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Deal Divas 3

"I did an amazing job last week at CVS. I got charcoal for 75% off, I had $2 off coupons. I was able to get 45 bags of charcoal for FREE! Matchlite was $1.87 and Kingsford was $1.67 a bag. My little angles will be busy on the grill. The Johnson and Johnson coupons made the First Aid kits FREE, and I will be ready to use them." Carol Wolfe, IN
"My 16 year old granddaughter helped me arrange all the razors that I "bought"  recently at Rite Aid.  They were on sale B1G1F ($8.99 for 2) and I used two $4 coupons for each two razors = $.99 plus a lot of tax.   My DH and I traveled to quite a number of Rite Aids on our search.  The disposables were purchased 14 at a time (@ $1.29) = $18.06 and I used 6 $3 Schick coupons = $18.00 - thanks to the original poster (op) for the tip.  Paid $.06 plus a lot of tax.  These are going into our garage sale with some of them to the local food pantry." Jean T., NY
"This is my haul during our double coupon days at Kmart. After coupons and rebates on the Pantene (which is not pictured) and the Biz out of pocket is $13.00!!! While hunting for deals, the demonstrator for Chef Michaels dog food and I started talking about couponing. She enlightened me about a Kmart coupon book that is available at the service desk. I went to explore the possibilities with the coupon book and found I could get free Secret (free after doubling) , toilet bowl cleaner (free after doubling), and fabric softener for only 50 cents after doubling the instore coupons!! I separated orders to take advantage of the $3 & $5 off purchase coupons that were printing out after each sale. I had a blast!! hope you had a blast too!! cant wait for the next double coupon days!!!" Natalie B Mt Vernon, Il
"I got all this for $4.89. I was so excited even though it was really much. I did it in 3 orders. my 1st order was 2 Bic packs pens on sale for .99 cents I use a $1.00 off 2 coupon. That made them both $1.00. 1 Colgate  360 toothbrush on sale for $2.99 used a .40 cent coupon. This produced a $3.00 RR. and 1 Reach Floss on sale for $2.99, used $1.00 coupon. This produced a $2.00 RR. Used a $5 RR left over from last week making my 1st total $1.20.  My 2nd order was 2 packs Jello on sale with Walgreens coupon 2/$1 I had a coupon for .50/2 making them both .50. 1 Reach Floss on sale for 2.99. Used a $1 coupon it produced a $2 RR. 1 thing salt on sale 2/$1. Used the $3RR from the Colgate making my total .66. My 3rd order was2 Tag deo $4.99 has a $2.00 coupon and a b1g1 coupon  making them both $3. 2 Secret deo on sale for $1.99 with Walgreens coupon. Had $1 secret coupons making them .99. 2 things of salt for fillers.(was needing some anyways). Used the 2 RR from the floss making my total $3.03. I was excited since I kinda stopped doing deals for a while. Planning another trip this weekend!" - Yvonne Byrd
"Walgreens had a good deal this week: Get a free 20oz. Coke Zero with purchase of 2 single Hershey candy packages. I didn't think much of it until I remembered that there had been coupons for 55-cents off Reese's candy (a Hershey's product) AND buy-one-get-one-free coupons for Reese's too. I looked through my coupons and found three of each kind of coupon. I used them all to get 10 Reese's candy packages and 5 Coke Zero bottles. The Reese's candy cost 70-cents each. I then went to Ebay and bought 20 more coupons for 55-cents off Reese's candy, thinking that I could give the candy away for Halloween. I'll be drinking the Coke myself! I put the order in on Wednesday and hoped that the coupons would arrive at least by Saturday. Sure enough, the coupons arrived Saturday afternoon. So off I went to Walgreens that afternoon. The store was not busy at all--maybe because the first OU game was on TV then. I was able to use all 20 coupons to buy 20 Reese's candy packages and 10 bottles of Coke Zero, leaving plenty on the shelves. I spent $6.33 including tax. That is really exciting because I don't think I'll need to buy any candy for trick-or-treaters this Halloween." Jennifer R. Claremore, OK
"Albertsons was having a big Kellogg's Fuel for School promo: buy 10 items for $30, use store coupon for $10 off and submit rebate for another $10 and your final cost is 10 items for $10. I knew I could do better with that after using coupons!! I found 3 different Fuel for School promos so my goal was to do this in 3 different transactions. I ended up with the following: 
3 boxes Rice Krispies
3 boxes Cocoa Krispies
6 boxes Rice Krispie Treats
2 boxes Special K Crackers
4 boxes Nutri Grain Bars
6 boxes Poptarts
2 packages Keebler cookies
4 boxes Special K Bars 
I also used my free chocolate coupons to get 3 bags of Peanut M&Ms and the Huggies coupons to get 4 pkgs of flushable wipes for 14 cents each (the wipes were from Walmart). That's the only item in the picture that my 5 month old son Cole will use :-)  
My total OOP after rebates will be $9.39 - a great deal for a bunch of things my teenage daughter will need anyway for volleyball and cheerleading snacks! I'm a happy camper and so is my family. My sister was on the June '09 cover of Refund Cents so I had to send this in to surprise her - it's a family bonding that we all share deals!!" Paula Taylor
"KMART double coupon's my total for the week...........

Well I was one of the lucky ones where my Kmart welcomes coupons and doesnt have a limit to how many coupons you can use in a transaction and loves the fact of using them so armed with my coupons and the fact my nearest Kmart is over 45 minutes away, I made sure to stock up on coupons, I printed off coupons from everyplace I could find, friends houses, neighbors houses, work, church, home, the library anywhere I could find to get ready for what might have been the last of Kmart doubles. My Kmart is very well stocked and I drove the 45 minutes everyday of the week after work to go use my coupons. I also took advantage of the $10.00 off $100.00 coupon they had in the store and used that coupon first before manufacturer coupons and only bought things that were Free after coupon or nearly Free after coupon, I had to take several pictures of my weeks haul, and did a few small transactions at the end to use up all the $5.00 RR I got for spending more than $25.00 in HB products, I used those coupons seperate and got jumbo packs of diapers for $1.17 after tax and coupons, I went 6 times and used a $10.00 off $100.00 each order to soak up some of the OOP and some receipts reached over 6 foot long... my total out of pocket for the week was $63.19 and got over $1200.00 worth of stuff....."
Kathy Schrader

"Last Friday I made a quick trip to Target for cat food. I had just received the coupons I traded, and I decided to look for the Chef Michael's that would be free with coupons. I Grabbed a couple bags of cat food and a few of the Chef Michael's.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the BOGO can of Chef Michael's wet food coupon rang up for the price of the dry food bag. Combined with the $3 Chef Michael's Bag mfg. c/o and the Target $1.50 off Chef Michael's Dry food, and Target BOGO can Chef Michael's it created a huge overage. With this overage I was able to also get the cat food for free. I decided when I got home that I would challenge myself to see how well I could work this deal. I originally was only going to shop at Target, but on Friday I realized that I was still about $30 from my $100 total so I made a stop at CVS. All in all it made for a very successful week.My goal was to spend less than $100 in one week, how much I could get for that money and what I would save by doing so.So here is my final total for one week.
14- Trial Size bag Chef Michael's ($.50)
9- Small Bag Purina Healthful Life Cat Food ($2.14)
6- 4 lb. Bags Meow Mix ($3.57)
1- 3.15 lb bag Friskies ($3.57)
40- Medium Bags Chef Michael's ($4.26)
85- Cans Chef Michael's ($.89)
1- Big Grab Bag Funyun's ($.99)
3- 20 oz. Bottles Aquafina ($1.29)
36- Johnson's Buddies Soap ($.97)
1- Can Snawsome Dog Treats
24- 8oz Gerber Baby Bottles ($.99)
19- 4oz Gerber Baby Bottles ($.99)
4- Ceaser's Bistro Dog Food ($
8- Meow Mix Can Food ($
3- Archer Farm's Artisan Bread ($.85)
25- Glade Candle Tin's ($1.66)
2- 4 pack Glade Candle Tin Refills ($2.50)
3- Glade Soy Candles ($4.49)
9- Large Bags Chef Michael's ($9.24)
5- Various Size M&M's ($.59)
2- Sterlite 56qt Containers ($5.00)
2-24 count Tylenol 8 hr ($.47)
1- Theraflu 24 ct ($.39)
4- Value Packs Coppertone Neutrashield ($1.29)
1- Coppertone Neutrashield ($1.29)
12- Coppertone Sport ($.97)
2- CVS Key ring Sunscreen ($.29)
20- Glade Carpet Fresh Powder($1.66)
1- NYC Blush (.29)
1- Neutrogena Base ($1.29)
6- Kodak B&W Disposable Cameras ($.97)
2- 24 count CVS Junior Ibuprofen ($.39)
2- 40 Count CVS Allergy Relief ($.39)
List of Coupons used...
Free Trial Bag Chef Michael's
$3/1 Chef Michael's
BOGO Can Chef Michael's
$1/1 Glade Carpet Fresh Powder
$1.50/1 Glade Candle Tin
$3/1 Item from Glade Fragrance Collection
Free Glade Scented Oil Candle Refill When you buy Candle
BOGO Ceaser's Bistro
$1/4 Meow Mix Wet Food
$1 Snawsomes treats
Free Chocolate (free Chocolate Friday)
Target Printable...
BOGO Chef Michael's Can
$1.50/1 Bag Chef Michael's Dry Food
$1/1 Archer Farms Artisan Bread
$1/1 Gerber Feeding Accessory
$1/1 Johnson's Bath Product
CVS Coupon
$1.50/1 Coppertone Sunscreen
So the Grand totals...
Total before clearance and coupons- $1095.16
Total After Clearance and Coupons- $93.14
Total Savings- $1002.02
So my $100 dollars really stretched very well. I was so proud of how much I was able to get." Emily P

"My husband & I are working very hard toward me being a stay at home mom with our 6 month old daughter (I currently am blessed to only be working part time). This new way of shopping is definitely making a difference for our situation. I recently made this trip to Smith's our Kroger affiliate store and saved 66%!!! I spent $40.21 on everything you see in this picture; saving 80.59, plus I got a catalina for $3 off my next shopping trip! Smith's had this deal going on when you buy 10 participating items you get $5 off instantly at the register and you could do this as many times in one transaction as you wanted. I did the deal 3 times taking $15 off my final price. I had coupons for every participating item I purchased and to make the deal even sweeter I found 3 special ecoupon websites that Kroger affiliates participate in. These ecoupons that are loaded directly onto your Kroger card can be combined with a paper coupon! I was able to do this on nearly every item getting most for free and even making some money too!
Wanchai Ferry dinner kits x2
Natures Valley Nut Clusters x2
Natures Valley Granola Bars x5
Quaker Life cereal x2
Total cereal
Quaker instant oatmeal x2
SoBe Lifewater x2
SoBe Green Tea x6
A&H Baking Soda
Grands Biscuits x2
Always pads
Colgate toothpaste
Snickers Fudge candy bar
Yoplait Gogurt x4
Egg Roll Wrappers
Nectarines x2
Toaster Strudels x2
Baby food jars x4
Bread x2"
Kayla S.

