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Foy Code (3/12/2017 5:35:08 AM):  0z1k6gdxd is for 29 points for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

9300 Cashiers (3/12/2017 11:45:40 AM):  Why do cashiers get mad when I have a coupon on my phone but I won't hand it to them? If they try to grab it I pull it away and ask them to scan it, if your scanner is down, enter the code, if you can't read it I will read it to you. I don't let anyone touch my phone. Do you even fathom the amount of germs are on your hands when you run a register? You handle money from hundreds of people all day, ewwww! I can't protect myself 100% but this I can do! ,  CB OH

9301 Trading (3/12/2017 12:01:35 PM):  If you need coupons for sale and the other party has said they have them and you ask when they are mailing and you dont here back that day how long do you wait for a reply before moving on to another trader ? To me mailing quickly is very important I always ask the person I am considering a trade with If they say today or tomorrow I am good with that If they don't reply or don't let me know same day I feel I should be able to move on As it leaves me in limbo wondering and possibly they have received a better offer and left me hanging This happened to me last week I went ahead on trading for coupons I needed from 2 other traders ( Thank You Julie and Jenn) I send an email to the other person who didnt reply back I traded for the coupons I needed Well she decided to respond Telling me they were already shipped (who does that ?) and I owed her $ as it was all downhill after that This kinda aggravated me as I never confirmed my end but it made me feel obligated I told her I could only use (4) of those she offered she stated they were already shipped I ended up sending her $ pp When they coupons arrived (Sat) 2 were for styling products $4/2 I do not use I paid and ordered hair color plus $7/2 Plus the trade was postmarked 2 days after she claimed she mailed so this made me question that they were really mailed when she said I asked for a refund She said ok, then refused,then demanded I return 2 wrong coupons, plus was keeping .50 extra for processing fee Looking back I should not have paid anything I should have let them arrive and marked refused return to sender I told her if she was going to charge h/fs + processing fee's on top on per coupon fee and postage she needed to be upfront about it I have every email and not once did she mention these other fees And needs to be up front on her per coupon fee She says I am petty ,  Ann , Nc

9302 Dinner?? (3/12/2017 12:24:36 PM):  We had a dusting of snow this morning that was gone by 8am. But the weathermen said it would be 55 today. Now after 3 it's still 41 and wind chill of much lower. It's just a damp cold out there. I put some chicken and stuffing in the crockpot for later and plan to fry some apples and probably fix green beans. What are you having on a chilly Sunday night??,  Susan, SC

9304 Organizing Garage (3/12/2017 3:09:05 PM):  This shows a nearly perfect husband doing a great job of getting rid of clutter., Pa

9310 All 3 eagle chicks are hatched! (3/12/2017 4:09:23 PM):  All three have hatched this week, so the parents have a round-the-clock job feeding and keeping them warm, . Here's the live view today .,  Milly MN

9322 Someone else has a new chick! (3/12/2017 9:23:45 PM):  Meet Wisdom, the 66 year old Laysan Albatross, who, with her partner, is raising what is probably at least her 40th chick Young birds stay at sea until they are about 7 years old, then they return to Midway to select a mate--they mate for life--and set about raising chicks. It's not so fun when they are doing their courting dance under your bedroom window in the middle of the night, but experiencing them was truly one of the best times or our lives. I am truly saddened to see what is happening to them because of plastic. Many of the chicks are starving because when the parents skim across the water for squid, they are also picking up the tons of plastic in the ocean. The Albatross has been here at least 4000 years (Rime of the Ancient Mariner), they survived the Battle of Midway, now they are being decimated by plastic. So sad. But Wisdom is really something, they think that she has probably flown 3 million miles in her lifetime!,  Milly MN

9325 Corned beef recipes (3/13/2017 9:24:29 AM):  I have decided to have people over Friday for corned beef and cabbage and cabbage rolls. I found a recipe I want to use for the cabbage rolls. Does anyone have a good recipe for the corned beef, preferably in the crockpot? I have told everyone that I've never made either of these before so to be sure they have pizza money in case I screw it up. :) Also, does anyone know of a green drink that I could serve? I saw a recipe on Facebook for a strawberry drink but I think that's too "springy" for St. Patrick's Day. Either with or without alcohol is fine. Thanks!,  Amy J, OH

9326 Lost pets (3/13/2017 10:21:57 AM):  Am catching up on posts - did Janice ever find her dog? We are on the road a lot and our dog wears a collar with our cell phone numbers on it....when my brother's dog "escaped", a neighbor about 5 houses away called him using the number on the collar.,  Joanie in the FL Keys

9328 Not So Great (3/13/2017 12:00:35 PM):  Just had one of those not so good sewing days yesterday. I had a pair of pants I made earlier and did not like the waist band. Well for some reason I cut it too short. So trying to fix that so it looks pretty decent. Well for some reason everything just kept getting away from me and I would find them in weirdest places. I searched and searched for my yardstick and it was behind the door. Do not ever remember going anywhere close to back of door. Also I put one of my pincushions up on table. After much searching I found it in between 2 pieces of furniture. I can understand it falling off table. However being full of pins I am still asking myself how did it roll that far. Just a chaotic sewing day.,  Vicki, Va.

9329 Star pattern (3/13/2017 12:01:21 PM):  I need a star pattern or template for my children's Sunday school class. I googled it and have checked dozens of sites and they take me to dozens more sites. I give up. If anyone has one they are familiar with that works I'd appreciate it.,  Judy/MO

9333 Direct TV question (3/13/2017 1:06:16 PM):  Can someone tell me how to delete a series that has been cancelled.Where do I find the scheduled shows.,  Mary Okla

9336 Cashiers (3/13/2017 1:37:08 PM):  Faye, now you know why I go through self check outs! ,  CB OH

9337 MCR (3/13/2017 1:42:23 PM):  Entered my last codes & got my last e-coupon from Walmart. I got it down to only 15 points left. I hope the new site will be as good to me as the old site. I've got a lot of gift cards & free packs of Coke from them.,  cathy oh

9343 SwagBucks Reading (3/13/2017 3:53:22 PM):  Can someone please explain how this works? Thanks for any help.,  Tammy

9349 Re Direct TV question (3/13/2017 5:25:36 PM):  Ann, Nc how do I get to the red button to delete the series. I see it, but when I scroll down I never get there. ,  Mary Ok

9350 Sweet thank you (3/13/2017 5:40:04 PM):  I received a nice thank you from the staff at my kids' school for all the paper donations I've made over the year. They said they really appreciate such a useful gift, and it helps their budget. There was more, but unfortunately my dog ate it before I had a chance to read it more than once! I was really upset that he ate it, of all things, before I really got a chance to fully see it! Now I'm waiting for Staples to have more paper deals! The $1 per ream is steep when I'm used to .01 per ream!,  Lisa, OH

9353 Snow Day Again (3/13/2017 9:47:15 PM):  They have already called off most of the schools in our area for Tuesday 3/14. This will be snow day #7. Looks like we are now going to school on June 26th and more into that week if we end up with any more days off. Right now, Wednesday is looking "iffy" too. Quite a change from last year when we didn't have any snow days! In a "normal" year, we usually use about 3 days.,  Joanne Vt

9356 Foy Code (3/14/2017 6:28:12 AM):  tbho7hede for 23 points for 1 more.,  Vicki, Va.

9359 Myra M - TN (3/14/2017 8:36:45 AM):  Dropping card in mail to your mom this morning. Forgot to take it with me yesterday to mail. Hope it will arrive there Friday. Hope she has a wonderful 90th birthday. ,  Susan L, AZ

9361 Northeast storm (3/14/2017 9:27:50 AM):  Hope that all in path of this storm will be safe. My nephew is going to school in Washington, D.C. for 4 months. He is driving up there next weekend. So glad it's not this weekend. That Louisiana boy is going to have to learn to drive in snow and ice. When he worked in oilfield (before the layoff), he had to go to Arkansas for school. Of course it was the weekend that they were having icy conditions! Someone lost control and plowed into him. His car was totaled but he was not hurt.,  Susan, LA

9366 Corned beef dinner (3/14/2017 11:34:36 AM):  Thank you for the recipes and suggestions. I'm going to use the recipe that Susan J, OH posted. I still haven't decided on a dessert and drink. I might be a dessert and drinks may just be water and coffee. I invited my group of friends from the gym today on FB Messenger. We normally go out somewhere on Fridays. I messaged them all and told them that I was cooking on Friday and that they are welcome to come, BUT my daughter is pregnant so if she goes into labor, I don't what to tell them about dinner. LOL. She's due the 28th but could be any time between now and the first wee of April. She actually wants to have him tomorrow because that's my grandmother's 94th birthday. I did tell them that there would probably at least be a corned beef in the crock pot if Jamie goes into labor. ,  Amy J, OH

9370 Myra M, TN (3/14/2017 2:18:47 PM):  Myra please re-post your original post regarding your Moms b-day. I can't find her address or the coupons she collects. Would love to get the card in the mail tomorrow. MJ,  Mary Jane, NJ

9371 Sarah D CT (3/14/2017 4:03:32 PM):  Got your evie and note today for the Box Tops, and yes the kids can always use them, was so nice of you to do and it us much appreciated....,  Sunshine (Linda IN)

9372 Mediums (3/14/2017 4:33:22 PM):  Today I had a meeting with a psychic medium. I have always wanted to do this but never got to it. I was very happy with the results. There were a few things I didn't understand but he wrote it all down & said give it a few days & then it might make sense.,  cathy oh

9377 Mt Rushmore (3/14/2017 8:05:10 PM):  DH and I are going to Mt Rushmore next month and are looking for out of the ordinary, special, unique things to do, places to go, places to eat, etc. If you have any tips to share... GO!,  Shelby, tired of googling :(

9381 Recall Notices (3/15/2017 5:15:06 AM):  Battery Chargers for XBOX ONE video game controllers recalled by Performance Designed Products due to burn hazard: LIVLY recalls children’s sleepwear due to violation of Federal flammability standard: Researcher

