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Deal Divas 4

"Hello I wanted to share my toilet paper buy out LOL!  They are Marcal small steps--were on sale for 1.99 from 2.99 so I used my 2.00 off coupon so I got them for free except for the tax--My helpers are in the picture just 4 out of my 6 kids--Hannah Lynne, Noah, Braxton in the middle sitting on toilet paper and Isaiah holding a pack.  We got more than this but used some already and still have a few more coupons so hopefully they will restock before the coupon runs out.  Here is what I got:
 54 packages at 1.99 each    = $107.46
tax     =   $6.45                                         = $ 113.91  
Then I had coupons for 2.00 off TOTAL Out of pocket  $5.91  
 Yeah for Toilet Paper but with 8 people in our family don't know how long they will last."  Christy Castle                              
"I just had to write!  I have been getting many great deals these past few years but never a camera to catch them with!  Today I did the Albertson's Chill deal that netted me a $10 OYNO which I promptly turned around and used for the General Mills promotion that was going on at the same time!  What made this deal even sweeter was the fact that they had their doubler coupons this week!  Using my coupons for Wheaties, and Fiber One bars and for One Nature Valley Nut Clusters I was able to get four boxes of cereal, three boxes of cereal bars and one package of Nut Clusters for only 50 cents!  On top of that I received 8.50 in catalinas to use OYNO and 3 catalinas for 1.00 off each on Kellogs Special K cereal bars!  My daughter Rachel loves all of my coupon deals!  She could hardly wait to tear into the cereal bars!  I talked her into waiting and letting me take a picture first.  The products from the chill deal are not pictured as they were mostly ice cream. I plan on using those catalinas to get free cookies and milk with the Nabisco coupons from facebook.  Thanks RefundCents, Michelle, and all of my fellow couponers for all the great tips and deals." Bridget P.
"Ms. Busy Lizzy helps mommy with our latest haul from Rite Aid. All the chocolate was 10cents after valentines. The Nivea lip gloss was 99 cents plus a B1G1 coupon. Shave gel offered a rebate plus I used a coupon the toilet paper was B1G1 plus I used a coupon. The Ricola cough drops were 99 cents plus a coupon. Subtotal 22.60 plus tax for 86 items!!!!!!"
Shana McDowell
Asheville NC



"Pictured is my daughter Leigha, a coupondDIVA in training lol. I purchased 5 boxes 100 calories snacks, with coupons and a $5 gift card was issued. 5 boxes of special K bars with coupons and a $5 gift card was issued. 2 FREE Sobe waters, by using a manufacturer coupon and a Target coupon. The infamous $4/2 Gillette coupons allowed for these FREE 12 body wash and 8 deodorant. 10 Joy dish detergents 28 cents each after coupon. 2 B1G1 Listerine Smart Rinse 2.99 each after coupon. 2 bags Kraft cheese under 50 cents each. 1 Clean&Clear face product on clearance + coupon. Lastly 2 boxes of Ritz crackers. I paid $43 OOPS and have $10 in GC to roll next week! A savings of over $80."  Shana McDowell Asheville NC

"After all the energy around the Refund Cents 30th Anniversary issue, I wanted to challenge myself to buy $1,000 worth of product at CVS in the month of January.  Here is what I bought:

 Two 3 Musketeers
       Two Accu-Check Monitors
       Three All Detergents
       4 Bottles of Aussie, 13.5 oz. size
       2 Bottles of Aussie, 33.8 oz. size
       2 Bags of Chips
       2 Bayer Contour Meters
       2 Bioluxe Shampoo/Conditioner
       1 Box of Hallmark Christmas Cards
   4 Bottles of Caltrate
   4 Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup
   6 Bottles of Centrum Silver
   One 2-liter Cherry Coke
   5 20oz. Bottles of Coke
   1 Colgate 360 Toothbrush
   2 Tubes of Colgate Max Fresh
   4 Tubes of Colgate Total
   4 Crave-NX diet aid Spray
   2 Crest Pro Health Mouthwash
   2 Crest Toothpaste Tubes
   1 Cupcake Mix Clearanced from Xmas
   6 Boxes of CVS Aspirin
   1 CVS Big Roll Paper Towels
   2 Boxes of CVS Ibuprofin
   4 CVS Shopping Bags
   3 CVS Wipes
   4 Dove Men’s Body Wash
   1 Bottle of Dulcolax
   4 Bottles of Febreeze
   3 Garnier Frutis Wipes
   2 GE Energy Smart Bulbs 1 ct
   4 Boxes of GE Reveal Light
   9 Glade Fabric Air Spray
   3 Boxes of Gold Emblem Spring Water
   8 Bottles of Herbal Essence Shampoo
   8 Ivory 3-pk Bar Soap
   9 Kleenex Tissues
   1 Life Savers Sour Gummies
   2 Merry Brite Bows
   1 Merry Brite Tissue Paper
   10 Bottles of Nature Made Cholest Off
   20 bottles of Nature's Bounty Vitamin D Vitamins
   4 Bottles of Nature's Bounty Your Life Multi
   2 Bottles of Nivea Body Wash Women's
   2 Nivea Lip Care
   1 Olay Rengenerist Cream
   15 Bottles of Oust
   4 Bottles of Pantene
   12 Petite Gift Bags
   6 Cases of Pepsi
   4 Pledge Fabric Sweepers
   3 Poweraids 32 oz size
   2 Pringles
   2 Reese’s Mini Cups
   6 Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts
   1 Box of Renu Contact Solution
   2 Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick
   2 Scope Crest Mouthwash
   1 Scope Outlast Mouthwash
   10 Boxes of SoyJoy
   7 Bags of Stacy’s Chips
   1 3-pack of Zest
So the grand total in product was $1,073.98.  Total saved in manufacturer and CVS coupons $538.12.  And then I only used $4 off a $20 or $5 off a $20 purchase coupons – on 50 transactions, those totaled, $254.00.  So grand total of coupons was $792.12.  The ExtraCare Bucks (ECBs) I received back were $352.42 – of course, I recycled them in other transactions. So all in all, the ECBs that I needed was $281.86.  Profit on ECBs was $70.56, when you subtract the cash I spent; it ends up being $63.35. I sent in for the following rebates:
1.       Bioluxe Shampoo and Conditioner - $9.99
       Olay Regenerist - $20
       Coors Rebate - $10
       Dulcolax - $5
When I get my rebates back, I will have made a profit of $100.03 on all of these 50 transactions. Some of the stuff is not pictured.  For example, I only included 2 of the 6 Pepsi cases and only 1 of the three GE Waters.  All of the vitamins went to my mom and dad and so did the Pledge Fabric sweepers." Jennifer D.

"These are a lot of products which I purchased which included items such as Gillette razors, Schick trimmer/razors, school supplies, toothpastes (names like Rembrandt, and Plus White), goggles, Carefree, Band-Aid brand, and tons of Olay Body wash, and all of this didn't cost over $15.00."   Gina Bryk, Pa
"We do not have a Rite Aid near us so I wasn’t able to utilize the opportunity to make money on the Nature’s Bounty vitamins, but I was able to utilize the BOGO Free sale at our 3 local Kroger stores.  So my son and I went looking for whatever vitamins would be the most use to us at the cheapest price.  Everything you see in the picture we got for free and only paid the tax.  I was lucky enough to have several computers at my disposal and numerous emails to make the most of the $5 coupons.  We now have enough vitamin C to last our whole family for some time and just this past weekend I was able to share quite a bit of my stockpile with my mother-in-law who doesn’t have the opportunity to get in on all our great deals.  I owe all the credit to all the wonderful people at refundcents!!"  Tracy L. IL
"This is a picture of my daughter with our great Rite Aid deals. Here is how I did it:
---- First visit to Rite Aid:
1 Total Advanced White toothpaste $2.99 -  $2.99 SCR, $1 MQ
1 AMO Complete solution $7.99 - $7.99 SCR, $2 MQ
1 Hershey's Special Dark bar - $.88 - MIR for coupon for one free bag of Pieces Candy
2 Nature's Bounty Vitamin D 1000IU $8.49 - 1 $5 MQ, 1 $3 MQ
4 Nature's Bounty Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc $10.98 - 2 $3 MQ, 2 $2 MQ
Tax $.36
$5/$25 RA coupon
 Total OOP - $5.69
--- Second visit to Rite Aid:
1 bag of Skittles (for my daughter who was being a VERY good shopper) - $.88
1 Fructis Wet Shine Gel - clearance $2.50 - $1 MQ
2 Nature's Bounty B Complex + Vitamin C 10.99 - 2 $5 MQ
4 Nature's Bounty Vitamin D 1000IU $16.98 - 2 $5 MQ, 1 $3 MQ, 1 $1 MQ, 1 $1 RA C
Tax $.00
$5/$25 RA coupon
Total OOP - $.35
Total OOP for both visits: $6.04
SCR = $10.98
Rite Aid GC = $25
Profit = $29.94!!!
Thanx for all the help getting these great deals!"
Pamela P, Michigan

"Here's how I got 12 bottles of Purex laundry detergent for $2 at ShopRite, which is a grocery chain in the Northeast.

Purex detergent (72 oz) was on sale 2 bottles for $6.

It rang up as 2 bottles for $8, and the register later deducted $2, to give me the correct price of $3 per bottle.

Initial cost for 12 bottles was $36.

I used 6 B1G1 coupons, and $24 was deducted (since each bottle initially rang up as $4 each).

ShopRite was also having their Dollar Days promotion, so for every 5 bottles of Purex I bought, I got a $5 catalina.

