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Deal Divas II

"I have 2 great cashiers at my Walgreens. They never give me a hassle & help me out any way that they can. This diaper deal was great because I watch my great-nephew who is 1 every week-end. Also had a new great nephew born in Feb. I also make sure I buy the item off the month from my favorite cashiers, they make me happy, I make them happy, win, win situation. here is what I bought & my totals: 10 Huggies Diapers, 5 Huggies Wipes, 5 Acne Free, 10 Glade Sense & Spray, 6 Glade Lasting Impressions, 6 Garnier Fructis, 7 Colgate, 3 Blink Tears, 4 Sambucol, 3 Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, 1 Advil PM {for my sister}, 6 Orbit Gums, & 10 Whatchamacallits. Total $413.25 + $28.93 tax = $442.18 - 321.15 in Manufacture & ESC - $118.50 RR + $2.53 after all coupons & register rewards!!! Best time ever shopping." - Marylyn Ehlers
"Last week, my sister called me up after we read that CVS had 90% off on their perfume and other Valentine's and miscellaneous items to see if I wanted to go check a few of our local CVS. Of course, the answer was yes! We ended up running to at least 4 or 5 seperate CVS's. We spent quite a bit of time price checking individual items and loading up our carts when we found things 90% off. I never tallied up what I spent out of pocket (very little since I had a LOT of ECBs to use) but I know at one store alone the original prices were over $300 worth of stuff. I ended up with a few cologne/perfume sets (the most expensive was $3.49), several Essence of Beauty bath robes that were $1.49 each, fragrance sets that included Reed diffusers and a candle for $1.49 each, Essence of Beauty bath sets, individual reed diffusers, and an entire laundry basket of Essence of Beauty lotions, bubble baths, and body sprays along with several other items I can't remember. I already divided most of the loot up for Christmas gifts for family members, kept a few things for myself, gave my mom several items for showers and gifts for our Christmas Bingo game, and stocked several items in the basement for gifts/donation items when I need them. It was one of the best nights for bargain shopping ever!!" Dana Schrader
"This is just a sample of the kinds of things you can get in just two weeks, after collecting coupons, matching sales, and joining Refundcents of course. Most of this stuff was either free or less than a dollar. I got the diapers and pull-ups for less than $3 a piece, and the wipes were $.99 each. With all these diapers and wipes big sister can help mom change at least six months worth of diapers. I don't know how we ever made it without Refundcents! Here is the list of what I got:
15 packs of Huggies diapers $2.92 each
2 packs of Huggies pull-ups $3.58 each
12 packs of Walgreens diapers and training pants $2.50 each
13 packs Huggies wipes $.99 each
4 bottles Scrubbing Bubbles $.50 each
6 cans Skintimate $.99 each
7 bottles Irish Spring bodywash (1st bottle was $4.49) the rest were FREE
10 bottles Garnier shampoo/conditioner FREE
1 bottle Suave kids shampoo FREE
1 bottle Suave lotion FREE
3 tubes Colgate Maxfresh toothpaste FREE
16 tubes Colgate Total toothpaste FREE (I actually made a profit of $.51 per tube)
Woohoo!!! Thanks Refundcents!!!" ......Amy Sluka

"Here is our 9 year old daughter, Alyssa. She's in front of my latest haul from Walgreens. I got 20 bottles of various Garnier Fructis shampoos, conditioners and stylers MORE THAN FREE! These were on sale for $2.99, I used $1 manufacturer coupons and the Easy Saver booklet had $2 coupons. They paid me a penny for each of the 20 products! I am keeping about half and selling the rest at my Spring Garage Sale. The Aquafresh was 99cnts each with the Walgreens ad coupon. I used four 75cnt coupons to get them for 24cnts each. And the Colgate Total was more than free with a $1.50 coupon from All You magazine and a $2.50 coupon from the Easy Saver. I threw in 2 gallons of skim milk to make sure I had enough items for coupons I was using. I also used a $3.50 Register Reward coupon from last week to bring the total down further. I had to stop there because if I used anymore RR's, I would eat into the tax and we all know that's a no-no at Walgreens! I had a $20 Walgreen's Card, so I actually had no out of pocket expense! I still have $12.97 on that card and a $10 RR and a $2 RR from last week. I LOVE WALGREENS!" Jenny Pape, IL

"I love your site and look forward to your print copy every month. This wasn't our best deal but it's the first time I thought of submitting our haul! This is one of my daughters, Danielle, she is really excited about the hair products! This is what we got in an afternoon trip to Schnucks and Walgreens :
2 - Glade carpet freshners
1 - pkg. Super Pretzels
1 - pkg. Pupperoni dog treats
4 - pkgs. of cat treats
1 - can of Planters cashews
9 - pkgs. of Kelloggs poptarts
1 - bx. Ritz crackers
1 - Ultra Vivid laundry stain fighter
1 - 4 pk. of Daisy3 disposable razors
1 - pkg. of Kraft string cheese
6 - bxs. of Deerfield Farms pizza rolls
5 - Glade Sense & Spray kits
5 - Glade Lasting Impressions kits
16 - Garnier Fructis hair products
5 - bxs. of asst. hair color kits
1 - scrubbing bubbles toilet gel kit
3 - pkgs. Orbit gum
1 - 4 pk. Bic Soleil razor refills
2 - bxs. Excedrin menstrual
1 - bx. Excedrin Back & Body
Total oop = $29.65. Would've been about $210.19 without coupons!" Dana L

"Here is a picture of the Huggies deal I've done this week. I had my husband print off coupons at his work, and went to the library to get even more coupons. I've done the transaction 5 times. With the coupons I spent $65 but then got $50 back in register rewards. Only $15 for all these packs of wipes and diapers! I got 4 of the Glade Sense n Spray's for FREE as well (sitting on top of the book case).  I have gone back each day and they continue to be out of stock...I wanted to get more. I've also done the rolling RR with the Irish Spring body wash several times and got 4 FREE bottles (not pictured)!"  Jill, MO
"I did the Johnson & Johnson deal last week. I spend $25 worth in products and got the $10 RR. I did the transaction many times and used coupons with each transaction. Got a steal of a deal for all the baby wash, lotion, powder, oil. The 5 Vaseline lotions to the left of the J&J I got free. They were each clearanced to $1.89 and each printed a $2 RR, so it was actually a money maker!" Jill, MO
"I'd always bought Walgreens diapers for my son because of their frequent deals. Recently I realized that I can get name brand diapers on sale, as well. So when this Huggies deal came up, I was really excited. I went to two different stores and this is what I walked away with:
Four packs of Huggies Snug n Dry diapers
Four packs of Huggies Supreme Natural Fit diapers
Three packs of Huggies wipes refills
Two Thingamajig candy bars
Three packs of Orbit gum
Two peanut butter eggs
Total before tax: $100.99
Saved using:
Eight $5 off coupons
Three $3 off coupons
$8 from the Walgreens activity book coupons
$4.30 on my Walgreens Prescription Savings Card
$20 in Register Rewards
$6 Caregivers Market rebate
Total saved: $87.30
Total out of pocket (including tax) $22.85
Yay for saving money!" Naomi G

"Okay this is a personal best!! And until I sat down tonight I didn’t realize quite how well I’d done! Admittedly, I spent a several hours until the wee hours of the night organizing coupons and factoring in if/what overages I might get in order to make these deals really awesome. Also, I called stores to see if they had certain items in stock before making the trips. I had to return to registers 3 times in addition to checking out since RR's didn’t print and a pricing error. But in the end I got 'em all straightened out, and did very well!
Over 2 Days, 3 Stores, 2 States and 7 Orders I got
3 12 packs Sprite (2x $3rewards)
2 12 packs Dr Pepper
3 12 packs Coke
6 Sambucol cold/flu
*1 Carmex lip balm($2Reward)
1 one-touch Ultra glucose meter (to donate fortunately!)
6 Glade sense N spray
8 Glade Lasting Impressions
*2 24 ct Aleve
*1 Excedrin Menst. 24ct
*1Wags 24ct Headache meds (FAR! $2.99)
1 Gillette Gamer razor ($4Reward)
*2 Colgate (2x3.50Reward)
8 bottles Fructus shampoo/conditioner
*5 dove trial deodorants
*11 dove bar soap (2x $10 Reg Reward)
*6 pks Revlon emery boards
4 Garnier Hair color
2 Nice n easy Hair color
1 Nice/easy perfect 10 Hair color
1 Jordana lip liner (filler! .99)
1-8 pack Scunci hair bands (filler! .50)
4 box wags tissues (fillers! 1.34ea)
1 Cadbury egg-yes, a filler…..
Altogether $408.32 in purchases for $19.15.  As I said A PERSONAL BEST!" - Laurie D.

"I was so thrilled to get those freebie Kraft coupons from the online game!! I had no idea that I even won so you can imagine my surprise to get those coupons in the mail! So anyhow I stopped in at CVS to take advantage of some great deals going on the week of 2/1 - 2/7. I found a great deal for all of us who routinely get those CRT's for $10 off of a $50 order. I purchased the Bayer Contour blood glucose monitor for $30 and then grab $20 in fillers to use an easy $10 off your entire purchase. (Now don't forget that the Bayer monitor will be free considering we just got a bunch of the manufacturer's coupons for up to $30 off the purchase of one.) So anyhow on this particular order I did the following:
$ 30 Bayer Contour monitor
$15.96 4 packs of Stayfree pads
$1 for 2 Reeses Whips
$2.49 Excedrin
$3.99 Ritz crackers
$5.59 Planters cashews
-$30 Bayer
-$11 ECB's
-$1off 2 Reese's whips
-$5 for Planters cashews
-$3.99 for Ritz crackers
-$3.99 Stayfree BOGO Free
-$3.99 Stayfree BOGO Free
For a grand total of .06 out of pocket. Not too bad considering we made a profit of $10.49 back in ECB's for our next purchase!!" Jenn Gatz

"I am so excited about the past 2 weeks worth of deals. I got most of this stuff at WAGS with the exception of the grill I got on clearance at Kmart for $5. I didn't put everything in the picture but most of it is. I spent about $150 oop and saved about $850. Not my best but I do have $40 RR $38 in ESC rebates and $12.00 in Marketplace rebates. I got 9 pks of diapers, 18 Garnier, 2 clearance Benefiber, 20 small Gillette body wash free (target), 6 big Gillette body wash free with the 6 packs of Fusion razors, 8 Excedrin Menstral, 20 Well Patches on clearance, 3 Degree deodorant on clearance, 9 Colgate toothpaste, 6 Pro Health toothpaste, 12 Glade oil refills BOGO and I also got a free Plugin for each one, 3 Pepto Bismols, 8 Dove soaps, 19 Irish Spring soap, 4 Mylanta free, hair color free, 2 boxes of Wheat Thins and I have a raincheck for 10 more. Menards is one of our local hardware stores who has a lot of rebate items. I spent $25 and will be getting it all back in rebates. I got 3 lighters, 2 levels, 2 stain removers, 2 upholstery cleaners, 2 gas treatments and 3 shelf liners." Stefanie Curtis

