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FOY Gifthulk (9/9/2016 5:29:34 AM):  qxz85cckh 1 user 23 coins,  Lacinda T, IA

2979 Irazoo Treasure Code (9/9/2016 6:28:26 AM):  15 points settlersLiquidIndicate,  Dolores S, WV

2983 Won 2017 B. Crocker recipe calendar (9/9/2016 7:23:20 AM):  I was notified yesterday that I'm a winner of a 2017 B. Crocker Recipe calendar. Has anyone else been notified that they will also be getting one?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

2990 Mypoints Leaf (9/9/2016 8:02:21 AM):  Can be found at the top and click on Videos. Good Luck!,  Colleen M, WI

2991 Tent at REI - 50% off (9/9/2016 8:02:36 AM):  Kelty AirPitch Sonic 6 Tent. Sets up in 6 minutes and holds 6 people. Now 50% off at REI: $148.73 with free shipping. B, MD

2993 $99 - The Fairfax at Embassy Row in DC. (9/9/2016 8:09:33 AM):  Fairfax at Embassy Row in Washington DC. Last-minute summer dates and early-bird winter dates are just $99 per night in a Superior King Room. Book by Sept. 14. BTW, it gets great reviews on Tripadvisor.,  Tricia B, MD

2997 Bob Evans coupons (9/9/2016 9:26:42 AM):  $3 off $10 Bob Evans coupon. Exp. 10/5. B, MD

3007 $9 - 10 gallon aquarium (9/9/2016 3:50:46 PM):  Aqueon® Glass Aquarium, already marked down from $14 to $80, now $10 to $40. Then an additional 10% off when added to cart. (i.e. so the 10 gallon $10 aquarium will be $9.) Not available for shipping, but free store pick up. P.S. the 10% off is available sitewide, with a few exclusions. B, MD

3008 Weekly Treasure Code (9/9/2016 3:53:22 PM):  Woo-Hoo---a biggie--code this week is for 120 points teamLionPound,  Dolores S, WV

3010 Amazon Phone number (9/9/2016 4:23:51 PM):  Does anyone have the customer service number for Amazon. I received an item I did not order and want to see how they want to handle it. Thanks,  Ruth F, MD

3011 WalMart Tide (9/9/2016 4:59:50 PM):  Does anyone have the information from the July Topcash Tide refund? I do not see my refund on topcash account and need to know how to reference this with topcash. TIA,  Trisha A, TX

3014 Rite Aid (9/9/2016 5:36:55 PM):  Starting 9/11 the Rite Aid ad has a 1.00 in ad coupon for a Rite Aid reusable shopping bag, regular price 1.00 to 2.00. With a gold discount you will have to buy something else to take care of the .20 overage. I used 3 coupons today and got 3 bags. The coupons in the ad will scan early. I was afraid my store would sell out so tried today and the coupons worked. I asked for a new ad and they gave me 2 in the store and I had 1 from a local newspaper. Also I figured if you have 4 coupons and the store lets you use that many, and you have a gold discount you could buy 5 and get them free. 5x.80=4.00 use 4x1.00 in ad coupons.,  Pam G, KY

3015 Schick Twin Blade razors (9/9/2016 6:11:03 PM):  Is anyone finding the Schick Twin Blade Razors 12 ct for $2.37 at WalMart? I have been to two WalMarts in two towns and cannot find anything like them. Where are you finding them?,  Pat S, AZ

3016 Wheel of fortune (9/9/2016 6:32:45 PM):  $5,000 and a Cruise to Mexico! Spin ID: JS3788255 Bonus Round Puzzle: AMONG THE BEST,  Rhonda K, FL

3017 moving to Ft Meyers Fl area (9/9/2016 6:49:04 PM):  next week-- what grocery stores are in the area?? any that do double coupons still? Thanks,  Laine J, TX

3021 $30 shipped- Reeboks (9/9/2016 7:30:18 PM):  Reebok Your Flex trainers, reg. $59.99, but use code YOUR30 to make them $30 with free shipping: B, MD

3022 Thanks Everyone (9/9/2016 7:39:23 PM):  For your input on AAA and AARP! I sure appreciate all of your opinions/experiences with both of them. I have towing insurance on 3 cars (on my auto policy) and the premium I pay for 6 months for just towing is equivalent to one year's AAA membership ($49). I paid $52 to get pulled out of a ditch in the snow last winter (a few blocks up the road). So....may be a no brainer for this introductory offer.,  Geri C. C, WI

3024 Great jewelry site (9/10/2016 12:45:58 AM): Check it out. Thanks ,  Alma K, PA

3026 Pubix digital coupons (9/10/2016 7:00:14 AM):  Anybody very familiar with their site? They had a coupon for a free Liberte yogurt, which I bought but did not come off on the CRT (Publix uses your phone number)and nobody at the service desk knew what to do,  Joan B, FL

3027 Purina Pet Food ? (9/10/2016 7:33:20 AM):  Are Purina pet food weight circles of any value ? I saved them for several offers and forgot to mail them in are worth while now ?,  Ann A, NC

3029 Mountain Dew game (9/10/2016 10:10:32 AM):  I won a camo coozie for a 20 ounce bottle, I am sure my daughter will take over. Lol. Still can't win on the Kroger or snickers game. ,  Amy M, IN

3030 Irazoo (9/10/2016 10:10:46 AM):  Apparently Irazoo has revamped--I went to their new site and could see no way to earn points by searching. There was no daily code posted today either. Has anyone else see any way to earn points--I don't watch videos nor do surveys and have no apps since I don't have a smart phone. If points are going to be few and far between I'm glad I cashed out last week. Input, please. Dorry,  Dolores S, WV

3032 Campbell's Labels for Education (9/10/2016 11:19:13 AM):  I know this program is fading out but has it yet? If not and someone can use a random act of kindness for their non-profit, I can mail an envelope to you Monday or Tuesday. My email is mjwiebenga at,  Marijane W, MI

3037 shutterfly free bag (9/10/2016 12:38:39 PM):  Hope someone can use this code, got this at Winn Dixie Free Reusable Shopping Bag SA3QC33S6KRAAR239K expires Sept 30 visit:,  Diana B, FL

3041 Brookstone (9/10/2016 2:04:17 PM):  Take $25 almost any order of $99 or more at Brookstone using code BRAD99. The code also provides free shipping (even if it's an item that the $25 off didn't work for.) Go thru Ebates for 5% back and Discover for 10% off.,  Tricia B, MD

3042 Dolores, WV / Irazoo code (9/10/2016 2:26:52 PM):  There IS a code today. iRazoo Treasure Code: Type in "partDropMass" for extra points! Expires TONIGHT 09/10/2016 at 11:59 PM Eastern time. ,  Susan L, AZ

3046 Expired Pampers Code (9/10/2016 4:32:34 PM):  This Pampers code listed in Michele's update today is expired: TW2SWVPK7JH6A16,  Marijane W, MI

3047 expired baby formula coupons (9/10/2016 4:43:29 PM):  I have coupons for Similac that expired 3-2016 and 4 -2016. Is there any place anyone can use them? I have seven $5 coupons. I don't always remember to check here so email me at if you can use them : ),  Mindy A, MI

3050 plenti question (9/10/2016 6:27:18 PM):  In Michele's Updates it says limit 2 on the GE light bulbs.The Rite Aid sale flyer has limit 1.Which is correct?,  Rose W, KY

3052 Rite sid (9/10/2016 7:30:11 PM):  Does the 2000 points track week to week or start over each week? I have some towards it but will it be gone tomorrow?,  Carla B, OH

3053 $25 Womens' North Face hoodie (9/10/2016 8:59:43 PM):  The North Face® Women's Fave Pullover Hoodie, was $55, now $24.99. Free pick up at Cabela's or $5.95 shipping. ,  Tricia B, MD

3055 Staples (9/10/2016 10:23:08 PM):  Staples multipurpose paper, ream .01 after rebate and coupon. Exp 9/17/16.,  Linda M, OR

3056 Irazoo codes (9/10/2016 11:48:48 PM):  Dolores,If you look on the left side of the Irazoo site, at the top the 3 little bars will drop down and the 9th symbol I thank,click on that and it will say enter promo code. I just used the 120 you listed,(thanks)and the 15 point one from today.Don't know about the 5 points for offers tho.I sure hate it when they change things around.,  Reba S, OK

3062 Susan AZ - Irazoo Code (9/11/2016 7:19:30 AM):  Never mind - I went to Facebook and got today's code happilyOnceKept,  Dolores S, WV

3063 $5 Danskin sports bra (9/11/2016 7:26:10 AM):  Danskin $5 sports sports bra. Select free in store pick up: B, MD

3065 Brookside Fruit and Nut Bars at Walgreens (9/11/2016 8:02:45 AM):  Not all stores carry these, but if your store has them, they will be in the grocery aisle by the granola bars. Regular price is $1.49 per bar. There is a month long deal. Buy 3 bars for $3 and receive 3000 points. FREE! You can use 3000 points to pay and still get 3000 points. I used a $2 RR and 1000 points to pay and received the 3000 points. ,  Janice H, TX

3067 Kohls (9/11/2016 8:52:15 AM):  Any free shipping codes out there for under 75.00?,  Diane B, MA

3068 Buying Inserts (9/11/2016 9:13:05 AM):  Hi, I was wondering where the best place to buy whole inserts online is. I am only interested in the whole inserts, not individual coupons. TIA!,  Martha T, LA

3069 Not happy (9/11/2016 10:22:30 AM):  I didn't get any of the coupons listed in the Walgreens ad!,  Carla B, OH

3075 Lucky Leaf (9/11/2016 11:52:38 AM):  Don't forget to check again Monday thru Friday for the Lucky Leaf on! Good luck to all. And thanks to the posters who post where that Lucky Leaf is each weekday!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3076 Scope at Walgreens (9/11/2016 12:45:04 PM):  1 liter of Crest Scope Mouthwash is on sale for $3.49. Buy 2 and get $3.50 RR. You can print $2 coupons on . You can also load a digital $1.50 coupon to your card. This is a MONEYMAKER if you use two $2 coupons. That is what I intended to do, but I didn't remember that I had loaded a $1.50 coupon to my card so it came off first and then I was only able to use one $2 coupon. I used 3000 points and .48 cash to pay and received $3.50 RR. FREE.,  Janice H, TX

3077 9-11 (9/11/2016 12:46:30 PM):  Please let us all remember the victims, survivors, heroes today. And their families. Thank you Michele for posting the sweet pictures of your family. You are so blessed to have such a loving relationship with them.,  Dayle R, KY

3079 Herbal Essence (9/11/2016 1:06:27 PM):  Today's paper had a B1G1 coupon,  Judy B B, LA

3080 Yoplait/Winn Dixie (9/11/2016 1:11:16 PM):  How to get 6 Yoplait for $1. Yesterday and today WD has the greek Yoplait B1G1 reg price $1. clip e-coupon $1/5 and buy 6.also Savingstar $1/5,  Judy B B, LA

3083 Michele (9/11/2016 2:01:06 PM):  Thanks for posting the pictures of your son and grandchildren. Very nice looking family you have. Looks like everyone was having a great time. So glad Chloe is doing good. ,  Gayle S, MI

3088 CVS (9/11/2016 2:35:25 PM):  I didn't get any of the good coupons in my paper that were listed in the Walgreen's and CVS ads but purchased a Chicago papers at Walgreen's ($4.99) which is steep but it was worth it for the coupons I was able to use ($1 Sure and $10 Nicoderm plus the deal listed below): CVS: L'Oreal Advanced Shampoo and Conditioner is 2 for $8, buy $15 worth, get a $5 ECB. I used two of the $4 off 2 coupons I got in the Chicago paper so total was $16, less the $8 in coupons and $5 ECB makes it $3 for 4 bottles of this shampoo and conditioner...not free but a good deal for me.,  Debra J. L, MI