9383 2 hour delay (3/15/2017 6:10:10 AM):  We ended up with about 24 inches of snow. We did get some sleet/freezing rain after midnight. Hubby did the plowing around 11:30pm. Of course, the town snowplow then dumped quite a bit at the end of our driveway this morning. (I only shoveled out enough for my car to get over the end of the driveway.) Now off to work. We are on a 2 hour delay -- but those of us who live close by try to get in as close to normal start time as possible to help out with the kids who will still arrive "early." ,  Joanne Vt

9385 Melted plastic disposable tablecloth (3/15/2017 6:33:49 AM):  I made a snack yesterday for a rescue squad auxiliary meeting i'm going to this morning. With my balance issues, I need help to get my baked goods in & out of the oven. Bill took the snack out of the oven so I could check to see if it was done. He brought the tray over to the dining table where I was sitting. Thought he was holding that tray above the plastic disposable table cloth. But he wasn't! He lifted the tray up to return to oven & he'd set part of the hot tray down on the plastic tablecloth! That tablecloth had melted where the hot tray touched it! He had to put the baking pan containing the snack on another tray before he could put that baking pan back in the oven!Thankfully, the plastic tablecloth hadn't melted on to the flannel backed tablecloth liner underneath. I could pull it up.,  Virginia Ann S VA

9388 DS (3/15/2017 8:52:11 AM):  DS did not get the job but they said they will reevaluate in 6-9 months. After the interview he told me they had no opening (he knew that going in) but maybe would add another position. Said in the follow-up call that he's not good enough to create another position. He really has to step up taking his actuarial exams. I did nag him a while back to get back on it, but hey, he's not a kid anymore. Now he knows and will do so. They give 3-4 exams per year but with the studying I think a person can get 2 done per year. Thanks for the prayers. No job but got his eurs opened! ,  Sue P., CT

9393 Roll call (3/15/2017 11:52:36 AM):  It seems like there are fewer and few posts to this board. I realize people get busy, but is everyone on the board busy at once? There used to be several posts that would show up first thing in the morning that had been submitted overnight. Today there were only 2. It has been the same for several weeks now. Anyway, if you're still here, check in and say hi. I'd like to know who is still here. I have missed a lot of what used to be regular posters. Are they still here and lurking or did they leave altogether? Check in and say hi.,  Amy J, OH

9400 new job & addresses (3/15/2017 1:20:15 PM):  DD accepted the full-time job offer, but now they are asking for references, which she can do, but they want all her addresses since 2010. I got a call this morning asking if I knew the address for her last apartment. No, so she will have to drive by it today. The address before that was a dorm building on campus that was flattened last year. I said to list 'White Pine - torn down' plus the street address since if they look up the address it won't list White Pine anymore. I told this is a good reason to keep a log of all the places you live and the roommates.,  Heather, NV

9425 Tomatoes (3/15/2017 6:19:03 PM):  Yesterday I planted my tomato seeds. My husband thinks it is to early since we will not put them in the ground till mid to late May. Have pepper seeds soaking, will plant then on Friday. Need to start my cabbage plants. It is cold, windy and snowy but I am planning for planting season.,  Jackie A., PA

9427 Weather (3/15/2017 6:28:14 PM):  Boy, our weather has been CRAZY lately. Last Wed. we had a windstorm with gusts to 80mph taking down trees, poles,wires etc. and knocking out power to over 100,000 homes. Our daughter was home from her teaching job with strep throat when their power went out. No school Thur., school had power so school Fri. but that's when our 9 yr. old grandson called and asked if they could come stay at our house until the power came back on. We love having them but wish the circumstances were better. Our sil stayed there to keep an eye on things. They finally got power back on Sun. Everybody back to school on Mon. just in time for a winter storm to come in. No school Tues. or today and it has finally quit snowing!! 27 inches of snow with 40mph winds... a good old fashioned blizzard. Some people are still without power since the windstorm, so awful . And spring starts Mon.??? Oh well, we're pretty used to bad winters here but this double whammy was a challenge. Just thought I'd share what has been the talk of our town all week. PS. Just heard that there are only a few hundred now without power. Thanks be to God!!,  Sharon S, NY

9436 Mary Red Button Directv (3/15/2017 6:59:30 PM):  I apologize for not seeing your post and question you asked "Does the record button on the remote activate the red button on the direct TV screen? " No its only for recording programs There are 2 red buttons there's solid red button usually beside green ,blue, yellow buttons if you have the large white remote it works as the delete button Ok the other red button kinda has a small letter R in it it's just for recording programs Here's pictures of remotes,  Ann , Nc

9437 Gas price?? (3/15/2017 7:00:51 PM):  I filled up this afternoon at $1.84 per gallon. That's the cheapest I've seen for several months. How much is gas where you live??,  Susan, SC


9450 Recall Notice (3/15/2017 9:25:54 PM):  Advanced Sports International recalls Fuji bicycles due to fall hazard: Researcher

9455 Delete downloads (3/15/2017 11:31:29 PM):  Can anyone explain to me in baby steps how to delete downloads on a tablet?,  June/Al

9456 Roll Call Brandie OH (3/15/2017 11:36:04 PM):  When r u issuing refunds to those who subscribed to ur newsletter? ,  Kelly

9460 Foy Code (3/16/2017 5:57:47 AM):  drnta4b9q for 16 points for 1 more.,  Vicki, Va.

9465 Roll call (3/16/2017 6:43:13 AM):  Thanks everyone for checking in. I was curious as to how man are still here. I was asking more about Off Topic than the good deals. I will go several days without checking Centsible Chat since money is tight lately and I'm afraid I'll find a "good deal" that I just can't pass up. Better not to know about them. LOL. I check Off Topic several times a day but was getting discouraged with how few posts there have been lately. I have also experienced the frustration of the boards being down in the mornings. I guess we all have, since if they're down for one, they're down for all. Again, thanks for checking in. ,  Amy J, OH

9466 He's here! (3/16/2017 6:44:40 AM):  My grandson Liam Alexander (AKA Ninja Mine) arrived last night around 11 p.m. He is tiny - 4 pounds, 4 ounces and 17.5 inches long. Seems to be healthy, just tiny. What makes this especially neat is that yesterday was my grandmother's (Liam's great-great grandmother) 94th birthday so they get to share their birthdays. ,  Amy J, OH

9476 Question (3/16/2017 8:38:42 AM):  Why does an employer need old addresses? I can't figure out why where you lived 7 years ago has any impact on your ability to do the job. Anybody know?,  Anna, al

9482 Amy J OH (3/16/2017 9:43:47 AM):  Thanks for the Roll Call post. I loved reading about everyone!,  Yvonne LA

9484 Renewed driver's license online (3/16/2017 9:57:30 AM):  Recently my husband renewed his driver’s license online and was given an extension for the expiration date. He was told that a camera card will be sent to him within 7-10 business days for him to bring when he gets his photo taken. Does he need to wait for the card to arrive before he goes to have his photo taken or can he get his photo taken without having the photo card?,  Rose PA

9493 clutter & depression (3/16/2017 10:55:40 AM):  Do you find that decluttering helps your mood? I saw an article this morning that clutter seems to have a connection to depression - I see a 'chicken/egg' connection - I think either could drive the other. I guess it is time to get off the computer and go declutter some projects. I know I will feel more motivated when I get somethings off my To Do list.,  Heather, NV

9494 Sue P. (3/16/2017 11:15:05 AM):  Any news on your sons interview?,  Karen-IA

9497 Blanket for embroidery? (3/16/2017 11:44:01 AM):  Does anyone have a recommendation of a blanket to purchase that can be easily embroidered? We are looking at purchasing them for our 8th graders, so around 20 total. We have a parent who has an embroidery machine and could do it. We are looking for this as a keepsake item, so something nice, but of course as budget friendly as possible (though no hard and fast budget). I have most major stores around - Target, Walmart, etc, but could also do Amazon or any online retailer. Thanks for any help! We'd like to make a decision early next month so the parent has time to do the embroidery.,  Lisa, OH

9515 Celebrate!!! (3/16/2017 6:37:37 PM):  We had a meeting with our realtor and OUR HOUSE IS SOLD!! I can't believe how this went but it's all true. The "stalker" came through with a sales proposal AT ASKING PRICE with many of the things we asked for. The inspection etc has to be done within 5 days and we will get notice of his loan approval by April 10. Closing and possession is April 18, 2017! Garage sale is going well and have sold many things but still have lots to sell. ,  Google Researcher

9523 cousin (3/16/2017 7:31:51 PM):  What relationship to me is my mother's first cousin's daughter? Cousin but what? I looked it up and it was too confusing (once removed, etc),  judyb la

9524 diet coke codes (3/16/2017 7:37:18 PM):  please tell when used so i can trash caps 6mb5pj4 vjfm4rh 79l505w 7w0fm47 fj6xmmp f075mfv r96r7jf x495wrk p454rjm 4r6xmno please tell when used so i can trash caps,  shirley ky

9530 For those following the eagles (3/16/2017 9:34:15 PM):  I got in on some feeding today, and there were just two with their mouths open, but it looked like there was too much "fuzz" between them. Sure enough, the third one got turned around and made sure he got some too. I really did think one was missing, so it was fun to see him! I can already see how quickly they are growing. Lots of "food" being brought to the nest, gobbled right up!,  Milly MN

9535 Checking in (3/16/2017 10:07:21 PM):  Checking in from Louisiana. Don't check C. Chat much; lean more toward OTC. I don't post much unless something really strikes me but I do skim lots. I've been on for 4 or 5 years. I don't get on as often as I used to. Still living with sister and BIL since the flood so I share her desktop and his laptop. I try to check at least in the morning. Used to check after work and before bedtime also, but now just have to do it when I can work in my computer time. Good to see Alice from OR checking in. Wish some of the MIA's would check in. I miss Sandy B, MO and Sharon from VA (??) She's the one that has the farm, I think.,  Susan, LA

9537 Memolink (3/17/2017 6:17:33 AM):  I wouldn't waste my time on Memolink anymore. I had cashed out for $10 PP, and should have been in my PP account on the 15th. And it didn't. So I think they are playing games with us. They should post on there site what is going on.,  Don't waste your time.