"Here is my daughter showing off my great buys from Walgreens and Kroger.
My favorite deal was the Kelloggs Cereal, 3/$8.00 Kelloggs Cereal -$4.00 instant Store coupon when you
purchase 3 boxes, PLUS I used (3) $1/1 Kelloggs manufacturer's coupons, making the cereal .33 a box!  Most of these items ended up being FREE after sale prices and coupons,
FREE handsoap, toilet paper, shampoo, hairspray, hair gel, Dawn, Palmolive, (48) Reese's Whips........the list goes on ,All of my purchases didn't even make it into the photo, as my family eats cereal like there is no tomorrow and my daughter gave Reese's Whips to everyone in her class;0) Now that I know the value of coupons, I cannot stand to
make a purchase if I don't have a coupon for it!" .....Tonya, MS
"I am still a little new to this, by a couple of months.  So I was not sure how the catalinas worked.  I thought they were the same as the RRs at Walgreens, so I did not want to use them for the 2nd transaction, until I was sure.1st transaction
1 x $2  Stackers Fruit Snacks
2 x $2.50   Nature Valley Trail Bars
4 x $2.50   Fiber One bars
7 x $.50 c/o plus they double ($7.00)
OOP......  $10
Received $13.50 in Cats

2nd transaction
2 x $2     BC Muffin Mix
2 x $2     Fiber One Yogurt
8 x $2     BC Fruit Snacks
2 x $2     Cheerios Snack Mix
and Grapes ($8.92)
9 x $.50 c/o doubled ($9.00)
2 x $.40 c/o doubled ($1.60)
OOP....   $26.32
Received $23.50 in Cats" Christina Wagner

"Mmmmm….Coca Cola! My mommy got eight packs of these at CVS for next to nothing! They were on sale 4/$14, earn $10 ecb wyb $20. She used an email coupon for $5 off $30 and a $3 ecb, about $8 on a gift card and paid $14 OOP and received $10 in ecb. What a deal!
The Stayfree were purchased at CVS with b1g1f coupons. Each pack was $3.99 and get $2 ecb. $3.99 x 4 = $15.96 (minus $3.99 x 2 = $7.98) Total $7.98, received $8 ecb.
Mommy also got me a bunch of Beechnut Let’s Grow meals at Walmart for $1.06 each. She used the coupon for $1/1 and got these for only six cents each. An entire meal for six cents, WOW!" John son of Selena McGee, Alabama

"I just had to share a picture of our AWESOME shopping trip to Publix today!  Here is a picture of my daughter, Haley, showing off our groceries that we purchased for a whopping $2.08~yes that is right two dollars and eight cents!  $1.23 of that was tax!  Here is what we got: 20 bags of green giant veggies, 4 boxes of Post cereals, 5 cans of Betty Crocker frosting, 1 2liter of Publix brand soda.  Our Publix stores here double coupons up to and including 50c; so you can really do well with matching sales with coupons.  I had coupons for everything I bought.  The veggies were 50% off ranging in sale price from 89c-$1.19.  For each bag that was only 89c, I got 10c overage toward the rest of my order!  The frostings were on sale for 99c and I had 50c coupons which doubled to be FREE!!!!!!  The cereal was bogof at $3.98.  I had coupons for $1/2.  The 2 liter of soda was the penny item for today.  Publix offers an item each week for 1 penny when you purchase $10 additional groceries.  I also had a $5 off $25 coupon good at Piggly Wiggly.  Our Publix stores also take competitors coupons; so you can really max out those savings!  After all was said and done, I had over $36.00 worth of groceries for only $2.08!  I also found a form while in the store for a $10 publix gift card when you purchase 15 green giant products; so guess what?  I will be sending the receipt in for another $10!!!!  That means Publix actual paid me to shop there today!  Gotta Love it!" - Rebecca V, AL

"Hi. My name is Dawn and my family and I are new to Refundcents.We have been couponing now for about a year. We have not yet received our subscription by mail and we can't wait to get it. My husband loves to go grocery shopping now. He enjoys walking out with a cart full and saving half or more than it's total cost. It is so much fun trying to see how much we can save. Each week we try and beat our total savings from the week before. My 11 year old step daughter loves to see the receipts and see how much we saved. She sometimes sits down and helps me cut all my coupons. With working 40hr a week and a mother to a three year old and step mom to an 11 year old keeps me pretty busy. So Thanks Again for making my life a little easier with all of your help.  Here is our latest trips to Shaw's and Stop and Shop. Our grand total was $326.49 OOP was $75.05 And Our Total Savings was $ 251.44 This has been our best savings ever. We did make more than one trip to Shaw's had to keep rolling those Cat's over. And we still have a cat for $10.00 OYNO." Dawn H.

"I had been gathering the $2.00 Oil of Olay coupons for a while.

It was such a good coupon and we use the soap. Then I heard about K-mart doubling to $2.00.

I made sure my coupons were in order. It was the last day before the coupon expired and the first day of doubling.

My husband was working and my daughter was leaving to go back to college. As soon as she left I was off to my local K-mart. I hurriedly went to the soap aisle. The 4 pack was on sale for $4.00. My $2.00 coupon would be doubled and the soap would be free!

I started filling my cart only to read the sign about only using 4 coupons on 4 of the same item. I realized that I would have to in and out of the store several times. I went around the store and picked up some other deals, then went to the checkout and took my first load of items to the car. I went back in and picked up four packages of soap and went to a different register. A young man was running the checkout and he was impressed that I got the soap for free and only paid the tax. I told him I was going to do this three more times, but I was tired and it was raining. Then he said that he would ring them up separately so I wouldn’t have to do that. I was so glad and asked him how long he would be at the register, he said 45 minutes; I asked him if he would put my package under the counter and he did. I went back and got the rest of my soap and he rang up the orders separately.

My haul was 19 four packs (76 bars) that would have cost $76.00 plus tax. I only had to pay the tax – more than a year’s worth of free soap!"

Cynthia R. from Ohio

Bonanza of Perfume and lotion

"Red" perfume gift box 1.99 x 2
Elizabeth Arden perfume gift box 2.49
Essence of Beauty lotion sets .49 x 8
Wet & Wild nail polish gift sets .49 x 4
Glamour Girl nail polish gift sets .49 x 4
Essence of Beauty lotion pair .79
Wrigley gum .99 x 2
CVS ibuprofen 1.89
CVS vitamin D 2.39
CVS cashews 5.99
CVS almonds 2.79
Golden Emblem Pretzels 1.xx x 2
Carnation instant breakfast 4.99
Ricola 8 packs .25 x 8
Total: 39.xx
Coupons used:
Free Wrigley gum .99
CRT BOGO Wrigley gum .99
CRT $1 off 2 GE pretzel 1.00
CRT $1 off 2 CVS nuts 1.00
CRT $2 off 10 CVS 2.00
CRT $3 off 15 CVS 3.00
Total after coupons 30.00
Extra Bucks:
CVS ibuprofen 1.89
CVS vitamin D 2.39
Carnation instant breakfast 4.99
Total ECB 9.27
Overall cost 20.73
(used ECB & Gift card from Rx transfer so no actual OOP)
Out of this $16 was for the gift sets which would have a before markdown value of $160. Not sure why mom needs all this smelly stuf, but I'm happy because I got these bright yellow things that are fun to chew on. Mom said this also could have been better but she splurged on the big can of nuts for my daddy who loves them." - Shannon Harris

"Sometimes moms just need time to themselves. Well, what better thing to do than go shopping. I did just this! I went to Walmart, (2) Walgreens, (2) Krogers, Meijers, and Giant Eagle. I ended up saving $318.93 and only spent $13.11. This was such fun and enjoyable afternoon spent by myself. I couldn't have done it without Refund Cents. Proud mom of 5" Carla Presley
"I began using coupons and refunding with my mother at a very young age.  Now at 20 years old I feel I am just beginning to understand the time and dedication she must have put in, and the money she has saved our family.  Along with many other coupon users and refunders, I have done very well with some of the most recent sales.  In this picture I have tried to summarize some of the deals I have done recently.  In the background you can see piles of Sobe Lifewater labels already removed from the bottles, and rolled into groups of ten for easy counting.  After someone I used to work with at Target gave me a huge stack of 50 cent coupons, I went to work, spreading my buying of Sobes around many Target's so as not to leave any shelves bare.  After the 50 cent coupons and $5 giftcards, I paid just tax for the bottles of Sobe.  The next week I used my remaining coupons at Walgreens combined with a Walgreens coupon for $1 off two, to once again just pay tax.  The result, the 200+ Sobe you can see being currently stored in the unplugged freezer.  What's with the freezer? That would be the annual Jewel freezer offered for $150 with $150 worth of coupons.  As my roomate and I needed a freezer, this was a great deal, especially when you factor in B1G1 sales on the items we were given free coupons for.  In the background also are just some of the various Blood Sugar monitors I have been able to get for free, or in most cases actually made money on.  My attire?  All courtesy of the recent American Eagle $10 of $10 or more purchase coupon.  The dress shirt ended up being $5, the t-shirt I am wearing underneath combined with the hat I am wearing, and a necklace ended up costing about $10 (less than half of the original price of the hat alone). Other deals include money making Johnson and Johnson first Aid kits from the $3/2 coupon, money making Theraflu through the Walgreens easysaver, blinkie coupon, and No form needed rebate, money making Colgate Maxfresh after coupons and RR, money making Glad Sense and Spray after two B1G1 coupons, two $4 coupons, and Walgreens Easysaver, Starbucks chocolates $2 for two after Easysaver and $1 blinkies which in turn got the free Starbucks drinks, free Thermacare after Easysaver, free Fusions after RR and coupons, cheap Axe after $1.50 IP coupons, which then got free movie tickets, recent free coupons from the Kraft game and Diet Dr. Pepper, free Roto eye drops after coupon and CVS clearance, free Stayfree after Extra Care Bucks and B1G1 coupons, and Cow Tails, my favorite filler!  Of course this is just some of what my favorite hobby has given back to me in recent weeks.  I in turn often swap various deals with my mom (to whom I of course owe all my knowlege along with Refund Cents), give to the local homeless shelter, and local food pantries." Shauna Casolari daughter of Jamie Casolari
"My friend (Carla Presley) and I went on an all day (about 12 hours)shopping spree to 6 different Walgreens and 3 Kroger stores. We had so much fun. We even stopped at a thrift store to look for more bargains. This is what I came home with. I spent a total of $51.80, still have an $8.00 RR for Walgreens, and saved, according to the receipts, a total of $687.52! We were able to get plenty of the Garnier products for free and the Glade sense and spray and the Glade fan powered plug ins for free. I got a couple boxes of Sambucol. I did the diaper deal once for a family member who is expecting. They had Gorton shrimp on sale for $1.39 a box and I just happened to have coupons for $1.00 off. I had to buy a cooler to put them in. I got some face wash for my teenagers, band aids, aspirin, Mylanta, candy, gum, Neosporin, beef jerky, and Chapstick among other things at Walgreens. At Kroger, we were able to get lots of Land o Lakes butter and country crock for free. One Kroger store had Betty Crocker icing on sale for $.63 and we had a coupon for $1.00 off, so free with profit. I wish I had Powerade coupons, but I already used them. However $.49 each is not bad since my family uses them in their lunches everyday. I got dole fruit cups, which gave me 2 catalinas for $.75 oyno. I also got sponges, Slimfast bars, a box of Toaster Strudels, cereal, marshmallows (for $.09 from a peelie that was on the cereal), ground cinnamon that was on clearance, bananas and bread. Then when I got home, in the mail was a $12.00 rebate check and a coupon for a free Suave shampoo and a free Gillette shampoo. Shopping is always a good time, but even better when spent with a friend!"  Annette Hupp
"I got this deal at tractor supply last weekend. They had coupons out for Try Me Free 8 lbs bags of dog food. I got one to see how it would work and see how much they had. They had quite a bit since the truck had just come in. I called a few friends to tell them about it, too. I then went back with my boys in tow and got 3 more bags. Then when my husband and one of his friends went out they got some again. I had 5 bags (dogs ate 1) which was 40 lbs of dog food free. They didn't even charge tax. That's a great deal cause with 3 big dogs (we raise boxers) they go through a lot of food. Wish they did this more often." Yvonne Byrd

