12:11:31 PM):  Challenge Butter, 8 oz $1.84, regular price Buy 1, Receive $0.75 with Ibotta Use $0.55/1 – Challenge Butter Product ( Pay $1.29, Submit for $0.75 Ibotta Credit Final Price: $0.54,  Jeanne W, PA

0957 Rite Aid (9/4/2014 12:12:41 PM):  Buy 2 One A Day Women's Or Men's Formula, 60 ct $7.99, regular price Buy 1, Receive $1.00 with Checkout 51 Buy 2 Flintstones Vitamins, 60 ct $8.49, regular price Buy 1, Receive $1.00 with Checkout 51 Buy 2 Aleve, 50 ct $7.69, regular price Buy 1, Receive $1.00 with Checkout 51 Buy One Get One 50% Off through 9/6 Spend $30.00, Receive $10.00 Up Reward through 9/6, Limit 2 Use two $3.00/1 – One A Day Product from SS 7/27 And use two $2.00/1 – Aleve Product, 40 ct or larger from RP 7/13 And use one $3.00/2 – Flintstones Multivitamin Supplement Products from SS 8/17 Pay $23.26, Receive $10.00 Up Reward and Submit for $3.00 in Checkout 51 Credits Final Price: $1.71 each, when you buy all 6,  Jeanne W, PA

0959 Walgreens (9/4/2014 12:13:33 PM):  Buy 2 Febreze Air Effects Allergen Reducer, 9.7 oz $3.59, sale price through 9/27 Buy One Get One 50% Off through 9/27 Buy 2, Receive $2.00 Catalina through 9/14 Use two $1.00/1 – Febreze Fabric Refresher or Air Effects from PG 8/31 Pay $3.39, Receive $2.00 Catalina Final Price: $0.69 each, when you buy 2,  Jeanne W, PA

0960 Instant Win (9/4/2014 12:28:33 PM):  Thanks for the Instant Win Contest on Michele's Updates page, below the Magazine Deals. It makes it so easy to play and saves time. :),  Nicole Y, WA

0965 Walgreens receipt (9/4/2014 1:48:32 PM):  RFN# 0966-9218-9326-1409-0203 $9.88 9/2/14 Nice candy,  Edna B, OH

0966 Shutterfly (9/4/2014 1:58:36 PM):  Does anyone know what the shipping cost is for the free 8X8 photo book? Thanks in advance ,  Shirley H, NC

0972 target (9/4/2014 2:33:38 PM):  I was at target today & found most of the store was clearance. 70% at the $1 spot for the vast majority of those items, so I got lots of stuff for goodie bags for my granddaughter's preK class at Christmas: take along coloring packs, lip balms, sesame street story books, cute socks - all for 30c each. I have a red debit card & was surprised on my receipt to see that I have saved over $79 this year by using it. I love my target! ,  Donna M, CA

0974 ShopRite Cheap HoneyBunches (9/4/2014 2:56:19 PM):  ShopRite has Honey Bunches of Oats for $1.88 this week. Use the $1 on 2 cpn from an earlier insert to pay $1.38 a box. I think that's a pretty good price for the nut ones.,  Pat B, DE

0979 pantene bank card (9/4/2014 3:35:13 PM):  Am I reading something wrong. I read where it's a bank card up to $50 from cost of salon, not in addition to cost of salon.,  Lynn L, WI

0981 $21 shipped- Crest WhiteStrips - 14 count (9/4/2014 4:00:55 PM):  Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Advanced Seal Technology, 14 count. $27.99 on Amazon. Sign into your account, then clip $7 coupon on page, making is $20.99. Free shipping if you have prime or free shipping on $35. (These cost about $35 at my Walmart.) *If there is not a $7 coupon to clip right under the Price and You Save, then it may not be there by the time this gets posted. Sometimes Amazon likes to change things.,  Tricia B, MD

0983 Kroger (9/4/2014 4:20:52 PM):  Michele has the Garnier posted for Kroger next week that will be free. Does anyone know what other items are part of this deal? My store will only allow 3 of the same coupon per transaction.,  Cathy G, OH

0989 Starbucks ecard questions (9/4/2014 5:06:57 PM):  Can I take the $5 Starbucks ecard I got and put it on a Starbucks card in the store? Or would I need to buy a card to put the ecard on it?,  Mindy C, MD

0995 staples/ink carts (9/4/2014 6:27:30 PM):  one more question for you staples experts: I bought my ink last month & turned in 20 empties (i'm a premium rewards right now); do I have to wait 30 days to turn in 20 more or is it simply calendar monthly?,  Donna M, CA

1001 Target 9/7 (9/4/2014 7:10:23 PM):  Buy 12 Healthy Choice Café Steamers $2.04 each Total = $24.48 Minus the buy 5 get 1 FREE sale = $20.40 Use three $2/4 Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers coupons found on Final cost $14.40 total, $1.20 each,  Jeanne W, PA

1002 Target (9/4/2014 7:16:19 PM): Go here and enter your email address to print a FREE GoPicnic Ready-to-Eat Breakfast item at Target coupon, valid through 10/31 (a $2.99 value),  Jeanne W, PA

1003 Coupons (9/4/2014 7:30:42 PM): Print these coupons plus more: * $1/2 Hostess Snacks or bagged Donettes (8 oz or larger) * $1/6 Campbell’s Condensed Chicken Noodle & Tomato Soups, excludes 4-packs * $1/1 Silk Half Gallon * $0.75/2 Horizon Mac & Cheese, Snack Crackers, Grahams or Sandwich Crackers * $1/1 Burt’s Bees Towelettes (25 or 30 ct) * $1/1 Sabra Branded Item 8 oz or larger * $0.55/1 Brawny Paper Towels Package * $1/2 SunnyD Products * $0.55/2 JELL-O Pudding or Gelatin (3 oz or larger),  Jeanne W, PA

1004 Bona (9/4/2014 7:43:19 PM): Bona is offering a coupon for a Free Bottle of Bona Wood Furniture Polish if you can get three of your friends or family members to sign up for Bona Fanatics. You can share the offer on Facebook, Twitter etc..,  Jeanne W, PA

1005 Nonnis (9/4/2014 7:56:31 PM): Print a $1 off any One 6 Count Box of any Flavor Nonni’s Thin Addictives coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

1006 Kellogg site (9/4/2014 7:58:04 PM):  Is anyone else having difficulty getting into the Kellogg Family Rewards site? ,  Beth B, MI

1008 NCAA hoodies, 2/$40 (9/4/2014 8:34:35 PM):  Finish line has the deal again where you can buy two NCAA fleece hoodies for $40 with free shipping. If you buy four, use code SUMMERSTEAL to make them $68 total with free shipping. I hear these shrink, so order one size bigger. B, MD

1019 Friday Freebies (9/5/2014 5:40:36 AM):  Kroger has Jimmy Dean frozen entrée 4.6-9oz. Savingstar has Reese cup.,  Cathy G, OH

1025 $22 - 24 pack Puffs (9/5/2014 8:00:14 AM):  24 pack of soft & strong Puffs for $21.68. Shipping is free on $35 or with prime. Good price. B, MD

1026 Clearasil Rebate (9/5/2014 8:16:33 AM):  I am trying to do the Clearasil Rebate and it asks for the actual UPC. I bought a tube so cannnot get the UPC off of it (printed right on it). Can I send a copy o the UPC?,  Pat S, AZ

1027 Gift Hulk FOY code (9/5/2014 8:25:38 AM):  566owrzbx 31 coins 3 users,  Lacinda T, IA

1029 savingstar/Winn Dixie (9/5/2014 8:52:37 AM):  Toaster Strudel half price $1/2 coupon at Pillsbury Savingstar $1 Ronzoni pasta half price Savingstar 25c Hershey candy B1G1 Savingstar Reeses cups free,  Judy B B, LA

1034 Macys coupons (9/5/2014 9:31:45 AM):  Macys $20 off $50 until 1 pm today and tomorrow: and $10 off $25 until 1pm today and tomorow: Both coupons have the usual exclusions.,  Tricia B, MD

1035 Redbox codes (9/5/2014 9:38:30 AM):  Starting today thru 9/14, text MORE to 727272 to get a redbox promo code. The promo codes will be different for everyone from what I can tell, and they may be for cents off, free movie, or buy 1 get 1 free. You can use the codes online or at the redbox machine.,  Tricia B, MD

1036 Walgreens code (9/5/2014 9:43:07 AM):  0489 2519 2515 1408 2103 total 58 cents 8/21/14 1020 6518 0465 1408 2203 total $1.43 8/22/14,  Dru T, KY

1037 Huggies coupons (9/5/2014 9:52:25 AM):  Are there any printable Huggies diapers coupons? Need some for a diaper cake. I googled them, but no luck,  Mary D, OK

1040 Bi Lo's Deals (9/5/2014 10:31:37 AM):  Not my normal grocery day, but did pick up a few things. Be sure to check and look for ecoupons you might like to ad to your bonus card before going shopping. Some of my items did have coupons. Hormel Chili is b1g1f (ecoupon for 55cents/2). Reg price $2.29 each, so $2.29- 55 cents= $1.74 for 2 or 87 cents a can. Pillsbury Toaster Strudel b1g1f (e coupon for50 cents/). Reg Price is n$2.53- 50 cents= $2.03 for 2 or $1.02 each. Campbell's Chunky Soups 3/$5 (e-coupon 50 cents/3), So $5- 50cents= $4.50 for 3 or $1.50 each. May be other coupons out for these, but I didn't buy them this time. **Watch for a display and end of row for Kraft "new" Barbecue Sauce 27.5 oz bottles. They have for pork chops, ribs, hot wings, etc. These on sale for $1.99, but on the neckband is a peel off coupon for $1 off any meat, with purchase of 1. I was going to get one since wanted a pack of the chicken thighs they have on sale this week for 99 cents a lb. But lucked up and also found a pk of bonless pork ribs with a sticker $6 off. So got a pk of thighs for $4.33 and ribs on sale with my bonus card $13.13 - $6 off sticker= $7.13. Not a bad price, since will be able to divide into 3 times for the ribs. By buying the 2 meats used 2 of the coupons from the Kraft bottles also. **If you have any coupons for Dinty Moore Beef Stew or Chicken and Dumpling they are b1g1f this week. So could be a good price on those. Green boiled peanuts on sale for $1.69 lb, and these were nice size ones. That and the gift card is the mean reason for my trip today. Gift Cards Purchased are still giving double fuel perks. I got $100 card and earned 20 cents on the gallon fuel perks. So that's getting 20 cents x 20 gallons= $4.00 off gas. Not a bad deal. **Final note, savingstar Friday deal is for Reese Peanut Butter Candy, so be sure to ad that to your account before shopping. Noticed these are b1g1 free at checkout. Have fun shopping.,  Vera W, SC

1041 Rite Aid (9/5/2014 10:33:27 AM):  This week at Rite Aid Folgers and Green Mountain K-Cups are on sale for $5.99. Buy 2 and get $3UPS . Limit 4 offers. Not sure if the other coffee is in this offer and when it expires,  Janet F, PA

1043 Kroger Mega Sale (9/5/2014 11:23:20 AM):  My store does not have a list of products included in this sale. That makes for very hard shopping when you have to look at the shelves to find them! Can anyone with a list scan it and post it? I don't see a list on the Kroger site either. Thank you so much.,  Sue B, MI

1046 Look for this (9/5/2014 12:05:24 PM):  If you’re a member and receive their emails, you may be able to get a FREE Progresso Recipe Starters sample. Check your inbox for a possible email entitled “Get $1-Off Coupons + 7 New Apple Treats” from and scroll to the bottom and click on the link to request your freebie.,  Jeanne W, PA

1047 Text Club members (9/5/2014 12:12:15 PM):  Repost:Text Club members (9/4/2014 8:57:38 AM): Can anyone refer a good Text Club to join. These are new to me & I don't know anything about them., ,  Trisha A, TX

1048 Kelloggs Rewards---- (9/5/2014 12:14:04 PM):  Looks like they are extending the Labor Day offer till 9/7 due to their glitches. I got an e-mail that I would get 800 pts sometime this week since I did not get the 400 awarded to me. ,  Sandra F, PA

1049 CVS 9/7 (9/5/2014 12:17:19 PM):  CVS Nicotine Transdermal System 21 mg patch, 7 ct $4.99, sale price 9/7-9/13 Buy 1, Receive $4.99 ExtraBucks 9/7-9/13, Limit 1 Pay $4.99, Receive $4.99 ExtraBucks Final Price: Free Mucinex Allergy, 5 ct $7.50, sale price 9/7-9/13 Buy 1, Receive $5.50 ExtraBucks 9/7-9/13, Limit 1 Use $2.00/1 – Mucinex Allergy Product from RP 8/10 Or $2.00/1 – Mucinex Allergy Product from RP 9/7 Pay $5.50, Receive $5.50 ExtraBucks Final Price: Free Any Physicians Formula Cosmetics Buy 1, Receive $7.00 ExtraBucks 9/7-9/13, Limit 1,  Jeanne W, PA

1053 Stouffers Codes (9/5/2014 1:35:59 PM):  Please post when used. Stouffers codes: cjhhxo36gg4j - Escalloped Chicken & Noodles 39nygrg3wkrx - Escalloped Chicken & Noodles 9cgrkownpo7f - Escalloped Chicken & Noodles kxx3hxpf3kp3 - Escalloped Chicken & Noodles oowp3hr4yjyg - Escalloped Chicken & Noodles ydgyg6wryw4y - Escalloped Chicken & Noodles yfdjfrg3x7fp - Sputhwest Style Scramble ,  Alene H, VA

1055 All You (9/5/2014 1:47:25 PM):  If anyone needs to renew All You, or looking for a magazine subscription deal, help suport my daughters school by going to , shop online and use id 0457895. All you is $20 for one year. Thanks!,  Marlene H, MN

1060 Diaper Deal - Walgreens (9/5/2014 2:38:43 PM):  To make the diaper deal better, (mentioned in Michele's updates) the week of Sept 14 there is also a coupon for spend $25 get $5 added to your card. ,  Penny M, MO

1062 Target (9/5/2014 3:35:33 PM):  My Target had signs all over the dot area that said 50% (didn't mention color) I was in a hurry and scanned a few things but all were $1. I thought I might have seen a sign that the price would be changed at the register but I am not sure,  Judy B B, LA

1065 Prescription info (9/5/2014 4:42:53 PM):  Can someone tell me the name of the website to check medicine prices? My daughter has health insurance through Duke energy. She went today to get her prescription that her doctor called in. It is erythromycin antibiotic, it is a liquid because she can't swallow a pill. They wanted to charge her 485.00 and she has a presxription card. Have you heard of such a thing? Anyway, I want to check that website out to see what other pharmacies charge. This was at CVS. Thanks for your help.,  Patti V, FL

1066 Swagbucks Code (9/5/2014 4:44:30 PM):  ThanksJoan before 4pm PT for 4 SB!,  Melody R, WA

1067 Staples Katy Perry (9/5/2014 4:55:03 PM):  Here are two codes for the Staples Katy Perry contest. 4923255611051976 1391555696353935,  Helga G, CA

1070 Wheel of Fortune (9/5/2014 5:37:31 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Friday: BLOG POST If your Spin Id is NH0197721, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

1071 Bic (9/5/2014 5:39:48 PM): Starting today through October 4th, head on over to the BIC Pen Pals Facebook page, click on the BIC Pencil Instant Win tab, and then click on the green “Click to Continue” button and fill out your information to see if you’re an instant winner in the BIC Pencil Instant Win game. There will be 30 winners each day (900 total!) who will each receive a $25 Gift Card (either Visa, American Express, Dunkin’ Donuts, Alex And Ani, Nike, or Bed Bath and Beyond) AND five packages of BIC Mechanical Pencils. After entering, you’ll also be able to print a Bricks coupon valid for $1/1 ANY BIC Stationery Product.,  Jeanne W, PA

1072 Target (9/5/2014 6:23:55 PM):  Smucker's Fruit-Fulls, 4 pk $3.99, regular price Buy 1 Smucker’s Fruit-Fulls, 4 pk, Receive $1.00 with Ibotta Use $1.50/1 Smucker’s Fruit-Fulls, 4 pk or larger from RP 8/24 Or $1.00/1 - Smucker’s Fruit-Fulls Pure Blended Fruit, 4 or 8 ct ( ) And use 40% Off – Smucker’s Fruit-Fulls Pouches Target Cartwheel Offer (exp 10/4) Pay $0.89, Submit for $1.00 Ibotta Credit Final Price: $0.11 Moneymaker,  Jeanne W, PA

1078 Betty Crocker/Pillsbury 2015 Calendar wins (9/5/2014 7:33:59 PM):  I got e-messages this afternoon from both Betty Crocker & Pillsbury saying I'd won a 2015 calendar from them! The calendars will be sent in December. If I couldn't wait to see what the winning recipes for the calendar were, I could click a link in each newsletter to get a sneak peek at the calendars. Have other RCer's won 2015 calendars from them?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

1079 What did you get for free or cheap today? (9/5/2014 7:51:55 PM):  I am behind this week due to company being in town. I was able to turn my $10 UPS from RA into 2 $5 UPS because of the Neutrogena deal. One store did not have the facial bars but another did. I got my dinner for $2.04 because I had a $1.99 chicken sandwich combo coupon at Checkers. I went to Kmart (where there was no a/c) and got two shirts which were clearanced. I then did a separate order for my free $10 Facebook ShopYourWay deal I received. I purchased the Cascade dishwasher tabs for the rebate that just came out. So I will check my account to ensure I get my 10K points. I headed over to Shoppers and got the boneless chicken breasts for $1.99. I also got the 8 oz Kraft dressing for .88/btle so I picked up three bottles. I will say that it seems chicken breasts in this area are unusually big (I hear a chemical discussion coming on). I received my free Nesquik samples and along with the entourage of magazines from Freebiz. What did you get for free or cheap?,  Mindy C, MD

1084 gopicnic at Target (9/5/2014 8:56:28 PM):  you will find them across from the Kelloggs cereal. Mine is maple turkey sausage,fruit & nut mix. ,  Janice L, WA

1096 Walmart Savings Catcher (9/6/2014 5:26:41 AM):  I downloaded Walmart savings catcher on Sunday to my phone. Scanned the receipt I had. Low and behold I saved .89 on chips. In my area we can price match other stores. Publix had Lays chips as buy 1 get 1 free and Walmart price for chips is 2.88 a bag so it is a big savings. The app searched and found that Walgreens was selling the same chips for 1.99 hence .89 added to my savings. I have never tried to use more than one price match on a product in Walmart and now I do not need to. Love the app. It took 4 days to get the notification. This will be great around the holidays.,  Joanne R. F, FL

1097 levitra (9/6/2014 5:51:46 AM):  Any ideas on getting a discount on levitra? Thanks,  Pat P, PA

