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Mothers Day (5/8/2015 5:29:27 PM):  Thanks to all who responded to my post. It never occurred to me to give her some personal products. Sometimes it takes awhile before the light comes on in my brain. I think I can spare some from my stockpile. ,  cathy oh

3998 Do you know Joyce Witzel of ID please me (5/8/2015 7:08:35 PM):  please email me ,  d

3999 Lila (5/8/2015 7:10:31 PM):  Hi Lila! I watch the CBS shows, but I watch them on They have the shows for a few weeks. Plus you can turn on the closed captioning. If you have any questions please email me :) ,  Lorena, TX

4005 appliance girl (5/8/2015 9:21:26 PM):  Our spray hose on the sink is making a noise like their is air in the line starts up when we turn the water on but goes away when we turn the faucet handles full blast is there a way that we can disconnect the hose and still use the faucet to do dishes thanks,  kathyjo Tesini Ma

4006 Recall Notice (5/8/2015 10:50:49 PM):  Baby’s Dream recalls cribs and furniture due to violation of lead paint standard: Researcher

4007 FCC (5/9/2015 5:51:28 AM):  Does anyone know how to contac the FCC about bad advertisement on TV? I am so tired of seeing Victoria Secret adds during family time. These are adds that should be run after 9. If others don't like to see it, please write the station and FCC.,  Thanks

4009 Swiffer (5/9/2015 8:19:14 AM):  My Swiffer bit the dust. Does anyone know of a sale on it and/or coupons? Thanks!,  Karen (NJ)

4010 Residue on shorts (5/9/2015 9:57:08 AM):  I purchased a pair of shorts which had a sticker on the front (size of shorts). I didn't remove the sticker for about six months until I decided to wear them. Now, the shorts have an outline (not any residue) of where the sticker was. How do I get rid of the outline?,  Mindy, MD

4014 Staples Ink cartridges (5/9/2015 12:15:23 PM):  How do you get the envelope to mail cartridges to Staples? I posted yesterday, and for some reason its missing. Should be 13996. ,  Thanks

4017 AT&T (5/9/2015 4:04:45 PM):  Stopped at the AT&T store on the way home to see my options for new iPhone. Think mine is ready to die. Had it for 3-1/2 years and I can hear the other person, but after a while they can't hear me. The guy said the mike is going out. Plus I don't have enough capacity to do any upgrades. Now back to my story. I'm looking at the iPhone 6 while I'm waiting for them to call my name. One of the sales clerks reaches over my shoulder as I'm just touching the phone to pick it up. "Excuse me. I need to have that phone to show it to my customer." I looked at her and said "Oh, I'm just standing here as a customer looking at the same exact phone, but by ALL means, let ME step aside so that you can show it to YOUR customer. Not a problem." And I went to the guy that had signed me in and told him that he needed to sign me out because I wouldn't buy a phone from their location if they paid me and I told him what happened. Miraculously, I was the next customer to be served and there was a guy just waiting to help me. I said OK but that I defintely would not be buying and just wanted the options. I know they work on commission, but it was extremely nervy for her to think that I should relinquish the phone I was looking at just so that her customer could look at it. I was very tempted to say, "I don't think so because I'm looking at it right now but you can have it as soon as I'm finished with it." And then I would have looked at it indefinitely and still gone to another location to buy. ,  Susan, LA

4020 Menopause & hormones (5/9/2015 6:01:03 PM):  Have any of you ladies in menopause (last period 3 or more years in the past) experienced period like episodes? I feel like crying for no reason and my legs have the ache that they did when I was on my period. I thought all of this was behind me!,  Susan near Houston

4021 IRobot (5/9/2015 6:13:15 PM):  Does anyone have the IRobot floor washer? If so do you like it. I have the Roomba for years and love it. BBB have the mop on sale and I would like to purchase one if they work well for others. Thanks,  Shrley, NJ

4033 puzzle (5/10/2015 7:17:16 AM):  First Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. Secondly congratulations to those who got the correct answer last week. Last week's challenge Think of a common two-word phrase for something you might see in a kitchen. Reverse the words — that is, put the second word in front of the first — and you'll name a food, in one word, that you might prepare in a kitchen. What is it? Answer: Cake pan and pancake. Next week's challenge: The letters of the one-syllable word "groan" can be rearranged to spell "organ," which has two syllables. Here's the challenge: Think of a common one-syllable, five-letter word whose letters can be rearranged to spell a common two-syllable word — and then rearranged again to spell a common three-syllable word. I have two different answers in mind, and it's possible there are others, but you only have to think of one. ,  MAC--WI

4036 Recipes (5/10/2015 8:43:29 AM):  Looking for a tortilla wrap sandwich recipe. Also I know some of you on here roast your vegetables in the oven. Need that recipe also.,  Penny in MO

4037 Happy Mother's Day (5/10/2015 8:49:03 AM):  to all of the mothers out there! I hope you have a fabulous day and the same wish for all of the women who aren't mothers. ,  Sharon B., VA

4039 Starbucks @ Hallmark Rewards (5/10/2015 9:13:51 AM):  Starbucks and Applebees are back on Hallmark Card Rewards.,  Grace Basham, CA

4040 FOY Code (5/10/2015 10:42:19 AM):  You've won Fountain of Youth Code dssxjh9s8 worth 15 Hulk Coins for use by 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

4043 Mother's day (5/10/2015 12:20:28 PM):  This year was my second mother's day without my furbaby. My husband made me breakfast and did the dishes afterwards. My step-daughter doesn't recognize me as a 'mom' even though I helped raise her since age 5. Oh well, I know I did a good job when she was with me, I guess that will have to do!! I miss my mom very much today, she was always a goof and made me laugh.,  CB OH

4045 Staples Ink Recycling by mail (5/10/2015 12:54:17 PM):  Go to Go to the bottom of the screen and click on staples rewards. Sign into your account. On the right hand side under quick links, click on Recycle Ink & Toner. Then click on recycle ink & toner online. This should help you figure it out. (It was hard for me to figure it out too. I still am able to drive to a local store to recycle ink.),  Joanne Vt

4046 Why? (5/10/2015 3:52:55 PM):  What has happened to many people? Today I was in CVS in line. I was next in line when the manager opened another register and instead of asking for the next person in line, he waits on someone behind me. The lady in front of me had a big order and had just started getting her items scanned. I then went to starbucks for their half price deal today and was told I had 8 min. to wait. I moved back in case others wanted to order and a man walked up in front of me and asked about the half price deal and was told 5 min. An employee of the store also walked in front of me and heard it was 5 min. to go. She started to leave and a starbucks employee told her not to go. It was obvious they were friends and continued chatting but at least this lady did get behind me to wait her turn. When it was time to order no one said anything about me being there before the man. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to cause a scene (by now there was a longer line) or cause trouble. The man placed his order and I placed mine and stood at the other end of the counter. The store employee was after me but she received her order before the man or I. It was clear they knew what she wanted and served her first. What happened to first come first serve? If this happens to you, do you speak up or just keep quiet and wait? ,  Not invisible

4048 POLL: Do you Do (5/10/2015 4:07:02 PM):  Just curious how you feel about "Honey Do" lists? Personally I have never made one, nor would I ever. And, my DH would not respond kindly to one. On the flip side, if someone made me a list of things they wanted/needed/thought I should be doing in MY free time at home, I would tell them what they could do with the list. Spring is upon us and my friends are talking about these lists and I am feeling sorry for their Honeys!,  Shelby, Iowa

4058 Cats (5/10/2015 5:18:21 PM):  I hope some cat owners can help me figure this out. I live in the country and there are about 8 homes in a row down the street. About a month ago a cat started coming to our house only in the evening and meowing over and over. It will scratch at the patio door and if we are in the bedroom and not in the living room it will go to the bedrooms and meow under the window. We have asked some neighbors if this is their cat and all said no. We never see the cat during the day or early morning. If this was a cat that was dumped wouldn't it eat any cat food put out? We had some dry cat food and put it out in a neighbors yard and the cat would take a bite or two and stop and not eat anymore and just come back into our yard and meow over and over. We have tried walking down the road and the cat will follow us about 4 houses away and stop and won't go any farther down the road. Any ideas? We cannot have a cat due to other pets and allergies. ,  Meow

4061 Dogs in Stores (5/10/2015 5:40:15 PM):  Seems like more and more I'm seeing women carry their small dogs into stores. I'm shocked that it's allowed. This weekend it was Walgreens. The Wags employee said they didn't have a policy against it. I have 3 dogs myself but find this to be offensive to have a dog in a store.,  Susan, SC

4062 Swagbucks (5/10/2015 6:14:39 PM):  Does anyone have problems getting their Swagbucks for searching? Twice today it told me I timed out or put in the wrong captcha but it was correct. This happens alot anymore. Was just wondering if it happens to anyone else. ,  Gayle

4072 Computer message (5/10/2015 9:44:42 PM):  Lately I have been having problems when trying to search for folders by using the Search box at the Start button. I usually get the Parental Control screen. Tried to search for one just now (my desktop is so cluttered, it's just easier to search and open from there right now). I got this message just now: data area passed to a system call is too small What does that even mean?! Doesn't even sound grammatically correct, but does an error message have to be? Any help?? TIA,  Susan, LA

4075 new store (5/11/2015 2:16:34 AM):  We have a new store opening in our area called FRESH THYME FARMERS MARKET. Are any of you familiar with them and do you know if they have carts for the handicapped and how are their prices. thanks for your input . Sandy C,  Sandy C Oh

4082 Rude friends (5/11/2015 5:40:18 AM):  Recently my DH and I went camping. We invited friends we knew would be in the area to stop by and we would cook lunch. It was our understanding that would stop by on their motorcycle; therefore, only 2 guests. Camping can come with limited space, so we planned the menu for 4 people. Our friends showed up with extra guests in a car. We made room for the car on our small site, but did not have enough food. In trying to stretch it, we felt we looked cheap and skimpy. We had barely enough room to hold the extra people as well. Overall, what was supposed to be enjoyable for everyone turned out to be uncomfortable for everyone. This type of thing has happened to us so many times we invite people to come visit us while we are camping, that we have vowed to stop doing it and now only make it for us. Does anyone else constantly feel taken advantage of by guests?,  Frustrated in Idaho

4083 Puell (5/11/2015 6:19:36 AM):  I am trying to cashe in points on this site. I want a gift card. But I don't see where to cash in. I can only see how to cash in for a purell product. I have over 13,000 points. Does anyone know? Thanks,  Want to cash out.

