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Twitter (1/3/2017 5:21:17 PM):  I would like to join twitter to follow 1 person......can I do that? I have enough time wasting with FB, I don't want all this twitter junk to look through,  Joanie in FL Keys

5976 USPS email virus (1/3/2017 5:23:37 PM):  If you receive this email, do not open it. It says that I have a package (which I was actually expecting) & to open the attachment. Created email encryption problems. Fortunately I had recently updated McAfee so they took care of part of the problem. However, they said this was a new virus & they had not yet been able to overcome all problems. I'll have to go back to McAfee later in the month to continue fix. I've reported this email to the post office fraud department.,  Pam G, VA

5977 Afforable Care Act (1/3/2017 5:30:36 PM):  I was curious to see what the IRS did to someone with no health insurance-They cannot enforce any fines or place liens on anything. They can only deduct the fined amount from tax returns. That is mostly not worth the trouble.,  Bob, P

5978 Rachel Ray casserole (1/3/2017 5:35:56 PM):  Bon Ton was wonderful finding a receipt or the casserole that I purchased last January. I had no record of the purchase and when It was opened as a Christmas gift it was broken. They used my phone number to locate the transaction and have a new one on the way to me and I am returning the broken one postage paid. Can't say enough good things about them. Thanks to all who responded for my post for information. You all are the best!!,  Rachel MA

5981 Blood test (1/3/2017 6:37:21 PM):  Would you have a nice meal the night before you have your blood tested for cholesterol and glucose? Or, would you have a small meal? I'm trying to decide if I'm going to have dinner with my girlfriend this Thursday.,  Mindy W, MD

5991 Hurrican spin scrubber (1/3/2017 8:58:28 PM):  Has anyone bought or used one of these? We saw it advertised on tv. It looks like it would work well. Wanting any opinions on it?,  Penny in MO

6000 Bob & Medicare (1/4/2017 8:59:46 AM):  Are you on Medicare? Before I turned 65, I was getting $1200/month. Immediately when I turned 65, My monthly Medicare payment went down to something like $1088. EVERYBODY has money taken out of their check for Medicare A, all about the same amount. You cannot declare this on your get a 1099 form from the SS with the new amount math, not the old amount. I get Medicare B (also called "a supplement") from United Loyalty Insurance Company which I pay separately. I get Medicare D from Humana which I pay separately. What do you have?,  Joanie in FL Keys

6001 Allergic reaction and milk (1/4/2017 9:03:31 AM):  There was a question why I said milk for the allergic reaction yesterday....the reaction came from something the OP had ingested .....milk is the 2nd best "antidote" in case you ingested something bad. It would not help the reaction that has already started but MAY neutralize what was still in the GI trace....and it may not but it cannot hurt. I don't think she mentioned how many hours it had been since ingestion,  Joanie in FL Keys

6002 Joanie, FL Keys (1/4/2017 9:05:08 AM):  Bumping up my post about Medicare Part A. Medicare A is free to anyone who has paid Medicare taxes while working (Which is just about anyone who ever worked) so there is nothing withheld. Therefore you can claim everything that has been deducted from your SS check for health care.,  Bob, PA

6006 Allergic Reactions/Nurses (1/4/2017 9:39:42 AM):  I would have called doctor/911; you could have stopped breathing. We have a nurse friend, but she never gave medical advice to us although I know that she was probably smarter than the doctors that she worked for at times. I trust Sue/Ct on this board; but find that a lot of nurses don't know what they are talking about.,  Janice/Ok

6007 Milk/Fish (1/4/2017 9:42:00 AM):  I don't know why, but my grandmother told us when we were young that you shouldn't drink milk and eat fish together; does anyone know why? I couldn't figure out her reasoning, because the school had fish and milk on Fridays. Also do you remember the cranberry sauce/cancer scare in the 60's?,  Janice/Ok

6012 Kohl's (1/4/2017 10:04:14 AM):  I had to take my DS(23) to get jeans there today. For years he has been in the largest pair of youth skinny jeans & still has to wear a belt to keep his size 28 waist pants up. Today he was able to finally move to the men's department. He is now in a size 30 waist & it only took 3 tries to find a pair that fit. I did find some kitchen knives on clearance that I needed. I also wanted to shop around but DS is ready to leave as soon as he has what he needs.,  cathy oh

6015 Family Mom in Mi. (1/4/2017 10:57:15 AM):  I am just curious as to why you would allow your husband to have it both ways. He wants to keep all of the money for his boy toys & on top of that he wants you and him to take out a loan for him to have a car. I would be letting him know that if he decides to be selfish and not help some with household & family finances under no circumstances would I be putting my name on a loan for him to have a car & under no circumstances would I be paying any amount for the car. My husband was also somewhat self centered when we first got married. It wasn't so much financially it was more with housework. He thought like so many men that just bringing home a paycheck & contributing to his part in having children was enough. I on the other hand was expected to work outside the home, put all of my paycheck in a joint account & do 98% of household chores. Reasoning, arguing, crying did nothing to correct the problem. It wasn't until I turned his ideas back on him that our marriage turned around. I quit thinking that all my check had to go towards bills & other expenses. I paid a fair share on bills. However the less he helped with housework the less money I put into our joint account. The more he helped the more I put in it. Yes he had enough money for bills and food, but believe me when a couple times he didn't have enough to play golf or couldn't get his self something he wanted he came around. I also let him know if you won't help I will pay some one to do it or find a way to make it easier for myself. If my husband can decide to only help me with 10% or less then I can also decide to help him less. No where in my marriage vows or wedding license does it say my whole check will go to helping financially and even if I do sign a loan along with him there is nothing in it that legally binds me to what percent I have to pay on that loan. It needs to be fair share on all finances & up keep of home.,  Vicki, Va.

6043 Tax subjects (1/4/2017 5:58:39 PM):  Do you have any other short subjects or other tax deductions for those of us retired widows or widowers whom may have a "late" one who prepared the tax forms.It would be much appreciated other than going to a Commercial tax repairer. Un-informed reader.,  Dorothy H IL & IA

6046 Tax on sugar (1/4/2017 7:13:45 PM):  We watched a blurb on the news about Philadelphia adding a tax on sugary drinks. While this sounded decent, they were showing how not only sodas (some over 100% tax) but also almost all juices and Gatorade. The tax is huge. So you would pay a lot to buy orange juice or apple juice for kids. Kind of ridiculous. But the tax would bring in well over $1million dollars!,  Susan, SC

6050 Recall Notices (1/4/2017 10:10:44 PM):  Walt Disney Parks and Resorts recalls Minnie and Mickey Mouse infant hoodie sweatshirts due to choking hazard:
Toshiba expands recall of laptop computer battery packs due to burn and fire hazards: Researcher

6051 best part of the day (1/4/2017 10:40:46 PM):  This day has gone down hill and ended by having the beans still crunchy in the chili - the chili was put back in the slow cooker for a while. Anyways, I figure I should list some good parts. I got the email address changed for three companies today and it rained, instead of snowed, all day.,  Heather, NV

6055 Unimpressed by Oprah (1/5/2017 6:10:18 AM):  I'm unimpressed by Oprah's 40 lb weight loss in 15 months on WW. Someone her size should have lost two or three times that much weight in that time. And if I remember correctly, she announced last January that she had lost 20 lbs on WW after 3 months (and her stock in WW went up). That means she only lost an additional 20 pounds last year. Big whoop. Someone her size should be losing 2 pounds a week, minimum. She should be a healthy weight by now. Her losing 20 lbs in a year is nothing more than a normal weight fluctuation that Oprah has done her whole life. It certainly doesn't inspire me to pay money weekly to Weight Watchers. She's in it for the money, period.,  Joan J

6056 Foy Code (1/5/2017 6:35:24 AM):  h0tzxtqsh for 16 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

6057 YAY (1/5/2017 6:39:36 AM):  I made it through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas without buying cheap, day after candy!!! My DH bought what he thought were kisses at Winn Dixie but they turned out to be peppermint hugs (which I don't like)....good start to lose 10 more pounds for the next surgery,  Joanie in the FL Keys

6059 Job (1/5/2017 7:31:41 AM):  Cross your fingers for me! A guy called me last night, he owns a construction firm and can't seem to find a good person to run the office. He saw my resume online and called me and said I would be a perfect fit. We talked for close to 45 minutes on the phone last night and he wants to meet me today in person. The pay is great he offers insurance and it's only 2 1/2 miles from my house! Plus he said I can make my own hours! Very similar to my last position. I need this one it's been four months now. Plus since I left the temp job, they are denying me unemployment! So I need to get back to work.,  CB OH

6062 Medicare (1/5/2017 8:47:38 AM):  The closer I get to Medicare age the more afraid of it I am becoming. I thought I read yesterday where 1 of you has 3 coverage plans!!!! I would hope that means that person pays nothing else but the monthly premiums & no co-pays. I can't afford to see the Dr for anything but preventative now since I am now responsible for the first few thousand.,  worried about my future

6067 Job (1/5/2017 10:14:39 AM):  CB OH Please take these words of encouragement to heart! What a wonderful offer to come to you! And the guy says you'd be a perfect fit too! Some one else will be with you to guide you there. Our Lord will help you, so say a big prayer!,  Virginia Ann S VA

6074 Our Turn (1/5/2017 12:06:25 PM):  It looks like it is our turn here in S.E Va. for snow. First they were saying 3-4 inches on Sat. and now they are saying a possible foot of snow. I guess time will tell. ,  Vicki, Va.