1099 Free Birthday Eats for September (9/6/2014 7:11:32 AM):  Its my birthday month and I have starting eating free for the month of September. The Stake and Shake coupons are great free double-stack cheeseburger and fries, then the Red-Robin burgers are good and Ruby Tuesday just started back with a free burger for your birthday. Also Honey Baked ham with the free sandwich. The others I am enjoying are Baskin Robbins free ice cream, Waffle House, Apple bees, Firehouse subs, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Jason deli, Diary Queen, Krispy Kreme, Teds Montana Grill, Wendy's, Driscolls, Red Lobster, Arby's and O Charley's . The non food ones are My points, Swag bucks, Sephora.,  Juliette R, GA

1100 Looking for: (9/6/2014 7:31:22 AM):  There use to be a "caregivers" rebate program. Anyone know what I mean and if it is still available?,  Melisa T, IN

1101 Star Magazine (9/6/2014 7:32:45 AM):  I have looked all over for a deal on Star, OK, or In Touch magazine for a year subscription and there doesn't seem to be anything out there. $59.95 is cheapest I can find for 52 issues of Star. Anyone know of any deals?,  Debbie M, NY

1105 Amazon-Planters (9/6/2014 8:25:04 AM):  Planters Select Cashews, Almonds and Pecans Canister, 18.25 Ounce (Pack of 12)$34.25 prime or $32.54 subscribe and save. These are $5.95 at Wal-Mart. Makes them $2.85/each! Amazon link: . ,  Trisha A, TX

1108 Catalina found at A&P in NJ (9/6/2014 8:36:44 AM):  V8 100% vegetable or V8 V-Fusion juices 46oz or larger bottles, 5.5oz six packs or 11.5oz six packs. Good 9/8/14-10/5/14. Buy 2 get $1.50 OYNO Buy 3 get $2 OYNO Buy 4 or more get $3 OYNO,  Joan B, FL

1109 Labels for Educ bonus form (9/6/2014 8:40:38 AM):  If you are helping a local school with the Labels for Education program from Campbells, here is the link to the September bonus form:,  Deborah L, MA

1112 m and m game/cable bill (9/6/2014 9:32:41 AM):  So I entered all my wins from this game, I have over $180 and my hubby has 12 wins, so today in the mail I get a check from the mars co for my hubby for $18.00, and I have to mail it to Time Warner to get credit! So where is my check and the rest of his wins?? Sure hope I get all my credit for these wins!! Anyone else have Time Warner??,  Cheryl K, NY

1116 Jewel Osco / Essential Coupons (9/6/2014 10:07:22 AM):  Is anyone having trouble copying the Essential coupons ? Mine download but appear as a bunch of symbols...not a coupon. I go through Farm Fresh and signed up for an account but can't print. Any suggestions.,  Cheryl L, IL

1123 Beware at Walmart (9/6/2014 11:51:19 AM):  This might just be at my local Walmart but today I did two small transactions through the self checkout. On both transactions I was double charged for one item. One was HBA and one was a food item. The first receipt I only had two items, the HBA item instantly double charged so it caught my attention and had the cashier correct it. The second receipt I wasn't double charged until after my .50¢ printed coupon wouldn't scan and had to come key it in. Right after the coupon, on my receipt, it charged me another $2.98. I didn't catch that until after arriving home-darn it! When the cashier came over to help on my first transaction, I asked her why I would have been double charged, her response, "it does that sometimes". Needless to say, when I went online to do the survey I questioned how often "sometimes" is! Especiall for all the customers that don't watch their receipts. Buyers beware!,  Marijane W, MI

1124 $7 Ralph Lauren pillows (9/6/2014 11:54:23 AM):  Lauren Ralph Lauren Logo Standard/Queen Pillow, $6.99 (reg. $20) with free in store pick up. B, MD

1130 Kellogg's code from Labor Day (9/6/2014 1:19:45 PM):  Wanted to mention that the code from labor day for the Kellogg's program relaxitslaborday was still working last night. Might still work today, hope so! I saw it originally on post #80696 - thanks Doreen S.!,  Marijane W, MI

1132 Swagbucks Code (9/6/2014 1:49:50 PM):  SuperCash before 2pm PT/5pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody R, WA

1135 Uno's b1 g1 free pizza coupon (9/6/2014 2:14:20 PM):  Buy any pizza for takeout, get one free! Thru tomorrow only: B, MD

1136 Uno's - corrected link (9/6/2014 2:15:33 PM):  This will be the correct link for the Uno's coupon: B, MD

1139 Cartwheel at Target (9/6/2014 3:01:17 PM):  Could someone explain to me how to work the deals at Target when there's a manufacturer's coupon, a Target coupon that can be printed online, the Target coupons when they text them to you, and then the cartwheel discounts? I don't do these massive deals because I'm confused on how to do them.,  Mindy C, MD

1142 Savings Catcher at Walmart (9/6/2014 4:09:00 PM):  I entered more receipts at and checked my previous receipts. I noticed they are price matching even the Dollar tree (dollar store). Wow. I mean, they still don't check every item on my receipt. Maybe it's certain general items or popular items that many people buy. But anyway, it's nice that if you overlook another store's ad that you may get the difference back anyway. (Side note: stores around here have gone back to manually entering coupons that don't scan correctly. At least that has been my experience recently.),  Tricia B, MD

1146 Costco Membership (9/6/2014 4:31:10 PM):  Does anyone know if there is a deal to join Costco right now? Thanks!,  Cathy M, WI

1148 kohls (9/6/2014 4:50:15 PM):  Any codes for Kohls online shopping?,  Debb P, IA

1163 ChicFilA (9/6/2014 7:41:18 PM):  If any of you hear about a calendar for ChicFilA, please report. Such good coupons each month --- not exactly coupons but a card attached with monthly deals which is much better. This month a free breakfast item and beverage.,  Joyce A, VA

1164 CVS 90% off (9/6/2014 7:42:37 PM):  CVS had 90% off on summer stuff today. Kingsford charcoal 8lb bag for 69 cents lawn chairs,some toys,shoes lots of stuff at the store on council and NW expressway.,  Reba S, OK

1172 savings (9/6/2014 10:26:53 PM):  does anybody know if I can set up an account for walmart savings catcher with her own e-mail and add the receipts for her .she lives out of state and her husband won't let her use the computer, i was going to have her read information and do it for her on my computer or will it knock me out of mine as long as have a different address and email do you think it will be alright,  Sondra L. C, OH

1173 Class Action on wipes (9/6/2014 10:46:15 PM): •up & up® flushable wipes by Target •Kandoo® flushable wipes by Pampers •Charmin Freshmates •Cottonelle flushable wipes •Wet Ones® flushable wipes •Equate® flushable wipes by Wal-Mart •Walgreens flushable wipes •Total Home® flushable wipes by CVS •Scott® flushable wipes ,  Janice L, WA

1174 jewelry (9/6/2014 11:05:03 PM):  Quite a few jewelry pieces for a penny on Amazon. If you do a search for Yazilind Jewelry, then sort by price - low to high - there are at least 6 pages of 1 penny jewelry. Rings, earrings, necklaces, pin, bracelets. ,  Ginger G, TX

1180 coupons at (9/7/2014 7:34:58 AM):  may have been posted already but there are two pages of coupons at this site which include $1.00 off 2 Jimmy Dean, $1.00 off 2 Sweet Baby Rays, $1.00 off 2 Sunny D, $1.00 off 2 Maxwell House.,  Nina B, KY

1183 CVS Dr Scholl's for women (9/7/2014 7:59:43 AM):  The big Dr Scholl's $8 manufacturer's coupon in the Sunday inserts can be used on "any 2 insoles priced at $7.95", so it can be used on many sets of insoles. But it is women's insoles that are priced at, and around, $7.99, so if you are looking for the optimum deal, simply for coupon usage, then you will want to use it on women's insoles. I have many insoles, already, so I used this deal to leave some for the many older women in my life in SWFL. I bought four insoles at $7.99 each, used two $8 manufacturer's coupons from today's inserts, plus I had a "20% off Dr Scholl's" CVS coupon from the big red machine. With tax the total was $9.56 and I received $10 extrabucks. You can also use a 25% CVS emailed coupon since none of the Dr Scholl's products are on sale this week.,  William M. M, FL

1185 B1G1 Revlon coupon (9/7/2014 8:15:23 AM):  If you received the big Revlon coupon in today's inserts for "Buy any Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Get one Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara free" then you're in luck. I bought 2 Sunday newspapers and both had them. That almost never happens. I used them at CVS this morning. The Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner cost $7.79 each (on sale for .20 off), and the Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara cost $7.99 each (not on sale), and the manufacturer's coupon scans, no problem. The total before coupons was roughly $31.50. The coupons subtracted $15.98. This week at CVS the Revlon cosmetics will reward you with $3 extrabucks for each $10 you spend before coupons, so I received $9 extrabucks for the purchase. You can do the Revlon $10/$3 extrabucks deal up to six times. Plus, the Revlon purchases will count towards the CVS Beauty Club.,  William M. M, FL

1188 Free 4C Totally Light (9/7/2014 8:28:43 AM):  Here's a 4C Totally Light promo that doesn't require mail-in form. Info is found in pull out box or tear off pad in store. Buy 2 4C Totally Light Stix packages. Send the UPC codes, CRT, NAZ to 4C Foods Corp., 4C Totally Light Promotion, 580 Fountain Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11208. This offer valid only WSL.I don't know if you get a free coupon back or get the purchase price of 1 back. Form just says Buy any 2 Totally Light Stix & get one free.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

1190 Tommy Bahama Code (9/7/2014 8:32:52 AM):  A while back I got my hands on a 50% Tommy Bahama code and I now I cant find it. I cant remember if it was email or on paper.... I was wondering if anyone knew anything of this......Thanks,  Stephanie J, MD

1192 Luggage tag (9/7/2014 8:46:13 AM):  What am I doing wrong that I can't get the free luggage tag anyone have any problems,  Shannon R, IL

1193 CVS deals today (9/7/2014 8:55:04 AM):  I was disappointed to find that none of my 4 coupon supplements had the Mucinex or Revlon coupons. The CVS ad said, as it usually does, that the coupons were in "most" Sunday papers, and usually they are in the Austin paper. I went to get the Mucinex anyway, since $2 for 5 tablets is still a good deal (this stuff works fairly well for my husband, too.) I asked the clerk if I could look at the stack of newspaper they had, just to see if any of them had the coupon--they didn't. He asked what the problem was and I explained it to him, also making it clear that I didn't think CVS had made a mistake, and that it just happens sometimes. He thanked me for telling him, as there are likely to be other customers who get irate about it. Anyway, he told me if I was going to get the Mucinex anyway, he would subtract the $2 for the coupon I didn't have! Wow. I reiterated that he didn't have to do it; I was happy with the price before coupon, but he insisted. Nice customer service--always best when it's unexpected! And it proves to me (not that I needed more proof, but still...) that when clerks try to tell me that I must be doing a deal wrong because a coupon doesn't work, and that there's no way they can adjust for that, there clearly IS a way, if they wanted to and believed the customer. I'm satisfied.,  Linda R, TX

1199 Freebies!! (9/7/2014 9:37:59 AM):  While I had to pay initially, most of these are rebate purchases. Today I got the BIC flame disks, they are $1.26 at mine, 75% off. I had them ring them separate so I can send in for the rebate, TMF. I did three of the Clearasil for the rebates. I did two Lanacane sprays for the TMF. I found a L'Oreal sun screen for $2.24 less a $1 coupon and a $1 UP, .24! Vitamins/supplements are bogo, picked up some that my DH takes, $5.59 for two. And Scope Outlast is 50% off, $2.26, got three, less three .75 coupons, $4.53. Paid with a $10 UP. ,  Carla B, OH

1209 GE Rebate (9/7/2014 11:13:05 AM):  Here's a rebate form when you you purchase @ least 2 appliances from GE. S, TX

1210 RedBox 10 Days of Deals (9/7/2014 11:18:50 AM):  Offer good to 9/14/14 Check your email for codes mine was DAYS might work for you too Text codes to 727272,  Debra A, NC

1211 Smart Source IcyHot Back Therapy (9/7/2014 11:21:39 AM):  There's a printable $5 coupon off the ICYHot Back Therapy online at its on sale at RiteAid $29.99 - $5 coupon = $24.99 + you get $5 Ups,  Debra A, NC

1213 Kelloggs Rewards (9/7/2014 11:29:44 AM):  From Eggo Waffles 79C5-HFCQ-4PQK-JM54 Please post when used. Enjoy,  Mary Grace S, MD

1214 Stouffers (9/7/2014 11:39:16 AM):  I have a lasagna w/meat sauce box. Not sure if this is the code for the dinner rewards but here goes - 4207587811.,  Cindy S, TX

1217 Shopping today (9/7/2014 12:36:49 PM):  First stop was Staples. Go to the Staples site and print out the coupon to get another ream of copy paper free this week. Also play the Bic game on Facebook and use the Bic $1.00/1 coupon on the 6 packs of mechanical pencils and they are free. Next stop: Rite Aid Print the $2.00/1 Garnier sleek & shine VV coupon and use 2 of the Garnier Fructis shampoo coupons in todays paper. Price was $4.49 for the first bottle and $2.24 for the second so total was $6.73 minus the $6.00 of coupons-$.73 or $.37 each. The Brachs fall candy was 3 for $3.00 and you get a $1.00 UP when you buy 3 so $.67 per bag. They had candy corn, smores corn, pumpkins and autumn mix. Last stop: CVS Combos were $2.57-B1G1F I used the $1.50/2 coupon and paid $.54 per bag. The deals on the CVS vitamins are good too. The red machine prints a $2.00 off coupon and the vitamins are B1G1F. DH takes cinnamon and they were dated 2018 so we picked them up. They were $11.99 minus the $2.00 coupon-$9.99 for 2 or $5.00 each for 180 tablets in each bottle. Mucinex allergy is free after coupon and ECB. Physician Formula concealer was $6.99 and there is a $7.00 ECB CVS Quit smoking patch is free after ECB.,  Jeanne W, PA

1222 Target (9/7/2014 12:56:57 PM):  Go to Target coupon site and print a $2/2 Greeting Cards store coupon that does not exclude cards under $1, which means you can pick up 2 of the $0.99 cards for FREE.,  Jeanne W, PA

1223 Target (9/7/2014 1:02:56 PM):  Buy 2 Select M&M’s Chocolate Candies 9.9 to 12.6 oz $2.89 each, Get 1 FREE Deal Scenario: Buy 3 M&M’s Touchdown Mix 9.9 to 12.6 oz $2.89 each Total Minus Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale = $5.78 Use the $1/2 M&M’s Chocolate Candies Target coupon found on Target coupon site Plus, use the 10% off M&M’s Chocolate Candies Cartwheel (will deduct $0.48) Plus, use the $1.50/2 M&M’s Chocolate Candies coupon found in the 8/10 RP (Exp. 9/21) Or use the $1/2 Mars Various Harvest Candies coupon found in the 8/24 RP (Exp. 10/31) Final cost as low as $2.80 total, $0.93 per bag.,  Jeanne W, PA

1224 Rite Aid (9/7/2014 1:15:23 PM):  Buy 2 Simple Cleansing Wipes, 25 ct $6.99, regular price Buy One Get One 50% Off Spend $10.00, Receive $5.00 Up Reward, Limit 2 Use two $2.00/1 – Simple Brand Cleanser or Moisturizer ( Pay $6.49, Receive $5.00 Up Reward Final Price: $0.75 each, when you buy 2,  Jeanne W, PA

1225 Rite Aid (9/7/2014 1:16:49 PM):  Buy 2 Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles $10.00 Spend $20.00, Receive $8.00 Up Reward, Limit 4 Buy 1, Receive $3.00 with Ibotta Use one $8.00/2 – Dr. Scholl’s Insoles, $7.95 or more from SS 9/7 Pay $12.00, Submit for $3.00 Ibotta Credit and Receive $8.00 Up Reward Final Price: $0.50 each, when you buy 2,  Jeanne W, PA

1226 Target (9/7/2014 1:21:11 PM):  Buy 2 Disney Princess Gummy Multivitamins, 60 ct $4.29, regular price Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 9/13 Use one $1.00/1 – Disney or Marvel Gummy Vitamin Item from RP 8/3 Pay $7.58, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card Final Price: $1.29 each, when you buy 2,  Jeanne W, PA

1227 Stouffers codes (9/7/2014 1:32:58 PM):  These are all spinach souffle: NWP6THYNFFHC - WF3W6C7JFH3X - FCFFPJYKKT9W - 7T4WKD96TNPG Please post when used. I think I read them all correctly but I'll hold on to them until we know for sure!,  Linda B. B, CA

1230 Free $5.00 (9/7/2014 2:03:38 PM): Go here and scroll through the PayPal slides by answering the questions and clicking the blue buttons at the bottom of each page. After having done so, you’ll be able to choose from a few different offers, including a FREE $5 PayPal Credit Offer. You will receive your offer via email in a week.,  Jeanne W, PA

1243 Walgreens 50 points per? (9/7/2014 3:51:20 PM):  I had the cashier scan the 50 points for every dollar spent coupon. Is that just for that one transaction or does it recognize your number each time and continue to give it to you through November or do you have to have the coupon scanned each time?????,  Anne C, IL

1244 Wag receipt (9/7/2014 3:53:31 PM):  Nice products $12 0522-0211-3833-1409-0703 9/7/14. Total $.51,  Andrea C, CA

1250 Swagbucks Code (9/7/2014 4:37:26 PM):  BackInMyDay before 5pm PT/8pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody R, WA

1263 Question (9/7/2014 7:16:59 PM):  Do any of you do the Is this an okay website? Thanks for any help.,  Anne W. W, GA

1265 Laptop Guy on Swagbucks (9/7/2014 7:55:31 PM):  I accidentally deleted "Laptop Guy" from my home page on Swagbucks. I hit the X at the top by accident. Does anyone know how to get him back? ,  Roberta P, NC

1266 sears 20 facebook offer (9/7/2014 8:27:30 PM):  So I printed off the buy 20 and get 20$ worth of points at sears or kmart from facebook. But with all the exceptions (no clearance, etc..) I'm wondering what would count? Has anyone used this and gotten the 20$ in points? TIA,  Susie M. C, MD

1268 rite aid clearance (9/7/2014 8:28:26 PM):  Does Rite Aid clearance ever go to 90% off? TIA,  Susie M. C, MD

1269 $671 & up - all inclusive Cancun pkg. (9/7/2014 8:40:17 PM):  •Roundtrip nonstop airfare from Atlanta to Cancun (discounted departures available from dozens of cities) •Three nights at the all-inclusive Barcelo Costa Cancun resort •3,000 Delta SkyMiles in addition to miles earned •Unlimited meals and drinks, including alcohol •Nonstop ground transfers •Taxes and mandatory fees Depart: April 11, 18 (other dates discounted) B, MD

1270 $12 personalized duffle bag (9/7/2014 8:54:47 PM):  Personalized sports duffle bag. $12 with free in store pick up. Says $19.97 but changes to $12 when personalization is added. Free in store pick up. B, MD

1279 Pampers (9/8/2014 5:43:48 AM):  A code from wipes. 7FYFFYWW37XT34C,  Cathy G, OH

1281 Shutterfly - 16 x 20 poster collage (9/8/2014 7:48:04 AM):  16 x 20" poster collage. Use code BN206RVHW to make it free. Shipping will be $4.99. B, MD