4086 Mothers Day (5/11/2015 8:23:12 AM):  Am I the only one who is glad it's over? It's a long day for those of us who have a child who chooses to not see me and calls late in the day with a token call when he knows it's too late to get together. I keep saying I won't spend another Mother's Day crying and hurt, but it never works out that way. You can't escape the day, everyone else is celebrating if you go out to eat and its agonizing. Seems like merchants and TV make a bigger deal than they used to and hype it up for a week. I know it must be even harder for mothers who have lost children.,  Not always a fun day

4095 Television Show Revenge (5/11/2015 9:58:51 AM):  How about that television show "Revenge" Final episode? We were glued to our seats and we did not see some of the ending coming. I mean like when Louise was a help. Good night Louise played a bimbo in the show big time. (very good at it too) and it was so good to see that Nolan had a happy ending also. Sad but yes it was time for the television show Revenge to end. Glad we watched the last deposit last night. ,  Charlotte/IN

4102 The end (5/11/2015 10:47:41 AM):  American Idol will be on next year for the last time, because ratings have plummeted. That is probably because I have stopped watching the show.,  Bob, PA

4104 Farmall C (5/11/2015 11:10:30 AM):  Hubby plowed our corn plot this a.m. I love the sound of our old Farmall C. and the smell of the freshly turned earth. Reminds me of my dad. We've planted and eaten Silver Queen sweet corn for 55 years including what my dad planted when I was a youngster. There is just nothing like it and hardly any plant it around here any longer. It takes 90 days to mature and people don't want to wait that long. It's worth the wait to me.,  Sharon in rainy MI

4109 My points (5/11/2015 12:07:32 PM):  Bouqs is not working for me.,  ???

4113 Survivor Fans (5/11/2015 12:18:30 PM):  Did anyone else get tired of the guy complaining that he wasn't picked to go on the reward challenge because it was his birthday?? What a baby! He was so mean to the people in the beginning. Doesn't he know that they are keeping him because anyone can win when they are up against him in the final two?,  Janice/Ok

4114 Y & R Fans (5/11/2015 12:19:57 PM):  What do you think about Jack and Yack? I heard over the weekend that Abby and Kyle are married in real life. Wished they would hurry and solve the cabin murders.,  Janice/Ok

4115 Mississippi Murders (5/11/2015 12:25:21 PM):  Any opinions on that? A white police officer pulled over a car with four black people in it for reasonable cause. He called for back up which was a 25 year old black officer. They were both shot to death. Now, I wonder what kind of riot could come from that?? It is so sad; such needless deaths.,  Janice/Ok

4129 IRS - when should I call? (5/11/2015 3:30:32 PM):  I finally tried calling at 9:30 am today and was told they were too busy so I couldn't even get in their queue. I am wondering if it would be better to try to call later in the afternoon or should I try for 7am.,  Heather, NV

4141 Hypertufa pots (5/11/2015 4:44:39 PM):  Has anyone ever made these? There are lots of youtube videos showing how but I would like actual info from anyone who has really made them. Any hints or tips would be great. I've bought the cement, peat moss, and purlite but I saw where some only use the first 2 ingredients. Anyway, if anyone has ever made them any hints would be greatly appreciated...As always....,  Marian/MO

4147 Thanks! (5/11/2015 6:31:55 PM):  My secret pal - thanks for the candy coupons.,  Sandi - So Ca

4152 restaurant (5/11/2015 9:03:27 PM):  Thankyou for the feedback about FRESHTHYME FARMERS MARKET. They e-mailed me wanting to know what location, now I'll see what they e-mail back. Sandy C Oh,  Sandy C Oh

4156 Making assumptions (5/12/2015 6:40:18 AM):  I was putting a cart by a pole in front of my van after grocery shopping. I was in a hurry to get back home to my 14 year old who had oral surgery the day before. A man in a truck next to my van yells out to me. "Why don't you put the cart away instead of leaving it there". I told him I had a hip problem. He said "So do I and I put my cart away". I asked him if he would put mine away. He yells "no" then he called me a lazy bi**h. Why would he assume anything about me. I am not lazy. I was born with a dislocated hip that was repaired when I was a month old. I lived with pain in my hip until I had it replaced at age 45. My knees can dislocate any time I move wrong, I had surgery on my right knee at age 12 in an attempt to have my left leg catch up with my right leg, it never did. My right leg was over an inch longer than my left until I had the hip replacement. I wore a built up shoe. At age 14 I was found to have scoliosis and wore a back brace for 3 years. My first child was diagnosed with autism at age 3. My 2nd child has Aspergers syndrome. I have been my son’s caretaker and he is now 31. My first husband left me with 3 kids all under the age of 8. I was a single Mom for 7 years I had 4 babies ( 3 with my first husband and 1 with my second husband. I will always be caring for my son with autism. I still give him showers as he cannot do it alone. ( his knees dislocate too, blame genetics) I am also a Grandma. So this man assumes I am lazy from that 2 minute encounter with me. I am 54 now. ,  Alot going on.

4159 Fountain of Youth Code (5/12/2015 7:26:13 AM):  to be used by 3 m5m846u6h,  Penny in MO

4160 Bob/Grace (5/12/2015 7:29:46 AM):  I sent pic of Tanner the day you gave your email. Grace. did you get it? I will resend it today.,  Janice/Ok

4161 Bob/Grace (5/12/2015 7:29:49 AM):  I sent pic of Tanner the day you gave your email. Grace. did you get it? I will resend it today.,  Janice/Ok

4167 American Idol (5/12/2015 8:31:36 AM):  I think these people that put these shows on, and try to make them worse because they were so popular. They have to realize, people watching TV, don't want women there like Jen Lopez with her boobs hanging out. She has no class. Same with American Has Talent., With Heide Klume. People watching TV at 7, want it to be descent. This is Family time. And if were teaching our kids Morals, those shows are not showing morals. Glad American Idol will be gone and hope next America Has Talent is next. We were faithful watchers of both. But from day 1, they were family friendly. Not anymore,  Good Riddence Amercan Idol

4169 On-Line Savings (5/12/2015 9:21:14 AM):  Are there any sign-up cash bonuses for on-line savings accounts I'd like to open one but a bonus would make it even sweeter Thanks,  Lynda/SFL

4170 My birthday (5/12/2015 9:29:00 AM):  Today is my birthday. Amanda came home for a few days (last final was on Monday and she will head back up on Thursday) and is helping me clean (and declutter) the house, clean red Golden Retriever hairs out of the black Toyota Rav4 and make me cupcakes. Tonight we will all go out for dinner (I still need to figure out what I want). I am doing two things related to Mom's estate today and then I am done with that for the day (and I might skip doing anything tomorrow too since I know I have to talk to the lawyer, etc on Thursday).,  Heather, NV

4174 Dancing with the stars (5/12/2015 10:09:32 AM):  Is Robert still on from Shark Tank? If so, how is he doing?,  Would like to know.

4184 Heather, NV/Happy Birthday! (5/12/2015 11:20:39 AM):  Heather, NV, wishing you a Happy Birthday! I hope your day is special.,  Grace Basham, CA

4190 Lady in Parking Lot (5/12/2015 12:22:09 PM):  I thought some of the anonymous posters were rude to her; just like the man. Maybe she could shop but was tired by the time she got to the car. So she is able to shower an adult man. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Give her a break and some compassion. I use a Walmart cart to ride in. I can get out of it and reach things on a shelf. A lady last week came up and put my items on the counter for me to be checked out. That was sweet although I can do that myself. Why don't we go the extra mile with RAOK??,  Janice/Ok

4197 USPS Fraudulent Shipping Message (5/12/2015 1:50:03 PM):  Be sure to log on to the U.S. Postal Website to read their warning about fraudulent shipping messages. If you need to report receiving such messages, you can either call 1-800-ASK-USPS or email,  Virginia Ann S VA

4203 Making Assumptions (5/12/2015 2:08:57 PM):  I try very hard not to make assumptions as to why people have handicap cards and use the spaces. My BIL was legally blind but so intune with it that he didn't use as cane or have a dog, just needed someone by his side to say step up or watch the curb, etc. My own mother has one because she has only one lung and has trouble breathing and walking especially in cold weather. Each has heard comments because their disability is not readily seen. I do have a problem with the carts though. I feel if you can walk to do your shopping and drive a car, you can walk an extra few feet and spend another 30 seconds to put the cart away. Not only does just leaving them there cause damage to other cars, it blocks parking spaces for others to use. I can't tell you how many times I get out of the car and move a cart so we can park. Not to start a problem and make you feel even worse, but I am surprised you feel your excuses justifies you not putting your cart away. After all you were able to do everything else. As for the man in the parking lot, yes he was rude. Probably better left unsaid, BUT maybe he was having a bad day too or had damage to his car at one time or wanted a parking place but couldn't use it because a cart was in the way. Maybe he had excuses too. If there are carts in the vacinity of my car when I park, I take them back in the store with me or put them in the cart corral if close by. It is just something I do to protect my car and as a courtesy to others. I just consider it my ROAK for the day. ,  Cart Returner

4204 Walter Update (5/12/2015 2:09:57 PM):  How did Walter's visit with Chemo Doctor in Jamestown, NY go yesterday? This inquiring mind wants to know!,  Virginia Ann S VA

4214 Returning carts (5/12/2015 7:09:25 PM):  I am sorry for all your hardships. You must be very strong to keep going. I do understand when many say 'if you can shop then you can return the cart' to a point.. However, there are some who have no one else to do it for them & maybe they only have enough strength to get through the store & make it back to their car. We don't always know another's struggle. There is no reason for that man to call her a b****. Some said maybe the man had his own problems, so I guess that means a lot of us should be out there cussin out others? I am trying to have more compassion.,  Just my opinion

4216 Recall Notices (5/12/2015 8:39:02 PM):  Schylling recalls Police Press and Go Toy vehicles due to choking hazard:
IKEA recalls pressure-mounted safety gates due to fall hazard:
Cost Plus World Market recalls twist swivel stools due to fall hazard: Researcher

4220 freshandthyme (5/12/2015 11:17:56 PM):  I received an e-mail back from FRESHANDTHYME FARMERS MARKET. They said they do have handicapped carts and they also take coupons. Good to know. S Carter Oh,  Sandy C Oh

4222 GoFundMe (5/13/2015 6:39:46 AM):  Update on post several weeks ago on various unusual reasons for GoFundMe pages. A woman was murdered a few weeks ago. Her 2 yr. old baby, who was missing, was found safe a few days after the murder. She had been dropped off at a woman's shelter. The baby's daddy came in from TX to help search for her. Two people were arrested for the baby's kidnapping. One was a man who was out of jail on cruelty to juvenile charges because his toddler died due to suffocation when left on adult bed. Coroner c/n prove that the death was anything but accident. The cruelty charge stemmed from previous incident where baby had been scalded multiple times in hot bath water. The father of the kidnapped baby set up a fund "to help with unexpected expenses of raising the child by himself now." He's asking for $5,000. I hesitate to call this, and I can't even think of the word I want to use, "necessary" I guess for lack of a better word. But I certainly wouldn't classify this in same category as those seeking help for catastrophic illness. I wonder how much he will get. The news put a link on their website, but it's not working.,  Susan, LA

4224 Tablet/Kindle/HELP (5/13/2015 8:41:59 AM):  Tech minded friends I need some help. I finally have enough amazon gcs to get an inexpensive tablet. Not sure which one yet. BUT, I have a plain old Kindle that I have 225+ books on it. 1) IF I get a tablet will I be able to transfer the books from my Kindle? 2) IF I get a tablet will any new books I buy or get for free go to both my Kindle and my tablet?. Would appreciate any help.,  Lila

