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Bullying (11/6/2014 5:58:17 AM):  I saw where another kid planned on doing a shooting at his school, in Maryland I think. This came about from years of being bullied. I don't know the whole story but this has got to stop. Did no adult listen to this kid or do anything to protect him? I feel sorry for the kid that he felt his only choice to stop it would be to shot the aggressor. Which only ends with more innocent people being hurt & the victim himself usually ends up no longer being the victim. My DS went through this with a bully at his work. I begged & pleaded with his work to take care of it before it got out of control. There response was "they couldn't be watching the bully all the time" I told my son not to get into a fight with him since DS was 18 & could possible go to jail. It ended up that my DS threatened the bully. Of course the supervisor heard that. DS ended up having a nervous breakdown & spent a month in the hospital. Now he is on medication & he has changed so much from this. I had children's services called on me for being a unfit parent. This is just a small portion of all the things that have happened because of someone not taking care of the issue in the first place. And now DS is no longer considered the victim.,  cathy oh

9498 Tanner's Birthday (11/6/2014 7:28:53 AM):  I forgot; he has email if you would like to email a greeting for his 19th birthday. Tell him your his g-maw's refund friend. His birthday is tomorrow. Thanks so much.,  Janice/Ok

9499 Peanut Butter Fugde (11/6/2014 7:46:13 AM):  I need some good peanut butter fudge recipes.Would like to make it to give for gifts for Christmas.,  Faye, KY

9505 Vera MI & B12 (11/6/2014 9:48:08 AM):  Thanks for your comment. I wonder if other family / friends have B12 deficiency. I guess I should share your information along with what we found on the internet.,  Heather, NV

9507 son left for Boot camp today (11/6/2014 10:18:05 AM):  We sent my son son off for Navy boot camp this morning. We sure will miss him! But this is what you raise your children to do... go off on their own and make their own life. Happy and sad all at the same time. Once I get his address I will post if anyone cares to write him. He will be at boot camp for his 19th birthday this Sunday the 9th, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Anchors Aweigh!,  Doreen,MI

9511 From Debbie, OR (11/6/2014 11:19:16 AM):  I know this is a day late for an update, but I did start the treatment again yesterday. My feet were still in not-so-good shape, but I didn't want to delay the treatment. Waiting to hear from the Dr. as he thinks the Chemo has thrown me into menopause. Ack!,  Debbie, OR

9519 Mary Lou and Bradley (11/6/2014 12:06:51 PM):  How are you doing? I think of you often and pray Bradley is improving daily.,  Marion, CA

9521 poll - do you get online statements (11/6/2014 12:51:32 PM):  I pay our credit cards online, but I still get the paper statements. I started asking myself 'why' (when I was shredding a bunch of old statements). Then I realized that DH would know how to get a hold of the credit card companies if something happened to me, but wouldn't if I only got online statements. So, am I crazy OR how do you make sure family members know what to do?,  Heather, NV

9524 Swagbucks Code (11/6/2014 1:44:11 PM):  FOOTPRINTS 4 SB before 2pm PT/5pm ET!,  Melody, WA

9525 Subscriptions (11/6/2014 2:07:36 PM):  Hi -- I finally clicked on the right link and found the answer. Shall mail my check for $12 tomorrow.,  Alice Dodge, OR

9527 Andrew Tahmooressi (11/6/2014 2:33:01 PM):  Tonight at 7pm The interview that Greta Van Susteren did with the Marine, Andrew Tahmooressi, upon his return home will be aired. 7:00PM ET on Fox News. ,  BPG, MA

9537 Happy - found object (11/6/2014 4:24:06 PM):  I was supposed to drop off a jewelry bag (with the fixed necklace) to DD. Well, I couldn't find it when I got to her house and for the last (almost) two weeks (searched the car multiple times, rechecking my luggage, etc). I just decided to pull everything out of my backpack (even though I had checked it multiple times) and I found it in the tiny front pocket. I had somehow crammed it in there. Happy Dance! It felt so good to send her the text that I found it. This time it is in a different bag (I have multiple items for her) so I won't lose it before I give it to her.,  Heather, NV

9539 Sandys surgery (11/6/2014 4:45:39 PM):  This is Rodney giving an update on Sandy. Surgery went well and didn't last as long as the doctors expected. Sandy is home and resting and begins therapy tomorrow and has 3 adult males and a bossy little girl (our granddaughter Myia) to take care of her so she is in good hands. I'm sure you will hear from her soon. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.,  Rodney, Missouri

9540 Thank you idea (11/6/2014 5:05:21 PM):  I wanted to do this idea last year but hesitated. I'm almost to the point of doing this idea, but I'm still stalling. Since I moved to DC, I have really become very grateful for what I have, people who have helped me, etc. It was a hard transition but two years later, things are nice and calm. I was thinking about 4-5 key women who have helped me at work and in my personal life get to where I am today (which means used to living in DC). I thought about arranging an after-work dinner (that would work around their commute schedules) as a thank you. None of them know each other. I thought it would be a good way to network and just to show my gratitude. Of course, it's going to be a couple of dollars, but I'm not worried about that. I'm concerned that it appears that I'm 'buying' their relationship with me. Actually, it's a replacement for the 'Friendship' parties I used to have in PA. What do you think of this idea? ,  Mindy, MD

9551 clinical trials (11/6/2014 7:28:50 PM):  has anyone here done a clinical trial?,  stressed

9553 Nick Of Time (11/6/2014 8:12:17 PM):  So glad washer got fixed. I've been catching up on all the winter things and per weather there is going to be a polar vortex dipping from Canada to Deep South by end of next week. Got to get the warm snugly things ready ,  Vicki, Va

9562 Coke points (11/7/2014 5:15:30 AM):  Just curious how many points people have. I have 2729,  No name

9565 Chickfila (11/7/2014 6:03:43 AM):  Does anyone know what the "mystery" offer is for this month from the calendar? Thanks. ,  Ginny GA

9567 FOY Code (11/7/2014 6:50:07 AM):  You've won Fountain of Youth Code loisqvufu worth 16 Hulk Coins for use for 2 more,  Vicki, Va

9568 Betty Crocker & Pillsbury Calendars (11/7/2014 7:02:49 AM):  Did I miss the opportunity to sign up for a free calendar from either of these companies? Does anyone know if they were already posted this year? I have enjoyed the recipes from last years calendars. Thank You to everyone's help who always answers my questions. ,  Laurie, Ohio

9577 Swagbucks Code (11/7/2014 10:36:57 AM):  Win20000SB before 11am PT/2pm ET for 4 SB!,  Melody, WA

9578 PO trash arrest--- (11/7/2014 10:56:35 AM):  I was mailing a package at the post office today and noticed a sign by the trash bin that said," It is illegal to remove anything from the PO trash and you can be subject to arrest.". I have been guilty of removing a Red Plum coupon supplement from the many dumped in the trash on insert day. Never thought it could put me in the slammer. ,  Reader

9583 New career (11/7/2014 12:19:01 PM):  I am 55, self-employed, no college degree. I need a new career, do any of u have any suggestions? I need $$ Thanx,  No name this time

9603 Robin Williams-coroner's report (11/7/2014 3:51:45 PM):  The coroner's report on death of Robin Williams has been made public. Death has been ruled suicide. Alcohol and illegal drugs were not involved. Prescription drugs were found in "therapeutic concentrations." The report also states that he was suffering from paranoia. His wife reported that the evening before he died, he placed several watches in a sock and brought them to a friend's house for safekeeping, an indication of paranoia. While it is still terribly sad, I am glad to know that he was still clean and sober and that no illegal drugs or alcohol were found. He was battling depression, which could have made him relapse into his addictions. So glad to hear that at least things went well for him there. ,  Susan, LA

9610 Made me howl! (11/7/2014 7:19:50 PM):  This guy is leaving a voicemail for his boss when he witnesses a minor traffic accident. Not fake, it actually happened. In late February, several stations broadcast interviews with a man named Michael Childs, who said that he was the one who left the voicemail message, that the clip was genuine, and that the accident described took place about six years ago in Athens , Texas , while he was working as a construction manager for Jack in the Box. The visual picture this guy paints and his laugh are contagious. Laughing is so good for us. I hope this gives you a really good laugh., PA

9611 Ladies - (peri)menopause question (11/7/2014 7:22:35 PM):  After being period free for 2 years, I noticed some bleeding today. I'm also starting to cramp. Has anyone every had this happen? My hormones have been off for many years. I have not had blood work done recently. Looks like I may need to now.,  Thought I was done

9614 Bob (11/7/2014 8:56:23 PM):  All I can say is "PRICELESS"!! Made my evening...As always..,  Marian/MO

9618 FOY code (11/8/2014 6:06:07 AM):  You've won Fountain of Youth Code kcxpwltqb worth 36 Hulk Coins for use by 2 users ,  Vicki, Va

9623 Humor/Ole and Sven (11/8/2014 9:50:31 AM):  Ole and Sven, both drunk, die in a snowmobiling accident and go to Hell.
The Devil observes that they are really enjoying themselves. He says to them “Doesn't the heat and smoke bother you?”
Ole replies, “Vell, ya know, ve're from nordern Minnesooota, da land of snow an ice, an ve're yust happy fer a chance ta varm up a little bit, ya know.”
The devil decides that these two aren't miserable enough and turns up the heat even more. When he returns to the room of the two guys from Minnesota the devil finds them in light jackets and hats, grilling Walleye and drinking beer. The devil is astonished and exclaims, “Everyone down here is in misery and you two seem to be enjoying yourselves!”
Sven replies, “Vell, ya know, ve don't git too much varm veather up dere at da Falls so ve've yust got ta haff a fish fry vhen da veather's dis nice.”
The devil is absolutely furious. He can hardly see straight. Finally he comes up with the answer. The two guys love the heat because they have been cold all their lives. The devil decides to turn all the heat off in Hell. The next morning, the temperature is 60 below zero, icicles are hanging everywhere and people are shivering so bad that they are unable to wail, moan or gnash their teeth. The devil smiles and heads for the room with Ole and Sven. He gets there and finds them back in their parkas, bomber hats and mittens. They are jumping up and down, cheering, yelling and screaming like mad men.
The devil is dumbfounded, “I don't understand, when I turn up the heat you're happy. Now its freezing cold and you're still happy. What is wrong with you two?” They both look at the devil in surprise and say, “Vell, don't ya know, if hell is froze over dat must mean da Vikings von da Super Bowl.” ,  Google Researcher

9626 Humor (11/8/2014 12:04:13 PM):  An 18 year old woman began looking for her first real job. She spent the afternoon filling out applications and left them to finish later in the day. Her application caught attention of her mother. Under "Previous Employment" she wrote "baby sitting". In answer to "Reason for Leaving" she wrote "Parents came home".,  Google Researcher

9631 Jeopardy contestant (11/8/2014 1:01:47 PM):  I'm watching Thursday's Jeopardy episode. Jeopardy contestants are supposed to be smart, right?? There was a young lady who is a PhD candidate (should indicate intelligence, but perhaps not a lot of common sense sometimes) and her blurb during the interview session was how her cab driver asked her on a date when he found out she was appearing on Jeopardy. She went with him, he bought her a praline and he let her move from the back to the front seat. Cute story, but....and I know these are filmed in advance, hasn't she been watching the news about the abductions??! Even if it was taped well in advance of the recent news stories, that hasn't been a smart thing to do for a very long time. Is it just me.....,  Susan, LA

9636 SBTV (11/8/2014 2:33:13 PM):  Anyone else have this problem. Whenever I try & run SBTV on my ipad it does a few of them & then gets stuck. I am speaking of the mobile one that you click on the app. There is no restarting it. It sticks on a blank white or black page or on the verizon page. Only way to get it to do anything is to turn ipad off & try again 30-40 minutes later. Trying to build up points on SB but this is annoying.,  Vicki,Va

9637 Still good in the world (11/8/2014 3:17:49 PM):  There is still good in the world. Reading in today's paper about a woman who lost her wedding ring while handing out candy on Halloween. Meanwhile, a family in another neighborhood who had trick-or-treated in the lady's neighborhood, dumped their kids' bags and found a diamond ring. Google the story. Neat the way the parents turned the teaching moment into a mystery to solve to make it more fun for the kids. It really is a fantastic story. ,  Susan, LA

9638 Kroger visa card (11/8/2014 3:21:00 PM):  Kroger has Mastercard & Visa gift cards for purchase. How do they differ from other gift cards -- is there any fee on the balance, do they expire? Thanks,  Helen in VA

9640 Quaker codes (11/8/2014 3:46:43 PM):  Does anyone know if there are worth anything? I can't find anything where to enter the codes.,  Lynn

9644 George and Michele (11/8/2014 4:27:50 PM):  How are you, George? Hoping no news is good news. Just thinking about you and trust that you're home recuperating.,  Marion, CA

