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Sister Update (8/29/2014 5:16:31 AM):  My sister, Pam, has another surgery on her skull and is currently in the ICU. The doctors believe she's overproducing fluids, and are planning to put a shunt in her head next week. She's extremely frustrated and down, but maintaining her excellent sense of humor somehow.,  Julie in Mass

3734 Squeaky shoes (8/29/2014 5:18:57 AM):  I ended up having to walk through a huge puddle of water and now my one shoe squeaks terribly. The shoe is dried out. The shoes actually need to be thrown out because the bottoms are almost gone. I'm just not ready to let them go. Any thoughts on how to get rid of the squeak?,  Mindy, MD

3738 Bob pa (8/29/2014 6:10:58 AM):  I think direct. I know very little about electronic things but I do know what a router is & there isn't one within eyesite. ,  cathy oh

3741 Nustersium flowers (8/29/2014 6:25:56 AM):  We have Nustersium flowers, and I pick the seeds, to dry them out for the winter. I do not sew. Does anyone have any suggestions, on how to dry them out? Thank you.,  Carol S., PA

3750 Snopes, etc (8/29/2014 8:26:01 AM):  I didn't take offense to posts about my posts. I am used to it. I just mentioned what I heard from a lady and researched it also. Another false story going around is that Coca Cola has pulled a large number of bottles with the name Michael on them.,  Janice/Ok

3752 Investigative Shows (8/29/2014 8:41:12 AM):  There is a small city in So. Oklahoma (not ours) who has a drug problem starting with city hall. There's a cover up with law enforcement. The fire dept is also corrupt. When the former fire chief (who is not involved in the problems) and his family attend city hall meetings; they are treated horribly. The city manager had her daughter wear a T-shirt that said "Jane Doe for Mayor" (former fire dept chief's sister) and sat by her at the meeting. They are stalked by the city leaders. They are told they can't stay after the meetings to talke with each other although everyone else does. Yesterday and friend of theirs stopped to read the agenda for a called meeting. He was met by the new fire chief who followed him out to his truck, belly-bumped him and asked what he was doing there. It scared the man so badly, he was taken to hospital for chest pains and taken on up to Okla city for tests. He is still afraid. There is an old unused firehouse that is locked up that supposedly has stolen items, etc from drug dealings. It is a pretty well known fact in the town. The local news came to one of their meetings last summer and had to leave because of a robbery in the next larger town. There was to be an audit also, but when the auditor came, books couldn't be found. The former fire chief and family have hired an attorney; but the process is slow. The city clerk makes $20.00 an hour. Inmates do a lot of the city work. She has one living with her and she has given him a $2.00 raise...he makes $14.00 an hour. Another man has been there several years and makes $8-9 an hour. I've heard this all as heresay, but, seems like people are afraid, since law enforcement turns their heads.,  Janice/Ok

3755 sleep apnea test (8/29/2014 9:03:41 AM):  DH did his test last night. The guy dropped off the equipment yesterday and gave me about 2 minutes of instructions (it is really that easy). Now the bag is sitting outside the door so they can pick it up. The only issue is DH usually sleeps on his stomach and couldn't easily with the wires, etc so he slept on his side. Not sure if that will make any difference.,  heather, NV

3756 Katrina (8/29/2014 9:05:27 AM):  Today is the 9 year anniversary of Katrina. Time sure does fly. Remembrances of the disaster still dot the landscape, but time is healing the wounds.,  Yvonne LA

3762 Head Stones (8/29/2014 9:47:43 AM):  I know this is really Off Topic, but were planning our final resting place, and wondering if on the head stone the name is all capitols or first letter of each name only capitols? We did some research, but didn't take note on that.,  Thanks for any help.

3763 Sharon, Janie maybe Lila (8/29/2014 9:57:05 AM):  If the list you are gathering is for preparedness issues, could you please post the list or email it to me also? Most of the stuff mentioned last week seemed like they are good common sense I had not thought of. eg. cash in smaller bills. I always use plastic (and pay it off monthly) but see the value of cash too. what else? thanks!! ( beachlovingmom @ ,  Lori OH

3770 fixing the dishwasher (8/29/2014 10:32:26 AM):  Well, those of you who follow my blog saw how I fixed the dishwasher earlier this week (found out what a 'drain air gap' was and cleaned it out). Well, an appliance part website/blog just mentioned me (and linked to my post)! Definitely not what I expected to be 'famous' for someday!,  Heather, NV

3778 Tide Pods and Front Loader Machines (8/29/2014 11:06:51 AM):  DS called me from college. I bought him the Tide Pods for his laundry and over the summer they changed the machines to Front Loaders. Does anyone know if he can use the pods in the front loading machines? Would he have to open the Pod or can he just put it in the dispenser?,  Clueless....

3780 Nectarines in Baked Cobbler (8/29/2014 11:17:04 AM):  My niece & her family get me Fruit of the Month club at Christmas. The September offering is nectarines. Can I use them in a baked cobbler as I do the Oregold Peaches? Does anyone have a better recipe to use them in? ,  Virginia Ann S VA

3784 solitaire (8/29/2014 11:51:15 AM):  I am looking for the handheld solitaire game-battery operated.I want to buy at a store. I know amazon and etc have it. But I want to see it before I buy. Post here if anyone knows. Thanks ,  sharon

3785 BB (8/29/2014 11:56:07 AM):  Anyone watching BB? I was sad to see Donny go. He is so sweet and genuine. I am ready for Frankie and Christine to go. I felt sorry for her husband last night when they had an interview on how he felt about her flirting with Cody. Her whole family was appalled by it and her husband was going to address it at the finale. Cody's family didn't think much about it. Christine said it a part of her game, but she is too touchy, feely with him. I wouldn't mind if Nicole would win. She and Donny have both been put up several times in the house.,  Janice/Ok

3795 Propane Prices Down- (8/29/2014 1:12:58 PM):  Those of you who use propane may want to check and see what the prices are in your area. It's cheaper here right now than I've seen it in several years. We had one more 1000 gallon tank in Hampton Roads at the house that I was going to leave there, but decided to have emptied, burned off and we brought up to the farm yesterday. The Propane installers came today to set up this last tank for me and I called to see what the price of propane is (always cheaper if you own your tank) Right now, it's at 2.19 a gallon. They will be coming to fill this tank up for me next week and top off the other tanks we have. It will be cheaper for us to do it now instead of November- ,  Sharon B., VA

3797 Computer help please (8/29/2014 1:22:40 PM):  Bob or other computer gurus, my desktop has acquired an add on that acts as a virus (per my research). It is called " mysavings" and it just now appeared. 1) can I remove this myself...I am not computer savy and never had to remove delete a program or should I find an experienced person to do it for me? I have a Dell with Windows 8.1 2) I have shut off my computer. Will this stop any additional damage by this program? Im afraid to use it now. 3) I do not have a personal guru now. Are the techs at Best Buy good enough? Thanks for your help. ,  Vera in MI

3813 Vera MI - dishwasher (8/29/2014 3:43:54 PM):  Good job! My DH was happy (and probably surprised) when I called and told him I had just saved us money (and a repair bill). It feels good.,  Heather, NV

3816 Target text coupons (8/29/2014 4:01:34 PM):  I just saw Michelle's post about sending a text (via my smartphone) to Target and getting a coupon. I just tried it and got nothing in return. Anyone else have this problem? This isn't the first time I have tried and don't get anything.,  Heather, NV

3821 Early Menstrual Cycles (8/29/2014 4:17:43 PM):  Years ago, my daughter started developing breasts around the age of eight. I changed to milk that was RBST free. That seemed to stop the growth. I put her back to regular milk when she was 13 as I figured her cycle would be starting anyway. I truly believe that it the hormones in the milk/food. Getting the hormone-free meat was more difficult at that time, but I did the best I could there.,  Debbie, OR

3823 Dryer switched to gas (8/29/2014 4:41:08 PM):  How expensive would it be to switch a dryer to gas? (Buying a new gas dryer, gas is already to the house for a fireplace). Totally cluesss! What kind of professional would hook it up? TIA,  Diane J D, ME

