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rite aid (3/11/2015 10:19:37 PM):  here is a code for the riteaid fabuary rewards: FUV9WT4RWK,  Donna M, CA

9273 cvs duplicate coupon (3/11/2015 10:31:47 PM):  I saw some posts here last week about CVS not allowing a second coke coupon. This week I tried to use two of the Loreal free coupons and the cashier could not get the second coupon to go through. He got the manager and she put it through. Looked at the receipt after I got home and she put it through as a cvs coupon. Still got the $4 extra bucks for buying two. Looks like their machines are now programmed to turn down a second coupon on a free product. These were the kind sent in the mail. ,  Andrea C, MD

9274 Memocode for 3/12 (3/12/2015 5:57:26 AM):  FiresideChats for 3 points on 3/12 only. Points awarded 3/13,  Deborah K, VA

9281 Rite Aid Free Soap (3/12/2015 7:18:11 AM):  Was looking at the Irish Spring Gear Soap at Rite Aid to see if I was reading the tags right. the 6-bar pks. were 2/$6 with $2 UPs, just like the 3-pks. I used 2 $2 coupons and got 2 6-pks. for free!,  Pat B, DE

9286 Shaws Minute Maid Orange Juice (3/12/2015 8:28:07 AM):  Minute Maid orange juice is part of the Buy 6, get them for $1.88 deal. On there is a 75¢ coupon that Shaws will double for this. Their policy is 4 like coupons per order, so you would have to either buy 2 other things part of this deal, or only get 4 of the coupons doubled, the other 2 wouldn't be doubled. Of course, you'd need access to more than one computer to get more than 2 coupons. I bought 4 OJs and two Jif peanut butters (still a great deal for $1.88 each). HTH,  Diane J. D, ME

9288 digita cameral (3/12/2015 8:41:19 AM):  looking for a digital camera of course for a good price. Only need one for family picture taking and an occasional download of videos and pictures to the computer. Nothing fancy just something simple.,  Susanne L, PA

9289 $36 shipped- Men's Reeboks (3/12/2015 8:51:10 AM):  Finish line has some men's Reeboks on clearance. Even with shipping of $6.49, they come to about $36.47 shipped: Men's Reebok ZigKick Wild Running Shoes, $29.98(reg $79.99): Men's Reebok RealFlex Speed 3.0 Running Shoes, $29.98, (reg. $69.99): B, MD

9294 Kohls $10/$30 kid's apparel & Shoes (3/12/2015 9:47:53 AM):  In today's ad is the above coupon to use. Combine with your % coupon for greater savings. Does anyone have the URL to print extra $10/$30 Kids apparel and shoes coupons?,  Helen N, ID

9296 Friskies game/coupon (3/12/2015 10:51:41 AM):  I always get OOOPS, cats are running the internet. Does anyone else get this?? I have tried on three different computers. Same thing.,  Carla B, OH

9297 ISO Mucinex (3/12/2015 11:49:32 AM):  Does anyone know where I can get the Mucinex rebate form. I already got rid of paper. TIA,  Trisha A, TX

9298 Scott's (3/12/2015 11:50:20 AM):  The rebates are back for all the products for spring!! Also if you get the 4 step at ACE, you save $50 at the store with your rewards card. Be careful though, all ACE stores are privately owned and may not participate in the program.,  Carla B, OH

9304 Freebie (3/12/2015 2:00:01 PM): Through 5/8, or while supplies last, go here and fill out the form to receive a coupon good for one FREE 5.5 oz can of Friskies Tasty Treasures Accented With Real Bacon. Please allow 6-8 weeks to receive your coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

9305 itunes card sale (3/12/2015 2:01:48 PM):  Target has 15% off iTunes cards with code ITUNES15. These are digital delivery only, not the actual card. Link to the $25 card (which will be $21.25 after code): B, MD

9308 SWAG CODE ALERT: (3/12/2015 2:36:32 PM):  Enter GetThatRefund in the Swag Code box until 2pm PT/5pm ET for 3 SB!,  Sam H, OR

9310 New Dishwasher (3/12/2015 2:53:36 PM):  We are needing a new dishwasher, any recommendations?,  Rc C, IL

9314 Club Pogo (3/12/2015 4:32:10 PM):  Is there anywhere I can get Club Pogo for free or a good rate. MCR and Recyclebank used to offer it as one of their rewards, but no more. Thanks.,  Donna B, WV

9316 Big Y Bird's Eye (3/12/2015 6:12:46 PM):  Steamfresh veggies are on sale, certain varieties, for $1 each. Use the $1/2 for great deal.,  Kathryn H, CT

9317 What did you get for free or cheap? (3/12/2015 6:31:07 PM):  Jokingly I said to my boyfriend last Saturday, "When you go to 7-11, why don't you take some of the discarded lottery tickets at the front of the counter so I can use them for the MD Lottery rewards program?" Thirty minutes later, he shows up with a cup of hot chocolate and a handful of discarded lottery tickets. "Don't ever say I don't do things for you.", he says to me as I practically have tears in my eyes. Is that not a good man? It's recycling day tomorrow and what did my eyes spot? Several 2-liter empty Coke bottles in my neighbor's recycling bin. Earlier in the year, I tried to get the neighbors to do the Coke Rewards program, but obviously, they weren't interested. She was more then happy to let me have them. Fortunately, no one was home in the neighborhood as I unscrewed the caps off the bottles and sheepishly crossed the street to my house. She said she'll save them for me too. I ordered a $5 Starbucks card and $5 Lowes card off of the Hallmark Rewards program. I need to now load this certificate onto my Starbucks card account by Monday so I'll get more points onto my account. I finally got my Billpay to work and now I have my second bill set and ready. If this works, then I'll earn $10/month for doing this. Last week, Giant had a deal of buy $20 of frozen food, get $10 off. With additional coupons, I got $20 of food for $6. Giant also has a frozen food similar deal beginning tomorrow. I went to Kmart last week and purchased several clearance clothing items which totaled $55. Then, I went home and realized I could've done the double coupon deal. Urgghhh... I found a $2 Walgreen register reward from February 8th. I went to my local store and surprisingly enough, they let me use it. Tomorrow are more deals, but for now, let's hear about your good or free deals. ,  Mindy C, MD

9318 Granola Bar Rebate? (3/12/2015 6:42:54 PM):  Is there still a TMF rebate on Nature Valley Granola bars? Was it a SMP, as I went looking in the store today and didn't remember which type of bars it was on. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! ,  Cheryl C, ME

9320 EASTER CANDY (3/12/2015 7:22:31 PM):  I need to purchase candy to fill Easter eggs for our town's egg hunt. I usually use coupons and get deals at CVS and Walgreens along with Meijer. We are filling eggs Monday and I haven't found alot of good sales yet. Does Sam's Club have any good deals on candy? I could go with free 60 day membership that was in Sunday's paper. Any other ideas for cheap candy? Thanks,  Beverly H, IN

9322 coupon redemption limitations (3/12/2015 8:16:36 PM):  Just about all coupons these day have limits as to how many of a specific product coupon we can redeem in one shopping trip. That also includes pet product coupons. Would someone please tell me how some people are able to redeem a "ton" of coupons for 1 pet food brand in one shopping trip without having to get multiple receipts? The Iams pet food/treats coupons say limit of 4 like coupons per household per day!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

9329 Skoal Instant Win (3/12/2015 10:00:02 PM):  If you have an account at you can play this. There is a new item every 2 weeks until 5/31 Right now it's Double kick hot sauce-I won :) You can only play once per 2 weeks. Next prize is a very nice camping tent starts on 3/23,  Laurie D, DE

9330 Office Depot Filler Item? (3/12/2015 10:09:02 PM):  Does anyone have any ideas for the cheapest filler item on I am buying a printer for 99.99 and there is a deal for a free $15 GC wyb $100. Thanks!,  Laurie F, FL

9332 Kroger offer is wrong size (3/13/2015 1:16:37 AM):  L'Oreal Paris Advanced Shampoos, Conditioners, Stylers $3.99 -- down to $2.99 on Mega Sale - buy 3 - $3 catalina wyb 3 through 3/27 - $3 printable - use three, or - $2 (RP 2/15) FP ala 3 free + nice profit,  Janice L, WA

9341 Expired Rebate Check (3/13/2015 7:26:14 AM):  While spring cleaning, I can upon a rebate check from Lowe's that includes the statement "not valid after January 15, 2015." Can this still be deposited or will it returned if I try?,  Kim R, ME

9343 Outback coupon (3/13/2015 7:51:40 AM):  Print out a coupon for 15% off at Outback: Expires 3/15/15.,  Tricia B, MD

9349 Crackel Barrel Game (3/13/2015 8:04:10 AM):  Here's a new game code: OLDTIMER. Just got this morning thru email.,  Lilli T, OH

9354 Mars game winner (3/13/2015 8:39:32 AM):  Hi, I just won this Xbox game code. Please post when used! Tks Shelagh, Mills River Congratulations, you are an instant winner!* You have won a Max: Curse of the Brotherhood Xbox digital game.* Want to learn more about your prize? Click here Please let us know if you use Xbox One or Xbox 360. Please allow 3-4 weeks for verification and delivery of your prize to the email address you provided when registering. Your Winner Confirmation Number is: ce10e592-eb89-4d50-8f29-aeb252812cc2,  Shelagh T, NC

9359 Mars game winner (3/13/2015 10:54:23 AM):  OOops! I just read that it will be delivered to the address I registered with so sorry, nobody else can use it! Shelagh, Mills River,  Shelagh T, NC

9361 Checkout line (3/13/2015 11:38:20 AM):  You know I'm a pretty nice person but when I tell people in line that I have a lot of coupons and it might take a few minutes and they start huffing and puffing the whole time I have a lot of problem with that. I tell them before they even put their stuff on the belt I have a lot of coupons this may take a few minutes. The woman behind me and target today was huffing and puffing because I had so many coupons and then they had to split the order because now they only except four of each coupon. I did not know that therefore she had to do two orders. So she goes to the checkout at the front of the line and as I passed by leaving I hear her say some stupid woman with coupons and I walked over to her and I said I just saved $30 what did you save today? You can be a hater of coupons but don't hate the people that are couponing to save money.,  Carla B, OH

9363 Costco robes $9.97 & $14.99 (3/13/2015 12:29:02 PM):  Costco's website has Carole Hochman robes, both zip and wrap styles . I have two of the zip robes ($14.99 after $5 discount) and I love them! They wash well, do not shed, and are warm, plush and pretty. The zip robes in sapphire and purple are only available in Small at this point; the pink and ivory zip are still available in most sizes. The wrap style is available in ivory and pink at $9.97, but only available now in XL and XXL. Since the price for the wrap robes ends in .97, I think it may be a closeout item. Sizes seem to run pretty true. In the reviews, a few people complain of shedding, but I did not experience that at all. Reviews are very good, and prices include shipping,  Milly E, MN

9365 Kroger Free Friday item (3/13/2015 1:20:52 PM):  Here's a good one from Kroger (Ralph's for me) Free Friday item: FREE MARS Easter Single RECEIVE ONE (1) FREE Mars Easter Singles Shape 1.1oz to 1.06oz.,  Marilyn P, CA

9366 CVS, Walgreens (3/13/2015 1:24:51 PM):  Over the weekend I found Reeses breakers 6 pk candy marked down to .38. These were on the regular shelf so you may want to scan one if you find it. Today at Wags, I found Bandaids Cars/Mater motif for $1.09. These are nice for birthday presents for little boys or spring yard sales. Also found these on the regular shelf.,  Susan B, SC

9375 PERSIL (3/13/2015 3:30:51 PM):  It was the one wash powder I grew up with as a kid in Europe. Nice surprise to see it being carried here in the US. My Mum always used it so hope the reviews here match up to my memories!!,  Diana D, CO

9377 Italy package from $1399 (3/13/2015 3:36:47 PM):  Packages to Italy, starting at $1399. Includes airfare from NY, and 4 night hotel stay including breakfast. Dates in April start at $1399 and there are dates in October starting at $1499. If you want to upgrade to 7 nights, there is a package for $1999. B, MD

9382 Wheel of Fortune (3/13/2015 5:31:36 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Friday: AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY If your Spin Id is DM1201162, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

9384 Rhoda MI (3/13/2015 6:13:55 PM):  Which water pillows did you get? . the reviews said they leak. I found one that wasnt supposed to leak and ordered them for my son and they both leaked. I would like to find one that is ok.,  Ruth S, OH

9388 Pay Pal (3/13/2015 7:09:44 PM):  Is anyone besides me, having trouble logging in to Pay Pal? Friday night 8:00 PM cst time ,  Susan E, WI

9389 Jamba Juice coupon (3/13/2015 7:17:23 PM):  Jamba Juice: coupon for buy 1 get 1 free juice or smoothie, 3/13-3/17. B, MD

9392 $36 - 8 pc bed in a bag (3/13/2015 7:33:29 PM):  Macy's has certain 8-Piece Reversible Bed-in-Bag Sets for $39.99 minus code TXT15 = $35.99. (Reg. price $100.) You will want to select free in store pick up. Otherwise, shipping is $9.95 + $3.25. Here is one example, but there are others: B, MD

9397 Jeanne W, PA - Thank you! (3/13/2015 9:57:05 PM):  DH needs to do a lot of work on one of our vehicles. We were each able to use the Autozone code to get $50 off. I also went through Ebates. I appreciate the code so much!!,  Susan C. C, TX

9403 Recall ice cream (3/14/2015 6:46:12 AM):  Just saw on the news that Blue Bell is recalling some of it's ice cream - 3 people have already died of Listeria - be careful!!!,  Joan B, NJ

9404 Oxiclean @ WD (3/14/2015 7:02:02 AM):  WD has Oxiclean detergent for $4.99 and you can use the $3 coupon and get it for $1.99,  Joan B, NJ

9408 Rite Aid ice cream downsized (3/14/2015 8:33:30 AM):  BOGO this week. My flavors were gone so I got rain check. The new ice cream will be just 1.5 quarts instead of 1.75 instead of 2.0 for my whole lifetime. Significantly smaller package. I'm bummed. Government says no inflation. Right. NOT.,  Andrea C, CA