1282 Swagbucks Code (9/8/2014 7:58:30 AM):  123Go by 10 ET 4 Swagbucks,  Dolores S, WV

1283 pampers gifts to grow (9/8/2014 9:42:37 AM):  10 points good for all FB7KNCIEGRAN014 10 Free Points Expires 9/11/2014,  Michelle M, NY

1285 M & Ms game (9/8/2014 9:44:15 AM):  I spent ALOT of time texting this instant win game & had several wins. I've seen one $6 credit on my cable bill & today I received a check made out to my cable co. for $6. I'm not too happy, wondering what's up. I have Grande Communications btw.,  Denise C, TX

1287 College care packages (9/8/2014 9:55:12 AM):  Please tell me what is the least expensive way you send care packages. I just spent $9.75 to send a package of snacks to my son. You all know I didn't spend that much for the contents, but the value was a bit more. The postman said it had to go priority mail. The flat rate box was about 1/3 smaller. It weighed 3lb 4oz.I know I'll be sending at least 1 other this semester. How can I cut the shipping cost? Thank you.,  Regina R, NY

1290 Irazoo Treasure Code (9/8/2014 10:37:05 AM):  cleanhouse Until 9/15/14, 4:52 PM EST!,  Melody R, WA

1291 Rite Aid (9/8/2014 10:49:43 AM):  Has Biore products buy 2 get $5 ups. I got 1 each of pore strips & cleanser. Each were $7.99 with gold discount they are $6.39 each. I had two s.s. coupons for $2.00/1 & $1.00/1. After discounts & coupons I paid $9.78 for 2 & got $5 ups back. You can do this deal twice.,  Cathy G, OH

1292 (9/8/2014 11:00:12 AM):  They don't allow you to you a cert at the same restaurant more than once a month. How do they keep track? I'm going to a place Saturday where we used a cert last month and I don't remember the date. Its going to be very close to a month ,  Judy B B, LA

1294 Chocolate milk (9/8/2014 11:34:58 AM): Print a Chocolate Milk 1/2gal or single serve (any brand) $1.00/1 coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

1295 Ball Park hotdog coupon (9/8/2014 11:37:28 AM):  Can anyone tell me where to find the 55 cent coupon for Ball Park hotdogs? I have one, but don't know where I clipped it from. Our Pick n Save has them this week for $1.50, so doubling makes them only 40 cents. Michele's database doesn't have it. ,  Sandra F, WI

1296 Maryland only (9/8/2014 11:38:25 AM): Please keep in mind this offer is only for residents living in the state of Maryland. This coupon is worth $25 off the purchase of one (1) tree from the recommended list with a retail value of $50 or more at all participating retail nurseries and garden centers. The discount is taken at the register at the time of the sale. One coupon must be filled in for each tree purchased. Coupon must be filled in completely and signed by the customer to be valid. Coupon reimbursement is for retail sales only. Wholesale tree sales do not qualify.,  Jeanne W, PA

1297 Rite Aid (9/8/2014 11:43:56 AM):  I guess I didn't post correctly last night. Post 81224 says there is a $2 coupon for Simply Cleansing Wipes. I can't find it. Has it been pulled? There was a $2 VV last month which could also be used if you have it.,  Lynn C, CO

1299 Target (9/8/2014 12:16:29 PM):  Buy 2 Glade Wax Melts $2.99, regular price Buy 2 Glade Jar Candle $2.99, regular price Buy Three Get One Free through 9/13 Buy 1 Glade Jar Candle, Receive $0.50 with Checkout 51 Buy 2 Glade Wax Melts, Receive $1.00 with Checkout 51 Use two $2.00/2 – Glade Products ( ) And use one $1.00/1 – Glade Wax Melts, Target Coupon ( And use one $1.50/2 – Glade Air Care Products, Target Mobile Coupon, Text LUNCH to 827438 And use 5% Off – Glade Fall Scents, Target Cartwheel Offer (exp 10/4) – ( Pay $2.15, Submit for $1.50 in Checkout 51 Credits Final Price: $0.16 each, when you buy all 4,  Jeanne W, PA

1303 my points (9/8/2014 12:59:48 PM):  Has anyone found the lucky leaf today ? Tried several things but no luck. Thanks,  Alice B, OR

1304 gas pressure washers (9/8/2014 1:06:06 PM):  I am looking for a good price on a gas pressure washers or gas power washer. Also Lg $ c/o or discount for sears/kmart or home depot/Lowes. Please help if you have seen anything. It's time to repaint the house. These things rent at $100/day so it does seem prudent to buy one that can be used on deck and patio too. Maybe sell it later although I do not see any on Craig's list for our area. Please help.,  Trisha A, TX

1306 CVS (9/8/2014 1:11:35 PM):  I found P.F. gentle cover concealer stick for $7.29 & it worked to get the $7 ecb's. These were located down on the bottom shelf.,  Cathy G, OH

1308 Fanatics (9/8/2014 1:22:33 PM):  I am not fond of this site due to a previous debacle they had with an instant win game but, had to mention. If you also won a Giftcard/Ecode on the 'tailgate at you place game' It's a good time to use it. They have free shipping with no minimum, ending today. This is worth about $4.99 as they have flat rate shipping. Code NEWFS and 2.5% back on ebates (not sure if it counts with gift card) ,  Laurie D, DE

1310 Swagbucks (9/8/2014 1:27:07 PM):  Sale on Walmart Gift cards on Swagbucks! 440 points for $5 card, usually 500pts,  Laurie D, DE

1312 my points (9/8/2014 2:02:00 PM):  Thanks, Donna K. No points for me today ...,  Alice B, OR

1313 Target (9/8/2014 2:20:12 PM):  Mucinex Allergy, 30 ct $13.49, price cut through 11/1 Use $7.00/1 – Mucinex Allergy Product, 30 ct or larger from SS 9/7 And use $2.00/1 – Mucinex Health Care Product, Target Coupon ( And use 25% Off – Mucinex Allergy, Target Cartwheel Offer (exp 10/4) – ( Final Price: $1.62,  Jeanne W, PA

1317 Popchip Settlement (9/8/2014 2:41:37 PM):  I received my check for $10.00 today!,  Becky R, IN

1318 Shocked (9/8/2014 2:49:06 PM):  I am so upset. Recently I placed an ad on traders asking for a specific cpn. I needed. No response so I checked the ad & was shocked to see I was listed as a "deleted user". I did not know exactly what that meant or why I was called that. I e-mailed Michele for an explanation but did not get a reply. I checked in the past ads & found one where I had a cpn. to trade & saw I was called a scammer & always said codes did not work. I have never traded for any codes. I am at a lost on how to rectify this mistake;& feeling really sad. Just had to "let it out"--,  Marianne B, NM

1334 250 minutes & Unlimited Texts (9/8/2014 5:53:23 PM):  If you qualify for public assistance or meet income limits you may be able to get 250 free minutes and unlimited texts thru and you can apply online,  Debra A, NC

1335 Smart Must Haves card (9/8/2014 5:56:31 PM):  I just got my $10 card from the Smart Must Haves program!,  Helga G, CA

1336 Wheel of Fortune (9/8/2014 6:06:57 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Monday: A SOPHOMORE If your Spin Id is DP1075013, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

1340 Stayfree (9/8/2014 7:03:05 PM):  The RiteAid ad has a $3 off store coupon on Stayfree 28+ count. Normal price here is $6.99. With gold status they are $5.59 minus the $3 minus $1 MC =$1.59,  Carolyn F, OR

1342 Marion I, CA (9/8/2014 7:16:48 PM):  Thank you for the Nexium coupon! It arrived today. I will be sure to use it before it expires. Thanks again!,  Vicky N, ME

1344 CVS (9/8/2014 7:24:06 PM):  Buy 2 Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask $2.99 = $5 Ecb (limit 1) Pay $5.98 + tax Get back $5 Ecb Final cost $0.98 – just $0.49 each and NO coupons required.,  Jeanne W, PA

1346 McDonald's Kids Breakfast meal (9/8/2014 7:27:39 PM):  Not sure if this was mentioned. McDonald's is offering kids K-8th free breakfast for Tues., Sept.9th. Here is info. P, CA

1347 Centrum (9/8/2014 7:34:20 PM): Print a Centrum or Centrum Silver $4.00/1 coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

1348 Scoop Away (9/8/2014 7:38:49 PM): Print a $2 off any One Scoop Away 20 lb or Larger Size Cat Litter coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

1354 Laptop Guy on SB (9/8/2014 10:28:19 PM):  He is sitting with a laptop in front of him, coffee cup beside the laptop on the main SB page. It's one of the "cards" you have on the main page. You click the card and a small box opens up. It can be different activities to do that are worth 2 SB BUT he can be worth a lot each day. Click on EARN 2 SB and another full sized window opens up. Most right now have a NEXT on the top right of the page after 10-35 seconds and can be 5-10 videos to watch. It turns green, click it for the next. After you complete the activity, on the bottom right of the small box is a WATCH ANOTHER VIDEO. Click on that and repeat until you're cross-eyed. LOL,  Melody R, WA

1359 Costco (9/9/2014 3:47:19 AM):  Costco Wholesale – Military families shop without membership With the commissary being closed due to the government shutdown, Costco Wholesale is allowing military families to shop without a membership throughout the duration of the shutdown. This was announced on the Joint Base Lewis McChord Facebook page and was confirmed by local Costco managers. This should be happening nationwide, but might be a good idea to call your local store before heading in. When you arrive, bring your military ID to a special table set up near the front of the store to welcome military families. ,  Janice L, WA

1364 Costco membership on Living Social (9/9/2014 7:02:19 AM):  Someone was just asking about any deals. I don't know that I can post the link, but Living Social has a Costco membership for $55 (regular price), but then you get: -20 Costco Cash Card • Exclusive coupons good for three free Kirkland Signature™ products ($30.97 value) - One apple pie - One rotisserie chicken - One 30-pack of two-ply bath tissue • Plus, enjoy three months of free identity protection service brought to you by Identity Guard® (a $40.47 value) • $146.44 total value We love our Costco membership (mostly because of the exemplary customer service). I would absolutely do this if we didn't have one, but we never let ours expire!,  Lisa S, OH

1367 $10/$50 Staples Code (9/9/2014 7:37:40 AM):  I won't be using this. Please post when used. Enjoy! CODE: 4647745577653554 EXP 9/13/14 †Valid in Staples® U.S. stores, online at® or by phone at 1-800-333-3330. Not valid on Daily Deals. Minimum purchase requirement of $50 must be met with purchases to which no other coupon or instant savings offer applies. Tax and shipping not included in calculating the minimum purchase. Not valid on desktop or laptop computers, LCD/LED displays, tablets, netbooks, Apple® products, Bose® products, Amazon Kindle®, NOOK®, Epson® ink and toner, custom printing orders placed online, all Copy & Print self-serve and computer workstation, gift cards, mobile phones and mobile phone services, Staples® EasyTech(sm) professional-grade and on-site services, depot repair and parts, phone cards or postage stamps. Each item purchased can only be discounted by one coupon, applied by cashier in order received and prior to tax. Coupon not valid if purchased or sold and must be surrendered. No cash/credit back. Not valid on prior purchases or on purchases made with Staples® Procurement or Convenience Cards. ,  Maria S, NY

1368 MyPoints Leaf (9/9/2014 8:12:44 AM):  Palms Casino Resort is today's location for leaf,  Lacinda T, IA

1371 My coke rewards (9/9/2014 8:29:26 AM):  does MyCokeRewards offer double points on 24 packs? I have several to enter and not sure if they ever do double points like on 12 pks.,  Marlene H, MN

1372 Walmart ( (9/9/2014 8:34:41 AM):  I had a coupon I had printed out awhile back to get s 4pk of the 3 pk tissue with any White Cloud purchase. These were $1.97 each. So that was getting 8 rolls for $1.97. Used my coupon this morning. So went to to check and see if they had updated the coupon for this month. Yep they did, but not as good this time. You have to buy 16 roll ct pk of White Cloud and still get a 4 ct of the 3 Ply one for free. So be careful if you use the new coupons. Also used the Renuzit buy 2 get 1 free coupon this morning. The adjustable ones are 97 cents each. So got 3 for $1.94 (65 cents each).,  Vera W, SC

1375 ShopRite Soup Deal (9/9/2014 9:08:45 AM):  This week ShopRite is offering a $5 Cat when you spend $15 on certain Campbells/Pepp.Farm products. Chunky Soup is 4/$5. I bought 12 cans and used 3 of the $1 on 4 cpns from this past Sunday's SS insert. When you add in the $5 Cat, that comes to $7 for 12 cans. Or you can buy 15 cans of their condensed soups, use 3 of the $1 on 5 cpns from the same insert and come out with 15 cans for $7. This is a fantastic soup deal! ,  Pat B, DE

1376 MCR question (9/9/2014 9:17:41 AM):  Does anyone know if the MCR will continue into 2015??? I sure hope so! TIA,  Michelle M, NY

1379 Swagbucks (9/9/2014 9:55:38 AM):  In the 'Read' section, I can not get the book Small Blessings to give me the bucks. All the others have but I have read this one 4 times and still no credit and it still says 5 on it. Anyone else have trouble with that one?,  Carla B, OH

1380 Paypal $5.00 e-coupon (9/9/2014 10:07:07 AM):  What is the verdict on this deal - is it a scam? How can we know if it is legit?,  Theresa M, VA

1381 SwagBucks (9/9/2014 10:14:49 AM):  This morning, the "read" points were back which makes for a fast 24 points if you do them all.,  Margie P, UT

1383 MCR/Sprite/Family Dollar (9/9/2014 10:44:15 AM):  I purchased a Sprite 12 pack at Family Dollar and got another 10 point bonus code on the receipt: 10052421637744 I'm pretty sure you have to enter it through the LeBron James icon Go Back to School with Lebron James on the MCR page & you must enter a Sprite product code. My last post with the 10 point bonus code for purchasing a 20 oz. Sprite was 80481 if interested. These are both universal codes,one per member.,  Denise C, TX

1385 Swagbucks Surprise (9/9/2014 11:17:09 AM):  Checking my yahoo email today I found a message from swagbucks: "Here's 36 bonus SB as our way of saying THANKS for enjoying Encrave. You are awesome!" though it might be a hoax since after I clicked their link I got an error message...but within a few seconds the 36SB appeared in my account, nice surprise!,  Laurie D, DE

1391 CVS (9/9/2014 11:52:41 AM):  If you receive CVS emails, be sure to check your inbox for a possible email titled “$3 ExtraBucks Rewards!” from for a FREE $3 ExtraBucks Reward whenever you sign into myWeekly Ad. To receive your $3 ExtraBucks Rewards coupon, just click on the link in your email, sign into your account, and view your myWeekly Ad by 9/13/14. Your ExtraBucks Rewards will appear in myWeekly Ad under the ExtraCare Deals tab.,  Jeanne W, PA

1392 Target (9/9/2014 11:56:54 AM):  Buy 1 Garnier Fructis Hair Spray $3.49, regular price Buy 3 Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner, 13 oz $2.99, regular price Buy 3, Receive Free Garnier Fructis Styling Product through 9/13 Use four $2.00/1 – Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment or Styling Product from RP 9/7 And use one $1.00/1 Garnier Fructis Hair Care Product, Text SAVINGS1 to 827438 Final Price: Free, when you buy all 4,  Jeanne W, PA

1393 Rite Aid 9/14 (9/9/2014 12:03:47 PM):  Listerine Healthy White Mouth Rinse, 500 ml $3.99, 9/14-9/20 Buy 1, Receive $3.00 Up Reward 9/14-9/20, Limit 2 Use $2.00/1 – Listerine Healthy White Rinse, 16 oz or larger ( ) And use $2.00/1 – Listerine Healthy White Mouthwash, Rite Aid Coupon ( Pay Nothing, Receive $3.00 Up Reward Final Price: $3.00 Moneymaker,  Jeanne W, PA

1394 Rite Aid 9/14 (9/9/2014 12:07:25 PM):  Bayer Aspirin 81 mg, 32-36 ct $2.99, sale price 9/14-9/20 Buy 1, Receive $1.00 Up Reward 9/14-9/20, Limit 1 Use $1.00/1 – Bayer Aspirin Product ( ) Pay $1.99, Receive $1.00 Up Reward Final Price: $0.99,  Jeanne W, PA

1398 I really need a deal on sheets. (9/9/2014 12:55:47 PM):  I need a deal on sheets queen size deep pockets. lmk thanks. ,  Sheri C, FL

1399 contest (9/9/2014 1:46:52 PM):  I just got an e-mail that I won a sewing machine, on the Brother Always Good Times 60th Anniversary Watch & Win Sweepstakes. I can't remember the contest. Does anyone else know about this contest? tia,  Carol S, PA

1401 Lean Cuisine Codes (9/9/2014 2:00:33 PM):  LY60-X7NW-CJHWH and LG9R-PXKW-F3HYJ Thanks for posting when you have used these.,  Kathy M, MI

1408 Prescription c/o at KMART (9/9/2014 2:44:23 PM):  Shop Your Way Pharmacy members get two $30 Gift Card for transferred prescriptions at KMART. A, TX

1409 Lisa S, OH (9/9/2014 2:46:44 PM):  Thank you for the Costco post, I'm in.,  Trisha A, TX

1410 Bar-S Products Rebate (9/9/2014 3:56:49 PM): I wanted to expand on this offer that I mentioned a short while ago. You can purchase all five of the products, and get your money back from each one to a max of $4.50 on each product, or a total of $22.50 for all five.,  Shirley S, OR

1412 Frances (9/9/2014 4:10:43 PM):  Whatever happened to Frances in Ky (I think)? She always congratulated every one on wins. I don't remember seeing any posts from her lately.,  Sherry S, IN

1414 Nature's Bounty (9/9/2014 4:25:28 PM):  I am going to buy Nature's Bounty vit. tomorrow at Kroger. Sometimes they have a deal where you get $5 off when you buy $25 or $30 worth. Does anyone know if this is going on now, or how to find out? Thanks,  Barbara H, IN

1419 Simply 7 chips (9/9/2014 4:54:15 PM): Go here to print a $4/1 Bag of Simply 7 Chips (3.5, 4 or 5-oz, any flavor) coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

1422 Walgreens (9/9/2014 5:04:28 PM):  Riesen (Chocolate Caramel Candy) 5.5 oz is on sale 2/$3. Use two $1 c/o from SS 7/27 and $1/2 from the Sept book and get both FREE.,  Janice H, TX

1424 Ensure (9/9/2014 5:11:41 PM): print an Ensure Active $3.00/1 coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

1428 Wheel of Fortune (9/9/2014 5:35:40 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Tuesday: WEIGHING MY OPTIONS If your Spin Id is LS1986497, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

1429 Michaels 15% off coupon (9/9/2014 5:37:23 PM): %15 off entire purchase including sale items. Good thru 9/11.,  Tricia B, MD

1430 Free music download - Demi lovato (9/9/2014 5:55:02 PM):  The album "Demi" by Demi Lovato is free on google play (all 14 tracks): B, MD