3828 Diplomas (8/29/2014 6:15:10 PM):  I need your suggestions. My father died two years ago and I have just moved my mom, again, to another home. I now have all his diplomas, certificates, and awards, all in frames. I want to remove them from the frames put them all in a cylinder tube to save. I really do not want to hang them and I know my children will have no interest in them. My DH is reluctant for me to take them out of the frames. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do with them? ,  Anna, AL

3842 Master Chef (8/30/2014 5:41:18 AM):  Is Courtney gone yet? If not, are they still favoring her?,  Lynn

3844 Debbie OR (8/30/2014 6:23:31 AM):  Catching up here. I sure hope Bayer comes through with your medicine.Prayers continue for you.,  Sue P., CT

3845 generic drugs (8/30/2014 6:28:45 AM):  i appreciate everones input. Thank you. Now I am not sure if it is my BP med. Had a death in the family this week so had a couple busy days, then went to work the night shift. I continued taking my medicine of course but the night shift has wreaked havoc now with my stomach. Blech! So not sure what is causing what. I am testing to see if the computer is making me lightheaded again. Anyway, after things settle I will see if I can find cause & effect. I appreciate the answers. I thought I had heard of generics with different fillers messing with meds doing their job. ,  Sue P., CT

3849 Friends (8/30/2014 7:09:53 AM):  When I lived in PA, I was the catalyst/nucleus that kept two of my high school friends together. I kept us on track, organized events, etc. I like doing this although at one time, I suggested we all take turns; that never happened. I moved almost two years ago and in that time, we generally see each other when I come back. Now, we see each other usually at breakfast because one girl works two jobs and has no time. About nine months ago, I talked to each separately and explained how disappointed I was that they couldn't even take the time to text, email, or call. They agreed they should do this, but it hasn't happened. As hard as it is to me to admit this, I think I've outgrown our friendship. Their lives are and continue to be train wrecks because of poor choices, while my life is blossoming almost to the point I'm embarrassed to discuss what's been going on with me. I'm up in a couple of weeks and will go out and have a good time with them. After that, I've decided (I hope I can hold out) that I will let things lie and wait for them to contact me about getting together. Unfortunately, I'm afraid they won't. I guess I'm tired of what I thought was a close friendship. Have any of you experienced this? I know it's really time to make a change because I'm distressing about it AGAIN, which means it's time to change things.,  Mindy, MD

3853 Labor Day Weekend (8/30/2014 8:18:17 AM):  Hope everybody on the board has a safe and happy holiday weekend.,  Jackie A., PA

3859 FOOTBALL (8/30/2014 9:10:11 AM):  Today I officially become a football widow. Go WVU and Clemson!! ,  Susan, SC

3863 Listia program (8/30/2014 9:40:11 AM):  Is anyone signed up to be on Listia? I got an e-message inviting me to sign up for this program. it was said it's like ebay, but everything is free. You will earn 100 points for signing up. You get points for each item you give away. Then use those points/credits to get new stuff! How will Listia determine the point value for the items you give away? And how many points will it take for each new item you get?,  Virginia Ann S VA

3867 Anna, AL (8/30/2014 9:48:54 AM):, PA

3872 oil/lock in price (8/30/2014 10:50:09 AM):  Has anyone locked in for oil for the 1014-2015 season? If so what did you lock in at??,  cheryl ny

3876 TV personality scandal (8/30/2014 1:02:56 PM):  This story continues to rock our city. Seems this person that had our city so charmed, led a double life--very dark and troubling. Today's Advocate reported from one of the men that he "involved" the youngsters in his dance studio with men from US, Britain and Asia. At the time of his death, he was under investigation for mail fraud, wire fraud and immigration issues. Several people are expressing sympathy for his adult daughter, but others commented that she married a guy so he could stay in US and be her dad's lover, so how blameless is she in all this? So sad. And according to the man interviewed (his other lover), he never touched the adopted child and foster child so let's hope we can believe him on that. You really don't want to believe all the rest that he is saying b/c it's so vile but let's hope that part is true. This man has been in federal protective custody since a few days before the killing so authorities must believe his claims.,  Susan, LA

3886 Football (8/30/2014 5:09:02 PM):  Our local HS football team (Penn Manor) played their first game of the year against another PA team in Dublin, Ireland yesterday. Only 400 people attended the game, mostly Americans. I'm sure the kids had a good time, but the venue only proved what people have known for years- the Irish could care less about American football, soccer is their favorite sport.,  Bob, PA

3894 Night Shift Workers (8/30/2014 6:37:03 PM):  I am now retired but worked night shift for about 12 years. I mainly loved working night shift but it did have its downside too. The first night back after having a couple days off was rough. When I was off I would get bored staying up at night so would go to bed and then when it was time to go back to work I would barely sleep. I used fan for white noise,ear plugs, and mask to keep light out. Also had heavy lined curtains & room darkening blinds. I will use ear plugs now if hubby starts snoring badly and I still use sleep mask. The digital alarm clock light keeps me awake. A lot of people don't understand the eve/night workers and will think you can work and then come home and do same thing as day workers. No some time during the day you need your sleep. I feel for all on 2nd & 3rd shifts I've been there & done that & know what your going through. Hang in there though cause it's great on the side of retirement.,  Vicki, Va

3895 Joan Rivers (8/30/2014 6:50:04 PM):  I saw reports than she's on life support . I don't understand why anyone thinks she's FUNNY ! She's always been a BULLY ! She even made jokes about her husband , Edgar's suicide ! Whenever she appeared on a show , I couldn't switch channels fast enough . We teach children not to make fun of people , then laugh at the likes of her ? I don't get it !,  MB

3896 Whole Foods (8/30/2014 6:51:29 PM):  The only one here is quite a ways from me. I finally got there with a friend yesterday. now I know why its also known as Whole Paycheck. I bought a pint of mixed organic cherry tomatoes for $2.99. Everything else was too much for me.,  JudyB LA

3898 Smart Meters in PA (8/30/2014 8:15:29 PM):  Has anyone from PA had their gas and electric meters changed? Do the men have to come inside of your house?,  Theresa, PA

3918 Homemade Whitening Toothpaste (8/31/2014 6:46:58 AM):  I make my own toothpowder and I think I'm going to try this one the next time,  Sharon B., VA

3924 Puzzle (8/31/2014 7:32:11 AM):  Last week's challenge: Name a world leader of the 1960s (two words). Change the last letter of the second word. Then switch the order of the words, putting the second word in front. The result will name a hit song of the 1990s. Who is the leader, and what is the song? Answer: U Thant (third Secretary-General of the United Nations), Next week's challenge: Think of a word that means "to come before." Replace its last letter with two new letters to get "someone who comes after you." These two words are unrelated etymologically. What words are they? ,  MAC--WI

3931 Whats important ?? (8/31/2014 8:21:44 AM):  For obama, he sends 3 people to Mike Blacks funeral, but none to the Highest Ranking officer that was killed protecting our security. Same with Andrew Tahmooressi he served 2 tours of duty in Iraq and held prisoner in MX for making a wrong turn and he does nothing to help sent him free. I guess this shows what is important to BO. Not showing support to those that keep us safe and only taking trips and playing golf.,  Lynn

3939 I Still want to see Obama's transcripts (8/31/2014 10:52:49 AM):  Here we are, 6 years later, and Obama has never produced his transcripts. I am sure he went to college and got crappy grades but no one will admit it. He was picked very early on to be our "first black president" and had every thing paid for him and everything done for him. I cannot believe there is not one investigative journalist who has found out the truth! Oh, and he is not our "first black president" - he is our first biracial president. Gone are the slavery days when an ounce of black blood make you black.....I had that he is trying to revitalize it,  Joanie in NJ & FL

3947 Sister Update (8/31/2014 12:02:13 PM):  Pam asked me to thank my friends for their beautiful get well cards. Her bf brings them to the ICU for her to enjoy. She sent me a pic from her phone, of the 5 new cards hanging on her bulletin board this week!! So a huge thank you to you!! They're putting a shunt in her head this week. I appreciate all your support for her!,  Julie in Mass

