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Deal Divas 5

"You have got to love Kroger when they run the mega sales and then throw in another deal like the 50% off select cereals. Last week when they had the $4 catalina wyb 4 boxes GM cereal and some were 50% off plus had some of the P&G items buy 4 get $4 off, and the crayola crayons deal where you buy $20 original priced and get a $4 catalina,  it worked out to mega savings! Here is what I purchased in 4 separate transactions and rolling the catalinas. 
1     Lg. Cheerios
10   Cpn crunch
8    Total
4    Fiber One
2    Gushers
30  Crayola crayons
9    Covergirl cosmetic accessories
1    Charmin
8    Gillette body washes
1    Lg. Tide stain release
1    Downy
3    A&W ice cream topping
1    Mentos
1    Nature Valley Nut clusters
1    Raisinets  
Total of 81 items
OOP: $21.43
Saved: $240.86
Still have $2.50 catalina" Mary F. -  GA
"My 19 year old daughter was so excited to get 24 free Post It Notes at Walmart! The design in the picture is hers, too." Julie Beck
"Well I wish I would have found this deal when my kids were in diapers!  I was holding onto 9 Pampers Wipes coupons for $2 off one box in the hopes of finding a great deal.  These are awesome coupons, but where to find the deal?  Everywhere I looked they were not on sale.  If I used the coupons off the regular price they would be way too expensive.  I was in Walmart and decided to check the baby aisle.  BINGO!  72 count wipes in the plastic package were $1.97!  Now I'm excited!  I thought I would meet some resistance at the register since the coupon value was more than the actual price, but I had no problem.  In fact I even got the three cent overage towards the tax!  So I paid $1.17 for 9 packages of wipes.  Some will go to school with my kids and some will go to my new baby nephew.  Pictured is my daughter Celina with my haul." Maria Sciuto
"Safeway is having a Buy 4 Get $4 off some GM, Nature valley and Betty crocker items-starting at .99
Note: My Safeway doubles up to .99
I had several coupons loaded on my club card from Cellfire and including Nature Valley Granola bars 75/2, BC warm delights 50/1,Cheerios 55/1,Nature valley clusters $1/1 BC fruit snacks 50/2
I had duplicates of some of these on each account. At first I wasn’t sure how that happened but I now believe that I had added some last month-but didn’t use them and they hadn’t expired.  PLUS I added the newer ones this month -some for the same items…and they all were applied today.  For example I had Four .50/2 fruit snacks-- 2 on cell fire- 2 on shortcuts one set expiring 8/26 & another expiring 9/21. 
SO since I bought four boxes-Shortcuts applied 2 coupons of .50/2 and cellfire applied 2 coupons of .50/2. Then I had 2 paper coupons of 50/2 making them all free! My E-coupons took a total of  $7.40 off my order.
I got
1 box cheerios 1.49 (BONUS! IT RANG UP 0.00!?!) didn’t notice until now!
1 box golden grahams 1.49 used $1 off 2 GM             =.49
4 bags NV clusters 1.49ea used 2 $1/1 and one 75/1  =2.46
2 BC warm delights 2.49ea  used 2 75/1                    =1.98
4 BC fruit snacks .99each used 2 50/2                      =1.98
6 NV gran bars 1.49each-used two 50/1 and two 75/2 =3.94          
8pk deer park water=1.99                                       =1.99
20lb A&H cat litter  sale 5.99-75coupon                     = $4.49
MINUS the Ecoupons                                               -7.40
Total                                                                   =$9.93 OutOfPocket
PLUS I got a $3.50 Catalina for buying 5+ granola bars
And a $2 Cat for buying 4 fruit snacks…..$9.93-$5.50 in cats= $4.43 Cost
Woo Hoo!
An added bonus is that Safeway/Genuardis is giving 10% of “back-to-school’ purchases to the school of your choice. They count the shelf price, not the after coupon price--so this order will generate 10% of $45 to my daughters school." Laurie D, DE
"Sobe and Power Aid with the mega deal $4 off with purchase of 8 items.  The coupons from the Sobe game were scanning at $1.59 so I could get 20 Sobe, 12 Power Aid & a filler for $1.32.  We have 2 Krogers so I did this once a day at each store.  Ended up  with 200 Sobe, 120 Power Aid and 20 other items for $13.20. The picture is my two grandsons Nate 5 and Zander 1 with 1/2 of the drinks.  The rest were taken to Great Grandma Jeanne's."
Becky Wyant Ky
"Today we went to Kroger to stock up on this week's deals. We did 5 transactions in order to use the $3 and $5 catalinas and the Playtex coupon. The total for all transactions before sales, coupons and catalinas was $156.93. After I paid $50.43 oop. Now I just have to keep my kids from eating all these GM goodies in a week!! We also ended with 55 box tops that printed!" Jennifer Roberts
"I wanted to share my great shopping trip I had today at Target. My total on my receipt was $35.13. The tax itself was $9.68. At the bottom of the receipt, it says I saved $96.58. I could not get in the picture and didn’t have anyone to take it for me. I couldn’t even get everything in the photo. Here is what I bought.

10 Sobe Waters                             3 20 oz Cokes

1 Swiffer Wet Jet                             2 Travel size Vaseline Lotions

1 Swiffer Wet Jet Refill Pads             3 12 pack of Ivory Soap

2 Clorox Spray Cleaners                3 Olay Body Wash

3 Travel size Shout                     2 Travel size Satin Care shaving cream

1 Box Rice Krispies                     2 Travel size Tresemme hair spray

1 Box Shredded Wheat             1 Travel size Herbal Essence

3 Bounty Basic paper towels     2 Purina Dog busy bone bags

1 Visine Eye Drops                     2 Vanish Drop Ins

2 John Freida Root Awakening         2 Travel size Clorox wipes

2 Travel size Listerine strips         1 Sit and Float (for pool $4.44)

3 Olay Facial Cleansers             1 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix

1 Hostess Donuts                     1 bag Ore Ida French Fries
Thank you for all the coupon saving advise and sites that enable me to do this. My family appreciates all that I save." Andrea Waters