"I have been driving everyone around me nuts with my excitement about the deals I've been getting lately.  It's great to know I've got this network out here going crazy with couponing like I am that is excited to hear my stories.  This quick trip to Walgreens provided $25.19 in savings!  I spent only $3.11 on everything!  I had $9 in RR then, I had 2 B1G1F coupons for the Glade fabric & air spray so I got both of those for free (I had to argue this one with them but finally they left the decision up to the register and the register was on my side)!  They had the Puffs on sale for $0.89, the A&H deodorant with in store coupon was $0.99, and the Dawn dish soap with in store coupon was $0.99 a piece and I had a coupon too.  Then the toothbrushes were buy 3 get $5 back in RR plus they were on sale and I had coupons for 2 of them.  This was really my first time doing a deal without any help and it felt great!" Kayla S.
"I am still perfecting the art ladies - but my two sweet children and I would like to share our good deal!!
Glade Sense and Spray x2 @9.99 for sale @2/10.00 - 4/1c/o and 3/1 c/o -$3.00 ECB back
Lunch bag @9.99 on sale @5.99
CoverGirl Mascara @4.99 - 1/1 c/o
USED:  4.00 ECB + CVS 4/20 = $6.17 + USED Gift Card free for two perscriptions = FREE (plus there were 3 coupons inside lunch bag!!)
Wags #1:
Huggies Wipes 64ct. x4 @3.29 - 2.00 (for each) Wags c/o - .50/1 Manu. c/o (x4)
3M Packaging Tape on sale @1.49 - .50/1 c/o
USED:  Cash (smile) = $5.18
Wags #2:
Lays Stax x2 @1.69 - .50/1 (for each) Wags c/o
Boxed cookies x3 @.99 on sale @.59
Listerine Kids x2 on sale @2/8.00 - BOGOF Manu. c/o - 1/1 (for each) Wags c/o - $3.00 RR back
Airwick Mini x2 @9.99 on sale @4.99 - 4/1(x2)
Tortilla Chips 2.00
Tylenol Extra Strength, 8Hr, and PM x6 @4.49 on sale @BOGOF - 2/1 Manu. c/o (x6)
Autumn Mix @1.39 - Wags in add coupon for .99
USED:  Cash (smile) = $11.55 (plus there were .50/1 Manu. c/o on 4 of the 6 Tylenol boxes that I'm keeping for later b/c my 2/1 were obviously much better)
TOTAL DEAL:  Over $116.18 orginally - $16.73 when you count ECB, RR, and use of gift card, sales, and coupons!!  Perhaps the best part is that I FINALLY found those Huggies Wipes that I had looked for!!!  I had almost given up that I would be able to do that deal!  Thanks for all of the wonderful help all you refund people give!! What a blessing!" Leanne Kelle
"The cookies are on sale for $1.75 and $2 each.
On the packages I found were $2/2 Keebler products.  You can combine this with the $2 milk coupon (i think the fuel for school booklet) when you buy any 2 Keebler products.

So I did this...

3 - $1.75
3 - $2
2 - milk at $1.99

Used 3 - $2/2 keebler product coupon
Used 2 - $2 milk coupons

My total was $1.25 for everything!

Now this may vary by store because you are technically already getting the milk for free, so It depends on the cashier if they will allow you to use the $2 milk coupon for overage.
When I walked out of the store, I realized I could've gotten another gallon of milk for free if I used another $2 coupon.  Oh well, live and learn!
Here is my little guy that is thrilled with all the cookies and milk he's gonna help me eat :)" Nichole E.
"I don't even have a baby, but I loved this deal with the $2 Walgreens coupon. I used a .50 manufacturer coupon along with the Walgreens $2 coupon and only paid .29 cents a piece for these. I used them all the time in the care when I am riding around in this hot Florida weather. I have been a member of RefundCents for a few years now and I really appreciate everyone who shares all the deals." Lisa G, FL
"I went to Kmart this morning and did the best I have ever done!   I paid $2.10 of which $1.85 was tax!   I also got back $8 in coupons to use on my next order!  My 11 yr. old daughter helped me and we are so excited.  Many of the things we bought were school supplies and everything we bought will be used this week.  We bought, 24 pack Crayola colored pencils, 4 loose leaf notebooks, sandwich bags, Rimmel mascara, Elmer's glue sticks, Mead Five star 5 subject notebook, 1 1/2 Binder. 2 packs of Wet Ones, Arm and Hammer dye free laundry detergent, Soft Soap Ensembles, 2 secret deodorants, 2 trident gum, High School musical pencil bag, Lacross exacta tweezers, and Cascade action pack for the dishwasher.  I almost shouted we were so excited when we got the total.  Thanks so much for your help in all you do." Cheryl P. Ohio
"I went to Kroger tonight and paid for NOTHING that is in the picture..
The receipt says I saved $66.00 and they paid me 3.56 in overage.
Here is a picture of all the great stuff and my son Isaiah.. he loooves yogurt and we got TONS of it..
The yogurt, toothpaste, johnson's baby bars, betty crocker delights were all free anyways with e-coupons and manufacturer coupons! and the rest was covered with $4.80 in bottle turn in money and $3 in catalina's from my last trip to kroger!  I was awesome, I have never gotten money back,  or even gotten everything for free!! I am a first timer with that and I owe it all to for teaching me the ropes!  I love all the tips, encouragement and great finds on your website!" Dora W.

"I'm in the midst of getting "The Binder" organized but I managed to get things in order enough to score at Walgreens! I made two trips to take full advantage of the great deals!
Trip #1
6 Skippy PB
4 Rice Krispie Treats (8 count)
2 Little Bites Mini Wheats
2 Nutri Grain cereal bars
2 boxes of Pop Tarts
Grand total (at sale prices) $38
- coupons worth $10 = $28
- $10 Kellogg's Rebate = $18
- $13 in register Rewards = $5 .....good but they were out of Ragu

So I made Trip #2 after work near my house:
2 Kellogg's Frosted Flakes
5 Rice Krispie Treats
5 Wags Activity Books
6 Ragu
Grand Total of $32
- coupons worth $6 = $26
- $13 in Register Rewards = $13

All the wonderful goodies in that picture for a whopping $18 and now I have a ton of Register Rewards to keep rolling! My "Boy Genius" was VERY happy to see what I brought home! It's good to be back at it. I've missed the good deal adrenaline rush!!! Happy shopping!!!"  ~Heather Greenwood (and my handsome model Joshie) Sacramento, CA

"I have been a member of Refund Cents for quite some time, and, in the past I've been in your print magazine buying $1000 worth of groceries for only $24 and change......but, I've been on a short break. After 13 years of trying, my husband and I had a baby. At age 40 and 50, it was quite a shock - but, such a blessing. Anyways, when the photostamp opportunity came up, I jumped on it. I think I bought all of the photostamps at both of my Walgreens here in Chico! Well, I bought about 20 boxes and I used RR items to lower the cost even more. Half of the boxes I bought only cost me $5.55 a piece. I was really excited that they would be costing me only $7.19, and, I would then be getting $8 each into my Upromise account, but, now that THAT has fizzled, I am still thrilled at all of the cute stamps of my little Eddie Santino. So, I wanted to share a picture of us both and the photostamps we got.
Additionally, I did the AXE movie ticket deal, and CVS actually paid me $1.47 for all the markers in the last picture. They didn't have the markers pictured on the coupons at the store, but the checker let me get the fat highlighters of the same brand that were .99 cents, and, I used my ECBs to pay for the rest and got $2.00 back. I've been so busy with my new little guy that I haven't had a chance to refund. But, now that I've started up again, I'm having a ball. Thanks Michelle!!" Nancy Raimer



"I wanted to share my little triumph at Kmart this morning. You and I know that not all Kmarts participate, and, Chico was one of the stores that never doubled anything. Well, this morning in the Kmart ad, there was a small section that advertised "up to $2 manufacture coupons doubled." Well, ofcourse, there are so many rules and restrictions in the fine print - like, only (10) coupons per day, and, only (4) of the same item, etc.....I was hesitant to even ask if they meant doubling UP TO $2 (so, you could only use up to $1 manufacturer coupons), or, doubling up to $2 (so, you could use up to $2 manufacturer coupons). But, I thought I'd give it a shot. I prepared all the $2 coupons that I had and when I got there I asked the customer service rep and she didn't know. She called a manager, and they didn't know. So, she offered to ring me up herself and force the matter if it didn't work since she didn't have an answer for me - but, she was leaving in an hour. No problem!!!! I scoured the aisles for products that I had $2 coupons for. I found five of them. I couldn't find alot of the products that I had coupons for??? Anyways, the customer service rep was still there when I finished and these are the items I got and how much it cost me:
Viva Paper towels (6-pk)
Huggies Overnights (27-pk)
Peter Pan Peanut Butter
Aveeno Shampoo
Pert Shampoo for Men (already sent for the rebate on this one, darn it)
Tag Spray for Men
and, Nivea Kid's Sunblock
Before coupons, $5159............And, after my double coupons, it cost me $24.81. I don't know how long this will last, but, I like it!!" Nancy Raimer

