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FOY Gifthulk (5/10/2017 5:24:43 AM):  gm1zpr8wq 27 coins 2 users,  Lacinda T, IA

7727 Tide Pods (5/10/2017 8:55:36 AM):  Tide Pods are on sale at Walgreens for 3.99. Hope you have 3.00 cpns.,  Kelly W, VA

7731 Crayola Name the Blue crayon contest (5/10/2017 11:35:52 AM):  Crayola is having a weekly contest to name its new blue crayon. A winner will be drawn each week to win $100. I tried to enter my name idea early this morning. I couldn't complete the registration on their Website. I just tried again. And this time I could complete the registration form. but when I submitted my name idea, I got onscreen message saying my name idea had already been submitted! I tried to enter a different name idea. But I also got same onscreen message saying that name had already been submitted! I wondee if anyone has been successfully able to enter a name idea that no one else has ever thought of & already submitted?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

7734 $32 shipped - Nautica Polarized Sunglasses (5/10/2017 12:16:27 PM):  Men's Nautica Polarized Aviator N5116S, reg. $160, 3 colors, now $32 with free shipping. B, MD

7736 $79 shipped- Dooney & Bourke tote (5/10/2017 12:37:07 PM):  Was $199, now $99, but when added to your cart, it will be $79.20!! B, MD

7739 Glad Bags (5/10/2017 1:37:01 PM):  I received the card reject also but when I called she said they had not gotten all upc's yet for the rebate.She check my submission and said it was right and I will receive rebate in 30 days.I put it on my calendar.Also ask her name.Might help if U have to call again.I used 8773228355 phone no,  Julie J, FL

7741 New MIR (5/10/2017 2:22:14 PM):  Found a hangtag with free offer yesterday at Rite Aid. Buy T.N.Dickinson's Witch Hazel Product. Send Original store identified receipt dated 03-01-2016 to 12-01-2019 with TND Witch Hazel product circled. Mail to T.N.Dickinson's Free Offer Dept #DB11-8056 PO Box 472 Scottsdale AZ 85252-0472 Receive a check for your purchase price of the product via mail. Sales tax not included. Void where prohibited. Postmark by 12-15-2019 One offer per envelope and one offer per name/household/address To check status of your free offer visit www.rapid-rebates .com or call 1-800-619-4703 This is a new offer. I last sent one in 2012 to a different address and got paid promptly.,  Frances K, CA

7744 Suggestion (5/10/2017 2:28:43 PM):  I do point sites and get gc from those also get them from my bank and receive them as gifts from family. I don't deposit all of them and save them up, I have a special place I put the ones I have not used and the ones I use I save in another place, which I have not clue why I save the used ones for awhile. This week I am so glad I saved and didn't toss the used ones. I had bought a gift for my sister and my account was getting lower then I liked it to be so added two $100 gc to it, one worked fine the other did not!!! I called and it showed the card had been used, I was 99% sure I had not used it, but on the back of card after reading I knew I was out of luck. Any way, I decided I best deposit the rest of my cards and did so with no problems. Next day I deposited a $5 gc from Bing and saw all my deposited gc were gone!!! I was in a panic since it was 12 cards... I called and to make this shorter they could not find cards but I still had the cards and she checked and was able to redeposit the cards for me plus they gave me the $100 from the card that didn't work and also gave me a bonus for being a loyal customer... I was very surprised at that. So the moral of this is don't toss gc until you have used the money, if I had I would have lost a large amount I was saving for something special. I was so lucky. ,  Linda K. W, IN

7747 Calcium citrate (5/10/2017 3:22:32 PM):  Citrical has Calcium citrate in a new shaped tablet and is sooooo much easier to swallow than those humongous ones and I don't like most gummies as they stick to my teeth. The new ones are football shaped,  Vera M, MI

7748 star kist tuna update (5/10/2017 3:31:10 PM):  many of us filed over a year ago for the starkist tuna underfill class action lawsuit. we were supposed to get $25 or $50 coupons. according to this we will get $1.97. i am happy to get it, but a judge really approved this, hard to believe isn't it,  Jack L, TX

7751 Wheel of fortune (5/10/2017 5:29:59 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: ES1569616 Bonus Round Puzzle: HOT PROPERTY _______________________________________ Wheel of Fortune Mother’s Day Giveaway Mother’s Day puzzle: LOTS OF HUGS AND KISSES Enter between 3:00:00 p.m. PT on a given day and 2:59:59 p.m. PT the immediately following day.,  Rhonda K, FL

7752 JCPenny Code (5/10/2017 5:33:57 PM):  I have this one time use code for $10 Off $10 that I won't be using. It is a online code and I don't live close enough to a store to pick it up. Post if you use so others will know. Expires on the 14th. Code MOMSDAY serial number 898731299,  Debbie R, IN

7753 Wags Coujpons (5/10/2017 6:23:14 PM):  Hi - I found one of the get 7000 points when you spend $25 coupons. Can I use that or is it keyed to the other person's balance rewards card? Does anyone know? ,  Kim C, FL

7756 Judy B B, LA (5/10/2017 8:10:55 PM):  Your husband if retired, should be able to go to the nearest base and or VA and request another copy of his DD214,  Virginia V, FL

7766 $67- Lego City Volcano (5/11/2017 6:57:21 AM):  LEGO City Volcano Exploration Base, was $94.99, now $67 with free in store pick up. Also, the same price at with free shipping: B, MD

7769 ShopRite Free A&H detergent (5/11/2017 8:17:58 AM):  If you have 5 of the $1 Arm & Hammer detergent cpns from last Sundays's inserts, use them at ShopRite to buy 5 for $4.95 after cpns, then get a $5 Cat on your next order. Make sure you have at least 2 different products so that you can use 2 different cpns. I got 4 packs of tablets & 1 bottle.,  Pat B, DE

7772 Pledge to donate blood Nexcare bandage samples (5/11/2017 9:18:39 AM):  Just got an e-message from nexcare bandages about the Pledge to donate blood day coming in June. If you ledge to be a supporter or donate blood(on their Website), you can get limited edition samples of their Nexcare bandages. I pledged to be a supporter. But when I'd filled out the pledge form online, I got onscreen message saying "my pledge wasn't successfully received"! What does it take to get your pledge successfully received in order to get the bandage samples? Was anyone else able to submit their pledge successfully?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

7774 Giant gas reward offers/yard sale items (5/11/2017 10:10:20 AM):  So I was speaking to a friend a few weeks back who is also involved in coupons and other money deals I'm into. After our discussion I am rethinking my approach to Giant gas reward deals. A few basics before I start. In my area, the gas discount is good for up to the total cost of the gas, and for up to 25 gallons per fill up. Those amounts vary by region so knowing your areas limits is important before understanding what makes sense for you. Right now the going rate for gas in my area is about 2.50 per gallon and my car tank holds approx. 15 gallons. One of my concerns the last several years was wondering if I had enough items for my yard sale. It's been more and more difficult to find deals with coupons. No longer can I go into a store and walk out with 7-8 bottles of shampoo on a regular basis for next to nothing. I have regular yard sale customers and I've been concerned with disappointing them and losing the volume of customers and therefore, the amount of sales and $. Each week Giant has a section where they advertise buy so many products for an extra 30,40, or 50 cents off per gallon, limit 4 or 5 offers. I would normally look these over and max them out if they were items my family could use. But the last 2 weeks I've been maxing them out if the prices made sense. For example, today is the last day of the previous week's sales. The offer is to save an additional 40 cents off per gallon when you buy 4 of the products listed below. The limit is 5 of the offers. Listed is a 2 pack of crest toothpaste for $3. I wouldn't normally spend that much for toothpaste so I wouldn't consider buying it, much less maxing out the deal with it. But here is the new thought process. I buy 12 of the 2packs (hopefully they have them-if not, we have several stores close by). so $3x4=$12x5offers=$60 total. I would of course use any coupons I might have but lets say I don't have any. My total is $60 for 40 tubes of toothpaste and $2 off a gallon of gas @ 2.50 =$50 worth of gas if I get the full 25 gallons I'm allowed. So again $60 for 40 tubes of toothpaste and $50 worth of gas. Now I have 40 tubes of toothpaste for my yard sale. If I sell them at 1.50 each I'll get my full $60 back. That leaves me with $50 worth of free gas. Even if I sell the items for less and have a cost of $20 or $30. Paying $20 or $30 for $50 worth of gas is better than most gas discounts I know of. Since my gas tank only holds 15 gallons and I'm allowed up to 25 gallons, last year I bought portable 5 gallon gas tanks from amazon. I have been using them to get my extra 10 gallons when I have earned free or near free gas, it just hasn't been very often that I have earned that much of a discount. The tanks weren't cheap. I got nice ones because I didn't want gas leaking in the back when I drove them home nor did I want gas leaking in my garage. I also bought a pump that can be inserted to make filling my car's tank at home easier from these portable tanks. An extra 10 gallons is almost an additional tank full for free so it is absolutely worth it not to waste those extra gallons just because my car has a smaller tank. My husband also uses this for yard equipment. It came in handy when it was blustery and cold out over winter and I didn't want to stand outside pumping gas. I already have 3 tanks but I'm going to order 3 more. My husband uses more gas because he drives back and forth to work and I don't. Gas rewards expire at the end of the month after the month you earned them in, so this gives us plenty of time to use them. And if ever I get too many, I can just back off on the deals when needed. So far I have pancake syrup, mustard, and toothpaste to add to my yard sale stockpile. Next week's offers aren't as good. Pancake mix looks to be the best option but I'm unsure how people would feel about buying pancake mix so I might skip that week. Anyway, rethinking my approach on the gas rewards has helped resolve 2 issues I had. Getting my gasoline cheap or free and filling out my stockpile for my yard sale. HTH!,  Deborah L, PA

7775 $9 - 16 in Laptop case (5/11/2017 10:43:53 AM):  V7 Vantage 2 Front-Loading 16" Laptop Case, was $24, now $8.99 with free in store pick up: B, MD

7781 West Marine (5/11/2017 12:56:59 PM):  If interested they have loads of rebates on their website for items for Fathers Day,  Julie J, FL

7784 Free Degree Men's spray (5/11/2017 1:34:53 PM):  I received the free deodorant I signed up for through the RC site today. This runs close to $5 in the store, what a score! Enclosed with it was also a coupon for a free Suave men's body wash or skin care item, value $3.00, 2 great freebies! Thank you Michele!,  Barbara S, CA

7785 Extra care bucks (5/11/2017 1:37:24 PM):  I carefully shopped the other day at CVS and earned $7 in ECB's. I loaded it to my card but my husband came home today after buying vitamins at CVS and when I looked at his receipt, the cashier had deducted the $7 I was looking forward to spending. I liked it better when the rewards printed!,  Barbara S, CA

7786 CVS 90% (5/11/2017 1:46:16 PM):  My CVS went to 90% on everything Easter. Bought 11 bags of Snickers candy and drove it right across the street to the food bank,  Joan B, FL

7787 CVS Barbasol (5/11/2017 1:54:03 PM):  The CVS site coupon on Barbasol prints out as a manufacturer coupon so cannot be combined with the RP coupon to get free Barbasol or SoftSilk,  Joan B, FL

7788 Won! (5/11/2017 2:01:21 PM):  Just won 2 movie tickets for the grands to see "Captain Underpants"! B. B, TX

7789 Gander Mt. going out of business! (5/11/2017 2:11:55 PM):  Just got an e-message from Gander Mt. After being in business for 57 years, they are not closing all of their stores nationwide! Message didn't say whether they'd remain an online only business.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

