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Here are some current Internet freebies. If you find a new Internet Freebie, please email me at If you are the first, you will receive 1 RMC credit on your next label. (If anyone is going through this whole list for the first time, I would appreciate if you would let me know of any offers that have expired so I can delete them. Also, if you find a duplicate on the list, please tell me the dates they are under. --- Thanks, Michele) Thanks to reader Angela Allen, for her help in assembling and checking the links for this page!

                                                        4/17/98   Free sample of Auntie Bellum's Pralines.   Free sample of Butter Buds.   Free candy store sample of sweets. Free sample of all purpose seasoning. Free Diet and Energy sample.   Free booklet of low-fat recipes.   This month's free gift is an herbal dictionary.   Free  NetFood samples.   Free sample of  Mocha Mix.    Free sample of Flax Seed.   Free candy sample.

                                                        4/16/98   Free sample copy of the Frugal Gazette newsletter for a LSASE. Free stuff from Healthy Choice. $2 coupon off any decorated cookie at  Mrs. Fields or Original Cookie Company.   Exp. 5/31/98. Free 30 beans when you join the Melitta Coffee Bean Counters Club. Free sample of custom heat transfers and pocket logos for fabrics. Free pail guard for a toddlers safety & free subscription to Poolife&Trade magazine from Olin Corporation.  Offer good while supplies last.   Free sample of an organic health food product. Free sample of Heart Foods Caps; it provides nutrients for a healthy circulatory system. Free on-line coupons from businesses in your area.  Select a city and state that is nearest to you. Free set of trucking posters from
John Deere Transportation Insurance. Free sample of Nutri-Cookie and Information. Printable B1G1F coupon from Fox
Photo CPI Photo. Free gifts and dollar off coupons from Alpha
Hydrox when you fill out the survey. Print out form and mail it along with a UPC code from any Light or Fat-free Sargento cheese products for a free Heart Health Assessment and a $.50 off coupon for selected Sargento Light products.   To receive a free sample of Vellum paper
used by rubber stampers, send a SASE to the address listed on the site. To receive coupons good for Dryers Diaper send them a
request via e-mail. Free cow chips. Register your child's birthday with Toys R Us and he/she will receive a card and "gift" on their birthday!   Four free samples of PowerBar Harvest energy
bars. Subscribe to their mailing list and receive a free catalog and all-natural, handcrafted product samples.   Fill out form for a free investment Planning Ruler.

                                                 4/15/98 Free sample of Hattie's Original Super Sauce Free
Salsa Series Recipes Booklet from Chi-Chi's $2 coupon off regular price item from Payless ShoeSource Free sample of Jelly Belly jelly beans to the first 500 visitors for completing a survey. Free sample of a dietary supplement. Free subscription for one year to Lamaze Family Parenting Magazine
Leave your email address to be sent coupons on Dominos pizza

E-mail the web site and sign up for a free Coca Cola card.
This card is valid for discounts.
                                                 4/9/98 Free sample of Grandma Rena's Cajun seasonings   Send an email for free samples of Laminated Magnets   Send email for free samples from Natural Beauty   Answer a couple questions and if your answers are right, you will receive a pair of sunglasses (From Michele: This looks like a very amateur site, cannot vouch for it but you may want to give it a try)   The site says Email immediately for a free sample of New Parfait Amaretto, but other dates on the site are very old.   Send an email for samples of essential oils Free stuff for an SASE

Free plastic polish samples   Free sample of Arctic Spray and a  Users Guide (for pain relief of athletic-type injuries) Free samples of African Pride products   Free comic book for kids and crime prevention materials Enter your state to receive BeechNut baby coupons. Register to receive coupons mailed to your home.   Free Vitamite non-dairy beverage sample

You can sign up on-line to get Carnation's The Very Best magazine/mailing list for coupons/offers or call 1-800-carnation. Get a canvas bookbag when you join the Oshkosh parent's club Free Sample Volcano Coffee Free Micro Magic French Fries (just print out) Three Free Books from Mens Health Magazine when you sign up for a trial subscription Free 2 week pass to Bally's Fitness Center Free keychain from Snapper lawn equipment Receive a free sample pack of WET Formulas
html  Receive a free sample of  New Parfait Amaretto   $1.50 worth of cpns. for Gladlock products for filling out short survey. Buy one Rembrandt Toothpaste,
Get One Free. This coupon can be printed on your computer and used accordingly   KB toys coupon good for $2.00 off a $10.00 purchase expires 4/30/98
. Print off. --choose up to 3 free samples of their Hawaiian products (click on "free samples", will also need to check product listing for choices) Free samples of Sebastian Hair Care golf video ($19.95 value) free Seinfeld calendar (print out)   Free Phone card   $1 coupon on SeaBreeze for filling out survey

                                                  4/2/98 For free samples and coupons from Reilly Foods (includes Luzianne Tea) fill out form From the Whiz Club (educational materials for children), if you request their catalog and provide the name and address of a friend so they can send them a catalog too they will send you free stickers for your child.   For a free catalog and sample of Eclectic organic alcohol extracts and alcohol free glycerins   Sign the guestbook  for free samples from Purity Foods For a free sample of ANGEL, A 0.04 oz. mini spray Eau de Parfum