9538 walk in closet (3/17/2017 9:38:49 AM):  After my post about clutter/depression I ended up spending most of the day decluttering / reorganizing under the bed and the walk in closet. I ended up buying a 10 pack of banker boxes from Walmart for $15.00 to use on the shelves. I love how the walk in closet now looks and the boxes are easier to handle than the cardboard under the bed boxes that I was looking for. I also put 8 pairs of pants, 3 tops and 2 night gowns in the donation pile. I will go through the rest of the clothes another day. Oh, and I listened to a bunch of podcasts via YouTube so I am more ideas of how to organize our paperwork.,  heather, nv

9539 We Found A Place (3/17/2017 9:46:52 AM):  I am so excited! I think we have the place to snowbird down in Amelia Island Fla. come next January. It is a duplex with a garage underneath. Very nice inside. 3 bedrooms. It is within walking distance of my sons house and within walking distance of the beach. There is also a fenced in yard & nice patio out back. During prime season it rents for $325 per day but we are getting it for $2300 per month which averages out to about $75 per day. Everything looks great and we are sending deposit very soon. Also the owner is a animal lover and it is super pet friendly. I know its a long time until January but I can't wait to start Fla. snowbirding.,  Vicki, Va.

9550 White Cloud (3/17/2017 12:03:39 PM):  I played the game today, and it said I won. Did anyone else get that message? If so, do you know what you won? Years supply of TP? That would be great.,  Tammy

9554 HYDROXY CUT (3/17/2017 12:45:10 PM):  Has anyone tried this to get rid of Tummy fat? Its expensive but if it works, I will try it. I walk a lot, but its not helping.,  Thanks for any help.

9560 Recipe help needed (3/17/2017 4:14:08 PM):  Today a friend brought me a very large container of corned beef with cabbage and parsley potatoes. The cabbage and potatoes and juice are very delicious but I can't even chew the corned beef it is so tough and I don't have dentures, It is very fatty meat. Is there anything I can do to make this corned beef tender and edible? Sure would like to be able to enjoy what she brought me. Thanks for any suggestions.,  louise, oh

9561 Weekly Eagle update (3/17/2017 5:05:25 PM):  UPDATE FROM THE NEST Our three eaglets are now focused on the business of growing up, eating plenty and getting strong. They’re a full-time job for the adult eagles, in need of frequent feedings and help staying warm, but these adults have proved their mettle as parents. Fish, pigeons, muskrat and squirrel have all made appearances at meal times, and both adults are taking turns keeping the chicks protected from the March winds of Minnesota. SIBLING SQUABBLES Competition starts early in the life of a bald eagle. As we’ve seen, bald eagle chicks hatch asynchronously, meaning they don’t all hatch at the same time. A few days difference in age means differences in size and strength for the first weeks of their lives outside the shell, resulting in sibling rivalry. At this young age, one eaglet is unlikely to really hurt another, but that doesn’t keep them from trying! Viewers may see tiny grey heads bashing each other during feeding times. This behavior is a normal and healthy part of early life for an eaglet. Working to get to the best food bits first, to have the most comfy spot in the nest and the most parental attention helps eaglets grow strong and smart. Eagles’ lives don’t get easier once they fledge and join the adult population, so it’s very important they develop a competitive spirit early on. PARENTAL STRATEGIES Parenting human children, someone once said, is like making chili; everyone has their own recipe. That’s true in the animal kingdom, too, where biologists describe two basic approaches to caring for the young. Some species are referred to as precocial – their young are mobile and pretty much able to take care of themselves as soon as they’re born or hatched (what parents of any teenager might occasionally find themselves longing for). Horses, giraffes, domestic chickens, ducks and turkeys – all are precocial. The super-precocial African wildebeest has calves that can stand within six minutes of birth, and outrun their main predator, the hyena, within a day, giving them a significant survival advantage. Other species are altricial – they need lots of care and feeding for at least a while after being born or hatched. Most backyard songbirds are altricial, as are eagles and other raptors. That’s why we get to be intimate witnesses to all that goes on in our bald eagles’ nest. If eagles were precocial, they’d fly off shortly after being hatched, and there wouldn’t be much to see. Altricial development may offer benefits to the species, as well as to us spectators. Altricial birds, like eagles, hatch with fairly small brains, but the rich parent-provided diet after hatching lets their brains grow larger and more complex than precocial birds, providing advantages for survival. It certainly seems to work that way for humans. Altricial development also tends to promote greater socialization, as parents may need to work together to provide care for their young. Certainly we see that with our bald eagle pair! While humans may be at one end of the altricial development scale, taking as much as 18 years for the young to become mature (sometimes more – much more!), such traits are not confined to higher order critters. Some insects such as ants and bees also can be categorized as altricial. One fascinating group of beetles, known as burying beetles, displays a surprising amount of parental care. True to their name, burying beetles chew up and bury the bodies of small animals as food for their larvae. Both parents then guard the larvae and the carcass/food from other intrusions, and they will feed the squiggling larvae a regurgitated liquid protein in response to begging. It is particularly noteworthy that male burying beetles participate in parental care alongside the females. Although the burying beetle larvae are capable of moving about and feeding on their own, the parental care shown by burying beetles is thought to produce fewer but larger and stronger adults. SERVICE INTERRUPTION The EagleCam will be temporarily offline from about 5 p.m. on Friday, March 17, until about noon on Saturday, March 18, while the DNR makes upgrades to our web service. We apologize for any inconvenience, but with temperatures projected to warm into the mid-40s Friday and Saturday, it could be a great time to get outdoors and look for eagles and other birds beginning to return to Minnesota. Like those birds, we’ll be back. ,  Milly MN

9566 Dianne Me. Bumping Up (3/17/2017 6:14:40 PM):  Before we send any money our son who lives down in Fla. close to place we will be staying will be checking it all out. So I feel pretty good about it all. ,  Vicki, Va.

9567 So Sad (3/17/2017 6:26:38 PM):  We have a neighbor, an 87 years old man, who lives alone. He has two sons who rarely call him or visit. Four days ago he was in the shower and fell out of the tub and could not get up. He lied on the floor for three days. The lady across the street from him noticed his lights had not been on in the evening for days and called his sons. They came and called an ambulance and he went to the hospital. They don't know if he's going to survive.,  Bob, PA

9578 From Memolink (3/18/2017 5:47:49 AM):  below was posted by Memolink on FB Memolink March 16 at 12:34pm · Hey Memolinkers - we are aware the site is down and are doing everything we can to get it up. We apologize for the frustration, we want it back up more than you do :) Thanks for your continued patience this month, guys!,  Sunshine (Linda IN)

9581 Diet pills? (3/18/2017 6:08:08 AM):  After the question on Hydroxycut, I remember one of my neighbors bought something online to lose weight. He had to make a 20oz drink with this stuff and drink all of it 1/2 hour before each meal. Now really, if you drank 20oz of plain water 1/2 hour before each meal, you'd lose weight....his super miracle drink turned out to be psyllium, bulk medicine like Metamucil. And even if this creates no appetite for a big meal, what is to keep you from eating 4 Devil Dogs at 3 pm?,  Joanie in the FL Keys

9583 Peace Corps (3/18/2017 7:22:09 AM):  found out a couple weeks ago that my 30 year old niece will be going to South Africa in July, for a 2 1/2 year assignment. I would enjoy hearing about your experiences, I think I read that peace corps service helps reduce student loan debt, any experiences with that?,  Cindy T., WI

9584 Decluttering (3/18/2017 7:28:31 AM):  For those of us that are in a decluttering/downsizing mode, I thought you would enjoy the following quote by A. A. Milne: "One of the advantages to being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.",  Sue S., MN

9589 Embarrassed (3/18/2017 8:23:46 AM):  I think I got taken for $20. I sold an item for $55. I meet the person & she said she needed change for a $20. I gave her $10 & (2)$5's. She gave me $60 then took back $20. Then she gave me $15. Then she quickly left. I have been so upset over this but I don't want to email her & accuse her of something if I'm wrong. This made my whole day yesterday all off. Please tell me I'm wrong.,  no name

9590 Please e-mail me (3/18/2017 8:34:33 AM):  Will Amy J, OH please e-mail me. Put "grandchild" in the subject line.,  Virginia Ann S VA

9591 How to enlarge font in e-mail In box? (3/18/2017 8:54:05 AM):  I've suddenly had the font size in my e-mail In box shrink in size! it happened yesterday. II went into "preferences" & saw that the point size of my font was 12 pt. I changed that selection to 14 pt., & saved my change. But when i went back into my e-mail In box, the font size remained very tiny! I then tried increasing it to 18 pt. But again my font remained very tiny! How do I get my font in e-mail In box to significantly increase in size?,  Virginia Ann S VA

9593 Chit Chat Posts (3/18/2017 9:12:08 AM):  Haven't been on line for a while. I'm having trouble finding Off Topic Chit Chat Posts .Can find only the place to submit them - not to read all of them. Where Am I going wrong? Thanks,  Beth, MA

9606 Weight Watchers (3/18/2017 12:52:47 PM):  I was successful with WW years ago and went back today to start over. I knew the plan was different and that "subscriptions" were down but I went anyway. They have changed it so much that I called and requested a refund. Before you could still eat simply and lose. Now it's apps , meals require so many ingredients and are time consuming. I did notice that they were selling tons of their pre packaged food. It appears that they are more like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem where you buy their food. After studying the meal plans buying their food would be easier and maybe cheaper. My counselor told me to walk around the grocery store and check bar codes of everything I buy. I just need to eat better on my own.,  Anna al

