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Dishwasher Update (7/14/2015 12:45:51 PM):  Thanks, Vera and Chris! Your advice is appreciated. There were no food particles in the water at the bottom of my dishwasher. And it's great that it's completely dry now -- I don't know what caused it. I may run it empty, with some vinegar just to make sure.,  Alice Dodge, OR

7903 TMI on FB-Long, so skip? (7/14/2015 1:45:28 PM):  I'm not Facebook savvy and I know people put way too much info out there. My fault, I forget that everything goes through social media now. I emailed our church family with prayer request and condition update for Sonya. Our new pastor emailed that she certainly would pray and would stop by the hospital to visit if she was up to having visitors and certainly to at least pray with the family, if not her. Also mentioned that she put on FB. Someone told me that she basically copied and pasted my email onto the church's FB page, including mentioning me by name. Problem is I included the fact that she faces probable amputation of several toes and fingers, which I'm not sure SHE knows about yet. I just meant this for our church so that they would know that situation is still serious, even though she is no longer in ICU. She also posted updates on several church members, including that one is having dental surgery after which she will be fitted for dentures. Really?? She is having dental surgery is probably all I would have posted, especially since our page is public. Not sure that she wants everyone that is a friend of a friend of a friend to know that she will have dentures. Is it just me or do people not use common sense when posting on FB? I'm not talking about the regular "trash" that happens in people's lives b/c we all know what kind of things people post that they assume we are all interested in, but sometimes in a professional capacity you shouldn't just copy and paste. I will say that we think she will be a good fit for our church. She did email an apology to me and thanked me for keeping her out of trouble and protecting the family's privacy. (Said she edited the FB post, but I'm not sure if doing that removes the post or is the original version still there.) The last one would have said "You should have KNOWN that this w/b on FB when you emailed." He did that to others. At least she took resposibility and I emailed her back saying that it was MY fault b/c I forget that everything goes through social media now.,  Susan, LA

7909 Medicine donations (7/14/2015 4:31:28 PM):  Yesterday, I was able to donate my leftover blood thinner needles (still packaged) to my doctor. She explained that there are other patients who can use them and can't afford the medicine. I thought this was fabulous that someone else could use it instead of throwing them away. I never heard of this kind of program for medicine.,  No name this time

7921 Walter Update---Bumping up (7/14/2015 7:07:25 PM):  Thank you sooo much for all your contined prayers.Walt needs all he can get.He did end up getting dehydrated from vomiting for 2 days.Went to dr's office today & they gave him 5 bags of IV fluid & a shot in his behind for the diarrhea.Told him he could get this once a month.He is feeling somewhat better tonight.Has been drinking lots of gatoraid,Boost & he did fix himself some ginger tea.So far has kept everything down so have my fingers crossed.,  Cathy S.NY

7924 walgreens 25.00 rebate (7/14/2015 8:38:48 PM):  FYI I was very disappointed in the 25 dollar rebate at Walgreens for Kimberly Clark products. The restaurants are sketchy and you have to spend money. It really is more like the entertainment booklets sold at Christmas. ,  SAINT LOUIS, MO.

7926 Airbnb (7/14/2015 9:29:11 PM):  I am very unhappy with Airbnb right now. We are planning to stay in Vancouver, Canada for 2 nights. I emailed 2 people through Airbnb. The first said someone already booked those days (hmm...why does it still show available - did it scare them that I have 3 kids?). The next answered my question, and the email said I was pre-approved if I booked within 24 hours, which I did. The host then said he never approved it. I asked if we were still okay, and he didn't answer. I emailed again, and he finally got back and said it was already booked (again, it showed available when I booked it). So....after multiple days, the other options we were looking at had booked up in the meantime! I emailed airbnb the situation, as they already have my money, and if I cancel, they keep their fee (not cool since it wasn't my fault and I WANT the rental!). I also told the host he needs to cancel thought Airbnb. That was over the weekend, and no concrete response yet, other than "we'll look into it". I have contested it with my credit card, as I am not going to let it drag on. It is just very frustrating, and makes me very leery of doing Airbnb in the future.,  Lisa, OH

7929 Fountain of Youth Code (7/15/2015 7:04:14 AM):  Worth 28 points to be used by three mavwbb9ld,  Penny in MO

7930 Media com? (7/15/2015 7:07:49 AM):  Anyone on Mediacom? We lost the all star game last night because of disputes with CBS, still don't have that channel or fox! Very aggravating!,  RC

7931 Carolyn Force (7/15/2015 7:26:08 AM):  May the birthday fairy sprinkle happiness wherever you are today. May your day twinkle with love, laughter and lots of fun. ,  Lila

7932 Barb Miller (7/15/2015 7:27:55 AM):  It's your Birthday!!!! Woo Hoo. Just know I will be eating part of 1000 cookies in celebration of your special day. Hope it is as special as you are.,  Lila

7937 Barb M. & Carolyn, OR, (7/15/2015 9:35:21 AM):  Happy Birthday to the birthday "twins" today! I hope many nice things find their way to you both on this special day. Enjoy.,  Adina, AZ

7938 missing kitty (7/15/2015 9:38:30 AM):  Someone in my area is missing a very cute cat. She has been posting on Facebook local pages & offering a reward. So far no luck. Her kids really miss it & so does she. I hate reading about missing pets & wish I could help. When we had cats they never left the house. ,  hope it returns

7939 Mary/WI & suggestions (7/15/2015 9:43:30 AM):  Mary, thank you. I have been wondering about the hands at the bottom of the steering wheel since I realize when I drove (and the fingers went numb) I had my arms at the top of the steering wheel. I also when I used to drive our van (and had my hands in a different position) I felt better. I will try the other suggestions this week also.,  Heather, NV

7941 Lisa, MN (7/15/2015 10:18:33 AM):  How are you doing after your procedure?,  Debbie, OR

7942 Prayers Please (7/15/2015 10:25:40 AM):  Tomorrow a good friend of mine will be having surgery. She has breast cancer. She has had chemo since January and finished her last round last month. Tomorrow she is having a double mastectomy, and reconstruction surgery. The first part of the surgery will take about 3 1/2 hours and the reconstruction will take about 5 1/2 hours. If no other cancer is found, she will not have to have radiation. Please say a prayer for Emily, that no other cancer is found and for her husband and daughters who will be waiting on for the good word, and for the surgeons that their skillful hands will swiftly and carefully remove the cancer from her body. Also please pray that her recovery will not be too difficult. She has already been experiencing atrophy in her legs from the chemo.,  Yvonne LA

7944 I-Say redeemation (7/15/2015 10:46:01 AM):  I am having a problem with an I-Say survey redeemation e-card for Starbucks .The e-mail from I-say tells me, to click on the URL listed. That does not work. To transfer the dollar amount to my card, I need the card & card security code from the card,that I want to redeem. All of the other survey sites, always give all of the Starbucks info, that is needed, not just an URL. Has anyone ever tried to redeem an e-reward from I-Say ? I sent them an e-mail, so I hope that they respond asap. I am not too fond of their surveys ,and this may just be the end of doing their surveys. ,  Linda M, Rhode Island

7954 OnStar (7/15/2015 2:20:36 PM):  Called OnStar b/c my rate increased by $6 per month, from $30 to $36. I called to say I needed to cancel and they asked why. I said b/c of the rate increase so she offered lesser plans (which I knew I didn't want b/c I need navigation for my job sometimes). She said that they were prepared to offer me $32.99/ month instead of $34.99. We did all the steps and she asked me to hold for some reason and then I was disconnected. I called back and could not remember the lady's name that I was dealing with (normally write it down, but not this time). They transferred me to Customer Loyalty Dept. and I explained that "we were in the middle of discussing a discount rate". She said that she could see that I had called in and asked if it was $26.99 rate. I didn't lie, but just said "sounds good to me". So I am getting a rate of $3 less per month than my original plan. Of course it's only good until Feb. but she did tell me to call back at year end to renegotiate. Guess they are trying to keep the customers they have. Moral of the story: getting disconnected got me an even lower rate than my current rate. Yippee! ,  Susan, LA

7955 Prayers needed (7/15/2015 2:48:27 PM):  I am having both knees replaced on Monday. I am starting to get nervous and I can use your prayers. Thanks. Just a ps. It was my husband that fell on the ice in 2014. I was told that he would never come home.Right now he is out working in the garden,  bobbijo,IN

7963 Need to vent frustration! (7/15/2015 3:36:49 PM):  I am on the outs with an extended family member! i originally had a 3 month follow-up appointment scheduled with my new Neurologist 8/12/15. My niece & others are coming from out of state for a visit 8/11 & 8/12. My brother's wife was almost insistent that I reschedule that appointment for another date. I tried to do it today to appease her. But the next opening i could get was 9/3/15. My brother drives me to my Doctor appointments. I had to check with him to make sure that was a good date. He reminded me that it would be about 4 months since my initial visit with that Doctor. Did I want to wait that long? I didn't want to wait until September. I called the central scheduling for Neurologist back to see if I could still keep the August appointment. The staffer transferred me to another department. No one was available to answer the phone. I had to leave a message. I checked my email messages this afternoon. Had a few from Neurologists office. My appointment for 8/12/15 was cancelled. I was now on the books for 9/3/15. I called central scheduling to confirm my 8'12 appointment was in deed cancelled. Then I called my brother to give him the news. He wasn't happy that I will have to wait until September for that follow up visit. I'm totally put out with his wife insisting that a relative's visit takes precedence over a Doctor's appointment! I'm no longer willing to let her push me around anymore. How would you guys handle this situation? ,  Virginia Ann S VA

7967 daughter (7/15/2015 4:08:20 PM):  Every month is worse and worse fpr her. Heavy periods and all sorts of symptoms. She thought it was anemia related ut her labs are normal. She is thinking PMDD but the doctor says there are no tests for it. Anyone have experience with this? ,  judyb LA

7973 Prayers For All (7/15/2015 5:47:25 PM):  To all who need prayers. I am praying for all of you. Just busy today and can't answer each individually but all of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Bobbijo that's awesome about your husband. Debbi awesome too of you doing that 1/4 mile.,  Vicki, Va

7978 Need Major prayers for my Walt (7/15/2015 6:54:43 PM):  Walt woke up this AM with a severe pain in right side.He called the & was told to go to ER.After many tests they determined he had a bowel obstruction.So now he is in the hospital wit an IV,NG Tube & morphine for the pain.A surgeon came in & said they may need to do surgery if this does not resolve itself on its own.This man is in no shape to withstand surgery.He has cancer,going thru chemo,not eating,ect.My son said he would never heal right & probably die from a massive infection.For all of you who have been following this saga & believe in the power of prayer He needs a ton right now.I really really appreciate it.,  Cathy S.NY

7982 Prayers (7/15/2015 7:54:55 PM):  Prayers for all today. For some reason I can't post individually but please know that every post I've read requesting prayers has received prayers.,  Sandy B., MO

7983 Cute story (7/15/2015 7:56:57 PM):  Today at therapy for Rodney we were standing outside about to get in the truck and Rodney had his walker because it's easier for him to balance using it. The cutest little red-headed boy came up to us and asked Rodney, "are you an old man?". We cracked up and at the same time I said, "he sure is" and Rodney said, "well, buddy, not really". The little boy's mother was mortified and we were laughing our heads off.,  Sandy B., MO

7988 root canal (7/15/2015 8:42:04 PM):  well, I have a root canal scheduled for Monday. Charge is $1085 (no insurance) This is a first for me - he said he could drill through the crown to do it. I'm glad I wont llose the crown and have to pay for a new one. AI guess the drilling through the crown is new,  judyb LA

7993 Suggestions please (7/15/2015 9:01:11 PM):  Our Alaskan cruise and land excursions were wonderful! The trip definitely fulfilled our expectations. Our only negative was we picked up a flu/chest bug the last week of the trip and it zapped us of all energy. We have been home 5 days and I have yet to leave the house. Big question for a big purchase plunge. I am now finally ready to purchase some hand-held computer device. We did not take our laptop on our 3 week trip and we could only check emails at local shared computers. We have a home computer, lap top, Tracfones & camera (for eBay)(Landline, Direct TV & computers are bundled. I have held off for years buying a smaller computer device and I still don't text. It seems like we spend a "fortune" on our techie entertainment already. Presently we have Windows so I am leaning toward a Windows device vs Apple. Primarily I would use it for travel. The laptop is functional, but cumbersome on trips involving flight. We'll probably buy something from Sam's Club. What suggestions do you have for a Newbie on Windows hand-held computer devices. Thanks so much.,  Helen in VA

7995 Crazy world (7/15/2015 10:17:43 PM):  This story on our local news goes to the fact that this world is getting really sad. In a town about an hour from here, a 16 year old attacked a woman who was running on a track by hitting her in the head with a tree branch. When captured he said "he attacked the woman because she looked happy and he was unhappy". Seriously troubled teen if he had the inclination to attack someone like that just b/c they were having a good day and he was not.,  Susan, LA

8010 light suede shoes marks (7/16/2015 7:04:48 AM):  I have black scuff marks on my light tan Uggs. I have heard a pencil eraser might help? OR would it be best to purchase a suede brush?Thanks in advance for the help!,  Lori L MN

8013 Little Sooner (7/16/2015 7:09:11 AM):  We are getting Molly our new puppy a few days sooner than we thought. We were supposed to get her August 1. We might be able to pick her up on the 29th. I just cant wait to go get her. ,  Vicki, Va.

8019 Planned Parenthood (7/16/2015 7:53:58 AM):  Two undercover agents video taped an interview with a doctor regarding getting tissue and organs from an aborted fetus. I read the transcript and couldn't get through it all because it made me sick. Yet, there is very little coverage on this. Where is the public outcry on this? This practice should be stopped immediately. She bragged that she could use her forcepts as to not crush vital areas. If you have the stomach, read the transcript, I couldn't get through it.,  Karen-IA

8041 rustproofing skid steer bucket (7/16/2015 12:19:30 PM):  My parents are getting their skid steer fixed up, to be ready to sell. The bucket, according to my mom, is steel, and the rust is easy to take off. She would like to finish it off w/some enamel paint, but is wondering how to paint/prevent rust. I 'assume' she means some sort of primer/base coat. Any ideas?,  Cindy T., WI

8045 Matchbox Cars (7/16/2015 12:48:58 PM):  My grandson loves Matchbox and Hotwheels cars, but (just like his daddy was--I can't even believe it), he only likes them if the doors open and close. When my son Brian (his daddy) was little, most of the Matchbox and Hotwheels cars did have doors that opened. It was the cheaper, off--brands that didn't. I was in Kohl's today with my 30% coupon, but all the M-box and H-wheels packages (like the 5-packs) had doors that do not open. They had no individual ones. Does anyone know if the individual ones have opening doors or if there's a new brand that has them? Or...any ideas? Thanks!!,  Gina, CT

8051 Update on my friend Emily (7/16/2015 1:40:12 PM):  I just heard from Emily's daughter, she is out of surgery and surgeon said everything went well. She is headed to recovery now. Please continue to pray for an easy recovery and that Emily will not have to have radiation.,  Yvonne LA

8056 Chattanooga Marine Killing (7/16/2015 3:02:50 PM):  My son does work outs with the Marines twice a week. His recruiter cancelled today's work out due to their office being put on temporary lock down due to the events in Chattanooga that happened today. Sounds like a naturalized citizen of Middle East slaughtered four innocent lives. Injured two others. Just crazy.,  Susan, SC

8062 TYVM (7/16/2015 3:28:20 PM):  Can not thank you all enough for the awesome response I received when hubby passed. Our 2 adult children could not believe the way everyone(that I did not really know) sent such awesome notes, cards, words of encouragement & most of all the prayers. We are all doing so well. Some people can not believe we are so 'calm'. But we know where he is and we will see him again some day. Once again thanks so much to one & all. God Bless. Hugs, Jeri,  Jeri L./Co.