So I got $10 back in catalinas. Final OOP cost = $2." Heidi in NY



"My local Publix supermarket had a B1G1F special on Dixie paper plates and bowls.  They were all on sale for $2.93 each, but with the B1G1F offer, they were really two packages for the $2.93.  Along with that, the Dixie napkins were also part of the B1G1F special and they were selling for $2.69 each.  I had one $.55 coupon for the plates and one $.55 coupon for the napkins.  But as I picked up the packages of plates, I noticed there was a coupon on some of the packages for “free package of Dixie napkins with the purchase of two packages of plates”.  Combining the on-the-package coupons, along with the two I already had, I made a great deal!  I ended up with 16 packages of Dixie plates and 16 packages of Dixie napkins for $19.24!


16 Dixie Ultra 10” Plates @ $2.93 (B1G1F)                          $   23.44 

16 Dixie 200 count Napkins @ $2.69 (B1G1F)                           21.52 

Sale price                                                                         $   44.96 

8 coupons for free napkins w/purchase of plates                      -28.00

($3.50 full coupon value X 8)

 1 coupon for any Dixie plates                                                   -.55 

1 coupon for Dixie napkins                                                       -.55 

Total value of coupons used                                               $ -29.10


$44.86    total for sale items

3.38        tax 

$48.34    total without coupons

-29.10    coupons

$19.24   FINAL COST for 16 pkgs of napkins and 16 pkgs of paper plates 


***Note:  Without the items on sale, the total would have been

               $96.66 and with my total paid of $19.24, my

                TOTAL SAVINGS =  $77.42!!!" 

Jane Stevens Tallahassee, FL

"Thank you so much for the for the opportunity to renew my subscription and receive the Pro Plan coupons for Petsmart! What a great deal- I was able to get 18 bags of 99 cent bags and 3 bags of chef Michaels dog food 6lb size and Reese peanut butter cups for me with the overage.   I only used 9 of the pro-plan coupons and 3 $2 off coupons for the Chef Michaels.  My total oop was $1.18..mostly for the peanut butter cups as they were $1.39 and had to add something at the last minute for overage.  The cashier was so wonderful and helpful so I decided to use the rest of my coupons as I had received 15 from you and had 3 of my own already.  I took my bags to the car and went back in to use the rest because they are expiring this Sunday.  I next purchased 7 more of the 99 cent Pro-Plan bags and decided to get treats for the overage and I got 2 bags of the canine carryouts and 6 bags of the small bacon treats.  I used 3 bogo for the bacon treats and had $3 overage for  those also and 5 more of the pro-plan coupons paying only 78 cents oop.  I then gave the cashier the last 4 coupons I had for herself to use as she was very helpful and very excited to see all the coupons.  When I went home and started to put away the dog food, I found in the bags of food $3 off any size Pro-Plan coupons.  I was so excited, I went back to Petsmart and bought 19 more 99cent bags and 3 6lb bags of Pro-Plan bags to eat up the overage again.  I used 17 $3 coupons for everything and oop was 83cents. Of course I have more coupons and may go back tomorrow.  All said and done I spent oop $2.79 at Petsmart and $30 for the renewal of my subscription, saving myself $110.97 in coupons and the 3 dogs I have are very happy.  The big dog in the pictures is my mutt, Abby and my small furry friend is a boston terrier, Mollie.  Not pictured is the last male Boston terrier Hunter.  They were shy and hard to photograph all together.  I did my best! Thanks for everything and all your hard work.  This website is the best!"  Blessings, Jody B.
"Here is what we did with the 80 boxes of Huggies wipes that we have gotten from Publix.  Publix had a coupon  for $1.50 off any Huggies Wipes (I traded until I had 80 of them) and I used the $0.50 off any Huggies Wipes 64-count or larger (this coupon is doubled at my store) (I traded and bought off ebay until I had 80).  The wipes sell for $3 a tub.  I spent $0.50 a tub.  I spent a total of $40 and saved a total of $200. 
This morning we were just going to take the typical “stacked product” picture but when we started my 2 year old asked if we were building her a castle.  So, plans changed and a castle emerged.  It made for a lot of happy singing from my 2 year old (until the tears started when my 1 year old (AKA “destruct-o-boy”) knocked the whole thing down with one running dive." Nicole Miller

"Last fall I left behind the LaSalle-Peru area.  I left behind the Walgreens that put up with all my shopping, the CVS that almost expected me daily, the gas station that allowed me to pick up Sunday newspapers Monday morning for free.  I left my mom who taught me all I know about refunding, and thought perhaps that I was leaving refunding behind.  But as we all have probably learned at one point or another, you simply can't bring yourself to pay full-price for things when you know how cheap you can get them.  I moved to Dekalb to go to NIU, but I am no typical college student.  I am an RCer.  Instead of filling my closets with the choice of many college students (alcoholic beverages) you can see in the six short months I have been there, I and RC have filled them instead with mountains of supplies.  The closet full as I have said has been gathered in just the six months I have been here. Lots and lots of floss, Garnier, body wash, Vasaline lotion, feminine products, and almost and hygiene product you can think of. Mainly thanks to a very coupon friendly Walgreens.  I also have found in my new settings a Menards that sells the Sunday paper for 99cents, and have discovered that the Jewel here often sends $7/70 coupons and allows you to use Walgreen's RRs on anything, including gift cards, and allowing it in combination with the $7/70.

The second picture are some of my more recent deals:
Advil: Free plus profit after $2 peelies and RR when purchased in groups of two
Excedrin menstrual: Free plus profit after RR and $2 IP
Oxo 4 cup measuring cup, recipe booklet, whisk (3 sets): Free from Arrowhead mills rebate
Cakesters:  Free coupon
Beechnut Baby Food/Baby cereal: Free coupon
Carbonated juice:  On clearance at TRU, free after $5 gift card for becoming a facebook fan
Ziploc:  Free plus profit after sale price of $1.49, $1 coupon at cash  register, and $2 catalina for each 3 purchased...rolling catalina
Dove Men's Body Wash: Free plus profit after RR and $1.25 coupon
Joint Juice: Free after RR
Oatmeal: Free plus profit after $3/5 quaker product and $5 target gift card received
Pictures in the background (if you can see them): Freebies from Wags 8 by 10 and collage

Of course the best and worst thing about being an RCer is that every single time you think to take a picture after you have already given 90% of the things away.  What a great feeling it is to be able to share our hobby with those less fortunate.  Especially on the tiny budget of a college student."
Shauna Casolari
DD of Jamie Casolari

"Here's (finally) a picture of all the Nature's Bounty loot I was able to get from Rite Aid. I went up to the closest Rite Aid to me about a week after the OP (original poster) had let us know about the deals you could get.  The night before I had printed several of the $5, $3 and $2 coupons from Nature Bounty's website and found some $1 ones in some inserts I had.  My daughter and I headed up there first thing to make sure we got the best selection of the day.  I was a little hesitant that there wouldn't be anything left, but there were quite a few options on the shelf.  I ended up doing two transactions and getting 12 bottles of Vitamins, several packages of Bounty paper towels (we needed these), 2 packs of Rite Aid baby wipes (needed also), a Colgate toothpaste (cheap after Rite Aid's Single Check Rebate - SCR) and some contact solution (free after SCR) as I had to use up my $20 Gift of Savings certificate from a few months prior.  Thanks to the vitamins being BOGOF and being able to use the high value coupons I spent about $8 out of pocket (thanks to the $20 gift of savings certificate). I'll get back a $25 Rite Aid gift card and $10 from the SCR program for a nice profit.  Most of the vitamins are things I normally wouldn't use, so I plan on donating them to a local center that can use them." - Dana Schrader, IN

"Who doesn't love free potatoes? That's what I thought each time I ran in to Meijer to get some (which sadly, only ended up being a few times as I had a very busy week). Thanks to the chat board, I was able to learn about Meijer running their Betty Crocker potatoes on sale 5 for $3 and that in addition to this cheap price, there was a catalina coupon printing for $3 off your next order.  Pay $3 and get a $3 coupon = FREE to me!! Then I learned that even though you couldn't roll this particular coupon (if you used it in an order of more potatoes, another one wouldn't print) you could roll it with the $3 oyno coupon which was printing when you bought Hamburger Helper (which after coupons and the cat came down to $.25 per box).  I ended up with 30 boxes of potatoes and 20 boxes of Hamburger Helper all for around $5. Can't beat that!!!" - Dana Schrader, IN

"I went with my Momma to Petsmart and we got all of this for free!  Momma read on the Chit Chat board about a really great deal on Purina dog food.  There were coupons for free food!  We got 10 each of the pouches and the bags and only paid tax of $12.58.  That’s a savings of $139.80!  Thumbs up Momma, way to go!" John Jr.  son of Selena McGee, AL

"I purchased 10 vitamins, 1 Mentos gum, 2 packages of animal crackers in two separate transactions, paid $1.84 (including tax) and will be getting back a $25 Rite Aid gift card. $23.16 PROFIT. Gotta love Rite Aid's $5/$25 coupon - it helps make these deals even sweeter. I love getting free products and making money at the same time - what a wonderful hobby we all enjoy."  Sara W.