"Here's a picture of all the kids glasses I was able to get over the last two months at Rite Aid for free. Actually I made money on all of them. Some of them are Foster Grant glasses. They were $6.99 but with my 20% Wellness discount I got them for $5.59 each. I'd buy four of them for $22.36. I used a $5/20 coupon and four $5 Foster Grant coupons from the Rite Aid video value site and ended up with overage on every transaction. There were also single check rebates available for $5 wyb one pair of glasses and the next month they had a $10 rebate wyb two glasses. All of the character glasses are Style Science. They were regular price $7.99 each and the first week they were on sale buy one get one half off. So two pairs cost $11.98. I used two $4 Style Science kids video value coupons and one $5/2 any glasses wellness coupon. For each two I bought I got $1.02 overage. I usually bought four in one transaction and then I used a $5/20 coupon as well, giving me a total of $7.04 overage per transaction. The second week they were regular price but $6.39 with my 20% wellness discount. That week two pairs cost $12.78 and I used the same coupons on them so I had .22 cents overage for each two pairs. I started buying six pairs per transaction just so by the end of the week there would be none left. I almost always limit myself to one transaction per day. I also used a $5/20 coupon on each of these transactions for $5.22 overage each time. I don't think anyone else at my store bought any of these glasses since it was such a hidden deal. By the end of two months and various deals I bought 64 pairs of kids glasses. What an awesome deal this was. I plan on giving the glasses away at Halloween and as party favors or birthday gifts for my younger two kids. Of course my kids will use a few themselves." Tayler R.
"Here are my awesome kids Noah and Annelisa with her gerbil Brownie showing off our shopping adventure that was so much fun! We started off at Harris Teeter where all the Kelloggs was 1/2 off. I had coupons which were doubled up to 99cents and in addition I had coupons for $2 off baggies WYB 2 Kelloggs and free Pop-Tarts WYB 2 Kelloggs, so it was on... I had hit the jackpot! We did all the damage we could do there and headed to Publix. There are always great B1G1 deals and we matched those with store and manuf. coupons to make for awesome saving and FREE stuff. My pantry is now stocked with a total of 42 boxes of cereal, 6-Poptarts, 21-boxes baggies, 4-fruit snacks, 1-M&M used as a filler because I was owed money, 3-pkg of cookie dough, 1-Pillsbury Sweet Moments, 2-Nature Valley bars, 2-pkg cheese, 2-loaves bread, 2-V8 juice, 2-Oceanspray, 1-Schick razor, 2-boxes tampons, 5-4pk pudding, 1-bottle hot peppers, 2-bottles ketchup, & 2-bottles creamer. My total before coupons was $280.04, I only paid $50.14 but the best part is I received 3/$10 OYNO from Harris Teeter for purchasing Kelloggs...I have to say of all my shopping trips this was ONE of the best. I love to watch the faces of people who can't believe I paid almost nothing or the store owes me $$. Thanks to all the people who post their finds, you're awesome!!"   Jessica Winebarger, Yulee Florida
"What a great shopping day! I've always been jealous of the deals people get a Kroger because in OK there isn't a Kroger. Well, we recently moved to KY and I couldn't wait to start shopping at Kroger. Yesterday I loaded up my hubby and kids and off we went. After a good trip at Target we headed to Kroger and hit the jackpot. We loaded up with 20 Sobe drinks, 5 Nature Valley granola bars, Total cereal, Speed Stick, 2 Fiber One granola bars, Almond Breeze Milk, Betty Crocker Warm Delight, 2 Cascadia Farms granola and 1 Cascadian Farms granola bars. Total spent after coupons was $4.88 for 34 items and we got a coupon for $3.50 off our next order. Total savings was $74.99! I think we've got breakfast and snacks covered for the next couple of months.  
*My 4 year old helped me stack our goodies for a picture. He sure loves a good deal, just like his Mama." Amy Stewart
"Here is a picture of me sharing the good deals I got a few weeks ago with both Publix and Winn Dixie (tried to get my daughter to sub for me, but no dice). Within a week of each other, Winn Dixie was having a 10/$10 sale on Colgate toothpaste and Publix was having a 10/$10, but for Crest. For both stores I used .75 cpns for each toothpaste, with a few $1 cpns on some of the Colgate. The same week that Publix was doing the Crest, they also had Old Spice deodorant temporarily reduced to $1.98. For every two deodorants I bought, I used a BOGO (for either a deodorant or a body wash) and $1/2 deodorant coupons (thereby scoring either 4 deodorants or 2 deodorants and 2 body washes for .98!) I had more Old Spice deodorants and body washes, and toothpastes, but my husband, 2 sons, and father went 'shopping'. I lucked out on the smaller Spiderman Crest toothpastes- they were on clearance for $1 and I had .75 cpns for them too! I bought all 8 and still have 2 cpns left!  All told, I spent $16.50 for everything here. GOOOO Refund Cents-without this site I would never be doing as good as this!!! Open-mouth smile  I have a favorite cashier at CVS who gets excited with the deals my oldest daughter and I do, that she begged me to show her how. I gave her this site and my phone number and told her to call me. Now each time I go in to the store, I teach her something else." Sandie Bowlin

"I read on chit chat about a deal going on at Dollar General with Coke and Oreos.  Oreo cookies are on sale 3/$5 ($1.67 each) and coca cola 2 liters are $1.  There is a DG coupon for $1.50 off wyb a coke and a pack of oreos.  These two items cost $2.67, minus coupon for $1.50, makes a sweet deal for $1.17 (with tax $1.26).
We have several DG stores here.  Look at what I got for $5.04 – 4 Cokes and 4 packs of Oreos! At Winn Dixie, there is a Kraft deal going on that includes sliced cheese.  When you purchase 5 items, you get a $5 catalina.  I got 5 packs of cheese for $10.  I used a $5 catalina that I earned earlier and paid just $5 plus tax…..THEN, I got another $5 catalina!  I love deals like these!" Selena McGee, AL

"Here I am with over 50 of my Penney's $10 off $10 coupons that I found in recycle bins in post offices and in large housing areas.  I will use these for clothes and linens for the house and will take low income family and missionaries shopping.  This is the usual amount that I get 4 times each year."  Dean B. , WA
"Hi.  I know we all like to talk about the great deals we get with coupons.  One place I can get some great deals is at Tom Thumb meat department.  The Tom Thumbs in the DFW Metroplex have a marked down meat section.  Here is my great deal.  There were some Aidell's raw sausage marked down.  The packages usually run about $4.99 for 6 in a pack.  The meat manager told me they received the raw packages by mistake.  They marked them all down to 79 cents a package. I had some 50 cent coupons.  I first went through the line with 5.  The cashier  had to do an override, but took the coupons off.  This means I paid 29 cents a pack.  The manager marked down more packages.  The next cashier would not take the coupons since the meat was marked down already.  I did not complain because it was still a great deal.  This sausage is great because it does not have MSG, Hormones, or fillers. I paid $10.14 cents for 16 packs of sausage.  That makes it 63 cents a pack.  Please remember to check on marked down meat at your grocery stores." Dawn H.

"We are fairly new to Refund Cents, but so far we have really had fun with it. We are a family with 6 kids and we are always looking for great deals. We have a new baby and we all know that babies go through lots of diapers and wipes. One Sunday there were $2.00 off Pampers wipes coupons. We picked up a couple of extra newspapers that week and a couple of them were given to us. Thanks to Centsible Chat we learned that the best place to buy wipes was Wal-Mart at about $1.97.
            We checked the normal coupon sites and they were already sold out, so we turned to ebay. We calculated how much would be reasonable for us to spend on a coupon and decided that if we could keep it under .50 cents that would still be a good deal for a package of baby wipes. We were able to buy 40 coupons with the average price per coupon being .43 cents. Our family could not understand why we were “buying” coupons, but we knew we were still getting a great deal.
            Taking our time, we only bought 6 – 8 packages at a time, being considerate and leaving a couple on the shelf each time. Meijer had them on sale one week and we were able to pick up a few, but their shelves were quite empty (probably from others doing the very same thing!). We went back to Wal-Mart where the stock was plentiful. Many cashiers just hit enter on the $2.00 coupon giving us 3 cents overage – bonus!
            When it was all said and done we had purchased 46 containers of baby wipes. That would have cost us almost $91.00, but we paid only $17.20, saving us over $70.00! We discovered that our preschooler’s markers and small toys fit perfectly inside an empty container, so we have started using them for storage. The containers fit very nicely on our bookshelf and help make things neat and organized – another bonus!
            Our preschooler was more than happy to help build (and knock down) a wall of Pampers baby wipes, and hold her brother for our picture. Thought the picture with just our son was pretty cute too, so we are sending them both. Thanks for all your tips and information, we really appreciate the website and everyone’s posts and comments." Vicki & John Girard, MI 