3091 GDA - Stop and Shop Seattle Best Coffee - Kcups (9/11/2016 3:13:40 PM):  Price at Stop and Shop is $6.99 for 10 in a box. There is a $1.25 coupon on the Stop and Shop app. Use $1.25 coupon from and Ibolta $1.00 cash back. Final Price $3.49 or .35cents per K-Cup,  Randi L, NY

3092 GDA - Stop and Shop Playtex 360 tampons (9/11/2016 3:16:06 PM):  Stop and Shop has them on sale for $5.69. They also have $2.00 coupon on their app. Use $2.00 from and submit Checkout 51 for $1.00 Final price .69cents.,  Randi L, NY

3094 Ziploc (9/11/2016 4:13:08 PM):  I was in Walmart early this morning to happen upon Ziploc bags on clearance. I was in line and saw 2 women in front of me buying the BIG boxes for $1 each. I asked the cashier about it and she said they were on clearance. I went over to get a few, sandwich, snack and quart size freezer bags. These were the $7 size boxes. The only thing that would have been better is if I had coupons to go with them. ,  Joanne R. F, FL

3097 Starbucks deal (9/11/2016 5:00:07 PM):  Similar deal as before. Use the Starbucks app (either for Apple or Google play) to purchase a $10 Starbucks using Visa pay. Then get $10 free. *Note: WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Bonus $10 is not guaranteed, so do at your own risk.,  Tricia B, MD

3102 Refundcents Deals over the past 15 years (9/11/2016 5:56:50 PM):  Deals from refundcents board have saved me a ton of money over the past 15 years. My life has seen many changes as my son was 5 years old when I became a member of Refundcents back when there were rebates on school supplies to get free wal-mart gift cards etc. My son is now grown and in college and I'm divorced but let me tell you even with a full time job and a college degree behind me the post on this board has saved me money and fed my family so many times. I must give a shout out to CVS because of their extra care bucks I have done my grocery shopping with my stash of them monthly. Long story short this site has helped me be a successful single mom of one and we have never had to go without nice clothes, food, dinners out and all the little luxuries we women adore like make-up and clothes. I have posted in over a decade, but I want the member & Michelle to know that this one site has been the back bone of my families budget. There are many new site popping up all over the net now that being frugal is cool, but Refundcents is family and in my opinion the still the best resource for deals, coupons and inspiration to save money. Thanks you guys-Heather Murray,KY,  Cherisa M, KY

3106 Target (9/11/2016 7:15:18 PM):  school supplies are 70% off also Walmart has the 70 page notebooks for .10,  Lynn C, CO

3107 Rite Aid (9/11/2016 7:21:23 PM):  Some of the Dollar Days items are 75% off. The sign says 50% off but have gone to 75%. I got lens wipes, pill envelopes and Hand & Face wipes for .25 each. I'll go back tomorrow and do more price checks when the nicer checker is there. The one today doesn't think anything should be free for me. There is also an in ad coupon for a free tote ($1 off),  Lynn C, CO

3116 Repost Tide Walmart TopCash (9/11/2016 11:58:53 PM):  33011 WalMart Tide (9/9/2016 4:59:50 PM): Does anyone have the information from the July Topcash Tide refund? I do not see my refund on topcash account and need to know how to reference this with topcash. TIA, I thought that this was on Michel's Updates.,  Trisha A, TX

3117 Repost Tide Walmart TopCash (9/12/2016 12:04:54 AM):  33011 WalMart Tide (9/9/2016 4:59:50 PM): Does anyone have the information from the July Topcash Tide refund? I do not see my refund on topcash account and need to know how to reference this with topcash. TIA, I thought that this was on Michel's Updates.,  Trisha A, TX

3119 Irazoo Code (9/12/2016 4:17:34 AM):  levelPlayNorth 15 points,  Dolores S, WV

3123 My Points Luck Leaf (9/12/2016 7:27:50 AM):  Is at Big Lots today.... Good luck!,  Nancy A. H, GA

3124 My Points Lucky Leaf (9/12/2016 7:36:05 AM):  The My Points Lucky Leaf for today is under Big Lots. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

3125 Mypoints Lucky Leaf (9/12/2016 7:40:58 AM):  The leaf is at Big Lots today. Good Luck!,  Kathleen S, OH

3126 OB reminder (9/12/2016 7:42:58 AM):  All those free OB tampon coupons we got months ago with the free trial boxes will expire the end of this month. I donate all mine to the food bank,  Joan B, FL

3128 $15 - Mini Pliers set (9/12/2016 7:57:19 AM):  Craftsman 5 pc. Mini-Pliers Set, was $39.99, now $14.99. Free in store pick up: B, MD

3129 Mypoints Leaf (9/12/2016 8:05:49 AM):  The leaf can be found at Big Lots today. I finally rec'd 50 points today. Good Luck all. ,  Colleen M, WI

3130 Walgreens (9/12/2016 8:33:12 AM):  Just realized my RR didn't print, back I go, fortunately I'm across the street!,  Carla B, OH

3132 Office depot ink recycling (9/12/2016 8:40:07 AM):  I want to recycle ink at office depot but have never done so before. I understand I have to buy a certain amount there to get the money back and then it will take some time. Can someone give me the specifics on what their program rules are? Do they take toner or just ink? Are the rewards sent to you snail mail or do you have to print them? How much do I need to buy to get rewards? Any info would be greatly appreciated. TIA,  Susie M. C, MD

3133 Herbal Essence - Wags (9/12/2016 8:55:18 AM):  Michelle has this deal combined with 2x purchase price rebate, but link pulls up form that states purchase must be made by 6/30/16, so is expired. Is there another rebate out there? ,  Nancy A. H, GA

3135 MtPts lucky leaf (9/12/2016 9:06:31 AM):  Per Facebook - today's clue is 'sizeable proportions' - answer of course is Big Lots. No points for me today but I keep hoping. Good luck all!,  Nancy J, WI

3136 $55 shipped- suede Dr. Scholls boots (9/12/2016 9:23:46 AM):  Dr. Scholl's 'Original Collection - Meringue' Wedge Bootie (Women), black suede, was $137.95, now $54.90. Shipping is free: or same thing in brown suede. Same price: B, MD

3139 Disney Movie Rewards (9/12/2016 10:03:20 AM):  This week's code is PERCYPUG,  Susie R, MD

3145 Swagbucks rewards Sale (9/12/2016 11:22:58 AM):  Virtual visa cards are on sale again in the swagbucks rewards store. $25 card is 2475 SwB instead of 2500 etc...,  Laurie D, DE

3146 Lay's contest (9/12/2016 11:59:14 AM):  UPS just brought a 18" charcoal grill, that I won in the Lay's contest. I did not even know I won. I am still waiting on the grill I won in the Lord Calvert contest. ,  Carol S, PA

3150 Schick 2 /$7.00 coupon (9/12/2016 1:14:11 PM):  I was at Walmart and found the Schick Quattro 4 pk disposable razors for $3.00 each. I used the coupon and it worked and made a $1.00 !!!!the pkg has 3 quattro and a free hydro silk...the upc105802201..I found them on an end cap good luck,  Frances M, MA

3152 Shutterfly code (9/12/2016 1:27:15 PM):  Enjoy a FREE 8x8 photo book or upgrade to a larger size. Use code: FREEBOOK4U by Sept 18 Looks like its good for everyone. A great way to save all those wonderful summer memories.,  Gayle S, MI

3154 $10 shipped- Cabela's man's shirt (9/12/2016 1:38:57 PM):  Cabela's Indigo Blues® Corvallis Long-Sleeve Shirt, sizes Medium thru X-Large, was $49.99, was $9.88. Free shipping on Cabela's brand clothing with code 16CABGEAR. B, MD

3157 $8 shipped- mini gift sets from Body Shop (9/12/2016 2:01:53 PM):  The Body Shop GIFT SETS, were $11, now $7.70 with free shipping. Each gift set includes: Mini Shower Cream 2oz Mini Body Milk 2oz Mini Crinkle Bath Lily B, MD

3158 Free after coupon - Duncan Hines perfect size (9/12/2016 2:18:02 PM):  One of the Kroger's near me has 2 flavors (Strawberies & Creme cake and Chocolate Dream pie) of Duncan Hines Perfect Size on clearance for $1. You get a $2 coupon good on your next shopping trip for each 2 that you buy.,  Susan C. C, TX

3162 Kelloggs family rewards (9/12/2016 2:45:58 PM):  SUMMERTIMESPTS4U 100 points Gotta love it!! Enjoy!,  Gayle S, MI

3167 $34 - Toms wedges (9/12/2016 3:48:54 PM):  TOMS 'Clarissa' Wedge Sandal, (linen color), reg. $68.95, now $34.47. free shipping: or black: B, MD

3175 Kroger Digital Coupons (9/12/2016 5:23:01 PM):  Just checked the digital coupons being offered and found a digital coupon to load to my card for a FREE 12 oz. Aquafina Sparkling Water. Expires 11/23,  Janice H, TX

3176 Wheel of fortune (9/12/2016 5:51:13 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: Our $5K Every Day promotion is taking a hiatus to make room for additional sweepstakes coming your way. Check and read your Wheel Watchers Club emails to stay up to date. Bonus Round Puzzle: TIDY UP THE HOUSE,  Rhonda K, FL

3177 Pinch me promotion (9/12/2016 5:55:34 PM):  I received this e-mail from pinch me today and maybe this is what I was looking for in my previous post. I follow the link and it just takes me to top cash nothing else. The only thing that I can think is that they are looking for NEW members. Did anyone else get this and try it? From electronics to cosmetics, vacations and clothing, TopCashBack offers cashback and discounts on online purchases from more than 3,500 merchants, including Walmart, Groupon and GNC. In addition, TopCashback features FREE CASHBACK rewards that do not require a purchase ... so, money for nothing! Register for FREE and check it out for yourself! Yours truly, PINCHme Perks,  Trisha A, TX

3181 $9- 12 Oral-B tooth brushes (9/12/2016 7:53:12 PM):  Oral B Shiny Clean Soft Toothbrushes, 12 Pack, $8.99. Free shipping on $14.99 if a Staples rewards member. Or free in store pick up. B, MD

3184 Kohls (9/12/2016 8:14:47 PM):  Any free shipping code for Kohls? TIA,  Sharla R, KS

3185 What did you get for free or cheap? (9/12/2016 8:16:21 PM):  We went to a Nats baseball game in DC so I got tickets ahead of time. Next time, however, I'll wait because they offered tickets that were B1G1F three days before the game. The Nats got a 'save' (whatever that means), but for me, that meant a free chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A. We also rode the Metro which saved a lot of money and it's free parking on the weekends. Herrschners sent me a catalog with a 40% coupon so I'm going to use it to buy those 'stitched with love' labels with my new name. I got my points for staying at two Choice hotels last week. That was nice. I'm still having trouble with my NCP scanner. So, I almost feel like I'm going to return it. You have to do a lot of stuff to get points. I always need deals to be relatively easy, especially down here where my time is limited. I tried to do a deal with Walgreens but for the second time, they could not find my 5000 points, so I need to call Walgreens and find out the problem. Sigh... Shoppers Foods has a deal where if you download their app, you get a free item every Friday. I couldn't find it though in the Google store. So, I'll call about that too. It was a quiet week. How was yours?,  Mindy C, MD

