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Diaper Divas

"Here is a picture of my little bit of fun. I did not get as many as others but we will not need diapers for some time. My daughter (Aiyana) is now potty training so hopefully we will not have to buy anymore. I did the first transaction and I bought 4 packs. I was able to get the coupon back from the cashier. The second transaction I did 4 more but she took the $2 coupon that time. After that week they went on clearance for $2.74 and I picked up a few more packs. I was able to make a nice big diaper cake for my sisters baby shower which used 3 packs of diapers. I also got 2 cases of wipes for $2.64 a box. I went to another Walgreens and found a case of Pampers wipes for $2.99 and 5 boxes of Huggies wipes for .89 cents each. The closet is full but I am one happy Mom with and I was able to give a little more at the baby shower with the deals. Thanks for all the advice." Jennifer B.

"Here is my great grandaughter, Hailey, with some of her diapers I purchased from Walgreens. I bought three more packages after this picture was taken. She should have enough to last her awhile." - Helen Sands

"I have been a subscriber for several years, and this is the first time I have really utilized a deal over and over. I have 2 children (Sydney 5 and Calvin 7 mths) and one on the way. So when the information came out, in clear detail on the website, on how to do this diaper deal, I was in. I got up early on the first day of the sale and my husband is asking, "How long is this deal good?" - translation "Do you have to go now?" I said, "Yes, to get the best selection and also to check  it out to make sure it works." I even got my husband to do a couple deals - thanks honey! His favorite word in the dictionary is SALE, so he did not complain at all. Between my husband and me, we went to approximately five different Walgreens with mixed results. None of the Walgreens tried to keep any of the store coupons, which was good. The Walgreens closest to me used all the coupons with few problems. The pharmacy coupon came up as taking of three diapers and sometimes for one or two. Most of the time for one-- and had mixed luck on which manager would deduct the rest or not. I'm not complaining because it is still a great deal! How could you not do this deal, even without kids or grandkids? This is perfect for shelters who are always in need. In the end, we collected 33 jumbo packages of diapers. Eleven transactions of 3 diapers each for a total of $64.17 and $55 in Register Rewards for a total out of pocket of $9.11. Thanks Refund Cents for allowing me to do this deal! It's been great fun, too, teaching people at work and seeing them get excited about the possibilities. Update: Just finished the overlap diaper deal and bought 30+ diapers - how fantastic! Thank you again."
Bonita Beatovic

"Here is a picture of most of the diapers I got this month at Walgreens. We counted 47 packages of diapers. When I read about the last week of the sale with the overlap days, I called my local Walgreens and asked if they could order extra diapers to come in on the next truck for me. The manager was so helpful and ordered the extra and complimented me on knowing about how to get a great deal. The diapers arrived on Thursday so I asked if I could come in Friday evening since I could leave my kids at home with my husband then. No problem, she said. In all the purchases I made, I only had one cashier question the coupons I was using, so I was very happy. Our youngest is trying to potty train, but I will be having our fourth in a few weeks so this diaper deal came at a GREAT time!" - Jennifer R, OK

"My sister-in-law and her husband were blessed with the adoption of twin girls in late November.  They are my first and only nieces so I am having fun spoiling them ROTTEN.   My sister-in-law hasn't quite gotten the hang of the couponing thing yet but after my getting 12 packs of diapers for free during the first week she has decided it might be worth trying.  My husband and I were on our way back from Panama City Beach, Florida with our 17 year old DD from playing softball on the Saturday that the ES coupons overlapped when SIL called me frustrated b/c she was trying to go get some more (with the last 2 Rx coupons I left her) but she didn't have anyone to watch the girls while she ran in and out of Walgreens.  Two is definitely more difficult than one!  I realized then that it was "overlap" day but wasn't sure if I would confuse her with that much coupon detail, ha,ha.  So I told her IF we passed any Walgreens on our way back home (a 7 hour drive) that I would grab some too.  We passed 5 stores and picked up 15 more packages of diapers to our already loaded down car!  (We had  softball equipment on top of luggage, tents, chairs, coolers, etc.,)  I was calling my SIL about every 30 minutes saying "Don't worry, I just got 3 more."  When I made my last stop, I came back out to the car and my 17 year old DD was in the driver's seat because there was no more room in the back because of the diapers.  She informed me "Mom, YOU are riding back there with all these diapers the rest of the way home, I'll drive."
Here are the girls, Macy and Joey, pictured with some (but not all) of the diapers.  We hope we have enough to get them through potty training.  Thanks to RC for allowing me the opportunity to help out my SIL in this wonderful time of their lives!  She isn't an RCer yet, but I figure it won't be much longer now!" 
Jo Ann Malone, Mississippi

Yeah for Walgreens!
"Imagine how excited I was when Tayler posted the possible Walgreens diaper deal before it started. I couldn't wait till Sunday morning to try it out, then to my surprise it worked! I discovered one of my son's favorite cereals could make the deal even better, as you can see in the picture he was very pleased. All three of my kids are in pull-ups or diapers so to find out the pull-ups were included just made it even better. I hit a snag on Tuesday when the cashier insisted that I forfeit the pharmacy coupon (I think she wanted it for herself) and my pharmacy would only give one per customer. Then Kimberly, thank you so much, was so nice to mail me one and I was able to get a few more days of the deal. I am not sure how many I was able to get total but I do not think I will have to buy any more diapers for my littlest one(who is hiding in the picture) ever again, and I still have the second pharmacy coupon to get more pull-ups next week. Thank you so much to all on refund cents for making this all possible!"  Heather F., IN

"I was able to get my hand on 69 packages of diapers and $120.00 in Register rewards. I have two boys still in diapers and I don't think we will need to buy another pack! I also got three packs of girls pull-ups that we gave to our neighbor and another twelve packs to give as a shower gift! I had a good time with this and even told my mother-in-law how do do it so she could get some diapers (and register rewards) as well. I bought all my diapers on the "overlap day" and had a balance of -2.24 each time, I bought the Wylers drink mixes, clearanced items and some of the rebate items to fill the gap. I paid $0.14 for each of my orders! Now what to do with all those register rewards! Perhaps a treat for Mom?!?" Wendy Newman

"Here is my diaper deal. This is half of the supply I got on my second go around. It was an awesome deal and I have plenty for hopefully future use! I gave some to my friend who just had twins and greatly appreciated them, and I was able to sell some at a garage sale we had last month and made some profit as well. Who doesn't love free diapers!" Jill, MO

"I wish that I kept better track of what I actually spent out of pocket.  I can only estimate that it was about $20, which when considering I was able to get 29 packages of diapers, I think we are pretty lucky.  Riley just turned 2 and Sydney is 7 months, so diapers are needed in our house.  I was fortunate that I never received a hard time about using my coupons and was able to take advantage of the pharmacy coupon in conjunction with the EasySaver coupon.  The cashiers always took my coupons so I needed to search out for new ones each time, and sometimes I couldn't find them.  But thanks to the 'double coupon' day at the end of July, I was able to get the last 16 packages and make a slight profit.  With the diapers that we already had in our stockpile, we should be set for about 7 months."  Rachael Hoops, CT