I made a trip to Walgreens last night to get this deal. I got 7 Garnier Leave-In Conditioners, 4 Shampoos, 4 Conditioners, and 2 bags of candy. The Garniers had $2 coupons in the Easy Saver catalog, making them .99 and I also had $1 coupons, making them free. The candy was on sale and had an Easy Saver coupon for $3 off, making them 2 for $4 plus I had a coupon for $2/2 making them $2. My total came to $5.48. I used a $1.10 I had on a gift card making it $4.38 for all this. I wish I knew where to get more of those Garnier coupons, since my paper didn't have them this week." Yvonne Byrd

"I got 4 of the Colgate Toothpastes at Walgreens. Each rung separately paying $2.77 after .75 coupon and got $3.50 in RR's from each giving me $14 in RRs. Then I ran up the drins in two orders and used two of the $3.50 RR's on each and they each gave $3 RR, giving me $6 in RRs. I then rang up the 2 Glade Spray and Sense which were free after the $4 EScoupon and the $4 coupons I had. Depends were on clearance for $3.29 each. 3 packs of Orbit gum for .99 after Easy Saver c/o. I used my $6 RR and brought my total to $3.24 plus it printed a $2 RR for buying the Depends. I'll be looking again this weekend to see if they have more Depends on clearance. Thanks Refund Cents for teaching me the tricks." Yvonne Byrd

I'm still learning all the tricks but i thought this was a really good one. In the picture is my youngest son Ryan age 9. He calls me a coupon freak but loves all the things I get. In this pic he's eyeing the chocolate. lol. I did this deal at Walgreens in 8 different orders. 1st order 1 Colgate toothpaste sale $2.99. had .75 cents coupon . Paid $2.45. Then it produced a $2.00 RR. 2nd order1 Colgate toothapaste sale $2.99 had ...75 cent coupon . paid $2.45 . Then it produced a $2.00 RR. 3rd order 1 Colgate toothpaste sale $2.99 had .73 cent coupon. paid $2.45. Then it produced a $2.00 RR. 4th order 1 Colgate toothpaste sale $2.99 had .75 cent coupon. paid $2.45. Then it procured a $2.00 RR. 5th order 1 Colgate toothpaste sale $2.99 had a .75 cent coupon paid $2.45. Then it produced a $2.00. 6th order 1 Colgate toothpaste sale $2.99 had a $1.00 coupon paid $2.20. Then it produced a $2.00 RR. 7th order 1 Colgate toothpaste sale $2.99 had a $1.00 coupon paid $2.20. Then it produced a $2.00 RR. After all the Colgate toothpaste I had $14.00 in RR. On the 8th order I had  8 Dove deodorant used Walgreens coupon that took off $6.40 making them $1.99 each plus I had coupons for $1.50 off 2. 2 degree deodorants $2.99 had coupon for $1.00 off 2.  12 Hershey's with almonds on sale at Walgreens BOGO . had coupon out of paper for BOGO. making them free. yahoo.  used $14.00 RR paid $4.31 paid out of pocket. altogether 20.96. not bad but while i was writing this out I realize that they didn't ring the wag coupon for the degree that would have made them $1.99. saving $2.00 more there and only rung up 3 of my 4 coupons on the dove deodorant. would have saved $1.50 more there.  but still not a bad deal for all I got . I'm still learning and now I know to keep a better watch." Yvonne Byrd 

"My name is Isabella and this is all of my Mommy's free stuff that I helped her get!  After Register Rewards, rebates, and coupons they actually PAID her for all of this stuff!  We just moved to St Louis so we are still in the process of finding all of the good stores to shop at.  We did the happy dance when Daddy showed Mommy that there was a Walgreens just down the street!  We LOVE Walgreens!  -Kristy Marshall New RC member
"Shayne loves the Beechnut toddler food.  It's just the right size for him and just the right price for me, 6 cents each after the $1 coupon.  While I was at Walmart I also picked up a few Buddies bars of soap (free).  Then I had them price match Dollar General for toothpaste to make it 85 cents and used the 75 cent coupon.   The Electrasol in the background is from deals from the prior two weeks using the great $2.50 coupon.  I bought Electrasol at Family Dollar where it was $3 each.  With the $2.50 coupons plus $5 off $25 coupons that I traded for on the trading board I was able to get the 12 packs free.  The 20 packs cost 50 cents each.  I bought some of these at CVS and some at Walmart with a price match.  I also have lots of rainchecks from CVS for the Electrasol so I'm ready if these great coupons come out again."  
Shannon E, MO
"I was so happy when I read on the chat about Family Dollar having Lever 2000 for
$2.00 and I could use my $1.50 c/o.  My DH had just complained that we were about out.  I let him know I was waiting for a good sale and one comes along!  I was able to snag the Glad Sense & Spray and Lasting Impressions for free and got the Dove soap and deo for a profit!! I got the Walgreens diapers for next to nothing.  They were on sale for 2/$9.00 and I was able to get my hands on the pharmacy coupon booklet, so $4.00 was taken off making them $2.50 a piece!  I know it's not free like most I've seen in the Diaper Divas, but I had joined right after that and was sure another free diaper deal wouldn't come around for quite awhile. This week I got the Huggies deal. My DH and I made a plan.  We would buy the Huggies deal and use the $10 RR to purchase the Cottonelle deal and keep rolling it back and forth.  Well of course the Cottonelle didn't spit out an RR and the manager said b/c it was from the same deal.  So the trial and error began.  I then thought about an better way without spending a lot OOP.  After buying another huggies deal and getting an RR, I went in for a separate transaction.  I picked up a cheap piece of candy, the Garnier and asked for $10.00 to be put on my gift card and then used the RR to pay for it.  My oop was $0.65! So then I was able to go and roll my RR straight to another Huggies deal.  I used my left over $5.00 Huggies coupons at Target for the remaining wipes, only $0.99 each!
Total items:
5 Glade Sense & Spray
4 Glade Lasting Impressions
3 Dove Soap
5 Dove travel Deodorant
14 4-pk Lever 2000
3 12-pk Cottonelle
3 Kleenex
12 Walgreens Diapers
10 Huggies Diapers
14 Huggies Wipes
39 Garnier products  
Total OOP: $93.76 
This is my baby girl pictured, she is almost 4 months old, and with 3 family members pregnant, I have plenty to give away to!" Heather Hayes

"This is my youngest Adam with our haul of stuff from 3 stores on Monday. I got my rebate card, and we just rolled with it. I barly spent anything thanks to all the catalina deals I could roll my deals into. I bought the blink and or the dove, to roll into the Carmex, Colgate, and Vaseline deal, rinsed and repeated. I got $72 on my card, and have about $46 left to use. I have since used a lot of that, but mostly have just been rolling between the deals,. What a fun week this has been! Our pantry will be well stocked." Emily Pateman

"This is my shopping buddy, deal finding daughter AJ. 
She and I were extremely excited when we saw that CVS had Electrasol on sale for $2.99. 
So armed with our $2.50 off coupons we left at midnight to go a 24 hour store.  Yikes they only had 6 boxes.  We picked up 2 at that store.  Went and got B1G1 donuts at the local Dunkin Donuts. Back home we went.  Headed out about 930 a.m. to 2 more stores.  Again they only had so many.  We took a few but left some for others. HHmmmmm.... came home and then I read Chat. Oh my I forgot all about Walmart price matching.  Armed with 15 coupons I was able to use them all.
Now we will not have to buy (unless find great deal) for a year and a half.  That would be if I used my dishwasher everyday. ( Which is more like every 2 days)  More or less I am stocked for a bit. As AJ puts it, " No more dishman hands!" Thanks Chris Indiana
"I have been with Refund Cents since Jan 18, 2009. With the

help of the Walgreens and Rite Aid double play lists, as well as information posted on Centsible Chat, I made two great purchases on February 6, 2009 as follows:


Go Green Bag 9 @ 3/$1 = 3.00
Right Guard Professional Strength Deodorant $5.99 (ESR $5.00 - $1 Q) = $.99
Zucol Coldcare $7.99 (ESR $7.99 - $2 Q) =  $2.00 overage
Thermacare Heat Wraps $2.49 (less ESR $2.49 - $ 1 Q) = $1.00 overage
Theraflu Liquid Warming Liquid 2 x $5 (less ESR $6.00 – 2 x $2 Q) = free
Revlon Creamgloss Lipgloss $9.99 (less ESR $9.99) = free

Total Retail Value $43.93 (plus tax)

Paid $34.93 including tax ($3.47)
ESR $31.47 (plus 10%, as I have them recharge my GC) = $34.62
TOTAL OOP = $.31 (including tax)

Rite Aid
Degree Women Ultra Clear Deodorant 2 x $2.00 (less 2 x.$.75Q) = $3.50
One Touch Ultra Mini Meter $19.99 (less $19.99Q) = Free
Bayer Contour Meter 14.99 x 6 (less 6 x $14.99Q - $10 RA GC) = $10.00 overage
Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste $2.99 (less $1.50Q - $1.00 RA coupon - $1 SCR) = $.49 overage
2 Bounty Paper towels B1G1F 1.29  (less $.25Q) = 1.04

Total Retail Value $516.08 (plus tax)

Paid $14.43 including tax ($10.40)
SCR $3.00

FREE Healthy Heart T-Shirt
RA GC $10.00
OOP $1.43 (including tax)


My grand totals for these two purchases are:  Retail Value $560.01 (without tax), OOP $1.74 (including tax), plus I will get a free t-shirt. As a percentage of savings, that would be 99.7% savings! WOW!  I'm planning on donating the One Touch Ultra Mini Meter and the Bayer Contour Meters to our local Domestic Violence Shelter. They will be so happy, as often times these families leave there homes with nothing, and those meters can be pricey. 