"Here are a few deals I got yesterday at Walgreens. 
I bought the Colgate first for $3.25 OOP and got back a $3 RR.
My next purchase was the 5 highlighters on sale for $1 each and used a $1 off coupon for each, the 2 Neosporins for $3.99 each, had 2-$1 off coupons and then scanned the $2 off each coupon from the wags activity book,
and then the child's plush football for $1. 
With all my coupons and the $3 RR the total came to $1.43 OOP but I got back a $4 RR from the Neosporin deal.  
Total for both transactions OOP $4.68
Got back $4 really only $0.68 for all of this!!!" Jill, Mo
"Walgreens had 200-ct. Dixie paper napkins on sale for $1.99 and that same Sunday there were coupons out for $1 off one package of Dixie napkins.  I couldn't get into Walgreens early in the week for this sale, but I knew that I could get a rain check if they were out.
By Friday, I made it to Walgreens and they were out of the Dixie napkins.  This happens often that they are out of a sale item.  Usually before I leave for the store, I will cut out of the sales flier the item that I want.  Then if Walgreens doesn't have it, I hand the cut-out to the cashier and she makes it into a rain check.  My Walgreens does not have "official" rain checks that they issue.  The cashier only writes the date, the store number, and her initials on it. 
I ended up back at Walgreens on Saturday for a prescription.  I used that as an opportunity to check on the Dixie napkins again.  They were still out so I asked for another rain check.
It can be frustrating when a store is out of the item you are looking for, but sometimes it can actually help you.  Since I had the rain checks, I now had more time to find more coupons for the napkins.  In the next two weeks I found 9 more coupons.  So I went in two different times to use my rain checks and bought a total of 10 packages of napkins each for 99-cents." Jennifer R. Claremore, OK
"I went to CVS. According to their flyer, they had Revlon Color Stay Mineral Foundation makeup. You paid $9.99 and they give you a $9.99 ECB right back making it free. All the Crest was 75% off. They had a few flavors so I chose 2 or 3 different ones. After coupons some cost .25. The CVS bottle of mouthwash was free after CVS printed me an ECB. In one trip, I saved a whopping $122.60." Kristy Armstrong
99 Items for $20.99
"My woe is me turned to a “Wow” for me. Just when I was feeling a little sorry for myself since Kmart had not had any more double coupons in my town since they first started it, I found these awesome deals at Safeway. Safeway just started doubling coupons up to 50 cents which is another, “Wow”, for my area. I bought these 99 items (pictured below) in 2 orders for a total of $20.99. My savings were almost $200 which did not include the clearance prices or tax. I used Safeway coupons, manufacture coupons and my Safeway card for the discounts on every item I bought. I got some really good stuff like juices, snacks, and lots of makeup. The retail value of just the makeup was $220. Several things were free and some had overage I used on the other items. Here’s what I received:
4 Ocean Spray, 1 Hawaiian Punch, 1 Welchs juice carton, 8 boxes Nature Valley bars, 8 BC fruit snacks, 26 Mentos Gum packs, 3 4-pack Hunts pudding, Ragu Sauce, Barilla pasta, 6 Softsoap hand soap, 2 Velveeta single serve, 2 Bandaids,  and 36 Cover Girl, Maybelline, and Loreal makeup products. The makeup was all clearanced at 75% off. I also received $6 in print-out coupons to use on my next order. Sometimes you have your eyes set on a certain store for some good deals only to find there’s a really good deal on down the street!"   Susan C in NM
"I have two children in diapers so you can imagine how many wipes we use in a day.  I noticed that someone posted about the $2 off Huggies wipes located in the Walgreens Back to School booklet.  At first I just thought well I would be able to get them for .79 cents.  I thought that was pretty good considering they were originally $2.79 each.  Later that week I found the ultimate deal!  We went to our local ice cream stand and I saw the light!  They were passing out samples of Huggies wipes with a .75 cent of coupon.  I asked the lady at the window if I could have a pack of just the coupons!  She said sure and handed me a huge stack that had over 60 coupons in it!  So the game began!  My husband and I traveled around to all of our local Walgreens getting as many as we could!  I found out that they were .4cents each after coupons and before tax!  I couldn't believe it!  I actually looked over my shoulder to see if security was going to come and get me the during my first deal!  So after a week of hitting all the Walgreens I ended up with 78 tubs of wipes for only $2.50!  I would have paid over $217.62 without coupons!  The reason the final price was so low was due to the promotion they had during the week at Walgreens....$5 RR for every $25 spent!  I ended up getting $20 in RR!  The picture below only showcases part of my stash!  The exciting thing is I went back to the ice cream stand and got another huge stack of coupons!  Walgreens look I come!  I am actually going to donate any remaining wipes that I get this week!  Thanks Refund Cents for teaching me the "real" way to shop!" - Megan Brian
"I am fairly new couponing.  With work and 2 small children I have not had a lot of time lately to do a lot of the deals that have been posted in Chat.  When I saw the Pantene deal posted I got excited about it.  I have a 15 year old niece that is used to buying her own stuff since she started working.  She has been unable to work for several months due to medical conditions.  I called and asked if she liked Pantene - she said yes.  I asked her if she would like some if I could get her some - for free.  Timidly she said yes she could use hairspray and mouse.  Knowing she was too proud to ask for more than that I ordered coupons and waited patiently for them to arrive.  Over the next few weeks I picked up items here and there.  I first used 2 Contour coupons to get them free and get the ECB's.  I turned around and used the ECB's to purchase some of the hair products.  I picked up a few at Wal-Mart, but most of them I picked up at Target.  The stylers were on sale 3/$10, but when the cashier scanned the coupon it did not ask her to enter a price, it took $4.89 off (everything for free).  She couldn't explain - but didn't argue with the register either.  So here is a picture of my niece Kaitlyn and myself with over 25 stylers and 45 trial shampoo and conditioners (almost $200 regular price) that I picked up for under $10.  She was so excited when she got to go though the bags I brought in.  Her payment to me was taking this picture."  Marci Eckroth

"I did it, I did it, I did it!!!!  I am still so excited about my 2nd shopping trip I did at CVS I can hardly contain myself when some asks me about it.  I have to say this is my first almost free shopping trip I have done.  I knew when I started out that night I would do good but had no idea I would do as well as I did.  Some of the things in my favor that helped sweeten the deal were: 

1.     Wonderful Cashier named Andrea

2.     Grand Reopening of a previous Longs

3.     Back to School sale

4.     lots, and lots, and lots of coupons

I am still talking about this trip 3 weeks later. 
Total amount before coupons, sale prices, etc $151.77. Total out of pocket $24.23. Total savings of 84%. Now if I just hadn't bought that beer! But then again, I did have to celebrate somehow I guess.
Since I live alone and wanted to get this picture taken before I put everything away I was not able to have someone take photo for me so I did put an Indian doll in photo in the back.  (That was my person.) Man my arm hurts so bad from all this patting on the back.  I can’t wait to do another one but next time I want a larger order. (Just never satisfied, always want more.  True addiction.) I will be saving my freebies and high dollar coupons so hopefully it won’t be long.  CVS hurry and send me some more coupons please."  Jackie D. CA.

"Wow, I’m smiling because my mommy got 15  Johnson & Johnson products for $1.88 after all of her coupons and rebates at Rite Aid.  Here’s how she did it.  Johnson & Johnson products were on sale for $3.50 one week.  In the August Single Check rebates book, there was a rebate for $25 when you spend $50 on Johnson & Johnson products.  At home mommy took time and figured out that she could break up her purchases into three $25 transactions and use three $5/25 Rite Aid coupons if she added some other FAR items to her order to get a total of $15 off.  There were $1 manufacturer coupons for J&J baby products that had expired just a couple days before, so mommy made a quick trade and got 15 more coupons in case Rite Aid would take them.  So after she got her coupons in the mail, we went up to Rite Aid and really stocked up.  It turned out she was able to use all of her coupons to get a phenomenal deal.  We got (2) Desitin, (2) J&J Head to Toe wash, (3) J&J Foaming bath wash, (3) J&J Bedtime bath, and (5) J&J Bubble bath.  The retail price on all of these products was $75.75.  After the rebate check our total will be $1.88 and that was for tax.  I’ll be a clean little girl for quite a long time!" - Dawn Green

"Hi! My name is Kylie and my mommy is quite a shopper. She gave me my first lesson today. Since I am 5 days old, I need to start learning the ropes. Here is what she did "A friend of mine and fellow RC member, Tracy, called me tonight and let me know about a great Manager's Special at one local Walgreens. The Spongebob, Dora and Barbie Band-Aids were on sale for $.49! I gathered up all my $.50 coupons and I had 44 of them. We went to Walgreen's and had a very friendly cashier, he let me do 22 transactions! Each time I owed him $.06 and he gave me a $4 RR! It was a great trip!" Allie Werstler
"I noticed that Schnucks had buy 15 PowerAde and get $5 off your order.  When my husband went to find out about the deal he discovered it was actually a $5 coupon, so he picked up several coupons for me.  I had a stack of .75/2 coupons that I had picked up at a local gas station and thought I had hit the jackpot for PowerAde.  Then the same week we happened to be in Kroger and discovered that they had the same deal, but their $5 off purchase of 15 was a Kroger reward that came off at the end of your purchase.  I wondered if I could combine the Kroger promotion and both type of coupons for a terrific deal and it worked!!  The register beeped if we used 7 of the 75 cent coupons so we used the $5 coupon and six 75 cent coupons each time and ended up getting 15 Powerades for only 50 cents plus sales tax.  That week we ended up picking up over 250 Powerades.  We love these and they have come in handy this summer.  Here is my son with just a small portion of the ones that we got." Tracy L, IL
"I was actually undecided whether to do the photo stamps deal at Walgreen's.  I stopped shopping there over a year ago because I figured CVS' deals were easier for me.  I was reading the posts over several days and thought I bet my Walgreens doesn't even have any of these photo stamps.  Anytime in the past when I tried to get in on the deals that Refund Cents subscribers have posted, Walgreen's has always been out of stock.
Well, good thing I decided to give it a go.  I went to my nearest Walgreens and looked around the photo department for the "blue" box.  I almost gave up when, low and behold, sitting high up on a hook were the boxes!!!  Then I got even more excited what I saw the clearance sticker!  I picked up 10 that night at $7.19 per box plus tax.  I left some behind, I thought 10 should be good enough.  Well then, the 15% off Walgreen's coupon came out for one day only and I thought to myself, I need to go back and see if there are any more photo stamps!  I went to two Walgreens that Friday, and picked 13 more boxes @ $6.26 plus tax.  I would have went to more, but we only have two Walgreens in town!
My final total is 23 boxes of photo stamps $165.73 (with tax).  That equates to 23 books of 1st class stamps for $202.40 which works out to a 22% discount!  And the icing on the cake is that I will go through UPromise and receive $8 per order for the kids college account.  I plan on making some of the stamps for mailing my Christmas cards.

In the photo is my son sitting with 19 boxes, I already have placed four orders and am anxiously awaiting my orders.  This was an awesome deal!  I'm so happy that I reconsidered going back to Walgreen's."
Maria L. Sciuto, CFP
"I was able to get 21 of the Photo Stamp kits from Walgreen's. I am using some as gifts for my sisters, some for Christmas cards, and some to mail out my Tastefully Simple catalogs, since I am an Independent Consultant with the company. I was lucky enough to get all of them with the extra 15% off so I paid just $6.11 for each one, $128.31 total. After going through Upromise for all of them, I will have $168 in my son's college account, plus the ones I use to mail the catalogs are tax deductible! Definitely a great bargain week for me!" Natalie Harris
"Here is a photo of a little deal I did at Safeway today.   The Total with Tax:  $38.10 less Coupons:  $31.25 = Total out of pocket: $6.85
(1) Lays Chips
(2) Rice Krispie Treats
(2) Knor Rice
(2) Knor Noodles
(1) Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal
(1) Mission Soft Taco Tortillas
(1) Metromint Water
(2) Sobe Life Waters
(2) Boxes Hefty Freezer Bags
(2) Boxes Hefty Sandwich Bags
(1) Pedigree Dentastix
(1) Chinet Dinner Plates
(1) Chinet Lunch Plates
(1) X14 Toilet Bowl Cleaner
(1) Safeway Bread
(1) Nature's Pride Bread
(1) Healthy Ones Turkey Lunch Meat
I combined Safeway Super Coupons with Manufacturer's to make the Cereal, Tortillas and Sobe's Free.  Rice Krispy Treats were on sale for $2.00 and I was able to use a Safeway Coupon on one box and got free Bread by purchasing 2. Hefty bags were on sale for $1.25 if you got four so I used $1 blinkie coupons to get them for $0.25 each.  I used some Knor coupons from a Spanish paper to make the $1.00 Noodles and Rice free.  I had a Free Coupon for the Lunch Plates with the purchase of the Dinner Plates.  Honey Bunches of Oats were on sale for $1.99 and free with the $2.00 Printable from Post.  Healthy Ones Lunch Meat worked out to about $0.67 after my Manufacturer's Coupon.  I did not have coupons for the Toilet Bowl Cleaner or the Nature's Own Bread, but both were on sale." Kellie R 

"I have only been a RMC subscriber for a little over a month. I set out today to only do a few deals at Wags today. I had 9-10 deals in mind for the week. I was only going to do 4 today. First thing this mourning I got all my coupons paper clipped together for the 9 deals I had planed for Wags this week. Thanks to you posting a preview of the upcoming inserts and the Wags ad, I set my plan in motion. I separated the Q’s out in sets of 8, so I could do the buy 8 get $10 deals. I knew I would never use all 8 jars of Hellman’s, so I contacted my mother, my 21 year old daughter and a mutual friend of mom and I. I made them a deal I would do the leg work and they could get the items from me at the cost I paid after the Q’s. I would get to keep the RR because I was doing the work. 