"So this was an awesome deal weekend!  With the Walgreens diaper deal, a BOGO at CVS & some clearance and cheap Target kids stuff.  At Walgreens Friday and Saturday we got around 100 packs of diapers free.  I used my overages to get new ES rebate items, M&M's dark for 4 free movie tickets in Aug ES, free bug lotion, free razors, free baby wash & lotion, deodorant, Axe, pencils, medicines, etc.  We also found a kids pool float with a $5 July rebate on clearance for $4.99!  At Target I got bonus packs of kids Listerine for under $1 apiece with coupons and Clean Wipes for under .50 apiece with coupons.  At CVS I cleared them out of the BOGO shampoo/conditioner as well as the BOGO gum.  Using coupons, catalinas & giftcards I spent about $20 OOP.  I now have enough diapers to last my youngest till he's trained, plus dozens to give to charity, over $100 in register rewards to spend at Walgreens, over $40 in WG rebates coming and 16 free movie tickets!  My daughter wanted to make a fort out of some of the diapers, so I said "go at it!".  Thanks!!!!"
Kelly B

"This is my haul from Walgreens.  I did the diapers with the easy saver coupon and the pharmacy coupon.  Then I did the double dips Friday using easy saver coupons from July and August. I got about  30 packs of diapers, as you can see I made a diaper cake for my boss's wife who is having a girl.  Also I got Vive shampoo when it was b1g1f and used a b1g1f coupon from the inserts. And I got the Sure deodorant for free when I used a b1g1f coupon and the $1.50 off EasySaver coupon.  My niece has triplets so most of these diapers will go to her. I also got the razors b1g1f and used an easy saver coupon.  I love this hobby and RefundCents. Thanks for all the good deal fines." - Betty Dixon

Here is my son proudly showing off the diaper stash that our family accumulated this past weekend.  My husband, our son and I went to 8 different Walgreens and used the two Easy Saver Booklets for the deal.  We never had any problems.  Sometimes a Catalina printed out.  Other times it didn't.  We didn't care.  With prices like 1.00 and change per package, you can't beat it!  We have diapers for the next 8 months!  Thank you so much RefundCents for all the valuable information.  This is my new favorite hobby!" - Diane Schneider 

"2 1/2 yr. old son is pointing at all mommy's loot. Went Wednesday and bought 12 packages of diapers, and scored $20.00 in RR. Went back Friday hoping to do even better, but was a little disappointed to find my first Walgreens would only let me buy 3 packages of diapers. Plus she only would give me 5.00 off the 3 packages with the first coupon, but then she took the other two so it worked out. I tried to buy the Lamisil but the coupon beeped. She price overroad it to $0.99, but then I couldn't use my $4.00 off coupon or my $2.00 off coupon because they wouldn't price adjust. I also got Walitin allergy meds,  and Lysol Neutra air for a total of $8.65. So on to my next Walgreens I went, and I scored big time. I got 8 packages of diapers, 2 clean and clear products, 3 Maalox Jr. chewables, 2 Pantene shampoo/cond., Similac formula with iron, Bic Soleil razor, and  2 L'oreal Natural Match haircolors. Total out of pocket $0.68. 2nd order 8 packages of diapers, 2 pantene shampoo/cond., 6 cans of Campbell's Tortilla soup (not pictured). I already gave away 5 packages of diapers, the soup, the Neutra air, and the Allergy meds. Friday I spent $15.52, got $15.00 in RR, getting $8.00 back from Pantene, and $3.00 from Neutra Air. So I profited $10.48.  I Just want to thank my MOM, without her I wouldn't have been able to do all this. She taught me everything she knows, and introduced me to this site. So thank you lots and lots Mom, I appreciate everything you do. Thanks to everyone else for all the great information they put out there. It's really great to be a part of this site. Thanks again" Jaime, TN.

"Here's a picture of my sunshine, my grandson Ryder, with all the diapers I got at Walgreens.  I was able to get 52 packages before the double dip days.  Then on Friday I was able to get 12 more for a total of 64 packages.  I was able to use all the coupons.  Twice I didn't figure my purchases right and my total was in the negative.  I just threw in a coke and candy bar just so I would owe them instead of them owing me.  I had my pharmacy coupon taken twice, even after nicely saying, "are you sure you need to keep it."  I was able to find more though, but they had the 2007 expiration date.  Only 1 cashier questioned that and again I nicely explained that it was the same number as the 2008, just try it and if it doesn't work that's okay.  Well it worked and no further comments were made.  I think I have enough diapers to last awhile.  Bev C. TX
The second picture is of my grandson Ryder and my nephew Anthony.  Anthony stacked all the diapers up and posed with Ryder."




"Here is a picture of my grandson (Tyler - 16 months) with the diapers that I managed to get. Not as many as some, but still felt lucky to get any. We have 3 stores in our area, and I hit 2 of them. Scored 22 packs of diapers. I think that might last us.....till it's time to potty train Tyler. Thank You, to all my Refund Friends, who explained how the diaper deal worked, and updated the deal constantly!!" Sandi from PA

"Hi!  We’re happily surrounded by diapers, thanks to our bargain-shopping aunt.  They make such a great fort, and it’s fun to sort them by size and color, stack them up, and climb up on them.  We’ve toppled them over a few times and had to start over—it’s been lots of fun, as you can see. Someone else who’s excited about these diapers is our cousin.  She’s only 2 months old, and she ended up with 84 jumbo sized packages of diapers.  Our aunts and our cousin’s grandma all worked together to buy diapers at lots of Walgreens stores during the great sale weeks in July.  They even got our cousin some training pants for potty training—she doesn’t know what a great deal that will be in a couple of years! We think that the most excited person in the diaper deal was our aunt—she was so happy to get all these diapers from Walgreens, all for no cost, by combining sales and coupons.  Thank you, Refund Cents, for helping her to have such a fun time and save money!" Jaimie F., MO

        "Are you kidding me! This was the best deal ever and I think I am the only one in my area who knew about it. We have 3 Walgreens within a 15 minute radius and I cleared all their shelves of pullups and some diapers on Friday night. After hitting a wall Friday morning with one of the Walgreens telling me they did not even have the August Easy Saver, I almost said never mind. But then I went to one more on my way home and they happily gave me several.  So, I preceded to go to all of them and clear 96 packages of pullups/diapers. That was with a net profit of $2.48 for every 3 packages and then a $5.00 register rewards for every 3 as well.   They let me use the July Easy Saver Coupon, the August Easy Saver Coupon and the pharmacy coupon. And they did not even ask to keep them.
     I made a great profit and only had one cashier give me a problem. She said it would not work. And I did what all the refund cents ladies suggest. I just politely said, "Maybe you are right but please just give it a try". That was the best when it took off all 3 coupons and she owed me money. And THEN to her shock the register rewards printed out too.
     The humor in all of this - the next day I went to use the coupon in the pharmacy booklet for the Thermagran Vitamins and the cashier tore it out stating people had been going crazy with the diaper coupon the past few days and her manager told her she had to take the coupons now. I said, "Oh really!" - Tracy Moore

