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$60 shipped-- 3 person yent (6/11/2016 9:09:10 AM):  Ez rise 3 person tent, $59.73, reg.$119.95. Free shipping. B, MD

8386 Linda-Penney's c/o (6/11/2016 11:34:56 AM):  I tried to use one twice and it recognized that it had already been used.,  Sherry S, IN

8389 Freds Deals Hurry Expire 6/11 and 6/12 (6/11/2016 11:50:56 AM):  If you have a Fred's store in your area here's a few deals I found today Coupons expiring today and tomorrow on these products Very low prices on Curad products .97 up Curad bandages .97 use $1/1 = FREE Curad Tape $1.97 use $1/1 = .97 Limit 1 coupon per purchase had no problems using 6 Vaseline Lotion 10 oz $3 - $2/1 = $1 limit 2 alike coupons all types were $3 ***be sure to check price scanned at register mine rang up $3.50 they corrected price Also check out candy and gum section many items marked 50% off store deals ,  Ann A, NC

8390 Publix M&M (6/11/2016 11:53:57 AM):  Publix has M&M B1G1. There are also $1 off 2 coupons. Get the specially marked packages and get a free movie ticket for 3 bags. ,  Kim C, FL

8391 CVS Advil (6/11/2016 11:55:03 AM):  CVS has the coated 80 count Advil for $9. The red machine had a $3 coupon and there was a $3 in Redplum and a $3 on Savingstar so free! Ends today though.,  Kim C, FL

8392 Free Lay's coupon (6/11/2016 12:14:18 PM):  I received a coupon for a snack size bag of BBQ Lay's potato chips this week but it expires tomorrow and I couldn't find it at Vons. Hate to let let it expire, not sure why the exp. date is so short.,  Barbara S, CA

8394 $15 Columbia jacket (6/11/2016 12:27:58 PM):  Womens Columbia jackets, $14.97. Reg. $60. Dozens of colors. Sm- XL. Free shipping on $25 with code FREESHIP25. B, MD

8397 KENMORE (6/11/2016 1:08:36 PM):  I got my post card in the mail today about the Kenmore Class action suit. Filed it Looks like we won't get any money until next year but what the heck. I am still waiting for the Norton Class action ,money.,  Barbara D, WA

8401 HOT - Groupon Local (6/11/2016 1:35:13 PM):  Groupon local site closes after today and they are advertising with discounts.,  Trisha A, TX

8405 Boiron settlement (6/11/2016 4:45:44 PM):  This settlement was from 2012! My daughter in California just got her check for over $200! And it was only supposed to be $50 per household with no POP! I guess not many filed for it!,  Marcella B. B, TX

8410 CVS Saturday (6/12/2016 7:39:38 AM):  Does anyone know if the CVS Sunday deals starting on Saturday evening is something that is set per store or all stores go at the same time? What time is it? There are both pluses and minuses to this. On Saturday, if Sunday's deals started and it is the same deal both weeks, you can't take advantage of it the second week.,  Kim C, FL

8412 1-cent paper Steples (6/12/2016 8:21:59 AM):  Print a coupon from to get a ream of multipurpose paper for 1-cent after rebate. Limit 4. Good all week.,  Janice H, TX

8415 Snagshout/ Amazon (6/12/2016 10:00:52 AM):  Found this on Facebook. Snagshout is a program where you get to try items on Amazon for free or ridiculously cheap, in exchange of your honest review of them. It is free to join. ,  Art F, CA

8416 Trans Union Class Action (6/12/2016 10:07:20 AM):  I was happy to get a check on Friday for $23 from this class action. I don't even recall applying for it.,  Art F, CA

8417 ShopRite Freebie (6/12/2016 10:25:41 AM):  Watch for a Cat at ShopRite for free Blue Bunny ice cream. I got one when i scanned my card and found another that someone didn't take.,  Pat B, DE

8419 Zantac Rebate (6/12/2016 10:51:49 AM):  In today's CVS section it said I could get the Zantac Rebate form at I can't find it on their site. Does anyone have a link to that rebate?,  Sandra F, WI

8421 Kroger Sale (6/12/2016 11:21:38 AM):  Kroger has a sale on certain products - 1.00 off each when you buy five items. My sale runs from 6/8 thru 6/14. Does anyone know if it will be the same next week? I don't think I can make it by 6/14 (25 miles away). Their sales usually run for two weeks.,  Janet K, IL

8422 Dollar Tree coupon policy? (6/12/2016 11:34:23 AM):  I had a small argument with the DT manager about their coupons.....does anybody have a current link to their coupon policy?,  Joan B, FL

8423 Staples (6/12/2016 11:50:09 AM):  Sparkle® 2-Ply Premium Perforated Roll Towels, White, 70 Sheets/Roll, 30 Rolls/Case $19.99,  Trisha A, TX

8424 Printing coupons (6/12/2016 11:50:48 AM):  I just printed out some coupons Michele has listed on her latest editorial update. I was only printing 6 coupons on But some of my coupons printed twice! Has anyone else had that happen to them? Sometimes I'll print duplicates of certain coupons while not printing ALL of the coupons I selected! I hate having to recheck the ones I selected but never printed!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8426 Lowe's Mr. Clean (6/12/2016 12:27:21 PM):  Check your cleaning area at your Lowe's. I found Mr. Clean concentrate for 66cents a bottle.,  Kathleen H, CA

8428 Swagbucks (6/12/2016 1:14:18 PM):  My Swagbucks page says “We think you have an ad blocker installed. It may be preventing you from earning SB”. Since I’ve had no problems before I am just wondering if this is something that needs to be removed or will removing it just give me a lot of unwanted pop ups?,  Rosalie S, PA

8431 BiLo (6/12/2016 1:20:56 PM):  Found clearance prices at BiLo on Listerine and feminine products. Also good deals on Lysol and Clorox items.,  Susan B, SC

8433 Walgreens Points (6/12/2016 1:28:13 PM):  Did you know that you can use points and receive points in the same transaction? My understanding is that if the offer says buy 2 items and get 1000pts, you can use pts to pay and still receive points. You cannot use points on a points booster or if you have to buy $15 to get 3000 points. So I tested this concept today. I did several transactions of Colgate toothpaste for $3, used $1 c/o and 2000 pts to pay. I received the $2.50 RR and was surprised to also get 10 everyday points (even though I had used points to pay). Next I tried buying 1 Herbal Essence Shampoo and 1 Herbal Essence Conditioner @ 2/$6, and 2 BIC Razors 2/$3. I used $3/2 c/o for the Herbal Essence and 2 $2.50 RR and 1000 points to pay plus 8 cents cash. I received 3000 points (for buying 2 BIC razors) even though I used points to pay. Surprised my cashier! (I also submitted my receipt to checkout 51 and will get $3 for buying 2 Herbal Essence.) Then, I tried one more transaction that my cashier didn't think would work. I bought 4 BIC Razors for $6, used 2 $2.50 RR and 1000 points plus 8 cents cash to pay. Even though I used points to pay it gave me 6000 points for buying the 4 BIC razors. I thanked my cashier for trying and he thanked me because he learned something to help his customers. I had a good shopping trip. Only used 16 cents of real money to buy 4 Colgate Toothpastes, Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner and 6 2-packs BIC Razors.,  Janice H, TX

8435 Cell Phone # (6/12/2016 3:23:14 PM):  I just logged on to and it would not let me print my selected coupons until I logged in with a cell phone number. They then sent me a code to my phone so I could print the coupons. First time this has happened to me. Is this a first for anyone or was I "selected as a guinea pig" for some reason?,  Diana D, CO

8437 CVS Greeting Cards (6/12/2016 4:21:08 PM):  CVS has the American Greetings cards this week, buy 3 get a $2 ECB. It says the cards have to be $1.99 or higher but I got 3 of the 99 cent cards, used a $2 off 2 coupon I got in the mail, and got the $2 ECB. Money maker for me!,  Debra J. L, MI

8441 Facebook (6/12/2016 5:21:00 PM):  Hello! Have you heard anything about facebook changing their format? Maybe to a paid subscription? I've heard that theres something that a person can do to keep it as is, but, am not sure what that is. Any ideas? Thank You!! Karen,  Karen L. S, OR

8443 swagbucks tool bar (6/12/2016 5:29:35 PM):  Is any one else having trouble with Swagbucks in that the top tool bar appears in the middle of the page and won't let me enter many os the pages?,  Ann H, MT

8444 $18- pair of window panels (6/12/2016 6:00:27 PM):  Heavy Faux Silk 40"x84" Grommet Window Panel Pair, $17.99 with free shipping: B, MD

8452 Class action lawsuit (6/13/2016 3:57:17 AM):  Philip Morris agreed to pay more than $15 million to settle a class action lawsuit that accused the cigarette maker of falsely representing Marlboro Lights as “safer” than Regular Marlboros. The settlement amount reflects the court awarded $4.9 million, as well as prejudgment interest of $10.3 million. According to the class action lawsuit, Philip Morris willfully violated Massachusetts consumer protection laws by using words such as “lights” and “lowered tar and nicotine” on packages of Marlboro Lights cigarettes. The lawsuit alleged that Phillip Morris knew that Marlboro Lights didn’t have significantly lower tar and were therefore no less harmful to smokers than Regular Marlboros yet intentionally used deceptive wording that indicated otherwise. Class Members include all Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island or Vermont residents who purchased Marlboro Lights regularly within the State of Massachusetts between Nov. 25, 1994 and Nov. 25, 1998. If the settlement is granted final approval, Class Members who file a Claim Form will be unable to bring any further accusations against Philip Morris (and its affiliated companies) regarding Marlboro Light purchases made within Massachusetts. Those who wish to object or opt out of the Marlboro class action settlement must do so by Aug. 19, 2016. Who’s Eligible Marlboro Lights class action settlement Class Members include all Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island or Vermont residents who purchased Marlboro Lights regularly within the State of Massachusetts between Nov. 25, 1994 and Nov. 25, 1998. Potential Award $75 – $225,  Donna A, GA

8454 More Dollar Tree help (6/13/2016 6:00:34 AM):  I searched that website from top to bottom and did a few separate google searches and cannot find a place to print out the coupon policy....please send a link. I had $2/3 and $1/2 coupons for dog treats. the manager insisted that the $2 coupon needed to be changed down to $1 and also insisted that I could only use 1 $1/2 coupon even though I had bought 15 items.,  Joan B, FL

8458 $7 - Pet beds, shipped (6/13/2016 7:26:35 AM):  Pet Spaces 24-Inch Print Round Pet Bed, reg. $39.99, NOW $10: Pet Spaces Felt & Flannel Small Rectangle Cuddler Pet Bed, reg. $39.99, now $10: Kohls card users can use BBQ30 for 30% off and JUNESHIP for free shipping. If you do not have a Kohls card, use code TREEBUD for 15% off instead, making it $8.50. Free shipping on $75 or free pick up in store pick up (where stock is available.),  Tricia B, MD

8459 $100- Gladiator Wall Cabinet in Silver Tread (6/13/2016 7:34:02 AM):  Gladiator Premier Series Pre-Assembled 30 in. H x 30 in. W x 12 in. D Steel 2-Door Garage Wall Cabinet in Silver Tread, reg. $239.99, now $99.99 PLUS you get $28.99 Shop Your Way points. Free in store pick up: B, MD

8467 Swagbucks rewards (6/13/2016 9:47:49 AM):  Some discounts on Swagbucks giftcards. $25 Visa Reward card normally 2500SB is 'on sale for 2475. Red Robin $5 $10 and $25 cards are on sale as well --best offer is the $25 card for 300SB less than usual. Bass pro shops are also discounted :) ,  Laurie D, DE

8468 Mejier m-perks free cheese (6/13/2016 9:50:15 AM):  I have the Meijier m-perks on my smartphone, and I haven't been there in a few months since they opened in Milwaukee last year. I can't figure out how to add the free cheese to my account. ,  Sandra F, WI

8469 Pampers new code (6/13/2016 9:53:00 AM):  Also, I entered the code Michele gave us today, and it said it was expired, even though she said it was good til 6/17. ,  Sandra F, WI

8470 Pampers code (6/13/2016 10:05:50 AM):  I entered the code that Michele has today and it shows up expired. Anyone else having any issues? FB39DNS2FLAGS16,  Lorena M. M, TX

8471 Baby freebie (6/13/2016 11:22:32 AM):  Sams club has an offer up right now for baby samples. You do not have to be a member,  Louise H, OH

8473 Lays (6/13/2016 11:54:02 AM):  Received a coupon for a free package of Lays today but it expired yesterday. Anyone else get this and what did you do?,  Jan K, IA

8481 class action check (6/13/2016 1:31:48 PM):  I got a check today from a class action from years ago I don't even remember filling out for 423. Was a very pleasant surprise. Watch your mail. I have never gotten one for a big amount before they are usually under 20,  Paige G, SC

8483 (6/13/2016 2:01:16 PM):  I'm having trouble today to print from their site. It's not asking for a phone number or anything, just refusing to print.,  Susan B, SC

8484 Kellogg's Code = 25 pts (6/13/2016 2:08:17 PM):  FATH-ERSD-AYPT-FORU ,  Geri S, IL

8486 Wal-mart MM Herbal Essences Shampoo (6/13/2016 2:30:16 PM):  Wal-mart MM Herbal Essences Shampoo Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner, Stylers 2/$5 - buy 2 - $3/2 (RP 6/5) - $3/2 Checkout51 FP 2 free + $1 profit,  Jenny D, KS

8488 Kelloggs codes (6/13/2016 3:40:54 PM):  2 new ones: MOREPTS4UROCKERS exp 6/19 FATHERSDAYPTFORU exp 6/27 also an email sent log in to get 200pts(takes 3 days to show up in acct),  Lilli T, OH