8082 RC members (7/16/2015 8:19:11 PM):  I have been away from RC for awhile & came back this week. Missed the site. Don't do a lot of grocery shopping since we do a lot of Bountiful Baskets & Zaycon. See a lot of familiar names on here Sue P, Grace B, Susan, TX (hey Susan!-the only RC member I have met) & of course Lila. Are Janice OK, Sharon B, VA & Pat, traveling the USA still members? ,  Susan L, AZ

8090 Phone question (7/17/2015 7:42:56 AM):  I use caller ID so I do not answer calls I do not recognize but this week I have several calls on my missed calls list that start with V and then 15 digits. Any idea what kind of number this might be? I never heard of a V number like this and curious to know what it's about. Thanks if you know.,  louise, oh

8091 To df in FL (7/17/2015 7:49:10 AM):  There was a discussion yesterday on Planned Parenthood and DF replied with an unkind answer to me.....LOL!! Boy did I hit your nerve! I wrote "not pro choice" because my idiot brain could not come up with the words "pro life" at that moment. ANYHOW!!! I believe all aborted fetuses/babies go immediately to heaven and are happy forever. The God I believe in would never take out on that child/fetus what the mother did. And all you pro choice people, what have you ever done to help a poor mother in need? I could have easily gotten pregnant before I got married and before birth control pills (yes I am that old) so I do not fault anyone who does. I was a foster parent/adoptive parent and most of those kids "put up for adoption" have miserable lives in foster care and in special homes. why would you wish that onto a child when they can go directly to heaven? Unless you are a big brother/big sister, foster parent, adoptive parent, group home parent, etc etc etc, how could you have a clue what life is like for these kids?,  Joanie in NJ & FL

8096 Paint (7/17/2015 9:08:39 AM):  Cindy's post made me think to ask you guys for your suggestion on what paint to use on my car tires. I want to paint them to look like ladybugs. I have asked around at different stores and looked online, but still can't get an answer. Has anyone painted these before with lasting results? Thanks for any advice.,  Mary/WI

8108 kidney stone (7/17/2015 1:51:44 PM):  have a kidney stone that is 2mm, causing back pain and blood in urine. this came on as a side effect from humira, that I am now off of. should I go to a urologist or wait it out? what would you do?,  not fond of humira...

8109 Scorcher! (7/17/2015 2:13:17 PM):  WHEW is it hot in MO. We had so much rain that I was beginning to feel like Mrs. Noah and the rain was QUICKLY followed by extreme heat. Hope everyone stays cool. Here's a handy tip I just learned yesterday. I've always heard to drink Gatorade when you're sweating a lot to replace the electrolytes but I did not know that for each bottle of Gatorade I was suppose to drink a bottle of water, too. Something to keep in mind. I guess you can overdose on electrolytes.,  Sandy B., MO

8112 open faced grilled cheese  (7/17/2015 3:58:41 PM):  I love open faced grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato and bacon, but never make them. I decided to have them tonight, but as I remember the last time I made them they didn't turn out so well. Do any of you make these, and how do you do it?,  Donna E, FL

8121 Update on Walt (7/17/2015 7:05:17 PM):  Thank you so much for all your prayers during his latest situation with the bowel obstruction.They WORKED.They came in last night & advanced his NG tube another 6" & then did another xray this AM.Advancing that tube must have helped as dr.came in & said everything looked good & he could come home tomorrow.They took the NG tube out and have been giving him clear liquids & then some soft food.He is going to watch what he eats when he gets home too.However we both feel the chemo caused this because of his Chron's so he had decided no more.He feels like crap 99% of the time with nausea,vomiting & diarrhea so who wants to gain maybe 6 more months of life & feel lousy doing it.Hoping he will feel better & more like eating if he quits the tx.even if it shortens his life & I have to agree with him as I have been witness to what he is going through.Some people tolerate it well but he is not one of them.I am not even going to think about the fact I am going to lose him & just enjoy whatever time I have left with him.,  Cathy S,NY

8126 HELLO I am back ~~ (7/17/2015 8:35:18 PM):  Some of you may remember me. I was a member on here for years. I am Janice Finley. When I was on here before, I lived in Arab, AL. Just to say hi to those of you who may still be here.I am in TN. now.,  Janice Finley Tenn.

8127 Gooseberry Jam (7/17/2015 8:41:48 PM):  Has anyone made this? Yesterday, I picked 2 quarts of red currants and 2 quarts of gooseberries at a local farm. I combined the currants with the raspberries that we have on our property to make a raspberry/currant jam. I've never made gooseberry jam and am wondering what's a good tried and true recipe. I've been reading that if you cook (simmer) them for about 15 minutes (after to take off the tails & tops) that you will not need to use pectin. (On another note, I have found the best sugar prices in town to be at either Family Dollar or Dollar General. Both have had the 4lb bags for under $2.00 when it is on sale.),  Joanne Vt

8133 Mayo Clinic/Rochester, MN (7/17/2015 11:38:44 PM):  I have some questions for someone that has personally been to Mayo in Rochester or someone who lives in the area. I will be going there shortly (I live out of state) and will be flying to MN. First, what is the drive like from Minneapolis to Rochester? The flight schedules and airline options are better for me if I flight into Minneapolis. Flying into Rochester almost doubles the cost of the flight. Any reasonable hotels that are close? I will initially be there for 4-7 seven days of testing. Are there restaurants close to Mayo and the hotels? I've googled information, I am just hoping for some personal input. ,  Thank you.

8144 toy cars (7/18/2015 8:49:58 AM):  I recently purchased a car similar to Matchbox, but it lit up as it got pushed. It does not have doors that open, but my great nephew thought it was great. I got it at Dollar General.,  Marge, OK

8147 USPS Advisory (7/18/2015 9:40:19 AM):  Do you order stamps & mailing supplies on the USPS Website? If so, here's a head's up advisory from the USPS. They will be doing system upgrades next week. Any orders placed on the USPS Website between 7/21 & 7/26/15 will require an additional 3-5 business days for delivery to you.,  Virginia Ann S VA

8148 What is Home Group? (7/18/2015 9:49:27 AM):  I am occasionally getting a strange icon on my desktop screen. It starts off as an image of a plain piece of paper with the upper right corner of paper folded down. Then when I scan my mouse over the image, the image changes to an image looking like a cluster of bubbles. The word that comes up on screen over the image will be "Homegroup". That icon image fades in & out on my desktop screen. What have i picked up? And how do I get rid of it permanently? I go through Control Panel & Uninstall a Program to search for something related to the icon. But I find no files related to Homegroup.,  Virginia Ann S VA

8152 any current card showers? (7/18/2015 11:39:01 AM):  I have a box of pretty cards, would love to send some out, not sure if there are any card shower requests, could you please post/re-post any you know of? Thank you.,  Cindy T., WI

8157 Zucchini (7/18/2015 12:20:46 PM):  Blueberry Zucchini Cake see so many post wanting Zucchini recipes, this makes a beautiful yummy looking cake. I plan on trying this one...,  Sunshine (Linda IN)

8158 Hydrangeas (7/18/2015 1:04:47 PM):  Need some input from those of you with green thumbs that have grown hydrangeas. From what I have read about them, it is not the plant itself but rather the soil they are grown in that determines the color of the flower. I bought one this spring and the flower is blue. I like the blue but really wanted the flower to be pink as it would show up a lot more in the location that I planted it. So I bought a jar of Color Me Pink (a product made especially to make the flower pink or make the already pink color more vibrant)to add acid to the soil to turn the blossoms pink. So far it hasn't worked as the flowers are still blue. How long does it take to work? If it will work at all. Now my mom has a pink one that she has has for several years. It has always stayed pink. This year she bought one with blue flowers. They are planted next to the house but on different sides of the house. You would think the soil would be the same all around her house, yet neither one changed color. She has done nothing to augment the soil. Then I passed a house while driving the other day that has a blue one and a pink one side by side and each one is it own color. If the alkaline or acid in the soil really matters to the color, you really shouldn't be able to grow one of each color side by side. Right? I am confused about this. Can I change my color from blue to pink? I should be able to, I think. I know somebody whose flowers changed color on their own after a few years and she has no idea why. Anyone with information and experience with hydrangeas, please comment. Thank you.,  Sue, MI

8165 Mary WI (7/18/2015 2:19:59 PM):  Do not know which i laughed at most. Me or you? Here I was imagining you driving down the highway with lady bug tires. Then I find out the disappointing news that you won't be. Had to laugh at myself then.,  Goofy

8170 Canning recipes? (7/18/2015 3:00:05 PM):  Our freezing/canning season is just starting here. So far I've made strawberry, raspberry, blackraspbery, currant, and gooseberry jams. August is usually our busy month for pickles, relishes and blackberries with September/October bringing apples and grapes to be used is jellies and juices. I also freeze (small amounts of vegetables). So what is everyone doing this year and what are your favorite recipes?,  Joanne Vt

8172 What's for Dinner tonight? (7/18/2015 3:47:22 PM):  Or Supper? I have fresh bread baking in my bread machine right now and am going to make Chipped Beef on Toast. Yummmmm...,  Laurie, MN

8178 virus protection (7/18/2015 5:12:15 PM):  Had two virus protection programs in my computer, but it finally died. Not sure if I can somehow get them back since I paid for them or do they stay with the computer? Anyway, any free good virus protection programs out there? Would very much appreciate any info. I no longer have my husband to install, so anything easy for someone would be wonderful! TIA,  Diane Me

8187 Bumping up Update on Walt. (7/18/2015 7:13:11 PM):  I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all your prayers & support.Walt finally made it home about 6PM tonight.He is pretty worn out after being in bed for 4 days & everything he went through so has spent the evening on couch watching tv.Please continue your prayers for him as I believe the power of prayer is the best medicine of all.,  Cathy S.NY

8199 Fountain of Youth Code (7/19/2015 6:21:36 AM):  lc00192gf 13 points for 3 users.,  Penny in MO

8203 puzzle (7/19/2015 7:06:57 AM):  Last week's challenge: Name an occupation starting with the letter B. Remove the second, third and fourth letters. The remaining letters in order will name something you might experience in the presence of someone who has this occupation. What is it? Answer: Bartender, bender. We had lots of smart people last week. Next week's challenge: Write down the following six numbers: 19, 28, 38, 81, 83, 85. What are the next three numbers in the series? I’m no,  MAC--WI

8205 Bad drug reaction (7/19/2015 7:49:23 AM):  My DH was put on Bactrim last Monday and on Wednesday he started having flu like symptoms. On Friday he saw the doctor who said he was reacting to the Bactrim. Then he developed a red rash all over his body. So was prescribed Zertec for the itchy rash. If any of you have had such a reaction how long did the symptoms last before they were finally all gone? He is not a good patient. He will never take sulfa based drugs again. ,  Vera in sunny MI

8207 FL condo (7/19/2015 8:22:14 AM):  Anyone know of a condo in Cape Canaveral for rent for Jan? We have searched vrbo. Most are already rented. Thank you sue,  Sue/IN

8208 Leftover peaches (7/19/2015 8:50:01 AM):  I had peaches which were pretty much rotten except for a few little spots. I couldn't use them in a salad or put them in a bowl. So, I pureed them and put them in a pitcher of tea with a little bit of sugar. My company really enjoyed the different type of tea. I'll have to remember to do that for other types of fruit.,  Mindy, MD

8216 BTU's amount? (7/19/2015 12:23:05 PM):  I am finally going to get an air conditioner for my family room which is 24' x 12' with 8' to ceiling. How many BTU's do I need for this room? TIA.,  Pat

8217 Telephone & Product Delivery (7/19/2015 12:26:19 PM):  I need to call customers to verify their delivery address so many times my job requires me to call them from home on my own time to make sure they receive a product and insure delivery My problem is many times I get a Fast Busy Signal no matter when I call early mornings, midday, late evening and any other in between times its really time consuming to continuously call and call and call and not even be able to leave a message Do these people continually leave their phone off the hook or does fast busy mean non-working number ? If I get to leave a message asking customer to return my call .... they don't respond to me this is very impolite Any suggestions appreciated ,  Is AnyOne Out There

8221 Free e-cards (7/19/2015 12:58:50 PM):  Is there such a thing as free e-cards anymore? I tried a couple of websites that I have used in the past and they all wanted me to sign up for a membership which gave me a free 7 day membership. I rarely have a need to send e-cards, and do not want to sign up anywhere. Any suggestions? Thanks,  Marge, MO

8225 Alice Dodge, OR (7/19/2015 2:07:38 PM):  Would you please share your home made custard recipe? Thanks! ,  Laura, WI

8232 Diaper rash (7/19/2015 3:30:16 PM):  Got to see my neighbor's baby this afternoon. Nine months old and really the first time I've seen her. She was smiling but they said she wasn't feeling up to par. Ear infection, antibiotics which gave her rash and diahrrea, which caused severe diaper rash. Asked if they had tried Triple Paste, which works wonders---better than Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Didn't do a thing for her, but said they mixed Desitin with Maalox and that is working. Never would have thought of it, but it makes sense. If Maalox neutralizes acid, should do the same on your rear end. Something to keep in mind. ,  Susan, LA

8235 Heat (7/19/2015 3:56:23 PM):  Should have known it was going to be another super-hot day when I left for church at 9:30 and it was already 90 degrees. At 4:45 it is 96 with 109 heat index. One of our members' husband is a mail carrier. Don't know if he has a walking route or a truck. Those trucks don't have much air. The only advantage to having a truck route is that you are not walking in the heat, and are sitting if you get overcome by heat (of course you may also be driving when it hits you). She said that he has had to be admitted to the hospital already this year due to the heat.,  Susan, LA