3186 Walmart clearance (9/12/2016 8:17:40 PM):  I stopped in to Walmart in Murray,KY today after work 6:00 to pick up a gift card and just look around. Found clearance tank top regular sizes up to 4 xl in all colors I bought royal blue they were $1 like that's almost free. They had neutral colors to like black, white ,natural pinks etc. They also had boys tees and polos for $1 each up front by the registers. Hope this helps someone who is school shopping for clothes. Heather,KY,  Cherisa M, KY

3187 Ticketmaster deal (9/12/2016 8:18:12 PM):  Buy 1 get 1 free tickets to performances in this category with code TMN241. To find tickets in a particular area, click where it says Chicago, IL - or whatever - and a drop down box will appear to enter the zip code of your choice.,  Tricia B, MD

3189 Hyundai test drive (9/12/2016 8:30:44 PM):  I opted in to have the test drive texted to me. I received a walk in coupon code, went to dealer today and did not have to drive a car. The dealer took my email and code and as soon as I left the dealer, I received an email to get a virtual $50 prepaid visa. I registered and rec'd the $50 in a rewards center account immediately, it's good for 3 months. If you opt to get a visa mailed to you, it would take 4-6 weeks and they take off a $3.95 fee from the visa. Off to shopping I go! ,  Colleen M, WI

3195 Irazoo (9/13/2016 5:01:58 AM):  graduallyCustomsOrbit,  Dolores S, WV

3196 My Points Lucky Leaf (9/13/2016 7:05:18 AM):  The My Points Lucky Leaf for today is under Birchbox. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

3198 Best Buy g.c. deal (9/13/2016 7:09:38 AM):  Buy $150 Best buy gift card, get $15 bonus card. Email delivery: or buy $100 Best Buy, get $10 bonus card: Note: The bonus cards will come in a SEPARATE email and must be used by 10/12/16.,  Tricia B, MD

3200 Office Depot - strapping tape Free after rewards (9/13/2016 8:32:12 AM):  At Office Depot, Scotch® Heavy-Duty Shipping Tape, 1 7/8" x 54 5/8 Yd., Pack Of 6 Rolls is free after rewards. This is online only, Tues-Thur, limit 2 (cost is $36.99 for 6 rolls). S, OH

3201 MyPts leaf (9/13/2016 8:43:59 AM):  BirchBox is today's destination; no pts for me still but there's hope!,  Nancy J, WI

3205 Pampers Code (9/13/2016 9:57:04 AM):  Good for all. Worth 50 pts. PAMP8C91ACNEL17,  Susan P, PA

3209 Shutterfly code (9/13/2016 10:51:09 AM):  from Kelloggs for 2 -8x10 pictures KEBB-5F05-BHFS-ACYCKF,  Dru T, KY

3214 Walgreens (9/13/2016 12:39:26 PM):  I bought 2 Herbal Essence, 2 Ziplock and 2 Windex. Didn't take off the Essence and Windex ecoupons Didn't give the $6 RR I should have gotten The manager gave me points to make up for the RR but I guess I will have to contact Walgreens about the ecoupons. anyone else have problems?,  Judy B B, LA

3217 Kohl's 30% off (9/13/2016 1:26:56 PM):  code is "TREAT30. It's valid from September 15-25.,  Kathleen K, WI

3218 Walgreens App (9/13/2016 2:00:03 PM):  Just found out today at Walgreens that you can't use a Walgreens App coupon AND a manufacturer's paper coupon. I was going to do the Herbal Essence, using B1G1 paper coupon, AND the $3/2 Walgreens app coupon. You can't do both. The computer won't let you and neither will the manager. Boo! ,  Sandra F, WI

3220 Finish Dishwasher Tablets (9/13/2016 2:24:25 PM):  I used three $2.00 coupons today at Target to purchase tablets and they now have BTFE's on them!,  Sue S, MN

3222 Finish tablets - Menards (9/13/2016 3:34:14 PM):  Menards has 25 count Finish dishwasher tablets on sale for $2.99. You can use the $2 off coupon, making them .99. They also have 11% rebate on everything, so you get .33 back, making them .66 for 25 tablets.,  Lisa S, OH

3223 RiteAid question (9/13/2016 3:45:52 PM):  Is there a place to see everything that qualifies for the current promotion, Rake in the Savings? I still have 4 free OB tampon coupons that expire 9/30 and will use them at RA if they count.,  Linda B. B, CA

3225 $38- Mens' Caterpillar boots (9/13/2016 4:52:09 PM):  Men’s Caterpillar Orson Boots, were $160, now $47.99. Then use code EMAIL20 to make them $38.39. Free shipping. B, MD

3228 Wheel of fortune (9/13/2016 5:44:13 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: WHIMSICAL RHYME,  Rhonda K, FL

3229 Wheel of fortune (9/13/2016 5:44:13 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: WHIMSICAL RHYME,  Rhonda K, FL

3233 $119- electric fireplace (9/13/2016 7:50:07 PM):  Electric Fireplace with 28" Mantle, Chestnut, was $149.99, now $118.86. Free shipping or free in store pick up. B, MD

3238 Walgreens receipts (9/13/2016 9:50:07 PM):  RFN# 0578-0233-9124-1609-0703, dated 09/07/2016, Total $17.09 RFN# 0637-0211-5631-1809-1103, dated 09/11/2016, Total $3.49 RFN# 0637-0514-9358-1608-1803, dated 08/18/2016, Total $14.26 RFN# 0637-0210-5201-1608-1403, dated 08/14/2016, Total $12.37 RFN# 0637-0235-1676-1608-1703, dated 08/17/2016, Total $ 13.22 RFN# 0637-0223-7594-1608-1503, dated 08/15/2016, Total $ 10.37 RFN# 0637-0215-0566-1608-0703, dated 08/07/2016, Total $2.48 RFN# 0637-0211-3195-1608-0203, dated 08/02/2016, Total $16.49,  Carolyn F, OR

3239 Olive Garden Unlimited Pasta Pass (9/14/2016 12:01:25 AM): $100 pass for all the pasta, bread, soup, salad you want for 7 weeks at Olive Garden.,  Patricia C, CA

3240 Irazoo Code (9/14/2016 4:22:57 AM):  unknownLastGround,  Dolores S, WV

3241 $45 shipped- reversible quilt (9/14/2016 6:11:16 AM):  Reversible quilt at pottery barn. Use code DREAM to make full/queen $44.98 with free shipping.,  Tricia B, MD

3244 PTA Staples link free copy (9/14/2016 7:53:17 AM):  Apparently members of the PTA can get 50$ of free copy and print services from Staples if they sign up for the partner rewards on Staples site. However you need a unique ID that is suppose to be provided by the PTA but I can't get anything to work. Has anyone else figured out how to do this? I tried all the numbers on the PTA card and even the PTA online ID but it won't take anything. TIA,  Susie M. C, MD

3245 My Points Lucky Leaf (9/14/2016 8:29:20 AM):  The Lucky Leaf for today is under Pimsleur. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

3247 my pts leaf weds. (9/14/2016 8:38:24 AM):  Pimsleur is today;s lucky leaf location; this one was more challenging to find but got 5 pts. good luck all,  Nancy J, WI

3249 Ibotta (9/14/2016 9:34:40 AM):  At Staples they are offering $1.00 cash back on Brown brittle. I went in today & found a bag on clearance for $1.50.,  Cathy G, OH

3251 King Arthur Flour $1.50 coupon (9/14/2016 10:05:57 AM):  Has anyone been able to successfully print the $1.500 coupon for King Arthur Flour that Michele lists in her editorial update today? Her link actually goes to Lozo Website. That is a Website that finds you the best coupons. But that site doesn't even come up in my computer! The last time there was a 75¢ coupon for King Arthur Flour through Lozo, yiou had to sign up for King Arthur Flour e-mails in order to print that coupon.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3258 Kroger (9/14/2016 12:45:29 PM):  If you have a Kroger near you they have a feedback on the bottom of the receipts which will give you 50 fuel rewards points. You can do it once a week. Easy to do just answer a few simple questions & put in the id # at bottom of receipt. Only takes a couple of days to get points added to account. Also they are offering 4x'S the fuel points through October(?). You have to go to the Kroger link & add it to your card.,  Cathy G, OH

3262 Lip pencil (9/14/2016 1:53:52 PM):  This offer is over.,  Carla B, OH

3263 Spokane, WA Yokes (9/14/2016 2:04:03 PM):  Yokes is having a one-day sale on Friday. Included are 10 pound bags of potatoes for 98¢ each with a limit of two. Just thought some of you in the Spokane area would like to know.,  Nancy D, WA

3264 GE Soft White Lightbulbs at Publix (9/14/2016 2:28:23 PM):  Is this coupon gone? I can not find it!,  Donna E, FL

3269 Shaws (9/14/2016 3:43:13 PM):  Just started a pots and pans giveaway. You get one stamp for every $10 spent, goes on until January, so plenty of time.,  Diane J. D, ME

3271 Swagbucks (9/14/2016 4:05:43 PM):  Funsearch for 4 swagbucks until 7pm Eastern time,  Diane J. D, ME

3272 Dennys (9/14/2016 4:09:08 PM):  Is giving away free pancakes to kids from 4pm to 9pm for the rest of September,  Diane J. D, ME

3273 Walgreens Clearance (9/14/2016 4:11:48 PM):  Walgreens has a LOT of clearance going on right now! It is best just to walk up and down the aisles. To give you some idea: OB tampons, 40 ct, super, .95 (only found this at 1 store) Ticonderoga bright pencils, 10 ct, .40 Bic pencils, 8 ct, .30 Backpacks 90% off, .50 - $1.99 Notebook filler paper, .30 Rulers, .10 Dry erase US or World Map (big for wall), 2.29 Summer clearance, various % off Small squirt guns, pack of 4 for .09 remote control boat, $2.49 "Bow and arrow" water slingshot, $1.29 I donate to multiple school supply drives, do the Shoebox project, and my kids' school does the library book club, so I was happy to find the backpacks and pencils (parents donate $10 and the child gets a little celebration in the library, pick out a pick that is dedicated in their name, and get a goodie bag with candy, pencil, and bookmark)! It is also 5x points if you spend over $10. The managers were happy to see me buying the backpacks and other supplies! There was tons of other clearance, but It tried to hold myself back, as I only have so much storage space!,  Lisa S, OH

3275 Wheel of fortune (9/14/2016 5:30:16 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: PIANO MUSIC,  Rhonda K, FL

3276 Wheel of fortune (9/14/2016 5:31:03 PM): In the coming weeks, Wheel of Fortune will be preempted on a number of occasions for local, state and national election debates and for NFL football, so we’re giving “$5K Every Day” a brief rest. Hold on to your SPIN ID number because our exciting "Secret Santa Sweepstakes" is returning after Thanksgiving and "$5K Every Day" will resume later this season. Keep checking and your e-mail for details and official rules.,  Rhonda K, FL

3277 TopCashBack Update 14 weeks (9/14/2016 6:29:29 PM):  I am new to TopCashBack so I am watching my account closely I ordered on 9/2/16 programmable crock pot $24.96 re:Michele's updates I picked it up several days later at Walmart My TopCashBack status has been pending I read it can take up to 90 days for payment to awarded I just checked my account and it says payable in 14 weeks that seems several weeks longer than expected I was hoping the payment would be processed quickly I was going to have $$ transferred to my pp account then pay my WalMart cc Oh well thats out the window while its a nice offer there system seems somewhat vague to me I think I will stick to Ebates atleast I can see shopping trips with amounts earned and know I will get transfer of funds automatically to pp ,  Ann A, NC