6079 Shutterfly calendar (1/5/2017 1:24:06 PM):  Here is a free Shutterfly calendar code. You must pay shipping/taxes. Here’s how: 1. Sign up or sign in at 2. Enter your promo code; it will save to your Shutterfly account 3. Apply your code at checkout by 1/31/17* KEBH-59VK-8UJU-B4ESNM,  ROAK

6087 Sandy B., MO & crunchy beans (1/5/2017 3:59:03 PM):  LOL about the crunchy bean comment. Yesterday stunk, but today is much better. Actually the chili has been cooking on low on the stove top all afternoon. Hopefully the beans are soft now. I have Tortilla Soup cooking in the Instant Pot today on slow cook mode. I figured since I precooked the chicken, etc that one has to be done by dinner time tonight. DH wasn't happy with dinner last night, but the way the day had been going I wasn't surprised that the beans were still crunchy.,  Heather, NV

6088 snow (1/5/2017 4:01:43 PM):  Yesterday it rained all day, which is not normal. Then it started snowing early this morning so the roads were a sheet of ice. I just looked out and it is snowing again. The high temperature has only been 26 degrees and it has been cloudy so I don't think the snow/ice will be melting. At least I don't live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains since they have been getting feet of snow in the last few days.,  Heather, NV

6091 Say what? (1/5/2017 5:26:11 PM):  I got a Robo-call and decided to talk to someone and play along with them for a while. First question for scammer. "Is your name Gail" My answer-Yes. Then he told he was from the Consumer Protection Agency and that I came in second in the Publisher Clearing House drawing and would receive 2.5 million dollars. Also a new Mercedes would be delivered to my house today. I then told him that there is no Federal department named the Consumer Protection Agency. He asked me if I worked for the government. I said yes. Having tired of his speech, I gave him my friendly goodbye which was "Get a real job, stupid." Then I hung up.,  Bob, PA

6093 best thing for the day? (1/5/2017 6:30:24 PM):  I got a bunch of paperwork dealt with AND I cleared out multiple shows on the DVR while I was doing it. ,  Heather, NV

6096 It happens every time... (1/5/2017 8:26:14 PM):  Tomorrow's my little blood test so of course, tonight I'm craving my usual cup of hot tea and I can't have it. This happens every time when I either have to have surgery or my blood taken.,  Mindy W, MD

6100 Humorous lesson in criminology (1/5/2017 9:49:21 PM):  Joe was sentenced to prison. He was a career criminal but decided he had to change. Joe learned carpentry in the prison shop. Over time he developed a reputation as a brilliant carpenter. The warden knew of he reputation and one day asked Joe to replace his kitchen counters. To the warden's surprise, Joe refused. "Why?" asked the warden. Joe replied, "I'd really like to help you but counter-fitting is what got me into trouble in the first place!",  Google Researcher

6104 Foy Code (1/6/2017 6:49:34 AM):  z8c9lnf57 for 22 points for one more.,  Vicki, Va.

6105 Foy Code (1/6/2017 6:49:44 AM):  z8c9lnf57 for 22 points for one more.,  Vicki, Va.

6106 Foy Code (1/6/2017 6:53:13 AM):  5qz4lvl8b this is for 40 points for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

6115 Joanie, FL Keys (1/6/2017 9:46:51 AM):  I think you are a bit mixed up about Medicare A B, and C. You mentioned that with your hip surgery that A paid for 80% of it and your secondary insurance part B paid for the rest. It was Medicare part C that picked up the other 20%. Many people get confused about Medicare. The ACA is even more confusing, because no one understands that. By the way, the temperature in Key West is forecast to get to 78 degrees. Here 28 is the forecast high. I'm thinking your move from NJ made cents.,  Bob, PA

6116 ROKU (1/6/2017 9:49:00 AM):  Anyone use Roku? just recently heard about, and how it can save lots of $$$ any opinions,  not techy!

6118 Food Allergies (1/6/2017 10:08:17 AM):  I am making a big kettle of vegetable soup. I had some beef from a roast in the freezer, but decided to add some beef broth to give it more flavor. Mistake as I was empting it in kettle I caught the word wheat on the side label. I would have never thought of beef broth containing soy and wheat. Soup, yes I would have read the label, but beef broth. Needless to say my hubby has a lot of vegetable soup to eat. I have a wheat allergy. The brand is Essentials Everyday sold at Super Valu stores. Swanson Chicken broth does not contain soy or wheat. ,  CC

6119 Ready (1/6/2017 10:11:12 AM):  Well I guess I am ready to stay put for about 3 days or more for the snow we will get here in Va. Our roads on our side streets do not get cleaned & until a lot of it melts away I will not risk falling. We got plenty to eat and I have taped some movies and have ipad charged. If electricity goes out I can at least play some card games on ipad. I have a couple of projects to work on for sewing and making a new pattern. I also can continue to work on my down under cleaning. ,  Vicki, Va.

6124 package delivery (1/6/2017 12:00:30 PM):  We had a package left by our front door today (I'm assuming the post office) or try to put it between our front and storm doors as has been done sometimes. its been really stormy, Son opened the door to look at the weather and saw it on the ground. it was a small speaker that could have been damaged by the rain. I guess it was left during the breaks in the storm. It was from an Amazon seller who did a very careful job of packing. What would have happened if it had gotten damaged? Complain to the post office or Amazon? we have more packages coming from Amazon and more bad weather ,  me

6134 Grandson (1/6/2017 3:15:09 PM):  I had to go to grandsons to put him on the bus this morning. He was on delay today so I asked him do you want me to help you pick up your toys before you leave? His response "No Momma doesn't like when I do that." I asked him why & he said "she can't find anything when I put it away." He has a answer for everything.,  cathy oh

6137 Pray for those at Ft Lauderdale airport (1/6/2017 4:36:20 PM):  Please pray for those killed and wounded by a gunman who killed 5 people and injured 13 (at the latest report) in the baggage claim area at the Fort Lauderdale, FL airport. The thing is, we were there today. Yes, this morning, our plane arrived from Baltimore, and we had to de-plane, and then re-board to get to Cancun. I had just sat down in a beach chair, looking at the beautiful blue-green water, thinking about how lovely it was and just how lucky I was to be there. DD, 18, sees a news story about the tragedy and then immediately ees an imessage on her phone from her uncle and comes to tell us. I then realized how blessed I really am. But I am so sad for those lives that were forever lost or changed today. It seems so surreal. I don't understand. It could have been me or my family. Give the ones you love an extra hug, or a phone call if you can. Most of all, if you are a praying person, please pray for those people affected by today's tragedy.,  Tricia, MD

6144 Days of our Lives (1/6/2017 6:48:59 PM):  Did you hear what insider said on their broadcast tonight? They said several of the cast were already told they probably wouldn't have their position in 2017. Then they suggested that maybe Megan Kelly would take the place of DOOL! That would be terrible! I don't watch it in the day, but I watch it on line and still like it after all these years. What are your opinions?,  Mary S, WI

6156 postage going up? (1/7/2017 9:19:46 AM):  Am I reading it correctly it will not be going up for regular mail?,  Thanks

6158 Snowy (1/7/2017 9:33:50 AM):  We ended up with 3 to 4 inches of snow here in Upstate SC. But there is a layer of slush/ice which will freeze tonight. Suppose to be 13 tonight and the next few nights so morning travel will be at a standstill. The main roads are pretty clear---yes, this Hoosier at heart has to go drive in it.,  Susan, SC

6161 Christmas survival kit wording (1/7/2017 10:05:40 AM):  Here's the wording I used on my Christmas survival bags: The “Corny Puns” Christmas Survival Kit • Gum - to help you stick with it. • Candle - reminding you to shine your brightest. • Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss - to remind you that you are loved. • Match - to reignite your fire when you’re feeling burned out. • Blow pop/peanuts/honey- to remind you not to bite off more than you can chew. • Smarties/Snickers - to boost your brainpower when you’re feeling dull. • Mint – to remind you are ‘mint’ to do great things. • Bandaid - to fix things that just will not work. • Paperclip - to help you keep it all together. • Crackers - so you will always have “food” for thought. • Battery - so you can keep going and going. • Tea Bag - so you can sit back and relax. • Almond Joy - to remind you of the JOY of the season. ,  Mindy W, MD

6165 tomorrow's coupons (1/7/2017 11:04:25 AM):  I have Sunday's coupons in my Saturday paper. The Arm and hammer coupons are good for one week.,  srd, ct

6168 IRS phone scam is back (1/7/2017 12:20:29 PM):  It's that time of year again. Just got a phone message from a foreign accent that "the IRS is suing you. Do not disregard this call".,  Theresa, PA

6169 AMC fan forever (1/7/2017 12:57:39 PM):  We must be related! I said the same thing. LOL I still don't watch The Chew, but at least I can have it on in the background while I am waiting for the noon news to come on. When it first came on, I didn't even want to hear it. Don't remember who posted about AMC online version. It did come on for a while, but didn't last long. I couldn't get into it. All the old actors were gone for the most part. They kept the characters but changed their personalities so much that it was unbelievable to watch.,  Susan, LA

6170 Branson Missouri (1/7/2017 1:32:10 PM):  My 2 sisters and I are going to Branson in mid May. There are so many live shows. Which are the best? Best places to eat and things we shouldn't miss? Thanks for any help.,  Becky Michigan

6171 Tomorrow (1/7/2017 2:57:03 PM):  Tomorrow will be DH's & mine anniversary. Also my DS birthday. It's been 34 married years & we dated 4 years prior to that. Hard to believe 1 marriage & no divorces. ,  cathy oh

6173 Liquid Glue (1/7/2017 3:15:04 PM):  Has anyone used ,  Dorothy Heiland IL&IA

6179 Ohio (1/7/2017 7:55:00 PM):  Any RC frinds in the Akron area?,  Sandy B., MO

6180 Calgon take me away! (1/7/2017 8:00:45 PM):  Yes, that is an old saying from 1988, but it fits for me today. DD (23) is driving me nuts since she is worrying about the incoming storms, potential flooding, etc and being able to get from the Reno, NV area to Ridgecrest, CA on Wednesday. Like I told someone else this morning 'If God doesn't want her to go down to the onsite interview then he won't make her / us able to get there'. I can't change the weather by worrying and today's weather changes are giving me a major headache (snow in early AM, 22 deg F and freezing rain at 10 am, 36 deg F at 3PM and now 46 deg F!). The rain hasn't started here yet, but our snow is definitely turning into slush.,  Heather, NV

6181 feeling sad (1/7/2017 8:01:35 PM):  Does technology today make your head hurt & leave you feeling sad when you can't set it up? Well it sure does me. I love having an Iphone & a laptop but can only do the basics. On Black Friday I bought a wireless printer and tonight decided time to hook it up. Tomorrow I take it back. I just can't figure it out. I tried where I hooked it from printer to laptop & that didn't work out. Then I tried to do wireless set up. On screen where is apparently lists IP info & printer serial number it is blank. So I thought I fill in the serial number off box but it won't allow me to. Then it tells me to shut off the router for 5 seconds but that creates another problem. My apt complex provides my free WIFI. Well I know it isn't really free, it is figured in rent, but I don't have a router or a monthly bill for the service. So since I can't turn it off, it looks like another strike out setting it up. Why couldn't I have a techie brain instead of good looks? JK, don't have that either, but I sure have a Bayer aspirin headache. ,  1960