3951 Executive Powers (8/31/2014 12:37:49 PM):  Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been indicted for abuse of executive powers. This is somewhat ironic since president Obama has been guilty of that for years. The difference is that the state government Texas is actually successful whereas the government under the Obama administration has been a complete disaster.,  Geri, IL

3954 Deadbeat dads! (8/31/2014 1:38:46 PM):  A relative left her husband because he refused to rent another apt for their family, preferring to mooch off his mom, by living with her. He then kicked her and his two small kids out. He didn't even give her food money. Now, she contacted him about child support. The county guidelines for child support for his salary and family size is $1100 @ month. My friend suggested $900. His suggestion? $300 @ month! It boggles the mind how this deadbeat thinks two children can be properly fed, clothed, and provided for on $10 @ day! His excuse? He needs to find an apt for himself. Yet it was fine to impose on his mom by cramming his family of four into her small home this past year.,  Friend

3973 Voting (8/31/2014 4:49:27 PM):  My congressional district has been gerrymandered so bad that there is no way that a democrat can win. If Joe Smith was on the ballot with a D following his name and Adolph Hitler had a R following his name, Hitler would win. This is no joke. This district once had an okay guy as a congressman (for a Repbublican)and then he was forced to resign because of a scandal. In 2012 he was replaced with a tea party reindeer farmer. He was defeated in the primary by the Foreclosure King who will win. Please tell me why I, as a democrat, should even bother voting in this election.,  Another Sharon in MI

3977 Joe Picopo (8/31/2014 5:06:55 PM):  Who didn't love him on Saturday Night Live when that show was worth watching? I did and on political day, I'm including his confessions of a disillusioned Democrat that appeared in the "Washington Times" on August 14., CA

3978 What's Important (8/31/2014 5:48:51 PM):  Moving this up. Marion, besides the shooting in Utah, I also read that an unarmed white man was killed by a black policeman in Texas, and again no media coverage, protests or politicians. Around the time of the Michael Brown incident, a 9 year old boy was killed by gangs in Chicago. No Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Holder, Obama, protests or looting. Coming to Chicago, like going to the border, could produce unfavorable optics for the president. Besides, the golfing venues on the South Side are substandard.,  Geri, IL

3979 Hauling a bed? (8/31/2014 6:15:40 PM):  We are looking to buy a California king bed to replace the one in our guest room. Would we be able to haul it in a long bed pickup or would we need to borrow a trailer? I hope someone knows because we don't! R,  Nancy, LA

3988 Healthcare flexible spending accounts (FSA) (8/31/2014 7:02:41 PM):  This year I had some expected medical things done so I put about $500 in my healthcare flexible spending account (FSA). As it turned out, I have only used half of this amount. So, I went to the federal FSA to see what I could submit in receipts to cover the leftover money. I could not submit most over-the-counter medicines unless I had a doctor's note. For me, this left me with contact lens solution, glasses, contact lenses. In addition, I can also claim my mileage going to the appointments. We have until March 2015 to use the 2014 money up. I also received notice that in 2015, we will be able to roll the money over to next year. You may want to check if you're private sector or government. I'm not sure if the rules are different.,  Mindy, MD

3989 Race (8/31/2014 7:03:47 PM):  I think what bothers most people, is it is Obama and his administration who being up race. When someone said he is bi-racial not black, I think she was referring to the fact he is half white, but he puts white people down most of the time. He is not a uniter. I was hoping when he became president, there would be more examples and speeches of "see, I made it, you can too". I was hoping he would teach kids to stay in school, quit having babies they can't afford and not ready for, work hard. Instead he pushes,the victim agenda and public help. Lets face it, he could not have been elected TWICE without a lot of votes from white people and yet, he and Holder blame any trouble they have on racist people. It's time to quit using the race card. ,  Karen-IA

3990 ISIS (8/31/2014 7:05:44 PM):  Someone had better start paying attention. If these people aren't here yet, they will be soon. They have said they want American blood in the street and their flag at the White House. It's time to get serious. Please pay attention to your local races and try to vote to make a difference.,  Karen-IA

3993 Looking for old magazine (8/31/2014 7:38:57 PM):  I'm looking for a complete copy of this magazine. I Googled it and I can't find this issue. I was wondering does anyone have a copy for sale? TIA better homes & gardens quilts and more magazine spring 2012,  Renay, NJ

4013 living wills (9/1/2014 7:53:45 AM):  My mom (age 78) has asked me to help her work out how to spell out her wishes. So far, this is an emotional subject as we sit down to it, and the forms aren't super-user friendly. I mean, you can answer the questions posed on the forms, but I think we need more background thought, like 'why' would you not do CPR, for example, or how you would know its an appropriate time for that question. She is also trying to fill out forms on behalf of my dad (age 80), who wants her just to fill in what she wants on his behalf, a responsibility that is also overwhelming her. We plan to keep meeting every couple weeks or so, and keep plugging away. I am wondering if anyone can relate? When you worked on forms at home, did you have some sort of workbook? Or did going to a class help? Any insight would be great.,  Cindy T., WI

4017 Home Depot / Lowe's (9/1/2014 10:21:36 AM):  Mom wants to buy indoor/outdoor carpet. I am wondering if there are ever 10%+ discount coupons available, & if so, where? I kind of recall reading about 1 for Home Depot, but that was probably last year.,  expensive project

4018 Zoombucks Code (9/1/2014 11:06:36 AM):  LABOURDAY2014 Worth 4 points.,  Melody, WA

4020 Irazoo Treasure Code (9/1/2014 12:05:59 PM):  laborday2014 Worth 100 points.,  Melody, WA

4027 Coke rewards (9/1/2014 1:28:59 PM):  I know Lean Cuisine rewards program ends 12/31/14, but is the Coke rewards ending too? I swear between age and lack of sleep, I find it harder to keep track of everything. ,  Lynn

4028 Soap Making Palooza (9/1/2014 2:16:59 PM):  going on here today. It's hot …hot…hot and humid, so I decided to get my fall and winter soaps done- I made 2 pound batches of, Sassafras (hubby's favorite), Apple Spice, Cedar & Sandalwood and Christmas Wreath. This will last us until the Spring when I'll make our Citrus scented of soaps- I will make a one pound batch of Eucalyptus later in the week (I ran out of grape seed oil) to use in the shower for colds and sinus problems- Your sinuses will open up with a bar of that in the shower. Life is good at the farm!,  Sharon B., VA

4036 PUZZLE (9/1/2014 2:54:03 PM):  Somehow I missed last week's, but I doubt I would have gotten it anyway. This week's, however, I think I have. Has anyone posted an answer yet? I've been away and haven't looked at OT since Friday.,  Gina, CT

4040 Lemon water and weight loss (9/1/2014 3:05:07 PM):  This will be a bit long but wanted to share in case it would help anyone else. A few months ago I found a box of True Lemon crystallized lemon at the dollar tree I think there were 12 in a box and I bought it just to add flavor to the water I drink at work all the time. I tried it and loved it and went back and bought the rest they had. I had in the past read about and knew that I was acidic and had read that lemon helps bring your acid level down. At the time I started adding this lemon to my water I was weighing 205 lbs and constantly had problems with my sweat eating up my skin under my arms because my sweat was so acidic. I noticed that my clothes were getting "stretched out" about two months after I started adding lemon and was a bit frustrated because I had just bought 6 pairs of jeans for work all in size 18 and they just didn't fit anymore and wouldn't shrink back in the dryer. I finally figured out I was loosing weight and weighed myself and went shopping for new clothes. At that time I was weighing 182 lbs and bought several pairs of size 14 that were a bit tight. So I did some research and found out my weight problems and underarm problems were caused from the high acid levels and that lemon would not taste sour to someone who had a balanced acid level. Now a month or so later I weigh 178 lbs and my jeans are getting a bit loose in the rear and my underarms are healthy and pain free. Lemon is no longer sour to me and my teeth are whiter then before :) I did read up on that as well worried about hurting my enamel of my teeth and found lemon water is ok its straight lemon juice that damages enamel. I buy True Lemon in bulk now from amazon 500 at a time and normally end up drinking about 10 packets while at work each day.,  Teri, Ks