"Started my week a little late but didn't do too bad.  Bought $379.89 worth of products home.  After rolling Target gift cards and coupons had less than $10.00 out of pocket. I started with 2/ $25 gift cards from a prescription transfers at Riteaid.  Did multiple transactions to maximize the coupons and rebates and up rewards.  All in all this has to be my best shop yet!  Will be getting $22.00 back in Single Check rebates. Around $14.00 more in Try me Free's and maybe will do the Money back Guarantee on the Pantene if I don't care for it and still have $15.00 on one of the gift cards to use on next weeks deals. Refundcents has helped SO MUCH!!! Now when I ask my Sweetheart to come shopping with me I get a thumbs up every time! Thanks for everything" Mary Ziemann Toledo, OH
"Just have to share my deals for CVS this past week (multiple trips/transactions).  I shared the other day the the John Frieda was giving 3 of the $5 ExtraBucks so I took advantage of it to stock up.
 Transaction #1:
Purchased 2/$10 John Frieda shampoo/conditioner and 1 Pantene mousse for $4.99
2 $3 J.F. mfr coupons
1 $1.50 Pantena coupon
1 $2.00 CVS Pantene coupon
1 $1.00 ExtraBucks for my green back tag 
OOP $5.63
Received $5 ExtraBucks
Transaction #2 
Purchased 2/$10 John Frieda hairsprays
2 $2 J.F. mfr coupons
1 $5 ExtraBucks 
OOP $1.81
Received $5 ExtraBucks
 Transaction #3 & #4
 Same as Transaction #2 
 On another visit:
 I then received another survey from CVS and received $10 ExtraBucks for completing it so I went back for the Folgers BOGOF ($11.99).
 They were out of them so they substituted 6 small for the 2 large they were out of and gave them to me for $11.99.
$10 ExtraBucks
$1 mfr coupon
 OOP .99
 Total OOP $12.05 for :
6 Folgers
1 JF shampoo
1 JF conditioner
1 Pantene mousse
6 JF hairsprays  
Doreen from Pougheepsie NY Pictured is my daughter Amber

"In this picture are my son, God-daughter and myself (wearing an appropriate shirt that says in pink "Coupon Mom"), along with 82 wipes for $9.84! The kids helped me haul in all of the wipes from the garage and we built a fort out of them. What is not pictured is the other 90 wipes I went out and I got for free once the stores in our area stocked up!!! After paying less than $21 in tax, I saved well over $317. My only dilemma was having to organize and find places to put all of these wipes but was successful in doing so--thanks to the storage space under my son's bed. With another one on the way next month, we are scraping to save for a new vehicle and possibly a new house next year--besides, baby wipes are such useful products! Thanks for all of the work that you put into the site and for helping the rest of us find great deals :). I have been saving since January of this year and tracked my savings (up until March) and have saved well over $1,300!!! Unfortunately, I haven't been keeping track of the savings past March due to pregnancy and school but I'm sure that it is significant! Thanks again." Maylene Ysasaga

"I wish Rite Aid was closer to me!! I was able to pick up over 60 Covergirl products the week that they had a Buy One Get One Free sale by pairing it with "Buy One Get One Free" coupons.  I started out going up there first thing on Sunday morning with my mom and daughter and only about 10 coupons.  We both got overage by using a $5 off a $25 purchase coupon so we stocked up on some toilet paper in addition to the makeup (not pictured).  We got blush, powder, concealer and foundation.  The next day I went on the trading boards to see if I could get some more coupons.  I ended up trading for 20 more coupons and ran on my lunch hour to two separate Rite Aids when the coupons arrived.  Again, I used a $5 off $25 coupon each time to get some more overage towards paper towels and cards I needed.  I wish I would have had more coupons and a closer Rite Aid to get more! I have lots of stocking stuffers for Christmas and my supply of makeup should keep me set for the next several years!" Dana Schrader
"Sometimes deals are just too sweet to pass up.  I went to Rite-Aid for the Nivea body wash deal. I was fortunate to find the shelves fully stocked and got 8 bottles. I had two of the $4/2 and two $3/2 coupons. I used them all in one transaction. Reg price of the body wash was $5.49 a bottle. My total after the sale and coupons came to $3.03 AND I received $8 in UP Rewards.  I then headed to Kroger where the Old Spice and Gillette Body washes were on sale.  I purchased 2 Gillette body washes, 7 Old Spice body Washes, 2 body sprays and 1 deodorant. After my coupons, ecoupons and my $5 off your next Kroger purchase (from the Kraft deal) I paid $0.61. Yes, 61 cents.  Needless to say my son Will, who is pictured, was very happy with my purchases. He begins high school in a few days and has all the body wash he needs for a while." Mary Treadwell  GA
Breakfast Bounty
"Cereal can be so expensive in my area, so I’m always thrilled when I can get a good deal.  A quick trip to two stores, Tom Thumb and Albertson’s, netted me this breakfast bounty.  At Tom Thumb, the Honey Nut Cheerios deal was $4/4 with a free box of Nature’s Valley granola bars, making the cereal $1.99 each.  I had 2 - $1/2 coupons for the cereal, making them $1.49 each, plus the free box of granola bars.  At Albertson’s, the cereal was 3/$7.50 with $3 off wyb 3, making them $1.50 each.  I had 2 - $1 off coffee wyb 1 cereal coupons, 1 - $1 off milk wyb 1 cereal coupon and 3 - $1/2 cereal coupons.  The coffee was on sale for $3.99 and the milk for $1.88, so the coffee ended up being $2.99 each and the milk $.88.  There is no tax on food in TX so in all, I was able to buy all of this for a total OOP of $20.32 and savings of $39.54!  It was definitely one of my better shopping days." Sydney Miles 
"Here's a picture of my Rite Aid Haul from last week. After several trips to Rite Aid last week, I was able to get 56 John Frieda products for free!! I was able to do this by trading for coupons and rolling the $10 Up rewards that printed each time. My before coupon total was $413.17. My after coupon total (not including  tax) was only 26.40. And I will get $7.99 back in rebates. And I still have my last $10 Up reward to use. The only things I really had to pay for were the extra things I got: 2 cans of peanuts,1 case of water,1 small notebook, 1 box of kids bandages,1 Toy Story slip-n-slide,1 JF shine glaze that wasn't included in the sale,3 Airheads candy,4 candy bars,3 cans of cheese balls,1 Crest, and 2 pairs of sunglasses. I also got 2 Veet, 6 Clearasil, and 10 Tugaboos for free. I had a lot of fun on this deal and now I have plenty of shampoo to share with my friends!!" Renee M.,VA

Marcal freebies! Keep ‘em Coming! 