"I venture to say the diaper deal of 2008 will go down as the diaper deal of the decade. I have couponed for over 20 years and have never gotten free diapers as easily or in numbers that I did this past month at Walgreens. Michele brought this deal to my attention with her June 24th daily update. Taylor R. the original poster, God bless her heart, thank you for bringing it to Michele's attention. The math for this amazing deal worked like this: $5.99 x 3 = 17.97 - $5/2 ($7.50) July Easy Saver coupon - $5/2  - $2/1 Rx discount coupon = $4.47 for three packs of diapers. Then a Register Reward (RR) (from that wonderful little Catalina machine that prints out coupons when your receipt prints) would also print out for $5 off your next purchase. So the diapers were free, all we paid was a few pennies for tax. What an amazing deal, it worked from June 29th till July 5th.
My children had long outgrown diapers, with my youngest being a preteen. But, I had a really good friend who just had beautiful baby boy the month before. So my I started this deal with baby George in mind. When all was said and done  my daughter and I had gotten enough diaper and pull ups to take 6 week old George and his three yea r old sister Charlotte till they were completely done with potty training. Ironically Charlotte became almost completely potty trained while Sera and I were doing this deal. We also gave diapers to two other neighbors with little ones. The one neighbor we just put them on their porch and taped a note to them that said they were the diaper fairy. The majority of our diaper bounty went to "Home of The Innocents" a local not for profit agency that cares for medically fragile children who need 24/7 medical care. It was a wonderful experience for my daughter Seraphim and I to be able to give back to our community in such a large way without costing our family a dime. On the overlap days I  was even able to make back my gas money." Tricia Major

"Thank you so much for all the help you guys so freely give!!!  We went to 4 Walgreens stores and have assorted sizes of diapers for our youth minister who is expecting his second child. (Has one in diapers-now)  My daughter, her friend and I went and delivered these while another youth member was babysitting for the minister and his wife and we built a diaper pyramid in their room! So we had:  36 assorted sizes of diaper, 9 packs of Gel Pens, 5 Crayola Washable Marker sets, 4 Large Tubes of Lamisil, 4 Waters, 2 pair of flip flops, and a  Birthday Card for OOP $4.36  With the Register Rewards  I have purchased 36 Axe Trial size sprays and have 18 movie tickets plus still have $27 in Register Rewards!!!!!" Lynn B. Louisiana

"Here is the picture of the 18 packages of diapers I got from the Walgreens deal. I paid $33.06 out of pocket, have $30 in RR to use and got $7.80 put on my prescription savings card for future purchases. I don't have any kids yet, but I plan on giving these to several friends who need them."
Kathy Parker

"If I ever buy another package of diapers again my darling 6 year old son may just run away and join the circus. Paul and I have 6 kids so you would think that a diaper deal would be the best thing to happen to us since having children. However NONE of our kids are in diapers! So why did I buy 229 packages of diapers? Because I’m a Coupon Queen, and Paul is my King (he made me say that). I have 11 Walgreens in my area so there were more diapers than would fit in my car. With gas prices being so high I usually only stopped at the 4 on my way home from school but on the 2 days of overlap I hit them all and yes I spent $30 on gas in those two days! I was so completely blessed that only a few times out of a BAZILLION transactions was I ever denied. I want to think it was because I “painted the barn” (as another poster mentioned) and fluffed the hay (my new favorite phrase!). The first week of the sale I bought 67 packages. I needed to pay for my plane ticket to go to my high school reunion so I sold most of them. The others I gave to a couple of mom’s I knew who needed them badly. On the last week I was able to get 162 more packages and there were still plenty of diapers on the shelf at 9pm when I hit my final store. 162 packages equals $962 worth of sale priced diapers $1374 including the first sale. My biggest day was Saturday with 76 packages! During the 2 day overlap of the Easy Saver books I got $120 in diaper overage and I got at least $30 in Vive overage. I ended up with $130 in Register Rewards most of which was used on TAX!! Thanks to being able to roll them into Gift Card's! Of the $150 in overage I used some of it on the rebate items giving me $60 back, so the final tally was $1302.00 worth of savings just for this last week More than $1800 total! 

I'm exhausted as is poor Paul, who always has issues when it comes to coupons but hangs in there still and DS6, who despises shopping! We made a pyramid of about 75 diapers and took a picture before I let Gavin crash through them. The garage is a nightmare until I can get everything over to the church this week but it's been worth it. Saving over $1000 in 2 days was truly amazing! I am so blessed. Thanks again to all the posts as to what worked. I really assumed the pharmacy coupon wasn't going to work on the new packages and had it all figured out to buying 2 new packages and 1 old one so I'd only pay $1 but once all that overage kicked in I thought it was a dream. And it wasn't until I read it on one of the posts to just suck it up and do 10 in one transaction that I decided that was an easi er way to do things. I didn't make as many RR's but who cared! Thanks again RCers!"  Paul's wife Mary Sue, Ca

"We made a trip to our local Walgreens early Friday morning.  Our cashier was very unhappy about letting us use both EasySaver coupons and tried to find any reason she could for us not to do so.  My husband ran six transactions of three diapers each before the cashier told him that she would not allow him to purchase any more.  We made plans to visit three other Walgreens stores on Saturday, but I was so sure that it wasn't going to work that I nearly gave up on the idea.  I'm so glad I didn't!  We visited the three stores and were able to multiple transactions at each one!  By the end of our weekend shopping, we had purchased 49 packages of diapers for $70.81 ($1.44 per package) and earned $80 in Register Rewards!  At the final store, a woman in line behind my husband was purchasing a package of diapers and when she saw what he was doing, she wanted to try it.  He told her what to do, allowing her to get three more packages of diapers for less than she paid for one AND get a $5 Register Reward.  I'm so glad we were able to help someone else get a great deal!" Kristin B.