4042 Dad Update (9/1/2014 3:15:10 PM):  Hello to everyone at RMC, my Dad is out of ICU and in the Step-down Cardio unit. He still need 24 hour care but he is able to sit in a chair for a few hours a day. I know that seems like a small accomplishment but it means that every day he will get a bit stronger. He will probably go to rehab sometime tis week and remain there for at least a few weeks, probably longer. I know that many of you have been through the same thing with your Parents and Siblings ( I'm thinking of you Julie, MA) and I appreciate all your kind words and prayers. Special thanks to my sweet friend Yvonne ,LA. for posting an update on my Dad last week. Hugs to all. ,  Susan TX

4052 watch battery (9/1/2014 6:25:45 PM):  I got a good deal on a watch that needs a new battery. Where do I find a place that will sell and install it cheaply? or just the battery if its not too hard to install?,  me

4054 Parent's visit (9/1/2014 6:37:58 PM):  I'm thrilled this weekend that my 81-year-old father and 75-year-old mother have driven down to see me. I really didn't think they would come down unless I brought them down. However, seeing my parents in everyday activity makes me vividly realize, especially my father, that it is getting harder for them to do normal things. At night, I've been very sad about this knowing that my dad's health is not real great. I'm happy during their visit but it makes me so sad so to see my parents go from being really active to having difficulty walking and doing everyday things. On the plus, not a lot of people can do that at their age and I know I must be grateful for this. I guess I just have to accept everything for what it is. It's hard though.,  Mindy, MD

4058 Jane --Greta Van Susteren (9/1/2014 7:23:55 PM):  Jane - A couple of days ago after a discussion in which Greta was mentioned you asked: Who's "Greta"? Van Susteren?, Jane, CA I haven't seen a response so here's an article about her. I'm a fan -I first saw her way back during the OJ trial,she was a commentator on Court TV which was broadcasting the trial. I now watch her nightly on Fox news. I think you'll find her interesting. ,  Beth, MA

4062 Greta to Jane- OOPS (9/1/2014 7:31:50 PM):  Jane - I forgot to add this to the post about Greta Van Susteren., MA

4064 eBay question: (9/1/2014 7:41:13 PM):  I'm new to eBay. I've made a couple (well, a few,lol!) purchases this weekend and I noticed, when I was looking through a seller's reviews that she was also reviewed as a buyer. (Didn't know buyers got reviews but I nguess I can understand why, just as coupon traders can get good or bad reviews at either end.) I was wondering how you find your reviews, as a buyer, on eBay and how long it takes for reviews to show up. Do you have to review a buyer/seller? How do you do that? TIA,  Jane, CA

4070 Swagbucks Mobile App (9/1/2014 8:00:48 PM):  Well finally I saw app on SB for mobile app. I went to apple but the reviews were not that favorable for it. What do you who have the swagbucks mobile app for ipad think of it. I already have sbtv app. I see where now that limit for that is 36 SB per day.,  Vicki, Va

4074 A new baby!!!!!!!! (9/1/2014 9:50:36 PM):  Richard and Erica had their baby this afternoon. Richard is a sheriff deputy and because her water broke at home he gave her a ride with lights and siren to Grand Forks, ND where the youngster made an early appearance. Weighed 5 lb 3 oz and 19 inches long. Nobody said which sex but earlier had been announced a boy due in October. This was the one whose life was in peril (why lights and siren ride). Both mother and baby are fine!! YAY!!!,  Google Researcher

4079 magazine (9/2/2014 5:57:27 AM):  did the lady that wanted the quilt magazine better homes and garden 2012 ever get one I sent message on where to buy. thanks Sandy,  sandy oh

4083 Only 100 (9/2/2014 6:27:17 AM):  I did above the required number of searches for my points. My requirement was 280 searches for 640 points. I did 378 and I even got the congratulations email saying I did searches and would get 640 points but only got 100 points yesterday. Do the remaining 540 come later? ,  Vicki, Va

4101 Power XL Pressure Cooker (9/2/2014 9:57:27 AM):  Has anyone purchased this? How is it powered. On the informercials; I don't see an electrical cord. ,  Janice/Ok

4102 Grandsons/Football/Navy (9/2/2014 10:01:46 AM):  Tanner is still in A/school in Great Lakes. He should be home sometime in Oct. on leave. The coach has asked him to stand by him on sidelines during a game when he is on leave. Spencer, 9th grader is playing his first JV game tonight and will suit out with varsity on Thursday night. Tanner misses high school ball. He mailed Spencer new sneakers; nike socks; and a back "thingy" that shows outside his football pants at the spine. Tanner is realizing how much his parents spent on him while he was at home. He sent his mom a pair sneakers that he bought her. So proud of my guys. Can't wait for my first granddaughter to get here around Sept 25. My younger dd's first baby. Life is good.,  Janice/Ok

4105 Stuffed peppers (9/2/2014 10:48:36 AM):  Would you share your recipes for stuffed peppers please? I want to make some but need a good recipe. Thanks,  Amy J, OH

4106 Janie (9/2/2014 10:58:16 AM):  Did you know Greta Van Sustern (?) has sponsored an orphanage/school in Haiti? She helped financially right after the hurricane in 2010. I believe the school is called the Greta School. She's also been on some of the shoebox distribution trips. I never saw her on TV, didn't know she was a lawyer. ,  Sharon in Cloudy MI

4110 BAD Kmart (9/2/2014 11:59:47 AM):  So I am shopping kmart and if you look at their ad it says "Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month " Or something to that effect. And all around it, on sale are cleaning supplies. I am not even hispanic and I find that a bit offensive. ,  Stephanie B KS

4111 AT&T land lines (9/2/2014 12:00:35 PM):  We had a heavy rain storm in our area on Aug. 29. Since then our phones have had really bad static---not just my house, but several neighbors. She called to report and they told her that it was her phones, not their lines and that she needed to buy a new phone. Weird that all phones in her house went bad at once. I told her that it was strange if it's her phones, that I'm having the same issues and I'm not buying a new phone. They have been out here every day since the storm working at various "boxes" so they have to know there is an issue, but the AT&T rep told me there's no way she can tell what calls have come in from other addresses. Sounds real organized to me! BTW, after she listened to my complaint, the 1st thing she said was "we are currently offering wireless phone service in your area..." I told her that I wasn't interested in any new products that they were offering. I just want my static issue fixed so that I can hear what someone is saying when they call.",  Susan, LA

4113 parent finance tips? (9/2/2014 12:12:43 PM):  What tips do you have for keeping your parent's finances organized (at your house)? I automated Mom's bills last month (with the statements being sent to my house) and starting this weekend I am helping her print her bank statement and mailing it to her (after I make sure the auto payments match what was taken out of the account) - Mom kept saying she didn't get the statement (I think she doesn't remember getting it). I started with a plastic box and a binder (for storing the paperwork),but wonder if there is a better way. Since Mom still has control of her checkbook, etc I suggested she write down the checks she writes in a notebook (since she doesn't seem to use a checkbook register).,  Heather, NV

4118 Am I being unreasonable? (9/2/2014 1:04:14 PM):  I subscribe to the local paper on Fri, Sat. and Sun. I did not receive a Sun. paper. I called the paper and was told they were running late but I would get a paper that day. Nothing. Monday was a holiday but I did call and left a message on their voice mail and called the courier who got nasty and said don't call her call the paper office and I contacted someone through facebook. The person on facebook said I would have a paper Tues. It's now mid afternoon and nothing. I called and a lady at the paper said they will bring me a paper. I received an email from a manager who also said they will bring me a paper. I received another phone call and they said sorry no one delivers the paper so they will mail it to me. I said no way. I paid for the paper to be delivered Sunday, not Wed. or Thurs for the Sun. paper. I said I bought your competitors paper to get a TV schedule for the week which I would not have had to do if I had received the paper on Sun. The lack of customer service is horrible. There is no one to call when a paper is missing on Sunday after noon since the offices are closed. The courier doesn't want to get calls and says call the office. Is this common with your newspaper company? Am I wrong in wanting my Sun. paper today (Tuesday) and not have it mailed to me? ,  No paper