                                               3/30/98  Play the Masterpiece Theatre game and even if you don't win, you get a nice book. Free sample of Aloe product for skin Free samples of Tampax products  This site has offers for trial subscriptions to magazines, trial software, software samples, travel and auto freebies   Coupons you can use at Safeway stores This page offers free perfume samples (7 to choose from) Snack food samples for filling out survey

                                                 3/27/98   Be sure to mark this option: I want to receive Tidy Cat promotional offers/coupons via theU.S. Mail.   free bottle of a nutritional drink called Liquid Life.  free weight loss sample   free Captain Planet Kids club goodies   Free flowerseeds (send SASE) from Betty Appleseed   Free Hyper Juice T-Shirt send an email with your name, address and size for a free t-shirt  while supplies last:   a Free Novelty Million Dollar Bill   Free Redwood Tree Seeds    free samples and a catalog of DHC skincare.   Free sample of Metabolife 356 supplement.   Free Sample of NATRATASTE®  Sugar Substitute   fill out survey-get keychain from Pepsi, Balance Bar and Coppertone for kids   activity planner to print out from site  Revlon has a new promotion for $4 in cpns and samples along with their newsletter

Get discount coupons for ChuckECheese restaurant  A free recipe book for Rhodes Frozen Bread dough. These booklets always contain high-value coupons.  Printable form for kids club packet with 2 UPCs from Azteca foods

l   Bic free stuff for UPCs. Limit 5 per family. To receive free stuff (stickers, posters, hats, t-shirts, videos, cds, concert tickets, etc) for filling out survey that is music related.
Free Olympic/ATT pin for filling out survey  1700 free greetings and some that you have to pay for
                                                    3/23/98 Free Craft Patterns  Click on acne for a free sample of acne cream for an LSASE.   This site offers a form to print out for a coupon for $1.50 off Ragu, with the purchase of 2 Rosetto pastas. 
Coupon for Scotts Liquid Gold and future "free gifts" for signing guest book. Doesn't specify value of coupon
  Free hand cream sample
Free sample of Poise pads
                                                      3/19/98   Free sample of "hot" powder for cooking
Free sample of fruit leather
Free sample of Certs
Free sportscards
                                                       3/18/98 At the Ragu Site you can fill out a form to receive a free coupon booklet and/or get a form to send in for a Ragu T-Shirt for $1.50 s/h and 3 Cheese Creations UPC's. Select "Goodies From Mama."
   Click on "I've Got Your hair Prescription and a free sample, too" to receive a free sample of Aussie Hairspray. a Free Bottle Burper Base Station for baby bottles
                                                       3/17/98  Enter a sweepstakes and at the bottom it asks if you would like to receive coupons on Huggies.   Freebies from golf related companies. Click on Free stuff.   Free Coffee Sample   Free Sample of Cafe de Todd Gourmet Coffee Singles
You can register for a free sample of Excedrin, a 1 dollar coupon and in addition a free sample of new Excedrin migraine.  The cards are cute, animated, musical and FREE! Free samples from Campfire Foods

                                                       3/16/98 Free stuff for girls ages 9-14, including posters, diary, stickers, bookmarks   a free stress ball.
  Receive a coupon for Beech-Nut Brand Baby Food products
Try Ostrich Jerky
  Get a Roll of Signature Color 35mm Color Film a  free sample of Mineral Ascorbates (Vitamin C), Multi-Vitamin Products, Energy Boosters, Nutritional Skin Products, Healthy Water, or Trace Elements
a free sample of Aleve.   Free sample of FANAS for fast, effective relief of inflammatory pain caused by arthritis, backaches, strains, sprains and bruises.    Free sample of TheraTears Free roll of film Receive a free ink jet cartridge - you have to send your next 2 empty cartridges and they'll send you ONE free.  You can e-mail them your NAZ for a free postpaid mailer for the cartridges.
                                                     3/13/98   Email from site to receive free samples of hair care products. Click on the billboard to link to cpns, refund forms, offers, Web Bucks good in your zip code, etc.  
                                                     3/12/98    Put in "free gift" in the subject box to receive a free gift from Forever Chocolate.
                                                      3/11/98 a free wedding planner   You can signup to get coupons in your email matched to your zip code.
                                                      3/10/98   FREE Eukanuba® Cat Food (a $6.50 retail value)   free bottle of Sunny D    Fill out form for free Leggs coupons    fill out form and get a free
  Free Basketball Net
Get a sample of birdseed for your parrot.