8239 New pastor-long (7/19/2015 4:20:47 PM):  Today was our new pastor's 2nd sermon. Had our first Administrative Council meeting last week. It was 2.5 hours long, but we knew it would be long b/c she had to be brought up to speed on things. It was a very productive meeting. The best we've had in about a year. She made one impressive comment---that we will not do something until we are all in agreement. What a difference from her predecessor! One member brought up that we need to plan for a Neighborhood Day in the fall, which we chose in lieu of VBS and waited to plan until she arrived so she could be involved. She said that we need to get our feet on the ground before we dive into planning events. She went through the positives of our church---no debt, intelligent people. Several of us giggled when she said that and there was a strange look on her face. Before the meeting closed, I asked if I could speak. My voice was choked with emotion and I had to stop looking around the table b/c I could see some had tears in their eyes. Wanted to let her know that we are excited about this chance for a fresh start and it's nice to feel a willingness to work with us and to be encouraged and not put down when we say something. Also said that last Sunday was the first time since Nov. "that I did not say to myself 'drag your butt out of bed to get to church'". She looked puzzled, especially when others nodded. She said that 2 people told her separately on Sunday that it was nice to not have to listen to negative things about our church/members. She said that really upset her that we felt that way. I emailed her after the meeting to thank her for a very productive meeting. Gave her some of the things that had happened and told her that I don't want her to think I'm the "Nellie Olsen" of our church, but hoped it would help her understand what we've come through and why there were snickers/giggles at the meeting and why I was emotional when I spoke. Also told her that I did not say anything to her that I had not told the old pastor directly--no tales out of school or talking behind his back. She did say that she wondered why we giggled when she said we were intelligent but knowing the backstory helps her to minister to us. My friend's daughter, Sonya, was very ill in ICU for a week. When she was in a regular room, our pastor visited with her even though she's not a member of our church and neither are her parents. I think she's going to be great. We can already see and feel a change. ,  Susan, LA

8241 Trip on Blue Ridge Parkway (7/19/2015 4:37:55 PM):  Going on a trip to Blue Ridge Parkway in Sept.-Oct. Has anyone gone before, wanting to know of places that you have been and whats great to see! Thanks,  Mrs. C

8248 Kids books (7/19/2015 6:48:19 PM):  I took my great granddaughter to the library the other day. My how books have changed. The book's cover makes me not want to even check them out. Any one have good recommendations for an 8 yr. old? Thanks,  Marge, OK

8251 Pinecone surveys (7/19/2015 7:18:29 PM):  Is anyone else having a problem taking these surveys.Everything was fine until about 3 surveys ago.Now everytime I try to take one I can get to the page that says START on it just fine.However,after I click this button I just get taken back to the home page.When it happened after first survey I emailed Karen Scott & did everything she told me to do in her reply email to no avail.At first I thought it was a glitch in the first survey but it happens with every survey they send me now.Ready to cash out for the little I have coming & call it quits.,  Cathy S.NY

8257 Credit Card Payoff - Cross-Post (7/19/2015 9:20:48 PM):  Need advice quickly, please. My friend came into some money and is doing the smart thing my paying off her credit card debt (about $50K). I told her I thought she could call the companies and negotiate a payoff amount on each; thinking they would take less. I have done this with medical bills on which we paid cash and it worked well. Does anyone have any experience in this area or advice? Who would she ask for and what would she say? TIA,  Shelby, Iowa

8259 Credit Card fraud (7/19/2015 10:05:25 PM):  Well, I was advised by American Express (Costco card) this morning that a charge was made in Brazil - no, but it was cancelled (the representative thought they had entered the number incorrectly). Well, I got a message tonight that someone in Brazil tried to charge over $2,000 Brazilian dollars! So, now my card is cancelled and I am without my credit card and will be getting a new Costco number. This happened six months ago also, but that time they tried it in England. Time to go through the statements and figure out if there is some place that I ordered from before those two times. Maybe I can find a connection.,  tired of credit card fraud

8270 Cleaning Intex Pool (7/20/2015 9:22:14 AM):  How do I safely and effectively remove algae from an Intex pool? Do I have to drain out all of the water? There are millions of opinions out there. Does anyone have personal experience with cleaning and maintaining these pools? TIA,  Gaye, AR

8271 I-Say- Mary (7/20/2015 9:36:20 AM):  Mary, Last week I posted about having problems with the URL,that I-Say sent me, to use for the Starbucks e-reward. I told them, that other people were having the same problem, that I refused to do any more surveys until they solve the problem.Also told them that I will keep sending e-mails until they respond, etc. Well, this morning they replied, saying that they would check into it, and thanked me for my patience(Hah!!) I will let you know if it ever resolved. I would suggest that you send them another e-mail,saying basicly what I said. If, I ever get the e-card, I will continue to use up the points then I will no longer do any future surveys. Too much trouble,and I really don't think they are going to fix the problem. Right now, I just delete any new surveys. ,  Lind M, Rhode Island

8276 Grand baby finally arrived! (7/20/2015 10:47:57 AM):  My grand son is finally here!!! Born 7-16 and weighed 9pounds and 15 ounces, 21.5 inches long! First grand baby for me!!! ,  Amy indiana

8277 Geico/Doctor tv ad (7/20/2015 11:03:48 AM):  Have you seen the Geico tv ad with the guy playing the operation game? I kinda know the black lady next to him!! Kris is class of 1973, I'm 1974.Her son married this lady. She is a RN in real life, an aspiring actress & is due any day with her 2nd child. Way cool!!!,  NW Kansas lady

8282 Bumping up -- recipe (7/20/2015 12:56:31 PM):  Hi, Laura -- The custard recipe I like uses just one egg and cornstarch. There is also a 3-egg baked custard, but I prefer the simple one I use. Here it is: Mix 2 Tbs. corn starch with 2 Tbs. sugar in a small pot. Add one large or jumbo egg and mix thoroughly. Then pour in 2 cups of milk and stir until smooth. Place over medium heat, stirring constantly so it doesn't stick and burn. Let it come to a slight boil and thicken. Cook for one minute, remove from stove and add a pat of butter and 2 tsp. vanilla. Stir and pour into 4 custard cups. Let cool a bit and then refrigerate. I don't like sweet desserts, but if you do, you can add more sugar.,  Alice Dodge, OR

8284 Camper (7/20/2015 1:04:06 PM):  We just purchased a 20 ft. travel trailer. My question is can you pull it with a 2003 6cyl Chevy trailblazer? The blazer has a hitch and a seven way on it. We would have brake hookup attachment installed. We bought it used a few years back. TIA,  CC, KY

8285 Points of Interest (7/20/2015 1:16:51 PM):  Hi all, we're going to Brookings S.Dakota this coming weekend for a family reunion. We are going to go also to the Badlands while we are there. Hubby and I were there last year, also did Mt.Rushmore and Wall Drugs and all that, but, this year we have my sister with us and are on a tight time frame. Does anyone know if there are any other "points of interest" between Brookings and the Badlands we could see? We are thinking of going to the Wounded Knee Historical Site but other than that, I'm at a loss. Any suggestions would be helpful. As always....,  Marian/MO

8288 Carole King/ Muscical (7/20/2015 1:36:17 PM):  Anyone here remember or like the singer/songwriter Carole King? while I was in Chicago, I saw the Broadway play about her life (gets good reviews) will be coming to Chicago Dec 1st through Feb. Unless they add more show. Maybe that would make a good gathering place and fun event for some of us here that would like to meet. Just throwing it out there anyone interested? Chicago is expensive for hotels but if people shared rooms maybe it wouldn't be to bad.,MI

8298 Blake Shelton/Mirand Lambert (7/20/2015 3:22:11 PM):  I see that Blake and Miranda are divorcing after 4 years. So sad. I love both of their music.,  Susan, SC

8301 Kohls Cpns (7/20/2015 4:54:12 PM):  Are there any current Kohls coupons out? Want to buy my Grandson a few things for School. Thanks,  Mary Tx

8305 AAA (7/20/2015 6:54:24 PM):  We will be traveling a lot, so I was going to sign up for AAA. I'm not sure if I should choose the Classic or the Plus membership. Anyone know of any deals on membership? I didn't see anything when I tried to Google AAA membership discounts. ,  Judy B, IL

8321 FOY Code (7/21/2015 7:55:09 AM):  0lhmk8zg1 for 24 points to be used by 2 users.,  Penny in MO

8322 Paying Credit Card statement (7/21/2015 8:00:40 AM):  When you get your credit card statment snail-mail besure to double check how much you actually pay on that statement. My credit card is issued through an FCU I belong to. I transfer money from my FCU savings account into my credit card account. And usually pay each statement IN FULL every billing cycle. Last month, I noticed a $3.45 interest charge on my statment. I was certain I was paying my credit card statements in full every billing cycle. So i couldn't understand that interest charge. I called the FCU to dispute it. Staffer said she'd credit that amount back into my credit card account. I got the latest credit card statement yesterday. It still had that interest charge on it. I called the FCU this morning. The staffer talked with credit card department staffers. When I made a payment for a past credit card statement, I paid it a few pennies short of the full amount. When I went back to prior credit card statements, i found I had made one payment 10¢ short! The staffer said that as a one time courtesy, I will have that interest charge credited back to my account. So if you're paying your credit card statement in full, be doubly sure that you ARE paying it in full!,  Virginia Ann S VA

8323 iPad help (7/21/2015 8:04:21 AM):  Can someone tell me how to transfer a picture recd in email to your photos?,  Joyce A, VA

8327 Need to Vent update (7/21/2015 9:26:56 AM):  I had posted several days ago about my frustrations with being forced to reschedule a Doctor's appointment I had 8/12/15. My niece(& brother's daughter) was coming from out of state for a visit 8/11 & 8/12. My brother's wife was insistent I reschedule that appointment for a date when she wouldn't be here. To appease her, I did. But then I had 2nd thoughts. When I tried to keep that 8/12 appointment, it was gone, & snatched up by another patient. I was already on the books for 9/3/15 at 12:30 p.m. Yesterday, I got a packet of forms & patient reminder notice from Neurology Central Scheduling. They were listing the rescheduled date as 9/2/15 @ 2:15 p.m. I was also sent new patient forms to fill out & bring to appointment! I had to call central scheduling this morning to tell them I'd been sent wrong date & time for rescheduled appointment! I also asked why I was sent new patient forms to fill out when I'm an established patient? Staffer automatically said the 9/3/15 date was the correct one. And to ignore the new patient forms I was sent. She also said since I'm an established patient, I don't have to arrive at that Hampton office until 12:45 p.m. My visit with Neurologist is scheduled at 12:30 p.m.! I don't think office staffers ever listen to what the caller is ACTUALLY saying. Or they would answer more appropriately. I intend to mention to Neurologist about my continuing painful pressure & vacuum on my right ear, plus the dizziness. Perhaps those problems are connected with my Parkinson's. I haven't been draining any more discolored crud from my right ear. But I still deal with the other problems on a daily basis.,  Virginia Ann S VA

8329 Kelloggs (7/21/2015 10:01:16 AM):  O;K. Am I just out of luck? I am not sure how to upload my receipt. I thought all I had to do was register my card, but now it seems, I have to download my receipt? How do I do that? I don't have a smart phone, so am I just out of luck?,  Need help.

8338 Foy Code (7/21/2015 11:35:05 AM):  You've won Fountain of Youth Code wwghuhfh4 worth 15 Hulk Coins for use by 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

8341 Family. (7/21/2015 7:15:14 PM):  Why is it that family is less understanding about life issues than friends?,  Grrrr. In Ohio

8342 Problems (7/21/2015 7:38:55 PM):  First time most of the day that I'm able to access this site.,  Susan, SC

8344 cross buck storm door (7/21/2015 9:14:48 PM):  Any suggestions on a good storm door preferably a cross buck. ,  kathyjo ma

8348 anyone in Ogden Utah? (7/22/2015 12:19:25 AM):  The American Widow Project is coming to Ogden, UT! Sept 19th, 2015. AWP is a non-profit organization whose members are Widows of our Military. They are bringing their newest program, Slumber Party to Utah to help find support and establish life long bonds with widows in the local area. Would you like to get involved and help make this a memorable event for the widows in attendance? You could provide snacks, prepare welcome gift bags, ask local businesses for in-kind donations, or talk to your local restaurant about donating pizzas for the night. The widows are only responsible for their travel to the event. All activities, food and accommodations are covered of by the AWP and its amazing supporters like you! If you have any questions please email: Please help us to continue our mission to unite these ladies for a fun filled night with laughter and memories to last a lifetime! ,  Pat

8349 question about 401k (7/22/2015 12:53:56 AM):  My step-daughter (age 42) has a part time job that supplements her SS due to her end-stage renal disease. She is going to be leaving that job after about 6 years and has approximately $3000 in 401k. Her new job doesn't have a 401k but the pay & hours are better & they will work around her dialysis. She doesn't want to cash in the 401k, can't afford a penalty; but what can she do? I know this isn't much, but to her it is. Appreciate any advice or suggestions. By the way, she is on the Cleveland Clinic waiting list for a kidney donor.... Pat, traveling to Madison WI later this week.,  Pat, currently in NY

8354 charleston, SC (7/22/2015 7:33:56 AM):  Looking for tried and true suggestions for places to see, things to do ( also thing not worth spending time or money on i.e. tourist traps) will be there 6 nites (have hotel reservations for first 3 nites ( could use ideas for inexpensive yet nice place to stay for a thur,fri, sat nites ( maybe with free parking, wifi and breakfast,( I know, asking a lot during busy tourist season hahah)I have already researched LOTS on trip advisor and many other sites,,, I am looking for advice from a seasoned traveler or a local! THANKS muchly,  soon to be traveler!!

8361 Local pick-up for eBay? (7/22/2015 9:04:41 AM):  Just by chance I came across an eBay item that offered Local Pick-up nearby; saving shipping costs. Is there a way to find out other eBay Sellers who might be local? Thank you to anyone that takes the time to post an answer. Pat Traveling to Madison WI soon ,  Pat, currently in NY

8362 Blake and Miranda (7/22/2015 9:04:55 AM):  I read online Blake wanted the divorce - Miranda had slept with 2 other men while being married. Whether true or not??,  ?????