4120 Cost for cut and color (9/2/2014 1:20:27 PM):  Have not been to a salon in awhile what is the average cost for a cut and color?,  Cheryl ny

4124 Swagbucks Code (9/2/2014 1:51:29 PM):  CutItOut before 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET for 4 SB!,  Melody, WA

4126 Atlantis Bahamas timeshare (9/2/2014 1:54:20 PM):  Looking for someone that owns a timeshare and willing to let me rent for a week in July for family of five,  Thanks

4136 Getting ready for Winter (9/2/2014 2:54:22 PM):  The propane company came out and filled all tanks this morning and then we went to CVS and got our flu shots. Hubby got his Shingles vaccine while we were at CVS with his Humana Insurance it really brought the cost of that shot down. We are running ahead of schedule this year! LOL,  Sharon B., VA

4138 Baby's Name...... (9/2/2014 3:00:32 PM):  Jaxon John. Pictures are on Facebook.,  Google Researcher

4140 Divorce (9/2/2014 3:13:56 PM):  Just checking in on you to see how your weekend went. Have you had any luck getting hubby to see a doctor for possible depression? You are in my thoughts and prayers.,  Sharon B., VA

4143 Laurel Burch Tote (9/2/2014 3:40:49 PM):  This isn't the item that Virginia S. asked about but, in case anyone else wants a Laurel Burch Feline Friends Tote Bag, the Blair catalog has one in it for $24.99. The item number is HK5-B1D014. ,  Theresa, PA

4154 Hanging kitchen towel craft project (9/2/2014 5:47:58 PM):  I just got a gift today of a terry cloth hanging kitchen towel that's a very simple craft project to make. It takes 1 lightweight terry kitchen towel in a print. 1 square quilted hot mat that has a hanging loop in the center of the top edge of the hot mat. Plus 1 large button the hanger loop can go over. Run a horizontal gathering stitch by sewing machine across the middle of the terry towel. Gather the terry towel until its the width of the square quilted hot mat. make sure the hanger loop remains on the top edge of the hot mat. choose a hot mat the same pattern as the terry towel. Pin the 2 pieces together so you will machine stitch across the middle of the hot mat. run the excess threads back through the 2 pieces by hand before cutting any remaining threads off. Sew a button on the bottom edge of the quilted hot mat. When you're ready to hang your towel, slip the upper half of the hot mat behind the rod you'll hang it on. Bring that upper half over the front of the rod. Then slip the hanger loop over the button to secure the towel to the rod! This would be a fun project for a fundraiser bazaar.You can often find matching towels & quilted hot mats at dollar stores.,  Virginia Ann S VA

4160 Mypoints/100 (9/2/2014 7:28:49 PM):  Ok patience is not always my strong points. I received my 640 points today from my points. ,  Vicki,Va.

4164 Ants (9/2/2014 7:45:18 PM):  After lunch I went out to run a few errands. When I came back, there were gobs of ants all over my kitchen counter. I remember posts about that several weeks ago. I got out my trusty bottle of Terro and poured some on several pieces of cardboard. I also had a Hot Shot liquid ant bait trap that I set out. I left to go to a meeting. When I got home, ants were trailing from all over. I do know that they will come out in droves seeking the Terro poison so I'm hoping that by morning, they will all be gone. And also, the Hot Shot brand did not have a single ant so I will stick with Terro. The only thing I can figure out is I had a glass of sweet tea for lunch and I must have spilled the tiniest drop to attract them. I also wiped my counter down with vinegar so that may help. Don't let anyone tell you that those ants don't bite b/c they SURE do. I just know that I'll feel like I'm crawling with ants tonight while I'm trying to sleep. ,  Susan, LA

4178 implants (9/2/2014 8:33:12 PM):  I had 2 teeth pulled since December 31 - someone I know suggested getting implants and asked my dentist about the price and he said $3,000 and my insurance would not cover it. The other day I saw a commercial on tv for this dentist office and they were advertising crowns, something else and implants for $900 - wow, what a difference in price. Why is there such a difference in price? ,  Wendy, DE

4182 Recall Notice (9/2/2014 9:30:35 PM):  Tray Vous recalls snack and activity trays for strollers due to strangulation hazard: Researcher

4186 Jane, CA (9/2/2014 10:10:03 PM):  A real paper in your hot little paws, eh? Once upon a time I could relate. It goes with the territory I guess if you are in a paper-important profession. Then one day I heard a little voice inside me say, "Simplify, simplify, simplify." Haven't been the same since. All best,  Susan R., CA

4192 Quicken Software? (9/2/2014 11:49:41 PM):  Someone mentioned using Quicken or a similar software for tracking my mom's bills, etc. I realized we haven't used that software for years... So, does anyone use the features of automatically pulling their bank account information into it? When we used to use the software I had to load all the information in by hand. I guess we got out of using it when we upgraded a computer years ago (and I started my own spreadsheet which is a pain to keep upto date).,  Heather, NV

4199 Deer and Gardens (9/3/2014 5:35:19 AM):  Refresh my memory as I know it has been discussed before . . . I told a friend I would check in with you all to find the answers to the deer considering their garden to be the local vegetable buffet for wildlife. Commercial products or homemade remedies are both welcome responses. ,  Sue S., MN

4202 Josie Dog (9/3/2014 6:09:02 AM):  Josie my sons dog is having her surgery on her first knee for torn ACL muscle this morning. Next knee probably after we go see son. & her in late Oct. Just hope she has no complications and hope she remains quiet & calm. ,  Vicki, Va

4203 Car rental (9/3/2014 6:36:38 AM):  We are wanting to rent a compact car for a long trip, are there any suggestions on what to do? we've never rented before and don't want to pay a fortune! thanks,  traveler

4214 Football Game (9/3/2014 7:33:55 AM):  Watched a whole game last night and saw #10 playing. My dh said he didn't have Spencer's movements. I looked in binoculars and saw my #10 on the sidelines waiting for the next game JV to start. Duh...He played well and intercepted a pass from the other team and landed on the ground with it. I didn't learn until later there was a flag on the play, but I was proud anyway. He played well the whole game (the other boys did also) We won 6-0. I had to call Tanner and tell him how well his brother played and learned he is coming home on leave Oct. 10th for two weeks. Yea!!!!,  Janice/Ok

4215 Susan/Tx (9/3/2014 7:35:55 AM):  My niece is in the pharmacy. Her name is Kim H. Hope your dad is doing great today. ,  Janice/Ok

4218 Do I have right to be upset/angry? (9/3/2014 7:44:11 AM):  Aug. 25, I saw an Endocrinologist for a Reclast Infusion evaluation. My PCP referred me to this Doctor to see if I could get another Reclast Infusion to treat my worsening Osteopenia. That doctor is allowing me to get another infusion. But it wasn't known if I could get it at a hospital near my rural town rather than at main Riverside Hospital Infusion Center in Newport News, VA. An office staffer with this Endocrinology group sets up the appointments for any patient procedures. They call the patient back with that information. I told another staffer I'd be seeing a Podiatrist the morning of 8/27. A note was placed on my chart for staffer stating that fact. So if they were calling that day with date & place, they would call after 12 p.m. No one has called me back or e-mailed me from that office! I ee-mailed my PCP to ask some questions about my infusion. Was e-mailed by PCP yesterday that if I got infusion by 9/14/14, the July blood work I had done for them should still be good for infusion. I e-mailed back that I was still waiting to hear from the Endocrinology office about date & place for infusion. Minutes later, the staffer at my PCP's office called me & suggested I e-mail Endocrinology office to check on status of date & place for infusion. And if i didn't hear from them by today, to call that office. I e-mailed the Endocrinologist & told him what my PCP said about needing infusion by 9/14 so that july blood work done for PCP should still be usable for infusion. Have had no e-message from Endocrinologist. Nor any phone call from that office. I am very angry & upset over this! I am even reluctant to have my PCP referring any of her patients to this Endocrinology practice if this is the way new patients are treated. They are part of the overall Riverside Health System Medical staff. Do i have a right to feel this way?,  Virginia Ann S VA