9410 Kelloggs family rewards (3/14/2015 9:02:03 AM):  Is anyone else having problems logging in? It won't take my user name or password.. I have almost 15,000 points I hope that someone didn't hack my account,  Amy M, IN

9413 CVS (3/14/2015 9:45:28 AM):  Today I tried to use a CVS coupon and a Manufacturer's coupon on the same item, and the manager would not let me. Am I wrong or should I be protesting? ,  Judith F, NV

9414 Restaurant Com (3/14/2015 10:02:40 AM):  Today only, Restaurant Com. has $15.00 certificates for $3,14 Code Pi. ,  Shirley M. H, NJ

9415 preserVision areds (3/14/2015 10:20:44 AM):  Does anyone know what coupon flyer the $4.00 PreserVision coupon was in? Thank you Mickie Starks,  Mickie S, UT

9416 Save on Amazon local deals (3/14/2015 10:23:38 AM):  Amazon local has $3.14 Off any one Amazon Local deal with code 31415926. Valid through 3/15/15. B, MD

9424 Zyrtec Code (3/14/2015 12:19:30 PM):  Just got this one secret word: SPRINGCOUNTDOWN for 5pts enjoy.,  Lilli T, OH

9429 Shaw's/MyMixx (3/14/2015 1:09:32 PM):  I am happy to report that Shaw's/MyMixx have worked out the bugs in their new system. I went today and bought Beneful Baked Delights (dog treats) $3.29 less $1.50 manu. c/o and less $1.50 MyMixx savings = .39 cents. Secret clinical deodorant - $7.99 less $2 and $2 = $3.99. I just went through the MyMixx coupons available for "clipping" and my manu. c/o and I am ready to go back for more savings! I also did the 2 liter Polar seltzer water for .29 cents; the pint of grape tomatoes for .99; the Ben & Jerry ice cream for $1.99 (normally $4.99) and I bought the small bottle of Fugi water on sale for $1.00 and used a .50 c/o that doubled. I also got a bottle of Tropicana OJ on sale for $2.88 less the 1.50 catalina I had. Today I got 8 items for $11.73; saving $19.41 (64% according to my receipt). It was a good savings day!,  Vicky N, ME

9430 HelloFresh! (3/14/2015 1:18:45 PM):  $40 off ORE35MA55,  Sue M S, FL

9441 L'Oreal Ultimate Straight free sample (3/14/2015 3:08:51 PM):  I just tried to use the link for the free sample of L'Oreal Ultimate Straight. It didn't come up for me on the L'Oreal Website. Was anyone else able to successfully register for this sample? Or is the sample already gone.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

9443 Crackel Barrel Game (3/14/2015 3:37:58 PM):  another game code:Checkers also there's a daily sweepstakes to win a spiral ham thru march 22 only have to register once,  Lilli T, OH

9447 Freebie (3/14/2015 4:43:20 PM): Get a FREE Playtex Sport sample. Choose from the Playtex Sport liner & tampon sample pack OR the Playtex Sport pad & tampon sample pack.,  Jeanne W, PA

9451 eGiftCard/Walmart (3/14/2015 7:55:29 PM):  I only had $7.12 from the Savings Catcher and decided I would print my eGiftCard. At first I printed at 125% and it wasn't showing the card - then I minimized screen to 75% and it came out OK. I rarely go to Walmart so hadn't built much savings.,  Joyce A, VA

9452 RAOK - Kelloggs code (3/14/2015 8:05:57 PM):  MC4Z-T17P-KNZ0-VTKP. The 1 might be an I. The 0 might be an O. Please post when used. ,  Ginger G, TX

9453 Horizon Organic (3/14/2015 8:32:38 PM):  Enter to win Mac N Snacks for a year and then you can print a BOGO Free coupon D, DE

9455 Eggo Movie Ticket Offer (3/14/2015 9:00:29 PM):  I saw a new promotion today on Eggo waffles, buy 3 boxes, get $6 off a movie ticket. It's tied in with the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ulton movie, but also says good for any movie at participating theaters. Here are the details. 1.) Buy 3 specially marked packages of Eggo waffles in one transaction between 4/1/15 and 7/15/15. 2.) Snap a picture of your entire receipt including qualifying purchases and text or email to before 7/31/15. 3.) Get a reply message with a code and website to download your $6 certificate toward a movie ticket in participating theaters. Limit of 3 rewards per consumer and each receipt can only qualify for one reward and can only be submitted once. It says offer valid starting 4/1/15, however I submitted 2 receipts today and got my movie codes back already. Also, not all my Eggos were the specially marked boxes, but they still qualified. If you did the Target deal on Eggos this week, you might try submitting your receipt and see if you can get a movie ticket also.,  Mary P, KS

9458 Maybelline $2 coupon at Red Plum (3/14/2015 9:59:08 PM):  Is anyone able to find the Maybelline $2/1 coupon on the Red Plum site for the CVS Maybelline deal that starts tomorrow?? Really want to print it!! Thanks,  Leah D, CA

9462 Swim trunks, $7 shipped (3/15/2015 7:08:10 AM):  Guide Gear® Swim Trunks, in 2 colors, $7.19. Free shipping with code BH801. B, MD

9463 Sunday ads (3/15/2015 7:11:40 AM):  It is just my NY paper that has less and less ads every week? I got a target ad 2 coupon inserts best buy ad and a cvs ad. What the heck happen to all the others I used to get?,  Cheryl K, NY

9464 $16.99 Tommy Hilfiger flip flops (3/15/2015 7:18:46 AM): Free shipping. Is it flip flop weather yet????,  Tricia B, MD

9466 Tricia B, MD (3/15/2015 7:33:29 AM):  Tricia B or ANYONE if you have a code for discounted price on Xbox live I would sure appreciate a heads up, we just got one for the kids at our house and I went to the one posted and its out of stock... thanks for any help,  Linda K. W, IN

9474 Shutterfly Book (3/15/2015 10:24:26 AM):  Free 8X8 Shutterfly photo book. Use code CTCFEKFR43KXDT70FU. Expires 3/30. ,  Susan H, CT

9479 Country Crock Idaho Potatoes coupon (3/15/2015 12:05:42 PM):  Check your area grocery stores for the following coupon. Get up to $2 off a bag off Idaho potatoes when you buy two 45 oz. Country Crock products. The coupon expires 4/20/15. I don't buy a bag of Idaho potatoes. So I don't know what the regular price for them is. If you bought loose Idaho potatoes, you'd put them in a plastic produce bag. Based on price per pound, buy enough to cost less than $2 to get them free. Otherwise, a pre-bagged bag of Idahoes are going to cost more than $2. So you wouldn't be getting them free!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

9481 oxy detergent (3/15/2015 1:10:59 PM):  Thanks to everyone that posted that Walmart now has the TMF stickers on the Oxy detergent. Guess Ill be stock up on detergent for awhile. Thanks again everyone ,  Becky M, MO

9483 Shutterfly 8 X 8 Photo Book (3/15/2015 1:36:39 PM):  Have 3 of these. All expire 3/30/15. CTCNFE7TPHCFY87RWZ CTCKBK1ZPKGX763MMC CTCM5SSWKUBDAHF5NU Please post if used. ENJOY!,  Jeri L, CO

9484 RAOK - Kelloggs code (3/15/2015 1:43:40 PM):  Another Kelloggs code 6g40-kjjj-t1zy-cfv4 . The 1 might be an I. The 0 might be an O. Please post when used.,  Ginger G, TX

9485 Ibotta (3/15/2015 1:49:19 PM):  Why does it seem like half of the offers are wine and beer?,  Carla B, OH

9487 Shaws coupons (3/15/2015 2:00:51 PM):  In this weeks Shaws flyer, there was a separate coupon insert for several $5.00 off $50.00 coupons. Each coupon was good for a separate week for the next 5 weeks.,  Joanne K, VT

9488 problem (3/15/2015 2:45:43 PM):  Anyone else experiencing this? I chose specific coupons, making sure some are not already selected for me and when I click to print, I get 2 or 3 extra coupons that I did NOT select and are not even closely related to the one or two that I did select and did NOT print!,  Patricia K. S, OH

9489 Staples (3/15/2015 2:52:18 PM):  Staples 8.5 x 11 Multipurpose Paper, single ream $7.79 (item no. 513099) Use the $2.99/1 in-ad coupon found on the Staples coupon page Pay $4.80 Submit for the $4.79 Easy Rebate (limit 4 rebates) Final Cost $0.01 after Easy Rebate,  Jeanne W, PA

9491 CVS - NYX (3/15/2015 3:02:12 PM):  Information on the $3 NYX red machine coupon that prints and is good only today, Sunday: I asked where it was and because we are a small store we didn't get it BUT the cashier said I could pick out any cosmetic over $3 and they would take it off of that. We really have a customer-friendly store here!,  Debra J. L, MI

9497 NEW IWGames: (3/15/2015 4:33:22 PM):  Coca-Cola/RiteAid IWG: daily, 3-29-15, Coca-Cola Lady Antebellum IWG: daily, exp. 3-31-15, John Wiley & Sons New You IWG: exp. 3-31-15, Liquid-Plumr Pipe Puzzler IWG: exp. 4-1-15, Tim Hortons RRRoll Up Replay IWG: daily, exp. 4-2-15, Coca-Cola NCAA Prize Pack Sweeps: daily, exp. 4-4-15, Cheetos Egg Creator IWG & Sweeps: daily, exp. 4-5-15, - Your first entry is free - to get additional free plays, you'll need to call 1-866-591-1960 to get one, limit 10 free bag codes per person per day. Nabisco NCAA Snack Bracket: daily, ep. 4-6-15, Orbitz Rewards Upgrade Your Vacation IWG: daily, exp. 4-10-15, Reese’s FREE Chocolate Product Coupon Giveaway: daily, exp. 4-10-15, VSP EnVision Sweeps: daily, exp. 4-13-15, Horizon Dairy Free Mac & Snacks for a Year Sweeps & IWG: daily, exp. 4-26-15, Coca-Cola & Bow Tie Cinemas Anniversary IWG & Sweeps: daily, exp. 9-7-15, Gatorade Sweat With the Best IWG & Sweeps: daily, exp. 3-31-2016, ,  Teresa H, AR

9501 $10 Mega Bloks at TRU (3/15/2015 6:18:30 PM):  Mega Bloks First Builders Imagination Building - Pink, $10, reg. $24.99: Mega Bloks First Builders 100-Count. Block Set, $10 (reg. $24.99): Free in store pick up.,  Tricia B, MD

9504 Wawa app (3/15/2015 7:14:58 PM):  If you buy food at wawa, the new rewards app is great! You get an electronic coupon for a free icee, fountain drink, or coffee with your first use! You need to buy a gift card and then link it to the app....and from then on, you just use the app to pay. Rewards only accrue on food, snacks, stuff you buy inside....not gas.,  Alisa G, DE

9506 Kroger free coupon to load (3/15/2015 7:39:45 PM):  FREE ONE CUP any variety Yoplait® Greek 100 Whips!® after adding digital coupon to your card. Check ecoupon listing under dairy coupons on the website.,  Susan P, PA

9507 Gift cards (3/15/2015 7:58:01 PM):  I'm starting to think that buying these gift cards, then putting money on them, and using them for your everyday purchases may be a good idea. For example, I have a Starbucks card. I was able to transfer my $5 Hallmark Starbucks gift ecard onto it easily. I walk by a Dunkin Donut every day. If I put some money on a DD card, I will be able to get a free drink. I get hot chocolate there anyway, so why not get in on the Perks program? We just read about the WaWa app if you get a gift card. I use their store from time to time. How do the rest of you find it using these gift cards? Is it cumbersome or is it an easy transition?,  Mindy C, MD

9509 CVS/Checkout51 Scrubbing Bubbles (3/15/2015 8:37:32 PM):  If you get Scrubbing Bubbles as part of the CVS extra bucks Windex deal and plan to submit it to Checkout51, you have to get the toilet cleaner. It specifically says that the offer excludes the bathroom cleaner. ,  Helga G, CA

9512 Purina My perks (3/15/2015 9:36:13 PM):  Can anyone get into Purina My Perks? I haven't been able to get in for a few days now. Thanks! :) ,  Sharon W, WI

9516 Target Coupons (3/16/2015 3:06:16 AM):  Is anyone else having trouble with the Target coupons from their website? When I print, all I get is a barcode??? ,  Kelli B, PA

9523 Dairy Queen (3/16/2015 6:02:07 AM):  Dairy Queen has free small icecream cones today in honor or their 75th anniversary .,  Tricia B, MD

9524 RAOK - Kellogg's codes (3/16/2015 6:07:24 AM):  Here are 3 more. G9H5-J4G4-0QZ3-QXC6, 8H3C-ZL6G-KHJC-VT1Y, 6NY4-YP0J-6FRP-GYT6. The 1 might be an I. The 0 might be an O. Please post when used,  Ginger G, TX

9532 CVS & manufacturer's coupons (3/16/2015 9:26:00 AM):  Someone last week posted about not being able to use 2 free coke coupons. Saturday I wasn't able to use 2 $1/2 halls coupons on 4 bags. The cashier said "don't tell, I'm not supposed to do this" and put the 2nd one in as CVS coupon. He said they can't take 2 of the same coupons. Is anyone else finding this? If this is so, I won't be doing many deals at CVS.,  Regina R, NY

9534 32 in TV (3/16/2015 9:52:35 AM):  I am looking for a deal on a 32 inch TV. Are there any good deals ?,  Louise W, NY

9538 $8.40 shipped= 90 Finish powerballs (3/16/2015 11:15:39 AM):  Finish Powerball Tabs Dishwasher Detergent Tablets, Fresh Scent, 90 Count, $12.93 minus 30% off coupon page right below the price. (You must sign in to use coupon. And I think if you've used it before, you may not be able to use it again.) Then use subscribe & save to save an additional 5% off and get free shipping. Total price is about $8.40, less than 10 cents a tablet (which is a good price to me.) B, MD

9539 Kroger LOreal Deal Question (3/16/2015 11:32:54 AM):  Has anyone purchased any of the LOREAL stylers as part of the 3 items and still received the catalina? I know it works for the shampoo and conditioner. Any input will be greatly appreciated. TIA,  Victoria R, OH