6182 deleted 800+ emails (1/7/2017 8:02:53 PM):  I just deleted 800+ emails from one email account. Maybe it will now be happy and show me all the emails that come in. I really need to do this for the other email accounts.,  Heather, NV

6189 Garage Sale Mystery (1/8/2017 6:57:06 AM):  I know there are several on this board that are fans of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, also known as cozy mysteries type. Anyway, today on HMM they are running a Garage Sale Mystery marathon and it is advertising that at 8 p.m. CST there will be a new one. The marathon is running now through 10 p.m. tonight. They have also started running advertisements for a new to me series, Fixer Upper Mysteries, starring Jewel? or that might be the character's name in the series.,  Lila, TX

6200 Rear ended (1/8/2017 2:45:44 PM):  If you were in a business lot and were at a completely stop and someone hit you from behind and you check and don't see any damage, what would you do? Call the police, take the other persons info or just say no damage so no problem? What if there isn't any damage and the other driver won't show you any info and tries to hide her license number? What if you do call the police and they say they won't make a report since you said no damage? I know you are out of luck if you do find something later on and no report is made. ,  Daughter was rear ended

6201 Anti-bacterial Soap (1/8/2017 2:56:09 PM):  I am wondering if any of you have had to deal with wound care and being told not to use hydrogen peroxide or anti-bacterial soap. It is harder to find than I thought. Finally settled on Sensitive Skin (generic) Dove until I can talk directly with the doctor now involved since right now I have an RN, the first doctor, home health care service plus me with differing opinions. I am thinking Johnson's Baby Soap/Shampoo. This is for Mohs surgery recovery for an elderly person. If you would prefer to connect with me off the board use ashleysfam at aol dot com,  Sue S., MN

6207 Anniverary (1/8/2017 4:12:57 PM):  We weren't going to do anything since it was cold out & DH gets extremely cold on a warm day. But we did we went to the casino then out to eat stopped at Kroger to get a few things for tomorrows lunch then DS loves to go to Woodville surplus(resale store of all things military)the home.,  cathy oh

6208 Internet Explorer problem (1/8/2017 4:25:41 PM):  I have been getting the following pop up message each time I attempt to use Internet Explorer for a few weeks now: Internet Explorer has stopped working and has to shut down. It attempts to find a solution then the following comes up: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Needless to say but I have not been notified of a solution. I am getting by with Chrome but do not like how favorites are handled and so forth. If anyone has an idea what to do I will be grateful. Thanks in advance for any help.,  Roseanne, NE

6213 Florida for Seniors (1/8/2017 5:35:36 PM):  My husband would really like to go to Florida in the winter to get away from our cold winters. He really likes the beach, where would you suggest we consider. He will be 65 this year. Thought maybe we could visit something over my spring break (end of March) Thanks,  Bev, IN

6218 Happy dance!! (1/8/2017 6:54:12 PM):  Thanks for all of the thoughts coming my way, I got a call a few minutes ago that the job is mine!!!! What a relief! You people are a big part of my life and I appreciate all of you! Thanks!,  CB OH

6219 Liquid Glue (1/8/2017 7:04:28 PM):  Vera in Michigan:I was talking about FABRIC Glue. Has anyone tried it? Supposed to replace the needle & thread.Hints? Dorothy Heiland,  Dorothy HeilandIL&IA

6222 expired cashoffs (1/8/2017 8:15:32 PM):  Virginia Ann Could u please post names of people military again who can use expired cashoffs? Ready to send and cant find your list,  gerry Az

6240 CB and Amy J. (1/9/2017 8:36:53 AM):  Shoot, wish I had checked off-topic sooner. I got into Akron last night but I'm in a meeting today and I leave at 8 o'clock in the morning. Would have loved to have met up with yau'll though.,  Sandy B., MO

6245 I'm checking in (1/9/2017 8:58:44 AM):  Figured I would let you guys know we are fine. Our area is not - lots of closed roads, evacuations, etc. We luckily live in an area away from the rivers, but we had very heavy rain, etc so our ditch filled and backed into part of our property as far as it could, which has happened before, and then the water started crossing the road into the neighbors yards. DD is heading down from Reno and is still determined that we are heading to Ridgecrest, CA tomorrow - argh. Wave two of the storm is supposed to start in a couple of hours. ,  Heather, NV

6248 thanks virginia ann (1/9/2017 9:27:23 AM):  thanks virginia ann for addresses sending big envie to elke today,  gerry az

6253 Just venting (1/9/2017 10:54:15 AM):  I get all my magazines free from reward sites and hate that they all do the continues renewal pain in the butt to have to call them all and tell them you do not want. What do you guys all do??,  cheryl ny

6254 Determinging exchange rate of British Pouind to US (1/9/2017 10:59:52 AM):  I am considering ordering a DVD "Trooping the Colour" 2016 edition from MKL Models in Britain. They only list their prices on their Website in British Pounds. And I'm told by staffer that shipping costs are 6 pounds to 1 US $. And the exchange rate between Pounds to US $$ varies daily. The cost of DVD in pounds is 20 minus the VAT for a cost of 16.67 pounds + shipping. How do I determine what the cost in US $$ would be? And what my CC charge for foreign transaction would be?,  Virginia Ann S VA

6257 e-rewards (1/9/2017 11:56:52 AM):  Need telephone #for e- rewards THANKS!!,  Mary A Oh

6259 From Debbie, OR (1/9/2017 12:32:50 PM):  I know, long time, no post. Many thanks to those who sent thoughts. Numbers are up 100 points and big tumor is 2cm bigger. Good news is that I am no longer considered Malnourished or anemic. However, on more pain meds, so I sleep or just "be there" a lot. 2 months ago dr. gave me 4 months. Now he gives me til June. ,  Debbie, OR

6263 Falling alert system (1/9/2017 2:18:58 PM):  Does any one have any information on these companies who have alert systems when someone falls or needs help? Medical Guardian Life Fone Bay Alarm Medical Alert 1 Rescue Alert,  Carolyn NY

6264 Noah's Ark (1/9/2017 2:21:38 PM):  Has anyone been to see the replica of Noah's Ark? I believe it is located in Petersburg, Kansas. I was just wondering about admission and parking fees. We plan to go there this summer on vacation. Anything you could tell me about this would be very appreciated.,  Susan, PA

6270 Good Week (1/9/2017 3:24:01 PM):  Should be a good week around here. First off tomorrow the temps go up close to 50. So good bye & good riddance to artic temps and ice. We are getting some of my new blinds put up and my tv my son gave me put up in the bedroom. Also getting my ceiling fan fixed in bedroom. Hopefully too we can begin work on some of my electric sockets. Going to be a good week.,  Vicki, Va.

6271 E Poll (1/9/2017 3:41:37 PM):  I am thinking of cashing out. One item from what you can cash out is for Walmart Code. Does anyone know if this would be good in the store, or online?,  Tammy

6280 Big Sexy Hairspray Sale (1/9/2017 5:45:10 PM):  I saw this at the beauty shop inside Wal-Mart for $2/25. Usually $18.95 each. Big red can. I want to buy it but don't know which type to get. I want a stiff spray. They had volumizing (which would also be good as my hair is thin), intense, and firm. Any suggestions? Thanks,  Mal

6282 Did you find joy in your day? (1/9/2017 6:21:41 PM):  A friend encouraged me to make a list of what brought joy in to my day since I had had a few rough days with my mom's health issues. When you make yourself write them down you become very appreciative. Highlights? An hour long phone conversation with two different friends who stated that it made a bright spot in their day as well. I am generally a "short and to the point" phone conversationalist. The other? Cleaning and reorganizing all my dresser drawers -- and I must have done a good job last year because I am not getting rid of much! I love the look for freshly organized "stuff".,  Sue S., MN

6289 Chris (1/10/2017 5:55:28 AM):  I am in Newark so closer to your son in Columbus than to Akron, but I am willing to travel to meet up with RCers as long as I can fit it in my schedule. Ohio isn't really that big - 3 hours in any direction and I'm in another state. LOL. I've had a lot of fun meeting RCers through the years. I went to Michigan to meet Doreen and also met Vera, MI there as well as a couple of others who I don't believe post regularly on the boards. I went to Houston to meet Lila and Dawn F. and Laura C. and met up with Grace, CA (whom I had already met). I would LOVE to do it again. I've had a job change and a divorce which means I no longer have as much travel money as before and not as flexible of a work schedule, but I can figure something out on weekends within Ohio. ,  Amy J, OH

6291 Go Tigers (1/10/2017 6:29:36 AM):  Our county was in an uproar. A Tiger Roar! Clemson Tigers clinched the National Championship! Most people around this area bleed orange so they were excited.,  Susan, SC

6298 Need help (1/10/2017 9:53:01 AM):  I am asking for help in translation. The story goes that my sister years ago (while on a cruise ship that left Florida) tossed over ship a bottle with a message in it. We now (years later) have a letter written in French. Anyone on this chat know how to speak or rather read French. Please. I can send it to you (with self addressed stamped envelope) I tried the online translation but to be honest it is the handwriting. We need someone to actually look at the letter. So NO to an online translation. I took to the high school here and had no luck. Staff only knows Spanish and Latin. I took it to the state house for help and yipes they want fifty bucks. To be honest we was thinking a lot less…… Does anyone please on this chat know or know someone who can read a letter written in French. ,  Nancee/IN

6300 Foy Code (1/10/2017 10:15:33 AM):  35li4d9bm is for 29 points for 1 more.,  Vicki, Va.

6302 Coke rewards (1/10/2017 10:43:24 AM):  Did anyone send by regular mail to coke to request free codes to play the instant win game that was going on in Dec? If you did, did you ever get the free codes by email? Early Dec. I sent through snail mail 8 stamped envelopes requesting 5 free codes each to play the online instant win game without having to use my own codes. I expected those codes to come in my email way before the Dec 21 date when you could play the game and get free codes according to their rules. I never received those free codes by email. I emailed coke on Dec 20 and they sent me the 40 codes on Dec 22. By then I had given up and used my own cap codes to play the instant win game instead of waiting to play the game free on Dec 21st. I have emailed coke and said I wasted 8 stamps sending for something I didn't get until I emailed them and complained. By the time they sent the codes they were no good to me. Coke is telling me you got the codes so nothing else they will do. I have googled this and found many other people also sent for codes and never got them by email like the rules stated. ,  Not a coke fan anymore