4220 Adina (9/3/2014 7:46:15 AM):  Not sure if you are getting our emails or not. The day you sent me one I replied and then sent 3 additional missives (lol) and had Jane Elliot send you an email to confirm that I had sent you emails and neither of us has heard back. Hoping all is well.,  Lila

4226 Email Birthday Wish (9/3/2014 9:30:23 AM):  My sweet brother's birthday is today. He is 66. He is the greatest brother anyone could have. Please wish him a Happy Birthday at Thanks, ,  Janice/Ok

4230 Insulted Rain Coat (9/3/2014 9:56:20 AM):  Does anyone know where I can find a childs insulated rain coat? XL,  Lynn

4231 Bumping up-phone probs (9/3/2014 10:00:27 AM):  Just called AT&T back to find out the results of my line test. Problem on outside line. No kidding since several in subd. are experiencing the static. I recd. several calls ysterday with no Caller ID except "incoming call". Didn't really notice how long between calls until last night when I received one at 11 p.m. and another at 1 a.m. I thought if I get another at 3 a.m. I will not be happy. So that got me thinking if it was 2 hours between calls during the day. I asked about these calls and w/ told that as long as I had an open ticket, they would continue to call to test the line. But...she assured me, it wasn't a real person placing the calls; they are computer-generated. I really don't care if it is a person or a computer placing the call. Don't call me at 1 a.m. to test my line! There is another truck working this morning at one of the boxes in the servitude on the next street. Thought they would have it solved since they've been working more than a week in the area.,  Susan, LA

4235 Free Postal Mailing Supplies (9/3/2014 10:20:40 AM):  I recently ordered some free postal mailing supplies along with some assorted value postage stamps on the USPS Website. I got my order yesterday. But only got my postage stamps! I had also ordered a 5-pack of 9" x 12" quilted mailing envelopes. There was nothing on the USPS Website that said this item was out of stock. Are any free mailing supplies ordered along with stamps, etc. sent separately from the paid postage order? It's been years since I've ordered any free mailing supplies online from USPS.,  Virginia Ann S VA

4239 Jane-legal question (9/3/2014 11:32:00 AM):  Reading updates on the TV personality that was killed. News reporting that he took out a $350K 2nd mortgage on his home two weeks before he was killed. "On the same day he filed for his second mortgage, Rogers filed a quitclaim to remove the name Richard Scott Rogers from the deed to his home." I Googled the term but don't understand the purpose. From what I understand, this takes your name off the deed so you can transfer to someone else, but doesn't guarantee a clear title to the property. And in this case, probably not much left after encumbrances would be satisfied, so is it strictly a goodwill gesture or is there some other legal purpose? The news article doesn't say who he transferred ownership to---his daughter, his lover?? Would he have done this in light of the legal problems he was facing? Curiouser and curiouser...Also, the DA says that if the shooter comes out of the coma (which he is showing signs of slight movement), they will not charge him b/c of the abuse that he suffered at the hands of the victim. Of course, it still has to go to grand jury. I still don't understand why authorities are not using the word "alleged" in all the statements made. Maybe b/c they are taking the word of the newspaper in England that all the "facts" reported are true?? The victim over there recanted and refused to testify at a new trial and was hung jury on the other charges, whatever they were. Thx for your help,  Susan, LA

4240 Is this a good deal? (9/3/2014 11:39:53 AM):  I'm looking for tennis balls for our shoebox project. Would 12 for $8.59 be a good deal? These are at Target.,  Sharon in Beautiful MI

4249 Jane, eBay (9/3/2014 12:34:28 PM):  Jane, did you buy so much this weekend that you made eBay crash? Trying to get in and says my p/w is incorrect. Searched and seems it's a system-wide problem on eBay. My 1st thought---blame it on Jane!,  Susan, LA

4250 What's for Dinner/Supper (9/3/2014 1:04:45 PM):  at your house tonight? We're having thin cut pork chops, baked potatoes, cukes with onions and tomatoes in olive oil and vinegar, home canned green beans and home canned purple hull peas. The butter for the potatoes is homemade too. I'm passing on dessert, but the rest will have homemade cake and homemade ice-cream. I've lost 15 pounds for making the right choices--but it's really…really…I mean really.,.REALLY hard to bypass dessert. Sometimes I have to pick up whatever project I'm working on and just leave the room--so I don't have to hear them with their spoons hitting the bowls--you know how sound travels.…LOL Yeah, I know, sad but true! :),  Sharon B., VA

4256 What's for Dinner/Supper (9/3/2014 1:31:01 PM):  at your house tonight? We're having thin cut pork chops, baked potatoes, cukes with onions and tomatoes in olive oil and vinegar, home canned green beans and home canned purple hull peas. The butter for the potatoes is homemade too. I'm passing on dessert, but the rest will have homemade cake and homemade ice-cream. I've lost 15 pounds for making the right choices--but it's really…really…I mean really.,.REALLY hard to bypass dessert. Sometimes I have to pick up whatever project I'm working on and just leave the room--so I don't have to hear them with their spoons hitting the bowls--you know how sound travels.…LOL Yeah, I know, sad but true! :),  Sharon B., VA

4257 Purex No Sort (9/3/2014 1:31:36 PM):  Anyone else buy this on the recent refund? I did. However, I can't really read/see the markings on the cap so I called to find out what amount needed per load. Regular load is 1/8 cup and large is 1/4 cup. Helpful info, but the person I talked to really could have cared less that I was asking to have my concern forwarded to quality control. I sure hope they correct the problem. I am using it as a regular detergent so can't account for the color thing.,  Sue S., MN

4279 ebay/ (9/3/2014 3:42:25 PM):  Is anyone else having trouble logging in -- or is there a problem I am not aware of? ,  Sue S., MN

4295 Settlement Class - Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI (9/3/2014 5:56:54 PM):  Anyone familiar with this? I read up on it and was also told by local hospital that many people are filing a claim. Is it possible that people can receive their out-of-pocket hospital expenses back over the past 8-9 years?,  Julie, MI

4302 Recall Notices (9/3/2014 8:53:14 PM):  Orbea recalls Avant Bicycles due to fall hazard:
iDevices recalls temperature probes due to ingestion hazard: Researcher

4304 Josie Dog (9/4/2014 6:22:40 AM):  Josie did very good with her first knee surgery yesterday. Josie for those who don't know is my sons pitbull. We called my son last night and he said it went well. We could hear her in background whimpering some. Her morphine shot she had at vets was starting to wear off. I was going to post last night but had left my reading glasses in bedroom & hubby was asleep. I can see a insect on a post 20 feet out but am almost totally blind with reading & a lot of close up work. I have got to go to dollar store and get more backup readers. ,  Vicki, Va

4305 Brenner Update (9/4/2014 7:05:53 AM):  Updates have been scarce on Brenner because his Mom has gone back to work...meaning she is at home in West Fargo while Brenner is still in Mpls!! Everything is looking up for Brenner and he could be going home by the end of September!!! He has some eye sight (without surgery) and he weighs close to ten pounds now. The feeding tube has been removed and he takes all feedings by bottle. Dad has been back to work for awhile already so he has had long separations from Brenner. Mom and Dad are holding up pretty well and really looking forward to Brenner's homecoming! Thanks everyone for the continued prayers and good thoughts for our youngest family members. All are appreciated more than you know.,  Google Researcher

4308 Andrew Tahmooressi (9/4/2014 8:36:59 AM):  He goes back to court next Tuesday. Remember, he is the Marine that made the wrong turn into Mx, instead of going to San Diego. He is held Prisoner because he had guns in his truck. He was moving to San Diego because he has PTSD and was going to stay there to go to the Veterans clinic. He served 2 years in Iraq. Lets all pray that they release him. ,  Lynn

4313 Sharon B (9/4/2014 10:48:13 AM):  Congrats on that weight loss. How long has it taken.To me it seems like it came off VERY fast. I need help! I am stuck stuck stuck. You take off a few put em back on thing. I know you gave up soda, but I don't drink that. It's all about the snacking! I need to know how you keep your willpower. I do well with healthy meals, big salad every day.I exercise pretty well.Usually 4 times a week spinning at the Y plus weight training.(Aug was a bad month though) What kind of a lunch do you eat? You snack on fruits or veggies? Ditch a lot of carbs or just bad carbs? Your mid day meal ideas would help me a lot! TIA! ,  Sue P., CT