8366 AAA (7/22/2015 9:27:43 AM):  Thanks for everyone's input on AAA. Went with the Plus plan because of the better towing plan. You can get a senior discount and a discount for signing up for automatic renewal on your credit card. They also offered AAA car insurance. Anyone have their insurance and are you happy with the insurance?,  Judy B, IL

8369 American Ninja Warriors (7/22/2015 10:42:04 AM):  Is anyone else an American Ninja Warriors fan? I'm constantly amazed at what the contestants can do. They have unreal upper body strength, endurance, agility, muscles, and determination. They are true amateur athletes. I don't think they make any money for being on the show; I could be wrong. Contrast that to the millions that professional golfers can make chasing a ball around the grass - some with little pot bellies. I started watching ANW about 4 years ago when it was on an obscure channel. Now it's big time on a major network several times a week. My husband used to laugh at me for watching; now he will watch while pretending to read a book. You can't help but cheer when they hit the buzzer, or groan when they fall. ,  Joan J

8376 Mary- I-Say p;oints (7/22/2015 2:46:24 PM):  Hi ary, Well,after 4-emails, they finally solved the problem.I was able to click on as directed and I got the tarbucks crad % security code number, and was able to download the ten dollars to my card. The last e-mail was the first that it had a person's name,instead of just "team". HTH,  Linda M, RHode Island

8381 Plenti Vent (7/22/2015 3:44:41 PM):  I had a long afternoon here. I have been accumulating plenty points -- not very many -- but haven't been able to spend them. Come to find out that my plenti account was never fully activated. First I called RiteAid and worked online with them -- everything was good with them. Then I called plenti. This is a very hard company to get a person to talk to Apparently, my plenti account was already activated -- but I could not access my account because my email wasn't recognized. So I called Plenti back. After several tries and hitting random numbers, I got through to a person who sent me a confirmation number so that I could set up new password for my account. Then that didn't work. Their automated system will only let you change your email password online. So I called back on my cell phone and finally got through to another real human. This time, they told me that the system was not recognizing my new password because it still wasn't recognizing my email. Also because I had called and given my plenti-card number several times that day, my account had been flagged when I called from my home phone. I finally got through again using my cellphone. Finally after a couple of hours, fortunately I was able to multitask and pay bills etc.., I was able to access the actual plenti site and see what I have been missing. ,  Joanne Vt

8382 Swagbucks Code (7/22/2015 4:08:37 PM):  BeatTheRush until 4pm PDT/7pm EDT to earn 4 SB!,  Melody

8390 Technology (7/23/2015 5:29:37 AM):  Thanks Alice. My "Plenti" experience of just having to have someone push the right computer button for you, mirrors some of my "Powerschool grade book" problems during the year. It is also one of the reasons that I still make a paper copy of every online worksheet that my students use during the year. ,  Joanne Vt

8391 Today (7/23/2015 5:45:10 AM):  is National Hot DOg Day!! :),  Sue P., CT

8397 Swagbucks Code (7/23/2015 9:54:59 AM):  NiagaraFalls until 10am PDT/1pm EDT to earn 4 SB!,  Melody

8401 Swagbucks Code (7/23/2015 11:51:11 AM):  OldFaithful until 12pm PDT/3pm EDT to earn 6 SB!,  Melody

8402 Oil mister (7/23/2015 12:07:06 PM):  Can anyone recommend an oil mister that actually works? I've tried two, with little success. Both the hubby and I pumped the heck out of things, but only got a short, tiny spray of olive oil. Thanks.,  jenan, nc

8409 Swagbucks Code (7/23/2015 2:04:52 PM):  FrenchQuarter until 2pm PDT/5pm EDT to earn 5 SB!,  Melody

8410 Alice Dodge, OR (7/23/2015 2:30:11 PM):  Thank you again for your custard recipe. I was making it, thinking how I stopped making all puddings (lemon meringue pie or whatever)on the stovetop, but rather use the microwave. I had heard how it is the best way to make pudding (unless it is baked or steamed) because it shakes the mixture. So I finally gave it up, and here I am, back at it again. It is so much quicker and you can get so much done while it is cooking--preparing the dishes or the toppings, or just cleaning up, whatever needs to be done. Have you ever thought about trying that? Have you made other puddings in the microwave?,  df,fl

8415 Swagbucks Code (7/23/2015 3:57:03 PM):  TimesSquare until 4 PM PDT worth 4 SB.,  Melody

8417 Alice Dodge, OR (7/23/2015 4:56:08 PM):  Yes, I remember your having mentioned your NY roots when we spoke of Jewish food. (Now that good deli I recall your mentioning would likely have had some good hot dogs). My husband was born in and grew up in Brooklyn. He'd take a bus to Stuyvesant H.S. in Manhattan, but never lived in the area again once he went to college. ,  Marion, CA

8418 today (7/23/2015 4:56:56 PM):  ever grab a bag of grapes and have it open and spill all over? In the checkout line? Did that today.More fun is my desktop is in the shop, refuses to communicate with the monitor and they are still trying to find out why. They had me bring in the monitor today. Connect it to my daughter's laptop and it works perfectly ,  judyb LA

8420 Swagbucks Code (7/23/2015 5:48:09 PM):  HollywoodSign until 6pm PDT/9pm EDT to earn 6 SB! Thank you for all the posts of thanks. Glad I can help out with collecting points.,  Melody

8426 Lafaytte shootings (7/23/2015 8:22:59 PM):  Breaking news on CNN on 2 killed, 9 injured at movie theater. Saying someone stood up and began shooting. I was watching something on DVR and was getting ready to switch to another program. Had TV on CNN and actually thought it was something about the Colorado verdict. Then I looked closer and realized it was something different.,  Susan, LA

8429 Statue of limitations on health insurance? (7/23/2015 9:52:16 PM):  Anyone know if there is a statue of limitations on health insurance changing there mind on a claim they have paid? Insurance is out of Illinois but I am in Ohio. I have been inquiring why they paid for a test but won't pay to have the test they are saying they paid for the test in error....from Oct 2013!!! So I owed $1455 because they wouldn't pay to have medical test read and now they are saying they paid for the test in error!!!! 😕,  Kimberly W, OH

8432 Google Researcher (7/23/2015 11:04:59 PM):  What do you know about the Aspen Select hotel in Rochester, near Mayo? It was formerly the Fiksdal. It is NOT the Aspen Suites. Getting ready to make a reservation.,  Many thanks.

8433 mobile home insurance (7/24/2015 2:19:35 AM):  Help please, Insurance for my mobile home being dropped from my Insurance company because of to many claims, don't know what to do, on fixed income and can't afford large payments and don't know if anyone will insure me, any suggestions and Prayer greatly appreciated. Sandy C Oh,  Sandy C Oh

8435 Hologram ??? (7/24/2015 6:12:14 AM):  I have a coupon, and on it, it says Do Not Redeem without hologram. What is that? And it that for the checker or me? Thanks for any help,  Need to know

8444 Please weigh in (7/24/2015 9:21:41 AM):  OK, our friend has a next door neighbor who has a built in pool but has let it go and can't afford to fix it now. The rest of her backyard looks horrible too. But that's not the problem even though he doesn't like looking at it. The grandmother watches the neighbor's two girls for her, she brings a kiddie pool to the front yard and fills it with water, so far so good. BUT the girls are 4 and 7 and she makes them use the pool NAKED!!! IN THE FRONT YARD!! I told him to call the police or child protective services, I'm afraid of who may see this and get ideas of snatching those little girls up when she goes into the house. He does not stay outside when they are out there, he's embarrassed for them and you know there are people up and down the street all day seeing this. They are making him feel uncomfortable in his own home because it's right next door.,  CB OH

8446 Swainton NJ (7/24/2015 9:35:21 AM):  what is the closest beach to Swainton NJ We are staying at a campground or rt 9 And how far are Cape May beaches? and what tie is the beach free. We just want to take our 6 yr old for a little while...he just learned how to jump the waves thanks Brenda,  Brenda NJ

8448 Gas prices (7/24/2015 9:40:53 AM):  In the 45 minutes that I went to town. Gas dropped from $2.18 to $2.14. Could we reasonably hope to see under $2 per gallon soon????,  susan, SC

8449 prayers please (7/24/2015 9:43:54 AM):  Our house was supposed to close on Thursday, July 30th (we've already moved, the house is empty). The closing fell through due to the buyer's financing not going through. It's a family home with 4 bedrooms plus bonus room and family room. School begins the first week of August here in Georgia, so we have now missed the window of people wanting to move before school starts. I'm trusting God has this all set up, but it would be nice if the house sold. Thanks for your prayers.,  Dianne in GA

8472 Swagbucks Code (7/24/2015 2:19:24 PM):  The10Percent until 2pm PDT/5pm EDT to earn 3 SB! ,  Melody

8473 Feeling Down? (7/24/2015 2:47:28 PM):  This will give you a lift. ,  Beth, MA

8477 gas prices (7/24/2015 3:59:46 PM):  I see you all are paying in the $2.00 range for gas. Don't come to California our reg.unleaded is anywhere from $3.89 to $4.25 a gallon, Only here,  laura so. ca

8479 Plug in for Swagbucks games (7/24/2015 4:53:40 PM):  I had to get a refurbished computer, now I can't play Swag jump on Swagbucks. It says plug in required. Anyone know what that means? Thank you!,  Diane Me

8481 Tonight (7/24/2015 4:59:04 PM):  Baked spaghetti, garlic toast and green beans. Kind of hot day for this but hadn't fixed it for a while. What are you having??,  Susan, SC

8482 Pa (7/24/2015 5:10:37 PM):  I am planning a trip from Ohio to Philadelphia. I see the straight through route will take me on toll roads. Are there any other roads that don't have tolls but are not out of the way to travel in Pa? I will be traveling on interstate 70 into Pa. Thanks for any help!,  ann

8486 Swagbucks Code-SwagButton only (7/24/2015 5:29:42 PM):  SummerFriday SwagButton ONLY until 7pm PDT/10pm EDT to earn 4 SB! This Swag Code can ONLY be redeemed with the SwagButton. If you get a message saying it is expired you entered it in the wrong place.,  Melody

8487 Sam's/Zulily (7/24/2015 5:52:15 PM):  Finally made it to Sam's to bring my membership voucher from Zulily to get my Sams card, $20 Sam's gift card, pizza and 30 cupcakes that came as part of "Party Pack". She issued my Sam's card and gave me $20 gift card and "Thank you". When I first got to desk, she had to call someone so I asked if this was the first Zulily promotion that anyone had come in with. I was not. She just needed supervisor's approval. She was very nice and genuinely seemed interested and not just logging time until time to go home. When I asked about the Party Pack, she didn't know what it was so I explained it was free pizza and 30 free cupcakes. She seemed shocked. I wondered how many people didn't get the full benefit of their deal. Then we read the fine print and says it will be automatically loaded on my card within 72 hours. I really needed them for Sunday so thought I'd pick up today to make sure I had them. Said the only way I would know is to check in 72 hours and see if it was on there. Or I could get them and check out today (meaning stand in that long line) and it may be loaded, it may not be loaded. Why would I stand in line all that time on the chance that it may not be loaded and why would I go home and wait 3 days. She suggested checking with manager. He said it probably is on there already, but they give themselves wiggle room. If I got to register and it w/n loaded, they could do "customer satisfaction" approval. After all that, they had absolutely no cupcakes in the store and w/n until tomorrow. So I have to go back anyway. I didn't even mess with the pizza b/c I didn't want to mess up the "package" and have more commotion tomorrow. So I guess this is my Sam's equivalent of the "Plenti issues" that others had the other day. And after all that trouble today, they gave me a photo on my card that looks worse than DMV provides on drivers license. I KNOW it had to be their camera. Couldn't have been my face!!,  Susan, LA

8495 Ready For Puppy (7/24/2015 8:21:23 PM):  Hubby got crate put up. We went and bought her puppy food, collar and leash. We go and get our Molly this coming Wednesday. I am getting so excited. CB hubby was impressed with your crate training and has been telling it to everyone. Hubby actually let me get pink collar and leash for our girl.,  Vicki, Va.

8496 Alice Dodge, OR (7/24/2015 8:28:21 PM):  No, I do not think it is funny you don't own a microwave. Way back my husband said he could get one for just a little money and I said that I didn't want it. Well, a LOT of years later it didn't matter. We were on a long trip and everywhere we went to visit the people had a microwave and he wanted one. When my aunt passed away everything she had was auctioned off and put in her estate (half of which would go to me). He bid on it and got it. It lasted a long, long time--longer than my husband. After having it that long I got use to having it, so when it went I was lost. I always did my corn like we did at home in a pot of boiling water. I still did that when it was just me. It seemed kind of silly. I would buy 3 ears and boil them up in a big roasting pan. I would eat one that night and heat up the other 2 on the next 2 nights. Lately I've been buying 2 ears and cooking them in the microwave. I asked everyone how they did it, and everyone did it different. After I shuck them I wash and scrub them and wrap them in cling wrap. My sister puts them in a dish, but she is making 4-5, so the cling wrap doesn't touch them. She says she figures 2 minutes an ear. I do one at a time and 2 minutes seems just right. After eating one I decide if I want to cook and eat the next one. At home that would be all we had for supper, corn and tomatoes. I can't wait to get back up to Iowa for some GOOD corn and tomatoes. No one will fix that for me. They always have to make a meal when all I want is corn and tomatoes, especially tomatoes.,  df,fl

8499 Ready For Puppy (7/24/2015 9:19:37 PM):  Hubby got crate put up. We went and bought her puppy food, collar and leash. We go and get our Molly this coming Wednesday. I am getting so excited. CB hubby was impressed with your crate training and has been telling it to everyone. Hubby actually let me get pink collar and leash for our girl.,  Vicki, Va.

8501 Recall Notices (7/24/2015 10:23:52 PM):  IKEA offers free wall anchoring repair kit for chests and dressers due to tip-over hazard after two children died:
appliance manufacturer LG agrees to pay maximum $1.825 million civil penalty for failure to report defective dehumidifiers:
GreenWorks blower/vacs recalled by Sunrise Global Marketing due to fire and burn hazards:
Teavana recalls glass pitchers due to laceration and burn hazards:
Cost Plus World Market recalls Ronan bistro chairs due to fall hazard:
Husqvarna recalls lawn and garden tillers due to risk of bodily injury laceration:
Polaris recalls youth RZR recreational off-highway vehicles due to fire hazard (Recall Alert):
Briggs & Stratton recalls Simplicity riding mowers and garden tractors due to risk of injury: and-Garden-Tractors/
UPPAbaby recalls strollers and rumble-seats due to choking hazard: Researcher

8503 Prayers please (7/25/2015 4:06:51 AM):  (please no mention on Facebook please) Mom is in the hospital. We had to call the ambulance on Tuesday because she wouldn't get out of bed. She was extremely weak among other things. They found a urinary tract infection. She finally started to come around a bit Thursday but was also more anemic. Her hematologist saw her and found her hemolytic anemia starting again. So she started treatment for that yesterday. Yesterday was a bad day because she got so nauseous with belly pain. We hope it was just stomach acid from stress so they gave her med for that. She did go to sleep finally because her anemia treatment included Benadryl. I hope I will find her a little better when I get there this morning. Hematologist wants her to stay till Monday but other every day wants her out the door. She just got him assigned to her bc she had no primary care Dr (don't ask!). For sure I'll be sure she gets one now! I am just thankful her hematologist goes to this hospital now. Anyway sorry this got so long. Prayers are always appreciated! Please though please no mention of this on Facebook to those on there. I think I have told everyone who needs to know but I would rather not have it out there on FB. ,  Sue P., CT

8511 Neighbors (7/25/2015 6:37:03 AM):  I have my home up for sale. We are on lots that are only 50' wide. My neighbor is filthy!! The minute they moved in they put up a plastic Home Depot fence (why do people buy them?). The fence is inside the existing chain link fence. They have not washed it since...maybe 10 years. It is covered with mold, all the shrubs are growing through....years ago they had a problem with their dog excaping and threw all this crap between the two fences like concrete and aluminum cans and bricks. We have asked them to please wash the fence and are being ignored. My real estate agent asked them to clean the fence and again were ignored. Am I allowed to powerwash it? I already trim all the shrubs.,  help

8529 Need A Sewing Tip (7/25/2015 10:37:54 AM):  I've been making some gathered skirts and oh so easy to do. My problem though is I just don't like how they hang on my figure. They are ok for child but on me they look boxy. Does anyone here have tip on making elastic waist band skirt hang better on a woman's figure. Skirt is a cotton type of fabric. ,  Vicki, Va.