9615 craigslist, etc (3/18/2017 5:51:02 PM):  Where, other than craigslist, do you look for things for sale locally anymore? I was told today that a lady's husband recently bought an AccuQuilt - which cuts 6 layers of fabric at one time, but the dies are expensive for $25 off of Craigslist instead of the $200+ for a new one! I just did an hour searching on Facebook garage sale sites and Craigslist, but didn't find any deals. I may have to start going to garage sales again this spring/summer.,  Heather, NV

9618 A legend dies (3/18/2017 6:40:56 PM):  Chuck Berry has passed away at the age of 90. He had several top hits including Johnny B. Goode, and School Day (American History and Practical Math),  Bob, PA

9624 Craig's list,etc (3/18/2017 9:07:04 PM):  Outside the sheriff's office building in our parish there are two parking spaces where you can meet the person you are meeting. The cameras on these two spaces is monitored by the police inside the building. I think that is such a great idea that could be implemented in other places. ,  Betty, La

9630 MCR (3/19/2017 7:16:22 AM):  I was cleaning off my space where I kept my coke rewards & found 2 caps buried under other things.,  cathy oh

9634 Foy Code (3/19/2017 11:13:14 AM):  rlikr6ekf for 34 points for 1 more.,  Vicki, Va.

9636 Crazy Week! (3/19/2017 11:23:47 AM):  I went grocery shopping Tuesday afternoon/evening to buy the food for the St. Patrick's day dinner. When I got home and went to put the lime sherbet in the big freezer, I discovered my big freezer had breathed its last - sometime probably a week ago. I had gotten something out last week and realized that things were defrosting. I thought I had left the door partially open. Everything was still very cold and at least partially frozen so I just made sure the door was shut tight. But apparently that wasn't the problem at all and everything in it had to be thrown out and I need a new freezer. Before I went to bed that night, I poured myself a cup of milk from the gallon I had just bought. When I got up in the morning, the milk was still on the counter so I lost that also. On Wednesday, we celebrated my grandma's 94th birthday. My daughter and 5-year-old grandson were there with us. Jamie had had a doctor appointment that morning and an ultrasound was scheduled for Friday afternoon because the baby was measuring so small. There was also concern that the baby was on top of the water. (I don't even know what that means! LOL). She was told the baby hadn't started to drop yet. Well, by now we know that the baby came later that night. LOL On Thursday I was planning to get a lot done to prep for the St. Patrick's Day dinner Friday. I did manage to get the vegetables prepped that would go into the crockpot because I wouldn't have time to do that during the day with working. I work from home, but I have to clock in and out and have a set schedule. I was so tired Thursday night that I went to bed by 8:30. On Friday, I was running behind getting ready for dinner but I did get it done. Late, but it was done. lol. The food was really good! I didn't have as many as I expected so even after the ones that did show took some home, I have a lot of leftovers. When I brought the groceries home Tuesday, I had left the rye bread in the grocery bag. When I put the cold stuff away Tuesday, I didn't see the bacon. I figured it was in one of the bags with the corned beef or sausage or hamburger that I had put in the refrigerator (bags and all! LOL). Well, Friday I found the bacon - in the bag with the bread! So there went the bacon. Not only did I lose everything in my upright freezer, but a gallon of milk and a pound of bacon as well this week. After dinner, Larry and I took our friend Dean who is blind out to a local bar where one of our favorite bands was playing. We met my brother there. I ended up bringing Larry home around 12:30 because he had to work Saturday morning and then I went back to the bar so I could take my brother and friend home after the concert ended. Of course, by this time I was exhausted again! LOL Now I'm still trying to get my kitchen cleaned up from Friday. I can't stand to look at it to clean it. LOL. I'll get that done today. Virginia Ann, I emailed you the addresses. Jackie, this is my second grandson. I think this is enough for now. LOL,  Amy J, OH

9637 Preemie clothes (3/19/2017 11:27:17 AM):  It's been a while since I've had to buy preemie clothes (my son was a preemie 28 years ago) and even then, he was born in June during a drought so he didn't need many clothes. Does anyone know who sells preemie size socks/booties? I have checked Amazon but even though I searched preemie, it's showing me newborn sizes. Liam is so small that even newborn clothes are way too big for him. Also, is there somewhere either online or B&M that would have a preemie size Superman onesie for a reasonable price? I Googled, but I'm not finding anything smaller than a newborn. I also don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it since we WILL grow. Thanks!,  Amy J, OH

9642 Prayers for Baton Rouge (3/19/2017 3:00:42 PM):  Please keep Baton Rouge and law enforcement in your prayers. Last night, just before midnight, another officer was killed in the line of duty. Officers were responding to a rape complaint/domestic dispute in front of a barber shop in a strip mall. One officer was killed and the attacker was wounded. The deputy was recognized for serving more than sixty high-risk warrants in 2013 as a part of SWAT with no injuries or shots fired. He was also recognized with Life Saver Award for stopping a jumper from the bridge. To think that he served all those high-risk warrants with no trouble and then gets murdered while responding to a call. No such thing as "routine" in law enforcement! Two of the most dangerous calls are warrant service and domestic disputes. Please keep the families and all of Baton Rouge in your prayers. We are still recovering from the murder of the 3 officers in last July's ambush and the injuries to 3 other officers in the same ambush. One of those officers, Deputy Nick Tullier, is still fighting to recover at TIRR in Houston. While his accomplishments in his recovery seem small---learning to support himself using his arms while laying on his stomach; to stand with assistance of a pulley system; and to move his arms to his chest---they are really huge, especially for someone who "coded" 4 times in the ER. Even more miraculous, considering all that happened to him, he can recognize words on flashcards and respond to questions such as "Is this word 'cat'"? by nodding forward for 'yes' or to the side for 'no'. Using same method, he has responded to questions, indicating that he remembers the ambush and the aftermath. If interested, Google "Deputy Nick Tullier" or go to "Nick Tullier Strong on Facebook. ,  Susan, LA

9648 My recent trip (3/19/2017 4:16:16 PM):  I've had a rough March the past two years. In 2015 I lost a close friend unexpectedly (massive heart attack to otherwise healthy person), then two weeks later my dad and buried him on my birthday weekend. Last year we said goodbye to my much loved Mother in Law on my birthday weekend. Luckily she passed the next day. So this year we decided to just run away for a couple of nights. We left Thursday night and went to Charlotte (2 hours). Friday we visited the Nascar Museum in downtown Charlotte. Spent two hours in there. It is great for any true Nascar fan. Then we went looking at some camper places. We sold our last one two years ago and now are wanting another one. Then meandered up into NC and went to a big camper place. They were having a sale. We actually found a pop up that was reasonably priced and really nice so we bought it. We have had a hard time finding pop ups and all other campers are almost double in price what we bought this for. They have to add an a/c unit and fix a plastic piece that was broke inside but then will be ready. But I'm swamped with my job doing paperwork all weekend. So we are not going back to get it til spring break on April 8. It's about 2 hours away from our house. So excited!,  Susan, SC

9651 h pylori ulcer (3/19/2017 5:07:15 PM):  Has anyone on this board had that type of ulcer? Did you get hives or a rash? Did it take more than one round of anti biotics to cure you? TIA,  ulcer's wife

9652 h pylori ulcer (3/19/2017 5:07:16 PM):  Has anyone on this board had that type of ulcer? Did you get hives or a rash? Did it take more than one round of anti biotics to cure you? TIA,  ulcer's wife

9653 h pylori ulcer (3/19/2017 5:07:16 PM):  Has anyone on this board had that type of ulcer? Did you get hives or a rash? Did it take more than one round of anti biotics to cure you? TIA,  ulcer's wife

9660 My coke Rewards (3/19/2017 8:53:04 PM):  When is the last day to claim reward? TIA,  Carol

9664 MCR - can we still enter? (3/19/2017 10:08:24 PM):  I have a small bag of caps and received two more last week. I am wondering if I can still do something with them.,  Heather, NV

9666 Go USC (3/20/2017 3:47:04 AM):  Gamecocks pulled it out against Duke!! Go USC!! (and no that is not California--we don't even think of California when we hear USC around here) I'm amazed. I didn't stay up to watch the game.,  Susan, SC

9668 coke codes (3/20/2017 5:39:42 AM):  March 22 is the last day to enter codes for points. June 30 is last day to spend points. July 1 is new rewards. ,  Carol F. Pa

9669 Foy Code (3/20/2017 6:38:54 AM):  0exk0fjiw for 28 points for 1 more.,  Vicki, Va.

9670 Make your bed? (3/20/2017 6:44:48 AM):  Do you make your bed every morning? I do. My bedroom is also my den and my extra TV room (I live in a house with 1 bedroom and 1 great room)so I usually end up spreading stuff all over the bed. Plus I like a nice tight bed when I go to sleep.....cannot stand wrinkled sheets,  Joanie in the FL Keys

9679 Sterling silver (3/20/2017 8:41:00 AM):  I have been finding a lot of platters, gravy boats etc & I think they are sterling silver. Does anyone know how to tell if they are? I didn't see any markings on the bottoms of them & they were tarnished.,  cathy oh

9687 Scammers (3/20/2017 9:08:24 AM):  We had been receiving calls which went to our answering machine from an obvious scammer saying we needed to call back about our electric or it would be cut off. First clue was she would say Mr or Mrs Howard. Not our name. Then the power company she said she was calling from was NOT our company. We live in an area where people around us use the company she said she was from but we don't. I finally answered the phone and the lady asked if I was the person who pays the bills. I said no. She asked to talk to the person who did and I said why are you calling. She said she is from XXX and we could save money by signing up. I said we don't use your power company. She said oh yes you do. I said no we don't. I did not mentioned who we use or my name since she kept saying Mrs. Howard. Finally I said you are a scammer and a horrible one at that. She kept insisting she was from the power company and I used them. I said you are so caught. My name is not Howard, we don't use the power company you mentioned and I KNOW that company will NOT call me on the phone even if I did use them. I said you are a scammer and she insisted over and over she wasn't. Then I said I now have you information and number and I will be calling the police. I haven't had any more calls from her but a few days later someone with a strong accent called claiming my computer had a serious virus. My daughter took that call and she kept saying she couldn't understand him. Finally she said we don't have a computer and I know you are a scammer and hung up. Since then we have had no calls but I am sure someone will start up soon. I know a few months ago I answered the phone and spoke only French. The caller kept on with her talk and I kept talking back in French. She finally realized I wasn't speaking English and asked for someone who did. I said in broken English "You no call back." ,  Fun with spammers

