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Newly Found C/o's (9/8/2017 4:47:31 AM):  #1. Save $1.00 wyb (3) Kraft Despicable Me shapes Macaroni & Cheese (blue box), Exp. 3/15/18. (Tear pad c/o), found at Food Giant, side of display. #2. There were several interesting items on a package of Van's Kitchen brand Egg Rolls. 1 mention from it is, to 'like' them on Facebook : . Also, it says "Join Club Vantastic for great recipes, offers & coupons! . Also, it mentions that this company is "Women Owned, Proudly Made In the USA!" This product, I found in the Deli Dept. at Walmart Superstore. It's a 2 pk. of egg rolls for $1.00, orange & white package. (I, personally, liked these egg rolls better than a rival frozen brand.),  Ellen T. H, KY

3399 EquiFax (9/8/2017 5:03:47 AM):  I heard on the radio yesterday that EquiFax was hacked, putting something like 432 Million of us all risk. SS#'s, addresses, etc. at the hands of hackers.,  Ellen T. H, KY

3400 FOY Gifthulk (9/8/2017 5:55:05 AM):  88kdvm78m 15 coins 3 users,  Lacinda T, IA

3404 $5.50 Build a Bears (9/8/2017 6:44:44 AM):  Build a Bear is celebrating National Teddy Bear Day today and tomorrow. Bears are $5.50. Outfits and accessories are sold separately. Limit 5 per person. While supplies last. B, MD

3405 Staples Rewards (9/8/2017 7:19:19 AM):  Staples rewards were supposed to be via email and in accounts yesterday. Mine were not. Does anyone see theirs? ,  Kim C, FL

3408 $269- GoPro Hero5 bundle (9/8/2017 7:29:18 AM):  GoPro HERO5 Session Action Camera Bundle with Bonus Head Strap and QuickClip, Floating Hand Grip, 16GB MicroSD Card, was $299.99, now $268.99 when added to cart. Free shipping. Ebates gives back 1%.,  Tricia B, MD

3413 Kroger free Chobani (9/8/2017 7:44:34 AM):  Check your digital coupons at Kroger. Under the dairy tab I found a digital coupon for a free Chobani Smooth Yogurt 2pk. Of course, your Free Friday download is available also: free Yoplait Oui Single Server Yogurt.,  Janice H, TX

3414 Coke Codes (9/8/2017 8:29:16 AM):  Has anyone successfully submitted any Coke codes to donate to any of the charities on Coke's site? I've tried 3 codes and each time, got the message that my codes are invalid?!?! Thanks for any imput. Trying to do something nice & can't.,  Ellen T. H, KY

3415 Food Lion - Heinz BBQ sauce (9/8/2017 8:47:17 AM):  The Heinz BBQ sauce is not on sale. Last week I bought 1 for $2.19 and I received a $1 rebate on checkout51. I also received a $1/2 catalina for more Heinz BBQ sauce. Add in the fact that checkout51 has reset the $1 rebate, I can use the catalina and the rebate to get 2 more for just about the price of 1. The Heinz BBQ sauce is very good and there are many different flavors. ,  William M. M, FL

3416 Best Travel Insurance (9/8/2017 8:48:27 AM):  We are traveling to the Carribean at the end of the month and wanted to know the best site to buy travel insurance? With all the hurricanes, want to be sure we are covered. Any suggestions? TIA! ,  Colleen M, WI

3424 Equifax (9/8/2017 10:14:05 AM):  Has anyone who checked their name/SSN NOT been "potentially impacted?" Since they are not contacting individuals, it is likely they don't know for sure who is and who isn't impacted, so I'm guessing everyone will get that message. And that's fine. Because they are offering the free credit monitoring to everyone (doesn't say "everyone affected," just "everyone in the U.S.") However, I have never used a service like that before. Does anyone have any experience to help decide whether one needs all 5 parts of it, or if some just don't make sense? I suspect it'll be one of those things where we get charged after a period of time, too. I'm also over-sensitive to privacy issues, but if they got hacked, what's to keep a credit monitoring place from being hacked, too? Anywhere our information resides--even in places we personally didn't put it--is vulnerable. I really do miss the predigital days! ,  Linda R, TX

3430 $18 shipped - 5 Qt. Crock Pot (9/8/2017 11:20:07 AM):  Toastmaster® 5-Quart Slow Cooker, reg. $40, now $19.99. Use code SSATSPTRF17 to make it $17.99 and FREEBRAD for free shipping. B, MD

3435 Staples store closing (9/8/2017 12:18:20 PM):  My sister got an email that her Staples store at Masonic and Gratiot in Roseville, Michigan is closing Oct. 7th.,  Sandra V, MI

3438 Blue diamond movie ticket (9/8/2017 1:09:11 PM):  I posted a while ago that I bought four cans of almonds hoping to get two movie tickets. I was denied and appealed but they maintained that each ticket required its own receipt. I took two cans back to cvs and returned them. I was concerned because I had paid with ECB but there was no problem. I was given five dollars in cash, the cost of two cans. I then bought two bags of almonds on sale for 5.99 for the pound bag and one was a bonus bag of nuts -19.2 oz. I used the five dollar coupon plus a two dollar coupon I had for doing a survey and now I have the nuts and my second ticket!,  Robin C, NY

3440 My stash and Harvey (9/8/2017 1:15:14 PM):  Today there was an article in the paper about firehouses collecting items for hurricane victims. I checked and found four sets of razors with blades that no one in my family uses. Two had rite aid stickers, one was from cvs, and the other was unmarked. I took the cvs and unmarked ones to cvs, returned them, used a cvs diaper coupon, and bought two pkgs of pampers for 2.37. Then I took the other two to rite aid and by adding about two dollars of plenti points I bought a nice size of huggies. I also found a few things, new, in the closets to donate. Time to go look through other cabinets. ,  Robin C, NY

3442 Southwest airfare sale (9/8/2017 2:03:23 PM):  Southwest - Low fares on flights. Book by 9/21. 21 day advance purchase required. Ex: Washington (Reagan airport) to Indianapolis, IN, $59 each way. Louisville, KY to Denver, $129 each way. B, MD

3443 Equifax breach (9/8/2017 12:22:00 PM):  I just entered my and DH info and we are not impacted but my elderly Mom is. I will sign her up next week for credit monitoring. Very upsetting!,  Carole H, KY

3449 Equafax (9/8/2017 3:52:18 PM):  there are good reasons to NOT sign up for the monitoring serve. You give up your rights.,  Janice L, WA

3452 IRMA help (9/8/2017 4:53:49 PM):  I have a twin in FL and they are heading north towards Tallahassee, Pensacola, Destin. Their hotel reservations got messed up in Tallahassee and now need a place to stay until at least Monday at the top of FL at least. If anyone knows of anything, please let me know. Thanks, god bless and everyone stay safe.,  Colleen M, WI

3456 Kart and Sears comment (9/8/2017 6:42:00 PM):  I was given $28 of free stuff at Sears in store and $15 at Kmart in store. These points truly baffle me when my nearest Kmart store is closing down. Did any of you get these points?,  Mindy W, MD

3464 Wheel of Fortune (9/8/2017 7:49:56 PM):  HIGHEST QUALITY ,  Rhonda K, FL

3469 $174 shipped- Baby swivel glider (9/8/2017 9:19:16 PM):  Baby Relax Swivel Glider and Ottoman Set in Light Gray, was $349.99, now $249. Use code WAREHOUSE30 to make it $174.30. Free shipping. B, MD

3476 FOY Gifthulk (9/9/2017 6:14:11 AM):  l8mg8lixw 34 coins 1 user 5t3vmh7w8 14 coins 3 users,  Lacinda T, IA

3477 Equifax (9/9/2017 6:39:36 AM):  I heard last night that the protection deal wasn't all they claimed, as there is a clause that will not allow any class action lawsuits against TrustedID (a subsidiary of Equifax) if you accept the protection. Also, the hack checker may be broken. I've tried different combination of random, nonsensical entries, and get a mixture of potential and "you are not at risk", results. ,  Nancy A. T, GA

3478 shutterfly offer (9/9/2017 6:42:59 AM):  free 8x8 hardcover photo book. Use code 1FREEBOOK by Tuesday, Sept 12. GOOD FOR ALL,  Michelle M, NY

3479 ToysRus (9/9/2017 7:34:23 AM):  Does anyone know if the lunch box comes with the backpack if you order online at ToysRus?? Thanks,  Laurie H, WY

3480 $25 shipped= 9 ft round Market Umbrella (9/9/2017 7:47:54 AM):  Mosaic 9' Round Steel Market Umbrella: choose from 12 different colors/patterns. Was $29.99, now $19.99. $5 shipping. 1.5% back from ebates.,  Tricia B, MD

3483 Shutterfly code (9/9/2017 9:27:27 AM):  KEB9-0GHC-AJ6W-EWZF47 Good for a free set of playing cards, shipping not included. Expires 9/30/17,  Gayle S, MI

3484 Norton message regarding Equifax breach (9/9/2017 9:45:39 AM):  I use Norton Antivirus for my antivirus program. I got a message from Norton this morning regarding the data breach at Equifax. The message was addressed to "Norton customer". I was asked to click a place in message to check whether my data had been stolen. I was afraid to do it not knowing if that message was legitimate. Did any one else who uses Norton as their antivirus program get that same message? I though someone else posted here that Equifax will notify you if your personal information was stolen.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3485 Diirectv ? (9/9/2017 9:45:49 AM):  My contact expires in Dec '17 so I was looking on their website for program package pricing and options Each package used to be listed along with price When I checked the other night I had to chat with a rep to find out the prices it seems there's (1) package under mine for $53.99 Mine is $64.99 Entertainment package 150 channels and the rest of my charges is for equipment $25 just for a DVR, $7.99 for maintenance plan (includes upgrades) Directv is our families splurge but I feel over $100 is too much when we only watch a few channels locals for news , USA, FX, AMC , Sci-Fi, History, Espn and Audience We tried a digital antenna we live in the foothills of Nc with little reception as well as no cell signal I also pay $85 a month for Phone and internet (Frontier) ,  Ann A, NC

3492 FREE Shutterfly 5x8 Notebook (9/9/2017 12:08:13 PM):  2 codes - both exp 9/30/17 CODE: KHAG-54XR-3YH2-KZ07Z9 CODE: KHAG-FDBS-MAWS-P2CKCM ,  Maria S, NY

3494 $3.29-- 1 Outlet surge protector w/ alarm (9/9/2017 12:22:17 PM):  Woods Appliance 1-Outlet 900-Joule Surge Protector with Alarm, Gray, 041000, was $5.09, now $3.29 at Walmart. Free in store pick up: Good thing to have. Gets 5 star reviews.,  Tricia B, MD

3495 $399 - Acer Aspire 15 in laptop (9/9/2017 12:29:10 PM):  Acer Aspire E15 E5-575-5157 15.6-Inch Full HD Screen, Intel Core i5-7200U Processor, 6GB DDR4, 1TB Hard Drive, Windows 10 Home, Steel Gray, Was $499, now $399. Free 2 day shipping. 5% back thru Discover (if you have a Discover card) or 1% back thru Ebates.,  Tricia B, MD

3498 Shutterfly code (9/9/2017 12:40:25 PM):  Just got this today from JA69-1NHC-Z4MD-FNFDRE Code is good for either coasters or playing cards. Short-dated..expires 9/16/17. ,  Gayle S, MI

3499 CVS - Colgate (9/9/2017 12:40:26 PM):  My ad is different from what Michelle has posted on her home page. Colgate is $3.99 with a $1 ECB, not $3.49 with a $2 ECB.,  Debra J. L, MI

3502 (9/9/2017 2:00:20 PM):  Here is a $100 off $200 order code: FBLUCKY100 I needed new night gowns & was able to get 5 and a nice pair of shoes for $104 after the coupon code. Of course shipping & Tax added $26-but still a great deal for me. ,  Marcella B. B, TX

3504 $ Tree coupons (9/9/2017 3:59:38 PM):  I tried to use the 25 cent c/o on Bounty paper towels at $ Tree today and it beeped. Manager said if the computer won't take it I couldn't use it. Anyone else have this problem? Also I scanned my card at CVS and no c/o printed for the Hersheys cookie layer crunch. Guess today isn't my day!,  Pat S, AZ

3506 Equifax (9/9/2017 5:00:58 PM):  You may not want to sign up for anything with Equifax. According to Clark Howard report, one year will do little good if they already have your information, two assume that your records have been compromised and three-- if you do sign up for the year protection, you will no longer be eligible for the class action lawsuit against them.,  Louise W, ND