8493 Shutterfly code (6/13/2016 4:33:16 PM):  JA2X-FGVA-X7CK-SG2KUY $20 off $20 at Shutterfly, shipping not included. Expires 6/26/16 ,  Gayle S, MI

8497 Debra J. L, MI (6/13/2016 4:50:15 PM):  I bought the three Hallmark cards at CVS and the ECBs didn't print because they were 99 cent cards.,  Donna E, FL

8498 walmart (6/13/2016 5:00:52 PM):  Anyone know about a list of the Walmarts that quit price matching?,  Judy B B, LA

8505 Wheel of fortune (6/13/2016 5:46:10 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: DR5894071 Bonus Round Puzzle: FUZZY BEARD,  Rhonda K, FL

8506 hearing aids (6/13/2016 5:52:40 PM):  My husband needs new hearing aids. Has anyone got some from Cosco? I see in the Union Journal they are about 1/2 price & I think it was medicare sent the guy almost all his money back. If you got them were you satisfied? We have to go to Toledo, OH. His aids beep all the time and drives everyone nuts. Any other good place? Thanks Help appreciated.,  Carol M, MI

8511 $15- heavy duty plastic shelves (6/13/2016 7:18:30 PM):  Plano 4-Tier Heavy-Duty Plastic Shelves, White, was $34.32, now $14.97. Free in store pick up: B, MD

8515 Supervalu supermarkets in Phx? (6/13/2016 8:53:34 PM):  Hi. I did a search but can't believe I can't find more information on this...THOSE living in the Phoenix AREA of Arizona, are there MANY SUPERVALU supermarkets around ? I found one mentioned in a job ad. I'm wondering if they just re-named ALBERTSONS stores...or are ALBERTSONS still around and these Co-exist with them? Thank you.,  Arlene A, FL

8516 Ibotta Hawaiian Tropic rebate at Wal-mart (6/13/2016 10:37:22 PM):  Ibotta has a Hawaiian Tropic rebate for $2.50 at Walmart. They have the $2.04 Hawaiian Tropic at Wal-mart (pictured here) that qualifies. There is also a $1 off Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care product from 05-22 S. So... Hawaiian Tropic $2.04 - $1 cpn = $1.04 oop Submit for Ibotta rebate = $2.50 MM $1.04 The price of this little Hawaiian Tropic might vary by store. I found mine in the summer season section where the suntan lotions were.,  Jenny D, KS

8520 ibotta bonus tip (6/14/2016 5:13:45 AM):  Just a reminder to pay attention to the bonus requirements. I don't usually do a lot on ibotta, but I did the Mrs. Cubbisons croutons which were on the Kroger 5/5 deal and the Ice on sale fror .88. Then did the L'Oreal shampoo and style. I got a $2 week end bonus and a Beauty type bonus for $3 on top of the rebates! The any brand items don't work for the bonus deals, so sometimes finding the cheap items that are namebrand can garner a litle more in the end.,  Sandra V, MI

8521 Saving Star (6/14/2016 5:20:35 AM):  Check your offers for the Zantac Duo Fusion $4 deal. has a $5 coupon to print and Rite Aid has the 20ct on sale for $8.99. The is also a mail in rebate, but I don't know the details. ,  Sandra V, MI

8524 Curves Giveaways (6/14/2016 6:07:33 AM):  If you belong to Curves, watch for their giveaway samples. I got sunscreen samples this week that included a Target $3 cpn for $15 or more purchase of beauty aids. Great to combine with the $5 Target gift card that Michele posted.,  Pat B, DE

8525 ShopRite Cat (6/14/2016 6:08:38 AM):  Yesterday I got a Catalina at ShopRite for 2 free avocados when you have a $10 order. Never saw one of those before!,  Pat B, DE

8526 Quaker Freebie (6/14/2016 6:18:32 AM):  On the back of my RedPlum insert from the Wilm. News Journal was an ad to get a free Quaker Mason Jar. Purchase 2 18-oz. or larger canisters of Quaker Oats in one transaction between 6/12 & 9/3/16. Take a picture of entire receipt & e-mail to by 9/10/16 & you will receive up to 3 emails w/ directions on how to receive your free mason jar. Weird, or what? You can't tell how big the jar is from the picture.,  Pat B, DE

8529 Kelloggs/Shutterfly (6/14/2016 7:30:40 AM):  Here is the free code I received from Kelloggs for the free 8x8 photo book. Please post when used. KEA2-576X-8VB6-EFR8XW,  Denise W, NC

8531 $40 - 1000 tc SHEETS (6/14/2016 8:09:38 AM):  Elite Home Products 1,000-Thread Count Lancaster 6-pc. Sheet Set, $39.97. Available in King, Cal King, and Queen and 7 colors. Free shipping on $75 with code FREESHIP75: B, MD

8534 RAOKs (6/14/2016 9:31:42 AM):  I forgot to give these away the other day after I said I would. I have a free Notepad or Collage Poster from Shutterfly (s&H) not included. Use code: KH77-3ZRT-D0C6-0JZ4Y4. Expires 6/30/16. I also have a unique 10% off code from which also expires 6/30. Leave your email below if you want it and I will email the code to you.,  Tricia B, MD

8537 Outback coupon (6/14/2016 9:51:26 AM):  15% off coupon at Outback: Good June 14-17.,  Tricia B, MD

8542 $15- heavy duty plastic shelves (6/14/2016 10:29:22 AM):  Plano 4-Tier Heavy-Duty Plastic Shelves, White, was $34.32, now $14.97. Free in store pick up: B, MD

8543 Donna M, SC---cards (6/14/2016 10:34:17 AM):  Bumping up. It was in the CVS flyer this week for 3ECBs when you buy three Hallmark cards $2 or more. Most of their cards are $5.99 and $6.99.,  Donna E, FL

8546 walgreens (6/14/2016 11:31:53 AM):  went to Walgreens to do the colgate tooth paste deal - I didn't get the .50 coupon in my paper so I used the $1.00 from well the rr didn't print and the clerk said it was because I would be making money on the purchase. I told her they would get their money from the coupon so what did it matter she said it was not a Walgreens policy it was a manufactures decision. I don't understand this does anyone else???,  Ruth S, MI

8547 Marie Callender's codes for Child Hunger Ends Here (6/14/2016 11:49:05 AM):  ffer wasn't aware that duplicate codes were showing up on Marie Callender's meals. He volunteered to enter all hoswe codes for me. The Website accepted the duplicate codes! So if you find duplicate codes for this promo, you can enter everyone of them. Staffer said they'd pass my comments along to the promotions department!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8548 Marie Callender's codes for Child Hunger Ends Here (6/14/2016 11:50:38 AM):  ffer wasn't aware that duplicate codes were showing up on Marie Callender's meals. He volunteered to enter all hoswe codes for me. The Website accepted the duplicate codes! So if you find duplicate codes for this promo, you can enter everyone of them. Staffer said they'd pass my comments along to the promotions department!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8549 $15- heavy duty plastic shelves (6/14/2016 11:52:07 AM):  Plano 4-Tier Heavy-Duty Plastic Shelves, White, was $34.32, now $14.97. Free in store pick up: B, MD

8550 Pampers codes that worked for me (6/14/2016 12:26:27 PM):  PAMP8C91ACNEL16 for 50 points. Babiesr89090915 for 10 points. TARGETREGN11115 for 10 points. And good coupons here for Pampers, but also for stuff like Charmin, Charmin basic, Always pads, Crest mouthwash, Swiffer, etc. B, MD

8551 Lay's Coupon (6/14/2016 2:00:11 PM):  Those who got the expired coupon, what did you do? Mine came today and expired on the 12th.Did you call or send it back with a letter?,  Mary D, OK

8553 National Geographic (6/14/2016 2:15:50 PM):  I am trying to find kids magazine for grandchildren, they love it! Does anyone know where I might find it? Please post.,  Trisha A, TX

8561 Swagbucks question... (6/14/2016 4:05:48 PM):  I don't do swagbucks often, but several months back I did a hefty trash bag thing at Walmart. Well, I see that there is currently a hefty trash bag walmart thing showing up when I log in. How do I know if its the same? I don't want to do it and then told I've already done it....I know the other one was maybe 4 months or longer ago, but still it could be the same. For future reference the things that show up for me when I log in....are they everything out there or just everything available to me? If that makes sense.,  Cindy T, TX

8563 Aquaphor Money Back (6/14/2016 4:23:30 PM):  Has anyone else tried to print this form? I have a bunch of other writing about Aquaphor printing on top of the rebate form,  Naomi P, NJ

8566 $27.49 shipped - Crocs busy day skimmer (6/14/2016 4:47:53 PM):  Crocs Women’s Duet Busy Day Skimmer, reg. $54.99, now $39.99. Use code BRADSBUSYDAY to make them $27.49. In Melon or black. Free shipping. B, MD

8569 $60 shipped: Unisex Ray Bans (6/14/2016 4:55:43 PM):  These Ray Ban RB 4171 Erika Round Unisex Sunglasses, $59.99 with free shipping: B, MD

8570 $60 shipped: Unisex Ray Bans (6/14/2016 4:58:56 PM):  These Ray Ban RB 4171 Erika Round Unisex Sunglasses, $59.99 with free shipping: B, MD

8572 $67 shipped--Kate Spade wristlet (6/14/2016 5:02:15 PM):  Kate Spade 'cedar street - karolina' wristlet, $66.98, reg. $100, with free shipping. B, MD

8573 Aquaphor (6/14/2016 5:18:15 PM):  I looked at the form and it said it would not refund any coupons. And there are always coupons.,  Donna E, FL

8576 Barnes & Noble 20% off coupon (6/14/2016 5:29:45 PM):  Barnes & Noble 20% off coupon. Use code BNLOVEDAD. It is only good today, Tuesday. Free shipping on $25. B, MD

8577 Wheel of fortune (6/14/2016 5:47:59 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: BM5741447 Bonus Round Puzzle: VERY INSIGHTFUL ,  Rhonda K, FL

8578 Walgreens (6/14/2016 4:55:01 PM):  I went to Walgreens yesterday (the same one where the girl had said it wouldn't take my RR because there wouldn't be enough money left for me to pay). I wanted to say,"IS that what it says there?" but I didn't have time to deal with it. I have had the resister say the coupon exceeds the amount left to pay when it clearly didn't. Then they have to call a manager who gets all frustrated because the register is clearly lying. This time I get a new kid. He was very nice and it wasn't busy. I had 4 articles and 4 RRs. I had put the 3 $1.50 ones on top because they had to be used and I wanted to get the most off I could. That doesn't mean they couldn't scan the bottom 1 first. I had fanned them out so he could see I had 4. He got all excited and seemed glad for me, but didn't know if it would take all them. I said, "It should. I got 4 coupons and 4 things." The first 3 went through, but it wouldn't take the $1 one. I had over $1 balance (actually over $2 with tax). He kept trying and guess what? It took it. He was happy, but not as happy as I was. Some times you just have to have some one willing to fight the register.,  Donna E, FL

8579 Kindle Fire Question (6/14/2016 6:17:27 PM):  My husband has a Kindle Fire that fell on the floor and the glass front broke. I have Staples rewards to use (how I got the first one). If I get him a new Kindle, will all of the books he has on it be able to be transferred to new one? We are both technically challenged!,  Beverly H, IN

8582 Postage option (6/14/2016 7:48:29 PM):  I have been trying to get rid of some items, listing them on ebay. I sold an item that was over a pound, and was going to be over $12 to ship (the item was only $20, and I had done free shipping, and after fees....well, you now how that goes!). I checked the USPS site for all the options, and it didn't show the flat rate envelope, only the various sized flat rate boxes. I assumed they no longer did the envelopes, so I boxed it up (with a big sigh!), and took it to the post office. When I got there, I saw on the board that it WAS an option, so I got out of line and re-packaged it. The flat rate cost was $6.65 (used to be around $4, so it's gone up a lot, but still almost half of what I was going to have to pay!). So....if you have a smaller, heavier item, definitely look at this option! Many post offices have the mailing boxes/envelopes there - just be sure it says flat rate on it.,  Lisa S, OH

8590 CVS multiple items (6/15/2016 5:27:14 AM):  The other day I wanted to use my 2-$2 Vaseline intensive care lotion coupons before they expired. I got 2 bottles but the cashier handed 1 coupon back to me saying they wouldn't get paid for the second coupon. She wouldn't even try it and the manager wasn't there. Is this true? It happened about 2 months ago at another CVS, but since then I've used 2 coupons on 2 items at a third CVS. Is it the store, the cashier or a CVS policy? Thanks for your help.,  Regina R, NY

8592 FOY Gifthulk (6/15/2016 5:30:23 AM):  Xhtn6vaqb 2 users 14 coins,  Lacinda T, IA

8597 $20 shutterflycode (6/15/2016 7:12:13 AM):  CTKCEP00FB38M6V8AG offer. Expires 6/30/16. Please post when used. Thanks,  Cassandra L, GA

8607 Amazon reviews (6/15/2016 10:04:19 AM):  This is an interesting answer by Amazon about reviews "I've been frustrated for months with Amazon's new way of combining reviews. It artificially boosts a lot of products review ratings (as the seller just combines an item with a lower rating and fewer number of reviews with a product that has received many high reviews), and most customers can't tell the difference. Unless you look VERY carefully at each review, you'll miss it. At the top under the reviewer's name (in intentionally small print, it seems) will be the name of the product the review is about. You can't even filter the reviews to only see ones for the product you're interested in - let alone get an honest count and rating for the more unpopular product separately. It's very frustrating, as most folks come here to get a more reliable idea of a product, and others experiences with it. It completely defeats the purpose, and in my opinion is outright deceptive, when sellers are allowed to combine product reviews like this." You can find it at Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker, 1.5-Quart, Red (68881Z) You need to scroll down to reviews. I think the answer is obvious as we had a crank machine. ,  Trisha A, TX