"Invading the kids' playground is the loot from Mom's playground during July.
This month has been fabulous at Walgreens.  Although the stock has been
scarce since day 1, we've still managed to 'swing' into some stores that had
good stock.  There was no monkeying around with the pharmacy coupons, which would 'slide' by sometimes, were taken upon redemption sometimes, and then limited transactions.  But I was not only shopping for my 1 year old (he's stocked including training pants) but for friends and family who wanted in on the
cheap diapers.  This picture has 88 packages from newborn to pants,
including the cases that I pre-ordered prior to the first week's sale.  This
has been so much fun and I thank all of you for helping so many people stock
up on such a necessity."  Jennifer S, UT

"This is my new stockpile of diapers and pullups. All together I got my hands on 58 packages of diapers and pullups. I paid nothing out of pocket for the diapers/pullups. The girl in the picture is one of our daughters Katlyn who is 6. She was so excited that we got all these for her brother and sister, she helped me stack them for the picture. All in all we went to 5 different Walgreens on Friday, July 25th to get all we could. All 5 of the Walgreens stores were very nice and I was able to use all 3 coupons on all packages of diapers. I then used the overage to purchase school supplies that my daughter needed for school. One of the Walgreens stores where I did 4 transactions did not spit out my $5 RR, but I was not going to make a big deal about it as to I had to pay nothing out of pocket anyways. In the end I got $65 in RR from the diapers. Total diaper value before sales, and coupons is $347.42, and I paid a total of $0.00, plus made profit. Thank you REFUNDCENTS!!!!!" Casey B, From Colorado

"This is my great granddaughter, Hailey, with some of her diapers I purchased at Walgreens. I bought 3 more packages after this picture was taken. She should have enough to last her awhile." Helen Sands

"Here is my stash of 41 packs of diapers, not all are pictured.  And we've already used about 4 packs.  I have 5 kids and 2 are in diapers, ages 15 months and 3 months. I only have 2 stores within 45 minutes of me and they weren't well stocked.  I've had cashiers keep my $2 Rx coupon and others tell me I can't combine the coupons.  Even without combining them it was still a great deal.  The last day of the sale, one of my favorite cashiers was working and combined all the coupons for me.  I was able to get 12 packs for under $10, plus 9 trial size Axe Body Wash (and 3 free movie tickets), 3 Wyler's drink mixes and a dive toy for the kids.  I still have $15 in RR that I'm going to use toward things we usually buy anyway.  I'm so excited about all these cheap diapers.  Hoping this deal comes along again in August.  I never would have know about this great deal if not for Refundcents...Thanks everyone!" -Tricia H.

If only I didn't love a deal!!!

"Walgreen's Diaper Deal couldn't be better timing for us. We are currently expecting baby number 4 in October, and are already trying to get really stocked up on diapers. We still have 2 others in diapers - and a 6YO using Good-Nights. With the use of the Pharmacy coupon, the E-Z Saver coupon, and finally the Register Rewards, I've been able to pick up MANY packs. I've been buying them on sale since the Pharmacy coupon was "discovered" by a fellow RC'r (thanks Tricia :P ) and then July got even better!!! In the last month, with the Register Reward, I've only had to pay out of my pocket the sales tax and $10 (on 5 pks that the pharmacy coupon wouldn't scan on). The $12.85 is after crediting myself back for the $5 RR's from each purchase of 3. I just figured the retail sale of this, with tax in MI as over $380. My pile here is just a portion of our stock-pile - our closets are over-flowing, and my kids are building forts and thrones out of the extras!!! Now I'm getting prepared for tomorrow's haul with the double-dips! Maybe I can find some room under the beds!!!! :)" Good Luck! S.B., MI

"I got in on the diaper deal on the last day of the first weeks sale. I was without a computer for 7 days which was bad enough but when I got back on I saw all the posts about the Walgreens diaper deal. I decided I would just do it once but once was all it took to get me hooked. I went back and searched the last 7 days of chat and wrote myself notes on a post it. I scribbled things that I didn't even understand, LOL "red & white packs, no green, must say WALGREENS, not the "W" ones, Get Pharmacy booklet". I am not a big Walgreens shopper so once I got there those notes really helped. I went in, headed straight for the Pharmacy and asked for the booklet. They had no idea what I was talking about so I pulled out the post it and proceeded to read off it "$50 red and white booklet for asking about the Prescription plan." Score! They found it and I got 2. I went up to the counter with my 3 packs, all while sweating with anticipation and it went so well I did 4 more transactions that day all while never letting go of that pharmacy coupon :) I was able to get 15 packs of the walgreens pull ups and $25 in Catalinas. I spent $24 and change cash so it was actually a few cents profit. I was able to turn the $25 catalinas into a giftcard and almost fainted when I heard the deal was coming back for a second week. I have gone twice his week, picking up 8 packs a day.  I decided this week to do it in groups of 4 instead of three so it comes out to .96 for every four packs. My total so far is 31 packs of pullups/diapers which is all for personal use. It is a great deal and I am glad I didn't pass it up. The pictures are of Sophia and some of her stash of Walgreens pull ups. Although she loves the pink ballerina ones she also doesn't mind the boys blue pack with the cars on them. I just love that they were pretty much free!!" Alicia Barbera, NY

Grand total was $23.08 and I still have $10 in catalinas
to use and a $5.00 refund coming!
THANK YOU to Tayler and all of the RC gang for the help!!!
First transaction:
(3) diapers at $5.99
- 6.00 coupon
- 7.50 coupon
= 6.00 OOP and received a 5.00 catalina from the diapers
Second transaction:
(3) Wheat Thins at $2.50
(3) Planters Peanuts at $2.50
(2) Post Cereals at $2.50
- 5.00 catalina
- 3.00 Planters Printable Coupon
= 12.00 and received a 4.00 catalina and a 2.00 catalina
Third transaction:
(3) diapers at 5.99
- 6.00 coupon
- 7.50 coupon
- 4.00 Peanut catalina
= 1.54 after tax and received a 5.00 catalina from the diapers
Fourth transaction:
(3) diapers at 5.99
- 6.00 coupon
- 7.50 coupon
- 2.00 cereal catalina
= 3.54 after tax and received a 5.00 catalina from the diapers"
-Amara, Rob, Braedan, and Sierra!

"I took major advantage of the Diaper Deal at Walgreens.  I'm 7 months pregnant with Baby #3 (luckily both of my others are potty trained).  The deal was SO addicting and it didn't seem like anyone was taking advantage of it in my 5 stores - they were well stocked.  I visited each of our 5 Walgreens once a day during the deal I believe.  Also - on 4th of July we went to a neighboring town for the fireworks display so we took advantage of the TEN Walgreens in that town.  My husband and Dad took our older 2 kids to the Science Museum and my mom and I started making the loop of the Walgreens!  We only made it to 6 of them, and one wouldn't combine the coupons - but we each did at least 1 order at each of the other 5!  All in all - we got a total of 115 packages of diapers from Newborn to size 6!  My friend has a kid in size 6 - so she is taking all of those from me.  Then I'm going through the rest and deciding how many to keep for myself.  Whatever is left is going to the food pantry at our church.  They said that they get at least 1 call EVERY DAY asking about diapers!  They are even sending me shopping this week for more diapers - just for them.  They are giving me money out of their donated funds to do some 'personal shopping' for them!  I just can't believe how good of a deal this is!  And I'm addicted!  So is my almost 6 year old.  When we pass a Walgreens, he says - "MOM!  We need more diapers!!"  My husband just rolls his eyes - but I think it's adorable!  LOL" - Jenn, Normal, IL