4315 Cell Phone (9/4/2014 12:14:44 PM):  I have a question about buying a new Verizon cell phone or even a gently used one. The phone I am currently using is on it's last legs so to speak. I really don't want to spend several hundred dollars to buy a new phone. I checked Craig's list and found several USED phones in the $200-$400 range. Obviously that's not happening. Does anyone have any advice or experience in this area? Thanks for any help anyone can offer.,  Shelly K. MI

4320 Joan Rivers (9/4/2014 1:18:29 PM):  has died of cardiac arrest. AP reports: Rivers was hospitalized last week after she went into cardiac arrest at a Manhattan doctor's office following a routine procedure. Daughter Melissa Rivers said she died surrounded by family and close friends.,  Melody, WA

4329 College Senior & job / masters (9/4/2014 3:48:50 PM):  DD is a College Senior (going for Mechanical Engineering, 3.9x GPA, etc) and just told me 'she doesn't know what she wants to do' for a job (her dream job was to do prosthetics, but found out she needed to volunteer at a place for a few years, etc - which she never did). She does know she doesn't want to do design (and is good at writing reports). She just talked to a Professor (who last year was saying she should go for her Master's) and he is now saying she needs to go to Berkeley, etc (not our state college). DD is starting to majorly stress. I suggested she take the test for getting into grad school, apply for Berkeley (and see if they will pay her to do research) and the local college and maybe also interview with the companies that come on campus. DH thinks she should get a job and then have the company pay for the Master's (but, I disagree since I wish I had gotten mine before working since I never went back [if I had it I could teach at the Community college, etc]. Any suggestions??,  Heather, NV

4330 Joan Rivers (9/4/2014 4:03:05 PM):  I cried when I heard about Joan Rivers's death. The last time I felt that way was when Princess Di was killed. It was so unexpected and shows how fragile our lives are and that we have to take advantage of every moment we have.,  Elaine, NY

4336 Problems with Handi-Foil products (9/4/2014 5:48:35 PM):  If you ever have any problems with Handi-Foil disposable aluminum products, including Eco-Foil line, don't hesitate to contact Handi-Foil. But be aware that the "Contact Us" link on the Handi-Foil & Eco-Foil Websites are faulty. You will get on-screen error message. You will also get the e-mail address of the Handi-Foil staffer your message is going to. You will then be able to successfully send that message to the staffer from your e-mail Inbox. I needed two (' x 13" Cook & Carry baking pans with clear plastic lids for last Friday. My nephew'd lady friend found a package of Eco-Foil with 2 pans & lids. They were going to visit some of her family in the Western part of VA last Friday. One of the lids wouldn't completely lock securely on all 4 corners. I tried to e-mail Handi-Foil from their Eco-Foil Website. Got error message. Then tried Handi-Foil Website. Again got same error message. But at least i got ee-mail address of staffer i needed to reach. I even tried phoning them using phonee numbers on their Website. But the numbers weren't valid! I successfully e-mailed the staffer from my e-mail Inbox. The staffer said they are aware of problems using the "Contact Us" link on their websites. They're working very hard to correct the problem. Said he would send me replacement pans & lids. I got 2 packages of 2 pans & lids today. Handi-Foil definitely stands behind its products. And they're made in the USA! I e-mailed that staffer a big THANK YOU late this afternoon.,  Virginia Ann S VA

4346 Sodexo (9/4/2014 7:03:07 PM):  Anyone ever heard of a company called Sodexo? What kind of company are they?,  Job hunting, MI

4348 Sectional? (9/4/2014 7:18:13 PM):  We are looking for a new sectional for our living room....not leather. Our biggest issue is that our living room is long and narrow. We are having difficulty finding one that is long, but only two sections wide. We found an 8 piece sectional at Costco that was completely versatile, but went back less than a week later and they were gone! Looking for something not too expensive (afraid kids will destroy it), but somewhat durable. We don't like the ones with the chaise on the end - we would like arms.....who knew it would be so difficult to find that configuration! ,  Lisa, OH

4351 Mypoints/Laura WI (9/4/2014 8:13:34 PM):  Laura first I apologize but I just went back & saw your post about getting so many points on mypoints. I really owe credit to another poster & my memory fails me to her name. Anyway she said to think of simple one word things such as a state,dog,etc and do searches to bring up points. I got email from mypoints saying if I did 280 searches I would get 640 points. Also at top of search pages it tells how many points you received yesterday. I usually search 4 different things each day & hit 3-4 pages and hit about 3 things in each one. No less than 2. I ended up with 376 points. ,  Vicki,Va

4359 Mindy, MD & Military (9/4/2014 9:08:41 PM):  I don't think DD would make it in the Military (needs lots of sleep and I don't physically she would make the PT tests). I will ask a friend (he went to West Point and is now in the National Guard), but I think he would agree. I also don't think that is what she would want to do either.,  Heather, NV

4364 Joan Rivers (9/5/2014 3:31:47 AM):  Susan La. What I meant was the uncertainty of life. Joan Rivers went in for a small procedure, planning to go back to work in a few days. Her daughter, who is very close to her, did not even come to NY to be with her. I am sure she would have been by her side at the time of the procedure if it was a serious one. I did not mean to compare her to Princess Di in importance. I just wanted to point out that life is so uncertain that we have to take advantage of every day while we are alive because we never know what the next day will bring. (I just turned 90 this week.),  E

4367 Recall Notices (9/5/2014 4:18:18 AM):  FGX International recalls children’s sunglasses due to violation of lead paint standard:
AmTRAN Video recalls to repair 42-Inch JVC flat panel television sets due to risk of tip over:
Livie & Luca recalls children’s shoes due to laceration hazard: Researcher

4370 New dog info (9/5/2014 4:54:09 AM):  I have a new dog. What should I put him on? Heartworm meds? Just curious if everyone else with a dog put them on heartworm meds. I wondered what percentage of dogs actually get heartworms. If so where do you buy them/order them? I know they need a RX - correct? Do you use some type of pills for fleas or other meds? Thanks- I know I sound clue-less!,  Newbie Dog owner

4375 Walgreens (9/5/2014 5:54:42 AM):  This is a cut and paste from Walgreen's site in relation to a previous OTCC discussion on earning points on prescriptions -- I had not been receiving points on my prescriptions because of Medicare -- and I guess I now know why. Yes, you earn 500 points for every prescription you fill. Only prescriptions picked up in-store are eligible to earn points at this time. Due to state and federal laws, points cannot be earned on some items. Points will not be awarded to anyone who currently or was at any time in the 6 months prior to purchasing a Pharmacy Item covered by Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare or any other government-funded healthcare program. Pharmacy items must be purchased at participating Walgreens Drugstore, Rxpress, Duane Reade, or Walgreens Pharmacy locations ("Participating Stores") to earn points. Excludes Pharmacy items purchased from AR, NJ or NY pharmacies and prescriptions transferred to a Participating Store located in AL, MS, OR or PR. For Terms and Conditions, visit ,  Sue S., MN

4376 NatureBox.Com (9/5/2014 6:05:15 AM):  Just wondering if anyone has had any experience trying NatureBox snacks? I was considering giving a 3 month subscription as a Christmas gift, but am wondering how the snacks taste. Sometimes "healthy" snacks dont taste so good! Any info would be appreciated. Thanks! ,  Christie M. OH