3513 $45 shipped- 4 pc Lamp set (9/9/2017 8:59:28 PM):  Better Homes and Gardens 4-Piece Lamp Set, Dark Brown Finish, $45.21 with free 2 day shipping. B, MD

3514 $54 shipped -Oakley Catalyst sunglasses (9/9/2017 9:25:31 PM):  Oakley Catalyst sunglasses, reg. $130, now $49.99. Shipping is $3.95 or free on $50.,  Tricia B, MD

3516 Science Diet (9/9/2017 11:33:07 PM):  I am looking for the rebate form or am I too late?,  Julie J, FL

3517 Snuggle Deal from ages ago (9/10/2017 12:12:15 AM):  Many years ago, at least 8 plus years, I bought a ton of snuggle fabric sheets on some deal. Finally, tonight I used the last one! I can't believe that it took this long. It made me curious what's your longest streak of using up a something you got on a killer deal? ,  Wendy F, CA

3518 Staples $1 for a 4-ream pkg paper (9/10/2017 4:49:19 AM):  Go to to print the coupon to get a 4-ream package of copy paper for $1 after coupon and rebate.,  Janice H, TX

3519 Office Depor (9/10/2017 4:57:32 AM):  50% back on Toilet paper and paper towels. Limit 6 G. G, NY

3520 FOY Gifthulk (9/10/2017 6:20:09 AM):  dhhyqn04i 10 coins 3 users,  Lacinda T, IA

3522 Staples $1 for a 4-ream pkg paper (9/10/2017 7:59:26 AM):  Go to to print the coupon to get a 4-ream pkg of paper for $1 after coupon and rebate.,  Janice H, TX

3528 $50+ shipped -Women's North Face boot (9/10/2017 11:23:36 AM):  The North Face ThermoBall Utility Mid Boots - Women's, comes in sizes 6 thru 11. Was $120, now $49.83., Free shipping on $50, so add a small item to get free shipping. Consider something like this lip balm with carabiner clip for $3: B, MD

3529 CVS (9/10/2017 12:32:29 PM):  Two more good deals at CVS this week. The single Mars/Twix are 99 cents each. There is a .75 ECB, plus the cpn machine spit out a coupon for 2 for $1.00. That means that for .24 cents, I got 2 single packs of M & Ms. Even better, selected Physician's Formula cosmetics are on sale. I bought the cat eye mascara for $9.99. There is an ECB for $7.00 and the coupon machine spit out 2 coupons (a $3.00 and a $6.00) for Physician's formula cosmetics. My CVS let me use both. This meant that I got the mascara for free and made a profit of about $6.00! ,  Kathy P, NC

3530 Bi-Lo $5/40 (9/10/2017 12:38:48 PM):  Check your dcrt get $5/40 coupon when you complete a short survey at special code needed near the bottom of your dcrt,  Ann A, NC

3533 $53 shipped - Wifi camera with night vision (9/10/2017 1:17:49 PM):  Black Label Innovations Plug & Play 1080P HD WiFi Camera with Pan, Tilt, Night Vision, 2 Way Audio - Black, reg. $199.99. Now $52.99. Free shipping. 2% back thru ebates.,  Tricia B, MD

3536 Gap to close Gap, Banana Republic stores (9/10/2017 2:02:31 PM):  Just learned today that Gap plans to closeseveral hundred of its stores & Banana Republic stores over the next 3 years. They will concentrate on Old Navy & Athleta stores.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3542 $235- 5 pc Outdoor dining set (9/10/2017 5:19:18 PM):  Garden Oasis Harrison 5 Piece Cushion Dining Set - Tan, was $599.99, now $239.99. Use code SEARS5OFF50 to save an extra $5. Choose free in store pick up to save on delivery charges. 6% back thru ebates.,  Tricia B, MD

3543 Flower & plant bulbs (9/10/2017 5:20:49 PM):  Where is a good place to buy flower & plant bulbs for fall planting? I purchase a lot from Wal-mart. Looking for other sources. TIA,  Renay E, NJ

3547 What did you get for free or cheap? (9/10/2017 7:08:24 PM):  Well, it's been a humdinger of a week for deals for me. I attended four classes of this bootcamp physical training class for free. It is kicking my butt but I am excited that there's a chance I may be able to go shopping in my closet again. Did you get that joke? Christopher and Banks treated me well AGAIN. I got a $15/$15 coupon so I got two shells for free. As I was checking out, there was another coupon pamphlet. In it was a $5 off coupon which expired today, so I picked up a yellow necklace. Sears gave me $28 in points so I went to the store in Lancaster and found the skirt I've been eyeing all summer as well as a black short sleeved shirt. Free. I taught the Savvy Shopper Seminar class at a nearby church and it was received well. We played my favorite game, 'What did Mindy pay?" I showed them seven items and they had to write the prices of what they thaught I paid. At the end of the session, I explained how I got it for free or cheap. The closest to the amount that I paid won the bag of stuff. We went to the movies to see 'It' and both received a senior discount. I was given a free movie credit from Redbox in my email. I have to order the movie online and then pick it up. I haven't done it this way. It seems many of you are doing well on your deals so keep them coming!,  Mindy W, MD

3550 Kmart magazine subscription (9/10/2017 8:33:45 PM):  Did you order a free magazine subscription through SYW rewards? If so, have you been getting your monthly amount free from purchasing the magazine? For example, I ordered Popular Science for $12.99. Over the next months, I'm supposed to get $1/month. I received the first $1 but not the second. ,  Mindy W, MD

3554 Cheapest Microwave (9/11/2017 3:22:17 AM):  Looking for the cheapest microwave around since ours died. Thanks.,  Hilda B, NJ

3555 $118 - BH&G 3 pc Bistro set (9/11/2017 6:54:40 AM):  Better Homes and Gardens Lynnhaven Park 3-Piece Outdoor Bistro Set, Seats 2, was $249, now $117.77. Free shipping. B, MD

3557 $18 shipped- Personalized door banners (9/11/2017 7:33:34 AM):  Personalized Door Banners, reg. $22.98. Use code BDBANNER2 to make them $12.98 plus a flat $5 for shipping. B, MD

3558 Swag Code Alert (9/11/2017 10:05:15 AM):  Enter Swago200Mill into your Swag code box for 3 SB's. Expires 1pm eastern time.,  Rosalie S, PA

3562 CVS Clairol (9/11/2017 10:42:46 AM):  QUESTION: When you did the Clairol by 7 get 1 free offer, when you redeemed the free box, were you charged tax on the free box?? I was and am not happy with it since it is a CVS offer coupon, and not a manufacturer coupon item. I was never charged tax on a CVS offer before. Any opinions? I'm waiting for a call back from CVS.,  Michelle M, NY

3565 $25+ - Folding hand truck (9/11/2017 11:31:03 AM):  Ironton Folding Hand Truck — 150-Lb. Capacity, was $49.99, now $24.99. Pick it up free in store or else shipping is $9.95. B, MD

3570 Staples 1 cent paper (9/11/2017 1:51:02 PM):  Went to staples to get the $1 for a 4-ream pkg of paper and walked right by an even better deal. 3 days only, Sun., Mon, and Tuesday. 750 sheet ream of paper for 1 cent after rebate. limit 3. Pay 8.99 and rebate of 8.98.,  Janice H, TX

3571 Target 90% (9/11/2017 1:52:49 PM):  My Target had notebooks 90%, pd .02 each, permant single marker .15 each, folders with clasp in middle .01,comp books .15. Other school supplies were 30-50% off.,  Hilda S, OH

3572 PetSmart Freebie (9/11/2017 2:13:05 PM):  Just got an email from PetSmart for a free small bag (2-6 lbs) of Natural Balance, Nature s Variety, Nulo, Pro Plan, Science Diet or Wellness dog or cat food. Valid through 10/2 with PetPerks membership. Check your email!,  Paula T. T, TN

3574 Kohls 30% off (9/11/2017 2:47:27 PM):  Starting Thurs 9/14 to 9/24 30% off when you use your Kohl's charge - SUNSET30. Happy Shopping!,  Susan J, OH

3577 $20 -tickets in Chicago to Blue Man group (9/11/2017 4:08:32 PM):  To celebrate its 20th anniversary in Chicago, Blue Man Group is discounting tickets to just $20 for a limited time. That saves up to $69 per ticket. What's the catch? Only 20 tickets per performance (on select dates through Dec. 31) are available at this price. If you miss out, don't worry. The remaining tickets are $44 (reg. $69-$89) -- saving up to $45. There are fees per ticket and order, but call 773-348-4000 and mention Travelzoo, fees will drop to $4 per ticket. http//,  Tricia B, MD

3579 CVS question (9/11/2017 4:26:39 PM):  This morning at CVS one of the managers told me about a new policy that will start sometime soon. She said that when you return something for which you used an ECB to pay, you will no longer get back the ECB portion of your payment, not even store credit. Has anyone else heard this? If it's true, I'm not happy!!,  Linda B. B, CA

3581 Rite Aid (9/11/2017 4:49:51 PM):  Rite aid has their summer dollar spot stuff 75% off, had lots of zipper bags for .25, face wipes, activity books, etc. Also this week Fructis shampoo 2 for $6, get 500 pts on $15 purchase. There is $4 off 2 coupon in the RP 8/27. If you have 5 c/o buy 10 for $30, $20 in c/o (need 2 orders) get 1000 pts so 10 free.,  Lynn C, CO

3584 Target (9/11/2017 5:30:25 PM):  My target had spiral notebooks for $.02 and folders for $.01. The notebooks are 70 count and have the word "basic" in the upper right corner. There was no sign, you have to scan them.,  Karen H, IA

3586 Wheel of Fortune (9/11/2017 6:32:01 PM):  Bonus Round Puzzle: UNPACKING BAGS My$tery Wedge $10K Giveaway How to Play You could win $10,000! 1. Join Join the Wheel Watchers Club or log in to keep your SPIN ID active. 2. Tune In Watch Wheel, and when the Mystery Wedge comes into play, get ready to FLIP OUT! 3. Check Your SPIN ID If you see your SPIN ID displayed during the show, log into your account within 24-hours and follow the instructions to verify your SPIN ID. 4. Confirm If your SPIN ID is verified as the winning number, we’ll call you to confirm you as the winner! ,  Rhonda K, FL

3589 $88 shipped- Mens Mountain bike (9/11/2017 7:43:09 PM):  26" Hyper Summit Men's Mountain Bike, reg. $179. Now $88 with free 3-5 day shipping. B, MD

3590 $18 shipped -Swingy A line dress (9/11/2017 9:21:45 PM):  Style & Co Sleeveless A Line Swing Dress, was $49.50, now $14.83. Looks comfy and easy to wear. Purchase a beauty item from around $3 to get free shipping :,Productsperpage,Sortby/1,40,PRICE_LOW_TO_HIGH?id=70978Tricia B, MD

3592 RAOK - Coke Codes (9/12/2017 6:37:39 AM):  Here are two Coke codes. Please let us know you used these. Thanks. VLVTJ9764BPVHT 7VLTB6MJMK5XPP,  Teresa R, NY

3594 Price of orange juice skyrocketing! (9/12/2017 9:38:52 AM):  Orange juice prices are already increasing due to "Irma". Experts say that 50% of theFlorida orange crop is gone And about 20% of the orange trees are gone!Look for fresh citrus prices to also increase in stores!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3597 $120- Height adjustable standing desk (9/12/2017 10:09:05 AM):  Height Adjustable Standing Desk Was $359.95, now $159.99. Use BRADSBCPSTNDDSK to make it $119.99. Free shipping. B, MD

3598 $40- Boys Under Armour sneakers (9/12/2017 10:20:27 AM):  Primed Sneaker by UNDER ARMOUR for boys. Sizes 3.5 to 5.5 available. Was $79.99, now $39.98. Free shipping. B, MD

3599 I won a prize... (9/12/2017 10:21:39 AM):  I just got an e-mail from the Prep your Pantry online game that I won a package of Reynolds products. Just $30.92 worth of products-but still a nice wake me up!,  Marcella B. B, TX

3600 Settlement check (9/12/2017 11:40:06 AM):  Receive my settlement check from Seventh Generation for $32.67. If you are part of this settlement be on the look out for yours.,  Connie D, OH

3601 Apple All-inclusive sale (9/12/2017 11:43:59 AM):  Apple Vacations all-inclusive flash sale. The best deal is the Ocean Blue and Sand, in Punta Cana with 7 nights from $749 (or from $759 from Philadelphia which is the closest from me). It gets good reviews on (Riu Tequila is NOT on the beach. You have to take a shuttle there. Read reviews on before booking resorts.),  Tricia B, MD