4229 Bob/Tanner's Pic (5/13/2015 10:11:21 AM):  Did you get it yesterday? I resent it. Grace said hers was in her spam file.,  Janice/Ok

4241 Carts (5/13/2015 2:24:06 PM):  All of this talk about returning carts--I like Aldis policy of paying a quarter. You never see stray carts in their parking lot. ,  Karen-IA

4246 prayers for Angi (5/13/2015 3:09:58 PM):  To add to everything else my sister-in-law Angi (my husband's sister) is in the hospital. They are talking to a surgeon and she may be having her appendix removed. Please pray for the doctor's wisdom. Cliff (who had bypass surgery in January) is with her.,  Heather, NV

4251 Phone Calls to be cautious of. (5/13/2015 7:27:57 PM):  Even tho I know about the calls that are received by unsuspecting "grandmas", I wasn't prepared for the fear I felt when I received one right after I got up this morning. The girl said she was my granddaughter even when I said she didn't sound like her. She gave a detailed report of what and why she needed $3,000 from me right away. I knew this was bogus but it still scared me totally. I told "her" I couldn't give money until I had more information. With that "she" hung up and I was a wreck. I immediately called my daughter and knew my granddaughter was there and just fine. I knew intellectually what the call was about, but emotionally it still took it's toll on my nerves. I wanted to share with all of you so you don't go thru the emotions I did today. Thanks for understanding.,  Nervous Grandma

4261 Fresh Thyme - electric carts (5/14/2015 7:39:20 AM):  I went to Fresh Thyme yesterday. My location had 4 electric carts charged and ready to go! I was surprised, as it is not a large store. Just wanted to post for those that were wondering!,  Lisa, OH

4263 School's Almost Out (5/14/2015 8:39:14 AM):  Counting today we have 5 days of school left. I have to work 3 extra days on my contract after the students leave. I usually work in the office shreading papers. Yea!! We start back Aug.12,  Janice/Ok

4265 Judy B LA (5/14/2015 9:05:40 AM):  Thanks for the smile. Your entry was a nice end to a tired subject.,  Marion, CA

4267 Hotmail (5/14/2015 9:24:25 AM):  Is anyone having problems with their hotmail account? The page won't load correctly and I can't open any email. Everything is all on the left side going down the page. Nothing looks normal. Just wondering if it was just mine or if somethings up with hotmail. Thanks ,  Gayle, MI

4269 social security for dependent (5/14/2015 9:57:50 AM):  when her mother retired a few months ago she was asked by ss if she had any disabled adult children. she said yes her 42 yer old daughter but was disabled when she was 21 ss figured out and said father had higher ss and now daughter gets money from his ss. just doesn't sound right since daughter was 21 and married but now divorced. would daughter be eligible? I thought under 21 and not married maybe this is my husbands daughter and he is worried daughter & his exwife made false statements and he could get in trouble. we dont see how daughter would be considered a dependent ,  thank you

4275 ACT Verus Biotein (5/14/2015 12:59:48 PM):  Is Act stronger teeth just as good as Biotein? Biotein is a lot more expensive. So I prefer the Act then. But if Biotein is better I will pay the difference. Any suggestions?,  Lynn

4276 Special intention (5/14/2015 2:29:35 PM):  I ask again for prayers for a special intention again for someone very dear to me.Thanks so much.,  anon

4278 wooly worms (5/14/2015 3:07:56 PM):  Yes let us discuss wooly worms. Okay they are suppose to predict the winter. But good night this is May. A bit too early for that. There is an over abunance of wooly worms on the south side of Indianapolis. really. You can't walk down the driveway unless you see at least two or three. We have never saw so many wooly worms before. Any one else see mucho amount of wooly worms this year?? ?,  Patti/IN

4281 SAMe (5/14/2015 3:35:51 PM):  Has anyone taken this and seen results? Certain brand or strength? Dr wants me to try it instead of anxiety meds. Thanks for any input.,  MO

4283 free greeting cards (5/14/2015 3:53:58 PM):  Are there any sites where you can send free greeting cards?,  Lynn

4286 Angi update (5/14/2015 5:23:40 PM):  After two hospitals (with an ambulance ride between), three doctors and three different diagnoses Angi was told it was not life-threatening and sent home with antibiotics. It sounds like they are working today.,  Heather, NV

4288 Hysterectomy (5/14/2015 6:38:31 PM):  Yesterday I found out I have endometrial cancer and will need to have a robotic radical hysterectomy in the near future. At that point, they'll be able to tell what stage I am in and determine if any other treatment is required. After the initial shock, I'm feeling much better because I see a doctor on Monday. For those of you who have had this procedure or just a hysterectomy, can you give me some personal insight on what to expect, what these bands are that women wear, and recovery time? I've decided not to talk too much about it with people because I get tired of telling the same story. TIA.,  No name this time

4291 Willis Family (5/14/2015 8:19:59 PM):  I stumbled upon this show on TLC. The Willis family. What a nice show. They are a family with 12 children. They all sing and dance and play insturments. some of them draw, some write poetry some wrestle. They seem very balanced and normal. I know they are different from a lot of families but they seem so much more real and relaxed than say the Duggars. If you are looking for a wholesome family show you may enjoy it. The father of the family was froma family of 14 children. when he was older six of his siblings were killed in a terrible auto crash. 10 years ago this family lost their home to a fire. They are renting now and plan to rebuild in the future. ,  Doreen,Mi

4292 Chloe (5/14/2015 9:05:23 PM):  Does anyone know if Chloe had her in-patient chemo that was scheduled for end of April? Been thinking about her an awful lot lately.,  Susan, LA

4294 Susan, LA & my birthday (5/14/2015 11:33:17 PM):  Hi, Susan. Thanks for asking. My birthday was good. Amanda made me a cake and we spent two days decluttering / cleaning. It was definitely a present I could use. DH, me and Amanda went and picked up take out for dinner. ,  Heather, NV

4298 My daughter (5/15/2015 5:26:04 AM):  My oldest daughter age 20 will graduate from community college tomorrow. While this may not be a big deal for her it is. She has Aspergers and while she generally doesn't struggle to badly with academics she does struggle with personal relationships. She also cannot drive due to processing issues. She completed her degree in two years and she has worked in the Deli at a grocery store during this time (mostly 20 hours a week or less) She did have 2 bouts of anxiety and depression where things got out of control but the teachers really liked her and realized something was wrong. Both times they allowed her to finish work late and still get full credit. One teacher had her come meet with him about 5 times and made sure she got it done and passed the class. We are so blessed. It hasn't always been easy getting her to and from school and work but my husband and I managed. She still hasn't really formed any friendships but we are seeing some progress. she is looking into a year long mission trip that places people 18 to 15 in houses in urban areas for one year. You interact with the people inthe neighborhood and basically work as an unpaid intern setting up and helping with programs in the community. You must use public transportation no cars allowed. This would be a great way for her to bond with people her own age and learn some independent living skills. One of the goals of the mission group is to promote getting along and working as a team with the group you live with. She has been through a lot in her life but she never gives up. It's hard for her sometimes to watch her two younger siblings surpass her in many life events. That is why we think going away in a controlled environment might just confidence booster she needs. I also think she will be good at it. She loves helping others and she knows a lot about the educational process. We are so proud of her, thanks for letting me take the time to brag a bit.,  Doreen,MI

4308 Virginia Ann, S./birthday dinner (5/15/2015 8:31:28 AM):  Virginia Ann S., how did your birthday dinner with your nephew and his girlfriend go last week? They didn't make curry, did they?,  Grace Basham, CA

4322 lawnmower (5/15/2015 11:45:36 AM):  There are a lot of knowledgeable people here so thought I would ask. My son wants to coat the underside of our new lawnmower so it wont get nicks, ect and wont rust. He is actually thinking of spray on bedliner (!) and I have read that there is a graphite coating available for lawnmowers but I cant find a store here that carries it. The one lawnmower store just said to hose it off after each use. Suggestions? Its not a cheap lawnmower. ,  JudyB LA

4323 What do you call?? (5/15/2015 12:05:20 PM):  Its what you put a cake in? I know these are not used like they use to be. Its to keep the cake so its not sitting out in the open. thanks for any help on this.,  Need to know.

4335 Sam-e, MO (5/15/2015 3:50:08 PM):  My daughter takes Sam-e. Yes, I think it really does help. You are supposed to take two pills the first week (I think) and then go down to one. But it wouldn't hurt to ask the doctor to ask what amount to take because if you have having serious anxiety, you may need more than the average amount. My daughter also has to take prescription meds, too. Sometimes that's just the way it is... So make sure to tell your doctor if your anxiety is not better. You may need a prescription also. Cognitive therapy with someone who knows what they are doing, will help too.,  Tricia, MD

4337 He will be missed (5/15/2015 4:18:45 PM):  BB King passed away today,  CB OH

4341 Walter update (5/15/2015 7:21:55 PM):  Well after the initial shock wore off the other day when he said he didn't think he was going to do the chemo,I am a lot calmer now.The chemo dr.we went to see is still hoping to find the primary site so he is scheduled for yet another CAT scan this coming Mon.Then on Thurs.we will meet with the dr.who will put the port in if he decides to have it.The day after Memorial Day he is scheduled for a colonoscopy so the poor man has to do the prep on Memorial Day.No big deal as we don't do anything on that day anyway.That is better then the first opening they had open where we had to be there at 6:30AM That was just a little too early for us.I did have a talk with him the other day & told him I will accept whatever decision he makes.He is feeling so great right now.No pain,eating good,able to get out & about & do the things he wants to do.I told him I would feel so guilty if I did talk him into the chemo & he spent the next 2 months with his head over the toilet bowl instead of being able to enjoy the things he/we have planed for the comimg months.I can see his point that even with chemo he won't go into remission & just end up spending whatever time he has left miserable.I have placed it in the Lord's hands as only he knows what will be.,  Cathy S.NY

4349 Shark Rocket model? (5/15/2015 9:38:49 PM):  I know many of you have a Shark Rocket vacuum and are really happy with it! I've decided to get one, and was amazed to find how many different models there are! I want a lighter weight model (also have a still-working large Dyson), and would really appreciate opinions on which model you have. I'd also like to know what you would consider to be a good price and which attachments you like. Thanks!,  Milly MN

4353 Amazing Race (5/16/2015 5:49:46 AM):  How about that Amazing Race show last night on TV. We were SO pleased with the outcome. Actually we liked all four of the couples. be honest with you.... kinda glad the nurse didn't win. Sorry Doc maybe you did deserve the money for putting up with her mouth the entire twenty one days. Yes we were very happy with the outcome of the show. ,  Charlotte/IN

4357 Chemo-bumping up (5/16/2015 9:13:53 AM):  All kinds of chemo do not make you very ill. I would meet with the chemo doctor. He will be able to tell you the side effects. The kind my dad took gave him really bad mouth sores. I don't mean to say that it wasn't miserable for him since it affected what he could eat and we know that anytime our mouth hurts is not comfortable. He really didn't have any nauseau. They gave him something to control that. He was concerned about his hair or what was left of it falling out. Doctor said that this drug did not cause hair loss. He joked that he was looking forward to it because he heard that if your hair falls out it will come in thick and curly again.,  Check with doctor

4361 Back on board (5/16/2015 11:33:29 AM):  Hi, everyone -- There have been issues with my new computer, but I think all is well now. I've missed this board and it's nice to catch up! One of the topics I missed was "What's for Dinner?" Tonight we're having green split pea soup with honey ham and diced carrots and celery. After a very mild winter, our April and May have been chilly -- a good time for soup.,  Alice Dodge, OR

4362 Fitbit Zip (5/16/2015 12:10:24 PM):  Does anyone have a Fitbit Zip? I just got mine the other day and it does not seem to be calculating the steps accurately. It gives me way more steps than I am actually taking. I've tried clipping it to my waist and also in my front pocket. Anyone else have this problem? I am considering returning it, but I paid for $30.00 of it in Kohls cash. Not sure what they do about a refund on that. ,  Christie M, OH

4364 Happy Birthday JULIE!! (5/16/2015 12:30:49 PM):  Happy Birthday to the best friend ever! You've gotten me through some pretty rough patches this year and there's no way to thank you enough. Your kindness, generosity, compassion, and caring spirit is what a true friend is! Enjoy your day!,  Diane D, ME

4369 Roy Code (5/16/2015 2:53:08 PM):  You've won Fountain of Youth Code e96o3xhey worth 34 Hulk Coins for use by 3 more",  Vicki, Va.