7790 The Tog Shop petite clothing (5/11/2017 2:22:04 PM):  I tried to bring up petite sizes in clothing on The Tog Shop Website this afternoon. I would click on the link for Petites. Then click on the specific clothing I was interested in browsing. Only regular misses sizing would show up on my monitor screen. I would click on the link there for petite sizes, but the screen always stayed on misses sizes. I called The Tog Shop & spoke with a CS staffer. They had no problem clicking on links for petite sizes & bringing them up on their monitor screen! Said the problem was with my computer! What problem does my computer have if it won't bring up petite sizes for any women's clothing?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

7792 lowes/military..... (5/11/2017 3:05:17 PM):  has anybody been successful in signing up online for the military registration? i have tried over several days & it always, for both me & my husband, says our information cannot be verified. which is ridiculous, because all the info i am giving them is exactly the same as on the dd214 (as if i don't know dates or which service!). very frustrating. will probably be in town later today or tomorrow, so will stop in at lowes to try to register. we always get the discount, but i'm trying to follow their rules & they don't seem to want to let me!...,  Donna M, CA

7798 pampers gifts to grow code (5/11/2017 4:19:13 PM):  Pamper code PED763OBGYN2017 20 pts good for all not sure when it expires so don't delay!,  Michelle M, NY

7799 $149 shipped - Portable Generator (5/11/2017 4:26:55 PM):  Sportsman Gasoline 2000W Portable Generator, was $242.44, now $149. Free shipping. B, MD

7804 food pantry collection (5/11/2017 5:42:34 PM):  This Saturday May 13th the post office will be collecting unparishble food for local food pantry, just put outside buy mailbox for mailman to pickup make sure its in a strong bag or box so doesn't brake. Sandy C Oh ,  Sondra L. C, OH

7805 Wheel of fortune (5/11/2017 6:08:06 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: SD0866999 Bonus Round Puzzle: BUFFALO AND ITHACA _______________________________________ Wheel of Fortune Mother’s Day Giveaway Mother’s Day puzzle: SOAKING IN THE TUB Enter between 3:00:00 p.m. PT on a given day and 2:59:59 p.m. PT the immediately following day.,  Rhonda K, FL

7806 SEARS (5/11/2017 6:14:00 PM):  If you still have a SEARS clothing is an extra 50% off,plus hat,scarfs,gloves,etc. The green tags are still 3.99 and takes half off that,1.99. Got some mens shirts,a mens Docker sweater,pair of isotoner womens gloves,some womens shirts,all for 11.00 something. In mens they had some hoodies that would be 1.99. HTH.,  Marni B, PA

7808 Compact Sport tampon (5/11/2017 6:26:40 PM):  I could only find $1 coupon on this product on website. ,  Dru T, KY

7809 Nerf sale/rollbacks (5/11/2017 6:58:50 PM):  Nerf Doomlands 2169 Persuader Blaster, was $12.97, now $7.88. http// Nerf Doomlands 2169 Vagabond Blaster, was $24.88, now $15.18. Free in store pick up or free shipping on $35.,  Tricia B, MD

7810 Comcast (5/11/2017 7:56:05 PM):  My Comcast bill just went up $32.00 and next year it will go up another $20.00. If I go down to the simpler package that will drop my speed. We have internet and cable with them only. Wondering what ideas on how to lower the bill or what others are doing. thank you in advance. ,  Ginnie R, CA

7815 Carrabba's gift card deal (5/11/2017 8:37:54 PM):  Visit your local Carrabba's between May 12 - May 14 and when you buy $50 in gift cards you'll get $50 in free bonus cards. While supplies last. Great deal if this is somewhere you go regularly!! B, MD

7819 Yankee candle jar recycling (5/12/2017 3:43:09 AM):  In addition to the deal posted, Terracycle says bringing 5 empty glass jars gets a $5 coupon off next purchase. This was new to me. R, NY

7820 Rite Aid (5/12/2017 5:41:35 AM):  Has the mega size Rite Aid diapers on sale for 11.00 for 2 pkgs. And you get 10.00 points on 35.00. If you bought the new Playtex sport tampons, box had an offer to get free headphones, sunscreen,goody, eos lip balm. You need to snap a pic or upload crt. 30.00 value 11/10/17 while supplies last.,  Janice L, WA

7822 Kelloggs codes (5/12/2017 7:46:59 AM):  KLC0710:55 KBC013400:15 are these from the top of box the correct codes?,  Dayle R, KY

7831 pampers new (5/12/2017 9:54:24 AM):  Did you get the email explaining the new pampers site? I didn't quite understand it. Will we still get gifts? Or are the current ones disappearing? Will we keep our points? How will this all work? ,  Marcie M, WI

7833 $99 - Women's Cruiser bike (5/12/2017 11:38:10 AM):  26" Kent Del Rio Women's Cruiser Bike, Magenta, was $149, now $99 with free shipping, or free in store pick up. B, MD

7834 Skittles Sunglasses Purchase $ (5/12/2017 11:46:54 AM):  I clicked the link and the amount to purchase says $5 but the write up is $15. Has anyone confirmed which it is?,  Lisa W, MS

7836 $99 shipped- double hammock (5/12/2017 1:47:33 PM):  11 ft double Hammock, was $199, now $99 with free shipping. B, MD

7837 Kohls (5/12/2017 1:50:46 PM):  Found lots of good deals with my 30% off coupon. levi's thermal shirts 3.60,Croft and Barrows mock turtlenecks 2.40 and t-shirts 2.00,adidas t-shirt 7.50,fila ladies sports shirts 7.50,sport watches 6.99,a pretzel note pad 2.00 and much more. This is what I got,everything came off with 30% off coupon. May go back tomorrow for a few other items.,  Marni B, PA

7839 Walgreens Quaker Breakfast Flats (5/12/2017 3:55:56 PM):  This week they are on sale for $1.99 each. There's a $1/2 manufacturer's coupon on the Walgreens Paperless Coupons page that you can attach to your Walgreens card. Plus, you can get $1 back for a box of the Flats on checkout51. And if that wasn't enough for you, when you buy them, you should receive a $1/2 coupon/catalina for even MORE Breakfast Flats! Are they good? Has anyone tried them?,  William M. M, FL

7842 RC Trading Board (5/12/2017 5:22:48 PM):  Is anyone else having trouble getting on the trading board? I've been trying for 2 days, but it won't come up. TIA,  Kathy H, FL

7845 Michelle Easter (5/12/2017 7:10:22 PM):  Can you update us as to the status of the trading boards? Will we still have them or are they now completely gone.,  Vicki J, AZ

7849 $5.50 shipped- 12 Colgate toothbrushes (5/12/2017 7:25:33 PM):  12 Pack Colgate Double Action Medium Toothbrush Set, $6.99. Use code CGATE55 to make it $5.50. Shipping is free. B, MD

7852 Lowest military discount program (5/12/2017 8:24:11 PM):  Lowes put out a formal military discount program that you have to sign up for. As a woman mentioned yesterday, I had problems signing up for it online at home. When I went to the store and did it, everything worked out well.,  Mindy W, MD

7853 Wheel of fortune (5/12/2017 8:24:59 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: RH7960612 Bonus Round Puzzle: MOVE FORWARD _______________________________________ Wheel of Fortune Mother’s Day Giveaway Mother’s Day puzzle: THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING Enter between 3:00:00 p.m. PT on a given day and 2:59:59 p.m. PT the immediately following day.,  Rhonda K, FL

7855 Tipping (5/12/2017 10:58:45 PM):  I just read the follow-up posts regarding tipping on a discounted haircut. I had stated that the proper amount of tip should have been on the pre-discounted amount, same as when tipping on discounted restaurant meals. There were many posts that disagreed with me. It made me wonder whether the difference in tipping practices is a regional thing, so I researched it online. The general consensus is that tips should be calculated on the original amount of the haircut or dinner tab, etc., and not calculated on the discounted amount. If you are tipping on the discounted amount, you are undertipping. The person who originally posted said she tipped almost 100% when she gave $5 for a $5.99 with coupon haircut. True, that's almost 100% of $5.99, but what is the non-discounted price of the haircut? I think the price at Great Clips is only around $15 (?), so a $5.00 tip would have been approximately 33%. That's a good amount because it shows appreciation for the haircutter/stylist as well as appreciation for the discount.,  Teresa S, CA

7861 Catalina Coupon $20 Shutterfly promo (5/13/2017 6:08:47 AM):  Be alert in stores that have a Catalina machine at the registers. You may get a Shutterfly coupon promo worth $20 off a $20 or more order. You pay taxes, shipping & handling. Code can only be used once. $20 coupon must be spent on one order. Coupon valid through 6/30/2017.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

7866 Shutterfly (5/13/2017 6:58:11 AM):  I tried to post a reply three different times to a recent post with a Shutterfly code that it had been used, but not by me. I also added that if anyone had a code for a photo book they were not using, I would love to use it. Please send me an email bldras at My original replies did not post to the Shutterfly code post, I am trying it again and posting as a separate post. Thanks in advance to anyone who shares a code with me! Happy Weekend and Happy Mother's Day!,  Barb D, WI

7869 Petsmart (5/13/2017 7:30:31 AM):  PetSmart has automatic $10 Off any Purchase of $30 or more. Major brands of cat and dog food are not included. Store pick up is free as long as stock permits. Otherwise shipping is free on $49. Good thru May 15. ,  Tricia B, MD

7874 $40 shipped- Men's Under Armour shoes (5/13/2017 8:14:30 AM):  Under Armour Men's Thrill 2 Running Shoes, were $59.99, now $39.99. These Under Armour Men's Thrill 2 Running Shoes. Sizes 7- 15. Free shipping.™-mens-thrill-2-running-shoes?storeId=10151&catalogId=10051Tricia B, MD

7878 memolink (5/13/2017 9:14:06 AM):  Put me in the category of pleasantly surprised--Yesterday I received a check for the two points pay outs that I had requested--I can bring up the memo link website but haven't been able to do any activities in quite a while--the payout took about two months,  Elizabeth H, MT

7880 $8- Bare Minerals mascara (5/13/2017 9:21:01 AM):  BareMinerals Double Up Mini Lash Domination, was $16, now $8 with free shipping. B, MD

7886 Walgreens ebates 15% rebate (5/13/2017 10:34:57 AM):  I think today is the last day of the ebates 15% bonus rebate for select merchants. Walgreen's Website is having 15% bonus ebates rebate. If you're also in Balance Rewards program at Walgreen's, look for a BR bonus points birthday promo your birthday month. You'll be offered 5X the BR points for a qualifying order made between certain dates in your birthday month! You will have to OPT in on their Website in order to get that promo. I placed an order on Walgreen's Website going through ebates to get the 15% bonus ebates rebate. I also use VISA Checkout. There is a bonus promo for saving $10 off a qualifying $50 or more order when you use VISA Checkout. I ordered enough items to qualify for $10 savings. I opted in for the 5x BR points promo. 2 of the items I ordered were on sale at B1G 50% off. After all my deductions were made, I paid $46.35 & earned 2200 BR points! And i will get 15% back in ebates rebate!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

7887 pampers rewards question (5/13/2017 10:35:32 AM):  I received an email from Pampers about a change in the reward program and now I can't find the email. If you received the email about the change, would you please explain it on chat or post a copy of the email. Thank you so much!,  Michelle M, NY