9648 front loader washer died? (11/8/2014 5:02:39 PM):  Well, I think our about 12 year old front loader Kenmore washer has died - makes this HORRIBLE noise as it is doing the final spin. DH pulled the plug on it and I removed everything and put a few items back in. Once it got back up to speed it made the same HORRIBLE noise. Think it is worth repairing?,  Heather, NV

9649 Amazon Echo (11/8/2014 5:48:44 PM):  Am I thinking right? If I buy the Amazon ECHO, Do I not have to pay for my internet connection being on 24 hours? Am thinking it would cost me a lot more in the long run. Does sound cool though.,  Mary, WI

9657 American Girl Doll Bed Quilt (11/9/2014 6:16:39 AM):  I would like to make an American Girl doll bed quilt from some quilt scraps I have that my mother-in-law did that are scaled just right for the doll -- however, I am at a loss as to what size the quilt should be. Can someone measure an existing quilt or bedspread that your AG doll lover might already have. Thanks in advance.,  Sue S., LMN

9658 New Poll: (11/9/2014 7:14:50 AM):  How often do you throw away your used toothbrush, and use a new one? I do about once a month I know, sometimes I use old one to clean around things...,  pollster

9661 Cell Phone Information Needed (11/9/2014 8:13:44 AM):  My son has a samsung bright side phone and so does my husband. My son's phone was stolen and replaced early this spring. The phone is apparently out of warranty as they replace it with a refurbished phone and the screen keeps going white when trying to text. My husband's phone is the original and he has had no problems with it until recently-a different issue. We have basic plan with unlimited texting. I do not want to have to update our phones as our contract is going to go way up. We could have upgraded last april but didn't as we are trying to save money. DOES anyone have any IDEAS on how to get unlimited texting plan and not have to pay high phone rates? Clark Howard suggests Walmart's phone plan but I am hesitant to try as I don't know anyone that uses theirs? Any suggestions on where to buy a replacement phone just for him?,  Laurie,Ohio

9663 KMart (11/9/2014 8:24:47 AM):  Every year I get email coupons for my birthday from Sears and KMart. I just realized I only got the Sears one this time. I was wondering if KMart stopped sending them or if it was because the only KMart in my area closed a couple of months ago Did anyone get the KMart coupon? I would rather have the Sears ($10/$30) vs the KMart ones they sent me ($5/$40) ,  JudyB LA

9664 George & Michele (11/9/2014 8:53:27 AM):  My Mom had open heart surgery. It took many months for her to get back a little bit of strength. Just walking around tired her very easily. It took around 10 months to see the change in her getting her strength back. It is a slow process.,  cathy oh

9665 Need a new cell phone (11/9/2014 9:30:00 AM):  I have already called verizon and sprint. I do not want to change my contract. My only option is to buy a new phone. I either buy it retail from verizon or I find a place to buy new ones at a less expensive price. Can you tell me where I can buy a cell phone and not worry about it not working online? ,  Laurie, Ohio

9667 Iphone (11/9/2014 9:46:30 AM):  Still getting used to mine. Two questions. One, it keeps asking me to sign in to the cloud, why? It just started this and I have had it since June. Two, I plug it in every night, but it says it's not backed up, and then it says this happens when it's plugged in, can't have it both ways!! ,  CB OH

9668 Puzzle (11/9/2014 9:57:29 AM):  Next week's challenge: Name a well-known clothing company. Move each of its letters three spaces earlier in the alphabet and rearrange the result. You'll name something you don't want in an article of clothing. What is it?,  MAC--WI

9675 Amazon Prime Movies (11/9/2014 12:48:51 PM):  Suggestions for good FREE Amazon Prime movies? We bought Amazon Prime last March as I figured we'd be buying a lot from Amazon as we replaced things lost in the fire. In the old house we were able to get the local PBS station with an inside antenna, but for some reason we can't even get that now. We refuse to subscribe to cable as we don't watch that much TV anyway. I bought the new Amazon FireTV gizmo a couple of weeks ago, so we're using it to stream movies to the flatscreen TV I got at an estate sale. The problem is that the movies that are free with Prime are yuck for the most part, and the good movies are mostly pay for view. Even movies that are old are pay for view. My DH watched Frankenstein, made in the early 1990s, not realizing it was pay-for-view, and I got an email thanking us for the purchase at $3.99! Same with TV shows. You get the first episode free with Prime and have to pay for the rest. We're having trouble finding any good movies and TV shows that are free to watch. Suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!,  SharonTN

9677 need help with pictures on facebook (11/9/2014 1:04:22 PM):  Somehow I clicked on the "L" letter, while clicking on the side arrow on someones pictures they posted. Usually I can click on the arrow, and then the other pix will show up, but now I cant see them, just the ones (like 4-5) that you can see on the post. Does anyone know what this "L" clicking did? And how do I get it to work properly again? Hope this makes sense.....,  Always needing help

9678 HE washers- Do u Like? (11/9/2014 1:37:20 PM):  I have a new HE washer & dryer. Do any of you like these? Mine spins them out so good, that the clothes are half way dry it seems, and terribly wrinkled. It doesn't use much water at all, and I think it needs more water to wash and get clothes clean. The clothes seem to come out clean. But evn after dried for awhile they are still pretty wrinkled.,  Not sur about new washer

9688 Cutting back (11/9/2014 3:14:15 PM):  A while back, we discussed small ways that businesses are cutting back in attempts to survive. I saw a new one today. Went to eat BBQ and the server brought a glass of tea to the table across from me, but what I saw next really concerned me. He poured the tea into the man's glass and I thought he would pour the remainder into the wife's glass but she didn't need topping off. He took the glass back to the "pitcher area". It was only about 1/4 of a glass left so I can't believe he didn't just leave it. I was concerned if the refill glass had touched the man's glass and then it would be passed on to someone else. I know that when servers refill glasses from the pitcher, often times they touch the lip of the pitcher to the glass so it's the same transferrence issue. Also, the cashier was drinking while she was checking people out. OK---no big deal. Right before she hands me my ticket, she reaches her hand into her glass for an ice cube to munch on. All I could think about was the portion of her drink that exits the straw back into her glass---all over her ice and my receipt. I know we'd all cringe if we knew all that goes on in a restaurant and if we want to eat somewhere that is clean to our satisfaction, guess we need to eat at home all the time. ,  Susan, LA

9692 A good book (11/9/2014 3:35:27 PM):  Hi, everyone -- A friend lent me a very good book, it's "The Gift of Years" by Joan Chittister. Originally published in hardback in 2008, it's in paperback now and costs $13.95 at bookstores. The book is beautifully written and deals with growing old gracefully. Each brief chapter (and there are 40) deals with a topic like ageism, adjustment, learning, memories, outreach, etc. I haven't finished it yet, and plan to return it and buy my own copy! ,  Alice Dodge, OR

9695 Appliance Girl (11/9/2014 4:54:11 PM):  Please don't think I am crazy. This is the model number of my GE top loader that is a year old GTWN2800DWW. Can you tell me if it is possible that the spin cycle is "out of control" I have had some bad balancing problems with this machine, that literally has started moving the washer around on the floor. My hubby has made sure it is now perfectly balanced, however I feel that when it is in spin cycle on any of the three wash cycles, whites, permanent press or colors it sounds like an airplane coming in for a landing. I don't remember it doing this when I first got it. I have never called them out for a service call as I didn't know how to prove this to them when they got to my house. I am getting ready to purchase a warranty for another year as it is about to end. Can you give me any advice if I am nuts over this?,  Laurie, Ohio

9699 Kenmore front loading washer (11/9/2014 5:00:11 PM):  Last night while it was spinning we heard a HORRIBLE noise (actually sounded like the drum was hitting the walls). Well, we just took off the back panel and found one of the shocks broken. So I just ordered a new set for $50 (will arrive on Friday). We watched the video on RepairClinic (where I ordered the parts) and it appears easy enough that we can do it. So, hopefully we have a working washing machine by next weekend. ,  Heather, NV

9702 Swagbucks Code (11/9/2014 5:14:18 PM):  BoldBeaver before 6pm PT/9pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody, WA

9705 aol/comcast email? (11/9/2014 6:30:27 PM):  for the last 2 or 3 days, every time I email someone with an aol or Comcast email, it gets returned to me as "unreachable for too long". I have yahoo email. anyone know what's going on? ,  Ginger Tx

9706 Posting # 99704 (11/9/2014 8:45:28 PM):  I looked up the info on the series of programs that were aired on PBS over the years. This is what I found: "Colonial House" 5/2003; "Frontier House" 4/2002; "Manor House" 2002; "An American Family" Jan-Mar 1973; "1900 House" 6/2000; "1940 House" 2002; "Regency House Party" 2004; "TX Ranch House" 2006. A new one will be debuting soon. It is "Montana 1883" 2014. ,  Google Researcher

9707 AARP REALPAD (11/9/2014 8:52:24 PM):  Thinking about buying AARP REALPAD- includes 1yr aarp membership unlimited help 24/7 HD screen 16GB of expandable memory, can be bought at Walmart for $189. I don't know a thing about ipads and was wondering what you think and to look for and know .Any help and or suggestions would be appreciated.,  Sandy C Oh

9708 Sandy B (11/9/2014 8:54:44 PM):  DH and I just had dessert and thought of you. We had Ben and Jerry's vanilla caramel fudge ice cream with some yummy chocolate cookies crumbled over it. Delicious! Thank-you again. I hope your shoulder is getting better by the day and if you're not ready to make it yourself, maybe one of your guys will replicate our dessert for you.,  Marion, CA

9710 My Brother............. (11/9/2014 10:20:33 PM):  I found out on Friday that he is leading a double life! I've been in shock because this is the last thing I would expect to find out about him. He is by day a 67 yr old retired Conagra Foods machine operator. On Friday and Saturday nights he's cruising the streets of town picking up drunks and hauling them home!!! He's driving a taxi!!! This started out as a way to help a friend but now he's having so much fun he intends to keep doing it! ,  Google Researcher

9720 Getting Rid of Hard Water Stains (11/10/2014 6:52:54 AM):  Is there something I can use on hard water stains on the water catcher on my refrigerator? Any input would be appreciated. TIA,  Cathy, WI

9722 Grand daughter comments (11/10/2014 7:18:08 AM):  Gosh, my boyfriend and I have been having so much fun with his grand daughter. After taking her out a few times, she is warming up and really enjoying herself. Yesterday, we took her to a children's museum and then to a playground where there is sand. She is an only child and we're realizing she really likes interaction with kids. It's obvious she doesn't want to go back home. It's just so interesting to see life through her eyes. I really appreciate this opportunity to take her out since I never had kids. Maybe now I'm realizing why grandparents really love their grandkids. At this stage in my life, I have the patience and calmness to be around little kids and really just to have fun with them. We usually are tired though, when she leaves.,  Mindy, MD

9723 sound bars (11/10/2014 7:23:13 AM):  We are considering buying a sound bar for tv. Any one have experience with them? Good ones, bad ones? Where to buy? are they worth the price? thank you sue ,  Sue/IN

9727 Coupon Train (11/10/2014 7:54:30 AM):  Hello! I organize and manage a coupon train for a few years now and we are looking for a couple of new members. Our train is cross country. If anyone is interested, you can reply back at Thanks!,  Rhea, VA

9728 Irazoo Treasure Code (11/10/2014 8:13:42 AM):  pldouble expires on 11/23/2014 11:30 PM EST.,  Melody, WA

9730 Walmart Savings Catcher / Bluebird (11/10/2014 8:47:26 AM):  Well I rec'd my Bluebird card in the mail and I transferred my savings catcher dollars to it. I now have $210 to spend at Walmart! This is a great deal (good until end of February 2015). I haven't decided what I'm going to buy though. I feel like I have money burning a hole in my pocket, lol. ,  Dianne in GA

9734 Safety ignored (11/10/2014 9:16:20 AM):  Within the last month there have been three incidents with the Amish that are disturbing. 1. Three Amish brothers were driving a horse drawn wagon through a field picking pumpkins and loading them on the wagons. Their ages were 12, 10, and 2. The 2 year old fell off the wagon and his skull was crushed by the wagon wheel. He was taken to Hershey Medical Center. I think he survived. 2. A young teen aged Amish girl was driving a horse and a wagon on a highway and the horse crossed into oncoming traffic. A lady in a minivan hit the horse and was critically injured. The horse died. I have noticed that it is not uncommon to see a ten or twelve year old driving horses and wagon on a four lane highway. 3. Two Amish homes were entered in the middle of the night and teenaged girls were groped while in their beds. The Amish do not lock their doors or windows.