3605 Olive Garden Pasta Passport (9/12/2017 12:04:12 PM):  Got an email from Olive Garden, they are selling 2 kinds of pasta cards on the 14th. One is $200 and includes a trip to Italy, they are only selling 50 of these cards. ,  Barbara S, CA

3606 Cappuccino Blast Samples at Baskin-Robbins (9/12/2017 12:27:59 PM):  On Friday, September 22, Baskin-Robbins will host its first-ever nationwide Cappuccino Blast sampling from 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., treating guests to a 3.5oz sample of the ultimate pick-me-up at participating locations. Hope your location is participating!,  Michelle M, NY

3608 Dish Network (9/12/2017 12:53:44 PM):  My contact expires with Directv in Dec here's a great offer from Dish Network 2 year price lock $49.99 month 45 prem movie channels free for 3 months , locals, most popular package 190 channels , plus HBO included for 1 year FREE free HD, package includes Amc,Espn, Nick,fox,Nbc,Cbs,Fox,news and many others , includes (1) room others $5 per room PLUS fully integrated NETFLIX just change the channel and watch + $100 Visa MUST use CODE "GIFT100" ,  Ann A, NC

3609 CVS Hair color rewards (9/12/2017 12:55:52 PM):  By now you know all about how there's a CVS hair color rewards system that gives you a CVS coupon for a free hair color every time you buy 7. Take my advice. The next time the CVS weekly ad advertises that the CVS hair color rewards is crediting 3 for every 2 hair colors purchased go to CVS on the first day and buy whatever hair color is giving you the best deal. There appear to be unwritten bonuses in the CVS hair color rewards system. What are they? How would I know? But some have been receiving bonuses freebies. ,  William M. M, FL

3610 (9/12/2017 1:05:30 PM):  Has anyone purchased from Their price for Solaray Cranactin is about half of what I pay locally. Thank you for any experience you relate.,  Linda S, WI

3614 Walgreens (9/12/2017 1:58:42 PM):  Had an email from Walgreens earlier with a coupon to load to my card for a FREE Always Discreet. Never had that happen before.,  Beverly E, IA

3616 $41 shipped- single serve Keurig coffee maker (9/12/2017 3:01:25 PM):  Keurig K-Compact Single Serve Coffee Maker in black or red. Reg. $59. Use code WAREHOUSE30 to make it $41.31 with free shipping. B, MD

3617 $89 shipped- Dooney & Bourke tote (9/12/2017 3:12:58 PM):  Dooney & Bourke Tucker Charleston Shopper, was $228, now $89. Free shipping. B, MD

3619 CVS (9/12/2017 4:16:54 PM):  I finally downloaded the app. There was a coupon for $3 off Physicians Formula & wyb $10 you get $7 ecbs. Pampers are $9.99 & you get $10 ecbs wyb 3 packs & there was a $3 coupon on the app too. ,  Cathy G, OH

3622 $60 shipped- Women's UGG slip on sneaker (9/12/2017 5:12:07 PM):  Women's UGG Adley Slip-On Sneaker, reg. $119.95, now $59.96. Sizes 5 - 11. Free shipping. B, MD

3624 Wheel of Fortune (9/12/2017 7:25:29 PM):  Bonus Round Puzzle: HOUSE PARTY ,  Rhonda K, FL

3626 25% off textbooks from publishers (9/12/2017 8:19:06 PM):  Save 25% off purchases (not sure if they sell anything other than textbooks) at,, and through September 18th. Use code GLM17 at check-out. ,  Heather G, PA

3627 Newly Found C/o (9/12/2017 9:58:02 PM):  Found this one at Food Giant, on a side of a cardboard display : FREE Betty Crocker Sprinkle with purchase of 1 Betty Crocker Tube Icing, Exp. 11/1/17. Good only in USA.,  Ellen T. H, KY

3628 Looking for cheap school supplies (9/12/2017 9:58:45 PM):  The elementary and middle schools of my hometown in east Texas were flooded. The children had brought their supplies for Meet the Teacher just before Harvey dumped over 50" on them in a very short period of time. I am looking for very inexpensive, clearance school supplies for them. My house flooded 100 miles away, so I can't spend what I'd like to. If you know of any really good deals, I'd appreciate it if you posted them. Thanks!,  Susan C. C, TX

3630 Walgreen's (9/12/2017 10:14:41 PM):  My store went 90% off school supplies. Got some great deals today.,  Linda M, OR

3631 ROAK (9/12/2017 10:26:10 PM):  These are PowerAde Zero codes if anyone can use them: 5RRL59V WNTXFBM 7TVNB54 BVFF7PT N4VWV7F T5J6N7N F9LKXHR JBN6PWN 55VXWOK J4KM5WL PR0MMB5 R7VMPM0 I'll put more on here at another time. HTH's someone. ,  Ellen T. H, KY

3633 RAOK (9/13/2017 2:35:58 AM):  Hi Ellen thanks for posting the codes. I was able to get one for donating to a local school. Much appreciated, as the quarter ends soon, and I'm trying to get to the level where Coke will send them a check this quarter.,  Deborah L, MA

3638 Disney movie rewards free points (9/13/2017 5:57:48 AM):  Check your email from Disney for 5 free points Subject reads: YOUR MEMBERS UPDATE: MYSTERY BONUS INSIDE,  Michelle M, NY

3639 free playing cards (9/13/2017 6:11:48 AM):  Kelloggs and Shutterfly offer: expires September 30, 2017 Offer is good for one free set of playing cards through Use code: KEB9-02MG-MVKW-1SJT19 Please post when used.Thank you,  Michelle M, NY

3646 SwagBucks Bonus- 3 Days Left! (9/13/2017 9:16:00 AM):  Only 3 days left to claim your Swagbucks Bonus (from August, I think it is)(not sure, I clicked through so fast, lol!). On the top of the Swagbucks page there is a Search Bar and next to that is a place to enter your Swag Code, and next to that is the Daily Goal. Click on that and a drop down menu appears telling you your points for the day and at the bottom of the box click on CLAIM BONUS POINTS or CLAIM POINTS. I had 18- pleasantly surprised by that. -LisaES, Levittown, PA,  Lisa E. S, PA

3647 Staples coupons (9/13/2017 9:46:09 AM):  I got an email this week for $10 off a $50 purchase at staples. Of course I deleted it and now think if I get the rewards this week, I would use it. It doesn't show up in my wallet, and it's not saved on webmail. Anyone know if it would work on a Kindle? I need to replace mine as the battery is dying, and a new battery would be 1/2 the price of a newer, faster kindle. Any help would be appreciated if you have a coupon code that you won't be using and IF it's good on Kindle. Thanks!,  Cheryl C, ME

3648 Hubby Was Proud (9/13/2017 10:35:21 AM):  Hubby stopped at a foodlion yesterday. It was one on the way home from his gym. They were competing with a new store that just opened down the street. Their jumbo eggs that normally sell for around $2.30 were on sale for .59 cents. Hubby bought 4 dozen of them. He had a grin from ear to ear.,  Vicki H, VA

3653 (9/13/2017 12:50:53 PM):  I placed an order with this morning at 9:29 am. I received a shipping confirmation email at 11:58 am! Thank you Kathleen K, WI for telling my about your sister's satisfaction with this company. I got two bottles of the cranberry supplement I needed for the price I would have paid locally for one bottle. Shipping was free because my total was enough (over $20?). If anyone wants to order they gave me a 5% off code to share. SCH7638,  Linda S, WI

3655 $35 - Queen airbed w/ built in pump (9/13/2017 1:01:27 PM):  Intex Dura-Beam Pillow Rest Airbed with Built-In Pump, Queen, was $59.99, now $37.95. Use coupon code BRADSAIRBED917 to make it $34.95 with free shipping. B, MD

3656 $45 shipped- Men's NIke Lite Run shoes (9/13/2017 1:06:33 PM):  Nike FS Lite Run 4 - Men's, orig. $74.99, now $59.99. This item will be $44.99 when added to cart; (most clearance is an additional 25% off.) Shipping is free. B, MD

3659 $25 or $28 shipped- Men's Waterproof boots (9/13/2017 5:57:56 PM):  Guide Gear Men's Waterproof boots, $27.59. Or join their buyer's club to make it $24.79. Use code BRADSHIP for free shipping.,  Tricia B, MD

3660 Kohls free ship (9/13/2017 6:05:17 PM):  Any code for kohls charge members on free ship?? Have sunset30 for 30% off. Thx.,  Phyllis M, OH

3661 Wheel of Fortune (9/13/2017 6:53:24 PM):  GOLD ALBUM ,  Rhonda K, FL

3662 Kohls free ship (9/13/2017 7:02:29 PM):  Any code for kohls charge members on free ship?? Have sunset30 for 30% off. Thx.,  Phyllis M, OH

3666 $39 shipped- Fisher Price sleeper (9/13/2017 9:09:46 PM):  Fisher Price Newborn Auto Rock 'N Play Sleeper, Floral Confetti, was $64, now $38.80. Free shipping. B, MD

3668 Sonic (9/14/2017 3:02:34 AM):  Tonight, I saw a Sonic commercial for their "Carhop Classic" : a dressed cheeseburger & onion rings for $2.99 (drink not included.),  Ellen T. H, KY

3669 RAOK (9/14/2017 3:24:40 AM):  These are Powerade Zero codes : VXBPMXJ XPFKONJ NM570HR PW5HPNX NMKB56P VFRO7OJ 9MO7XJ7 K7ROB9X VBH5XXP VKX66LF 9FMJR5X J0VRLL9 B9XWXTH RWV669W More to come, another time...,  Ellen T. H, KY

3671 Staples rewards posted (9/14/2017 6:50:01 AM):  My Rewards from August are now available!,  Lisa S, OH

3672 Staples Rewards (9/14/2017 7:04:46 AM):  My Staples Rewards are ready to print this morning!,  Christie M, OH

3673 Persil guarantee (9/14/2017 7:45:01 AM):  Does anyone know the best way to remove the back label from the Persil bottle to do the money back guarantee ? Suggestions please, thank-you.,  Joy G, PA

3675 $63 shipped- Ozark Trail 8 person tent (9/14/2017 8:39:15 AM):  Ozark Trail 8-Person Dome ConnecTent with Tunnel with Zip-Open Fly, was $103, now $63 with free shipping. B, MD

3677 Amazon (9/14/2017 9:44:37 AM):  I finally figured out how to load money to my account from all the debit cards I get back from Staples & other places. Log in to account Go to my Amazon account click on gift card balance & manage balance click on reload funds w/credit,debit,prepaid card enter $ amount, card number & expiration date verify address It was actually easy.,  Cathy G, OH

3681 Coke Rewards (9/14/2017 11:46:42 AM):  Does anyone see any reason to continue using Coke rewards? I only drink Diet Coke and always redeemed my points for free 12 packs in the past. I'm not interested in lotteries or donating to schools, just want free Diet Coke!! I have a whole bag of caps and 12 pack codes!!,  Deborah R, IN

3684 Persil guarantee UPC (9/14/2017 1:01:32 PM):  Persil customer service said to photo copy back of the bottle . They said it must be with original receipt and form. LOL that is silly!! Persil customer service representative said , to just photo copy back of the bottle and original receipt and form. Instead of cutting it off or trying to peel it off. Lol, now that is silly. ,  Carol S, PA

3685 Walgreen's 90% (9/14/2017 1:35:53 PM):  Here 4 out of 5 went 90% on some school supplies, and most of the summer toys and shoes, to include gardening items.,  Virginia V, FL

3687 OH, KY, WV, IN - RAOK (9/14/2017 1:46:14 PM):  If you live in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia or Indiana and you know of a food pantry that could use NED coupons for Webber Farms products please post the address here or email it to me. Thank you!,  Marijane W, MI

3688 Persil UPC label (9/14/2017 2:03:55 PM):  Just photo copy back of the bottle and send it with original receipt and form. Customer service, said that is okay. Easier than cutting it! Lol 😁.,  Carol S, PA

3690 Thanks! (9/14/2017 5:09:24 PM):  Thanks to those of you who posted about Walgreens being 90% off. I went today and got some good deals. I may check again next week because not everything was that much off.,  Geri P, WI

3691 Wheel of Fortune (9/14/2017 5:49:12 PM):  BONUS ROUND PUZZLE:BROWSING AROUND No Mystery Wedge so no Spin Id,  Rhonda K, FL

3693 $12- 6 pairs Men's Dockers socks (9/14/2017 6:56:05 PM):  6-Pairs Dockers Classics Assorted Crew Socks, reg. $44.99, now $12.99. Use code BRADSCREW1 to make them $11.99. B, MD