"Here is my beautiful daughter with all the Nature’s Bounty I was able to get this week.  She came with me and kept asking, “Are we done yet?”
Transaction #1: 2 – Men’s Multi Life, 2 – Women’s Multi Life, 1 – Green Tea Extract, 1 – Ginger Root, 2 – Cod Liver Oil.  Total Cost: $72.32. It was B1G1F so the cost went down to $36.16.  Then I had coupons for: 1 - $5 off $25, 4 - $5, 1 - $3, 3 - $2.  Oop: $2.16. 
Transaction #2: 2 – Flexamin, 2 – Vitamin C, 2 – Cod Liver Oil, 2 – Vitamin D.  Total Cost: $73.92.  It was B1G1F so the cost went down to $36.96.  Then I had coupons for: $5 off $25, 2 - $5, 6 - $3.  Oop:  $3.96
I spent $6.12 and will be getting my $25 rebate from Rite Aid.  Then with all the Nature’s Bounty, I got 22 Game of Life tickets.  In all those tickets, I won a free VHS tape.  So of course, I had to run back and get my free tape.  Don’t know what I’m going to do with that but hey, it was free.
Then this week, CVS also had a deal on Nature’s Bounty also.  I only had one transaction because there was a max of 3 offers.  3 – Men’s Multi Life and 3 – Women’s Multi Life.  Total Cost:  $62.94.  It was B1G1F so this cost went down to $31.47 and I had 6 - $5 coupons.  Oop:  $1.47 and then I got back $9 in Extra Care Bucks.
My husband and I have enough vitamins to last us into 2011, but if there is another great deal like this, I will be heading out again." Jennifer Mulcahy
"My trip this week to Walgreens was AWESOME! I started off getting $65 in RR's from 5 Bayer meters and 3 Accu Check then used that to get everything else. I just kept rolling those RR's to get more and more! I also went to Walmart to get some more free Buddies and Kotex. My total was $864.28 then after coupons and RR's I spent $5.41!! This was my best coupon week!" Jennifer Roberts
"I didn't get a chance to get a picture of my vitamins that I got from Rite Aid as my family members quickly took the ones they wanted and just as quickly ate the candy I got.   I was also able to bless a family in my church with some vitamins they wanted which was especially needed since they had just recently lost their job.  I did get the enclosed picture of my mom's vitamins.  Out of pocket was nothing!  She had a prescription that I was able to transfer for her which then earned her a $25 gift card.  I then used the gift card to purchase vitamins and I only used up $7.  She will make $25  so it is an $18 profit for getting things we all needed.  Thanks to everyone in Refund Cents for all your help this past year." Cheryl Prether of Ohio
"Today I needed to run to Publix to "get one thing" - but you know how that goes!  I really only needed 3 cans of diced tomatoes with green chilies for the Jambalaya that I'm making for tomorrow's dinner - but here is what I got, what coupons I used, what I spent and what I saved:
6 cans of Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes w/ Green Chilies - (Retail price $1.39 each) - I used 3 "save $.75 when you buy 2 cans" store coupons, 3 "save $.55 when you buy 2 cans" manufacturers coupons, and 2 Buy 2 Get 1 Free manufacturers coupons.  I spent $.41 on each can.
10 of the BIG 64oz bottles of Gatorade - (Retail price $2.50 each) - These are on sale this week BOGO Free - I used 10 save $.55 store coupons and 10 save $.50 manufacturers coupons (these get doubled).  I ended up GETTING PAID $.30 a bottle to take these out of the store.
2 of the 4-packs of Benevia Juice - (Retail price $8.49 each) - I used 2 save $4 store coupons and 2 save $5 manufacturers coupons.  I GOT PAID $.51 a pack!
Last week Publix had the 4-packs of Fiber One Yogurt on sale for BOGO Free.  They were out of stock when I went to buy some, so I got a rain check.  Today they still had not fully re-stocked, but I was able to pick up 5 of the 4-packs.  These retail for $2.50 a 4-pack.  In addition to my BOGO Free rain check I used 5 save $.50 manufacturers coupons (these get doubled).  I paid only $.25 for each 4-pack.
As a bonus deal, the Publix ad this week had a coupon for a free shopping bag (retails for $.99 each) when you buy $10 worth of Frito Lay or Pepsi products.  Well, it just so happens that Gatorade is a Pepsi product  - so I got 2 FREE bags!
My order total for everything listed was a whopping 67 cents!  I paid a grand total of $2.21 with taxes..
I SAVED $57.88!
It's funny, instead of being happy that I only spent around $2 for about $60 worth of groceries, I was upset that the cashier did not take my Walgreens Register Rewards coupons - it would have knocked another $2 off my total. LOL!" Nicole Miller
"Here is my deal-with my two youngest boys Isaiah and Braxton who go shopping with me. Their youngest sister was too cranky for the pic :)-It was at Kroger with the $5.00 off if you buy in quantities of 10---I bought 20 Electrasol dish washing detergent (4 didn't make it in the pic) but they were 3.49 before the $5.00 off then they were 2.99 and I used my 2.50 coupons which made them 49 cents a piece plus tax!  I will be set for a few months with detergent--I run the dishwasher sometimes 2 times a day with 6 kids :)" Christy Castle
"I purchased a total of $240.74 worth of vitamins.  Received half off for Buy 1 get 1 free, so my subtotal was $120.37.  I used $218.00 in coupons, and paid $2.37 out of pocket.  I will end up receiving two $25.00 gift cards as some of the vitamins were for my dad.  And the good news is my family is starting to take vitamins that we should have been taking all along.  Thanks Refund Cents!!!!"
Elizabeth B., Michigan
"Here is my handsome little man showing the big amount of Natures Bounty vitamins we got, with the great deal shared to us with coupons and advice by all you at refundcents. Thank you!"
We got:
Transaction #1:
2 Cranberry + Vitamin C...$10.49
2 Time Released Vitamin C...$9.99
2 Vitamin D 400IU...$4.99
Total with tax before coupons...$26.50
Coupons used...(1)$5/$25, (3)$5/1,(1)$3/1,(1)$2/1
Total OOP...$1.50 saved $25.00
Transaction #2:
2 Vitamin C 500mg...$9.99
2 Melatonin 3mg...$8.99
2 Echinacea 400mg...$7.99
Total with tax before coupons...$27.82
Coupons used...(1)$5/$25, (3)$5/1, (2)$2/1, (1)$3/1
Total OOP: .82cents saved $27.00
Now between both transactions equaling $50 I qualify for the $25 refund check!

Day Two..Transaction #1:
2 Vitamin D 400 IU...$4.99
2 Vitamin D 400IU...$4.99
Total with tax before coupons...$10.48
Coupons used...(1)$5/1, (1)$3/1, (1)$2/1
Total OOP: .48cents saved $10.00
Transaction #2:
2 Vitamin D 400IU...$4.99
2 Potassium 595mg...4.99
Total with tax before coupons...$10.48
Coupons used...(1)$5/1, (1)$3/1, (2)$1/1
Total OOP: .48cents saved $10.00
So 2 days, 4 transactions,20 bottles of vitamins...
Total before coupons $75.28
Total after coupons $3.28
Amount saved $72.00
***WOW***, Thank you Refund Cents" Nena Locke

"I had about 2 hours free while my daughter was in preschool. I went to 2 Walgreens (with my mama), 1 Rite Aid & a quick CVS. I got 8 boxes of hair dye, 3 boxes of Jello. 4 Advil, 2 Contour Meters, 1 Breeze 2 Meter, 1 Garnier Fructis, 1 Colgate Total, 2 Vitamin Schtick, 3 DayQuil Sinus, 1 NyQuil, 1 Miracle Insole, 2 Aero-3 Insoles, 8 Hershey Bars, 3 Truffle Crisp 3 Musketeers, 3 Loreal eye shadow, 4 Zicam Cold Sore Swabs, 4 Walgreens water bottles full of samples, 1 6 pack of Soy Joy bars, 2 Met-Rx bars, 4 boxes of Joint Juice, 4 blink tears, 2 Hershey's Pretzel Bars, 2 Scalpicin, 1 Complete Solution, 2 Bottles of NB Gentle Iron, 2 NB Vitamin C& 2 NB B-Complex. Total before coupons was $288.78, total after coupons was $141.64, total after register rewards $.64, after rebates is a $29.35 profit plus $6 RR to still use. So a $35.35 profit plus $288.78 worth of products in about 2 hours, not too bad. I'll also make about $90.00 on the items I wont use at my next sale. Thanks to my mom for her help!!! I wish I had more time for this hobby." Michelle Wheeler

"Here's my Mega Deal at Krogers. Wow!! Did I have fun at Krogers!! I spent $13.15 for all that is pictured. Here's my breakdown:
  • 1 Quilted Northern 12 doubles $5.99
    - $1 cpn
    = $4.99
  • 10 Snuggle fabric softeners $2.99
    - ten $3 cpns
    = FREE
  • 10 Cheez its crackers $.99
    - five $1.50/2 cpns here
    = $.24 each
  • 6 Chex Mix $1.49
    - six $.55 cpns
    - four Shortcuts $.50 cpns
    = $.16 each
  • 8 Keebler cookies $.99
    - four $1.50/2 cpns here
    = $.24 each
  • 2 Q-tips $2
    - two $.30 cpns
    = $1.40 each

Total savings = $133.59. There is also a money-back guarantee on the Northern tissue here. Remember, there is NO limit to the number of discounts per transaction, but you MUST buy in increments of 10." Julie B

"Evie found a great deal at Walgreens! Poligrip was free after a $2.00 RR, so Mommy bought 2! Then she got 4 drinks for $10.00, plus used a $2.00 off 3 Coke products coupon and one of the $2.00 RR from the Poligrip, making them $6.50 after tax for 4 drinks! We did this twice, getting 8 drinks and 2 Poligrip (which I am holding in each hand), for $13.00! Great Grandma will be so happy with her Poligrip and Daddy will be happy with all the drinks!" Julie Manuel
"I went to Walmart last week and had them match RiteAid's price on Kotex pads for .99. I had seven coupons for $2/2. I bought 15 packs to make sure it would take all my coupons. My total out of pocket was $2.04. I thought this was really good since they are normally $3.26 a pack at our Walmart. I saved $46.86. I think I won't be needing any more pads any time soon. Well, unless I get another great deal like this one. LOL." Yvonne B, NC
"I had some of the FREE Fragrance Collection by Glade coupons but hadn't seen them in stores anywhere. I saw them in our Commissary.  We
are military and the Commissary is our food store on post.  Well, they
only had three of them so I purchased them with the coupons and got them free.Well, theyonly had three of them so I purchased them with the coupons and got them free.