"For the past six months or so Marcal small steps paper products has been printing free up to .99 coupons in Sunday inserts.  At first I had trouble locating the product (I hate not being able to use a high value or free coupon just because the products aren’t in my area yet or I can’t find them), but once I did wow! I have not been keeping count but could easily say that I have received at least 30 free rolls of paper towels, 10 free packages of toilet paper, 4 free packages of napkins, and 5 free boxes of tissues! And the coupon came out again just last weekend in the inserts on Sunday! I am thankful that Marketbasket carries these products and also that they allow me to use more than one coupon in one transaction. Every time I shopped I would just add 3 or 4 Marcal items in with my groceries to keep the stockpile going! In the photo is my daughter Maria who will be six this week and her castle creation. Thanks Marcal!" Teresa D.

"I have only subscribed to Refund Cents for a few months and have been in awe of the Deal Diva stories and photos. After reading Centsible Chat every day, following the tips of other readers, and trying to learn and practice as much as possible, I finally felt that I had earned diva status after a day of shopping at Target, Rite Aid, and CVS. In the photo you can see my ten year old daughter, Bridgette, and our dog Ziggy admiring my take, with a retail value of $92.22.  

At Rite Aid I got 2 bottles of Clear Eyes, 2 bottles of Nivea Body Wash, 1 bottle of Aveeno Moisturizer, 1 pack of Kotex pantyliners, and two small packs of Tugaboos diapers. I paid $3.11 and qualified for 2 Single Check Rebates worth $7. At Target I purchased Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean and a Refill bottle, 6 Gillette body washes, 2 Satin care shave gels, 2 travel size packets of Tide detergent, a bottle of Vaseline Infusium lotion, 4 small tubes of Arm & Hammer toothpaste, a can of Armor All wheel protectant and Armor All wipes. I paid $11.59, but sent off for a rebate on the Armor All wheel protectant worth $7.99. Then it was on to CVS, where I bought 3 bottles of CVS brand mouth wash, 1 bottle of Dawn dish soap, 4 bars of Emerald Mist bar soap, and a bag of Hershey's Miniature chocolates. I used a $2 ECB on the chocolates and the rest was free as a result of coupons, so I paid 68 cents in tax. 

All together my out-of-pocket expenses came to $15.37, but after rebates of $14.99 my total is only 38 cents, and I will send the UPC from the candy for a free Fandango movie ticket!" Theresa McGallicher

"This is a picture I found on my computer from a deal a while ago.  The deal was for AMP energy drinks.  They were on sale for 1.00 at Meijer stores.  I often found them on sale for a week or two at a time.  My husband used to drink at least two energy drinks a day and the normal price of the drinks can be upwards of 2.50-3.00 each.  To make this deal even better, I went to the trading boards and was able to trade for over one hundred 1.00/1 coupons.  It was great! I would go to the store and get 10-15 at a time.  Only one cashier ever had a problem with it.  My husband is diabetic and can only drink the no sugar ones, and they often only carried two dozen at a time. The grocery manager even gave me a rain check for one hundred of them because he knew they were having problems keeping them in stock. Thanks so much AMP and Meijer!" Sarah Shaw, IN

"Here are the 24 Ortega products I got at Meijer when it was on sale for 25% off. 
I used 12 $1/2 mfr. cpns and 6 $1/4 Mealbox cpns to get all this for FREE + $3.88!!"
Julie Beck
@ Kingdom Klipper
"Normally when I see the toy deals I do not do them because my kids always seam to have more than they need.  When I read Taylor's posting about the TRU's toy deal I had to try this.  It suddenly hit me that I could get games that my son's speech clinic could use.  I purchases 2 Battle ships, 2 Bop-It's, 2 EleFun, 2 Gato Golf, 2 Candy Land's, 2 Connect 4, 1 Hi Ho CerryO, w1 Ants in the Pants, 1 Cooties and 3 stuffed animals.  A family member contributed and we both sent in for the rebates.  Pictured is My son AJ and his speech therapist Courtney.  He was so proud taking these few in and giving them to the clinic.  I had more coupons and could have gotten more however what I did get was during 3 trips.  I will now keep my eyes out for more toy deals to share with the Clinic and the Speech Therapists that have helped my son so much in the past 2 years.  His clinic is through a local University.  Some of you who thought like I had might want to change your mind and help children in your area that are trying to overcome challenges." Marci Eckroth
"I have been a subscriber to Refund Cents for about a month, but already can't say enough good things about everyone who contributes!  This week, I started Monday on a shopping high after getting in on the $10 off $10 at both Aeropostale and JCPenney this weekend! (Thanks Michele and Centsible Chat posters!) Today I moved on to CVS and Walgreens.  Pictured is my daughter Nicole with the goodies for my family, gifts and a start on Christmas...and it's only the beginning of the week!  Here is the list:
4 Plackers Flossers
4 Stayfree 16 packs
2 Tone Body Wash
2 Skintimate Shave Cream
2 100,000 Grand candy bars
Spent: $20 in RR and $4.30 OOP ($1.60 of it was tax)
Received: $32 RR - a PROFIT of $7.70
1 Natural Daylight Light Up Vanity Mirror
2 Digital Coin Banks
2 Discovery Kids Digital Photo/Video Cameras
2 Scunci Interchangeable Headband Kits
2 OralB 3D Toothbrushes
1 Softsoap Handsoap
1 Palmolive Dish Soap
Spent: $9 ECB and $2.92 OOP ($1.22 of it was tax) SAVED $130.70
Received: $2 ECB 
I love this site!  Thank You!!!" Kathy Anderson, MN

"Here is a picture of a great deal I found about a month ago.  I was shopping from one Wal-Mart to another in search of some cleats for my grandson.  I had to drive another 20 miles to another store because the local one did not have his size.  As I was leaving the store, my daughter noticed a stock person bring out the body washes.  We inquired. Oh, the find of the day!  She had doubles of Soft-soap and Irish Spring body washes for .50(fifty cent). Yes fifty cents for both bottles.  She also had 3-packs of Colgate toothpaste for $1.  I bought several cases of the body wash and one case of the toothpaste(she only had one).  Pictured are some the body washes and toothpaste.  I thought this was one of the best finds of all.  I learned a valuable lesson from this shop.  I had left my coupon book at home!  I had coupons for the Irish Spring body wash and the toothpaste..  Oh well!  I bought it anyway.  I’ve learned to never leave home without it. The kotex-U products I was getting at Walgreens when they ran their promotion giving I think $3 back and the Dawn dish washing liquid from Kroger’s using the $1 coupons from the Home Made Simple book, and the .50 cent coupon that doubles.  I spent less than $40 on all the soft soaps and Irish spring body washes, tooth paste, including two pair cleats and a mini food chopper.  It was worth my drive.  I just love RefundCents!"  Barbara Thomas

"I have been couponing and bargain shopping for years now and have had many good deals but this is the first one that is truly picture worthy, mainly because it involves my dog.  And this is also the first time that I used coupon trading and the RMC trading board to get more coupons. I noticed the post that Petsmart had the Milkbone  Essentials Plus long lasting chews for $1.99 and I knew I had quite a few $2 coupons so I was ready to go.  I had friends print and mail me coupons and with the help of two wonderful traders I ended up with a total of 27 coupons for between $1 and $2.  One trader also sent me 4 coupons for Free Milkbone Essentials Plus Biscuits when you purchase any Milkbone product!  The result is pictured with my boy. 
22 Bags of Long Lasting Chews are pictured (because Koda has already one through 5 bags or they are put in his treat jar already) and 4 boxes of Biscuits! 
Total number of treats  121 Long Lasting Bones and 4 pounds of Biscuits
Total Paid $8.64
Result..... One very happy puppy!" Candace, TX

"I first saw this deal on Chat, so I ordered my Coupons and waited patiently. They finally came yesterday and I loaded up the kids and off we went. It was great timing because I am just coming to the end of my Chef Michael's Dog food from last year. Here is how I did this deal.