Sheri Burdue Tacoma, WA

"My daughter and I went shopping in our KMart. These are the deals from the first day. My kitten McGee was so excited about his free cat treats, he had to be in the picture! The retail price without coupons totaled $201.14 and I paid $22.31 oop! Just had to share. Thanks KMart and thanks Michele!" Eileen, NY
"I am new to Refund Cents and LOVE every minute of it. This is a picture of my little helper and me after our first trip to KMart doubles. My husband couldn't believe that we only spent about $21 oop and saved at least $100! This is what my son had to say: 'My mom and I have a great time shopping and saving money. Thanks to Refund Cents, I have enough diapers, babyfood and wipes to last me a long time! The best deal of all has to be my mommy being able to stay home with me because of all the money we save!' " Jude Rances
"Sometimes moms just need time to themselves. What better thing to do than go shopping. I did just that! I went to Walmart, 2 Walgreens, 2 Krogers, Meijers, and Giant Eagle. I ended up saving $318.93 and only spending $13.11. This was such fun and enjoying afternoon spent by myself. I couldn't have done it without Refund Cents." Proud mom of 5, Carla Presley
"This is one of my first shopping trips after becoming a coupon clipper and frugal mom. I'm always trying to make money and God told me to just save what he's already given me. I obeyed. I used to spend $1000 at WalMart a month. Now I spend $300 a month at Winn-Dixie. I have since bought more toothpaste. So much my husband won't let me buy anymore. I am so pleased that I took the time to figure out how it works." Susan Rife, AL
"What a great shopping day I had at Kroger!  I walked in the store at ran into a gold mine! I noticed that they had FUZE  fruit drinks on sale 10 for 10, well luckily I had plenty of the .25cents off coupons which tripled. Woohooo I was able to get 18 of them for 25 cents each.  
The store also had Soft Soap for 1.09. I had thirteen .35 coupons tripled, paid 4 cents each. Dial Hand soap was on sale 10 for 10. I had 18 coupons each coupon was worth . 35 cents so you know what that means TRIPLE and (FREE).
Powerade was on sale for .79 each and thank goodness I had those wonderful .40 off coupons that doubled which made all 23 of them that you see (Free) after  three days of shopping all this cost me a whopping $4.72 Whoooohoooo! What else is there for a diva to do...." Kim S. Tx
"This is our stash from one FREE day of shopping with Noah age 2. We hit Walgreens for the Mt Dew Deal and got 9 12 packs for $21 and a $10 RR. That's $1.22 each!!! Also picked up the Windex BOGO Wipes and will send in a MIR for them and we used our Walgreens Gift Card from last month's ESC. Then we went on to Target and got 20 packs of the Electrasal for .75 each after the $2.50 coupon! Used a Target gift card I received as a gift. Total trip $0 out of pocket--When we got home Noah said "LOOK AT ALL THOSE COKES!!"  (and we haven't even been to do the deal again this week at CVS and Walgreens!)"  
Thanks Betsy Taylor-Cardwell, Elmore, Alabama

"This is my first month being a part of Refund Cents and I am hooked.  I have collected coupons for two weeks and when I heard about Kmart double coupon deal and the CVS Pepsi ECB I figured I would try it out.  Behind me is what I got from both KMart and CVS.  It includes from KMart Colgate tooth paste, Crest toothpaste, Gillette Shampoo, 4pack Bic Razors, 2 packs Pedigree dog snacks, 2 packs Ziploc containers, 2 glade air fresheners, pledge duster and Fantastic cleaner.  Total $5.27 savings $17.37.  Next at CVS I got 4-12pack Pepsi Product, 3 bags of Chips, a salsa,  2-2liters, Cottonelle 20 pack TP, 3 small tea sets and 8 Dog toys Total 38.73 savings 48.04 plus I got a $5 off$15 coupon, a $3.79ECB and I will send off the $15 in Pepsi coupons Rebate.  I spent a total of $44 today and saved $65.  All in all a pretty good shopping day." Tiffany Bertram

"I took the past two years off from using coupons (the big deals)- I just used them here and there.  Now, that I am not pregnant and the baby is 14 months old--- I am back in business!!  This is a picture of my first deal.  I am thrilled!  It was so much fun!!! 
My husband eats the instant Quaker oatmeal every morning for breakfast and at $4.49 a box (w/o coupons) that adds up.  The kids are also happy to see Captain Crunch and Life again-it's been a while.  The baby is enjoying the Goldfish!
So, with all that being said, here is what I got:
Kroger Quaker deal:
After coupons:
 12 boxes instant Quaker oatmeal @ .50 a box! Total $6.00!!
 20 boxes Quaker cereal (Life and Captain Crunch) @ $1.00 a box! Total $20.00
 6 bags of Goldfish @ .50 each-and sometimes cheaper! Total $ 3.00
Not bad for a first deal.
Thank you RefundCents for all your tips.  They are greatly appreciated!"
Carrie Miller, MI
"Here's the latest deals I got at KMart when they were doubling coupons up to $3.  My husband and I each did a transaction. I would've made it back to the store several times, except it's a 25 minute drive away, and that just didn't fit in to our schedule.  Even after buying the wrong cereal (Cocoa Pebbles instead of Cocoa Krispies) all of this cost me $14.  I'm going to try to exchange the cereal, which will make it only $7 after all the coupons doubled if I'm successful. The only things we paid for were the cereal ($.50 and $.25 a box) and the eye shadow ($.29). We were also very lucky to get overage on the Crest and some other products, as the cashier had to enter the double coupons by hand. Thanks KMart!!
Thanks!" Dana Schrader

"I love Kmart! I have made 3 trips to my local Kmart this weekend! They have been doubling now for three weeks in a row. Everyone there is starting to get to know me now. The first week it was doubles up to $1off second week was up to $2off and this week was up to $3off!!! What a great deal!! Before coupons and discounts the total was $919.80, I paid $70.45 oop. That's a savings of $849.35 I am sort of new to the couponing world, only been doing this for a couple of months but I think I am doing really good. What I got is listed, I am sure I have forgot a couple of things and have already donated some to my church.
3 Scotch gift wrap cutters
1 Johnsons buddies soap
21 Pledge Grab it
10 Pledge wipes
3 Pledge dusters
12 Pledge refill dusters
18 Rice Krispies
45 cocoa Krispies cereal straws
47 Hormel Complete Meals
16 Wrigleys gum
40 Electrasol
6 Marshmallows
7 Gillette body wash
5 Gillette shampoo
19 Pounce Cat treats
6 Beggin strips
4 bayer low dose
1 st joseph aprin
10 tums
1 advil pm
1 therma care
1 Colgate
4 Kids colgate
4 Glade Plug in
1 Orbitz gum
2 6-pk bounty paper towel
2 Ricola
1 Ludens
4 ziploc containers
8 Gladware containers
1 huggies wipes
1 Airwick holder w/refill
1 haircolor(for the cashier, I was negative and the store was closed she
stayed open for me)
1 7ft pre lit christmas tree (reg 159.99 @ 90% off 15.99)
2 Stocking holders (reg 19.99 @ 90% off 1.99)
2 Reese's Whips
5 packaging tape
1 Rubbermaid container
3 Equal
1 Snapple
1 spot shot
1 glade carpet
6 mascara
2 makeup sharpeners
3 nail polish
1 glade candle
2 ziploc bags
2 whiskas cat treats
1 bic soleil
1 maalox
3 pks christmas bows (16.97 reg after 90% off" Stefanie Curtis

"This is my youngest son Damon showing off all the amazing deals we were able to get while on the way to another one of my husbands doctor's appointment.
We hit three Kroger stores, two CVS pharmacies, a Walgreens pharmacy, and a Walmart. We spent $31.41 at Kroger and saved $315.68, plus got a catalina for $2.00 oyno; spent $6.31 at Walgreens and saved $6.39 (and will get $1.00 back on a rebate); spent $14.85 at Walmart and saved $27.50 (plus I plan on sending the bottle cap back from the tide for a refund); would have spent $38.25 at CVS but had a couple gift cards for transferring rx's so spent $0.00 and saved $66.09 plus have $27.00 in ecb's. Amazing! This trip does not count all the Valley fresh streamers I have been able to get for only $.09 each and all the other items we've gotten from Kroger since they started their sale! We are lovin it!  That is 226 items for $52.25 out of pocket, that is $0.23 per item, and that doesn't even count all the register rewards and rebates coming back, which is about $36.58! If you take all of those in consideration we only are out $15.67!" Annette H.

"Hi!  I'm Madeline.  My aunt sure knows how to shop!  She read in the Winn Dixie ad that you could buy $30 in P&G products and get $10 back.  Good thing she's smart about buying diapers.  

She transferred a prescription and got a $25 gift card.  She also had a $10 off $40 baby club coupon and a $2 coupon on pampers!  