8609 Bad news turns OK (6/15/2016 11:05:37 AM):  A few weeks ago one awesome deal was posted here for 5qt nonstick pan from Sears, cost was $81 on sale for $28ish. I needed a fancy gift for next week and this was perfect, so I treated myself to one too. This morning I got a message that my order was cancelled and that I could get my funds in a few weeks. Really? I told them that the situation was a big mess for me...they had the use of my money plus now I have to wait for my funds. Then they offered me 10% in a future purchase. I said that I could only accept twenty or twenty five percent. Agent thought that would be enough! Not when everyone else is offering stackable offers of 30 to 70! *on Wayfair. So I accepted the gazillion points that they offered, equivalent to $20 in I have to combine that w/ discounts IN PERSON this time. I thanked the man profusely and apologized that it was HE who had to work hard to remedy the situation. Then I thought of finding my pans elsewhere but it was SO hot outside that I decided to shop away at Shipping would be free if I spent certain amount, this time I am getting 2 Cuisinart pans w/lids for $70 w shipping and taxes. I will have to wait 4 weeks...but when I checked for faster shipping it was $29.95 !!!! The items were 70% off! I will just have to present my card sans gift and a little post it note telling my friend that the item is in the mail. I thought of just bringing a token gift, such as a bottle of wine, candy or perhaps some trendy exotic spices since they are for a 'foodie'. What would you do? I just don't want for us to arrive to the reception/pool party empty handed,  Rosie T, TX

8610 Wondering.... (6/15/2016 11:08:37 AM):  For those of you who placed orders for pans/pots w/ Sears, did they cancel your orders after waiting 3 weeks? I am still thankful for the amazing lady, the OP, who posted the offer. TrishaS here are Rockstars in my book.,  Rosie T, TX

8612 Website for Reasonable Costing Pgh. Penguin's Stan (6/15/2016 12:06:26 PM):  Does anyone on this board know of a Website that will offer reasonably priced Pittsburgh Penguin's Stanley Cup Championship merchandise? I may want a baseball style cap I can wear. Or a button down shirt for women. I don't wear a T-shirt any more. I would also like to find a DVD of the Penguin's Victory Parade that was held in downtown Pittsburgh today. I tried to watch it streamed live on the Website for TV station WPXI in Pittsburgh. But I couldn't hear any of the commentary made during the parade. So I'd like to find a DVD recording of this parade to buy.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8613 shutterfly photo book code (6/15/2016 12:20:52 PM):  I won't use this - enjoy! KEA2-02H7-GE03-URHTRD,  Kathleen H, CA

8615 Lays (6/15/2016 12:30:56 PM):  I just got my free Lays coupon and it expired 6/12/16. What up with that? Also, I was one of those fortunate ones who got the $529 check. I about fell off my chair. I'm sure I bought that when Rite Aid was doing their rebate program. It was free or really cheap. Can't remember now.,  Denise M, MI

8619 Zootopia rebates/promotions (6/15/2016 12:51:04 PM):  I just found out Zootopia came out on DVD. Are there any promotions? I've done searches and have come up empty. Thank you.,  Regina R, NY

8624 Printing with (6/15/2016 2:23:55 PM):  I've had printing problems most of this week on Did some investigating and found out that I had forgot that my computer automatically downloaded Windows 10 earlier this week. (without my approval). That in turn caused my "print to" printer to be wrong. So had computer tech hubby reload my printer and wa-la, I can print again!!,  Susan B, SC

8625 Walgreens Colgate Coupon (6/15/2016 2:28:56 PM):  I was surprised today to see a binky machine by the Colgate Toothpaste in Walgreens. It contained 50 cent coupons on any Colgate Total, Colgate Optic White, Colgate Enamel Health, Colgate Max Fresh or Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste 3.0 oz or larger. So the coupons are good on the deal this week where you buy 1 Colgate toothpaste for $3 - .50 c/o= Pay $2.50 get 2.50 RR = free. ,  Janice H, TX

8626 Kindle Fire deals (6/15/2016 2:29:54 PM):  Best Buy has them on sale, free shipping and if you have a Staples store, maybe they can price match, if you call and ask? , also ,limited time Amazon has them for $39.99 as well . Worth a try. ,  Carol S, PA

8627 Kindle Fire Sale at Amazon (6/15/2016 3:45:32 PM):  A poster on Off Topic chat recently posted that Amazon has a Kindle Fire on sale for about $39.95. I've never owned any e-reader.Would I have to have an internet connection to load any books on to an e-reader? My niece sent me a $75 GC for Amazon for my birthday. I can get whatever I like with it! Haven't the foggiest notion what to buy with it! I don't need more casual clothes right now. I'm wondering if I used it to buy an e-reader at Amazon would I use it enough to make it worth the investment! For folk who have had an e-reader for a long time, was it worth the investment to you? Do you use it enough to make it worth owning one?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8632 Wheel of fortune (6/15/2016 6:22:25 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: MC6399648 Bonus Round Puzzle: BULKY ITEMS,  Rhonda K, FL

8633 $10 shipped- Patriotic bunting (6/15/2016 7:05:32 PM):  Patriotic Pennant Style Americana Bunting, originally $29.95, now $16.99. Use code BRADSJUNE to make it $10.19. Free shipping. B, MD

8634 Sundown Class Action (6/15/2016 10:37:17 PM):  I'm glad I clicked the links Michelle provided. It isn't just Sundown brand, it is for a bunch of store labeled items as well.,  Art F, CA

8635 Kia Test Drive (6/15/2016 11:07:48 PM):  Just wondering if anyone else is still waiting to receive their $25 check from Kia for doing their test drive. I haven't gotten mine yet and just curious. ,  Melanee S, TX

8636 Harbor Freight (6/16/2016 5:06:14 AM):  Harbor Freight has a new ad with coupons. They always have l free item w/purchase. The new flyer list 8 items - there are 8 different coupons for a free item w/purchase which is much better than usual. Does any know of some cheap items to buy to use a "free" coupon? I remember seeing a list a while back but don't recall anything except some sort of razor to go in a box cutter or something. The new add has these free items to choose from: All purpose weather Tarp - $6.38 value Free heavy duty batteries - pack of 25 - $9.96 value, Tape Measurement $4.97, Flashlight $4.99 value, 6 piece screwdriver set $7.98 value, 7 function digital multi meter - $l5 value, Electric Fly Swatter $5.97 vale and free $5.99 value Magnetic Parts Holder. ,  Donna A, GA

8637 Gifthulk FOY code (6/16/2016 5:37:51 AM):  Good for 2 people, worth 38 coins c70p1erck,  Sue E, MN

8640 kindle Fire (6/16/2016 6:20:28 AM):  If you have a Best Buy or Staples or Target ? close by you, Go and Look at the Kindle Fire , The Kindle E reader no Built in Light Basic and The Paper White E reader can read at night , Amazon Sale is good till This Saturday, You can feel how it fits in your hand and it helped me pick the right kindle. Hope this helps you.,  Carol S, PA

8646 $50 - 8 person tent (6/16/2016 7:21:44 AM):  Ozark Trail 8-Person Dome Tent, was $89.97, now $49.99. Add something small to get over $50 for free shipping: (Says it fits two queen air mattresses, and the intex queen air mattresses are also on sale at if interested.),  Tricia B, MD

8647 Bi Lo Eggs 75 cents (6/16/2016 7:33:59 AM):  Limit is 6 dozen. But need to go early. Went yesterday and that's all they had. So got 3 & a man got the other 3. So they will go fast at that price. We all remember how high that got not long back.,  Vera W, SC

8649 Walmart (6/16/2016 7:36:49 AM):  Noticed in my newsfeed that yet another change at Walmart coming. We stop taking Visa Cards. Sure lots of changes for them lately. This won't hurt there, since don't use a credit card there anyway. But would image it would lots that buys large items there.,  Vera W, SC

8650 Free 5 x 7 photo book (6/16/2016 7:40:58 AM):  Free 5 x 7 photo book. You just pay $4 shipping: B, MD

8651 $7 shipped- Large Yankee Candle (6/16/2016 7:46:45 AM):  Yankee Candle Happy Easter Candle Large Jar, $7 (reg. $27) with free shipping: B, MD

8661 Lays coupon (6/16/2016 8:41:06 AM):  I have been on hold for an hour now, with Frito Lay, anyone else have to wait that long?,  Carol S, PA

8662 Coke Bonus (6/16/2016 8:49:05 AM):  I received an email this morning from Coke - log in to your account and automatically get 15 bonus points. One time deal, good til 7/31. Worked fine for me.,  Susan H, CT

8665 Frito Lay (6/16/2016 9:00:50 AM):  I just called and talked to someone at Frito Lay. They are sending out new coupons to everyone that got the expired coupons. ,  Carol S, PA

8671 savingstar (6/16/2016 9:24:38 AM):  Anyone else have trouble submitting receipts? I swear it gets slower and slower every time. Son was helping me last night and after 15 minutes of waiting after submitting the upcs and then the pics of the receipts we gave up. That happens every time ,  Judy B B, LA

8672 Lays BBQ Coupon (6/16/2016 9:29:35 AM):  Called Lays and got a recording about the expired coupon, saying that they are sorry and will be sending out replacement coupons "within a few weeks" to redeem for a Lays pkg of your choice.,  Julie A C, NC

8674 Kroger Powerade (6/16/2016 9:48:56 AM):  Last night I bought 3 PowerAde on the buy 3 get $3 for $2.99 each and got a Catalina for a free youth t-shirt that says "Just a kid for the USA Powerace" it gave me a code to text in after June 21st to order the shirt.,  Lynda B, KY

8677 Lays Potato CHips (6/16/2016 10:02:43 AM):  Called the # on Micelles site and they said they are aware of the issue with short dated coupon. They are automatically going to send out new coupons. My daughter called and got a person, who said the same exact thing. So be on the lookout for the updated coupons in a few weeks.,  Nancy P, PA

8678 Lays coupon (6/16/2016 10:02:48 AM):  I just called Lays about the expired coupon and was given a recorded message that said I would receive a replacement coupon in 4-5 weeks. Yeah! No waiting on hold. Just go through punching in numbers and the message is on #6,  Mary D, OK

8685 Kohls (6/16/2016 11:33:58 AM):  Looking for free shipping code. TIA,  Karen F, PA

8692 Harbor Freight (6/16/2016 12:29:51 PM):  We have gotten a few of the tiny magnetic levels that are 79¢. They work great, and we can use the 20% off on the level and also a get a free item. My husband likes the multimeters. The screwdrivers are handy to have on hand, and I also use the magnetic parts holder for my sewing room. Both types of LED flashlights are great, we also have them all over the house and cars. The tape measures are ok, but not the best. Same with the tarps, but what do you expect for free? I also agree that the batteries are pretty worthless. We actually went to a yard sale last weekend and they were trying to sell several of the tarps for $6. They are only valued at $6.38 in the ad. I doubt they sold any. The tools would make nice donations for the women's shelter.,  Paula T. T, TN

8693 Wal Mart price matching (6/16/2016 12:29:59 PM):  I just came from my tine WM to get a gallon of milk. I asked first if they still price matched-yes. Are you going to stop? No, she just attended a share holder's meeting in ARK. they had no plans to stop, said they wanted to take care of their customers. When I told her my sister was refused last week, she was very surprised. Why don't they get it straight?,  Dayle R, KY

8694 Lynn L. Kindle (6/16/2016 12:37:40 PM):  I would call Amazon and ask to speak to someone who can maybe help or check out if battery is defective or bad ? since it is not that old -- worth a try. Also Check Customer Questions and Answers search for an answer to the problem ,if Amazon, will not help. Best Buy , in my area suggested this. Hope this helps. ,  Carol S, PA

8697 Good Cook (6/16/2016 1:05:48 PM):  I am trying to cancel this, the only phone number I have is 1-717-918-2665. It keeps ringing busy, I can't find another way to cancel. Any suggestions?,  Karen F, PA

8701 Aldi's (6/16/2016 1:15:26 PM):  They have eggs for 59 cents a dozen this week. Limit 3.,  Janice H, TX

8702 Anyone done this? (6/16/2016 1:16:19 PM):  I am invited to an impromptu birthday lunch for my friends 15 year old son. Mom is an avid money saver also and son knows me well so I am sure will get a kick out of it. I had a $15 coldstone gift card I was given last year for my birthday and haven't used it yet, just not somewhere we go, even though I love it. Put the gift card and 2 coupons in an envelope for him - a bogo and a 2/$5. If he uses both coupons, he should be able to get 5, or at least a minimum of 4 ice creams with that $15 instead of 3 if he is frugal with toppings.,  Kathleen H, CA

8717 FREE Shutterfly (6/16/2016 5:26:55 PM):  FREE Notepad or Collage Poster from Shutterfly - expires 6/30/16. Use code: KH77-8AB0-EZJA-RUKTZ2 Please post when used. Thank you.,  Shanna W, CA

8718 $20 off Shutterfly (6/16/2016 5:29:39 PM):  $20 off your Shutterfly order - expires 6/30/16 Use code: KH75-7N08-YPAA-ZFCEUE Please post when used. Thank you.,  Shanna W, CA

8721 Zantac (6/16/2016 5:45:18 PM):  I printed both the Zantac and the Duo rebates. It doesn't say one or the other so I will do both.,  Carla B, OH