8531 Transporting food (7/25/2015 11:27:23 AM):  I will be visiting my soon to be 95 year old Mom on her birthday. We live in different states and it will take 3 to 4 hours to get to her area. One thing I would like to bring is her favorite meal from a restaurant in my area. Since transportation will take that long I need advice on whether it would be better to order the meal the day before and refrigerate it or pick it up on my way to visit her. In other words is it better to transport it cold or warm? What would you do? PS The meal will be sitting in the back seat of the car. Either windows will be opened or air conditioning will be on depending on the weather. I have no coolers. ,  Rose PA

8547 Cherry Tomatoes/Sharon, TN (7/25/2015 1:47:51 PM):  Recipes: Researcher

8548 Walgreens Free (7/25/2015 1:52:55 PM):  Was anyone able to do this offer? It wouldn't except my code. For the Free photo book cover. Does anyone know when it expires?,  Not sure what I did wrong.

8549 Home for the summer (7/25/2015 2:03:26 PM):  My DD, the school teacher, has finished her job of teaching gifted elementary students this summer. She started in D.C. for three days doing preparatory work, then on to Chicago at Loyola U. for a week, then to Denver at the U of CO for a week, then to Raleigh, NC at William Peace U and finally home. She said the children were just wonderful and eager to learn. In Chicago, the kids begged her to not go and one of the kid's Moms gave her a large bouquet of roses (Which she gave to the school nurse, since she had no way to take them to Denver with her.) The trip home had a scary ending, because the pilot announced that the plane's computer had malfunctioned and be prepared for a crash landing near Bradley Field (Hartford area). The flight attendant told them that the plane could catch on fire when they landed and to go to the emergency slides when the plane stopped and bring nothing with them. As it were the plane landed and was towed to the terminal. My DD said her knees were shaking before they landed.,  Bob, PA

8552 Milkshake (7/25/2015 3:09:37 PM):  The littlest things get me so excited. Got some Bryers vanilla ice cream in the freezer and found some Carnation malted milk, chocolate ... of course! Going to have homemade malted milk shakes tonight. Have plenty if anyone is interested! :),  Sandy B., MO

8562 Swagbucks (7/25/2015 5:44:50 PM):  Plug in required to play Swagbucks games. Since I got a refurbished new to me computer I can't play Swag jump. Anyone know how to install the plug in they're talking about? TIA,  Diane Me

8579 Backfire? (7/26/2015 8:11:12 AM):  The Economist magazine had an article on Seattle raising the minimum wage to $15/hour. It said that care givers will no longer work full time, because they will lose their Government benefits like SNAP cards, child support, etc. Retailers say that they will have to raise prices approximately 15% which will reduce demand for their products and require fewer workers. I don't know how realistic this report is. Is there anyone on this site that has first hand information on this situation?,  Bob , PA

8580 Kelloggs (7/26/2015 8:53:44 AM):  When you scan your receipt to send to Kelloggs what do you scan? If the receipt is to long, do you just scan the Kellogg products?,  Trying to learn.

8583 RMC REVERAL (7/26/2015 10:17:15 AM):  Do we get anything if we refer someone to RMC? Free Issue or something?,  Want to know.

8585 puzzle (7/26/2015 10:41:50 AM):  Last week's challenge Write down these six numbers: 19, 28, 38, 81, 83, 85. What are the next three numbers in the series? Answer: 89, 97, 102. The series consists of the numbers that, when written in English, start and end with the same letter of the alphabet. If we had a winner, I missed seeing it. .Next week's challenge : Name something in three syllables that an auto mechanic might have. Move the second and third syllables to the front. The result, with some respacing, will name a group of auto mechanics. What is it? ,  MAC--WI

8586 Rose (7/26/2015 11:12:24 AM):  Thanks for answering my question and happy birthday to your mother and hopefully many more!,  CB OH

8587 Reheat transported food (7/26/2015 11:37:10 AM):  Yesterday I asked about the best way to transport food on a 3 to 4 hour journey and received some good advice. Now I need to know the best way to reheat the spareribs I am bringing my Mom in order for them to taste fresh and not dried out. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks to all of you who responded and wished my Mom a happy 95th birthday.,  Rose PA

8588 Teens in FL Missing (7/26/2015 11:38:42 AM):  Why in the world would parents allow two 14 year olds to take a boat out into the ocean to fish?? I just can't understand this at all. Obviously they are from affluent backgrounds but to allow them keys to the boat and over $100 cash to put gas in it?? I'm sorry but I have 3 kids (2 still teens) and there would have been no way I'd have allowed that. I wish them well but seems like they would have found them by now if they were safe and drifting. So sad.,  Susan, SC

8594 Beef tips (7/26/2015 12:31:36 PM):  Can anyone help? A while back their was a great recipe for beeftips. It had stew meat, brown gravy mix,Lipton onion soup, mushrooms and Soup? What else?? Need this to complete Thank You,  M. S, WI

8598 medical bill concerns (7/26/2015 1:23:36 PM):  Well, my broken/dislocated ankle in June found me in an insurance gap. I was covered in May, am covered for July forward. I applied for Medicaid, and it appears I made $4 too much in June to qualify. My medical bills will be about $50,000 for June. Still waiting for surgeons bill, and misc prescription and transport costs. I went from hosp to rehab, hopefully will go to assisted living apt for a month, then home in sept. My older sister is helping with covering the immediate expenses, I am paying her back. I have mostly my home vale and retirement accounts. I am wondering if (generally) there are discounts available for people w/o insurance, and any idea what the discount might be? Is it something one negotiates (for lack of a better word). Any ideas or directions would be hepful. I do plan to return to work when I can, which might be a couple months from now. So, any tips on approaching this debt would be helpful. ,  Cindy T., WI

8601 Facebook (7/26/2015 2:21:40 PM):  I finally uninstalled Facebook from my cellphone. At first, it wasn't a big deal to have it. However, I found I started to look at it more and more. Ultimately, it was a huge distraction. I'll still check it at night but I think I will find this a relief actually. Somehow I was getting minute-by-minute updates which would ding at odd times during the day. ,  Mindy, MD

8602 Buying school supplies (7/26/2015 2:23:37 PM):  I noticed the sales for school supplies are going on right now. What is that sales timeline? Do I have a couple of weeks on the sales or will I miss them if I don't shop this week. Also, what is a good price for a 7-year's backpack? Where do you get the best deals for school supplies? This year, I plan to stock up for next year so I don't have to go through this. It's my first year.,  Mindy, MD

8603 sewing/elastic band waists (7/26/2015 2:30:25 PM):  Vickie you had wondered about skirt waistbands. I wasn't sure what type you were using. I think of 2 types, one apporx. 3/4" wide, that you would use in a casing (like pj pants bottom waist), there is also a waistband elastic that is more like 1 1/2" wide. The way I have used the wider elastic is to hold it and the fabric together, stretching the elastic as you sew several parallel rows around the waist, making a more gentle gathering, like with a dirndl skirt. HTH,  Cindy T., WI

8611 Start Sampling (7/26/2015 5:02:30 PM):  What is the new name for this? I really don't hold out much hope for ever getting anything for all of the points I have but one never knows. I thought I bookmarked it but now I can't find it. Thanks!,  Leigh FL

8621 Doreen, Mi (7/26/2015 6:37:36 PM):  You said in a prior post that ND and SD pay higher than average minimum wage. That is most likely due to a strong economy. DH's company sells building supplies. Both ND and SD are their strongest states for sales. I've never been there so just guessing but since they sell so much, I'd venture to guess for the strong economy.,  Susan, SC

8627 Just for Fun (7/26/2015 7:30:32 PM):  How much per hour were you paid for the very first job you ever had. I was sixteen when I got my first job at Dairy Queen and I made $1.50 an hour.,  Debbie, IN

8629 Bobbie Kristina (7/26/2015 7:58:53 PM):  Bobbie Kristina, 22, died today. She was daughter of Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown.,  RIP

8631 EMG test and insurance (7/26/2015 8:14:54 PM):  I don't remember who asked me to say how the EMG (muscle) test went, but I wanted to let you know that our health insurance wouldn't even touch the claim until I answered a survey as to whether it was caused by an accident (auto, work, etc) and what insurance they had. I called and told them I hadn't worked in four years (still can't believe it has been that long) and it wasn't an accident - we think my issues are just from major overuse in a short period of time (drive 4+ hours one way multiple times and having to go through everything in mom's house, etc). Now it will be processed and I will get a new benefit statement (and hopefully they pay part of the $2,100 bill). I think I will be hitting the deductible this year....,  Heather, NV

8634 Today's funny (7/26/2015 9:12:28 PM):  This is too cute not to share. Why did the blonde get so excited when she finished the puzzle in just one week? Because the box said 3 to 5 years. How cute is that ... to all the blondes on here, no offense, my son says I'm a blonde in disguise (I'm a red head).,  Sandy B., MO

8653 Where are you from? (7/27/2015 6:36:53 AM):  Ancestry questions? So when and where do your ancestors come from? Between 1900-1903 my grandparents came here legally by ship, originally from Lithuania and Poland. They settled in Greenpoint Brooklyn and Greene Ave, Brooklyn. My husband's grandparents came around the same time from Sicily and setting in lower Manhattan, the Italian section of NYC,  Joanie in NJ & FL

8655 Arkansas mountain cabin rental? (7/27/2015 6:57:29 AM):  We are looking to go to Arkansas mid-August. My husband really wants to stay in the mountains. I am having a hard time finding a place to rent that will sleep 5 - 6 people (all adults or older teens). Would love to spend less than $200/night, under $150 would be best. Any suggestions? Thanks.,  Susan near Houston

8656 Longaberger baskets (7/27/2015 6:57:58 AM):  I have several Longaberger baskets to sell. where can I get the best prices?,  wondering

8658 Credit Checks (7/27/2015 7:35:14 AM):  We were recently interested in purchasing a new car at our local car dealership had purchased their previously They knew which cars we were interested in took our credit applications and asked if we would like to test drive some cars while we waited for results as the credit manager was out we said sure The salesman handed us the keys to a super nice luxury model with a $5,000 rebate we drove it and came back it was really really nice The credit manager was still out so we ended up going home and awaited a call The salesman told us they were trying to get us the best deal interest, price ect When he called back he said they got it approved but for a different color + our trade in + $1500 and $5,000 rebate and payments $550 a month I thought what ????? (our current car was %0 interest excellent condition low miles ect) the deal was for the luxury car not the one we wanted it seems it was the one he could make the most money on we decided not too trade, since then we've received 5 letters from 5 different banks concerning credit checks the dealership ran they said to get the best deal I know each credit check deducts from the persons credit rating but I am wondering how many banks can dealerships contact and how many points is deducted from credit per credit check ? ,  No Sale For Us

8666 AAA/car insurance question (7/27/2015 9:20:00 AM):  I’ve had AAA for many years and just got my renewal bill. I called my car insurance company and it will cost $22 a year to add towing coverage but using it will result in a “towing claim.” AAA Plus costs $141 a year for me and DH- much more than $22! I’m nervous about the “towing claim” because I wouldn’t want a tow to “cost” me later on in increased rates, risk ratio, etc. I don’t plan on needing a tow, of course, but no one ever does! I don’t use any of the other AAA perks so they aren’t a factor. TIA for any thoughts and/or feedback!,  Heather in PA

8668 Pet Peeve (7/27/2015 9:23:53 AM):  Just thought I would share my experience last week at Kroger. I bought 8 boxes of cereal--buy 4 get 1 free gallon of milk. Most of them were Frosted Mini Wheats. On sale, 2 gallons of milk free (which I had to buy anyway) and I had coupons plus they had the free movie tickets on them. Win, win. Upon checking out, the woman behind me couldn't resist commenting on how we must really like that kind. I just personally cannot imagine saying something to a stranger regarding the groceries in their cart. She has no idea if I am shopping for the month or how many kids I have or what. I just don't get it. This is not the first time this has happened to me and I'm sure it won't be the last.,  Denise, MI

8671 Calphalon Contemporary 13 (7/27/2015 9:54:01 AM):  Does anyone on this board ever use a 13" diameter non-stick skillet at home? Early last week I ordered some new non-stick cookware from Chef's going through ebates. Among the items I ordered was a 13" diameter Calphalon Contemporary Non-stick deep fry skillet with lid. I thought the old worn out non-stick skillet i was replacing was 13" diameter. It was smaller than that. I got the skillet & 2 of the other 3 items last Saturday. I inaugurated that skillet last night by cooking some bacon. Followed by some mini tater tots & a large piece of fish fillet I cut into 2 pieces. The skillet is so heavy that I couldn't tip it over enough to pour off the bacon drippings. Had to use both hands on the main handle. And still I couldn't tip it over enough to completely pour off all the bacon drippings! Skillet does have a helper handle on the opposite side of the skillet. Will have to learn to use that helper handle in the future. I bought 4 different pieces of Calphalon Contemporary Non-stick cookware. I qualified for free shipping which is Economy Standard through FedEx Smartpost. Three of the items were packed in one shipping carton. But when the box was reweighed, it now weighed too much to ship Economy Standard! It wound up shipped regular FedEx. My invoice listed all 4 items. But I only got 3 of them. I called Chefs about it & was told the 4th item was shipping separately from the other 3 I got. It will come Economy Standard late this week. Calphalon suggest we register our Calphalon products online.Does anyone ever register the cookware they buy online? I only have 3 of my 4 items. Should I wait until I've received the 4th item to register that cookware online? or can I go ahead & do it now? I've never used a skillet this huge at home. It's really going to be a learning experience for me!,  Virginia Ann S VA