6307 Anti-Bacterial Soap (1/10/2017 1:02:59 PM):  My Dad perspires lots. Because of this, he's prone to pones, boils. His Dr. told him to bath daily with Dial yellow anti-bacterial soap, whether it in liquid form or bar form. If he doesn't those places will appear on his back, etc. Sometimes they have to be lanced by medical staff. I've been told by a medical person not to use hydrogen peroxide after Day 1 of a fresh wound, as it keeps the wound from new skin from producing.,  Terri, Ky

6308 Days of Our Lives (Bump) (1/10/2017 1:14:58 PM):  I've watched Days almost from Day 1, give or take a few shows. I try to keep up on the story lines when I can't watch it. I've just passed on the info about 'Days' possibly going off this year, to my Mom and another soap pal. They're both going to be upset, lol, they're into it greatly. Mom tapes it & watches it at nighttime, before bed. My Mom got me to watching it, when I was a teen with not a drivers license yet. She'd make me sit & be quiet while her soap was on, before she'd take me to the pool. lol,  Terri, Ky

6309 (Bump) Food Allergies (1/10/2017 1:28:40 PM):  I'd never heard of anyone having meat allergies till recently. At work, I use a slicer to slice lunch meats/cold cuts/cheeses. I, recently, had a lady ask me to sanitize the slicer before slicing her cheeses. She said she is allergic to all meats. Said she has to be very careful, read all the labels, etc. I knew once, when I lived out West, while helping with Vacation Bible School, a little gal got really riled because she couldn't have the same refreshments the other children were having. Understandably, but her Mom stressed her daughter's peanut allergy & provided her daughter's snacks daily while her daughter was in our care. I knew a guy with a shellfish allergy. I know a lady with a walnut allergy. She can eat other nuts like pecans, etc. alright but not walnuts. She said it's really hectic trying to go to restaurants, buffets, potluck dinners or anywhere she doesn't get or have to prepare her own foods.,  Terri, Ky

6310 (Bump) Blood Test (1/10/2017 1:48:09 PM):  Since I never have to make an appointment to go in to have my blood work done. I can plan my dinner plans accordingly. As long as my appointment for lab work is 12 hours after my last bite of my dinner/supper meal. Afterwards, all I'm to have is water. I was also told that if I were to drink a big glass of water 1 hr. prior to the blood test, it would make my veins easier to find. Barb, OR, the glucose test is an A1c, not Ha1c, or mine is an A1C, there might be other tests, I'm not aware of.,  Terri, Ky

6311 Ohio lottery (1/10/2017 2:02:35 PM):  I hope someone can help me. I live in Ohio and play the lottery. I entered non winning tickets online to get points for prizes and I also entered some Christmas tickets for their holiday drawings. The lowest amount you could win was $500. I am sure of that. Today I received a check which says I am a winner in the Ohio lottery's Holiday Bonus promotion. The letter says it is NOT a lottery check and is provided by a third party vendor contracted by the lottery. I called the number on the letter and the lady just said I won in the holiday promotion. I said there wasn't any prize listed for the amount on the check but she insisted I did win (she took my name). Can anyone find out more about this? Thanks!,  Ann

6312 (Bump) Found Money (1/10/2017 2:09:41 PM):  I guess you all know by now, I'm catching up on my RC reading, been off a while during holidays. I've always picked up money. If it's just coins, I keep them. If it's cash, I don't go and turn it in, but I do inquire if anyone has reported losing any cash, if I find it in like a store parking lot. One time on a walk, I found a $20. bill. One time, I'd gotten out of my car at a store, & saw what appeared to be a dollar or some denomination of money blowing in the wind. I did catch it first, I wasn't the only person running for it, but I was the fastest. They shouted that they'd 'saw it first'. I had to make a quick decision. I asked if it was theirs, they said 'no'. So I kept it, who can't use money, right? If I didn't think it was cash, I'd not ran for it, lol. I recently found some cash in a store, I inquired at the front desk, if any employee or shopper had reported any lost money. They said 'no'. They know me & know that if someone asked for it, that I'd return it. Not long ago, I was with family members shopping, we were going in a store & I stopped several times between the car & the store to pick up pennies. My family members told me to "Quit, you're embarrassing us!!" I told them that it's found cash & it all adds up, whether it's with coupons or found coins/bills in a parking lot. I consider it "Pennies from Heaven". A few years ago, I found a book of stamps in the post office parking lot, I turned them in with the exception if no one called for them, that I'd get them. Naturally, I didn't get to keep them, lol, wishful thinking! One time, when I stopped to shop at a drugstore, I went to retrieve a shopping cart in the parking lot to take in. I was shocked to find several pharmacy bags filled with newly filled prescriptions. I immediately searched for the owner, no one looking for them. I took them directly to the pharmacy. They were shocked the person had left the drugs in the shopping cart, but more so shocked that I didn't steal any of them & was returning them!! So were the people standing in the pharmacy line!!,  Terri, Ky

6314 Hey everyone! (1/10/2017 2:23:56 PM):  Been thinking about all of you, hope you all had great holidays. Thanks for all the cards. I'm doing good on my diet. I started 12/1. Did well over the holidays. I've lost 14.4 lbs! I'm doing keto. Low/no sugar, low carbs, no processed foods. It's working great! Been busy here, my Christmas decorations are still up!,  Dianne in GA

6315 Coffee / Diabetics (1/10/2017 2:47:22 PM):  A few days ago, I read a medical article that stated that for a diabetic who has 3-5 cups of coffee a day, you're raising your blood glucose levels. It's the caffiene that's doing it. I've never heard of this before. I've never tested my blood after several cups of coffee. Has anyone else experienced this to be true? Thanks!,  Terri, Ky

6316 Protein in the Diet (1/10/2017 3:00:11 PM):  I'm a diabetic & was told by a dietician to only eat 4 ounces of protein per meal. I find this is sufficient & I'm not hungry after a meal, for the most part. I was also a few years ago, by a friend dying with liver disease, that he'd 'blown out his liver by drinking all those protein shakes'. He was an AVID bodybuilder, worked out for several hours a day, daily. It was agonizing to me to watch him deteriorate. I can't help but think about all the people who daily consume ((huge)) amounts of protein. When I read the labels of the protein bars, protein beverages, protein mixes, I'm just in disbelief. Anyone want to share any experiences or knowledge? Thanks!,  Terri, Ky

6321 Waste (1/10/2017 4:24:27 PM):  A friend died, and I have been helping the family with little things since I am close by (taking in mail, taking garbage to curb). The son offered me all the pantry items/freezer items, saying it would just be tossed by the daughter. I took a lot, but left the things in the freezer and the rest in the pantry, thinking I'd do it later. The daughter did indeed toss everything (freezer items, pantry and so much more - paper products, kitchen items, unopened and unexpired packages of batteries, etc. I had a long conversation with her when the death first occurred and told her how organizations would pick things up if you called. Apparently it was too much bother.... It really makes me sad to see the waste. I'm sure her father would have been upset too. No wonder our landfills are so full! I understand she doesn't need/want items, but surely she knows other people do?,  Wasteful society

6331 Premade frozen meat balls (1/10/2017 6:05:28 PM):  I'm having a get together served with Italian food. Though I've never purchased premade frozen meat balls before I may need to do so now since my time is limited. Can anyone suggest the right brand to purchase___ one with mild seasoning and nothing too spicy.,  Just asking

6347 Foy Code (1/11/2017 6:14:01 AM):  anv2bhrqh is for 35 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

6360 Thread (1/11/2017 11:54:23 AM):  I need the best price on thread. The kind I will be using is 69 bonded nylon thread.,  cathy

6363 Ibotta baby steps (1/11/2017 12:15:21 PM):  I just downloaded the Ibotta app on my phone. I don't think the directions are clear. Can someone tell me in baby steps how they use Ibotta? Can it be used at every store? Thanks! ,  Lori OH

6366 Son (1/11/2017 1:34:12 PM):  The other night while I was not home my son came over and showed his sister his teeth. He is 31 and married. He hasn't been to a dentist in years and has 2 rotted, broken black teeth. Money is an issue with him. Over the years I have loaned money to both children for this or that and we made a contract each time and they pay what they can. I have made it clear once their dad and I are gone they are to figure the math with the loans. My daughter told me not to say anything about what her brother showed her. I told her to text him and tell him she knows mom would help pay for any dental bills (he does have dental insurance but told her it is crappy). She told him how she has borrowed money for dentist work and other things too. So far I have not heard from him. I want to call and talk to him about this but he would get mad at his sister for telling me and she would get mad at me for calling her brother. I know how this will affect his health not getting this fixed. What would you do? Call your son and tell him he needs to see a dentist and you will loan him money or not do anything? ,  Son

6367 Finally Out (1/11/2017 1:35:38 PM):  Finally was able to get out of house today from all the ice. We got up in the 50's and lots of sunshine. Felt so good. However with snow melting & having my blinds put up & grocery shopping the house is a mess. My blinds look great though and the best thing is they work. My old blinds had broken slats and had stop working one way or another. So nice to be able to open them up & pull them up and down. It was sure worth doing all those point sites these last few months to get them.,  Vicki, Va.