7888 Mini Babybel Cheese free cheese rental code (5/13/2017 10:45:21 AM):  Be alert in stores for this write-ip about free movie rental code when you buy 1 Mini Babybel cheese product 4.2 oz. & higher at participating stores between 3/27/17 & 5/31/17. Text keyword "babybel" to 47056 for receipt submission instructions by 5/31/17. Once validated, receive a FandangoNOW promotional code valid for 1 free movie rental. You will get a code good for 1 free rental on & via FandangoNOW apps(up to a $6 total value. FandangoNOW Promotional Code expires 7/31/17. Liit of 2 rewards per person. See for full terms & submission instructions.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

7893 Travel Help Needed (5/13/2017 11:13:28 AM):  We are trying to rent a car in July in Buffalo, NY. Went to AAA office today. Hertz (cheapest) is almost as much as our plane tix there for $570 for 5 days. Is there some cheaper websites that maybe you can get a car rental quote (pick up at the Buffalo airport). Vacation to Niagara Falls.,  Susan B, SC

7895 Kroger/KFR (5/13/2017 11:22:17 AM):  I used points that I had accumulated on KFR (mostly from the bonus points posted on chit chat) and bought 3 $1 Cheez it coupons and 2 $1 Kelloggs Pop Tart coupons. At Kroger this week, Cheez Its were $1.89 wyb5 - $1 c/o = .89. 12 ct Pop Tarts were $2.29 wyb5 - $1 c/o = $1.29. So I bought 3 Cheez Its for .89 each and 2 12 ct pop tarts for 1.29 each.,  Janice H, TX

7896 tyson jimmy dean rebate (5/13/2017 11:22:29 AM):  i cannot find the details for which products are participating. i found the details website and it does not say. somebody with the write up please help me. also there is a $2 rebate on checkout51 for some (all?) of these products,  Jack L, TX

7902 deals (5/13/2017 1:19:21 PM):  Wanted a new pair of comfy flip flops with fabric - not rubber or plastic straps. Read about how nice the Teva Olowahu ones are. Found them on ebay, but they're not too cheap and couldn't find either color and size I wanted. (I read to order 1/2 size up.) Remembered has "flash sales" often and saw that they have 25% this weekend with code FLASH17 and free shipping. It made them $18.71. However, it gets better. Ebates is giving back 15% back, which is $2.81 PLUS a bonus of $5.00 for making a purchase there. So I got $7.81 cash back, already in my ebates account!!! I think code and extra cash back/bonus is only good thru tomorrow. Btw, the 15% cash back at ebates is good thru tomorrow at many stores! It's a good time to shop.,  Tricia B, MD

7903 $3- kettle grill/smoker cover (5/13/2017 1:27:12 PM):  Expert Grill 30" Kettle Grill Cover, was $6.74, now $3.47. Free in store pick up. B, MD

7905 Walgreens clearance Centrum Vitamints (5/13/2017 1:52:10 PM):  The 60 count Centrum Vitamints Wintergreen flavor are on clearance for $2.69 each. If you can find two of them you can use the Centrum $4 manufacturer's coupon on the Walgreens site that you can attach to your Walgreens card. It is good for any Centrum Gummies or Vitamints and expires on 5/15. I was able to get 2 of the clearanced Vitamints for $1.38 plus tax. ,  William M. M, FL

7908 Mattress ? (5/13/2017 2:13:58 PM):  I need to buy a full-size mattress for our DS. My DM told me to go to Bob's. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should purchase? I also need a bed frame. I don't have a lot of money to spend. TIA ,  Renay E, NJ

7911 $20 to Shop at Shutterfly (5/13/2017 2:42:05 PM):  Enjoy $20 to Shop at Shutterfly How to redeem your offer: 1. Sign up or sign in at 2. Enter your promo code; it will save to your Shutterfly account 3. Apply your code at checkout by 5/31/17 PROMO CODE: Enter this code at KEB5-03BZ-822S-PVYDXA ,  Michelle M, NY

7920 Walgreens Revlon Beauty Tools (5/13/2017 6:37:33 PM):  If you get at least 2 of the $2 manufacturer's coupons for Revlon beauty tools in the 5/14 Sunday inserts, combine them with the Walgreens $3/2 coupon on page 36 of the May Walgreens monthly coupon book to save $7 total on 2 items that regularly cost in the $3.60+ vicinity. With $7 worth of coupons to use on 2 Revlon beauty tools items, you'll like that vicinity.,  William M. M, FL

7922 $59 shipped-Mens Huffy bike (5/13/2017 7:22:27 PM):  26" Huffy Men's Rock Creek Mountain Bike (Green), Was $119, now $59 with free shipping. B, MD

7923 first time great granny (5/13/2017 8:34:31 PM):  Where can I sign up for free baby stuff? TIA,  Rosalyce J, KS

7925 Dollar Tree (5/14/2017 6:00:04 AM):  Our local Dollar Tree has 2 packs of LED light bulbs for $1. These are 60 watt equivalent, they look like light bulbs, and the price is sure right! I can't believe how they've come down in price in the past year or so!,  Diane J. D, ME

7926 Susan, Ruth Autoslash (5/14/2017 6:07:19 AM):  I had never heard of Autoslash (But I rarely rent cars). I made my reservations thru them. They were almost 50% cheaper than AAA!!! That's wonderful!! Thank you so much!!,  Susan B, SC

7929 CVS Mars Candy (5/14/2017 7:39:32 AM):  Bought 3 Snickers for $1 each and received $1 EB. Tried to use 3 free coupons (won in the contest months ago), but register would only take 2 free coupons. So paid $1 and got $1 EB, so free.,  Janice H, TX

7930 Staples (5/14/2017 7:50:31 AM): Go here to print 2 coupons. You can get a ream of Hammermill paper for 1 cent and a 5-ream package for $1 after coupons and rebate. They do have different dates on them. The 5 ream deal is only good until Tuesday, the 16th. The one ream deal is good all week - until the 20th.,  Janice H, TX

7932 10% Staples Rewards for HP ink (5/14/2017 8:16:27 AM):  I got an e-message this morning. They're having 10% back in Staples Rewards for any HP ink purchase this week. I don't know if this message was just meant for me or for everyone that's in Staples Rewards program. Check & see if Staples is a 15% ebates rebate merchant. Today is the last day for the 15% ebates rebate.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

7937 Free 8 x 10 today (5/14/2017 12:38:32 PM):  Snapfish offers a 8"x10" Photo Print for Free with code SUPERMOM. Shipping is free. Good thru 5/16. ,  Tricia B, MD

7938 Tiny prints (5/14/2017 12:44:17 PM):  Get one free 11oz. mug or one notebook. Shipping not included. Use code ALLYOURS. Expires 5/15/17 ,  Gayle S, MI

7939 Coke and 7-11 free food items promo? (5/14/2017 1:00:05 PM):  I'm struggling with the coke rewards/points program and what they're doing right now. I thought there was some offer where you could enter points and get some free food items at 7-11 but I can't find that anywhere. Anyone know how to access that coke offer?,  Angela B, NV

7940 Rite Aid (5/14/2017 1:50:32 PM):  I don't know if Rite Aid stopped putting prices in the ads for B1G1 stuff recently or I never paid attention. I sure wish I knew how much the Soft Soap body wash is there before I waste a trip.,  Judy B B, LA

7941 Walgreens Revlon Beauty Tools (5/14/2017 2:16:38 PM):  If you get at least 2 of the $2 manufacturer's coupons for Revlon beauty tools in the 5/14 Sunday inserts, combine them with the Walgreens $3/2 coupon on page 36 of the May Walgreens monthly coupon book to save $7 total on 2 items that regularly cost in the $3.60+ vicinity. With $7 worth of coupons to use on 2 Revlon beauty tools items, you'll like that vicinity.PLUS, the beauty tools are ringing up B1G1 50%-not marked on the shelf- so get the nice ones.,  William M. M, FL

7944 CVS (5/14/2017 3:21:41 PM):  Nivea Lotion buy one get one free. I got four (2 free), paid $15.58 for the 4 and used a $3/$15 Nivea red machine coupon. Makes them about $3 each. Revlon Mascara $6.99 get a $1 ECB. I used a $3 off any Revlon red machine coupon and the $4 coupon that I printed a couple of weeks ago (no longer there that I saw today)...made it free with a profit.,  Debra J. L, MI

7947 free photo 8x 10 with free shipping. (5/14/2017 4:28:51 PM):  Through May 16th, head on over to where they are offering up a FREE 8×10 photo plus free shipping when you use promo code SUPERMOM at checkout. What a great gift idea, and you can’t beat FREE!,  Sheri C, FL

7948 rmc trading (5/14/2017 4:30:23 PM):  is this board up and running, I know there were major problems, so I hope those got fixed.,  Jack L, TX

7949 $69- King size electric blanket (5/14/2017 5:04:14 PM):  Biydig has Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated King Size Blanket (Mushroom) on sale for $99 - $30 with promo code PLUSHROOM to make it $69 with free shipping. B, MD

7950 CVS (5/14/2017 5:53:03 PM):  I love my CVS and find lots of deals. This week it's diapers. I received a $6 off $30 which clinched the deal. Bought (4) packs, used (3) $2/1 coupon and had (1) $3/1 coupon. I think it came out to $2.75 per pack. And a bit more with tax. Will resell next weekend at $5 per pack. They sell fast at yard sales.,  Susan B, SC

7952 CVS Revlon eye deal (5/14/2017 8:01:57 PM):  It's on the back page of today's ad. You only get $1 extrabucks BUT Revlon Shadow Palatte with "Colorstay Not Just Nudes" (???) written on it qualifies for the deal. The UPC of one I purchased is (3 09977 72001 1) but others qualify, too. The regular price is $15.49, so if you can get one of these for free, after coupons and extrabucks, then, well, you can celebrate however people celebrate when they find these kinds of deals-with caramel M&M's from Walgreens?,  William M. M, FL

7953 Walgreens caramel M&M's (5/14/2017 8:05:07 PM):  You pay $1.25, plus tax, and receive a $1.25 RR. M&M's every time we visit Walgreens this week. ,  William M. M, FL

7954 Walgreens Dixie platers BOGO (5/14/2017 8:12:15 PM):  I was able to buy two 22 ct packs for $3.59. I used the $1/2 manufacturer's coupon in today's Red Plum insert to lower the price to $2.59 plus it qualifies for $1 return for buying 2 Dixie plates on savingstar. These are high quality- meaning you only need one at a time- and great to have around during the summer. ,  William M. M, FL

7955 shutterfly code (5/14/2017 10:09:56 PM):  *Offer expires June 30, 2017 (11:59P.M. PT). Offer is good for one free 20-standard page 8x8 hard photo cover photo book through, our mobile-friendly site, Shutterfly Photo Story for iPad app or Shutterfly iPhone app (upgrade option not available on iPhone app). This promo will be applied to your order before any code-based %-off promos. Limit one $-off promo per order. Promo can only be redeemed once per account and/or billing address. This offer code can only be entered once. Taxes, shipping and handling will apply. Not valid for resale. We reserve the right to modify or replace any part of these terms and conditions without notice. Other restrictions apply. Visit for more details. here's the code: KEB7-0V39-KCU6-C12RGW,  Donna M, CA


7959 Rite Aid (5/15/2017 3:55:28 AM):  I bought (4) Axe Shampoos at RA. I had $4/2 coupons. Made the shampoos about $1.25 each after points. ,  Susan B, SC

7960 Weighted Blanket (5/15/2017 5:58:42 AM):  I am considering a weighted blanket. Wondering if people who have tired it think it is worth it, and recommendations for buying- brand, place to get a good deal, ect.,  Angela B, NV

