New Deluxe Coupon File --

* Holds 2,500+ coupons
* 30 divider cards w/stickers
* Heavy duty clasp, handle, and construction
* Fits perfectly in baby seat
* Extra wide compartments so you don't have to fold coupons in half
* Four permanent compartments.
* Alternate filing methods:
 ---  Use one side for coupons, the other side for refund forms.
 ---  Use 2 compartments for coupons, 1 compartment for refund forms, and one compartment for supplies like stamps, scissors, envelopes, etc.
 ---  Use  3 compartments for coupons, 1 compartment for a place to put your coupons as you shop, and for supplies like scissors and a pen.
* 14.5"x7"x3.5"

Cost $16.95 p/h, including postage. Order with a credit card on our secure link by clicking here.
PayPal is always welcome. Send it to Be sure to include your full name and address.

** Put your name and phone number inside the lid. Use magic marker, an address label, or write on a piece of masking tape. If you leave it in the store, a kind soul may return it to you.
** 6 of the divider cards come blank. Label those to customize your file. If you don't save baby or pet coupons, turn those cards around and label them with something else.
** If you don't need to fill all the compartments with coupons, save one for pen, scissors, or refund forms. Use it also to collect the coupons as you shop, so at checkout, all you have to do is hand the pile to the checker.



Reader suggestion: "I finally ordered my Deluxe Coupon File and received it today. Now that I have it I can't believe I waited soo long to get one! It is perfect! I even thought of a way to make it easier to use. I'm sure someone has thought of this before but I hope it helps someone else. You get pre-marked cards with the box but when all the coupons are in it the writing on the name tags is obscured. So what I did was this: I used a bright highlighter and colored in the name tags on each card. I also slightly bent them back a bit so now when I open my box I can see each section of coupons clearly. It makes it so nice. I hope this is a good tip. I really like it. Thanks Michelle for offering this great organization tool. I can't wait to show it off! LOL!,  Gina, PA