Her order total started out at $45.76 and she got it down to $7.86!  Then she got a $10 catalina.  Way to go Aunt Selena!" Selena McGee Alabama

"Hi!  I'm a "backslider" from the Tightwad Gazette days, so I'm excited to get back on the thrift wagon!  Refund Cents is such a wonderful resource; I'm having a lot of fun getting great deals.    This picture shows my total haul from one night, hitting Safeway, Target, Walgreen's, and Albertsons.  So far, I only do one transaction at each store each time I shop.  Included in this trip I spent just 75 cents each box for Electrosol packs of 25 dishwashing tablets/gel, and was able to get seven of them.  The Quaker Instant Oatmeal packets for 50 cents each box.  I love getting boneless, skinless, chicken breast chunks for 79 cents a pound (our Albertsons labels it "chicken trim for soup" -yeah, right.)  Lean Cuisine pizzas are always a hit at $1.70 each, as well.  In total,  I spent  $78.29 OOP,   saved $193.43, and even got a coupon for free milk on my next shopping trip!  
                               THIS IS MY FAVORITE HOBBY!!" Patty Dean

“I have come a long way in a short year. This is by far the best I have EVER done! $413 for only $14 out-of-pocket. I also still have $55 in coupons to use on future purchases on anything in the store”

Erin Muxlow, mother of two, IL

"ShopRite is a grocery store chain in the northeast (CT, DE, NY, NJ, PA).

In their January 18 circular, they advertised Sucrets ice pops for 1.49, plus three catalina deals: 1) Buy 3 Stayfree at 2.49 each, get a catalina for $5 OYNO, 2) Buy 3 Johnson's baby products at 2.99 each, get a catalina for $5 OYNO, and 3) Buy 2 Mach 3 disposable razors at $5.99 each, get a catalina for $5 OYNO.

For the Stayfree, I used the B1G1F coupon from the Jan 4 Red Plum insert. So, buy 3 = 7.50, minus 2.49, minus the $5 catalina, final price = free! There was also a $2/2 Stayfree coupon in the November 9 Red Plum insert, which made the final price .50 for 3. I used all those coupons, too. For the Sucrets ice pops I had a $1.50 coupon from the Smartsource November 23 insert. For the Johnson's deal, I had $1 coupons from the Red Plum Jan 4 insert. Buy 3 Johnson's products at 2.99 each = $9.00, minus $3 in coupons, minus $5 catalina, final price = 3/$1. Baby powder is something we use in my house, so this was something I was glad to stock up on. For the Mach 3 deal, I used the B1G1F coupon from the P&G Jan 18 insert. Buy two Mach 3 disposable razors at 5.99 each, minus 5.99 coupon, minus $5 catalina, final price = .99/2. My husband uses these! Total price before sales and coupons = $245.73, I paid $11.50 (plus tax), for a 95% savings!! With two pre-teen girls in the house, whenever I find a deal on Stayfree or other pads, I grab as many as I can, so this was the deal I was happiest with. I will give some of the ice pops and baby powder to my local food pantry. Thank you Refund Cents and all the ladies who contribute tips and deals. You have all helped me to lower my household spending by a very significant amount, which allows me to work less, spend more time with my family, worry less about finances, and devote more time to things I want to do." Heidi N. in NY

Momma, Are We Getting a Cat?

"No babies, Mommy is donating all this cat food to the no-kill shelter. I was able to purchase 31 bags of cat food at KMart for just the taxes of $10.64. I will be able to bless the shelter with the food and receive a write-off on my taxes. A win-win. Refunding is so much fun and has been over the last 29 years." Vicki in New Orleans
"Here is a picture of my younger son, Jacob and my boyfriend, Chris.  I've been using coupons and refunding for over 10 years but they've just gotten into it!  This is their first deal without me.  Chris called me and said Happy Harry's (Walgreens) had Dawn Simple Pleasures dish detergent on sale for $1.50 and wanted to see if I had a coupon for them.  I said I didn't think we did. He said he would pick 1 up anyway. Imagine my surprise when they came home with 47 bottles of Dawn Simple Pleasures!  I was shocked! They were on clearance at Happy Harry's for .10 each!  The total should have been over $165 but they paid just $4.70 for 47 bottles!!  The entire family is looking out for deals, using coupons and getting excited about our fantastic hobby!" - Eileen Deman 

"Rainchecks are Golden. 
Ethan is a 6 month couponing veteran.  He gets almost as excited about the deals as I do.  His favorite part of the coupon process is helping me wad up paper to throw away, although he just as often wads up the good stuff too.  Here is the latest deal that we got at CVS using coupons and rainchecks.
4 Pepsi 12 packs   $3.33 x 4 = 13.33
4 Lays chips         $2 x 4     =  8.00
3 Therma care      $2.29 x 3  = 6.57            Raincheck for price 2.29 & 2.29 ECB on all three
3 Benefiber           $7.29 x 3 = 21.57           Raincheck for 7.29 ECB on 1
filler piece of candy
(not pictured because I already ate it)  
Therma care $1 x 3 = $3
Benefiber      $2 x 3 = $6
Benefiber CRT            $5
Benefiber CRT            $3
CRT $10 off $50         $10
Total paid                  23.24
(Used ECB  & gift card from transfered prescription of course so no actual OOP)
Got back in ECB
Pepsi/Lays            $10
Benefiber              $10
Benefiber               $8  (raincheck)
Thermacare            $9  (raincheck)
Total ECB             $37 
(the manager said something about since the raincheck didn't have the event number that when he did the ECB it rounded up so I got $3 each thermacare instead of $2.29 and I got $8 on Benefiber instead of $7.29)"
Shannon Edwards

"This is a picture of my 3 trips to Kmart during the last double coupon deal.  This time I wanted to be a little smarter when choosing my products for this sale.  I did not want to pick it up just because it was free.  I wanted to pick up items that I knew I needed to get and use now but also for when I would need it later.  This coming year I have a goal to really cut my spending way low.  In order to do that I need to stock up on items that really cut into the grocery budget.  Some of the items weren’t as good as deal but better than the regular grocery store purchase.  Items like coffee, toilet paper, shampoo, garbage bags etc.  With this out of my budget for several months I will be able to cut the budget way low.  The fingernail polish and lip gloss will go into little packages for Christmas.  I was able to get $833.71 in items (which included tax) for $327.30.  They were also running a special on Friday and Saturday that if you bought a $50.00 gift card that you could receive a $10.00 gift card.  Of course I purchased 2.  Now I have $20.00 to spend later.  I was able to get the Betty Crocker frosting, Reynolds wrap for .99, Nestles Choc Chip, Oust, Sparkling grape juice, Dixie paper plates and also the cereal “specials”.  I know I could have spent less had I not had larger more expensive items in the cart like Neutrogena T-Gel (9.79 a bottle, I got 5), Folgers coffee, (6.99) Hefty trash bags, (6.99), Paper towels and Scott Toilet tissue, I did not have super coupons for these but doubling is doubling! I was extremely happy with this event.  I saved 62% off of my total bill.   I really hope that they continue to do this and hopefully some of the other grocery stores will follow suit!" Linda P, Jamestown, North Dakota

"Kmart had the double deals and we went to my mom's house for the weekend with my 1000 plus coupons. My two daughters and I went to Kmart were there 3 hours shopping.

(24) bottles of Glade air sprays FREE ($1/2 before doubling Price 1.00 each)
(10) bottles of Glade carpet and room odor eliminator FREE ($2.00 coupon before doubling 3.99 price)
(10) bags of Purina Beggin' strips FREE ($2.00 coupon before doubling 3.99 price)
(4) T-bone snacks for the dog FREE ($1.50 coupon before doubling 3.00 price)
(10) bags of Kotex pads .50 each (coupons for $1.00 before doubling and on sale for $2.50)
(3) Scrubbing bubbles cleaning  supplies (foam) FREE
(3) Scrubbing bubbles cleaning supplies (spray) .25 each
(20) Betty crocker frostings free (coupons for .50 before doubling and then was on sale for $1.00) 
(6) Swiss Hot Coco .30each (.035 coupon before doubling)
(1) Reynolds wrap 75sf  .50($1.00 coupon before doubling and then was on sale for $2.50)
(20) Revlon fingernail clippers FREE ($1.00 coupon before doubling price 1.89)
(10) Garnier Fructis double package shampoos (8.5oz bottles but 2 for the price of one) 1.00 each (coupons for $1.00 off before doubling)
(12) Blistex FREE (coupons for $1/2 before doubling and they where priced at $1.00 each)
(10) Betty Crocker cookie mix 0.20 each(.40 coupons before doubling and on sale for 1.00) 
I could go on and on but I think everyone gets the idea of my savings.( I hope)" Tammi Perry

My first $2 Doubles at Kmart or ANYWHERE for that matter- was great. Unfortunately my only nearby Kmart has very tiny cosmetics section-so I lost out on all the Revlon goodies, but to make up for that- the checkers aren't very picky, so if it scanned- they took it:)
2 Gillette bodywashs (2-$2q's)  FREE
4 Sunsilk Travel shampoos (2-$2/2)  FREE
2 Tylenol 24ct ($2/1)  .19 ea
1 Tylenol Chewables ($2/1)  .19
1 excedrin 24ct($2/1)  .19 (would've gotten 4 but they were sold out arrrgg!)
3 24.5 pert plus bottles ($2/1) FREE
4 Endust ($2/1)   FREE
1 A&H 31lb scoop liter On Sale for 9.99 ($2/1)  $5.99 (my splurge)
17 cans Friskies ($1/4)  2.76 (should've been .40 but coupons didn't double-didn't notice until later)
3 bags Lifesavers ($1/1)  .79 (Again should have been free but register didn't double)
Prices before Q's $76.82  Total paid $10.30 (Shoud've been $7.15 WATCH YOUR CHECKER" - Laurie D, DE

"Although our house suffered major water damage the week before Thanksgiving and most of my coupons were ruined as a result, I was still able to participate in CVS's great Thanksgiving day Extra Care Buck deals. Everything pictured here was FREE after extra bucks! I did multiple small transactions to limit my out of pocket cost (never more than 2 at a time so as not to hold up the line). So, even if you are just starting out or don't have any coupons, there are still great deals to be had. THANK YOU to everyone at! Your postings and the great weekly deal lists by store help me every time I shop." - Phyllis Wheeler, MD

"My husband went shopping with me this time and he said he had a lot of fun! He had a doctor's appointment about a two hour drive away from where we live, so we left early and decided to take our new tom tom we just got on Amazon for $59.99 ($89.99 minus $30.00 for signing up for a new Amazon card) and we hit just about every Walgreens and CVS on the way! We already had CVS gift cards for transferring rx's and the Walgreens gift card from last month, so we only paid $83.29 oop, but we have $30.00 in ecb and RR's combined and about $10.00 in rebates coming back so really only have about $43.00 spent for the day. We put the purchases we made on our new Amazon card to earn points. Our total savings according to all of the receipts was $689.59!" Annette Hupp

"Walgreens is having a sale on Garnier Fructis styling products, shampoo and conditioners. I have found quite the deals today. Most of the products I got were on clearance ranging in price from $1.79-$2.69. Most of them were $2.19. This month in the Easy Saver catalog there is a $2 off coupon and I had additional $1 off coupons from the manufacturer! Lucky me I found great deals and made some profits on these things. The Glade I had a raincheck for and coupons, some of the other things I just had too many overages and needed to spend the extra money. I spent a total of $29.35 and have a total savings of $641.82!" Stefanie Curtis, Elkhart, IN

Glade Scented Oil Warmers - I Made over $150!
"I started out with $10 on a catalina from a Unilever Deal and a ton of coupons.