9540 2 Shutterfly book codes (3/16/2015 12:20:49 PM):  These expire 3/30/15 at Code 1: CTCG2SSWU7D9GCW096 Code 2: CTCD50Z0BF441PA17F Please post if used.,  Pat B, DE

9541 Wheat Thins $1 cpns (3/16/2015 12:23:41 PM):  In ShopRite today a demonstrator was giving out $1 Wheat Thins coupons, good on one.,  Pat B, DE

9547 coupon (3/16/2015 1:35:05 PM):  Are there any coupons out there for Penguins of Madagascar?,  Marcie M, WI

9548 Domino's Pizza (3/16/2015 1:37:06 PM):  Half off if you click the banner on their website when you order online from now through Sunday, March 22.,  Kathleen K, WI

9550 Any good deals on Readers Digest (3/16/2015 2:26:13 PM):  My subscription is up and I was wondering if there were any good deals on a subscription. I checked Recycle rewards and I didn't see Readers Digest listed. Are there any other survey sites that have as a reward? ,  Victoria L, FL

9551 Keelloggs Eggo code (3/16/2015 2:27:36 PM):  MBXH-Y17V-LTQG-GRGR,  Mary Grace S, MD

9552 Shutterfly (3/16/2015 2:28:00 PM):  Here's a code for another free 8X8 Shutterfly photo book: CTCF42Y2N1FT5ZZS76 Expires 3/30.,  Susan H, CT

9553 Dominos (3/16/2015 2:36:22 PM):  Through Sunday, Domino’s Pizza is offering 50% off ANY pizza at Menu Price when you order online. To get this deal, just go to, click on the 50% off banner, choose the pizza you’d like and your discount will be automatically applied at checkout.,  Jeanne W, PA

9554 (3/16/2015 2:39:17 PM):  Amazon has these 2 DVD's for $4.00 each. * Mrs. Doubtfire (Behind-the-Seams Edition) DVD $4 (reg. $14.98) * The Indian in the Cupboard DVD $4 (reg. $9.99),  Jeanne W, PA

9555 Sun Maid (3/16/2015 2:46:30 PM): Through May 23rd, go here to enter the Sun-Maid Snack N Read Instant Win Game for a chance to instantly win one of 14,000 FREE Children’s Books including Goodnight Moon, The Grouchy Ladybug, or Paddington ($17.99 value) – there will be a total of 200 winners every day. Plus, you’ll be entered to win the Weekly Prize of 10 books and 2 plush toys – over a $200 value. Enter daily for more chances to win.,  Jeanne W, PA

9559 Michaels (3/16/2015 3:48:09 PM):  Michaels has the pans I think are called Slipstone (As seen on TV) on clearance for $3.99. Originally priced at $19.99! I believe the size is 10".,  Diane J. D, ME

9563 Wheel of Fortune (3/16/2015 5:28:56 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Monday: AUDIO FREQUENCY. If your Spin Id is EL3690148, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

9565 Amazon Prime (3/16/2015 6:55:38 PM):  I have a question about Amazon Prime. Does the free two-day shipping only allow you to ship something to your own address or can you purchase something and have it mailed to wherever you want--such as a friend or family member's house, your office address? Thank you!,  Stephanie S, MD

9573 Coupons (3/17/2015 12:57:33 AM):  I was wondering if anyone knew of good coupons to try at Dollar Tree. I went to Walmart tonight and enjoyed using some of the $3 off Bic Disposable Razor coupons. They have some cheap ones (DH says good for only l shave LOL) that are $2.82 for l2 or so in a package. I think they say sensitive- orange package. Then I used some on the silky pastel razors that are $3.l8 so the 2 coupons balanced each other out to equal -0-. Dh and I ea. used l0 and they went thru fine without beeping as they usually do when the amt. is less than the coupon. The previous times I had coupons that gave overage the register would beep and cashier had to manually over-ride. I did buy some better razors - 3 in a pack that were $3.63 or so with my overage. I feel like lst good deal I've got in a long time!,  Donna A, GA

9575 Diet Dr Pepper/Walmart deal (3/17/2015 6:41:17 AM):  Buy 3 Diet Dr Peppers to receive a $5 Walmart gift card. Must purchase by 4/10. Details here: B, MD

9576 KFR code (3/17/2015 7:21:03 AM):  LUCKYLEPRECHAUNS for 50 points. Expires 3/24,  Deborah K, VA

9577 Kelloggs 50 pts (3/17/2015 7:37:44 AM):  From my newsfeeds this morning. They give us 50 pts today. Enter LUCK-YLEP-RECH-AUNS Worked for me just a few minutes ago. ,  Vera W, SC

9578 Instant Win (3/17/2015 8:18:24 AM):  I just played the instant win form Black N Mild ciggy's(I don't smoke) Casino game & looks like I won a pack of cards.(if I read it right),  Lilli T, OH

9580 Baby Magic Products (3/17/2015 8:39:48 AM):  I need help finding a good deal on Baby Magic products for a baby shower. It seems there are no coupons or deals that I can find. Any help???,  Donna M, KY

9586 Southwest airfare sale (3/17/2015 9:32:32 AM):  Fares as low as $73 one-way. Book by April 6 for travel from March 31 through June 3, 2015. B, MD

9588 $999- 6 night Ireland package (3/17/2015 9:43:56 AM):  The deal includes: •Roundtrip airfare from New York (flights from other cities are available; we also recommend finding a flight to NYC from your departure city, or using miles, to take advantage of this deal) •Four nights at bed-and-breakfasts -- choose from hundreds throughout the country •One night at the 5-star Lough Eske Castle (pictured) •One night at the 4-star Citywest Hotel in Dublin •Manual shift rental car for the duration of the trip •Select departures April-May and October-November Book by March 27. B, MD

9589 Start Sampling (3/17/2015 9:55:48 AM):  Does anyone still use this? For the past two days, I have not been awarded points for rating the recipes under Helpful Hints. Anyone else have this problem?,  Deborah K, VA

9591 Kelloggs bonus (3/17/2015 10:01:03 AM):  Today thru Friday, enter any four KFR codes and get a 400 point bonus. You can do this four times!,  Susan H, CT

9593 Kraft Parmesan coupon (3/17/2015 10:07:46 AM):  The coupon featured in the updates is for a 16 oz. container of Kraft Parmesan Cheese. I have never seen this size; must be new. The one I always buy is only 8 oz. There is a 75¢ coupon for the smaller size on,  Paula T. T, TN

9594 Mad at Myself! (3/17/2015 10:08:56 AM):  Just bought loose pears last night, then saw the post this morning that they are the Tues. special for Savings Star. Maybe I'll buy more.,  Pat B, DE

9595 ShopRite $16 Cat Deal (3/17/2015 10:11:23 AM):  Anyone figure out a good ShopRite scenario using coupons for the 4 $4 Cats when you buy $25 in Coke, Nabisco and candy products? I have 7 $1 on one Wheat Thins cpns, so could buy them at $1.50 each, but no Coke coupons on hand.,  Pat B, DE

9603 Loving Kellogg right now! 100 free bonus,,, (3/17/2015 2:17:00 PM):  enter pointsforrewards.. ,  Lola I, GA

9604 New Kelloggs code (3/17/2015 2:25:57 PM):  Kelloggs code for 100 pts! POINTSFORREWARDS Shelagh, Mills River,  Shelagh T, NC

9606 xbox/game code (3/17/2015 2:45:21 PM):  Won this won't be using it for Max Curse of the Brotherhood game POST if used ok! Q2T2V-MCRJG-3962V-3VQCR-HV3HZ,  Cheryl K, NY

9611 Shout (3/17/2015 3:44:02 PM):  There was a good deal for shout I think this week, but can't find it. I think buy 3 for a good deal. Anyone remember the good deal ,  Christine P, NE

9612 Giant, MD GDA (3/17/2015 4:02:54 PM):  There's a frozen food deal going on until Thursday where if you buy $25 of the selected frozen food, you'll get $15 off. I found 4 $1 coupons for Weight Watcher ice cream, Toaster strudels, and Totinos which would make my price be about $6. I'm sort of torn because my freezer is packed and I haven't even started eating the food from the last frozen food deal. I'm now seriously considering purchasing an upright freezer. I hardly treat myself but the time is drawing near.,  Mindy C, MD

9613 IHOP free pancakes (3/17/2015 4:03:59 PM):  At Ihop today only wear green and get a free stack of pancakes. We were wearing green anyway so this was a nice bonus. I don't remember seeing or reading any notice of this unlike National free Pancake day. I don't know if this is National.,  Beverly N, CA

9616 Site to class settlements (3/17/2015 4:18:18 PM):  is there a link to class settlements?,  Rhonda W, WY

9621 Yoplait Greek 100 Whips Yogurt free coupon (3/17/2015 4:39:44 PM):  Folk registered with Pillsbury's new loyalty card program should watch their e-mail Inbox for this limited offer. Locate your store from their list of participating stores. And enter your loyalty card number to load a coupon to your card for free Yoplait Greek 100 Whips yogurt. It will have a maximum value of $1.24. And only be available to load to card WSL. Offer void in LA & NJ. There are no participating stores near my town of Cobbs Creek, VA for either Pillsbury or Betty Crocker load to loyalty card coupons. You're told more stores are being added all the time.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

9623 $25 - men's cotton & cashmere sweater (3/17/2015 4:59:11 PM):  Men's cotton & cashmere sweater, $24.75: Free shipping.,  Tricia B, MD

9626 $10 shipped= cookie sampler (3/17/2015 5:10:01 PM):  Cheryl's cookie sampler with 6 frosted cookies, $9.99 with free shipping: B, MD

9629 Recall of KRAFT MACARONI n CHEESE (3/17/2015 5:33:44 PM):  They say there is metal pieces in there. You can read here Hope that link works.,  Susan B, SC

9630 free music download RAOK (3/17/2015 5:38:43 PM):  Here is a free music download from the Twix game: SONG CODE: QHtRn2pR Each Song Code may be used only once 1. Visit 2. Enter your Song Code exactly as it appears above and complete the registration. 3. Search, preview, interact with our song library and click any song button to redeem your Song Code and start the download process. 4. Our ‘download manager’ will offer you the option to easily sync music into iTunes or Windows Media Player or you may save your song to a folder on your computer. * Song Code is valid only at Additional restrictions apply. Song Code is not refundable, transferable or exchangeable and has no cash value. Your Song Code is valid until January 1, 2016. ,  Tricia B, MD

9631 KRAFT RECALL: (3/17/2015 5:40:46 PM):  KRAFT RECALL: KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Boxed Dinners: Teresa H, AR

9632 Wheel of Fortune (3/17/2015 5:47:23 PM):  Wheel of fortune puzzle for Tuesday: THE EXACT AMOUNT If your Spin Id is TK02099, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

9633 Start Sampling (3/17/2015 5:55:54 PM):  I hope you are wrong about something happening with Start Sampling. I have over 94,000 points that I would HATE to lose.,  Barbara L, FL

9634 Freebie (3/17/2015 6:44:03 PM): You can request a Free Simple Micellar Cleansing Water Sample. This freebie is only available while supplies last.,  Jeanne W, PA

9635 Target coupons (3/17/2015 6:44:21 PM):  Can I use a manufacturer's coupon in conjunction with a Target web coupon? If so, the tampon deal would be even better.,  Mindy C, MD

9637 Target Bodywash (3/17/2015 6:54:01 PM):  Found this deal today using the buy $20 get a $5 gift card (via text or you can print it out on I bought 2 Tone Bodywash for $3.09. They had $1 peelie stickers on them as well as 10% off from cartwheel - brought them down to $1.78 each. I bought 2 old spice bodywash $3.99 each and 1 old spice spray using the buy 2 old spice get a free spray coupon. I also bought a 6pk of old spice bar soap $3.99 and used a $2 coupon. Before coupons total was $21.52. After coupons $13.53 out of pocket and received the $5 gift card. I made sure to give the cashier the gift card coupon first as I do not know if it would have worked using the regular coupons first. ,  Kathleen H, CA

9639 Received Nutella class action check (3/17/2015 8:11:07 PM):  for $7.15, better then nothing! Glad to get it. Oh and I finally got my Kohl's gift cards from the Black Friday rebates too, $20 and $24 ones. ,  Sandy L, TX

9645 20.00 Shutterfly Code (3/18/2015 2:13:16 AM):  This came in an email from Kellogg. Said the code is a 20.00 credit good till Jan 31 2016 KE64-6MPR-AMY0-KSHNK7 ,  Victoria L, FL

9646 SavingStar (3/18/2015 5:06:48 AM):  Has anyone got credit for the Rice-A-Ronci? Thanks,  Alma K, PA

9649 stop&shop (3/18/2015 5:40:55 AM):  stop&shop has a frozen meal deal going on till Thursday. Spend $25 off selected products and they take off $15. We just got $1 coupons on jimmy dean products, they are on sale for$2.50 buy ten and use 10 $1 coupons and all will be free!,  Eva O, MA

9650 $20 Thomas & Friends train set (3/18/2015 6:04:01 AM):  Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster 5-in-1 Track Builder Set, $20.17, was $39.97. Free in store pick up: B, MD

9653 Class Action suits (3/18/2015 6:50:56 AM):  I missed out on the Nutella... Didn't hear anything about the lawsuit. Is there a website that list all class action suits so I don't miss out on another one? TIA,  Paula B, FL

9657 Target (3/18/2015 7:59:57 AM):  Did the policy change? I am told after 4 like coupons, no matter if the coupon itself states, the cash register will not accept a fifth. It happened the other day with a Clorox coupon.,  Carla B, OH

9664 Books (3/18/2015 10:06:15 AM):  For anyone in the Portland, OR area, the Teen Challenge Thrift Store on SE McLoughlin Blvd and Courtney road has a sale on books - ANY AND ALL for 25 cents each. Am not sure how long the sale will be on - but check it out - they do have some very good books.,  Barbara K, OR

9667 discount (3/18/2015 11:19:32 AM):  I won, but won't use this. Here is the e-mail they sent me. <<<>>>,  Sue M S, FL