You would think that the Amish would take safety precautions after incidents like these, but they don't change anything. It is sad.,  Bob, PA

9740 McRibs (11/10/2014 11:31:32 AM):  Dh and I love McRibs! Does anyone know how long they will last at McDonalds?,  Mc rib lover

9743 PUZZLE (11/10/2014 12:48:39 PM):  Is anyone else working on this? I don't want to post my answer yet in case someone is.,  Gina, CT

9748 Target Butter AD (11/10/2014 1:39:15 PM):  My DH was shocked by the price of butter so he stopped at Target when he was out running errands today. The butter is TWO pound packages for $7.00. FYI for those that didn't get there to check today.,  Google Researcher

9755 Subscription contest win (11/10/2014 4:36:22 PM):  I tried to make a post on OCC earlier today. But got onscreen error that post didn't go through. Will try again. This afternoon, I got an e-message from George Easter saying I'd won a 3 month subscription to RC in a subscription contest. I'm fairly certain that this contest was the one that Sandy B. generously ran recently. I have no idea who might have nominated me. But I'm very humbled to think that I was worthy of the honor. Many thanks to all who post their good deal finds, & other information for the benefit of us RC'ers!,  Virginia Ann S VA

9760 Sears Info (11/10/2014 5:57:36 PM):  On the south side of Indianapolis - the Greenwood Park Mall. The Sears Store was looking bad. I haven't actually shopped in there in a long long time. But yes I do walk through there to get to the mall. It is easy parking outside sears. Well excuse me.... walked through Sears to get inside the mall yesterday and wow... I mean WOW . Somebody came in there and cleaned up that store. The store has taken a all new look. It looked good and might help with the sales. Of course I didn't shop there.... I just walked through there again to get to the shopping mall. But point being.... the Sears Department store on the south side of Indianapolis has changed for the better !@ ,  Patti/IN

9763 SB e-gc question: (11/10/2014 8:36:15 PM):  At one point, I knew how to do this, but I've forgotten and need help! I had enough points for a $50 Amazon card from Swagbucks, so I "cashed" it in. The last time I did that with a $50 card, they mailed it to me but this time, either they changed the options or I wasn't paying attention, or both. So now I have this Amazon e-gc and I can't remember how to "claim" it and get it into my Amazon account. Would someone please remind me? TIA.,  Jane, CA

9764 Recall Notice (11/10/2014 8:46:25 PM):  McDonalds recalls Hello Kitty themed whistles due to choking and aspiration hazards: Researcher

9769 Marion (11/10/2014 9:19:19 PM):  Got the card. You just crack me up. Glad you liked the cookies. They are better than the all corner brownie pan, right?! ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing.,  Sandy B., MO

9770 Location of Chit Chats (11/10/2014 9:46:43 PM):  Can someone post the location of Chit Chats? I have been looking for them for 3 days. Please be sure to put this in an area like Censible Chats, because otherwise I will not be able to find a thing. It is nice to help people to find things in this group/magazine. TIA,  Rosie T. Texas

9780 Zoombucks Code (11/11/2014 6:28:59 AM):  REMEMBRANCEDAY2014 No expiration date mentioned. Good for 3 points,  Melody, WA

9781 Thanks Veterans (11/11/2014 7:34:41 AM):  Thanks Bob and all the ladies who have served in our armed forces. Happy Veteran's Day.,  Janice/Ok

9784 Swagbucks Code (11/11/2014 9:36:25 AM):  ThankYouVets before 12pm PT/3pm ET for 4 SB!,  Melody, WA

9787 Good China ware (11/11/2014 10:42:31 AM):  I recently found out on that my china pattern had fallen in price. This is for a pattern(Hamilton) and company (Franciscan)that have been discontinued.On ebay i noticed a lot of my pattern being up for auctions now. So you may want to check your pattern on ebay if you need extra pieces.,  Martha/GA

9788 Needing prayers (11/11/2014 11:44:05 AM):  please. Having a tough time with my niece and her children I've spent a lot of time with. Thanks.,  Melody, WA

9789 To Marion, CA (11/11/2014 12:23:00 PM):  Hi, Marion -- Thanks for your tip about ordering the book "The Gift of Years" from Target -- I'm looking into that. Checked at Costco yesterday, and they didn't have it -- since it's not a new best seller, I really didn't think they would. Barnes & Noble may stock it, but they usually are very expensive.,  Alice Dodge, OR

9791 Niece in commerical (11/11/2014 12:46:56 PM):  My niece is a model and often in commercials. She also had a bit part in that's so Raven a long time ago. I thought this one was cute. She is the patient in the hospital bed, and she also plays the evil twin sister.,MI

9792 Part time job (11/11/2014 12:48:34 PM):  I have a regular full time job that pays well. However, I'm hoping to retire around 57. I have been thinking about getting a fluffy part time job where I could just do manual work instead of running a cash register or have any serious responsibilities, etc. Today, I talked to a guy at Kmart who said they have people who just work a couple of hours/day and can work according to their schedule. I'm seriously considering this to save up more money and also to try a different kind of job. I've done my present job for 28 years and am looking to try something different. I am concerned, however, that I could be taking away this position from someone who actually needs it. Obviously, I wouldn't know that. I think the corporation would appreciate a diligent part time worker who will be there when they're supposed to and work efficiently. The only other drawbacks that I see is that it might increase my tax threshold. In addition, if I worked at night, I would be walking out to my car in the dark. Obviously, I've considered the other costs such as car maintenance, gas. I would also need to see how tired I get since I'm not used to being on my feet. What are your thoughts on this idea? Have you done something like this? Did it work out? ,  No name this time, USA

9793 candle warmer (11/11/2014 1:14:28 PM):  I have broken my daughter in law's candle warmer. Actually not the warmer itself, but the dish that holds the candle wax. THis is one of those electric types that have a light bulb that melts the wax. It is not a Scentsy. I am trying to find a replacement dish. It was a gift and my daughter in law does not know where it was purchased. Any ideas? Thanks,  Marge, MO

9797 Swagbucks Target GC (11/11/2014 1:17:28 PM):  I finally got a smartphone (still learning how to use it) & bought a Target $10. GC from Swagbucks. To anyone who has done this, please tell me how I go about using it at Target. Do I just show the cashier the email on the phone? Also, if I don't spend the whole $10. at once, how do I keep up with the balance? I'm a 20th century mind trying to keep up with the 21st !! TIA,  Barb M, NJ

9799 In search of ? (11/11/2014 1:23:51 PM):  I have had trouble finding a few things and maybe someone can help. 1. How to find and eradicate 'Cobs'. Every once in a while a cobweb will appear in the house. I have never seen a 'Cob' and cannot find a picture of one. 2. Dust bunnies show up every now and then. How can I find their parents so I can remove them from the house? 3. I'm looking for a device that will take an unwanted call telling me that this is my second and final notice to reduce my credit card debt. (I've only had a few thousand of these.) The device would automatically press'1' and, when they answered, a sound loud enough to rupture their ear drums would be sent to their phone.

If anyone comes up with answers, you might win a free roundtrip plane ticket! (Some restrictions may apply. Luggage will cost $100/checked bag. The day and time of flight will be of our choosing as will be the airline. You must stay in one star hotel for three weeks. You must also listen to a six hour time share presentation.),  Bob, PA

9804 Thank you ... (11/11/2014 1:48:57 PM):  ... today and always to our Veterans and the families that stand behind them.,  Sandy B., MO

9805 its beginning to look a lot like... (11/11/2014 2:02:28 PM):  The trailer for the Christmas tree lot has been in place for the last week. I was in Penny's today and have my earworm - Winter Wonderland. Last Friday night was the invitation only open house at Hallmark. All that is missing is snow,  JudyB LA

9807 Ink Masters-amputee episode (11/11/2014 2:10:34 PM):  A woman from our sister church will be on Ink Masters tonight at 9 p.m. and midnight Central Time on Spike TV. She is the one who was in an accident 2 years ago and lost both legs. She recently had her 40-something surgery and developed staph infection after that. Not sure when this was taped, but I'm sure it was well before this last surgery and complication b/c she was just discharged from the hospital about 2 weeks ago. I don't usually watch reality TV except for Dancing with the Stars and Swamp People (b/c it's local) but I'll watch this episode. Also, another La. family will have a show next week on A & E. Forgot what it's called but it's about the Busbice family (my sis and I went to school with 2 of the guys, who I guess w/b the dad and uncle of the "stars"). They own a company that sells wilderness stuff. They invented some kind of deer feeder or something. You can tell I really know a lot about hunting and wilderness. ,  Susan, LA

9809 Christmas recipes (11/11/2014 2:25:30 PM):  Anyone like to share cookie/bar recipes which can be made in a cake pan? It sure speed up holiday baking to do it this way. Thank you all for sharing your recipes.,  Patty TN

9813 Coke BETA (11/11/2014 2:35:19 PM):  Really surprised that Coke offered double points entered through BETA this week, considering the program is supposed to end in December (hope they extend). I've been marking my calendar to enter codes on Saturday, just in case they offer doubles during the week, so I won't use up my weekly limit before they make the offer. Don't have a lot of Diet and Zero so I saved those and used my regular Coke codes. Seems like they offer doubles on Diet and Zero more often so I'll save since I don't have too many. ,  Susan, LA

9814 My Veteran's Day (11/11/2014 3:05:55 PM):  I'm the only veteran in my family and despite having a family that votes ultra-conservatively, only one person bothered to say "Thank you" today for my military service. I ate my free burger/fries at Applebees foe lunch and then shopped at Publix and received 10% off. The better news had nothing to do with the holiday- it was a real live job offer to teach at a university. It's about time.,  William M M, FL

9829 A soldier (11/11/2014 4:37:53 PM):  This is what my cousin Paul posted on facebook after receiving a very moving letter from his eight year old granddaughter thanking him for being a hero in Vietnam, Korea, and Germany. Paul is a retired Lt. Colonel from the US Army who saw lots of combat in Vietnam.

This is a heartfelt gift from my sweet, loving granddaughter. Once I think I have my voice somewhat under control I will give her a hug of thanks and explain that the word "hero" is used far too often in today's society. I'll explain to her that there truly are military heroes but that most of them were never able to come home and rejoin their families. There is absolutely no way that I can claim such a title and I am more than a little embarrassed whenever someone sees the "fruit salad" on my Army blouse and automatically thinks "hero". The military does a good job of recognizing service members for having been involved in various hostilities and humanitarian efforts. We sometimes call these awards "I was there medals." Peacetime service over time also routinely garners various service medals and officers seem to always get a disproportionate share. I have my heroes and most did not return home alive; others were taken prisoners of war and many are still missing in action. Those are the heroes.

Note: Paul's wife Betty has recently published a book named 'Imperfect Wings'. It is not about wars, but she tried for years to write something that would appeal to book readers.,  Bob, PA

9841 To Marion, CA (11/11/2014 6:41:41 PM):  Hello, again! I meant to say Amazon in my note to you, (not Target). How nice that the book arrived so soon, and I hope you and your husband like it. It's almost like a reference book with all the brief chapters dealing with various aspects of aging. I think Amazon is the way to go.,  Alice Dodge, OR

9845 Slim Jewel CD Cases (11/11/2014 7:38:17 PM):  I'm looking to find the best price for 50 or 100 pk of Slim Jewel CD Cases. Amazon sells 50 for $10.49. Does any one have suggestions to get a better deal? Thanks so much. :),  Kay, MI

9854 No forward button (11/12/2014 5:06:23 AM):  On my windows 7 computer I now have no forward button only the back one. There is a small square and when I click on it I get this " adobe flash is enabled on My only options are,block or continue allowing. I have selected both and only get the Mozilla help page. Don't know how to get rid of it.Any ideas? ,  Mary, Ok

9855 Izze (11/12/2014 5:20:28 AM):  Anyone bought a beverage by the name of Izze? I got a MyPoints offer this morning for 1,000 points for buying 2-4 packs & wondering if it is anything we would like. I got the Dasani sparking flavored water & no one liked that. That was a waste of 50 points from MCR, Izze I need to actually use cash. If you like it, what flavors?,  to buy, or not to buy

9859 Quirky Word Processing problem (11/12/2014 6:01:18 AM):  Yesterday afternoon I had a quirky probem in my Word Processing program. I would accidentally misspell a word. When I noticed the misspelling & clicked on that word to correct it, a dark vertical line would highlight the letter & be blinking. I would delete that wrong letter only to have the remaining letters in the word close up ranks. When I would type in the correct letter, the next letter in the word disappeared from my monitor screen. it kept doing that until i came to the end of that particular paragraph. What was going on that i couldn't make it stop that nonsense? I was using Apache OpenOffice free Word Processing program. And I was using the OpenOffice Writer.,  Virginia Ann S VA

9862 Jobs (11/12/2014 7:17:18 AM):  Three years ago yesterday I retired from my job. I worked there 28 years and during that time I was offered 4 other jobs. Yesterday to my surprise I was offered a part time job from a company that did business with my former employer. It made my day that people I had dealt with during my employment still thought enough about me to offer me a job. I am 72 years old and lost my husband 6 months ago. I thanked him for the offer but I still have some unresolved things. Have a good day everyone.,  Betty, La

9863 Veterans (11/12/2014 7:23:55 AM):  Yesterday was a very emotional day for me. There is a memorial dedicated to deceased veterans in our community. Every year on Veteran's Day there is a ceremony to honor all the veterans who have died during the year. My husband and 4 other veterans were honored. Their names are subscribed on a panel of this memorial. I am so glad that this is done in our area. I think this should be done everywhere. If it wasn't for veterans, our country would not be home of the free.,  Betty, La