1432 Star Magazine $14.99 (9/9/2014 6:28:01 PM):  Today has Star Magazine 52 issues for $14.99. This is for new subscribers only, not current.,  Helen N, ID

1433 Costco and MCR (9/9/2014 6:42:12 PM):  New to Costco; just bought a 36 ct. Diet Coke cans and wondered if there is a way to enter the code on MCR and where is it? Thanks.,  Linda G, MI

1435 Marcy B Lean C (9/9/2014 7:29:11 PM):  Marcy, email at,  M. S, WI

1436 Fr ee song downloads (9/9/2014 7:30:44 PM):  Free code for 2 song downloads from The Voice- visit and enter DM426666GP. Please let me know when used so I can recycle paper,  Ruth F, MD

1437 KMART Doubles (9/9/2014 7:38:28 PM):  Kmart will double coupons 9/28 to 10/4. Hope they have some good sales too.,  Susan B, SC

1439 Shoprite (9/9/2014 8:25:59 PM):  Shoprite has 10ct round stic and crystal pens for .99 Use the printable from the facebook instant win game for free pens if your store doubles Play the game (2 clicks) and then you can print 2,  Laurie D, DE

1443 ATTN: Computer Experts (9/9/2014 9:48:50 PM):  We are going to our house in MA for 2 or 3 weeks. I almost always have internet access, but I don't want to have to pay for cable TV for a month. Is there anyway I can watch TV on the computer? Thanks for any help,  Barbara L, FL

1449 McDonalds Free coffee 9/16-9/29 (9/10/2014 6:26:20 AM):  Free small McCafé coffee during breakfast hours at McDonalds Sept 16 - Sept 29 F, CT

1450 Free year of credit monitoring (9/10/2014 6:50:15 AM):  Free one year of credit monitoring if you shopped at Home Depot on or after April 1, 2014: You should receive a confirmation email within 72 hours.,  Tricia B, MD

1451 stouffers code (9/10/2014 6:57:40 AM):  RAOK stouffers code PXGRFKRNNWPN please post when used thanks,  Jack L, TX

1456 $10 shipped- sandals (9/10/2014 7:38:45 AM):  $9.99 - Mootsie Tootsie sandals in 7 colors. Free shipping. or $12.99 Mootsie Tootsie wedges in 5 colors: B, MD

1462 Kroger (9/10/2014 8:15:46 AM):  Part of the buy 5 get $5 off deal are Magnum ice cream bars. After $1.00 discount they are $2.49 & I had a blinkie coupon for $1.00/1 making them $1.49. Capri sun pouches are $1.49 after $1.00 discount & I had a e-coupon for $1.00/1 making them 49c. Chex mix $1.49 & a e-coupon for 50/2 and savingstar has 50c back wyb 2. Large bottle of Dawn $1.99 minus e-coupon for 50/1. Cascadian farm granola bars $1.99 minus 75/1 e-coupon & 75/1 savingstar.,  Cathy G, OH

1464 MyPoints Leaf (9/10/2014 8:36:44 AM): is today's page,  Lacinda T, IA

1467 Birthday Greetings (9/10/2014 9:20:10 AM):  Just received 2 birthday messages, one from Coke Rewards and one from NatureMade. The natureMade one said they had added 25 pts. to my account--yay! The Coke one told me to spend my points to reward myself. How cheap can a huge company get?,  Pat B, DE

1469 $4 shipped- 3 pack Apple Jacks (9/10/2014 9:23:49 AM):  Package of 3 Apple Jacks Cereal, 12.2-Ounce Boxes. $5.77 minus 20% off coupon, then use subscribe & save to add'l 5% and get free shipping. Total will be $4.33. B, MD

1470 Necklace (9/10/2014 9:26:49 AM):  Do any of you remember those turquoise necklaces that some of us ordered that you could also use as a key ring? It was several months ago and they were .87 each. Well I ordered 4 and when I got them they were horrible even for that price. Crooked, the stones didn't match etc... Well I took a bunch of jewelry into a store that buys all sorts of things and they paid me $6 for them!! I was shocked!! She will take all the stones out and make charm bracelets. Now I have to put a box together to ship to Jane, it's coming soon!!,  Carla B, OH

1471 Staples Rewards question (9/10/2014 9:40:31 AM):  Does anyone know when they issue September's rewards? Thanks!,  Janis B, OH

1474 Free Shipping Kohls (9/10/2014 9:55:52 AM):  Starts today and ends 9/17 when using your Kohl's card with no minimum purchase - SEPTMVC. Looking for 30% off. Happy Shopping!,  Susan J, OH

1476 Kohls free shipping (9/10/2014 10:45:55 AM):  Does anyone know a code for Kohls free shipping? The one Michele has is expired.thanks,  Aida B, TX

1477 Apple computers (9/10/2014 11:16:33 AM):  I have a dell desktop & a laptop that was a hand me down. They are both really slow and on their way out. I would love to purchase a Apple laptop. I priced them and they are very expensive. Does anyone know of any deals out there for Apple computers. The one I would like is around $3500. This is really out of our range. TIA,  Renay E, NJ

1478 $85 shipped= $100 Staples gift card (9/10/2014 11:20:31 AM):  $100 Staples gift card for $85 with free shipping: B, MD

1480 Disney Movie rewards (9/10/2014 11:22:35 AM):  DMR2MIL--75 points!!,  Becky R, IN

1482 75% off & free ship- Soft Walk boots (9/10/2014 11:27:35 AM):  Cute short shearling type boots, SoftWalk, $39.75, reg. $159!: or mid calf SoftWalk shearling type boot, $39.75, reg. $159:,  Tricia B, MD

1483 Garmin GPS (9/10/2014 11:35:22 AM):  There was a deal posted for a Garmin GPS with free lifetime updates back in April. I thought it was on Amazon, but I see I only bought a case for it there. Looking to get a second one and wondering if it's still out there. Anyone remember where it was?,  Sam H, OR

1495 Re; Computer security (9/10/2014 2:04:41 PM):  Hello, A while back, I noticed someone said that the Free Security site, AVG, ruined their computer. Is there another Free Security site? Thank You in advance, Karen,  Karen L. S, OR

1496 ? Toilet Seat Quality (9/10/2014 2:16:56 PM):  We purchased (2) wooden round toilet seats about a month ago and installed both in separate bathroom its just the 2 of us so not a lot of use and been a long time since we replaced toilet seats they used to last forever .... anyway no problems installing them but after a couple weeks I sat down the seat wobbled and I almost fell into the floor (scary !) I checked bolt it was secure but found It looked like the hinge was defective screws that held the seat portion in place on one side were half way out I tried to tighten then no luck and small shaft running thru hinge that connects the lid,seat and toilet together was loose there is nothing holding these 3 pieces together they just slide together no bolts or anything to me this is a possible hazard I kept sliding them back together then one day I about fell off again ! Scary !!!!! My question how can I tell if I am getting a good seat that wont fall apart I paid $20 for this one al walmart and wont buy another I was going to give feed back online but can not find the one I have ,  Debra A, NC

1500 Credit Freeze (9/10/2014 2:44:52 PM):  This is from the FTC, a credit freeze. With the Home Depot leak and possibly more to come this Sounds good to me! Read up on it. .,  Trisha A, TX

1501 Boys tennis shoes? (9/10/2014 2:56:03 PM):  Anyplace you recommend to get boys' tennis shoes? I have found most of my kids' shoes used until now. However, my oldest is almost 11, and a size 6 1/2, and it's hard to find used shoes that have any life left (and even second hand, sometimes the used ones have ridiculous prices!). I've been very lucky that my kids have not asked for a lot in terms of name brand clothes/shoes. I think it would be nice to get him a good quality pair (no specific name brand) that will last, but not cost a fortune. I found a pair of Fila at Kohl's for $32, but when I read the reviews, people said they barely lasted a few weeks! I get more use out of his used ones! Thanks for any help!,  Lisa S, OH

1503 Grand Rapids phone number (9/10/2014 3:13:26 PM):  Does anyone have a phone number, preferably toll free, for the clearing house in Grand Rapids? Still waiting on the Aveeno rebate and that is too much to let slide. $18.79. I think that is the worst of all the clearing houses about paying.TIA,  Sherry S, IN

1504 Welch's Jam and Jelly (9/10/2014 3:30:55 PM):  Does anyone know which insert the Welch's $1/2 jam and jelly coupon expiring 10-31-2014 appeared in the paper?,  Nancy W, TX

1508 Free U2 album download (9/10/2014 4:24:04 PM):  Free U2 album download, "Songs of Innocence". You must have an iTunes account or sign up for one. B, MD

1510 Swagbucks (9/10/2014 5:09:57 PM):  Walmart $5 GC is on sale for 440 bucks. fyi sue,  Susan D, IN

1513 Look for this (9/10/2014 6:13:17 PM):  If you’re a Box Tops for Education member and receive their emails, you can possibly get a FREE sample of the new Nature Valley Blueberry Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares. Note that it appears you have to click through the link in your email to get this sample so check your Inbox for an email with the Subject Line “3 Chances to Earn Bonus Box Tops + $1-Off Coupons” from the email address,  Jeanne W, PA

1514 Look for this (9/10/2014 6:17:39 PM):  If you’re an Ebay user, check your email. Ebay is sending out apology emails for the issues their website experienced last Wednesday (9/3). Attached to that email is a code for $15 off your next purchase.,  Jeanne W, PA

1515 Dial body wash (9/10/2014 6:22:00 PM): Print a Dial body wash coupon when you answer some questions. There is a chance of winning a Tshirt also.,  Jeanne W, PA

1516 Look at the savings Ooma says I will save (9/10/2014 6:34:32 PM):  Calculate your savings Save hundreds of dollars a year with Ooma. Enter Typical Monthly Bill Submit Sample savings per year Cost of taxes, fees and hardware are not included in the calculation. 1 Yr $24759559490.25 2 Yr $49519119110.49 3 Yr $74278678730.73 Ooma pays for itself in less than 1 months,  Janice L, WA

1519 Swagbucks Clash of the Careers (9/10/2014 7:00:43 PM):  Has anyone received their bonus from this yet? I was on the winning team and haven't seen the 25 bucks yet. Thanks,  Roberta P, NC

1525 Wheel of Fortune (9/10/2014 9:49:38 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Wednesday: HIT THE SACK If your Spin Id is TP1540388, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

1530 Apple iCloud phishing scam (9/10/2014 11:13:09 PM):  Friend of a friend got seriously scammed when opening a very convincing email from "Apple" suggesting changing password in light of iCloud hacking. Led to a verrry convincing-looking site. Be vigilant! ,  Susan R, CA

1531 Re: Cindy S, TX/Stouffers (9/10/2014 11:59:57 PM):  The numbers inside the Stouffers boxes are printed in digital print & are in red. At first glance can be easily missed, when looking for something real visible or printed in black. (Sorry to just now be putting this on here, but I'm not on here every day. Just saw your post.),  Ellen T. H, NV

1532 Re: Heather G., PA / Veet (9/11/2014 12:27:42 AM):  I had to enlarge the photo quite a bit to read the "qualifying" Veet products photos. They're : Veet Spray On, Veet Gel Cream (in a tube), Veet Gel Cream (in a squirt bottle) & Veet Wax Strip Kit. The Exp. Date is 12/31/14 for the rebate. I, too, didn't see a product price limit, so I don't think there is a price limit. But if you're still curious about it, call their company.,  Ellen T. H, NV

1538 M&M game/ credits (9/11/2014 7:40:05 AM):  I just got the last of my credits posted to my cable account! I wish they didn't change the reward choices mid-stream and make us wait for the cable bill credits, but all and all it was a fun summer game!! ,  Anita M, CA

1542 My Points Lucky Leaf (9/11/2014 8:13:53 AM):  The My Points Lucky Leaf is under Talbot's today. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

1543 MyPoints Leaf (9/11/2014 8:15:45 AM):  Talbots is today's page for leaf.,  Lacinda T, IA

1547 Coke Rewards (9/11/2014 9:26:05 AM):  4PWTM4WJBRFXJT ,  Carole H, KY

1550 refundcents email (9/11/2014 9:55:43 AM):  I haven't gotten the daily update the past 2 days or so - anyone else having issues or is it just me? ;D,  Nancy A. H, GA

1552 RAOK - GoGo My Walkin' Pup Coupons (9/11/2014 10:01:41 AM):  Through BzzAgent, I received 3 coupons for $10 off the purchase of Get Up & GoGo My Walking Pup. They're only good through 10/10/14. I really don't have anyone to give them to so I'll send one each to the first 3 people to email me their address info. Send to: Suesavings at Comcast dot net. Enjoy!,  Susan M, MA

1554 Outback steakhouse coupon (9/11/2014 10:22:08 AM):  10% off your entire check now thru 9/14 at Outback: B, MD

1556 Target--Reddot (9/11/2014 10:39:58 AM):  Yesterday when I went to Target I didn't see any sign, but the stuff looked to be wiped out so I thought it was clearanced. However, every red dot item I scanned scanned at the regular price. ,  Donna E, FL

1560 Kellogg books (9/11/2014 10:50:40 AM):  When I entered a couple of codes today it said I could order a book. I didn't realize any of the codes I entered had the book codes. Do you have to pay postage on the book?,  Barbara H, IN

1561 Lean Cuisine Code (9/11/2014 10:55:21 AM):  LFJC-X0CY-RJYC0 Thank you for posting when you have used this.,  Kathy M, MI

1562 Kellogg's Code (9/11/2014 10:58:41 AM):  YNGM-55PK-3KK5-YW4H Thank you for posting when you have used this code.,  Kathy M, MI

1564 Staples Ink Recyling (9/11/2014 11:46:30 AM):  When I buy $30 worth of ink can I recycle 20 cartridges that same day? Like within minutes of my purchase?,  Pat S, AZ

1565 Baby Formula (9/11/2014 11:55:01 AM):  I need to get baby formula at a good price. Any suggestions? I get WIC but the doctor had ordered for the baby to have more then WIC supplies and I ask for more and they said they are just a supplement not for all our formula needs.,  Melisa T, IN

1567 Lays (9/11/2014 12:06:44 PM): Through December 31stgoto the Lay’s Stax Facebook page, “like” them and then click on the Lay’s Stax Game Day Click-Off tab to enter in the Lay’s Stax Game Day Sweepstakes for a chance to win tickets to the Super Bowl XLIX (which will be held between January 30th and February 2nd, 2015), FREE Lay’s Stax coupons, and more.,  Jeanne W, PA

1574 Instant wins (9/11/2014 1:01:24 PM):  Yes I use this. If not for it I forget to play my favorites on some days. I won a $1.00 on the Kroger game the first day but nothing since then.,  Cathy G, OH

1576 Hallmark Card Rewards (9/11/2014 2:12:45 PM):  Has anyone else had trouble with the Hallmark Card Rewards program? I redeemed some points for 3 of the Land's End $5 gift cards. The email I got with the card numbers said they expire 8-1-2015 but when I try to redeem them at, it says they are expired. I contacted Hallmark, they said the problem was with Land's End and when I contact Land's End, they say, no the problem is on Hallmark's end. I just wasted 30 minutes on the phone and got no resolution. The lady at Hallmark did add 500 points to my Crown Rewards account for my trouble, so at least that's something. ,  Mary P, KS

1579 Wags Dentek (9/11/2014 2:33:03 PM):  Has anyone tried the Dentek deal Michelle has on her updates? DenTek Floss Picks 75 or 90 ct $2 -- buy 2 - $2 RR - .50 (S 8/10) use 2 FP 2/$1 or .50 a bag I did, but didn't get the RR and can't find any specifics about itt anywhere to make a case.,  Sam H, OR

1580 coke code (9/11/2014 2:35:40 PM):  HHRNMT9KHR067K gope someone can use please post when used thanks rebecca,  Rebecca H, NC

1582 all you subscription offers? (9/11/2014 2:41:36 PM):  Hi there. I missed out on that blockbuster $5 All You magazine subscription offer from a while back. I know, too bad for me, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any good deals now or ones that come before the holidays? I'm NOT looking subscribe through third-party magazine vendors. I originally got a print subscription through recyclebank, but now they only have it in digital. Thank you for any/all input.,  Arlene A, FL

1587 $95 shipped - garmin gps (9/11/2014 3:05:08 PM):  BeachCamera via ebay has a Garmin nuvi GPS with lifetime maps and traffic updates $95 with free shipping: B, MD

1589 Flea meds best price (9/11/2014 3:27:23 PM):  Looking for a discounted site to buy Comfortis (flea meds) for my cats where I DON'T need a prescription. I know to check ebay; there are not too many listings, but I'll keep checking.,  Tricia B, MD

1592 contests (9/11/2014 4:13:43 PM):  Yes, I enter the contests that you have listed. Thanks so much for taking the time to post them.,  Susan D, PA

1596 Contests (9/11/2014 5:23:10 PM):  I entered some contests earlier this year, was pretty diligent about entering every day, but it just took too much of my precious time, so I quit. ,  Sandra F, WI

1598 Plink Rewards (9/11/2014 5:33:02 PM):  Just went to submit and there is a notice they have closed:(,  Catherine M, MA

1599 Instant Wins (9/11/2014 5:33:10 PM):  I've entered 2 of them daily with no wins. They are the only ones that were new-to-me that were of personal interest to me. If I may make a suggestion: it would be helpful if when adding new ones, the new ones be high-lighted in some way. Otherwise, I'm not likely to scan the whole list daily. Perhaps each entry could show the date of that entry on the whole list. Thanks for doing the list. It's work I'm amazed you have time for!,  Marion I, CA

1600 P&G offers (9/11/2014 5:53:49 PM):  I understood that the P&G rebates were totals after all coupons. Am I wrong?,  Karen M, IL

1604 instant wins (9/11/2014 6:00:18 PM):  I love the new instant win listings! One request though: is there any way you could list them in the order you add them? I try and check them every couple of days, but have no way of knowing which ones are new. Thanks for taking the time to post them!,  Julie P, IN

1605 Plink (9/11/2014 6:05:55 PM):  Just got the has shut down. Oh was good while it lasted.,  Randi L, NY

1606 Plink (9/11/2014 6:06:34 PM):  is closing the site down today. Just got the e-mail.,  Melody R, WA

1607 Instant Wins (9/11/2014 6:08:07 PM):  I had big intentions of doing every contest every day not realizing how time consuming that was even with them all listed together so that went by the by quickly. I do ,however. enter a few when I have the time. Thanks Michele for this service. I find it very helpful and appreciate all your hard work.,  Sharon S, NY

1608 Wheel of Fortune (9/11/2014 6:34:27 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Thursday: VALIANT EFFORT If your Spin Id is JB2432620, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

1610 Cabela's (9/11/2014 6:46:22 PM):  For some of you gun and hunting enthusiast! Sign up for the NRA this weekend at Cabela's (in-store only), and get a $25 Cabela's card in exchange. Good for renewals and new members. Trisha A, TX

1612 Kindle Fire (9/11/2014 7:24:11 PM):  What's the best deal now on a Kindle Fire? My husband lost his, and I'd like to get him a new one. Amazon Marketplace has a used one in VG condition for $91. I remember getting his last Kindle Fire for only $79 using Amazon money. ,  Sandra F, WI