3278 Playstation plus (9/14/2016 6:46:40 PM):  My son wants a subscription for PlayStation plus. Does anyone know of any deals on this? Is it worth it? Thanks for any help. ,  Debbie R, MO

3280 Otterbox defender cases for phones, $5 or $8 (9/14/2016 9:32:47 PM):  Free shipping on all. OtterBox Defender Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S4, sports teams, $4.99 OtterBox 'Defender Series' Case for Apple iPhone 5/5s/SE - Sports Teams, $7.99: B, MD

3286 Irazoo Code (9/15/2016 8:57:36 AM):  I submitted this early this morning but I don't think it went through. 15 points towardGrowCommunity,  Dolores S, WV

3288 MyPoints (9/15/2016 10:27:44 AM):  The MyPoints leaf for today can be found at Tipsy Elves. I got 5 points. Good Luck. Thanks to others that post.,  Carolyn V, KY

3289 Mypoints leaf (9/15/2016 10:39:31 AM):  The Mypoints leaf is on the Tipsy Elves site. ,  Janet L, MI

3290 mypoints leaf (9/15/2016 11:00:18 AM):  Anyone know where it is? ,  Marcie M, WI

3291 Vera Bradley crossbody purse, $10 shipped (9/15/2016 11:27:04 AM):  Vera Bradley Petite Double Zip Hipster Crossbody Bag. reg. $48, now $14.99. Then another 30% is taken off, making it $10.49. Shipping is free. B, MD

3294 NYC City Pass, $116 (9/15/2016 12:07:06 PM):  Get admission to six New York City attractions with CityPass for $116 for adults (reg. $194) or $92 for kids (reg. $175) 17 and under: B, MD

3295 $679 - 4 night all-inclusive pkg to Cancun (9/15/2016 12:23:58 PM):  4-star Cancun vacation to Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe that costs $679 per person, including all meals, drinks and flights (Baltimore, but other cities available.) Departures are select dates through Dec. 22; book by Sept. 23. B, MD

3299 RiteAid Buy $30 G $10 Prepaid Visa (9/15/2016 1:43:06 PM):  Anyone else do this offer ? Rite Aid Buy $30 G $10 Prepaid Visa My card has been laying here for a couple weeks I decided I better active as it expires the end of the month I called activation was asked for last 4 of my birth date, phone, store phone nothing worked then I was told card expired 9/1/16 they reactivated card and I must use it in the next day or two Hope this post helps others ,  Ann A, NC

3302 Swagbucks (9/15/2016 1:49:52 PM):  Awhile back I asked if anyone used the Discover offer for coupons to print and got the swagbucks. Some said they did, would you tell me if you received an email, a notice, anything? Swagbucks wants me to screenshot it, but I don't get anything!!,  Carla B, OH

3304 (9/15/2016 2:44:31 PM):  Did something change today at Used to just open in browser. Now it wants to know what program to open in and nothing works. Started happening when I tried to use a link on Michele's updates. But now it happens directly from, too.,  Andrea C, MD

3310 TopCash Back Rice Krispies (9/15/2016 3:58:10 PM):  How does this work on the free box of rice krispies if I do not go through Michelle's link? ,  Melissa S, WV

3312 Libman mop (9/15/2016 4:14:30 PM):  Has anyone got their free Libman mop in the mail yet?,  Bertha L. J, MI

3313 Walgreens Brookside fruit and nut bars (9/15/2016 4:14:45 PM):  Thank you to the poster about this deal (buy 3, get 3,000 points). I went to multiple stores and did this! It seems I'm the only one who has done it, as the boxes were all full! I bought quite a few of those, and multiple summer/school clearance items. Now I need to organize and figure out storage for my finds :) ,  Lisa S, OH

3314 Libman Mop (9/15/2016 4:15:29 PM):  For those of you that signed up for the free Libman Mop: It's come to our attention that over the Labor Day holiday an old offer that was exclusively available to a select list was released fraudulently to the public without the consent or authorization of The Libman Company. Unfortunately, we aren't able to honor these sign-ups. However, rest assured your data and information was not stored and will not be used by The Libman Company or other third parties. If you have not signed up for our email list then this is the only email you will receive from The Libman Company. We sincerely apologize for the confusion.,  Rhonda K, FL

3315 Coke Bonus Points (9/15/2016 4:25:20 PM):  On 9/23 get double points on PowerAde Zero. On 9/30 get triple points on Diet Coke. Looks like one-day events, no size details listed yet. Start saving those caps!,  Susan H, CT

3316 New Settlement (9/15/2016 5:15:57 PM):,  Marcella B. B, TX

3319 $60 shipped- North Face parka (9/15/2016 6:02:15 PM):  The North Face Women's Haldee Raschel Parka, was $148.95, now $69.99: Take this quick survey to get an additional $10 off, making it $59.99 with free shipping!! B, MD

3320 diet coke (9/15/2016 6:18:05 PM):  just wondering if they are the gray caps???????,  Kathy S, NY

3321 diet coke (9/15/2016 6:18:05 PM):  just wondering if they are the gray caps???????,  Kathy S, NY

3322 Wheel of fortune (9/15/2016 6:24:19 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: CARPOOLING TO WORK,  Rhonda K, FL

3325 TopCashBack Yipee ! (9/15/2016 7:27:43 PM):  Am so happy !!! saw Sandy's post rechecked my account and my $24.96 was there it was a little confusing to claim it but within 3 days it will arrive to my paypal account There are several steps after order is placed Pending Confirmed , Claim I think my problem was I did not understand the steps when you see a GREEN dot your money is ready to claim I dont really understand why it still still says 14 weeks payable maybe that means I had 14 weeks to claim it ? Very Happy !,  Ann A, NC

3335 Irazoo Code (9/16/2016 5:47:42 AM):  wholeRecognizeLucky,  Dolores S, WV

3336 Box Tops for Education (9/16/2016 5:48:03 AM):  Box Tops for Education has been extended to Aug 2017. Not many products still have them but a few do. Many organizations have stopped saving them but a children's home in Georgia is still collecting them. (They will receive a new van-bus in Dec from those they've already sent in.) Their address is: Hephzibah Ministries, 6601 Zebulon Road, Macon GA 31220-7606. If you still have some or see some they'd thank you for sending them. ,  Ruth D, WI

3340 My Points leaf (9/16/2016 8:06:18 AM):  Lucky leaf's at Hollister today; good luck all.,  Nancy J, WI

3341 What's Going On? (9/16/2016 8:09:54 AM):  No matter how I try to access, I get a funky pop up box asking me where I want to view my download??? I can't get to by clicking on links or typing in or through google. Is anyone else having this problem? I think I might have a virus. ,  Joan J, IL

3348 Swagbucks Hot Offer (9/16/2016 9:16:48 AM):  On their home page SB has an offer to visit Disney Parks for 100 SB. I got my points immediately after filling out the form.,  Rosalie S, PA

3351 Snickers Game (9/16/2016 10:04:02 AM):  I won a free coupon for the third time ! Seems like I have been playing forever, and only have 3 wins. Hopefully, I will continue to get luck and won't be able to keep track of how many free candy bars will be coming my way.,  Linda M, RI

3356 Top cash back (9/16/2016 11:17:34 AM):  I received a email from them saying I could get a $10 bonus wyb $10 or more. From now to 9/22 shop through them 400+ stores. Once transaction is complete you will receive both the cash back plus the $10 bonus. I went trough Amazon & bought a Vtech drop dump truck for $12.74 got free shipping & 6% cash back through Topcashback. Not all baby items are included. Hopefully it works. If not I still have a cute Christmas gift for grandson.,  Cathy G, OH

3359 Vichy water - CVS (9/16/2016 12:24:59 PM):  I'm not seeing this in our circular, can someone please tell me where they are finding the item in the store? Special display, etc. TIA,  Nancy A. H, GA

3360 Campbell's Tom & Chicken Noodle cheap at Meijer (9/16/2016 12:25:44 PM):  2 day Fri/Sat sale at Meijer... .49 a can for either Tomato or Chicken Noodle. had coupons 1.20 off 4. I found that after I scanned 5 cans, the Catalina spit out a SAVE NOW $2/6 Manufacturers Coupon. I turned around and bought 6 more 2.94- 2.= .94/6 cans. Keep rolling the catalina Manufacurers coupon. 9.40 for 60 cans of soup! Took me 15 mins at least to self-scan. ,  Angie F, MI

3364 free 8x8 photo book (9/16/2016 12:47:39 PM):  free 8x8 photo book from Shutterfly exp 9/30/16 promo code: CTKWA0BU4XWZWV3N5Z PLEASE post when used!,  Michelle M, NY

3369 FREE HALLOWEEN CANDY- Rite Aid (9/16/2016 1:36:35 PM):  I just found this out and am posting from my car outside the store. This week's rake in the savings offer includes single full size candy bars. They are 69 cents each, so buy 73 and you'll get $20 back in ups for spending $50. There are lots of different kinds that qualify. M&Ms, Hershey bars, snickers bars, kitkats, twizzlers, 5th avenue, plus more. But depending on your store the deal could be better. At this store, several of the bars had 50 cent off coupons stuck to them. Since the $50 total for the rake in deal is before coupons you could get free candy and make a profit. Buy 73 of the candy bars that have the 50 cent coupons on them. Pay $13.87 for 73 bars and get $20 back in ups!!!!! The trick or treaters will be so happy this year!,  Deborah L, PA

3371 My Points Lucky Leaf (9/16/2016 2:27:10 PM):  Is anybody else having trouble accessing the Lucky Leaf site? For the past two days I have gone to the correct site, but no Leaf showed. Has the method of accessing it changed while I wasn't looking? Thanks for any help you can offer with this.,  Mrs W I, FL

3376 Red Robin (9/16/2016 3:11:16 PM):  They have a free movie ticket when you buy a $25 Red Robin gift card. (A specific one) Movie and dinner, anyone? Also, right now they're giving 15% off if you signed up for their rewards card.,  Diane J. D, ME

3378 Target GC to Amazon GC (9/16/2016 3:41:18 PM):  Does anyone know if there is a way to turn the $50 Target GC my husband got from doing the Hyundai test drive into an Amazon GC? I looked on the Target website, and it looks like they don't carry an Amazon GC, but I might have missed it.,  Sharon T, TN

3379 WAG pool stuff 90./. (9/16/2016 3:47:52 PM):  In addition to Lisa's post about WAG clearance, I was at a local WAG today in Milw, WI and found pool items for 90./. off! Mostly Open Water Swim brands. Kickboards reg $3.99, now .49 Flip Pillow Open Lounge 62" x 35" $7.99, now .79 Disney Princess or Mickey 34" inflatable baby pool with sprinkler, reg $19.99, now $1.99 1 Pair Arm Bands reg $4.99, now .59 Ride on Turtle Float, reg $14.99, now $1.49 18 Pocket Lounge 74" x 28", reg $9.99, now .99 Float 'N Roll Air Mat 86" x 33", reg $6.99, now .69 Kid's Float with Canopy - Disney & Frozen, reg $9.99, now .99 I also found Batman & Disney Princess 9 pack erasers for .20 cents! I sent this to Michele with pics, so maybe she'll post later. ,  Colleen M, WI

3380 Grab bags - Menards (9/16/2016 3:49:57 PM):  Menards has the Grab Bags (bags you put in your shopping cart) 6.99, free after mail in rebate (you get a merchandise certificate) through the end of Sept. I am waiting for my last rebate check to come. If it comes in time and there are any left, I'll likely purchase more (I bought a bunch at the Dollar Tree a few months ago).,  Lisa S, OH