9688 Good Movies (3/20/2017 9:19:40 AM):  I saw two good movies on TV over the weekend. One was "Rumor Has It." It is probably an old movie. Jennifer Aniston, Shirley McClaine, Kevin Costner and the lady from Misery ( I am having a Senior Moment)were in it. Another was "Silver Lining" with Bradley Cooper and Robert Di Niro.,  Janice/Ok

9695 Geri Stiber? (3/20/2017 11:00:28 AM):  Is OUR own Geri Stiber the winner of the 25,000 MyPoints from last week??? I sure hope so, if it is you, a huge congratulations!!!,  Julie in Mass

9702 Coke Rewards (3/20/2017 1:19:17 PM):  Super frustrated. I need 650 points to get the reward I want. I have 645 points, and can only add 5 more points this week, seems perfect right? I talked to them via online chat, and they don't care, and disconnected our chat before I was done talking. So months of savings lost. Very disappointing. Does anyone have any idea how I can just add 5 more points? Since bottle caps are worth 3 pts, I don't see any options. Thoughts? Thanks.,  Julie in Mass

9716 Julie in Mass (3/20/2017 4:38:04 PM):  Your can try this.. 645 - 1 point for entering any one sweepstakes than Be 644 add 2 caps 6 points be your 650. Hope that helps.,  Carole, Pa

9717 Julie in Mass (3/20/2017 4:52:02 PM):  Disregard my first suggestion. My DD said , best to call them or email them , They might do it. Didn't realize you only could enter 5 points, not 6. Senior moment. ,  Carole, Pa

9720 Roll call (3/20/2017 5:16:49 PM):  I read the board about once a week. I hardly even use a coupon anymore, but I do really enjoy reading off topic chat.,  Dianne in GA

9722 Cindy T (3/20/2017 6:36:36 PM):  I'm the say way about drinking from the bathroom faucet. Has to be from the kitchen. And yet I have no problem brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth with water from the bathroom faucet. ,  Amy J, OH

9726 Sterling Silver (3/20/2017 8:00:13 PM):  About your ,  Questopm

9729 Sterling Silver (3/20/2017 8:45:53 PM):  maybe one of your readers can help you out.I know that a magnet will tell you if an item is real gold or just plain brass.Whether this works on Silver, I don,t know.,  DorothyIL & IA

9730 Making the bed (3/20/2017 8:59:33 PM):  I don't make it every day, but I do have to pull sheets, etc. up. Barbara D, I don't think Joanie deserved that kind of response. There are tons of "survey questions" on here that are in the same vein. If you don't want to respond, don't. But you don't have to be so mean-spirited.,  Susan, LA

9737 Foy Code (3/21/2017 6:26:05 AM):  i0wrtphr5 for 25 points for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

9738 Memolink (3/21/2017 6:41:13 AM):  Do you think they are playing games with us? A few times someone will say they got in to do a few things. Why is it taking them so long to fix the problem?,  Your thoughts

9744 Shamrock (3/21/2017 9:01:04 AM):  Is this over with?,  over???

9747 Just For Fun (3/21/2017 9:19:50 AM):  If you could only choose one, which would you most want? Less Stress More Money More Sex,  Debbie, IN

9748 MCR questions (3/21/2017 9:27:19 AM):  I think the limit used to be 75 points per week. Anyone know if that is true or can I enter the limit today and enter more tomorrow? Also, since I am still finding product with the codes on them in the store do you think it would be worthwhile saving some of the codes for the new program? Otherwise, I will post my extra codes sometime late afternoon PST tomorrow.,  Heather, NV

9750 Favorite Soup? (3/21/2017 10:32:10 AM):  What is your favorite canned soup? I vote for Progresso chicken corn chowder (and I add some bacon),  Joanie in the FL Keys

9757 Scammer (3/21/2017 11:50:33 AM):  I just got a call from UPS (fake) and it told me that I won 2.5 million from Publishers Clearing House. The man had a very thick accent I said "Get a real job, little man." He said F you and I hung up. I hope I destroyed his self esteem.,  Bob, PA

9766 Curious (3/21/2017 2:02:12 PM):  Has anyone on this site used KERANIQUE for thinning hair? Nope don't need web sites....I am just curious if anyone here has tried it and recommends it or not. ,  Patti/IN

9769 Clean underwear? (3/21/2017 2:40:00 PM):  I was just reading the "make your bed" comments about the firemen walking through the house and it reminded me of Mommy always saying to make sure you had clean underwear in case you had an accident. I am sure she meant neat and clean, not frayed or full of holes, as opposed to poopy....anyhow, I remember a patient I had one day who was out walking her dog, slipped in dog poop that was under the fall leaves, landed on top of the dog poop, and came in with a broken hip and SMELLING LIKE DOG POOP! We laughed for quite a while about her wearing her good underwear and still smelling like dog poop,  Joanie in the FL Keys

9776 Cell Phones (3/21/2017 4:15:34 PM):  I have several old cellphones I would like to get rid of -- if I remove the SIM card have I protected my privacy. I am technologically challenged.,  Sue S., MN

9777 MCR (3/21/2017 4:18:00 PM):  I just loaded enough codes to get a free 12 month Shutterfly calendar. And I went to and signed up for an account and spent two codes to try to win a trip to the 2018 March Madness games.,  Heather, NV

9778 French letter / bottle (3/21/2017 5:10:39 PM):  There was a poster who said that years ago, her sister wrote a letter, put it in a bottle and dropped it in the ocean while on a cruise. She said she'd received a letter in the mail and it was in French, I think. She was asking how to go about translating it and that the writing was not too legible. I think someone here offered to translate and did so. I must've missed the translation post and I'm curious. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Tia, ,  Sheila L, NV

9785 coke codes (3/21/2017 7:08:24 PM):  Yesterday I was entering codes and carefully placing the caps on my desk so I could remember which ones I entered. Along comes the newest member of my house, young cat and he promptly knocked them all over, making off with one as a new toy. I lost count of the caps I entered so I had to keep entering until I got the limit message,  judyb la

9793 Foy Code (3/22/2017 6:08:18 AM):  5z98pk28q for 34 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va .

9794 Foy Code (3/22/2017 6:29:04 AM):  xkg8z6p6n for 10 points for 4 more ,  Vicki,Va.

9796 E rewards (3/22/2017 7:24:15 AM):  Anyone else having issues with e rewards. I have enough points to get a rewards and IO can't. Says that I can only get one a month. well the last one I got was in January. So I have sent them an email TWICE....and I get a standard reply. They are looking into it. anyone else hae erewards issues. ,  Nancee/IN

9797 Soup Talk (3/22/2017 9:00:25 AM):  I like to make soup with browned hamburger meat, onions, carrots, canned petit tomatoes; can of tomato soup; sometimes a can of cream of mushroom soup; and a small can of corn (opt). I use Golden Mushroom soup when I cook chuck roast in the crock pot; then thicken the juices for the gravy.,  Janice/Ok

9801 Prolia for bone density (3/22/2017 9:38:16 AM):  I have been taking generic Fosamax but my doctor is now suggesting Prolia by injection given every 6 months. I have done some online research and fail to see that it would give much additional benefit. Does anyone here have first hand experience with this drug?,  Roseanne, NE

9803 Soup (3/22/2017 10:06:47 AM):  One of my favorites is Rachael Ray's stuffed pepper stoup (thicker than a soup, thinner than a stew). It's quick and easy to make. Here is the recipe: I also like a taco soup that is really easy to make. I'll have to find that recipe. It's 2 of most things - I just don't remember which "things." LOL,  Amy J, OH

9804 Simplicity pattern (3/22/2017 12:16:38 PM):  I know this is way off topic from refunding but does anyone have a simplicity pattern 5461 that they would be really to sell to me? It a teddy bear pattern.thanks ahead of time.,  Becky

9810 Mastectomy (3/22/2017 1:11:30 PM):  I had a mastectomy a year ago and since I met my deductible I was able to get 4 mastectomy bras and a prosthesis at no charge to me. The prosthesis is made with silicon and heavy so it holds the bra down on that side well. Once the prosthesis is worn or starts leaking I will need to replace it but I don't want to pay the high cost that it will be out of pocket. Insurance will NOT let me get a new one until I meet my deductible. I did get a camisole with 2 cotton filled breast but it is light and that side of the bra will move up. I am wondering if anyone has found something that I could put into the fake cotton breast to give it weight but not look abnormal or be uncomfortable or where I could buy something like the silicon breast but not cost a lot. Thanks for any help! ,  Ann

9811 pray for London (3/22/2017 1:12:13 PM):  Please pray for the people in the London attacks. Several killed., MD

9815 air fare (3/22/2017 3:37:32 PM):  Does anyone have a good site to get the cheapest air fares?,  Mickie Starks Utay

9816 Michele/Chloe (3/22/2017 4:03:52 PM):  What a long and trying journey for the Easter family, but you have come out on top! I'm so happy you've all been blessed with Chloe's good outlook, thanks to her fighting spirit and many prayers. We look forward to "watching" her grow; I can hardly believe how big she looks in those photos! Thanks for sharing the good news.,  Marion, CA

9817 Chloe (3/22/2017 4:16:57 PM):  Very happy to read that Chloe rand the bell!!,  Linda M Rhode Island

9820 Ringing the Bell (3/22/2017 5:36:25 PM):  Thank you for sharing, Chloe is so adorable! All the best for the entire family, you have been through your own personal hell so now during the new season of Spring it will be all good.,  Chris, SC