4370 Roy Code (5/16/2015 3:16:19 PM):  You've won Fountain of Youth Code e96o3xhey worth 34 Hulk Coins for use by 3 more",  Vicki, Va.

4371 Pedometer (5/16/2015 3:21:16 PM):  Can anyone recommend a pedometer by brand -- needs to be simple to operate.,  Sue S., MN

4376 What's for Dinner? (5/16/2015 4:32:31 PM):  Since Alice asked for this: We're having steak tonight that we bought at Sam's yesterday, marked down. That's how we buy all our steaks! Sauteed mushrooms to go on top of the steak, baked potatoes, salad, and French bread. I'm still resting up from our grandson's wedding last week, so no dessert. DH will eat ice cream, I'm sure!,  Nancy, LA

4385 Oops (5/16/2015 7:20:31 PM):  My grandson who lives in VA collects coins as a hobby. He ordered a coin from a company for $20. He received the coin plus over $400 worth of silver coins. He returned the silver coins and was given a thank you letter from the company and a $25 gift certificate. Honesty is the best policy. ,  Bob, PA

4387 Grandson's wedding. (5/16/2015 7:34:34 PM):  It was wonderful! Everyone complemented me on how good I looked, even younger men - could not believe that! The only downside was the wind, gusting 25-30 mph, and the wedding was outdoors. Some of the table decorations couldn't be used. The ceremony was so sweet, the food good (what little I got to eat) and we got to visit with family and friends. The highlight of the evening was our daughter and grandson dancing to YMCA, Stayin' Alive, and Shake Your Booty! The most fun I've ever had at a wedding, but I'm still tired. Thanks for asking, Susan/LA.,  Nancy, LA

4390 Hysterectomy-No Name this Time (5/16/2015 8:16:59 PM):  I just saw your post from a few days ago and I hope that you still see this. The best place to get info on hysterectomies is The message boards will have more information than you could ever need. All from women who have been there and done that. It helped me immensely and I hope it does you as well. Prayers to you.,  Had a hyster but not bcuz of cancer

4394 Wedding update-long (5/16/2015 8:57:20 PM):  Some of you may remember that I posted about not wanting to have the responsibility for taking my friend with mobility issues to our other friend's granddaughter's wedding. I was stressing about how I should handle it when I found out that my friend doesn't want to go. Problem solved. According to grandma, I was supposed to get an invitation. Never did. I think the only reason I was being invited was so I could be transportation for our other friend. I'm not at all close to the bride. Only saw her twice since she was a toddler and don't like either one of the parents. The other friend told me that the bride-to-be wrecked her car (which I knew) and that she was told my invite was in the car. I was never told that. When my car was totalled, I went to the tow yard and got what I wanted from the vehicle. This girl's car was towed to her grandparent's house so I don't know why she can't retrieve the invite. But that's not the point; doesn't really matter to me where it is because I don't want to go anyway. Grandma was talking about the wedding in the beauty shop and I realized it's next weekend. I was told it was in June. She wanted to make sure that I was going and I said that I didn't get an invitation. She said her DIL said to make sure that I knew I was invited even tho I didn't get invitation. (I don't just show up at weddings unless I get an invite. And I was never told that I should come even tho mine was supposedly in the wrecked car.) The other friend says that Grma is insisting that the two of us go together. Grma says that the other friend won't go with anyone but me. Two different stories here.(I know which version I believe because Grma can be very pushy.) I told her I thought the wedding was next month and I have plans for the weekend of the wedding. After I told Grma that I won't be going, she said she'd call me later with directions to the church since it's small and hard to find. I told her that she either needed to tell our friend or friend's daughter because I'm not going. She told the other friend that she just doesn't understand why I can't accept that my invite is in the car. She's not sure if her daughter will be in town so I said that since she doesn't want to go, she should just tell Grma that her daughter is not available and since I'm not going, she doesn't have a way to get there. I told Grma that even tho I'm not going I am buying a gift for them. I'm glad that I won't see Grma next appt. time but I expect her to call me. She probably will be mad at me anyway. (Grma is the same lady that always wants to go out to eat where her granddaughter works. It's not cheap. Before she started working there, she never wanted to go because it was "too expensive". And she tells us that we should be certain "to leave her a very nice tip because she has a lot of expenses".(See what I mean about her being pushy.) Don't know what they are. Her grands pay tuition, books, apt. rent and her car. Grma is also the one that can't understand why our other friend doesn't want to take prescription pain pills for her arthritis. I told her that she is very sensitive to medication and has reactions to most things that she takes so maybe it's just not worth it with those risks. She said "How does she know she can't take them when she hasn't even tried them!" Don't think she gets it that some reactions are tough to bounce back from especially when you are in your 80s. And before someone says that maybe Grma is this way because she's on pain meds, she was like this before she started taking them. Thinks it comes from being married 60+ years to her darling hubby. (read with sarcasm) LOL,  wedding pooper

4399 Good cleanser (5/17/2015 9:08:26 AM):  Want a colon detox whatever don't want to do a pill or 7 day detox is there something I can drink that will clean me out in one day ,  Shannon R

4403 Foy Code (5/17/2015 10:13:16 AM):  You've won Fountain of Youth Code 5lot1zy2y worth 20 Hulk Coins for use by 2 more users.,  Vicki, Va.

4404 To Jane (5/17/2015 10:19:57 AM):  Hi -- I'd love to be there and scarf down your marvelous food! I especially enjoy artichokes and everything else sounds yummy.,  Alice Dodge, OR

4408 puzzle (5/17/2015 11:09:15 AM):  Last week's challenge: The letters of the one-syllable word "groan" can be rearranged to spell "organ," which has two syllables. The challenge: Think of a common one-syllable, five-letter word whose letters can be rearranged to spell a common two-syllable word — and then rearranged again to spell a common three-syllable word. Answer: Aides, aside, ideas OR aimed, amide, media. I don't think I saw anyone post a response to last week's puzzle, but perhaps I missed it. Next week's challenge: This is a spinoff of the on-air puzzle. Name a country with at least three consonants. These are the same consonants, in the same order, as in the name of a language spoken by millions of people worldwide. The country and the place where the language is principally spoken are in different parts of the globe. What country and what language are these? ,  MAC--WI

4411 Bragging post--feel free to skip (5/17/2015 12:09:10 PM):  My grand nephew, Mathew, winner (along with his buddy) of the international Intel award 4 years ago (as some here knew, especially one)graduated from engineering school today at the University of Illinois. I really wanted to go. The all school graduation was yesterday and I found out he could only get 6 tickets, even though it's held in a gigantic stadium, but I could have gone to the graduation today. Rooms were booked last Christmas. Found out he is staying for 2 more years to get his masters, so maybe I can go to that graduation.,  df,fl

4417 New Frugal Tips (5/17/2015 2:44:41 PM):  Have you learned any new frugal tips lately? If so, what? I just learned that one can use cheap nail top coat and add two different "sizes" of glitter, presumably all from the dollar store, to mimic some of that pricey glitter polish. Because it's already the top coat, no further sealers needed. Also, one can paint scotch tape with nail polish, dry then cut into shapes for some inexpensive nail decals. Cover with regular top coat. Fancy manicures on budget. Color me excited.,  Susan R., CA

4423 It has been raining! (5/17/2015 5:23:59 PM):  We have had rain the last few days. They even had to move the Spring Graduation at UNR (Reno) inside. I am so glad they did - we were getting wet walking to the Arena. Amanda doesn't have to return the gown until Friday so maybe I can go get some nice photos of her in it on campus between the showers (it is supposed to shower all week). I won't complain since we really need it.,  Heather, NV

4436 Shoulder Replacements? (5/18/2015 7:36:33 AM):  Has anybody here had a shoulder replacement, either total or partial? I need one but I know only 2 people who had one and neither one of them is too happy. This surgery scares me (the nurse) because it is still so new,  Joanie in NJ & FL

4437 Morton's neuroma (5/18/2015 8:25:32 AM):  Has anyone ever had one of these in their foot? What kind of treatment did you have and what was the recovery time like? I have one in my left foot. I am considering trying an injection (although I don't know what the injection consists of - I forgot what the doctor said) and am wondering if anyone has had it and did it help or did you have to have surgery to have it removed? I'm going to need to do something because I'm tired of feeling like I'm walking on a marble. It's very uncomfortable. I'm looking for any personal experience with this problem and treatment. Thanks!,  Amy J, OH

4438 Weather (5/18/2015 8:34:19 AM):  We have been having rain almost every day for quite a while. Lake Texoma is almost at flood stage which is going to hurt the tourist economy for Memorial Day Weekend and probably July 4th. Either wind or lightning hit our next door neighbors big tree causing it to fall on power lines. We were without electricity for about 12 hours over the weekend. It sure makes one appreciate having electricity. The tornadoes last weekend that were rotating over our town passed as we prayed in our bathroom. It is supposed to rain all week again. At least the farmers will have plenty of hay.,  Janice/Ok

4439 Question (5/18/2015 8:58:59 AM):  I have a question which I hope you will seriously think about before answering and give an honest answer. If you believe in God, why do you believe in God? If you do not believe in God, why do you not believe in God? Thank you!,  Having a rough time

4442 Memphis (5/18/2015 9:33:45 AM):  Is there anyone on this board who lives in Memphis or the surrounding area? If so, could you email me? Please put "Memphis" in the subject title.,  Carolyn/OR

4446 Cruise? (5/18/2015 10:20:41 AM):  We are a family of 5 - my kids are 7, 9, 11. We are looking to do a BIG vacation this year! We've only done small weekend trips the last few years, but have the time and money to do something bigger this summer. We would like to do Alaska - probably on a cruise. We would fly into Washington and tour there and around Canada either before or after (looking for this to be a 3-4 week trip, depending on what there is to see and do). We want to make it worthwhile, as airfare is looking to be about $500 per person. I looked at Disney cruises, but they seem to be about double the cost. My kids have never done a cruise, so wouldn't have any expectations. However, I want to be sure we're not bored (had this issue with my husband and I on a Norwegian cruise where there was very little to do outside of gambling). Any thoughts/suggestions on cruises and/or things to do around Seattle/Vancouver/surrounding areas?,  Alaska bound from Ohio!