8676 Cruise Suggestions Wanted (7/27/2015 10:03:17 AM):  I have about ten days off in the middle of October. My husband and I have looked into cruises with Royal Caribbean. They have one going to southern Caribbean leaving from San Juan. We also saw one going from Boston to Canada for a fall tour. Have any of you done either tour and comments? I know one would be cool and other warm weather. We have done 2 Royal cruises in the past.,  Bev, IN

8681 my vent (7/27/2015 10:11:47 AM):  Okay, I'm being judgemental but I find this to just be kind of inappropriate and "out there" so I want your opinions. An acquaintance's son joined the Marines. He will graduate from boot camp (or whatever it is for the Marines) in 1 week. So he's very new to the Marines. My husband is retired Air Force so I am pro-military. She is VERY liberal, but EXTREMELY supportive of her son, which is wonderful. Before he joined the Marines she was not really patriotic or supportive of the military in any outwardly way. So the Chattanooga shooting happened. A man from my town was one of the people killed. She lives 90 minutes away but she went to his funeral. I mean, I find this to just be weird. She has NO connection to him or his family. The ONLY connection is that her son is a Marine and he was a Marine. They were not in the same troop or division or anything. Just another marine. Obviously the funeral was very well attended. I would just never even THINK of going to the funeral (she went to the memorial service too, another 90 minute drive on a different day). I just find this so odd. I know she really fears her son will be killed. And she is not thrilled he joined the military, but as I said, is supportive of his decision. I just find it so weird. Is it just me? Is this common? Your thoughts and opinions?,  Dianne in GA

8712 Church (7/27/2015 12:56:50 PM):  So here's something else I wanted to get everyone's opinion about. I found out Saturday that the church I used to attend before I moved is no longer holding weddings. They are a non-denominational church with their own governing board. They will no longer have any weddings because they don't want to get sued (they do no believe gay marriage is Biblical). This makes me really sad that the option to marry in the church is no longer an option.,  Dianne in GA (former Catholic)

8726 Just for Fun (7/27/2015 2:28:03 PM):  It was interesting reading about everyone's first job and how much they made. What were you doing just before you sat down to check out this blog? I was cleaning and cooking and decided it was time for a break.,  Debbie, IN

8739 Save upcs? (7/27/2015 4:06:42 PM):  Do we still need to save ALL upcs or just select ones? I have bunches that I have saved for a long time. And what to keep. Just wondered if I should weed them out and what to keep. I would appreciate your input. Thank you, CJ,  CJ, MO

8741 Recall Notices (7/27/2015 4:23:58 PM):  Epoca International recalls glass whistling kettle due to laceration and burn hazard:
Hearth & Home Technologies recalls gas fireplaces due to fire hazard:
Hearth & Home Technologies recalls pellet stoves and inserts due to laceration hazard:
Jake's Fireworks recalls YoYo Sparklers due to burn hazard:
Ӧhlins front forks for motocross bikes recalled by Ӧhlins USA due to crash hazard:
JetForce Avalanche Airbag Packs recalled by Black Diamond due to risk of injury: Researcher

8753 Mayo Clinic/Rochester, MN (7/27/2015 5:42:37 PM):  How many miles is the Rochester Airport to the Mayo Clinic?,  Thank you.

8756 Hot car deaths, kids (7/27/2015 5:50:25 PM):  HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) — Police say an 18-month-old boy found dead in a hot vehicle in Arkansas last week was the son of a juvenile court judge. The Hot Springs Police Department said Monday it was conducting a criminal investigation. It says the boy's death was likely due to "excessive heat." The boy's father is Circuit Judge Wade Naramore. A statement released on the family's behalf by a family friend Sunday night called the death a "tragic accident.",  Horrified

8779 Bumping up-just venting (7/27/2015 11:31:39 PM):  Hooray, Cathy-OH, I was trying to think of how I wanted to respond, but you hit the nail on the head. I've often commented about those that don't sign their names and I understand some sensitivity issues, such as health, etc. I don't think any of those issues apply here. I think there are too many mean-spirited posts from those that don't sign their names. Some of the uncalled-for comments (IMO): Time to get a life... and Mind your own business. We, and she, may not agree with what the other person did but cut her some slack. She was just asking our opinion (which we all gave) but some of us really let loose on her. I hope those of you that responded so negatively aren't like that in person. And if you are, I would rather not cross paths with you. We all can voice our opinion on OTC but some of us are really rude. ,  Susan, LA

8787 Baseball (7/28/2015 4:47:05 AM):  Our town hosts the Big League World Series for boys ages 15 thru 18. We have teams from all over the US and some foreign countries in our area this week. Will be hot for the games. But we plan to try to catch one or two of them. The field is maybe 15 minutes from my house. Always and exciting time and good for the economy. The final game next Tuesday will be on ESPN.,  Susan, SC

8791 Japanese Beetles (7/28/2015 5:39:38 AM):  Vicki mentioned about drowning her Japanese Beetles. That is how I try to get rid of mine also. How many others use the drowning method over the scented bag? If you use the bags do you think they work better? I had used the bags many years ago but thought they seem to bring all the beetles in the neighborhood to my place. They also seem to eat the trees near the bag.,  Jackie A., PA

8796 Arkansas mountain cabin rental - Thanks (7/28/2015 7:00:27 AM):  Thank you to those that responded to my post. By the time I could respond, the post was at the bottom of the page & I wanted you to know I appreciate you taking the time to respond.,  Susan near Houston

8801 Google Researcher (7/28/2015 7:50:03 AM):  Are you able and willing to find an independent report that is not slanted either way as to the services that Planned Parenthhod provides? I hear the left say they do lots of women's health services and the right claims they do very little. I'm thinking you could post this on Friday, if you are willing?,  Karen-IA

8809 Advice Needed (7/28/2015 9:22:34 AM):  I am just looking for some honest help, prayers, advice. I have been married for 8 years. My husband is a kind man, don't get me wrong, he doesn't abuse me or hurt me. However, things have been getting worse lately and I feel so alone. I don't know if he's autistic or what but he has NO INTEREST in anything to do with sex/intimacy. We did do counseling (didn't help) I've tried talking to him (didn't help) reaching out to his family (didn't help). Yes, I love this man or I wouldn't have married him and I knew he was a little different. He doesn't like to throw out his napkin...uses it until it's like five colors (EWWWW!!) I just am at a loss. He is the breadwinner and I can't afford to live on my own. I also have a 20 year old with his own issues that lives at home (my husband isn't the father) and I've never been married before. I just want to be happy. I'm sorry for rambling, I guess I'm at a complete loss how to make things better and hoping someone out there can give me wise words or wisdom or just keep me in your prayers. THANKS!!!!,  jerseygirl

8816 Weddings/Bakery/Bump Up (7/28/2015 10:28:11 AM):  It is sad that the bakery owner had been sued and will lose everything or so I was told. I thought most businesses post that they have the right to refuse service to anyone. They gay couple could have gone to another bakery. As far as the weddings go; I think we will see less and less weddings because of the fear of being asked by gays to be married in the church. Some pastors will only marry church members. In one county clerk's office in Texas if it is against a clerk's religious opinion he/she doesn't have to issue the marriage license but another in the office can do it.,  Janice/Ok

8822 Planned Parenthood/My Thoughts (7/28/2015 11:32:06 AM):  Does it really matter if they do things like pap smears and birth control, as long as they are killing innocent babies that have a heartbeat? It's like this: Betty Smith is a wonderful doting mom. Excellent wife. Gives 90% of her money to the poor. Volunteers at church several times a week. BUT, then she goes out and murders another human, injecting deadly poison into them, and rips them apart limb by limb until they are dead. Betty may have been a good person and done good things, but she is a murderer now. And the murder she committed and the life she took, can never make up for the one she killed.,  Any clearer?

8828 Perspective (7/28/2015 12:10:37 PM):  Millions of the abortions that PP performs each year are on babies that would be viable outside the womb!,  Try again.

8833 package delivery (7/28/2015 1:30:24 PM):  I ordered a laptop from Office Depot. I checked my email and carrier was some company called Eagle and was just dropped off at my house by a guy with a beatup white van with a stencil for a local party place on the side. now I have seen everything. I'm used to a major carrier leaving packages at the post office to deliver. this was a new one for me. I wonder what would have happened i I didnt get it,  judyb LA

8838 Preying on elderly (7/28/2015 2:27:40 PM):  Was talking to one of the ladies at work today. Said her 90 year old FIL was sitting on the front porch when a man drove up and said he needed money for his family and he needed to use the bathroom. Both of her in-laws are pretty feeble, physically. He brought the man in the house. Thankfully, their caregiver was there and saw him. Asked who he was and what he was doing there. "He's going to give me some $$ and I have to use the bathroom." She told him "no he won't and NO you aren't using the bathroom here". They live out in the country. This man and a woman went to this couple's church twice this week and have been hitting up on nearby residents. Guess he saw her FIL sitting on the porch and figured he looked like an easy mark. He said that he had planned to "give him a hundred". I told her that he will probably watch for when the caregiver's car is gone and he will be back. My co-worker told the caregiver that she needed to call sheriff so they can be on the lookout for the description.,  Susan, LA

8841 Rental in Rochester, MN (7/28/2015 2:48:39 PM):  Avis also has a pickup at the Kahler Grand Hotel: Enterprise is at the airport. These are the only rental companies in Rochester. The hotel will be great for you...can pick up and drop off at the same location!! I will be praying for you...I know that prayers are answered!!!,  Google Researcher

8843 Pancake Mix (7/28/2015 3:06:00 PM):  I generally by the "complete" mix to which you only add water, but am wondering if the ones where you add other ingredients would have more flavor. Or, do I had a bit of cinnamon or vanilla? Or . . . is there a tried and true homemade mix I can make. Was very disappointed the last batch. Already tossed the box so I don't know what the brand was. I am also very careful about expiration dates as I know it is important to use pancake mixes before they expire.,  Sue S., MN

8845 AArp (7/28/2015 3:28:52 PM):  Anyone know of any deal to get free AARP membership renewal-other than walgrens----Just wondering. ,  sharon Mo

8846 Need Gardening Help (7/28/2015 3:48:25 PM):  I have 2 options to get my asparagus started ( I have seeds). A - after tilling the garden this fall plant the seeds. B - Start the seeds this January in my greenhouse and plant the starters next spring from there. I am leaning towards B. And, for the record, I know I will not yield a harvest the first (or even second) season. But, this city girl living in farm country needs help. THANKS!,  Shelby, Iowa

8848 Mindy/School Supplies (7/28/2015 3:55:36 PM):  Hi there! I'm trying to catch up on reading and your post caught my eye. As a teacher and mom of 3, I try to watch the sales as much as possible. Here, Office Depot starts some really good sales in mid-July. They have 1¢ and 25¢ items, limit 3. I stock up on each of those. I also look ahead to the next year's list and see what might be needed that I can stock up on. I always buy extras of most supplies, such as crayons, glue, paper, folders, etc. (whatever is easily useable) because the kids often need more of this during the year, as they use up and wear out. It's also nice to have extras of these for a quick gift idea for last-minute birthday invites. There's always going to be school projects that require stuff at home, too, so I like to have stuff on hand here. Good luck with your new student!!,  Wendy, TX

8849 cat sitter (7/28/2015 4:02:56 PM):  does any one know what you would pay a cat sitter that came to your house maybe two or three times while you are gone? She is a busy person and she does live a few miles away so she is using her gas. I want to be more than fair.,  srd

8853 amazon prime (7/28/2015 5:06:06 PM):  so..I ordered amazon prime for 30 day free trial...not impressed and want to cancel..anyone know how I cancel?,  Sandra ME

8855 Susan, LA (7/28/2015 5:33:24 PM):  Your post claims there are too many mean spirited posts and they are done so anonymously. Would you rather I just choose a random first and random state? Would the truth then be easier to take?,  Sandy, MN

8873 Backpacks (7/28/2015 8:56:34 PM):  Are there two different sizes of backpacks for kids? It looks like there are big and small backpacks. How do I know it's the correct size for a 7/8 year old?,  Mindy, MD

8874 Uncomfortable situation (7/28/2015 8:59:53 PM):  Tonight I was at ceramics. We paint at a Baptist church in one of their utility buildings. Usually have 3 men there, but none tonight. Our fault...we didn't lock the door. All the "regulars" were there, when the door opened. A young man looking for a bathroom. We all froze and glanced at each other out of the corners of our eyes. While he was in there, the lady who runs it said he was OK b/c she'd seen him before. When I questioned her, she couldn't remember where but said that people are always looking for the bathroom when they have ball practice. Fine....but no ball practice tonight. When he comes out, he starts to tell his story about needing $18.65 to meet his daughter's copay b/c they were hit by semi-truck. He's Iraq vet who w/b going to Afghanistan in 2017. Been to several area churches who all refused to help him. So a light goes off in my brain about my coworker's FIL and what happened to him, which I posted about earlier today. I whispered to one of the ladies that I wish I could get his photo so she says Hey why don't you take a pic of what I'm painting and you can text it to me so I can show people. So I get his photo under that pretense. I asked if he had been to a certain church and named my friend's church. "Been there today." and he tells me the route he took from that church to other area churches, which put him right past her in-laws place. Going to send her the pic tomorrow to see if her FIL's caregiver can ID him. I asked the lady that runs the program if she thought we should call S/O to have a deputy park until we left (which we decided would be shortly). They sent 3 units and they all stayed until all of us left. One of the ladies said he was the same man that approached her a few months ago in the parking lot. It's a shame we feel we have to have such suspicion for someone who may legitimately need help. ,  Susan, LA

8875 Internet explorer (7/28/2015 9:07:51 PM):  Is anyone having issues with internet explorer? On Sunday I could get RE to load but could not scroll and had to use another browser. On Monday IE was working okay but today it is freezing up and not loading most sites. ,  Ann

8876 Cathy/CB-OH (7/28/2015 9:08:05 PM):  Sorry, I just saw your post from yesterday, CB (Carla). Guess I was reading last night on the same brain I am typing on tonight because I can't type worth anything tonight.,  Susan, LA

8881 Sue P (7/28/2015 10:32:57 PM):  How's your Mom doing? Have been thinking about you both and praying her health is improved.,  Marion, CA

8890 FOY code (7/29/2015 6:47:59 AM):  38 points by 2 users pfkn09ys9,  Penny in MO

8897 summer cooking (7/29/2015 8:32:30 AM):  Fixed fried green tomatoes for a side item last night. So having leftover fried tomatoes for a late breakfast. Yum!!,  Susan, SC

8898 gas dropping again (7/29/2015 8:34:39 AM):  Just seen $2.06 at a gas station today. Most of ours are at $2.14 so bet the rest of them drop too. Yay.,  Susan, SC