My Daughter got 3 Suave A/P, 1 Gum TB and 4 Jars of Ragu, she gave me $15.00. Mom got 2 Ragu and 3 Hellman’s, I owed her $ so that wiped that debt. The mutual friend got 1 Gum TB, 2 Jars of Ragu, and 2 Jars of Hellman’s for $8.50. When I added up those, the RR’s and the savings from Q’s and Wags Sales I saved over $245.70 I spent $79.12. I could have done better but I figure this is really good since this the first time I have gone all out. I have done the $1.50 off Axe for my 17 year old. He can smell good until he is at least 20 or older. He is the proud owner of 18 bottles of Axe Chocolate Shower Gel, 3 Old Spice Shower Gel, and 2 Gillette Shower Gels. He adores his 4 fusion razor he has to replace his current one. He loves the 8 cans of Edge he has to shave with." Joannine

"We recently moved from a remote town in rural Kansas to Las Vegas (RefundCents Shopping) Nevada! I  had been located 2 hours from any type of Walgreens, CVS, or shopping coupon deals. Now I am located in the middle of coupon shopping paradise. I must admit I have been a little nervous. I did not know if I could really handle the daily deals that I have spent years reading about on Refund Cents. One evening I read about the photo stamps deal going on at Walgreens. By the next afternoon I realized I had thought about those photo stamp boxes several times. So I just had to go for it! I got back on Refund Cents website and checked over the deal again to make sure I was ready to shop. Then I started stopping at all the regular Walgreens I have been previously driving past. In the past few days I have ad a blast at Walgreens. In total I found 61 boxes of photo stamps! Can you believe it? Yes, I spent a lot of money purchasing the photo stamp boxes. All the boxes rang up at $7.19. I kept telling myself I was spending less than the price of a regular stamp. Today I decided I was done. It can be addictive wanting to go on and on searching for the great deals. I have already saved the instructions to make an account with Upromise and make the stamps. I have 3 sons. I am excited about selecting my favorite pictures of my 3 sons to put on all these 61 boxes of stamps. My youngest son, Victory, is 6 years old and loves math. We have used this deal to work on actual math problem skills. He has spent time counting up how many stamps are in each box and how many stamps we have total. Thank you RefundCents for letting me know about this great deal. I love living in Las Vegas NV." Bernetta Stewart
"Here are my 3 photo stamp cover models...Lesley (8), Lauren (5), and Will (3)! They will be featured on my annual Christmas cards, along with other family mailouts. I bought 8 boxes (160 stamps!) at my local Walgreens, which will be enough for my cards, plus some nice gifts for the grandparents and my sister-in-law! Of course, I will make sure to order the actual stamps through Upromise, and get $64 added to my models' account. (It's their future payment for posing for the stamp photo!) Thanks to those that posted this great deal! :)"
Jada Edwards
"Jada in GA"
"It was a busy week in June with my husband and me visiting 3 to 4 different Kroger stores each day. Kroger was having one of their 10 for $10 events and Angel Soft 4-roll packs of toilet paper were one of their $1.00 items. I had overlooked this item at the beginning of the sale because usually the coupons I end up with for toilet paper are for 6-roll packs or larger. Thanks to tipsters on RC, by mid-sale I realized the Sunday paper coupons were for the 4-roll pack of Angel Soft. I rushed to find my inserts for the week the coupon came out. To my surprise I had three hundred and twenty-three coupons for 50 cents off one 4-roll packs (my husband obviously had a big score with dumpster diving the week those coupons came out). With Kroger doubling coupons, that meant free toilet paper (except for tax) and who can’t use toilet paper! With only 4 days left in the sale and 323 coupons to use, we had a lot of work to do. Between working and taking care of our little ones, my husband and I managed to visit 3 to 4 Kroger stores each day to bring home a trunk load of toilet paper each day. And we did it!!!! We scored three hundred and twenty-three 4-packs of Angel Soft for a total out-of-pocket cost of $9.69 in tax. And as an added bonus, toilet paper packs work great as building blocks for my kids, Cameron and Kaitlyn! Thanks RC!" Jenny Ignasiak
"Kroger has Oral B toothbrushes and Crest toothpaste for $1. I have $1 off coupons. I got the following for $3.73:
19 Oral B Manual Toothbrushes
6 Crest Whitening
1 M&M's
2.5 lbs of seedless grapes." Kimberly Graham, MS
"Kraft Cheese was on sale 2/$3 at Winn Dixie. I purchased 5 at a time. I utilized the 50 cents hang tag coupon that was right next to the cheese.
5x$1.50 = $7.50 sale price
5x .50 = $2.50 value of coupons
This brought total down to $5.
At the end of the transaction, I received a catalina for $4 off my next order. Then I used my $4 catalina on the following order. So, it's kind of like paying $1 for 5 cheeses. Now, that's my kind of deal." Selena McGee, AL
"Since reading Refund Cents, I have been slowly turning into the crazy coupon lady. Over the past few weeks, I have learned so much about couponing and have even begun to have my own successful couponing trips. With spreadsheets, coupons, and husband in tow, I spent my afternoon hitting store after tore, taking advantage of the best sales out there. Check out the goods. Stores visited: Walgreens, RiteAid, CVS, Target, Shaws.
$192 purchase price before coupons.
- $85.19 coupons
$107.75 total out of pocket
- $40.46 rebates, Register Rewards, ECBs for future purchases
- $50 gift cards from transferring 2 prescriptions to RiteAid
$17.30 Amount of money spent
So the total out of pocket ($107.76)minue my free earned money ($90.46) means that I got all of this for only $17.30 of my own money. That's nearly $200 worth of goodies for a mere $17.30. Who would have thought it possible?" Megan Capone
"I got all of this stuff for about $1.07 from Meijer, Walgreens and CVS. My daughter Jenna likes to go on the weekly shopping trips with Dad. She is almost 11 and already learning how to do coupons. I go on the local radio stations as "Jim the Coupon Guy." Jim Williams
"I've been couponing for a long time and every now and then I just have to take a picture! All this stuff was totally free! I love Refund Cents!" April Brumm
"This picture shows the GREAT masterpiece my kids, Cody and Kelly, designed. The AMP deal was SOOO much fun! My kids and I headed to King Soopers and purchased 10 cans of AMP.  AMP's cost $1.49 each x 10 = $14.90. Then off came the $5 mega deal leaving a new total of $9.90. And, of course, we used a reusable bag and got a .05 cent credit so our final total was $9.85...then out pops a coupon for a $10 gift card! We did the same thing again, $9.85, out pops another $10 gift card coupon. We went over and over all week until we ended up with 130 cans of AMP and decided we were happy with our new stash. So we started with an OOP of $19.70 but when all was said and done we had 130 cans of AMP, TWO $10 gift cards AND a gift card with $1.95 of overage from the .15 cent overage we got with each deal. YEAH! Can't wait for the next big deal to come along!!" Valerie H., CO
"After reading of the Amp deal online (of course right after returning from Kroger), I was determined to find some of the energy drinks for myself.  The next day I went shopping with my mom and found that a local Kroger had the drinks on sale for $1.50 and that they were included in the Mega Deals buy 10 get $5 off. It worked like a charm, bought the first set of 10 got my gift card and started rolling, just paying the tax ($1.05 for every 10).  In the end I got 220 Amp, spreading my purchases out over two weeks and six different area Krogers so as not to clear shelves.  Having found 19 of the $1 off coupons I ended up paying just $2 total!  The only complaint, I was in the process of moving into an apartment to start NIU in the fall and 220 Amp are awfully heavy to move. Also pictured are 11 of the 30 total Photo Stamp sets I found at $7.19, split between my mother and myself we will now have many fun stamps to send in our rebates with!  If the $8 Upromise pulls through for each transaction this will become a money maker.  If not we got our stamps cheaper than the post office, and with some great pictures. The best part is that I was allowed to use my RR that were going to expire because they weren't technically stamps yet. A big thank you to the OP of each deal and my mom for teaching me so well." Shauna Casolari DD of Jamie Casolari 

"I was so happy about this deal because it was the first deal my husband helped me to do. We bought 220 in total over the 2 weeks even though the picture only shows 160. We only paid 6 cents a can and the guys at my husband's work love them so they go quickly. You can afford to give away drinks that cost 6 cents. I found out they run $2.49 a can in the store. Anyway, I was so happy to get my husband involved I think he finally gets how I fell when I do a good deal." Tiffany Bertram, GA
"My husband LOVES energy drinks! But they're so darn expensive! We were both so excited to hear about the Kroger AMP energy deal. I've never seen him so determined to go grocery shopping with me! The hubby even went to the store by himself to do the deal. As a couponer, this made me extremely proud. Before sales and Catalina gift cards, the total was $178.80. OUTRAGEOUS! We ended up paying only $7.44 out of pocket for 120 energy drinks. I just want to thank all the ladies who helped me out on Centsible Chat. I learn so much from you guys. And you help us make it paycheck to paycheck without starving! Thanks!" Courtney Herrin.

"Since reading Refund Cents, I have been slowly turning into the crazy coupon lady. Over the past few weeks I have learned so much about couponing and have even begun to have my own successful couponing trips.
With spreadsheets, coupons and husband in tow, I spent my afternoon hitting store after store, taking advantage of the best sales out there.
Check out the goods:
Stores visited:

  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid
  • CVS
  • Target
  • Shaws

$192.95 - Purchase price before coupons
 -$85.19 - Coupons
$107.76 - Total out-of-pocket
 -$40.46 - Rebates, Register Rewards, Extra Care Bucks for future purchases
 -$50.00 - Gift cards from transferring two prescriptions to Rite Aid.
  $17.30 - Amount of money spent

So the total out-of-pocket ($107.76) minus minus my free earned money ($90.46) means that  I got all of this for only $17.30 of my own money.