9866 Voice (11/12/2014 8:16:50 AM):  The lady who did the voice of Walowitz's mom on The Big Bang Theory died yesterday. ,  CB OH

9873 Veterans Day Program (11/12/2014 9:06:10 AM):  Our school had a Veterans Day Program yesterday. I don't usually get to attend with my dh, but someone watched my class so I could go. The band and choir did a heart warming job. There was a slide show of relatives of students and faculty who have served, are serving and have gone on. Then afterwards the students were asked to go by the veterans and thank them for service. This really touched my dh because when he came back from Viet Nam there were no people welcoming the soldiers. Just in the last decade people see his Viet Nam cap and say welcome home soldier. There was a vet probably from the "Big One" yesterday who was dressed up very patriotically. I shook his hand and he said. "They aren't doing it right....we just need to go over and bomb 'em.,  Janice/Ok

9879 Didn't make it to final round :( (11/12/2014 9:54:21 AM):  The finalists for the Uncle Ben's contest have been announced. Unfortunately none of my kids made it to the next round :( Thank you to everyone who voted though - I SO appreciate it! It was still a fun experience, and I still subscribe to the theory that you can't win if you don't try! ,  Lisa, OH

9880 what am I doing wrong (11/12/2014 10:17:26 AM):  I got an email from Sears with a $10/$30 coupon. Problem is when I go to print it instead of the barcode I get an icon that looks like a picture with blue sky, white cloud and green hill. The right upper corner is turned down and there is a white diagonal slash in the lower right corner. A friend recently tried to send me a picture in an email and the same icon was there. Anyone know what the heck I am talking about and what to do about it?,  JudyB LA

9884 Apple product (11/12/2014 11:48:16 AM):  Someone on here, or CC, posted about still being in 20th century where smartphones are concerned. Well, I am too about most products. I overheard someone talking about a product made by Apple that costs around $100. From what I gather, it is for people to access more channels than ABC, CBS & NBC. To use it, you don't need internet, satellite or cable. Does anyone know what this product is & if it is true? Or maybe you can recommend a product, if something like this does exist. This I think would be a perfect Christmas gift for someone on my list that would be considered "working poor". They won't sign up for cable or internet because they realize it isn't a necessity. Is there such a thing where you can get more TV options without a cable bill? ,  Santa wannta be

9885 William M M , FL (11/12/2014 11:49:30 AM):  As you can see, your friends here at RefundCents appreciate your military service. Congrats on your new job! It's been great to have you with us for a while. You add so much to the CVS shopping experience. Best wishes in all that you do.,  Olivia, MS

9890 Christmas Commericals (11/12/2014 1:49:21 PM):  Oh my! The Christmas ads have been on tv all week. I wish they would stop pushing all the holidays so far ahead. Just want to enjoy my fall decorations till at least after Thanksgiving. ,  Debbie, IN

9894 How to open a ducment to send as attachment to an (11/12/2014 3:30:01 PM):  I have Windows 8.1. I've forgotten how to open a document to send as an attachment to an e-mail message. I tried for over 20 minutes to send one this morning before I finally figured it out. Then i tried again this afternoon. I had totally forgotten what I did this morning!,  Virginia Ann S VA

9897 Jane CA/Wicked Good (11/12/2014 4:31:46 PM):  Jane or anyone else, have you ordered any of the LL Bean Wicked Good slippers in the past 6 months? I received the catalog with the $10 off cpn, and was planning to try the womens cork clogs. After reading the reviews of them and the scuffs, I am hesitant to order. Reviewers are saying the shearling packs down very quickly and does not wear like it did in the past. I hate to pay that much for slippers and have them not meet my expectations. I know Jane gave them glowing reviews some time ago. Just wondering if they are still worth trying?? Anyone?? Thanks! ,  Paula T. TN

9899 Swagbucks Code (11/12/2014 4:37:26 PM):  SendInvites before 5pm PT/8pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody, WA

9903 Springfield, Missouri (11/12/2014 5:59:34 PM):  Heading to Springfield next week and was hoping to get some help from yall. Can you tell me of things to do or things you would recommend? Shows, stores, restaurants??? Thanks much! I appreciate it!,  Missouri

9904 estrogen (11/12/2014 6:28:23 PM):  pro's and con's of taking small dose of bioidentical estrogen? my doctor says I'm way to low on this. tell me your opinions? I've been on the oral crap and won't go that route again. ,  christy, ia

9905 inground pool vinyl liner (11/12/2014 6:39:37 PM):  We had our 13 yr old inground pool vinyl liner replaced this summer by the same folks who did it earlier. Without our permission & unknown to us, they removed the protective foam padding from the pool walls because some customers had trouble with it. They used duct tape on the seams & the $2300 liner is now rubbing against the pool walls with no protection. To compensate for no foam, they ordered the depth of the pool corners to be 4" instead of 6 "smaller, so they don't fit flush with the wall, again unknown to us. Now, the edge of the pool (coping) has pulled away from the pool edge, I can see the seams of the pool walls through the liner, feel lumps & bumps in the wall, the pool skimmer faceplate is loose & I have major damage to the pool wall. They destroyed my pool & I have to pay to repair it. Legally they violated their contract which says any major repairs will be discussed. Does removing viable foam lining fall into this category? we've had a trouble free pool for 20 years, now we have these issues 5 months after a new liner installation. Help!,  Debbie AL

9907 Recall Notice (11/12/2014 6:57:12 PM):  Aqua Lung expands recall of Buoyancy Compensators due to drowning hazard: Researcher

9909 Guest beds? Help (11/12/2014 7:52:09 PM):  A while ago, someone recommended a folding guest bed from Amazon. Please advise, thanks!,  Grace Basham, CA

9911 L. L. Bean code (11/12/2014 9:06:00 PM):  Does anyone happen to have a code for $10 off that they do not plan on using? Thx,  Susan, LA

9915 Off line for a while: (11/12/2014 10:18:03 PM):  My cousin decided to trade a week of her timeshare in Puerto Rico for a week at Lake Tahoe, so tomorrow I'll be on my way to Reno where I'll pick her up at the airport on Friday morning and we'll head down to the Lake Tahoe area for a week. (The place doesn't take pets, so McGruff has to go to "camp" -- I don't think I know how to travel without him!) I'm sure I'll have wifi access, so I'll be lurking from time to time, but I don't know how much time I'll actually be on line. Good thoughts to all of you!,  Jane, CA

9917 My points (11/13/2014 4:38:52 AM):  Is anyone having a problem doing surveys? Lately, all I am able to do is the 5 points. it indicates the survey is not available.,  Joan B.

9921 A thought (11/13/2014 6:14:33 AM):  With Christmas items out prior to Halloween's passing at retailers, I would enjoy seeing this year's hype turned down a few notches. The black Friday hysteria snuffing out Thanksgiving day with the oh so important earlier and earlier opening times is sad. As savvy shoppers, we get deals and gifts all year along. Planning is the key rather then panic. Maybe we can make a start collectively here with a move to return to a simpler Christmas and holiday season and not have to constantly cave in to the shopping frenzy. ,  Faye

9927 Sailors Assaulted in Turkey (11/13/2014 8:40:48 AM):  CBS news report several sailors assaulted while docked in Istanbul, Turkey. They weren't in uniform; just on shore leave. They were pushed around; had items thrown at them that had orange paint in them and one sailor had a bag placed over his head. They were told they weren't wanted in Turkey. The sailors didn't fight back but went back the ship and the shore leave was canceled. This was over something that happened before when the Turkish had bags placed over their heads by ???,  Janice/Ok

9929 Melody, Happy Birthday! (11/13/2014 8:47:53 AM):  Melody, have an amazing birthday!,  Grace Basham, CA

9938 Melody: (11/13/2014 9:42:10 AM):  Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful, loving day!,  Janie

9940 Russia's bombers (11/13/2014 10:13:00 AM):  Just read the story on CNN's website about Russia sending long-range bombers to patrol Gulf of Mexico in response to issues with Ukraine. That's SO alarming! Too close for my comfort. ,  Susan, LA

9948 Christmas (11/13/2014 10:55:09 AM):  Not only am I not a fan of the earlier and earlier decorations and commercialism of the holiday season, but I am seeing less and less beautiful Christmas decor in the stores to buy. Hallmark has gone to the dogs as far as I am concerned. I used to get so many nice and cute items there, but now.... Pier One used to also have tons of things I would get, went yesterday and only found clearance items not even related to Christmas. What happened to the nice looking santas and reindeer?? Ornaments that are nicely colored with deep rich tones. Instead I see this imitation glass stuff that is of no interest to me. My husband started buying me a Santa every year but nice ones are few and far between now. SIGH...I miss the days of yester year,  CB OH

9954 FOY Code (11/13/2014 12:27:29 PM):  wdxdg7k6c for 19 points for one more user.,  Vicki, Va

9958 Newspaper peeve (11/13/2014 1:04:51 PM):  My paper has a transportation fee all year long. I don't like it, but what's a girl to do? They also tack on a Thanksgiving day fee of over $2 for that one day, with drivel about how big the paper is. I guess it's convenient not to mention all of the extra income they get from the companies who PAY to have their ads in that edition! ,  Faye

9959 Winter (11/13/2014 1:09:32 PM):  Winter has arrived in La. Yesterday was nasty. Highs in upper 40's, but a cold drizzle most of the day. Today is only in mid-40's and s/b mid to upper 20's tonight. I brought in most of my tender plants last night. Put them in the garage and some are in laundry room. Put the others that are more hardy like cilantro in laundry room this afternoon. Even brought my Tumbling Tom tomato plant in b/c I have just too many that aren't ripe to let them freeze.,  Susan, LA

9965 What's fpr Dinner? (11/13/2014 2:35:36 PM):  Hi, everyone -- It's cold and rainy here, a good day for soup! We're having split pea soup with honey ham, carrots and celery. Also, I'm making a crustless pumpkin pie (I took advantage of Safeway specials on the Libby's and Carnation evap. milk). Our house will have lovely aromas. What are you planning?,  Alice Dodge, OR

9966 Swagbucks Code (11/13/2014 2:37:23 PM):  TimeToDefault before 3pm PT/6pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody, WA

9977 Global warming (11/13/2014 3:55:27 PM):  This morning we were at the same temperature as New Orleans. Our first snow came this afternoon. The ice pack at the north pole has grown by 1.6 million square miles in the last two years (NASA numbers). The south pole ice pack reached a record this year. Al Gore is hiding somewhere. We must stop this global warming-help!,  Bob, PA

9981 Organization (11/13/2014 6:31:03 PM):  I was watching HSN & QVC last night and one of them showed this make up case you can mount on wall or hang on the door. Well I got this idea to use one of those plastic hanging things that have the clear pockets on them. Also there was a hook on my wall very close to my dresser mirror. So nice to see all my makeup things, nail polishes & all my beauty tools. My cost for hanging bag was free My late mother gave me a few of these hanging bags before she died. Also doing one for my sewing room. ,  Vicki, Va

9982 Bob (11/13/2014 6:34:22 PM):  I might have an answer to your 3 questions a few days ago... Cobs. No pun intended but, webs can be found on the web. There is a tool found for immediate eradication. This tool is called a dust mop. Conveniently, this IS where the dust bunnies parents live. ( I saw em.) This tool I speak of is handy for all of your issues you mentioned. This dust mop tool will... Make "cobs" disappear in an instant. Kill the parents of the dust bunnies. This is in hopes they have not moved in relatives that can reproduce. If so, start over. When solicitation calls arrive through your electronic device, your personal phone, the above tool can be used if you have superior marksmanship. One swing should do it. This might be costly. If the representative is local, go to the source. Only a little bit of gas. Electronics are expensive. When you get a "free" trip, take this tool with you. This is where the pay off is. Be sure to have all of the unsolicited calls address in your route. Have a plan, make a map if needed. Take care of each along your journey then write a book. The world would love to see the progress and you could make some income that could replace your electronics if you chose option A. The clerk that charges $100 for luggage check will be intimidated thus either giving you free passage or a different one star location. Use that choice wisely. If you pass, and can keep your tool for the time share location. You can handle 2 hours. If it exceeds that, excuse yourself to the restroom and obtain your "tool". Or invest in headphones. ,  Ann

9987 Cookies for church (11/13/2014 7:23:02 PM):  You may remember a few weeks ago, I posted about our church meeting where we were all asked to provide "no store bought cookies". I got mine from the really nice bakery, put them on my own tray and I didn't hear anyone mention the fact that they may not have been homemade. I may hear it through the grapevine later that someone brought something that they didn't make. I thought it was great that even our 94 yr. old took enough interest to have his caregiver bake some cookies so that he could participate. Due to the cold temps and night meeting, we had a poor turnout so there was a ton left over. Last time it was on Sunday afternoon. Lots of congregations are older and their members don't drive after dark. When you have a small church providing refreshments, there's not much variety so we had a lot of chocolate chip cookies. ,  Susan, LA