9822 Chloe (3/22/2017 6:30:25 PM):  Thanks so much for posting the info and pictures of Chloe and the family. I'm so happy to hear she got to ring the bell. It's been a long journey for all of you. I know there's so much happiness in the future for her and the entire family. I wish all of you the best. ,  Gayle S, MI

9823 Chloe (3/22/2017 6:49:39 PM):  How wonderful that Chloe is done with treatment and doing so well!!! Blessings to ALL.,  Sharon S, NY

9824 Best find? (3/22/2017 7:07:47 PM):  Okay, another survey....have you ever "garbage picked"? This could be dumpster diving, picking up something from the side of the road, or however you define it. If you have, what has your best find been? I'll start...around the corner, someone was listing their house for sale and put out a LOT of garbage bags/boxes. I made multiple trips back to my house with them. THere were quite a few bags of actual garbage. However, after sorting through, I ended up donating 2 van loads full of various household items (lamp shades, packing material they could use for wrapping glassware, clothes, blankets, sheets, etc). I did keep some things as well. My best find was a brand new, in box, two way radio. I put it on ebay and sold it for $200 in just over a week!,  Lisa, OH

9833 coke rewards (3/23/2017 4:41:37 AM):  so what is everyone doing with their caps and points? Do you think we will still be able to enter them or is the program going to be like saving star and kelloggs where you have to use your card tied into your account or enter receipts just wondering,  cheryl ny

9835 Chloe (3/23/2017 6:06:47 AM):  Great news about Chloe. She feels like my part of my family as does all the Easter family and fellow people who coupon and refund.,  Pam,

9836 Chloe (3/23/2017 6:08:31 AM):  Just posted and I think I sent before finishing my name and state. ,  Pam, KY

9837 Chloe (3/23/2017 6:20:30 AM):  Wonderful news, and thanks for sharing with us! Everyone looks sooo happy! I love Dad's smile!,  Susan, LA

9849 Chloe (3/23/2017 8:57:18 AM):  So proud of Chloe getting to ring the bell and being sung to. Thank you Lord for her healing.,  Janice/Ok

9852 New Thread/Tuna Salad (3/23/2017 11:16:01 AM):  When we lived in NY a college friend said my Tuna salad was interesting because I put a lot of ingredients in it. I use four cans of Star Kist Tuna in water, drained; chopped dill pickles, chopped onions, chopped celery, chopped boiled eggs, and miracle whip. I made it Tuesday and it was about a quart in a Rubbermaid container. It was better last night because it was cold and crunchy.,  Janice/Ok

9853 Unusual (3/23/2017 11:16:14 AM):  I was reading the story about the North Pond Hermit. It is fascinating how a 20 year old man, who was a technician drove his car on a remote road in the Maine woods until he ran out of gas and then walked in the woods. He had some supplies, including a tent, and lived in the woods for 27 years. He lived near North Pond, a large pond in Rome, Maine. There were several dozen private cabins at the other end of the pond, which he robbed frequently There was also a summer camp for disabled adults and children called the Pine Tree Camp from which he stole lots of food. He said only one word in the 27 years and that was "Hi" to a hiker who walking by him. When he was caught, he spent 7 months in jail for robbery. The whole story is fascinating. A detailed book was written called 'Stranger in the Woods',  Bob, PA

9854 Peaches (3/23/2017 11:21:30 AM):  I read that cold weather wiped out the peach crop in SC. It is also wiped them out in PA and I suspect every state in between. It looks like after budding they can withstand 25 degrees. In our area it got down to 15,18, and several low 20s in March.,  Bob, PA

9859 Walgreens clearance (3/23/2017 12:24:55 PM):  I just found some deals at our local Walgreens. 8oz can of Hunt's tomato sauce for 9 cents! 15 oz Libby Pumpkin for 74 cents and a package of marshmallows for 49 cents. They were always in clearance section. I found a double Colgate kid's toothbrush for 59 cents in the regular section.,  Heather, NV

9860 Chloe (3/23/2017 12:27:06 PM):  Thanks for posting the photos. I am so glad she is done with the treatments. Your family deserves a break.,  Heather, NV

9871 Janice/OK - Sarah (3/23/2017 1:46:14 PM):  A few weeks ago your little Sarah didn't come back in after going out in the evening. I've been wondering if she finally came back home. Please let us know.,  Susan H, CT

9874 borderline personality disorder (3/23/2017 2:01:19 PM):  I know someone I suspect might be borderline personality disordered. It might be something else, just guessing. Just not able to convince them they should see a Dr for any reason. As with many others with mental disability, they think there isn't anything wrong with them. There is no way I can just disappear from the life of this person. He would be harassing relatives of mine in search and also I would need to quit my job. Many times I have begged this person to move out. Won't leave. Finally said when my lease (I am only 1 listed) is up in 4 months I am moving & renting a room from someone, he needs to make other arrangements. As it stands now, I would need to have complex evict him, but sure they would evict me to because I allowed him to stay here. Just looking for any advice on how to make him see there is a problem with his thinking. There are so many with mental illness that someone here has to of had to try to reach a friend or family member. He can be nice and reasonable, but he can go from from that to screaming & throwing things in blink of eye. Like a 2 yr old throwing a temper tantrum. He will rant & carry on about someone that angered him & then in blink of an eye he is over it. Roller coaster living.,  worried

9884 Basketball tonight (3/23/2017 4:09:23 PM):  We are settling in tonight to watch WVU play. A big change as for years we watched my IU team. Hopefully a new coach for them will make a big difference. I picked up fried chicken at Publix. Been working til almost 5 daily then from 7 to 10 each night as this my busy time at work. UGH! Hate paperwork.,  Susan, SC

9887 need to find paperwork (3/23/2017 5:29:38 PM):  Please think good thoughts/prayers that I find some needed paperwork associated with the 2015 taxes so I can finish this years. Right now I don't know where I stored them! I can find 2014, but 2015 is not with them. I really need to work on organizing paperwork and making a list that says where I stored it. Maybe DD can find the information online from the college.... I thought her taxes would be easy and quick - ha!,  Heather, NV

9889 Dumpster diving (3/23/2017 6:09:22 PM):  There are videos on YouTube on this subject. The people go thru the shopping mall dumpsters late at night. Amazing how many new, usable items were found in ULTA's dumpsters, also Victoria's Secret & more. (I've been binge watching YouTube lately). My FIL once picked up an Electrolux vacuum someone discarded (he spent only 75c to repair it), DH found a kids stunt bike in the dumpster for our complex, fixed it up & we had fun with it, and my coworker tossed a Sony AM/FM radio in her trash can because one of the dials was stuck. I asked if I could have it, then took it home, cleaned it up & it works fine.,  Teresa, CA

9891 Dumpster diving (3/23/2017 8:04:58 PM):  There are videos on YouTube on this subject. The people go thru the shopping mall dumpsters late at night. Amazing how many new, usable items were found in ULTA's dumpsters, also Victoria's Secret & more. (I've been binge watching YouTube lately). My FIL once picked up an Electrolux vacuum someone discarded (he spent only 75c to repair it), DH found a kids stunt bike in the dumpster for our complex, fixed it up & we had fun with it, and my coworker tossed a Sony AM/FM radio in her trash can because one of the dials was stuck. I asked if I could have it, then took it home, cleaned it up & it works fine.,  Teresa, CA

9892 William M, TX is back in the USA (3/23/2017 8:12:06 PM):  I'm currently in Charlotte, NC as I sort out where I'll be headed next. It shouldn't take long. I have a few CVS deals to post, as soon as my renewal is straightened out. I hope everyone is doing well.,  William M, TX

9893 I found my paperwork (3/23/2017 8:36:06 PM):  After I posted I went back to where I had looked multiple times and found it in a colored envelope instead of brown. Oh, and now DD's taxes are easier than the California ones I have do to since I got the estate trustee fee from my mom's estate. I thought that would be quick, but no since Turbo tax wants a lot of answers associated with our other investment income, etc. ,  Heather, NV

9894 where do you store tax paperwork? (3/23/2017 8:40:21 PM):  No, I am not asking specifically, but I need to improve my filing system which is a little bit here and the rest there. First question is do you store them in a fire safe box? Do you have different colored envelopes for each year? Any help you can/are willing to give will be appreciated. The best way to deal with paperwork wasn't something I learned from my mom.,  Heather, NV

9895 Recall Notice (3/23/2017 8:52:11 PM):  Polaris recalls Sportsman 850 and 1000 All-Terrain Vehicles due to burn and fire hazards: Researcher

9897 Chloe (3/23/2017 11:02:51 PM):  Thanks for posting pictures & happy smiles of you all, SO happy for her & your family. I was crying, what a journey for you all, thank God for good endings:) I rang my bell on Jan 6th of this year, after 5 months of chemo for breast cancer, I am doing well & also have had a positive outcome, the cancer is gone. Had surgery a month ago, will start 33 treatments of radiation next week, then all done! I said many prayers for Chloe & your family. I always said when I found out I had cancer, I am glad it is me & not my children, that is just something that is just so not right, children with cancer. SO happy for you all!,  Lisa, Illinois

9902 Medical insurance--- (3/24/2017 6:29:39 AM):  My niece is turning 26 in a few months and can no longer be carried on her parents' insurance. Please help us explore options for her which are not ridiculously expensive. I know things are changing in the insurance world. ,  Aunt

9905 Dumpter diving (3/24/2017 7:15:42 AM):  On the same level sort of... We went to the metal recycling yesterday to take in some items. The woman in front of me had a lot of different items, a lot of scrap, but she had an old, old, milk pail, perfect condition, beautiful, she maybe got .75 for it, she could have sold it for around $50!! I almost said, hey I'll but that from you, but my husband was there!,  CB OH