Well, about 2 weeks later, the Light Bulb went off, I had picked up the
monthly flyer when I bought the candles but hadn't read it until now.
The Fragrance Collection by Glade was on sale all month until the end
of September!  They were on sale for $1.16 each and I had coupons for
$3/2 which meant I would make a profit!  That I would make $.68 per
coupon, well the blood was racing inside of me now.

I talked to Service Desk at the Commissary to see if I could do a
"Special Order on Candles".   They said sure and how many do you want.

So I placed my order for 116 candles because I had 58 coupons.and it
came in 2 days later.  It was all boxed and labeled for me!  They were
at the service area when I went to pick them up.  Well, I told them I
had some more shopping and they said just let the cashier know I had
the special order and need to pay for them.  I had my coupons ready (I
had two days to sort and prepare waiting on the order).  I knew that I
would have an overage of $39.44 from purchasing the candles, 58 $3
coupons (3.00-1.16-1.16 = .68) then times 58 coupons equals $39.44.
Well, I tried to combine good coupons and sales to get the most out of
the $39.44, I had a hard time trying to spend the money...every time I
would find something it would only lower the overage a little bit!  But
finally I checked out and the total for that shopping trip before
coupons was $256.49 and the final out of pocket was $2.59!!!  Well, by
the time I got home and unloaded the Jeep I had the BUG!

I started looking for trades and tried to get all the coupons I could
(this is the first time I've traded/purchase more coupons)  usually I
just use the coupons I have but when I knew I could get some more
coupons I would place another special order at the Commissary.  I did
this three more times, and the total paid out of pocket for all of
these orders was $77.44 (this includes the cost of the coupons), and I
saved $1035.23!!!  Our freezer is full, our pantry is full, I have bags
for the local SPCA, the Urban Mission and I've used up a lot of
coupons!  In all I used 497 coupons! and purchased 744 items!

In the picture there are 530 Home Fragrance Collection products!  Each
box has 6 candles inside!  All of these were FREE!  I purchased 25
fresh meat items and froze them, toothbrushes, lots of HBA items, cat
food, cake mixes, Chinet paper plates, soups, nuts, pasta, yogurts,
eggs, Sara Lee items, laundry soap, cleaners, marcal, dog food (for the
SPCA), snacks...just about everything you can think of I got!

I tried to combine good coupons and stretch the overage that I knew I
would be getting...

The best part is my husband is currently downrange and will be HOME in
a few weeks!  I email him about all the savings he was was so excited
for ME!  Told me he was Proud of the savings but missed the fact that
he wasn't here to help me SHOP!

So "Thank You" for everything you do!  "Thank You" to all the people
who post good deals!  "Thank you" to the traders and coupon suppliers!
"Thank you" Commissary for letting us do "Special orders"!

This Hobby is so much fun!"  Vickie B.

Jennifer Dean

"I was so excited to get to Rite Aid this morning that I couldn't sleep last
night! I was dreaming of Nature's Bounty vitamins!

Thanks to many Nature's Bounty coupons, Rite Aid store coupons, manufacturer coupons and the Rite Aid Winter Savings Gift  Certificate, my oop was only
$3.26. I qualified for the $3.00 rebate on the Trojans, the $7.99 rebate on the contact solution, and the $10 Nature's Bounty rebate for a gift card. So I will get back $20.99! What a great deal! Worth getting up and driving in the ice and snow here in North Carolina." B. Miles
"I have been couponing for 3 years now, I even teach a class, run a blog, and currently working on a website. However I have not really gotten into stockpiling, not big time. I always have at min 5-10 of everything, but with a new addition to the family, its time to kick it up a notch!  This is my Krazy about Kelloggs. My store, Bi-Lo had Kellogs B1G1, they rang up between 1.24 and 1.36 each. I used my $1/2, and ended up with 28 boxes for 29.00! After only getting 28 boxes, I realized that I need to up my number of papers on Sunday (from 5-7, next week base of 10). I love the site, it is a big help! I am getting into rolling RR's and ECB's I use to get them and turn aroung and use them, but not on another participating item. I went to WAGS on Saturday night and ended up with 4 transactions, $36 OOP and $68 in products with $3RR to start with this week!" Shana McDowell
"Here is my beautiful daughter showing all the Nature's Bounty Vitamins we picked up at RiteAid thanks to all the codes and helpful tips from my refundcents family.

Transaction #1:
(1) Acidophilus 100ct $7.99
(1) Vit. C 100 ct $6.99- B1G1 = $0
(1) Vit C 100 Ct $6.99
(1) Magnesium 500 mg $6.49 - B1G1 = $0
(1) Cod Liver Oil 100 $4.99
(1) Cod Liver Oil 100 $4.99 - B1G1 = $0
(2) Vit. D 100 Ct @ $4.99 = $9.98
(2) Vit D 100 Ct @ $4.99 = $9.98 - B1G1 = $0
- (1) $5/$25 Rite Aid cpns

- (5) $5 nature's bounty reward coupons
= -$0.05
tax = 1.75
Total $1.70
Total saved $58.45
97% saved

Transaction 2:
(1) Sara Lee white bread $1.99 - sale = $1.69
(1) Glucosamine 60ct $12.49
(1) vit C 1000mg 100 ct $11.99 - B1G1 = $0
(1) B12 2500 50ct $9.99
(1) B12 2500 50ct $9.99 - B1G1 = $0
(1) FolicA 250 ct $7.49
(1) Folic A 250 ct $7.49 - B1G1 = $0
(1) Potass. 100 ct $4.99
(1) Potass. 100 ct $4.99 - B1G1 = $0
- (1) $5/$25 RiteAid Coupon

- (1) Rite Aid Video Values Cpn

- (4) $5 Natures Bounty coupons
- ( 2) $3 natures bounty coupons
- (2) $2 natures bounty coupons
subtotal $0.65
tax $2.15
total: $2.80
total saved : $70.76
96% savings

Total saved $129.21
Total oop $ 4.50
97% saved
Total RiteAid rebate earned $25
Profit $20.50
Thank you Refundcents" Mary Flater

"Look at everything I got for less than $1.00 at Rite Aid today! By combining manufacturer's coupons, Video Values coupons, Single Check Rebates and mail-in rebates, I got more than $80 worth of items for almost nothing.  I did three separate transactions so I could use a $5/$25 coupon on each. (Most of the prices are rounded to the nearest dollar.)  

This is in addition to about $75 worth of Nature's Bounty supplements that I got for about a $20 profit last week. Rite Aid shopping had been incredible lately.  


1st Transaction:

$4.00    4 Chex Mix

-2 x $1/2 Chex Video Values coupon

-$1/2 Chex coupon

-2 x $0.50 Chex coupon

$3.00 Colgate coupon

-$2.00 SCR

-$1.00 coupon

$10.00 Centrum vitamins

-$2.00 Video Value coupon

-$1.00 coupon

$1.00 chili powder (filler item to get my total over $25)

$8.00 Complete contact lens solution

-$2.00 coupon

-$8.00 SCR

-$5/$25 Rite Aid coupon

$26.00 total before coupons

$1.00 total after coupons and SCR  

2nd Transaction:

$10.00  4 Special K cereal

-$5.00   2 BOGO coupons

-$1/2  coupon

$3.00 Craisins 100 calorie pack

$2.79 Craisins

-$3.00 buy Craisins, get 100 calorie pack free coupon

$8.00  4 bag Lay’s potato chips, BOGO

-$4.00  4 x $1 Video Values coupons

-$4.00  4 x $1 coupons

$5.00 4 boxes of Kleenex, BOGO

-2 x $1/2 Video Values coupons

-$1/4 coupon

-$5/$25 Rite Aid coupon

$28.79 Total before coupon

$3.79 total after coupons  

3rd Transaction:

$5.00  4 Hormel Chili

-4 x $0.50 Video Values coupons

-$1/2 coupon

$20.00 L’Oreal Advanced Revitalift

-$2.00 coupon

-$20.00 MBG

$0.88 York Peppermint Patty

-$5/$25 Rite Aid coupon

$25.88  Total before coupons and rebates

$4.12 PROFIT after coupons and rebates and I can send for free bag of Hershey’s candy with the York wrapper." Karen Groh  

"Here is the great deal I got at Rite Aid.  Rite Aid had their Stayfree pads on sale for Buy One Get One Free. Clearly I had a handful of Stayfree Buy One Get One Free manufacturers coupons (1/3).  I ended up with 26 packages of Stayfree pads THAT WERE FREE!!  Some of the packs had a $1 off coupon stuck to them and the cashier pulled these off and scanned them in!!  BONUS!!!
I also picked up a total of 6 (4 packs) of GE Reveal lightbulbs.  They are on sale for 2 for $4 - with a $2 rebate when you buy 2 - so that is like paying $2 for 2 boxes.  I had some $1 off 1 box manufacturers coupons (1/3) - which basically makes them FREE. Also on sale this week is Dawn dish detergent.  It is on sale for 99 cents. I had two $1 off 1 bottle coupons (from the "Refresh Your Nest" homemailer) making both bottles FREE. I also ended up getting 2 Luxe Milk Chocolate bars, a package of 3 X 5 index cards, 3 New Moon candy bars, 4 bags of M&Ms, 2 bags of York Peppermints, 1 bag of Hershey Kisses, 6 boxes of O.B. tampons, a 2010 calendar, and a pack of Orbit Gum. In addition to all of the other coupons, I also used my "$5 off a total order over $20" coupon that I received from the Rite Aid Video Values site.  
Here is the deal that I did at Walgreens.  First, I purchased a Bayer Contour Glucose Meter and used a coupon (from 10/09) for up to $30 off - making the meter FREE.  I did not spend a single penny on it - not even tax.  The best part was that my purchase generated a $5 Register Reward. For my next transaction, I bought 5 boxes of Electrasol, then gave them 5 of the $2.50 off coupons - taking my total down to $4.95 (plus tax) - then I gave them my $5 Register Reward coupon that I received from the Bayer Meter - making my purchase FREE.  All I paid for was the tax.  And to sweeten the deal, I received a $1 Register Reward for my purchase. Clearly you can see by the picture that I did this deal several times.  I ended up with 3 Bayer Glucose Meters (that I will donate to charity and be able to write off their value of $270 on my taxes next year) and A YEARS SUPPLY of Electrasol Dishwashing tabs.  Of course, I had to go to several different Walgreens stores in order to purchase this many - but, hey, it was worth it! The total I spent for everything in the picture is $29.21 and I saved $505.16." Nicole Miller

"Here is my Nature’s Bounty deal ~  $50 in product, my OOP was $2.34 and I will get back a $25 gift card.  The ester c was bogo and was free after my coupons.  Thanks Refund Cents for the all the ideas and tips to save us money!!