1615 Target--cards (9/11/2014 7:41:41 PM):  I thought Target had $1 cards, but when I got there yesterday all I could find was 99cent cards, so I didn't think I could use my coupon. I tried it anyway. I was in a hurry so just got the 2 cards. Maybe I just got a good checker. She came over and opened up and took me because the lines were long. Maybe she was a supervisor. She took off the $1.98 and I didn't even pay tax. I walked out with 2 free cards. Maybe she had seen this coupon before. If she was a supervisor she would be called over when the coupon didn't work that is how she handled it.,  Donna E, FL

1616 tresemme (9/11/2014 8:00:06 PM):  Hi I just started back couponing and I am overwhelmed with all the apps & facebook pages.I finally ordered some Tresemme coupons.Does anyone know the best place to buy? I think next week riteaid will have two free with coupons.Does anyone know who has the best daily price on this shampoo?TIA,  Rebecca B, GA

1617 $26 shipped - microfiber sheet set (9/11/2014 8:19:59 PM):  Microfiber sheet set in 12 colors, $34.99. Use code FLASH25 for 25% off, making it $26.24 after code with fREE shipping. B, MD

1620 Crowdtap (9/11/2014 9:09:34 PM):  Does anyone do Crowdtap? I must have registered with them since I keep receiving e-mails but can't recall. Is it a legitimate site? Worth it? Thanks so much. :),  Lisa P, CT

1622 Coke (9/11/2014 10:06:55 PM):  Is the Coke rewards still working with Walmart for double points?Have the information just forgot how it works,  Ava J, FL

1626 Instant wins (9/12/2014 4:00:21 AM):  Yes I remember to play them because I see them there. One suggestion is to indicate which are through Facebook. I don't use it so I won't enter them. Thank you.,  Regina R, NY

1628 disposable cameras (9/12/2014 4:55:18 AM):  I have about 20 disposable cameras that I need to have developed. I dont care if I get them put on disks and I print the photos or if I get a cd and photos. Where is the least expensive place to do this? thanks for any help. ,  Angela M, NE

1629 Friday freebies (9/12/2014 5:43:42 AM):  Kroger has Muller corner yogurt 5.3oz & Savingstar has Kraft or Velveeta cup mac & cheese.,  Cathy G, OH

1634 Michaels 50% off one item (9/12/2014 7:36:12 AM):  50% off one regular priced item. Good today and tomorrow.,  Tricia B, MD

1636 Instant Win (9/12/2014 7:51:49 AM):  Thanks so much for posting these. I won 2 free movie tickets in the SunMaid BoxTrolls instant win. Even though it says you can win 2 free tickets to the Boxtrolls movie, when I printed out the certificate the tickets can be used to see ANY movie! It is a 26.00 value. I only tried once on Wednesday evening! Good luck to everyone!,  Kathleen S, OH

1637 Southwest airlines sale (9/12/2014 7:53:05 AM):  Flights from $69 each way. Book by September 18 for travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, September 16, 2014 through March 4, 2015 B, MD

1642 My Points Lucky Leaf (9/12/2014 8:29:41 AM):  The My Points Lucky Leaf is under Charlotte Russe today. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

1643 $10 Dominos for $5 (9/12/2014 8:32:34 AM):  Groupon has $10 Dominos e-gift cards for $5. B, MD

1644 $3 Off Once DVD (9/12/2014 8:36:47 AM):  If you order the DVD, Once, at you can used code, ONCEAMZN, to save $3. Expires 01/17/15. ,  Barbara S, NV

1651 Posting on chat (9/12/2014 9:37:20 AM):  Am I the only one? I feel like I have posted a lot of GDA's over the years and yet very few people respond. Yes, most of mine are online and not in the stores however I am online more than out shopping. Sometimes my posts don't always sound clear but I am disabled an try my best to share. Am I alone? ,  Trisha A, TX

1652 Swagbucks (9/12/2014 10:09:14 AM):  When I use this at work, my search is 'powered by Yahoo'. Every time I win points that I have to put in the capcha code, it brings me to another screen with the search options and won't go back to the screen to enter the code. I can go back but it only stays for a second and goes right back to the searched items. Anyone else have this problem? I have told Swagbucks twice about this now.,  Carla B, OH

1658 M&M (9/12/2014 10:55:42 AM):  4 more $6 credits were applied yesterday!! I have to check to see how many more I have to go. So far I have had 30 credited from July 1st until yesterday. I think I only have 3 more, but will have to count up all of the conf #'s,  Carla B, OH

1671 Dollar General Clearance (9/12/2014 12:47:04 PM):  Clearance is an additional 50% off today through Sunday at Dollar General. Be sure and look through the whole store, lots of stuff at good prices. Household, toys, shoes, socks, all sorts of stuff. It may vary by store but it is certainly worth looking through.,  Sharon W, MI

1675 Instant Wins (9/12/2014 1:26:50 PM):  Michele, Thank you for highlighting the FB contests. It makes it much easier for me now since I don't do FB. Thanks for all you do!,  Denise W, NC

1677 Dentek at Wags (9/12/2014 1:30:24 PM):  The deal on Dentek at Wags doesn't start until Sunday and according to next week's flyer, there is $2 RR when you purchase 2 packages. ,  Bonita H, NY

1680 Sears Shop Your Way Rewards-CHARLES B. (9/12/2014 1:43:11 PM):  Charles, I have a Shop Your Way Rewards card from KMart, but when I went to the Sears Shop Your Way Rewards, and I entered my phone number(s), it didn't recognize the number(s). Do I have to have a separate Sears Shop Your Way Rewards card? Also, I don't understand where you said to enter coupons to my Shop My Way Rewards account to get an additional $10 on the Kindle. ,  Sandra F, WI

1681 Kmart (9/12/2014 1:59:41 PM):  Okay I just went to Kmart I had to buy some supplies for work my total was $21 I gave them a dollar off coupon and they scanned the $20 in points for $20 spent from Facebook and it worked like a charm. I then did a purchase for myself and got some supplies for my house and a new towel and a couple other things and my total was over $10 so I had them scan the second one for $10 and with the points I already had on my account and the 20 from the previous purchase I didn't pay a cent!! Very happy camper here I still have $17 to spend now. I was very surprised that it hit right then and there that it didn't have to take the next day to hit the account. So if you are going to use yours just don't pick up any clearance or Levi's or the right price I believe it's called. I got toilet paper paper towels and cleaning supplies easy!! ,  Carla B, OH

1685 Shutterfly (9/12/2014 2:17:52 PM):  What is the shipping on 10 cards at Shutterfly?,  Donna E, FL

1686 Trisha (9/12/2014 2:21:54 PM):  Please don't stop posting. You have saved me more time and money than i can even begin to list. I shop online constantly and even if I can't use all of your deals, I certainly take advantage of my share of them. Thanks again,  Barbara L, FL

1688 Publix frozen BOGO's (9/12/2014 3:01:41 PM):  Everyone else went away so I'm home almost alone, almost because Skittles is here, so I ran through Publix to grab some "football watching" food. I found two notable BOGO's at Publix. The first was Jose Ole Mextremes 18 count taquitos for $5.99 each. There were $1 off manufacturer's coupons in a blinkie machine on the door, to bring it down to $3.99 for two. I also found Chili's frozen entrees BOGO for $3.69. I had two $1 printable manufacturer's coupons and some of them have $1/2 manufacturer's coupons on the inside. It is indicated on the outside of the box. I found the $1/2 coupons in the Chicken Fajita Rice Bowls. Go Texas Tech, Eagles, Penn State, and whoever is playing Dallas!,  William M. M, FL

1691 ROAK (9/12/2014 4:14:37 PM):  PowerAde Cap Coke Reward - my points expired so I'm giving up on that program: RNL9XHX6V4NX0J,  Mary G. G, NY

1693 Cascade Action Pac Rebate (9/12/2014 4:21:35 PM):  You guys are right about P&G requiring a total minimum purchase AFTER any coupons are used. And they are also prohibiting the use of coupons for some P&G rebate offers! The Cascade Action Pac to $5 rebate is valid on ANY variety of Action Pac, not just Platinum. But fine print on form says offer cannot be combined with any other offer, INCLUDING coupons!So watch for other P&G mail-in offers to include that restriction in their fine print.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

1694 Garage door opener/Sears (9/12/2014 4:49:09 PM):  If you are in the market for a garage door opener; Craftsman 3/4 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener with Keyless Entry for $122.97 shipped. The CLOSEOUT The Craftsman Keyless Garage Door Opener Lifts Fast and Locks Tight . Item # 00953990000P Model # 53990,  Trisha A, TX

1697 Sams Club (9/12/2014 5:05:16 PM):  Make sure if you go to Sams club this weekend make sure they dont charge you the 10% up charge. They did us but we noticed before we walked out the door and had it corrected. I wonder how many people walked out that door with a one day pass and didnt know they were charge a upcharge and didnt notice it soon enough to get it corrected.,  Becky M, MO

1698 Blue Ray- Tiger direct (9/12/2014 5:12:11 PM):  Philips Blu-ray Disc Player - DIVX+ HD, Dolby TrueHD, EasyLink, BD-Live, WiFi, DVD Video Upscaling at Tiger Direct list price of $99.99 at 60% off = $39.99 and $20.00 Rebate Today only free shipping! Another Christmas item checked of the list. ;),  Trisha A, TX

1700 Plink (9/12/2014 5:33:30 PM):  Received an email today that Plink is closing it doors as of today.,  Ginnie K, CA

1705 Instant WIns (9/12/2014 6:08:03 PM):  Thanks, Michele, for the updates. I was afraid I sounded picky about my requests for highlighting new additions and Facebook, but they make the world of difference and I really appreciate it.,  Marion I, CA

1706 publix bogo deals (9/12/2014 6:09:16 PM):  Also price matching publix bogo deals at walmart in Florida. There are also totinos pizza rolls bogo at 3.48 price at walmart and a 50/2 get it for $2.98 for 2 of them. hth.,  Sheri C, FL

1714 Kellogg's Code (9/12/2014 7:34:19 PM):  Was there a free Kellogg's code for today? Thanks,  Geri S, IL

1719 Target (9/12/2014 8:51:40 PM):  Starting September 14th, Target will have an in-ad coupon valid for $10 off an Up & Up purchase of $40 or more OR you can also text the word SAVE to 827438 to get this coupon on your smartphone. This coupon does exclude Pseudoephedrine Items behind Pharmacy Counter.,  Jeanne W, PA

1720 Progresso (9/12/2014 9:00:11 PM): Print a Progresso artisan soup $.75/1 coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

1721 Target (9/12/2014 9:21:51 PM):  I went to Target to pick up another 30 tablet Mucinex allergy box that I was getting for $1.61. Today they were out of the 30 ct so I picked up a 40 ct and took it to the register. After I gave the Cartwheel, my $7.00 coupon, their $2.00 IP coupon and then next a catalina printed. Cashier never gave it to me just scanned it and handed me the bag. After checking CRT it was a $5.00 coupon from the catalina machine and that made my 40 ct box free. ,  Jeanne W, PA

1722 Wheel of Fortune (9/12/2014 9:37:17 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Friday: DOG BOWL If your Spin Id is SC8357182, you have won $5,000. We are leaving to go to our MA house on Monday so I don't know if I will be able to post anything next week while we are traveling, or if I will have internet when we get there. ,  Barbara L, FL

1730 Savingstar & Ebates (9/13/2014 7:31:41 AM):  I see that now Savingstar has something simliar to ebates where you can get cash back on internet orders. Has anyone been successful in getting cash back from both on a single order? If so, how. ,  Kim C, FL

1735 RAOK - $5 Vudu credit (9/13/2014 8:30:09 AM):  Free $5 VUDU code for someone who can use it: VMSCW7JHKHWUB68T. Limit 4 per account and it is good thru 10/15/14. It may only be good towards the Marvel movies pictured on the paper, like Spiderman, Spiderman 2, and two Captain America movies.,  Tricia B, MD

1736 Just My Size Bras $10 (9/13/2014 8:33:06 AM):  I had an email from them this morning. Select styles or now $10. Some normally around $17. So I went to memolink to place my order and found some I like. Not a bad price, not sure how long the sale will last. Right now looks like most styles are in stock.,  Vera W, SC

1737 Dollar Tree Welch's Jelly (9/13/2014 8:38:24 AM):  Never know what you might find here. Try to go at least once or twice a month. Today they have the 32 oz Jars of Welch's Grape Jelly $1. Now we all know most everyone likes PBJ Sandwiches. They had some on the shelf, plus a few boxes in the floor. Know won't last long. Mine had plenty of bread today also and good dates on then. Found Sunbeam, Captain John D., Nature's Own Double Fiber Wheat and also the Honey Wheat. ,  Vera W, SC

1739 Where are the Instant Wins? (9/13/2014 8:47:12 AM):  In "Michele's Updates" in the Lays' instant win, it said "this link has been added to the instant win list below." I found nothing below. Below what? I went up and down the left and right columns at least 3 times. In Chat, I found an instant win listing down the left side. Nothing in there since 2013. I put Instant Wins in the search box and it took me to Google with every sweepstakes site in the USA. Went up and down the left and right sides at least 3 times. I know I've seen a listing in the past. I've spent 20 minutes searching and now I have a headache. ,  Shielia S. B, FL

1741 Kohls (9/13/2014 9:03:41 AM):  Does anyone have a 30% off code? The one listed SEPTMVC only gives me 15% off.,  Diane B, MA

1742 Walmart Savings Catcher (9/13/2014 9:08:00 AM):  I just entered my first receipts this week, and so far got $1.57 credit. So not bad. I had did the reg price match on several items two times this week, so this doesn't include the money I saved there. But would rather do the old fashioned price match way, if I have the ad. Then just put my receipts in for savingscatcher to check for a sale I might have missed. So far been on 3 items, so would have missed out on those without there help. Looks like a promising program. Read the rules careful, for restrictions and limit for the year. So might want to do the reg price match on some of your items, like I will do.,  Vera W, SC

1743 Bar S Rebate (9/13/2014 9:12:24 AM):  Do the BarS rebate items need to all be on one crt or can we do multiple crt's?,  Pat S, AZ

1744 Staples (9/13/2014 9:13:30 AM):  Are there any Staples coupons out for $l0 off a $50 purchase? I need to buy ink so that I can recycle some cartridges.,  Pat S, AZ

1750 Libby's vegetable printable (9/13/2014 9:49:30 AM):  Can someone please tell me where the Libby's vegetable printable coupon is? I have looked at and cannot find it. Any ideas? Thank you!,  Lisa H, IL

1752 $17 Fisher price imaginext dragon (9/13/2014 10:03:15 AM):  Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Dragon, $17.17 (reg. $34.99). Free shipping on $35. B, MD

1753 kelloggs code (9/13/2014 10:06:46 AM):  H91C O9O1 NQLL KT9-the last is either a P or F,  Dayle R, KY

1755 Melody - WOF (9/13/2014 10:18:39 AM):  Thanks! If I am near a TV and a computer, I will post them, but I just can't promise. Better if they get posted twice than not at all.,  Barbara L, FL

1756 RAOK Shutterfly book (9/13/2014 10:39:40 AM):  I have a free Shutterfly Book code that I won't be using before it expires on September 27th. Rather than let it go to waste - here is the code for anyone who might be able to use it: GTFT-EZTF-1A1M-K8752Y Enjoy!!,  Judith G, NJ

1760 Coupons don't print (9/13/2014 12:09:25 PM):  I'm at a computer at the Jefferson County library (Lakewood, CO) and suddenly coupons from won't print. Even the librarian (a very young fellow--not familiar with coupon sites) couldn't get any to print. I was trying to get 3 printed from those pointed out by Michele on Michele's Updates. And I was planning to stop at the grocery on my way home. Any others of you having trouble with this?,  Ruth D, CO

1761 Free Adult Multi Gummy Sample Packet (9/13/2014 12:12:43 PM):  Beginning 9/14 (tomorrow) at 6 AM EST go to Click on the Gummy Giveaway tab. The first 50,000 will receive a free Adult Multi Gummy Sample Packet.,  Janice H, TX

1762 Swagbucks Code (9/13/2014 12:44:32 PM):  DIYLipstick before 1pm PT/4pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody R, WA

1763 Swagcode (9/13/2014 12:51:48 PM):  Enter DIYLipstick for 3 SB Expires 1pm PST,  Teresa S, CA

1765 My Points Lucky Leaf ? (9/13/2014 12:57:12 PM): there one on weekends: Saturdays and Sundays ? ,  Marilyn P, CA

1768 Target notebooks (9/13/2014 1:27:30 PM):  Yesterday I went to a Target near work and found notebooks $.06 for the plain ones and $.35 for the Meade with animal pictures. Today I went to one closer to home and the plain ones were $.02 & the Meade were $.25! Had DD with me who was so excited to get "fancy" notebooks even though she won't use them until her current ones are finished. We bought enough for her, other daughter & son in college plus some to donate/share. I was tempted to see if Meade $1/2 coupon would work, but at that price it wasn't worth the bother.,  Regina R, NY

1776 Nancy N. FL/ Xbox live (9/13/2014 2:06:24 PM):  Xbox 360 / XBOX ONE LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership Card Subscription NEW! $41.99 .,  Trisha A, TX

1778 (9/13/2014 2:35:29 PM):  I wanted to redeem some SYWR points today and buy some shoes. I was having some problems, called Sears got that worked out and in the midst of ordering forgot to put in the sale code from the website. It was for only $4 but I figured I would call to see if they would still take it off. AND THEY ARE!!! I had only submitted my order 20 minutes prior but I couldn't believe they would take the money off. I am so please with them, so I felt I should post something here. Yay.,  Anne S, NY

1779 CVs Physicians Formula (9/13/2014 3:08:13 PM):  I went to CVS today and got a Physicians Formula cover stick - $6.99. Got 20% off with a mailer coupon good today and tomorrow. Then I got $7 back in ECB. Great deal!,  Vicki R, AL

1788 Walmart $5.00 E-Gift Card / Quaker Deal (9/13/2014 6:40:16 PM):  Purchase $15.00 worth of Quaker products in a single transaction and get a $5.00 Walmart e-gift card: M, VA

1792 Taste of Home (9/13/2014 7:24:48 PM):  I think the Taste of Home cooking schools have been discussed on here before. Are they recommended? Worth the money? How about the VIP experience over General Admission? TIA,  Angela B, NV

1794 MCR/Beta (9/13/2014 7:52:43 PM):  Looking for some input on the MCR/Beta. Have not joined yet - has anyone joined that can tell me what differences or advantages there are to it? Thanks,  Marlane E, PA

1795 Dollar General (9/13/2014 7:55:10 PM):  Dollar General had an extra 50% off their clearance today. But I saw LOTS of outdated products. Then I forgot to check the one item that I picked up which was a headache med and later noticed it expired in 2013!!! Hope I have a chance to take it back!!,  Susan B, SC