3381 Amazon Prime renewal (9/16/2016 3:51:27 PM):  Does anyone know or have a code to use to renew Amazon Prime? Thanks ,  Gayle S, MI

3382 $189 shipped- recliner (9/16/2016 4:09:16 PM):  Warren Recliner by LifeStyle Solutions, was $229.99, now $188.99 with free shipping. Comes in beige or chocolate. Gets 4.5 stars reviews out of 5. er-LF2101.html,  Tricia B, MD

3385 $14 shipped- Glass scale (9/16/2016 4:12:50 PM):  Bathroom Personal Digital Body Weight Scale Safety Glass with LCD 396lb, reg. $39.99, now $14.99. Use code BRAD1 to make it $13.99 with free shipping: B, MD

3390 Play-doh (9/16/2016 4:29:19 PM):  The Zulily deal is not bad at all. If you a Fry's Electronics store near you, though, you can sign up to receive their emails. You get multiples per week but each one has a code to get special discounts. Lately, they've had single Play-doh for 50 cents each with the code. Limit 10. You can do this online, too, but I'm not sure of the shipping costs.,  Susan C. C, TX

3391 Frootee Ice Freezer Pops $2.50 rebate (9/16/2016 4:53:04 PM):  Has anyone else done this rebate and received it? I purchased it at my Giant Eagle and sent for it back in July. I have yet to receive my $2.50 rebate. Thanks for any help!,  Susan P, PA

3392 Walgreens (9/16/2016 5:32:04 PM):  Today I saw 75% off some school supplies at Walgreens. The Flair pens are 9 cents each, four different colors!,  Robin C, NY

3393 $30 Mens Asics (9/16/2016 6:25:34 PM):  Asics Mens gel contend running shoes, $29.99 with free shipping. ,  Tricia B, MD

3395 coupons (9/16/2016 6:29:10 PM):  I went library to print some coupons as printer not working right.When I went to put money in and get my coupons printed out there was a stack of pages 3 coupons to page laying there.It was 2.00 off Charmin basic.I took one page as did others but how could they print off 15 or 20 of the same coupon three to a page and will they scan?I guess they didn't want them.,  Ava J, FL

3397 Kroger Deals (9/16/2016 6:40:17 PM):  This week my Kroger is running the "buy 4 save $4" promotion, mix or match. Garnier shampoo, etc. is $1.50 wyb in lots of 4. There are $3/2 cpns. out there, so free shampoo. Stayfree maxi pads are $1.49 wyb 4. There are $2/2 coupons out, so 49¢ per package. The group I'm involved with that went to Louisiana over Labor Day weekend now has an 18-wheeler they are trying to fill with donations for the flood victims. With deals like these, a $20 donation can provide $40 or more of items. Also, the 25 oz. Palmolive dish liquid is $1.69 and I had 2 load-to-card coupons for 50¢ off. We have a resident in our assisted living facility that we donate to who has very sensitive skin, and Palmolive has a free & clear variety, so stocked up on that for him. I had a great shopping day! Hope these deals help someone; there are lots more that I didn't take advantage of.,  Paula T. T, TN

3398 Wheel of fortune (9/16/2016 6:51:18 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: ACTIVEWEAR,  Rhonda K, FL

3412 Irazoo Code (9/17/2016 4:52:42 AM):  noneFasterSimple,  Dolores S, WV

3415 Ebay coupon for cell phones (9/17/2016 6:04:29 AM):  $20 off Cell Phones & Smartphones $200+ when you use code CELLPHONES0916 at checkout at I believe it is TODAY only.,  Tricia B, MD

3416 Redbox code (9/17/2016 6:13:26 AM):  Redbox code for $1 off any rental: Mpw32bk29db7, or FERH493WH4 for rent one get one free. Codes must be used on the app or online.,  Tricia B, MD

3423 Snickers Game (9/17/2016 7:25:02 AM):  This morning(Saturday) before 9 AM,I played the Snickers game and won another free coupon.Also on Friday ,I played fairly early- before 9 AM and won a free coupon.I really don't know if it makes a difference to play early in the day.,  Linda M, RI

3425 Carolyn G. NC (9/17/2016 7:41:47 AM):  The Garnier wasn't featured in my ad; neither was the Stayfree. There are so many of these items in the "buy 4 save $4" promo that they can't possibly list them all in the circular. I think there is usually a little flyer listing all the participating products, but I don't think it lists the prices. You kind of have to read all the sale tags as you go up & down the aisles. I know some are lots more pressed for time than I am, so this is kind of frustrating, but the savings are worth it.,  Paula T. T, TN

3428 $10 North Face shirt (9/17/2016 8:11:02 AM):  The North Face Short Sleeve Half Dome V-Neck Tee, was $25, now $9.99. Shipping is free on $50, or if you buy at least 2 items. Otherwise, $3.95. B, MD

3431 Hyundai Test Drive (9/17/2016 9:29:32 AM):  I got my Prepaid Mastercard today...just 2 weeks and 1 day after doing the test drive. It's only good until 12/31/16 and I have $46.05 on it...not a bad deal for standing around for 10 minutes. Wish I made that much at my day job! LOL,  Cheryl C, ME

3436 Candy (9/17/2016 11:27:50 AM):  I went to Rite Aid to check out the candy deal that was described here but none of the bars had coupons .next stop was Shop Rite and on some of the Hershey snack bags were coupons for .55 of this Hershey product. The candy is on sale for $3,00, it becomes $1.90 with the coupon . Just be careful to check how the price rings up, I had to get a price adjustment .,  Robin C, NY

3437 Attention Bi-Lo Shoppers (9/17/2016 11:58:46 AM):  LooK on your dcrt for a survey to earn $5/40 coupon must be done in 72 hours of shopping ,  Ann A, NC

3445 $19 shipped - Applebee's $25 gift card (9/17/2016 3:23:10 PM):  $25 Applebee's gift card for $18.99. Free shipping: B, MD

3447 Lowes (9/17/2016 3:32:05 PM):  DD wants a large rug for Christmas. I decided to stop at Lowes to see if they had any on clearance. Glad I did there was a rack of assorted sizes. Employee said if I see anything let him know & he would give me a better price. I found a 5'x 7' with a clearance price of $75. He marked it down to $45 regular price was $387.,  Cathy G, OH

3449 Free/cheap (9/17/2016 3:52:25 PM):  Walgreen's, which I don't shop a lot. I got two L'Oreal shampoo, 2/$8, used two $2 coupons, two $1 store coupons, used a $2 RR and will get $1 from Savingstar, plus I will sell at my sale for $3 each. = $7 MM I got two leggings for .59 and .89, will sell for $2 each. Clearasil, on clearance for $4.89, used $2 mf coupon and $2 store coupon. = .89, will sell for $3. I also saw two containers of the nail polish removers on clearance for .24 each, I asked for a lower price if I bought all of them and they went down to cost .20. Will sell them for .50 each. All in all I will make some good money from this trip.,  Carla B, OH

3450 rmctrades (9/17/2016 3:59:17 PM):  i am not recieving the RMC daily traders update am i the only one missing it????,  Bobbie S, AL

3452 Free/cheap (9/17/2016 3:59:59 PM):  I forgot this one, Rite Aid Bought two Right Guard Extreme, 2/$4.69, used $2/2, received $4 from Savingstar, will sell in my sale for $2 each. MM,  Carla B, OH

3453 Savingstar (9/17/2016 4:10:46 PM):  On the Kellogg's one you can boost your money by sharing some info, it will put $5 toward your purchase. If you have a KFR account, print and use the $1 off coupons at RA to get some items for .97 each.,  Carla B, OH

3454 Ibotta (9/17/2016 4:18:57 PM):  Any one have good ideas on finding items on ibotta? It seems cumbersome finding items. I bet you guys have hints and tips.,  Pat P, NC

3455 Cheryl. ME (9/17/2016 5:15:19 PM):  I did, indeed, go there yesterday (Red Robin), Wonder if we were there at the same time? They have a special hamburger there kinda like a better quality Big Mac, only with tomato. It's supposed to have mac 'n' cheese on it, but I asked for it on the side. Used the fruit compote as a dessert (instead of fries). It was REALLY good!,  Diane J. D, ME

3456 Topcash back (9/17/2016 5:42:36 PM):  I did the Walmart Rice Krispies deal. Estimated pick up date is 9/29...two weeks away. Really? Have that many people taken advantage of the Rice Krispies deal that they won't have cereal in the store for 2 weeks? Sounds kind of fishy to me.,  Cheryl C, ME

3460 $42 - portable hammock (9/17/2016 8:38:04 PM):  Portable hammock, $41.99. Free shipping with code BRADSHIP. B, MD

3463 Rhinocort Rebate (9/17/2016 11:13:23 PM):  Has anyone received their rebate from around a month or so ago.,  Linda M, OR

3464 TopCashBack (9/17/2016 11:28:33 PM):  About the Walmart cereal deal. My topcashback dashboard page only shows two clicks on Walmart. My order does not show up under recent transactions or pending. Does that mean it did not get credited correctly? I don't want to pick my order up if I won't receive the topcashback rebate for the Walmart cereal. It is showing on the Walmart site as ordered & for delivery next week. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Thanks for your help.,  Susan P, PA

3466 daylogic blades (9/18/2016 1:41:23 AM):  Does anyone know if the Daylogic men's 3-blade refills at Rite Aid,cost $9.00 plus you get $9.00 back in plenti points limit 2?,  Rose W, KY

3467 Irazoo Code (9/18/2016 5:30:45 AM):  neverFeedInformation ,  Dolores S, WV

3470 $11 shipped- Under Armour bra (9/18/2016 7:34:54 AM): Under Armour sports bra, $11.24, free shipping. Other items on sale, too. ,  Tricia B, MD

3473 Staples 1-cent paper (9/18/2016 8:05:45 AM):  Go to to print the coupon to get a ream of Staples multipurpose paper for 1 cent after rebate. Limit 4.,  Janice H, TX

3478 Sales (9/18/2016 9:39:39 AM):  Even the experts say things go on sale every four weeks. Well I have to call bunk. Three years ago I got Dawn 10oz bottles free with the sale at my GE and double coupons. I was stocked up, now I am down to three bottles! They have not been on sale there this year. Same with Angel Soft, the four roll packs, they have not been on sale for $1 like before for this entire year. The coupons are there just no sales!,  Carla B, OH

3479 Sales (9/18/2016 9:40:18 AM):  Even the experts say things go on sale every four weeks. Well I have to call bunk. Three years ago I got Dawn 10oz bottles free with the sale at my GE and double coupons. I was stocked up, now I am down to three bottles! They have not been on sale there this year. Same with Angel Soft, the four roll packs, they have not been on sale for $1 like before for this entire year. The coupons are there just no sales!,  Carla B, OH

3488 What did you get for free or cheap? (9/18/2016 1:07:51 PM):  Not a lot going on this week.... I got a free chicken sandwich from Chick Fil-A for the Nats team getting a save. I feel like I posted this already. I received a couple of nice Target coupons in the mail that are good in October. The best one was $5/$10 on food, household items, etc. I'm seeing 'free'. We have a nice diner in the area called the 'Silver Diner.' I got $5 off $15 because I completed their survey. If you have the AMEX card, they have a $15/$15 deal on a rewards on Adobe. I just clicked this to my card and will investigate later on. I'm really enjoying my People magazine and think I will continue this subscription. I don't indulge myself with too many things but this item I may. How was your week?,  Mindy C, MD

