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Bad Trader List 

If you have a problem that cannot seem to be resolved with a trader through RMCTraders, TradeandTalk, or RMCSellers, you should report that problem to Michele Easter. Give all details, including email address of the bad trader plus her/his name and address. Please make every effort to resolve the problem first with the trader. It is not Michele's job to resolve these problems, rather it is her job to compile a list and to make sure people with repeat complaints are banned from trading.

Here are the people currently banned from trading on the Refund Cents Trading boards:

Aunkist, Tracy (Watsontown, PA), tracy17777

Bennett, Bev (Belle, WV)

Brooks, Missy (New Paris, OH) (other identities: Paula Kidd, Lewisburg, OH, Guy Brooks,,, and

Broom or Brown, Terri (Backus, MN) or also posts as Dawn Broom or Dawn Brown in Brooklyn Park, MN or
UPDATE: Also posting as "Don Dudek" - asked for trade to be sent to Terri Broom, Box 43, Backus, MN
Broom, Theresa the same as Terri Broom Also
Other alias: Lynn Dudek, Pine River MN 56474

Brown, Dawn (Cincinnati, OH)

Brown, Michele (Cincinnati, OH) and Same as Dawn Brown

Bryant, Rebecca (Oceanside CA) May also be trading using these emails: 

Drake, Jeanette (St. Petersburg, FL)

Dudek, Don or Lynn See Terri Broom above.

Gibbs, Barb (Flushing, MI) 

Giles, Diedra (McHenry, IL)

Grotton, Jillynn (Manchester, NH) Maybe using the names of Nikol Jones, Nicole Jones, Carol Steele, Joann Dylan or S. Carol.

Henry, Amy (Wichita Falls, TX) 

Hodges, Amy (IN), also Maggie Herdenson or Maggie Herd also Amy Noell Furnish Sonnenberg (

Hurt, Dana (Beech Grove, IN)

Lemaster, Kristen (AL)

Lemaster, Charlotte (AL) or Also trading as Charlotte Merrell (AL)

Linnerooth or Johnson or Allen, Jennifer or Jenifer (Jen Knee, Jennifer Minasoda, Jennifer Johnson, and Jennifer Linnerooth) (Brooklyn Park or Coon Rapids, MN) and other emails including and and

McDowell, Joe (NV) 

Merrell, Charlotte (AL) or 

Mills, Lori Ann  Taunton, MA 02780 ( or

Parrish, Julie Aniger, NC

Pierce, Kendall doesn't send promised gift certificates

Randolph, Jeff, (TX) posts under many email addresses

Schmidt, Diana Canton, OH

Smith, Debbie (Palm City, FL) cpnally@bellsouth

Steele, Carol (MA),, other names: Cathy Macintire, Carol Kommiker, Carol Marie Anne, Codie Whalen, Tom Kavanaugh

Sudkamp, Julie (Effingham, IL) or or

Tomlinson, Barb (MI) or

Viau, Jennifer (NV)

Waddell, Barbara (Spartanburg, SC)

Wilcox, Beth

Wilson, Mark/Rose (Manitowoc, WI)

White, Kathy (aka CaseyJeanFoley, Kathy Foley, Jim Foley) (MA) or kat.white3

Zine, Tammi (Blaine, MN or St. Paul, MN)