6381 Death penalty (1/11/2017 5:39:17 PM):  Was so happy to see that the SC jury gave the death penalty to Dylann Roof, the killer of the innocent members at church service. Unfortunately he will probably sit on death row for many years---supported by the taxpayers. He is pure evil with no remorse for his actions. Our state rep who was killed had his wife and daughter with him. But they were in the church office. That child will carry the scars of that with her the rest of her life. So sad!,  Susan, SC

6382 Books / Recycling (1/11/2017 6:39:32 PM):  For a Christmas present to or for my parents I helped clean out 12 boxes of their books - recycled through relatives and the library. Donated close to 12 boxes and was able to receive a tax donation for donating the books. They had been talking for years about cleaning out their books. Plan on going back in March or April to clean out more. Felt great donating the books and cleaning the shelves. So, if you do a little at a time you can clean out most anything - donate glasses, hearing aides to the Lions Club; clean out your medicine chest - at my police station they have a place to "toss" your meds and its locked. There is a tv station that sporadically recycles electronics and shreds materials - all for free. Donate your books to a library (they don't take encyclopedia sets). List items on Craigslist.,  Barb OR

6386 Publisher's Clearing House (1/11/2017 8:57:16 PM):  I just received my Publisher's Clearing House stuff. Does anyone ever enter from here and actually win the $5000 a week for your life plus the another $5000 a week for someone of your choosing? I usually just toss these out -- but you can't win if you don't enter! (In other words, how much junk mail do you get if you enter their sweepstakes?),  Joanne Vt

6390 Postage (1/12/2017 6:25:46 AM):  Is first class postage going up?,  Tammy

6398 Foy Code (1/12/2017 7:15:05 AM):  donqxdodw is for 24 points for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

6399 Foy Code (1/12/2017 7:17:17 AM):  4blowy509 for 25 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

6400 Point sites (1/12/2017 7:22:16 AM):  I am hoping now that the holidays have past that we can help one another with point sites. What ones are you a member of and can you explain the easy ways to receive points. I am a member of swagbucks. I do the daily trivia and ncave. Points do add up. I am a member of my points. I do the emails and sometimes do the buy gift cards for extra points, also will do the umbrella, leaf when they have those points. I am a member of kelloggs. I only do the extra points posted here, but again they do add up. Member of my cat perks where you log in daily for points and enter proof of purchase from bags each month. When you join they have lots of ways to pick up points. I always redeem for a free bag of 3.15 lb cat food. They send it by UPS. Points to not ad up fast, but for very little time I receive 2 free bags a year. I also do the staples rewards for redeeming empty cartridges. You do have to purchase ink every 180 days to redeem your cartridges. I turn in 10 each month for $20 in free merchandise from their.,  What is in your point sites

6406 (Bump) Ruler Foods (1/12/2017 9:37:19 AM):  Glenda, KY & Carolyn, KY, it was a Wednesday, that I shopped at Ruler Foods & found all those marked down products. I've since talked with my Aunt, as we shopped together. Auntie shops there frequently. She said Ruler Foods has marked down items all the time. Said she sees marked down items almost every time she shops there, not just on certain days of the week. Yes, Carolyn, I'm in Western Ky.,  Terri, Ky

6407 (Bump) Vitamins (1/12/2017 9:42:39 AM):  Sorry, it was the Prenatal Vitamins with Folic Acid, (instead of 'with Iron', I stated the other day), my orthopaedic surgeon told me to take, instead of buying all the bottles of vitamins I'd been buying.,  Terri, Ky

6413 JC Penny gift cards (1/12/2017 1:04:26 PM):  I know these must be used in store only, but I am wondering if the gift cards have an expiration date?,  Frances Keane CA

6414 JC Penny gift cards (1/12/2017 1:08:06 PM):  Do the JC Penney gift cards have an expiration date? Thanks,  Frances Keane CA

6416 Tyson A+ proofs (1/12/2017 1:33:12 PM):  I have a few Tyson A+ proofs. Can anyone use for their school? I'd be happy to send them to you. ,  Theresa, PA

6418 Recall Notices (1/12/2017 1:46:35 PM):  Michaels recalls Rock Salt Lamps due to shock and fire hazards:
Dunkin’ Donuts recalls glass tumblers due to laceration and burn hazards: Researcher

6420 dylan roof (1/12/2017 2:11:06 PM):  Well I hope the death sentence for Dylan roof is carried out much faster than California with Charles manson. manson has been on death row for 46 years and is now 82 years old and has cost the state at least 2 million dollars. That's California for ya. ,  laura g ca

6428 Sue P, - Death Penalty (1/12/2017 7:39:12 PM):  I understand you're against the death penalty but let me ask you a hypothetical question. What if you had walked in on Dylan Roof while he was killing those people, and you had a gun in your hand? Would you have shot him? If yes, then you are for the death penalty. Your objection is only to the timing. He's just as dead, and just as guilty, whether he is dead one minute after the crime or 10 years after the crime. You might say you'd shoot him to stop him from killing more people, but he's just as dead one way or the other, and you executed him. Dead is dead. Society is protecting itself when it executes a cold blooded killer. Think of Ted Bundy. If he had been executed after his first murder conviction, there are several women in Florida who would still be alive. He killed them after he escaped. Some people are so horrible they have forfeited their right to be on this earth. Are you also against war? People kill innocent people in war all the time. Are you a conscientious objector? The issues are not as simple as saying we aren't God. By the way, I am anti-abortion and see it has a vicious horrible act, in part because the victims are 100% innocent. Cold blooded killers are not innocent. ,  Joan J.

6429 Recall Notices (1/12/2017 9:01:38 PM):  Boosted recalls electric skateboards due to fire hazard:
Textron Specialized Vehicles recalls Bad Boy Off-Road Utility Vehicles due to risk of serious injury or death. One death and one injury reported: Researcher

6431 superbowl (1/13/2017 4:03:48 AM):  I know the superbowl is on feb 5, is it to eary to play please let me know thanks,  jyoung ny

6433 Panic Attaacks (1/13/2017 7:40:01 AM):  Does anyone know of a safe natural product that you can use to treat panic attacks?,  LF

6434 gas prices (1/13/2017 7:53:04 AM):  Late last night, I passed a QT where gas was $1.999. This morning, at the same station, it is $2.139! What the heck happened to cause that kind of jump? Did your gas price jump overnight?,  Susan L, AZ

6435 Spending SWYRs (1/13/2017 8:10:40 AM):  I have $100 in SWYR rewards that I need to spend soon. I went into the website and it appears you can buy gift cards at a reduced rates with your points. ,  Mindy W, MD

6440 Clean out! (1/13/2017 9:10:52 AM):  I am trying to get the house in order (again!). I have a mental list of everything I want to do. I am trying to clean up one room/area per week. If I spend just 30-60 minutes per day, it's amazing how much I can accomplish! Once I get started, sometimes I'll do more. I just have to keep encouraging myself! I am also trying to list 5 items per day on Craigslist or ebay (I have quite a pile of things that need to go!). Once they are listed, it's easier to re-list and lower the price later if they don't sell. After a period of time if they haven't sold, then I know it's best to donate (which I am also doing with a lot of stuff). I'm hoping once I get organized again, I can stay on top of it (at least for a while!). I'm also trying not to shop the deals as much (or really evaluating before purchasing things that I have to store). Good luck to everyone else in your organizing! Small bits at a time!,  Lisa, OH

6444 Need to vent (1/13/2017 10:50:15 AM):  and I can't vent on my FB page! If suddenly everyone you work with is incompetent & doing everything wrong/poorly, it's probably time for YOU to find a new job! This issue is NOT with everyone else! Thanks for the venue for this vent. Grrr.,  Not incompetent ;)

6450 postage (1/13/2017 12:28:36 PM):  Am I reading this right, the postage is going up on the 22nd? to .49 for a stamp? If so, I will be stocking up.,  am I right?

6451 houseflies (1/13/2017 1:09:58 PM):  The weather is very cold here so I was very surprised to find many houseflies all over the house. Now a solution has happened that I never knew about. I was doing the dishes by hand with Ajax Lemon Dish Liquid. I kept stopping and starting doing the dishes during the day. Every time I returned to the dish basin, the soapy water was filled with dead flies. I guess it was the lemon scent.,  Theresa, PA

6456 Lord Snowden dead at 86 (1/13/2017 3:26:00 PM):  Did anyone else hear that Lord Snowden had died at 86? He was formerly married to Princess Margaret. And was a society photographer & film maker. I saw where the Queen has been told of his death.,  Virginia Ann S VA

6458 Penny Pincher show on Netflix (1/13/2017 3:35:57 PM):  There's a 48-minute English show on penny pinching on Netflix. There was one guy who saved money by collecting roadkill and cooking it. He would go out each day looking for dead squirrels, etc. I had to fast forward his section. It was too gross to watch.,  Mindy W, MD

6466 Icy (1/13/2017 5:53:30 PM):  I know we have some people on here in OK and that area. Are you getting an ice storm??,  Susan, SC

6468 Here we go again... (1/13/2017 8:16:19 PM):  Don't you hate when a store discontinues a brand or a type of product you like? So, I loved my old silk mattress pad but it got messed up in the move. So, I go to Penneys and type in 'Chris Madden mattress pads' and now they don't carry her brand. Urghhh....I guess I'll look elsewhere.,  Mindy W, MD

6479 direct tv (1/14/2017 9:37:40 AM):  Looks like we lost about 3 channels on Direct Tv. Housebound and lost channels on Tv. Its a wonderful world. ,  sharon Mo

6486 I'm back (1/14/2017 12:56:47 PM):  DD and I went from the Reno, NV area to Ridgecrest, CA on Tuesday. Since the weather was so bad and Hwy 395 was closed we went east to Tonopah, NV and crossed through the bottom of Death Valley where we were driving on part of a dry lake bed and had blowing sand. Ridgecrest, CA is okay. They told her what areas to not live in, etc. There are a lot of boarded up businesses, etc. On Thursday and Friday it was raining in Ridgecrest, CA which was rare and highway 395, on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, was still a mess so we cross over to Hwy 99 in California. Then we crossed over Hwy 50 to get east of Lake Tahoe again. It took 10.5 hours, but we made it home safe. ,  Heather, NV

6488 Kmart points (1/14/2017 1:00:22 PM):  Our Kmart closed years ago, but I still was able to get points, etc when I used to visit my mom. There is a Kmart in Ridgecrest, CA and we had to go shopping since DD only had winter boots with mud on them to wear around town. We bought a few items on clearance, etc and ended up with 60,000 bonus points! So, I went back the next day and was able to use my 68,000+ points to get $68.00+ in items for free - welcome mat, planner, new set of silverware, Christmas items 80% off, etc. The people in town think that Kmart is on the list of ones that will close. That means there will be the new Walmart or you have to order items online.,  Heather, NV

6490 CB Oh (1/14/2017 1:47:41 PM):  What prices do you put on the Kohl's appliances? I think I'll put the ones I didn't gift in my garage sale in the spring. Thanks.,  Mal

6491 Donate with Amazon boxes (1/14/2017 1:57:39 PM):  Since some of you are trying to donate your items, I wanted to share a website that is making donation easy. You can print a label and use your amazon (or a list of other retailers) box and drop it off or have it picked up. I have a couple of boxes that I will be using to fill up with donations. Easy peasy! ,  Lorena, TX