8900 Happenings around the farm- (7/29/2015 8:48:59 AM):  Two weeks ago, today, I had a total anterior left hip replacement. I had lost a lot of weight, but the arthritis in my hips had deteriorated the joints and walking had become painful. I did a lot of research and Anterior is the way to go, they come in from the front and pull the muscles aside, they don't cut any muscles like they do with the posterior (back) replacements. I found a surgeon that did anterior hip replacements at VCU, but he also has access to my local hospital where he does posterior replacements. I told him I realized that a special table was used for the anterior, but if possible, I would rather avoid VCU and do it at my local hospital which is a branch of VCU. VCU sent down the special tools that are used if you don't have the table and I was the first one at my local hospital to have the Anterior replacement done. This was done on Wednesday morning, and by Friday morning I was packing to go home. By the following Wednesday I was walking without the assistance of the walker or the cane. My surgeon was amazed. Last Thursday, me being my hard headed self decided to go over to the barn and open some packages that had come in the mail. I sat on the footstool, which placed my knees higher than my hip (I knew better, but wasn’t thinking), when I went to get up, I fell forward and hit hard on my knees. They only way I can described this is; it was like velcro tearing apart and whatever was being it fell forward like a stack of Jenga blocks. Hubby helped me up and I walked back over to the house and took one of the strong pain pills. No damage, thank goodness, the surgeon said that it was probably tissue that was attaching to the implant that I heard and felt pull away. The real problem is the top stitch is infected- I'm on heavy duty antibiotics and I don't see any drainage now, so I'm hoping that is all cleared up. I am good now and am walking well again- PT comes out only once a week because I am working on my mobility and am improving. I did a bunch of research before I had the surgery and I actually practiced getting in and out of the car, up and down steps, sitting on the toilet, ect. It was much easier than my practice because I can actually use my left So, while everyone is amazed by my progress, it's only because I practiced before hand. I am taking it easy now after the fall and the infection. In three months I am going to have the right hip done and be done with all of this. If you ever need a hip replacement go with the Anterior- healing time is so much faster and I only used the pain pills for 3 days after I got home. I did take an Oxy the night I fell, but I was given 60 of them and I have 57 left. The Oxy is too strong for me, so I used the Percocet for my first 3 days home. Vicodin and Morphine make me sick- like throwing up sick, well we can add Oxy to that list. I would never have made a good drug addict, (thank goodness) because I just can’t tolerate the stuff! The only problem I would say I had with the entire process was in recovery, I was that nauseous, sick, give me that blue bag feeling- . My Anesthesiologists told me she gets sick like I do after surgery. When I came to in recovery, I said, Sue, please give me something to stop this, she said, I have thrown everything I have at you, honey, I’m sorry. So, if that’s the worst thing I can say about all of this, then I’m good!,  Sharon B., VA

8901 calcium test (7/29/2015 8:49:12 AM):  Has anyone had a test to see how much calcium is in one's arteries? I have this test coming up and wonder what to expect. Thanks,  Just wondering

8902 Adina (7/29/2015 8:49:33 AM):  Thank you so much, I got your card, you are always so thoughtful- I really want to be you, when I grow up :),  Sharon B., VA

8907 Grace (7/29/2015 10:11:14 AM):  Happy, Happy Birthday to you. Hoping your day is as special as you are my beautiful friend. Have fun and enjoy yourself.,  Lila

8909 Lion Killed (7/29/2015 11:14:02 AM):  I am sicken by the news story about the regal lion Cecil killed by a sadistic American dentist. I think hunting for trophies should be outlawed in Africa. They are not doing it for the meat. They are simply doing it for bloodlust and ego. "Look at me! I shot a lion. I'm a big hunter!" It's horrible. That lion, which was an icon and lived on a Zimbabwe refuge, was lured out, shot, and beheaded. I hope that dentist loses his practice because his patients boycott him. He is a lowlife. He makes me sick.,  Joan J

8911 FOY Code (7/29/2015 11:18:38 AM):  You've won Fountain of Youth Code d41ct2jvw worth 16 Hulk Coins for use by 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

8912 Storing Stuffed Animals (7/29/2015 11:25:01 AM):  What's the best way to store large quantities of stuff animals? I've been cleaning in the upstairs bedrooms and have really aired the rooms out. The stuffed animals have been sitting outside today in the nice warm sunshine. (We had a chimney fire last March. I finally am getting around to really cleaning the walls and am rewashing all of the curtains etc.. to get the rest of the lingering smell out of the room.),  Joanne Vt

8913 Molly (7/29/2015 11:32:48 AM):  Well we went and picked up our little sweetheart today. Oh she is just too adorable. She is adjusting quite nicely. Pepper my yorkie not so sure of her but I know she will come around. Molly has already bit off one of my cucumber stems. We have lots of puppy lessons to learn.,  Vicki, Va.

8914 Grace Basham (7/29/2015 11:47:15 AM):  Have a great birthday! Hope it's all you want it to be--and more!,  Barb M., OR

8917 FOY cofe (7/29/2015 11:54:35 AM):  kwkexcvgj for 12 points for 2 users ,  Faye, VA

8924 The secret is out...finally (7/29/2015 12:49:59 PM):  For 2.5 years, my boyfriend (now fiancé) and I have been dating. This is not a big deal until you know that we worked closely in the same department. During the first year, we were very strategic in having lunch together, being seen together, etc. I actually moved my cubicle away from his and told everyone I needed more room, it was warmer, and quieter (all true statements). Dating is allowed at my workplace, but I wanted everything to be secret to avoid any conflicts from management. By the second year, coworkers were starting to wonder. They would try to quiz us different ways. Because we are so vastly different in personality and appearance, we seemed like a very mismatched couple. We also decided at that point not to really be seen with each other at all. However, we continued to take short vacations together being gone at the same time. Still, no one really seemed to notice. I told a couple of people and they were SO shocked. No, not shocked. The term should be flabbergasted. Because he is so outgoing and I am quiet, he is from the city and I am from the country, and because he said he'd never get married again, it has come to a shock to his coworkers. Well, my fiance retired in April. Let me tell you, I was SO happy. Now I can relax and be myself. Yesterday, I went into work after being off for a few weeks. My boyfriend said, "People will notice your ring...I guarantee it." I said, "No, they won't. I'm too quiet and stay under the wire." Sure enough, upper management knew about the within an hour of me being back at my office. Who told them? My boss, of course. Our department is a peyton place, I swear. So, the secret is out and I am relieved. I should write a story about this. Do you have any interesting stories like this?,  Mindy, MD

8930 Electric Fry Pan (7/29/2015 1:45:32 PM):  Well -- mine finally ceased to work. I haven't used it a lot lately and I am wondering do I really need to replace it? I know my mom used hers a lot and years ago I used it more than I do now. I know a griddle can substitute for some of it as well as a crock pot. Opinions?,  Sue S., MN

8954 lion killing ? (7/29/2015 3:32:03 PM):  I will say I am not a fan or advocate of big game hunting. However, it is legal within certain perimeters. My thoughts are running in another direction. Why are people so outraged over this animal being killed and not taking to the streets in protest over baby body parts being brokered for profit by planned parenthood. It just seems strange that so much outrage over an animal and people defending the killing of babies and selling of the parts to the highest bidder. supposedly the woman have to give consent for the parts to be sold but I wonder how many did. Or were they aware of what they were agreeing to. Even if you were ok with having an abortion I am not so sure you would want people casually discussing how they would profit from the parts. Both things are wrong in my opinion but somehow the babies lives are not getting the attention of a Lion. By the way as awful as what the Lion killer did, he was relying of the guides to stay within the law. Even though I think what he did was awful there may not be enough evidence to charge him with anything. (there may be they are still investigating.) If the PP videos are all true laws were being broken or violated, and those who broke the law should be punished.,  Doreen,MI

8967 Uncomfy situation-bumping up (7/29/2015 5:33:42 PM):  Be forewarned that this is long/involved post. Susan,SC-I don’t know that he is currently in the military. Unfortunately, I doubt even that part of his story. (The lady that runs the program thanked him for his service. She said that if he was in military, she wanted to thank him and if he was not telling the truth, it was up to him.) As things have progressed since yesterday, I have learned more---which leads to more questions. His story changes a lot---injured in Iraq, going to Afghanistan in a few years, injured in Afghanistan, did 3 tours in Kuwait, waiting on Army to approve his disability, needs $ for stitches for his kid b/c they were hit by 18 wheeler, kid needs tubes in her ears due to being in accident. Don’t know how he keeps them all straight. Emailed his pic to my coworker, who had her inlaw’s caregiver confirm that the guy from last night IS the same guy that tried to get money from her inlaws. Recd. call from secretary of the church where we paint and also call from a corporal w/ S/O b/c he needed to speak to the lady who took the photo---me. He told me the history , which I already knew, of how he started out at the church just north of here and visited the elderly couple at their house. He said that no one from the church or the residence could give description of vehicle beyond “silver car”, not make, model or lic. #. Told him I had all that b/c I have a photo so I emailed it to him. Corporal said that the church called him and while he was there, secretary saw the guy's number on Caller ID so the deputy answers the phone as if he worked at the church. When the guy asked for help, he ID’d himself as deputy and “come on down to the church and I’ll be glad to help you.” The guy hung up on him. So he knows the police are on to him, but yet he came to the other church last night. Called a church across from my house to let them know b/c they are small & have only one office staff person. Secretary said that same guy had been there earlier this year and they assisted him by paying his electric bill & water bill. They have an outreach center for food and clothing. He went there and recd. 80 lbs. of food. She gave me the contact info that he gave them on the application. Also last week “Major Bentley, superior officer” called and wanted to know if pastor could expedite his soldier’s approval for funds. One problem---his superior had the same phone # as he gave on his application for assistance! Also spoke to my neighbor who goes to a smaller church. She talked to their secretary and emailed photo. Secretary said that this guy was there last week seeking assistance, but the name given by the other church does not go with the face in the photo. A person with that name sought assistance last year. The plot thickens… The deputy said that he would like to catch up w/ the guy and run a warrant check on him. At the very least, they can forbid him to come back into either of these small towns, in which case he’ll do as all con artists do and move to another area and fresh prey. We commented that he had not been back for a couple of months(b/c 2 of our group gave him $$ back then which I just found out this morning) but also someone commented that deputies have been parking in the parking lot up front to write reports so he may have seen them at those times and decided against coming in. Last night there were no deputies so he may have seized the opportunity. My 1st thought was that he was coming in to see who/how many were there. He even made the comment about “nothing but ladies” and that gave me the creeps. So far today I've learned that he's been to 8 churches. He brought his 3 very young daughters to prayer meeting one night to ask for more $$. Said even after they were given coats at outreach center, they were only dressed in sleeveless clothes on the coldest night of the year. Two of the ladies at outreach each slipped him $20. It's so sad that you can't take someone at their word that they truly need help. This guy is taking away from those that truly need assistance. Places are already cutting funding drastically so the pot is a lot smaller than it used to be. ,  Susan, LA

8968 Medicare Part D Plans (7/29/2015 6:16:10 PM):  I need to choose a Part D prescription coverage plan within the next month since my DH is retiring due to health reasons and insurance will end. I'm older than him, in reasonably good health, and already on Social Security. Total yearly cost for my current 2 prescriptions (Synthroid and Omeprazole - brand names, which I do need, I've tried the generics) without insurance is $1,230.72 at my local pharmacy. Although we could manage that if we really scrimped, I am most concerned about possible future medication costs for unexpected events or health changes. I'm wading through the various stand-alone Part D plans now and their costs, options, exceptions, etc. I'm nervous about how well each is to deal with. Are any of you happy with your Part D prescription coverage provider?,  SharonTN

8973 Colonoscopy? (7/29/2015 7:01:27 PM):  Having an early morning colonoscopy. The prep drink is INCREDIBLY tart but not bad tasting. Does anyone have any ideas what to expect? I have tickets to Mary Poppins at Starlight tomorrow night with our granddaughter. I'll feel up to it, right? Thanks in advance.,  Sandy B., MO

9006 Recall Notice (7/30/2015 6:51:41 AM):  Whirlpool recalls Jenn-Air wall ovens due to risk of burns Researcher

9007 Puppy Busy (7/30/2015 6:54:47 AM):  As you can imagine I was a little puppy busy yesterday. Thank goodness she is taking a little nap in her crate right now. She is doing wonderful and is even doing good at coming to her name. Anyway keeping up with post and keeping all in my prayers. Sharon B. glad to hear from you again & sorry you had to have surgery. However once that hip completely heals hopefully you be in great health & no pain. It takes time so don't fret if it kicks up once in awhile. ,  Vicki, Va.

9008 Sketchers (7/30/2015 7:33:13 AM):  Does anyone have experience with Sketchers Go Walk slip ons? I need a good pair for walking, but these do not come in a 10 1/2. Should I get larger or smaller? Anyone have any info on this?,  Mary A, Ok

9011 SwagBucks (7/30/2015 7:56:43 AM):  Anyone else not happy with the change on SB? Need to watch 4 videos or more to get 1 point? It use to be so easy, and now getting hard to get points. And to even watch for higher points, you have to have something to enter some of the codes. I guess once I hit my goal to cash out, that will be it for me.,  Done with SB

9014 Dr Palmer (7/30/2015 8:29:10 AM):  The more information that comes out, the more guilty Dr Palmer becomes in the lion death. He tried to cut off and hide the tracking collar. His apology is damage control, that's all. "I blame it all on my guides. Yes, I stalked the lion, yes I agreed to the baiting, yes, I followed him for two days while he suffered with my arrow in his body, yes I enjoyed the kill, yes I cut off his head and left his body to rot, but HEY I'm a good guy and it's all the guide's fault. Please keep me in business so I can continue to earn the big bucks and hunt again and again. I specialize in endangered beautiful animals and I want them all hanging on my wall." And the final sadness is that Cecil had fathered six cubs this season. When a new dominate male lion takes over the pride, that male will kill those cubs. Hey Dr Palmer, are you going to mount them on your wall? All trophy hunting should be outlawed. It's worst than despicable. ,  Barbara S, NC

9015 Childhood favs (7/30/2015 8:31:01 AM):  I just saw a TV ad for The Patty Duke Show and it make me think how much I loved her as a teenage girl....and Hayley Mills was my favorite movie star!!! What about you?,  Joanie in NJ & FL