7962 Staples new system (5/15/2017 7:01:37 AM):  Staples has put in a new computer system. You can enter your phone number via the credit card key pad instead of giving them your card. The interesting part is that it will automatically pop up with any rewards you have available to spend (this would have come in handy a few times for me!). I'll be curious how it works when you don't spend it all - will it still print out your remaining balance and have it pop up automatically? Will you be able to use it over more than 2 transactions? I hope so, but time will tell!,  Lisa S, OH

7971 $66 shipped- Step2 Kitchen set (5/15/2017 8:52:34 AM):  Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen Includes 30-piece Accessory Set, $66.52 with free shipping: It's the same price as Amazon, EXCEPT you don't get the 30 piece accessory kit (play food, pots & pans, etc.) ,  Tricia B, MD

7972 $15/$20 OD/OM GC (5/15/2017 9:56:44 AM):  Buy $75 or more in ink cartridges at Office Depot/OfficeMax online & get a $`5 OD/OM GC with code 79420383 excl. HP, Epsom, Office Depot brand ink. Limit 2 & expires 5/20/17. Buy any 2 same brand toners at Office Depot/OfficeMax excl. HP, Epsom, Office Depot brand & get $20 OD/OM GC. Limit 2 & expires 5/20/17.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

7977 CVS Calendula lotion (5/15/2017 10:10:38 AM):  In the 5/14 RP insert there was a $2 manufacturer's coupon plus information, next to the coupon, about a $6 extrabucks deal at CVS for Calendula lotion. My CVS stores had it on sale for $8.49.,  William M. M, FL

7980 I Won a Drawing! (5/15/2017 12:23:29 PM):  We never seem to hear about anyone on RC winning a drawing, but last month I got a message from IPSOS surveys saying I had won their monthly prize. I wasn't holding my breath that I'd hear further from them, but I got my $100 check today!,  Lynn H, VA

7981 Kellogg's Family Rewards (5/15/2017 12:24:17 PM):  Kellogg's Family Rewards now offers $5 gift cards for Walmart, Target and Amazon.,  Linda H, FL

7984 (5/15/2017 12:47:30 PM):  I am so disappointed in that site. I do not have a cell phone so am unable to print any. They have removed the option of the coupon printer. Is there any way to email them and complain?(not that it would do any good)How do any of you that don't have cell phones, print coupons from there? They are discriminating against those of us that do not own a cell phone. ,  Mary D, OK

7986 Shutterfly code (5/15/2017 1:12:57 PM):  JA65-1UPN-SY06-6NAVTV Good for one free small luggage tag. Shipping not included. Expires 7/7/17,  Gayle S, MI

7989 Walgreens M&Ms (5/15/2017 1:35:17 PM):  I have been to 2 stores so far and haven't found them. I don't know if they didn't get any or sold out or what. I'm going back to the one near me and ask my favorite manager,  Judy B B, LA

7991 $43 shipped- Naturalizer Leather booties (5/15/2017 2:00:18 PM):  Naturalizer Elisabeth Boots, were $119, now $59.99. Use code GIFT4HER to make them $43.19 (+ tax if applicable) with free shipping. Don't forget to go thru your favorite points site.,  Tricia B, MD

7992 Sirius Radio Update (5/15/2017 2:02:51 PM):  I asked about getting a lower rate and some of you said you had called and had been able to get one, so I finally got around to calling today. I told the lady I just retired (true) and was trying to cut expenses and asked if I could get a better deal since I won't be in car as much. She said no, so I just said cancel. She then said she had to transfer me to another department. When the guy came on I told him I wanted to cancel. He offered to look for a "promotion". He found one for $99 a year plus taxes. I said ok. Will automatically renew next year at current rate, so I have marked my calendar to call again. They are to send e-mail 30 days before due. I was paying almost $20 a month, so this is a savings of almost $140 yr.,  Beverly H, IN

7995 $20 Shutterfly Code (5/15/2017 2:11:47 PM):  Got this at Winn Dixie today expires June 30 2017 Shutterfly code for $20.00 Promo Code CTRD1MKRHVSFP2F6MK Hope someone can use this.,  Diana B, FL

7996 WI Sentry (5/15/2017 2:14:20 PM):  Sentry ad through Wednesday, Mens suave shampoo 12.6 oz are 2 for $4. Also $3 off 3 unilever products listed in ad clipless coupon RP 5/14 coupon, $2 off 2 mens suave shampoo, final price 3 shampoo bottles for $1,  Sue S, WI

8004 Dollar General Scrubbing Bubbles Deal (5/15/2017 3:11:20 PM):  If you have the $2/2 Scrubbing Bubbles coupons Dollar General has them Buy 2 fer 1 free Reg price $2.85 each = $8.55 - (free) = $5.70 - $2/2 = $3.70 + tax for 3 full size bottles about $1.25 each ,  Ann A, NC

8015 Victoria Secret (5/15/2017 5:18:21 PM):  Tonight from 9-11, free shipping on any order and 25% off. Codes freeship and save25vs.,  Robin C, NY

8017 KFR Code (5/15/2017 5:35:24 PM):  50 pts ITSMOMSDAY2SHINE,  Janice H, TX

8018 Swagbucks (5/15/2017 5:36:11 PM):  I don't understand. I purchased a gift card this weekend thru Swagbucks. The promotion offered 100 extra SB, since it was part of their promotion. I did not get Swagbucks, but rather points on my Mypoints account. They have a similar promotion going on now, and it most definitely says you will earn SB. I don't like getting credited on Mypoints, since the value is not the same. To me it is bait and switch.,  Pat P, NY

8019 Wheel of fortune (5/15/2017 5:38:38 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: TH6735854 Bonus Round Puzzle: PACKAGE DEAL,  Rhonda K, FL

8022 Free Lipton Tea (5/15/2017 6:58:05 PM):  Found a full page ad for the New Nestea in Us Weekly. Says "Get a FREE taste now at" Small print says "Offer expires the earlier of 6/19/17 or when supplies are depleted. Coupon expires 7/31/17. LIMIT: one (1) coupon per household." I did this today and have already gotten my email confirmation that my snail mailed coupon is on its way. ,  Sheila L, NV

8023 CVS info (5/15/2017 7:39:20 PM):  This info is too late for others but the situation may come up again, and can help others. I shopped my CVS on 5/13 for that weeks deals. One of them was the ANY Revlon lip, buy 1 get $4 ecb, limit 1. My thinking was that if I use a $4 ecb to help buy 1 and get $4 ecb back, that's like getting an $8 or $9 lip product free or almost free, right? So I'm looking at all the Revlon lip stuff and trying to find the cheapest one, when I saw Revlon Kiss balm, with the sticker saying buy any lip, get $4 ecb, right there! The lip balm was $4.99, bingo! For fun, I leaned in and read the sticker info, surprise - it says limit SIX (6) !!!!!!!!!! Hmm, so I talk to the manager and show her the sticker that says 6 and the flyer info, that says limit 1. She says go ahead and try it (my CVS has super employees, I'm so lucky), and get your limit - then under her breath, she says, just don't tell anyone else, please! So I included one lip balm in my first batch of stuff and got all of my expected ecb's. And checked the receipt - it said limit not reached on Revlon, so then I bought 5 more, one at a time, and at six, it finally said limit reached. Granted these are not my style but for a total of $8.22 oop ($4.99 less a $4 ecb equals 99¢ plus 38¢ tax, times 6), 6 x $4 ecb = $24 ecb !!! I am very happy to give these to my niece in law who has a young granddaugther. So even when the flyer says limit 1, maybe we should be double checking that, when we're at the store, that the sticker says the same.... I know I will!,  Sheila L, NV

8024 Walmart - grocery code (5/15/2017 7:39:56 PM):  Walmart has Free grocery pickup and $10 off $50 with your first grocery order with code SHOPFOOD. Good thru 5/31/17. B, MD

8026 Staples Rebates (5/15/2017 7:52:05 PM):  Don't make the same mistake I did and ask to only print your receipt when there is a rebate. The number you submit for the rebate no longer prints on the printed receipt. It is however on the emailed version. I am checking with Staples now to see how I am going to get my Hammerhill rebate since I only got a printed receipt.,  Kim C, FL

8028 Walgreens Maruchan instant Yakisoba (5/15/2017 8:14:34 PM):  Maruchan Yakisoba noodles are on sale this week at 2/$1. Look for a manufacturer's coupon for $1/3 from Smart Source 4/23 that'll make these three for 50 cents or six for $1, if you have two coupons.,  William M. M, FL

8029 snapfish free 8X10 (5/15/2017 8:20:29 PM):  Limited-time offer! Free 8x10 print + free standard shipping Here’s to the woman we love so much! Show your affection this Mother’s Day with a stunning 8x10 print. Now FREE! Reg. $2.99 Use code SUPERMOM through 5/16,  Michelle M, NY

8031 $67- Dooney & Bourke mimi crossbody (5/15/2017 8:53:20 PM):  This Dooney and Bourke Patent Small Mimi Crossbody, Was $168, now $67 shipped. B, MD

8038 FOY Gifthulk (5/16/2017 5:27:30 AM):  66pd4748j 10 coins 3 users E7wh3cyy6 25 coins 1 user,  Lacinda T, IA

8041 KFR 100 points (5/16/2017 6:19:46 AM):  FREEPTSRBLOOMING,  Sue E, MN

8047 $25 shipped- Down Alternative comforters (5/16/2017 7:30:03 AM):  LivingQuarters Reversible Microfiber Down Comforters. Various colors & patterns. Up to as much as $140 regularly, depending on size. Use code BRADFREE for free shipping. B, MD

8049 Re (5/16/2017 7:54:57 AM):  Thank you all for your responses. I do use firefox and chrome with windows 10. But neither one has the option to do later. I have another computer with windows 7 and that is the same. Is there a way to contact would like to complain to them. ,  Mary D, OK

8059 RC Trading?? (5/16/2017 10:56:39 AM):  this page never loads for me anymore.. anyone know what the issue is?? I have coupons to trade and looking for others who want to trade with me.. thanks ,  Laine J, FL

8064 IPSOS Surveys (5/16/2017 12:09:10 PM):  Just by doing a survey, you're entered in their monthly drawing. I'm not sure if you're entered each time you do a survey or one time per month. I haven't decided how to splurge with my $100, but I had to replace my washer last week!,  Lynn H, VA

8066 Walmart Groceries (5/16/2017 12:02:06 PM):  Maybe I'm not doing it right, but when I try to start an order, the website says I can't order produce, milk, etc., that I must buy in store. I thought friends had said that you could buy anything online and pick up in store. Help!,  Nancy E, LA

8067 Nordstrom $10 reward just for joining (5/16/2017 12:43:29 PM):  Nordstrom is offering a $10 Rewards certificate when joining their Rewards club. Must join by July 9, and then you can use the $10 certificate to shop their anniversary sale July 21 - August 6. Shipping is always free at Then Rewards members earn 1 point per dollar in stores and online at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook.,  Tricia B, MD

8068 Milk Top Action Law Suit. (5/16/2017 12:53:25 PM):  Has anyone received the $50 for the Milk top action Law Suit. Or heard anything about it. ,  Nora W, MI

8069 Intex air beds, $8, $9 or $14 (5/16/2017 12:59:54 PM):  Intex Twin 8.75" Classic Downy Inflatable Airbed Mattress was $15.97, now $7.97. Intex Full 8.75" Classic Downy Inflatable Airbed Mattress was $17.97, now $9: Intex Queen 8.75" Prestige Downy Airbed Mattress with Hand-Held Battery Pump, was $22.86, now $14.37: Free shipping on $35 or free in store pick up.,  Tricia B, MD

8070 $40+ $5 in SYW- Instant Canopy (5/16/2017 1:11:58 PM):  Z-Shade 10’ x 10’ Instant Canopy, reg. $79.99, now $39.99 + $5.40 in SYW points. Free in store pick up. B, MD