6492 Deviled eggs (1/14/2017 4:08:08 PM):  Can you you fix deviled eggs the night before and keep them refrigerated. ,  Carol

6503 Kohl's appliances (1/14/2017 9:34:52 PM):  One of our favorites was the dash egg cooker. I could not imagine them cooking up so wonderful and every time they peel. Has anyone tried it and not pierced the egg? Thinking my mom would love one, but don't think she would stop and pierce the egg. (she's 85 & takes lots of shortcuts now when cooking).,  Mal

6504 Foy Code (1/15/2017 5:53:02 AM):  r0fz5k6zh for 10 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

6508 Apps (1/15/2017 7:10:45 AM):  I know this has been asked before but are there any more apps I can download? I have Ibotta,Checkout51,Mobi,SS & Receipt hog.,  cathy

6510 Rite Aide Holiday markdown (1/15/2017 8:58:37 AM):  Found stockings and lightbulbs marked down in teh 75 percent area.,  hb nj

6512 CPAP (1/15/2017 10:17:19 AM):  I have been diagnosed with A Fib and moderate Sleep Apnea. My A Fib is well controlled however my cardiologist told me that wearing the CPAP nightly will help me with my A Fib even more and suggested I do so. Before starting I have some questions about the CPAP. Do you purchase or rent the machine? Is there a monthly or annual charge for the equipment if rented? Will this be covered by Medicare and my Bankers supplement? TIA.,  Rose PA

6517 Spy Gear (1/15/2017 11:17:23 AM):  I believe my spouse is recording me at home and using a GPS tracking device on my vehicle. Does anyone know of reliable spy gear devices to use to find these recording devices in the home and to use to find the GPS tracking device on my vehicle? Or do you know a reliable spy gear website?,  Anonymous

6519 Newspaper Carrier (1/15/2017 12:15:27 PM):  Thanks to all who responded to my previous posts about giving up my newspaper delivery Since I am paid once a month I had to wait till after my pay period ended to put in my resignation Which did not go well My supervisor was extremely upset when I told her and gave my letter of resignation I am awaiting a trainee Another lady with experience asked for my route but she has yet to begin her training She's given me several dates to start training but things keep coming up to prevent her from doing I have 2 weeks remaining on my 30 day notice I am trying to be patient but if she cant find time to train now, how is she going to be able to deliver when the time comes ? so I asked her point blank could she start this week She he hawed around she should be able take over mid week then asked me to fill in for her the following Friday night She and her husband had planned a night out for 2 months I said ok b/c I want off the job Once she signs the contact My job is done (wew!) I had no plans of returning EVER ! and I feel like she is trying to take advantage of me ,  NewsPaper Carrier

6522 Campbell's labels ROAK (1/15/2017 1:02:53 PM):  The first person who posts their email, I will send them my 79 Campbell's Labels for Education. I will mail them on Tuesday.,  Lorena, TX

6528 Tablet question (1/15/2017 6:13:30 PM):  I'm buying a tablet with my SYWR points. What kind of tablet do you have/like and why? I would like to use it to watch movies while flying, get on the computer, and may be use the camera.,  Mindy W, MD

6534 My Points (1/15/2017 7:25:59 PM):  I just put in to get a 25.00 ecard for Walmart. I get the ecard and then print it out & take it to the store. This time I got a code and a password. No bar code like usual that I can print and take to a physical store. Is this the new normal for My Points now???,  VLTampa

6538 Ice storm (1/15/2017 10:04:54 PM):  We were supposed to have the ice storm to end all ice storms this weekend so my plan was to stay inside and stay safe. Thought since I was home, though, I should do some cleaning. Didn't pan out for me! I was carrying a new self that we got for Myia up the stairs got to the next to top stair tripped fell all the way down the stairs. Ended up breaking my thumb in three places and bruising myself all to heck. The good news, though, the bone didn't fragment when it broke so no surgery.,  Sandy B., MO

6541 Foy Code (1/16/2017 7:03:56 AM):  7vjgz6max is for 32 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

6545 Any experience with Consierge medical practice? (1/16/2017 8:09:18 AM):  Does anyone on this board have experience using a consierge medical practice? Or is a member of one? The PCP I've had for about 8 years left the health system she was in. she's now started a Consierge Medical Practice where she will charge a yearly membership fee to see her. You will still have your co-pays & deductibles to pay as well. But if you pay for a year's membership at one time, you'll get a membership discount. For individual membership, the charge will be $330 or $30 a month. I feel I want to stay with this Doctor. she knows my medical history & has me on the proper basic medicines I need. I know I would still have my Medicare co-pays & deductibles to pay in addition to the annual membership fee for individual. Her practice would see about 14 patients a day. That would be 1/2 to 2/3 the number of patients a Doctor in a Health System sees per day!,  Virginia Ann S VA

6553 News from Oklahoma (1/16/2017 9:45:52 AM):  My took my dh to VA hospital for yearly primary dr visit and labs last Tuesday. Later that evening; he wasn't making a lot of sense like when his bp is low. I gave him water and checked his bp. It was ok. I thought he was just tired. Next morning he rolled out of bed on the floor. I tried helping him up. He tried to help me but he wasn't communicating with me. I called EMT's. When they got there, He talked with them and his dog a little. His sugar was 456 and bp was just a little low. Now long after getting to ER, they ruled out heart attack, stroke, etc. They said he was low on oxygen in his blood; so gave him some oxygen. After taking blood; they diagnosed him with "Rhabdab" which is short for a longer diagnoses. The short time he was in the floor, toxins built in and spread to his organs. It can bet fatal, but they said we caught it in time. They flushed his system with fluids. He slept all day until about 6:00. After his 3rd breathing treatment he woke up.(All day, he would open his eyes and go back to sleep). The dr. said he was going to be ok. By the next morning his mind was clear. My dd and granddaughter got there before me. As I walked in they sang Happy Birthday to me. (Only, my granddaughter sings it "Happy Dirtday." Through prayers and good doctors, he came home on Friday. He is doing well. I am back at work today. Be aware that"Rhabdab" has been associated with athletes. My sil had it this summer after he had worked on his roof and dehydrated. His muscles were hurting when my dd took him to the hospital. Someone else had it because they had accidentally taken two of their "statin" drugs at the same time. Not many people know a lot about it. His nurse said she heard about it in nursing school, but not much since then.,  Janice/Ok

6554 gift card (1/16/2017 9:59:18 AM):  if you buy an ecard from coke how do you print it off to use it ,  shirley ky

6562 Advice Needed (1/16/2017 12:08:25 PM):  Looking for any advice you all might have for washing a king size HEATED mattress pad in a normal size top loader. I do have a gentle cycle so that may help. I am hoping I don't destroy the electric wires and ruin the thing since they can be costly to replace. Thanks!,  Jeanne IL

6563 Expensive wax (1/16/2017 12:18:04 PM):  Yesterday, the wax museum in Gettysburg held an auction to get rid of all of their wax figures of Presidents and their Wives. The owners were going broke due to declining attendance over the years. The figure of Abraham Lincoln sold or $8,500 and Jackie Kennedy for $500. I'm n0t sure what anyone would do with one, maybe put a wick in it. After all these are life sized figures and should burn for a few weeks.,  Bob, PA

6565 Ear itch (1/16/2017 12:44:48 PM):  Anyone know what I could put in my ears for itch? Don't want to cause any ear problems. Allergy doctor told me years ago it is caused by my allergies. It was never that bad until the last month or so. They are driving me nuts and waking me up at night. They have become tender from sticking my fingernail in my ear to get some relief.,  Debbie, IN

6581 Shutterfly Free Notebook (1/16/2017 3:36:24 PM):  How do you get it for free? I go to the Notebooks but none say free. Also would shipping be free?,  1st time trying to get something from this site.

6582 Bleach in the toilet (1/16/2017 3:45:15 PM):  Is it safe to pour Bleach in the toilet to get the stain out of the bowl because of Lysol toilet cleaner left in to long? If its safe for how long can I leave it in?,  Thanks

6589 smartsource code (1/16/2017 5:24:26 PM):  what is that code good for in the coupons on the last page can we use it at check out. anybody use it .,  sally tx

6590 Too Much Off Topic (1/16/2017 5:28:28 PM):  Well I was trying to get into my computer earlier today and could not. I was getting frustrated and about as mad as a wet hen. Well I calmed down and noticed that like a great big dummy I was typing off topic chat as my password. Just tired or just plain goofy. LOL.,  Vicki, Va.

6592 Makeup (1/16/2017 6:02:08 PM):  I am 50+ years of age and use "drug store" make up. Is there any reason to give this up and buy from a beauty counter? Are the beauty counter products really any better or are they just pricier? ,  Mary, MO

6593 DNA (1/16/2017 7:45:59 PM):  I read that the genetic testing to identify your heritage is fictional. There may be many different places in the world where your DNA is similar.,  Bob, PA

6596 paypal (1/16/2017 9:12:20 PM):  How do I cancel my PayPal account,  Annonimus Oh

6600 Heather (1/17/2017 5:36:42 AM):  I was wondering if you have had a chance to check on the punch to see if it would work with the Happy Planner Mini? If I remember right, there is about 1.25 inch between holes. Thanks!,  Amy J, OH

6601 Foy Code (1/17/2017 6:16:13 AM):  ilubw951i for 27 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

6603 Genealogy (1/17/2017 6:48:28 AM):  I have been researching my mother's family line for about a year now. Yesterday I drove over to Columbus, MS to visit a very old cemetery, established in 1849. I found the grave of the twin of one of my grandfathers. She died in 1864. The stone is crumbling and most can't be read. She was only 15 at her death so she has no direct heirs to consult. The question I am pondering is do I replace it? Is it best to let it crumble and be lost forever or replace? I can see either side of the question. What are your thoughts? Replace or let it go?,  Anna, AL