8723 (6/16/2016 6:02:07 PM):  get a "M" tshirt for 30 tabs and $5 shipping. Just passing along. Biggest size is XL,  Cindy S, MN

8724 Wheel of fortune (6/16/2016 6:33:20 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: TL2226576 Bonus Round Puzzle: AFTERTHOUGHT,  Rhonda K, FL

8727 Panera promo code (6/17/2016 5:58:00 AM):  Panera has a coupon if you order online for Rapid Pick up. Code is RPUBC for $3 off $6+. You must be logged in to your MyPanera account online. Code is valid thru 6/30 and at participating stores.,  Tricia B, MD

8728 12 pack Trident, $6.82 shipped (6/17/2016 6:06:44 AM):  Trident Sugar Free Gum (Cinnamon, 18-Piece, 12-Pack) $6.82 when you use Subscribe & save: B, MD

8729 Various (6/17/2016 6:33:44 AM):  The Childrens Place Free Shipping Today Swagbucks, buy Birchbox for $10 and get 1500 points worth $15 Be sure and click through Swagbucks. For new members at Birchbox. Groupon 20% off today DAD20 ,  Trisha A, TX

8731 Free credit report? (6/17/2016 8:17:05 AM):  Friend of mine is looking for a credit report. I get mine through my credit card. What's the true free site to get it, thank you!,  Julie D, MA

8733 Shutterfly code (6/17/2016 9:06:19 AM):  8x8 photo book KEA2-1NYT-3SGK-DV4HJU,  Linda B. B, CA

8735 Friday freebie (6/17/2016 9:29:10 AM):  Copps and Pick n Save also have the Friday freebies to load on your card.,  Marcie M, WI

8738 no call # (6/17/2016 10:47:44 AM):  do any of you know the # to call to stop all these calls about credit trip ect; Ifyou do please post it TIA BOBBIE,  Bobbie S, AL

8739 Free 8 x10 photo (6/17/2016 11:12:35 AM):  Free 8 x10 photo at CVS. Go here: Sign in. Select prints and enlargements. Click on "make this product". Upload a photo. Then when you checkout, add code FREEPIC.,  Tricia B, MD

8743 Amazon Prime (6/17/2016 11:41:23 AM):  I wasn't aware until today that Amazon Prime is also available for $10.99 per month, if you can't afford to pay the $99 annual fee upfront. This is important for Snagshout members. For those of you who don't know, Snagshout in partnership with Amazon, allows you to buy extremely discounted merchandise in exchange for a review of the product! Today they have a Fitbit for only $11.99!,  Art F, CA

8747 Credit card hack (6/17/2016 12:23:57 PM):  My Visa card was hacked a few weeks ago with 3 online purchases for a total of $300.00. I then realized that Visa prints the entire cc number on their monthly statements. I have several types of cards and they are the only ones who do that. The rest just show the last 4 digits. I now have the statements sent by Internet. More than once the postal delivery person jambs mail into our box then leaves the door to the box open. If someone swipes the envelop they have everything except the security code. A lot of websites do not ask for the security code. So please be aware. ,  Vera M, MI

8748 Form (6/17/2016 12:41:19 PM):  Does anyone have the info for the Claritin rebate? If I remember right it said buy one 70 count & one 15 count both on same receipt. I got a rejection postcard today. Also anyone have a email address so I can contact them? It came from box 9674 Grand Rapids,Mn,  Cathy G, OH

8752 MobiSave (6/17/2016 1:12:57 PM):  Check your MobiSave app for a free bottle of V05 shampoo or conditioner. Once your save it you have 7 days before it expires. ,  Rhonda K, FL

8753 Walmart (6/17/2016 1:15:50 PM):  Hi, I've not been on in a few days, if this is a repeat, I'm sorry. I've just left Walmart Superstore. They have the Hormel Spam "Snacks" packets price rolled back to $1.00 ea. Use the current $1.00/1 coupons for this product from Hormel to get this product for FREE. I don't know what newspaper coupon insert they were in. Everyone have a great Father's Day weekend!!,  Ellen T. H, KY

8754 Zootopia DVD promos (6/17/2016 1:25:20 PM):  Someone posted on here recently they were looking for any promos for getting the Zootopia DVD that had just come out. They had searched & turned up nothing! I Googled Zootopia DVD promos & brought up several possible links. One was for Target. Another was for a Disney Website. ,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8755 Free Shutterfly 8x8 Photo Book (6/17/2016 1:34:21 PM):  Create a FREE 8x8 photo book and relive your best summer memories year-round. Here’s how: 1. Sign up or sign in at 2. Enter your promo code; it will save to your Shutterfly account 3. Apply your code at checkout by 7/31/16¥ PHOTO BOOK PROMO CODE: KEA2-3K9Z-FWJA-GVVDXN Please post if/when used. TY,  Lisa F, TX

8758 vir.beach (6/17/2016 1:59:34 PM):  if there is any one out there that lives in the area can you tell me if there is any good coupon deals for anything there or on the way from ny ,  Kathy S, NY

8760 Target Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Blades (6/17/2016 3:10:10 PM):  Today I saw Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Razor Blades on an endcap for $14.66, normally $20.66- saved $6.33. They are discontinuing them I guess, as they are sealed packages but marked "As is". I got one and some lotion, and got the Target $5 giftcard for buying the $20 in personal care products. Good deal day. Also had a $3 coupon for my lotion :),  Gina A, VA

8765 Hobby Lobby/ Office Depot (6/17/2016 3:58:35 PM):  I found lots of good clearance at both places today I can you believe HL has fall stuff out?,  Judy B B, LA

8767 Home Depot 11% rebate (6/17/2016 4:08:35 PM):  Has anyone submitted for the 11% rebate on anything at Home Depot? I'm trying to help my brother with his rebate - he's got a ton of receipts. Any tips on submitting them? Can I do them all online? Or do they need to be done separately? Do I have to mail? Any help is appreciated!,  Elizabeth K. M, MI

8774 Wheel of fortune (6/17/2016 5:47:19 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: MB7609159 Bonus Round Puzzle: BOUNCING BACK,  Rhonda K, FL

8777 $38.79- 1 year Playstation plus membership (6/17/2016 7:53:37 PM):  1 year Playstation plus membership, $43.99 minus code SUMMER= $38.79. Digital delivery. B, MD

8779 Macy's coupon? (6/17/2016 11:04:11 PM):  Does Macy's ever do any coupon codes like Kohls does, for an additional percentage off of a purchase? There are some things I want to order and I'd like to save something additional, and I thought they often offered at least in store coupons like that. ,  Angela B, NV

8785 Shutterfly (6/18/2016 6:02:30 AM):  Here are two codes, each good for $20 off 20 a Shutterly Expire 6/30. CTJX46Z6VJUMPUR4W and CTJW40JVN3SJ7F96E6,  Susan H, CT

8786 Netflix (6/18/2016 6:03:02 AM):  Are there any rewards programs for new signups for Netflix?,  Joanne R. F, FL

8793 Amazon Halloween Costume Sale (6/18/2016 9:50:02 AM):  I logged onto Amazon Website throguh ebates this morning. Wanted to investigate the Kindle sale. Went through ebates first . One of the ebates coupons for Amazon was Halloween costume sale. Sale doesn't expire until 10/31/2064! ebates also gives up to 7% rebate back depending upon which eligible category you buy from on Amazon.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8795 Amazon Kindle sale (6/18/2016 9:59:59 AM):  Amazon has several versions of Kindles on sale for a limited time. They also have some Kindle accessories on sale. Which accessories are considered absolute necessities?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8798 Also- Secret Life of Pets Free Movie Offer (6/18/2016 11:01:11 AM): S, OR

8799 Office Depot $10 off $10 (6/18/2016 11:48:48 AM):  Use coupon code WHYN5T0Q2DTTW9 to get Ten dollars off your Ten Dollar or more purchase! Choose Free In Store Pickup, so you don't pay shipping charges. Once on the webpage you might want to click the "Sale" tab toward the top of the page. I bought 10 College Ruled 70 page notebooks, at $1 each. I paid zero, so Free notebooks for back to school. If you know any teachers, or students these "freebies" would make for a nice donation!,  Art F, CA

8800 Handbags on sale at Macy's (6/18/2016 12:25:42 PM):  Coach wristlet, reg. $59, now $22.50. Free ship on $25 today. Or Michael Kors medium tote, reg $118, now $52.79: Http:// Lots of other nice handbags on sale too. ,  Tricia B, MD

8801 Lays (6/18/2016 12:39:29 PM):  so does the message on Michele's update mean we don't have to call? I called today but was told to call Mon.-Fri. Thank you,  Dayle R, KY

8807 $33 - 12 mth xbox membership (6/18/2016 2:28:47 PM):  12 month xbox membership, $39.99 minus code EMCEKFM34 = $32.99. B, MD

8808 Slice Price Refund Apps (6/18/2016 2:29:28 PM):  Slice is a 100% fee free app for your PC and/or phone. On anything you purchase, if there is a lower price found even within a month, it rebates you the difference. This can save you hundreds of dollars on big ticket purchases! The app scans your email for purchase receipts and then searches the web for lower prices. There are also other apps that charge a small percentage fee of your total refund amount. Paribus and Earny charge 25%, while Pricerazzi only charges 15%. There are App Stores such as Google Play that will allow you to download these free apps. I saw this article about this in the paper today, and so I haven't yet tried any of these out yet.,  Art F, CA

8809 Vibram shoe settlement (6/18/2016 2:41:59 PM):  The settlement checks have been mailed out-I received mine yesterday for $20.21. It was a LONG time coming!,  Marcella B. B, TX

8811 Walgreens (6/18/2016 3:05:33 PM):  I know this is a little late since it ends today. But Walgreens has the Purick's crystals 18 else on sale for $1.99. I bought five and submitted it to checkout 51 for the five offers there, and then for two dollars at saving star. Mine did not have the crest so I did not get that but I got the Colgate and with the two dollar and 50 Cent RR A coupon for $5.50 off of Charmin printed out. I have never seen a coupon to print out that much on toilet paper. ,  Carla B, OH

8815 & Target (6/18/2016 3:32:51 PM):  I'm having problems with coupons printing after I've finished checking them off online. They won't print. Anyone else having a problem?,  Linda H, FL

8816 Joan B, Fl Grand Rapids (6/18/2016 3:38:34 PM):  Joan, you are absolutely right about Grand Rapids clearing house. I haven't received the last 7 I have sent in (all legitinate). I did the Always double back guarantee but before I did I called P & G and told them I hadn't received the last 7 I submitted and If I did this one would I. by some small chance, get it. She said of course, but guess what. I wish everyone who isn't receiving any rebates from Grand Rapids would call the company.,  Sherry S, IN

8819 JCPenney Deals (6/18/2016 4:13:36 PM):  Today they were giving out coupons at the store, and I got a $10 off $10. I already had one of those, and $10 off $25. Got 2 swimsuit tops, beach coverup and summer pjs. Spent $7.39 OOP using (3)$10 coupons, and $40 in JCPenney gift cards my mom gave me for Christmas and my Birthday. Items original costs were $52, $52, $44 and $40, so $188 for 4 items. I was thrilled to say the least. The first 3 items were 60% off and each was $19.99. The PJ's were $44 on sale for $14.99. Really nice clothes and deals! Hope others got out for their sale. ,  Cheryl C, ME

8821 Shutterfly free book (6/18/2016 5:17:26 PM):  FREE 8X8 PHOTO BOOK FROM SHUTTERFLY Create a FREE 8x8 photo book and relive your best summer memories year-round. Here’s how: 1. Sign up or sign in at 2. Enter your promo code; it will save to your Shutterfly account KEA2-06FW-JAA7-320F0J 3. Apply your code at checkout by 7/31/16 ,  Pat D, NJ

8825 saving star (6/18/2016 8:23:40 PM):  does saving star count the free one when you buy one get one free? I want to buy 6 renuzits at cvs , get 3 free and use my coupon buy 4 get 2 free. then get 2.20 back from saving star for buying 6. Will this work? tks ,  Deb H, IN

8826 Shutterfly free notepad or collage poster (6/18/2016 8:34:56 PM):  This was included in a Kohls order and I won't be using it. KH77-34WM-KXF8-297V7J. Good until June 30. I'm sure that you have to pay shipping but I didn't read the fine print. ,  Leigh Anne W, FL

8827 Shutterfly 40% off code (6/18/2016 8:37:04 PM):  7FRT-1UDW-MGJU-GUXKS6. Good through July 31. I didn't read all the fine print so I don't know of any exclusions. ,  Leigh Anne W, FL

8836 Rite aid (6/19/2016 7:56:28 AM):  They have the purex crystals on sale for $1.99 this week. Buy five and get a dollar each back for checkout 51 and then get two dollars back from saving store. Not too bad, spent 995 and get back 7.,  Carla B, OH

8837 1-cent paper Staples (6/19/2016 8:02:28 AM):  Staples has their 1-cent paper after rebate again this week. Limit 4. Go to to print the coupon.,  Janice H, TX

8838 Sav a Lot (6/19/2016 9:14:04 AM):  Found the real nice thick skin bell peppers 2/$1 today. These nice for our stuffed peppers. 5 lb bags of potatoes also 99 cents.,  Vera W, SC