8074 SB popup (5/16/2017 3:20:13 PM):  Has any one else received a popup on the SB site that says I have an ad blocker installed and it is keeping me from getting all my swagbucks? It says to click to enable sb earnings and it won't affect anything else.,  Sherry S, IN

8075 kraft ranch dressing rebate (5/16/2017 3:25:15 PM):  Over a week ago there was a mention of a tmf rebate for this salad dressing. Now that I bought it I can't find the original write up. I've used the search function and gone back through Michele's updates as far as I can and no luck. Can anyone give me the directions to it? TIA,  Cathy M, NE

8079 AXE (5/16/2017 4:22:57 PM):  My Ibotta was only .75 on Axe shampoo. It said limit 2 but only allowed me to submit one. So watch your deals. (different than on updates),  Susan B, SC

8080 Walgreens M&Ms (5/16/2017 4:39:18 PM):  It appears they are all sold out at the Walgreens here. Should have bought it early yesterday,  Judy B B, LA

8085 Shutterfly codes (5/16/2017 5:17:08 PM):  Please post when used - all are for $20.00 off any order of $20.00 or more - you pay shipping and tax CTQXD6TRNKB0Z68N5X CTQW25NCRKR9MBY47U CTQZB763R1NRPAGGUT CTQWCJA9TCHTRWZS4E CTQ2DK5VRR74HSENV0 ENJOY!!!!!!!! ,  Naomi P, NJ

8088 Wheel of fortune (5/16/2017 6:18:38 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: JF8964805 Bonus Round Puzzle: THE UPPER HAND,  Rhonda K, FL

8091 $17 shipped Mens UA shirt (5/16/2017 8:48:28 PM):  UNDER ARMOUR MEN'S HEATGEAR SONIC COMPRESSION T-SHIRT in many different sizes & colors. Use code HEAT17 to make them $17 with free shipping. B, MD

8094 FOY Gifthulk (5/17/2017 5:27:06 AM):  rrc5wp2c3 25 coins 3 users,  Lacinda T, IA

8095 Staples rewards (5/17/2017 7:04:50 AM):  anyone got theirs yet?,  Dayle R, KY

8097 Groupon (5/17/2017 7:26:11 AM):  Can someone tell the email address for Groupon. I have tried several times to send it to and they come back. I am having a terrible time trying to use a voucher given me as a gift.,  Mary D, OK

8100 legacybox.... (5/17/2017 9:37:19 AM):  i know someone on here has used this service, which takes your slides, photos & old films & puts them on a disc or thumb drive; if you have, were you happy? i have a box of old 8mm films of my husband's family, along with lots of photos & wanted to do something with them. do you have to put them in chronological order, or do they just start wherever & jump around? thanks for the info, i know it will mean a lot to his family if i do this....,  Donna M, CA

8102 $6 shipped- Targus ipad air case (5/17/2017 11:03:06 AM):  Targus VuStyle iPad Air Case and Stylus Pen Bundle, was $19.99, now $7.99. Use code BRDSTRGS6 to make it $5.99 shipped. B, MD

8107 ShopRite Freebie (5/17/2017 3:15:58 PM):  Suave bodywash $1.50 this week at ShopRite, free w/ 75-cent cpn in 5/14 RP.,  Pat B, DE

8110 CVS info - bumping up (5/17/2017 4:12:32 PM):  To Kelly W, VA - thank you for your kind comment!,  Sheila L, NV

8112 Wheel of fortune (5/17/2017 5:32:35 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: GR2583720 Bonus Round Puzzle: WALK ON BY,  Rhonda K, FL

8114 $38 Men's Nike Polarized Sunglasses (5/17/2017 6:49:16 PM):  MEN'S NIKE PREMIER POLARIZED, reg. $136, now $38 with free shipping. B, MD

8115 Papa John's codes (5/17/2017 8:18:12 PM):  Papa Johns has any large or pan 7-topping or specialty pizza for $9.99 when you enter promo code TP5W21. Enter code in upper right hand corner. Good thru 5/19. If you don't want a 7 topping pizza, there is also code SAVE50 for 50% off any regular priced pizza. Good thru 5/29.,  Tricia B, MD

8116 Kohls (5/17/2017 8:20:48 PM):  Are there any codes for Kohls. tia,  Barbara M, MI

8117 Lowes account (5/17/2017 8:43:00 PM):  Just thought I'd let you know that my information is in for the military discount program. I ordered some things online, signed into the 'MyLowes' account (after going through Ebates), and the military discount showed up.,  Mindy W, MD

8118 1800Flowers Passport program (5/17/2017 8:45:58 PM):  I've been extremely busy the last two weeks, so I may have mentioned how EASY the Passport free shipping program is through 1-800-Flowers. Just like John mentioned, it was so easy to go and order several gifts for people knowing that the shipping was not going to be outrageous. I especially liked that I could choose clearance gifts and the fact that there are like six different places you can choose gifts from. Now I understand why people like the Amazon Prime membership.,  Mindy W, MD

8121 Bon Ton (5/18/2017 5:24:22 AM):  Are there any $5 off $5 BonTon coupons out? Does anyone have a link?,  Lucy M, PA

8122 FOY Gifthulk (5/18/2017 5:27:26 AM):  70bno43gw 23 coins 2 users kgqe5yvh1 35 coins 3 users,  Lacinda T, IA

8127 Ebay tech coupon (5/18/2017 7:21:08 AM):  Ebay has 20% off tech purchases today with code P20FINDYOURTECH (max of $50 discount.) Today only. Here is the link for the sellers that you can use this code with: B, MD

8130 Redeeming BR Points on online orders (5/18/2017 7:44:01 AM):  I've accumulated over $100 in BR points at Walgreens. I know you can only redeem those points in certain increments. If I place an order online that qualifies formore than $35 & use BR points to pay for much of the order, will I still have to pay shipping & handling? I know i won't earn BR points on the amount of my order I pay using my BR points. ,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8132 Shutterfly shipping increase (5/18/2017 8:14:37 AM):  I just completed an order Tuesday for 99 prints during one of the Shutterfly 101 Free Prints deals. My shipping & handling was $9.53 instead of the $5.99 I was expecting. I didn't try adding the extra 2 prints to see if the price changed, as it was late and I had to have the order in that night. I ordered anyway, but $10.52 with tax is far from "free". Will have to check and see if the shipping has changed on any of the other "free" offers. HTH someone.,  Paula T. T, TN

8133 Groupon cash back offers (5/18/2017 8:37:18 AM):  In Austin, almost all of our restaurant deals are now % cash back on credit card. I was leery at first, but tried one and found out that you just sign up for it, use it during the available use period (in one case, I could use it unlimited times during a month or so), the cash back shows up a few days later, and there's no charge to your credit card if you don't use it. So in many ways, it's better than the $xx off deals. BUT the savings aren't as good (usually 20% off, once in a while 25% off, while the $xx off Groupons are often around 50%) AND there is no way to use the additional $$ off codes. Is Austin alone in doing this, or is it widespread?,  Linda R, TX

8134 Staples (5/18/2017 8:59:23 AM):  I went into store today & they have changed things. After scanning my card it now shows on the box where you sign all my rewards & asks if I want to use any of them. Wonder if they will no longer be sending them in the mail?,  Cathy G, OH

8139 $55 shipped- Shark portable vacuum (5/18/2017 10:16:22 AM):  Shark Power Pod Lift-Around Anti-Allergy Portable Vacuum, was $189, now $89.99. Use code BDLIFT517 to make it $54.99 with free shipping. B, MD

8145 $12 - Personalized Graduation mug (5/18/2017 3:12:13 PM):  Personalized Graduation Magic Mug, was $34.95, for $12 when you enter promo code MAGICBRAD12. Free shipping with this code, also. This is cool because you can add your own personalization, plus the design appears when you add a hot liquid!! B, MD

8146 Romans $50/$150 + Free Shipping (5/18/2017 3:36:03 PM):  Use this code RDESAVE to save $50 off $100+ get free shipping on $150 order lots nice leggins on sale I ordered 8 pairs and a nice top I used to order all my leggins thru Monroe and Main they were so soft and comfortable (thick cotton/spandex) I found some nice thick rayon/spandex that seem very similar for about 1/2 price thru Romans Free retuns for 30 days too ,  Ann A, NC

8147 Super Pretzel coupon (5/18/2017 5:34:22 PM):  Save 50 cents On any ONE (1) SUPERPRETZEL® Soft Pretzel Product: B, MD

8148 Wheel of fortune (5/18/2017 5:51:17 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: DB4840607 Bonus Round Puzzle: GO WITH YOUR FIRST CHOICE ,  Rhonda K, FL

8149 rc trading (5/18/2017 6:16:10 PM):  Are we not getting our RC Trading board back. been a while now.,  Reba S, OK

8150 INNOVASIAN code (5/18/2017 6:45:15 PM):  here is a code from innovasian if someone can use it YJR-TGM-XXR,  Karen W, MI

8152 PetSmart Freebies (5/18/2017 7:02:02 PM):  I had an email from PetSmart today offering me 3 coupons. One is for a free small bag of Science Diet Dog or Cat food, which my dog eats daily. The others are for a free bath & brush at the Grooming Salon and a free dog or cat toy up to $10. They print "exclusively" for the email recipient and are good through 5/25. If you have a PetPerks card, be sure to check your email! Great freebies!,  Paula T. T, TN

8154 CVS Unadvertised Special! (5/18/2017 8:15:12 PM):  Ragu sauce is 10/$10.00 this week at CVS. I've studied and studied my ad and can't find it listed, but I found out when I noticed the tags in the store. With the coupons from this past Sunday's Red Plum, this is an excellent deal! My area got $1.00/2, but I see from the coupon database here that some areas must have gotten $1.25/2, so better still! Tonight I went to a second store, where the shelf was not marked, but I scanned them and they were also $1.00. So I'm guessing it's nationwide. Go get 'em! ,  Carole P, MD

8155 seen at Target (5/18/2017 8:27:28 PM):  B1G1F sticker on Cesar Filet Mignon flavor dry dog food. sticker was on 5lb bag,  Virginia V, FL

8157 CVS St Ives $1 coupon (5/18/2017 11:03:45 PM):  Take the quiz and get a $1 CVS St Ives coupon that will help you with the $30/$10 ecbs deal starting Sunday. In fact, take it twice, and get two coupons. Twice is nice. + +,  William M. M, FL

8160 For Linda H from Fl (5/19/2017 6:45:58 AM):  A BIG thank you for the suggestion to reinstall coupon printer for printing coupons. Worked great.I never thought of that. The option to do it later came right back,  Mary D, OK

8165 Dollar General (5/19/2017 9:59:00 AM):  I just noticed that Dollar General has Coke 12packs 3 for $8 this week. There is a $1/3 digital coupon on their website making them 3/$7. Good price if you drink Coke products.,  Vicki R, AL

8166 Meiomi rebate form?? (5/19/2017 10:04:55 AM):  Can anyone tell me if there is a Meiomi rebate form good for 12 bottles?? I had heard there is one out in FL, but don't know it is so. I need one good all states. Thanks,  Louise W, ND

8167 $32 shipped- 3 pack boys Under Armour shirts (5/19/2017 10:08:27 AM):  Boys 3 pack Under Armour shirts, $32 with code BD32. You pick the size,they pick the colors. Shipping is free!! B, MD