Bought 1 Trial Size Incredibites per $3 coupon. Each bag is $.99 the coupons will ring for the full amount creating a $2.01 overage per bag. I got 20 bags so I had $40.20 overage, So I got two large bags of Beneful $9.99 each, two medium bags of Beneful $5.99 each, One large box of Milkbone treats$4.99 , and one bag of Jerky Treats $3.99 (I had coupons for both of these but I don’t remember the denominations). I was still in the negative after using only 19 of my coupons so I grabbed two packs of Pup R Mints ($1.99 each) at the register. My original total with tax was $66.67. Total OOP= $1.32. Woo Hoo! Thank you to the original poster. I am sure my dogs will love their free food!" - Emily Pannell

"Hiya! I did the Rite Aid bogo this week! This was my first time trying any of this and it was so fun! This is my DD Rhiannon and she's happy because she gets a few of the lip glosses.
I got 24 various items including lipstick, foundation, mascara, face powder, blush, and eyeshadow. Before coupons and the Bogo sale it was $175.00 after it was $12.06! I got charged for one extra lipstick or it would have been around $6.00. Thanks everyone for posting how to do this stuff!" Tracy P. Oh

"I went to Toys R Us two different days to take advantage of their sale on Hasbro toys. I ended up doing about 20 different transactions and was able to roll the $5 gift card into the next transaction. Here's what I ended up with: Purchased:

30 Hasbro games
4 stuffed animals
Total retail value: $487.66
Spent: $105.42
Will receive back in rebates: $77
Total spent out of pocket: $28.42 - about 95 cents per game
The cashiers were very friendly and were impressed with the great deal I was getting, which made the experience much more enjoyable!" Sara W, KY

"This deal turned out to be the best deal I'll probably do this year! And it's definitely one of my all time favorite deals. It didn't seem like a mega deal at first, I saw some posts about games at Toys R Us but just skimmed past them since TRU hasn't been known to be a freebie haven in the past. Finally it was a post from Erin, HI that made me take notice. She suggested a transaction of three games that would come out to less than $1 after the coupons, rebates and giftcards. That made me take notice. I watched the post and other people responded with additional information. Mainly that the original price of the games is what counted toward the Buy $20 in games, get a $5 TRU giftcard, and that games originally priced at $19.99 would qualify for a $5 giftcard on their own since the register rounded up. Boy, did that change the whole game plan! I quickly got on the Hasbro website and printed out two of every game coupon they were offering. I wasn't sure exactly
what games were the best deals or included in the rebate but I didn't want to miss my opportunity to print these. And that paid off since later in the week Hasbro pulled all the game coupons. I headed to TRU and started figuring out
some transactions. I ended up going back to TRU four days in a row, rolling the giftcards I got from the previous day into more games so I'd have less cash out of pocket. You'll notice I have almost two of every game and that's because
when mega deals like this come around I send an additional rebate to my mom's house. Here's my final tally.
6 stuffed animals, 2 Battleship, 3 Operation, 2 Connect 4, 2 Sorry Sliders, 2 Bop It!, 1 Trouble, 2 Twister, 2 Gator Golf, 2 Hungry Hippos, 2 Elefun, 2 Chutes & Ladders, 2 Candy Land, 2 Memory, 2 Hi Ho Cherry-o, 2 Cootie, 2 Don't Spill the Beans, 2 Don't Break the Ice and 1 Ants in the Pants. This was such a fun deal to do. And TRU was very friendly. I assumed they would not be used to this many transactions and coupons but they handled it really well. In the picture there are a few other toys. The My Little Pony toys are $5.49 each nd they were on sale bogo at TRU and I used one $5 coupon for each two so they ended up costing 2/.49. I also found travel size Hungry Hippos at Walmart for $5.24 and used my last $5 coupon = .24. They also had Connect 4 and Battleship for $5.24 each and I used my last $4 coupon on each of those and paid $1.24.Here are my final breakdowns of just the Hasbro items at TRU. (I excluded the My Little Pony and Walmart games)
Total games/animals purchased: 41
Total coupons used: $96
Total giftcards earned: 23 $5 cards = $115
Total rebates I'll receive: $95
Total cost for everything (excluding tax): negative .35 cents
Total value of products at regular price: $569.59"
Tayler R.
"At RiteAid anytime you have a B1G1 coupon and they have it on sale B1G1 it means FREE merchandise for you. RiteAid has really jumped onto the coupon bandwagon the last 6 months or so and I'm loving it. Covergirl makeup was B1G1 - B1G1 cpns. & another plus is P&G has not been putting $ limits on their cpns. Plus RiteAid put John Frieda hair care on sale for $5 & had JF rebates (limit 3) that double dipped with another JF rebate and $3 & $2 cpns came out in that Sunday's paper.
At RiteAid B1G1F sales run like this : 1 will show up as $retail price and 1 will show up as $0, and you are still allowed to use (2) manufacturer cpns. or a B1G1 cpn. If you add up the total ones at $retail and get over $15 or $25 you can use a $3/$15 cpn or a $5/$25 riteaid cpns. too. --which means more free merchandise. That is how I scored free milk , always, etc.
No, I did not buy all this in one day, nor one transaction. My mom and I checked out a total of 9 times over several days. I wanted to give others a chance at that makeup and knew they would restock. My surprise - the shelves were never bare. Did couponers not know this sale was going on?? Did they not know they could get free milk?? I had about 30 covergirl coupons, I gave a few coupons to friends, and a cashier that was loving all the free makeup that everyone else was getting. No I will not ever use that much makeup, but my sister, sister-n-laws, nieces, etc. will be getting makeup as gifts this year (you didn't just read that!)
Here are the totals for my mom's & mine together:
(17) John Frieda Products (some of these sat on the clearance table for 2 days before I finally gave in & bought them for the rebates), (2) O.B. (clearance), (2) Neutra-Air (clearance), (4) Gallons milk,(2) Always 20 ct., (8) Trident layers gum (not pictured), (30) Covergirl makeup, (1) Cocoa Krispies (not pictured), (1) BC powders 50ct (not pictured).
Totals : $442.09 retail
OOP: $32.20
Rebates: $27.48
Total spent: $4.72
Percent saved: 99%"
Mary Flater
"K mart was doubling again in April, was the announcement. Was I ever looking forward to this. We have only a Walmart and Kmart in our town and the city is 3 hours away. Each day I would go to K mart during the double week using 5 coupons on my card and my husbands. I got lots of needed items. Free items were the cookies, Gillette body wash, Bic razors, peanuts, sure, tooth brushes and Right Guard . The only thing I spent money on besides taxes was the Pert 3n1 shampoo and body wash, it was .39 a bottle. Total was $156.36 but after the doubles plus tax cost $5.98 most of that was taxes! YEAH!
     During this same week our Fresh Market was changing  shelves around and the stuff that was not going back on the shelf was on clearance. As I would go in the store for milk or other items the carts would be full of items to sale. Many people took advantage of the low prices and were standing around waiting for the next basket of goodies to be brought out. Because I had to work and they only put out stuff between 1-5 and I learned about it after the second day, I only got a few items that were left each day. Many of my friends that I called about the deals were at the store all day and got lots of great buys. Food ,laundry, spices, baskets, batteries, diapers etc were all .25 cents. In the picture is the great stuff I got at both K mart and Fresh Foods. Easter candy was on sale for .75 a bag plus I had some coupons to match. Some items are not in the picture like the candy, laundry baskets they were already in use. The candy was taken already to the women's shelter along with Easter coloring kits for ten cents. My eight frozen breakfast items are in the freezer. Others items we have already given away also to needy families. As you can see from the picture we got lots of great stuff for .25 a piece. Bought over 100 items for $25.00 plus over the days of the sale.
     In the mail we received $35.00 in refund checks, free samples, free coupons for coke and no bills! Our woman's shelter and food bank are grateful for all the donations. As are the several friends and co workers who received items. Now I have several gifts for birthday, Mothers day , Fathers day and even for Christmas (the Batteries). We can give so much for so little. If only each week could be this great. Amid the economic crunch there are many good deals to be had and I am hunting them all down in my area. Thanks everyone for the heads up on fantastic deals." Loralee Pfau 