3489 Staples (9/18/2016 1:19:08 PM):  Chemo brain , arg! I want use my rewards, $80 worth, to by the paper that is almost free after rebate. Will that work, or am I doing it wrong?,  Sam H, OR

3490 CVS - Speed Stick Gear (9/18/2016 2:47:04 PM):  Page 8 of my flyer has Speed Stick Gear deodorant 2/$7 with a $2 EB. If you printed the CVS Speed Stick coupons that were available a week or so ago for $2 and have 2 of them, you can get the deodorants for 50¢ each. There's a limit of 1 deal per household.,  Marion I, CA

3494 Shutterfly Free book (9/18/2016 6:10:17 PM):  Each code is good for one 8 x 8 hardcover book. Shipping is extra- usually about $9. Expires Sept 30, 2016. If you have an account with Shutterfly you can copy and paste the code right into your account and then do the book later. This is from Visit Florida, only one Visit Florida offer per person. Code #1: VF23-614R-H4MC-36M1G5
Code #3 VF23-1GHN-ARMH-EP0FN5
Code #4 VF23-2VFY-889N-7MZBNJ
Code #5 VF23-0FZT-UAM3-ZA8MM7E ,  Mary G. G, NY

3500 $18 shipped- 4 fabric storage bins (9/18/2016 7:11:57 PM):  4 Foldable Fabric Storage Bins (black & white) – Versatile Home Organization, $17.99 with free shipping: B, MD

3506 StaplesPaper (9/18/2016 8:31:11 PM):  If you're at the level where you receive 5% back in rewards on paper then it's a small MM at Staples when you purchase 4 single reams and 4 5 ream pkgs when you use the Staples coupons and after rebates.,  Linda M, OR

3510 Any insight? (9/18/2016 8:58:23 PM):  Has anyone ever cashed in their electronic items with this company? cashforelectronicscrapusa Or do you have any other companies to recommend for doing so? I have a large basket assortment of old cell phones and ipods. They are very old ones but I hate to just throw them away. Appreciate any light anyone can shed on this. Thanks!,  Susan P, PA

3513 my points leaf (9/19/2016 9:26:04 AM):  today it's at Epic! Good luck to all; I won 5 pts.,  Nancy J, WI

3515 My Points Lucky Leaf (9/19/2016 10:08:17 AM):  You can search again this week for the My Points Lucky Leaf. Has anybody found it today?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3518 Snickers Game (9/19/2016 10:37:45 AM):  This morning, I won my fifth free coupon. It will be interesting to see,if I win any more. I could not find a limit in the rules. Has anyone won more than 5 coupons ?,  Linda M, RI

3522 M/A/R/C Research (9/19/2016 11:03:30 AM):  Has anyone ever heard of M/A/R/C Research?? Is it real or a scam? they are offering $20 for a 20 minute survey! TIA for any info!,  Michelle M, NY

3524 Disney Movie Rewards Code (9/19/2016 11:08:15 AM):  LITTLELADY is the code for 5 entries in the Dog Days Sweepstake this week,  Susie R, MD

3525 kmart (9/19/2016 11:16:52 AM):  Just found out the one closest to my house is closing. They will start liquidating this week and will be closed before Xmas.,  Carla B, OH

3527 KFR Goof (9/19/2016 12:15:58 PM):  I tried to put in summertimepts4u & came up short. What is the code? Thanks.,  Pat B, DE

3528 CVS (9/19/2016 12:27:58 PM):  I have two coupons from CVS which I will be using together this week. One is 30% off regular priced items and also $10 off a purchase of $40 or more. 30% off a purchase of $40 is $12. However I will also have manufacturer’s coupons which total a discount of $8 as well as a $2 coupon from the red machine along with $5 in ECB and the $10 off $40 coupon before I make my payment. I believe that CVS lowers the discount when you use coupons and that I may not get $12 off with my 30% discount. Does anyone know what my discount amount will be by using coupons and ECB?,  Rosalie S, PA

3530 Free Cereal (9/19/2016 12:53:54 PM):  Last weeks Great Grains & Honey Bunches at RA/RAKE + this weeks 1.97 Kelloggs @ RA/RAKE... made for FREE Cereal. We are stocked for the year. I ran 3 different scenarios adding Revlon mascara/eyeliner, Diet Pepsi (1.00 and there are $1/2 Catalinas) and Kelloggs Cereal in the mix. Check your Savingstar for Rebates, there were a few. I just hit $5 when you buy $30. Also, $1/coupon at Kelloggs when you use 850 pts. There are catalinas floating around as well. ,  Angie F, MI

3533 Another Cape May-Lewes promo code (9/19/2016 1:58:30 PM):  To make it just a little bit easier, now through the end of September, take $15 OFF any new, round-trip, standard vehicle fare with the promotions code "15OFF".* Round trip travel must be in September! Code can be used online or over the phone bookings.,  Tricia B, MD

3535 Nutri-grain coupon (9/19/2016 2:06:55 PM):  Is there a Smartsource or Red Plum Nutri-grain coupon somewhere? I looked in Michele's database, but didn't see one. ,  Sandra F, WI

3538 Mycokerewards (9/19/2016 2:38:00 PM):  Someone posted that on Friday there will be double points on Power Aid Zero, it's on all PowerAid.,  Carla B, OH

3539 Domino's deal (9/19/2016 3:06:51 PM):  Domino's has their pizza for Buy One Get One Free when you order online and use coupon code 9206. The first pizza must be at full price and second must be at equal or lesser price. This is for carry out ONLY.,  Tricia B, MD

3540 $60 shipped- LUCKY brand boots (9/19/2016 3:15:08 PM):  LUCKY brand tall boots, $59.99 (reg. $209) with free shipping: B, MD

3545 CVS 75% (9/19/2016 3:47:55 PM):  Found Space Robots at CVS for 75% 0ff @ $3.25 each. They say space battle on the front of the box. also reg price $12.99 UPC#9856790921 SKU#912162 One ones here are white, orange or black. For ages 3+,  Virginia V, FL

3548 Payless coupon (9/19/2016 4:35:05 PM):  Payless shoes online code for 20% off: 251548097; offer valid thru 09/19/2016. ,  Tricia B, MD

3549 $78 - Fossil Womens' Watch (9/19/2016 4:42:22 PM):  FOSSIL ES3921 WOMEN'S JACQUELINE WATCH, reg. $185, now $116.55. Then use code BDJACQ78 to make it $78 with free shipping. This really is a lovely watch. Get 4% cash back thru ebates. This really is a lovely watch.,  Tricia B, MD

3554 Shutterfly free shopping bag (9/19/2016 5:34:46 PM):  Promo code I won't be using: CTLQC16PXWYKE6741K. Offer expires Nov 8th. Enjoy and please post when using.,  Marion I, CA

3555 Wheel of fortune (9/19/2016 5:48:59 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: UPBEAT PERSONALITY,  Rhonda K, FL

3556 Nest Thermostat (9/19/2016 6:09:53 PM):  I've doing everything under the sun to reduce costs at my house. I accidentally ran across a program that actually did some weatherization and air filtration for FREE because I'm in TX and have all electric. Anyway, so now I'm looking into the Nest Thermostat. Best deal I see is at Kohls for $249 with $50 in Kohls Cash. Wondered if anyone had other suggestions on a better spot to purchase one? Thanks in advance I love the savings that I have because of this site.,  Cindy T, TX

3559 Kelloggs Family Rewards (9/19/2016 7:45:56 PM):  SUMMERPTS4UDIVAS 100 pts. good for all until 9-25,  Susan P, PA

3560 Amazon (9/19/2016 7:50:46 PM):  Do you have to pay to sell here?Can you download the books to kindle free?No charge for some of them.Have to buy others.I want to know if Kindle charges for the free downloads,  Ava J, FL

3564 Amazon (9/19/2016 9:47:32 PM):  I meant does Amazon charge to download free books,  Ava J, FL

3568 FOY Gifthulk (9/20/2016 5:07:00 AM):  udmum31p3 2 users 38 coins,  Lacinda T, IA

3569 Sam H, OR--Staples (9/20/2016 6:06:54 AM):  Thank you, Sam, for answering my question about Staples new way to give refunds. I was upset when they stopped sending checks because this was my way to turn my rewards into money I could use to buy food, or pay bills. I had thought I would have to spend the cards at the store, and then if I used it to buy ink, that I would not be able to use that purchase to satisfy the requirement for rewards, or it would disqualify my use of coupons, or break some other one of their many rules, with which I can't keep up. Glad to see it is just like cash that I can use to pay for things I NEED.,  Donna E, FL

3570 Irazoo Code (9/20/2016 6:17:20 AM):  eveningDropindustrial,  Dolores S, WV

3572 $60 shipped- North Face Jacket (9/20/2016 7:02:36 AM):  The North Face Caroluna Jacket, was $120, now $60 for colors Heather Grey1, Dramatic Plum, and Laurel Wreath Green. Free shipping. XS thru XL. B, MD

3575 Swiffer liquid (9/20/2016 7:35:48 AM):  Where is the best place to buy the refills of liquid for Swiffer wet mops? I have the $1 cpn from the last P&G. Do Lowes & Home Depot carry this? Thanks.,  Pat B, DE

3576 AARP Renewals (9/20/2016 7:38:33 AM):  I earned 2 of the AARP membership renewals at Walgreens. It says you can renew for a year by putting in your member #. Was wondering if I filled out both & mailed in the same envelope if I would get a 2-yr. renewal. Anyone done that?,  Pat B, DE

3577 My Points Lucky Leaf (9/20/2016 7:56:43 AM):  The My Points Lucky Leaf for Monday is under Franco Sarto. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

3578 Missing posts (9/20/2016 8:07:42 AM):  I've noticed the last couple of days, my posts are showing up. Anyone else having this problem? Thank you,  Dayle R, KY

3581 Eggo Multi-Grain Waffle Recall (9/20/2016 9:08:39 AM):  Log on to Eggo Website to learn about a recall of 10 packs of Multi-Grain Eggo Waffles. They've been recalled due to fears of Listeria. You'll see details of how to claim a rebate.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3589 Where can I. . . (9/20/2016 1:46:57 PM):  Where can I get a good deal on Carhartt jeans? I am trying to finish up my Christmas shopping and my son requested a pair of Carhartt jeans. He sent me a link to but the jeans are $47 a pair!! I checked Kohl's but they do not carry that brand! Thanks in advance for your suggestions! ,  Laurie H, WY

3597 Shell Service Stations (9/20/2016 5:43:13 PM):  YMMV! While at a Shell gas station today I discovered .50/2 Skittles coupons which expire 3/2/17 and state 'up to 2.17 oz'. There were tiny bags, 0.35 oz, of original Skittles for .25 cents. FREE! And good thing they were free because with only 12 skittles in each bag they aren't worth a quarter! They look like the size usually given out at Halloween...they would be perfect for that!,  Marijane W, MI

3602 Wheel of fortune (9/20/2016 6:17:09 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle:FOOD JOURNAL,  Rhonda K, FL

3605 Where to order coupons ? (9/20/2016 6:54:48 PM):  I am looking for a source for several Tillamook Ice Cream $1 coupons (just came out in the Sunday insert section 9/18/2016). Having a school function and any amount would help. Thanks for any help you might give me ! Where to order?,  Marilyn P, CA

3606 Lowes Gift Card, $100 for $90 (9/20/2016 7:05:28 PM):  Lowes Gift Card, $100 for $90, limit 3 per person. Free shipping: B, MD