1796 Bath & Body Works (9/13/2014 8:31:26 PM):  coupons @ (exp. tomorrow 9/14) & (exp. 9/28),  Cindy S, TX

1806 $10 pizza stone set w/ $15 SYW points (9/14/2014 7:09:45 AM):  Sandra Lee Pizza Stone 3 Piece Set, $9.99, with a minimum of $15 worth of SYW points back to you. Select free in store pick up to save on shipping (however, it may not be available at some stores.) B, MD

1807 Buy chicken get free bag offer (9/14/2014 7:41:31 AM):  On sale at Target this week Details- . .,  William M. M, FL

1810 Ebay hacked? (9/14/2014 8:05:50 AM):  My husband told me that Ebay got hacked again last night. If anyone hears anything more, could you please post. Also, be sure to watch for emails telling you to change your password.,  Elizabeth K. M, MI

1812 Revlon Eye Liner, Mascara Free (9/14/2014 8:49:09 AM):  Anyone know the best place this week to use this coupon? "Buy any Revlon Colorstay Eye Liner, Get one Revlon Bold Lacquer Masacara Free". I guess it would be whichever store has the Eye Liner at the lowest price. I have the other makeup coupons from last Sunday's paper that my DD would like to also use. Any input is appreciated!,  Julie B, MI

1817 ROAK park pass i hope it still is valid (9/14/2014 11:12:35 AM):  You're just a few clicks away from enjoying your digital reward. This email is a receipt which confirms that you redeemed 250 points for : Single Day Ticket to your favorite park including Cedar Point, Kings Island, Knott's Berry Farms and others.. Your digital code is: T9W44AK4 Please check your email to find your digital code. 1 . Take digital code to 2. Scroll through the parks highlighted to desired park. Click on Park's image. 3. Identify the MCR ticket type you redeemed. (If you select the incorrect ticket type, code will not be accepted.) If you plan to redeem more than one 1-day ticket code, enter the quantity in the Qty box. Click ""Buy Now"". 4. Copy & paste digital code in the space provided. To redeem multiple 1-day ticket codes, click ""next"" to enter next code. Continue until all codes are entered. You may add up to 10 1-day tickets to cart using 10 separate codes. You may not place more than one MCR 2 Pack or MCR 4 Pack in your cart. 5. After entering valid code(s), click 'Secure Checkout' 6. Click 'Continue' 7. Enter your contact information -Note: while tab says ""credit card info,"" you are not required to enter credit card #. 8. Click 'Continue' 9. Enter names of person(s) going to the Park. Click ""Print Tickets"" 10. Print E-Ticket(s) 11. You will receive email confirmation including a link for ticket reprint, if necessary.,  Kathy K, OH

1818 Starbucks coffee deal (9/14/2014 11:18:23 AM):  Pretty good deal on bags of coffee right now. Target has 12 oz. bags of ground (not many whole bean, which is my preference) coffee for $6.99 each. Get a $5 Target gift card when you buy 3. Use the $4/2 Starbucks coffee products to reduce the price OOP. Make sure each has a Star Code on it, and enter the codes into your Starbucks Rewards account online. You get one star for each code, and right now (until 9/20) you also get 5 bonus stars for buying 2. If you drink coffee anyway, this is a good price to start with. 3 coffees @ 6.99= $20.97 less $4 coupon = $16.97 Plus you have $5 in GC to spend on next trip to Target. AND 8 stars, total. 2/3 of a free item at Starbucks (and some of the sandwiches are around $7.50, so that would be $5 more.) Really good deal! ,  Linda R, TX

1819 Staples (9/14/2014 11:18:56 AM):  I don't see a coupon to use at the register for the Hammermill paper this week to make it free after rebate. Anyone else see one? tia,  Paula W, OH

1820 American Consumer Opinion Panel (9/14/2014 11:45:22 AM):  Someone posted a few months back she was having problems cashing out from this survey panel. She requested the cash-out but PayPal was slow to come. I figured I'd cash out too. That was 9 weeks ago, still no PayPal. I allowed the max of 8 weeks before emailing Ms. Parks. She sent me an email the next day saying she would instruct her finance dept. to pay. Another week has gone by. They are probably having cash flow issues but I prefer truth over false promises. Just putting it out there for those also doing their surveys. ,  Susan R, CA

1822 Dollar General/Mr.Clean (9/14/2014 11:50:55 AM):  Last day to use P&G c/o for Mr.Clean B1G1F. The Gain apple twist 40oz is on clearance for $2.50 from $3.15. You get 80oz for $2.50, coupon expires today.,  Trisha A, TX

1827 American Consumer Opinion Panel (9/14/2014 12:16:33 PM):  Someone posted a few months back she was having problems cashing out from this survey panel. She requested the cash-out but PayPal was slow to come. I figured I'd cash out too. That was 9 weeks ago, still no PayPal. I allowed the max of 8 weeks before emailing Ms. Parks. She sent me an email the next day saying she would instruct her finance dept. to pay. Another week has gone by. They are probably having cash flow issues but I prefer truth over false promises. Just putting it out there for those also doing their surveys. ,  Susan R, CA

1828 American Consumer Opinion Panel (9/14/2014 12:20:49 PM):  Someone posted a few months back she was having problems cashing out from this survey panel. She requested the cash-out but PayPal was slow to come. I figured I'd cash out too. That was 9 weeks ago, still no PayPal. I allowed the max of 8 weeks before emailing Ms. Parks. She sent me an email the next day saying she would instruct her finance dept. to pay. Another week has gone by. They are probably having cash flow issues but I prefer truth over false promises. Just putting it out there for those also doing their surveys. ,  Susan R, CA

1832 Target (9/14/2014 1:04:03 PM):  Deal Scenario Buy 2 Keebler Cookies $1.99 each Total = $3.98 Use the 50% off Keebler Cookies Target Cartwheel (will deduct $1.99) Plus, use the $1/2 Keebler Cookies coupon found on Kelloggs site Final Cost $0.99 – $0.50 each.,  Jeanne W, PA

1833 Target (9/14/2014 1:06:43 PM):  Go to Cartwheel and load the coupon for The One Spot and get assorted items at 30% off.,  Jeanne W, PA

1834 Rite Aid (9/14/2014 1:10:05 PM):  Buy 2 U by Kotex Liners, 18 ct $1.59, regular price Buy One Get One 50% Off through 9/20 Use two $0.50/1 – Kotex U Product from SS 9/14 Final Price: $0.69 each, when you buy 2,  Jeanne W, PA

1835 Rite Aid (9/14/2014 1:10:58 PM):  Buy 2 Poise Microliners, 24 or 26 ct $2.99, regular price Buy One Get One 50% Off through 9/20 Use two $2.00/1 – Poise Liners ( Final Price: $0.24 each, when you buy 2,  Jeanne W, PA

1836 Rite Aid (9/14/2014 1:13:51 PM):  Buy 3 Huggies Diapers $9.49, sale price through 9/20 Buy 1 Huggies Pull-Ups $9.49, sale price through 9/20 Buy 1 Huggies Goodnites Tru-Fit Diapers $9.49, sale through 9/20 Spend $20.00, Receive $8.00 Up Reward 9/14-9/20, Limit 2 Buy 5, Receive $10.00 Huggies Coupon Use three $3.00/1 – Huggies Diapers ( And use one $2.00/1 – Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants, jumbo pk or larger ( And use one $1.50/1 – Huggies Diapers Package from SS 9/14 And use one $2.00/1 – Huggies Goodnites Tru-Fit Diapers, Rite Aid Coupon ( And use one $1.00/1 – Huggies Diapers, Rite Aid Coupon ( Pay $31.95, Receive two $8.00 Up Rewards and $10.00 Huggies Coupon Final Price: $1.19 each, when you buy 5,  Jeanne W, PA

1837 CVS (9/14/2014 1:14:49 PM):  Buy 2 Bayer Berocca, 2 ct $3.59, regular price Buy One Get One 50% Off through 9/20 Buy 1 Berocca Product, Receive $1.00 with Checkout 51 Use two $2.00/1 – Berocca Product from RP 7/27 Or $1.00/1 – Berocca, 2 ct or larger ( Pay $1.38, Submit for $1.00 Checkout 51 Credit Final Price: $0.19 each, when you buy 2,  Jeanne W, PA

1838 CVS (9/14/2014 1:16:21 PM):  Buy 2 Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel, 2.5 oz $2.27, regular price Buy 2, Receive $3.00 ExtraBucks through 9/20, Limit 1 Pay $4.54, Receive $3.00 ExtraBucks Final Price: $0.77 each, when you buy 2,  Jeanne W, PA

1839 Target (9/14/2014 1:18:49 PM):  Buy 5 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 24 fl oz $1.97, regular price Buy 5, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 9/20 Use two $0.50/2 – Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Power & Free Toilet Bowl Cleaner and/or No Mess Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner ( Pay $8.85, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card Final Price: $0.77 each, when you buy 5 Buy 5 Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner, 40 fl oz $2.74, sale price through 9/20 Buy 5, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 9/20 Use four $0.50/1 – Mr. Clean Muscle, Liquid or Spray ( ) Or $0.50/1 – Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, Liquid or Spray from RP 9/14 Pay $11.70, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card Final Price: $1.34 each, when you buy 5 Buy 5 Clorox Wipes, 35 ct $2.49, regular price Buy 5, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 9/20 Use one $0.50/1 – Clorox Wipes, Target Coupon ( And use one $1.00/2 – Clorox Cleaning Products, Target Mobile Coupon, Text PACKITBACK to 827438 Pay $10.95, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card Final Price: $1.19 each, when you buy 5,  Jeanne W, PA

1840 Target (9/14/2014 1:20:17 PM):  Buy 2 Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons, 36 ct $6.99, regular price Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 9/27 Use two $3.00/1 – Playtex Tampons: Sport, Sport Fresh Balance or Glide, 32 ct or larger ( And use one $1.00/2 – Playtex Tampons, 32-40 ct, Target Coupon ( Pay $6.98, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card Final Price: $0.99 each, when you buy 2 Buy 2 Playtex Sport Tampons, 36 ct $6.99, regular price Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 9/27 Use two $3.00/1 – Playtex Tampons: Sport, Sport Fresh Balance or Glide, 32 ct or larger ( And use $1.00/2 – Playtex Tampons, 32-40 ct, Target Coupon ( Pay $6.98, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card Final Price: $0.99 each, when you buy 2,  Jeanne W, PA

1841 Target (9/14/2014 1:21:20 PM):  Buy 3 Tresemme Extra Hold Hair Spray, 11 oz $3.94, regular price Buy 3, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 9/27 Use two $2.00/1 – Tresemme Styling Product from RP 8/24 Pay $7.82, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card Final Price: $0.94 each, when you buy 3,  Jeanne W, PA

1842 Walmart Marked Down Socks (9/14/2014 1:34:54 PM):  Found a buggy load of bundles of ladies socks at the Super Walmart here in Goose Creek. Most are $2.50- $3.50 now. The Pk I got has 4 Hanes Constant Comfort Low Cut ones in it for $2.50. Mixed colors (2 gray, 1 black with purple + one white/pink/grey. Would make nice stocking stuffers or nice to ad to the boxes lots like to fix to be shipped for Christmas. Maybe will find at your store also. Many other kind were there: reg socks, longer socks, etc.,  Vera W, SC

1845 Ibotta (9/14/2014 1:51:16 PM):  I'm not sure if certain items are regional on ibotta but here is a almost freebie. Propel water (single bottle) is .67 cents with a .50 rebate through ibotta. ,  Stephanie M, AL

1846 iPhone 5 Deals? (9/14/2014 2:24:41 PM):  Does anyone have any advice on getting a good deal on an iPhone 5? I'm hoping that now that the 6's are out, there will be a deal on a 5. (My iPhone 3 has served me well, but is limping along and needs to be retired!) I don't want a contract, so I'm looking to purchase it outright. Thanks for any advice!,  Laurie F, FL

1847 target (9/14/2014 2:28:33 PM):  I believe someone posted earlier about composition books, all school supplies marked way down. I bought composition books for .02 notebook binders for .14 too many items to list. was very pleased with everything. use and donate to school,  Rebecca H, NC

1848 Walgreens (9/14/2014 2:44:10 PM):  Good afternoon! Does anyone in Nebraska, Omaha area know why Walgreens started not putting adds in the Omaha World Herald? I have not gotten the add the last two weeks, I phone the Omaha World Herald today and they stated Walgreens decided not to place the add in the paper. Did I miss something? TIA,  Teri F, NE

1849 Photo Enlargements (9/14/2014 3:06:20 PM):  I am in need of getting a picture enlarged to 16 20 eight times! Whats the best place, online on in person for photo enlargements? ,  Leslie R, NC

1850 Rite Aid coke products (9/14/2014 3:14:59 PM):  Excedrin 24 ct + 6 bonus tablets 4.97-ring up 3.98 with Gold status. Use $2 off any size from and $1 off any size from VV and final price is .98 cents.,  Stephanie M, AL

1852 Swagcode (9/14/2014 3:29:56 PM):  Enter CatGetEnough for 3 SB Expires 4pm PST,  Teresa S, CA

1855 Recycle cartridges (9/14/2014 4:07:58 PM):  can someone enlighten me to a good deal to recycle cartridges. I have been watching Office Max/Home Depot for deals but haven't seen any mention of recycling cartridges. I used to take to Staples but haven't done any recycling for some time. Of course when stores are open I forget to call.,  Joyce A, VA

1859 Target (9/14/2014 4:26:16 PM):  I was at Target today and got a lot of Mead products. All of my coupons scanned just fine. I got 9 spiral notebook, 6 folders, 2 pocket inserts for binders, and 3 Trapper Keepers for 87 cents. ,  Vicki R, AL

1862 Target -goldfish (9/14/2014 5:06:21 PM):  This morning the Halloween treat bags of goldfish rang up at .25 instead of the marked price. We had a large order so we did not notice it till after the transaction. I went back within half an hour and the product rang up st 4.99!,  Robin C, NY

1870 Target (9/14/2014 6:46:33 PM):  Select Arnold or Oroweat Bread $2.79 to $2.99 Buy 2 = $5.58 Use the 30% Off Arnold, Brownberry, Oroweat Wide Pan 24oz Bread Cartwheel (will deduct $1.67) Plus, use the $1/2 Arnold Sliced Bread or Sandwich Thins Rolls coupon in the 5/11 SS or 9/7 SS Final cost as low as $2.91 – just $1.45 each.,  Jeanne W, PA

1873 Banana Republic sale (9/14/2014 8:24:13 PM):  Get an add'l 40% off already reduced prices with code BRYAY40. Shipping is free on $50 or a flat $7. B, MD

1874 $21 - Crest 3D Whitestrips (9/14/2014 8:37:00 PM):  Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Advanced Seal Technology, 14 Treatments, are $27.99 on Amazon. Clip $7 coupon (underneath price) to make them $20.99. Free shipping with Prime or on $35+. These run about $35 at Walmart. B, MD

1879 Instant Wins (9/14/2014 8:49:50 PM):  I love the Instant win list! I just won a free can of Lay's Stax from the Lays Stax instant win game. Thanks Michele for making the list. ,  Rhonda K, FL

1882 PG Pink Cookware (9/15/2014 12:24:34 AM):  Does anyone know if PG is doing their annual pink cookware promotion this year. I can't find out any info on this. TIA.,  Debbie S, AL

1888 Outback offer (9/15/2014 7:37:10 AM):  Come on over to Outback and get a FREE Bloomin' Onion on Monday, September 15th! It's a Happy Bloomin' Monday™ because Kevin "Happy" Harvick finished in the top 10 this weekend. Just say "Bloomin' Monday" to your server.,  Tricia B, MD

1890 coke code (9/15/2014 7:41:39 AM):  9P505R4 B64XKNH,  Dayle R, KY

1894 My Points Lucky Leaf (9/15/2014 8:26:19 AM):  QVC QUIRKY VEXING CONTEST I won 5 points today ,  Marilyn P, CA

1895 Swagbucks Code (9/15/2014 8:36:25 AM):  LICNSPL8 before 8am PT/11am ET for 4 SB!,  Melody R, WA

1902 Instant Win (9/15/2014 9:51:00 AM):  Capri Sun Kids vs. Pros Instant Win Game Open to children 6 to 17 years of age only. Instantly win a trip package for winner and up to seven (7) guests to Orlando, FL, an MLS team soccer jersey, an adidas soccer jersey and Capri Sun Soccer socks, an adidas soccer backpack, a water bottle, or a regulation soccer ball. Prize Limit: One (1) Grand Prize as well as one (1) First, Second, Third, Fourth, or Fifth, Prize per person, family and per household. You will need a code, you can try: 14TEAMKIDZ Enter daily, instant win contest ends November 30, 2014. R, IN

1903 Good Reads (2 books) (9/15/2014 9:51:01 AM):  My win been slow this month, but started this morning off with two emails from Goodreads. I won 2 books. So maybe luck picking up.,  Vera W, SC

1904 Bar S Rebate form (9/15/2014 9:53:45 AM):  I asked this the other day and no one answered me - do all purcases for the Bar S rebate have to be on the SAME crt or can we use more than one crt?,  Pat S, AZ

1905 Instant Win (9/15/2014 9:57:47 AM):  Cheetos brand Halloween Sweepstakes Instantly win a $100 Apple Gift Card, or a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Limit one (1) Instant-Win Prize per person/email address/household. You do not need a code to play. FOR BONUS ENTRIES - To obtain a Bag Code without making a purchase, call 1-888-859-4004 during the Sweepstakes Period, and follow the automated instructions to obtain a Bag Code. Callers will be required to provide their phone number, including their area code, and date of birth (as two digits for month, two digits for day, and four digits for year) to verify eligibility. Limit ten (10) free Bag Code requests per day. Limit one (1) Bag Code per bonus entry. Limit ten (10) initial Plays/entries per day per person/email address. Limit ten (10) bonus entries per day per person/email address. Enter up to 10 times daily, instant win contest ends November 1, 2014. R, IN

1906 Instant Win (9/15/2014 10:04:37 AM):  Super 8 Forty Years and Still Looking Super! Instant win and Sweepstake. (Facebook) Instantly win 16,000 Wyndham Rewards points redeemable for one free night stay at any participating Super 8 location in the U.S. or Canada (one room; single or double occupancy), a special edition Super 8 branded retro 1970's t-shirt from Original Retro Brand, or a special Super 8 40th birthday hot/cold travel tumbler. Prize Limit: one Instant-win Prize, and one Sweepstakes Prize per individual/family/household. Enter up to 3 times daily, contest ends October 14, 2014. R, IN

1907 Instant Win (9/15/2014 10:09:44 AM):  ConAgra Foods Meal of Fortune Instantly win $500, $100, $50, a $50 Walmart gift card, a coupon good for Banquet Chicken or Snack Bags, a coupon good for a Banquet Family Size Entree, or a coupon good for a Banquet fruit pie. You will need a code, you can try 4DGWR. Limit: One (1) Instant Win Game prize per person. Enter up to 5 times daily, contest ends November 1, 2014. R, IN

1908 Instant Win (9/15/2014 10:47:28 AM):  Hot Tamales Wheel of Fire Instantly win candy. One prize per e-mail/mailing address per monthly promotion period. Unlimited entry, contest ending unknown. R, IN