9018 The killing of Cecil the lion (7/30/2015 8:39:11 AM):  I am saddened and disgusted with the killing of Cecil the lion. While he was killed in the manner of "sport hunting", I wonder how many of you are aware how your meat and dairy products are raised and produced. It is nothing like it was 100 years ago. Do you realize that in the United States we slaughter more animals in ONE DAY than 100 years ago? Do you know the conditions that pigs are subjected to? Have you seen a gestation crate? Do you know that piglets have their tails cut off, have their testicles removed, have their teeth clipped-all without the use of anesthesia or pain medication? Do you know how baby pigs are killed if they are sick or not growing fast enough? Do you know how dairy milk is produced? Do you know that mother cows have their babies taken from them soon after they give birth as the milk is then taken for human consumption and not for the calves? And when they aren't producing enough milk they are artificially inseminated so that they have babies again and will produce milk again. This is what their entire lives are like. Cows produced for meat don't have it any better. Chickens are forced to live by the tens of thousands in buildings without ever seeing daylight. Have you ever seen how chickens are transported and what their slaughter process is like? How about accidentally being scalded alive? And the chicken houses are never cleaned. The air isn't safe for humans to breathe (workers wear masks) but the chickens don't have that luxury. Turkeys as well. Chickens and turkeys are bred so fast and such that their breasts get so large (because of the consumer demand) now that many aren't even able to walk. How about how egg-laying hens? Most fish is factory farmed and they don't fare any better than the animals who walk on land. The conditions that animals produced for food nowadays have to endure is disgusting. The abuse and torture that they are subjected to, both physically and mentally, is troubling. Many of the workers beat, kick, stab, and throw the animals in various ways and reasons. Think of these things the next time that you sit down for your meal. ,  Leigh FL

9021 OMG (7/30/2015 9:16:05 AM):  I just won the jackpot on Candy Crush!!,  Joanie in NJ & FL

9025 Iphones (7/30/2015 9:58:06 AM):  Can you tell me the advantages of having an iPhone. I am 79 yrs old and my son thinks I should get one. Does it help with grocery shopping or with coupons. Any other benefits? Thanks very much. I have a regular cell phone now. ,  Rachel MA

9026 Con artist?? (7/30/2015 10:09:04 AM):  Just got a call from the deputy working on finding the guy that came to the church ceramics class seeking $$. Thought it was very nice that he called to let me know the name, and it was his day off too. Said he would continue to work on it when he goes back on duty tomorrow. Through my photo of car and lic. plate, he was able to find out which rental car company it came from and get copy of D/L that he used when he rented. Says though the photo ID is an older pic, it appears that it is the same guy as in my pic. He turned the car back in yesterday, which he had had for 6 weeks. No outstanding warrants. At least we have his "real name" now because we weren't sure which, if any, of the names he gave to churches when he applied for assistance was his real name. I circulated his photo to as many of my contacts that I had at churches so they can be aware if he comes in. You hate to do this and I know I will get comments that it really wasn't any of my business if he felt he needed to seek assistance under false pretenses because he is responsible for what he does, but he's taking limited funds that churches have that could be used for those that truly need it. If he truly needs financial help, he should have used his own name. There are organizations that help individuals on a regular basis; it may be limited to 3 times a year or so, but they do have "repeat clients". I'm sure he will be receiving a visit from S/O shortly. ,  Susan, LA

9044 Hallmark (7/30/2015 1:53:34 PM):  I had seen some new signs posted on the Hallmark near me. Today I stopped to look and they are closing. The only one anywhere around here. The owner is retiring. Wht a bummer They started 2 weeks ago and I could have gotten this year's ornaments at 50%. When they had the open house earlier this month I would have gotten the ones I wanted (Lionel train) They now have no 2015 left (of course). they said her decision was abrupt (daughter is having twins). I guess I will get this years ornaments online. For more years than I can count there were a bunch of us that always met there for the day after Christmas clearance. I will miss that. I realize that is small potatoes but with all going on with me that would have been something to look forward to. Port goes in on the 10th and I think chemo will begin 17th,  JudyB LA

9045 Paint problem (7/30/2015 2:31:39 PM):  I'm in the middle of remodeling my kitchen. This house was orginally my in laws and my husband talks about the paint used in the kitchen was "industrial" and he remembers it came in buckets. Upon prepping to paint my walls I noticed that my paint is peeling and using a paint scrapper we have taken off half of the paint off of 3 walls down to the plaster. It appears that the ceiling and the other wall are painted in a different color paint. We have used torches to melt the paint (dangerous), sanded (helped some), liquid paint removal (didn't work ate top layer off and made a mess)and vinegar and hot water (didn't work at all) Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove more paint? We don't know what type of paint is on the walls nor why it's all coming off the walls. One theory is the paint was automotive and came from Volkswagen after the plant closed in the early 1980s the company was selling the extra paint and reselling it. I'm at my wits end and any help will be appreciated.,  Beth pa

9048 Sign the Petition (7/30/2015 2:42:26 PM):  I just signed this official government petition to demand that Dr Palmer be extradited to Zimbabwe. He's in hiding and despite his statement that he would cooperate, he's now missing. When found, he needs to be extradited to Zimbabwe to face justice there. The Zimbabwe government is seeking him for questioning.,  Barbara S NC

9050 Repairing bleached stone tiles (7/30/2015 2:55:46 PM):  Just picked up a used metal frame coffee table that matches a sofa table and end table we already picked up used a few months ago and that we really like. The top is stone squares and rectangles that fit into metal outlines on the top. Unfortunately a couple of the stone tiles on the coffee table look like someone used bleach to try and remove something as they're mostly a cloudy bleached look. I did a search and found reference to trying a paste of hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar or baking soda, but that's all I found for stone tile. Any other ideas or suggestions? Thanks,  SharonTN

9054 moral decline (7/30/2015 3:17:49 PM):  I hear such outrage on social media over the lion hunting/killing for sport. Where is the outrage for the millions of babies being killed, sometimes dismembered, sometimes born alive from botched abortions, and sometimes body parts sold. (How can the unborn baby not be alive if it has "body" parts to be harvested.) Americans have become so desensitized that an individual life is not important anymore. ,  Woe, woe, woe

9055 A little whining.... (7/30/2015 3:49:50 PM):  I spent some time this morning checking all of my coupons and forms for trade to be sure all was as my trade list suggested - all nice and up to date. THE WHOLE BOX fell off and is now waiting for me to pick it up - read the expiration date and get all those little pieces of paper back in the proper month and alphabetized. Now I feel better after getting that off my chest. Guess I will go pick up now. ,  Bev in Iowa

9057 Windows 10 (7/30/2015 4:25:14 PM):  Just wondering if anyone has downloaded the new Windows 10 that just come out. And what are your thoughts?,  Karen B. - Tn

9063 Dr Palmer situation (7/30/2015 6:12:30 PM):  I very rarely post my opinion on here, but the killing of this beautiful lion really upset me. What boggles my mind is that he spent $50,000 to hunt a wild animal just to show his head on a wall.And that didn't include his airfare. I think about how many homeless people can be helped in this country for $50,000 (food and shelter). How many books can be donated to underprivileged communities so kids can read. How much medicine can be given to the elderly so they wouldn't have half their prescriptions to save money. I'm totally against killing animals for sport. I understand the food chain and I know various animals are bred for food alone. But to pay just to kill an animal, that's heartbreaking. I hope his patients do realize this and boycott his practice so he can't afford to go on these hunts any longer.,  Randi, LI

9073 Update on my Walt (7/30/2015 7:19:08 PM):  Here is a short update on my dear Walt.To put it bluntly he is dying before my eyes.Can't remember if I posted he ended up in hospital with bowel obstruction after his second chemo tx.That did it for him & he said no more.He was miserable anyway with nausea,vomiting,ect.& he had only had 2 txs.Was due to have 4 more & he just couldn't handle it.That was 3-4 weeks ago & has just been going downhill ever since.Still able to get out for short periods but so weak,it takes everything out of him.He is on the supportitive part of Hospice now but won't be long before we will be needing an aide in to help with showers & since he can hardly get up the stairs to bed so will be getting a hospital bed in living room.I was hoping he would be here for my birthday in Oct.but don't think so now.I am hoping he makes it through the rest of summer so we can have on last summer together.I am ok at the moment but know when it is all over I am going to fall completely apart.I just can't picture my life without him.Please continue to keep him & me in your prayers.,  Cathy S.NY

9091 Recall Notices (7/31/2015 5:55:37 AM):  ACCO brands recalls Quartet magnetic and dry erase boards due to laceration hazard:
Nipponflex recalls mattresses due to violation of Federal mattress flammability standard:
Stork Craft recalls crib mattresses due to violation of Federal mattress flammability standard: Researcher

9096 stains on marble #19088 (7/31/2015 6:43:02 AM):  Baking Soda Poultice:
First blot the spot to lift as much of the substance as possible. Spray it with water. Slather it completely with a paste made from baking soda and water (to the consistency of sour cream). Cover the poultice with plastic. Leave covered for at least 24 hours. The baking soda will dry and pull up much of the stain.,  Google Researcher

9097 Must be true? (7/31/2015 6:46:48 AM):  White House spokesman, Josh Earnest told the press that the videos of Planned Parenthood released by the CMP organization were fraudulent. When asked how he knew that, he said that Planned Parenthood told the White House that the were fraudulent.

The videos are real and disgusting. Harvesting fetal body parts and selling them to research companies is gut wrenching. I don't think taxpayers should fund Planned Parenthood any more.,  Bob, PA

9099 Blah, blah, blah (7/31/2015 7:03:57 AM):  I watched one of Hillary's campaign speeches and she ranted about the compensation that corporate executives receive. She did this with a straight face. She and Bill are worth 100 million dollars. They earned it from many $200,000 speeches and higher. Their poor daughter Chelsea only earns $600,000/year as an executive in their charity.

I watched Bernie Sanders on an interview with a reporter and the reporter asked him about his thought on gun control. Bernie said that he thought anyone should be able to buy a gun with a security check that would take no longer than one hour. The reporter then said that some background checks would require a more extensive search and take much longer. Bernie then said that that was true, but whatever works should be done. Mealy mouth at it's best.

There are good people in the Democratic party, but none of them have come forward to run for President. I don't understand why?,  Bob, PA

9100 Astronaut Wives (7/31/2015 7:06:55 AM):  I am so loving this series -- the clothes, the home décor, history -- and I also obtained the book from the library which runs quite true to the series -- I was in my 20's during that "space age" and remember so much of it. If this is a repeat post, I apologize, but I am really enjoying the journey.,  Sue S., MN

9101 Political Day/ Bernie (7/31/2015 7:14:58 AM):  I got my free "Bernie 2016" bumper sticker the other day. I probably won't actually put it in the car since I like to collect political memorabilia. (My husband's truck still has an Impeach Bush and a Dean for president sticker on it. We keep our vehicles forever.) Bernie is definitely gaining ground in this part of the country and it sounds like he is getting attention in the rest of the country too. But that's hard to really gauge. Back when Howard Dean ran for president, our son-in-law was visiting and commented that reading our newspapers gave him his daily "Howie" news. Our daughter used to tease him about Kucinich's run for president since they were both from Ohio.,  Joanne Vt

9106 End of Month (7/31/2015 7:24:22 AM):  I forgot it was political day. I think of something mid-month then forget it. Guess I need to start writing it down. Was glad to see the White House finally lowered flags to half staff for the Chattanooga killings. However it should not have taken an outcry from the public to make that happen.,  Susan, SC

9108 15 yr. old (7/31/2015 7:45:28 AM):  Someone in my family is visiting, she lets her son lay up in our extra bedroom and play on his phone! He is 14. He is in room till 3:00 p.m.! Then, when he comes down he plays on phone then! He wouldn't even consider going out and shooting baskets with other kids! I am about to go nuts! This is abnormal isn't it? ,  Upset hostess

9112 Hillary (7/31/2015 7:51:33 AM):  A few months ago, I thought she was unbeatable. Today, I don't think she will be the nominee. There are just too many unethical stories out about her...the emails, the server, Bengazhi, the new story today about her helping the UBS out of a jam with the IRS and then the UBS donations increased dramatically and Bill ended up with a 1.6M dollar fee for a Q & A session. I look for VP Joe Biden to step in.,  Karen-IA

9116 re: moral decline (7/31/2015 8:43:00 AM):  What if Planned Parenthood was harvesting lion parts . . . ,  Helen

9117 Extradition (7/31/2015 8:46:11 AM):  I see this morning that Zimbabwe is calling for the extradition of Walter Palmer, but he is still hiding out. Since we have an extradition treaty with Zimbabwe, there is hope that this piece of *&^)(* will get what's coming to him. A few years in a Zimbabwe prison would be good karma. There are dozens of pictures surfacing now of him smiling big over the corpses of many beautiful endangered animals. Sue P - I make no apologies for wanting the worst for this man. He is being billed as the most hated man in America right now. Just because this isn't your issue doesn't mean that it's not extremely important to others. There are several people I am glad got the worst punishment -- people like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, etc. They killed people. As far as I'm concerned, Walter Palmer is almost as bad. He took delight in killing the most beautiful endangered creatures on the earth. Like I said, karma is great payback. Live by the sword, die by the sword. He won't die, but hopefully, he will suffer. Oh yes, I know I'm a really terrible person. LOL. Maybe someday there will be an issue that you really care about. ,  Joan J

9121 Bacon/ batteries (7/31/2015 8:55:49 AM):  What brand of bacon do you buy that does not shrink to half or less of raw size? I bought Gualtney and got about about six or less ounces when cooked. Went to Shoneys and their bacon was almost a full strip Also where can I find batteries for watches you can install. Found years ago at Dollar Tree but not lately,  Joyce A , va

9122 Bacon/ batteries (7/31/2015 8:56:42 AM):  What brand of bacon do you buy that does not shrink to half or less of raw size? I bought Gualtney and got about about six or less ounces when cooked. Went to Shoneys and their bacon was almost a full strip Also where can I find batteries for watches you can install. Found years ago at Dollar Tree but not lately,  Joyce A , va

9125 lawsuits (7/31/2015 9:03:53 AM):  My mom died earlier this year and I had all her mail forwarded to my home address. Last week she received a letter saying she received phone calls from a company she never should have since she was on the do not call list and the lawsuit had been settled and she was due some money. I filled out the form and sent it back saying I was her daughter and she had passed and wondered if I was able to get what she would have received. I said I can send proof to show I am the executrix to her estate. Part of me is wondering if this is a scam but I did do some research and it appears legit. Is there a chance I could get the money or will they just say no since I am not her and she has died? I have kept open one of her bank accts in both our names so if the check does come in her name I can deposit it into our joint account and get the money. I was hoping to close that acct. but will have to keep it open just in case. ,  Ann

9151 Commercial (7/31/2015 10:34:06 AM):  Just saw that Honda Pilot commercial where the family all breaks out into song. Ha!! my kids never did that on long trips. Usually tried to go in wee hours of the morning so they would sleep some. Otherwise it was ya ya ya....not fighting but definitely not Mary Poppins either.,  Susan, SC

9156 Cookie (7/31/2015 10:48:35 AM):  Does anyone remember this cookie,and the brand name ? It had a chocolate cake-like center, a thin layer of marshmallow and had a thin coating of chocolate over the entire thing. Boy, they were the best ! It's been eons since I've seen them. ,  Linda M RHode Island

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