4456 A funny (5/18/2015 11:44:10 AM):  So I turned 50 Saturday. I was having trouble with that number for some reasons, and I told everyone I was turning 49 plus tax. So on my cake, hubby wrote "Happy 49.99 plus tax". I thought it was hilarious and wanted to share that!,  Julie in Mass

4459 Foy Code (5/18/2015 11:58:30 AM):  yfyp4azyk worth 15 points for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

4463 What in the world... (5/18/2015 12:25:30 PM):  A local woman has been in the news since early April when she was reported missing and her car was found set on fire at night in an industrial area. Her body was found this weekend. She had been shot in the head. The story is starting to come together. She married her husband in Iran and he came to US on student visa. Once here, he married an American. He challenged the validity of his marriage to the Iranian woman. Court sided with her and he was ordered to pay over $1 million and give her 2 pieces of property. They were involved in a bitter divorce that has lasted a decade (wow!) Her ex-husband, a former employee of his and 2 others, who are being described as "associates" of the employee were arrested. One of the "associates" is 17 years old! She was kidnapped from her home, put in the trunk of her car, shot in the head somewhere along the way and buried in a rural area. They then burned her car. And talk about dumb criminals...they placed phone calls to her ex-husband's phone from her house, the burial site and where the car was burned! He paid $10,000 for the 3 of them to split. Such a sad story and so many families destroyed.,  Susan, LA

4480 Rough time (5/18/2015 4:13:34 PM):  If god is so good why did my husbands cancer come back?He made it almost to the 10 year mark.,  Not sure what to beleive

4484 I'm having trouble walking straight (5/18/2015 4:39:56 PM):  I walk like I'm drunk, but I've never drank any alchol in my life. My doctor thinks there's nothing to worry about. But I feel so stupid. I've never been like this before. I looked up symptoms of Parkinson's and I don't have those- that I can tell. So anybody know what could be the problem. Thanks so much for any help.,  L

4485 Recall Notice (5/18/2015 5:07:56 PM):  Ten-Point Crossbow Technologies recalls to repair crossbows due to injury hazard: Researcher

4486 End of an Icon (5/18/2015 5:23:53 PM):  It appears that Avon is going out of business. Sales have plummeted and stocks have plummeted. Ding, dong.,  Bob, PA

4496 RIP Lynn Marino (5/18/2015 6:49:04 PM):  I know some of us from La. recognize this name. She was the mother of Pam Kinnamore who was one of serial killer Derrick Todd Lee's victims. Ms. Marino was very vocal in the years since her daughter's murder. She was very outspoken on the time it takes for someone to be put to death. She and Anne Pace, mother of Charlotte Murray Pace, were at every hearing and appeal through the years. Ms. Marino always said that she wanted her face to be the last one he saw as he was put to death. Ms. Marino lost her battle with cancer. At least now she is reunited with her daughter. She did everything she could to get justice for her daughter. RIP Lynn,  Susan, LA

4499 Basket ideas? (5/18/2015 7:21:10 PM):  Our school is doing baskets to help with the church festival. My kids are being asked to bring in items for baskets with the following themes: Campfire As seen on TV Scrapbooking Any ideas on which items to purchase (and where) for most "bang for the buck"? Thank you!,  Lisa, OH

4501 Happy news for me (5/18/2015 7:41:26 PM):  Tonite at exactly 6 PM I received another great grandchild. He is exactly 6 lb and mother and baby doing great. He is 5 weeks early and his big brother and sister are thrilled to pieces, just as the rest of the family. Mom and dad have not named him yet, so he is right now another little redhead till tomorrow. We will have a big celebration and Christening soon. ,  louise, oh

4520 What would you do? (5/19/2015 9:10:36 AM):  Usually I put my name, but not this time. DH has been 'whining' (topics really don't matter) and I have about had it (it definitely is not helping my not great mood, etc). Should I tell him to stop? I want to be supportive, but if he won't do something to change the situation I don't know what to say (and am getting to the point I don't want to listen to it anymore).,  tired of the whining

4523 expired coupons (5/19/2015 9:58:58 AM):  My coupon file disappeared while I was in the hospital and I knew it was in the house somewhere. Today I finally felt up to do some looking and found it. I knew I had some good coupons and that they had expired. The coupons were free Coke coupons exp 3-31, Fresh Step $3 exp 5-1 and Friskies Grillers $2 exp 3-31. Before I offer them to anyone, has anyone had success with these companies getting expired coupons replaced? ,  JudyB LA

4524 Yvonne-Lynn Marino (5/19/2015 10:07:19 AM):  Yvonne, I didn't know you worked with her. I never expected the death of someone that I never met to sadden me so. I had this thought last night. I was imagining their expressions when they saw each other again. She would have had to have been a very strong woman to deal with what she had to go through and to fight the way she did for Pam and the others. I was looking at the FB page of local TV station. The overwhelming sentiment was what you and I are feeling. There were only 3 posts out of 1000+ that had something ugly to say. One idiot actually had the nerve to post this: "Hey Lynn look like Derrick Todd Lee got last laugh cause he still living." What kind of person would think that, much less post it.,  Susan, LA

4525 If You Won The Lottery (5/19/2015 10:46:21 AM):  Do you ever wonder what you'd do if you won the lottery, millions $$$? I'd do the obvious -- buy homes for my kids, donate to charity, new cars, etc. One unusual thing I'd do when I designed my dream home, is have an entire wall of a salt water aquarium. I love the show "Tanked" where they create beautiful aquariums in all shapes and sizes. They don't reveal how expensive they are, but it wouldn't surprise me if they run $25,000 - $250,000. Anyway, if money were no object, I'd have a huge salt water aquarium full of hundreds of colorful fish and coral. I'd have a professional come in weekly to service it. I'd have wonderful lighting so that at night I could sit in a comfy chair and relax watching the beautiful fish. And I'd also have an animal refuge in my 100 acre backyard. Is there something kind of off the wall you'd buy/build/have if money were no object? ,  Joan J

4527 49 plus tax (5/19/2015 11:29:20 AM):  Thanks all, for the birthday wishes. 25 and 30 were fine, I had my kids, everything moving along, but 50 is different, you expect certain things. I realize it's our own doing with some of it, but it wasn't where I hope things would be. Thank god for a loving hubby though. I appreciate everyones words more than you know! Thank you!,  Julie in Mass

4532 Organization (5/19/2015 11:51:20 AM):  How do you keep track of all of the offers on the various apps? Some of the offers overlap but some are only available at certain stores. Do you have a method of keeping track that seems to work for you? I'm wondering if anyone has maybe created a spread of what the offer is, where it's valid, etc. or something similar. I'm starting to think I need an app to manage my apps. ,  Amy J, OH

4533 Babies Dying (5/19/2015 11:51:48 AM):  In the posts about people shooting babies and God letting them die. This is because gives people a free will to do things. We are not puppets. The enemy; the devil is the one to blame for all the bad in the world; sickness; murders and the like. God does stop a lot of things. I Chronicles 7:14 tells what he will do if we do what we are supposed to do. That might be II Chronicles, I am not sure. I hate to leave this post to check it.,  Janice/Ok

4541 New Washing Machine (5/19/2015 12:20:46 PM):  Well we went out today and bought new washer & dryer. I chose an LG. Anyway it is one of the H.E washers & dryers. I have always made my own detergent using washing soda, borax and dawn. I add about 3-4 caps of detergent really for fragrance & little boost for cleaning. Everything I read online there is no real problem for using homemade for new HE washers. Do any of you use homemade in new HE washers and do you have any tips. My detergent ratio is 4tbl spoon of washing soda,borax, dawn, 16 cups of water and 3- 4 caps of liquid laundry detergent. I know I would have to use HE detergent for the 3-4 caps. I use anywhere from 1/2 cup - 1 cup depending on size of load & how dirty.,  Vicki, Va.

4543 Please VOTE (5/19/2015 1:14:55 PM):  Appreciate your support for the American Widow Project: VOTE EVERDAY. Rudy's Bar-B-Q has Camo cups available with their sales to raise funds for Military Focused Charities. ,  Pat, I always vote

4547 So Excited (5/19/2015 2:02:51 PM):  If you don't like the shoebox posts, please feel free to skip this one. We have 2 or 3 ladies who are making pillowcase dresses for our shoeboxes this year. We have 56 in storage now. We put a t-shirt with each dress because in some countries the girls can't have bare shoulders. Last week some dresses came in that were black with white flowers and I was a little down because of the color. BUT I put bright red t-shirts with them and they just popped!! We're also trying to include undies, socks, flip flops or shoes and a hat with each outfit. We've read online how much new clothes are treasured. My sister, Deb, decided she would make some shorts for the boys. We found red material at a yard sale and we had some of the Disney Cars material she used as trim and a pocket. THEN she made a bucket type hat from the same material. SOOOOO cute. We've included a white t-shirt and Cars undies (that I got last Feb.) and will add flip flops. Of course we have some the Disney car toys that will go in the box too!! This has been so exiting for me this year. I don't sew, but love to see all the beautiful work that has been done. I'm just amazed by all the lovely things that have come in.,  Sharon in Partly Sunny MI

4562 Prayers for my family (5/19/2015 4:54:40 PM):  Please pray for my nephew and our family tomorrow as we bury his daughter tomorrow. Her and her husband were killed in a wreck on I49 in Ascension Parish in Louisiana Friday. Their little son that was with them survived the wreck.. He will be 1 year old next week. It is so heartbreaking. They were only 22 and 24 years of age. When she had the baby she told her aunt that if anything ever happened to them she would want my niece to take care of him. Pray that everything will work out and she will get custody of him. He is such a cutie. ,  Betty, La

4567 help (5/19/2015 5:38:38 PM):  I lost all of my favorites on my computer!!!I need theresa(hog shop) and sherrys urls for the upc info.Thank you so much!!!!,  Gail H, PA

4572 Jane CA (5/19/2015 6:34:49 PM):  Jane, I received your sweet surprise today! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity! Hugs to you my friend!,  Susan TX

4581 DWTS tonight? (5/19/2015 8:09:47 PM):  Don't give away the winner so the Western and other part of the states can watch it.,  thanks