9668 iRazoo (3/18/2015 11:26:20 AM):  New code: "WinaTrip". Expires: 03/18/2015 at 11:00 PM EST.,  Gayle S, MI

9670 Groupon $10 off facial or massage (3/18/2015 11:35:13 AM):  Groupon has $10 off a facial or massage through tonight with code soothe10. There is no minimum amount for the service - I found a facial that was $15, so would have been $5 with the code (a little too far for me to drive though). I did find some other deals that looked really good for a little relaxation!,  Lisa S, OH

9672 Xbox 360 Code (3/18/2015 12:03:40 PM):  I won a free code redeemable for the Max: Curse of the Brotherhood game download for Xbox 360. Since I don't have an Xbox, feel free to enjoy this code. GGW2G-TXM9H-VGV3V-7CJDV-T7P4Z ,  Cheryl W, PA

9673 Xbox 360 Game (3/18/2015 12:17:53 PM):  Won this game download and won't be using it: Max: Curse of the Brotherhood game for Xbox 360 KCHMD-72PHY-DQQHH-6WXFF-GD37Z Please post when used.,  Marie S, CA

9676 Rite Aid Ups (3/18/2015 1:26:35 PM):  Just got back from Rite Aid and heard that they are going to discontinue the ups... They are going with Plenty Points. ,  Nancy P, PA

9677 Offers Closed (3/18/2015 1:41:30 PM):  I was browsing through the RMC "Print Forms" section and it looks like the premium offers for Bear Naked, Contessa and Nasoya are over. ,  Susan R, CA

9678 Redbox (3/18/2015 1:52:40 PM):  Redbox is offering a FREE 1-day movie rental code when you text the words MOVIE TIME to 727272. After you text, they will send you back a unique code which will be valid for 7 days after you receive it. This code works on or at the Redbox kiosks.,  Jeanne W, PA

9679 Swagbucks Code (3/18/2015 2:01:57 PM):  BigSearchWins for 3 SB until 2pm PST/5pm EST! ,  Melody R, WA

9684 Disney Park Hopper for Son's honeymoon (3/18/2015 4:07:33 PM):  We are looking for the best deal out there for park hopper tickets to walt disney in Orlando Fl. Our son is getting married in a couple weeks (I cant believe it is here already) and he and his fiance want park hopper tickets for their Honeymoon. We already have their room paid for - just wondering what is out there for park hopper deals. TIA! Mother of the Groom :),  Trina M, TN

9688 Rite Aid UPS replacement (3/18/2015 5:04:15 PM):  Hi, I just read this about a replacement for Rite Aids UPS program. It's kind of long! Plenti Coalition Loyalty Program to Replace Rite Aid +UPR? While we are all worried about the Rite Aid +UPR coming to an end, here is some news that makes us feel better already. Rite Aid is joining with American Express to launch Plenti, the first U.S.-based coalition loyalty program with well-known brands where consumers can earn and use Plenti points for purchasing a wide range of products, regardless of the payment method consumers choose to use. The program will officially launch this spring and is expected to include more brands in additional categories. In addition to Rite Aid, AT&T, ExxonMobil, Macy’s, Nationwide, Direct Energy and Hulu are joining with American Express to launch Plenti. According to Rite Aid, UP rewards will become Plenti points, members of wellness+ with Plenti can earn Plenti points when they make eligible purchases at Rite Aid and all other Plenti partners. Plenti points hold the same value as +UPs and offer even more value to customers since they can be used for savings at Rite Aid as well as certain other Plenti partners listed above. Plus customers have at least two years to use them. The Plenti program is not connected to a credit card, and there is no cost sign up. Customers can use any payment method they want. As reported in the U.S. Today, “buying a pair of shoes at Macy’s will give you points you could use toward your AT&T bill; buying a tank of gas will help earn cash toward your next insurance payment.” According to Abeer Bhatia, head of U.S. Loyalty for American Express, “the fact that I can get Band-Aids and get points for that and then buy myself a dress, that alone, I think, will be attractive to a lot of consumers.” Rite Aid shoppers will still get Wellness Plus points on every purchase. Here is a breakdown: 1 wellness+ point for one dollar spent on eligible purchases they make at RA when they scan their new plenti card at the register, 25 wellness+ points for every non-government funded prescription purchased when using their plenti card, and 1 wellness+ point for every dollar spent on copays (not to exceed 25 points per prescription) for government funded prescriptions. Plenti is designed to address that need, giving consumers options to earn points and additional value through special offers and product discounts. Plenti will be free to join, and consumers can earn points and discounts using any form of payment accepted by the participating brands, including cash, prepaid and any debit, charge or credit card. Benefits for Consumers Plenti offers multiple ways for consumers to earn points: Earn Plenti points when buying a tank of fuel at a participating Exxon- or Mobil-branded service station and use the points for savings toward a pair of shoes at Macy’s or Earn Plenti points when signing up for qualifying wireless services at AT&T, or for eligible charges on AT&T wireless bills. Earn Plenti points for eligible Nationwide auto or property insurance. Earn Plenti points by taking advantage of special offers on a wide range of beauty, health and wellness and everyday items at Rite Aid. Every 1,000 points will translate to at least $10 in savings, and Plenti members can earn points faster by activating special promotional offers across participating brands or through Plenti’s online offer center and online marketplace. Source: Shelagh, Mills River,  Shelagh T, NC

9690 Wheel of Fortune (3/18/2015 5:32:51 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Wednesday: BREAKING WAVES If your Spin Id is MK3661807, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

9694 How to find when I signed for SavingStar (3/18/2015 8:28:01 PM):  I get the Smart Ones e-newsletter. There was a coupon link in newsletter to print a coupon worth $2/5 Smart Ones frozen products. The Smart Ones Website also had a link to a SavingStar promo for $10 when you bought $30 worth of frozen Smart Ones products by 4/1/15. I didn't think I was signed up for SavingStar, so registered. Then i tried to register my Food Lion MVP loyalty card. I got onscreen message saying my Food Lion card was already being used with another account! I then tried to sign in at SavingStar & opt "I want it" for the Smart Ones offer. Now I get onscreen message saying I HAVEN'T registered any loyalty cards! How can I find out if I had already signed up for SavingStar? And when I signed up? I'm thinking of buying some Smart Ones frozen meals this weekend.But want to be sure I am signed up for SavingStar so I can successfully opt in for this offer.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

9695 Arm & Hammer Clean Scentsations MBG (3/18/2015 8:40:24 PM):  A poster on this board was asking recently about the printable form for Arm & Hammer Clean Scentsations MBG. She thought it had been online to print this year. But now cannot find it. I thought Michele had it on her list of printable forms in January,2015. I printed it out then. But its no longer on her list. I googled trying to find it. But the links on Google brought up last year's form that had to be postmarked by 12/31/14 & received by 1/31/15. The Google l;istings had various dates the form was revised last year. The form i printed out in late January said it was revised 01/04/15. The offer code & box number on this year's form were IDENTICAL to the offer code & box number on last year's form. There was a limit of 1 refund per family, address or household. The required CRT had to be dated between 3/17/14 & 12/31/15. The offer may have just been extended through this year before being pulled altogether.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

9698 Bud/Busch etc rebates (3/18/2015 10:43:59 PM):  I called the clearing house today for these rebates--some going back as far as November/Dec . I was told the ones from December and January would not be sent until after April 20th!!!! I wonder how Anheuser/Busch can run big ads and not have money to pay out rebates to consumers???? Last month I got like 6 or 8 all in one day and they had been held up until had funds to pay. Has anyone heard anything else on this?? Or have you received yours??,  Louise W, ND

9703 Crackel Barrel Game (3/19/2015 7:24:00 AM):  game code;Dumplins just got this morning. enjoy,  Lilli T, OH

9704 Mucinex (3/19/2015 7:35:19 AM):  There was a write up in the last SS for a money back offer. I cut it out, but now can't find it. Could it be written up here? I was going to do that tomorrow, but I have a RR that expires today, so want to do that today. Thanks so much. ,  Donna E, FL

9706 Nutella Settlement (3/19/2015 9:25:47 AM):  I rec'd my check for 7.15 on Wednesday. BE CAREFUL-the check is one of those small post-card looking things,and if you don't pay attention to the address, you may think it's junk mail. ,  Linda M, RI

9709 $26 shipped- Men's NIke Hoodie (3/19/2015 9:56:51 AM):  Nike Men's KO Swoosh Applique Hoodie, $34.99 minus 25% off in cart, making it $26.24. Available in a dozen colors. Free shipping. B, MD

9710 staples (3/19/2015 10:15:52 AM):  staples is sending free rewards to your email again!print out and take to store to see what you get!,  Eva O, MA

9711 Memocode (3/19/2015 10:24:00 AM):  HOOPS for 10 points, expires 3/23. Points awarded 3/25,  Deborah K, VA

9713 $90 Women's Movado watch (3/19/2015 10:58:54 AM):  Movado Women's Venture Stainless Steel Watch w/ Diamond Accents $99.99. Use code sd0710090510off to make it $89.99. B, MD

9714 2 day trial x box gold. (3/19/2015 11:04:52 AM):  Congratulations! You are a Seventh Prize winner in the Big Night In Game sponsored by Mars Chocolate North America, LLC. The prize you have won is a code redeemable for a 2-day Xbox Live Gold trial. Redemption is subject to terms and conditions available at Please visit and follow the on-screen instructions to input your Prize Code and other required information to redeem your prize: WMQVK-NYX3C-PJDKV-KH66G-RRGBR ,  Doreen S, MI

9716 Outback coupon (3/19/2015 11:16:58 AM):  Free appetizer at Outback today with ANY purchase. Must present coupon. B, MD

9719 CVS FREE Cotton Balls (3/19/2015 1:53:14 PM):  I got a FREE package of CVS brand cotton balls today with a coupon from the machine.,  Marie S, CA

9722 Walmart clearance (3/19/2015 2:38:15 PM):  Walmart near me has all kinds of winter clothes on clearance. I got a pair of womens' Hanes sweatpants for $1!! All Hanes sweats for ladies was $1! Nice thing too, was that the pants are pants shaped (if that makes any sense) and not the type with bands on the bottoms AND they have petite. The petite medium fit me perfectly! Now I wish I got another pair! Also, they had little girls dresses and other clothing for $2 each. I didn't get a chance to look a lot, but I think there were some very good deals. You may want to check your local stores.,  Tricia B, MD

9723 Walmart clearance (3/19/2015 2:38:15 PM):  Walmart near me has all kinds of winter clothes on clearance. I got a pair of womens' Hanes sweatpants for $1!! All Hanes sweats for ladies was $1! Nice thing too, was that the pants are pants shaped (if that makes any sense) and not the type with bands on the bottoms AND they have petite. The petite medium fit me perfectly! Now I wish I got another pair! Also, they had little girls dresses and other clothing for $2 each. I didn't get a chance to look a lot, but I think there were some very good deals. You may want to check your local stores.,  Tricia B, MD

9731 Cheerios b1g1f (3/19/2015 3:38:36 PM):  I found the Cheerios 12 oz boxes with the b1g1f coupon at Smiths, last week. Exp date is 6/5/2016, nice!!!,  Sheila L, NV

9735 Freebie (3/19/2015 5:27:09 PM): Click on the “Send Me a Free Seed Packet” button to request a FREE Feed a Bee Wildflower Mix 200-seed Packet to grow flowers for bees.,  Jeanne W, PA

9736 Wheel of Fortune (3/19/2015 5:38:42 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Thursday: GROUP PORTRAIT If your Spin Id is IJ6898303, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

9738 Born leather boots 70% off (3/19/2015 5:52:21 PM):  Born lottie leather boots, (dark tan) reg. $190, now $57 shipped: Born umbra leather boots, reg. $210, now $63: Born raisa, reg. $140, now $42: Free shipping. Born kenzie leather boots, reg. $210, now B, MD

9739 M&M Xbox win question (3/19/2015 6:28:33 PM):  I won a 2 day free Gold membership and a free game download. Has anyone that won gotten an email? I don't want it in my spam folder. Thanks!,  Maryjane S, FL

9743 Tim Horton's Coffee (3/19/2015 8:33:15 PM):  I won a free beverage coupon from the Tim Horton's instant win game. There are no stores near me, so if anyone wants it please post your email and I'll forward the coupon.,  Katherine L, MA

9745 free or cheap today. (3/19/2015 10:00:35 PM):  I won a snickers bar on the snickers fuel up game. I got a $10 reward s from Memolink that I cashed out. I won a deck of card from the black and mild sweeps. I am going to get my 33 cent 7-up tomorrow with coupon too. Also ICBINB is $2.00 right now there are 75 cent blinkies out so $1.25 with coupons. ,  Sheri C, FL

9752 Startsampling (3/20/2015 5:10:01 AM):  I e-mailed startsampling a couple of days ago, below is the reply, seems we need to comet now and not just rate the recipes, thats easy, just hope it works... Thank you for your e-mail. We had some issues the past few days that caused some data loss for certain members. We have added 500 points to your account to cover the points you are missing plus some extra for the inconvenience. We also identified and fixed an issue relating to getting points for commenting on recipes. Please note that we are no longer giving points for rating recipes. Thanks for being a member of our site! The StartSampling Team,  Linda K. W, IN

9756 Xbox 2day trial (3/20/2015 7:35:30 AM):  I won't be using this. If someone can use it, please do. Congratulations! You are a Seventh Prize winner in the Big Night In Game sponsored by Mars Chocolate North America, LLC. The prize you have won is a code redeemable for a 2-day Xbox Live Gold trial. Redemption is subject to terms and conditions available at Please visit and follow the on-screen instructions to input your Prize Code and other required information to redeem your prize: HWJR9-B6N2V-HBTWW-KXB37-4CYRF ,  Susie M. C, MD

9757 Kelloggs Bonus Code (3/20/2015 7:40:57 AM):  JUst got this morning exp 4/03/15 for 200pts!!!!!!!! GCHB-VPTH-XR31-PXOZ enjoy!!!!!!!,  Lilli T, OH