Here’s the total ~ We “bought” $443 of merchandise, paid OOP $41 and will get $96 in rebates from Olay and Rite Aid.  We will profit $55 from….going shopping! 


The Rite Aid rebates include $6 on Single check rebate items, $25 Nature’s Bounty and $35 in P&G.  I misplaced my other receipt with the other P&G products in so the picture is missing a few items.  What a great month ~~  and this picture just shows my Rite Aid deals.  The Osteo –Bi-Flex will go to an elderly family member and I had no idea this product was so expensive at $20 a bottle ~ that last less than a month." - Mindy Armas

"I did the Nature Bounty Deal at Riteaid this morning. 
1st order -
2 - Women's Multi 45+ Vitamins - $10.59 (BOGO)
2 - Evening Primrose - $9.99 (BOGO)
2 - Cod Liver Oil - $4.99 (BOGO)

Used a $5/$20 Riteaid Coupon, 3 - $5 Nature Bounty Coupon, 1 - $3 Nature Bounty Coupon, and 1 - $2 Nature Bounty Coupon.
Total was .57 cents - Paid $2.01 after Taxes

2nd Order -
2 - Cranberry Vitamins - $10.49 (BOGO)
2 - Vitamin D - $4.99 (BOGO)
2 - Vitamin C - $9.99 (BOGO)

Used a $5/$20 Riteaid Coupon, 3 - $5 Nature Bounty Coupon, 2 - $2 Nature Bounty Coupon.
Total was $1.47 - Paid $2.90 after Taxes.

I will also get back a $25 Riteaid GC for purchasing $50 worth of participating items. 
I also got 14 more game pieces for the Game of Life promo they have going on.
I love this hobby!!  Here is a picture of my 6 week old with my purchases.  Never to young to start couponing :)" Nicole Edwards
My Special Deal on Special K !!!!!
"I was shopping at Food Lion, and stumbled upon this awesome deal. All Special K cereals were on sale 2 for $5. On some of the boxes, there were peelie coupons that stated "Buy this box of Special K cereal and receive a free 4 pack of Special K protein shakes, protein bars, or protein water mix." Ok, so immediately the wheels started turning, and I was thinking, OK, this deal has the potential to be very huge, so I started searching through my coupon binder for additional coupons to use on top of the ones on the boxes of cereal. I knew I wanted the protein shakes, because they were very good, and the regular price was $5.99 for a 4 pack ~~ way too pricey for me to buy without coupons, LOL. Also, I found a coupon in my binder Buy one box of Special K cereal , get one this was going to make the deal even sweeter! So, I put the 2 boxes of cereal in my cart and went over to the other aisle to get the protein shakes. When I got there, my heart skipped a few beats, when I seen the sign that said......Buy any 5 Special K products and receive $5 off your shopping order! So I bought the snack bars and the protein water mix to make 5 items on each order.... AND ..... each one of those boxes had a $1 off peelie coupon too..... I was in coupon heaven by now!!! I knew right then, I was gonna make out like a banshee on this deal!!
So, I did this order 4 separate times, at 3 different Food Lion stores in my is the breakdown:
8 boxes of cereal ($2.50 x 8 = $20)
8 four packs of protein shakes ($5.99 x 8 = $47.92)
3 boxes of protein snack bars ($3.29 x 3 = $9.87)
1 box of protein water mix ( $4.29)
Ok, so regular price on all these items without coupons would have been
$82.08 plus tax. After all my manufacturer coupons, coupons on the boxes of cereal for free shakes, the coupons on the boxes of bars and water mix, AND an additional $5 off each order from Food Lion, my grand total out of pocket for all these items was......drumroll please....... a whopping $5.16 plus tax!! Gotta Love It!"
Deanna M., Tennessee

"Christmas is about sharing Christ’s love and compassion to others. This year more than any other year I can remember, we had so many people in desperate need. Not just for presents but mainly for food. I wanted to give back to my community and this year I had the unique opportunity to help entire families, not just children.  We have tightened our belts and had to watch our expenses like most of America.  Our Sunday school class decided months ago to collect money weekly for a Christmas fund for the needy. We raised around $200.00 and decided to purchase food for 10 families. As most of you know, $200.00 does not go a very long way. My friend Melissa and I decided to scour the papers and clip coupons to get the best deals. My daughter Dannie loved clipping hundreds of coupons and we bought so much food (with the help of coupons) we could not lift the boxes!! We quickly called in reinforcements, and our town’s fire fighters came out and loaded the boxes into vehicles. It was an amazing site. So many people were involved to get these food boxes out to these ten families!"                           Amy Fletcher - Cabot, AR

"I am a total NEWBIE here, just began really couponing in October 2009. I have to say I have no idea how I ever paid full price for anything now that I realize what I can save. I look at items and see the prices now and won’t even put them in my cart without at least a coupon or a great deal. It’s hard to even buy anything with just a coupon with little savings. I began couponing by joining a neighbor who said to come over and go through coupons with her since she had so many inserts. She went first took what she would use and then handed me the inserts. I then saw so many items I could use and took some. Now I get approximately 10-15 papers per week and file them away. As I see deals I clip them out. I started clipping everything and filing in a binder, but working full time and taking care of three children I just did not have the time for that. Now I file the inserts per week. I have saved so much money on normal items we would have purchased anyways and also now have TONS of other items we would never have purchased but with the great deals I could not pass up. It is an amazing feeling to me when my children come to me and say "Mom I need this … or we are out of this…", I am able to reply to them go in the spare room I have some of them on the shelves. And yes even just beginning couponing I have had to purchase a shelving unit to store my stash! I was able to give GREAT Christmas gifts to my family for little money out of my pocket. This was the first Christmas in years where I wasn’t so financially and mentally stressed, it was really a miracle. This deal is one that I was able to do on Dec. 27th at Walmart. They marked down their holiday items to 50% off which included their displays of Glade Candles. I now have enough candles to make wonderful baskets for my children’s teachers and our family member for next Christmas. I can now check off 6 people to purchase gifts for next year!!!! PLUS I have tons of stuff to use in my home.
121 items (my cashier forgot to ring up one item)
32 Glass candle holders
9 Tin candle holders
34 Glade 2 in 1 candles
40 Candle Refills
6 Plugins with Free Warmers
$272.25 before 1/2 off (before coupons)
$136.65 after 1/2 off (before coupons)
Used Coupons:
20 - Free Refill with Holder Purchase
32 - $2 off two items
24 - $1.50 off one item
6 - $1.50 off two items
Two Transactions:
1st - +$4.02 overage
2nd - $7.94
$3.96 for 121 items!!!
1st - $5.53
2nd - $3.96
$9.49 taxes" Sheree’ Harris Ottawa, IL
"I downloaded several of the $5 coupons for the Fisher Price Trio toys prior to Christmas and was able to buy several sets for my nephew for Christmas.  I was not able to get in on the Trio Castle deal at Target as all stores in a 50 mile radius were sold out, but I kept looking for a really good deal.  Upon opening the toys at Christmas I discovered that my nephew really liked them and my son enjoyed them just as much.  I was highly impressed with their quality and versatility and knew at once that I wanted to find more.  My mother and I hit Toys-R-Us after Christmas looking for a good deal and discovered that not only did they have Trio on sale for Buy 2 Get 1 Free, but that they had the $10 coupons attached that I had read so much about on Refundcents.  So after some careful calculations we were able to do 3 separate transactions combining the $10 peelie coupons, the $5 internet coupons, and the B2G1 deal.  We ended up paying approximately $22.56 for $80 in toys, add my pre-Christmas purchases and it came out to be about $45 for $120 in toys.  Combining the after Christmas deal and my pre-Christmas purchases both my 2 yr old nephew and 6 year old son will be building contently for some time to come." Tracy L, IL

"I had so much fun this year shopping for toys, due to all of the good deals posted on Refund Cents!  I bought the Nerf Tech Target for my grandson (on sale and with a manufacturer coupon and a Kmart coupon), and then received 50 free Tech Target darts by mail ($24.99 value).  I'm sure this will be a hit on Christmas morning, and it only cost us about $12.00 for the $50.00 gift.  I also had purchased several Transformer cars at Kmart. These were also on sale and I had a coupon, so they ended up costing about a dollar apiece for the $5 cars.             I then shopped at Target for the Leapfrog Alphabet pal, with price matching and coupons, those came out to .49 each (plus tax). I bought two for gifts and two to donate.  In addition, I bought several of the Santa Spuds for $5.99 each and used $5.00 coupons, so those only cost me 99 cents plus tax.
            Next was Toys R Us for their Hasbro toy deal (buy $25 get a $10 GC; in addition to sending away for rebates).  I was sad they were out of so many of the more reasonably priced games, but was still able to snag four games for about $6 after rebates!
            Finally, I shopped Fred Meyer for the Playskool Sit n Spin (bought 4 - two to donate, two for gifts), they were on sale for $16.99 (regularly $24.99), I had $10 off coupons and also a 10% off of toys coupons. In addition, I bought several of the Mr. Potato Head Spuds parts n pieces (snow tato, police officer, etc to go with the Santa Spuds from Target) that were on sale for $3.99 and I had $5 off coupons. These ended up being a money maker and some of the overage went to bring down the price of the Sit n Spins to around $5 each including tax!" Sheri Burdue

"I went to Wags last week and this is all the stuff I scored! My total before sales, coupons, and RRs was $187.42 and after all was said and done I paid $20.92! I love coupons and RefundCents." Jennifer Roberts

Baby deal of a lifetime!