4585 Did you know? (5/19/2015 8:52:44 PM):  As we approach another Memorial Day, it was based on General John A. Logan calling for a national day of remembrance in 1862? I remember my grand and great grandparents calling it decoration day, as it was originally. They never called it day off of work, bbq & catch a sale day. Along with veteran's day in November, a couple of our important holidays. ,  Faye

4590 standard lens for cataract surgery? (5/19/2015 9:24:20 PM):  My dad is going to need cataract surgery soon and I was reading about it and found it a bit confusing. It seems like one can either have a MONOfocal lens inserted or a multifocal lens. MULTIFOCAL lenses sound complex, almost like the eye needs to accomodate too much. For MONOfocal, it appears you can choose either to have your close or far vision corrected. My dad has worn glasses for close reading even before his cataracts and rarely wears glasses for far vision, but I read that if you get the lens corrected for CLOSE vision, you'll have to wear glasses for distant vision like driving, which sounds too impractical? Has anyone had or know someone who had a STANDARD lens PUT IN for far vision and wears reading glasses after (which is what sounds like the most practical)? I'd be interested and GRATEFUL to hear anyone's experience on this. Thank you.,  finditconfusin

4597 (5/20/2015 6:41:25 AM):  Does anyone buy anything from this website? Ever so often I receive an email from them offering a mystery box for $24.99 and I was wondering if anyone ever bought this and if it was worth it if you did.Thanks,  Valdena,Ky

4598 Recall Notices (5/20/2015 7:11:33 AM):  Rocky Brands recalls Rocky Rubber Snake Boots due to failure of Snake Guard:
Kaldi’s coffee roasting recalls Java Jacket cup sleeves due to fire hazard:
Precision Trading recalls Espresso Makers due to risk of burns: Researcher

4599 Laurie, MN..... (5/20/2015 7:14:59 AM):  Please email me...google_researcher @,  Google Researcher

4606 Rest Rest More (5/20/2015 10:45:25 AM):  Well I've hit the ground running this morning doing things. Trying to get utility room ready for new washer & dryer. Plus I am trying to get back into the groove from our vacation. So pooped I had to come sit down and rest a minute or two to have energy to fix lunch and be able to rest for awhile & hit ground running again. Getting older I guess! ,  Vicki, Va.

4607 Swagbucks Code (5/20/2015 11:27:42 AM):  MOARSurveys until 11pm PDT/2pm EDT to earn 3 SB! ,  Melody

4617 lottery (5/20/2015 4:51:49 PM):  Going back to the subject for a minute. Everyone who would buy cars and houses for family, what about all that goes with them? Who will be responsible for taxes, insurance, upkeep (and for the house - appliances and furniture)? What it the recipients couldnt afford and expected you to pay?,  curious

4618 Prayers for family, Virginia Ann (5/20/2015 5:06:02 PM):  I do not know how to put a link about the accident but I will tell you how you can read about it. In search box on google --type in. The advocate acadiana When the page loads -- there is a search box Hit search box and type in. Accident May 15 When it loads you will see -- two killed Friday in Evangeline Parish Click on that and the article will load Today was a tough day. My niece was born on my daughter's birthday and she was killed on my granddaughter's birthday.,  Betty, La

4619 Prayers for family, Virginia Ann (5/20/2015 5:06:16 PM):  I do not know how to put a link about the accident but I will tell you how you can read about it. In search box on google --type in. The advocate acadiana When the page loads -- there is a search box Hit search box and type in. Accident May 15 When it loads you will see -- two killed Friday in Evangeline Parish Click on that and the article will load Today was a tough day. My niece was born on my daughter's birthday and she was killed on my granddaughter's birthday.,  Betty, La

4625 Airfairwatchdog (5/20/2015 6:50:37 PM):  I have signed up for there emails and I was sent a good price for my sons flight from Spokane to Portland,Ore.$137.00 RT the end of June BUT for the life of me I cannot figure out where to find it if that makes sense. HELP PLEASE!!!,  Question help!

4627 selling estate jewelry (5/20/2015 8:11:30 PM):  What is the best way to sell estate jewelry (especially gold or sterling silver with gems)? The local jewelry store gave me a gem loupe so I have been looking for the 14K, etc marks. ,  Heather, NV

4628 To Bob/Airfare (5/20/2015 8:41:12 PM):  I did click on that price and I cannot figure out where it shows Jun 26th to June 28th flight for the $137.00 I think of myself pretty smart but this has me stumped.,  Question help!

4629 Recall Notices (5/20/2015 8:44:18 PM):  Kenmore Elite Ranges recalled by Electrolux due to laceration hazard. Sold exclusively at Sears:
Electrolux recalls Kenmore Elite Ranges due to fire and burn hazards. Sold exclusively at Sears:
Valor Athletics recalls Olympic weight bench due to injury hazard:
Hewitt recalls Marine Winches due to injury hazard: Researcher

4630 Tragic police shooting (5/20/2015 9:11:38 PM):  The Omaha policewoman killed left behind a premature baby still in the hospital! OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — A Nebraska man opened fire Wednesday on officers who were trying to arrest him for a previous shooting, prompting police to return gunfire in a shootout that left one officer and the suspect dead, Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said. Officer Kerrie Orozco, 29, died at Creighton University Medical Center shortly after the 1 p.m. shooting, Schmaderer said at a news conference. Schmaderer said the suspect, 26-year-old Marcus Wheeler, also died at the hospital.,  Grace Basham, CA

4631 Free Redbox game (5/20/2015 10:47:19 PM):  Hello all! I have a Redbox code for a free game. It expires Friday. I'll send it to the 4th person that emails! Have a great day! :) ,  Lorena, TX

4632 Posion Sumac (5/21/2015 4:58:44 AM):  Anyone know of a fix for poison sumac or oak. Not sure which one my son got into. He was weedeating between our fences and has it on his arms, legs and cheek. He's especially upset as graduation is next weekend (30th). We've done benedryl and calamine lotion. Anything else out there???,  Susan, SC

4642 AWGH!!! (5/21/2015 7:51:42 AM):  I messed up and have two rebate offers on one CRT and one of them is the P&G $30 that came with a Catalina to fill out and it says you can take a picture and just submit it by internet. I have never done this before and I think I have just submitted it 3 ways....LOL!! Email and text and something else. Boy do I feel old and stupid!!,  Joanie in NJ & FL

4643 Bob/airfare (5/21/2015 8:43:36 AM):  THANK YOU for your answers and time. I still cant get it to be 137.00 for the DATES I want but I appreciate your help. Just really frustrated cause I need that price. I called Alaska airlines and they wont do that amount for my dates so dont understand airfairwatchdog I guess. Again thanks!!!!,  VERY frustrated on airfair

4644 Mansion Murders/DC (5/21/2015 9:03:47 AM):  I saw on the news this a.m. that they have a suspect in the four brutal murders. They found him by DNA of fingerprints on pizza crust. Suspect ordered pizza to be left at front door of mansion. Also requested assistant of owner of mansion to leave ransom of $40,000.00. Psychiatrist said he probably was eating pizza while the hostages watched while they there scared. How horrible.,  Janice/Ok

4645 Survivor Finale (5/21/2015 9:08:34 AM):  I am so glad that Mike won. Carolyn was also a good player. Was sad that she wasn't chosen be on the next Survivor and you could see the disappointment on her face. I can't remember her name, but I am glad how the young woman stood up and defended Mike; but then voted for "Mama C (Carolyn).,  Janice/Ok

4652 Money (5/21/2015 9:56:05 AM):  I want to take some money out of my bank account. I found out recently that some amounts $10,000 and more have to be reported to the govt. I have googled and read where even amounts less than that or money taken out over time (days, weeks, etc) may also be reported even if under $10,000. What is the best way to avoid having the bank send this info to the govt? Many things I read show how the govt can ask you what the money is for and even wind up taking it if they suspect illegal activity and even jail/prison time. Sounds ridiculous since this is MY money and I should be able to take it out and do what I want with it at any time. Anyone have any information on this, taken out large amounts of money, etc. ,  Money

4656 Hallmark - Oh No ! (5/21/2015 11:01:30 AM):  Say it isn't true.... Hallmark Card Rewards program is ending 6/27/2015.,  Nancee/IN

4663 From Debbie, OR (5/21/2015 11:37:51 AM):  Had my monthly test. Numbers are down 23 points to 89. Staying on current treatment for another month and having scans in 3 weeks. Have another darn cold. Darn immune system! ,  Debbie, OR

4672 iRazoo Treasure Code (5/21/2015 1:29:45 PM):  EyeRelief Expires: 05/21/2015 at 11:00 PM EST. Worth 13 points.,  Melody

4674 Stupid Criminals (5/21/2015 1:42:07 PM):  Reminds me of the guy who wrote a stick up note to the bank on his own deposit slip. Another wrote it on his parole paper (or so it was said.) We see them all the time on the news here looking up at the surveillance cameras.,  Janice/Ok

4676 North Myrtle Beach SC Dining Info (5/21/2015 1:57:58 PM):  I am bummed out... my twin daughters (31 yrs old) both have one child ages 2 and one is 3...planned a beach vacation in late September for North Myrtle Beach SC and I can't go with them.... (I have events already planned that I can't leave)...but I want to be nice to them and buy them some dining gift cards...and gas cards... they are trying to stay on an inexpensive budget...but goes with them and pays for alot...they will be traveling in one car together with husbands and 6 going... Any suggestions on nice restaurants to eat at... and what gas staions are that way traveling from Youngstown to South Carolina. Thanks in advance for your advice.. ,  Darlene, Ohio

4678 Graduation (5/21/2015 2:09:57 PM):  Today was my youngest kid's last day of school. Hard to believe. ,  cathy oh

4683 Swagbucks Code (5/21/2015 4:10:47 PM):  FandangoNight for 3SB until 4pm PDT/7pm EDT.,  Melody

4691 Attorney ratings ? (5/21/2015 6:06:39 PM):  I have to hire a lawyer. I Googled a few names and I can't find a rating on their services. Does anyone know how to find info on a lawyer? I need the Google researcher for this one. TIA,  Renay & NJ

4694 Washer/Dryer (5/21/2015 6:53:12 PM):  My new LG washer and dryer came today and they are awesome. I do have a question though. Can you use color catchers in them. I did see they were not advised for front loaders. I opted for top loader and I really haven't seen anything against or for top loaders. Still searching but if you can find any info I would appreciate it.,  Vicki, Va

4698 Recall Notices (5/21/2015 7:34:56 PM):  Viking Range recalls gas ranges due to burn hazard:
OXO recalls nest booster seats due to fall hazard: Researcher

4708 Chemo questions (5/22/2015 7:38:16 AM):  I know there are several on here who have had to endure or are enduring chemo. We have a woman at church who had to have part of a lung removed, and she is just starting chemo. We want to make up a goodie basket for her, but would like to know from someone who has gone through it what items are helpful. Is there anything that made you feel better, such as 7-up, etc., while you were taking treatments? Anything you were happy to have on hand or wished you had? Any help is greatly appreciated.,  Paula T. TN