I had a found coupons for buy one get one free Glade Scented Oil Warmers.

There was a rumor online that Glade Scented Oil Warmers were spitting out $4 Catalinas for each one you purchased and that multiple catalinas would print if you bought more than one. I put it to the test. I figured, if it didn't work I was just out the catalina and it was worth a try. So, I headed to the store, and purchased 4 Oil Warmers, I paid $4.19 each, for two of them and the other two were free. I earned $16 in catalinas. I kept going back to the store to either find empty shelves or just a couple there. I talked to the store manager in charge of ordering inventory. I had him order 80 units for myself and friend I share deals with. 

I honestly lost count to how many units I have. I can tell you this, I still have $72 worth of catalinas, $20 on a gift card, and purchased 1/2 Gal Choc Milk, 1 Gal 2% Milk, 4 Containers of olives from the olive bar, Whipped Topping, Sara Lee Pie, 2 Fall Window Clings, 2 small bags of cheese puffs, 2 packages carl budig meat,1 large bag of cheese puffs, 2 Bug juice (kids were with me), 3 boxes of popcorn, bagged salad, 12 pack coke, 20oz coke, 3 Chicken Grillers from meat dept, 2 twice baked potatoes from the meat dept, whole fryer chicken, shrimp ring, and 2 strip steaks. I've spent maybe $30 for $.19 each on the ones I paid for using a $4 catalina (they are 4.19 each) and tax. In the end I'd say I'm up about $150, food, air fresheners, and out of coupons." Jen Bell Quincy, IL 

"We went a little over budget this week, but only a little. Our weekly budget is $55 and we spent $57.40. We will be sending for a $10 rebate on the steak and a $3.99 rebate on the Smart Start Cereal, along with sending in our labels for a free jar of Rinaldi Pasta Sauce. Missing from the picture is one loaf of bread and one package of hot dog buns, as they were eaten already. We got a couple of great deals this week. We got six loaves of wheat bread and four packages of hot dog buns for $6.89! This is great as we go through bread pretty quickly around here. We also bought several boxes of cereal that were marked down from $4.99 to $1.01 due to the boxes being damaged. It was fantastic to see the original total at the grocery store go from $131.76 to $47.86.  This is our best grocery shopping trip to date!" -Kristin Brutsman

"Wow! We had fun shopping at Meijer last night! This is my 16 year old son with all of the goodies we got. I paid $8.05 oop for everything and we still have $4.00 worth of coupons good on my next shopping order! You should have seen the reaction on my son's face when the self register spit out change and he didn't even pay for anything! The Fleischmann's 3 strip rapid rise yeast was $1.29. I had a $.65 coupon which was doubled, making it free. A catalina coupon was printing out for $.50 oynso for every one we bought. So I got 20 of them. I also got 3 boxes of cereal. They were on sale for $1.80 a box and my coupon was $.55 off which was doubled. The pop tarts were on sale for 3 for $4.00. I had a $.55 coupon for each one which made them only $.47 for 2 boxes so I got 20 of them. The pepperoni was $1.99, so with my $.55 coupon they were only $.89 each and I got 8 of those. My son was impressed! Our savings total, according to the receipts, was $85.22!" Annette, Ohio

"I've been trying to avoid CVS lately. I know they don't like me. I just know it. I know I can be a real pain in the butt sometimes with my coupons but I'm not doing anything illegal!  I had a pile of ECB's that were going to expire soon and I couldn't let them go to waste! Besides there were some really great 3 day deals with CVS on November 27th to the 29th that I had to take advantage of. There was a whole page of freebies listed after ECB's so I am thinking what a great way to roll my current ECB's over before they expire with the least out of pocket of course.
I try to only do CVS when I happen to be going somewhere such as before or after work. (Less gas mileage!) So on 3 separate occasions I stopped in at CVS to see what they had in stock that I wanted that was in the flier on sale. I allotted myself over an hour to plan my trip wisely (just in case I had to change my strategy) if they were out of something I wanted.
So all in all here is what I ended up with
1 Kit Kat
4 Aussie Hair care products
5 Colgate
2  Loreal lip gloss
9 Gatorade
2 Sally Hansen nail polish 
I spent a whopping $10.37 and EARNED a total of $49.32 in ECB's.
Not too bad??
So "hopefully" they won't have anymore good deals anytime soon and then they wont have to see me until next month!!" Jenn Getz

"Here are my Happy Little Helpers (aka, my little guys). They are smiling BIG from all the great deals they have helped me get at KMart. Right before this picture we had just got back from Kmart where they each got to do their very own order. They love to coupon shop...of course they get to keep the change to make it worth their they still have a lot of fun. My oldest asks me all the time when we are shopping "Mom do you have a coupon for that?" I just have to laugh...he is only 6yrs old! But I am trying to teach them the value and fun in coupon shopping.
So all together we have made 6 trips so far and scored $450 worth of stuff for $56 oop! I am doing even better then the last time KMart doubled here! I am just so thankful I have a Husband and children that support my!!! Here is a break down of what we got.
4-Suave Lotion
8- Pedigree Dog bites
8- Beggin Strips
12- Choc Chips
7- nail Art
9- 4 bar Zest soap
8- 4 bar Ivory soap
4- 4 bar Olay soap
2- Vaseline lotion
6- Gillette shave gel
1- Brut deodorant
4- Suave deodorant
6- Pert
4- Dove conditioner
5- Endust
12- Betty Crocker cookie mix
12- Betty Crocker Frosting
7- Keebler Crackers
8- Kelloggs Cereal
4- Revlon emery boards
6- Revlon Nail clippers
2- Revlon tweezers
2- Swiffer duster
3- Glade oil candle holders
3- Downy
2- Reynolds foil
3- Tylenol
2- Tums smoothies
So I have to say I think we have done pretty good at KMart Double coupon events...Between last time and this time I have been able to get almost $2000 worth of stuff for just over $200...Not a bad investment I would have to say....Hope KMart keeps on doing this so we have more fantastic stories to share!" Desiree B, Oregon

"Mom got 56 sticks of Sure deodorant. They paid her $.51 each to take them total of $28.56 profit. We are donating the Sure deodorants to the shelter. I'm glad we can help other people with mom's couponing habit. Lilly age 6 months. "Anna R, KS

"Well I had to make one more trip out to Kmart to make sure I took full advantage of this awesome coupon doubling! I was able to talk my mom into giving it a try as well. She had taken care of my son all day and he hadn't yet taken a nap by the time I got off work. So off we went to Kmart with my ginormous coupon binder in hand. We got: 4 Welch's sparkling cider, 4 suave deodorant, 4 Endust, 4 Celestial Seasonings Tea, 2 Betty Crocker Frosting, 3 Halls Cough Drops, 1 Box Fresh Step, 1Toy Car (no coupon for that!), 1 Gillette body wash, 3 Boxes of Wet Ones, 2 Bottles of Juicy Juice.
My total before coupons was right around $91 (with tax).....After coupons with tax my total was $28.10 which isn't too shabby at all!  I also managed to help shave about $30 off of my mom's total bill.
However, as you can see in the picture this is what happens when you have to do too much shopping at Kmart. You apparently don't even flinch when your Mommy puts ALL of her Kmart goodies on the couch around you while you sleep! He was so tired he barely made it through the store with us. He did manage to scold his "Mimi" (Grandma) for not using coupons like we do! When I showed him the picture this morning he thought it was pretty funny! I think this picture reflects how alot of us feel after this busy week shopping at Kmart! Happy couponing!" Heather Greenwood, CA

"I have had a blast this week doing the Kmart Doubles. Only a couple of stores around here double and they only do so up to 49¢ so this was a big treat. I spent this last month getting ready and anticipating this. I can hardly believe the totals myself. They have been checked and double checked and our before coupon total was $857.02 and I spent $83.54 !!!! After lots of trips and help from my DH here is what we got. Our DD, Alea, can't wait for Mama to make cookies!

2 Lifesavers
4 SF Lifesavers
1 Hanes 6 pk Undies
8 3 pk Scotch Tape
15 Kotex liners
19 Boxes Kellogg's Cereal
3 Viva Dbl Roll Paper towels
3 Welches Sparkling Grape Juice
15 Demet SF Turtles
8 Demet Turtles-Regular
1 Pk Marshmallow
2 St Ives Face Scrub
10 Clean & Clear Face Cleanser
4 Gillette Body Wash
1 Large Sucker
2 Kellogg's Cereal Straws
2 Halls Cough Drops
2 BC Frosting
3 M&m Peanut @ Checkout
2 Carpet Fresh Foam
8 Rolaids 150 ct
20 Tums Smoothies 12 ct
10 St Joesph Aspirin
2 J&J Gauze Pads
3 Tweezers
3 J&J Nonstick Pads
1 Maalox
1 Ziplock Vacuum Starter Kit
3 BC Sugar Cookie
23 BC Peanut Butter Cookie
18 Chocolate Chip Cookie
4 First Aid Tape
6 Nail Clippers
12 Pk Emery Boards
1 Greased Lightening
6 Johnson Buddies Soap
8 Endust
19 Zest 3 pk
17 Olay 4 pk
6 Sure Deodorant
15 Revlon Nail polish
18 HD Reynolds Wrap 50 ft
4 Oust Surface & Air Spray
2 Regular Reynolds Wrap 75 ft"
Julie A, MO

"Well, I made my fourth trip to KMart today to take advantage of the Super Doubles!  Here is a picture of my daughter, Savannah, with my purchases from today's trip.  This time I got the following items FREE:  TBonz dog treats, Kotex Lightdays, Revlon Tweezers (clearanced), Dove Chocolate Bars, Lifesavers, Ziplock Vacuum Kit, Gillette Body Wash, Sobe bottles, Tic Tac Chill, Tums Smoothies, and Endust.  For $1.00 or less after coupons I got: Chinet Cut Crystal Cups (.79), Daisy Sour Cream (.39), Tylenol Rapid Release (.49), Tylenol PM (.79), Aspirin (.29), Kandoo Wipes (1.00), Reynolds Wrap (.99), Maybelline Eye Shadow (.64), Vaseline Mens Lotion (.49), Scott Packing Tape (.79), Carnation Evaporated Milk (.50), Celestial Seasonings Tea and (.50).  My SPLURGES of over $1 after coupons include: Lawrys Seasoning Salt (1.49), Arm and Hammer Detergent (1.49), and Construction Paper (2.19 - No coupon).  Before coupons, my total was $229.29 and after those wonderful doubles I paid only 42.64 for a savings of $186.65 (over 80% off)!  Thanks for letting me share my story - it's so fun to read how much everyone is saving at KMart!" Lindsay Auran