"This was a deal that I cannot imagine ever repeating itself (I can’t believe it worked!).  The deal was at Walgreens, and though it was a little complicated, it was well worth the effort.  At the time, my youngest was about 6 weeks old, my middle son was 2 ½ (so still in diapers), and my oldest was still wearing pull ups at night.  That was a lot of diapers we were using!

Walgreens brand diapers were on sale for $5.99.  If you purchased 3, you got register rewards for $5 off your next purchase (bringing them down to $4.32 + tax per pack).  There was a book you could get from the pharmacy for $2 off per package.  This coupon could be reused (if you got a good cashier who knew to give it back).  Now we are down to $2.32 + tax per pack.  There was also a coupon in the Easysaver book (yes, I do miss those books!) for $2.50 off per pack.  So…they are now paying me $0.18 to take them home (before tax – after Ohio tax it was $0.25 for 3 packages!). 

Wow – great deal….but wait, there’s more!  During the overlap days, there was another $5 off on 3 packages of diapers coupon.   The registers would allow the use of all 3 coupons, and the $5 register reward was still printing!  Now I was getting PAID to take these diapers home!  I actually had to “buy” other things to use the overage. 

Okay, you can’t beat that, right?  But wait, there’s STILL more!  The Walgreens card was just coming out to give you 10% back for all Walgreens purchases.  These were Walgreens diapers, and they gave you the 10% BEFORE all the coupons (or $0.60 per package!). The money I made on the diapers paid for the $20 card many times over. 

I still can’t believe that I got paid to take diapers home!  While you couldn’t roll the register rewards, the stores did allow me to convert them to gift cards at the time, which made it much easier to use the RR (that would have been a LOT of money to spend in two weeks!).  I don’t think Walgreens had any idea of the power of RefundCents members to put together all the savings that were there (thanks Taylor!)!  The savings on diapers from this deal probably paid for my Refund Cents subscription for the NEXT 30 years!!" Lisa Samson

"I have been a member of refundcents for the past 6 years. This is my first time submitting an article. I felt I had to share this deal with all my refundcents friends. I came across a great coupon. Save $3 wyb two packs of alkaline batteries and a toy. It doesn't expire until Jan. 31 2010. So I have plenty of time to take advantage of this offer. I remember reading on refundcents target had the alkaline Rayovac batteries for a dollar.  So yep you guessed it off to Target with my coupons and my seven year old son Cody. I did wonder what toy I would find for a dollar.  Good thing I had my son Cody with me.  He wanted a HotWheel and a bell went off in my head. I could get two packs of batteries and a HotWheel for free. I don't know whom was more excited about this deal, myself or my seven year old son Cody. We have got several Hotwheels and batteries over the last few months. Not only did Cody benefit from this deal, but we also shared with our family members who are suffering in these trying economic times. I have enclosed a photo of my son Cody." Lisa P.
"This winter there was a great coupon put out by Rayovac. It stated, "buy any 2 Rayovac batteries and a toy and get $3 off". Target had Rayovac batteries for $1 ea and HotWheels for .97 ea. So needless to say I only paid tax.  
Now the question was, do I wrap all of these HotWheels? I came up with a better plan!!! Cover my tree with them!! My 4 1/2 year old daughter and 2 1/2 year old twin sons went crazy when they saw this....almost not even acknowledging the gifts below!!! 
What a great Christmas! Thanks Rayovac, Thanks Target, Thanks Santa!!!!" 
Christine Clem
"In 2009, the department I work in began an annual Harvest Festival Event in an underprivileged neighborhood in my City. And, I was tasked to see what kinds of toys or prizes I would be able to provide for the children for next years event. I checked with our local Toys R Us to see how I would go about asking for donations for the event, but found that my organization is not eligible to get donations....So, needless to say, when the Hasbro Rebate at Toys R Us came out, there was that one week where some of the games were on sale, and, they were offering a FREE $10 Giftcard with every $25 purchase and a FREE game night trophy with the purchase of certain games. I began planning my strategy and headed to Toys R Us. Ofcourse, I used my $10 Giftcards that I got with every $25 purchase to ease the cost of the higher games that week and went back five or six different times. In addition, I’ve been keeping up with all the coupons and sales for other toys at Target etc. I ended up getting almost all of the Hasbro games (including Monopoly, Scrabble, Sorry!, Jenga, Connect 4, Operation, Trouble, Twister, Gator Golf, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Scatterpillar Scramble, Topsy Turtle, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Memory, Hi Ho! The Cherry-O, Cootie, Don’t Spill the Beans, Don’t Break the Ice and Ants in the Pants). I also used my target coupons and found a couple Nintendo or WII games on sale from $34.99 down to $9.99, and got them for two for $9.99, and found the Mr. Potato Head Spuds on sale at Target for $5.99 and used my $5.00 coupons on those, so they were only .99 cents each. Oh, and a Buy One Get One Free Hasbro Card game deal purchased at Kmart when they were on sale for $5.99 each. Here is my collection of prizes for the 2010 Harvest Festival so far. I’ve spent about $175 out of pocket, but, will be getting a $52 rebate from Hasbro, and, still have (2) of the $10 Giftcards left over too. It’s not FREE, but 32 games for a little over $100, is not a bad start for the event! Here’s a picture of me with all the games and my two left over Toys R Us Giftcards!" - Nancy Raimer
"Here is a photo of my grandchildren Kaylie and Chase posing with our Saturday haul from Kmart and Walgreens. We picked up over 60 Snuggles, some Honey Bunches of Oats, shampoo, razors and some other items. I used the $5 off $50 KMart coupon to pick up some free t-shirts for DH." Lynda Bisbee

"I am very new to refunding. I've always used coupons, but only one or  two here and there. Now that I'm a member of Refund Cents I've become coupon crazy. My husband just laughs at me and says he will never use any coupons. Although he does tell me he's very happy with all the money I've been saving us over the past month. I've been having so  much fun clipping coupons and seeing how much I can save, and in many cases I've even made some money. We got some really great deals in one week at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Fred Meyer, and Target. We got a total of 64 items. Everything pictured plus two gallons of milk and  two magazine subscriptions. The total of everything came to $289.90. After, coupons, rebates, and register rewards we spent a grand total of $10.57. That is a savings of $279.33. I couldn't believe all the great deals I got and now I have enough Chex Mix and shampoo to share  with family and friends." - Jamie Harnar
"I was a little nervous to do the Herbal Essences deal at Rite Aid this week.  The store had a BOGO on their shampoo and conditioner and I had a BOGO coupon for the same thing.  I knew it would make both products free, but I read many stories of being shot down or being told no by the manager who had no idea how coupons worked.  However, this deal was too good to pass up, so I decided to forge ahead and try.  As soon as I saw it posted on Refund Cents, I traded for 29 coupons through the RC trading boards.  When my coupons came, I headed out to my first Rite Aid store and got two bottles.  When I used one coupon and got them both for 24 cents without comment from the cashier, I knew I was on to something great!  I went back for more from that store and hit two more stores, neither of which gave me a problem.  I ended up getting 58 bottles for free except for tax.  My cashiers all commented on what a good deal I was getting and asked where I get my coupons.  I told them I belong to a great club!!  And...what was I going to do with all of them?  I told them I would have fabulous hair for at least 2 years to come.  I love this hobby!" Julie Stroup North Carolina
"My family LOVES cereal!  They eat it for meals, as well as snacks.  I was thrilled when I realized that WalMart had the cereal on sale for $1.50/box and I had some $3 coupons and a lot of $1.50 coupons.  After 2 trips to WalMart, I bought 17 boxes of cereal that would've cost $51 and they paid me $3 to bring them home!!! And half of the boxes have coupons on them!!  And to think that this time last year, I was paying full price for cereal!!!!  I LOVE COUPONING!!!!!
Many thanks to all those on this site who share their great finds!  I treasure this site!"
Tonya Wilson


"My mommy and I were able to get 59 packs of character Band-Aids for free last week! Walgreens had the Johnson and Johnson bandaids, including the character band-aids, on sale for $1.99 with the in-ad coupon.  My mommy had two Walgreens activity books that she bought earlier in the summer which contained multiple Walgreens coupons for kids items. One of the coupons was good for $2 off any character band-aid. We stopped at several Walgreens during the week and picked up a few each time - and since it was a Walgreens coupon, it took $2 off each pack no matter how many we bought. Only one cashier insisted on keeping the coupon so my mommy was able to use the second one multiple times. My Aunt Dawn (also a RC member) found more activity books and my mommy bought 5 more from her just in case any of the other cashiers decided to keep the coupon. Two of the stores we stopped at also didn't have any character band-aids in stock, so my mom got rain checks so we can pick up a few more packs later. We're all set for when I'm old enough to get ouchies, even though it's a long way off!!" Dana Schrader, IN
"The stars must have been aligned for us the week we did this.  My family and I bought 25 boxes of Capri Sun and 50 bags of Nabisco 8oz. bags of cookies.  We will be getting the 25 Easy Mac to send in for the rebate.  The cookies were no longer on sale at Wal-Mart, but we asked them to special order them anyways.  First that ordered the multi packs - they then had to order the right ones.  By the time they came in the cookies were in Targets add for $1.00.  :) So we price matched at Wal-Mart with Target and used the coupons I had collected for everyone.  We will send in for the rebate and get everything pictured for free.  Pictured at the top is big AJ (neighbor) with my son AJ, Middle row is Tucker and Parker (both neighbors) and bottom row is Kiahanna (neighbor) and my daughter Sarah.  Needless to say our place is the place they like to be at. :)" Marci Eckroth

"Can’t beat FREE. I am rather new to RefundCents and I am so thankful that my friend finally talked me into joining. I was a little leery at first, but thank goodness I came to my senses (or is cents’!). For the past 3 months I have slowly been learning ‘all the tricks of the trade’ and this past month was my best ever. I was able to get about 100 free  cans of soup (thanks to all my family, friends, neighbors and ladies at work for helping me print off coupons!), Airwick Air Fresheners, Rubber Gloves, Candy, Pop, Health Choice meals (loved that deal at Kroger’s), Laundry Soap, Tin foil,  Toilet paper, Toothpaste, Razors, Shampoo  and the list goes on and on. The items in the picture are just a sneak peak into what my basement really holds! I am getting to the point where I need my husband to build some shelves, the boxes are not going to do it! I can not thank everyone enough on how helpful all the postings and updates are, they really have helped me out during my ‘training’. I have become a coupon/best deal addict (and love it!).