"I live in the 3rd largest city in Illinois and am lucky to have 11 Walgreens within a 10 minutes drive and one of the locations had the $50 prescription coupon booklets sitting on a table as you came in the door - need I say more.   I made 13 trips and even had my father tag along for a few of them and ended up with 72 packages ranging in size newborn to pull ups.  I have one in pull-ups now and hope to have one more little one in a few years and as a stay at home mom - this was a true blessing!  Thank you Refundcents for always keeping me informed of these great deals so I can always enjoy staying at home with my children!"  Christina C., IL

“Swimming in Diapers!”
"I just drove the “get-away” car for my wife who is definitely the “Diaper Diva” on this recent diaper deal!   As you can see we’ve “known diapers” over the years!  Thankfully now we have trained helpers in the application (and removal) of them on the younger recipients!   This pool full of diapers is filled up (and overflowing) with 45 packages! At our current “rate of use” we figure we’re good for about 6 months on diapers between the two boys – one of which we hope will be no longer needing them soon!" - Family of Brenda K., FL

"I had a BLAST on July the 4th! I had looked high and low and had asked and asked at the 2 Walgreens stores in my town for the famous red $50 Savings booklet. No where to be found! But, a very generous person (thanks Kimberly!) posted on Refundcents that she had extra booklets and would send one just for the asking. Wow! I jumped on that quickly. So, on the 4th I had my booklet in hand and went shopping. With only a few customers in the store, I checked out 5 times with no problems or waiting. I picked up some other good value items like Jello, Pork n Beans, and Sure deodorant. I had coupons for those also and that way I didn't have to use just the 2 Walgreens diaper coupons back to back. This a picture from my first shopping trip with my grandson, Elijah. Retail value for this including tax would have been $181.57. After subtracting the sale price difference, Walgreens and manufacturers coupons, $26.50 in RR (Register Rewards), a $5 Walgreens rebate, and 4 Sure deodorant rebates (to different family members), I will make a profit of $7.61 on these items! I went the next day and found 6 more packages of diapers in the sizes we needed. Elijah was born over 6 months ago and weighed 2 lbs. 6 oz. at birth. He’s still a little guy but is healthy and going through lots of diapers. Elijah's mommy was a true Pampers diaper fan but is really beginning to like the Walgreens diapers. After all, who can say no to FREE?"    Susan Campbell

"I was so excited when I read about the diaper deal at Walgreens but didn't think I'd be able to get in on the deal since our Walgreens is 45 miles away and I didn't know if I would be able to locate the Pharmacy booklet. I realized I could trade for some coupons though so I did that and by Wednesday of that week I received a few in the mail and off I went. I decided that since I didn't have many of the pharmacy coupons that I would do the five packages of diapers per order. Though that meant I ended up paying more per package I still was getting a great deal on diapers. I was able to purchase 20 packages of diapers by going to two different stores. The next day my mom went to a Walgreens and was able to purchase 13 packs of training pants for me so I have over 30 packages of diapers/training pants. Since we got in the game late in the week there weren't many sizes to choose from so I didn't get all the sizes I needed but I am happy with what I got and may try in a couple weeks to get the other sizes that I need when they go back on sale. This is why I love Refund Cents - I never would have known about this deal otherwise! In Picture: Rebecca who is 4 1/2 and uses training pants at night, Jacob 3 who is beginning potty training, and Joseph 2 months." Elizabeth F.

"This is my son, Sterling (who is out of diapers, btw) surrounded by our Walgreens Diaper/Post Cereal haul.  Thanks to the $5.99 diaper sale, we were able to stock up for Sterling's baby brother who will be here in late August.  It took myself and my mother 2 days with multiple trips to 10-15 different Walgreens stores to score 83 packages of diapers and 30 boxes of Post cereal.   After taking into consideration the Register Rewards coupons, the average price per package of diapers comes to .59/package!!!!   I am very grateful for RMC and Walgreens!!!!"  Kristen B., Tx

"I scored big on the Walgreens diaper deal with a total of 66 packages. My youngest grandson Wyatt is perched on top of the diapers. I was lucky enough to buy gift cards with my register rewards and then use the gift cards for my oop on the diapers. I also used some of the diaper RR on the cereal and then used the cereal RR on the diapers!! What a week. Thanks to all of you for letting me know about this deal. I have had such fun "buying diapers" this week. One of the checkers asked me if I owned a daycare. I told her that I had five grandsons. I did not tell her that the oldest one was eight!  One young man that checked me out asked me if I wanted to use one of my $5 RR on the diapers and I told him no, because I would not get another RR if I used it. He said that it was obvious that I knew more about it than he did, so he would just keep on checking!! Thanks to you all. Keep up the good work." Kathy Hester Hartford, AR

Yeah for Walgreens!
"Imagine how excited I was when Tayler posted the possible Walgreens diaper deal before it started. I couldn't wait till Sunday morning to try it out, then to my surprise it worked! I discovered one of my sons favorite cereals could make the deal even better, as you can see in the picture he was very pleased. All three of my kids are in pull-ups or diapers so to find out the pull-ups were included just made it even better. I hit a snag on Tuesday when the cashier insisted that I forfeit the pharmacy coupon (I think she wanted it for herself) and my pharmacy would only give one per customer. Then Kimberly, thank you so much, was so nice to mail me one and I was able to get a few more days of the deal. I am not sure how many I was able to get total but I do not think I will have to buy any more diapers for my littlest one (who is hiding in the picture) ever again, and I still have the second pharmacy coupon to get more pull-ups next week. Thank you so much to all on refund cents for making this all possible!"
Heather F., IN

"My baby sister is 18 and a single mom to my o so very cute niece Lexi who's 18 months! My sister is working and getting ready for college and money is very tight for her. I was so excited when I heard of the diaper deal, I was like this would really help her out! I was a little apprehensive and the old saying if it's too good to be true it usually is!! But I went armed with my q's and over a few days and a couple different stores I was able to get my niece and baby sister 40 plus pkgs of diapers! Thank you RC so much for this valuable information. It has saved us lots of money! Many thanks from baby sister and little Lexi."
 Melaine In Texas