6621 More progress! (1/17/2017 11:24:19 AM):  This time it is at my kids' school! I am the athletic director (volunteer), and I have gotten approval to build a concession stand in our gym. We have hired a contractor (a parent who gave us a great bid), who will put a hole in the block wall, which opens to a storage area. I've spent the last week posting (free) things on craigslist to clean out the unused items in the storage area (with the approval of those required, of course), and moving things around for better accessibility. Many people thought I was nuts, and that no one would want any of it. However, there were multiple people that wanted each of the items I posted (an old stage - very cumbersome to put together, but a lot of heavy wood, plywood, a scorers table). I know it takes work to post items, but it's so much better than seeing it go to a landfill, and the people that get it are happy! So...hopefully we can begin construction on our concession stand soon! This will be a big time savings, as we won't have to pull out our cart and set everything out (and put it away), fill the cooler with ice, etc. I can't wait! Our janitor also says he's motivated to clean out some other areas. I told him I'd be happy to post anything for him.,  Lisa, OH

6622 Nancee/IN/ (1/17/2017 11:24:28 AM):  Your French letter just arrived in my post office box. So I will get to work on the translation. ,  Carole H. KY

6624 Double Point surveys (1/17/2017 12:21:55 PM):  I got 2 invites from MyPoints today to earn double points for every survey I complete today & tomorrow only!So far, I've been rejected on every survey I've been invited to do to earn those double points! I've only earned 5 points on each survey! Has anyone else been successfully able to complete a MyPoints survey for double points?,  Virginia Ann S VA

6626 Amy J, OH (1/17/2017 1:59:50 PM):  Thanks for the reminder. There is 1" between the straight part which goes up to the half circle.,  Heather, NV

6627 Dianne in GA (1/17/2017 2:06:17 PM):  No, I never got another blog opened. I have a hard enough time getting the other one updated regularly. I have a feeling my BIL stopped following it since my sister hasn't called and commented on a post for quite a while.,  Heather, NV

6632 Expert outpost (1/17/2017 4:20:38 PM):  Does anyone do surveys through expert outpost? Is it easy to earn points/awards? Would you recommend this survey company?,  Ann

6633 Deep Cleaning (1/17/2017 4:23:06 PM):  I am impressed with my day's efforts! I have two (small) linen closets that hadn't had a good cleaning in a while -- and they look so organizationally nice right now. Discovered we have only one unused bar of soap, five! hair spray, lots of conditioner but only one shampoo, 200+ of the bathroom Dixie cups, a dozen new toothbrushes but only one tube of toothpaste and enough Band-Aids to last through 2020! How many sets of sheets to you have per bed -- I figure two is enough. There are only two of us at home now. Now to work on my shopping list so I at least have a back up of at least one extra for frequently used items. Dividing my beach towel collection in half, too.,  Sue S., MN

6635 Coke Reward points (1/17/2017 4:33:01 PM):  I found that I have a quart bag of Coke bottle caps so I just entered my weeks worth. I will need to put a reminder on my calendar to enter more next week. ,  Heather, NV

6644 Missing (1/18/2017 6:54:49 AM):  Does anyone remember the realistic ornamental lawn sheep that many people put in their yards. Pranksters would pour lighter fluid on them and set them on fire. Are they now extinct or has anyone seen one recently?,  Bob, PA

6646 DNA testing (1/18/2017 7:09:18 AM):  My nephew died 3 years ago - adopted by my brother - was supposed to be American Indian, think it was the Creeks of Maine(?). He lived in New England. There were major problems about my brother adopting him that he was part Indian and the government insisted he go to an Indian home (a crappy trailer with a non-working, alcoholic family) but he was adopted. He had a hawk nose and very high cheekbones so we always thought it was true....the DNA test shows absolutely NO Indian......I think that stuff is hooey.....they just do their stuff from genealogy research. Do you know you can do your dog's DNA? Can't imagine what I would do if I had money to throw away like that.,  Joanie in the FL Keys

6650 Husband (1/18/2017 8:19:09 AM):  Dh got out of hospital on Friday, did well all weekend. Had to take him to hospital Monday morning. He now has Influenza A and is in isolation in the hospital. Va hospital called and said after his check up last week they found his PS? count was up on his prostate. Could use some more prayers. Thanks,  Janice/Ok

6652 Re posting # 46641 (1/18/2017 8:58:19 AM):  There is a site to search for military burials but has to be a military cemetery...those in small local cemeteries like my FIL will not show up on the site. When I get back from the Dr. later today I will post the site if anyone is interested. I have the url in my papers somewhere!,  Google Researcher

6654 Canning (1/18/2017 9:02:49 AM):  Has anyone canned potatoes? The recipe says soak them in absorbic acid(?) before boiling to keep them from browning. Will they still turn brown if I don't soak them? I don't have a lot to can so I will be able to get them in hot water quickly.,  cathy

6655 Family reunion in (1/18/2017 9:32:10 AM):  Phoenix AZ next month. Can any board member/s suggest stores to shop in for food? We will be 16 family members. The last time hubby was there it was 1970. We are going to take a tour of Tempe, hubby's old stomping grounds after the reunion. DH aunt lives in Ajo. Should be quite an adventure! TIA,  Carole H. KY

6657 Etsy (1/18/2017 9:55:29 AM):  Anyone on here have an etsy shop. I'm looking for some I spy quilt fabrics and thought I would try a RMC member first. Thanks !,  Jan, IA

6660 Problems Leaving Job (1/18/2017 10:12:52 AM):  I am a senior citizen and took a paper delivery job to supplement my income several years ago I posted here sometime back I was leaving my newspaper carrier job and the difficulties and expenses that go along with it I appreciated all the responses I received I am done with it but its more difficult to leave than anticipated I put in my notice verbally and written I kept it simple leaving for personal reason with appreciation for my time their My boss did not take it well and has since seemed to try to make things difficult by being very rude and prolonging my departure When hired I was told a 30 day notice was required and during that time I would be responsible to train a replacement of their choosing If I did not give notice and/or train someone to replace or left before the 30 days were up A months pay would be deducted from my bank account So I can't just quit They said the amount deducted is for training expenses Plus I a senior citizen with direct deposit and auto-pay some of my bills so I dont see my being able to close my current bank account and open a new one to avoid them taking funds from my account or their keeping my last month check (paid monthly) Its been several weeks waiting for a trainee When I asked my boss when ? I was told they had 30 working days not 30 days So thats added another 8 days to my waiting time I was told by other carriers this is their way to hold a "good" carrier and their income hostage, making it so difficult they give in and stay I have seen several abruptly quit without notice or turn in their notice and end up staying Nobody gets a copy of their contacts so I have no proof of anything Any suggestions are appreciated ,  Carrier

6661 mental health (1/18/2017 10:13:43 AM):  Maybe this varies state by state but anyone know how easy it is to have someone committed for evaluation? This is someone that no way no how will admit there could be an issue (as I suspect most people in that boat feel). I acknowledge I suffer from bad depression that could make me just a blob but I do force myself to hold a job (blob after work). This person can't even hold a job more than a few months. This person I don't think is a physical harm to himself or me (the confronter). This person is more likely to harm the walls in my home by throwing things like a fist through a wall and yelling and cussing up a storm. I know yes without a medical degree the mental stability just isn't there. Would like to have them diagnosed but even then doubtful they would take any meds. Isn't there a way to get a brief intake 72 hrs I think it is. Related to this person and due to finances I can't just relocate where I could disappear from his life.,  super sad

6663 paypal (1/18/2017 10:29:32 AM):  I have a non-business Paypal account. Doesn't Paypal offer a debit card for that type of account? I am not seeing anywhere on the site to apply for 1. Can someone point me in the right direction please? Maybe it is only for business accounts?,  tia

6671 Class Action Fresh Milk (1/18/2017 12:11:19 PM):  What is this about? Michele posted it, but not why you would file a Class Action? Before I would file any action, I want to know why? ,  Why??

6675 Chase bank (1/18/2017 12:30:24 PM):  Does anyone use Chase for their checking and savings? They have a promo going on to get up to $500 for opening accounts. We will definitely do the savings promo for $200-keeping an account open for 6 month. But for the checking, I would have to change my paycheck direct deposit for 6 months in addition to opening a checking. That pays $300. We currently use a local bank and feel very secure with their practices. I wonder about Chase.Any opinion is welcome if you are their customer(or have been in recent past).,  potential customer

6679 In January (1/18/2017 1:07:48 PM):  Well for our weather here in Va. this it what we had today. Sun, then gloomy & cloudy, then a storm with hail,lightening and thunder. Weird.,  Vicki, Va.

6684 Atena Insurance (1/18/2017 1:38:49 PM):  Does anyone have atena insurance? Do you have problems getting them to pay?,  CR

6706 Stove Degreaser (1/18/2017 6:12:49 PM):  I have a gas stove and when I saute chicken, veggies etc, I'm always splattering grease or oil on it. I even use the screen that goes on top of a pan and it still gets on the stove. What is the best product that you have used to help with this? ,  Randi, LI

6712 Diane J. D, ME - Living on Eastern Shore of MD (1/18/2017 9:16:40 PM):  Diane - I live in Pocomoke, about 25 minutes south of Salisbury. Salisbury does has pretty much all types of restaurants, stores, and a major mall. You may also consider Berlin. It was voted America's coolest small town. It really is cute, with lots of good local restaurants. It's 10 minutes from Ocean City, the outlets and it's beaches. Also 10 minutes from the beaches of Assateague Island with the wild ponies. Like you mentioned, we don't get much snow. About two hours north of us in the Baltimore area, there is regular amounts of snow many times in the summer. Here, 2 or 3 times a winter, we may get a few inches, but it usually doesn't stay around for very long. I would say it is a very good balance of all 4 seasons here. Feel free to ask me for any other info!,  Tricia, MD

6714 my son in law (1/18/2017 11:09:23 PM):  i told you i would let you know how he is son in law is home from the hospital, now for about month,he was there for 3 months, he's getting stronger, he can walk with a walker and runs around in a wheelchair.he has multiple myeloma, he had a transplant from a guy from Germany 5 years ago, In a couple of weeks they will give some cells from that guy, that will boost him up again. they were fighting with the insurance company to get them pay, and they got all that straightened out.thanks for your kind words & prayers, ,  janet c wisconsin

6719 traveling to Texas (1/19/2017 6:50:50 AM):  We are driving to Houston, Tx. in March from Nebraska. We are looking for things to see along the way. Will see the memorial in Oklahoma city.....what else. THANKS,  Christine, Ne

6721 Foy Code (1/19/2017 7:09:38 AM):  cx0m8cfgn for 17 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

6725 DNA testing (1/19/2017 8:21:40 AM):  An answer to yesterday - DNA testing to learn your heritage and DNA testing to learn if you will get breast cancer or Huntington's Chorea are two different things - apples & oranges,  Joanie in FL Keys