4710 Duggars (5/22/2015 8:59:54 AM):  I've never been a Duggars fan. The parents give me the creeps, especially the mother. Now the truth comes out this morning that their married son is a child molester. At age 15, he molested at least 5 young girls including his sisters. He's oh so sorry now. There are police reports that the Duggar family is trying desperately to get destroyed. He was never punished and charges were never brought for unknown reasons. But he admits he did it. So he got away with molesting multiple girls. Of course he's going on and on now about how much he appreciates Jesus. Well, I'll tell you, if my child were one of his victims, he'd have more to worry about than his standing with Jesus. What a jerk. Imagine if your 15 year old neighbor broke into your house, vandalized and stole all your possessions. Then he did it to at least 5 other neighbors, and he was never punished or suffered any consequences. It's the same thing, only child molestation is much worse. The Duggars go on and on about how proud they are that their daughters don't even kiss their fiancés, yet big brother has had a field day with them. I hope this show gets pulled, just like Honey Boo Boo did when it turned out that wonderful Mama June was dating a child molester who had molested one of her own daughters. These people are all a bunch of hilly billy creeps. Time to pull the plug. ,  Joan J

4714 Ten Year Pin (5/22/2015 9:55:35 AM):  I got my 10 year pin for working in ISD class full-time. I worked for the school 19 years substituting before going to work full-time. My dh was having health problems and I needed the benefits and extra income. I have to work 3 more days to fulfill contract; but I will do that shreading papers. Pray for my dh. he is having two stents next Thursday.,  Janice/Ok

4729 Smart Shopper (5/22/2015 12:01:40 PM):  Our grandson was looking for a good flight deal from DC to Seattle to visit friends. He looked on American Airlines site and saw that only a few seats were left in economy class, but that first class was empty both ways. So he booked first class tickets cheaper than economy class.,  Bob, PA

4731 Venting (5/22/2015 12:05:24 PM):  So sick of Doctors being lazy and telling you what you have is caused by smoking. Took Mother to the doctor this morning and it dose not matter what you go in for, when you ask what caused this problem his response is "smoking". I asked him what else causes this problem because she has never smoked a day in her life. Of course as always he rattles off 10+ other things that could cause the problem. This is the third doctor this year I have heard say that. Guess they think everybody on this earth smokes except them. Then I arrive home to find the neighbors dog digging up my in full bloom Iris's by the garage. Run the dog off, spend the next 30 minutes cleaning up the mess and trying to replant the pieces. Then I thought I better check the other side of the garage. It had dug up my Bleeding hearts. They were about 4ft tall and just as wide and had just bloomed. The roots are in just tiny bits and pieces and I don't think it will come back. Just makes me sick. And then Of course on the back side of the garage I had just transplanted 100 Iris's to that spot and they were all dug up too. So I have spent the last 3 hours putting plants back in the ground and cleaning up the mess. A 30 gal trash can full of broken pieces of flowers. I poured some of every kind of hot pepper spice I have into a quart of water and sprinkled it around the garage. If that don't work I WILL fill cups with ammonia and place them in among the flowers. I have worked hard to get my yard looking nice and I am done with fighting the neighborhood dogs. When I confronted the neighbor all he had to say was, well he digs ours up too. GRRRRR This is the second time in two weeks I have had to deal with someone elses animals. I still have 3 flower beds that need weeded and can't get to them for redoing what these dogs mess up. Just because we live in the country should not mean that neighbors let there animals run wild. This same dog uses my front lawn for his bathroom. Ok, think I feel better now that I have told someone. Time to get to the other yard work.,  Debbie, IN

4733 Silver Dollars---cleaned (5/22/2015 12:57:23 PM):  out some drawers and found a can of silver dollars. What is the best way to cash them in and get something decent for them? Would like to start an account for future grandchild. ,  Dollar queen

4744 Yard Sales (5/22/2015 2:38:17 PM):  Today starts yard sale season in my area. There are at least 20 yard sales advertised in the paper.,  Jackie A., PA

4746 Hysterectomy update (5/22/2015 2:53:46 PM):  Well, a week later, I'm feeling much better, very positive, and 'looking forward' to my hysterectomy as a result of the endometrial cancer. I saw a specialist on Monday and we discussed the options. I was emphatic about getting an abdominal procedure done versus the robotic technique because of the many burn injuries/chronic pain other individuals have had to endure. The procedure is in a month so the timing is perfect. It's also Type I so that means it's not the worst. Because I have a mother who runs everytime there is a bad situation with me, I have decided not to tell her until everything is done. I know if I tell her, she won't be very supportive and will be matter-of-fact. So to avoid another disappointing situation, it's best left unsaid. Thank you for your prayers.,  No name this time

4755 Debbie OR & Melody (5/22/2015 3:56:59 PM):  Thanks so much for your suggestions for the "chemo" basket! Now our group has some first hand ideas. Thanks again!,  Paula T. TN

4759 Daily iRazoo Treasure Code (5/22/2015 5:10:42 PM):  Starkist Expires: 05/23/2015 at 11:00 PM EST. Worth 13 points. Many are saying they are not getting the 5 points for clicking on the Offer tab. As near as I could see, iRazoo has not addressed it.,  Melody

4762 Who cares about the Duggars (5/22/2015 5:23:02 PM):  This is about way more than the Duggars. It is about an individual taking advantage of the opposite sex. we just let them all go without any consequences? That is how your post sounds. Stop and think what you are saying.,  Do no understand

4768 Leanna & Marquise (5/22/2015 11:02:56 PM):  A good update, sort of. They have seen their dad twice since CPS visited him and closed the case. He sweet talked his way of out it, we knew he would. He is a charmer. They were scheduled to go over tonight for the long weekend. Tuesday the 19th, he went berserk on his girlfriend. The mother of Leanna and Marquise's half sister. Wouldn't let her leave after hitting her and he is sitting in jail on $250,000 bail for Assault 2, wrongful imprisonment and failure to report Domestic Violence. At his arraignment Wednesday, he was arguing with the Judge. I'm hopeful he will get some help with his anger issues. He's been convicted already, of Intimidation of a Witness along with Assault with a deadly weapon, stabbing the person in the neck with a knife. Not sure how he didn't kill the person. He served a little over 2 years. If they can reopen the CPS case where he beat Leanna and Marquise, it may strengthen the State's case. The fact that this was a grown up this time and not a 9 and 10 year old, I hope it gets him put away so he doesn't hurt anyone else.,  Melody

4777 Memorial Day Observances? (5/23/2015 8:34:18 AM):  How does your town/city observe Memorial Day? Do you celebrate on the "Monday" holiday or on May 30th? On Monday, our town will have a short public memorial service at our small Veteran's park. This includes the boy & girl scouts, some middle school students reading the Gettysburg address, some high school students playing taps along with a local speaker on the topic. We also have a short parade. The high school & middle school band participate, along with the community band etc.. ,  Joanne Vt

4790 Foy Code (5/23/2015 10:53:36 AM):  You've won Fountain of Youth Code ku2m4hzac worth 39 Hulk Coins for use by 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

4793 large familly feedback (5/23/2015 11:11:02 AM):  These examples are for those who speak in generalities and lump everyone is the same category. My husband grew up in a large family & went to a one-room school. He was the first of his farm family to go to college and ended up with a Phd. Some of my grandchildren are homeschooled and they test a few years above grade level at the end-of-the-year state testing. They are very mature and interact very well with adults. I have watched the Duggar reality show -- some have obtained their GED, some studied to be a EMT, and some studies to be a midwife. They are all well-mannered, have a great work ethic, creative, talented, skilled (and work & play with parents 24/7). The youngest, Josie, who was a premie is intellectually sharp and my, can she sing. Her Star Spangled Banner & Amazing Grace can give me chills! My post is in defense of the parents who I think are doing a great job with their family.,  my views

4803 Can I vent about pharmacies and point systems? (5/23/2015 2:46:59 PM):  I took my mom to Rite Aid to buy supplies--meaning diapers and pads. She is in a facility and doesn't drive. She saw a price on one pack and was told at register she didn't have enough points for that price. The other item was BOGO and they only had one of the item. She asked if she could get it at half price. No--they gave her a rain check and she has to come back in a week. She doesn't drive. I don't understand these pricing systems myself--I don't see how the elderly can either. They may be helpful to some, but to me, they are a marketing scheme to get you back in store. ,  Venting

4813 Home Security (5/23/2015 7:39:58 PM):  We are talking about trying to get some home security system such as one with cameras. I'd prefer not to have to pay a monitoring company monthly as we are both retired and on a tight budget. Does anyone have any recommendations?,  Need safe home!

4816 Grad Images College Photos (5/23/2015 8:34:09 PM):  Can anyone tell me if they have ordered from here before? I see they have a daily special each day. These pics are kind of pricey and I don’t need very many as we have very small family. Can someone tell me if the daily special changes daily? do these pictures get cheaper the longer you wait to purchase them? Thanks for your help,  Proud Momma in Ohio

4818 Memorial Day (5/24/2015 5:48:32 AM):, PA

4820 puzzle (5/24/2015 7:14:16 AM):  ast week's challenge: This is a spinoff of the on-air puzzle. Name a country with at least three consonants. These are the same consonants, in the same order, as in the name of a language spoken by millions of people worldwide. The country and the place where the language is principally spoken are in different parts of the globe. What country and what language are these? Answer: Ukraine/Korean, Lebanon/Albanian, Uganda/Gondi. WOW!! That was a strange one. I don't think any of us got this one. Hopefully this week's is a little better. Next week's challenge: Take the phrase "merchant raider." A merchant raider was a vessel in World War I and World War II that targeted enemy merchant ships. Rearrange the letters of "merchant raider" to get two well-known professions. What are they? ,  MAC--WI

4821 Duggars (5/24/2015 7:51:13 AM):  I don't follow the show much, but I'm trying to understand...the family got counseling for all involved. Do the people against this family really think a15 year old boy should have been treated as badly as a 40 year old adult pervert? Is there no room in your minds for redemption? Listening to the people against this, I have to conclude you have no faith in counseling. Is it just because of the fame of this familyand the religious aspect?,  Wondering

4823 Doctors (5/24/2015 7:59:41 AM):  I am a retired ER RN - worked for my 40 years and got out. I knew tons of crappy doctors whose patients think they are wonderful. Ethics and "the doctor code" keep one doctor from calling out another. By law, I could not tell a patient that his/her doctor was an AH. I have seen patients way overdosed on drugs. I have seen uninformed patients. In this time of the internet, this should not be happening to anybody. If the patient is too old or unaware, a family member should do it. My brother just had a hip replacement that required him to go to see a specialist in Miami and you wouldn't believe how much research he did before he got there. I get so upset on here when people complain about what their doctors did or didn't do and always answer "get a new doctor" but I'll bet nobody does......I just wish you knew. Think of Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers when you start to wonder about your doctor,  Joanie in NJ & FL

4834 Monogramed towels for male graduates? (5/24/2015 11:02:13 AM):  Yea or nay for giving male grads monogrammed towels? They are going to college? I'm looking for something other than gift cards.,  Susan near Houston