Diaper Dudes
"My heart was sinking knowing I was down to my last 8 packs of training
pants in my stockpile, and the thought of paying close to full price for
diapers/training pants had gotten me in a foul mood. But lo and behold,
just when you need a deal the most it usually comes along. I heard about
the rumblings of the Walgreens deal about a week before it started. I
immediately traded for 20 of the pharmacy coupons the Friday before and
then tried to find some here locally so I could shop on Sunday. I hit
the jackpot when a nice pharmacist gave me a whole stack of them on
Saturday morning so I was ready to go when the sale hit. I started off
at 7am Sunday morning and hit a couple Walgreens doing a few
transactions each time. It was hit or miss, some stores would take my
pharmacy coupon and some would not. My sons and I practically lived at
Walgreens last week trying to get as many diapers and training pants as
we could. The three year old got a kick out of getting his own cart full
of diapers and un-loading it at the cash register. With gas being so
high I would only stop if Walgreens was on my way to or from my original
destination. I tried to do 3-6 transactions each time I went to a
Walgreens (stock on hand permitting). My sons and I were out
Thursday-see photo- and the store manager even helped us to our car
since we had such a large load! I plan on emailing corporate telling
them what a nice surprise that was. All in all we ended up with 48 packs
of diapers and 27 packs of training pants. My 1 year old is still using
training pants and diapers at night and we plan on having another child
within the next couple years-so these were a real blessing! This was
such an amazing deal- I’m sure this is one of those deals we will be
talking about years from now on Chat “…..remember back in ’08 when we
got those diapers FREE at Walgreens…..” I know I'll never forget FREE
diapers and training pants!" - Dawn Green, IN

"This is my daughter Kaitlyn on our pile of Walgreens diapers. We went to two stores and did a total of eleven transactions for 33 Jumbo packs total. Our first choice was the size 4 and 5 in the supreme red packages and then any sizes we could get in the pink training pants. Once those were all gone we settled for whatever was left and got some white packages in smaller sizes. I spent a total of $58.08 (that includes tax) for all these diapers and got back $55 in RR for later use. So I just paid $3.08 for 33 Jumbo packages of diapers! I counted all the packages up and we have a total of 988 diapers and training pants. $3.08 divided by 988 is $.003 per diaper! That's three diapers for one penny! Sure makes every single penny you pick up feel like it's worth a lot more now. At a regular price of $7.99 for each package all of these would have cost me $263.67, plus much more in tax." Tayler R

"Hi, my name is Dennie Sandefer and I live in Alpharetta, GA.  While I don't have any children or grandchildren in diapers, I couldn't resist getting in on the diaper deals at Walgreens.  First I purchased three jumbo packs of diapers and the candy bar that is in the ESR booklet using a $5.50 Register Reward from the week before for about a dollar.  Then I was able to purchase two boxes of Post cereal using the Register Reward from the diapers paying only $0.15. From that point I was able to go back and forth on the deals and ended up with 69 packages of diapers and 34 boxes of cereal which I was able to load up in the car with the assistance of my husband.  We donated it all to the North Fulton Community Charity this past weekend.  As we were leaving I saw a list posting urgently needed items.  Cereal and diapers were on the list so the deal at Walgreen's came at a really good time for those in need."
Dennie Sandefer

"My granny really CLEANED UP at Walgreens and got me all these diapers! She said they paid her to bring them home! I can't wait to see what she gets me next week!"
'Hannah-Banana' Porter,
granddaughter of Nancy Willis, TX

Princess Avery on her Royal Throne

"In three trips I was able to ‘purchase’ 33 packs of diapers and pull ups. For every 3 packs the cost was $4.84 with the coupons, yet a $5.00 register reward printed out each time. That’s a profit of 16 cents for each set of 3 packs!! WOW!!!!!  The deal got sweeter because I had a $25 gift card from Walgreens for transferring a prescription. (Thanks for the trade Teresa Sakahar!!!!) So in short, 33 packs cost $53.24 minus my giftcard making it $28.24 out of pocket for 33 packs! PLUS it earned me $55 in register rewards. I’ve already used $25 of them to get Huggies (yes, name brand wipes) for FREE and I still have $30 left to plan my next move. THANK YOU for posting this great deal. I have a friend who has a new baby just a few days old. I dropped off 6 packs of diapers at her house and explained the deal. She then went out and got pull ups for her 2 year old. So the deal goes on and on and on......... " Karen Lenhard

"Here is my haul today with my daughter Mackenzie who was making her own throne. I do not have any babies, but I like to take the $20.00 that I would normally spend on a gift and coupon it for whoever I know that is pregnant. This time it is all going to an amazing sister of my husband's best friend. She is due in October and I already have 24 packages if diapers and 15 lotions, soap and misc. I still have 3 months to go and have not even been out $5.00 yet."
Jamie Kelley Texas

"Well, armed with my Pharmacy coupon and with only Walgreens closest to me being 2 hours away, I headed up to Minnesota to do the diaper deal. Hitting 2 Walgreens one in Wisconsin and the other in Minnesota my 2 hour drive paid off. Total for each set of 3 diaper packs in Wisconsin was $5.13 with $5.00 RR(OOP after RR .13 cents) and in Minnesota I got a great surprise as there was no tax on diapers so OOP for 3 packs was $4.47 to get back $5.00 RR, so all in all Walgreens PAID me to take the diapers. So after 3 hours of shopping I rangled 115 packs of Diapers and Training Pants. Best part is I have the prescription program now and will get back 10% rebate on all those diapers, so I will get back $48.00 if they go precoupon price or at least $16.00 if after coupon price, so still a great deal and they paid me to take them all!!!

Wanna see what 115 packs of diapers looks like? Here's my daughter Kaitlyn (18 months old) showing off the wall of diapers we made, and all she could say every time we kept bringing in more diapers was....." OHH Buttsies..... more Buttsies.......more Buttsies.....Yahh.....more Buttsies......lots and lots of Buttsies mama" That's an 18 month old for

Out of pocket $92.08, register rewards left $97.00 (turned half of those into Walgreens GC).  Also found a bunch of the coloring books with the coupons, got 3 Motrin using the coupons for $8.08 and got back $7.00 RR, so only paid $1.08 for Childrens Motrin! Thanks Walgreens and Refundcents for SHOWING ME THE WAY!!!!!

Kathy Jo Schrader
Glidden, Wisconsin

"Here's round 2. With Walgreens being 2 hours away, this time my son and I decided to stay overnight and do some massive POWER SHOPPING. Hit all the Walgreens by us and got another 84 packages of diapers and still left plenty on the shelves. Also grabbed 21 bottles of Johnson and Johnson Wash and lotion to get the $5.00 RR. Clearanced at $3.49 using a $1.00 manufacturer coupon along with the Easysaver coupon, total for 3 was $4.77 to get $5.00 RR back.  So this trip was total diapers 84 packs and 21 bottles of J&J Lotions/Wash.   Total stockpile of diapers from Walgreens Diaper Deals so far is...........................   199 packs of diapers and pull ups.!! All nicely stacked in sizes on my stockpile shelves."