That's nearly $200 worth of goodies for a mere $17.30.
Who would have thought it possible?" Megan Capone

"I thought I would share how my family got 62 bottles of Fuze for Free from our local Shaws Supermarket. I was in Walgreens one evening and noticed some coupons near the cold drink section. They were for B1G1F Fuze drinks, expiring in July. I thought that was a neat find and took a few to file away for later. The next day I saw in our Shaws flyer that Fuze drinks were on sale B1G1F!! I couldn't believe  it! So, with coupons in hand I got 18 free bottles the next day. Shaws only accepts 6 like coupons in one transaction so I did 2 separate orders. Then I thought I better go back to Walgreens and get more coupons before this sale ends!! Well, I found some at Walgreens and at CVS and all in all with the help of kids and hubby we acquired 62 free bottles in a matter of a few days! It pays to pick up coupons wherever you find them. You may not use them at that time, but you will later. My son Kristian helped me line these bottles up and write the value on the sign: $110.98!!!" Teresa Davis
"Scrubbin' Up Good Deals! My 3 year old Tifiani is scrubbing in the tub with some of the great deals we have found lately at Walgreens. We want all of our deals to be free or almost free!" Desiree Palm
"You're probably tired of seeing pictures of stacks and stacks of diapers from Walgreens!  But I am so proud of my daughter-in-law for finding this great deal.  Our local Walgreens had a special going on of 2 for $10.  At the same time the Walgreens sale ad had the diapers on sale for buy one get one free.  Combining those two offers, plus the $2 coupon in the pharmacy coupon section, made the diapers 50 cents a pack!  Unfortunately there were no
diapers on the shelf when she went to buy them.  So she asked if she could take a rain check and order diapers. She ordered a case of each size!  51 packs of diapers cost her a total of $27!   She has only one baby, but a sister who just had baby number nine, who she plans to share with, as well as some friends." Brenda Harder
"My daughter Jordan and I had a great time at RiteAid this week. We went for a neighborhood walk on the eve of our trash pick up day and were able to come up with 11 extra sets of SS coupons and work in some exercise at the same time. We were able to get 20 packs of Stayfree pads and 6 packs of o.b. tampons for only $6 + tax. The regular price would have cost us $109.74! Wow, what a great hobby. Thanks RiteAid!" Eileen, NY
"I've been wanting to submit to your Deal Diva thing for some time but never have the chance to lay everything out and tally it up. But I do today. These were purchased using two CVS ExtraCare cards - mine and my boyfriend's.
Here's what's in the photo:
10 febreze noticables at $6.50/ea
4 febreze sprays at $5/ea
4 febreze air effects at $3/ea
9 Bic Soleil Razors at $2.99/ea
6 CVS tape at $1.49/ea
3 CVS pencil sharpeners at $0.99/ea
2 CVS Pantiliners at $0.89/ea
3 Meow Mix Wholesome Goodness Food at $0.29/ea (on Clearsace)
2 Colgate Toothpaste at $3.49/ea
1 Chili Powder at $0.99/ea
Total before Coupons = $146.44
Coupons Used
All the products were purchased in 5 transactions in order to use $3/$15 and $4/$20 purchase coupons)
4 - $3/$15 = -$12.00
1 - $4/$20 = -$4.00
10 - $4 off Febreze Noticables = -$40.00
4 - B1 Febreze Spray G1 Febreze Air Effects ($3.00) Free = -$12.00
9 - $3.00 off Bic Soleil = -$27.00
2 - $1.00 off Colgate = -$2.00
1 - $0.50 off Febreze Spray = -$0.50
Total Coupons = $97.50
Total ECB Used = $48.29
Total OOP = $0.65 ($.04 was MO Sales Tax), a savings of 99.6%
I couldn't have done this today had I not been reading Centsible Chat Today Oh and my ECB back on the two cards was:
$13.61 profit - $0.65 (OOP actual cash cost) = $12.96 PROFIT
Yeah!" - Jenny Dean.

"Here is my 7 year-old son Zac with all our K-Mart doubles deals this week. All of the items to the left of the Whiskas cat food boxes were totally FREE after coupons - $253.46 worth. Total OOP was $53.60 w/tax -and would have been less if I had printed more $5 off $50 K-Mart coupons:( So, here are the grand totals: $523.68 before coupons, $53.60 after = $470.08 saved!!! That's about 90% off! Zac is always asking "Can't you buy anything WITHOUT a coupon?" Well, after our first visit Sunday morning netted 50 items for less than $5, he said, "Mom, I totally understand now why you like coupons so much!" My husband was out of town, so Zac had no choice but to go with me. He was such a trooper. We went to 4 different stores and did 2 transactions at each, staying well within our limits of 25 coupons and 4 of the same coupons. For all his help, he got a clearance Easter basket and was excited that it was on sale too!" Natalie Harris

"This was the week of Kmart doubling!! First, we had problems because the Kmart circular online showed doubling but the stores customer service said they was not doubling. So, then I called and spoke to the store manager who told me to come in and speak to him that he would make sure they would get doubled. Then we left for the big city. I took my daughter and my friend, Annette, took her daughter so we could make it worth our trip. We had to drive over an hour to get there and we were able to hit two Kmarts while we where there. I ended up with about $580.87 worth of products for $26.43. It was a hassle with checking out because the computers wasn't programmed to double but it was worth it because I had lots of fun with my SISTERS and saving money!!" J. Presley
"I was able to get 32 4packs of Angel Soft tp free. I had 32 coupons for .50 off which doubled at Kroger. Then at Wags I was able to get 8 Mitchum deodorants, 9 Gillette shaving creams,12 Skintimate and 5 toothbrushes. At wags I rolled the Register Rewards between the shaving cream and the deodorant.  Also got the Chapstick and Scrunci. Had fun last week.  Love this hobby. Thanks to Refundcents and all the great posters." Betty Dixon
"This is part of part of my loot after my adult children "shopped" at my house.  Ronzoni was $1 each at Stop&Shop.  I had 11 coupons so I got 11.  I got 5 free vitamin waters since I only had 5 coupons.I got 90 free quarts of Powerade.  Yes, 90.  The Powerade was buy 10 get 5 free.  For every 15 I bought, I used seven 75 cents off coupons that were doubled.  All the Powerade was free.  Powerade is a Coke product so I have all those codes now.  BigY had bagged salads for 98 cents.  I have lots of $1 off coupons. I only got 10.  I can't stock up and pile those in the cellar with my Powerade.  I left the Rice Krispies out of my picture since the big boxes cost me 67cents each.  I forgot my 10 Marcal toilet papers.  I had already put those away instead of sharing." Sarah D, CT
"The products in the photo were purchased in 2 trips, one to Kroger and one to Walgreen's. I have only been using coupons religiously for about 9 months. These two purchased totaled about $25.00. I of course waited until I had coupons for the sale items. I do not have children but I purchased  (or received free) products that I could donate if it was an excellent deal.I also discovered a recycling dumpster near my home where I can get hundreds of coupons from the discarded newspapers that did not sale. My boyfriend teases me about my dumpster diving. I tell him to keep teasing me.... two weeks ago I got $75.00 in groceries for $4.18. It's a lot of work to get organized to pull a shopping trip like that together, but it is well worth it in the end, not to mention the rush I get from a successful trip.
Happy Shopping!" Channin M.
"I am new to refunding and with this being my first time my grandchildren Matilynn and Jake are proud of my savings! I first went to CVS where I got the Kellogg's Cereal on sale 3 for $10. I got $5 back to spend in the store and I also had $1 off coupon for each box of cereal makings them 3 for $7. Then I used my $5 on Charmin toilet paper on sale for $5.88 along with my .25 cent off coupon making each roll ..68 cents each. I got $1 back to spend in the store from the toilet paper so I got the Dial soap that was on sale for .99 cents making each one FREE!! I then went to Meijer where they had double coupons up to $1. They had Kraft BBQ sauce on sale for $1 each. I had a .75 cent coupon doubling up to $1 made them all FREE!! They also had Bounty single rolls on sale for $1 each. I had a .25 cent off coupon doubling to .50 cents making them only .50 cents each!! Then I went to Kmart where they were doubling coupons up to $2!!! I got a lot of things there that were on sale and I had a coupon for that I ended up getting FREE!!! Everything that I got on my shopping spree would have originally cost me $156.60. I actually paid $40.08, making that a savings of $ 116.82!!!! Thanks RefundCents for all your help!!!!" Christine Schappert
"I got at Shop N Save today:

25 bottles of Kraft Dressing
3 Capri Sun Morning
4 Pasta
4 Easy Mac

Used 25 $1.50 Kraft Coupons
3 $1 Capri Coupons
4 $1 Pasta Coupons
2 BOGO Easy Mac
Total OOP $15.80" Angela C, IL

"Total before coupons (including tax) was $65.83. Total after coupons $10.61. I saved $55.22 total between coupons, Advantage Buys, and Advertised special savings. Had the BEST most COUPON FRIENDLY cashier ever, she's always been one of my favorites (her son and my husband are both Marines). She also noticed that some of my coupons were stuck together, and I had 5 more than I thought - so she went back and grabbed me 5 of the grinders and rang those up FREE too! She was so awesome, I gave her 5 coupons for the McCormick GrillMates to get more free. She was so excited, it was funny.