                                                     3/7/98 Free subscription to Baby Talk magazine

  A wonderful link for all the new and expectent Moms. It has lots of links for free cpns, products and even a diaper bag.   For Enfamil coupons and gifts for your new baby.   Receive a free cap by completing a survey. Free mousepad to first 2,000 per day.
Get coupons on Ore-Ida snack food
For a free "COWLENDAR," limited to first 2,000 requests and it was just posted! Click on link and go to WHAT's NEW.
  free $10 Phone Card (requires you to email to get card)-- Note from Michele: Not sure if there is a "catch" to this one.
Get a free sample of Salon Spectrum  
Receive a free Vagistat®-1 gift packet which includes a brochure, magnet and $2.00 off coupon.
   For  free sample of Cure-dents  
a free sample of Red CrossTM Canker Sore Medication
  Print out the form to register for free TCBY cones on every family member's birthday.
  Send email to receive 10 free incense sticks and a sticker:
Print out the form for free merchandise from Tony's Pizza. Free samples of ArridXX, Pearl Drops, First Response, Nair, Trojan 
-- Free toothbrush  
Free sample of Vivarin
  This is for a free sample of an Energy bar. Click on free samples, fill out form.   Free sample of Eclipse 2000 Bar. Fill out form and choose flavor.   Fill out on-line form to be mailed free samples of Post It Notes.  Join the Honeybee Club for coupons, newsletter and recipes for Sue Bee honey. Long questionnaire. Find the tiny "Honeybee Club" icon.   Fill out survey for a free coupon for Sally Hansen bleach or hair removal product.   Free sample of Sweet n Low candy
coupon for Boboli pizza crust   Fill out survey for a free sample of  Excedrin and Zantac. -- coupons to print out on a few products including Sears Portraits.    Free Sample of China Slim Tea (E-mail for sample)    Dijonnaise Mustard Recipe Book/Coupon   Free 1998 DogChow calender or sample of Whiska Lickin's cat treats.   --fill out form for a free fannie pack
  Click on free samples & get free samples of Cherry Alka Seltzer & Cherry cold medicine Alka Seltzer  Click on coupons & it will take you to a site where you can download software called Netvalue & get a $1.00 coupon on the baby food. -- free sample of Breathe Right strips -- free sample of Colgate’s new Total toothpaste -- free sample of Diet Stix -- free sample of Salada green teas.
Http:// -- free pacifier for signing guestbook Free sample of all natural antacid. -- Click on "get crazy shaped CDs" for all the information on how to order CDs with Chef Boyardee UPCs.
Http:// -- Not a freebie, but some of you might be interested. Click on register for information and specials and fill out this long form (3 pages) for IAMS pet food coupons.
Http:// -- For everyone watching their cholesterol, you can sign up for Egg Beaters coupons. Just sign the guestbook.   Get a free sample of PERFECT REMOVER nail polish remover "WIPES". Sounds like a great idea! They
say one "wipe" removes polish on all your nails.   For a candle-lover, this is a fun freebie.   At this site you are able to receive a three week supply of RazorGuard. To get a free Schick $1 razor coupon for filling out survey For two free energy bars, fill out a survey. You can choose two flavors. Great to eat while exercising or if you are on the run, between meals.   Free Germ-Arrest Sample. You can win a free coupon or print out coupons for
fries.You may have to fill out the survey a few times because the coupon that
comes up isn't always free but then you can print out the coupon as many times as you like.
Http:// Click on e-mail to fill out a form for free samples of MistyIsle skin cream for dry skin. You will also receive a newsletter. Fill out the questionnaire for a free rubber stamp
Http:// This offer is back again, also. Fill out the form for a free sample of NuSalt salt substitute.
Http:// Get a free bottle of nail polish for becoming a club member.
Http:// Free baby toys. Click on the toy rings.
Http:// Free sample of Natracare tampons. Click on the email button and send your name and address. For those of you with email only, the address is
This site has a couple of features. Hit register now and fill out a questionnaire about your dietary habits. They will send you a free recipe box and e-mail you special offers each month. Then go to fun and games and click on for a free sample of Wisk Away. Then click on more offers. The box in the upper corner keeps changing to show offers for different web sites. Be patient. It may take a few minutes, but click on the Sunlight offer. Then fill out the for form a coupon for a $1.50 oas Sunlight Dishwasher Detergent.
Http:// Click on Featured Promotions. You can print out all kinds of coupons for Barbie, Baby Tickle Me Toys, etc.  (Judi Blair) Free circus ticket for newborn born in 1997 to Ringling Bros. Circus $1 coupon and free sample of Axid AR Free sample of Sweetone Sugar Get on the Pampers mailing list Print out a $5 refund form on Sucrets, Nice, and Contac. Fill out survey for $1 coupon on Turkey Hill Ice Cream Fill out survey for coupon on ICBINB (unknown denomination) Fill out survey for coupon on Duraflame logs (might be free item) Free games for kids from Microsoft. You download trial versions. Looks fun. Free L’Oreal Grande Lip Pencil for filling out survey
Free sample of Jovan Musk for Men or Women
Free sample of Bubble Tape Blasters gum. 100 per day so go early.
Send a note about what you don’t like about your finger nail polish remover and receive a free sample.
They have changed their format. Check it out. $1 coupon toward any Sea Breeze product for filling out survey. $100 refund on HP Photo Smart