3694 CVS (9/14/2017 8:34:01 PM):  Had a great day at CVS. Bought 2 colgate mouthwash, 2 colgate toothpaste, and 3 mitchem deorderant for $25.16 with tax. Had 2-$2 toothpaste c/o, 2-$2 mouthwash c/o and 3-$1 deoderant c/o + 1 cvs $1 off any toothpaste and 1-$1 cvs any mouthwash. Paid 12.16 and got back $12 in ECB. $.16 for a great donation to the food pantry. ,  Gloria S, WI

3696 FOY Gifthulk (9/15/2017 5:22:56 AM):  cqnishj38 29 coins 3 users,  Lacinda T, IA

3698 Kroger (9/15/2017 5:41:55 AM):  They are offering 4x's the fuel points on gift cards & 4x's the fuel points on Visa/MasterCard cards. Must log into your account & add it to your card. Good until 9/30,  Cathy G, OH

3704 Swago Spins (9/15/2017 8:15:20 AM):  I have earned quite a few spins from Swago, but can't find how to use them. In the past there was a link on the homepage, but now it is not there. Does anyone know how? Thanks ,  Pat P, NY

3706 Walmart SAvings Catcher (9/15/2017 10:02:55 AM):  Yipes...I got this email today. Great news! We'll be transferring your Savings Catcher rewards balance to an eGift Card between October 11 and October 31 I don't want to get a egift card yet....,  Nancee J, IN

3707 Stop & Shop Digital Freebies (9/15/2017 10:08:13 AM):  The freebies this week are a FREE Green & Black Chocolate Bar 3.5oz up to $3.99 & A FREE Stop & Shop Cookie Spread up to $2.50. Enjoy!!,  Beverly L, CT

3708 Olive Garden Pasta Pass/trip (9/15/2017 10:42:33 AM):  Was anyone successful at being one of 50 folk to get the Olive Garden Pasta Pass & trip to Italy yesterday afternoon?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3709 Olive Garden (9/15/2017 11:15:04 AM):  Did anyone in the Refundcents family get a passport to Olive Garden for the trip to Italy yesterday. I made it to the holding room and at 2:21 was told no more passes. Dissappointed!,  Cheryl M, SC

3712 $188 shipped - Ring Video Doorbell (9/15/2017 12:56:19 PM):  Ring Video Doorbell Pro, normally $249, now $187.98 at free shipping. 2% back thru Ebates.,  Tricia B, MD

3715 Free Garth Brooks mp3 download (9/15/2017 1:17:17 PM):  Two free album dowloads by Garth Brooks: The Chase/In Pieces: B, MD

3717 Tiny prints (9/15/2017 1:31:43 PM):  UAXR-2K3T-DVH8-A0SP8J Good for $20 off your order. Expires 9/16/17,  Gayle S, MI

3722 Red Plum and smart source (9/15/2017 3:03:14 PM):  Hi everyone, we just went through hurricane Irma, very stressful. Anyway all is good, and I went back to work today. My question is does anyone know where I can order the Sunday inserts for for last weekend? I just want to order 4. I looked at a couple places and they were already out of them Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Patti,  Patti V, FL

3723 Sprint phone (9/15/2017 3:38:58 PM):  Can anyone recommend a phone for this deal. I have a 13 year old who wants his first phone. Wondering how to get in on this deal.,  Mary G. G, NY

3724 Sonicare (9/15/2017 3:50:52 PM):  Check the rebate offer. Usually the fine print states that you can Not use a coupon to purchase the item and do the rebate. It is one or the other- not both.,  Peggy L, CA

3727 $69 shipped- Igloo eraser board mini fridge (9/15/2017 5:09:54 PM):  Igloo Eraser Board Refrigerator, 3.2 cu ft by Igloo, $99 but use code WAREHOUSE30 to make it $69. Free shipping. B, MD

3730 Dollar General (9/15/2017 5:29:36 PM):  I don't know if any of you remember my comment a couple weeks ago of what a dump our DG had become. Last week it was even worse-trash and cardboard in all the aisles, full product totes piled 4 high everywhere, shelves in total disarray etc. etc.. Well I went in yesterday and it was immaculate!! Icomplimented the assistant manager and she said they had been closed down for 48 hrs. and had just reopened 3 hrs. earlier. They had 2 crews of 20 come in and the staff all worked 18 hour days. It was amazing! It is a very busy DG and she said corporate only allow them I cahier and one stocker per shift . They have gone through at least 5 managers in the last year. No wonder, how thankless to just keep getting further and further behind!! Anyway, lets hope they get more help and can keep the store up.,  Sharon S, NY

3731 (9/15/2017 6:46:16 PM):  I am looking to order a riding mower from ($1,100!). Besides applying for the Walmart card (have one!), are there any other ways I can get a discount with this big of an order from them? TIA for any help!,  Geri C. C, WI

3732 Wheel of Fortune (9/15/2017 6:51:45 PM):  Bonus Round Puzzle: ANCIENT AZTECS No mystery wedge so no spin Id ,  Rhonda K, FL

3734 Payless shoes coupon (9/15/2017 6:57:09 PM):  Extra 20% off coupon at Payless shoes. Good thru 9/17: B, MD

3743 Pet Smart (9/15/2017 9:15:54 PM):  Be careful the coupons for free dog /cat food you print off.They are only intended for person that got them in their email.We keep them in business don't know why I didn't get in email.I know why I had such a hard time redeeming them now.They did give them to me but should not have.,  Julie J, FL

3746 CVS (9/16/2017 4:39:53 AM):  I am DONE with them. I used to go there all the time, when they first started EB. Bought nearly everything there, including groceries. Now, they don't have many items they advertise. Yesterday, they wouldn't honor their own CVS coupons! They told me they would only take one. ,  Sue M S, FL

3750 FOY Gifthulk (9/16/2017 6:15:50 AM):  dp32qkbq2 21 coins 3 users,  Lacinda T, IA

3751 Kroger Digital Coupons (9/16/2017 6:26:14 AM):  Check your digital coupons. This morning I had a free Arla Cream Cheese, expires 10/13. Also, had $1 off 8 oz. Kroger Cheese and can use 5x, today only.I haven't been to the store, but I am thinking it is probably $1.99 - $1 = .99. So good deal on cheese.,  Janice H, TX

3753 Shaws (9/16/2017 6:52:52 AM):  I believe Shaws/Star Market/Albertson's are all the same company? They started Rachel Ray cookware to get with stamps today. One stamp for a $10 purchase.,  Diane J. D, ME

3758 $6 shipped- Men's Dockers flip flops (9/16/2017 7:38:30 AM):  Men's Dockers Contrast Flip-Flops, reg. $30, now $9. Kohls card users can use codes SUNSET30 and mvc4sept to make them $6.30 shipped. B, MD

3764 Savingstar/Coca Cola offer (9/16/2017 9:43:49 AM):  For those of you who use Savingstar, you may have an offer for Coca-Cola products giving 1% cash back. I don't normally sign up for these "always on" offers because I don't want to give out my name/email information to individual companies just to participate. However, since I already participate in the Coke program, why not sign up. So, I will opt in for this one. While we don't purchase a whole lot of Coke products I'll gladly take 1% back on what we do buy. It's like picking up the pennies found on the ground, why not!,  Marijane W, MI

3765 Tiny Prints $20 code (9/16/2017 10:00:37 AM):  Here is a $20 off code for Tiny Prints which expires today UAXR-EPF5-RCYY-BRCGH6 . Please post when used. ,  Deborah L, MA

3766 DG digital coupons (9/16/2017 10:05:50 AM):  Anyone else have problems with their Dollar General's digital coupons?I probably need to contact corporate with my complaint that they all don't transfer from your phone to their register. With certain ones, I always have to get the manager to override. ,  Susan G, PA

3769 New offers from VISA Checkout (9/16/2017 10:19:55 AM):  Order 1 Papa John's Pizza online & pay with VISA Checkout. Get your next pizza FREE at Papa John's. Buy 2 Fandango movie tickets online. Pay with VISA Checkout. Get one of those movie tickets FREE. Pre-order tickets for THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE online. Pay with VISA Checkout. This movie will be in theaters 9/22/2017.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3773 $27 shipped- Men's Sperry shoes (9/16/2017 12:07:11 PM):  Men's Sperry Wahoo 2-Eye Multi-Knit Boat Shoes were $55, now $26.99 with free shipping. Free shipping on $25, today only. 6% cash back thru ebates.,  Tricia B, MD

3783 Swagcode (9/16/2017 3:16:19 PM):  Enter "HealthiestYou" for 2 SB Expires 4pm PST,  Teresa S, CA

3787 (9/16/2017 5:20:05 PM):  Does everyone know they are CLOSED? I went to check my account, thought Half had closed my account. I surfed around a little, couldn't figure out why they had closed my account. I wanted to send them an e-mail and ask. However, I FINALLY found a site page that said " has been closed." !!! Never received an e-mail from them or any kind of notice. How disgusting and rude!,  Sue M S, FL

3789 A (flashing) sign of the times (9/16/2017 6:03:55 PM):  Attention Kmart Shoppers: For those of you that follow my Kmart posts, tomorrow is the big day where the Kmart closest to me (Brownsburg, Indiana) closes for good. My Mom and I went today and had a good time looking at the final (and few) remaining items. Deal Flash items were 95% off. Even for a deal hunter like me, I don't recall ever seeing something 95% off. 90% is the biggest discount I recall. Anyway, the reason I went was to collect the "fixture" I had offered to purchase. That's right. When I saw the sign that said, "Nothing held back!" I inquired about purchasing the definitive Kmart item. I'm now the proud owner of Kmart's Flashing Blue Light. It's current residence is my garage and I'm thinking that it will eventually make it into the house somewhere. But first, I'm thinking it will make a great Halloween accessory for one of my kids. It's on wheels and battery operated. So, I figure it will be pretty good for one of them to tote along while trick or treating. I just wanted to share the news. As odd as it sounds, I'm excited. And for what it's worth, I offered $30 for it several weeks ago and it was accepted. I think I probably could have gotten it cheaper. But I'm a happy camper right now. Cheers to all of you for your great deals! ,  John B, IN

3791 iso KC Broker $10 (9/16/2017 6:20:15 PM):  Has anyone found the new printable Kimberly Clark $10 form? it must exist as I saw the store form being sold... Can anyone help with a link to the printab le? TY!!!,  Christel L, CA

3792 Walgreens (9/16/2017 6:35:55 PM):  Thelast time that I used two coupons on a B1G1 free, they would not take two. Is this a new policy of Walgreens or just that manager.,  Trisha A, TX

3796 CVS Question (9/16/2017 8:04:08 PM):  Does CVS do any monthly ecb deals? Or are there any which carry over from one week to the next? The Physician's Formula offer is the exact same for this week as it was for last week. TIA!,  Lynda M, FL

3798 $9 shipped - Auto Windshield cover (9/16/2017 8:39:50 PM):  Auto Windshield Snow Sun Cover Tarp Ice Scraper Frost Removal Car Truck Van SUV, reg. $59.95, now $8.95 with free shipping. B, MD

3810 Office Depot batteries - 1¢ after rewards (9/17/2017 7:26:19 AM):  Duracell® Coppertop AA Alkaline Batteries, Pack of 16, $14.99, with $14.98 back in rewards: Or Duracell® Coppertop Alkaline AAA Batteries, Pack Of 16: You have to be a rewards member to get bqck rewards. Limit two per custome. Shipping is free.,  Tricia B, MD

3812 CVS (9/17/2017 8:12:59 AM):  Just wanted to remind you to watch those coupons very closely as they are scanned and be aware of what your total should be. The computers are devious! Today, I knew my total after coupons would be $2.98 plus tax and I decided to use my $3 EB to pay. The register use to auto adjust the $3 EB to $2.98. Not today. My total was $3.08. After the cashier scanned my $3 EB, the computer voided my $2 coupon that came from their red coupon machine and now I owed $2.06. What? I just used $3 to pay 3.08 and I owe 2.06? The cashier said yes that's right. No way! She voided the order and tried again. Same result. Called for supervisor. Same thing. So I told him to void the order and I used a $2 EB instead of the $3EB and then I had to pay .98 cash. I guess the cvs computers will not auto adjust the EB anymore and they definitely will not go negative. Watch your transactions at CVS!,  Janice H, TX

3814 Office Depot - free after rewards (9/17/2017 8:27:01 AM):  Office Depot has Heavy Duty binders free after rewards, limit 10, in store or online. ,  Lisa S, OH

3816 Fetch (9/17/2017 9:16:39 AM):  Has anyone else signed up for this? It was on the Mobisave app which I can't do anymore since I can't find the specially marked products around here. Fetch has 100's of brands and products and searches your grocery receipts for the items and gives you points.,  Carla B, OH