1911 Shutterfly 16x20 FREE (9/15/2014 11:27:00 AM):  Free 16x20 print OR $20 off home decor - expires TODAY! KH37-F3V9--6SK9-BGB3NE (print) KH36-9D5E-2KHA-ZSKEAV ($20 off home decor) Hope someone can use. ,  Shanna W, CA

1912 instant wins (9/15/2014 11:50:08 AM):  Thank you for posting the instant win contests. Love to play,  Mickie S, UT

1913 $255 - 2 night CA b&b pkg. (9/15/2014 11:57:48 AM):  It's nowhere near me (it's in Twain Harte, CA) but this place looks adorable so I had to post it> Escape to the AAA 4-Diamond McCaffrey House Bed & Breakfast Inn with an exclusive two-night getaway into 2015, and save 55% on current rates. What's included & when: •Sept. 15, 2014 - Jan. 31, 2015 •$249 for two nights, Sunday-Wednesday arrivals •$269 for two nights, Thursday-Saturday arrivals •Bottle of Champagne and chocolates upon arrival •Daily breakfast and a $100 credit toward a couples massage •Room price is based on two guests *Gets excellent reviews on,  Tricia B, MD

1916 CVS clearance (9/15/2014 12:52:33 PM):  I noticed a number of clearance items with the stationery, Crayola, and pens/pencils. Some were 75% off. ,  William M. M, FL

1918 What did you get for free or cheap today? (9/15/2014 1:01:51 PM):  I'm back on track somewhat and here's what I got for free or cheap today. I went to DG based on postings last week and found Crisco 1-stick shortening for .57/each, so I bought a few. I may freeze them. I also broke down and treated myself to a boxed cheesecake. I love to eat these things, but rarely do I. They also had the 20 ounce Bisquick boxes for .87 but I didn't bring my .50 coupons so I may wonder back tomorrow. I received a $10 Kohls coupons. Unlike my people on this site, I really have a hard time shopping at Kohls. In fact, I almost dread it. But I found a 6-picture picture frame and also purchased 3 .99 Hallmark cards. Of course, I will submit the UPCs prior to using them. Thanks to the person who said I can take my Starbucks $5 coupon and convert it to a gift card. Now when Hallmark rewards has these gift certificates, I can put them on my card. I received a $5 Staples coupon out of nowhere but it has an 10/14 expiration date so I'm saving that. I went to Target based on entries last week. I got a medium-sized Market Pantry pizza for $2.48. I didn't see too much food that was clearanced. However, I did find the ToGo foods in the breakfast aisle. They were priced at $1.99. Since the coupons were for $2.98, it confused the checker. The manager was ok with giving me the entire coupon amount but thought I copied the coupons (since I printed in the lowest amount of ink). I decided to buy a clearanced backpack because it seems lighter and smaller then the one I have now (that I got for free of OfficeMax about 4 years ago). A friend also gave me a lot of vegies. They could've been free but I gave him $5, which he reluctantly took. Over the weekend, in Lancaster, I went to Christopher and Banks to find an ivory shell in petite small. Of course, they didn't have it (and then I found out they sent one shell) so they ordered it online and included my military discount with free shipping. It was cheaper online then in the store. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. What's your story?,  Mindy C, MD

1919 14 count coke codes (9/15/2014 1:16:29 PM):  for Sharon in Tennessee. I had the same problem with the 14 pt codes.Girl at coke said it was posted in Aug that they were ended. I had not read about that. She said sorry, but they could not honor them at this time.,  Shirley C, KY

1922 Update: American Consumer Opinion Panel (9/15/2014 1:48:36 PM):  Received the following email this morning, which sounds like someone else is writing it: "Our accounting department is now trying to process payments manually so they can verify the authenticity of each member of the panel and payment they send. We are now in the process of validating PayPal each member of the group or mailing address information before sending payment. This resulted in a delay in the processing of payments. Our policy has recently changed for a period of 6-8 weeks to receive your payment." I just emailed for clarification because it's already been 9 weeks and I provided my PayPal addy and home address in each email for their convenience; did they mean 6-8 weeks MORE? when I got this message: Delivery to the following recipients failed: Yeah, I think I'm done here. Sad. They had been one of the good ones.,  Susan R, CA


1924 $1.75- Olay ultra moisturizing soap @ D.G. (9/15/2014 2:05:30 PM):  Olsy Ultra Moisture with shea butter 4 pack of soap is $3.75 (reg. price $4) at Dollar General this week. It's the yellow package. Use $2 coupon from yesterday (good on 4 pack or larger) to make a 4 pack $1.75. Good price for nice moisturizing soap (less than 50 cents per bar.) They also carry the "Simply Olay" 4 pack in the purple packaging for $1 less but that is not great soap.,  Tricia B, MD

1925 $299 & up, Balcony on Caribbean Cruise (9/15/2014 2:21:00 PM):  Sail roundtrip from Miami in a balcony cabin with the following per-person prices: •$299 ... Sept. 27; Oct. 4 (Oct. 4: $299 base price cabins are sold out, but other discounted cabins available.) •$329 ... Oct. 18 •$349 ... Sept. 20 •$369 ... Oct. 25; Nov. 1, 29; Dec. 6, 13 •$419 ... Nov. 22 (over Thanksgiving) B, MD

1926 20% off @ (9/15/2014 2:26:16 PM):  20% off one qualifying merchandise order. CODE: Y89T-5KHH-A9CZ-7CE0PF EXP 9/15/14,  Maria S, NY

1927 Target (9/15/2014 2:27:27 PM):  Buy 3 Colgate Enamel Health Toothpaste, 5.5 oz $3.99, regular price Buy 3, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 11/6 Use three $2.00/1 – Colgate Enamel Health or Sensitive Toothpaste, 4 oz or larger from SS 9/14 And use one $1.50/1 – Colgate Oral Care Purchase, $3.00 or more, Target Mobile Coupon, Text LUNCH to 827438 Pay $4.47, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card Final Price: $0.53 Moneymaker, when you buy 3,  Jeanne W, PA

1928 Rite Aid (9/15/2014 2:31:09 PM):  Buy 3 Cottonelle CleanCare Bath Tissue, 18 ct $7.49, sale price through 9/20 Spend $20.00, Receive $8.00 Up Reward through 9/20, Limit 2 Use three $0.50/2 – Cottonelle Toilet Paper, 4 pks OR (1) 9 pk or larger from SS 9/14 And use one $1.00/1 – Cottonelle Bath or Flushable Cleansing Cloth Product, Rite Aid Coupon ( Pay $19.97, Receive $8.00 Up Reward Final Price: $3.99 each, when you buy 3, or $0.22 a roll.,  Jeanne W, PA

1929 Rite Aid (9/15/2014 2:33:01 PM):  Listerine Smart Rinse Anticavity Fluoride Rinse, 500 ml $3.99, sale price through 9/20 Buy 1, Receive $3.00 Up Reward through 9/20, Limit 2 Use $1.00/1 – Listerine Smart Rinse Anticavity Mouthwash Product, 500 mL ( Or $1.00/1 – Listerine Adult Mouthwash, 1 L or larger or Smart Rinse, 500 mL or larger from RP 9/7 Pay $2.99, Receive $3.00 Up Reward Final Price: $0.01 Moneymaker,  Jeanne W, PA

1932 Lola I, Ga or anyone (9/15/2014 2:53:42 PM):  I'm interested in the Walmart ecard Pringles, Coke (football) offer that Lola mentioned in post #81788. I tried the information she posted about the link and some basic info. came up but nothing about what exactly needs to be purchased to qualify. Anyone have a link to those details?,  Marijane W, MI

1933 Lola I, Ga or anyone (9/15/2014 3:06:14 PM):  found the answer to my question about the offer. Links to view list of items is at the bottom of the page. ,  Marijane W, MI

1935 Giant goodies (9/15/2014 3:25:37 PM):  I don't often shop at Giant, but a couple of deals I couldn't pass up. Yoplait Greek yogurt is 10 for $4, AND there is a .50/5 printable at that doubled. I got 20 for $4. My daughter and I love these and I was able to print 2 coupons on 2 computers. Also, A&H laundry detergent is $1.99. I had the $2/2 printable to use, but on the clean burst packets was a $3/2 peelie, so two for .99 Why didn't I get more?!,  Laurie D, DE

1937 Shutterfly codes (9/15/2014 3:41:34 PM):  Free 16 x 20 KH37-77ZY-398N-N8V07K AND $20 OFF HOME DECOR KH36-F98C-WNCN-JRBW2G,  Corinna B, WI

1941 Fred Meyer (9/15/2014 4:07:41 PM):  If you live in an area where Fred Meyer is located, they are having a special each day to load to your card for their 92nd anniversary. Today it is a dozen eggs for 92¢.,  Nancy D, WA

1946 Swagbucks (9/15/2014 5:09:46 PM):  DoggieBowl for 4 SB until 8PM est,  Laurie D, DE

1947 SavingsStar Account Change (9/15/2014 5:12:37 PM):  Did anyone else get a email that Koger owned stores you will have to submit a picture of their receipt instead of linking SavingsStar offer to their loyalty cards beginning 10/1?,  Mrs Clinton W, KY

1949 Swagbucks Code (9/15/2014 5:27:58 PM):  DoggieBowl before 5pm PT/8pm ET for 4 SB!,  Melody R, WA

1957 Free sample (9/15/2014 6:49:09 PM): FREE Dove Body Wash Sample,  Jeanne W, PA

1958 Kellogg`s Family Rewards (9/15/2014 6:55:53 PM):  What happened to all the KFR codes? Before i signed up there were Free and Bonus codes every where i looked. Sense i signed up, after the first week I don`t see any codes just wondering.,  Frances H, TN

1959 Wheel of Fortune (9/15/2014 6:58:26 PM):  Wheel of fortune puzzle for Monday: VALIDATION If your Spin Id is JB8098617, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

1960 Herrs (9/15/2014 7:05:59 PM): Print a $.55 off any one Herr’s 7oz Extra Crunchy Kettle Pop Chips coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

1964 Rite Aid Question (9/15/2014 8:20:18 PM):  What is video value coupon at Rite Aid? How do I find it or print it? Thanks so much. I really need the baby lotion. ,  Dee F, MI

1965 Humana subscribers (9/15/2014 8:28:11 PM):  A few weeks ago I posted about the $10 credit for over the counter items. I went to Humana last night to refill a RX and had another $10 credit. I ordered two boxes of baby aspirin. My husbands account also had a $10 credit and I ordered some Vitamin D. This is the second month I have gotten free items. When I called Humana I couldn't get any definative answer as to how long this deal has been in progress but I will definitely now check each month. Ordering refills through the site my meds come much quicker than ordering over the phone. I have never used the order form which comes with your RXs through the mail.,  Joyce A, VA

1966 Costco membership deal again (9/15/2014 8:44:28 PM):  Living Social has a One year Costco gold star membership for $55. This includes : $20 Cash card ◦1x Rotisserie Chicken ◦1x Apple Pie ◦1x 30-Pack Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue (2-Ply) ◦Three-Months of Identity Guard Service ◦1x Rotisserie Chicken ◦1x Apple Pie ◦1x 30-Pack Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue (2-Ply) ◦Three-Months of Identity Guard Service ◦1x Rotisserie Chicken ◦1x Apple Pie ◦1x 30-Pack Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue (2-Ply) ◦Three-Months of Identity Guard Service,  Tricia B, MD

1969 Samples (9/15/2014 9:59:56 PM): Fill out your information to get FOUR skin samples from the sponsors Derma e and NeoCell. You’ll get 1 Nutricosmetic Beauty Infusion, 1 Biotin Burst Sample from Neocell, 1 Evenly Radiant Dark Circle Eye Créme and 1 Firming DMAE Moisturizer Sample from Derma e. Available to the 1st 10,000 only.,  Jeanne W, PA

1971 need some financial advice (9/15/2014 11:29:24 PM):  is anybody on this board a cpa or a financial advisor? I have some questions about ira's. please email me at if you have lots of knowledge!,  Donna M, CA

1977 Sheets (9/16/2014 5:53:40 AM):  I need new sheets but I don't want to go broke buying them. Can anyone suggest a thread count that I should be looking for?,  Cathy G, OH

1980 check (9/16/2014 6:52:20 AM):  I received a check from Humphreys Pharmacal v Nigh yesterday....I can't find where I wrote down what class action settlement it was from, and wondered if anyone else received one?,  Lori H, IN

1982 Neck Leash for iPhone? (9/16/2014 7:37:14 AM):  Hi! Looking for a neck leash that can plug into an iPhone so I can carry it around my neck.. I've seen this before for an iPhone 4 at a store that closed. Anyone know where i could get one for the iPhone 5? I wear a dress for work but would like to have my iPhone with me. TIA! ,  Alisa N, TX

1986 Kitty Litter rebate (9/16/2014 8:25:33 AM):  Yesterday I received my check for the Tidy Cats kitty litter rebate. That was super fast.,  William M. M, FL

1987 Coke Rewards (9/16/2014 8:31:51 AM):  I logged in to enter codes on and saw this. "Through 09/19 earn double points on Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero 12 packs when entered on Beta." HTH,  Sandra H, DE

1988 Sunshine Cheese its (9/16/2014 8:44:15 AM):  for the Kelloggs Rewards 6KCC-QTJM-QX5G-WCNJ I hope I read them right. Please post when used. Enjoy,  Mary Grace S, MD

1990 mypoints (9/16/2014 8:49:06 AM):  Lucky Leaf is at ,  Michelle M, NY

1999 Kroger (9/16/2014 9:57:09 AM):  Catalina deals. Between 9/14 & 10/15 buy $10 worth of Freschetta, Tonys or Red Baron pizzas get $2 oyno. Between 9/14 & 10/15 buy 2 Ziploc bags or containers get $2 oyno. ,  Cathy G, OH

2000 SavingStar Question (9/16/2014 9:57:15 AM):  I activated some offers on SavingStar I purchased the products in Target and Shoprite and have my CRTs. I do NOT have a smart phone or any phone that connects to the internet. Would someone help me as to how I can get the credit from SavingStar for the items I bought. Thank you so much ,  Michelle M, NY

2015 Rite Aid (9/16/2014 12:14:34 PM):  Buy 7 Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers (reg $12.49) $6.24, clearance price Spend $20.00, Receive $8.00 Up Reward through 9/20, Limit 2 Buy 5, Receive $10.00 Huggies Coupon through 9/26, Limit 2 Use two $3.00/1 – Huggies Pull-Ups ( And four $1.50/1 – Huggies Diapers Package from SS 9/14 And use one $1.00/1 – Huggies Diapers, Rite Aid Coupon ( Pay $30.68, Receive two $8.00 Up Rewards and $10.00 Huggies Coupon Final Price: $0.67 each, when you buy 7,  Jeanne W, PA

2016 Walmart (9/16/2014 12:15:56 PM):  Buy 1 Flipz Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels, 5 oz $1.66, regular price Buy 1 Flipz White Fudge Covered Pretzels, 5 oz $1.66, regular price Buy 1 Milk Chocolate, Receive $0.50 with Ibotta Buy 1 White Fudge, Receive $0.50 with Ibotta Use one $1.00/2- Flipz Chocolate Covered Pretzels, 4 oz or larger, including Special X-Men Collector’s Edition ( ) Pay $2.32, Submit for $1.00 in Ibotta Credits Final Price: $0.66 each, when you buy both,  Jeanne W, PA

2017 Rite Aid (9/16/2014 12:17:48 PM):  Buy 2 GE Energy Smart CFL Bulbs, 1 ct $7.49, regular price Buy One Get One 50% Off through 9/20 Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Up Reward through 9/20, Limit 2 Use two $1.00/1 – GE Light Bulbs: Energy-Efficient Soft White, Reveal, Energy Smart or LED Lighting Product ( ) Pay $9.24, Receive $5.00 Up Reward Final Price: $2.12 each, when you buy 2,  Jeanne W, PA

2019 MoneyBack Guarantee (9/16/2014 12:51:35 PM):  Just found this in email: Green Giant Veggie Blend Ins (Veggie Puree)Money Back Guarantee (Purchase Price) 1-800-998-9996. Must provide receipt & upc. .,  Ellen T. H, NV

2021 Coke beta (9/16/2014 1:04:02 PM):  If you are a member you get double points on 12 packs of Coke, diet Coke and Zero. Good through the 19th. I came this close to entering the codes last week because I thought they would never have new promotions,  Judy B B, LA

2025 Shutterfly (9/16/2014 1:28:28 PM):  Be sure to check the advertisements that are included in your Kohl's bill. Mine had a code in it for a free 8x8 photo book from Shutterfly. I almost threw it out without looking.,  Vicki W, OH

2028 Instinct Dog Food C/o (9/16/2014 2:09:56 PM):  Go to for a $3.00/1 Instinct Raw for Dogs (bag dog food 3#+), Exp. 9/30/14. Says also to join them on Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube, 1-888-519-7387.,  Ellen T. H, NV

2029 Wyndham Rewards (9/16/2014 2:13:20 PM):  At , earn guaranteed points, free nights stay, gift cards, magazines, airline miles, partner points, merchandise, can donate your points by staying at these of their establishments : Wyndham, Wyndham Grand, Wyndham Garden Hotels, Tryp, Wingate, Microtel, Dream, Ramada, Night, Baymont, Days Inn, Super 8, Howard Johnsons, TraveLodge, Knights Inn.,  Ellen T. H, NV

2030 New Products on Market (9/16/2014 2:14:43 PM):  Scott's Natural bath tissue doesn't have the cardboard roll in the center. Red Baron Deep Dish Mini Pizzas.,  Ellen T. H, NV

2031 Facebook (9/16/2014 2:16:25 PM):  On Facebook, look up Cabo Fresh Guacamole. They're celebrating "National Guacamole Day". Enter to win a Cooler of Cabo Guac & print off a $3.00 coupon for Cabo guacamole.,  Ellen T. H, NV

2033 expired coupons (9/16/2014 2:33:19 PM):  I have 10 expired alexia 9-12-2014. they came to my brother's house he was in hospital and didn't check mail until today. sure hope some one could use them they are worth 3.25 each. free,  Rebecca H, NC

2034 coke codes (9/16/2014 2:41:43 PM):  12 box 64FMLP7VWR5THB RED CAP BHMJHTWNXJ5FFJ NHMHBFXLXMTBW 094M5WKW5KBRJ4 PLEASE post when used,  Rebecca H, NC

2036 Update (9/16/2014 3:01:35 PM):  Recently I wrote here that I am listed on traders as a "deleted user" when I posted I was looking for a cpn. (Mary Jane B it was for instant breakfast & no doubt expired by now.) I also read that I was called a scammer & always complained that the codes did not work. I have never traded for codes. Apparently, my name has been confused with another & there is nothing I can do to clear my name. I have e-mailed Michele twice with no response; so what more can I do? I appreciate the responses I received after my last post. I will really miss this website.,  Marianne B, NM