Then went over to Kroger and got 5 bottles of the Kraft BBQ sauce for 1.25 total. Michele’s updates stated the bottles were 1.08, but my Kroger had them 4 for $5. Looked a little harder, and saw they had bonus sized bottles for the same price (26oz at the same price as the 18oz). So, 5 huge bottles (3 original, 2 honey) for $1.25 total. Forgot to get the Kraft salad dressing for .19 - opps! It's apparently on sale for $1.69 and I have some of the $1.50 coupons. I also had to buy diapers while there for my son (potty trained, but wears diapers at night). I was grabbing those, when a vendor stopped me and handed me 5 coupons for .75 off diapers (and a few other brands). She was from Caremark, which I’d never heard of and was putting up some signs for an upcoming Huggies deal and putting some peelies on Poise pads. The diapers were $9.97 a pack, and I had a coupon for 1.50 off. I also had a coupon ‘electronically stored" through cellfire. You can use a coupon in the store, and your electronic coupons together - so I got $2.50 off total. Total for this trip was $9.61 after coupons for the Kraft and the diapers, plus tax.  AWESOME day, and I am such a dork - I took a photo (for this article) but I posted the photo on Facebook too." Lori Vann GA

"After a few months of learning the Wags system, reading Refund Cents, and paying attention at Walgreens, today's trip to Walgreens was my first FREE trip! Whoo whoo!
I think everything I got was pretty expensive retail-wise but had high value coupons: Always Infinity pads ($3 c/o), Starbucks chocolate bar ($1 c/o), Wrigleys Extra gum (B1G1F),  Alavert ($2 c/o), Colgate Wisp (50c c/o)m Zicam ($1 & $2 c/o). I got an additional 15% off and a free reusable shopping bag because it was Earth Day today. Total before coupons and rebate card $33, total paid... NOTHING!!!  I'm so glad I'm a Refund Cents reader. I've learned my new skills from you and your publication! Thank you!!" Colette Chooey San Francisco, CA
"Here is a picture of me surrounded by FREE (before tax) items! After being disorganized with coupons for a few months, I got my binder back in shape and hit KMart Doubles last time around. Using the $5 Kmart Coupon, Manufacturer's Coupons, and some quick math calculations, I was able to go Kmart shopping every day for seven days and score amazing deals.  Of the 143 items in this picture, 70 items were completely free after doubles and the remaining 73 items ranged in price between $.04 and $.50 per item after manufacturer coupons.  I also got some great deals on more expensive items using the double coupons, but this time around I really tried to stock up on free items (as you can see!).  Thank you for informing us RefundCents-ers of when the double days are coming and having a list of great deals up on!" Lindsay Auran
"My mom, sister, and I went to CVS on one of our weekly trips and they were doing major clearance! Bins full at the front of the store that were 75% off. The girl that is always so helpful was continually marking down more and telling us we should wait around. So we did, of course! Tons of Physicians Formula, L'oreal, Almay, hair accessories, Crest pack (reg$40, medicine, etc. With baskets full, sorted with manufacturer coupons, CVS $20/$100 and $10/$50 coupons (no extra bucks, I had just used them all the week before :(. We checked out 3 times for a grand retail total of $760.00 before discount, $190 after $75% off, and then $76 after coupons!!!!!! That's 90% off!!! We were thrilled to say the least." Mary F., GA
"What a great shopping week my mommy had! She got a lot of goodies! I looked at all the receipts and she had a grand total savings of $1088.22.  With using all those great coupons my mommy only spent OOP  30.64!! and earned 60.00 worth of RR at Walgreens !!! Now let me see if I can get her or one of my sisters to make me some of these yummy brownies. Way to go Mommy!!!" Kimberly S. TX
"Softsoap was on sale for $.77 at a store that doubles coupons.  I found one $.35 coupon in my collection and read a post on rmctraders advertising these coupons to trade at $.05 each.  I immediately ordered 20 coupons.  I received them and for a total of $3.00 I got 20 bottles of Softsoap.  They usually sell for around $1.69.  Here is my daughter with most of the soap - a refunder's idea of a TRUNK SHOW." Robin Cohen

"After reading an article in our local paper about the shortages of the local food pantries, I decided to shop for the food closet. Superfresh was doing one of it's rare triple coupons to 50 cents with a limit of 4 like coupons, and I had my coupons somewhat organized. This is what I was able to purchase:
4 Fiber One bars
4 Lipton Tea
4 Lipton herbal tea
4 bags of Chex mix
4 boxes of Success Rice cups (only 2 can be seen in the picture)
2 46 oz V8 juice
4 Jolly time Popcorn
2 Minute Rice cups
3 Crunch & Munch
4 Nature Valley Granola bars
4 Temptations cat treats (for the ASPCA)
Total before coupons a little over $70, total OOP: $9.79 Not my best, but this is all going to the Food closet.
The day before, I delivered 45 cans of dogfood, 3 bags of cat food, 15 bags of cat treats, and about 3 weeks worth of newspapers to the ASPCA, and so far about 40 packs of Wrigley's gum to the USO. I have decided to try to do a shop at least once a month for the 3 charities I support: USO, Kent County ASPCA, and different food closets. I will also be picking up things as I find them. I keep 2 large new kitchen trash cans beside my dining room table where I put my goodies for the ASPCA and Food Closet. The USO things, I drop off directly to my mother who delivers whatever I've given her the previous week on Wednesdays when she goes to volunteer at the Lounge where in transit military members travel through. I usually have something for her each week to take out there. (Not everything collected goes to Iraq and Afghanistan, some goes to the people who are traveling through and might get stuck, or any service member that needs something.)
Our ASPCA has opened a food closet for people to get animal food, which hopefully will enable them to keep their animals as our no-kill facility is at capacity, and the satellite facilities are at capacity. When I purchase my cat's food, I usually try to get cat food, dog food, or treats depending on what coupons I have.
Coupons have enabled me to expand my donations, which are really necessary these days. Right now, I'm working on rebuilding my stockpile for a yard sale later this year." Debi J

"Hello to all of our coupon clipping friends. My husband and I put our newly found hobby and side job of clipping coupons to work. I used to think people in line with coupons were a pain, but I have seen the light and showed my husband the path as well.
    I work with a friend that showed me that coupons are much more than just an way of blocking up lines. She showed me that it can actually benefit your way of life and living, not to mention save you a boat load of "$$money$$". In her honor we would like to dedicate her with this little tribute and show her just how well she has done in turning non-believers into a coupon crazy couple. We have been working at building our coupon skills for the last three months and we have even amazed ourselves at just how well we have grasped the coupon way of life.
   Here is just a sample of what we have learned to do in just a few months time. (Picture attached)
We just had Kmart Super Doubles & Kroger 10/$10 in our neck of the woods in the same week and boy did we ever hit the mother load!!!!!
    We made our plans and trips to Kmart & Krogers every day without fail and the benefits were huge. Here is a picture of our 3 year old daughter Savana with our latest haul of goods. We raked in over $900.00 dollars worth of goods for only $153.00 OOP, (that's out of pocket for you novices :) . We were so excited that we just had to share it with everyone. Our family and friends were amazed at the amount of stuff we got for so little. 
    We are future coupon people for life and will be teaching our daughter the tricks as she gets older. Thanks to our friend "Deb Grimes" (we are sorry we forgot to mention you when we signed up for RefundCents) and the wonderful world of Refund Cents we have learned a ton of stuff from the both of you. We have also found a new lease on life, that hardly cost a thing and the fun we have shopping is an adrenalin rush in itself. Thanks again and Happy Shopping!" From Rebecca, Raymond & Savana Meeks (Peru, IN)

"I Love Refund Cents!!  I am ashamed to say that I have always been a diaper snob, but after having my 6th child, I figured I better start saving money somewhere.  A friend of mine turned me to and I have been hooked ever since.  With the deal going on this week at Walgreens, I have been able to get 28 packs of  WG diapers and pull-ups for a fraction of what I would have spent on Huggies.  Like I said, I WAS a diaper snob, but the WG brand really are good.  I have been using them for a few months now, and I haven’t had any problems.  Back to my deals.  I am lucky to have 3 Walgreens within a 6 mile radius and I have been hitting every one.  The deal going on right now is B1G1Free.  I have the $2 pharmacy coupon that is taking off $2 for the free pack.  BONUS!  Then I also have the prescription card and am earning 10% back on each pack including the free ones.   I have spent about $54 on 28 packs of diapers and pull-ups and have earned about $25 back on my WG prescription card.  As soon as I can figure out how to use that money I will be spending it on more diapers J  Bottom line is that I have spent a total OOP of $29.  Awesome.  I have enough diapers for at least a few months for my infant and pull-ups for the 2 & 3 year old.  I was even able to get some diapers for friends that are having babies in a few months.  Today is the last day, and I plan on doing another run for more diapers.  Our local radio station has a diaper drive at Christmas time for the local women’s shelter.  I want to stock up and make a sizeable donation when the time comes.  Last year their goal was 1,000,000 diapers and they came so close.  Thanks again Refund Cents for helping me out, and making it possible for me to help others!  Cathy E., NE

"This was a fun week at Walgreens and wish I could enjoy this at least once a month."
Vicki Polo, New Orleans
"Kmart doubles!!! 
I get sooo excited when kmart doubles, because this means FREE things!!   I went to two different kmarts when my daughter, we ended up with about 100 items.  We went on Monday the 2nd day after the sale started and the shelves were almost bare.  But we looked around and got our 25 items each, so it was well worth the trip. We ended up paying out all together $22.37 and we will get back $10 in Kmart gift cards for the Kellogg's cereal. In the end we paid $12.37 for all of this.  Thanks refundcents for helping me save so much money this year." Carla Presley, OH
"Tons of good deals this week.....
Store opening Walgreens $3 off $10 15% off for Earth Day!  Got a $25 gift card for a prescription and used that to pay for all the purchases.  Bonuses:
Buy a Contour meter and get free Crest w/ a free mouthwash +++ 4/$1 coupons inside for floss, toothbrushes, mouthwash and more toothpaste... to top it all off $5 rebate in the ESC.
Meijer had mustard on sale for $1  with .50 off coupons and for every 2 you buy you get a $1 OYNO.   The cashier encouraged me to keep my $36 in OYNO and use them again next time. 
One a Day vitamins I was able to use the $3 off any and the $4 off 2 vitamins which went toward my other purchase of items with rr. All in total oop was $28.36 and I have $36 in Register Rewards for the upcoming weeks... 
 I went to a garage sale in my local area and met another couponer (Stefanie) and she has taken me under her wings and taught me the ropes.  That's how I got started and look at me now I am addicted. My 5 yr old twins cringe when I say we are going shopping.  I am super new to couponing but I would say I have done a great job on saving money." Carol W., IN
"This was from my Kroger trip. You may ask why did I buy so much mustard? Well, the mustard with coupons was free and after I purchased them, out spit out a $1 off your next order. This was exciting because I ended up with $14 of Kroger money, then used these to purchase these other things, so in the end everything was FREE. I just love that word." Carla Presley, OH
"These are all the free items I bought at Walgreens and CVS. I spent $3.46 cash at CVS and earned $13.49 in ECB = -$10.03
I spent $5.69 cash at Walgreens and earned $11.50 in RR = - $5.81
Total Profit = $15.84!"
Tara Michelle, NJ

"This is my son Brandon, and this is his first real experience with coupons!!
I have an exciting story to share with you about my 14 year old son, Brandon.  Winn Dixie had a promotion in their Pet food Isle.  If you purchased $50.00 worth of Dog or Cat food, you received a $10.00 coupon off your next pet food purchase.
Well, since we have 3 German Shepherd puppies, we go thru a lot of dog food.  We purchased four 17.6 pounds of Purina Puppy chow -- (on sale and with coupons that Brandon just printed out a few hours ago for me).  And a few bags of cat food for our cats. 
After checking out, Brandon was reading my receipt and brought my attention to the $10.00 coupon on your next visit on pet food.  He asked me if we could use it right now.  I agreed but he had to do the math and the work.  He agreed.  We stood off to the side and planned out his return trip to the pet isle. 
With coupon, rewards card and cash in hand, he headed to the pet isle.  He returns, shortly, with the bag of  dog food on his shoulder and one small can of cat food. 
At the checkout he scanned the food, rewards card and then the $10.00 coupon. He did all the work-- and once he finished he noticed that he only owed .69cents.  The smile on his face and his emotions were priceless. 
As we walked out of Winn Dixie, Brandon turned to me and said, "Thanks mom- that was exciting, can I call my dad and tell him."  All the way home Brandon kept reading and re-reading his grocery receipt -- he couldn't believe he just did what he did!!
With four children, it goes to show they are never to young to learn about the value of coupons and saving money."   Caroline Pelphrey FL