9994 home from Mom's (11/13/2014 8:20:20 PM):  It was a good trip. a) We found Mom's old trust less the signature page (40 minutes before we had the appointment with the attorney) and the attorney was able to get the old files (so now I have the complete old trust with the signature page). b) The attorney got her to agree to update the trust. He also got her to agree to a Power of Attorney (so I can pay her bills if she can't) and a Health Advocate (which she first said No to since 'she is so healthy', but then he said she could get in an accident and then she agreed). So, we go back at the end of December to sign all the papers. Oh, and mom's short-term memory was really good. I can tell she has been drinking at least one Ensure every day so I left her with about 50 of them (besides food).,  Heather, NV

9998 Recall Notices (11/13/2014 9:59:17 PM):  Ventamatic recalls cool draft misting fans due to risk of fire and electric shock:
Venmar Ventilation expands recall of air exchangers due to fire hazard:
Tankless Water Heaters recalled due to fire hazard. Manufactured by Daesung Celtic Enersys and distributed exclusively by Challenger Supply Holdings: Researcher

0000 Susan, LA (11/14/2014 3:40:19 AM):  In a prior post, you mention a water company delivering bottles. You have a company that brings you water??? Never heard of that before. We buy water at the store but use our tap water a lot of time.,  Susan, SC

0003 Humor (11/14/2014 5:02:17 AM):  Gave up Golf!
A man was walking down the street when he was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless man who asked him for a couple of dollars for dinner.
The man took out his wallet, extracted ten dollars and asked, "If I give you this money will you buy some beer with it instead of dinner?"
"No. I had to stop drinking years ago," the homeless man replied.
"Will you spend this on green fees at a golf course instead of food?" the man asked.
"Are you NUTS!" replied the homeless man. "I haven't played golf in 20 years!"
"Well," said the man, "I'm not going to give you money. Instead, I'm going to take you home for a shower and a terrific dinner cooked by my wife."
The homeless man was astounded. "Won't your wife be furious with you for doing that?”
The man replied, "That's okay. It's important for her to see what a man looks like after he has given up drinking and golf.",  Google Researcher

0011 motel in minneapolis (11/14/2014 8:00:09 AM):  Advice from minneapolis friends have tickets dec 13 for a event at the target center. Where do we stay that we can walk to it and back with free parking at a reasonable price.,  kathy,iowa

0013 mom's 91st birthday! (11/14/2014 8:48:57 AM):  My mom turns 91 today! I probably should have asked for a card shower, but I think it would have confused her to get cards from people she doesn't know. I am just hoping DBrother sends her a card or at least calls.,  Heather, NV

0016 coupons dot com (11/14/2014 10:32:55 AM):  Does anyone know how often coupons on couponsdotcom change? I am looking for coupons for Lean Cuisines & Weight Watchers frozen entrees. There isn't 1 frozen food coupon on the site. ,  Lynn

0017 Football (11/14/2014 10:55:14 AM):  Our teams was 8-0; we played for districts against at team that was 8-0. We haven't beaten them in 25 years. There was a lot of hype about the game. Fireworks, large crowds expected, seats and parking spaces were saved earlier in the day. They beat us 40-0. We won in sportsmanship. The fans and players tore down signs as they came thru town and held them up in the stands during the game. They were hitting players in the face masks and the refs weren't calling penalties and throwing up the handkerchiefs often. Our boys never gave up. Our coach talked with the refs to no avail. The players cursed our boys. Our coach does not allow that. Our team is very good. Of course, I am prejudice. We are playing a team tonight that is 5-5. I hope our boys come in strong like they have the other 8 games. I miss Tanner playing. His brother is on JV team but he is one of the 5 freshmen that get to suit out with the varsity.,  Janice/Ok

0021 Junk mail (11/14/2014 12:55:06 PM):  OK, I did something foolish. I started to sign up for some sort of freebie site. I backed out after maybe the third screen, too much trouble. Well, now I'm getting over 200 junk mails a DAY!!! Any answers? I promise to NEVER do this again if someone can answer this problem. TIA,  Diane J D, ME

0022 Swagbucks Code (11/14/2014 12:58:51 PM):  WeChallengeU before 1pm PT/4pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody, WA

0024 boot camp address (11/14/2014 1:17:30 PM):  If anyone would like to drop my son a card while he is at Navy boot camp I am sure it would put a smile on his face. he missed his 19th birthday, will Thanksgiving and Christmas. Graduation is Jan 31st in the morning. Please let him know you are my online or coupon friend. SR Sharpe Russell M Ship 02 Div 908 Great Lakes, IL 60088-7105,  Doreen,MI

0025 Prayer (11/14/2014 1:40:07 PM):  I have submitted this before but maybe some new Posters did not see it ... Come Lord Jesus, be our guest; whether friend or family we've all been bless'd;we thank thee for this food we share as we bow our head in grateful prayer. Written by Dorothy Heiland 2014,  Dorothy Heiland Illinois

0026 Chicken Dish (11/14/2014 1:58:26 PM):  NANCY of LA: And would you mind sharing your recipe made with Muscato (white wine) I love both Muscato and Chicken......Dorothy H,  Dorotjy H Illinois

0027 Mindy/Sewing Organization (11/14/2014 2:07:47 PM):  Hanging sewing thing looks good. I managed to find 5 thimbles. Seam ripper I had lost & marking chalk too.,  Vicki, Va.

0030 Brrr....winter is here (11/14/2014 2:27:47 PM):  And I do believe it will be a long one. Suppose to be 24 here tonight in the sunny South. But Tuesday another front comes and will drop to 18. Our houses are not made for the frigid cold!!,  Susan, SC

0038 old TV shows (11/14/2014 3:46:23 PM):  I always forget how little 'real' TV (on ABC, NBC, and CBS) I watch anymore until I go to my Mom's house. Since we couldn't find anything good we watched MeTV the whole time. Some of them I have heard of/saw as a kid (Chips and MASH, etc), but I had never heard of the Rifleman or F Troop and a few others.,  Heather, NV

0046 Pink Salad Recipe (11/14/2014 5:59:59 PM):  I know this comes up every holiday season -- and this time I will copy the recipe down -- it has real cranberries (chopped up), whipping cream, crushed pineapple and something else -- just don't know what -- need the recipe! Thanks for any help you "pink salad people" can give me.,  Sue S., MN

0059 Reward Sites (11/14/2014 9:18:54 PM):  Recently ways of saving money was discussed. Nobody mentioned reward sites. question is what are your favorite sites for earning or saving money. I do swagbucks, earn probably right at $25 a month. If you do this, how much are you earning? I also do creation rewards. Might earn $5 every three or four months. I do the kelloggs reward site and my coke rewards. What all do you do? Is it worth it?,  Just inquiring

0063 Young and restless (11/15/2014 6:59:09 AM):  For those soap fans who watch Y&R if you think you have seen the new "evidently grandmother" of the new Adam she is Margaret "hot lips" Holihan from Mash. The actress is Sally Kellerman. Now whose mother is she?,  Joyce A., VA

0074 Selfies (11/15/2014 8:51:36 AM):  I know the world is obsessed with selfies, but someone has figured out how they think they can make $$ from it---and probably will. Zulily has a Selfie Stick, which fits on your phone and telescopes so that you can get a better angle. It also comes with a shutter button. Geez...,  Susan, LA

0076 Swagbucks Code (11/15/2014 9:21:55 AM):  XmasTrees before 10am PT/1pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody, WA

0085 Whole Foods (11/15/2014 11:56:09 AM):  According to an article in our paper a Whole Foods store is opening up in our area. The reporter went to check one out in an adjoining county. He bought a few items including $30/pound cheese. I have to agree with the terminology "Whole Paycheck" Anyone have experience with this store?,  Bob, PA

0088 dryer vent hose (11/15/2014 12:59:12 PM):  When is the last time you cleaned the dryer vent hose? DH thinks we did it in the spring. Since the front loader washer was out of the way (we replaced the shocks - hoping it works when we start it up) I decided we should check the hose. I am so glad we did since there was a bunch of lint in the hose, under the dryer and on the floor back there.,  Heather, NV

0093 Homemade stock (11/15/2014 2:55:07 PM):  Does anyone have a good homemade chicken stock recipe that doesn't require a whole fresh chicken? We love to watch Barefoot Contessa and her recipe calls for a whole chicken. That seems like such a waste to me. She never says anything about using the chicken after she makes the stock and I assumed she just tosses it? We make little bits at a time when we buy Rotisserie chicken. We pull it off the bones and throw the skin, that we don't eat, and the bones in a pot with celery, onion, carrots and seasonings. If you do have a great homemade stock and a secondary recipe using the chicken please let me know. TIA,  Sandy B., MO

0094 incredible (11/15/2014 2:56:04 PM):  TEXAS CITY, TX (AP) — A TX woman whose 4 pit bulls entered her neighbors' yard through a hole in the fence and killed their 10-year-old beagle is suing them for $1 million. Emerald White says in her lawsuit filed this week in Galveston County district court that she was "seriously injured" on Oct. 27 trying to stop the attack and retrieve her dogs. She says she suffered "multiple serious bite and scratch-type injuries" and accuses her neighbors of failing to securely confine and restrict their dog, Bailey. White also contends she's feeling "conscious pain and suffering and now suffers also from fear, anxiety and trepidation." I think she must be related to the attorney, or there is 1 so desperate to say he has a client that he/she took this case. The beagle owner said he would not sue because it doesn't bring his dog back. I think the court should make Emerald pay the attorney fees this guy incurs from her stupid lawsuit. ,  SMH

0099 Appliance Girl - front load washer (11/15/2014 6:09:08 PM):  We installed the new shocks (since we found a broken one) in our Kenmore (12 year old) front load washer. Now when it is at high spin the drum hits the back panel and front inside (axial movement) and a ton of banging noises! The springs look fine. Any suggestions of what could be causing this? ,  Heather, NV

0103 high efficiency washer (11/15/2014 8:06:04 PM):  I am guessing (hoping I am wrong) that we will need a new washing machine. I need a high efficiency one since we are on a well and in a drought area (top or front loading is fine). Any recommendations?,  Heather, NV

0105 Joyce/ Y&R (11/15/2014 11:26:12 PM):  I hope they don't drag Victoria's baby drama long either - like Sharon, Nick, Phyllis, Jack & Summer! I stopped watching it 5 years ago (I still watch it from time to time) and the Summer Daddy drama was going on then. I'm still not convinced Nick is the father. I want him & Sharon back together. ,  Shanna, CA

0106 Inspiration (11/16/2014 2:03:14 AM):  This is another of my thoughts: I called this one "Autumn Glow" The colorful jewels that linger on the Maple tree, challenge the Wind to bid them goodbye until the pearls of snow kiss them gently and they whirl and dance as they float to the earth below to nourish the soul of the giant tree; awaiting another awesome Spring Debut. Written by Dorothy Heiland,  Dorothy Heiland IL

0109 Washing machine help (11/16/2014 6:23:08 AM):  I am looking for a new washing machine and my friend recommends the ones without an agitator - has anybody used this?,  Joanie in NJ & FL

0119 American Express (11/16/2014 9:01:23 AM):  Time to sign up for SHOP SMALL SATURDAY. Sign up starts today for shopping on November 29th. Can get back $30.00 per card but has to be in 3 separate $10.00 transactions. A little bit of organising but worth it, I think. ,  Diana

0121 Essential oils?? (11/16/2014 10:33:25 AM):  anyone here use essentials oils from DoTErra or Young Living? need some input,  LJ TX

0122 Puzzle (11/16/2014 10:43:24 AM):  Last week's challenge: Name a well-known clothing company. Move each of its letters three spaces earlier in the alphabet and rearrange the result. You'll name something you don't want in an article of clothing. What is it? Answer: IZOD, FLAW Next week's challenge: Name a country. Drop one of its letters. Rearrange the remaining letters to name this country's money. What is it? ,  MAC--WI

0123 Paypal question (11/16/2014 10:54:20 AM):  I currently use paypal and the debit card I use with it has expired. That card is not reloadable. I do not want to link my bank account or a credit card to it and the credit cards I see in the stores have statements like charges will be made if not used in a certain amount of time. Today I got an email from paypal saying I would lose my account if not updated. Is there any solution for this? I am not a buyer or seller and only use it a few times a year. Thanks for any help.,  Dee-IA

0124 Vacuum cleaner (11/16/2014 11:41:04 AM):  Need to get a new one, no pets in the house so what do people recommend? Thanks for any input. What are better bags or bagless? Don't want to spend over $250.00,  Cheryl ny

0125 web site (11/16/2014 11:42:07 AM):  tried to log into the klloggsfamilyrewards website keeps kicking it out is anyone else having problems?,  Sandy C Oh