8839 Which Kindle Accessories are absolute necessities? (6/19/2016 10:10:25 AM):  I asked this question on CC, but got no response. so will ask it again. Amazon has select Kindles on sale for a limited time. They also have various Kindle accessories on sale. which accessories are considered absolute absolute necessities?,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8843 New Hot Pockets Bites (6/19/2016 11:12:18 AM):  This may seem like a good deal but after tasting I dont think so There's a $3/1 coupon and a new to me product so I wanted to try and purchased 2 flavors as I love reg Hot Pockets I purchased sausage egg and cheese, and bacon egg and cheese and tried them both The bacon egg and cheese were ok but not great Sausage Egg and Cheese have a biscuit type crust (not to me more bagel-ish ) My problem with them is there's no mention of the sweet flavor on the bag ( I will be calling tomorrow they have streaks of brownish colored sweet flavoring on the bottom side I tried several the sweet taste really over powers everything would never buy again and believe the sweet flavoring is a mistake Now if they made a breakfast bite in cinnamon sugar filled flavor they would probably be good I do recommend if you have these in your freezer to check them out ,  Ann A, NC

8847 What did you get for free or cheap? (6/19/2016 11:44:09 AM):  I posted my message last week but somehow it disappeared, so I'll try again. My husband went to get a sheet of steel but ended up standing in the line for a long time. Jokingly he said to the guy, "I should get my item for free considering how long the line is." The guy apologized and my DH said, "No problem, I have all day." When it was time for him to check out, he got his sheet of steel for free because he was so patient. I have been getting coupons for moving and giving them to my high-spending coworker. She's loving it and I'm loving that maybe she'll start using coupons and deals more often. I don't know if you're familiar with Sendoutcards, but this is an excellent and high quality card website. I used them to send out wedding announcements (much cheaper and less stressful then a wedding reception) this week. After seven years of my friend being involved with this business, I'm finally getting on board. Well, I'm going back to my old ways of buying reduced meat and putting it in the freezer. DH and I discussed this way too many times before we got married. I told him how nice it was to have meat in the freezer to pull out for cooking the next day. He didn't agree and doesn't like frozen meat like that. We were given a nice little freezer from the neighbor who moved and so this week, I hope to start stocking up again. Ok, not much to say again, because I'm still trying to clear out and get caught up. Please tell us your great deals!,  Mindy C, MD

8849 kohls 30% off (6/19/2016 11:55:40 AM):  got an email from kohls use promo code 44DK85KMQ3F6Q to get 30& off your order ends today and can only be used once. reply when used,  Beth P, PA

8854 $43 shipped- New Balance running shoes (6/19/2016 12:15:58 PM):  Women's New Balance shoes, reg. $119.99, now $42. Sizes 5- 11. Shipping is $1 thru June 25.: B, MD

8856 Kelloggs Code (6/19/2016 12:49:28 PM):  HIGTTEMPSFORU for 25pts don't know exp ,  Lilli T, OH

8857 Coke Rewards Code (6/19/2016 1:49:05 PM):  Hi, Here's a Coke Rewards Code for someone to use: 47J6JXN XU6J55T,  Michelle R, OH

8858 $15 Coleman cooler (6/19/2016 2:00:06 PM):  36 quart Coleman cooler, $14.99 with free in store pick up: B, MD

8860 I have a ? on a kindle (6/19/2016 2:30:12 PM):  Any one , added the 2 year extended warranty for $29.95? I appreciated all the responses to help me Pick the Kindle paper white! You all rock 😖 ,  Carol S, PA

8870 A&H Power Pac Peelie (6/19/2016 5:27:29 PM):  I have searched all over and have been unable to find this peelie for Arm & Hammer Power Pac Laundry Detergent. For those who have found it, which stores? Thanks!,  Shelby P, IA

8874 Bev in Iowa/Nonni's (6/19/2016 5:45:47 PM):  The pic I saw on Michele's Updates was a small SMP yellow sticker TMF with red writing (Nonni's) Thin Addictions Rebate Offer.,  Ellen T. H, KY

8880 Lance Sweeps (6/19/2016 6:25:20 PM):  Lance Sweepstakes ends 6/25/16, this week, .,  Ellen T. H, KY

8881 Lance Sweeps (6/19/2016 6:26:48 PM):  The Lance Sweepstakes ends on 6/25 this week, . Good Luck!,  Ellen T. H, KY

8882 Free Shipping (6/19/2016 7:12:35 PM):  "get rid of indoor allergies". Free shipping on orders $100. & more. The Ecology Works products, , also there's a pop up for free samples.,  Ellen T. H, KY

8883 Taco Bell Freebie 6/21 (6/19/2016 7:14:47 PM):  Taco Bell Freebie, 1 per person, while supplies last (you might call to see if your local Taco Bell is still offering these before you go.) "Free Doritos Locos Taco. This is good in all areas (Only 2PM-6PM).,  Ellen T. H, KY

8884 Dr. Scholl's Shoes (6/19/2016 7:16:26 PM):  Join their site & get a $10.00 off $50.00 purchase coupon. .,  Ellen T. H, KY

8885 Flexitol Heel Balm Freebie (6/19/2016 7:18:07 PM):  Flexitol Heel Balm freebie sample, . It says they're only sending to certain countries but didn't state which they weren't mailing to.,  Ellen T. H, KY

8887 New Sweeps (6/19/2016 7:19:47 PM):  Nabisco Back to School Sweepstakes, good thru early Sept. for technology. .,  Ellen T. H, KY

8889 Nordstrom's (6/19/2016 7:21:35 PM):  Register at their site to get a $10.00 off coupon for their July 22 - Aug. 7th sale, .,  Ellen T. H, KY

8893 Lays Coupon (6/19/2016 7:59:50 PM):  I was offered "a coupon" as a replacement, but two full size free coupons were in yesterday's mail. Cheers! Hope that everyone receives two!,  Lynda M, FL

8895 $6 Disney waffle makers (6/19/2016 9:11:50 PM):  Disney or Spider Man waffle makers, reg. $14.97, now $5.97. Free in store pick up. Free in store pick up. B, MD

8897 ticketmaster (6/19/2016 11:38:00 PM):  i stumbled across an article about ticketmaster tonight, saying that a class action suit had been settled. if you bought tickets through ticketmaster between 99 & 13, go to your account & click "active vouchers". i had to use my old, no longer existing email account to sign in, but i have 3 2 tickets each vouchers to use. i'm not holding out much hope that there will be things i will remember to use them on, but they are good until 2020. right now, there's nothing available in my area, but i'll keep my eyes open &, hopefully, will be able to use them.,  Donna M, CA

8899 Target (6/20/2016 5:41:49 AM):  Does anyone know the percentage off summer furniture?,  Judy B B, LA

8903 United Healthcare (6/20/2016 7:02:09 AM):  My dad has United Healthcare as his insurance. (Medicare Advantage plan) When we got the agent told us we could get $50 in free health products once a quarter. He received a small catalog in mail and we just ordered for the second time this year. Thought I should mention in case someone else on here has the same benefit and didn't know. We have ordered diabetic socks, PM pills, cotton balls, Vitamin D, etc. Free shipping also.,  Beverly H, IN

8904 1/2 Priced Cheeseburgers Sonic Drive-ins today onl (6/20/2016 7:26:53 AM):  In honor of Summer Solstice Day, participating Sonic Drive-ins are having 1/2 price Cheeseburgers all day today only. Limit of 5 per person. Add-ons are extra!,  Virginia Ann S, VA

8905 thanks ! (6/20/2016 7:27:50 AM):  Thanks to all, for answering my question. ,  Carol S, PA

8906 thanks ! Kindle help (6/20/2016 7:29:28 AM):  Thanks to all, for answering my question. ,  Carol S, PA

8908 Shutterfly free coasters (6/20/2016 8:57:49 AM):  CTKL5FWJZJUDDAHZ12,  Linda B. B, CA

8910 Sam's club deal (6/20/2016 9:08:38 AM):  Sam's club membership for $25 + $10 Sam's gift card + $100 in savings & coupons: B, MD

8911 Michael Angelo Products (6/20/2016 9:27:29 AM):  Go to for a $1.00 coupon for their frozen Italian food products. This might be only for 1st time signups.,  Ellen T. H, KY

8912 Kashi Recall (6/20/2016 9:29:36 AM):  At , they tell of 2 Kashi granola products & 2 Bear Naked granola products being recalled. All the info can be seen by clicking on the red banner at top of the page. Also, on their site is a place to print off coupons, but right now there's not any available, says to check back with them.,  Ellen T. H, KY

8913 Sara Lee Snacks (6/20/2016 9:30:55 AM):  At their site, , if you register for newsletter "special offers & more.",  Ellen T. H, KY

8914 French's Mustard, Etc. (6/20/2016 9:32:01 AM):  At their website, , says register for "newsletter, coupons, tips & recipes.",  Ellen T. H, KY

8923 Rite Aid (6/20/2016 12:35:35 PM):  I didn't see this on the Rite Aid list this week but they have Tic Tac's on sale for $1 and I had some B1G1F coupons so that got the price down to .50 a pack. I am stocking up for my Fall Finals care packages. The coupon list says they are in the S 5/8 circular if that helps.,  Susie R, MD

8926 CVS (6/20/2016 12:56:45 PM):  I got a coupon from the red machine for $10/$60 I never get those. I'm debating whether or not to use it. Anyone have any possible scenarios,  Judy B B, LA

8927 Savingstar (6/20/2016 1:15:20 PM):  Has a deal for $5 when you spend $25 on Lays products. Your free Lays coupons might count toward the total? Also, Shaws has these products for half price this week.,  Diane J. D, ME

8929 Good day (6/20/2016 1:52:12 PM):  It's a good mail and email day today. I get two free movie tickets that I ordered from my pinecone research points, I finally got the Kohl's $50 rebate, in my emails I get paid via PayPal for three mystery shops totaling $100, I received my email for my Swagbucks $25 bath and Bodyworks e-card so I can order some of the retired scents. And I got a raise this week! ,  Carla B, OH

8934 Kleenex catalina (6/20/2016 3:01:28 PM):  Saturday my hubby stopped at Meijer for Kleenex, 160 ct tissues were 4 boxes for $5. I spotted his receipt today & found a $2 Off your next shopping order, from Kleenex. Had I known about this, we'd certainly bought more. Does anyone know more about this? My search for current Catalina coupons was unsuccessful. Anyone know anymore or where I can search for Catalina info or their promos? , ,  Patricia K. S, OH

8935 Rebates (6/20/2016 3:03:34 PM):  I posted before but I am looking for a email address for a Claritin rebate that got rejected. It is out of Grand Rapids,Mn ,  Cathy G, OH

8939 JudyB B.-CVS (6/20/2016 4:00:15 PM):  At the CVS stores around here if you are within .50 of the total amount the Extra Bucks will still print, so the 3 8.99 purchases would be enough. Ask at your store if it works there.,  Sherry S, IN

8947 Walgreens question (6/20/2016 5:33:28 PM):  When did Walgreens start not allowing two coupons for the B1G1F store deals. My Walgreens store told me this a long time ago and I just wanted to know if this is all Walgreens or just mine. ,  Trisha A, TX

8948 Wheel of fortune (6/20/2016 5:45:29 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: MK1985877 Bonus Round Puzzle: VERY BUSY SCHEDULE,  Rhonda K, FL

8950 $50 Regal gift card for $40 (6/20/2016 7:05:44 PM):  $50 Regal Cinemas gift card for $40: B, MD

8954 $20 Shutterfly (6/20/2016 9:07:06 PM):  $20 to shop at Shutterfly Promo Code: CTJV409W3VNKDMMUOY. Expires June 30th. Offer is good for $20 off one qualifying merchandise order of $20 or more. Hope someone can use this. ,  Fran L, NJ

8958 Account Hacked (6/20/2016 9:35:51 PM):  Just spent a LONG time on the phone with USAA.. Our USAA online got hacked. Received email about change of email address, followed by password, etc. Had to start over & reset everything with them. ,  Linda B, FL

8959 Walgreens L2C Kicks out IP (6/20/2016 10:27:19 PM):  I had loaded some coupons to my Walgreens Bonus Rewards card. I went to Walgreens to purchase the Bounty paper towels I had a few other things in my order including the Charmin Basic and 2 50¢ fillers. Register scans in my order, then goes for the coupons: $1 off Charmin Basic IP, $1 off Bounty IP won't go, then two $2.50 RR. We cancelled and re-rang everything three times! The last time the L2C coupon for 25¢ off Bounty kicked my paper coupon out! I finally had to do the transaction with my hubby's card just to get around the stupid digital coupon! What a pain!,  Sam H, OR

8961 Archway Cookies (6/20/2016 11:43:35 PM):  On the Archway cookies site, it says if you buy 2 boxes of their cookies, they'll send 1 box of their cookies to our Troops, up to 20,000 boxes of cookies!!,  Ellen T. H, KY

8962 Armour Meats (6/20/2016 11:45:39 PM):  Armour Meats has a "Great Moms Sweepstakes" valid till 11/30/16. "Win Free Groceries!" I didn't realize this is a Smithfield company. Good Luck!!,  Ellen T. H, KY

8963 Bush's Beans (6/20/2016 11:46:36 PM):  Register on Bush's Beans website for "Promotions, Special Offers, & recipes.",  Ellen T. H, KY

8964 Musselman's Apple Products (6/20/2016 11:55:15 PM):  I hope these are new offers. I'd not been to their site in a while. These are all new to me. #1. Philly Union Ticket Sweepstakes for their July 1st game, offer ends 7/1/16. #2. Musselman's Squeezables Free T-Shirt Offer OR get a $5 coupon for your next LeapFrog purchase, Exp. 10/31/16. #3. FREE Bowling Vouchers (requiring Musselman's UPC's, each voucher worth $6.00, & Expires: 9/7/16.) #4. There are 2 different Musselman's Apple Butter coupons available to print (each prints 2 times). The first c/o is a $1.00/1 ANY size (this one is "locked" (requires you signing up for their Musselman's newsletter!) The other Musselman's Apple Butter coupon is .50 cents/1 ANY size, doesn't require signing up for their newsletter. .,  Ellen T. H, KY