8173 Sargento Snack Bites at Walmart (5/19/2017 12:47:25 PM):  The 6 oz Sargento Snack Bites cost $2.93 each. I printed two $1 off manufacturer's coupons at then submitted the receipt to checkout51, which has a $1 award for up to 2 of these items. I was awarded $1 for each plus a $1.75 bonus for buying them at Walmart. Math time- $2.93 X 2 = $5.86. Subtract the manufacturer's coupons (2 X $1.00) and the regular checkout51 awards (2 X $1.00) equals $1.86. Subtract the checkout51 bonus for buying them at Walmart ($1.75) and the net was 11 cents. Is that good?,  William M. M, FL

8174 $108 shipped- 2 person canopy swing (5/19/2017 1:28:23 PM):  Coral Coast Lakeside 2-Person Canopy Swing, was $299.99, now $119.98. Use code OUTDOOR to make it $107.98 with free shipping. B, MD

8175 $10 shipped - iPhone 6/6s case (5/19/2017 1:33:50 PM):  Urge Basics Waterproof Case for Apple iPhone 6/6S, was $13.99. Use code BDURG6 to make it $9.99 with free shipping. B, MD

8178 12 mth Xbox code $43 or $41 (5/19/2017 3:40:09 PM):  CDKeys has 12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership for $42.99: You can go to their facebook page and like it to get a 5% off code. Click where it says "Click here to get 5% off!" That code will make it $40.84. B, MD

8179 Wheel of fortune (5/19/2017 5:53:56 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: DK6667420 Bonus Round Puzzle: OUT OF FOCUS,  Rhonda K, FL

8180 Looking for DE shoppers (5/19/2017 6:35:51 PM):  Are there any grocery stores that double or triple coupons in DE or OC Maryland? TIA,  Renay E, NJ

8182 Always Discreet (5/19/2017 9:09:56 PM):  A friend has not received her rebate.Where can she call to find out about it?There is a number on package but that just tells how to send in for rebate.,  Julie J, FL

8183 CVS printable coupon after quiz (5/19/2017 11:24:22 PM):  Yes, another CVS coupon, this time it's $2/2 Dove, Suave, or Tresemme product. You can get the coupon after taking a quiz. + + Do it twice.,  William M. M, FL

8185 Sears and Kmart (5/20/2017 4:20:55 AM):  30.. yep. 30 more Sears and Kmart stores are closing. List here: W, VA

8186 Mystery shops (5/20/2017 6:35:16 AM):  I hit a record, 12 mystery shops in 10 days! I am trying to pick up as many as possible because I am not liking my pt job and may leave soon.,  Carla B, OH

8188 Need Beneful Help (5/20/2017 8:00:05 AM):  I have a very old piece of paper which I printed a Beneful dog food guarantee. The address has been cut off. Starts the town "Wilke"....I cannot find this online anywhere,  Joan B, FL

8190 Rite Aid (5/20/2017 8:27:51 AM):  Today is the friends and family 30% off with coupon day. I have tried to print it twice and both times it was so large it printed on 2 pages,  Judy B B, LA

8191 memolink (5/20/2017 8:36:56 AM):  Yeah! Was finally able to get into memolink and do the daily site, trivia AND surveys. Finally! ,  Marcie M, WI

8192 Making a financial donation to vanilla farmers (5/20/2017 9:37:29 AM):  I got an e-message from King Arthur Flour this morning. They are making a financial donation to Madagascar vanilla farmers to help them rebuild their vanilla crops in the wake of the disastrous cyclone. Nielsen-Massey, one of the world's leading marketer of vanilla products has a link on their Website for those wishing to also make a financial donation.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8198 Shutterfly code (5/20/2017 10:40:28 AM):  following Shutterfly code is for $ 20.00 off a $20 or more purchase you pay taxes and shipping expires 6/30/2017 CTQ2AW58X88M7KG2MM Please post when used,  Naomi P, NJ

8199 $415- Kenmore gas range w/ free delivery (5/20/2017 10:42:49 AM):  Kenmore73433 4.2 cu. ft. Gas Range w/ Broil & Serve™ Drawer - Stainless Steel was $849.99, now $449.99. Use code code SEARS35OFF300 to make it $414.99. Free delivery. Don't forget to go thru your favorite points site. ,  Tricia B, MD

8200 (5/20/2017 10:52:46 AM):  This was the suggestion for printing coupons. " When I don't have the "I'll do it later" option, I reinstall the coupon printer from the downloads folder. Then the option reappears" I reinstalled the coupon printer and sure enough the option was there.This came from Lina H,from Fl.,  Mary D, OK

8201 Portable A/C (5/20/2017 11:19:21 AM):  Does anyone have an upright a/c used for a single room? In need of one for bonus room over garage which a/c doesn't seem to cool. Brand price to recommend. Thanks.,  Jane K, IL

8205 Norweigan cruises: $699 including drinks(&meals) (5/20/2017 1:23:45 PM):  Prestige cruises has a good sale on Norwegian Cruise Line cruises. Of course, the cruise includes all meals; PLUS FREE unlimited drinks for two. Also, the 3rd and 4th person in the cabin is free!!! Most dates are either this fall or next spring. Book by May 23. Examples: •$699 ... Roundtrip Miami on the new Escape on Oct. 21; Nov. 4; Feb. 24; +$30 Nov. 11, 25; Dec. 2, 9; Jan. 6, 13, 20, 27; Feb. 3; March 3, 17; April 7 Stops include: St. Thomas, Tortola, Nassau •$699 ... Roundtrip Miami on the Getaway on Oct. 29; Nov. 5; March 4; +$30 Feb. 11, 25; April 29; +$50 Nov. 12, 26; Dec. 3, 10; Jan. 7, 14, 21, 28; Feb. 4; March 18; April 8, 15, 22; May 13 Stops include: Roatan, Harvest Caye, Costa Maya, Cozumel •$699 ... Roundtrip Tampa on the Dawn on Feb. 18; March 4; +$50 Feb. 25 Stops include: Cozumel, Costa Maya, Roatan, Harvest Caye B, MD

8208 Rite Aid Plenti (5/20/2017 4:03:46 PM):  This has never happened to me before. I must have dropped my card in the store on the 17th. I went in today to use the 30% and my $28 in points. I am doing two transactions, the first is using the coupon and points and the second one is a rebate so I just pay for that one. When the first one says do you want to use points I say yes and notice the points are too low and I haven't shopped since getting the $25 for a script a few days ago. Turns out someone used my card earlier today, three hours before I went to the store. So when I got home I double checked my math and called them. They added the points right back but now I can't shop RA until I get a new card in the mail. They said my phone number would still work but it won't. But at least they put the points back for me.,  Carla B, OH

8209 Rite Aid (5/20/2017 4:11:50 PM):  I guess I sent for a sample of Dove shampoo and conditioner and they came from RA. Inside were three coupons, one was a free spray deodorant. I picked one that had a $1 green coupon on it. The girl that rings me up puts that coupon through, then the free coupon and then the 30%, so I had some extra money applied.,  Carla B, OH

8214 Free or Cheap (5/20/2017 5:50:06 PM):  I am beyond excited!!! I got 10 pieces of Under Armor clothes for my grandson today at a garage sale for $30.! Like my daughter said, how often can you find the right sex, right size in brand new condition for 10 yr. old boys at a price like that??? I figure they were over $225. new. We usually only pay a dollar or so a piece for kids clothes but make an exception for name brands. Anyway, thought I'd share my good fortune. Have a nice day everyone!,  Sharon S, NY

8216 Google 20% (5/20/2017 6:48:17 PM):  Has anyone had any luck with the code SALE3, which is supposed to give 20% off up to 3 times? I'm only getting 10%..... thanks!,  Nancy A. T, GA

8218 $12- Stone Mountain crossbody bags (5/20/2017 7:15:00 PM):  Stone Mountain crossbody bag, was $30, now $11.97. Use code BRADFREE for free shipping. B, MD

8227 $999 -Framce trip incl air & hotels (5/21/2017 7:06:47 AM):  This deal from Great Value Vacations includes the following: Roundtrip airfare from the JFK into Paris and out of Nice Three nights in Paris Three nights in Cannes Rail between cities Breakfast daily Dates are September thru November. Book by May 27. B, MD

8230 Staples One-cent paper (5/21/2017 7:53:33 AM): has a coupon to print for Staples Multipurpose paper 1 cent after coupon and rebate. There is also a coupon for a case of paper for $9.99 after coupon and rebate. Both coupons are good through Saturday, the 27th.,  Janice H, TX

8231 Curtis & Nathan Beef hot dogs recall (5/21/2017 8:25:43 AM):  Curtis & Nathan's Beef hot dogs have been recalled due to the presence of metal bits in the hot dogs. They were sold nationwide. Log on to their respective Websites to learn more about this recall. ,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8232 William - Walgreens (5/21/2017 8:43:48 AM):  William, I tried to do the Walgreens Revlon Beauty tools deal you mentioned a few days ago. The mfg. coupon was on tweezers/lash curlers and the Walgreens book coupon was on nail tools so I couldn't combine them. BUT, I did buy Revlon emery boards - 2.39 and 1/2 off 1.19 for two minus the Walgreens coupon of 3.00/2. The thing is on my receipt it took 1.50 off the 2.39 but only 1.19 off the 1.19 item. So really only saved 2.69 on both instead of 3.00. Sneaky way to do it.... but still a good deal. They will sell for 1.00 each in my yard sale. Thanks much for all of your information!!!,  Janet K, IL

8233 Walnuts (5/21/2017 9:53:11 AM):  Look for tear pads with 55 cent off 1 Diamond of California item, 8 0z. or larger. Ex.12/31/17,  Shirley M. H, NJ

8236 $80 shipped-Square metal fire pit (5/21/2017 11:06:10 AM):  Pure Garden 26" Square Woven Metal Fire Pit with Cover for $79.99, was $144.99. Free shipping. B, MD

8238 SWAG CODE (5/21/2017 11:21:39 AM):  Post BuddyBonus in the Swag code box by 3pm EST for 2 SB's,  Rosalie S, PA

8239 Redeeming MyPoints points for GC's (5/21/2017 12:26:01 PM):  I just tried to redeem some points through MyPoints for a prepaid VISA gift card & a $10 subway gift card. I didn't realize I'd not changed my physical mailing address since I'd moved down to VA in 2008! I updated that address, then tried to order the physical gift cards. Onscreen message says any points redeemed will immediately be deducted from your account! But my points balance always remained the same! How can I be sure my orders went through? And how long does it take to receive physical gift cards from MyPoints? I also could not get my updated mailing address to stay on the MyPoints Website, even though I checked the box to save my updated info!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8240 $44 shipped- Sperry men's decoy rain boots (5/21/2017 12:57:40 PM):  Sperry® Men's "Decoy" Rain Boots, were $120, now $53.99. Use codes BLKFRITRS17 to make them $43.89 and FREESHIP25 for free shipping on $25. Go thru ebates for 2% cash back.,  Tricia B, MD

8241 CVS (5/21/2017 12:59:18 PM):  The St. Ives Body Wash is a great deal. Buy 3, use (3) $1.50 coupons. It will be almost $15 cost but will kick back $10 ecb's, then $4.50 in coupons and I had a Redbox coupon for $2 on any soap or body wash so was free. Sell well at yard sales!!,  Susan B, SC

8243 Dollywood Discount?? (5/21/2017 1:58:50 PM):  I'm looking for discounts on Dollywood tickets. We are going at the end of July. Does anyone know of any??,  Susan B, SC

8247 Dominoes pizza (5/21/2017 3:30:16 PM):  Dominoes Pizza has a rewards program. I just ordered two medium pizzas for $12. When you order six pizzas, you get a free one. You have to set up an account. I'm very tired today so I thought we would try a different way of doing dinner. ,  Mindy W, MD

