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Dixie Divas

"DH and I made the Walgreens rounds in CT & came home with 20 packages of big plates, 2 dessert packages and 2 bowls.  It was a great deal even though we didn't have any coupons to start the chain.  We joked that these plates are much nicer than our "usual" paper plates LOL.  Since it's just us and the 4 kitty children we should be set for a while but as a dedicated refunder if another super paper plate deal came along tomorrow I'd be there.  Thanks again to everyone who posted - I love getting a great deal and dh is just as excited as I am to chase these fabulous finds.  :)  The best part though was when I told him he was going to be a Dixie Diva ROFL !!!!  His look was priceless!!!" - Lisa P, CT

"I recently got married in April and have started searching for more ways to save money so that when my husband gets out of the Army (9/08) we can buy a house! At first I thought that he would see me as a little crazy for what I do in my spare time, as most males do! To my surprise, he thinks that I am the smartest woman that he has ever met and is so excited, because he knows how much money we are saving doing deals. I went first thing after hearing about the Dixie post and continued to stop at Walgreens every chance I got that week. I managed to gather a total of 20 free with overage Dixie items. I know that some others have gathered more, but this was a sufficient supply for just the two of us!" -Angela Heisler

"Hi, I'm Kaylee Lynn and I love to go shopping with my mom and grandfather. My job is to smile and look pretty to keep the store employees happy to take our coupons. We ended up with 41 packs of plates at .43 each!" -Jim Morgan

"Summer time is always a hectic, busy, and fun filled time! I have four kids; two teenagers and two in elementary school. I am also babysitting two other children this summer and we always have neighbor kids over. So you can imagine my excitement when I logged on to RefundCents last week and discovered the Dixie deal! I feverishly read each post and gathered all of my information. To my dismay, there were no coupons to be found to lessen the out of pocket that would be spent to get the chain going. However, I had already purchased the Planters trail mix and had a $1.50 catalina to get me started, not to mention the my gift card finally arrived in the mail a few days earlier. I wrote out my notes, filled my gas tank and off I went. I hit the first store and picked up two packs of plates. Using my $1.50 catalina and the B1G1 coupon, my total was $2.29 plus tax. I saw the little machine begin to print that much anticipated coupon for $3/2 Dixie products. Score!! I ran back and grabbed two more packs of plates and did the deal again paying $1.03 including tax. Off I went to find more stores. When I wasn’t able to find plates, I switched over to bowls. When all was said and done, I scored 11 packs of plates and 11 packs of bowls!!! My grand total was put on my gift card, so I paid NOTHING out of my pocket for all of these products! Not having to do lunch dishes this summer for 4+ children = PRICELESS!!" - Dawn C, OH

"Here is a picture of the 30 packages of Dixie plates I got at Walgreens!  My family goes through tons of paper plates, we usually buy them at Sam's Club in bulk, so when I saw this deal on RC I headed over to Walgreens to try and find some.  I think I hit this deal when it was first reported on the site, so when I arrived at my local Walgreens there was an ample supply of plates for the picking.  I purchased 2 plates to begin with to see if the deal actually would work, and sure enough it worked perfectly, so I went back and got 28 more packages. I was lucky to check out at the cosmetics counter with a very helpful cashier who was just as excited as I was at the deal I was getting.  Both the 28
count packages and the 22 packages of heavy duty plates worked for this deal. I got 700 (30 packages of 22-28 count) plates and spent $19.65.  That's 2.8 cents per plate!  Also, in the picture is 4 boxes of peel n' seal envelopes that were 75% off and .52 cents a box and a roll of scotch tape for .62 cents also 75% off. Thanks to all the fellow RCers for alerting me to this deal!"
Kathy P., Denver, CO

"My name is Jill Kirk! This is my first month using RefundCents and I'm hooked! I love using coupons and the Dixie raid has been my first stockpile fun and I can't wait for more. I know I probably won't have nearly what some people bought, but I love the 14 packages I got. When I went to Walgreens, they were almost out of them, and I bought the remaining packages that applied. When I heard they were substituting the other Dixie plates that weren't mentioned on the coupon, I went and got a few more. I should have bought them all out, but the lady at the cash register was so excited to see how the deal was working and was shocked each time a register reward came out per transaction. I knew there weren't many Dixie packages left and the lady said on her break she wanted to go buy some, so I didn't go back for more and left some for her, and also gave her my last $3 coupon/Register Reward to put towards her first purchase! She was so excited and it was fun for me as much as I'm sure it made her day! I got 14 packages for only $12.04. Regularly priced I would have spend $53.06. What a bargain! I plan to have tons of BBQ's with all my friends this summer... plates and bowls on me!!"