9758 Staples 1cent ream, 1$ 5 pack (3/20/2015 8:01:58 AM):  I got an email from staples about a 1 cent ream of paper after rebate and a 1$ 5 pack of paper after rebate. coupons expire tomorrow. Does anyone know how I can figure out what the method of rebate payment would be on these? Like would it be a debit card I could use anywhere or would it be linked to use at staples? TIA ,  Susie M. C, MD

9760 Rite Aid (3/20/2015 8:13:46 AM):  Not sure how many generated this, but I received two $5 UPS today after buying 3 of the Always liners yesterday and 8 more today. Also I found 2 Dove conditioners on clearance for $1.74 and it gave me the $3 UP. ,  Carla B, OH

9767 Free Redbox code (3/20/2015 9:06:11 AM):  Free Redbox 1 day DVD Rental or $1.20 off Blu-ray Rental. Use code 5678JJNN. Expires: 3/31. ,  Tricia B, MD

9768 Daily iRazoo Treasure Code (3/20/2015 9:09:04 AM):  SmartEnergy Expires: 03/20/2015 at 11:00 PM EST. Worth 12 points.,  Melody R, WA

9769 Zoombucks Code (3/20/2015 9:12:08 AM):  2015FIRSTDAYOFSPRING Worth 3 points, no expiration listed.,  Melody R, WA

9771 Swagbucks Code (3/20/2015 10:12:05 AM):  NaturalBeauty Until 10 AM PDT worth 3 points.,  Melody R, WA

9775 New Kelloggs code (3/20/2015 11:02:49 AM):  SPRINGISINTHEAIR for 25 pts. Shelagh, Mills Rver,  Shelagh T, NC

9776 staples rewards (3/20/2015 11:09:29 AM):  I received an email yesterday with staples mystery reward. Does anyone know the codes for how much they are worth? Last time I received this, someone indicates the code I had was $25....and was right!!!,  Pat F, IL

9781 twix music (3/20/2015 12:35:30 PM):  here is a code for a music download from the twix contest go to twix e KKZFr7Qz,  Bobbie S, AL

9786 CareCredit (3/20/2015 2:18:50 PM):  I wanted to post this in hopes of helping others who may not know about CareCredit its a credit card service offering low or no interest for Dental Vision Hearing Cosmetic Veterinary Here's how it works: Schedule an appointment with your current provider or choose from over 175,000 CareCredit providers nationwide. If your provider does not currently accept the CareCredit healthcare credit card, you can refer them to us. 1.Ask your provider which CareCredit special financing options are available at their office. (Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required.) 2.Choose a financing option that's right for you on any qualifying purchase. 3.Receive CareCredit monthly statements in the mail or online. 4.Make monthly payments, being sure to pay your balance in full by the end of the promotional period. Apply online and start using CareCredit today! ,  Debra A, NC

9790 $10 - College apparel (3/20/2015 3:01:13 PM):  Select college team apparel, such as hoodies and sweatpants, $9.99. Free in store pick up (if available), or shipping starts at $6.49: B, MD

9792 Frrebie (3/20/2015 3:19:59 PM): Through March 23rd, go here, pick a chip image, upload your face and then download the image to your computer. Once you have the image saved, complete the form, upload your saved Chip image and if you’re one of the first 40,000, you’ll get a FREE Tostitos Dips 16 oz or smaller coupon ($3.99 value). If you miss out on the first 40,000 coupons, 10,000 more free dip coupons will be given away on March 23rd.,  Jeanne W, PA

9793 Enter (3/20/2015 3:22:29 PM):  Through 8PM PST tonight (that’s 11PM EST), go to the Physician’s Formula Facebook page, “like” them and click on the Promotions tab to enter to win 1 of 500 Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kits. Winners will be selected at random after the promotion has ended.,  Jeanne W, PA

9794 Enter (3/20/2015 3:25:16 PM): Go here and click the “I Want In” button to opt-in for your chance to get one of 380 FREE Hollister Promo Cards valid for up to $500 (note that this promo excludes residents of Florida, New York, and Rhode Island). The promo will go live sometime soon and you’ll be sent an email or text letting you know it’s live, so be sure to sign up. The more quickly you claim your prize, the greater the value you’ll get.,  Jeanne W, PA

9795 What did you get for free or cheap? (3/20/2015 3:31:08 PM):  I was pleased to find out today that my Washington Post Sunday news subscription was extended to 6/15. This came as a result of turning in 700 American Airline points for a Post subscription a few months ago. Thanks to the reminder yesterday about getting free cotton balls at CVS. I was able to get a Redbox code to work today since I texted them for the free code. I finally found a movie that I thought I would like. Although I'm not ready yet, I was pleased to see that I will be able to purchase an upright freezer through Amazon using my credit card points and other Amazon gift cards and get it for free. I also finally purchased a Dunkin Donuts card and will enroll it today. I believe that you can get an extra $5 if you register it by Monday. Food Lion had some cheap pork, one of which was a $5 huge pork shoulder/butt. I didn't know how to prepare this so I let it sit. However, if I had bought $50 of food, I could have gotten $10 off. You might recall last week how my boyfriend picked up several used lottery tickets for me to submit for points through the Maryland lottery. While talking on the phone with my earphones on, I was putting these tickets into my account. However, obviously someone had the same idea as most of them were already used. How was your week for free or cheap things? Of course, one of the best things I get for free is hearing about all of the great deals all of you tell us. ,  Mindy C, MD

9796 Credit Sesame (3/20/2015 5:34:49 PM):  I have written them several times. My latest e-mail: Again, For the third time. Why can't you guys check out my account. Your information is wrong, wrong, wrong! Now I have to put the word out on all the social media and chat boards that you people do not have a clue as to what you are doing. It's a good thing that your score does not matter to anyone as I would have you in court for this. A 4 credit score is so totally wrong. There has been no response from Credit Sesame thus far. My credit score went from 792 to 4 in two weeks time. I am so glad that they do not report this to anyone. So if you are using them don't go by their information. Free is not necessarily good. ,  Trisha A, TX

9799 Wheel of Fortune (3/20/2015 6:29:38 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Friday: VALID LOGIC If your Spin Id is RE1066658, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

9810 Mypoints (3/21/2015 7:57:04 AM):  I got an email from Mypoints to watch movies for points. I can watch movies as long as I go thru the link in the email. Is there a link somewhere on Mypoints site to watch movies for points?,  Carolyn S, IL

9811 Wal Mart (3/21/2015 9:06:43 AM):  Wal Mart offer $5 gift card for $25 purchase on select items. .,  Trisha A, TX

9816 catalina at Winn Dixie (3/21/2015 11:24:53 AM):  Buy Shout, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, fantastik or Windex between 3/23/15-4/19/15. Buy 2 = $1 Buy 3 = $2 Buy 4+ = $3 OYNO,  Joan B, NJ

9817 FREE ONLINE Doctor Vist (3/21/2015 11:59:39 AM):  I received a print with my prescription at KMART Looks like it is good for everyone ONLY online 1st visit FREE use code SYWFREE good thru 3/31/15 does require a cc but not charged go to,  Debra A, NC

9818 FREE ONLINE Doctor Vist (3/21/2015 11:59:45 AM):  I received a print with my prescription at KMART Looks like it is good for everyone ONLY online 1st visit FREE use code SYWFREE good thru 3/31/15 does require a cc but not charged go to,  Debra A, NC

9820 No UPS at Rite Aid (3/21/2015 1:20:45 PM):  We all need to email corporate and let them know how disappointed we are that they are discontinuing the UPS program. Goodbye Rite Aid. They just lost a lot of business from me. ,  Brenda M, VA

9825 walmart good deals (3/21/2015 3:38:02 PM):  canada dry 2 liters 88 cents each use one 1.00/2 canada dry 2 liters coupons on If you live in Florida or can price match Publix deals pm the totinos pizza rolls bogo at$4.49 then use 2 1.00 off one Sunkist 2 liter when you buy one totinos pizza rolls, use 2 of these the Sunkist is 88 cents so free with the deal.There is also the 7 up at 88 cents so 33 cents with the 55 cents off one coupons on loaded up on 2 liters. ,  Sheri C, FL

9827 Any GREAT Toilet Paper deals?? (3/21/2015 3:41:16 PM):  'Tis the Season!!! It seems that for the past several years TP has gone on sale during these next few months ... so, I'm asking whether any one has noticed any HUGE price reductions lately?? Thank You in advance!,  Karen L. S, OR

9829 L'Oreal Revitalift, Youth Code Rebate (3/21/2015 3:48:21 PM):  For those of you who haven't mailed in your $10 of of $30 L'Oreal Revitalift, Youth Code rebate, Shaw's Supermarket had several marked 50% off.,  Kim R, ME

9830 dominoes pizza 50% off today and tomorrow. (3/21/2015 4:20:04 PM):  50% off pizza thru 3/22. I got a nine topping large for $9.10. Pretty good deal for dinner.,  Sheri C, FL

9835 Kohl's 30% off code (3/21/2015 7:01:16 PM):  Valid March 28-April 2 is BUNNY 30. ,  Kathleen K, WI

9837 printer ink (3/21/2015 8:06:59 PM):  Does anyone know of a legitimate way to recycle printer ink for payment other than the Staples deal?,  Joanna E, TN

9838 $15 shipped- women's running shoes (3/21/2015 8:10:43 PM):  Ryka Propel SMW, low impact running shoe, $15 with free shipping: GREAT deal whether you need them or not!!!,  Tricia B, MD

9840 Swagbucks coupons (3/22/2015 7:53:08 AM):  How long does it take to get credit for printing the 10 coupons for 25 swagbucks? I printed out 10 yesterday and so far nothing. TIA ,  Sherry S, IN

9847 Kellogg code glitch (3/22/2015 9:43:49 AM):  Beware when inputting Kellogg's codes! When * input 8 cookie codes during the most recent bonus offer, I had two codes hit as "Special K cereal" (meaning I didn't receive the bonus points OR the correct amount for the normal points), and then when inputting a pop tart code, the same thing happened, it posted as "Special K Cereal" -weird! There is obviously a glitch in their system...wonder how long that has been going on?!?! hmmm. I contacted them by email through their contact us link on the Kellogg's Family Rewards website -they responded within 48 hours and credited my account for the missing points. Nice! They were going to alert their mapping team in hopes of figuring our why this is happening. If you want to confirm your activity, after signing in, click on 'My Account' then click on the 'points activity' box - it will list all activity to your account including the name of the product and the last four of the code that was input. Be watchful! ;o) ,  Marijane W, MI

9848 (3/22/2015 10:00:26 AM):  Are Restaurant codes something worth trading (or able to be traded)? I have a code but don't see a restaurant in my area... Advice appreciated-thank you!,  Marijane W, MI

9849 $279 shipped- 50 inch HDtV (3/22/2015 10:29:12 AM):  Dynex™ - 50" Class (49-1/2" Diag.) - LED - 720p - HDTV - Black, $279.99 (reg. $399.99). free shipping. B, MD

9855 Staples (3/22/2015 1:02:20 PM):  Staples 8.5 x 11 Multipurpose Paper, single ream $7.79 (item no. 513099) Use the $2.99/1 in-ad coupon found on the Staples coupon page Pay $4.80 Submit for the $4.79 Easy Rebate (limit 4 rebates) Final Cost $0.01 after Easy Rebate,  Jeanne W, PA

9856 Target board games (3/22/2015 1:14:45 PM):  On Michele's updates, there is $10 gc for $30 board games, I cannot find it in the ad,didn't see anything in store either. Am I missing something or maybe just not in this area?,  Hilda S, OH

9859 Daily iRazoo Treasure Code (3/22/2015 2:06:09 PM):  HealthSurvey Until 03/22/2015-11:00pm EST, worth 18 points.,  Melody R, WA

9860 Target Coupons (3/22/2015 2:19:53 PM):  Target has a $3 off $15 fruit/vegs, deli and bakery coupon. Also the $1 of Special K Protein (manufacturer) is there too and you can print from both Target and for a total of 4.,  Kim C, FL

9862 Swagbucks Code (3/22/2015 2:38:25 PM):  LetsGoofOff until 3pm PST/6pm EST to earn 2 SB!,  Melody R, WA

9866 rental car (3/22/2015 3:36:46 PM):  We need to rent a car from Boston airport for 3 days in Sept. Any money saving tips would be appreciated.,  Pat P, PA

9870 $29 shipped- Comforter sets (3/22/2015 4:39:56 PM):  LivingQuarters 4 pc Comforter Sets for $44.99. this is one example, but there are others: Use codes MARCH22HOME and then FREESHIP2 to make it $29.24.,  Tricia B, MD

9873 Kohls (3/22/2015 5:21:22 PM):  Does anyone have a free shipping code? TIA,  Karen F, PA

9874 Oxi Clean (3/22/2015 5:48:12 PM):  Today I bought the Oxi Clean to do the rebate, does anyone know if we must actually remove the UPC lable or just copy it on paper to get the rebate ? I tried to get it off, but it is tearing ,any ideas how to remove it ? Thanks.,  Joy G, PA

9876 Tostitos Dip (3/22/2015 6:52:12 PM):  If you are a Chip or named Chip you get a free dip www.everychipgetsadip.comDebra D, CA

9877 Always Discreet (3/22/2015 7:07:17 PM):  Does anyone know how long the UP reward for purchasing Always Discreet pads goes at Rite Aid? ,  Denise M, MI

9878 Freebie (3/22/2015 7:42:42 PM): Free can(s) of Halo Vigor dog or cat food – sign up for newsletter (1st 50,000),  Jeanne W, PA

9882 $20 - Just Dance 2015 (3/22/2015 8:15:03 PM):  Just Dance 2015 for Wii, Playstation or Xbox, is $19.99 at Amazon. Free shipping on $35 or with prime. B, MD

9885 Star Wars Target Toy Sale (3/22/2015 10:28:28 PM):  Today's Target ad, pg 2, shows 6 large 12" Star War Characters pkg for $19.99. Any man 35-48 would love to get these for a Father's Day present or Easter. I thought it was a choice of, but it is a pkg of all 6. Call your store to see if they still have them and will hold them for you. Big boys like toys too. ,  Helen N, ID