8248 No St Ives body wash here (5/21/2017 3:35:00 PM):  In Charlotte, NC, and 5 CVS stores didn't even stock it. Instead I used my 30% CVS coupon on two 6-packs of Caress soap for $7.99 each, and got a decent deal with rolled over extrabucks.,  William M. M, FL

8250 trading board? (5/21/2017 4:14:40 PM):  It's been down for quite awhile. Has anyone gotten an answer on when it will be back? ,  Ginger G, TX

8253 Dollar General $5 off 2 gift cards (5/21/2017 5:04:45 PM):  This week's Dollar General ad has $5 off two select gift cards: Netflix - $15 - $100 Google play (shows $25 card, I don't know if there are other amounts) Domino's pizza (shows $20 card, same as above """) Xbox live cards higher than $15. ,  Tricia B, MD

8254 Dove ice cream bars (5/21/2017 5:19:04 PM):  Not free, but a pretty good deal, they are so good! Price is $2.98 at WalMart, $1 off with coupon, and (at my WalMart) a $1 coupon inside the box. ShopRite has them for $1.99 this week; don't know about a coupon in the box. Coupon in RP 5/14.,  Joan S, CT

8261 Coupons (5/21/2017 8:20:31 PM):  Do any one know coupons was suppose to be in today's paper? If so, I didn't get not a one out of the 12 papers that I purchased!!!!!!😑,  Katrina G, MI

8263 Walgreens Ziploc Buy 3 deal (5/21/2017 9:03:53 PM):  Buy 3 Ziploc bags or containers this week and pay a sale price of $6 for all three, plus you will receive a $3 register reward. You can use coupons and there are rebates available at checkout51 for Ziploc. Plus, you can submit the receipt for $5 gas something or another. Ok, I'm not sure exactly how to use what they sent me for gas-especially since I don't own a car- but here's the link-+ + So, it's a very good deal this week. We found containers at one store and now we have some nice containers. Those I know how to use, lol. I'll have to make some more spicy Texas chili.,  William M. M, FL

8270 FOY Gifthulk (5/22/2017 5:24:52 AM):  6frfa7j1w 17 coins 3 users,  Lacinda T, IA

8275 $19.99- My First Slide (5/22/2017 7:30:09 AM):  Little Tikes First Slide, was $39.99, now $19.99. Free in store pick up or free shipping on $29: Same price at for prime members: B, MD

8276 Monopoly instant win (5/22/2017 7:36:14 AM):  I have 2 monopoly instant wins. 12 oz. fresh express iceberg garden salad and 24 sq. ft. signature home aluminum foil. Will send to the 1st person that emails me.,  Barbara M, MI

8278 $5- folding chairs (5/22/2017 8:05:57 AM):  Kmart has Northwest Territory Lightweight Sports or folding Chair for $4.99. Regularly $11.99. Free in store pick up.,  Tricia B, MD

8281 Aveeno Guan. (5/22/2017 8:24:57 AM):  If you are going to try the Aveeno Guar. up to $30, CVS has: buy $30 worth of Aveeno products and get $10 extrabucks rewards, making it a $10 profit.,  Shirlee R, PA

8286 Glad rebate (5/22/2017 9:52:20 AM):  I remember someone was questioning the Glad rebate. I sent mine in on 4/10 and was paid today. The full price even thought the receipt clearly shows a store coupon for $1 right under the item. And I used a Winn Dixie discount card and it did not matter,  Joan B, FL

8287 (5/22/2017 10:36:02 AM):  Hi All I just placed an order for Splenda from this site. Seems they are like a Costco or Sams with out the membership fees. Does anyone have any experience with this site? Thanks in advance. ,  Diana B, FL

8289 -30% off & free shipping (5/22/2017 10:39:51 AM): has 30% off thru today, with free shipping. I believe the promo code is added automatically, but if not, add code EMLSHOESFRIENDS17. If the code does not work, then that shoe or brand is probably excluded. FYI- I ordered these about a week and a half ago and they are so comfortable. They have great arch support too: B, MD

8290 CVS - Wet n Wild (5/22/2017 10:44:02 AM):  The cheapest price at my store is $1.49, for the lip pencil. There are 2 different types of lip pencil, that price was $2.37. prices have gone up. ,  Dru T, KY

8291 Free Bloomin Onion at Outback (5/22/2017 11:05:14 AM):  Celebrate Kevin Harvick's® TOP 10 finish this weekend with a FREE Bloomin' Onion on Monday, May 22nd. Free Bloomin' Onion® offer valid with any purchase. One per table. Say "Bloomin' Monday" to your server to receive the offer. Not in conjunction with any other offer, discount or coupon.,  Tricia B, MD

8292 Rewards sites for FREE magazines (5/22/2017 11:13:58 AM):  who can ppost a list for the the sites that give you FREE magazines.. I know there are a few I just cant find them.. Thanks ,  Laine J, FL

8296 memocode (5/22/2017 1:28:25 PM):  I was finally able to access memolink: Memocode Bonus Points! Get 10 FREE BONUS POINTS when you enter this Memocode! SummerLovin VALID DATES: 5/15 - 6/30/17 good for all,  Michelle M, NY

8297 St. Ives deal at CVS (5/22/2017 2:36:43 PM):  The St. Ives at my CVS was only $4.79, so I'm short .63 to get the $10 ECBs. Now I have to find another $1.50 coupon to buy one more. Boo. ,  Sandra F, WI

8303 NexGard (5/22/2017 4:16:52 PM):  Anyone know best price for dogs?Vet is over the hill.,  Julie J, FL

8305 Dove ice cream bars (5/22/2017 4:30:40 PM):  There is a blurb on the front of the box showing $2 in coupons; there is a $1 coupon for the candy also. The ice cream coupon is marked manufacturer's coupon. Sorry I forgot to include this info.,  Joan S, CT

8306 olay soap (5/22/2017 5:24:17 PM):  found 6pks of olay soap marked down to 2.49 at kroger today. when i checked out i got a 2 catalina. so i went back and bought 4 more and got 2 more 2 catalinas. makes them very cheap,  Karen W, MI

8307 KELLOGGS FAMILY REWARDS code (5/22/2017 5:31:05 PM):  100 Free Kellogg's Family Rewards Points Get 100 free Kellogg's Family Rewards points with the new code: WELC0MESPRINGPTS Expires 5/28/17 *The 5th character in the code is the number 0, not the letter O ,  Michelle M, NY

8308 Wheel of fortune (5/22/2017 5:36:21 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: MP0893273 Bonus Round Puzzle: PATCHWORK,  Rhonda K, FL

8309 Kelloggs code (5/22/2017 5:37:23 PM):  WELC0MESPRINGPTS 100 points ,  Gayle S, MI

8313 Domino's code (5/22/2017 7:14:04 PM):  Large 2 topping pizza for $5.99 with code 9159. For carryout orders only. Good thru May 28.,  Tricia B, MD

8324 Kelloggs code (5/23/2017 6:53:04 AM):  KICK-OFFS-UMME-RFUN 50 points,  Gayle S, MI

8327 100 pack K-cups, $35 shipped (5/23/2017 7:50:37 AM):  Maud's K-cups has some good deals on their K-cups. And Shipping is free. For example: Box of 100 Gourmet Blend K-Cups falls from $39 to $35.10 with code bradsblends10. B, MD

8328 Kelloggs Family Rewards (5/23/2017 7:56:01 AM):  Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong:I buy coupons with points and click on the link to print and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.Bought multiples and the first 2 did not work and last one did.I have called them twice and they are good about replacing points but I still do not get what I need to do.,  Theresa R, NJ

8331 RiteAid deal (5/23/2017 8:57:52 AM):  Michele shows the following deal on her updates page: Dove Men+Care Mineral+Sage Dry Spray Deodorant $5.49 + 100 Plenti pts - $2 in-ad cpn page 6 - $2 (RP 5/7) - $2 Checkout51 FP free + profit Be aware that the Checkout 51 app clearly states "Cannot use this offer with any other coupon" so you won't get the $2 from them if you use the in-ad RA cpn and the RP cpn. So why bother? ,  Linda B. B, CA

8340 Free AAA for Sprint (5/23/2017 10:29:15 AM):  I just got an ad with my new AAA cards. If you're a Sprint phone user, you get free AAA basic membership! and use code NATRI_TOW_ZZM HTH someone!,  Julie D, MA

8342 messed up (5/23/2017 11:30:26 AM):  I tried to go to on IE, and it's messed up. Went from RMC and also from MyPoints. Switched to Chrome, and it's fine, but I have to do that d*** cell phone code message again. Thankfully a friend lets me use her cell phone to get the code. ,  Sharon T, TN

8343 beer rebate question (5/23/2017 11:33:49 AM):  Does anyone know if it's okay to use 2016 cash register receipts if the form doesn't state dated ones? ,  Rose W, KY

8345 Winetags (5/23/2017 11:38:28 AM):  Does anyone use these? I have one if you want it.,  Dayle R, KY

8348 Centrum savingstar (5/23/2017 2:04:26 PM):  New Centrum deals are available to be activated. The $4 for buying Centrum Silver could be a great deal when combined with the $4 manufacturer's coupon for Centrum Silver in the 5/21 Redplum.,  William M. M, FL

8353 Kelloggs codes (5/23/2017 3:47:23 PM):  HIGHTEMP25FREE4U 25 points 25FREETOCOOLDOWN 25 points,  Gayle S, MI

8358 Wheel of fortune (5/23/2017 5:46:18 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: RB9314561 Bonus Round Puzzle: BOUQUET,  Rhonda K, FL

8359 Dollar Tree (5/23/2017 5:52:44 PM):  I found Scott facial tissue 160 ct. for 1.00.I bought 10 boxes and will go back for more. I love to find facial tissue for 1.00 and always stock up.,  Rachel B, MA

8363 $45 -6 ft x 9 ft Patio Umbrella (5/23/2017 8:19:05 PM):  Belham Living 6.2' x 9.6' Rectangular Patio Umbrella was $180, now $49. Use code UMBRELLA to make it $44.98. Shipping is free. B, MD

8369 Swag Code Extravaganza (5/24/2017 8:30:58 AM):  1st code - BumbleBees - til 11:00 ET,  Cindy S, TX

8370 TopCashBack clue? (5/24/2017 8:57:12 AM):  Anyone solve today's anagram of Deli Fog Iso? This one has me stumped! TIA for any help!! ,  Heather G, PA

8372 Swag Code (5/24/2017 10:03:45 AM):  2nd code - go to the Nature Code Extravaganza U.S. blog post or just go to the facebook page & click on the link - it will take you to the page w/your one-time use only unique code which cannot be shared - 5 SB til 1 pm ET,  Cindy S, TX

8374 Free milk (5/24/2017 10:12:24 AM):  w/purchase @ Dollar General - see coupon @ their site - good til 5/26/17,  Cindy S, TX

8375 New Glad Freezer Wrap (5/24/2017 10:30:50 AM):  If you haven't tried this new product, I would say don't. It retails for $3.99. I was really disappointed. I thought the wrap would be a lot thicker and easier to use for wrapping items that I wanted to freeze. Sometimes just putting items in freezer bags isn't enough to avoid ice crystals. I contacted the company and expressed my opinion, asked some questions and requested a refund or coupons for other products and all I received was a canned reply that said "we will share your comments with the rest of the team". I was very surprised at that response.,  Vicki J, AZ

8377 Swag Code (5/24/2017 12:00:02 PM):  3rd code - LadyBugs - 6 SB til 3 pm ET,  Cindy S, TX

8378 Walgreens (5/24/2017 12:53:50 PM):  Go to their website to clip a digital coupon to your Balance Rewards Card, for 20% Off this Friday, May 26th!,  Art F, CA