9907 London Terror Attacks (3/24/2017 8:06:42 AM):  Did you guys hear on the news this morning that one of the victims in London terror attacks was an American tourist. The guy was a musician from the Salt Lake City area. He recorded at a music studio that had the word 'Bountiful" in the name of that recording studio! I've e-mailed Michele to ask if that guy was from her area of Bountiful, Will be interested to see if she does post that he was from her area! The guy & his wife were visiting London. It was thought he had jumped from the Westminster Bridge to avoid the rampaging suspect. His wife is presently in a hospital recovering from broken leg, rib injury & cuts!,  Virginia Ann S VA

9911 ULTA Dumpster (3/24/2017 8:23:04 AM):  Is that the beauty aids company?,  Janice/Ok

9915 Book suggestions (3/24/2017 9:10:36 AM):  I would like to recommend 2 different books. There first one is called Sidewsiped by Bob Ney. It's about his life in politics and the Abramoff scandal, etc. The second is a children's book called T. Rex and his Gizmos by Eric Boles. It's a tyrannosaurus who builds gadgets to accomplish tasks he otherwise couldn't accomplish with his small arms. What do these books have in common? I am personal friends with both authors. I'm not sure if I liked Bob's book because I know Bob personally or because it was really a good book. I normally have no interest in the inner workings of politics. I never Bob as a politician. We met at the local YMCA and have become friends. I also met Eric at the Y. Both of their books are available on Amazon. Hope you enjoy them!,  Amy J, OH

9919 Possible Sepsis Cure (3/24/2017 9:57:46 AM):  We have a doctor here in Norfolk Va. who has had quite a bit of success of using a combination of vitamin C and steroids on patients who are very close to death from sepsis. All of the patients he has used it on have been cured from their sepsis. His name is Dr. Merric. I am not sure this is a complete cure but it would be awesome if it was. You can read about by looking at the Virginia pilot newspaper online. It can be found by looking at pilot This Dr. is trying to get other ICU to also look at this combination of medicines to treat patients with sepsis. ,  Vicki, Va.

9921 Ear Corn (3/24/2017 10:12:51 AM):  Does anyone have any home remedies for removing an ear corn? Any suggestions?,  Have one

9926 storing tax paperwork (3/24/2017 11:13:52 AM):  Thank you for the replies. I thought of a banker box this morning and I have a few empty ones. So, this morning I collected some the brown envelopes with tax paperwork and associated documents and put them in one. I will need to go hunting and find the other years. It sounds like I am on the right track.,  Heather, NV

9927 1990 taxes - shred? (3/24/2017 11:15:51 AM):  Please tell me I can shred the 1990 tax envelope. DH doesn't think I should. Maybe I should just keep the tax forms? I still have the paper instructions and all the associated paperwork - cancelled checks, etc. ,  Heather, NV

9930 Question (3/24/2017 11:54:15 AM):  I have an accident policy thru work and have filed a claim when my husband fell out of bed. I couldn't get him up. He was unconscious and had to be taken to ER. He had "rabdab" short for a longer diagnosis. They had to flush his system of the toxins that built up when he was lying in the floor. Do you think this qualifies as an accident?,  Janice/Ok

9936 migraines (3/24/2017 1:15:54 PM):  Is there anything that a Dr can do for these? Asking because a 15 yr old boy just started getting them. His mom gets them often. What she does is ice bag and a few Excedrin migraine over the day, stays in dark bedroom. But he is 15 yr old boy who has school to deal with and lots of social activity. So far he has had 2 this week. Spring break thankfully.,  just wondering

9939 girl scout cookie sales (3/24/2017 1:28:06 PM):  I was told from a small town in Iowa that the girl scout parents have to shell out $500 for 125 boxes of cookies for the their scout to sell. This way, the nationals get their money up front and pushes scouts & parents to get all sold. Anyone heard of this? I just can't imagine in this day & age parents would agree to that nor have the funding. My daughter was a scout 35 yrs ago & it was her responsibility to sell as much or as little as she wanted. They always got some kind of prize for selling the most; she had to approach on her own (I was in the wings) but I didn't try to sell to any coworkers, etc. Made a better person of her.,  Carol - Iowa

9940 death certificates (3/24/2017 1:29:24 PM):  Is there a limit to how long you have to keep death certificates? I know it could be good for genealogy searches, but I never see someone looking up some of these people - no kids, etc.,  Heather, NV

9950 Sarah Back Home (3/24/2017 2:04:35 PM):  I am so glad to hear that Sarah has returned home. ,  Vicki, Va.

9959 Epcot Tickets (3/24/2017 2:47:52 PM):  Have to go in a couple of weeks to Florida. Husband wants to see his brother. We will be flying in and then spending one night at Epcot. the cheapest I can find is 99.00 for a day at Epcot... Does anyone know how (without like listening to a timeshare) we can get cheaper tickets to Epcot. ,  Patti/IN

9975 Teams (3/24/2017 6:20:50 PM):  When the big dance started we rooted for Villanova - they lost. Then we cheered for Rhode Island, my wife's home state, They came close . Tonight go South Carolina, who is destroying over ranked Baylor. We love March Madness. We're with you tonight Susan! ,  Bob, PA

9980 My update (3/24/2017 8:42:23 PM):  I spent two LONG years teaching in Saudi Arabia. I mostly taught at the junior college level but also taught pilots and some other specialized classes. The economy of that region tanked about six months after I arrived and the company I worked soon followed. When I started there were hundreds of westerners working for the company and when I left there were fewer than 20 remaining. The money was ok but the boredom and loneliness were extreme. For most of the time I wasn't in big cities and I was never in a compound. At one point I went 11 months without speaking, face-to-face, with another westerner. I went 20 months without speaking to another American. It was tough. Frankly, the internet saved my bacon as I was able to talk to people and watch church services. I'll talk about my sightseeing in my next post.,  William M, FL

9986 Keeping tax returns (3/25/2017 6:24:03 AM):  I've been keeping copies of our income taxes since we married in 1950. Just started that way and continued because we have always had a business or two to report. We also sold our house one year and were advised to save the income taxes for that year because that info could be used in our taxes in later years if we bought or sold again. About death certificates -When my husband died the grandkids came across the country for the funeral - missing 2 weeks of school. (They were in college at the time and their professors told them to bring copies of the death certificate when they returned.) There is a stay-at-home woman in my town who is a Notary. So when we need something notarized we go to her. That is really easy for us -she's close, and always available-. She was an office manager for years -broke her leg and then started her home based notary business. I forget what she said the cost to have her license renewed each year was -it was high as was the punch she bought to notarize the documents. I forget what she charges to notarize something but she has said she won't go back to working in an office.. So some of you might think about doing that to make some extra money while you're at home. ,  Beth,MA

9994 Charity (3/25/2017 8:32:58 AM):  I have read that several Susan G. Komen walk for Life offices are closing permanently in different states. The reason is that their main fundraiser, the walk for life, is getting fewer participants, down to 40% of what they previously got. They can no longer sustain the staffs in those states. It's discouraging that they are slowly going out of business. ,  Bob, PA

0001 Finding cheap flights (3/25/2017 10:25:41 AM):  First, go to this site and it will tell you the cheapest flights for your dates/locations. But you can't order tickets from this site. You must go to the airlines' sites or contact a travel agent. The info from this site has saved me a lot of money.,  William M FL

0004 IPod Question (3/25/2017 11:34:33 AM):  My son gave my husband his ipod. My husband wants to delete some of the music that my son had on his ipod from iTunes. The problem is that the songs for my sons iTunes won't highlight so my husband can delete. Is there anyway to get them to highlight. ,  Vicki, Va.

0005 Mamonogram (3/25/2017 12:10:57 PM):  My friend was told she could have it free as she has no insurance.She got a bill in mail for $109.00 for radioalgest to read it! Not free.,  Julie Fl

0006 DD graduation dress (3/25/2017 12:27:11 PM):  DD and I went shopping last night and went to JCPenney first. We were impressed that we each found a nice dress and on sale. DD will wear it for her college graduation and to go to a church wedding this summer. We also went mall walking so we stopped into Macy's. We found the Junior clearance section and she found two nice basic blue dress for $13.xx each instead of $50 each! We know that she will be required to wear jeans to work, but like I said it is nice to have a few dresses for dinners, etc.,  Heather, NV

0011 Probate (3/25/2017 2:17:41 PM):  Anybody who has been through this process, what exactly does it mean when a will goes through Probate?,  Cathy B. Mo.

0020 What have you done today to make you feel proud? (3/25/2017 4:58:44 PM):  I am incredibly pleased that my son and I were able to fix a problem with our Dyson DC14, and are donating it to a homeless shelter,  Cindy T., WI

0025 Mindy W, MD & Bob, PA (3/25/2017 6:11:29 PM):  Re: old tax returns and DH. No, I won't say DH is a true pack rat, but at times I find things that I know he stuffed away and I thought we had already given it away. Tax paperwork has always been my job. That said I spent the last 4 hours going through paperwork and pulling out the envelopes, unfolding the paperwork, tossing what definitely wasn't needed, etc and consolidated the returns I found from 1.5 banker boxes to less than one. I do have a list of some other years that I still need to find, but I will go looking for them another day. Between the completely full shredder bag and a full trash bag we must have lost a few pounds in the house today :-),  Heather, NV

0026 Health reimbursements (3/25/2017 6:14:15 PM):  Okay, another do I keep or can I shred question. Through work we have always had a Health Flex Spend account. For example, we could put in $500 at the beginning of the year and then send in the doctor, dentist, etc receipts and get the money reimbursed. This amount is never put on a tax return since it has already been reimbursed. That said, how long should I keep all these papers? Can I shred after the current year is over?,  Heather, NV

0035 Mammogram cost (3/25/2017 9:48:28 PM):  How cruel that some people are unable to afford medical care. Many of the people who work for low wages can't afford insurance with decent deductibles and co-pays. The working poor deserve respect for their efforts and help if they need it. Routine screening for health issues can save lives and many health problems are easier and cheaper to treat if found early. Shame on any hard hearted person who believes otherwise.,  Carol , NY