2049 Dollar Tree deals (9/16/2014 4:23:17 PM):  I had some extra time a couple of days ago and did an aisle-by-aisle matchup of products & coupons at my local Dollar Tree (everything's $1). Here's what I ended up with (sorry I don't remember the source for all the coupons): Free - Papermate Inkjoy pens 2pk (-$1 ) Free - Bic women's razor 2pk (-$2 from??) .50c - 3-pk red baron 2" mini pizza (buy 2 - $1/2) .50c - palmolive dish soap 14oz (- .50 S 9/14) .50c - Betty Crocker potatoes (buy 2 -.50/2 S 9/7) .75c - Progresso lentil or minestrone soup (!!) (buy 2 - .50/2 S 9/7) .50c - 3-pk kleenex to-go pks (-.50/bundle S 9/17) .50c - softsoap REFILL (-.50 S 9/14) .50c - Oral B 30-ct floss piks (-.50 ) They also had some really nice full-size Physician's Formula organic loose or compact finishing powder. ,  Christina T, OR

2053 Target (9/16/2014 5:00:08 PM):  Buy 4 Crystal Light Drink Mix, 1.62 oz $3.00, sale price through 9/27 Buy 4, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 9/27 Use four $1.00/1 – Crystal Light Drink Mix ( Pay $8.00, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card Final Price: $0.75 each, when you buy 4,  Jeanne W, PA

2055 expired coupons (9/16/2014 5:46:06 PM):  sue e mn I couldn't get throough to you if you will email me with your address I will send to you thanks,  Rebecca H, NC

2057 Biscoff sweepstakes (9/16/2014 6:17:59 PM):  Found this sweepstakes on a package of cookies. Enter daily until 9/30/14. Winner will get a trip for 2 to Europe, 50,000 Delta sky miles and a year's worth of Biscoff cookies made by Lotus. You can enter at Hope someone wins! ,  Carole H, KY

2062 One Republic album download, 99c (9/16/2014 7:54:04 PM):  OneRepublic Native, the entire album for 99 cents on Google play: This is a good album. It's currently $8.99 at,  Tricia B, MD

2063 One Republic album download, 99c (9/16/2014 7:54:35 PM):  OneRepublic Native, the entire album for 99 cents on Google play: This is a good album. It's currently $8.99 at,  Tricia B, MD

2064 Nature Made survey email (9/16/2014 7:57:52 PM):  I got a survey from Nature Made via email. I did it because I was already sitting here on the computer and thought that I might get some free points at the end or a good coupon to print out. I didn't. So if you get it, don't bother unless you just really like doing surveys...,  Tricia B, MD

2065 Homecoming dresses (9/16/2014 8:12:43 PM):  Does anyone have any recommendations for a website for purchasing a homecoming dress? My daughter and I are seeing cute dresses online but haven't ordered from any of them so we have no idea if any are more reputable than others. Daughter has tried dresses on at local stores so she has an idea of how different styles are fitting. Any input is appreciated!,  Julie B, MI

2066 Sharon T, TN (9/16/2014 8:17:38 PM):  Slow down! The post are getting you confused. Coke IS accepting the 14 digit codes. It is the 12 digit codes they ARE NO longer accepting. Again the 14 digits are a okay.,  Penny M, MO

2068 Kellogg's codes (9/16/2014 8:55:26 PM):  Hello all! I haven't been able to check chat much lately. Can someone so kindly post a list of possible FREE Kellogg's codes from the past few months, if there has been any! Thanks so much! Happy Shopping!,  Geri C. C, WI

2069 Dillards Clearance add'l 40% off (9/16/2014 9:08:20 PM):  Wednesday all Dillards charge customers can get an add'l 40% off all clearance. Thurs-Sat. everyone else can get the add'l 40% off clearance. There are racks and racks of 65% off all over the store. ,  Helen N, ID

2071 2 free gifts ,are they worth it? (9/16/2014 9:28:53 PM):  I received an offer for Architectural Digest at a good rate. It offer a Celebrity Living mag and a tote bag as a free gift. Should I trust the picture of the tote bag, or just assume it will be tiny as most free gifts? Any experience with these bonus magazine offers?,  Paulette S, CO

2072 Kelloggs - Hourly Winner (9/16/2014 9:46:02 PM):  Thank you for to the person that posted about the Keebler cookies at Target. I went there today, got the sale items, including the Keebler Cookies. Hubby just couldn't wait, and had to open one of the packages. I asked him not to throw out the package, as I had to enter the code on line. He gave me the package, and just before going to get ready for bed, I thought I would enter it. Not only did I get bonus points, I just won the $100 hourly prize! I still can't believe I won, I keep reading everything thinking has restrictions or something. But it is a Mastercard virtual prepaid card to use online for $100. Yippee! Thank you ,  Noreen L, IL

2074 Greeting cards (9/16/2014 10:18:40 PM):  I am looking to buy boxed sets of greeting cards for my mom. Can anyone tell me some sites with good deals and maybe free/cheap shipping? I am looking for religious/spiritual types, birthday, thinking of you, condolence. I would like to get an assortment for her as it is getting hard for her to get out & buy them. No good stores here for getting sets. Thanks!,  Lisa C, IN

2076 Wheel of Fortune (9/16/2014 11:13:37 PM):  9/16 Final Puzzle: A BOWL OF FRUIT Spin ID# LH0289249,  Melody R, WA

2091 We got a Red Plum with (9/17/2014 5:56:51 AM):  our grocery ads yesterday. Not sure of the schedule in other cities as per the Sunday paper. ,  Sandra F, PA

2115 Coke Game Entry (9/17/2014 10:57:49 AM):  When I enter a Powerade cap number, it tells me I can play a free game. When I click to play, it tells me I have 2 free plays, but once I've used one, I can't get back to where I could use the other one. If I click on play again, they say it costs one point. How do you get to use the other freebie? Thanks.,  Pat B, DE

2116 mypoints (9/17/2014 11:06:40 AM):  The leaf is fund under Rebecca Minkoff Good luck to everyone. I didn't win anything today.,  Ginnie K, CA

2117 Kotex u (9/17/2014 11:09:12 AM):  I am looking for a Kotex u c/o I can print. Anyone know of one? I guess some got them in last Sun. paper, but not here. Thanks. ,  Barbara H, IN

2123 Swagbucks coupons (9/17/2014 12:31:56 PM):  Wondering if anyone ever gets the 10 point credit for redeeming coupons printed from Swagbucks? I probably print and redeem a few each month but I've never noticed a credit in my account. There doesn't even seem to be a category for it in the ledger. Thanks,  Deb C, FL

2128 Colgate (9/17/2014 1:09:38 PM):  Michele has this for Rite Aid next week. Just a note that the toothpaste is made in Mexico.,  Cathy G, OH

2129 Swagcode (9/17/2014 1:17:22 PM):  Enter CheckeredFlag by 1pm pst,  Teresa S, CA

2130 Swagbucks Code (9/17/2014 1:21:20 PM):  CheckeredFlag before 1pm PT/4pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody R, WA

2135 Free (9/17/2014 1:48:17 PM): Go to the Sierra Trading Post Facebook page, give them a “like”, and click on the “Free Subscription to Family Fun” tab to get a FREE one-year subscription to Family Fun Magazine.,  Jeanne W, PA

2136 Taco Johns (9/17/2014 1:49:45 PM):  If you live near a Taco John’s, tomorrow morning before 10AM, participating restaurants are offering a FREE Meat & Potato Breakfast Burrito.,  Jeanne W, PA

2138 Moes Southwest Grill (9/17/2014 1:54:10 PM):  Tomorrow, September 18th only, go to your local Moe’s Southwest Grill (if you have one nearby), where they are offering a FREE cup of Queso dip.,  Jeanne W, PA

2139 Safeway (9/17/2014 1:56:51 PM):  Go to the Safeway Facebook page, give them a “like”, and click on the Chef Marcela Giveaway tab to get a coupon by mail good for a FREE Marcela Valladolid Frozen Entree ($2.99 value). Your coupon will be sent to you in the mail within 2-3 weeks. You’ll want to hurry as this offer is valid for the first 20,000 only.,  Jeanne W, PA

2144 Expired Coupons (9/17/2014 3:16:33 PM):  Christina T, OR US military personnel stationed overseas can still use expired coupons up to 6 months beyond the expiration date shown on coupon. Michele has a link on her Website to military personnel who would like our expireds. It's listed in the right hand column under "Your Participation is Requested". She tries to keep the addresses listed there as current as possible.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

2145 Rite Aid (9/17/2014 3:19:58 PM):  Buy 2 Lysol Multi Purpose, Power & Free or Bathroom Cleaners, 22-40 oz $2.50 each, when you buy 2, sale price 9/21-9/27 Buy 1 Lysol Multi Purpose, Power & Free or Bathroom Cleaners, 22-40 oz $2.79 single purchase sale price 9/21-9/27 Buy 3, Receive $7.00 Up Reward through 9/27, Limit 4 Use one $0.50/2 – Lysol Power & Free Triggers and/or All Purpose Cleaning Triggers ( Or $0.50/2 – Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Power & Free Toilet Bowl Cleaner and/or No Mess Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner ( Or $0.50/2 – Lysol Bathroom Cleaner Products ( And use $1.00/2 – Lysol House Cleaning Products, Rite Aid Coupon ( Pay $6.29, Receive $7.00 Up Reward Final Price: $0.71 Moneymaker, when you buy 3 Buy 2 Lysol Wipes, 35 ct $2.50 each, when you buy 2, sale price 9/21-9/27 Buy 1 Lysol Wipes, 35 ct $2.79 single purchase sale price 9/21-9/27 Buy 3, Receive $7.00 Up Reward through 9/27, Limit 4 Use one $0.50/2 – Lysol Wipes: Disinfecting Wipes, Power & Free Wipes and/or Dual Action Wipes ( And use one $1.00/2 – Lysol House Cleaning Products, Rite Aid Coupon ( Pay $6.29, Receive $7.00 Up Reward Final Price: $0.71 Moneymaker, when you buy 3,  Jeanne W, PA

2147 Target (9/17/2014 3:25:29 PM):  Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner, 13 oz $2.99, regular price Use $2.00/1 – Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment or Styling Product from RP 9/7 And use $1.00/1 Garnier Fructis Hair Care Product, Text SAVINGS1 to 827438 Final Price: Free,  Jeanne W, PA

2158 Bacon? (9/17/2014 4:52:54 PM):  I have some $2.00 off pork coupons. I'm looking for a sale on bacon in the NJ area. Does anyone know of one? I had no idea that the price of bacon is around $5.00! wow. TIA,  Renay E, NJ

2162 Swagbucks Code (9/17/2014 6:01:11 PM):  GiddyUp before 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET for 2 SB!,  Melody R, WA

2164 SmartSource (9/17/2014 6:23:14 PM):  Am I the only one who now can't print SS coupons? I tried to print the Bausch & Lomb coupon and I keep getting a "you need to update your Java from 1.7._67 Java to 1.7.65 Java. When I tried to update, I got a screen that said I had current Java and "was all good to go". I am using Microsoft IE and Windows 7. Tia, ,  Sheila L, NV

2177 Looking for (9/17/2014 8:12:00 PM):  a free website that helps you keep track of documents. Such as when expiration dates are up on contract, insurances, etc. Has anyone used one?,  Cindy S, PA


2179 RHONDA WALKER (9/17/2014 8:15:00 PM):  If any of you have traded with her from Ky her mother passed Sunday and was buried today. ,  Shirley C, KY

2182 Wheel of Fortune (9/17/2014 9:12:27 PM):  Final Puzzle: LOUD LAUGHTER Spin ID #DG4662535 for $5,000.,  Melody R, WA

2188 Mars Movie Moments (9/17/2014 11:48:31 PM):  I am a Consolidated Communications customer (Surewest) - I think they are only in KS, MO and CA. I won 20 times, so should get $120. So far I have received a $30 credit on my cable bill (money was sent directly to CC) and showed up online as a credit to my bill. Today, much to my surprise, I got a check in the mail from the company that ran the promo. The check was made out to Consolidated Communications and I was instructed to send it along to CC. I don't want to complain about having to use a stamp to send it (I do all my banking online and never send bills through the mail) because $60 is awesome and I didn't have to work too hard to get it. But it was a wee bit annoying. So I have $30 left to get back and wonder if I will get another check or another credit. How is everyone else doing? Thank you.,  Jenny D, KS

2198 Dollar Tree (9/18/2014 6:19:00 AM):  First of all, thanks to the person that listed items we have coupons for at Dollar great deals. I found out yesterday, the hard way, they only take 4 coupons per visit. They rang up separately, though....which was nice. She told me next time, to just make my purchase, go to car and then come back in and place another order. We have $1 off 2 (coupons) for the containers with tops (not the Betty Crocker ones)...can't think of name brand...anyway, great deal! ,  Virginia A, GA

2199 Fitbit (9/18/2014 7:17:16 AM):  Just wondering if anyone has a phone number or any knowledge on getting in touch with the company that makes Fitbit. I've only had mine for about a month and it quit, I can only find an email address and I emailed them 3 days ago and haven't gotten any response???? I really liked wearing it butttt its nice to be able to get some company service.,  Barbara H, ND

2200 Walmart Deals (9/18/2014 8:15:04 AM):  Short trip to Walmart. First went into kelloggsfamilyrewards and cashed out pts for $1.50/1 Kebbler Cookies. Really lucked up with that one. Noticed that lots of the different cookies on sale for $1.98. So got Fudge Stripes for 48 cents a pk. Had two coupons. Right now kelloggfamily rewards gives us an extra 100 pt when we enter code from them before 9/29. So went in and entered a code. Then clicked on the box to enter the contest where they give away $100 an hr. No winner for me today. Save my other code to enter tomorrow. Had a coupon Herbal Ess. buy shampoo and get conditioner free. This was from an insert awhile back. So got both for $2.97. Not sure if cheaper anywhere, but will enter my receipt at savingsatcher. Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta on sale 75 cents each. Not sure if any coupons out for these. 2 liter cokes on sale at Food Lion 99 cents, so be sure to price match or let savingscatcher do it for you. They cost $1.47 at Walmart. Food Lion also has the Hunts Snack Puddings on sale for 89 cents. You could also price match these since $1 at Walmart. I took my sales flyer to do both the above price match items. Walmart still has the fresh ears of corn 3/$1. Have fun shopping.,  Vera W, SC

2201 Staples Rewards Question (9/18/2014 8:40:57 AM):  I just printed my ink recycling rewards for August and noticed they expire at the end of October. Did they just change this? Premier reward members use to get longer to redeem their rewards. Now I can't find any place where it states this. I know they just changed it but never got any notice about it. Any other premier member notice this? Kinda stinks. I use to save up my rewards for bigger purchases.,  Deborah L, PA

2204 Kelloggs Bonus Code (9/18/2014 8:56:34 AM):  This will give you 50 pts. Found in my news feeds a few minutes ago. THRO WBAC KBON US50 They all ad up.,  Vera W, SC

2207 McDonald's c/o books (9/18/2014 9:04:51 AM):  I have been asking about the Halloween coupon books and I have been told they no longer carry them. Has anyone gotten any?,  Jennifer M, OH

2208 Mypoints lucky leaf (9/18/2014 9:22:43 AM):  is at Windsor today - got my usual 5 points....,  Linda B. B, CA

2209 MyPoints (9/18/2014 9:26:57 AM):  The answer for the clue today is Windsor. Good luck everyone - No points for me today,  Ginnie K, CA

2212 Irazoo Treasure Code (9/18/2014 9:46:11 AM):  iRazooapp before 9/28/2014 10:50 PM ET.,  Melody R, WA

2214 Walgreens and Publix (9/18/2014 9:53:04 AM):  First, a few weeks ago I was told that Walgreens was "cracking down" on the "excessive couponers" by making sure that even Walgreens coupon beeped followed by clueless checkers yelling across store to asst managers that "That couponer is back." I've never used more than a handful of coupons and haven't even bought multiple items in any transaction since I arrived in SWFL in late May. But that's how it is, eh? Now Publix wants to "crack down" on "excessive couponers" with no more than a few coupons in any single transaction? Newsflash- in Florida, Publix does nothing to attract customers. That's nothing. No doubling coupons, no penny deals, no deals of the day, no deals for seniors. Nothing. Now, Publix wants to discourage coupon use? I would shop anywhere else that cared about customers. Nothing here in SWFL.,  William M. M, FL

2215 My Points (9/18/2014 10:19:27 AM):  The lucky leaf is at Windsor today.,  Denise C, TX

2216 Car warranty (9/18/2014 10:33:54 AM):  Bumping this. I have to disagree with the people who say buying an extended warranty for a NEW car is not worth it. The only part that extends past the 'normal' period is the drive train, not a lot of people ever need to use this part. If you buy it when you buy the car it is a lot cheaper than buying it later. I was taught very well by my father to pay attention to my vehicle and even knew how to do a lot of the service myself, of course now with all the computers aboard, that part is over! BUT I take my car in for regular maintenance and once every other year I have them do an 'inspection' on the entire car. Yes it costs me about $50, but over the years it has saved 100 times that. I have had dealers tell me that they have noticed wear on certain items that would most certainly have made it past the warranty date with no problem, but they have gone ahead and replaced the item under the warranty. They have guidelines they have to stick to, but if an item is at a certain level of wear, they can replace it. If you know how to negotiate the price when you buy a car, and yes EVERY price is negotiable, you can get the warranty for very cheap. I worked for years at a dealership so I know what to look for in buying and servicing my cars.,  Carla B, OH

2223 Kmart (9/18/2014 11:26:26 AM):  Those two bonuses we got from facebook for the $10 and the $20, was anyone successful using one on an order that you paid for using points? I just noticed that it scanned with no problem but when I paid for the order using points it did not add it to my account. Now I don't have the email to use again.,  Carla B, OH

2226 zenni optical (9/18/2014 11:51:24 AM):  i also, like you michelle, are a long time customer of zenni optical. i recently received my new pair from. i paid $44. for a pair of no line bifocals with a little reflective coating thrown in. i love it, but you are right, the Dr will not do pupilary distance unless you ask. JMHO,  Jack L, TX

2229 RAOK (9/18/2014 12:57:31 PM):  Company Store and Company Kids: 20% off new order and free shipping. Promotional code: T4J37TCL. Not applicable on gift cards, clearance, Charisma, or custom shop. Expires 11/2/14. Please post if using. ,  Marion I, CA

2230 ShopRite/Garden of Eatin (9/18/2014 1:01:06 PM):  DH loves tortilla chips, & I usually pay 2/$4 for Herrs or Utz 11-13 oz. size. Today I saw that the 22-oz. size of Garden of Eatin Chips at ShopRite were priced at 2/$6 with a $1.50 Cat when you buy 2. That's $2.25 per bag for bags almost twice as big. Hope they're good.,  Pat B, DE

2232 Kelogg's (9/18/2014 1:11:15 PM):  Is anyone with windows 8 able to log in? Ever since I got this computer with windows 8, I cannot log in at the Kelloggs site. There is no button at the top. I cannot move anything at the top to reveal it. I do have another computer with windows 7 and am able to use that. It is just weird that I can't use windows 8. I do have the classic shell look and don't have trouble anywhere else..,  Mary D, OK

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