"I couldn't be more excited about the Walgreens diaper deal! My sister scooped me on the fantastic deal and I just couldn't pass it up. I took my 2 year old and 4 year old boys along for the ride. We hit 3 different stores in 2 days and raked in 21 packs of diapers/training pants. I got 3 rain checks and I am ready to head out again. For the most part everyone was great, and took both coupons. I did have two gals study the coupons for awhile and then just scan them. I did as my sis told me to and just opened the book to the correct page and pointed to the coupon for them to scan. Perfection! Thank you Refund Cents!!!" Sarah in WA

"I really racked it up when the diaper deal came along. I managed to grab 52 packages of near free diapers and 10 packages of near free Pull Ups. Although it took some time and effort for me to track down one of those pharmacy savings booklets, it was worth every minute! My husband and I would like to start trying for our first baby next year. I was so excited to see this deal and we both couldn't believe how many packages I got for near free! I think it is safe to say that we have enough stock to make it through one child and we may even have some left over  if we are lucky enough to have that second child we want. My husband was so excited about getting the near free diapers, that he wanted to be the one to show them off." Angela Heisler

"I got in on the Diaper Diva deal late this week, but am so happy with what I scored!  I went to my local Walgreen twice and in my two trips I got 12 packages of training pants, 9 packages of diapers, 18 cans of Planter's Peanut, 6 boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese, 2 Glade air freshener sprays, 1 gallon of milk, and 1 large can of whip cream for a total out of pocket $41.73.  I used the remaining balance on my gift card from last month's rebate book as well as some of my accumulated register rewards, however I still have $25 in register rewards, and am due $5 rebate for the peanuts so a grand total of $11.74 with tax!  We still need training pants at night in our house, but the diapers are all being donated to the local pregnancy center.  I have two rain checks to go back and get more next week and also will get together my plan of attack for when the diapers are on sale again in a few weeks.  I have learned it's best to go to my Walgreen's at night because the young guys are working and don't mind ringing up sales separately and aren't the coupon police.  I've been a subscriber to Refunding Cents (still RMC to me) for close to 10 years now and can't count the great deals I've gotten my hands on over the years.  I appreciate this website so much and look forward to reading the good deals my fellow Deal Divas (or Dudes) are getting!  Thanks for all the inspiration!" - Melissa Bauska

"First we hit Walmart for more wipes, 43 packs at $.46 a piece after coupons = $19.78. Then I went to Walgreens armed with the booklet and ESR book in hand. 3 kids, and a $29 gift card and a $10 bill. I left with 16 Walgreens training pants, 4 Pull UP boys cool alert, 2 Dove chocolates, 3 hyper kids and $9.77 in change. I did the deal 4 times, then used each $5 cat and four $1.50/1 Pull UPs coupon to buy the 4 Pull Ups that were clearanced to $6.89, and what remained of my gc to get the Pull Ups. Then I will send in for the Caregivers and get $4 back. Pretty great I thought. My son Adam was thrilled. He kept saying, You bought these for me? Total for 20 packs of training pants, and 43 packs of wipes: $49.55, plus I get $4 in rebates from Caregivers marketplace." Emily Pateman

"Four month old Ethan Wilson of Dyersburg, TN, can't walk away from these good deals that his mama, Amy, got at Walgreens. Thanks to the $5.99 diaper sale, the diapers were purchased in sets of three using the Easy Saver coupon and the pharmacy coupon. The first three transactions with the old packaging came to a total of $16.92, with $15 of Register Rewards generated. When checking out with a pre-order of 30 packages (new packaging), the cashier had to enter the pharmacy coupon manually as a manufacturer coupon instead of a a Walgreens coupon, which increased the tax that was charged. The cost of those packages was $62.20 with $50 of RR generated. Ethan now has 39 packages of diapers. Final cost was $79.12 and $65 of RR. That's 39 packages of diapers for $14.12! Ethan can't wait for his mama to go back and get more of the larger sizes!" Amy Wilson, TN

"I'm not a mom, and I'm not expecting, but being the true RefundCents-er that I am, I couldn't pass up a deal on FREE DIAPERS! In just 2 days, I managed to hit up four different Walgreens stores and pick up 30 packs of diapers and 6 packs of training pants in various sizes. I always made sure to leave some on the shelf for others who were looking for the deals as well. My husband had me tally up the number of diapers and this comes out to equal 1,034 diapers and 235 training pants. I figure I spent about $64 out of pocket, and have received $60 in Register Rewards. Here I am proudly displaying my diaper mountain (which is almost as tall as me!!) with Ruffles and Smokey, who were very curious about my good deals. I plan on using the diapers as shower gifts and stockpiling them for when we do have children. I know I have a lot already but I wouldn't be surprised if I don't find my way back to another Walgreens or two at the end of the week to pick up some more!" Dana Schrader, IN

"I am a newborn care specialist.  I travel nationwide helping new mommies learn how to care for their newborn babies.  I stay with each family for 2 to 12 weeks, and I care for the babies at night so the moms can sleep and then I work alongside the moms in the day, teaching newborn care.  I am also an infant sleep trainer, gently working with babies to teach them how to sleep through the night sooner rather than later.  My babies sleep 12 hours through the night by the time they are 12 weeks old.  My current client has triplets and her husband is in Iraq.  On a soldier’s budget, she can really use free diapers!  So I got all excited and set out to buy as many packages of diapers as I could."  Lisa Stipe, AR








"Here's my little grandson Christopher with our diaper pile! I've had mixed luck keeping the pharmacy coupon but have over 45 packs of diapers and put out very little money and I have several RR's that I can use for wipes to go along with the diapers. My daughter is a single mom and a nursing student, she doesn't work because she has to devote most of her time to her studies (nursing school is hard!) These will really help her out tremendously. I also have a niece who lives in Kansas who is not financially sound right now and is pregnant. I plan on shipping a lot of diapers to her and surprising her! I'm so thankful that I found this site and have so much fun with it! Thanks to Michele for doing such a great job and to all of you who post the great deals you find. A friend of mine came up with a caption for this picture.... 'Thanks to Gramma, I'll never have to do that potty training thing!'" Pattie Meier, TX

"Our family has been using cloth diapers for about 3 1/2 years. Last weekend we made the switch to disposables and it couldn't have happened at a better time! I was so excited to hear that I could stockpile cheap diapers from Walgreens. After two trips to two different stores, I came away with 33 packages of diapers and 3 packages of training pants. All total, I paid $2.03 per package before tax. I am so thrilled to have such a great stockpile already!" The Brutsman Family, NY

"As suggested here on RC, I pre-ordered 15 packages of diapers to make sure I got some, then headed out to 3 stores to have some fun. I managed to avoid the cashiers that I knew would keep my pharmacy coupon and came home with 9 packages. I would have done more but I was shopping with kids in tow. Then, once my ordered diapers were in, we headed out again. 3 of the packages were the new green ones that the manager said would work... they didn't, so I only came home with 12. So, 21 packages so far and I still have my pharmacy coupon! Thanks to the OP who suggested buying stamps with my RR. I'm going on a mission trip in October and needed to send out a letter to over 100 people. Since I had to buy stamps anyway, I now get to donate bunches of diapers at the same time. Oh, and BTW, I also did the Planters peanuts deal at the beginning of one trip for added fun!" Kary Ferguson