"My family will have super clean bodies and fresh breath for a while as mom scored FREE Softsoap Body Wash and Mentos Gum at Walgreens!  Walgreens ran an ad where when you purchase the 18oz. bottle of Softsoap you would receive a catalina coupon for a FREE (up to $3.99) bottle of Softsoap on your next purchase.  There was a $1.00 off coupon for Softsoap in the Sunday's paper to get the deal going.  Luckily I had a gift card I could use, so no actual money out of pocket for me.  Someone posted on Centsible Chat it was a roll-over deal.  Roll-over meaning you could go and get another bottle of Softsoap and use your coupon on that bottle and another free coupon would print out so you could do the deal over and over again!!  I only got a day and a half as Walgreens changed the computers so you could no longer do the roll-over deal but I was able to get 11 bottles at 3 different Walgreens stores during that short time and one free coupon (in picture) to use before it expires.  Also another post on Centsible Chat mentioned the 2/$2.00 Mentos Gum sale.  I had 8, $1.00 off coupons so I was able to get 8 for free!!  I have just recently switched from file to binder method for organizing my coupons and after the initial setup which was time consuming, I'm saving so much time handling my coupons/rebates and way better organized to take advantage of these deals and future ones.  This is my first big freebie deal of the year and looking forward to more to come."  Angela Allen  Fairview, TX.

"Not only did Petsmart have the Chef Michael canned dog food B1G1F the package also had get 1 can free or up to $1 off and they had the cans reduced from .79 to .50 with your petperks card. So this is how my day went buying out Petsmart of the B1G1F.
My 1st trip into the store I had 8 coupons for B1G1F from the Sunday insert. I purchased 8 cans and got the 8 free but with the in-store promotion I got 16 free cans on top of that. On this trip I also had a $3 off coupon from taking one of their surveys. So I got 32 cans for .73. After taking the 16 coupons off of the packages I got 32 more cans for .73. And my last trip I  took the new 16 coupons off of the packages and was able to use 14 of them which got me 28 cans free for .63. Needless to say I cleaned out Petsmart of the B1G1F promotion cans and I still have 16 free coupons to use. My final total 92 cans of Chef Michael canned dog food for $2.09." Marde S.

"I snapped a pic of my son with his gum haul. It was on sale for $1.29, and I had traded online for 12 gum coupons for up to $1.19 so,they were 10 cents each. He will have gum for awhile. I also got some free Bic Soleil razors and refills with the $2.00 coupons in the packages from the last great sale , and also the Sunday paper , combined with the Easy Saver coupon for 2.00 off. They were on clearance for $3.59 each I found out by reading on chit chat. I also found a few Gillette Gamer razors for $8.99 on sale , and then had some $4.00 off one coupons left that expired soon. With each purchase it gave you a $4.00 register reward to use next time. I also got 4 trial size and 4 regular dove bars of soap to get the $10.00 register reward deal that is going on until the end of the month. I also got some Visine a.c. that was on sale for $3.99 and used a $3.oo coupon on it to get it for .99 cents. I also happened on a Revlon nail clipper that was on clearance for 1.52 and there was a 1.00 Easy Saver coupon on it as well , making it .52 cents. I also got a few caramels 3 for 99 cents as filler, and a few Easter things not shown for my son' Easter basket. I also got 2 Yardley soap on sale for .69 cents to try them , there was a coupon in this weeks Walgreens ad. I love Walgreens ,and I am sad they are getting rid of the monthly rebates program , hopefully they do alot of register rewards deals to make up for it." Sheri, WA and son Dio

"When I was going through my receipts for tax time this year back in January, I noticed a bright pink sticky note with this on it “CVS 90% Gift Sets-Feb 28”.  I took my note and stuck it on the calendar last month.  When February 28th rolled around (it was a Saturday morning) I woke up and was at a CVS that opens at 7am at 7:15am.  Unfortunately they did not have ANY gift sets in stock.  So, I went to another store about 10 mins away that was open.  Thankfully they had a self scanner and I found a cologne set-only 75% off-bummer!  I went back home and then read the next day of reports that CVS went 90% off on March 1.  I was not able to get out Sunday, but my mom offered to watch the kids so I could run around town on Monday night, I called my sister and we set out on The Great CVS Treasure Hunt’.  Honestly, we hadn’t had this much fun since double coupons at K-Mart back in November.  We hit about 4 CVS stores in one night over a three hour period.  Our method was to first look behind the counter for gift sets, if nothing there, check the first display closest to the locked down fragrances.  Then, sometimes we would find things further down the aisle.  Most of the stores we went to had self scanners so one of us would check prices while the other hunted for products.  I think every time something rang up 90% off we felt like we hit the lottery.  We were able to get bath robes, bubble bath and lotion, oil diffuser/candle sets, perfume sets, cologne sets, and some cute bath salts.  You might ask what we’re going to do with all of our loot.  Well, our extended family does a ‘BINGO’ type game for Christmas so some of it will go to that.  My mom is throwing a Bridal Shower so these will make some nice door prizes, my sister-in-law is throwing Dana’s baby shower-so I volunteered to provide the door prizes for that. In addition, I teach at a community college and often give prizes to those who do well on quizzes so the lotions and bath sets will be good for that, I plan to give all the ladies in my MOPs small group next Christmas robes and bath sets,  and the fragrance sets will go up on Ebay.  Little Brady helped me set up everything for the photo, and here was what my final ‘booty’ was:
(10) Essence of Beauty Robes-$1.49 ea
(7) Essence of Beauty Lotions-.39
(6) Essence of Beauty Body Spray-.59
(6)Essence of Beauty Bubble Bath-.39
(10) Candle/Oil Diffuser Sets-1.49
(1) Single Oil Diffuser-.99
(2) Gingerbread scented bath pack-.49
(2) Bath fizz/flake set-.39
(1) Essence of Beauty purse pack-.49
(1) Essence of Beauty Coconut gift set-.99
(4) Essence of Beauty Shower Gel set (with bath poofs)-.99
(1) Mustang Men’s Cologne-1.99
(1) Elizabeth Arden Red Door-1.99
(1) Mariah Carey Perfume-1.99
(1) Curve for Men-1.99
(4) White Diamonds Small Perfume-1.29 each
(1) Curve for Men Mini Set-1.99
(1) Elizabeth Taylor Mini Set-1.99"
Dawn Green 

"Wow! Who would have thought that anybody could get Huggies Diapers for under $2 per pack.  I read RC daily and saw the new Walgreens Ad posted for the week of 3/9-3/16 a week early, and got pretty excited.  On the last page of the ad was a fantastic Register Reward deal for Huggies and Kimberly Clark products for “Buy $25, get a $10 Register Reward”.  Remebering that there were $3 and $5 printable coupons for Huggies diapers on, I printed out my coupons.  Also, I made about 6 trades with people for their internet coupons a week before this deal started.  My trades were mostly for stamps, PayPal, or coupons from other people’s wish lists.  I also contacted about 10 of my neighbors asking them to print coupons for me via a little note in their mailbox, and 4 of my neighbors actually printed them for me.  Initially, I figured the best deal I could do was to get (3) diapers for $30, use (3) $5 coupons, spend $15 (plus tax) and send in for $.75 on each pack of diapers through the Caregivers Marketplace.  The end cost per pack after RR would be around $1.66 per pack.  We are blessed in the South Bend/Mishawaka, Indiana area with about a dozen Walgreens and two 24 hour stores within a 20 minute drive to my house, and quite a few that open at 7am.  I woke up at 6am Sunday with my coupons ready and spread my 10 transactions over three different stores.  I wanted to make sure other people could get in on the deal.  Later that afternoon I heard that re-set the Huggies coupon and it could be printed again.  I contacted the people I had traded with previously asking to trade again-almost all of them agreed to trade for the same terms we traded before.  I anxiously awaited my trades and when they arrived Wednesday that week I headed out to Walgreens again.  Earlier in the day, it was luck that I was able to find about 15 of the Walgreens coloring book with the Huggies coupon in it at two different stores.  Using my W card I got an additional 10% off the coloring book.  I bought some myself and for my sister (Dana, S., IN) and left them in her mailbox-I called her at work and was so excited to finally find these!  This time around my strategy was to get (2) diapers or Pull Ups, (1) wipe, use (2) $5 coupons, (1) $3 coupon, and my Walgreens coloring book coupon for another $2 off ($1 per pack of diapers).  My total for (2) diapers and (1) wipe was $12.82, minus my $10 RR, minus $1.50 back from Caregivers Mkt Pl-total of $1.32 for two diaper packs and a huge pack of wipes. With all of my coupons I was able to work this deal about twelve more times.  Previously in the week I had rolled my initial 10 $10 RR into a Walgreens gift card, but when I went back to roll them on Saturday I was told that I could no longer do this.  That’s okay, we had a good run around here of being able to do that for the last two years.  All good things (like this diaper deal) must come to an end.  I plan to use my RR towards my FAR items and things that have rebate offers on them-like the Quilted Norther TP, and to stock up on milk, eggs, cheese. My kids (Patrick and Brady) were a big help in unloading the diapers into the new baby’s room.  They had a great time stacking them in the crib and posing for the photo. While our pile looks un-impressive the entire crib is FULL of diapers, triple stacked.  We are expecting little Vivian Marie in the beginning of June this year and WE ARE READY!  After totaling everything up, here is our haul:
Diapers: 1,766
Pull Ups: 390
Wipes: 2,760
I would also like to extend a big THANK YOU to everybody who traded coupons with me!  Without YOUR HELP I couldn’t have stocked up so much!" Dawn Green
"Sometimes when it rains it pours.  The kids and I were down on the other side of town and popped into a Walgreens one night that we NEVER go to.  My cousin always tells me of horror stories about how they hassle her with coupons when she goes in, so we just never stop there.  Anyway, we ran in to get some milk and saw an end cap with a bunch of designer fragrance gif sets and bath sets with orange stickers on them.  They were marked around 90% off or more.   I couldn’t believe my eyes, the kids and I hadn’t grabbed a cart, so we immediately got a cart and filled it full.  We had to get another cart too, the cashier at the cosmetics counter was so nice and friendly.  She mentioned that there was even more product on an endcap near the back of the store.  She volunteered to watch my carts while the kids and I went and got what I initially intended to shop for, and check out the other endcap.  She said that they had just marked all of that stuff down and they were so happy that somebody was buying it all.  Even the manager came over and thanked me!   I was floored-I told her how I usually never shop there due to the negative remarks I had heard.  I told her I was going to use RR to pay (from the Blink and Colgate deal) and asked if I needed to split my transactions up. She was so nice, she said ‘Honey, you come here at night it’s just us old ladies and the manager, and we LOVE coupons and helping people get a good deal, we’ll just use these Register Rewards you have until the register beeps.” Well, I was able to use them up and only spend about $5 out of pocket.  I left with over $500 in merchandise for under $50.  I guess it just goes to show you never know what you’ll find sometimes at Walgreens!" - Dawn Green