3817 ROAK - not happy (9/17/2017 9:23:41 AM):  I did the Blue Diamond free move ticket, I had already purchased the nuts before I heard about the ticket. But when I go to redeem it's only for Regal theatres, it does not say anywhere on the form about this. We do not like the Regal theatre that is near us, or should I say somewhat near us. So I will give this away, not sure how it will work since it asks for my email and zip, but we can give it a try!! Enter your email below and I will pick one person.,  Carla B, OH

3819 Car rental site (9/17/2017 9:52:10 AM):  Could someone please remind me the name of the website with good deals on car rentals? The one where they will email you the prices Even if they change rates. Thank you ,  Denise D, WV

3820 Johnsonville coupon (9/17/2017 10:11:36 AM):  Free Johnsonville chicken product + +,  William M. M, FL

3821 $64 shipped- Tent Canopy - 10 x 30 ft (9/17/2017 10:16:39 AM):  10'x 30' Heavy Duty Party Wedding Outdoor Patio Tent Canopy with 5 Removable Walls, $79.99, but use code SAVE20 to make it $63.99. Shipping is free! B, MD

3827 What did you get for free or cheap? (9/17/2017 11:11:46 AM):  As I write this post each week (mostly for myself), I'm so thankful for the deals I get. I believe in the Law of Attraction and can tell it works. I received $15 in Kmart points so I bought five shirts for the pantry. Then, I got another $4 in free Kmart points for shoes or clothing, so I'll be back in on Tuesday to get more free stuff. I went to Sam's Club to get my tires balanced. There were some issues with the tires being worn down, etc. so they charged me just for the balancing at $20. I was good with that. At the end of the visit, they did the work but refunded the money since the front tires could not be rotated. I'm thinking, "What?!" I visited Groupon and believe I found a reasonable place that does facials, etc. So I got a service that would be $108 for $49. I was very happy. I ordered another free subscription of the Washington Post through American Airlines. I got a free movie through Redbox Playpass. I went to the local county fair and in the needlecraft building they were giving away free sewing patterns. That was a nice surprise. They also had free cloth bags that had literature in them. I wish I knew what I could do with all of these bags I have. I used my free points from my Amazon VISA and got free bird food and the game 'Quirkle.' Our Kmart is closing and I am waiting for the toys to clearance out at 90% so I can buy some for Toys for Tots. We found a low priced pet store who would trim our birds wings and nails. We were very grateful for this. We tried it ourselves and hard difficulty. Ok, enough about me. Thanks for always reading. Maybe I'll get published one day. How about you? ,  Mindy W, MD

3839 Olive Gardens GDA (9/17/2017 1:55:44 PM):  Go to They have a new program, in selected locations, where you can earn points on your purchases. They give you 100 points immediately of which you can purchase a drink for free.,  Mindy W, MD

3841 Office Depot Sharpie deals (9/17/2017 2:28:36 PM):  Sharpie® Permanent Fine-Point Markers, Assorted Colors, Pack Of 24, ret. $21.19, now $10. Use code 99534233 for 20% off, making them $8 (or $7.60 with free in store pick up.) Choose free store pickup for an extra 5% off or free shipping on orders of $9.99+. Sharpie® Permanent Fine-Point Markers, Assorted Colors, Pack Of 24: Same exact deal on the 24 pk ultra fine point markers also: Clearance items to pad your order if it falls under $9.99: 3% back thru ebates.,  Tricia B, MD

3843 Shoprunner question (9/17/2017 2:57:53 PM):  Can I use Ebates or Topcashback in conjunction with Shoprunner if I have a membership? It looks I can't because I have to shop at the store through Shoprunner.,  Mindy W, MD

3847 Coupons (9/17/2017 4:35:28 PM):  My grocery store had a sale on Tide a few weeks back for .99 for the yellow bottle. I had the .50 coupons from P&G so it would have been free. Of course they were out and did not get any back in until after the coupon expired. I received a rain check. Now I want to go get them and the coupon I have says I can only use two per day. I guess I don't understand why they put coupons out if they don't want us to use them!! Isn't the purpose to get us to buy their products? Once they sell it to the store they have made their money for that 'lot' or PO. If they put coupons out there they should be glad that the store is selling it out so they have to order more. My store gives me a raincheck for 10 and I am supposed to only get 2? Ridiculous! Of course the store will take more than 2 but I thought it was silly!! Just ranting!,  Carla B, OH

3858 $49 shipped- Women's Nike Juvenate shoes (9/17/2017 6:47:15 PM):  WOMEN'S NIKE JUVENATE, reg. $84.99, now $64.99. Add to cart and it will be $48.74. Free shipping. B, MD

3861 Food Lion (9/17/2017 10:15:04 PM):  Somehow my question didn't get posted or I overlooked.Trying to find out if there is a FoodLion in Lakeland Florida?,  Julie J, FL

3863 FREE Shutterfly Puzzle (9/18/2017 4:32:05 AM):  Offer is good for one free puzzle through, our mobile-friendly site or the Shutterfly app. Promo can only be redeemed once per account and/or billing address CODE: KECA-0KEU-W1U7-DUNTS6 exp 10/31/17,  Maria S, NY

3864 FREE Shutterfly 5x8 Notebook (9/18/2017 4:33:02 AM):  CODE: KHAJ-AH6T-WJM8-FBHJWX exp 9/30/17,  Maria S, NY

3865 Office Depot Rewards (9/18/2017 5:09:41 AM):  Does anyone know if you can use a reward to buy something with a reward. I had been doing it but on the cleaning products they didn't issue me the reward until I called. So can I buy the batteries with the reward money I already have and still get the $14.98 reward?,  Mary G. G, NY

3867 Gifthulk FOY code (9/18/2017 6:04:32 AM):  Worth 38 coins for 2 users: cmcuuor3s,  Sue E, MN

3873 Suspect message from Norton Anti-virus (9/18/2017 7:53:05 AM):  This morning I had a suspect message from Norton Anti-virus which I have as my anti-virus program. it offered me an Identity Theft Protection program at no cost to me. It was on them because I was a valued customer! I'm very reluctant to click on the activation link with all the identity theft taking place these days! Has anyone else gotten that same message? Is it legit?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3875 CVS couponing tip (9/18/2017 8:23:17 AM):  It is good advice to check your CVS receipts to make sure the full value of your coupons was deducted. Also, make sure that your CVS coupons and extrabucks were used to complete the transaction. Many customers miscalculate their totals and are way off. They might hand in too many CVS coupons or extrabucks. If the CVS system rejects a CVS CRT or extrabucks it will say it on the receipt above the subtotal. You can ask for the return of your coupons and extrabucks. If you get home and then realize that a CVS coupon or extrabucks was not applied, (by reading your receipt), you have the option of calling CVS to get them reactivated or you can reprint them from the site. Always check your receipt, especially after larger transactions.,  William M. M, FL

3876 Coleman products coupons (9/18/2017 8:25:17 AM):  I thought it was interesting that has coupons for Coleman products such as a Coleman chair, $5 off $14.99 or higher chair, and a coupon for $5 off $14.99 of higher cooler. There was also a $10 off something like $100 (or higher?) a Coleman shelter thingy. You might be able to find some good deals with those coupons. BTW, I didn't put any zip code in.,  Tricia B, MD

3877 Personalized Resin Pumpkins (9/18/2017 8:29:12 AM):  Personalized resin pumpkins are regularly $32.50- $44.98, but use code BDPUMPKIN to make them $13- $17.99. Shipping adds $8.99. But that even makes the large ones about 27 shipped, and they are super cute. B, MD

3881 Oxy Clean Detergent (9/18/2017 9:46:53 AM):  Does anyone know where I can get Oxy Clean detergent on sale or cheap this week? Thanks.,  Kelly W, VA

3886 Help with Toilet paper calculation (9/18/2017 11:43:16 AM):  I need your help. I don't understand something. I want the best deal on toilet paper, but I am confused. If I get a 4 roll double pack that says 117 square feet, does that mean I should only pay 1.17? That is awfully cheap if that is right. I can get buy it right now for 1.49, but 1.17? That is cheap. Is my thinking right?,  Kelly W, VA

3887 Meatball help (9/18/2017 11:47:22 AM):  I have been seeing coupons for pre-made meatballs for several years. I have not tried them. Are they like all you do is zap them? I want to get some to put into spaghetti for spaghetti and meatballs. Billy Bob has been my suppplier of meats for years. He is the only one I know of in these hills who lets people buy meat. But he is sick, and his sister called me and said she would stay away from buying meats in these mountains cause her people are getting sick. They don't know why. I know my mama used to put regular meatballs in spaghetti while the pasta was cooking. That's the only way I know of making it, but I have never done that. I just once a month go into the city and go to a sit-down place and order it there and eat it and be waited on. Thank you.,  Kelly W, VA

3888 P%G~~~Tide (9/18/2017 12:13:53 PM):  There have in the past been been grumblings about the new "go to our website for coupons". I have decided that my time is too valuable for me to continue to be a Tide consumer. I have used Tide for 40 years or more...There are far too many other good detergents out there. I was loyal when Tide offered coupons. Farewell, Tide!~~~~ If we all were to respond by buying other brands, maybe the nice folks at P&G will return to earlier marketing approaches. ,  Lynda M, FL

3889 Shutterfly S&H (9/18/2017 12:33:32 PM):  Can someone tell me how much shipping & handling Shutterfly charges when you get a free item?,  Carol H, AL

3891 Free Enlightened ice cream (9/18/2017 1:41:19 PM):  Sign up here to receive a coupon good for a free pint. W, PA

3896 FoodLion (9/18/2017 2:21:22 PM):  Thanks so much for the information.Have relative work in LakeLand might want to trade there.I did try store locator but Florida didn't show up.The recent $100 gc offer did not list Florida but they have $500 survey every 2 weeks with receipt and /or mail good Florida so guess its hit or miss,  Julie J, FL

3900 CVS (9/18/2017 3:26:16 PM):  Will some kind person tell me where on the CVS website to go to send the coupons to my card? I have done it before but can't remember where. Senior moment. Thanks. ,  Anne W. W, GA

3903 question (9/18/2017 4:05:14 PM):  what are the health benefits of himalayian pink salt? And where can I buy it? Thank you,  Dayle R, KY

3909 Wheel of Fortune (9/18/2017 6:07:40 PM):  A GROUP OF KIDS No mystery wedge no spin Id,  Rhonda K, FL

3912 Walmart (9/18/2017 6:46:54 PM):  I was in Walmart and saw the Bic pens 60 pack for $1.17 but they rang up at $4.99 They said I could only get 1 pack because they were priced wrong. She turned the price around said she would check with Manager tomorrow Good deal with the $1.00 off coupon.,  Ruth S, OH

3913 $20- 2 in 1 Hammock w/ sleeping bag (9/18/2017 7:02:57 PM):  Ozark Trail 2-In-1 Hammock with Removable Sleeping Bag, was $76.57, now $19.57!! Free shipping on $35 or free in store pick up. B, MD

3914 If you have insurance on your home... (9/18/2017 7:06:21 PM):  Lesson learned. We switched mortgage companies. We switched the mortgage company on our home owner insurance. Totally forgot about the flood insurance. Told the inspector/adjuster and showed our payment book for the new company. Yep. The check is made out to BOTH mortgage companies, my husband and me. Will call tomorrow to get this straightened out - I hope.,  Susan C. C, TX

3915 Lisa S, OH - Office Depot free binders (9/18/2017 7:10:02 PM):  Yesterday you posted that OD had free heavy duty 3-ring binders after rewards. You posted this link: When I click on it, I see binders but nothing that shows free after rebate. Would you help, please? I'd love to get these for the school that flooded. Thanks. ,  Susan C. C, TX

3922 Rite Aid (9/19/2017 2:40:12 AM):  Rite Aid has Daylogic 3 blade men's razor for 5.00. You get 500 Plenti points, limit 2. This is not the disposable one but the razor (one in the package) that you can buy cartridges for.,  Pam G, KY

3929 $10- Dymo label maker (9/19/2017 7:54:17 AM):  DYMO® LabelManager 160 Handheld Label Maker, reg, $34.99, now $9.99: Free in store pick up or free 2 day shipping with Shoprunner. Same price at also,,  Tricia B, MD

3930 Toys R Us files Chapter 11 (9/19/2017 8:03:07 AM):  Heard on local TV news this morning that Toys R Us has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3935 Campbell's Labels for Education (9/19/2017 9:39:57 AM):  Remember there's still a few months to help out a non-profit with this program. Campbell's website says, Only UPCs with the Labels for Education logo will be accepted and redeemed for points into registered schools’ bank accounts. The deadline to submit and postmark UPCs into your school’s bank account is January 2, 2018. At their website you can type in a school's zip code and get the mailing information to send directly to the school of your choice.,  Marijane W, MI