0129 Man's best friend (11/16/2014 12:57:55 PM):  Just saw story on our local online news about the dog (Buddy) whose 85 year old owner had to go by ambulance to the hospital. Unbeknownst to the crew, Buddy hopped on the side step for the ride to the hospital. A passing motorist flagged down the EMS driver to tell them there was a dog on the side step. The driver quickly pulled over and put the dog inside with the owner. Isn't that a cool story?,  Susan, LA

0132 Swagbucks Code (11/16/2014 1:37:41 PM):  ButtonDay before 3pm PT/6pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody, WA

0137 FOY Code (11/16/2014 3:39:23 PM):  You've won Fountain of Youth Code 28jtciqnq worth 39 Hulk Coins for use by 3 more. ,  Vicki, Va

0144 Hotmail Acct.problem (11/16/2014 5:36:24 PM):  Is anyone who is on here who uses Hotmail having this problem?I can log in just fine & click on the first email I want to see with no problem.After I read that one will go back to my inbox & click on another one.That is when the trouble starts.It will just sit there & spin & after doing this a message will appear at top saying"MSN cannot connect to internet just now.Please refresh your browser or try again later"So then I have to close that message out just to log out of my acct.This has been going on for almost 2 weeks & is getting VERY frustrating as I get a lot of recipe related emails I want to read.I mean after every email I have to log out & then log back in again.My partner says it is doing it on him too but don't think it is us.Grrr!,  Cathy S.NY

0145 Lemon Meringue Pie (11/16/2014 5:48:13 PM):  Today I was all set to make a lemon meringue pie - and then couldn't find my recipe which I had taped to a Tupperware container. The recipe was from an Argo cornstarch paper box. I went to Food Lion and looked at square plastic Argo container and the recipe is not there only gravy and something else. I ended up buying Jello pudding and pie filling. Well, dumb me, finally looked on the internet and found the recipe. One thing I had never seen nor done was add 1 t. cornstarch to the mergingue. I always added cream of tartar. Recipe: 3 egg whites, 1/3 cp sugar, 1 teaspoon Argo Corn Starch. Will try that next time.,  Joyce A., VA

0148 Rain! (11/16/2014 6:10:08 PM):  We are getting rain today! Not the severe weather that was predicted, at least not here, not yet. I do see a large blob of orange and red on radar heading this way. Maybe we'll get the rain, but no damaging winds. It was supposed to start at daybreak, but didn't start until 2 p.m. Now (7:30) it's just a slow, steady rain. That's what we need so that it can soak in. ,  Susan, LA

0152 My points (11/16/2014 8:27:18 PM):  How do you earn points for searching? Where do you locate the info on my points? Did not realize you could earn lots of points this way.,  Need to know

0153 Prayers-Good Thoughts (11/16/2014 8:42:53 PM):  I'd really appreciate some prayers and positive thoughts. I'm having my yearly mammogram in the morning. I had a benign lump removed a few years - so I always worry. Thanks in advance. ,  Shanna, CA

0156 meringue (11/16/2014 9:54:41 PM):  Cream of tartar, white vinegar or lemon juice can all be used to stabilize a meringue.
Add 1/8 teaspoon of cream of tartar per egg white to the unbeaten egg whites. (If you're using a copper bowl to beat your meringue, don't add any acid: it can react with the copper and discolor the egg foam.)
Whip to medium-soft peaks. Beat in 2 tablespoons granulated sugar per egg white. Continue to beat until egg whites are glossy and hold a firm peak.
Adding sugar early in the beating process results in a firmer, finer-textured meringue.,  Google Researcher

0157 WheresGeorge Dollar (11/17/2014 12:08:48 AM):  Anyone here ever get a Dollar marked with the WheresGeorge? Stamps?,  Joe Georgia

0170 Gerber Baby Contest (11/17/2014 8:00:45 AM):  My daughter-in-law has entered my granddaughter in the Gerber Baby Contest. You have to sign up and then you can vote once per day. Vote for Zadie Lou from Brooklyn, NY. Appreciate your help!!,  Jill, NE

0171 Need Recipe for Pizzelle (11/17/2014 8:09:06 AM):  Need an easy one to make Anise ones. Any Tips to make them, I would be so grateful. ,  Carol F. PA

0173 Puzzle (11/17/2014 9:03:39 AM):  I'm starting a new post because for some reason I can't post a response to the earlier thread from yesterday. I too, Gina, came up with Belarus and rubles. We'll wait to see what the experts say on Sunday. I'm thinking francs might not be correct because it said you needed to rearrange the letters.,  MAC--WI

0179 Tanner/Navy/Prayers (11/17/2014 9:50:24 AM):  Tanner's other grandmother in Virginia suffered a heart attack yesterday. She was not breathing when she was taken to the hospital. She has had health issues for a long time and is not expected to make it. She has lived thru brain and lung cancer since I have known her (20 years). My sil was to fly there yesterday but plane was delayed until today. Please pray for their families.,  Janice/Ok

0180 Bob/Navy/Pkgs (11/17/2014 9:52:41 AM):  I got an email from Tanner. I sent a package on the 7th of November. He said he should have received it yesterday. When mail came; he said it wasn't on the "buoy." (It was priority). He said now it no longer priority and he might not get it for 5 months? What's the deal? Thought you would know. I was hoping getting the package would help since he just learned of his grandmother's health problems.,  Janice/Ok

0181 Global warming (11/17/2014 9:59:48 AM):  Sure wish it was here today. Woke up to 2" of snow. I had to clear the drive around the garage & sidewalk then go to M.I.L.'s and do hers then to Rite aid & CVS. Then back home to clear our really long driveway. It is still blowing & snowing a little bit. I am already tired of snow.,  cathy oh

0184 GiftHulk Code (11/17/2014 10:53:48 AM):  novembernewsletter for the first 25,000 users. Site is really slow, probably hammered by folks.,  Melody, WA

0185 NuWave cooker (11/17/2014 10:59:19 AM):  Does anyone have a NuWave cooker and like or dislike. was thanking about getting one but would like some honest input from someone that has used one. Thanks,  Reba,Ok

0186 Wonderful Wind (11/17/2014 10:59:48 AM):  No, I am not a Professional Writer - just write what I think - so here goes another " Brain Wave": Wondrous Wind: Why does the Wind blow? Sometimes I think to let us know That though we master many things it's He who masters the Wind that sings. Our powers though they great may be, are weak and limp in a twister free, Tornadoes come from East and West yet who can stop them in their quest? We control the heat from door to door yet who can calm the snarl of the North Wind's roar? And when you are sweltering on a humid day can you coax the Breeze to come your way? I say: For those of us who think we're great there is still One above who destines our fate. Our fame may be immense , our fortune's rare, but who can control the Sun, the Wind, the Rain and the Air? our LORD Written by Dorothy A. Heiland,  Dorothy A. Heiland IL

0197 A trip to Trader Joe's in Naples (11/17/2014 1:30:46 PM):  I brought home a jar of large olives stuffed with garlic, a jar of cookie butter, a jar of red pepper spread with eggplant and vinegar, plus two crazy looking shopping bags. What should I have purchased?,  William M M, FL

0200 Snowman creativity (11/17/2014 2:46:54 PM):  We made a sad looking snowman today - plenty of snow, but didn't pack well, so he is very small! I pulled a few caps off milk gallons for the buttons. We had more last year, but I'm sure they got thrown out in the remodel! What other creative things have you repurposed for snowman accessories?!!,  Lisa, OH

0202 I can't believe this... (11/17/2014 3:26:05 PM):  Well, I guess I won't have a low electricity bill this month since I forgot to turn off the oven when I left the house (a few hours ago)! Wow, that was a first and so glad nothing went wrong while I was gone. I know I have been stressed, but I think I need my brain back.,  too embarrassed to say

0204 where is my brain? (11/17/2014 3:44:47 PM):  I can't figure out the password for one of our email accounts. Argh... Maybe if I quit trying I will figure it out later today.,  I need my brain

0218 Mail for Marines (11/17/2014 8:59:58 PM):  If anyone would like to send Christmas cards to two deployed Marines, please email me, One served with my son, and his mom (a friend of mine) is on disability for a back injury. The other is a son of a friend. Thank you!,  Grace Basham, .CA

0221 A lean Christmas (11/18/2014 3:26:31 AM):  It's going to be a lean Christmas this year - not only am I broke, but from what I see in the stores, there's not a lot I am "drawn" to buy anyway! I guess I will be focusing mostly on homemade gifts, stocking stuffers, etc. I usually "adopt" gift tags off a Christmas tree at a store and donate toys, but this year I know of a family in pretty dire straights - so I'm playing "Santa" and making some crazy quilts for the young daughters, and shopping for some simple flannel sheets. I believe the family will qualify to participate in some of the other programs around (and will) that will focus on delivering toys for Christmas. What will the holidays be like at your house? Your hometown? Do you do any charities at the holidays?,  Jesus is the Reason

0222 Humor (11/18/2014 4:14:38 AM):  Todd and Mac (brothers) went together to an employment agency looking for work. Mac was called for an interview and then was told that because his information said he was a pilot that there was an immediate opening for him. Mac left for the airfield. Todd didn't do as well in his interview. When asked what he does, he said he was a tree cutter. The interviewer said there were no jobs for tree cutters. Todd demanded to know why he had an opening for his brother and not him. The interviewer said that your brother is a pilot and that's a special skill. We were able to place him immediately. Mac said, "What do you mean special? I cut the wood and he piles it!",  Google Researcher

0224 Movies (11/18/2014 5:27:37 AM):  Went to see "Alexander's terrible week". It is a good clean movie for the whole family. Then I went to see "Love thy neighbor". This is geared more towards adults but be warned you need a Kleenex. This one had Bill Murray in it. Also watched "Book thief" on cable.,  cathy oh

0227 Thanks for Pizzelle link! (11/18/2014 8:10:33 AM):  Person who did it : Thank you so very much ! For helping me !,  Carol F. PA

0228 Yahoo !! (11/18/2014 9:01:37 AM):  Has anyone else had issues with Yahoo ???? I have yahoo mail and also gmail. I had NO problem clicking on google recently. Yep I can click right on my gmail. So I doubt if it is my computer. I think it is just Yahoo itself. Just curious....has anyone else had 'yahoo' issues ,  Nancee/IN

0229 UGH ~ Hacked (11/18/2014 9:02:12 AM):  Hi coupon friends. Last year when I asked for a card shower for Rodney I made some communication through Rodney's aol account. His email is If anyone gets any email from that account please do NOT open it. We've been hacked ~ DRAT IT!!! We haven't been able to get in to the account because our change password option is blocked and we're going out of town today for a couple of days so it will probably be the week-end before we get back to it. In the mean time if anyone gets an email with the name Batesel in it PLEASE DO NOT OPEN OR CLICK ON ANYTHING. Thanks and Sorry!,  Sandy B., MO

0234 Heaters (11/18/2014 9:40:54 AM):  My furnace keeps going on and off and I want to buy a electric space heater . I was looking at the eden pure but the one I would need is $300.00 . Do you know of a brand that works good that is cheaper.,  Ruth OH

0238 Humor (11/18/2014 9:51:56 AM):  Rajesh is at an interview for a guard's job. "Assume you see two trains speeding towards each other. What will you do?" asked a railroad official.
"Raise a red flag," replied Rajesh.
"You haven't taken the flag with you," said the official.
"I'll wave my red shirt at the drivers."
"You're not wearing a red shirt that day."
"Then I'll run home and get my little sister," Rajesh smiled.
"Wow! Does she know any new technique?"
"No," said Rajesh, "but she hasn't seen two trains colliding.",  Google Researcher

0242 Health Insurance (11/18/2014 10:38:26 AM):  We are losing our cobra health insurance in a few months, Where is the best place to look? We are a family of 5, and have medical needs. Thanks,  JoAnn TX.