8379 Freezing (5/24/2017 1:31:24 PM):  I love my Food Saver. I know its expensive, but I got mine for a several low monthly payments on QVC 10 years ago and it was the best thing I have ever purchased. Its well worth looking into because it eventually pays for itself. ,  Kathie D, PA

8380 Wet n Wild at Riteaid (5/24/2017 1:45:51 PM):  this week Wet n Wild makeup is 40% off. The lip pencil, nail polish, eye pencil, eye shadow brush are 99 cents. buy $10 get 300 Plenti points. use coupons from Sun paper. ,  Dru T, KY

8381 Swag code (5/24/2017 2:07:17 PM):  PineTree for 5 sb by 5 pm EST.,  Tricia B, MD

8384 Friendly's (5/24/2017 3:21:35 PM):  If you join Friendly's best friend account you can get their coupon for a quarter pounder cheeseburger and fries for $2 until 5/30.,  Diane J. D, ME

8385 $60 shipped- Battery Operated Fire Truck (5/24/2017 3:24:07 PM):  Radio Flyer Battery-Operated Fire Truck Ride-On for 2 with Lights and Sounds, was $99.99, now $59.97 with free shipping. So cute!! B, MD

8386 $60 shipped- Battery Operated Fire Truck (5/24/2017 3:24:14 PM):  Radio Flyer Battery-Operated Fire Truck Ride-On for 2 with Lights and Sounds, was $99.99, now $59.97 with free shipping. So cute!! B, MD

8387 Swagcode (5/24/2017 3:50:46 PM):  Enter "Bird" for 7 sb Expires 4pm PST,  Teresa S, CA

8388 Swag Code (5/24/2017 4:03:28 PM):  Bird for 7 SB by 7 pm ET,  Cindy S, TX

8389 Got my P&G truck (5/24/2017 4:16:16 PM):  It's a open semi from the Cars collection, with Luigi & Guido inside. ,  Janice L, WA

8391 Wheel of fortune (5/24/2017 5:32:20 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: LI9334290 Bonus Round Puzzle: VERY THICK FOG,  Rhonda K, FL

8392 swagbucks help (5/24/2017 6:02:42 PM):  can someone tell me how to link my credit card to SB? I buy online and I want to get my points. Thanks for any help. I have been trying to do it most of the day. I used to do it, but I have changed my card,  Elizabeth L, WV

8393 Swag code (5/24/2017 6:27:53 PM):  Lakes for 9sb by 9 pm EST.,  Tricia B, MD

8397 $50 -Ozark Trail Teepee (5/24/2017 8:27:33 PM):  Ozark Trail 7 (4) Person Teepee Tent was $74.97, now $49.88. Free shipping. Ebates gives back 1%; Discover gives back 5%. ,  Tricia B, MD

8398 gas deal (5/24/2017 8:29:33 PM):  Is the limit just one or can you submit more?,  Jan K, IA

8399 Memorial Day freebies (5/24/2017 9:04:14 PM):  Any good ones for this veteran, and others?,  William M. M, FL

8403 Major office chair recall (5/25/2017 8:36:23 AM):  Over 70,000 office chairs made by Sauder Woodworking have been recalled due to a fall hazard. Log on to to learn more. Some chairs were sold at Costco, some sold at Office Depot/Office Max, & elsewhere.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8404 1/2 priced ice cream slushes, shakes at Sonic Driv (5/25/2017 8:46:54 AM):  TODAY only, get ice cream slushes & shakes for 1/2 price at Sonic Drive-ins all day!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8405 Goodyear Tires sale (5/25/2017 8:52:13 AM):  If you need new tires, Goodyear Tires is having a sale this Memorial Day Weekend. Buy 4 tires & save $100. Notice of this sale came in an e-message to me this morning. sign up for automotive product e-newsletters to be notified of such sales & promos.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8407 $40 shipped- Kate Spade wallet (5/25/2017 9:09:00 AM):  Kate Spade New York Morris Lane Beca Wallet was $88, now $53. Use code REFRESH to make it $39.75. Free shipping. B, MD

8408 MCR codes (5/25/2017 9:22:17 AM):  Is there any reason to keep caps that have codes in them? I know the program has changed but I don't want to pitch them only to find out they could still be used by someone. TIA,  Cindy S, TX

8409 Ebay coupon (5/25/2017 9:27:03 AM):  Coupon for 20% off $50 or more in Home & Garden, Baby, Pets, Crafts, Food, or Sporting Goods categories when you apply code P20MEMDAY Ends May 29. Must use PayPal as payment.,  Tricia B, MD

8412 Rebates (5/25/2017 10:31:43 AM):  I send for grocery and wine rebates. It is amazing to me how long the mailing addresses are for Inmar. Does anyone else notice how long their mailing address is? ,  Renay E, NJ

8416 donut day (5/25/2017 12:01:59 PM):  We don't have Krispy Kreme here any more. are there other places with offers?,  Judy B B, LA

8421 Walgreens (5/25/2017 2:42:22 PM):  they have load to card coupons $3 off Oxyclean and $1/2 Ziplock bags,  Judy B B, LA

8425 $12 Color changing beach totes (5/25/2017 4:39:27 PM):  Color Changing UV Beach Totes are $9.97 with $2 shipping. (Colors Appear in the Sunshine). B, MD

8429 Swagbuck Videos (5/25/2017 6:52:22 PM):  Has anyone else had a problem with Swagbuck videos loading? It keeps telling me "That one got away". Wondering if it's just me or everyone. Thanks.,  Roberta P, NC

8430 Wheel of fortune (5/25/2017 7:20:36 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: LC0498262 Bonus Round Puzzle: YOU HAVE MY WORD,  Rhonda K, FL

8431 $17 shipping - JBL splashproof bluetooth speaker (5/25/2017 7:54:54 PM):  JBL Clip+ Splashproof Bluetooth® Speaker, Teal, was $49.99, now $17.30. Free shipping. B, MD

8432 ing recommendations? (5/25/2017 8:22:31 PM):  Anyone know how to get documents scanned for inexpensive? I have a bunch of files that I'd like to get scanned, and I'd take them somewhere in neat piles, with no staples or anything, ready to just go into a feeder. I called my local staples and they said they'd charge $1 a page!! I can do it on my scanner/printer at home, but it's kind of slow, but I'm sure as heck not paying someone $1 a page. It seems to me like the cost should be about comparable to putting a 100 page document into a feeder at a place like staples, and getting it copied. So does anyone know where might do this for inexpensive?,  Angela B, NV

8433 (5/25/2017 8:59:20 PM):  Be sure to keep Playing the Kroger (Ralphs here in So. CA) Summer is Delicious Instant Win Game. I just won Vlasic Spears Pickles (this is the 4th time I have won a prize ! ). Spin the Wheel - it's quick and easy to play...FUN !,  Marilyn P, CA

8439 Duracell batteries 16pk (5/26/2017 3:50:32 AM):  are .01 after reward at Office Depot for 2 more days,  Janice L, WA

8440 FREE 12-Pack of Coke (5/26/2017 4:42:26 AM):  FREE 12-pack of coke IF you're a Coke Insider. Takes only 1 Coke cap---6/30/17. Sign in first before you click on the link - ,  Dolores S, WV

8450 Savings Catcher Question (5/26/2017 7:56:22 AM):  How do I pay for a walmart online purchase with my walmart bucks from the savings catcher program? It says I can but I don't see how. Do I need to use the bluebird card or something? Because I lost it. I know I did it once before without it but I forgot how I did it. Any help appreciated thanks.,  Polly M, MO

8451 free drink at Teavana (5/26/2017 7:57:05 AM):  Free 24 oz tea at Teavana stores today, 3-7 p.m. Show the following invite at the store or tell them the code fri-YAY. ,  Tricia B, MD

8466 Old Orchard Juice (5/26/2017 11:06:07 AM):  Does anyone know which Sunday paper had the 1.00 Old Orchard juice coupon? It is not on Michele's list but I used one yesterday and I know it was from a SS. Got lemonade free at our Schnucks! Want more!,  Janet K, IL

8467 Any coupon codes or ?? (5/26/2017 11:25:58 AM):  I will be buying a Graco DuoDiner 3 in 1 Convertible high chair in color "Hannah". Right now it is $139 at Target but no coupon codes work on it. Anyone have any ideas of where I might get it cheaper?? Checked Amazon but they don't have the color "Hannah". Any help would be appreciated.,  Debra J. L, MI

8473 Mattress cover deals (5/26/2017 12:13:57 PM):  Add a Queen The Big One® Essential Mattress Pad, was $49.99, now $24.99 to your cart: Add an item about $1.50 or over Then you can use codes TAKE10 (for $10 off $25) and SMS6780 for 15% off. Choose free in store pick up. Your total will be $14. Or go to the above link and choose a full size mattress cover for $19.99, was $39.99. Add a Standard size Big One Pillow for $5.99: Use above codes. Total will be $13.58.,  Tricia B, MD

8475 Kohls codes (5/26/2017 12:41:51 PM):  Does anyone know if there will be a free shipping code for Kohls over Memorial weekend? TIA,  Deb C, FL

8486 $150 Char-Broil Grill (5/26/2017 2:12:13 PM):  Char-Broil Performance Black and Stainless Steel 4-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill with 1-Side Burner, was $199.99, now $149.99. Get 5% back thru Ebates. Remember you can always get a 10% coupon from ebay or http://save10percent.netTricia B, MD

8489 Ziploc deal- gas card (5/26/2017 2:49:54 PM):  Is anyone else having trouble using their $5 gas card? Ive been to Wal mart and Alon and it didnt work either place.,  Jane B, TX

8493 Smashburger coupon (5/26/2017 3:40:05 PM):  Buy one entree at Smashburger, get one free. Good thru May 29. B, MD

8494 Rite aid (5/26/2017 3:52:45 PM):  Centrum VitaMint 60ct regular price $9.49 gold price $7.59. $4 c/o (RP 5-21) $4 + $1 on Savingstar so money maker or .49 if not gold.,  Lynn C, CO

8506 Wheel of fortune (5/26/2017 6:47:11 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: VT6843833 Bonus Round Puzzle: BEFORE DAWN,  Rhonda K, FL

8509 Filing coupons (5/26/2017 7:47:12 PM):  What suggestions can anyone give me for filing my coupons. I have tried filing whole inserts ( but end up mixing them up as I cut out coupons needed) , and I have tried cutting coupons out and filing by type.( but it is really a chore to keep removing expired coupons) Need suggestions to make it easy to find coupons when I need them for certain items!! PLEASE,  Marilyn F, PA

8511 What did you get for free or cheap? (5/26/2017 8:02:45 PM):  Well, I thought I was selling my house and obviously this was not supposed to happen, so now I'm renting my house. As a result, I've not focused my attention on couponing. I did get my free tomato juice from Kmart. I also found I have a $5/$5 in points waiting for me. So I'll combine this with my $4 in points and get some kind of free item. Christopher and Banks sent me a $20 coupon which I used today on a rack that was 50% off, so I got two nice sweaters for $8. CVS rewarded me a $5 ECB from the Beauty Club so I got two graduation cards and a pack of sandwich bags. How did you do? ,  Mindy W, MD

8514 $15- 48 Green Mountain K cups (5/26/2017 9:33:24 PM):  Keurig - Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cup® Pods (48-Pack), was $29.99, now $14.99. (Comes out to 31 cents each.) Free shipping on $35 or free in store pick up. B, MD

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