Did I tell ya about the time my Grandma got me all these diapers.........FREE
      "Yep, it was back in the summer of 2008, I was 15 months old and going through diapers like, well you know how a kid my age can go through diapers!   I heard her telling my mom that Walgreens had a GREAT sale going on and we were going to load up..... I'm not sure how Grandma knows these things are going to happen, but I think it has something to do with the little TV screen that has a thing with it she calls a keyboard. I know she goes somewhere that says Refund Cents and she's all happy when she reads it. She types on the keyboard thing and words come up on the screen. She has different places that she looks and finds stuff, then she pushes a button and it comes out on a piece of paper from another machine.  She folds it and puts it in her purse along with things she cuts from the papers. My dad is a truck driver and he goes to a place called Texas every week. My Grandma LOVES Texas, she says they have the best coupons there. My dad must like my Grandma cause he brings her back 30 of the Texas papers each week when he comes home. Then Grandma sits me on the floor and we start taking the piles of papers apart to find the things she calls inserts. She puts them in a special stack that I'm not allowed to touch. Then we bag up the other papers and she takes them to a place that gives her money back for bringing them in. Sometimes when we go get the mail she gets a magazine that has pictures of people with stories about the piles of food and stuff they have at their house. It has the same name as the one on the TV she looks at, so I think they go together. But, back to the day the diapers came home.... My grandma picked me up that morning and we headed to Grandma's favorite place...Walgreens. I like Walgreens, they always tickle me and tell me how cute I am while Grandma shops. We went back to where Grandma gets her medicine and she asked the girl for a booklet that had MORE coupons....(like she doesn't have enough). The girl smiled at her and gave her several of them in case she needed more than one. Grandma told me she really liked the girls there because they are always helpful when she needs something. Well, up the aisle we went and Grandma headed for the diapers. She put three packages in the cart and we headed for the checkout. I was surprised because Grandma usually gets more than just three things when she goes to Walgreens. She told me this was a "trial run", I'm not sure why, because we walked. She always goes to Cosmetics to pay because she says they like the business at their register and the lady that is there is always so nice. Grandma put the diapers up on the counter and the lady rang them up, Grandma showed her a coupon out of the Red booklet and the lady took a picture  of it with a gun! Then Grandma dug in her purse and brought out ANOTHER book full of coupons! She showed that one to the lady and the lady took a picture of it too! They both smiled and Grandma gave her a little bit of money. Grandma waited and the lady gave Grandma a piece of paper that said she could get anything in the store she wanted, and they would give her $5 off the price! Grandma smiled, and back we headed for the diapers! This time Grandma held nothing back, she loaded our cart and away we went. I don't remember how many times we gave money and got money back, but we got to keep all the diapers too! I'm not really sure, but there are a few that are in Blue packages that have T-R-A-I-N-I-N-G  on them........must be ones that are training to be diapers. Grandma told me I would find out about those soon enough. I was getting tired, so Grandma took me home and told Grandpa she was headed out to ANOTHER Walgreens. Grandpa just shook his head. We settled back for some refreshments and a nap till Grandma came home. When I woke up, she took me out to her SUV and plopped me in the back on top of this huge pile of diapers and training pants and took my picture. She said she was going to send it to the magazine that we get and maybe I'll be famous! Later when I went home, Grandma told my mom that we were up to 44 bags and $65 in Register Rewards.....hmmm, another new word....I guess I'll have to check that out and get back to ya on that one.....but I have a feeling it has something to do with going back to Walgreens!" - Esther Messerschmidt, NE

"I went at midnight on Saturday night and did the deal 7 times! It was smooth sailing since they were not busy, cashier was super cool about it and I had no kids to tote along. I couldn't resist since I am expecting in September and have another one still in diapers! I paid $1.33 (tax) for $125.79 worth of diapers! I told a friend at church about it and she went and did it herself! I was so proud of her!
$5.99 x 21 = $125.79
- $2.50 Easy Saver c/o x 21 = $52.50
- $2 pharmacy coupon = $42
= $31.29
+ .72 x 7 (tax each time)
= $36.33
AND I have $35 in catalinas to use. I plan to use them on formula. Since midnight on Saturday I have done the deal 5 more times." Christel & 2 year old Joel

"We hit two stores to get the diaper stash in the photo, 39 packs of diapers. I was wearing our baby in a sling and had the toddler on some of these trips but still very exciting just some hard work! Big brother was not to thrilled to go shop at 10 pm but he did the first night. All sizes, pull ups any package we came across worked, also both coupons.  We never saw the green packs.  The pull ups also rang up for $5.99!  Then we went a couple more times, later in the week and the pharmacy coupon beeped and the cashier wouldn't enter it in as it said limit 1.  Still a great deal so we bought more and will go again on Saturday to the Walgreens with the nice employees when they restock so we have even more diapers then what is in the photo.  I have made some new friends while doing this deal, 4 cashiers at walgreens!  They are excited to have me go back saturday to get more and if they decide to come to my coupon group to learn how to do deals I will refer them to this great helpful site.  Its always great to have cashiers that are happy and helpful to help you get your deals!  Dad is at the top of the stairs."  Heather, Gabe, Blaze Creek, Sahara Snow & Savanna Rain.

"I went into my local Walgreen's today. I was armed with my July Easy Saver Catalog, my red and white pharmacy coupon booklet, 2 $5 register rewards from Planters, and 2 $5 register rewards from Unilever. I picked up 12 various packages of Walgreen's diapers on sale for $5.99 each, the chocolate bar for $.99 that is FAR, the Thera-breath starter kit for $9.99 that is FAR and 2 bags of clearance sugar free candy for $.99 each. Off to the register I go! I broke everything into 4 transactions with 3 diapers and one other item in each. I had the cashier scan the ESC coupon, then the pharmacy booklet coupon and used one of the Register Rewards with each transaction.
I rolled $20 in Register Rewards, spent a grand total of $10.84 OOP, and will get back $10.98 in rebates! When the dust settles, I still have $20 in Register Rewards, I will have earned $.14 profit for everything and the local women's shelter will get 388 various diapers! Oh, and I still have my diaper coupon!"

Sam H., OR







"Last week I went to Walgreens to ask for one of the prescription coupon brochures. I was elated to find out the lady working knew right where they were. I made it to Walgreens late Sunday afternoon. I was afraid I was walking into all the training pants being gone. I lucked out!! I think RC has the best heads up about deals of any site out there because NO ONE else knew about the diaper deal. The training pants were still there and fully stocked. I grabbed 12 packs and headed for the register. I didn't cut out the ES rebate or pharmacy coupons. I just handed the books open to the right page and handed them to the cashier. I did all of my transactions smoothly with no issues. I paid a total of $21.60 with tax, and got back $20 in Register Rewards. That averages to just $0.133 per pack, $0.006 per pant in the 21 pack and $0.005 per pant for the 24 pack." Jen Bell