3608 $6 - quick car phone charger (9/20/2016 7:38:14 PM):  AUKEY Car Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 for LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/Edge, Note 7/5/4, iPhone and More. $12.99, but use code shown on it's page: IB4M9X44 to make it $5.99. Shipping is free on $49 or with prime. Free one month trial of Prime Here (make sure to cancel before one month unless you want to pay for it.) B, MD

3613 Rite Aid (9/20/2016 8:26:45 PM):  RITE AID thru 9/24 Tide Simply Clean & Fresh Detergent, 40 oz – $2.99 $1/1 Tide Simply Clean & Fresh Detergent, 40 oz or larger Final price: $1.99,  Janice L, WA

3614 Good Deal Alert - NOT! (9/20/2016 8:37:16 PM):  Thought you might get a giggle out of these clearance prices I found tonight in Fred's dollar store. Towels were marked: Reg. price $3.50, clearance price $3.47. Guess I should have jumped on that bargain. It gets better. On the next shelf were some lamps. Reg. price $5.95, clearance price $5.97. Makes you wonder about the employees who put up these tags, doesn't it?,  Paula T. T, TN

3619 Fewer BTFE's (9/21/2016 3:51:31 AM):  This morning I made Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and couldn't find the BTFE. I looked it up and found this: "Betty Crocker & Pillsbury have been long time participants but recently made the decision to reduce the number of their products that carry Box Tops. We’re going to miss them too! Some Betty Crocker products at Club Stores will continue to carry Box Tops." Apparently they are no longer on cookie mixes, biscuits, crescent rolls or muffin mix. The good news, they are on Finish Dish Detergent and Annie's mixes (and more Annie's products coming soon.),  Laurie F, FL

3620 MyPoints Leaf (9/21/2016 8:26:46 AM):  The My points leaf today is found at Spirit Halloween. Good luck.,  Carolyn V, KY

3626 New Ebay game (9/21/2016 10:24:28 AM):  on there is a new Ebay game. You may request a free code and they send you TWO to your e-mail. I won a $5 Ebay GC on each code and was able to use both winning codes on my order.,  Marcella B. B, TX

3628 Irazoo Code (9/21/2016 10:52:57 AM):  nedsGivenPossibly,  Dolores S, WV

3630 Publix in SWFlorida (9/21/2016 11:25:32 AM):  Do these stores double coupons?? I hAve moved and have not shopped here yet. Thanks,  Laine J, TX

3635 Office Max - poster board (9/21/2016 12:48:08 PM):  With 3 kids, it seems like they always need poster board for a project. I found 5-packs of colored, double sided posterboard on clearance for .85, normally $8.49 (various colors - red/green, blue/yellow, variety). At less than .20 per piece, I stocked up! Not sure if this is specific to my store or not, but worth checking out!,  Lisa S, OH

3637 expired forula checks (9/21/2016 1:10:36 PM):  I have some formula checks which expire or expired on various dates this month. Can anyone use these?,  Nancy W, TX

3639 Apples this week (9/21/2016 1:37:25 PM):  There are 3 offers for Apples this week: Savings Star 20% Ibotta .25 Mobisave .10 ,  Colleen M, WI

3642 Janice, TX (9/21/2016 2:01:58 PM):  Thank you for the Brookside deal at Walgreens. Worked like a charm! Bringing some in for a birthday at work tomorrow, they'll be shocked I'm bringing something healthy! LOL,  Diane J. D, ME

3643 Microwave (9/21/2016 2:50:14 PM):  Looks like our microwave is dying. so sad. Hubby went online and found a replacement (goes under cabint).... new one might be at Lowes. Does anyone know where I can get a coupon for Lowes. There is none at our Post Office. Please....I could use a coupon for Lowes. ,  Nancee J, IN

3644 Watch your e-mail (9/21/2016 2:58:32 PM):  If you get an e-mail from it may have a code for $20 off a $20 order. Free shipping too-I found something to put up for Christmas and paid $1.90-which I had in my paypal account-so Free!,  Marcella B. B, TX

3646 IRaz 9/21oo code (9/21/2016 3:02:51 PM):  needsGivenPossibly,  Lois B, FL

3647 Office Depot (9/21/2016 3:11:23 PM):  I bought the tape that was supposed to be free after their rebate. I joined Office Depot, then ordered. How do I get the rewards/refund/rebate whatever they give out?,  Diane J. D, ME

3648 $739 all inclusive Mexico package (9/21/2016 3:55:56 PM):  Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort & Spa from $739: Includes five nights in a junior suite at a 4-star resort, unlimited meals and drinks, transfers and air from Washington, D.C. (Dulles) Xaac, an authentic Mayan ruin that served as a lighthouse, is located on site Spa treatments are designed around the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water Guided bike or foot tours are available through EcoSirenis nature park Dolphin Park, a place where guests can learn about and interact with dolphins, is next door Depart: Oct. 25, 31; Nov. 6. Good reviews on B, MD

3655 Laurie WY Carhartt Bumping Up (9/21/2016 6:17:26 PM):  Go here to shop for Carhartt jeans oe other Carhartt items buy $100 get $20 then print debit card rebate form here Here's a few I found Carhartt Men's Traditional Fit Straight Leg Jean SKU #100028999 Mens Jeans Carhartt $29.99-$31.99 also relaxed and carpenter $29.99 to 33.99 eack Hope this helps with your Christmas shopping ,  Ann A, NC

3660 Wheel of fortune (9/21/2016 7:13:59 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: IN THE BACKGROUND,  Rhonda K, FL

3664 $35 shipped- bouquet (9/21/2016 8:17:20 PM):  Artisian bouquet at for $34.99 with free shippig: B, MD

3668 Cartwheel question (9/22/2016 3:49:55 AM):  The cashier told me I could scan my receipt later and enter it into cartwheel for points but I can't figure out how to scan it in. What do I do? thanks,  Polly M, MO

3669 Big EBAY win (9/22/2016 4:25:53 AM):  I won $200.00 in the Ebay instant win this morning. I thought for sure it would only be the 5.00 or 10.00. I have no idea what I will buy right now, but it will sure come in handy for Christmas. ,  Doreen S, MI

3670 Irazoo Code (9/22/2016 5:28:11 AM):  accordingReligiousSold,  Dolores S, WV

3672 RAOK-Shutterfly (9/22/2016 7:40:59 AM):  Free Shopping Bag Expires 11/8/16 CTLY4A1SH520XSCYSP,  Denise W, NC

3674 RAOK-Shutterfly (9/22/2016 7:42:34 AM):  Free 8x8 Photo Book Expires 9/30/16 CTLA87XKVR8EUUGHPJ,  Denise W, NC

3675 RAOK-Shutterfly (9/22/2016 7:48:23 AM):  Free 8x8 Photo Book Expires 9/30/16 CTLADZMMF907DC1G96,  Denise W, NC

3676 Blue Bell Ice Cream recall (9/22/2016 7:56:47 AM):  Blue Bell Ice Cream in chocolate chip cookie dough flavor has been recalled due to Listeria concerns. This variety was sold in Virginia & North Carolina. Log on to their Website to get all the details! So far, no one has reported getting sick from this variety of ice cream.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3678 My Points Lucky Leaf (9/22/2016 8:12:54 AM):  The My Points Lucky Leaf for Thursday is under Freshly. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

3679 $15 shipped - 3 Hanes bras (9/22/2016 8:26:22 AM):  Three Hanes cozy bras (wire free) for $15. Use code COZYBRA. Free shipping. B, MD

3681 my pts leaf (9/22/2016 8:33:50 AM):  It's at Freshly today; good luck all.,  Nancy J, WI

3682 Class Rings? (9/22/2016 9:03:20 AM):  I would like to order a class ring for my daughter, but they are very expensive. Does anybody have any recommendations on ways to save for this item? I would prefer a precious metal or at least gold plate for this keepsake. Thank you in advance for any advice you may have!,  Vicki E, WA

3684 MyPoints (9/22/2016 9:20:22 AM):  The leaf can be found today at Freshly. Good luck. This is a game, you may win some points or maybe not. You can get points by watching videos on the site.,  Carolyn V, KY

3688 KFR Pingles Coupon Change (9/22/2016 11:13:15 AM):  For those of you who redeem your Kellogg's Family Rewards points for coupons, I just wanted to point out that the Pringles $1 coupon is now off of 2 Pringles (instead of one). Bummer,  Laurie F, FL

3689 Epson Ink (9/22/2016 11:13:55 AM):  Does anyone know, where I can get ink for my Epson printer, cheaply? TIA,  Carol S, PA

3696 Shutterfly code (9/22/2016 12:45:41 PM):  Personalize your free 11oz white ceramic mug. Shipping not included. PG2Y-EKEW-CG1R-JM11PX Expires 9/30/16,  Gayle S, MI

3697 returning things (9/22/2016 12:57:19 PM):  My son bought a red tag item at Family Dollar and when he got home found out he didn't get the 50% off. He was thinking about going to the FD closer to us than the one he went to, to get the difference back. I told him I think most stores do not want merch returned to a different one than where it was purchased. How does that work?,  Judy B B, LA

3703 Fisher Price Musical Palace, $18 (9/22/2016 3:20:23 PM):  Fisher-Price Disney Princess Musical Dancing Palace by Little People, was $54.75, now $18.39. Free in store pick up: It's also the same price at, with free shipping on $49 or with Prime.,  Tricia B, MD

3704 Free Shutterfly Notepad (9/22/2016 3:48:18 PM):  Free Shutterfly notepad using code KEBA-3B8B-217T-S88RJN Go to and enter the promo code. Expires 9/30 and shipping is extra. Please post if/when used. TY! :),  Lisa F, TX

3705 VF outlet store Sparks, NV (9/22/2016 4:17:11 PM):  The store is closing. Everything is 75% off plus there are many items where they first take 25 or 50% off the tagged price, then apply the additional 75% off. Tons & tons of jeans when we were there yesterday. I believe this Saturday is their last day. ,  Teresa S, CA

3707 VF store cont'd (9/22/2016 4:23:00 PM):  Also, lots of name brand bras (Lily of France, Warners, Maidenform, etc). Lots of ladies sleepwear - gowns, pj sets, separates. For the men's items, mostly larger sizes - DH is slim (32 waist) so he didn't find much tho he did find Lee T-shirts $1.75 & sweatshirts $2.00,  Teresa S, CA

3709 Wheel of fortune (9/22/2016 6:06:06 PM):  Group Photo,  Rhonda K, FL

3713 Shutterfly Codes (9/22/2016 7:22:51 PM):  3 Codes Limit 1 per account or address. Expire Nov 8, 2016 Free Shopping bag: CTLQ6TYB0KV58VEUEM CTLT02X9RA9J6ZEDRV CTLQ6FC00CWB47V1VP ,  Peggy L, CA

3714 Target Disney Infinity (9/22/2016 7:23:31 PM):  YMMV I saw Disney Infinity for the XBox One on clearance today for $19.48 instead of $59.99. Characters were on clearance for $4.98. At Target in the back of the electronics aisle. This was at the Lodi store.,  Kathleen H, CA

3715 Shutterfly RAOK (9/22/2016 9:06:33 PM):  Single use code for a free shopping bag on SA3R4WK799F9Y2BYDU This was a Catalina at Winn Dixie. Please post when used.,  Laurie F, FL