9889 Dish TV (3/23/2015 5:45:44 AM):  Does anyone know if they carry HBO?,  Cathy G, OH

9892 Keeping track of CC deals? (3/23/2015 6:14:05 AM):  How do you keep track of deals offered through your credit cards? I was just browsing the Discover card deals and found there was a coupon for a $10-25 gift card coupon for renewing Sam's Club. I had gotten the free rotisserie chicken and $5 card but would have done better with the $25 card. Red Robin has a $5/$30 purchase and I was there last week. I used a gift card but would have saved that and taken the Discover deal. It is very time consuming browsing the credit card sites to find these. Some are only online, but I forget that they do have some for brick and morter stores, as well! Is there a good app for that??,  Sandra V, MI

9893 rite aid (3/23/2015 6:33:48 AM):  we havent had a flier in the paper the last 2 weeks anyone else,  Judy B B, LA

9896 Question? (3/23/2015 7:03:26 AM):  Hi just wondering on the instant win games,once you win a prize can you play some more for another one or that's it? Thank-you,  Lilli T, OH

9902 Quaker Cpn Where? (3/23/2015 8:36:14 AM):  I want to use the specialty Quaker Oatmeal $1 cpns aT ShopRite this week, but they are not in the database. Anyone know where that one was? It expires 3/31. Thanks!,  Pat B, DE

9905 Daily iRazoo Treasure Code (3/23/2015 9:28:59 AM):  TurboTax2015 Expires: 03/23/2015 at 11:00 PM EST. Good for 12 points. It is coming up invalid for many and some are getting it to work. Just have to keep checking.,  Melody R, WA

9909 Mucinex (3/23/2015 10:10:52 AM):  I thought it was in Michele's updates, but I couldn't find it. Maybe it was in the Walgreens double plays, but she listed a Mucinex deal at Walgreens where you got 2,000 points and there was a coupon you could print and she said a refund in the SS. I found the write up (It was not a form, just instructions.), and cut it out. When I went to Walgreens to get it I couldn't find what I had cut out to take with me to make sure I got the right product. However, I thought I had because it was the only one I saw tagged for the 2,000 points and it was $14.99 as Michele had said. Now I find out it was an allergy product and I got a multi symptom. I did get 30 count, but it is a cold product. Did anyone do this deal? It was suppose to be Mucinex Fast-Max. Is there an Mucinex Fast-Max that is an allergy product and is 30+ that cost $14.99? Thanks much.,  Donna E, FL

9910 Staples Paper Rebate (3/23/2015 11:02:41 AM):  I can not find the staples paper coupon. Can someone give me the link. Thanks so much.,  Jennifer M, OH

9912 CVS-Purex (3/23/2015 11:08:28 AM):  I went to CVS to purchase the Purex Crystals. The add pictured the crystals as a part of the BOGO free and they had a price of $4.99. I purchased 4 bottles they rang up free but at 6.29 I showed the cashier the paper and he said that it wasn't for the Purex even though they were pictured along with other items. I let it go but this morning I said I'm gonna call corporate. Well they are putting $4.00 back on my Cvs card. Whoo Hoo. so it made them .99 each with a $3.00 off of 2 coupon from coupons. com,  Karen M, AZ

9914 KFR code (3/23/2015 11:39:11 AM):  MAGICALCREATIONS for 25 points. Expires 4/2,  Deborah K, VA

9916 Staples Mystery Reward (3/23/2015 12:11:24 PM):  I went to staples today to buy a flash drive and my mystery reward was $25.00. Whoo Hoo! I was expecting it to be $5.00. Got my flash drive for free and have 17.00 left to spend.,  Rhonda K, FL

9917 Purina Cat Chow (3/23/2015 12:11:31 PM):  I just got an email from them they are no longer giving out the free cat food coupons (someone got greedy & making a bunch of counterfiet ones up) I sent an email to Michele with details ,  Lilli T, OH

9920 (3/23/2015 12:38:13 PM):  Has anyone used this website? Apparently you can get gift cards for restaurants, etc for a discount. You can either print your own or have them mail you an actual card. I chose to get an actual card in case the restaurant didn't accept the printed one. I just ordered a $25 Outback card for $20.66 and free shipping. I'll let you know how I make out with it.,  Barbara L, FL

9922 Eyeglasses (3/23/2015 12:53:06 PM):  I know this has been talked about before, but did not need then. My frames have come apart 3 times in the last week. thought I would give online ones a try.Which ones are good ones to purchase from.,  Mary D, OK

9923 Bonefish Grill (3/23/2015 1:32:34 PM): Get a coupon good for $10 off at Bonefish Grill (expires 4/6/15). Note that this coupon excludes alcohol and is valid for dine-in only.,  Jeanne W, PA

9925 Enter (3/23/2015 1:37:45 PM): Old Orchard is giving away free juice for a year in the form of 52 VIP Free Juice Coupons. Just fill out the entry form by 11:59 P.M. ET on March 31st. Ten runner-up winners will each receive an Old Orchard prize pack with free juice coupons and fun merchandise. Only one entry per person.,  Jeanne W, PA

9926 Wins (3/23/2015 2:04:29 PM):  I received my 5 free Snickers bar coupons today. And I received a free Dove product also. Great mail day!,  Jeanne W, PA

9930 RiteAid Ups (3/23/2015 2:35:48 PM):  I am disappointed to learn of the end of the Ups Rewards at RiteAid. The PlentyPoint system does not appeal to me at all. When Walgreens converted to their points system that was it for me. I've heard several other shoppers says the same thing. Does anyone know if Walgreen's business declined after the point system began? My question is do we still get our 20% or 10% savings on products we earned last year or is that gone also. I just may have to shop at CVS only & be done with it. This is not an improvement.,  Debbie S, AL

9937 ShopRite Cheap Bodywash (3/23/2015 2:58:24 PM):  Suave bodywash is $1.77 this week at ShopRite. Use the 75-cent cpns from this past Sunday's SS and pay 27 cents each. Good on kids, too.,  Pat B, DE

9939 MIracle Gro soil (3/23/2015 3:27:41 PM):  Needed a bag of soil so ran into WalMart. Overheard a clerk tell the other that "when these are gone, that's it". They left too fast for me to ask the price so I found a guy and he said probably $8 or so but they can scan for you. Took one to the register and it rang up $1.50!! This is the 0.75 cu ft of garden soil (yellow & green bag). Just looked online for the exact soil to get the name and it shows at other WalMarts as 'special buy' and showing $2. Went in for groceries and just one bag of soil. Filled the back of my vehicle up, so c/n buy groceries. Wasn't anything I desperately needed anyway. ,  Susan F, LA

9943 Free Marco's pizza (3/23/2015 3:40:08 PM):  Marco's Pizza is celebrating National Spinach Day, on Thursday, March 26, with a free medium Grilled Chicken Florentine pizza. Just bring a can of spinach to participating Marco’s Pizza, and together we’ll help local food banks. Call to be sure your location is participating (I called and mine is :),  Lisa S, OH

9947 kelloggs code (3/23/2015 4:03:41 PM):  MAGICALCREATIONS for 25 more points valid thru 4/2. Not sure if this was posted or not. ,  Gayle S, MI

9951 Amy's Kitchen Recall (3/23/2015 4:14:45 PM):  Just announced recall of Amy's kitchen products. So check your pantry to see if you have any of these.,  Susan B, SC

9952 Sears (3/23/2015 4:26:34 PM):  Go to where they have marked down the Craftsman 100-piece Accessory Kit to $13.49 (regularly $29.99). Plus, be sure to choose FREE in-store pickup (if available near you). Think Fathers Day gift.,  Jeanne W, PA

9953 Star Wars (3/23/2015 4:29:08 PM): Get Star Wars Silicone Molds for $7.99. Use the code ICECOLD at checkout and the price will drop to $4.99. Plus, shipping is FREE. These molds could be used to create fun ice cubes, candies, jellies, chocolates, and more.,  Jeanne W, PA

9956 Ibotta (3/23/2015 5:22:48 PM):  Do you have to download app on smart phone to do Ibotta? Is there anyway to enter receipts without app? Or can we use Kindle? Don't quite understand. Thanks,  Beverly H, IN

9959 Wheel of Fortune (3/23/2015 5:59:40 PM):  Wheel of fortune puzzle for Monday: MAHOGANY WOOD If your Spin Id is JD2210023, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

9962 Help with Games (3/23/2015 6:54:29 PM):  Want to play my games on my laptop, I have windows 7..have adobe flash downloaded. BUt when I try to play my games I get a screen that says I need to download adobe flash 11 or better when it IS downloaded and shows in my control panel... Anyone??,  Sharon F, NY

9964 RAOK Shutterfly code (3/23/2015 7:02:22 PM):  Good for a free 16x20 collage poster, expires 3/29/15. HG72-0NK6-MS7R-ZJ7SHT.,  Sandra C, VA

9968 Kelloggs Family Rewards (3/23/2015 8:15:03 PM):  Enter the code KFRMEMBERSRGREAT for 100 more points.,  Jeanne W, PA

9976 (3/23/2015 9:17:59 PM):  Got this code and cant use it. Please post if you are able to use it. You've socred a discount code for 15% off $75+ at in the Dew March Sweepstakes! Visit and enter code 8F6065AA9FBF4 at checkout to redeem. Terms & Conditions: Valid until 6/1/15 at 11:59:59 PM ET. Valid only at on a single, qualifying order of in-stock merchandise of $75 or more. One-time use only.Not valid for gift certificates, gift cards, gift codes, taxes, shipping and handling charges or other services. Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotional offer. Except where required by law, cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent, reproduced, modified, sold, traded, refunded or replaced if lost or stolen. Not valid on previous purchases or returns. No cash back. Certain sale items, brands, or merchandise may be excluded. All purchases on are subject to the Terms of Use. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions applicable to discount codes at any time. Void where prohibited. ,  Amber K, MO

9979 Staples (3/23/2015 10:29:31 PM):  Today I went to Staples to use my mystery coupon. I found out I had $10.00 on it. I was also able to use the 15% coupon and the coupon for the free paper at the same time.,  Ginnie R, CA

9983 Cat Chow free coupon (3/24/2015 4:05:24 AM):  Just got important info from Purina My Perks program. One of the Cat chow perks has bee free coupon for 3.5 lb. bag of Cat chow. Someone is counterfeiting those coupons! To stop it, they will now mail the coupon to your home. Each coupon will require 60,000 points. If you have any prior issued free coupons, they will only be redeemable for 60 days!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

9987 question (3/24/2015 6:02:26 AM):  My eleven year old granddaughter, was just diagnosed with Celiac disease. She's really not liking any of the food she can eat. Is there any food that tastes like real food, that she can eat? TIA,  Carol S, PA

9989 Sharon-Adobe flash (3/24/2015 6:15:40 AM):  I am having trouble with adobe flash also. When I try to do the activities on Swagbucks, (swag guy,etc.) it crashes. Any advice appreciated. TIA,  Sherry S, IN

9994 Staples (3/24/2015 8:59:45 AM):  Are the Staples paper rebates this week different than the ones last week? Can we do them again?,  Geri P, WI

0000 Swagbucks (3/24/2015 9:48:38 AM):  On home page register to receive a $5 coupon for Beyond dog/cat food and get 10 swagbucks!,  Carla B, OH

0001 Gift cards on sale on Ebay (3/24/2015 9:51:18 AM):  $100 Lowes card for $85: $50 Jiffy Lube for $40: $50 Dominos for $40: $100 Staples for $85: $100 iTunes card for $75: All either free shipping or sent directly to your email. Read for details.,  Tricia B, MD

0002 Harris Teeter (3/24/2015 10:12:47 AM):  Has anyone heard anything about Super Doubles? There hasn't been one since the beginning of January. T.I.A. ,  Sharon G, MD

0005 RAOK - $5 off (3/24/2015 10:41:33 AM):  I have a ONE TIME use code for $5 off anything at 6TMXR433VUP6Y. Today is the last day to use it. *Please post when used.*,  Tricia B, MD

0007 coke (3/24/2015 10:49:12 AM):  Does anyone remember if we might have dbl. points coming up for 12 pks. of diet coke? Daughter just gave me 10 codes.,  Carol M, MI

0016 Coke Code (3/24/2015 11:57:21 AM):  9FRX6KJ6HJ74R9,  Elaine S, NJ

0017 easter basket fillers (3/24/2015 12:13:23 PM):  I have been away for some time now and I'm really needing to get back in the swing of things. I am looking for really good deals on items to do 3 boys easter baskets any helpful ideas would be greatly appreciated. Tia,  Catrena C, SC

0021 Kohl's (3/24/2015 12:39:46 PM):  Croft & Barrow® Solid Plush Robe - Men's $5.00,  Paula R, NJ

0023 Mypoints (3/24/2015 1:20:11 PM):  Does anyone play the Mypoints games for money. How do you do? I was thinking about playing,  Carolyn S, IL

0024 Playstation 12 mth card- $39.99 (3/24/2015 1:29:15 PM):  PlayStation Plus - 12 Month Membership Card, $39.99 with free shipping: B, MD

0033 Snickers (3/24/2015 3:29:30 PM):  Came in the mail today--a notice that I had won second prize in the "Super Bowl Satisfaction Game" Guess what I won-- a free Snickers bar! Oh well, I rarely win anything, so I will enjoy it.,  Marianne B, NM

0034 Staples (3/24/2015 4:24:18 PM):  I didn't get an email about the mystery bonus. Is there a way to check Staples to see if I'm supposed to have one? I got one last year. TIA,  Diane J. D, ME

0037 Trisha A, TX : Contact Me (3/24/2015 5:11:13 PM):  I have heard back from my tweets to Credit Sesame and they want to contact you directly to clear things up. They've asked me to forward them your info via DM (twitter for direct message, not shown to followers). Posts follow: (Me)"Dear @creditsesame... Cohort on consumer board has posted that you have changed her "score" from 792 to a mere 4 in just 2 weeks. #WTF" (Them) "If your friend has seen a jump or drop in credit score recently, it may be bc we switched to TransUnion's Vantage 3 score." "Our team would be happy to help answer any questions you or she have! Pls email us at" (Me) ".@creditsesame She has already emailed you with no response. Is there a corporate person she should contact? Please advise." (Them) "Sure thing, we'd be happy to have a team member reach out to her. Pls DM us w/ brief description, full name, email & phone no." So, Trisha, forward me your contact info via email to cheznishilia@hotmail(dot)com. All best,  Susan R, CA