6730 Good News (1/19/2017 9:46:51 AM):  DH was released after 24 hours in the hospital. He had a light case of the flu and no more fever; thanks to prayers and Tamiflu. Our doctor (who with God's helped saved my life years ago when I was in hospital for a month and wasn't expected to make it.) said he wants to go over dh's medications that the VA has prescribed. He thinks all of his episodes of confusion, etc are linked with the meds he takes for neuropothy pain in feet and legs associated with diabetes. He was on 9 Gabupentin (s;) pills a day. The dr believes this is what makes him what I consider stroke like when I call EMT"s. He is going over his meds this evening and seeing what all could be causing the problems. The VA is good about helping, but Glenn's nurse said that she thinks that some of his meds need to be adjusted. This could be the answer we are praying about. Susan S/C, his diabetes is under control 99 percent of the time. The night it was so high, he had a Sonic Slush that night, but didn't eat supper because he was drowsy. Thank you all for your prayers. He was glad to get home last night. He wanted a big breakfast this a.m. and was in good spirits. PTL. We have been through a lot, but every time we go to the hospital God gives us someone to encourage. Yesterday before leaving, we prayed with his nurse who we learned was going thru some bad things. She said she had been at the chapel that morning asking for God's help. God has a reason for everything. This hospital visit was one of those reasons. We helped a couple of people and then may have found our reason for his problems,  Janice/Ok

6735 Lorena (1/19/2017 10:40:22 AM):  Were you not in Houston when we did the RC get-together? I think it was February 2013. If we get back that way, will definitely have to get together.,  Amy J, OH

6740 G.R. (1/19/2017 11:02:07 AM):  I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you provide. I asked many a times for something & you always have the answer or the link for me to get the answer. ,  cathy oh

6741 Canning (1/19/2017 11:06:13 AM):  Since I don't have a job outside the house my mission as a Mom is to make sure all are feed. I am slightly paranoid if there is any type of outage or crisis. I gave kids orders to get out of town & make it to our house which is out in the country. So 1 of my hobbies is to can. Last week I got 15 lbs. of chicken canned & a case of chicken broth. Today I cut up the remaining potatoes from the garden & canned 11 pints. I prefer to can in the winter since I love to be outside in the hot summer days.,  cathy oh

6742 Canning (1/19/2017 11:06:18 AM):  Since I don't have a job outside the house my mission as a Mom is to make sure all are feed. I am slightly paranoid if there is any type of outage or crisis. I gave kids orders to get out of town & make it to our house which is out in the country. So 1 of my hobbies is to can. Last week I got 15 lbs. of chicken canned & a case of chicken broth. Today I cut up the remaining potatoes from the garden & canned 11 pints. I prefer to can in the winter since I love to be outside in the hot summer days.,  cathy oh

6743 Prayers (1/19/2017 11:46:27 AM):  I am asking for prayers for strength tomorrow as we bury my brother. I came from a large family(7 brothers and 2 sisters). Tomorrow is also my wedding anniversary date (husband died almost 3 years ago). This will be the second brother buried on my anniversary. My other brother was buried on that date 3 years ago. I am always aware of family birthdays. I had one nephew that died on my son's 10th birthday. Another nephew was born on my birthday and died on my daughter's birthday. A niece was born on my daughter's birthday and died on my granddaughter's birthday. Two were killed in auto accidents (both 20 years old) which were not their fault. The other one was electrocuted when he was only 15 years old. So I will definitely be very emotional tomorrow. I know I will be ok but your prayers can only help. ,  Betty, La

6744 Hubby (1/19/2017 11:52:33 AM):  Mu DH& I have both been sick since Christmas Day with a nasty cold, cough Etc. DH had blood work drawn at Quest Diagnostics yesterday morning. This morning at 12:30, a hospital DR. called us on behave of his PCP telling us that his sodium was very low & that he needed to come into ER immediately. He has chronic low sodium anyway (127-129) but this was 116. He is still in ER as the hospital doesn't have a bed available for him yet. I am on my way down to see him for a little while, but as I'm still under the weather also, won't spend hours there. I left the hospital at 3:00 AM as the only chair for me to use was a hard plastic upright that was not one to stay in all night. It looks like they are going to run all the tests again to try to find out why his sodium got so low. The truth is, while he was sick, he wasn't eating his 2 dill pickles every day or adding salt to everything. On top of that he was drinking more water than usual to help with his chest congestion & the 2 rounds of antibiotics he'd taken. No idea how long they will keep him in, but raising the sodium has to be done very slowly. ,  Linda, FL

6756 What's for dinner?? (1/19/2017 3:20:41 PM):  Just got home (5pm) and fixing Taco chicken, baked beans and something else. I crunch cheesy crackers and mix with taco dry seasoning then dredge chicken in it and layer slices of Velveeta on top. Bake...yum! What's for dinner at your house??,  Susan, SC

6770 Prayers (1/19/2017 6:03:48 PM):  Praying for you and all the family.,  Nancy, LA

6772 Road Warrior (1/19/2017 6:35:17 PM):  My oldest son has his own Title S business in NYS. He designs, supplies equipment, programs the computers for his systems and supervises the installation of the systems. His systems are telemetry (radio frequency) that control components in the network. Last year he did the entire State of Delaware's water system, with the exception of Wilmington.

He spent 60 nights in hotels, just for business. In addition to that he spent 18 nights in hotels for vacation time or family time. I know when I was in sales for GE, that I got sick of hotels and restaurants. Sometimes I would just go to a grocery store, buy some food and eat in a park or a hotel room.,  Bob, PA

6780 snowy weather (1/19/2017 9:02:28 PM):  At 7 am we had a dusting of snow. By 8:30 am we had 2 inches and DH said the roads were horrible when he drove to work! Then the sun and blue sky came out for a while. I took advantage of it and went out to do some shopping and have lunch with a friend. Now they are predicting about a foot of snow in the valleys by Monday. Here we go again.,  Heather, NV

6781 Kelly in the Midwest (1/19/2017 9:25:47 PM):  Thank you so much for your offer!! I really do appreciate your willingness to help!! I do have most of the data on the WI hubby's great grandfather "hopped on a train and went to the end of the line" which is how he ended up in North Dakota! He married a woman from Canada and had 9 (6 boys, 3 girls) kids. Only 4 of them had families. His grandfather was one of the four on that branch. We haven't been to WI in about 4 years; that was when we got the broken stone dug up. I did learn recently that a relative does live in Green Bay and even though in his 80's still works at a hospital there. We would have looked him up if we had known when we were there the last time.,  Google Researcher

6786 Foy Code (1/20/2017 6:33:18 AM):  38ofvnh3t Is for 33 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

6787 Foy Code (1/20/2017 6:42:03 AM):  p989uyuy3 for 15 points for 1 more.,  Vicki, Va.

6794 Dh/Bump Up (1/20/2017 9:12:11 AM):  Dh went to dr yesterday, follow up from hospital. He changed several meds and deleted some. Two of his medications were the same kind; diff names. He wants to see him in two weeks and thinks there will be a difference in his health. Another blessing no co-pay since he was in the hospital two times in 10 days; no new prescriptions; etc. He was feeling good this morning except for usual leg and back pain and was ready for hot breakfast again. Praise the Lord. Thanks for prayers. Another praise...his lift for his scooter in our van has not been working and he couldn't get the scooter out. We have been waiting for VA to get us an appointment with someone to repair it. My dd tried to work on it. Her 17 year old son got in there and piddled with it and got it to working. Apparently there is a loose wire. We just have to jiggle the cord to get it to work. He will repair it later. Back to the VA. We are fortunate. He sees the same primary care clinic team when he goes; so he only sees a different doctor if it is a specialty. The VA saves a fortune on prescriptions because he was taking 38 meds which includes insulin.,  Janice/Ok

6795 El Chapo (1/20/2017 9:14:21 AM):  Wouldn't you know he would be released yesterday?,  Janice/Ok

6796 Road warrior (1/20/2017 9:31:23 AM):  Your son sounds like my son-in-law who works for G.E. He is gone for 4-6 weeks then comes home. He is one of 9 generator technicians( don't know the correct term) worldwide who keeps the lights on for all of us. He uses an electric grill to make salmon etc.. to get a break and eat more health smart meals. ,  Carole H. KY

6799 Coke rewards (1/20/2017 10:01:50 AM):  Last month when coke had the instant win game and you had to enter codes, I sent by snail mail to receive 40 free codes by email. I sent 8 stamped envelopes the first week of Dec. After 3 weeks not receiving any codes I entered cap codes I had to play the game. I emailed coke about never receiving the codes and they sent me the 40 codes the next day but by then it was too late. I had used my cap codes AND the contest had the free code option available then. I believe if I hadn't emailed them I would never have received any codes from them. I have been emailing them about this and today they sent an email saying I received the codes in a timely manner. I sure don't feel they handled this right. I followed the rules and did not receive what I should have without contacting them. I wasted stamps to get codes that I expected to get within a week which did not happen. I can say when Mcdonalds monopoly game is going on and I send for free game pieces, it is about a week after I mail the envelopes that I receive the game pieces, definitely not 3 weeks. I am about ready to give up on coke rewards. The rewards are not great anymore to me.,  Ann

6803 Sent home early (1/20/2017 11:44:23 AM):  Our students were let out of my school today at 10:30 due to a broken sewer pipe. All staff were asked to leave by before noon as all water was shut off. I really hope they are able to get this fixed over the weekend. Since we didn't make it to lunch time, we will have to make up this day at the end of the year. Only our school was affected,  Joanne Vt

6804 From Debbie. OR (1/20/2017 11:53:07 AM):  Still waiting for something to happen. I did get a call from the Dr that I do have the Gene Mutation for the Drug trial. However, now they are full. Grrrr....I was told to hang on as people drop out all the time. One of my friends has been waiting for this as she wants to make me a cape like the X-Men. Still can't eat much by I am trying. ,  Debbie, OR

6813 Incredible (1/20/2017 3:49:02 PM):  I have never heard a better rendition of the National Anthem than that sung by Jackie Evancho today. Every note was perfect, pure tone, perfect pitch and an incredible range. That is fantastic for a young lady.,  Bob, PA

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