0244 Buried in Snow (11/18/2014 11:04:39 AM):  Since last night, we have four feet of snow fall, and an additional two more feet by tomorrow, since the snow is falling 3-5 inches per hour. Driving ban is in effect as the county is in the state of emergency. At least we are safe and warm. Lancaster is just east of Buffalo, NY. We are used to getting a lot of snow in Buffalo, but never this much in such a short time. My son lives just a few short miles north, and has had minimal snow. ,  Angela Z/NY

0249 CoverMate (11/18/2014 11:36:40 AM):  Where are you people finding these in Walmart? Looked all over today, with no luck.,  Lynn

0250 Swagbucks Code (11/18/2014 11:48:56 AM):  TheFeastIsOn before 12pm PT/3pm ET for 3 SB! There is a contest going on for 3 different rewards at the end. The banner is on the top left of the homepage. Click on it and you will be taken to the page to join.,  Melody, WA

0266 Goal Met (11/18/2014 3:06:34 PM):  Back in January Sharon B. posted and asked us what our goals would be for this year. I replied that I'd like to see my church pack 1000 boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Lots of great amazing things happened this year. Some of you on this board contributed and we thank you very much. I'm happy to report that we took 1026 jam packed full boxes to the collection center this afternoon. Temps were 18 degrees with brisk wind. It took 7 of us an hour to unload all of them. Goal Met!!,  Sharon in COLD MI

0270 Lowes (11/18/2014 3:17:53 PM):  In October my mother and I went to Lowes to look at stoves. I had the measurement of her stove with me. The employee said that it was an apartment sized stove. We didn't buy any at that time. Nov 4th we went back to Lowes and the lady was there and told a guy we needed an apartment stove and she remembered us. While waiting on the guy to do the paperwork I took moms cane and measured the stoves on display. Got to moms and found she has a regular sized stove and not a smaller one. I called Lowes and told the guy we needed a regular sized stove, not apartment sized. He said we would need to come back to get the check mom wrote and then write another for the difference in price. I went back on my own and spent an hour in the store waiting on the guy to help me. I was not happy having to go back and redo everything and I contacted Lowes and was offered a 10% rebate once the check clears. We were told the stove would be delivered by Nov 21. I got a call last week saying they have the stove but don't have anyone to install it. It is gas and we paid for installation. Today I had a message saying they can't get anyone to install the stove until Dec. Mom's oven does not work, only the top burners. Would you contact Lowes and complain again or what? There isn't any other stores in the area (this Lowes is 20 miles away) to get a stove from. I am so fed up with all this. ,  Mad at Lowes

0287 Figured out the password! (11/18/2014 5:53:34 PM):  Yeah, I finally figured out the password to one of our email accounts. I started a list of options (I knew the first half of the password, but wasn't exactly sure how I had spelled the second half). It took me eight times until I got it right, but I did.,  brain coming back?

0290 How living in Maine ruins your life. (11/18/2014 6:03:30 PM):, PA

0292 Appliance Girl - thank you (11/18/2014 6:21:29 PM):  Between what you wrote and what I found on YouTube (a video on how to take apart our front load washer) I finally convinced DH that our washer needs to be replaced. Now, the 'fun' (not) of picking a new one. ,  Heather, NV

0294 walgreens (11/18/2014 6:46:25 PM):  Today there were coupons at the front of the store for today only. ask a pharmacist about the shingles, whooping cough and pneumonia shots and get 500 points. So I took the coupon back to pharmacy and the guy at the desk was clueless. He asked the pharmacist about the coupon and was told since I was over 55 it was ok. He at first thought I had to get the shots today to get the points. I had him read the coupon again and he scanned it and my card and I did not get the 500 points. Not a lot of points but does anyone know how it was supposed to work?,  confused

0299 Smoking & Grilling gift ideas (11/18/2014 7:39:30 PM):  My nephew has gotten quite good at smokigna variety of meats, fish & fowl. He's going to smoke a full size turkey for our Thanksgiving meal! I've already gotten him a Kingsford flavored wood chips soaking cup you soak your flavored wood chips in before adding to the smoker. I've also gotten him a bag of Pecan flavored wood chips. He told me pecan is one flavor not sold in our area of Virginia. He also likes to smoke with Hickory, Apple & Oak. What would be a useful tool I could get him for Christmas to help him hone is smoking skills. He's been very disappointed with the way his beef briskets turn out when he smokes them. ,  Virginia Ann S VA

0300 Humor (11/18/2014 7:43:00 PM):  Joe applied for a job in a supermarket and was attending the interview. When the interviewer asked what experience he had Joe said he had worked at another supermarket.
The interviewer asked why he left.
"I was sacked for playing with the bacon slicer," Joe replied.
The interviewer was puzzled: "Surely they didn't consider that to be a serious offense?"
"They must have," replied Joe. "They sacked her too.",  Google Researcher

0301 Starbucks gift card (11/18/2014 8:11:39 PM):  Hi, everyone -- My e-mail used to be through, but I have a different ISP now. I can still get mail at my old address, and yesterday I received a message offering a $20 gift card from Starbucks. I wondered if this was some kind of hacking scam. It looks very official, but who knows? Has anyone else received a similar offer??,  Alice Dodge, OR

0302 Recall Notices (11/18/2014 8:14:45 PM):  CoScentrix expands recall of DD Brand candles due to fire hazard. Sold exclusively at Hobby Lobby:
Black Diamond Equipment recalls Whippet Ski Poles due to risk of injury: Researcher

0304 Response posting # 00291 (11/18/2014 8:31:44 PM):  Sheaf of wheat: Researcher

0313 asking for prayers (11/19/2014 6:58:01 AM):  pplease. I had a test yesterday for a my ongoing GERD. This was done on the outside chance it is something else.I should get the result today and am just about jumping out of my skin.Please pray for a good report if you would like to pray. I am hoping the dr calls earlier rather than later but I will hang in there waiting. Thanks all prayer warriors!,  Sue P., CT

0316 Baking turkey? (11/19/2014 7:05:51 AM):  I need good turkey baking ideas, so it does not get dried out! Fresh or frozen?,  Need help

0317 need help (11/19/2014 7:11:07 AM):  i need to raise $2000 in 3 months. what can i do to get that amount? ,  amy s ia

0318 Microwave (11/19/2014 7:43:55 AM):  I bought a rival microwave a year or so ago and it is awful. I do NOT recommend this brand. Now I need to buy another microwave but don't need anything fancy or expensive. What brand do you recommend? Thanks!,  Ann

0320 Swagbucks Code (11/19/2014 7:55:09 AM):  IWantItAll I'm guessing it's expired by 8 AM PST for 8 SB. Can't find the time it ends.,  Melody, WA

0323 please (11/19/2014 8:07:23 AM):  Don't use Kingsville,TX Wal-Mart self checkout. .. half the machines don't work...we were checking out and the credit card reader messed up and the "nice" lady told us "it will be okay. You can checkout on another one, pay for it and leave. If you are double charged just come back and explain what happened and we will give you the money back." We asked "how will we prove this?" She said "not a problem". We then said "we don't have a do we prove it?" "There will be a double charge on your bank statement." "So we have to come back? Can't we fix it now?" "No. You can leave and come back." "WHAT?" "Don't raise your voice." "Well, you are not LISTENING to me...there is a problem and you won't help us." "I'm going to get the main manager as you don't understand." "Well, we have been here an hour and nobody competent have been able to help us."...well, another hour later we are leaving. ..with full credit...and then some. The girl who was the most rude went to the main manager and told her she was leaving as it was time for her to leave...he told no, I need to talk to you before you leave. (The manager had left us and watched the video of our time at the self checkout. ..he told my significant other that their worker was in the wrong. I could see on the video she was very condescending...could tell by her body posture. We are going to have training because she is a leader but not acting like one) it was nice to see the girl's smiley face disappear after the boss told her no on leaving...I saw her a few of minutes earlier (after she glanced at us) and she was all smiles...glad she was worried about something...maybe a greeter would be a good job for her, with some training ,  bob, tx

0337 Swagbucks Code (11/19/2014 9:42:30 AM):  Surfeit before 10am PT/1pm ET Worth 5 SB!,  Melody, WA

0344 Christmas Card exchange (11/19/2014 11:22:47 AM):  Is there is a Christmas Card exchange happening this year? Thanks,  Marlane, PA

0353 Swagbucks Code (11/19/2014 1:40:41 PM):  BeastOfAFeast before 2pm PT/5pm ET for 9 SB and Team Points!,  Melody, WA

0354 Today (11/19/2014 2:01:08 PM):  I mailed off all of the documents necessary for my teaching visa. I will soon be teaching at a university overseas. I have maybe 10-14 days left in the USA, this time. I just don't like sitting still. ,  William M M, FL

0357 HuluPlus - NetFlix (11/19/2014 2:10:36 PM):  Okay I could use a little input here. We do NOT have cable television. Nope not have cable and we don't miss it. We get 38 channels the way it is .... more than enough. Its about watching movies at home. Right now we have Hulu Plus. We pay $7.00 a month Then I can watch the television shows I have missed. Yes in the evening when nothing is on I can catch up on The Amazing Race or Once Upon a Time. From time to time... and it will be in the dead of winter -- my husband will be watching movies. Not all movies are on Hulu Plus. Is Netflix better? Can I watch the television shows.... like Once Upon A Time.... on Netflix if I miss it on the teleivision that week. Are there MORE movies over on Netflix ? Which do you have ? On Hulu Plus it is only 7.99 a month. On Netflix do you also have to pay for certain movies you watch? Could I get some input from someone please .... that has Hulu Plus AND....AND OR.... NetFlix thanks ,  Patti/IN

0368 Best Buy (11/19/2014 3:26:30 PM):  I did a return there today and something about it still makes me upset. I had the receipt, I had the credit card it was charged on, and this was only a $21.00 return. The cashier then asked me for my drivers license. I showed it to her, already questioning her why she needed it. She then asked me to remove it from my wallet. She then scanned it into their system. I asked her why she needed to do that and she said, that's just the rules, she couldn't tell me why. My husband was along and was starting to tell me to let it go, so I did. But it still bothers me why they needed that much personal info. At the time, i kept arguing the point that they didn't need that info when I bought it, what point does it make on the return. I then went on to tell her that now if they get hacked, they have the CC info p,us my drivers license number. Again, hubby begging me to let it go, but it still bothers me. I called Best Buy to complain, but manager has not called back.,  Karen-IA

0369 Swagbucks Code (11/19/2014 3:41:11 PM):  ExtravaGOBBLE worth 6 SB before 4 PM PST!,  Melody, WA

0373 Good News (11/19/2014 4:01:00 PM):  We got a letter today. Russell is doing well at Navy boot camp. He was picked to be the Education Petty Officer, so that means he has to help everyone study for the tests. Also he is in 900 division so his group will be performing in the graduation exercise. He is in the The Honor Guard rifle performance. Graduating is News years eve. I am so excited.,  Doreen,MI

0378 Laundery detergent (11/19/2014 4:51:37 PM):  In my day they use to put items in the laundry detergent.Can anyone remember what detergent it was and what some of the items were. Crazy thing is back then we didnt even stop to think we werent getting a full box of detergent because the items took up some of the space in the box. So do you know the name of detergent that offered this and what some of the premiums were. Thanks,  Becky Mo

0387 Swagbucks Code, last one (11/19/2014 5:39:12 PM):  TurkeyDayPrep before 6pm PT/9pm ET for 7 SB!,  Melody, WA

0391 Poll (11/19/2014 5:54:48 PM):  Besides the turkey, what is the one or two items you just have to make or it won't be Thanksgiving. For me it is homemade dinner rolls followed real closely by sweet potato casserole.,  Debbie, IN

0394 Recall Notices (11/19/2014 6:18:18 PM):  Olympus recalls Digital Audio Recorders due to burn hazard:
AP Specialties recalls power bank chargers due to fire hazard:
Mohawk recalls rugs due to fire hazard. Sold exclusively at The Home Depot
Hoppe’s recalls Semi-Auto Bore Cleaner due to failure to meet child-resistant closure requirement: Researcher

0410 Thanksgiving basket? (11/19/2014 7:36:20 PM):  I am planning to do at least a few baskets in the next week - one for our pediatrician's office (possibly a small one for our regular doctor with a thank you note, and a bigger one for all the staff), and one for the school staff. I might also do one for our mailman....he's such a great guy and one of the best we've had! I purchased Cheryl's pumpkin cut out cookies, and thought about packets of cider, plus maybe some peanut butter crackers/chips/snacks. Any other ideas that would go well in a break room and look festive? Thanks!,  Lisa, OH

0417 Craig's list (11/19/2014 8:33:11 PM):  We keep getting a "you have been blocked" message whenever we have tried to access craig's list the past 2 weeks. This also happened to us in October and we shut down our wifi and rebooted our system. We were then able to use craig's list for a couple of weeks. Now we are blocked again. This is really annoying since 2 of our items have sold and we can't access the site to take down the ads! We have tried emailing to the address provided -- but of course there has been no response. I know we could probably go and use someone else's computer and get on to the site (as long as they are not blocked) -- but we shouldn't have to. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.,  Joanne VT

0420 Grace, Jane & Alice Chinook Book (11/19/2014 9:48:47 PM):  I'm not sure if you are aware of this but there is an edition for the SF Bay Area, or Portland Area, and they are on sale right now for $15 (regular price is $20). This is sort of like the Entertainment Book, has many coupons for local merchants and restaurants, also manufacturer coupons, all with a slant on sustainable/organic products or companies. We usually buy several of the book for our area, and always use far more than the cost. Each book here has 2 transit fare coupons, and several local coops are featured. Here is the link if you're interested There is also a mobile edition that you can load on your phone.,  Milly MN

0425 card exchange (11/20/2014 1:35:12 AM):  missed information on Christmas card exchange, can you please send information and how to be a part of it.,  Sandy C Oh

0428 Bill Cosby (11/20/2014 4:53:01 AM):  Your thoughts on this situation?,  Nancy B, MI

0429 Joanne in TX Health Insurance (11/20/2014 5:50:21 AM):  Try Obamacare - they are totally income based - they don't care if you own 3 houses and 4 cars - it is worth a call,  Joanie in NJ & FL

0430 Doreen, MI about GERD (11/20/2014 5:52:29 AM):  I am texting my brother - email me @,  Joanie in NJ & FL

0447 Mike Nichols (11/20/2014 8:51:33 AM):  passed away suddenly (cardiac arrest, at his home in New York-Wikipedia) on Wednesday evening. He was 83.,  Melody, WA

0448 Laundry Detergent-Bumping Up (11/20/2014 8:53:54 AM):  Dolly Parton & Porter Waggoner used to advertise Breeze. Dolly would say something about the towels. Can't remember it all, but she would say "but you can't buy 'em. You can only get 'em in boxes of Breeze." Then at the end she would say "the towels WE use!" Funny, I was just thinking about that commercial the other day, and now someone brings it up on OT.,  Paula T. TN

0451 Brookyin Burger (11/20/2014 9:11:14 AM):  I was watching The Profit show, they were talking about the Brooklyn Burger. Does anyone know if they are still selling this? I clicked on the website but it's unavailable.,  Karen

0452 BAD WEATHER! (11/20/2014 10:08:21 AM):  here in Western new york we are in a state of emergency with all kinds of driving bans,most areas are under/getting over 6 to 7 feet of snow in one day with more to come today.hopefully its the last day .no work for 3 days . they're talking about no buffalo bills game sunday because they can't clean out all the snow by then. by sat to next tues. temps.should be 40's to 6o's with rain to cause flowing in some areas.i haven't gotten mail in 2 days so if you traded with someone in these areas please have patience.just wanted to let everyone know.thank you.,  Penny NY.