3937 $5 shipped- talking Olaf (9/19/2017 9:52:48 AM):  Disney's Frozen Olaf-A-Lot Talking Figure, reg. $34, now $6.99. Kohls card users can use code MVC4SEPT and SUNSET30 to make it $4.89 with free shipping. B, MD

3945 Credit Freeze (9/19/2017 12:32:16 PM):  Has there always been a charge for placing a freeze on credit reports? Experian is charging ($10), just wondering if this has always been the case. Do the other two (Equifax and TransUnion) charge also?,  Marijane W, MI

3947 Credit Freeze (9/19/2017 12:41:17 PM):  Answered my question by clicking on "freeze fees". Fees are charged to set the freeze, temporarily remove the freeze and permanently remove the freeze. Looks like fees range from $10 to $0, depending on the state. Any words of wisdom from others who have frozen their accounts?,  Marijane W, MI

3949 Senior Pass - National Parks (9/19/2017 12:49:13 PM):  I ordered mine online on August 14 and received it yesterday. Thought I'd post in case anyone is still waiting,  Teresa S, CA

3952 pampers (9/19/2017 1:07:16 PM): 35% off code PAMPERS35 I got package of 1 limit 1 order max 25.00 off. GOOD Deal 15.88 for over 200 diapers,  Kathy V, IA

3954 Kroger Digital Coupon (9/19/2017 1:40:28 PM):  There is a digital coupon you can load for bogo Dannon Activia Lactose Free 4pk. They are on sale $1.29 wyb4. With the coupon, that makes them half price $.65!,  Janice H, TX

3957 $13 shipped - Easy bake oven (9/19/2017 1:59:00 PM):  Girl Scouts easy bake oven. Now $17.99. Kohls card users can use codes SUNSET30 and mvc4sept to make it $12.59 shipped. BTW Ebates is 6% instead of 3% today! \,  Tricia B, MD

3963 Office Depot - 5% for schools (9/19/2017 2:20:10 PM):  FYI - not sure how long this has been going on. They will give 5% back to a school of your choosing on each order. A cashier told me about this a while ago, but most cashiers don't have a clue how to do it. However, online it is really easy. After your order, you should see something asking you about it. You type in your state and zip code, then it pops up a list of schools that you then click on. It literally takes less than a minute! I'm not sure how they give this back to the school (or how often), but just like the boxtops and fundraisers, everything helps!,  Lisa S, OH

3965 CVS Kleenex (9/19/2017 2:35:28 PM):  I hope everyone is doing the Kleenex deal at CVS this week. You can get 3 boxes for $4. First, you can use a $1/3 manufacturer's coupon from the 9/10 SS insert. When you buy 3 you will receive $1 extrabuck this week. Plus, since you bought 2 Kleenex products at CVS, you can submit the receipt to checkout51 for $2 rebate. ,  William M. M, FL

3969 Baby boy clothing (9/19/2017 3:29:02 PM):  Go to and search for baby boy Jumping Beans and it will bring up clothing for $2.40 each. Kohls cardholders use code Sunset30 for 30% off and MVC4Sept for free shipping. Makes the items $1.68 shipped. Good thru 9/24.,  Jeanne W, PA

3973 newspaper (9/19/2017 3:57:45 PM):  My husband and I, are going to Bethlehem, PA tomorrow (Wednesday). Does anyone know of a Wednesday newspaper that has coupons in it, in that area? TIA,  Carol S, PA

3974 newspaper (9/19/2017 4:00:20 PM):  My husband and I are going to Bethlehem, PA tomorrow (Wednesday). Does anyone know of a local newspaper that has coupons in it, on Wednesday? TIA,  Carol S, PA

3976 Coke codes (9/19/2017 4:55:23 PM):  Ukwxbhtnkhh7uu Ho44k76h9f9m9p 9lon7k4fukw4pn T7kthnmoj7lt4r 65wjnxo967xr7u Bkwmnxrwwkhl44 Rstlllrplhpo79 9kub65476jrf6t Opokt6twno4m4l Pbmljp94mjhfuh 7b4p5ujnffwpjo P5hr46hw6ljrub,  J. E, FL

3977 Friskies (9/19/2017 4:57:44 PM):  Anyone know where the best deals are on canned Friskies? flavors don't matter. one of my cats has to eat soft food until her mouth heals and now they all want it,  Judy B B, LA

3979 Coke codes (9/19/2017 5:00:37 PM):  Nlr4t5w4jmnmju P4jmuonurw5f6r 66b9xmjuopukbp Rthrk44nf9uk4x Uo957kxxkubukh 9t5onrpmkxmku4 Oljh4ptxfwhr4f Ppm7jpl7uxhhor U46fxxhhjjwfh7 Pfjju76bxxxf6l Pttj9tnrluhjmr Rfjwtk5u49n5bf,  J. E, FL

3980 Coke codes (9/19/2017 5:05:50 PM):  6p4uml46t64ulm 5bx4hkowputbp7 5px4x5nulfo5mp 7f7xwrwfhrhpff Tb95rk9ptkhw5m Ho4hm7pr6wbkxr F5b6rbh9u6b7nk 6fo9m9fkklt7fk Tfofwu6ufkkp4h 9jbmnf5u9on664 F65opxhjhrlwnj Ohhun4xh4ufpph,  J. E, FL

3981 Coke codes (9/19/2017 5:10:46 PM):  6wku9l4ouobpjm Purblb6jltobb6 U44nkuuhlt79jb R5owxt9rhjtlfn 6bbwxwn9b6ffbh Fk6xrbn6tlfpxw Oxp65xwrtlbrr9 6xfbxf7m6mul5b 67fxxrwluolxt9 F6rb64m95nl7o9 Orkxb94r57uxn7 7kj55mhuupmmn6 ,  J. E, FL

3982 Coke codes (9/19/2017 5:15:51 PM):  Bkot6j9m5tl664 7j79t5b56hhb4u Uot7ph9ur6wr4m N5lmxml9jw9wx5 Njko4659bxh55b 64po5hfxpkookb B5mkh997opu6wh 6fkuwmkkho6oxr Ofh5jhuf7u6kpf 45mwuwljn6pf7j H6u7fkn7u44klo 6wfk6uubh96f5u,  J. E, FL

3983 Coke codes (9/19/2017 5:21:26 PM):  45kplu5otxkwuu Pjhfl6rtb9m75w Njl79um4pmkmfm 995rhup997xb9n N59mt5kjwjmbwx 9kt9nlnu5nm4x6 Ujmlxux6f9n64m Ptnr5fox54plfu Tohw69xjbp5m64 N6tun4jojp47t9 Uulo6ujtkktrn7 O7rk7f7fupnr7o,  J. E, FL

3984 Coke codes (9/19/2017 5:25:44 PM):  Bllhno5bphfmjx H6wwbwul5rjjbt 7xomptlfkoojfb 9pn7tjmjrx45hf 5mpklwlun9lrrf Rptu9b5lr6mrfu Rkl5bnm7mt7kxw 9x7ko94rfl46bh 7jntxf9kfu9kfh Rpkwwtuntporn9 9nxfrtmlh5hl5r Tkowbo56jkrlut,  J. E, FL

3986 Coke codes (9/19/2017 5:30:13 PM):  Hxk4bnwu9njhm4 F7khfp5rhmnfmo 64hxo76k6nfmfn 7j6rwm5o55khux 7m5w64w5n945f6 Prwtfmx47wj6mp Bknu77p9ljlxuf 7646pr5toft79p Hm54nu744rp96 6ln4htw74nxhb4 5kuoutkhlltmnk 67jkllrl4ruwjx,  J. E, FL

3988 Coke codes (9/19/2017 5:57:04 PM):  Just got an email. Submit 10 codes from any Coke products and receive e coupon for large popcorn at any AMC theater.,  Andrea C, CA

3990 Weddings (9/19/2017 6:43:20 PM):  A former co-worker of mine posted that he and his wife are celebrating 25 years of marriage today. I remember the wedding well as it was the first time I attended a co-worker's wedding after I began my career. I graduated from IU in the summer of 1992 and started working in August. He was married a few weeks later and I was invited. At the wedding, guests took their silverware and tapped on their water glasses. It was that night that I learned that clinking on glasses was a sign to encourage the new bride and groom to kiss. As I went to a couple of other "big city" weddings, the same tradition occurred. Guests would clink their glasses and the bride and groom were supposed to kiss. I didn't know how I got to be 22 years old and had never heard of that tradition. It wasn't until a few months later that I went to a wedding back home in southern Indiana when I made the connection. Prior to moving to Indianapolis, I had never been to a wedding where anything other than plastic cups were used. :) I figured you all might appreciate the story given that we all tend to be frugal. Cheers, everyone! ,  John B, IN

3993 Wheel of Fortune (9/19/2017 7:02:58 PM):  Bonus Round Puzzle: PLAYFUL GREYHOUND No mystery wedge no spin id,  Rhonda K, FL

3994 $499- HP laptop, 8 GB memory (9/19/2017 7:12:17 PM):  HP Laptop 250 G6 (2NC71UT#ABA) Intel Core i5 7th Gen 7200U (2.50 GHz) 8 GB Memory 128 GB SSD Intel HD Graphics 620 15.6" Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit, $599, but use code EMCRKBK67 to make it $499. Free shipping. 2% back thru Ebates.,  Tricia B, MD

3998 Shutterfly offer (9/19/2017 9:25:23 PM):  Enjoy a Free Set of Playing Cards* USE CODE: KEB9-345N-TBUG-4Z2DHJ *Offer expires September 30, 2017 (11:59 P.M. PT). Offer is good for one free set of playing cards through, our mobile-friendly site or Shutterfly app. Promo can only be redeemed once per account and/or billing address. This offer code can only be entered once. Please post when used!,  Michelle M, NY

4000 Mens dress pants (9/19/2017 9:45:41 PM):  Go to and search for Men's Croft & Barrow® Easy-Care Stretch Classic-Fit Flat-Front Pants. They are regularly $48. and marked down to $5.76. Use SUNSET30 for 30% off and MVC4SEPT for free shipping. Pants are $4.03 after codes.,  Jeanne W, PA

4001 Edible Arrangements (9/19/2017 9:49:18 PM):  Smoothies, Froyos and Fruit Salads will be $.99 on 9/22 only.,  Jeanne W, PA

4005 FOY Gifthulk (9/20/2017 5:23:28 AM):  1v94mr4ne 20 coins 1 user,  Lacinda T, IA

4008 Purex at Target (9/20/2017 5:50:55 AM):  Thru 9/23 Purex 150 oz is 6.99 and you get a $5 gift card with the purchase of 3. Some have a "sticker coupon" B2G1F attached. REALLY GOOD deal! But, if you do this deal be careful - when the checker scans the B2G1F coupon it appears to work but it doesn't. My advice is to pay for the Purex deal and then the rest of your shopping in a separate order. You know how confusing Target CRT's can be.... I have done this offer 3 times and none of them scanned correctly and I had to go to customer service to get it straightened out. Just about got blue in the face trying to explain the first time as I had several coupons and more than one BXGXF items. The 2nd time I did just the Purex... that made it easier although still difficult... the 3rd time I wrote out the offer with pen and ink before I went. Showed the price of 3 Purex - then subtracted the $5 gift card and then the 6.99 for the free one. Customer service quickly saw what I was trying to tell them and it was corrected with no hassle. ,  Beverly E, IA

4015 Swagcode (9/20/2017 8:20:30 AM):  Enter "Comemore200" for 8 points Expires 8am PST Sorry so late - just saw the message,  Teresa S, CA

4017 baby boy clothing (9/20/2017 8:58:00 AM):  Don't forget to go through Ebates for more savings ,  Marcie M, WI

4019 Walmart Savings Catcher (9/20/2017 9:58:55 AM):  Does anyone know if I cash my savings catcher in for a Walmart e-Gift card, can I use the e-Gift card to buy other gift cards?,  Yvonne L, LA

4020 Dillards 40% add'l clearance (9/20/2017 10:04:32 AM):  Dillards has add'ls 40% off clearance for the whole store starting today.,  Helen N, ID

4021 JC Penney 50% off clearance (9/20/2017 10:06:11 AM):  JCP has an add'l 50% off all clearance. Also they have $10/$25. Ask your clerk if they have the coupon, if you don't have it on you. They can't outrite offer it to you, but if you ask, they will find one for you.,  Helen N, ID

4025 Food Lion Freebies (9/20/2017 12:06:46 PM):  Haven't seen this posted but FL is giving a free item each day this week. It started yesterday with a free can of Progresso Soup and today's freebie is a box of Hamburger Helper. Go to your account and it comes up in the coupons to load. Dorry,  Dolores S, WV