8965 Carnation (6/21/2016 12:30:31 AM):  Carnation Breakfast Essentials site has a $1.00 coupon for signing up with their "Breakfast Club", .,  Ellen T. H, KY

8966 David's Sunflower Seeds (6/21/2016 12:31:43 AM):  David's Sunflower Seeds has a Taste Money Back Guarantee, .,  Ellen T. H, KY

8967 Campfire Marshmallows (6/21/2016 12:34:01 AM):  Their website has a Crafts Page, things to do with marshmallows, for every Season, . Might come in handy for VBS or rainy or snowed in days.,  Ellen T. H, KY

8969 Judy BB-CVS (6/21/2016 6:05:37 AM):  Meant to say 3 $9.99 purchases instead of 8.99,  Sherry S, IN

8972 $50 shipped- Women's North Face Jacket (6/21/2016 6:41:06 AM):  THE NORTH FACE WOMEN'S OSITO 2 FLEECE JACKET, black, Sm - XL, $69.99. Use code BRAD to make it $49.99. Free shipping: B, MD

8973 $300- 7 piece patio dining set (6/21/2016 6:53:01 AM):  Garden Oasis Harrison 7 Piece Dining Set in Green, reg. $599.99, now $299.99. Choose free in store shipping to save s&h charges: ,  Tricia B, MD

8974 $8 - capri pj's from Macy's (6/21/2016 7:10:51 AM):  Charter Club Pajama Set with FREE Slipper Set, $9.99. Use promo code FIT for 20% off, making it $7.99. Shipping is free on $50, free in store pick up where available, or free when you buy a beauty item such as this $3 sharpener: B, MD

8979 Hot Pocket Bites Update (6/21/2016 8:48:10 AM):  I called Nestle today about the unpleasant SWEET taste of their new sausage egg and cheese hot bites .... rep confirmed the sweet flavor is normal .... (YUCK!) but not mentioned on the bag ..... so BEWARE of the sweet taste while I love other Nestle Hot Pocket products I won't buy this product again ,  Ann A, NC

8981 SYT (6/21/2016 9:23:47 AM):  Does anyone buy scrapbook supplies from If so, have you tried to access the site today? I keep getting something from instead of the SYT site.,  Marcie M, WI

8983 My Coke Rewards new rewards (6/21/2016 10:13:36 AM):  My Coke Rewards has several Rio Olympics-themed rewards, but they also have Cedar Point (and other associated) theme park tickets for just 250 points! They're good through Sept. 5 - only one per account: Get more than your fill of thrills and laughs this summer. You are just a few clicks away from your ticket to one (1) single day ticket to one of your favorite amusement parks or water parks including Cedar Point, Cedar Point Soak City, Carowinds, Dorney Park, California's Great America, Kings Dominion, Kings Island, Knott's Berry Farm, Knott's Soak City/Orange County, Michigan's Adventure, Valleyfair, Wildwater Kingdom or Worlds of Fun. You know you deserve some excitement, so don't miss out on this chance at a fun-filled day. While supplies last.,  Mary C, SC

8987 Target (6/21/2016 10:45:10 AM):  We just go home from there and the outdoor furniture is 70% off. We got the chairs and cushions we needed. $45 chairs for $13.50 and $24.99 cushions for $7.48. Can you believe they are putting out school stuff already?,  Judy B B, LA

8990 Kellogg (6/21/2016 11:05:30 AM):  I bought 2 Kellogg items 6/17 and 2 on 6/18 at CVS. I usually get credit in just a couple days, but nothing has shown up yet. How long should I wait, and who should I contact? Thanks,  Barbara H, IN

8992 Amazon e-books (6/21/2016 11:29:39 AM):  WOW just went and checked my gc account and I got a credit of $160.85!!! Loads and Loads of free reading, I am such a happy camper!!! ,  Linda K. W, IN

8994 Watermelon prices (6/21/2016 12:34:43 PM):  I swear,that last year,I would buy watermelon,and it was very reasonable.This year, all the prices seem to be .79 -.89 a pound. Either Stop & Shop mis-priced it last year,and I did not realize what a bargain I was getting!!,  Linda M, RI

8995 Russell Stover Chocolates (6/21/2016 12:58:54 PM):  At their website, , is a pop-up to receive 20% off your purchase, if you register for email updates. Current offer, valid thru 6/23/16 (2 days away), 'Get a FREE 2 lbs. box of assorted dark chocolates with a $40.00 order. Limit 1.,  Ellen T. H, KY

8996 Wolfgang Puck Fzn. Pizzas (6/21/2016 1:01:34 PM):  According to their website, , his pizzas are not currently available in stores, site says to 'stay alert for a comeback to stores near you.',  Ellen T. H, KY

8997 Krusteaz (6/21/2016 1:03:07 PM):  At , there is a .50 cent c/o for Krusteaz Dessert Bars.,  Ellen T. H, KY

9000 Free Shutterfly Photo Book (6/21/2016 3:14:05 PM):  Free 8x8 Hardcover 20page Standard Photo Book with Promo Code: CCBC-4HKS-TJC7-Z7HBCC. This was from mycokerewards and expires June 30th. Hope someone can use it. ,  Fran L, NJ

9001 Bi-Lo Mayfield .50 (6/21/2016 3:29:14 PM):  If you are lucky and have $1/1 Mayfield (ice cream bars, and sandwich's) thru tonight they are BOGO $2.99 for 2 - (2) $1/1 = .50 a box My coupon didn't scan so they manually entered them ,  Ann A, NC

9003 E book lawsuits (6/21/2016 4:01:30 PM):  I just got an email in both of our accounts at Barnes and Noble that they are part of the settlement too and will get the credits in a few days. Can be used on ebooks, regular books, Nook store. We bought a lot through them so wonder how much we will get. My dh has an Audible book account at Amazon so I wonder if that will qualify too. Does anyone know? ,  Vera M, MI

9004 Dollar Tree Find (6/21/2016 4:16:44 PM):  Today at Dollar Tree I found the "as seen on TV" Grab Bags. These are the reusable clip-to-cart shopping bags. They were $19.99 when they first came out, and I saw them for $9.99 at Kroger. Aldi came out with their own version for $6.99 for one. This is a box of 2 for $1! Not much of a deal at $20, but for $1, I bought 2 boxes. Hope you can find them at your Dollar Tree.,  Paula T. T, TN

9007 Staples rebates (6/21/2016 5:43:30 PM):  I have been amazed at how fast Staples has been sending the Visa pre-paid cards for their paper rebates. The last one I got in less than a week, and it says the one I submitted yesterday is already in the mail! I wish all rebates had a turn around that fast! On the opposite extreme, I am annoyed at Office Depot, as I have had nothing but trouble on their paper rebates. They have sent multiple cards giving excuses as to why they can't honor it the first time. It's already a pain to have to write out all the information for each ream of paper, then mail it have to "fix" a (non) issue and mail it again is ridiculous! If this continues, I will only be doing Staples rebates!,  Lisa S, OH

9008 $20 shipped- 24 Hallmark gift bags!! (6/21/2016 5:53:25 PM):  24pk Hallmark Variety Pack Gift Bags, $24.99. Use BD5 to save $5. Free shipping!! B, MD

9010 Wheel of fortune (6/21/2016 5:59:19 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: VC7977607 Bonus Round Puzzle: UPLIFTING WORDS,  Rhonda K, FL

9012 20% off until Midnight @ (6/21/2016 6:23:37 PM):  Use code SUMMER20 for 20% off at 20% LIMITED-TIME OFFER IS VALID ON PURCHASES 6PM- Midnight (CT) June 21, 2016 ONLINE ONLY WITH ANY TENDER TYPE. ,  Tricia B, MD

9014 $20 shipped- bronze patio umbrella base (6/21/2016 7:56:52 PM):  CASTLECREEK Bronze Patio Umbrella Base, Celtic knot, $19.99. Use code BRADSHIP to get free shipping: B, MD

9019 $5 Virtual Gift Card?? (6/22/2016 6:32:17 AM):  Anyone doing this Nestle Virtual Gift Card offer?? I have never seen one like this...trying to figure out where and for what this can be used for....anyone know????,  Cindy T, TX

9021 Pepsi Pizza Hut Emoji... (6/22/2016 6:57:23 AM):  Okay I keep reading about finding a pepsi bottle with the full pizza or slice of pizza and take to pizza hut for free pizza. But, I only see the smiley faces, etc. Is the pizza on the underside of wrapper? Not sure if I'm not finding them or just expecting them to be on outside when actually they are under wrapper? ,  Cindy T, TX

9026 meijers (6/22/2016 8:05:37 AM):  has anyone tried the new site for meijers I tried it this am and cannot figure out how to clip coupons - any help out there.,  Ruth S, MI

9027 shutterfly code (6/22/2016 8:34:42 AM):  AFREEBOOK this code was on my facebook feed today -- hope it is good for everyone --free 8" photo book by June 26,  Helen F M, VA

9028 Bic lighter 2.oo c/o (6/22/2016 8:40:38 AM):  when I looked in the database, it said it was in 5/22 insert but it was not in my free inserts or the ones I bought in the store. was it in another insert or was it local? thanks.,  Linda K, VA

9030 Gift ideas (6/22/2016 9:13:29 AM):  Can my dear friends suggest a 50th anniversary gift for parents ?,  Arati S, MN

9031 Sam's Club Mom's and Dad's Club (6/22/2016 9:27:34 AM):  Does anyone still have the signup information for this? My friend and I signed up at the same time. I got the $10 gift card email last week, but she has not received one. Anyone know if they're still being sent out or where she could look to see when hers is coming?,  Amy J, OH

9037 Ticketmaster (6/22/2016 11:19:13 AM):  I order a lot thru Ticketmaster so sure enough, when I checked the site, I have about 10 Codes for the purchase of up to two tickets each and a bunch of 2.25 credit Codes. However, I am in Rochester, NY and there is not one Event listed in Rochester, NY! So, unless I can go to an Event in one of the states listed, my Codes are worthless? That doesn't seem right. ,  Debbie M, NY

9038 Refund on Kevin Trudeau books (6/22/2016 11:34:58 AM):  The FTC has been investigating the false claims made by Kevin Trudeau in his infomercial, to sell his book, "The Weight Loss Cure". Refunds are now available to anyone who bought the book via the infomercial. The link is F, CA

9040 Sam's CLub - Famous Amos double chocolate chip coo (6/22/2016 12:34:36 PM):  Sam's Club has Famous Amos Double Chocolate chip cookies - 42 ct - for $5.91 (.14 each). This is less than half the normal price. You can order online for store pick up at that price, but if you have them shipped to you, they are $10.32. Here is the link: S, OH

9046 $119- Better Homes desk (6/22/2016 1:12:31 PM):  Better Homes and Gardens desk, $119 with free shipping or free in store pick up: B, MD

9048 USAA Hack (6/22/2016 1:15:53 PM):  Continuing saga of our USAA hack. Got an email this AM telling me that the credit card I had requested expedited to me was on the way. We had not requested another credit card, so another call to USAA Fraud Dept. It was supposed to be going to the address that had been entered into the account on Mon. night. Now have all sorts of new security measures to use for the account & new account numbers. About an hour later the credit card showed up at my front door. Another call to USAA-apparently when I changed the address back to us on Mon. the "requested" credit card was sent to us instead of the hacker's address. I have spent way too much time on this over the last couple of days. ,  Linda B, FL

9049 Walgreens Garnier Fructis Shampoo/Conditioner (6/22/2016 1:16:04 PM):  Walgreens has their Garnier Fructis Shampoo and Conditioner on sale for 3/$9. I bought 3 and used 3 $2 Coupons from RP 6/5. Total came to $3.25 after using the coupons. I used 3000 points. Paid 25 cents. Received 3000 points for buying 3. Basically free except for tax.,  Janice H, TX

9050 $40- 9 ft patio umbrella (6/22/2016 1:18:39 PM):  Mission crank 9' patio umbrellas $39.97, reg. $200. Shipping is free with BRADFREE20.'+crank+umbrella?ranMID=36061Tricia B, MD

9052 Swag Code (6/22/2016 2:05:21 PM):  Swag Code! Enter "StoneColdSB" in the Swag Code box until 2pm PDT/5pm EDT to earn 6 SB! (It said 6 SB, I only received 5 SB!!),  Nicole Y, WA

9058 FOY Gifthulk (6/22/2016 3:24:15 PM):  27vfvoq4l 25 coins 2 users,  Lacinda T, IA

9060 31SBWins (6/22/2016 4:07:26 PM):  Until 4pm PT for bonus Swagbucks. I think it was 5.,  Diane J. D, ME

9063 Meijers (6/22/2016 4:32:28 PM):  We may be getting a Meijers store here. How do you pronounce this? Is the "j" silent?,  Linda S, WI

9064 Wheel of fortune (6/22/2016 5:51:24 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: AS7435053 Bonus Round Puzzle: WINDOW FRAME,  Rhonda K, FL

9066 Swag Code (6/22/2016 6:15:58 PM):  Swag Code Alert! Enter "SundaeSocial" in the Swag Code box until 6pm PDT/9pm EDT to earn 6 SB!,  Nicole Y, WA

9067 Saving Star (6/22/2016 6:19:04 PM):  I just finished a $15 purchase with Frito Lay and got $3 in credit. It also said that I could get a $2 Boost reward by sharing my email address with Frito lay. I clicked on Share Email, filled out the info and sent it but haven’t received anything in return, neither the confirmation nor $2 credit. Is there anything else that needs to be done to receive the $2 boost reward for my $15 purchase with Frito Lay? ,  Rosalie S, PA