4842 Front Doors (5/24/2015 12:00:18 PM):  I have a beige ranch home, my front door is currently a burgendy/rusty/red sort of color and I need to change it. What color does everyone suggest? I am thinking rich red or a milk chocolate color. I need opinions!!,  Jan-In EEF

4843 Need help with carpeting (5/24/2015 12:00:45 PM):  I have three rooms which need new carpeting. Because of health conditions neither my husband nor I can rip up the carpets or move furniture. We will need to have the carpet installers do that for us and will not mind paying extra for this service. All friends and relatives are in our age group and not very capable of assisting. I am just wondering which store would give you the best service in doing these chores. Would it be better to use a chain carpet store like Giant carpet, a smaller family owed business or something like Lowes. Though I haven’t made my purchase yet I’ve seen carpeting I like in each of these stores and will order from whichever store can help me best. I just need to know which one to choose. ,  Rose

4845 Plenti (5/24/2015 12:19:40 PM):  Is everyone signing up for the Plenti card? I got mine at the Mishawaka IN Macy's, they just handed me the card/brochure and told me they linked my account. It was easy peasy. Macy's had signs up with double Plenti points for yesterday and today.,  Jan-In EEF

4874 Anne Meara has died (5/24/2015 5:25:03 PM):  Actress and comedian Anne Meara, whose comic work with husband Jerry Stiller helped launch a 60-year career in film and TV, has died. She was 85. ,  Grace Basham, CA

4880 Petfinder? (5/24/2015 6:45:39 PM):  I found a beautiful young dog on I'm thinking about this huge commitment because we have another young dog that can use a playmate. My mom has a dog that is 13 years old and very ill and she won't let go. I know that it is hard to put a pet down. Has anyone dealt with Petfinder ? What are your experiences? TIA,  Renay & NJ

4882 Extreme Couponing (5/24/2015 7:59:23 PM):  Has anyone ever heard of Charity Hauke? There was a flyer that came with the Indianapolis newpaper today advertising a free extreme couponing workshop to be held Tuesday night. Just what we need...someone to tell people how to cheat at the grocery store. I googled her and it looks like she tours the U.S. teaching extreme couponing and is part of the Extreme Couponing TV show. In a way I want to go just to see what kind of things she will be telling people to do. I know I wouldn't learn anything new.,  Deborah R, IN

4888 Washington, D.C - one year ago (5/25/2015 12:34:36 AM):  I can't believe it was (only? / already?) a year ago that we were in Washington, D.C. Boy, has life been busy since. I realized that I haven't even started to get the photos, etc from that trip together. I think I need to make that one of my priorities.,  Heather, NV

4893 Not Working (5/25/2015 7:08:21 AM):  My Zyrtec has decided this last couple of days to only work about 50%. Left eye itchy & watery & left nostril runny & feels like someone poking a feather up my nose. I'm not stuffy just runny & can also feel it in my ear too. Does any one know what else I can take with my Zyrtec without overdosing my self. My neighbor just went through bronchitis and I want to avoid that.,  Vicki, Va

4895 Memorial Day (5/25/2015 7:41:47 AM):  In Flanders Fields, MA

4902 Malware Bytes (5/25/2015 8:23:56 AM):  I received notice that my free subscription expired. Do I really need to upgrade? Or can I ignore the message and continue to use the free version?,  Mary, MO

4904 For Memorial Day (5/25/2015 9:12:14 AM):  http://www.justacommonsoldier.comMarion, CA

4905 Searching for online site giving rebate (5/25/2015 9:19:30 AM):  I'm signed up with both ebates & SavingStar. I buy a lot of disposable decorative tableware online. I used to order it online from Celebrate Express, an ebates merchant. Then they started offering only birthday party themes. So I switched to ordering online from Party City. They weren't an ebates merchant. Since I signed up with SavingStar, I check their Cash Back Mall to see if Party City is affiliated with them. I will get onscreen message that they've found 1 merchant with the name Party City. But the merchant name they bring up on screen is "World Market". How in the world can they ever think that the merchant "World Market" is the merchant named Party City? I cannot find any Website that offers a rebate for online purchases at Party City. I live rural & am not near any party supply store that will sell the patterns I like. So I've been ordering online when Party City has good sales. Does anyone know if Party City is a merchant? If they are, I could at least gets points there for my orders.I never order any exhorbitant amount that might qualify for free shipping. I'm only ordering luncheon/dinner sized plates, dessert plates, luncheon sized napkins, & beverage sized napkins.,  Virginia Ann S VA

4906 Swagbucks Code (5/25/2015 9:20:41 AM):  BcOfTheBrave until 1pm PDT/4pm EDT to earn 4 SB!,  Melody

4908 Wash D.C. incident (5/25/2015 9:49:28 AM):  Police detonated a suspicious device found in parked car on National Mall yesterday. Police smelled gasoline, noticed a pressure cooker and propane tank in a station wagon. Bomb squad detonated and found nothing suspicious. Driver charged with having revoked license. Really? Who brings a pressure cooker and propane tank to a site like that if you don't have ill intentions?! Especially on a holiday weekend and with Rolling Thunder being in town. (Not saying that Rolling Thunder was behind this but just that there would be large numbers of people around and a coveted target.),  Susan, LA

4909 corn (5/25/2015 10:04:58 AM):  I know this topic showed up recently. today daughter and I were husking corn. 7 of the ears of yellow corn were the perfect small rows. Ear #8 looks like someone's failed craft project. The ear is smaller than normal and the kernals are more like big blobs someone randomly stuck to it. I grew up in NE and have seen a lot of corn in my life but never anything like it. I can only speculate that somehow it was accidently polinated by another variety with the pollen carried by the wind,  j

4913 Recipe for Baked Pork Chops (5/25/2015 10:34:06 AM):  I need an easy recipe for baked pork chops, bonless and using the cream of mushroom soup. If you have one and would be kind enough to share, that would be so appreciated. Thanks for any help.,  Elaine CT

4917 Michele's Smoothie Recipe (5/25/2015 11:15:53 AM):  Does anyone have Michele's green smoothie recipe? I have searched but can't find it and can't open the google doc with the recipes in it. TIA,  Kathleen, CA

4918 Memorial Day-Michele (5/25/2015 11:20:40 AM):  Great message, Michele! Not rambling at all, and if so---who cares! I think it was a very well-thought out message and from the heart. My pet peeve is "Happy Memorial Day". The true meaning is not a happy one. When I was a child, my 1st cousin was a Marine who was on board a helo when it went down in Viet Nam. He died from his burns. My nephew joined National Guard when he was just 17. His mom had to sign him in. Shortly thereafter Sept. 11 happened. His parents were told by countless people, "Don't worry. He won't have to go. He' just in the Guard. All he has to do is say he doesn't want to go. It's not like he's in the real Army." What planet do these people live on? And there were also those, as you said, that told them that he volunteered so... While it's true, he did volunteer and probably at 17 years old never expected to be going to war, it still doesn't make it any less worrisome. I know these kids don't realize what they will face. My thoughts are that they think of it as a video game. The bad guy is shooting back but they don't realize that once they are hit, you may not get a do-over like in a video game. Thank God he returned from 2 tours, but does have PTSD. When I asked what his job was, he said he was the gunner in the lead tank. I asked what that meant and he said "It means I'm the idiot with his head stuck out of the tank when we go in." Isn't that a comforting thought when you are worried and hear of all the attacks taking place. I also pray that the powers-that-be realize that we shouldn't be involved in helping a people where their soldiers will go to the highest bidder or turn and run when faced with a firefight. Why should we lose our people for cowards? I'll probably get flack on that statement, but so be it. We've lost too many of our young men and women recently. This reminds me of something I meant to post but didn't. I was in a parking lot on Friday (start of Memorial Day weekend) and noticed I was parked behind a vehicle with a Gold Star license plate. I debated whether I should put a note of thanks for their sacrifice on the windshield. Then I realized someone was in the vehicle, more debating but by that time they started the vehicle and drove away. I didn't know how it would be accepted face-to-face and how recent or raw the loss may have been. I wish I had thought faster and did what my first thoughts were. So I just said a prayer for them.,  Susan, LA

4920 Memorial Day (5/25/2015 12:16:57 PM):  Michele and all who have loved ones in the service. God bless you. Your family members are true heroes. I am so grateful for all their service and sacrifices. Let's remember them every day--not just today.,  Olivia, MS

4923 Michele Memorial Day (5/25/2015 1:12:24 PM):  Last night I watched the Memorial Day Concert on PBS in Washington DC. It was very well done and they had actors/actresses read testimonies written by soldiers/families in the audience. One was written by a 15 year old girl and her 18 year old brother whose Dad died 10 years ago in Iraq. Tears flowed from my eyes. Years ago we were in Washington DC looking at the memorials. The Viet Nam war was my generation. I walked along the sidewalk of that wall with all the names written on it and the items that were left in memory. I began to cry and cried the whole way....not because I knew any of the names, but because they were 18 or 19 years old..the same age as my son at the time. I could only imagine the pain their parents/loved ones went through. My dad served in WWII--went in when he was 20. He came home and lived a full life. So I salute ALL those who served and those who gave those soldiers as well. Thank you,  Sharon in Lovely MI

4925 Grocery ad from 32 years ago (5/25/2015 1:29:27 PM):  Our Rescue Squad Auxiliary is having a yard sale this Saturday at our rescue squad headquarters. I'm dealing with a serious ear infection. So have stayed in the house while my nephew & his lady friend went through a ton of items stored in our huge garage. My brother's wife helped them sort through things for the yard sale this morning. They periodically brought into the house old items they were sure I'd want to keep. Among the items were 3 scrapbooks I'd put together. One of the scrapbooks dealt with bagpipe bands & Highland dancers. On the back of one newspaper article from 12/7/83 was a partial ad for the Foodland Supermarket chain in Pittsburgh, PA. What a blast from the past to read the prices for grocery, etc. items sold back then! That chain was now offering Double Coupons. Frozen Dakota Hearth bread dough in a package of 5-1 lb. loaves was on sale for 79¢. 3 lb. can of Crisco regular or butter flavor was $2.49 with in-ad coupon. Joan of Arc Kidney Beans 15 1/2 oz. cans were 3/$1. Hunt's tomato sauce 15 oz. cans were 2/$1. Tenderbest U.S.D.A. Choice Boneless Chuck Roast was $1.29 a lb. by the piece. Foodland was also participating in the Children's Hospital fundraiser to raise funds for the hospital's Free Care Fund. For every Foodland brand product shoppers purchased in a certain month, Foodland would donate 1¢ to the fund. I think it was December. I had only saved the article from the Pittsburgh Press relating to Scottish Regiments performing in Pittsburgh's Civic Arena. So I didn't have all of the Foodland Ad.A Clorox product on sale was advertised as having a 5¢ off label in stores. There was also an image of what appears to be chicken leg quarters. They were on sale for 35¢ a lb.!,  Virginia Ann S VA

4932 To Michele (5/25/2015 3:10:33 PM):  Your post was beautiful, and so true. Thank you!,  Alice Dodge, OR

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