"A&P is not a store that I frequent very often, but I always look at the sales circular when it arrives since you never know what kind of sale you may run into. Last week was such an occasion. Typically, I will not go to a grocery store if there is only one item that I want to pick up that week unless it is on the way to somewhere. I had to make an exception this time.

A&P advertised the following deal: Buy seven Quaker items (cereal, oatmeal, etc.) in one transaction and pay $7.77 (that's a pretty good buy in itself, but not good enough for me!). Since Quaker cereals were included in the sale, my mind started spinning. I had $1 coupons in my box, but the important question was, did I have enough to complete this deal? In fact, I had a total of 14 $1 coupons! I completed two transactions and in the end paid $1.58 for 14 boxes of Quaker cereal, that's less than $0.12 per box! I was excited all the way home for completing this awesome deal! I thought it was well worth the trip. In the picture my son is peaking from the middle of the stack of Quaker cereal." Maria Sciuto

"Here's my recent trip to Meijers. I ended up w/28 boxes of cereal and 2 boxes of Quaker Delights. They had them on sale for $1.69 each. I used 28 $1 coupons for the cereal and two .50 coupons for the bars. If you bought 10, you received an automatic $5 off your order. I started with a $2 catalina for any cereal purchase of $7 or more. My oop for these items was $1.70 using the store promotion, mfr coupons and catalina coupons. My son Jonathan is my shopping buddy!" Julie @ KingdomKlipper
"Here is my daughter, Amber, with the awesome deal I made this week at RiteAid. I purchased $127.92 of Ester-C for $11.96! The sale was B1G1Free. The bottles were $15.99 each. I purchased these in 4 separate transactions so that I could use a $3 off $15 coupon with each transaction. Each transaction was 2 Ester-C's for $31.98 less the B1G1F-- $15.99 less the $3 off a $15 purchase and two $5 manufacturer coupons making the cost for two bottles $2.99." Doreen in Poughkeepsie

"Pictured are the games and stuffed animals I got at Toys R Us after I read about the deals that Tayler was getting on them on Michelle’s Updates. I bought:
Battleship $8.99
Connect Four $8.99
Battleship $8.99
Connect Four $8.99
Gator Golf $12.99
Elefun plush toy $9.99
Gator Golf $12.99
Elefun plush toy $9.99
Hungary Hippos $12.99
Elefun plush toy $9.99
Hungary Hippos $12.99
Elefun plush toy $9.99
5" Elefun game $12.99
Elefun plush elephant $9.99
5" Elefun game $12.99
Elefun plush elephant $9.99
Twister $8.99
Operation $8.99
Twister $8.99
Operation $8.99
Sliders Sorry $14.99
Sliders Sorry $14.99
Total in games: $239.78
I used:
Twelve - $5 Giftcards for buying $20 in Hasbro games
(Total is $60 in giftcards)
I printed these from Hasbro’s website
- $4 coupon on Battleship
- $4 coupon on Battleship
- $4 coupon on Connect Four
- $4 coupon on Connect Four
- $5 coupon on GatorGolf
- $5 coupon on GatorGolf
- the plush was free wyb the GatorGolf
- the plush was free wyb the GatorGolf
- $4 coupon on Hungry Hippos
- $4 coupon on Hungry Hippos
- the plush was free wyb the Hungry Hippos
- the plush was free wyb the Hungry Hippos
- $5 coupon on Elefun Game
- $5 coupon on Elefun Game
- the plush was free wyb the Elefun game
- the plush was free wyb the Elefun game
- $4 coupon on Twister
- $5 coupon on Operation
- $4 coupon on Twiser
- $5 coupon on Operation
- $5 coupon on Sliders Sorry
- $5 coupon on Sliders Sorry
(Total savings in coupons $127.94)
(Total savings with coupons and giftcards - $187.94)
Cost before rebates: $51.84 plus tax
I’ll receive:
$3 rebate on each game for a total of $54 in rebates.
Profit $2.16
I am selling some of the games in a garage sale and have actually already sold 4 for $20.00" - Jenny D

"I was so excited to see the deals going on at TRU.  Our family loves games and we play them all the time.  I couldn’t make it there till the last day of the sale but thought I would give it a try.  So I headed there first thing Saturday morning and got there just as they opened the doors.  I was very pleased to find that they had the shelves well stocked and had all of the games that I was looking for.  I was limited to only the coupons that I had printed weeks before as they were pulled from the website before I could print more.  The cashier was great and had a blast helping me with all the different transactions and coupons.  When it was all said and done I ended up with all the items in the picture.  I paid approximately $100 out of pocket, walked away with $45 in gift cards, and I will be able to send in for $35 in rebates.  So all said and done I paid $20 for everything you see, which was $12 for the toys and $8 for the games.  Then to make it a little bit sweeter, I still have my monopoly coupons that I will use at our local Wal-Mart today as they have them on clearance for $7 each, and I picked up the pictureka game in the picture for $1 at Target after finding it on clearance and using coupons.  My son is so excited to have some new games to play and he will be receiving $5 gift cards for his allowance for the next several weeks.  The games and toys will all be used for our personal use, gifts throughout the year and toys for tots if there are any left at Christmas.  I just love Refundcents!!" Tracy Lake
Tower of Toys
"Once again, without RefundCents I never would have known about this deal.  I started paying attention to the posts on Chat when specific scenarios were broken down and saw that after coupons and gift cards, board games were coming down to either free or cheap.  I printed the coupons and the next night my daughter and I headed to Toys R Us with our list of orders.  We did four transactions the first night and received 4 - $5 gift cards (which weren't activated until 6 hours later).  We headed back the next day and did four more transactions and got 4 more gift cards worth $5 each.  When I got home, I realized I purchased two games that weren't on sale, so we ventured out one more time the next day to exchange them and did one more transaction.  We walked away with 13 board games (including Candyland, Operation, Twister, Cooties, Memory, Battleship, Elefun, GatorGolf and Sorry), 3 plush stuffed animals (free when you bought certain games), 2 Mr. Potato Head sets ($1.99 after coupon and 2-day sale), and 2 Glow Worm dolls ($2.99 after coupon and 2-day sale). I have $263.80 worth of products (based on original retail value) and paid $60.58 out of pocket.  I still have $10.10 left of TRU gift cards and will be receiving $34 from the Hasbro rebate. So, $16.48 for a final price for all these goodies. I am so excited to get so many great classic games for when my daughter is older and also to have a small stash of games for Toys for Tots next year (since I already bought some of these with the last Hasbro rebate!)." Dana Schrader, IN
"While I won't be the best shopper with the most product and least amount of money OOP, I was still surprised at how well I did.  I was blessed that my K-Mart let me break it down into 3 orders each trip over a period of three days. The picture doesn't show the other Nail Diva pkg I bought, or the 2 each of the Revlon nail clippers, nail files, or tweezers.  Two of my kids went "shopping" just before I was putting this picture together and took 5 of the Gillette body washes, 1 Right Guard deodorant, one Oreo pkg, and a pkg of BIC razors.  My youngest child Brandy (shown) grabbed my camera and helped me set everything up.   All told, I got for free 7 Bic Razors, 2 Nutter Butter and 2 Oreo cookies, 4 Right Guard, 7 Gillette body wash, 2 bottles of All, 12 cans of Mighty Dog dog food, 6 Mean Green, 10 pkgs Stay Free maxi pads, 1 French nail pen, 1 soft scrub, and 1 nail art, and the rest was next to free.
Total before coupons - $226.18. (tax included)
Total OOP after coupons doubled - $10.49 (most of it was tax)
Savings of $215.69
(Hanging head but grinning) My name is Sandie and I'm an addict......."
"Here is what we were able to purchase during Kmart double coupon week.
What fun we had while shopping.