4026 1,000 Dial Points (9/20/2017 12:19:27 PM):  Go to Home Page - Click on the Girl Washing Hands (middle picture at the top) Takes you to: "Dial Invites You to Lend a Hand" Click: "Sign Up" (doesn't cost you anything) Enter: The code "GIVING" in the code box Immediately get 1,000 in your account !!!!!,  Dolores S, WV

4029 Big Valley Fresh Frozen Fruits (9/20/2017 1:22:31 PM):  In my quest to downsize my paper piles I'm trying to figure out if the no expiration date coupons I have (with UPC codes) are for products that are still available. Does anyone know, is Big Valley Fresh Frozen fruits a product that is still sold? ,  Marijane W, MI

4030 Shutterfly code (9/20/2017 1:22:35 PM):  KEB9-0XVN-T9DK-G3C5ZJ Good for one set of playing cards, shipping not included. Expires 9/30/17,  Gayle S, MI

4035 Staple Rewards Question (9/20/2017 2:40:15 PM):  Is there a way to view my rewards with Staples? In the past I was sent a check or an email with a link to my rewards. I am clueless...can anyone help?,  Lynda M, FL

4042 Swag Code Alert (9/20/2017 4:06:20 PM):  Enter Celebre200 into your Swag bucks code box for 7 SB. Exp 7pm eastern time.,  Rosalie S, PA

4045 free security (9/20/2017 4:14:40 PM):  I just bought a new computer & don't want MacAfee. Please recommend the best FREE security to use. tia,  Barb M, NJ

4046 $60 shipped- Distressed blue side table (9/20/2017 4:18:13 PM):  This is so cute. I would totally buy 2 if hubby would let me buy that beach house I've always wanted❤ Arman Distressed Side Table Blue - Beekman 1802 FarmHouse™, was $119.99, now $59.98 with free shipping. 1% back thru ebates. ,  Tricia B, MD

4053 crest at walgreens (9/20/2017 4:49:29 PM):  Has anyone been successful doing the free crest at Walgreens that Michele posted about in her updates? I tried this morning and they would only let me use two of the $2 coupons because it states on there that only 2 like coupons per customer per day. I figured it was still a good deal so I went ahead and of course the RR did not print. So then they call a manager who wanders from the back and tells me I didn't buy the right stuff. I told her the signs said this one was right, so she wanders to the back to look at the tags. Decides I'm right and tries to log into her computer to give me points for the $3. (that's how they fix a missing RR). Tries another register and doesn't work either. finally the third try she is able to log in and put points on my account. As I'm leaving, so says, I put $5 of points on instead of $3 for the inconvience. So I ended up with free toothpaste afterall, but wasted 20 minutes. Was only 10 minutes late for work, just told the boss I was running late. (don't think he would understand). ,  Gloria S, WI

4057 Swagcode (9/20/2017 5:59:44 PM):  Enter "Fejr200" for 9 SB Expires 6pm PST,  Teresa S, CA

4060 Swag Code Alert (9/20/2017 6:13:14 PM):  Enter Fejr200 in your code box for 9 SB. Exp 9pm eastern,  Rosalie S, PA

4061 Wheel of Fortune (9/20/2017 6:36:36 PM):  EVIL WIZARD No mystery wedge no spin id ,  Rhonda K, FL

4062 Food Lion Freebies - Coming (9/20/2017 6:52:35 PM):  Besides today's freebie of H. Helper here's the other upcoming ones - Wednesday 9/19: One FREE Hamburger Helper Mix Thursday 9/20: One FREE Fruit By The Foot or One FREE Fruit Roll-Up Friday 9/21: One FREE Box Honey Nut Cheerios,  Dolores S, WV

4065 Kroger/QFC (9/20/2017 7:28:28 PM):  has crest on the 4.00 off 4, making them 1.99. 2.00 ecoupon, colgate 2.49 with 4.00/4 2.00 coupon. Act kids toothpaste 1.69 with 4.00/4 1.50 coupon. Also found a bunch of candy marked down 75% & used coupons onthem too. But the best deal I found was frozen Brotelli chicken parm reg 8.99 marked down to 2.00 with the 4.00/4 on it so 1.00 ea., got 8.,  Janice L, WA

4066 Honey (9/20/2017 7:58:18 PM):  Does anyone know anything about Honey. Says to download on computer and it finds the best coupon code for you.,  Christine K, NE

4067 Papa Johns (9/20/2017 8:19:30 PM):  Go to Papa and order a large or pan pizza for $7.00. Use code PEPPERONI to get this price through 9/24. Pay with Visa checkout and get another pizza free. You will receive 2 emails. One will be the confirmation of your order and the other will be for your free pizza. You have 30 days to use the free one. Expires 10/31/17. You can use any Visa, Mastercard, Discover or any major credit card to make payment. ,  Jeanne W, PA

4068 Halloween tees (9/20/2017 8:26:22 PM):  Go here and look for the Halloween tees that are priced $5. Buy 5 for a total of $25. Enter code 37Deals for $10 off $25. So you will get 5 shirts for $15 or $3.00 each. Pickup in store for free shipping. Otherwise shipping is $3.95,  Jeanne W, PA

4069 $13 shipped - Sterling Silver initial pinky ring (9/20/2017 8:41:27 PM):  Initial Diamond-Accented Pinky Ring originally $49.99, now $19.99. However, use code BradsPinky to make it $12.99. Shipping is free. B, MD

4070 Sherwin WSilliams (9/20/2017 11:03:10 PM):  From September 22-25 Sherwin Williams will have 40% off paints and stains, 30% off painting supplies and 25% off custom order wall paper. There is no coupon needed. ,  Jeanne W, PA

4071 Fire Pit (9/20/2017 11:09:57 PM):  Go here and page down until you see the Better Homes & Gardens 26" square fire pit with copper finish bowl Sale price is $35.08 and is regularly $79.87. It ships free.,  Jeanne W, PA

4074 FOY Gifthulk (9/21/2017 5:26:44 AM):  zgil8b74m 28 coins 2 users,  Lacinda T, IA

4077 Staples Code Anyone? (9/21/2017 6:23:35 AM):  Hi Ya'll. Company's coming and I need to buy a Keurig (we don't drink coffee). There's a K145 on sale this week at Staples. It's a long shot, but wondering if anyone might have a $30 off $60 code hanging around they aren't going to use? I would be so appreciative! Or any code that would help bring the cost down. Thanks so much!,  Angie F, MI

4083 $215 - Remote start system for car w/ installation (9/21/2017 9:12:51 AM):  Viper - Viper 4115V1D Remote Start System with Interface Module, Ball Bearing Tilt Switch and Geek Squad® Installation Was $499.97, now $214.99: This would be SO AWESOME to have for those very cold mornings where you want your car to be started and warm!!!,  Tricia B, MD

4092 Ulta even more (9/21/2017 12:08:20 PM):  Be sure to refer friends and you both get $10 I think it is. ,  Sherry S, WV

4094 CVS Quarterly Rewards (9/21/2017 12:35:43 PM):  I couldn't find this on the CVS website. I'm looking for the dates of the Quarterly Rewards, i.e., what is the starting and ending date for the last one (Summer)? I found what dates the rewards print, but not the dates they begin and end.,  Carol H, AL

4098 Rite Aid (9/21/2017 3:23:52 PM):  The purchase of most Rite aids by Walgreens is complete. In Colorado the only stores staying Rite Aid are in Grand Junction. No one is sure how long the change over will take.,  Lynn C, CO

4099 My Points (9/21/2017 3:24:45 PM):  Is anyone having problem with My Points? A friend of mine was having a problem taking a survey. She could not enter information, and the next thing she was dropped from the program. it was almost as though they didn't want her to enter information.,  Joan B A, MI

4100 Rite Aid (9/21/2017 4:44:09 PM):  When I shopped at our Rite Aid today they told me that they had just been notified that their store was one of the few that would remain Rite Aid. YEA!! We'll see what changes occur in the next few months. We also have a Walgrren and another Rite Aid in town,  Sharon S, NY

4101 Panda Express coupons (9/21/2017 4:48:03 PM):  Use code SWEET for $3 off $5 when ordering online at Panda Express. Or get 4 bottled drinks for free with purchase of a family feast with code FEAST4U.,  Tricia B, MD

4103 Wheel of Fortune (9/21/2017 5:37:03 PM):  Bonus Round Puzzle: BROWN CORDUROY My$tery Wedge $10K Giveaway Spin ID DC6583703,  Rhonda K, FL

4107 CVS Coupon Problem (9/21/2017 6:08:18 PM):  I went to CVS today to get generic Prilosec. I had one $5 ECB and one $2 ECB, plus a $4 off on CVS Omeprazole which is generic Prilosec. I selected a 28 count package and went to check out. The $4 coupon did not come off the total and the cashier said that it was not allowed because it had to be a 42 count package. I showed her the coupon that did not specify a size. She said she couldn't do anything so I asked to talk to the manager. She said he's right there talking on the phone but he can't do anything. I said OK, I still want to talk to him. I waited 5 minutes for him to finish his call and told him what was wrong. He rang up the transaction again and the $4 coupon would not work. He showed me the register which said it was not for the 42 count so not good. I told him he could override it but he said he could not. I told him I'd be calling corporate. What is the number I should call? I've given all my business to CVS because it's closer for me. So disgusted.,  Nancy E, LA

4111 $58 shipped- Stanley Wet/Dry vac (9/21/2017 8:07:10 PM):  Stanley 6.0 Peak HP 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vac Tool Caddie and Blower Port, reg. $79, now $58 with free shipping. 1% back thru ebates or 5% back thru Discover w/ Discover card.,  Tricia B, MD

4112 Got my LCD (9/21/2017 8:39:56 PM):  class action check today. 553.01 yahoooo!,  Janice L, WA

4113 Cookie jar (9/21/2017 9:55:36 PM):  Go to and you will find a Pioneer Woman Charlie cookie jar. Regularly $19.94 on sale for $9.78. Charlie is a bassett hound and is adorable. It is 11" high. Free store pickup at Walmart or shipping is free with a $35. order.,  Jeanne W, PA

4114 Baskin-Robbins (9/21/2017 9:59:30 PM):  Go to Baskin-Robbins on 9/22 and get a 3.5 oz sample of a Cappuccino Blast. Good from 3PM to 7PM. These are a combination of ice cream and coffee.,  Jeanne W, PA

4118 My Points (9/22/2017 5:44:26 AM):  The phone number I have is (310) 294 - 9599 The address is 100 N. Sepulveda Blvd, El Segundo, Calif. 90245. Please post your your findings.,  Joan B A, MI

4121 $399.99 - 55 in Toshiba Ultra HD TV (9/22/2017 7:13:19 AM):  Toshiba - 55" Class (54.6" Diag.) - LED - 2160p - with Chromecast Built-in - 4K Ultra HD TV, was $549.99, now $399.99. Free shipping or free store pick up. 1% cash back thru ebates.,  Tricia B, MD

4123 Target GC question (9/22/2017 8:33:34 AM):  Did anyone else get an email from Tremor with a free $5 Target egift card? It appears to be from, but I'm afraid to click the link to get the GC. Don't want to infect my computer for a lousy five bucks if it isn't legit.,  Linda B. B, CA

4124 $13.49- Men’s Under Armour shirt (9/22/2017 8:37:29 AM):  Under Armour Charged Cotton® Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt, was $24.99, now $13.49. Free shipping with code FSBRDD17. 6% back thru ebates or 15% back thru Discover if you have a Discover card.,  Tricia B, MD

4134 $66- Women's North Face Jacket (9/22/2017 11:50:53 AM):  The North Face Women's Caroluna 2 Jacket, reg. $119.95, now $82.95. Use code CHEESYTOTS to make it $66.39. 4.5% cash back thru ebates.,  Tricia B, MD

4135 lowes (9/22/2017 12:22:00 PM):  Does anyone have the 10 off 50 coupon or 25 off 250 coupons that they aren't going to use. I will reimburse you $1 for the postage. Thank you very much! ,  Stephanie E, PA

4137 Movie Tickets $1 today (9/22/2017 12:43:44 PM):  Anyone in the Westbrook Maine area....Cinemagic tickets today only are $1. We are going to see IT shortly. Will use my Blue Diamond Nuts tickets tomorrow and see another movie for $2 each! HTH someone in the area.,  Cheryl C, ME

4143 Swagbucks survey (9/22/2017 4:05:24 PM):  Has anyone not gotten credit for a survey they've taken recently? It was 15 points and I started it while at hubby's Dr appt because I was bored. After we left, I finished and got to the Thank you for taking this survey" page. However, I've never had one not credit immediately. ,  Tricia B, MD