"My girls and I went to Walgreens for the Dixie plates. My kids are 3 and 5. We only got 10 packs but that will be good enough for us. Deal shopping is helping me teach my kids math. I explained we needed to get groups of two. My oldest would count out two at a time and then at the end, she counted them all for me to tell me how many we had. The little one just loves to put stuff in the cart and be a big helper! I headed to the register and of of my favorite coupon cashiers was working. Once I saw she was there, I knew it would be easy shopping! I got in line, did my first transaction, the catalina coupon printed just fine. I started my second transaction and there was a line forming. I stepped out of line and headed towards the back. A few minutes later the kids and I got back in line and finished up my transactions without any issues." - Jen Bell

"Hi. My name is Melanie and this is my first week using RefundCents and I love it already! In this one deal I made back almost double what I paid for my 6 month subscription and my coupon organizer! I regularly use Dixie plates at home and my sons love their slogan, "Make it a Dixie Day" which they will often sing when I serve them food on Dixie plates. Well, after this deal (26 packs of plates and bowls) they are singing "Make it a Dixie Year" because we have enough to last about that long! I can't believe that 26 packs of plates should have cost over $90 and I paid under $16! What an amazing savings! Thanks to everyone at RefundCents for all of your help with this deal! I'll be watching for the next one!" Melanie G.

"Here is a picture of my handsome grandson Ryder, with my Dixie plate & bowl haul. I ended up with 10 packages of the large plates, 4 dessert plates and 2 packages of bowls. I did the deal 8 times, but 2 times per trip, on only 4 trips. After receiving a $3 coupon on my first order, each order was only .86 cents. So my grand total for all the paper goods was $9.81... not a bad deal at all. My husband and son will use every one I bought on their hunting trips this fall and winter. No more full price paper plates for me." Beverly, TX

"Hi my name is Melissa and here is a picture of my two boys. Walt is on the left. He is almost 4 years old and is usually the one who goes shopping with me. Owen is 7, so he is usually in school while mom goes shopping. However now that it's summer we all go shopping together. We only found out about the Dixie plate deal 3 days before the end of the sale, so we tried to find what we could between the 3 local Walgreens. All together we got 9 packages of bowls and 3 packages of plates, some are already in the cupboard. I'm sure we'll find lots of uses for the plates & bowls with 2 imaginative boys around. It's amazing what they can come up with. The bowls have already starred as a super-duper tall tower from which they had to rescue a princess, a very bumpy road for the toy trucks and a makeshift scooper/dump truck for their sandbox." Melissa

"The Dixie deal was very good to me! When I did my first deal, I was already to pay my original $3.xx to get the chain started. However, when the catalina came out, my cashier grabbed it and scanned it immediately, making my first total only a few pennies! I would have stopped her but she scanned it before I realized what was going on. I immediately went back and grabbed all the Dixie that they had and did the deal four more times! I ended up with 7 sets of plates and 5 sets of bowls for cheap, cheap, cheap!" Lisa Stipe, AR

"Hello Refunders, This is my Dixie Haul and what fun it was. Joshua and Molly, our two youngest of six are dotting the eyes of DIXIE. We ended up with (30)  28 ct, (6) 60 ct,  (4) 40 ct, (4) 28 ct bowls, (11) 22 ct plates, (7) 54 ct plates,
and (3) 45 ct plates. I was able to purchase 2115 plates and 112 bowls in 32
different transactions. I have been passing two Walgreens twice daily
(sometimes more) taking my son to a phys ed class at his high school plus my
other son is working at the high school, so I frequented these Walgreens at
different times each day of the sale. I bought 2 packages @ $3.79 each, used
a WG in ad c/o of B1G1F and out came a $3 catalina each time. I ended up
with two catalinas and bought 4 more packages at Meiers to end the chain
yesterday. I paid $4.04 on the first order and $1.04 on each transaction
after that. I spent a total of $36.28 which is about .016 per item. We went
to Amish country last weekend and left a bunch with my brother, gave some to
my mom and will continue to share this bounty with others. That is the fun
of this site. We are able to give so much more away than we have ever been
able to before. I love Refund Cents and was thrilled to be a part of this
deal..... BTW, Michelle, we appreciate all your hard work and effort to
allow us to be a part of these great deals. Thanks to all of you for posting
and freely sharing your great deals with others." Beth M, OH