In the 41 transactions / orders we were able to get the following:

11 - Gatorade G2 Lemon-Lime 32 FL OZ

31 - Gatorade G2 Blueberry - Pomegranate 32 FL OZ

3 - Gatorade G2 Fruit Punch 32 FL OZ

14 - Gatorade G2 Orange 32 FL OZ

2 - Gatorade G2 Grape 32 FL OZ

1 - Gatorade G2 Strawberry - Kiwi 32 FL OZ  

28 - Whiskas Dry Cat Food 3.3 LBS

13 - Dentastix Pedigree Large (Pkg of 7 treats)

9 - Dentastix Pedigree Small (Pkg of 24 mini treats)

3 - Dentastix Pedigree Medium All Natural (Pkg of 10 treats)

10 - Hershey’s Special Dark Pieces Candy (these were not free…2.50 +.58 tax) (.50 each)

1 - Reese’s Dark Peanut Butter Cup

14 - Gillette Men’s Face & Body Wash 12 FL OZ

7 - Gillette Men’s Hydrator Body Wash 12 FL OZ

2 - Gillette Men’s Gentle Clean Shampoo & Body Wash

5 - Gillette Men’s Hydra-Scrub & Body Wash 12 FL OZ

5 - Gillette Men’s All Over Clean Hair & Body 12 FL OZ 

3 - Always Ultra Thin Pads

2 - St. Ives Fresh Skin Make-up Remover & Facial Cleaner (.32 + .65 tax)

1 - Pert Plus for Men 16 oz

2 - BIC Sensitive Razors Twin (10 pack)

3 - Visine Eye Drops

1 - Ziploc Square Containers & Lids (5 count / green)

2 - Ziploc Round Twist ‘n Loc Containers (Small / orange)

1 - Ziploc round Twist ‘n Loc Containers (Medium / orange) (4.00 + 1.04 tax)

2 - Glade Scented Oil Candles Refills

13 -All 2x Ultra Free & Clear 50 FL OZ

4 - All 2x Ultra Stain lifter (Blue) 50 FL OZ

13 - Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl Cleaner

1 - Soft Scrub Total Kitchen Cleaner

 With all the shopping done and finally getting everything sorted and talley-up here are the final totals.  We got 207 items and all of them were FREE except the following items.  The St. Ives Fresh Skin Make-up Remover was on sale for $3.32 and we had a $1.50 coupon so we paid $.32 each for them.  The next thing was the Ziploc containers, they were on sale for 2 for $5.00 and we had a $1.50 off 2 coupon so they ended up being $1.00 each.  Then towards the end of the week I discovered they had bags of Hershey’s Special Dark Pieces on sale for $2.50 and we had $1.00 coupons so they were $.50 each.  But everything else was FREE and we just paid the tax for each item.  Here is what it would have cost for the 207 items we purchased during week if we had paid regular price without coupons … $1,080.91 but we only paid $33.02!!!!  That is a savings of $1047.89!" Vickie Brantley 

"Long time no see! I am finally back from my couponing break and was completely tired of paying full price!!  This is one of my first big shopping trips.  In order to best make use of savings, I travel about 1.5hrs to Springfield, MO that has several Walgreens, a Target, a CVS and several Dillons. These pictures include all of my good deals from CVS, Target and Dillons. I did not make it to Walgreens in Springfield, but thankfully we now have one small one in my hometown.
At CVS I bought the following in two transactions:
First Transaction
1 Dove Conditioner 4.49 with a 4.49 ECB (no coupons)
1 Dial Nutriskin Body Wash 5.49 minus a 1.00 internet printable, recieved a 4.50 ECB
2 Schick Quattro 3pk razors at 6.29 minus 4.00 coupons
3 Two pack Schick razors at 1.29 minus 2.00 coupons
1 Colgate ProClinical Toothpaste 3.99 minus 1.00 coupon with a 2.00 ECB
2 CVS brand Toilet Paper rolls at 2/$1 minus the great $1 any CVS paper product coupon from scanner
1 CVS brand trial size face wipes at 1.49 minus 1.00 any CVS brand face care product
Total after coupons was 16.19 and I recieved 10.99 in ECB
Second Transaction
1 12pk CVS Papertowels 12.99 (running low!)
2 CVS brand conditioner @.99 each
Total after previous transactions ECB: 4.28
I know this is not a good as some, but due to distance I usually spend my ECBs in the same trip because I do not always know the next time I will be at a CVS.
Target was a great place to shop this week!  My first transaction, run to the front by my wonderful hubby, was the Buy two Fusion Razors @ 6.99 each and get a
$5 giftcard.  I had him use two $4 coupons on the razors, he paid 6.05 out of pocket and brought me back the gift card to start the fun!  I had him run one more
transaction for me as I finished shopping, in order to have the correct number of reciepts for the SC Johnson rebates.  The next transaction was for 3 of the Spray
Bottle Scrubbing Bubbles at 2.49 each minus a .75 coupon on each and a recieve a free $5 giftcard when you buy any three scrubbing bubbles Target coupon
from that weeks inserts.  The total oop on that transaction was around 0.24 because of the previous razor giftcard.  We then used the last gift card for our biggest group of items. I bought three Huggies tub wipes at 1.65 minus some great 1.00 any Huggies products from Kimberly Clark for a complimentary email I sent them about a question.  I also bought 1 package of Kandoo wipes at 1.65 minus the 1.00 Kandoo coupons and I will try to turn this in for the free Scholastic Book when you buy any Kandoo product.  I also bought Nivea body wash at 3.49 minus a 2.00 coupon, a clearanced Degree deoderant (for the hubby) at 1.52 minus a 1.00/1 coupon and three  trial size Shout to Go wipes at .99 minus .55 coupons.  The total for this transaction minus the previous gift card was 4.48.  I will be turning in the scrubbing bubbles receipt and the receipt with the Shout wipes in for the SC Johnson rebates for a total return of $10.  Dillons was next with a few great deals.  Some of the highlights that you can see in the picture are the 12pk Cottonelle for 4.99 after coupons, the .75 cent Skippy peanut butter, and the 1.29 Kelloggs Rice Krispies Hubby had to have those because he would really like some Rice Krispie Treats.  I also found some Lunchables on clearance that are not pictured for 0.60 after the great 1.00 Lunchable coupons.  My total at Dillons after all discounts and coupons for 28 items, was 38.69.  My original starting price was around the 80.00 mark, so I was very happy with my progress! Last stop was Walmart on the way out for some Friskies at 2.75 after coupons, Tide Stain Remover at 3.49 after coupon (hubby wants to try on his
work clothes) and Halls cough drops for .28 each after coupons. All in all, I was very proud of my trip and I had a great time.  I also brought my mother, stepdad and step grandfather with the hubby and I to help teach them how to coupon wisely and stretch their dollars.  They completed some of the same buys as I did and I believe I have them hooked on couponing for life!  I will let you all know how that goes in later stories!  Thank you all for being such a great parts of the wonderful world of couponing!" Amber Hensley
"I love my new Kroger!  They are very coupon friendly, they
even have a coupon swap basket at Customer Service.  My kids love to
bring my un-needed coupons to drop off.  I was so happy to see the shelves still full.  So we did six transactions that were all identical.
3- Assorted Snuggle   - $3.50 ea - 3 $3/1 Mfg Co
6- Ceaser Bistro - $1.09 ea - 2 B2G1F Mfg Co (Peelies and SS)
1- Yakisoba Noodles - 10/$10 - Filler to make 10 Promo Items
3- Sani-Hands 15 ct Wipes - $1- $1/1 Mfg Co.
Each transaction was just under $6, I know I could have done a lot better but, I am so stoked that I got 18 various Snuggle for $.50 each. Here is a picture of my daughter and the 18 various Snuggle! Happy Couponing"
Emily P.