4145 Swagbucks survey (9/22/2017 4:29:55 PM):  Has anyone not gotten credit for a survey they've taken recently? It was 15 points and I started it while at hubby's Dr appt because I was bored. After we left, I finished and got to the Thank you for taking this survey" page. However, I've never had one not credit immediately. ,  Tricia B, MD

4147 FOY Code (9/22/2017 5:06:13 PM):  I have an FOY code for 3 people. o38u230hs,  Cheryl W, PA

4148 Looking for a raincoat / jacket (9/22/2017 5:55:16 PM):  I need to buy a raincoat / jacket for our 15yr DS. We went to Burlington and TJ Maxx. I was amazed at the prices. $50.00 + I went to Wal-mart they didn't have any. Any suggestions. I probably order something from Kohl's. I thought I would ask her. Lands End is even higher in price. TIA,  Renay E, NJ

4149 RAOK (9/22/2017 6:12:52 PM):  I have 2 similac checks that exp 9/27 one is a check for $1.49 off a Go & Grow pouch by Similac one is a check for $5 off ANY similac to be used in COSTCO If you can really use them, respond and I'll send to the 1st person who posts.,  Michelle M, NY

4150 $36 shipped- Women's New Balance (9/22/2017 6:50:44 PM):  Women's New Balance 790v6, reg. $69.99, now $34.99. Use code DOLLARSHIP to ship them for $1. B, MD

4152 $45 shipped- Air Fryer (9/22/2017 6:56:04 PM):  Avalon Bay 2.64qt Air Fryer, reg. $69.95. Use code BRADSONLY to make them $45 with free shipping. B, MD

4153 Wheel of Fortune (9/22/2017 7:00:52 PM):  Bonus Round Puzzle: DOG GROOMER My$tery Wedge $10K Giveaway Spin ID: MF0345536 ,  Rhonda K, FL

4154 Satellite TV (9/22/2017 7:06:29 PM):  I posted a deal a few days ago $49.99 for 2 years of dish price lock I thought I'd give directv a chance to lower my TV bill 1st I chatted online to Mark asking if they would price match Dish Networks price on my TV service , he responded with a mobile offer (for cell service) I said no thanksCcall #1 talked to Lynn (billing) sounded foreign who could not help me but transferred me to another dept to get help with lowering bill (retention) but instead connected me to An automated service asking me to provide answers to autopay Call #2 Salam tells me I am getting a $5 credit cant help me reducing bill b/c of that and to call back closer to my contract ending date 12/4/17 but offers sport package I tell him I dont want more channels need a cheaper price b/c we are on a fixed income ,  Ann A, NC

4160 Bacon (9/22/2017 8:40:43 PM):  The deal this week is B1G1 Oscar Mayer and it's $10.99! Not that many weeks ago I thought it was ridiculous at $7.99. iused to buy bits and ends but I haven't seen that in ages. ,  Judy B B, LA

4163 Sonic (9/22/2017 9:33:29 PM):  Sonic will have corn dogs for $.50 on 9/27.,  Jeanne W, PA

4164 Walgreens Beauty Coupon 7/20 (9/22/2017 10:15:37 PM):  Unless I missed it I haven't seen any posts for the spend 20 get 7,000 pts beauty/personal care coupon deal going on now thru tomorrow. I found the coupons sitting on a display table but they were also printing from the catalina machine. I purchase 4 Schick disposal razors for 5.99 ea. B2g 2,000 pts. I used 4 3/1 manuf coupons, plus the 7/20 coupon. After coupons and pts .96 for 4 pkgs. ,  Linda M, OR

4165 jc penney (9/22/2017 10:44:45 PM):  JC Penney has 50% off already reduced clearance, including Disney, i got Frozen backpacks for 6.00 clothes were 1/2 off reduced price,i got 6 toddler outfits for 15.00 also white dinner plates, i'll probably go back next week,  Janet C, WI

4168 FOY Gifthulk (9/23/2017 5:51:00 AM):  u6pwfb5vk 36 coins 3 users,  Lacinda T, IA

4178 RAOK - free personalized puzzle (9/23/2017 8:12:23 AM):  Free personalized puzzle at Shutterfly with code: KECA-0WSR-CZPJ-JSEWF1. I've seen these and they're neat. Submit your own picture (kids, grandkids, cats, etc.) and they make a puzzle out of it. Good thru October 31. You must pay additional S&H.,  Tricia B, MD

4179 CVS (9/23/2017 8:18:53 AM):  Good morning, Does cvs still give the new deals on Saturday night? I saw some coupons on the app that would work well with the p and g deal that actually starts tomorrow and the coupons expire today. Thanks for your help.,  Robin C, NY

4181 Extreme Cheapskates (9/23/2017 8:59:11 AM):  I had problems sleeping this morning. So I turned my TV on & watched a program called "Extreme Cheapskates". There was a woman(lived in Virginia?) who said her electric utility charges less to use electricity during the hours of 12 am to 5 am. She runs her vacuum cleaner during those hours. Plus uses her oven during those same hours to save as much money as she can! Do electric utilities charge less to use electricity during certain hours than other hours?When she did those things during 12 am to 5 am, she used a battery powered flashlight to see what she was doing!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

4182 $69 shipped- MyHeritage DNA test (9/23/2017 9:31:41 AM):  MyHeritage DNA Test Kit - Ancestry & Ethnicity Genetic Testing, $69 with free shipping. Gets good reviews.,  Tricia B, MD

4183 Tide coupons (9/23/2017 9:48:09 AM):  The Tide/Gain/Dreft coupons were in my home-delivered Philadelphia Inquirer P&G insert this morning. ,  Theresa W, PA

4193 Penneys (9/23/2017 12:37:22 PM):  I just got back from Penneys and got $126.96 worth of baby clothes for $2.23. My husband and I each had a $10/$10 coupon and the clothes were already marked down plus an additional 50% off. They will be donated to a church which gives layettes to the needy.,  Pat S, AZ

4195 Barnes&Noble 20% off for members (9/23/2017 1:38:48 PM):  If you have a B&N membership card, they are discounting everything an additional 20% through Sunday. I bought a new book for 40% off and then used a $2 coupon the register spit out on top of the 20% discount at the in-store Starbucks, paid less than $2 for a latte. Even magazines are discounted 20% off. I find the money I save throughout the year more than covers the $25 annual membership fee.,  Barbara S, CA

4200 JC Penney coupon (9/23/2017 4:23:18 PM):  I have a $10 off $10 coupon. Good for in store or online. Here's the info for using online. Code TRENDY6 Serial number 120116360 Expires 9/27/17 Hope someone can use it.,  Gayle S, MI

4203 Sprint Deal (9/23/2017 5:51:34 PM):  Has anyone switched to the Sprint deal that is free for a year? I have tracfone now and wondered how I could get a cheap phone to use for this deal. Been wanting to get another phone. Using my tracfone more and more.,  Beverly H, IN

4206 $13 shipped- State Personalized Sign (9/23/2017 7:02:01 PM):  Home State Signs, reg. $19.99, now on sale for $8.98. Shipping is $3.99. Pick your state, wood color and writing (vinyl) color. B, MD

4209 $12-- set of 6 foldable storage cubes (9/23/2017 8:52:26 PM):  Niche Cubo Foldable Fabric Storage Bin, Set of 6, beige, was $19.99, now $12. Free in store pick up or free shipping on $35. Or if you don't need 6, then a set of three is $7: B, MD

4211 Kellogg's books. (9/24/2017 12:06:18 AM):  If anyone has the free books from Kellogg's. I would love to have them sent to me for my daughter 9 yrs old. You can email me at,  Sheri C, FL

4213 Office Depot - VIP (9/24/2017 5:42:53 AM):  If you spend $500 at Office Depot for the next year you'll be in there VIP status for rewards. One of the perks is you can do reviews of products and get $2 for each up to 3 each month. We bought a computer this year so we are in the VIP club.,  Mary G. G, NY

4215 $60 shipped- Ray ban sunglasses (9/24/2017 7:18:10 AM):  Shnoop has various Ray Ban sunglasses for $69.99. These styles include the Round Gradient Sunglasses, the Aviator Caravans, and the Havana Gradient Sunglasses. Use code BRADSRB10 to make them $59.99 with free shipping. For example, these were originally $200; $59.99 after code: B, MD

4218 Staples $1 for a 4-ream pkg paper (9/24/2017 8:12:44 AM):  Go to to print the coupon for a 4-ream package of paper for $1 after coupon and rebate.,  Janice H, TX

4221 No Tresemme Coupons (9/24/2017 11:07:54 AM):  I hoped for those coupons we never get Red Plum anymore and none were online thru Its my favorite hair spray ,  Ann A, NC

4222 Publix digital coupons (9/24/2017 11:12:44 AM):  Has totally free ARLA cream cheese 7oz tub, Liberte yogurt 1 cup, Publix premium pancake and waffle mix,  Joan B, FL

4224 $169+ shipped 2000 watt generator (9/24/2017 12:01:34 PM):  Sportsman 2,000 Watt Generator, reg. $417.99. gas $169, propane, $189. Free shipping. B, MD

4227 centsible chat (9/24/2017 1:05:20 PM):  When I read centsible chat I only have about 8 posts on there then the rest of the page is blank. I have the top to read indented replies. Should I have it set on something else?,  Carolyn S, IL

4229 CC reminder (9/24/2017 2:06:15 PM):  Check all credit card statements carefully, whether paper or online. A friend gave $25 to Red Cross disaster relief, using Elan credit card. Had no other charges on that card - but current statement shows $300 hotel charges in CA (we're in WI). When she called - there are $1,700 more hotel charges since that 'donation' to Red Cross. Please be vigilant - even or especially when you think you're doing the right thing by donating. Thanks for reading.,  Nancy J, WI

4231 What did you get for free or cheap? (9/24/2017 3:12:23 PM):  I found an interesting website called 'Hometown Pass' where tickets are B1G1F if you live 50 miles within DC, Keywest, Boston, Nashville, etc. It's a free program where you sign up online. Beware though, make your reservations ahead of time. For Date night, I wanted to do the 'Monuments at Night' tour but they were all sold out. The website is: I was trying to do this Groupon for a train in Colorado. I could not get the 'Submit' button to work. I think that they were almost sold out and me and another person were buying tickets and they got there before I did. Darn! I did the Food Lion deal this week but was shorted $1.50. When I went to Customer Service to get the missing money, the manager said she would give it to me this time but that the food item had to have the tag advertising the .25 deal. So, I came home, tried to email Food Lion and again, for the third time, could not 'submit' my post. Since I'm on a meal plan, I'm not buying very many items through this deal. If you are reserving motels through Choicehotels during the week, don't forget that you get a small bonus which is posted in the email reservation. It includes items such as additional points, a coffee coupon, etc. Thank you to the OP who mentioned we can submit Mycokerewards points for our local schools. You're right...there are not many choices so I will take my points and give them half and half to the school and the American Red Cross. I hope you have a good week with many good deals. Don't forget to tell us about them. It can help so many of us.,  Mindy W, MD

4233 Kroger Football Game (9/24/2017 3:43:14 PM):  Well, I did the Kroger game EVERY day until it ended and I NEVER won one coupon out of the 90,000 available. Am I the only one that is unlucky?? ,  Francine G, AZ

4235 Maxwell House (9/24/2017 3:52:13 PM):  (N) $2 on two Gevalia, Maxwell House or McCafe Products 6-30-18. I need these for a sale this week. I do not have paypal but can send cash or stamps. Plmk how many you have and how much you want for them. Thanks.,  Donna C, MI

4236 Maxwell House (9/24/2017 3:53:13 PM):  (N) $2 on two Gevalia, Maxwell House or McCafe Products 6-30-18. I need these for a sale this week. I do not have paypal but can send cash or stamps. Plmk how many you have and how much you want for them. Thanks.,  Donna C, MI

4241 Mary G G NY/Office Depot Surveys (9/24/2017 5:15:36 PM):  Could you explain this in more detail? How do you get the survey offers?,  Linda M, OR

4280 RAOK- ▪Kohl's code (9/24/2017 6:33:11 PM):  Kohl's code:45KFEWUMX8KRK for 30% off with any form of payment, good today only. www.kohls.comTricia B, MD

4286 air fryer..... (9/24/2017 10:09:25 PM):  there was a thread yesterday about air fryers. the brand i have is nuwave. i first bought the bella brand one that tricia, md, notified us about last month, but gave that to my mom. i ordered another one of those for her best friend (who loves hers!), but best buy was out of those when i tried to get another for myself. this nuwave is slightly bigger & a little fancier than the bella. it cost me about $60, but i wouldn't trade it for anything now! ,  Donna M, CA

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