9077 independance day (6/22/2016 9:19:14 PM):  If you are planning to see Independence Day: Resurgence, check with your local theater. At the bottom of an email from Regal Cinemas there was a ad for a special double feature on THURSDAY, 6/24 ONLY of the original Independence Day followed by the D3D version of Independence Day: Resurgence! They're offering a special price on popcorn and drink as well. You may have to call box office to find out if your location is participating. I could not find anything about it on but went back and reread my email. HTH!,  Brenda A, MD

9084 (6/23/2016 5:32:05 AM):  Use code JUMBO to make certificates $1.99, today only! B, MD

9087 Solar Screens...can anyone (6/23/2016 6:13:23 AM):  recommend ways to save on getting them? Also, any information on how much you actually decrease an electric bill by having them? I've tried to read online.....but haven't decided if its worth the trouble and/or expense...would love some feedback from the money savers here :),  Cindy T, TX

9088 Shopmium (6/23/2016 6:59:15 AM):  I just received a email from that said Shopmium is part of them and you can get cash back for buying products. Does anyone do this one is it like savings star? ,  Nora W, MI

9089 $40 -girls Uggs (6/23/2016 7:55:17 AM):  Kids ivy geometric Uggs, reg. $109.95, now $39.99. Sizes 1-6. Shipping is free on $50 or when you buy at least 2 items: B, MD

9092 Twinkle Clothes (6/23/2016 9:17:39 AM):  Does anyone have a phone number for them ? I have been waiting a long time for my clothes,,,  Karen F, PA

9093 Maybelline Mascara @ CVS (6/23/2016 9:28:46 AM):  On Monday, Michele posted a deal @ CVS for Maybelline NY The Colossal Spider Effect Mascara. In addition to the $10 off $30 in cosmetics in the app, I also found a $1.50 off $4 of mascara, nail polish, lipstick, foundation or blush - no brand listed. Not sure if everyone got this but if you did it will help if you're not able to round up all 4 coupons.,  Cindy S, TX

9094 Printing on (6/23/2016 9:51:22 AM):  Has anyone been able to print coupons without putting in a mobile phone #. I do not have a cell phone that I can text on. Also when it say to install the coupon printer app are they talking about on your cell phone or on a computer. I tried to re-install it on my computer and I still can't print. I am not too computer savvy to figure this out.,  Ann P, IN

9098 Windows 10 (6/23/2016 10:11:21 AM):  I have windows 8 and the way my son set it up on my computer it is about to expire. I am now and then getting a pop up on the lower left on my screen to get a free upgrade to windows 10. I am very tempted to do it as he may not get here in time to help me. Can anyone tell me if this is legit and how easy is it? Will I like it? ,  Susan E, WI

9113 Walgreens (6/23/2016 2:22:53 PM):  found in clearance section Windex marked $2. there is a deal this week, if you buy 4 you get a $4RR. Did this deal 2x. then bought other stuff with the $8 in RR. ,  Virginia V, FL

9114 Dollar Tree (6/23/2016 2:30:42 PM):  Thanks Paula for posting about the clip to cart bags at Dollar Tree. What a buy! I love these already.,  Jane B, TX

9119 Ink cartridges (6/23/2016 3:59:29 PM):  Which store has the best deal on submitting empty ink cartridges? And how does it work?,  Pat P, NC

9120 Baltimore & other Medival times codes (6/23/2016 4:26:15 PM):  I found this deal for $37 for Medieval times in Maryland: However, then I did some googling and found tickets even cheaper. The code TWEETSUM made tickets $34. The code SMR16 made them $36. These coupons will work at other Medieval Times. They may be varying amounts. The absolute cheapest coupon, which is supposedly only for the Baltimore area ME, is TBT16 which makes tickets $33!,  Tricia B, MD

9121 Swagbucks email for razors (6/23/2016 4:29:19 PM):  I got an email from Swagbucks yesterday: Sign up for any package and receive 1,000 SB instantly (that's enough for a $10 gift card)! Stay with Dollar Shave Club for 3 months and earn 1,500 SB!* The cheapest club is $1 with $2 shipping, so you can get 1000 points for a $3 purchase. Not a bad deal.,  Tricia B, MD

9122 Kohls (6/23/2016 4:41:16 PM):  Does anyone know of any Kohl's codes?,  Debra E, AL

9125 Swag Code (6/23/2016 5:04:50 PM):  SwagButton Swag Code Alert! Enter CashItIn in the Swag Code box until 5pm PDT/8pm EDT to earn 4 SB!,  Rhonda K, FL

9126 Swag Code (6/23/2016 5:10:27 PM):  Swag Code Alert! Enter "CashItIn" in the Swag Code box until 5pm PDT/8pm EDT to earn 4 SB!,  Nicole Y, WA

9127 Nestle Candy deal (6/23/2016 5:11:45 PM):  Thank you Cindy for your post. I missed this one,  Debra D, CA

9129 lipstick (6/23/2016 5:39:52 PM):  I don't know if this should be on Off Topic and it certainly isn't earth shaking but I could use some advice from you lovely ladies. Does any one know of a drug store lipstick that doesn't dry out your lips, stays on and isn't too expensive? Thanks for all your help.,  Sharon S, NY

9130 Wheel of fortune (6/23/2016 5:48:23 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: SB7059168 Bonus Round Puzzle: ECHOING VOICES,  Rhonda K, FL

9137 Free Shutterfly 8x8 Photo Book (6/23/2016 7:26:51 PM):  Create a FREE 8x8 photo book and relive your best summer memories year-round. Here’s how: 1. Sign up or sign in at 2. Enter your promo code; it will save to your Shutterfly account 3. Apply your code at checkout by 7/31/16 PHOTO BOOK PROMO CODE: Enter this code at KEA2-3X62-P6GU-3JDWU6 Please post if/when used. TY! :),  Lisa F, TX

9138 Another Free Shutterfly 8x8 Book (6/23/2016 7:33:12 PM):  Create a FREE 8x8 photo book and relive your best summer memories year-round. Here’s how: 1. Sign up or sign in at 2. Enter your promo code; it will save to your Shutterfly account 3. Apply your code at checkout by 7/31/16¥ PHOTO BOOK PROMO CODE: Enter this code at KEA2-0TDS-WX7U-G5CNZD Please post if/when used. TY! :),  Lisa F, TX

9141 Susan T. TX - Grab Bags (6/23/2016 9:14:46 PM):  Susan, these were near the front of my little Dollar Tree, on the endcap on the bottom shelf. Can't remember what was above them, but nothing that would make you think the Grab Bags would be in that spot. Glad everyone is finding them! I finally posted a really good deal! lol!,  Paula T. T, TN

9145 Walgreens sunblock (6/24/2016 7:34:00 AM):  The cheapest sunblock I found was $4.99 each. What ones did Michele get? ,  Judy B B, LA

9146 Walgreens Sunscreen? (6/24/2016 7:34:34 AM):  Did anyone else find the Walgreens Sunscreen posted on Michele's page? Here it is $8.79 for 1, so it would be $8.79 + $4.39 = $13.18 - $2 is $11.18, or $5.59 each.....I was planning to stock up, but that doesn't seem like a great price for off brand sunscreen!,  Lisa S, OH

9147 $2/bag mulch at Lowe's (6/24/2016 7:47:35 AM):  Mulch is $2 a bag at Lowe's again thru 6/29: Order online, go thru points site and pick up in store! ,  Tricia B, MD

9151 New York no longer nbpr (6/24/2016 10:22:32 AM):  Does anyone know why NY was removed from most of the beer rebate forms? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!!,  Audrey S, NY

9157 LifeLock (6/24/2016 11:50:10 AM):  Does anyone subscribe to LifeLock? We are considering, but they are quite expensive.,  Angela Z, NY

9159 Walmart Savingscatcher (6/24/2016 1:05:09 PM):  Is anyone having trouble when entering receipt that it comes up already submitted by another person. I have had 4 receipts come up at different times. The receipts have never left my sight and then you loose the chance to submit them.,  Vicki D, MI

9160 mystery shop question (6/24/2016 1:14:55 PM):  I've seen occasional posts about mystery shopping. I would like to look into it. Any guidance about where to start or what to expect (when you can keep what you buy, how to get assignments, how much it pays, etc) would be appreciated.,  Andrea C, MD

9161 Chick-fil-a Cow Day (6/24/2016 1:22:52 PM):  Tuesday, July 12, is cow day. Wear any cow item and receive a free entree. This year, you do not get a free meal. Go to their website for more details.,  Janice H, TX

9167 M & M free coupons (6/24/2016 2:51:42 PM):  Where is everyone finding the M& M candies that are good on the FREE coupon we received--coffee nut, Honey Nut and Chili nut flavors?? Looked at Ralphs and Walmart...anyone have any luck finding these??,  Leah D, CA

9170 Wording on rebate check?! (6/24/2016 3:40:09 PM):  I received my rebate check today from the Colorstay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel satisfaction guarantee. I just mailed it on 6/14, so that’s super fast, but it has the wording below written on the back of the check and my rebate amount was handwritten in the ___ space. I’ve never seen this before. Thoughts?? “In consideration of this payment for ___, endorsement of this check constitutes release of all claims, known or unknown, which endorser has or may hereafter have against Revlon Consumer Products Corporation, its parents, subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, employees, representatives, agents and assigns (“Revlon”) arising out of the incident referred to in any communication between the endorser and Revlon at any time prior to the endorsement of this check.” ,  Heather G, PA

9171 Nielsen (6/24/2016 3:44:11 PM):  I received an email from Pinch me asking to join Nielsen or NCP for surveys. Has anyone done these and what all is involved? I see a lot of surveys and is it worth doing? Please let me know.,  Trisha A, TX

9176 $20 shipped- 10 pc glass storage set (6/24/2016 4:53:11 PM):  Anchor Hocking 10 pc glass storage set, reg. $50, now $24.99. Use code BRADFREE to make the set $19.99 with free shipping. www. I have this set and really like it. ,  Tricia B, MD

9178 Mystery Shopping (6/24/2016 5:36:24 PM):  First, you won't get rich, but it's a nice supplement to my retirement, paying for vacations and other extras. You can keep what you buy in almost all shops. How much you earn depends on how much you want to work and how many jobs are available in your area. It's a good way to earn a little extra money while keeping a flexible schedule. ,  Nancy E, LA

9182 Kohls cash (6/24/2016 6:07:56 PM):  I emailed Kohls yesterday because I didn't receive an email containing my $20 Kohls cash for a recent online order. When they responded today, they sent me Kohls cash valid June 20 - 26, which gives me only a couple days to spend it. So, emailed again about the short shopping time and received a response that they've changed their policy and the stores will accept it for 10 days after the expiration date. This is news to me, but I'm pleased ,  Teresa S, CA

9191 Fandango movie deal (6/24/2016 8:20:36 PM):  Use code APPLEPAY1 for $3 off movie tickets at $3 off whether you buy 1 or 4 tickets (unless you buy tickets separately with different Fandango accounts/emails and use the code.) You do not need to buy with Apple pay to get the deal. ,  Tricia B, MD

9192 $9.99- 180 Nature Made gummie vitamins (6/24/2016 8:28:08 PM):  3pk Nature Made Immune Complex Adult Gummy Multivitamins, 60 count each, $9.99 with free shipping. Deal ends tonight. B, MD

9201 Shutterfly 40% off ends July 31 (6/25/2016 7:45:09 AM):  7frte8f4kd77s9k26k 7frt49vnmfr4cts8zz ,  Helen F M, VA

9204 Shopping at Kohl's (6/25/2016 9:05:04 AM):  I'm done shopping at the Kohl's store for my clothes. I had $10 Kohl's cash they sent me out of the blue, so I ordered a pair of shorts on line with of course 30% off and free shipping, plus the cash. Ended up paying $13 for a $40 pair of shorts. (Who pays $40 for shorts? Ridiculous.) Anyway, I checked the size chart and it looked like XL would fit, but all the reviews said they run big, so I ordered Large. HA! No way, crazy big, even a Medium may have been big. Geez, I realize we're having this obesity epidemic, but can't somewhat normal sized people buy clothes using a normal size chart? BTW, I'm 5'10" and weigh 160. In the meantime, I got ANOTHER $10 Kohl's cash in my email, only good in the store. So fine, I take the shorts back, they give me store credit for the original Kohl's cash and I look around to at least spend the soon-to-expire $10 in my email, and maybe hopefully to spend the entire $20 of free money. HAHA, what's that expression about there's no free lunch? Couldn't find any shorts that weren't ridiculously too short or too long. Found a few cute T shirts and tank tops, but when you hold them up to the light you can see your hand thru them. Cheap junk! The few shirts I ended up trying on were cut weird and looked stupid. Man, what a PITA! Is there no quality control? So I ended up grabbing $10.80 worth off the clearance rack, paid with my email and got the hell out of there. I'll return them for store credit later on when I feel like it. I can always use it online where they have Tek Gear stuff in tall sizes, I know those are good quality and fit well. Or maybe I'll take a quick look in men's for t-shits or sweat pants for my DH. We'll see. Do you still shop for clothing at Kohl's? What's been your experience?,  Linda B. B, CA

9211 Mystery Shopping (6/25/2016 11:49:07 AM):  I like to do the phone mystery shops. I only do $5.00 + ones. I always try to get at least two at a time. Some offer $2.00. Never do those. Just not worth the trouble. Pay is usually a month later.,  Mary M, TX