0456 Joanie & new ins (11/20/2014 10:43:04 AM):  We just came back from applying for new ins. We are retired but not 65. They took and added our social security together for the income and that is it. We have not signed up yet as we have a other income-taking money from our IRA, a little flea market, etc but the insurance man said, they are not the IRS, they only put down the wage income which in our case is Social security. We do qualify for a small Obabama care subsidy for part of it, but I'm curious is this is what they went by for you or anyone else going thru it. I don't want to be shocked next year by a statement that says we have to pay the subsidy back. ,  Missouri

0458 FOY Code (11/20/2014 11:11:43 AM):  You've won Fountain of Youth Code l7x0bou6i worth 29 Hulk Coins for use by 1more. ,  Vicki,Va

0459 Buried in Snow update (11/20/2014 11:14:19 AM):  Day 3: 77 inches snow fall in Lancaster NY, and 3 more feet expected. Structures have started to collapse and a local nursing home is being evacuated for fear of collapse. Eight deaths blamed on the storm, mostly heart conditions. However, because of the warm up coming over the weekend, flooding is imminent and a whole new set of problems is on the horizon. Please keep us in your prayers. ,  Angela Z/NY

0460 Fly code (11/20/2014 11:19:10 AM):  lcy67j4mb worth 39 points for one,  Vicki,Va

0479 Shark Tank (11/20/2014 3:48:13 PM):  I just watched the program where the "Drop & Stop" item was shown A Shark did buy into it. It is a foam piece that fits over the buckle and prohibits one from dropping stuff between the driver seat and the middle section. Well, I thought it sounded like a good idea. I happened to go shopping and needed a cough drop. I unwrapped it and there it went! So I surely do need this Drop and Stop thing :) I have put it on my Christmas list as we have this rule in my house that in Nov. and Dec. there will be no personal shopping done. They are available at Wal-Mart,  Marge, OK

0484 Barbie CA- recipe? (11/20/2014 4:41:36 PM):  Could you share your recipe with the bean with bacon soup? Thanks!,  Lori OH

0488 Swagbucks Code (11/20/2014 5:02:04 PM):  CompleteUrSet before 5pm PT/8pm ET for 4 SB and Team Points!,  Melody, WA

0493 Recall Notices (11/20/2014 7:06:30 PM):  Graco recalls 11 models of strollers due to fingertip amputation hazard:
Leatherman recalls children’s multi-tool due to laceration hazard: Researcher

0494 Christmas card exchange (11/20/2014 7:17:05 PM):  It's that time again. If you would like to participate in the Christmas card exchange please send me your NAZ before Dec 03rd. I will put all into a Word document and email to everyone on Dec 4th. Send as many or as few cards as you like. I will verify each address at USPS.Com to make sure the address is a correct one. Please put Christmas Card Exchange in the subject line and email to Thanks for your help, Dianne, we'll see how I do ;),  Sandy B., MO

0503 Trader Joe's Cooking Website (11/21/2014 7:12:24 AM):  This was on AOl News this morning. There is a website dedicated to using Trader Joe's products to cook tasty quick meals. The Panatone Egg Nog Bread Pudding with Carmel Sauce looked good and had good reviews. May want to take a look if you are a Trader Joe's shopper.,  BarbaraS.

0504 Trader Joe's Cooking Website (11/21/2014 7:14:41 AM):  This was on AOL News this morning. There is a Website deicated to cooking using Trader Joe's Products. Quick, easy recipes. The Panatone Eggnog Bread Pudding with Carmel Sauce looked good. You may want to take a look.,  BarbaraS, NV

0506 Health Insurance Typo (11/21/2014 7:52:15 AM):  I made a big typo yesterday in my post about health insurance...forgot a zero. Let me recap. My DH & I are retired early. I am 63, he is 65. Last summer, our regular health insurance tripled so we went into Obamacare. My DH was still 64. We earn $35,000 a year in SS. We have no other income. We were eligible for a big subsidy with Obamacare and ended up getting crappy insurance for $400/month. Our copays are $2,500 each which we will NEVER meet so basically we pay $400+ just in case something horrible happens. Obamacare is totally income based. They do not care we own 2 homes and 3 cars and have investments. Everyone who needs health insurance should at least call and see what they offer you. Sure, we could have paid higher premiums and gotten better insurance but we decided that DH would get Medicare this month (and he did) and I would play roulette and hope nothing happens to me in the next 2 years. Even with me going to my internist, my eye doctor, my urologist, my GYN this past summer and my DH going to the internist and eye doctor, we are still ahead of the game.,  Joanie in NJ & FL

0508 Thanksgiving cake ideas (11/21/2014 8:09:08 AM):  Looking for Thanksgiving cake ideas that aren't too complicated to put together. Thought of making a Pumpkin shaped Bundt type but that was vetoed since Bundt cake was served at Easter. I do have a shaped pan of a turkey and made that last yr. Could do that again if I have to but looking for something new and different. Thanks in advance!,  Lori L MN

0516 Swagbucks Code (11/21/2014 11:07:11 AM):  HashtagMania before 11am PT/2pm ET for 2 SB! ,  Melody, WA

0519 Yahoo emails (11/21/2014 12:37:00 PM):  I have an extra email account that I hardly ever use. When I checked it recently, I find that there are lots of messages sent to my email there , that are addressed to someone named Regalado. There was even a message to him saying Happy Birthday. He must be using my yahoo email address. How can I get this cleared up? What should I do? I even changed my password, but that didn't help, still getting tons of messages to Regalado....,  Larie/Ky

0522 Iphone (11/21/2014 2:15:31 PM):  Okay need a little help here. I have the iPhone 5C and I have the swag Bucks app and there's always a little one in a red circle on it. I know this means I have a notification but I can't seem to find what they are trying to notify me of. I know Checkout 51 and all the rest I know when there's a notification. But this one I can't find what they're trying to tell me so it never goes away any ideas?,  Carla B, OH

0523 Iphone (11/21/2014 2:48:14 PM):  I never log out of RC on laptop I just X out and don't have to log back in later. I now have an iPhone. How do I log out of RC so I always need to log back in? Assuming if I leave it open I is running on wifi at home and ? Outside of home. I hVe certain amt of usage and hear very expensive to exceed,  Tech challenged

0525 Kellogg's Rewards (11/21/2014 3:48:22 PM):  I just submitted codes to get the bonus points. All 7 codes are from their Breakfast Flatbreads. 4 codes were accepted each for 180 points. 3 codes wouldn't work. They said they weren't valid. Didn't say duplicates. I entered them with the 0's as ohs and also zeros. Anyone else having problems? Is there a phone number? ,  Shielia B., FL

0531 Obama care (11/21/2014 8:34:19 PM):  We were told if you didn't have an income of $16,ooo or above you didn't even qualify for it!!!!,  MO

0540 Snow images (11/22/2014 9:31:49 AM):  Just finished watching view of the snowfall in W. Seneca, NY that was shot from a drone. It was on It was incredible. So serene looking, especially with the background music. But as I watched it, something struck me that made it eerie. No one (except for 1 man in his garage) was outside playing in it. No kids, no one.,  Susan, LA

0541 Not happy (11/22/2014 9:56:40 AM):  I just found out that my local Staples store will be closing Jan. 17th. My local Kmart is closing Dec.7th -- That one I knew about a while ago because my niece and her daughter work there. Anyway, these stores were under 30 miles away. Now the closest Kmart/Staples stores are 40 miles north of me and 40 miles south of me! So much for a quick trip after school! ,  Joanne VT

0542 Craig List (11/22/2014 10:02:21 AM):  We are still blocked from craig's list at home and really can not figure out why. We think we followed all of their rules. Oh well. My husband now uses his dad's computer to access his account. So at least he was able to take down his ads of things that had sold. The only thing he could think of was that he did place two lumber ads. He separated out the lumber by sizes and quality. Oh well. Maybe we will be unblocked in a few weeks. Lisa, we tried your suggestion -- but it didn't work on our older computer. Thanks for trying though.,  Joanne VT

0545 Happy Thanksgiving (11/22/2014 11:28:46 AM):  It is hard to believe it is already turkey time but it is. Just got home from venturing to the store for all the ingredients needed to complete dinner on Friday. We actually have Thanksgiving on Friday since son and DIL spend Thursday with her side. I bake on Thursday so it all works out good. Once again I am reaching out for advice. DH is fast approaching retirement and OH is no longer going to be the place to be in the winter. We are leaning towards the Carolina's, more inland not on the beach so those of you who live in North or South Carolina any advice? We need to even keep in mind medical facilities since I seem to have a tendency to get sick with one thing or another. If you prefer to email please do at,  Chris, OH

0547 A shame (11/22/2014 12:04:29 PM):  I heard a radio commercial the other day that really annoyed me.It's sad really. They taked about Thanksgiving is really "Thanksgetting" for their store. I don't even remember what store it was. I think it was local but not sure.I hope I hear it again so I can write them a note about how tacky that is. I hope the advertising backfires on them and they learn a lesson.,  Sue P., CT

0550 Christmas Card Exchange (11/22/2014 1:02:26 PM):  Thanks for all the emails. It's going to be a big year for Christmas cards! I've sent everyone confirmation emails that either I got your address and it verified just fine or that I need more info. If you've emailed me and haven't received anything from me yet please email me again. Thanks to all.,  Sandy B., MO

0551 Lost my memory (11/22/2014 1:20:44 PM):  What is it again that I mix with Dawn for clothing stains? Thanks!,  Dee, Wa

0554 2.38 (11/22/2014 1:38:11 PM):  That was the price of gas at Sam's just a while ago. Yay!! Hope it keeps falling!!,  Susan, SC

0556 Heating oil (11/22/2014 2:19:04 PM):  Was just wondering what people are paying for oil this month if they have had to get some?,  Cheryl ny

0564 Need Advise (11/22/2014 4:36:13 PM):  I 'm not going to use my name time. I don't want to hear how bad I am at leading ,organizing things, I feel down enough already. I just need constructive advise. I am the President of a local club -I won't say what kind but we do meet weekly. I can't get a few of my officers to do anything, no follow-up. My public relations guy was supposed to set up our club Christmas party, he decides we should include other clubs in a "come & go" party. The club officers and I decided on my house for the location-I don't mind as my home is big enough and I enjoy the decorating etc. Long story short the party is supposed to be in 2 weeks from now, no one has heard anything from him on his plans. I e-mailed him yesterday with no reply. The only announcement of the party was two weeks ago at the end of our meeting he told everyone that we were planning a Christmas get together with details to follow. So now what should I do? Do I assume nothing has been done and plan to just have snacks at out last meeting before Christmas? I know this sounds so silly and trivial ,I have been stressed the last few weeks so maybe that I why I'm so frustrated. I am just disappointed and annoyed about this whole thing. ,  Stressed Out

0565 What is it? (11/22/2014 4:38:26 PM):  Someone put on my door with no note a big round object. It is about the size of a softball and has a reddish skin. I thought it was a red onion but it didn't smell like an onion. I don't eat or buy onions, but I kinda think I know what an onion looks like. However, there could be different kinds with which I'm not familiar. It appears to have a short knob on the top that looks like it might be a stem, but doesn't appear to have been cut off of anything. I live in Florida. I don't know if it could be something native from here, but this lady must have thought I would know what to do with it. Help.,  Just a dummy

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