"Does not everyone love Kmart just a little bit? My daughter Deanna and I got $275.85 worth of stuff at kmart for only $95.28! we had $180.57 in coupons. we got everything from underwear to Playdoh and everything we bought we had coupons for! The Kmart that is by me is in Dover, New Jersey and there was no one using coupons there! Of course i got horrible looks from the people on line behind me once the saw the huge stack of coupons! My sister had gone with her coupons there as well and she could not believe the non-coupon use from customers, after all they were doubling up to and including $2.00 coupons. My daughter and i were so proud to show her daddy that we saved enough of money to pay for the new Pella window that is in the picture (also bought with a coupon). So for $95.28 this is what we got- Fantastic 32oz spray, Resolve 22oz spray, Glade candle, Glade 3pk scented oils, Play doh play kit, Tylenol,3- large bags of candy, 2- Bounty paper towels, Purex detergent, Glade air Freshener, Glade fabric & air 22oz spray, 3- boxes of tissues, Revlon blackhead remover, Johnson & Johnson first aid tape, Almay liquid eyeliner, Revlon Colorstay eye shadow, Almay eyeshadow, Garnier shine drops ,2- KY lubricants 2.5oz, Pepcid ac, Colgate toothpaste, 2- Sure deodorants, Mitchum deodorant, 3 pack Zest soap, 6- 2.6oz bars Dove soap, 3 -mouthwashes, 3- Visines, Windex wipes, Energizer batteries, Advil pm, 2- Bumble Bee tunas, 4- pantyhose, Cottonelle toilet paper, trial size Listerine mouthwash, 3 pack Hanes underwear, trial size Sensodyne toothpaste, Trident gum , Pledge duster, 3- bags of Beggin strips, 4-20ct. boxes of Cottonelle wipes, 2 pk of Dove soap, Glade candle holder, Biore nose strips, 2- Dove shampoos , Pert dandruff shampoo, Dove conditioner, 2- Knorr pasta side dishes, and 1 Garnier Shampoo. We can't wait to due it again!" Christie Stefura, Hopatcong, New Jersey

"Here is my 3 year old son checking out what mama bought! I had a BLAST doing this!

4 - Olay Bars - $4.00 each = FREE
3 - Revlon Nail Polish - $4.19 each = .19
1 - Revlon Nail Polish - $4.79 = .79
4 - Vaseline Lotion - $3.29 each = .29
4 - Pantyhose - $3.99 each = FREE
2 - Kotex pads - $1.29 each = FREE
4 - chapstick - $2.49 each = .49
4 - Dove Shampoo/Conditioner - $3.79 each = FREE
1 - Tylenol PM - $4.79 = .79
1 - Tylenol - $4.49 = .49
1 - Tylenol - .99 cents = FREE
4 - excedrin - $4.49 each = .49
1 - advil pm - $4.79 = .79
4 - tums - $1.89 each = FREE
1 - Pert Plus - $2.99 - FREE
1 - foil - $2.99 = .99
4 - Healthful life - $1.50 each = FREE
4 - pedigree goodbites - $3.29 each = FREE
4 - ziploc containers - $2.50 each = .50
4 - endust - $3.29 each = FREE
2 - huggies wipes - $2.99 each = .99
2 - glade carpet - $1.50 each = FREE
1 - glade candle - $2.89 = FREE
2 - glade plugins - $1.50 each = FREE
4 - pledge duster - $2.50 each = FREE
2 - pledge duster refills - $2.50 each = FREE
5 - cans od mighty dog - .62 each = FREE
1 - frisky treats - $1.50 = FREE
1 - cat litter - $8.19 = $6.19
1 - bisquick - $2.79 = $1.59
4 - lifesaver candy - $1.79 each = FREE
3 - kellogg cereal - $2.50 each - .50
4 - tictac candy - $1.49 each = FREE
Also used a $5/50 Kmart coupon
Total Before coupons - $281.75
total after coupons - $38 dollars!!!
$10.61 was just tax!!" Nicole E.

"I just started using coupons and this was my first time doing the double coupon day at KMart. I read up on the deal divas II to see if I missed out on anything. All together after 2 days of shopping I got:
4 Gillette body washes-Free
4 Country Crock spreads-Free
6 packs of Revlon Emory boards-Free
1 Revlon nail clipper-Free
6 Glade Air Fresheners-Free
2 T-Bones Dog treats- Free
1 Tums smoothies-Free
4 Pledge wipes-Free
10 cookie mixes-Free
10 Dove chocolate bars
5 Life Saver Gummies-Free (not pictured...stocking stuffers, shhhh...)
5 Betty Crocker icings-Free
6 Propel waters
6 Propel invigorating waters
1 Pam cooking spray-$1
5 Glad zipper bags-$.39 ea.
1 Ziploc vacuum bag starter kit-Free
3 Rice Krispy cereals-$.50 ea.
5 Olay 4-pack soaps
5 Altoids-Free
2 Tic Tac chills-Free
2 Carnation Evaporated milks-Free
2 Reynolds wrap-$.99 each
2 Sally Hansen Christmas Emery boards-Free
The only thing I had to pay for was the $.39 for the Glad bags, $2 for the Reynolds wrap, $1.50 for the cereal and $1 for the Pam. By the time all was said and done and I got all the $1 catalinas for the Pledge and Endust I didn't really pay for anything. Shopping will never be the same again! The Lord has really blessed us by leading us to nice people who are willing to share their couponing knowledge & tips, the best one being REFUNDCENTS! Thanks!" Denise Crosby-GA

"I had a great time!!!  Took two of my daughters with me.  Autumn 15 and Makenna 9.  They were a HUGE help!!!

Total was $318.57
(and a lot of that was on sale)
Paid-- $101.59 ( 11.00 of that was tax)
I'm sure others could have done better but I was happy!!!!! Best deal was using the Kmart Beauty book and finding the Sally Hansen coupons 1.00 so they doubled and the nail polish's that we got ended up being .59 cents each!!! they loved that. As you can see it's mostly Health and Beauty,  I reached my 75 coupons and didn't even get a chance to go to the food section. GUESS I'LL have to go back OH DARN!!! haha"  Jodi, WI

"Here is the haul I got at my local K-Mart today with double coupons.  My 8 year old daughter Lauren and I woke up and went at 6:45 am, so we could be there when K-Mart opened.  We both checked out 2 times.   
The 1st order was $137.77 without tax and I paid $.38.  The 2nd order was $84.83 without tax and I paid $1.30.  The 3rd order was $33.06 without tax and I paid $0. The 4th order was $13.82 without tax and I paid $0.  So I got $269.48 worth of stuff for $1.68 OOP.  I LOVE coupons!!!  
Here is what I ended up with: 
14 - Coke 2L
10 - Olay soap 4-bar packs
1 - J&J Cloth Tape
1 - J&J Gauze pads
6 - Revlon Nail Clippers
5 - Revlon tweezers
5 - Revlon nail files
5 - Maalox Advance
6 - Visine
14 - Tums Smoothies
2 - Scoth packing tape
2 - Endust
1 - Secret deodorant
2 - Oust
4 - Dove shampoos
2 - boxes of Jolly ranchers candy canes
2 - boxes of Hershey's mint chocolate candy canes
3 - Chocolate Santa's
2 - Whitman's mini samplers
4 - Tylenol 
1 - Tic Tac Chill
2 - Revlon - Nail polish
1 - Costume jewelry necklace & earrings
3 - bags of Jolly Ranchers Holiday pops
3 - Pepsi 6-packs
2 - 7-up 6-packs
2 - Powerade Zero's"

Kari Prinke, O'Fallon, MO

"Here is my recent Walgreens deal.
Glade Candle  3.99 $2 MQ
Glade Candle  3.99 BOGO FREE coupon
Holiday Pencil $.13 needed filler for $8 RR
Holiday Pencil $.13 needed filler for $4 RR
Mascara 6.99 had a sticker for FREE item at cosmetics counter,
chose chapstick
Almay Mascara 6.99 on sale at Walgreens BOGO FREE
Wrigleys Gum
Wrigleys Gum $1.19 on sale BOGO wlgs coupon, also had MQ BOGO FREE
Wrigleys Gum $1.19
Wrigleys Gum $1.19 on sale BOGO wlgs coupon, also had MQ BOGO FREE
Wrigleys Gum $1.19
Wrigleys Gum $1.19 on sale BOGO wlgs coupon, also had MQ BOGO FREE
Wrigleys Gum $1.19
Wrigleys Gum $1.19 on sale BOGO wlgs coupon, also had MQ BOGO FREE
Glade Wisp Candle $5.99 $3 MQ $2 ESR
Glade Wisp Candle $5.99 $3 MQ
Celestial Teas on sale for $1.50 MQ for $1 and ESC $1/2 FREE
Celestial Teas on sale for $1.50 MQ for $1 FREE
Celestial Teas on sale for $1.50 MQ for $1 and ESC $1/2 FREE
Celestial Teas on sale for $1.50 MQ for $1 FREE
Swanson Chicken Broth
$.39 wlgs in-ad coupon
Swanson Chicken Broth $.39 wlgs in-ad coupon
Schick Quatro Disposable Razors on sale $5.99 MQ for BOGO and ESC $3 each
Schick Quatro Disposable Razors on sale $5.99 both free and $.01 overage
Schick Quatro Disposable Razors on sale $5.99 MQ for BOGO and ESC $3 each
Schick Quatro Disposable Razors on sale $5.99 both free and $.01 overage
Schick Quatro Disposable Razors on sale $5.99 MQ for BOGO and ESC
$3 each
Schick Quatro Disposable Razors on sale $5.99 both free and $.01 overage
Schick Quatro Disposable Razors on sale $5.99 MQ for BOGO and ESC $3 each
Schick Quatro Disposable Razors on sale $5.99 both free and $.01 overage
Total before any coupons $98.94
After coupons $15.96 - $8 RR = $7.96 - $4 RR = $3.96 Paid with GC
Sent in for FAR for Almay $6.99 and Glade $2 Rebate = $8.99
All this for FREE and a Profit of $5.03"
Sandra H.