9212 mystery shopping (6/25/2016 12:03:29 PM):  i thought this might be interesting to try, so i went to volition, as was recommended. somebody said to sign up for as many companies as you can - but there's, like, 8000 companies! can anybody recommend some of the best to sign up with? i did join one that does amusement parks/entertainment venues, but most of it's shops are in socal, with only a couple (not near me) here in norcal. kind of disappointing! but if someone with experience could guide us to the best companies, that would be VERY appreciated!...,  Donna M, CA

9221 Refridgerator (6/25/2016 3:31:59 PM):  I am looking to buy a french door fridge with the water and ice in the door. I am getting really scared, a lot of negative reviews of Samsung, LG and a few others. I MUST have an ice and water dispenser. Right now I have a Maytag side by side which with our new eating of more veggies and fruits is too small. Any feedback would be appreciated.,  Carla B, OH

9225 Missing RedBox Code JollyTime (6/25/2016 6:32:24 PM):  I purchased 3 SMP boxes of Jolly Time PopCorn says FREE RedBox rental code "inside" box Good thru Jan 1017 Printed on an inside flap "Here Is Your Redbox Code" and an empty space where the code should have been was blank :-( I opened the 3rd box it had a code I will be contacting Jolly Time monday ,  Ann A, NC

9228 bottom sheets (6/25/2016 8:02:10 PM):  I need a queen size bottom sheet. Can't seem to find one. HELP,  Karen F, PA

9232 College Dorm stuff. (6/26/2016 5:22:55 AM):  If you are sending someone off to college, Aldi has a Memory foam mattress topper for 34.99 and it is available in XL twin. That is a fantastic price for a memory foam topper. Most college beds need a little something extra to make them comfy. Also a wire storage cube for 12.99 and a two pack of the cloth bins for the cube for 4.99. Those are good prices. ,  Doreen S, MI

9233 Free shipping (6/26/2016 6:58:12 AM):  Any free shipping codes for kohls?,  Chris L, OH

9234 Free shipping (6/26/2016 6:58:34 AM):  Any free shipping codes for kohls?,  Chris L, OH

9238 Staples .01 paper and 25% back in rewards (6/26/2016 9:08:51 AM):  Staples has .01 reams of Hammermill paper this week after rebate and coupon (limit 4). Staples also has 25% back in rewards with coupon. Not sure if this can be combined with the .01 reams of paper.....just a reminder not to use your rewards on an order you want to get the 25% rewards back.,  Lisa S, OH

9242 Swagbucks New? Hefty Offer (6/26/2016 10:32:25 AM):  Just got an email from Swagbucks with an offer to purchase 2 packages of Hefty trashbags and get 1,000 points. Offer expires June 30, so very shortdated. Limited one per customer. I did the same offer last month with an expiration date of May 31. How can I contact Swagbucks to see if these are two different offers and if I can do both of them? Thanks! ,  Sharon T, TN

9245 Swag Code (6/26/2016 11:33:16 AM):  Swag Code Alert! Enter "JuneFavs" in the Swag Code box until 12pm PDT/3pm EDT to earn 2 SB!,  Nicole Y, WA

9246 $41 - New Balance Men's running shoes (6/26/2016 12:18:58 PM):  New Balance 1980 Men's Running shoes, reg. $99.99, now $39.99. $1 shipping with code DOLLARSHIP coupon code. $41 shipped: B, MD

9248 $20 - Craftsman outdoor chair (6/26/2016 12:43:18 PM):  Craftsman Padded foldable Chair, reg.$36.99, now $19.99. Free store pick up, or order two for free shipping: B, MD

9250 Deals (6/26/2016 1:31:32 PM):  Pretty Lame deals today. I just didn't see much out there. I spent just a few dollars. I bought Crest at Wags and Sure at CVS and I think that was about all. ,  Susan B, SC

9254 ROAK (6/26/2016 5:43:56 PM):  I have a Penneys coupon good for $10 off $10. Good on apparel, shoes, acessories, jewelry, home. The on-line code is MORESAVE and the serial number is 422938130. Exp. 7-4. I hope someone can use this.,  Geri P, WI

9255 coffee table set (6/26/2016 7:59:44 PM): 3 piece coffee table set for $52.19 or less. I got this a couple weeks ago for $66 then the price dropped and I got a $15 points refund (yay!) I got it shipped free since they keep extending my shop your way max trial for some reason!? It's a nice looking set for a reasonable price. You must put legs on, but very easy. I think it looks like a more expensive set, others who reviewed it don't agree-so YMMV.,  Laurie D, DE

9257 Extra Shop Your Way points for Home purchases (6/26/2016 9:00:02 PM):  Kmart and Sears are offering $5 in SYW points when you buy a minimum of $5 in a home category purchase. For instance, these sewing scissors are $5.79 and you get extra $5.00 back in SYW points: Or here is a Cannon flat sheet, $5.99 for Twin or Twin XL, $7.99 for full or $12.99 for queen size, and you get $5 extra back in SYW points: (I think someone was looking for a queen flat sheet recently and these get good reviews, so here you go!) These are just two examples, but there are many more. If you are not sure if an item will qualify, look at where it says: "Eligible for Shop Your Way Points" on the item's page. Click there, and it will say how many points you will get for the purchase.,  Tricia B, MD

9259 MM @rite Aid on (6/26/2016 11:45:47 PM):  Wylers. Buy 3 1.00/.80 gold get 2.00 pts & use 1.00/3 coupon from past SS,  Janice L, WA

9262 FREE 8x10 Art Print @ (6/27/2016 5:40:47 AM):  BF2L-DT58-TES4-TS0ED2 *Offer expires June 30, 2016 (11:59 P.M. PT). Offer is good for one free 8x10 art print on signature cardstock through or our mobile-friendly site. Promo can only be redeemed once per account and/or billing address. This offer code can only be entered once. Taxes, shipping and handling will apply. Alternatively, customer may apply the current price of an 8x10 art print on signature cardstrock (after taking into account any current discounts on toward the purchase of a larger larger art print, framed or pearl finish art print. Not valid on 5x7 or 8x8 art prints, prepaid plans, other products, prior purchases and orders made on the Shutterfly apps. Cannot be redeemed for cash or combined with select offers or credits. Not valid for resale. We reserve the right to modify or replace any part of these terms and conditions without notice.,  Maria S, NY

9263 Savings star (6/27/2016 7:00:25 AM):  Is anyone else having problems logging into savingstar? My antivirus keeps blocking something called, but I don't think that is the correct website. when I try to get in, all I get is a blank page, with the popup saying it's being blocked. ,  Gloria S, WI

9264 Extra Gum .75 coupon (6/27/2016 9:05:29 AM):  I have been looking for a deal to use the 35 ct Extra gum coupons and they have the packs on sale 2 for $4 at Walgreens this week and they were 1.98 a pack at Walmart last night. I bought coupons not realizing they were a bigger package so I have been hunting for a deal to put them away for stocking stuffers and college care packages.,  Susie R, MD

9269 Acme Doritos Deal (6/27/2016 10:09:28 AM):  If you haven't used your free coupons from Lays, Acme has Doritos buy 1/one free this week. I was able to get four bags for free by using both coupons.,  Charlene T, NJ

9270 shutterfly code (6/27/2016 10:10:27 AM):  The shutterfly code for a free 8"x 8" photo book has been extended to July 28. AFREEBOOK ,  Helen F M, VA

9271 Kimberly Clark rebate (6/27/2016 10:19:17 AM):  Are any of the listed retailers in southern California?,  Frances K, CA

9273 Costco members get free membership @ Sam's (6/27/2016 10:56:35 AM):  According to the Sam's Club twitter account, your Costco card is now your Sam's Club card thru July 4. In other words, if you have a Costco card, show it at Sam's and have a free membership for a week. Apparently there is no surcharge/upcharge either. B, MD

9275 $30 shipped- Men's Asics (6/27/2016 11:15:52 AM):  ASICS Men's GEL-Excite 3 Running Shoe, including wide sizes. $29.99 with free shipping: B, MD

9278 $19 - Pet water fountain (6/27/2016 12:03:33 PM):  Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain, $18.98, reg. $49.99: Free shipping on $49 or with Prime.,  Tricia B, MD

9279 Pampers codes (6/27/2016 12:39:32 PM):  Good for all FB6SUMMERTIME16 10 pts. TWJE245SUMMER16 5 pts. expire 6/30,  Susan P, PA

9280 Woman Within (6/27/2016 1:54:15 PM):  I just got a catalog from them - Woman Within -- and am considering ordering. Those of you that do or have ordered from them -- are you satisfied with the quality? is the sizing pretty consistent? Prices seem reasonable. Looking forward to some feedback. Thanks.,  Sue S, MN

9282 submitting for Double Money Back Guarantee (6/27/2016 2:57:19 PM):  In late May, I ordered a package of Always Discreet briefs, among other things, from I used a clipless coupon worth $2. Plus a $10 savings for Visa Checkout since my order was more than $50 before taxes. The base price of Discreet was $19.99. But when I got the invoice with my order, the final cost was listed as $14.53 after prorating the $10 savings & $2 clipless coupon used. Is that the price I can base my double money back guarantee on. This product doesn't absorb as well as another brand does. I'm having to change maximum absorbency very frequently to keep from sitting in wet briefs! My skin is very sensitive to urine.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

9283 CVS/RA free Lays (6/27/2016 3:16:34 PM):  Both CVS & RA have b1 g1 Lays products. Use the free Lays cpn & get 2 free or 4 free if you have 2 cpns.,  Barb M, NJ

9284 kellogg's rewards (6/27/2016 3:49:50 PM):  apparently, kellogg's will no longer offer $5 starbucks cards as rewards. i had not received my secret codes from the order i made 6 weeks ago, & just received an email from them. they reinstated my 14000 points, which was ok, but i REALLY would prefer my starbucks cards! so now have to check out the other rewards.....,  Donna M, CA

9285 Is this correct?? (6/27/2016 4:01:56 PM):  You can make a small profit on Dove Shampoo & Conditioner at CVS this week. Here's how: Michelle has listed today this good deal below but on the picture on her update page it shows $2 ECB-limit one-- not $5--am I missing something?? Dove Shampoo or Conditioner $4.99 B1G50% off 1 - buy 2 for $7.48 - $5 ECB wyb 2, limit 1 - $3/2 (RP 6/12) FP 2 free + profit,  Leah D, CA

9286 coupon database (6/27/2016 4:04:26 PM):  Am I the only one having trouble accessing it? I keep getting kicked back to the login screen when I click the database,  Judy B B, LA

9288 $19.49- $25 Fandango gift card (6/27/2016 5:06:21 PM):  Bj's has $25 Fandango gift cards for $19.49 with free shipping. No upcharge for non-members. B, MD

9289 $5 Elsa plush doll (6/27/2016 5:16:55 PM):  $5 Frozen Elsa Soft Plush Doll! Was $19.97. Free in store pick up. B, MD

9292 replacement lays coupon (6/27/2016 5:32:38 PM):  has everyone received their Lay's replacement coupon..I never called them about it..should i call or are they going out to everyone even if you did'tcall,  Leah D, CA

9295 Wheel of fortune (6/27/2016 6:17:32 PM):  $5,000 Spin ID: KC1768776 Bonus Round Puzzle: SUBWAY PLATFORM,  Rhonda K, FL

9299 Walgreens (6/27/2016 7:18:19 PM):  Those are great $3 coupons on Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail products, but my store won't discount a coupon anymore; they told me this at least a year ago and when I asked a few weeks ago, they said sorry, no. So YMMV.,  Sheila L, NV

9300 Walgreens (6/27/2016 7:26:52 PM):  Forgot to say that I did buy the Wags brand sunscreen last week and the deal worked for me, even tho the store sticker said "buy 2 for $5 and save $2 w/store coupon, final price 2 for $3" and had no mention of b1g1 50% off. I did get them for 88¢ each! I got all excited when I saw some Sally Hansen gel nails marked down to $2.49 but then remembered that our store will not come down on coupon price. ,  Sheila L, NV

9301 Mirror-Replacing Glass (6/27/2016 8:16:12 PM):  Super Excited. Purchased two clearance huge mirrors reg price $198 for $60 each to go above nightstands in master bedroom. Very heavy, proceeded to drop one and break glass. So, ideas on the cheapest place to replace glass in a mirror? ,  Cindy T, TX

9303 $920 after rebate- 36 cubic inch fridge (6/27/2016 8:36:14 PM):  Samsung RF26HFENDSR 36 Inch French Door Refrigerator with 25.5 cu. ft. Capacity, was $1799, now $995. Free delivery AND you can also send for a $75 rebate!! 2% back thru Ebates!! B, MD

9304 Pampers codes (6/27/2016 8:36:24 PM):  Good for all FB6SUMMERTIME16 10 pts. TWJE245SUMMER16 5 pts. expire 6/30,  Susan P, PA

9319 CFA Dress like a cow (6/28/2016 5:39:12 AM):  Please read the rules for Dress like a cow day- this year you can only get an entree, and it's only til 7 oclock at night. ,  Angela B, NV

9321 coke codes (6/28/2016 6:31:06 AM):  RAFF9OLLOM4JXW 5JLHVV6N5FN597 NJPNV7JT6PK7KL 7LV7H556HOX9BL OWONNX4RK9N6MJ 9LK9VWJ6VWVW64 R599W56P765PJ4 4RNLB5MVOWKNVO 9RVJVVFOTBMFKT ,  Beatrice C, MA

9322 FREE Notepad or 16x20 Poster @ (6/28/2016 6:31:09 AM): CODE: kh77-d7dm-23x9-mgg2nb exp 6/30/16 offer good for 1 free 16x20 print or collage poster or 1notepad.,  Maria S, NY

9324 any printable Kohls' (6/28/2016 6:44:16 AM):  coupons out there? I never shop there and see something for grandson.,  Sandra F, PA

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