0045 Ebates (3/24/2015 7:32:12 PM):  What do I do in this situation ? Ebates has been running a promotion for Staples get 20 % off orders of $500 or more. Staples says it is not one of their codes. Ebates says the code was provided by Staples. Too late to cancel the order. Can anyone help me out ?,  Annmarie C, NY

0046 Wheel of Fortune (3/24/2015 7:34:06 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Tuesday: BUMPY PATH If your Spin Id is SJ5416403, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

0052 Kunzler (3/24/2015 9:55:35 PM): Print a $.50 Kunzler any meat product coupon.,  Jeanne W, PA

0053 College question (3/24/2015 10:00:46 PM):  If a student if offered money from one college, how plausible is it that another college will come close to matching the money? Assuming the student has been accepted into both colleges.,  Susan C. C, TX

0054 Easter basket filler (3/24/2015 10:07:04 PM):  Go to Amazon for this DVD: The First Easter Rabbit Deluxe Edition DVD (reg $14.97) $5.00 Free shipping with Amazon Prime Final Price: $5.00 shipped ,  Jeanne W, PA

0055 Rite Aid Fabuary Code (3/24/2015 10:10:21 PM):  FWWJPYTL93,  Linda M, OR

0057 tricia, md (3/24/2015 11:09:10 PM):  you post sometimes about clearance Oakley sunglasses; what is the website that you get them from? thanks! ,  Donna M, CA

0060 Free Shipping Kohls (3/25/2015 5:17:54 AM):  Free Shipping no minimum when you use your Kohl's card - FREE4MVC. Starts today and ends April 2nd. Looking for 30% off. Happy Shopping!,  Susan J, OH

0061 Kroger Fuel Points (3/25/2015 6:23:13 AM):  Our Kroger has 4X Fuel Points this week on gift cards. Now that they built a gas station at mine, I am using them. I was always paying cash at drive thus and now I bought gift cards to use instead and some for cards gifts that I will buy anyway.,  Sandra V, MI

0063 Lean Cusine Code (3/25/2015 7:02:11 AM):  L9YP X3N3 FD36R Slight change that D is actually a 0. Please post when used.,  Sue S, MN

0067 Memocode (3/25/2015 7:58:45 AM):  APRIL15 for 10 points,  Deborah K, VA

0068 Printing Target coupons (3/25/2015 8:07:36 AM):  Is anyone having trouble printing Target coupons? It says I have an older version of the catalina printer software. I download it (which is version and then the same thing happens. I used to print the coupons, now it doesn't work. Any suggestions?,  Barb E, IA

0071 Good Deal on Tires? (3/25/2015 8:33:57 AM):  My husbands truck is needing new tires. I feel like I've searched everywhere for good prices. Anyone know of any special deals out there? Thanks in advance :),  Cindy T, TX

0074 Shoprite Deals (3/25/2015 8:43:12 AM):  Afrin Nasal Spray is on sale for $3.29 to 3.99 So ALA .29 with the $3 coupon from Sundays paper... Hefty Foam plate Varieties are 1/2 price at $1.39. There is a $1/2 from red plum 1/25 and printables at and I got 2 packs of 50 soak-proof plates for $1.78. Lavazza K-cups are on sale for $6.77 There is a $3/1 in the 3/22 SS insert and a Printable $3/1 at Makes them $3.77 or .31 a cup. Melitta Kcups are $5.99 and there is a $2/1 in the 3/22 insert and at $3.99 or .33 a cup No coupon needed for the Land O lakes butter on sale at $1.97 a pound. My store now has the Sheba Perfect portions cat food. There is a .50/1 at that has been reset. They sell for .75 so doubled it's free,  Laurie D, DE

0076 contacts (3/25/2015 9:14:51 AM):  My dd needs to order her contacts. Anyone have any advice on where to get the best deal. Thank you!,  Mary Jane B, NJ

0077 DG clearance (3/25/2015 9:45:04 AM):  Anyone found any clearance at Dollar General on the winter items yet? If so, what color of dots on the tags?,  Susan C, NM

0081 Free Photo Book (3/25/2015 10:40:43 AM):  Expires 3/30/15. Go to Code: CTCE20PAH4R5NGBMF6,  Pat B, DE

0082 free candy making classes (3/25/2015 10:46:21 AM):  Anyone know of any of these that I couldn't get online? Can't seem to find any. TIA,  Karen F, PA

0087 Albertsons (3/25/2015 11:32:27 AM):  The Albertson's ad in the Spokane, WA area had fryer hindquarters for 49¢ a lb. in a 10 pound bag - Limit 4. It is a coupon on the front page of their ad, but they always have extras in the store. ,  Nancy D, WA

0091 Free Shopping Bag (3/25/2015 12:11:26 PM):  Get a Free reusable shopping bag ($16.99 value) at with promo code: CTB29540AK6ARWA2VT expires March 30.,  Marie S, CA

0102 Walgreens receipt (3/25/2015 3:08:34 PM):  This receipt has Well Beginnings diapers...if this is included in the WGS card? hope someone can use it. Dated 3/17/15..#0115-8519-9706-1503-1703 Total is $61.92,  Sharon J, WI

0110 Barilla RR (3/25/2015 6:25:24 PM):  I received a slip from Frys about a Barilla Italian Style Entrees RR 3/23- 4/l2. Does anyone know if this will also work at Safeway? ,  Pat S, AZ

0111 Haier (3/25/2015 6:41:26 PM):  Has anyone had any experience with Haier appliances? I'm considering a Haier refrigerator, but I can't find information on their repair history. I know none of them are as good as the old refrigerators, but I'm trying to find out how they compare to other brands.,  Linda H, FL

0112 $5 Sonic meal with Dr. Pepper (3/25/2015 7:04:23 PM):  4/1/15, only at Sonic get a Spicy super Crunch Chicken Strip dinner with medium sized Dr. Pepper for just $5. No coupon required.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

0113 Wheel of Fortune (3/25/2015 7:22:14 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Wednesday: ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL If your Spin Id is EC8471412, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

0119 Cruise (3/25/2015 8:37:37 PM):  Where can you find the best prices on cruises and what tips do you have to get the best deal? Thanks,  Caryn L, KS

0120 Samsung 32 in hdtv deal (3/25/2015 8:53:21 PM):  Dell home hss a 32" Samsung UN32H5203 1080p Smart LED HDTV for $277.99. $125 dell gift card is automatically added and shipping is free. Awesome deal!! B, MD

0121 Boomer Connection (3/25/2015 9:36:10 PM):  Anyone else get cut from Safeway's Boomer Connection today?,  Paulette S, CO

0122 Staples (3/25/2015 9:40:11 PM):  There was a post yesterday (thank you) with a link to Ebay to purchase a 100.00 Staples egift card for 85.00. I purchased the egift card and today I went to Staples and purchased 4 5 ream pks of paper and 4 single reams of paper. I used 8 Staples coupons and paid with the egift card. It brought the total down to 19.20 which I paid with a Staples prepaid VISA rebate card. I'm at 5% so will get 5.96 back in rewards, a 96.00 VISA card and a check for 19.16. 16.92 MM plus 24 reams of paper. ,  Linda M, OR

0133 Free or Cheap (3/26/2015 6:48:08 AM):  I got a package from Amazon yesterday. I had ordered a package of Tampax infinity tampons for 75¢ and a 3 pack of Clorox wipes (240 total wipes) for $2.52, shipped for free because I used subscribe & save. I ordered them within days of each other but they came together. And actually they were free because I had a $5 Amazon gift card from a survey. My daughter opened the box and was said to everybody "Mom's ordered tampons in the mail again!!" I was like, hey, if they are that cheap, I don't care how we get them!,  Tricia B, MD

0134 Huggies code (3/26/2015 6:48:19 AM):  TXXDH-BSXQS-LTXPT.,  Theresa W, PA

0135 $36 shipped - 12 mth Xbox card (3/26/2015 7:05:47 AM):  12 mth xbox card for $35.99 with free shipping; B, MD

0139 Rite Aid (3/26/2015 7:25:39 AM):  I have the ads for the next 2 weeks no rewards for next week but they will have extra coupons.Its a flyer called Healthy essentials it will be in sundays paper and you can get $45.00 more on line at HealthyEssentials .com. The folling week will be a $10.00 gas card for buying $30.00 of a variety of products. you have to enter your code on line to get them. Thats sounds a lot like CVS.,  Ruth S, OH

0142 Marco's Pizza free (3/26/2015 8:13:32 AM):  Free pizza when you bring in one or more cans of spinach for food donation. A, TX

0151 RAOK - Free e-book (3/26/2015 9:23:32 AM):  Free e-book download for one person. Go go Enter code GMC917BB027988 Choose your free e-book and read. Valid through May 1, 2016. You may read the e-book on the web or on your smartphone or tablet.,  Tricia B, MD

0152 Staples (3/26/2015 9:45:46 AM):  Can someone tell me about this mystery coupon from Staples and where I can find it? TIA,  Randi L, NY

0156 CVS SCHICK/IRISH SPRING DEAL (3/26/2015 10:59:33 AM):  Has anyone had their EB's not to print out this week on the Schick and Irish Spring deals at CVS? I am becoming very irritated with my local store, it's sad when the customer knows more than the cashier...,  Tracy S, VA

0157 JC Penney (3/26/2015 10:59:48 AM):  $10 off $25 can also be used online code UPSUPER on clearance too! There are a few exclusions.,  Trisha A, TX

0161 Apple Farm Inn special (3/26/2015 11:53:18 AM):  Deal for Apple farm inn in San Luis Obispo, CA: $119 for deluxe or specialty rooms in the inn. Valid 4/1- 4/30, Sunday thru Thursday. April 3 & 4 available for $169. Excludes April 8,9 and 16. B, MD

0162 Cheryls Cookie Cards ? (3/26/2015 12:12:43 PM):  Have any of you ordered Cheryls Cookies and if so, what is your opinion of them ? Thinking of sending some to friends - are there any special deals going on ? Would appreciate any comments ! Thanks - and have a wonderful day.,  Marilyn P, CA

0166 Free Shopping Bag (3/26/2015 1:27:05 PM):  Saw that 2 people missed a shopping bag code. This one expires 3/30. Please post if used. Go to code: CTB262URAAKRNZ1Y7H,  Pat B, DE

0176 TRU Lego the mine (3/26/2015 3:11:13 PM):  Toys R Us has Lego 'The Mine' set 4204 on sale for 55.99. It's a pretty big set for that price. I think this one is being discontinued? ,  Susie M. C, MD

0178 net zero (3/26/2015 5:17:16 PM):  saw a commercial for net zero, connecting you to broadband for $10 a month. Wondered if any of you have experience with this . Good or bad..and if not net zero, any other usb port connections that really work.,  Sharon F, NY

0182 Wheel of Fortune (3/26/2015 6:11:58 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Thursday: POCKET DIARY If your Spin Id is JD5813733, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

0187 Shutterfly code (3/26/2015 8:58:45 PM):  Free four 2x2 magnets: KE66-0WGS-BAXU-R2HUF3 You must pay shipping. One time use code. Please post when used.,  Alisa G, DE

0189 Disney (3/27/2015 5:56:13 AM):  Looking for a friend for discounted tickets to Disney World and Sea World Any thought on this would be greatly appreciated Thanks,  Barbara J, MO

0190 Pop Tarts (3/27/2015 6:27:57 AM):  Pop Tarts-NK3C-W4PW-QJXU-96YG,  Rosie T, WI

0193 Barilla RR (3/27/2015 8:25:51 AM):  Does anyone know if the Barilla RR is also working at Safeway? I posted about this a couple days ago but did not get any answer.,  Pat S, AZ

0194 Frozen cereal cpn Where? (3/27/2015 8:58:49 AM):  We had a Red Plum (I think) insert with 70-cent Kelloggs cereal cpns in it. One was for the new Frozen cereal, but I can't find it in the database. anyone know which week it was in? thanks,  Pat B, DE

0195 Norweigan cruise deals (3/27/2015 9:15:12 AM): There are some great cruise deals at crucon. For example, a 4 night Bahamas cruise including ALL drinks is $249 + tax!! Most of the best prices are in Nov. and Dec of this year. There are also deals on longer cruises also.,  Tricia B, MD

0196 Brut Deodorant (3/27/2015 9:18:53 AM):  Noticed Brut Deodorant is on sale at King Sooper for $1.00 this week. If your RiteAid ran out you can pick it up at King Sooper for tax. Good luck!,  Kathy V, CO

0200 Buy 1 get 1 free paint at Ace (3/27/2015 9:30:17 AM):  Through Sunday, Ace stores have buy one get one free gallons of paint. Limit two gallons free. www.acehardware.comTricia B, MD

0202 Target/Purina Dog Treats (3/27/2015 9:35:07 AM):  Yesterday Michele posted the new $2/2 Purina Beggin' Strips coupon on Target has a $/1 Beggin Strips/Busy Treats coupon on there website. Combine the 2 coupons to get the Beggin Strips for .54 each (my store's regular price is $2.54.) Also, there was a recent $1/1 Busy Treats coupon on the Sunday inserts...forgot which one as it wasn't in mine and I had to order them.,  Laura M, WI

0203 Shoprite Carvel (3/27/2015 9:49:58 AM):  At Shoprite, there is a $3 Carvel ice cream cake coupon to load to your card and there is also a $3 Carvel printable available. Could make for a good deal.,  Marie S, CA

0204 Free Starz & Encore (3/27/2015 9:51:39 AM):  Free Starz and Encore channels this weekend on Verizon Fios and DirecTV.,  Marie S, CA

0207 iRazoo Treasure code til 11 PM EDT tonight (3/27/2015 10:37:54 AM):  Schickrsamples,  Barb E, IA