"I may have gone a little overboard with my toy shopping at Toys R Us (TRU), Walmart and Target this spring.  With all of the great sales, coupons and rebates from Hasbro, how can you blame me?  My toy buying journey started at Target who had a great sale on several games, such as Monopoly ($7), Connect 4 ($7) and Battleship ($6), and to top it all off, they came out with their own coupon for $3 off any Battleship, Bop It or Connect 4 games. The Target coupon could be ‘stacked’ with the Hasbro coupon. So off to Target I went, coupons in hand. They were out of several items, but well stocked in others, so I came away with 7 Monopoly games for $2 each (plus tax), 6 Connect 4 games for tax only, and Battleship for tax only! Total out of pocket was $22.95. Retail cost $245.93.

Next, TRU had an awesome toy sale, and Hasbro offered a $5 TRU Gift Card (GC) for each $20 (retail price) spent, and to top it all off, Hasbro also offered a rebate (1 per game) – how could I pass up this quadruple play? (coupons, sale, GC and rebate) or is it a quintuple play?, as with the purchase of Gator Golf, Elefun and Hungry Hungry Hippos, you also received a free plush! When all was said and done, I purchased 20 games, 2 Gloworms and received 6 stuffed animals for free. I paid $117.55, will receive $54 in rebates, in addition, I have $35 in TRU GC to spend and have earned $5 in TRU Rewards for a total out of pocket $23.55. Retail cost $439.08. Finally, Walmart has travel sized Hasbro games, and I had some remaining coupons burning a hole in my pocket, so off I went. I scored 3 Travel sized Hungry Hungry Hippos and 1 Travel sized Connect 4. They were $5.24 each less $4 coupon – total out of pocket $6.91. Retail cost $ 22.91. So, my grand total for 47 toy items was $53.39 out of pocket for $707.92 retail.  I now have gifts for my grandson for his birthday and Christmas, one for my husband (Bop It), and several items for baby showers. However, most of the items will be donated to the local Domestic Violence Shelter and Toys for Tots. I don’t think they will complain that I went a little overboard this spring :o)  I’m sorry you can’t see all of the games in the photo, but there was a stack of them behind me, in addition to the ones you can see!" Sheri Burdue Tacoma, WA

"This is my first submission, and by far the best bargain I've found in a long time.  Thanks to reading Centsible Chat, I was able to find and print out coupons for all these amazing games.  I was not able to make it to Toys 'R Us until the day before the sale ended, but I still think I did quite well.  My total OOP was $150 and change, and after rebates and gift cards I only paid about 45 bucks (and $10 of that was sales tax!)!  I am a teacher and a mom of 3, so these games will be put to good use.  Classroom donations, birthday parties and a nice game collection for my kids! The picture is of my 3 children, aged 11, 8 and 6.  They are so excited about Mommy's find!" Ann Secor

"This was an exciting week! First Petsmart. Beneful was $2.99 each for 3 pack trial size boxes. With $3 coupons, can you say "FREE plus a penny each!" Yippee. Friskies Party Mix, Maximus’s favorite, were $1 each. I had lots of $1.50/2, so it was .25 a pack. Oohh LaLa! The Whiskas cat treats were $1 each, with coupons for $1/2 - B1G1F! Maximum likes variety. ProPlan was on sale for .99 each. The coupons were up to $1.99 – FREE again! Maximus kind of stuck his nose up at those Benefuls however – LOL! Which leads me to Kmart doubles. Hartz Crunch dog treats were $3.49 minus doubled $2 coupons = FREE. Snuggle was $3.29 with $3 coupons. Lysol 4 in 1 were $3 with $1 doubled = $1. Pearl’s $2 coupons off Pearl 20 & 18 count and free box when you bought a box coupons = FREE FREE FREE. And much more. Thank you Petsmart & Kmart doubles.. Tah Dah!!" Mary N., N. CA

"Here is my little munchkin with my all the spoils of our last shopping trip to Rite Aid!  I just started in February to seriously clip coupons. I am still learning and was really excited to come across the Huggies Deal at Rite Aid. I printed off as many of the $3/1 Huggies printable then scoured my binder for all of my Huggies diapers, wipes and Johnsons coupons. I then hit the Rite Aid Video Values site and started printing! At the end I was able to do this same transaction nine times alternating Johnsons products and wipes. Here is what it looked like:
2 Huggies jumbo packs $8.99   
1 pack wipes         $2.50    
- 2x$3/1 Huggies printable
- 2x$2/1 Huggies Video Values
- $.75/1 (enjoy the ride mailer)
2 Huggies jumbo packs $8.99     
1 Johnsons Baby Wash or Shampoo $2.99
-2x$3/1 Huggies printable
-2x$2/1 Huggies Video Values
-$1/1 Johnsons printable
-$1/1 Johnsons Video Values
Finally taking the $5/$20 Video Values coupon making the transaction total $3.97-$4.73
My final total was $186.77 with an OOP of 41.77.
I can also submit 3 different SCR bringing my final OOP to 38.77!!!!! That is about $1.60 a Jumbo Pack!!!!
My little girl is set for a while with Diapers! Thanks to Refund Cents for all the great tips and tricks I am learning!" Corina Konitzer