0041 Talking about books (3/26/2017 7:30:16 AM):  I am reading The Zookeepers Wife which is about a family helping hide and move Jews in Poland during WWII. It reminded me of my favorite book Mila 18. I was visiting at Dachau concentration camp and this book was on the is about the Warsaw ghetto.....great book,  Joanie in the FL Keys

0044 vintage grocery store photos (3/26/2017 8:05:49 AM):  This link was on facebook -- I thought you might enjoy looking through the 30 photos in VA

0050 Coke Site (3/26/2017 11:11:33 AM):  Oaky speaking of this new cokes reward site. I need a little help ….cause I’m lost. I can click on my account….still have that one point. I read on here that some people put in a coke number and it accepted. Well for the life of me….I don’t see where I can put in this coke cap. Its three points and I was going to try it also. Well excuse me….how….. seriously….how. I have click the plus sign…my name etc….I cannot see where I can enter any codes. I see my account. I see rewards…. But nope I cannot find any link to put in this coke cap. ,  Charlotte/IN

0055 coke site help (3/26/2017 1:25:52 PM):  You can't enter any more codes. Last day was March 22nd. Just redeem them . I would email them or call About it. ,  Carole, PA

0056 Wax paper (3/26/2017 2:29:02 PM):  I finally used up the wax paper my employer gave me 11 years ago. Now I can't seem to find any wax paper. Is this my imagination? Maybe it's because I haven't checked every grocery store. Where do you buy wax paper?,  Mindy W, MD

0057 Go Gamecocks!! (3/26/2017 2:42:39 PM):  Wow!! What a game!! First time in the history of the school to be in the final four!!,  Susan, SC

0062 Linda, TX - thanks (3/26/2017 3:35:38 PM):  Yes, it is a Flex Spend (FSA) account. I found some really old statements and receipts. I will definitely shred them now.,  Heather, NV

0063 shredding documents (3/26/2017 3:37:06 PM):  I admit I get nervous about shredding documents since I am always sure that we will need a tax or other document in the future. So far that hasn't happened, but I never know. I am getting more confident about shredding the pre-2000 documents that I randomly find around the house.,  Heather, NV

0071 Hearing aids (3/26/2017 5:05:12 PM):  My husband is in need of a hearing aid. Any suggestions of a reliable company. Have any of you heard of ZOUNDS or Aide hearing centers?,  Joyce A, Va

0080 TV Shows? (3/26/2017 10:22:41 PM):  We subscribe to Hulu now. I signed up for a free month. I am trying to find the following shows. Season 3,4, & 5 of Scandal. Season 6 of American Horror Story Roanoke. The complete series “24”. I can find it on Comcast but they charge per show. We have Netflix but it takes them forever to add new TV shows, movies etc. I would like to discontinue the service. TIA ,  Renay, NJ

0083 My turn to be scared (3/27/2017 7:32:24 AM):  I had a mammogram done Thursday and the doctor's office just called to say they saw something they wanted to "investigate" further. I am suppose to have an ultrasound Friday afternoon. Of oourse, do it on the weekend so I have longer to freak out. I had one just a year ago, so hopefully this is something fairly new. I am 66 and there is no family history, but maybe I have to be different. Just had to vent.,  KathyB, MI

0087 Joanie/Rabdo (3/27/2017 7:50:20 AM):  Rabdo is what happened was caused when he fell out of the bed and lying in the floor. Toxins build up in the area of the body he was lying on (arm and shoulder). He was diagnosed with his after arriving at the hospital. They had to flush his system of the toxins which could go to his orgins. The accident was falling out of bed.,  Janice/Ok

0102 Pain in right lower side. (3/27/2017 11:21:08 AM):  I am goint to Dr tomorrow anyway for check up after quarterly blood test for my diabetes, etc. I have been having pain in my side below my waist. I have been having loss of appetite which is good. I don't think it is my colon this time. I am wondering if it could be appendicitus? I am not sure how they check for it. When my husband had it he was really sick. When they do appendectomies now is it an incision or laser?,  Janice/ok

0103 Susan SC (3/27/2017 11:53:17 AM):  I looked up what the women's teams are called a SC U and their moniker is Lady Gamecocks. That is really ignorant, in my opinion. Gamecocks are roosters that are required to fight another rooster to the death of one of them. I don't know of any species in the fowl family that have lady roosters. Sorry, but it just rubbed me the wrong way.,  Bob, PA

0105 Mammogram, thanks (3/27/2017 12:09:47 PM):  Thanks to the people who wished me luck and told me about themselves. It helped.,  KathyB, MI

0117 Magnesium (3/27/2017 3:23:06 PM):  I ran across some post somewhere about a claim majority of us are to low in magnesium. Magnesium, according to this person, is cause for brittle bones, not lack of calcium. Supposedly there are different types of mag & some of it, when boosting your body to get to correct level, will cause diarreha. I am sure there are things I am low in, my diet is so far from perfect. ,  curious

0120 Response to post # 50104 (3/27/2017 4:44:23 PM):  If you have a recycling center near you check with them for shredding. Our city has a recycling center not far from us and you can go there during hours the recycling center is open and they have two HUGE shredders! You can shred FOR FREE all you have to shred. It's wise to go during weekday when they are less busy.,  Google Researcher

0125 Cool Whip like (3/27/2017 6:18:52 PM):  Is there a healthier version of Cool Whip somewhere in the freezer dept? If you look at the label of CW it frankly scares me & I really am not all that picky. This just sounds like chemical fest. I found a pineapple whip recipe of Facebook that sounds great but you add frozen Cool Whip. I didn't notice a healthier version at my store but willing to try another.,  craving pineapple whip

0127 Hollar (3/27/2017 6:58:27 PM):  Thanks Michelle for this information - I ordered some cute stuff for grands. Self-tanner and pancake flipper for me!,  Ginny GA

0130 Phoenix Area (3/27/2017 7:50:32 PM):  I have to spend 2 nights in Phoenix on July 6-7 for my granddaughters high school graduation. It will be held at Grand Canyon University on the 7th. Does anyone know of a good hotel in that area that would be good for a single traveler to stay in? Will have to fly out on Sat, around 11:00 AM,  Linda, Fl

0133 New Topic--Shoes (3/28/2017 3:54:00 AM):  How many shoes do you have?? Although I have about 10-15 pair, I only wear about 3 or 4 on a regular basis. How many shoes do you have??,  Susan, SC

0134 glucosamine settlement (3/28/2017 5:38:32 AM):  What is this about? I take it all the time. Is the settlement still open? Thanks for any help.,  Tammy

0135 Foy Code (3/28/2017 5:47:12 AM):  9vz20yeax for 14 points for 1 more,  Vicki , Va.

0155 URL non-link # 50138 (3/28/2017 9:52:55 AM):  This url is from a "secured site" which is noted by the "s" with the "http". These urls will not hyperlink without being run thru the tinyurl site: The corrected link is: Researcher

0156 My sightseeing (3/28/2017 9:59:09 AM):  Over the past two years I taught in Saudi Arabia and I was able to visit some places in the region. I visited Dubai twice. It's a great city, especially for restaurants. I also visited India- Chennai- for a teaching course. In the summer of 2015 I visited Budapest for 35 days to take the Celta. Great city. Finally, I visited Egypt, twice. The first was to Cairo for a teaching course and I saw the Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx, and many old churches in the older part of the city. It's a great foodie city. Just a few weeks ago I visited Sharm-el-Sheikh, on the Sinai Pensinsula, and I took a trip to Mt. Sinai. It was an eventful trip, too-lol. I have been able to share many souvenirs including Starbucks mugs.,  William M FL

0157 response to # 50139 (3/28/2017 10:01:24 AM):  You can get Dream Whip from the following links: There are other links. You can find them by using "Dream Whip Topping" as your search words.,  Google Researcher

0173 Pollen (3/28/2017 1:26:16 PM):  Pollen is really starting to get awful around here. My eyes are driving me nuts. It was so bad today that I noticed my yorkie Pepper had a ring of pollen around her nose. ,  Vicki, Va.

0174 Advice Needed (3/28/2017 1:37:26 PM):  I truly believe my husband is Asperger's or has some form of mental illness. We have been to therapy (didn't work) I've opened my mind and heart him about how unhappy I am. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary next month and I just don't know if I want to live 10 more years or the rest of my life like this. You see...........we don't have intimacy in our relationship AT ALL. It's like I'm married to a emotionless robot. I feel like we are roommates. I don't know what to do...........I am financially not able to make it on my own. My 22 year old son still lives with us and he also needs some help while finishing Vo-Tech. I was thinking about seeing a therapist but not sure if that would really help. Any advice is needed. He would rather sit downstairs by himself and watch NEWS/SPORTS/COIN CHANNEL and got forbid he miss and episode of Jeopardy. Any advice would help. Thanks. ,  Lonely in NJ

0175 Crock pot lunch size (3/28/2017 2:17:43 PM):  There is a sale on these at the Crock Pot site. 3 for $30 and free shipping. They hold 20 oz and you can plug them in til ready to eat. My mom goes to nursing home everyday to visit my dad and is getting tired of the food there, so she can pack & go and eat whenever she gets ready. Link came in an email but my tiny url never works. Hope someone else thinks they are as cool as I do.,  Mal

0186 Lactose Intolerance (3/28/2017 5:48:33 PM):  I have been lactose intolerant for over 45 years. I used to avoid most dairy products. Then I discovered Lactaid. I took this each time before consuming dairy. And then I discovered Digestive Advantage(Lactose Defense Formula)by Schiff. I take 1 capsule daily without any problems.(Initiately takes about 2 weeks to fully get in your system) ,  Diane W. Ct

0195 Recall Notice (3/28/2017 9:43:38 PM):  Look Cycle recalls Aerostems and road bikes due to fall, crash hazards: Researcher

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