My husband now asking me every time I come home from the store – “so how little did you spend?” I even threw in a few things in my sister’s garage sale and made $115.00 (not bad for my first time). My plan is to get my two kids together and help me gather most of the free soup and other items and donate them to the local Food Pantry and Homeless shelter. My sister and family have fallen on hard times (both out of work and 5 kids) so I plan on giving the rest to her. My family is just amazed at all the deals I come home with, and all the thanks go to RefundCents and all the subscribers! Thanks again - From the newbie. Looking forward to all the deals we plan to get at Christmas!" Tricia L, OH 

"Thanks to all you wonderful people I was able to make this deal better. I live in a relatively small town in Texas, but I can get the Dallas and Austin newspapers from the gas station by my house. I usually pick up 1 Dallas paper since its $3.00, and 2 Austin papers now $2.00, but I sent my husband to pick up the papers and I ended up with two of each. Any way I had already thrown the papers in the recycling bin when I checked the "Centsible Chat" and it said that Parade magazine had a $3.00 Surf coupon. So I dug through the recycling bin and pulled out all 4 Parade Magazine's. Wal-mart had the 40 load boxes of Surf for $4.50 a box. Lucky for me there were only 4 boxes left. With my (4) $3.00 coupons they were $1.50 a box. The Glade Sense and Sprays were at Wal-mart for $5.00 each. I had (4) $4.00 coupons from the 8/23 smart source and they were $1.00 each. For the Glade Soy candles I had a $2.00 coupon for a 3 wick candle and a $3.00 coupon on any size from the August All You  magazine. The  4.9 oz was $3.00 free after coupon,  and the  3 wick candle was $4.50, and $2.50 after coupon. I am so proud of the deal. My son was impressed, but unfortunately my husband, the rest of my family, and friends do not share in my joy.
Q's   $12.00
OOP $6.00
Glade Sense and Spray
Q's   $16.00
OOP $4.00
Soy Candles
Q's   $5.00
OOP $2.50

Total:  $45.50
OOP  with tax: $13.53"
Bryttani Hasty
"My little girl Heaven and I took advantage of the RiteAid deals posted on Chat. We printed the $1 off coupons on Johnson & Johnson website first, then watched the RA video to get $5 off $20. J&J products were on sale $2.99 each. Some even had blue peelies on them for $1 off. So we bought ten products @$2.99 minus $10 worth of coupons and also bought one Suave Lotion on sale for $1.99 minus $1 coupon from Sunday paper. We also used the $5 off $20 coupon. Then we will send off for the $1 Suave rebate and the $15 J&J rebate and also the Fall Gift of Savings $5 rebate. So in all I spent $13.90 out of pocket, but after rebates will get all our money back and have a profit of $6.10. My messy little girl will be clean, clean, clean." Sheri QBee

"Banshee is patiently waiting for Abbi to finish her portion of Chef Michaels Canine Creations (yes, cats love it too). My deal started the day before when I went to my local PetSmart to finish buying the Fancy Feast Appetizers for Cats 2 for 1s. I was walking thru the isles waiting for my son to come pick me up when I noticed on the dog side of the store the Chef Michaels 2 for 1 deal. Buy 2 cans for .89. These packages also had the coupons on top for up to $1 off a can. I thought I had coupons left from the last deal on these. To my horror I did not. But I was not going to let this get me down. I just went to the store and purchased 10 2 for 1 cans (which cost me more than my entire deal at this store. It was worth it though). After going out to my car a couple of times and cutting the coupons off then going back into the store and buying 10 more. I decided to talk to the store manager and see if he would work with me on this. I told him no matter how I did it I was going to be buying all of the 2 for 1 packages he had on the shelf. I explained to him this would make it easier on myself and his checker if I could just take all of the cans off of the shelf and go to a register not being used and cut all of the coupons off then do them all at one time. He said that he did not see any problem doing this (he even went and got me a cart). After clearing off the shelves and 15 minutes of cutting coupons off the packages I was finally ready to check out. At this store my final purchase was before coupons $126.11 after coupons $19.31 and I got 130 2 for 1 packages (260 cans total). After this excitement I thought I would try another PetSmart in a neighboring town. They did not have as many cans so I just kept going into the store and buying 10 at a time. I was able to get 50 2 for 1 packages there (100 cans total) and one of the cool reusable bags that gives 20% back to a PetSmart Charity. At this store my final purchase before coupons was $48.62 after coupons $4.01. I forgot to mention that I got the reusable bag free also because on one of my purchases I got the survey for $3 off my next purchase.
My final total after both stores. 180 2 for 1 packages (360 cans total) and reusable bag. Final purchase before coupons $178.10 after coupons $23.32."
Marde Swigart

"This is one of my great shopping sprees at Kmart.  I had some problems with the registers but that's normal....if you've done Kmart doubles before.  All in all, it was a good day and I was able to score all of this for about $14.  Not bad, for over $400 in products.   I made around $3,900 in my yard sales this summer.  Thanks so much for teaching me how to save money and make money.  Also, these are my daughters Katee and Emilee. They love to arrange things on the table for me when I get home... they love picking out the candy for themselves!"    Carla P. Ohio


"It took me a few weeks to really understand all the deals that RCer's post about.  It's like trying to drink from a fire hydrant!  Deals are plentiful here! 
My oldest son, Dalton, and I did very well one recent Saturday night.  We went to Walgreens, Target and Dillons.  Using the deals and coupons we read about on RC, we were able to save $287.68!  Out of pocket, we spent just under $60.  I have always heard about those coupon queens that are able to feed their family for pennies, but I never imagined I'd be able to do it too.  In June, when we started couponing, we were saving 7% average.  Now, using the information from RC, we average 60% savings, and we've even done as well as 97%. 
Thank you Michele and thank you to all the wonderful people on RC that take the time to post the good deals!  We could not have learned how to save thousands without you!!"  Melissa Schnieders and family
"I got those when there was a deal at our local Superone Foods 10 for $10.00 on Charmin and Scott 4 packs, I ordered $1.00 off 1 Charmin coupons and $1.00 off 1 Scott coupons and got all of this toilet paper and more for just tax.  I ended up with over 300 4 packs of toilet paper for tax only, and lined my shelves with enough toilet paper to last a lifetime at my house and also supplied my mother and sister with enough toilet paper for a while too." Kathy Schrader



"While waiting to go to my doctors appointment, my husband and I went to a few of our local Super One Foods stores as they were having a GREAT sale on Kelloggs products. They were on sale 10 for $25.00  and also had an in store coupon for $10.00 off when you buy 10 kelloggs products, making them 10 for $15.00.  I matched up coupons that i had for $1.00/2  making the final cost of $10.00 for 10 kelloggs cereals and poptarts. Even better there is the Kelloggs Fuel for School $10.00 rebate when you buy 10, so final cost after rebate is 10 boxes of cereal or pop tarts for FREE!! After several trips to the stores and many friends and family to send the rebates in for, we ending up with 80 boxes of Kelloggs cereal and 20 boxes of kelloggs pop tarts in a matter of 2 hours.  Spent $100.00 out of pocket today and will get back $100.00 in rebates for friends and family members. Also all the cereal i got had double dvd rewards so will also get 16 FREE DVDS out of the deal also!!!  So 80 boxes of cereal, 20 boxes of poptarts and 16 dvds all for FREE!!!!(pics of all the Kelloggs cereal and poptarts with the 3 kids my daughter Katie 3, my niece Dakota 4, and my nephew Billy 2)" Kathy Schrader

"We have improved on our coupon skills with every sale and would like to share another photo with all of you of the deals we made on our last K-Mart Double Days, we had so much stuff we couldn't get it all in the photo. We never miss a sale and we always come out with boat loads of stuff. We appreciate the coupon values more and more with every good sale we come across. CVS and Walgreens are great and we roll every week at all the local stores, and Krogers is good during the 10-4-10 sales, but you can't beat a weeks worth of shopping during the K-Mart double days. In fact we are getting so good that we have doubled the amount of products that we get in a week and for less than we could have imagined. In one week of K-Mart sales we added up all of our receipts and we brought home $2176.50 worth of all kinds of different products (as you can see from the photo) and spent only $265.76 out of pocket and we also received $67.00 in catalina rewards at checkout. So we really only had $198.76 OOP!! We took the catalina rewards and bought socks, clothes and books for Savana. How great is that!!
   We have recently expanded our coupon shopping to Target & Meijers and WOW! ... What you can get at those stores is turning out to be as good and sometimes greater than the deals we get at K-Mart due to the fact that they still have their own store coupons that can be used with a manufacturer coupon. It's like Christmas every week. :) HO.HO,HO. 
   We have never had so much fun and so much stuff in our house as we do now and we owe it all to the wonderful world of coupons.
 JUST A LITTLE NOTE; Since we have started our coupon excursion and are doing so well in these trying times because of it, we felt it a need to give to those that are less fortunate. So we are doing our part to help. We give to those that have lost their jobs recently, a family that's house burnt down and to some family & friends that are just plain squeaking by. That makes our hearts whole knowing that we can make a difference if only a small difference and we will continue to do so.  Thanks Refundcents for posting all the great deals, keep up the good work.
Good luck, Great sales, and Happy Couponing!
With coupon love, The Meeks' "