"Here I am with my cheap cereal from Jewel!  I got 20 boxes of various Kellogg's cereals for under $14, total, after my manufacture coupons and an instant $10 savings when you purchased 10.  For a double dip, I got three free coupons for gallons of milk for each set of 10!  So for under $14, I got 20 boxes of cereal AND six free milk coupons." Jenny Pape

"This is my very first submission. I can't ever seem to make the time to set up everything, take the photo and sit down to detail my deal. I just recently lost my coupon box and through the generosity of the Refund Cents members I was able to get a new box off to a great start and wanted to show them what they allowed me to do. My wonderful husband was kind enough to take the kids to the museum so I could shop alone. I was able to hit 3 KMart stores (all about 20-30 minutes away from each other. My before coupon total was $535.32 and my after coupon total including tax was $46.44. I was so excited! We are planning our first stockpile sale the second weekend in April. My husband was laid off from work in January and the money will come in very handy. Thank you again to all of my fellow refunders for the great coupons you sent! Thanks again so much!" Michelle Wheeler

"I love Harris Teeter! This week is triple coupons and they are running great deals as well! I am fairly new to coupons and I would have to say that today was the best I have done with groceries so far. Here is what I got: 6 packages of Perdue chicken breast, 1 pkg of beef strips, 2 Mentos, 1 pkg of country ribs, 1 box of waffles, 1 Hillshire roast beef, 2 pkgs Kraft Singles, 1 HT fries, 4 pkgs of Betty Crocker Warm Delights, 2 Chex Mix Bars, 1 Lipton Tea Bags,  3 cans of Wet Ones, 2 Cheez -Its, 2 BC Brownie Mixes, 2 Zat. Rice, 1 pkg ground chicken, 1 Motts Natural Apple Sauce, 5 Kens Salad dressings, 2 Frenches Onions, 1 box Total, 1 Quaker Ricecakes, 1 bag of Mahatma Rice, and 1 pkg of Cascade Pacs. Whew! The grand total? $41.33 How much did I save? $93.17!!!! My 9 month old daughter Kaylee loves to go with me! She helps me hold my coupons (as long as they don't get torn or put in her mouth of course)! I walk out of the store with a big smile on my face and cross my fingers that they will do triples again next month! I can't wait to go back again this week and score more deals!" - Kristen C.

"Walgreens, the week of March 15th had 2 Register Rewards deals that could be used back and forth. Reach, Listerine Products, buy 3 for $9 get $6 in RR. I used a $5 coupon from Sunday's paper on 3 and my total came to $4.Out came a RR for $6. Next purchase 8 bars of Dove soap at 25% off for a total of $10.24...I used 1 $1 off 6 for a total of $9 and the $6 RR for a total of $3 oop. This I did 5 times.  Also CVS had some good deals. My Middletown CVS lets me use $5 off RiteAid on $25 so I used a few rain checks to bring my order up.  All together I spent $$22.63 oop and have 2 $10 Walgreens rewards. My total register receipts came to $181.57. So, $2.63 is a great price for this weeks sales. Here is my list
9 Listerine
3 Reach Ultra Clean Floss
30 Dove soap
2 Irish Spring Body Wash
1 Vitamin D CVS brand
1 snack mix (filler)
3 Huggies wipes $5.99
5 4.6 colgate (raincheck)
2 Colgate Max white
2 sour patch kids
10 Wheat/thins Ritz
2 Gamer Fusion (raincheck)
4 pairs Flannel pants (90%off) ($.69 each)
3 sets hats and gloves (90%off )($.89 each)
5 cans mixed nuts CVS and Walgreens
2 planters trail mix
It was great fun to do these deals and still have $20 to spend next week. Love this web site." Cheryl Modica

"Our local Acme Fresh Market grocer was running some really good sales this week and along with my coupons I saved over $30 ! My total before sale/coupons was $57.01 and after was only $26.54 plus I got an additional coupon at checkout for $2 off more cereal. The picture is missing one loaf of bread I forgot to include. I think everything I got was on sale. After I scanned the grocery ad I went to work pulling out coupons I had and searching for more online. I nearly never see coupons for PopTarts but a Google search yielded me a link to the PopTarts website and I got the maximum 2 coupons for .55cents off one box each. For the General Mills cereal I used these coupons... $1 off 3 boxes, $1 off 2 boxes, and .50cents off one Cheerios...there was my 6 boxes which included 3 free boxes! Smuckers Grape Jelly was 2/$3.00, I added through in one more jar and used the $1 off 3 Smuckers. I had a coupon for a FREE bottle of Cascade dishwasher second such coupon. I've been getting them in the mail. It pays to sign up for coupons with your favorite brands! These are my boys posing with my deals of the day." Tracy Zdelar/ Canton, Ohio

"I have gotten some great deal over the past few months, so I thought that I would take a little picture with my son, Christopher. I have gotten free Revlon lipstick with the great 2.00 off one coupons and a clearance at Walgreens on several different kinds of Revlon lipsticks. I have also done a lot of the free after rebate items as well. Someone posted about the organic Physicians Choice makeup on clearance , and I had a few $5.00 off one coupons that were on a tearpad in the store awhile back .So I got those for about 25 cents plus tax for 2 items. I also have shown two free Diet Dr Pepper 2 liters from a free coupon in the mail , and a free coupon that was in a rolling stone magazine from when I was getting my car fixed at Walmart. I also had a free Hungryman dinner coupon so I got that as well. I also had a free gum coupon, free sure at Walgreens. We got a lot of Venus Embrace and used two dollar coupons and got register rewards for each one , rang up separately of course. We then used those register rewards for arm and hammer soap buy one get one free for six dollars and ninety nine cents , and also got candy for my son, and Pringles also using a thirty cents off three coupon. We got Gillette shampoo as well free after register rewards and will send off the rebate for the free coupon. I got a free coupon for Worcheshire sauce in a trade from someone so we got that along with store coupon for raisin bran for ninety nine cents plus used a manufacturer coupon for seventy cents off one to get it for twenty nine cents. I received a free coupon from Office Depot for paper and ink I had bought, and also empty ink cartridges I had turned in. So I bought some big envelopes, paper for my printer not shown, and clearance pens, and letter openers. We also got in the mail our free Kung Fu Panda , Pandana. My son had fun taking the picture and also eating the candy right after we took the picture. I love coupons." - Sheri QBee
"I did the Walgreens and Huggies deals the past 3 weeks. I spent $121.63 oop on 8 Huggies wipes and 27 packs of diapers. I saved $311.65 and got $110.00 in Register Rewards plus $20.25 from Caregivers Marketplace. I then went today and used my $110 in RRs and got 20 Walgreens size 4 and 20 Walgreens size 5 diapers and used the pharmacy coupon book also. I only paid tax which was $9.30. I now have 2626 diapers which with 3 kids in diapers should last me 218 days. I am pretty excited."  Betsie Sayers
"We got 19 packs of Huggies Jumbo diapers, 8 mega refill wipes, 20 boxes of wipes and 5 little wipes that are great for on the go. Total $352.68 before tax. After coupons, Register Rewards and rebates, all FREE. Some are not pictured because we got them on a trip out of town to see my new baby cousin who was born a few days ago just in time for the sale." Lilly 10 months, Anna R, Mom
"Last week, my sister called me up after we read that CVS had 90% off on their perfume and other Valentine's and miscellaneous items to see if I wanted to go check a few of our local CVS. Of course, the answer was yes! We ended up running to at least 4 or 5 seperate CVS's. We spent quite a bit of time price checking individual items and loading up our carts when we found things 90% off.  I never tallied up what I spent out of pocket (very little since I had a LOT of ECBs to use) but I know at one store alone the original prices were over $300 worth of stuff. I ended up with a few cologne/perfume sets (the most expensive was $3.49), several Essence of Beauty bath robes that were $1.49 each, fragrance sets that included Reed diffusers and a candle for $1.49 each, Essence of Beauty bath sets, individual reed diffusers, and an entire laundry basket of Essence of Beauty lotions, bubble baths, and body sprays along with several other items I can't remember.  I already divided most of the loot up for Christmas gifts for family members, kept a few things for myself, gave my mom several items for showers and gifts for our Christmas Bingo game, and stocked several items in the basement for gifts/donation items when I need them.  It was one of the best nights for bargain shopping ever!!" Dana Schrader

"I don't know if he'd like to be referred as a Diva, but my DH Scott is my hero. He's disabled so that turned him into a stay at home dad. He's a great shopper and loves to use coupons. I put the deal's together from the ad's and he executes them, never having problems from cashiers, lucky guy. He does the couponing while I'm at work and our teenager is at school. He's such a great deal hunter that most of the staff at our local Walgreens address him by his first name. This is just what he got at Walgreens from last Wednesday to today. His total before using the Walgreens ES card balance, coupons, rebates, RR & advertised savings was $571.16. His actual oop before rebates was $158.65." Carrie Tomes

"I had a great shopping trip to Walgreens on Sunday.  I went armed with my shopping list, coupons and RR’s ( $165 from the diaper deal and Glucerna last week).  I’m a foster mom and a parent mentor so not only do I stock up for myself but for my parents and children as well.  Right now I am working on Easter baskets for teens in foster care.  I’m also a mom to 6 children still at home and my 6 year old daughter, Sarah,  is one of my biggest shopping helpers.  She always asks “Mommy, do you have a coupon for this?” 

The first total she gave me was around $175!!   

I used $62.50 in RR’s from last week.  Plus $9 from my W card.  Then paid $1.95 in cash in the end! 

My receipts tells me my total savings was $247.01. It gets even better.  I will get $12 in rebates back for the Hair color and Palmer candy.  Plus I received $17 in RR, a 20% off coupon to Payless and $1.50 off 2 Dove Ultimate. 

In the end they paid me $26.05 to shop!!!  I love saving money!  My husband has been unemployed for 10 months, I don’t know what I would do without RMC and all my friends!  When I came home he looked at the bags and said “well, you still have to spend some money right?”  I just handed him the receipt and said ..”Well yes, but it was only $1.95!”  Walgreens really has some great deals and you can really keep it rolling between the RR’s and the Rebates.  I use my RR’s to pay for my Rebate items a lot or other RR items and then turn around and use my Rebate money on my gift card to buy RR items.  Over the past several months I don’t think I have paid out of my pocket more than $40 total." Lori Thornburg

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