"Raise your hand if you're SURE! Yesterday I got 13 Sure Deodorants for FREE. Combined with the sale, instore Walgreens coupons and IP coupons another fabulous deal chalked up!" - Jill, MO


"At CVS, the atkins bars were on sale for $1 each.  I had been trading for these for a while and had a good stash of these coupons. CVS also had Kleenex tissue on sale for B1G1F @ $1.49.  I had a few coupons for B3G1F.  I combined this coupon with the sale to get 4 boxes of tissues for the price of one. The Duracell battery sale was also going on at CVS, buy $20 and get $15 ECB back.  Everywhere I went, they were sold out of the batteries.  I did remember to get a rain check.  I did pick up a few of the smaller packs though.
I had also read on chit chat where Publix was having a deal.  There is a coupon for $5 off 10 items in a Thanksgiving flyer.  These flyers were found at the door.  Martha White muffin mixes were included in this deal.  I traded for many of these coupons as well.   The muffin mixes were on sale 5 for $4.  When you buy 10 at $8, you get to use the $5 off coupon.  I also used 5 coupons for 55 cents off 2.  For each ten muffin mixes I bought, the total was 25 cents!  I owe a huge thank you for the OP of that deal. 

After going to several Publix stores and CVS stores, I ended up with 138 Atkins bars, 80 muffin mixes, eight kleenex and four packs of batteries.  To top the day off, my girls enjoyed a trip to Build-A-Bear, and I used coupons there as well!


I went to Winn Dixie with my 3 children, which sometimes isn't an easy feat! I stumbled across a good deal and couldn't resist. Sierra Mist was on sale for $1 each, normally $1.69. I found a tear pad of coupons for B1G1F. I wound up with 28 bottles and paid $6.86. With my rewards card and the B1G1F coupons, we saved a lot. We are set for a very long time! This was a rare find for me. Miss Jenny is pictured with her stacks of sodas!"  Selena M. Alabama

"Here's a picture of me at my first major yard sale using all of my deals throughout this year! I made over $500! I hope I can share my story next year. I'm going to take advantage of as many deals as I can must next year! Look for my story by the end of the year!" Yvonne R.

"Hi there! This was my first time for the Kmart double coupon event and I think I did fairly well. There were a lot of items that my store just doesn't carry and the coupons were expiring but things went well. I was the first "couponer" at the store I went to in Rocklin, CA. The cashier and the lady from the service desk were both really excited. They made sure I had read the fine print in the ad and we went at it. The customer service cashier kept running over to her register to ring people up so I basically had the other open register all to myself! When she didn't have a customer she would run back over to see how it was going. Everything rang up great! The cashier was very young and wasn't sure what some of the items were (since they list under funky names in the register) so we did it together, I would tell her which item it was for when she had to choose one. The haul doesn't look too impressive because my "model" (my son Josh) was in front of some of the items. This batch included:
3 Cover Girl Items $1 ea
2 Clorox Anywhere Fabric Spray 1 for Free and 1 for .99
2 Emery Boards - FREE
2 Nail clippers - FREE
1 set of markers for Josh 4.99 (no deal on those)
4 Kotex - FREE
8 Degree Deodorant (Travel size) .49 ea
2 Band Aid .79 ea
2 Suave Solid .49 ea
1 Tums Smoothers - FREE
3 Johnson Bath Buddies Soap - FREE
4 Pert Shampoo - FREE
4 Reynolds Heavy Duty Foil .99 each
4 Mr Clean Wipes .50 each
2 Beggin' Strips .69 each
4 Lime Away .66 each
2 Betty Crocker Frosting .50 each
1 Hickory Farms Gift Pack for a Gift Basket 8.99 (20% off normal)
3 Choc Chips 3/$4
1 Welchs Juice 1.99
1 Juicy Juice 1.49
1 Candy Canes $1
1 Whitman Sampler Mini $1 (for Gift basket)
1 Butter Cookie $3.49 (for gift basket)
1 Play Doh regular 11.19 - coupon 7.19
1 Play Doh (for Xmas) 9.99
All in all my total savings was $123.99 and my total bill after coupons was only $75.08
Since NOBODY in this area doubles this was quite the deal. I will be refueling and heading back for the items I didn't get later in the week. I know there are some smaller items I can get. I was just so giddy that I finally got to particiapte and I didn't want to go over my 75 coupons. My receipt was 3'7" tall - which is a good inch and a quater taller then my son! He was so excited when I got hom (Grandma was watching him) that he was jumping up and down and helping me bring in the bags. It was pretty cute. A friend of mine just bought a new house so she'll be getting a nice gift basket of household items for a Christmas/Housewarming gift. I'm so glad I can get these items and give to others now. We used to always be in such a financial bind (being a single mom) but RC has helped me out more then you'll ever know! Thank you all for your help and guidance!  
Heather Greenwood, Sacramento CA

"It has been years since I have been able to double so I was planning way ahead for the KMart doubling, collecting $1.50 and $2 coupons.  Hubby David and I left home at 6:00 a.m. to get to the Dubuque Iowa KMart at 7:00 a.m.  For almost 2 hours I hunted the aisles and each of us would put 4 of each great deal in our cart.  David had 65 items and his total was $207 and he paid $32.  I had 75 items and my total was $240 and I paid $36.  Items that were free were Endust, Pert shampoo, Olay and Zest soap. Other good deals were Celestial Seasonings tea for 50-cents a box, Revlon nail polish for 14-cents, Scotch packing tape for 50-cents each.   The cashier was a sweet young girl who was very patient and seemed happy about our savings.  My mother will get some of this in her Christmas basket, as will my four adult children. 
The second picture is from our stop at Walgreens.  I hit two stores and did 3 separate Reach toothbrush transactions, using Buy One, Get One Free coupons.  I would pay $3.24 and out would come a $6 catalina, so I have $36 in catalinas to use now.  The Scotch tape was 2/$1 with their coupon and I had $1.00 off 2 coupons, so free tape!  The Revlon mascara was on clearance for $3.69 and I used $2 coupons and at the end of the tape, two of them came off the price due to being Buy One Get One Free, so 2 mascaras for $1.69.  What a fun day with my husband and then we went out for breakfast and to church afterwards. We are going to a booksale later this week and will stop at another KMart and see what else we can get cheap or free with coupons." Mary Kenyon

"This was my first Kmart double event and I loved it!!!
My daughter (pictured) stayed up till 1:30 am cutting and organizing our coupons. My son (also pictured) loves my new  hobby
Thanks Refundcents I couldn't do it without you!! (and My BFFER Glenna who started all this couponing madness:)

3 pks. of  life saver gummies (cost .09each)
3 pks of chill tic tacs (free)
1 pk of stride gum (1.29 because I wanted gum while they were scanning my coupon mountain)
1 pk of reeses select clusters ( cost .99)
1 pk of hershey kisses dark (cost .33)
1 roll of reynolds wrap (cost .99)
1 reynolds oven bags (cost .29)
1 pk of tums swoothies (free)
3 pks of pledge wipes (cost .49 each)
3 cans of endust (free)
3 pks of cascade action packs (cost 2.79each)
8  cans of Glade freshner (free)
1 pk of good life cat snack (cost .29)
2  pks of snausages (cost .60each)
5  glade candle Holiday holders (free)
6 pks of 4 olay body bars (free)
1 pk of Chinet cut crystal cups (cost .79)
1 tube of Colgate toothpast (cost .50)
4 clorox bath wands (cost 1.15each)
2 pks of Viva 2 double rolls (cost 1.00a pack)
5 boxes of strawberry rice krispys(cost .50each)
3 boxes of Froot Loops(cost .50each)
3 Downey 64 oz(cost .75each)
total $ 205.81 before coupons..... total out of pocket $ 40.16!!!!! $17.34 was tax!!" Zabrina/AL

"This is my Jack Russell, Ruby Jane, checking out everything I got from the doubles at K-Mart, plus from using coupons at Wal-Mart & Walgreens. My grand total before coupons and RR's was $278. My out-of pocket amount was right at $100, so I saved $178!  I got a lot of this stuff Free! This is the most I have ever saved using coupons, and I can't wait to do it again. Thank You RefundCents, and everyone that posts their good deals and makes my shopping a success, I couldn't do it without you."
Deanna Melton Cookeville, Tennessee

KMart Doubles

"I went shopping at 2 local kmarts today.  Since most of the coupons expire today 11/30, I wanted to make sure I got as many good deals as possible. I got:
8 Gillette 2in1 body wash**free coupon in today's paper
4 Dove Conditioners**I think free
2 Dove Shampoos**free
8 Reynolds Oven Bags for Turkeys
2 Gillette Fusion Shave gels (just needed them not such a good deal)
8 Ziploc containers in all sizes
1 Purina Beggin strip**free
1 Purina Tiny T bonz dog treats**free
3 Olay body wash with ribbons ** free w/ coupons (store ran out and coupons expire today)
1 Box Fruit Loops** 25cents
1 Purex Fabric Softner
2 Zest soaps bundles **free
3 tums smoothies**free
1 pledge**free
2 endust**Free
1 bisquick
8 Oust
3 Betty Crocker Frostings**free
1 2000 flushes
2 life savers**free
8 altoids**free w/ coupon on pkg
4 puffs to go
2 glade air freshners**really cheap if not free
3 nail polish**free
6 revlon emery boards**free
1 revlon tweezers**free
2 pkg scotch packaging tape**free
11 olay body soap 4 packs **free
1 Pedigree Jumbone dog treat
I spent $47.53 and saved well over $200." Stefanie Curtis

Another Great Deal!!!

"I went into Shaws my local grocery store to pick up Milk & Bread & hit a great deal!!!   
Hamburger Helper Cheesy Potatoes reduced to .39. I got 17 & used 5 1.00/3 Coupons.
Colgate Toothpaste reduced to 1.00. I got 19 & used 19 1.00/1 Coupons.
Crest Oral-B Manual Toothbrush reduced to .50. I got  10 used 5 1.00/2 Coupons.
Colgate Manual Toothbrush reduced to .50. I got 18 used 9 1.00/2 Coupons.
Success Brown Rice Pilaf reduced to .69. I got 6 & used  6 .50/1 Coupons & (they doubled).
Pillsbury Cake Mix (Halloween but who cares Cake is Cake?) Reduced to .49. I got 2 & used 1 1.00/2 Coupons.
Pillbury Frosting (again Holloween) reduced to .69. I got 3 had 1 1.00/2 coupons. 
Total OOP 4.34  {Not including the milk & Bread} Actually I was so excited about the DEALS I was getting forgot & had to go back in for them!!! 
This is one of my other Kitties "Morris"  We did not adopt him he adopted us!  He walked into my house one summer day & never left.  Tried to locate the owner could not find anyone.  We think he was abused as he would cower when you went to pet him.  He is very happy & content now!!!!"   Estelle L. Boston, MA