"I think my husband and family may have to call for an intervention soon, my shelves are quickly filling up with any and every kind of air freshener out there! This is started because there are usually such high value coupons for them, BUT, this time they made me money!! Recently Rite Aid had a sale where they put the Air Wick I-Motion air fresheners on for 50% off. This made them $6.99 each, and the smaller ones $4.99 each. I remembered having high value coupons from Sunday papers for these so I started gathering them from my coupon box to take to the store. I thought that if they weren’t REALLY cheap or free I just wouldn’t bother. Then I realized that the Rake in the Fall Savings event was happening and my wheels were turning! I had coupons for $6.00 off the large I-Motion fresheners and $4.00 off the small I-Motion fresheners, this would make each one only .99. I began thinking about Christmas baskets and presents for teachers and my church and thought I could spring for them at that price (the original price on these at Rite Aid is $13.99 and $8.99 each!!) So, I bought 5 or 6 on my first trip and when I got home I entered my receipt at for the Fall Savings promotion. They were calculating my total based on pre-coupon prices! So instead of counting the .99 per air freshener (which is what I actually paid) it counted 6.99 per air freshener towards the Fall promotion. The promotion if you are not familiar with it was buy $100 and get a $20 gift certificate. After a few trips to Rite Aid I was over the $100 quota and received my $20 gift certificate within a couple of weeks (spending maybe $15.00 towards the {softline$100). Now, with this in hand I thought about how I could roll it over into anther offer. There was a P&G offer for spending $30 on participating products, get a $10 Rite Aid Gift card. I pulled coupons for the P&G items (Olay soap and Herbal Essences shampoo). I threw in a few 75% off clearance items (for Christmas presents) and bought $40 worth of stuff for only $4.63! I did this using the $5 off $25 coupon I printed from the internet, manufacturer coupons for the P&G items, and my $20 Fall Savings Gift Certificate. When I got home I started entering my Rite Aid receipt for the P&G offer and hope to receive a $10 gift card! This is the way I pay less out of pocket and stock my shelves for the upcoming holiday season! My house will be smelling good well into 2010 and beyond!! Now what’s the next offer..." Teresa Davis

"I’m so pleased with the deals I’m finding at RiteAid lately, and, the cooperation that I am getting from the management, too! Last week, or maybe even a couple of weeks ago I shopped at RiteAid and did the Magnum Razor deal. I had $4 and $3 coupons and bought (3) packs, and they were supposed to give you a FREE cartridge re-fill pack with each purchase. Well, my Rite Aid only had one of the re-fill cartridge packs, so the manager gave me a rain check for two FREE packs when they got them shipped in!! I visited Rite Aid yesterday and..............
This is a list of what I bought

Re-useable Rite Aid grocery sack
Rite Aid Sun Block
Rite Aid Lip protection
1 pack of Trident Gum
Jumbo pack of Huggies Diapers
(6) Bags of Halloween Candy
Crest w/Scope Toothpaste
Gillette Fusion Razor
Nivea Lip Balm
(2) Magnum Razor re-fill packs
This is how I paid
.50 Nivea Lip Balm
$1.00 coupon on Crest
$4.00 coupon on Fusion Razor
$1.00 coupon on (2) packs M&M candies
$5.00 off $25.00 @ Rite Aid
FREE coupon from Rite Aid Voucher on Huggies Diapers (from last months
FREE coupon for Rite Aid re-useable Bag
FREE coupon for Rite Aid Sun block
FREE coupon for Rite Aid lip protection
FREE coupon for pack of Trident Gum (above all from tote bag offer from last
FREE rain check on (2) Magnum Razor cartridge re-fill packs (from last week’s
(2) $25 Gift Cards to Rite Aid from August Rebate book
So, for $88.36 worth of items.........I PAID only $2.01 OUT OF POCKET FOR ALL!!! And, I’ll be submitting for my $5,$2.69 & $2.00 rebates for the Crest, Gillette Razor & Nivea Lip Balm too. Plus, some of my total may go towards the Rite-Aid "Rake in the Savings" Rebate as well!" Nancy Raimer

"I took good advantage of the deal in September at Walgreens where you buy 2 Hershey's bars and get a free 20 oz. Coke.  I traded for and bought a bunch of the 55ct/1 Reese's product coupons and combined them with the ones I clipped from my own inserts.  In total, I ended up getting 160 candy bars, which resulted in 80 free bottles of Coke.  For each 10 bars, I got 5 Cokes and used 9 coupons = 5 cents for the set.  That was only 80 cents I paid in total OOP.  I also spend $21 in total on the coupons, so the grand total was $21.08.  My husband and I just bought our first house and are closing on Oct. 30th - we are going to give out the bars for Halloween.  Great way to become the kids' favorite house in the new neighborhood!  A lot of the sodas are missing in the pic because we drank a lot already! 
My hubby, David, is in the pic (in his  He was a willing model!  Included in the pic are the $10 Macy's coupons we were able to track down - 27 in total!  My hubby even tracked down 5 on his own!   
I love this hobby and David is totally on board as well!  He's so proud of all my deals (as is the rest of my family)!  Thanks RC!" 
Jessica Daniele, CT
"I haven't been able to get on RefundCents as much as usual since I had my daughter in August, but luckily, I was able to get on the day the deal at RiteAid for the Johnson and Johnson products was posted. I got my coupons together, and Sophie and I drove to RiteAid right away since it was late in the week and we wanted to make sure there were still products available. We scored all of these Johnson and Johnson products for just tax after the Single Check rebate for $15, plus we'll get another $5 for the Fall Gift of Savings program. Thanks RC, without you I would never know about all these great deals!!" Dana Schrader, IN

"When I have a $4/$20 purchase at CVS, I like to take advantage of them.  So I did a total of 5 transactions yesterday on two cards and this is what I got and the cost. I totally love doing this!

Transaction #1:
Benadryl - $5.00
Benadryl - $5.00
Benadryl - $5.00
Benadryl - $5.00
Subtotal - $20.00
Coupons Used:
$4 off a $20 Purchase
$1 off of Benadryl
$1 off of Benadryl
$1 off of Benadryl
$1 off of Benadryl
Total after Coupons - $12.00
Used - $12 ECB
Total - $0
Rec’d $10 in ECB

Transaction #2:
Tone Soap 4.5 oz - $1.88
Revlon Nail Polish - $3.99
Benadryl - $5.00
Colgate Total 4oz. - $2.99
Benefiber - $6.49 
Subtotal: $20.35 
Coupons Used:
$4 off a $20 Purchase
$1 off of Benadryl
$1 off of Tone Soap
$1 off of Colgate
$2 off of Benefiber 
Total after Coupons - $11.35 
USED: $0.50, $5 and $5 in ECB 
Subtotal after coupons and ECB: $0.85
Total - $0.90

ECBs Rec’d - $3, $1, $2

Transaction #4
Revlon Nail Polish - $3.99
Benadryl - $5.00
Benadryl - $5.00
Benadryl - $5.00 
Subtotal: $18.99 
Coupons Used:
$4 off a $20 Purchase$1 off of Benadryl
$1 off of Benadryl
$1 off of Benadryl 
Total after Coupons - $11.99 
USED: $6 in ECB 
Subtotal after coupons and ECB: $5.99
Total - $6.45

ECBs Rec’d - $3, $10, $10

Transaction #5
Revlon Nail Polish - $3.99
Revlon Nail Polish - $3.99
Noxzema- $4.99
St. Ives - $5.49
Sally Hansen Nail Polish - $1
Sally Hansen Nail Polish - $1
Sally Hansen Nail Polish - $1
Sally Hansen Nail Polish - $1
Sally Hansen Nail Polish - $1
Sally Hansen Nail Polish - $1
Sally Hansen Nail Polish - $1
Sally Hansen Nail Polish - $1
Subtotal: $27.46
Coupons Used:
$4 off a $20 Purchase
$1 off of Sally Hansen Nail Polish
$1 off of Sally Hansen Nail Polish
$1 off of Sally Hansen Nail Polish
$1 off of Sally Hansen Nail Polish
$1 off of Sally Hansen Nail Polish
$1 off of Sally Hansen Nail Polish
$1 off of Sally Hansen Nail Polish
$1 off of Sally Hansen Nail Polish
$1 off of Sally Hansen Nail Polish
Total after Coupons - $14.46
USED: $2 and $10 in ECB
Subtotal after coupons and ECB: $2.46
Total - $2.65

Rec’d - $6, $5 in ECB

Total Cash of All Transactions: $15.68
Total ECB Used:  $46.00
Total ECB Rec’d: $56.00
Final Total Cost: $5.68 
Jennifer Dean

"I am so excited I finally have something great to share! I got all of these detergents and fabric softeners for a total of $31.83 at Walgreens! Thanks to one of our wonderful readers for cluing me in on this deal. I went to my 3 local Walgreens looking at first. I found one bottle at that time. I went to one just a little further and hit the jackpot! I love!" Jenn C.