0209 Flood insurance (3/27/2015 11:32:17 AM):  Posted on OTC, but posting here just in case some don't read OTC. Time for my flood renewal. Our subd. had a regular meeting last week. One of the residents mentioned that his premium had gone up several hundred dollars over last year. Called his agent and it was b/c he had not returned a letter sent by Flood. I realized that one had come in the mail that day. I thought it was my policy and not the bill so hadn't opened it yet. It was a notice saying that FEMA needs proof of residence at the covered address. "To qualify for the $25 surcharge"...sounds like they are offering something except for the word "surcharge", do this and that. What it boils down to is that if you don't provide the documentation, there is a $250 surcharge so that's why it says "qualify for $25 surcharge". Of course the $250 point is on the back of the page. My agent left a message before the letter arrived saying that she had taken care of adding D/L to FEMA but I called just to make sure I didn't need to return the letter. She said they get notice in advance of the actual letters going out so they wanted to alert their policyholders. So if you get this letter, call your agent to make sure all is covered. My neighbor was able to get the surcharge removed but it looks like all agents aren't as diligent as mine is. She did say that premiums are increasing across the board, in the $30-$50 range.,  Susan F, LA

0210 Dishwasher needed (3/27/2015 11:42:24 AM):  My Whirlpool dishwasher died and it would cost $400 to fix, so I am in the market for a new one. No more whirlpools' for me. It was only about 3 and half years old. Does anyone know of a GDA out there. I'm looking into Kenmore's as I have a Sears gift card to use. Any idea's?,  Trisha A, TX

0212 Discover (3/27/2015 11:56:36 AM):  I went to my Discover account and found I had a message. It had been there about a month. This is basically it: A recent account review indicates that your income information may be outdated. We are required by federal regulations to have your current income on file in order to service your account and satisfy your future credit needs. Please take a moment to update your income I'm balking at this. Since it wasn't an email or phone call, I think it is official. I guess I gave them a number for my income when I applied for the card, but I don't know what that might have been. I see no need to give any further information unless they say they will cancel me. I'm just waiting this out to see how soon they might contact me again. Think I'm doing wrong?,  Donna E, FL

0216 checkout 51 (3/27/2015 12:56:14 PM):  anyone where the east eggs are hidden or what they open ,  Linda S, AL

0217 Disney Codes (3/27/2015 12:59:50 PM):  New Disney Movie Reward codes, 5 points each. Codes valid til 4/7: REDCAPE GOLDEN YELLOW WHITE,  Deborah K, VA

0221 Frances - Cruise Deals (3/27/2015 1:27:02 PM):  Hi Frances you mentioned the other day something about Carnival Cruise price matching & monitoring and submitting a request. Can you give more details. Where & how do you submit the request? How do you monitor the pricing - on their website? Anymore info you can give would be appreciated. We are planning a Carnival Cruise in the summer of 2016. ,  Tracey W, SC

0224 Target L'Oreal Advanced Hair Care (3/27/2015 1:43:29 PM):  L'Oreal Advanced Hair Care shampoo and conditioner 24.5 oz size. $5.99 at Target. Print the $3 off one at (I go through my points), print two. Target has their web coupon for $3 off the purchase of two. $11.98 less $9.00 in coupons = $2.98 for two large bottles of Shampoo and / conditioner. I was happy with this purchase. Also Cheez-it Crunch'd on sale for $2.66 a bag. Target Cartwheel 35% off (thru 3/28) and a $0.70 coupon from Kellogg's. Final price $1.07 Hapy shopping!,  Noreen L, IL

0227 Need a new clothes washer (3/27/2015 1:53:16 PM):  Any recommendations on a basic, not too expensive washing machine? Mine is starting to go...And has anyone ever used a top loader without an agitator in the middle? I've seen those and I'm intrigued. -LisaES, Levittown, PA,  Lisa E. S, PA

0231 I Won Prize Pack (3/27/2015 2:33:44 PM):  12 Coupons for Jolly Time Popcorn and 12 Free codes for Movies On Demand from Movies On Demand Awards Season Sweepstakes Yipee !!!!! sweepstakes ended 2/22/15 each person who entered received a free Jolly Time popcorn coupon ,  Debra A, NC

0237 Coke Coupons (3/27/2015 4:47:40 PM):  If you still have Coke coupons left -- they expire March 31. I'm off to the store to use my last two. We don't drink a lot of Coke so it should last a long time and will allow for a lot of generosity at a few family picnics!,  Sue S, MN

0240 help (3/27/2015 5:30:29 PM):  I know somebody can tell me how to get the $1.50 coupon for the diapers Michele has listed in her updates. when I go to, all I can find is the regular page. feel like the village idiot here!!,  Donna M, CA

0242 Triple Coupons (3/27/2015 5:43:38 PM):  Has anyone heard that Price Chopper and Shoprite will be tripling next week? I'm wondering if anyone can confirm any Hudson Valley locations.,  Margaret P, NY

0249 What did you get for free or cheap? (3/27/2015 7:06:14 PM):  It was a quiet week regarding coupon use. I was given a $10/$10 JCP coupon so I went there tonight and got two pair of earrings for .85. After that trip, I went to Kohls where I had a $10/$10 coupon mailed to me. I was much more successful on this Kohls trip and found some daytime moisturizing cream and a Hallmark card for .85. I'll submit the UPC for the Hallmark card on my account along with others I received this week and get a $5 gift card. Earlier in the week, I had a .30/gal discount from Kmart at BP gas. This deal changed from the Sunoco gas station to the BP gas station. I was able to get my Billpay to work so I'm anticipating another $10 from Santander bank monthly for using this program. I learned this week that I can get extremely cheap bus trips to NYC from the DC area on the Bolt or Megabus so I'm checking that out. Not a lot to report, so let's hear your deals.,  Mindy C, MD

0252 Wheel of Fortune (3/27/2015 7:23:53 PM):  Wheel of Fortune puzzle for Friday: BUSY WITH WORK If your Spin Id is LT5072744, you have won $5,000,  Barbara L, FL

0257 PP rebate on WD40 (3/27/2015 9:31:15 PM):  There's a PP to $11.99 on some WD40 products when purchased from "authorized dealers" by 8/31/15, limit 1 per household. Send form and CRT, write the UPC on the form. Find authorized dealers here: Lowe's isn't on the list of Authorized Dealers for my area, but a friend found an orange peelie on a can of a WD40 engine degreaser in Lowes, expires 12/15, so you might want to check your local Lowe's for that offer as well. There's also an in-store form ,  Sharon T, TN

0260 RAOK (3/28/2015 4:28:24 AM):  Congratulations! You are a Seventh Prize winner in the Big Night In Game sponsored by Mars Chocolate North America, LLC. The prize you have won is a code redeemable for a 2-day Xbox Live Gold trial. Redemption is subject to terms and conditions available at Please visit and follow the on-screen instructions to input your Prize Code and other required information to redeem your prize: DPQHN-8JHWT-7V967-TM424-K4RFF DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL; NO RESPONSE WILL BE RECEIVED. Again, we congratulate you. On behalf of our client, we thank you for your interest and participation in their promotion and hope that you will enjoy your prize. ,  Sharon C, MI

0264 Shutterfly Code (3/28/2015 6:08:15 AM):  FREE REUSABLE SHOPPING BAG code CTBX0A4KEJT3TJXD2M Got shutter Exp 3/30,  Cassandra L, GA

0266 Kelloggs/Keebler (3/28/2015 6:49:53 AM):  1Y7Q-R3FU-4TCR-PMQ3,  Mary Grace S, MD

0267 iRazoo Treasure code (3/28/2015 7:18:34 AM):  New code: "GamingPackage". Expires: 03/28/2015 at 11:00 PM EST. This code is for tonight only!,  Barb E, IA

0268 (3/28/2015 7:23:33 AM):  Does anyone have a phone number for I ordered some restaurant certificates from them accidently that I can't use. Or does anybody know how to delete something I ordered? Thanks,  Carolyn S, IL

0273 kelloggs code (3/28/2015 7:56:44 AM):  JR97 G3PT V1NR V6PF,  Dayle R, KY

0274 coke codes (3/28/2015 8:05:24 AM):  14CY RFVF NJKR 5RLR ,  Dayle R, KY

0275 Kelloggs code (3/28/2015 8:06:06 AM):  HV9X LN51 7LRT RW3L,  Dayle R, KY

0276 kelloggs code (3/28/2015 8:10:20 AM):  Thanks for code. Vickie D, mi,  Vicki D, MI

0278 beer rebates (3/28/2015 8:33:30 AM):  I have a couple questions one is if your allowed 2 rebates for one deal can you send them in the same envelope and for each deal does the products it says you have to buy does it have to be on one receipt or can you use 2. thanks so much,  Monica J, MO

0283 $5 Barbie zoo doctor play set (3/28/2015 9:23:36 AM): B, MD

0300 Cheryl's Cookies (3/28/2015 12:28:42 PM):  If you are ordering from CHERYL'S COOKIES, be sure to go thru MY POINTS and receive 8 points per dollar. The site has many new offers listed. $5 Cookie Cards are fun - and free mailing to the recipient. Make someone's day ! :),  Marilyn P, CA

0302 Rite Aid FABuary extended (3/28/2015 12:46:47 PM):  If you have Rite Aid receipts with FABuary codes at the bottom that you forgot to input, or you thought you missed the deadline - the good news is it's been extended until April 10th. If you can't use your code(s), go to the trading boards and place an ad or do a search for other ads. ,  Marijane W, MI

0304 ROAK -4 Magnets at Shutterfly, if you want (3/28/2015 1:30:01 PM):  Enter this code directly at to get your FREE set of four 2x2 magnets. KE66-3YGP-P95X-NR4VP9 ,  Patricia D, FL

0306 $9 - Lullaby Elmo (3/28/2015 2:42:07 PM):  Playskool Sesame Street Lullaby & Good Night Elmo, $8.87 (Reg. $17.98.) Free in store pick up. B, MD

0307 kelloggs family rewards (3/28/2015 2:45:21 PM):  New Kelloggs code for 100 pts! EASTERTREATS4ALL Shelagh, Mills River,  Shelagh T, NC

0312 Kelloggs Family Rewards (3/28/2015 4:36:54 PM):  Enter MORERKTREATS4YOU for 25 points.,  Jeanne W, PA

0313 Kohls (3/28/2015 4:40:38 PM):  Go to Kohl’ where they are offering a Dockers 9-piece Grooming Set for $9 (regularly $45). Plus, Kohl’s cardholders can use the promo code BUNNY30 (for 30% off) and FREE4MVC (for free shipping) at checkout, which will bring your total down to only $6.30 shipped. If you’re not a cardholder, use the promo code EGGHUNT (for 15% off), making your final cost $7.65. Please note that shipping is free on orders of $75 or more for non-cardholders.,  Jeanne W, PA

0321 question (3/28/2015 6:49:34 PM):  My computer was in the shop for 3 weeks, I have to re install the printer, do I have to install something to print from the printer seems to be working, it says "your coupons have printed" but they don't. HELP, please. Thank you,  Dayle R, KY

0322 SavingStar Online Shopping (3/28/2015 8:05:33 PM):  I need help from you guys who are more experienced with doing online shopping through SavingStar. There are numerous merchants who offer SavingStar rebates for online shopping. in one of my SavingStar e-newsletters, was listed as having an 8% rebate. I usually go through ebates for purchases. I checked ebates to see what the current rebate for was. it was only 4% or 5%. I went back to SavingStar website to get on to I bought 2 twin packs of Refresh Optive Advanced eye drops & used a $4 off 1 package coupon. It was only usable 1 time for 1 package no matter how many packages you bought. Did I have to do anything else to insure I get credit for that online shopping? I know I will still earn $$ on that purchase. Staples has a 5% SavingStar rebate. I have $5 in Staples Rewards to use by 3/31/15 or I lose them. I think the present ebates rebate for Staples is only 2%. I want to make sure I'm doing things right to get the SavingStar credit for my online shopping.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

0328 Shutterfly (3/28/2015 8:39:53 PM):  Free 8 x 8 Photo Book. Code expires March 30 at 11:59pm. CTCLFBBDV5REG2KFX8,  Carolyn F, OR

0332 Tracey W. SC (3/29/2015 4:08:25 AM):  You asked how do you check the cruise prices to see if they went down to be able to request a price match. Carnival has a "Fare Viewer" to compare your rate to the current rate. We are "Platinum" on Carnival and enjoy cruising. Our next cruise is in May out of Ft. Lauderdale. I know there are some limitations on the pricematching. If the price goes lower before you finish paying off the cruise then you get a credit and pay less. If the cruise is paid off then you get OBC - On Board Credit which you can use for the shops/casino/pics/shore excursions/drinks etc. ,  Donna A, GA

0333 RAOK-Rite Aid Fabuary (3/29/2015 6:45:17 AM):  This code was buried on my desk, but since the offer has been extended, maybe someone can use it: F3C37WEXPU,  Paula T. T, TN

0335 Kelloggs Golden Egg (3/29/2015 7:50:58 AM):  Got an email this morning & find the golden egg for bonus pts but I can't find it after looking maybe 20 min or so & I gave up Has anyone found it & where? Somewhere in email & I was close but no cigar Thank-you,  Lilli T, OH

0341 $59-$69 Williamsburg 1BR villa (3/29/2015 10:17:04 AM):  $59-$69 -- Williamsburg, VA Villa Escape incl. Weekends. Historic Powhatan Resort. •$59 per night … March 16-31 •$69 per night … April 1-30 •May 1-21, 25-31 and June 1-11 are available for slightly more •One-bedroom villa with partial kitchen, for up to four guests •Two-bedroom villas for up to six are also available for extra $$. •Not available on: May 22-24 We've stayed here before and it's good. Depends on time of year, but there are pools, mini golf, etc. right at the resort.,  Tricia B, MD

0348 Bluebird (3/29/2015 10:47:11 AM):  Is Bluebird not doubling money back at Wal Mart? Cant seem to do it. Any help appreciated.,  Debb P, IA

0350 My Points (3/29/2015 10:54:53 AM):  Is anyone else having issues with mypoints not at least acknowledging points earned for purchases. They used to put the amount as pending within a couple of days of purchase. Now, I have to wait the entire 30 days, send them the emails and hope they credit my account. Thanks for any input on this!!!,  Cathy M, WI

0351 Bank Deals for Opening Account (3/29/2015 10:56:05 AM):  Does anyone know of a bank deal, brick or online, for opening a checking or savings account? Thanks!!,  Cathy M, WI

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