3718 Irazoo Code (9/23/2016 5:02:24 AM):  cardDishChair,  Dolores S, WV

3719 Coke bonus (9/23/2016 6:32:18 AM):  Remember - today is double points on PowerAde!,  Susan H, CT

3720 My Points Lucky Leaf (9/23/2016 7:16:42 AM):  The My Points Lucky Leaf for Friday is under Park 'N Fly. Good luck!,  Mary C, SC

3721 Qdoba Mexican restaurant coupon (9/23/2016 7:21:29 AM):  Qdoba mexican restaurant coupon. Buy 1 entree, get 1 free. Exp. Sept 25. B, MD

3725 $50 shipped- Mikasa flatware set (9/23/2016 8:43:09 AM):  Sabatier Glace Flatware 45 pc Set, $50 shipped (stainless steel): B, MD

3726 $6 Citronella lantern (9/23/2016 10:24:14 AM):  Coleman 50-Hour Citronella Lantern, was $15.21, now $5.86. Free in store pick up: B, MD

3727 Kroger Contest (9/23/2016 10:38:32 AM):  I picked up the free Bag Cooked Perfect Premium Fire Grilled Wings (38 oz.)I won in their contest. That is the most expensive prize I have won in one of their contest ever. I shop Kroger every week. Good store and friendly customer service. ,  Carolyn V, KY

3728 Disney Movie Rewards (9/23/2016 11:13:20 AM):  SQUIRT will get you 5 entries into the Dory Sweeps. I know points would be better but I think entering these codes at least helps to keep your account active. ,  Susie R, MD

3729 Coke Rewards triple points! (9/23/2016 11:30:56 AM):  My Coke Rewards is giving TRIPLE points on Diet Coke codes one day only - Sept. 30.,  Mary C, SC

3731 Free Shopping Bag (9/23/2016 12:31:46 PM):  From shutterfly. Expires Nov 8. Taxes, shipping and handling apply. CTLU87D6C2EB3FS1BZ. Enjoy,  Mary Grace S, MD

3733 Irazoo weekly code (9/23/2016 1:08:02 PM):  Weekly code for Irazoo.....nightAwareDistant 120 points,  Diana K, NC

3735 Paying for a renewal (9/23/2016 2:00:58 PM):  Anyone having problems trying to pay for a renewal with RefundCents with Michelle? Am unable to pay.,  Barbara K, OR

3736 Irazoo Weekly Code (9/23/2016 2:05:14 PM):  WOW ---120 points nightAwareDistant,  Dolores S, WV

3738 plenti question (9/23/2016 2:26:56 PM):  On the Rite Aid rake in the points,I need to spend $18 more to earn the $20.Will I get the $20 if I use $18 in plenti points I earned last week?,  Rose W, KY

3748 discount mags (9/23/2016 4:43:44 PM):  Has anyone else had a bad experience with Discount Mags? I've waited over two months for a Golf Magazine to start coming since I ordered it. The website said "it should be arriving". ,  Elaine W, OH

3752 Extra Irazoo Code (9/23/2016 5:38:04 PM):  expires 9/26/2016 60 points AscendMediaReturns,  Dolores S, WV

3753 wheel of fortune (9/23/2016 5:48:43 PM):  I missed something I think. Why are they not doing id#'s at the end of the show now.,  Dorothy R, OK

3754 Wheel of fortune (9/23/2016 6:06:38 PM): Bonus Round Puzzle: POWERFUL IMAGE,  Rhonda K, FL

3764 Irazoo Code (9/24/2016 5:35:33 AM):  comeCoolPopulation,  Dolores S, WV

3769 (9/24/2016 6:49:25 AM):  When they want my cell number I cant enter it in the way they want. Message says it must be in this format but then they don't say what it is,  Judy B B, LA

3770 Kitty Litter rebates? (9/24/2016 7:31:42 AM):  My DH wants to buy some kitty litter to clean up the grease on our new pavers....cannot be any of the clumping kind. Anybody know a rebate? All I can find is clumping kind,  Joan B, FL

3771 needing a site for points to (9/24/2016 8:57:21 AM):  Hello my swag bucks page is messed up everything is listed on one page and shows toggle this toggle that so I no longer can use swag bucks for points, and it will NOT let me remove swagbucks from my pages so have been checking other sources and they show 0 points for ordering from Amazon any Ideas to help me Thanks,  Shirley T, TN

3774 $34 shipped= Men's or Women's New Balance (9/24/2016 10:35:27 AM):  New Balance shoes (either men's or women's), originally $70, now $39.99. Use code SAVE15 to make them $33.99. Then use code SAVENOW for free shipping. Make sure to click APPLY after entering each code. $34.99 shipped. Ebates gives back 3.5%. B, MD

3776 Sam's free (9/24/2016 11:20:33 AM):  I was on vacation and not able to print any coupons. But I do remember seeing that one could get a Free One Month Pass to Sam's. Now that I am home, I cannot find this deal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,  Marge S, OK

3778 9/29/Free coffee, Free glazed doughtnut ar Krispy (9/24/2016 12:19:40 PM):  Thursday 9/29 only, get free coffee & free glazed doughnut at Krispy Kreme shops. ,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3782 2500 Swagbucks offer (9/24/2016 1:09:12 PM):  There is a one day swagbucks offer today/Saturday the 24th. It is for 2500 swagbucks for applying for a new finger hut credit account. That equals a $25 gift card! Normally this offer only gets you 100 swagbucks. There is no additional purchase or order required. YES you must apply for their credit; which means you need to enter your home address, phone and Social security number etc. SO ignore this if you don't want to enter that stuff. I'm not certain if you MUST be approved in order to get the swagbucks. I did it and was approved and my swagbucks credited within a couple minutes. I found the offer on a banner up top of my swagbucks home screen. You also get a code for $25 off $100 for new customers. ,  Laurie D, DE

3783 Bi-Lo Deals (9/24/2016 1:28:02 PM):  Mayfield 6 ct ice cream BOGO use $1/1 - .50 box Turkey Breast $1.28 lb Dixie Crystal Sugar 4 lbs $1.48 24 pack Pepsi products $5 Cook Ham ( Deli) $1.99 20 oz Southern Home Bread $1 Milk Gallon $2.90 72 count Baby Wipes $1.90 Classico Risevera sauce BOGO - $1.50 = $1 jar Look on dcrt for survey = $5/40 (printable) ,  Ann A, NC

3789 $4 Litter Rebate (9/24/2016 5:44:18 PM):  New Arm & Hammer Naturals Clumping litter 9lb bag cost $7.87 at my local Walmart. I bought a bag the other day and tried it and liked it but there was no rebate form on it. I saw it at Walmart today and there was a form on it. I hate having to go to an internet site to print the form and then having to mail it AND the sticker from the box and the CRT to get the rebate. Hoping my son can print the form for me. Good luck,  Sandy L, TX

3791 Purina (9/24/2016 6:47:22 PM):  Thanks so much for the post for the B1G1 free Puppy Chow.It is on sale Publix's B1G1 so I was able to get 4 bags free for animal shelter,  Ava J, FL

3794 25 rolls of decorative duct tape for $25 (9/24/2016 7:31:20 PM):  $24.99 for 25 rolls of decorative duct tape. Free shipping. B, MD

3795 What did you get for free or cheap? (9/24/2016 8:01:30 PM):  It was a great week for deals this week. I won .70 in points from ShopYourWay rewards. I keep thinking I should download the ap so I can play it on the train but haven't gotten that far. At three places in one day I got a military discount simply by asking: 1) IHOP, 2) Home Depot, and 3) Autozone. I got some free Head and Shoulders samples at a doctor's office. I'll donate them to the food pantry where they make up these 'Blessing Bags.' It took some coordination on my part but I did the $50 Rake in Points deal last night. The manager wasn't too happy to see a total of $36 go down to the $5 especially when the cashier was amazed at how much I saved. In the end, I got $50 of free stuff of which much I'll donate. I want to thank the OP who mentioned about using the OB Tampon and Coke free coupons. I signed up on Facebook for the free Harris Teeter brownie mix. I tried to get the Shoppers Food free item on Friday but I think it was too late in the day. I clicked the picture on the website but nothing happened. Thanks Carol for that tip. It was free museum day today so I went to the Newseum in DC. Very nice. I found about .75 in change this week. I gave my high-end coworker a $5/$25 Target coupon. I couldn't convince of the cartwheel deal though. How was your week?,  Mindy C, MD

3796 $65 shipped- Canopy swing glider (9/24/2016 8:57:31 PM):  Outdoor 2 Person Canopy Swing Glider, was $199.99, now $64.99 with free shipping: ,  Tricia B, MD

3797 Kohls (9/24/2016 10:48:52 PM):  Any discount codes for Kohl's? ,  Chris L, OH

3798 try me free (9/25/2016 6:04:48 AM):  does anyone know how to get try me free on amope I tried web site and got an error thanks janet young,  Janet Y, NY

3799 Staples (9/25/2016 7:20:01 AM):  Has a bunch of clearance stuff right now, many things would be considered "back to school". I bought an Adant refillable pen for 50¢ packs of 2 refills for the same. I also got some Duct tape for 50¢, bright colors. Sponge Bob Duct tape was $1, so I passed on that one.,  Diane J. D, ME

3807 Irazoo Code (9/25/2016 10:53:31 AM):  taskSourceAttack,  Dolores S, WV

3809 Website listing rebates, points, etc. for specific (9/25/2016 11:17:18 AM):  I've used a Website that lists rebates, points, etc. for the specific business you'll be shopping at. I thought it was " But when I typed in that URL, I brought up a domain Web page saying that domain name was for sale! What site is my foggy brain searching for?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3810 Website listing rebates, points, etc. for specific (9/25/2016 11:18:15 AM):  I've used a Website that lists rebates, points, etc. for the specific business you'll be shopping at. I thought it was " But when I typed in that URL, I brought up a domain Web page saying that domain name was for sale! What site is my foggy brain searching for?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

3811 No .01 paper at Staples (9/25/2016 11:59:28 AM):  After I don't know how many weeks in a row, it looks like there isn't any .01 paper this week! The least expensive is $9.99 for a case. Guess I'll be taking a break from Staples this week, and taking the paper I've accumulated to my kids' school!,  Lisa S, OH

3812 Problems Getting To Chat (9/25/2016 12:35:34 PM):  Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0113' Script timed out /secure/chat_today.asp The maximum amount of time for a script to execute was exceeded. You can change this limit by specifying a new value for the property Server.ScriptTimeout or by changing the value in the IIS administration tools.,  Ann A, NC

3814 Shutterfly offer (9/25/2016 8:07:04 PM):  One Free Gift From Shutterfly 2-8X10 prints OR a personalized placemat Here’s how: 1. Sign up or sign in at 2. Enter your promo code; it will save to your Shutterfly account 3. Apply your code at checkout by 10/31/16* PROMO CODE: Enter this code at KEBB-03N3-56D3-RRD24R PLEASE POST WHEN USED Tia!,  Michelle M, NY

3818 HSN Coupon (9/25/2016 11:27:50 PM):  Hi! I need a coupon code for HSN exisiting customer. Thanks so much,  Nancy M, FL

3819 Irazoo code (9/26/2016 5:54:37 AM):  evenGunEarlier,  Dolores S, WV

3822 Best Buy g.c. deal (9/26/2016 6:48:34 AM):  Buy $150 in Best Buy gift cards, get a $15 bonus code free. NOTE: $15 savings code will be provided via e-mail on 10/22/16 for use toward a future purchase made from 10/23/16-11/5/16. B, MD

3823 $13 shipped- 10 pairs Men's Fila socks (9/26/2016 6:58:36 AM):  10 Pairs: Men's Fila No Show Socks, $12.99 shipped! B, MD

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