4379 Joan Rivers,clinics etc (9/5/2014 6:46:27 AM):  I have to weigh in on the medical aspects of this. First of all, I know we likely all have been guilty of this but Pat's point about anesthesia is risky is something I have said for years.As an ICU nurse for 18 years, I know complications are rare and something like Joan Rivers event is extraordinarily rare. But anesthesia should never be taken lightly. One reason I will never have cosmetic surgery because I will only have anesthesia if absolutely necessary. When I heard that Joan may have had a period of time without oxygen, I wondered if that staff was poorly trained for emergencies. During the procedure, there were medical personnel practically on top of her including anesthesia personnel.She may have had a nurse anesthetist attending to her if it was not the anesthesiologist, but same anesthesiologist has to be close by overseeing(meaning coming and going in the area). Anyway, my thought was "they couldn't handle the emergency". However my coworker said they were working on her throat.That's her airway and what if she had the surgical complication of unexpected swelling? That could make it impossible not to be able to ventilate her, get the breathing tube in etc. I have seen that happen(again extremely rare) and the person needed a tracheostomy.Any anesthesiologist is trained in that. An MD working on vocal cords is even better trained to do a trach. So what happened? We likely will never know. I'm sure the lawsuit will be settled right away if there was negligence. As for taking her off life support, anoxia(lack of oxygen) will show up on a CT scan, and it is irreversible. Joan also may have had a good living will about her wishes too. I don't believe a week is too short if they knew she had a significant anoxic brain injury. It only takes 4 mins w/o oxygen for brain damage to occur. And as seconds go by it only gets worse.Anyway, it does seem to me it was not a well handled emergency. But hey it's easy for me to be a Monday morning quarterback!,  Sue P., CT

4387 Former Gov of VA (9/5/2014 8:01:16 AM):  and his wife were found guilty on corruption charges. This carries prison time and is a felony. I don't know in what universe they thought it was acceptable to take 165K from a wealthy VA businessman -I think Maureen (the wife) was the one who initiated everything, but Bob McDonnell is equally guilty- he knew 165K worth of money and gifts didn't drop out of the sky. Now he stands to lose all of his pensions because of this felony conviction. Of course they are going to appeal it. ,  Sharon B., VA

4391 Heather, NV (9/5/2014 8:40:33 AM):  I have two sons that are engineers with advanced degrees, one with A BSEE and MBA and the other with an MSCE degree. The first one runs a Title S business and he designs telemetry systems for municipal water supplies. The second one designed bridges for four years and decided that he could make more money as a CPA and sent himself back to school and got a BS in Accounting.

I don't understand why your daughter doesn't want to design. That is the essence of engineering, whether it's designing product or processes. Writing reports is a secondary function and I doubt would be a job all by itself. The MS degree is worthwhile if you don't have to pay for it. My son with the MSCE got his master's degree at Lehigh. He had to correct underclassmen's papers the first year and did research the second year. His tuition was free and they gave him a stipend that was enough to rent an apartment and feed himself. Colleges have money to do this, but they have a limited number of openings, so it would be wise if she applied to three or four schools rather than just one. Her grades are outstanding so she should be able to gain acceptance.,  Bob, PA

4393 diet (9/5/2014 8:56:12 AM):  I want to chime in on Sharon B and Sue P's earlier conversation about what diet works for them. This past month I have followed the guidelines of Haylie Pomroy's book The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food & Lose Weight. ISBN: 978-0-307-98627-6 Bascially the concept is: Mon & Tues eat lots of carbs and fruts. Wed & Thur lots of protein & veggies (basically no grain at all -- similar to Atkins) Fri Sat & Sun eat all of the above + good fat & oils (raw nuts, hummus avocado, etc) The book contains long lists of acceptable food during each 2-3 day phases. During the 4 weeks there are no starchy vegetables (no corn, potatoes) no wheat, no sugar no caffeine, no alcohol, etc. Supposedly the diet is to jump start the digestive and fat-use system. I followed the diet program about 98% of the time this month, so I hope that was enough to rev up my metabolism. I had plenty of food to eat and lost some weight. I had cravings though for starchy & sugary items. After a few months I should be able to tell if my body processes food better (or hoardes it as fat -- lol) Something interesting is that my blood pressure has dropped around 15-20 points. I am curious to see if those figures remain when I return to a regular diet. ,  Helen in VA

4402 Tesla battery factory (9/5/2014 11:14:16 AM):  Is coming to Northern Nevada! Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is asking state legislators to approve tax breaks, etc. The special session will be next week (they only meet every other year). I will be shocked (and unhappy) if they turn it down. Now, to get the new car dealers to sell and repair plug in cars (I did some calling and at least the ones I called don't - if you buy a plug in car you have to take it to Sacramento, CA (or farther) to get it repaired. Also, it means more jobs will be coming to Nevada which are definitely needed.,  Heather, NV

4405 All You (9/5/2014 1:46:32 PM):  If anyone needs to renew All You, or looking for a magazine subscription deal, help suport my daughters school by going to, shop online and use id 0457895. All you is $20 for one year. Thanks!,  beth, MN

4406 ebay insurance claim form (9/5/2014 2:02:00 PM):  A Priority pkg that I shipped to CA arrived damaged. I went through USPS website to file a claim. Has anyone else been through this process? Is there an easier link on eBay to file an insurance claim? Will the buyer get a refund on the price of the item plus what was paid in postage? Her post office rep told her to return the pkg to me. My post office rep said she was to keep the pkg until she received the claim form and then take it to her post office for them to examine the contents. It's such a bummer -- I wish the handlers would be gentler with the packages (It was packed well & had fragile stickers on front and back),  Helen in VA

4407 trip to amish country ohio (9/5/2014 3:11:31 PM):  Am planned a trip to amish holmes co. ohio this my first time going there I have always want go there .am going in late oct. I want to know where cheap place to stady at and places to eat, things to do in amish country ohio thank you for all your help..,  GLORIA KY

4411 Montell Williams helping Andrew (9/5/2014 4:08:02 PM):  Heard last night, that Montell Williams called the president of MX trying to help Andrew Tahmooressi to get out of Jail. What a great guy., Not sure it will help, but at least he is trying. He has been working with Andrews Mother and Greta,  Lynn

4416 Swagbucks Code (9/5/2014 4:44:42 PM):  ThanksJoan before 4pm PT for 4 SB!,  Melody, WA

4417 Puzzle (9/5/2014 5:02:28 PM):  I saw a couple of posts earlier in the week that people had answers to the puzzle, but haven't seen anyone post them. So here is what I came up with---predate=predator. Is that what the rest of you got? ,  MAC--WI

4418 What makes you laugh? (9/5/2014 5:11:36 PM):  With the passing of Robin Williams and now Joan Rivers, I've been thinking a lot about what makes people laugh? I'm in major need of stress relief. Besides just physical, I mean EMOTIONAL stress relief. We don't watch regular TV (too much trash), don't pay for satelite. We do have Netflix, which means a wider variety of selection and we use DVDs a lot. Lately, there are a couple things that make me relax and laugh - we have a new kitten, and he's just CRAZY. It's incredible how his body twists and turns while playing. And I've been watching (listening to) old DVDs of I Love Lucy, the original Looney Tunes cartoons, original cast SNL, etc. What do you do for "belly laughs" ?,  Nancy B, MI

4430 Ziploc Fresh 180° promo (9/5/2014 7:29:30 PM):  I emptied a 10 ct. box of Ziploc Gallon Freezer bags tonight that has info on it for Ziploc Fresh 180° program. Info says to register & enter the product code found on this box. You will then get access to exclusive promotions, recipes, & tips to help you save money, free up time & more! I have searched inside the box & out for that code. But cannot find it. Where is it printed on the box? And is the program still going on?,  Virginia Ann S VA

4434 Christmas ad: (9/5/2014 10:33:32 PM):  Sending this from phone -- wifi's out -- so this will be short. Saw 1st Christmas ad tonight, Christmas tree and all. K-Matt. Grrrrr!,  Jane, CA

4435 Oceanside Village, Surfside Beach, SC (9/5/2014 11:01:28 PM):  Looking for someone who is familiar with this location. Please contact at price227 at comcast dot net if you wouldn't mind answering some questions. Thank for any help!,  Susan, PA

4436 Bic contest (9/6/2014 6:15:59 AM):  Can someone please post the site for the Bic contest? Thanks,  Lynn

4437 Bird Question (9/6/2014 6:17:54 AM):  Does anyone know when its safe to take the Bird Houses down in Wisconsin and for the Black Capped Chickadee, do you clean out there Bird House so they come back to it, or do they like it kept the way they left it? Thanks for any help. I checked a few Bird Books, but couldn't find the answer.,  Lynn

4439 Gluten free----DDIL (9/6/2014 6:59:01 AM):  is considering going gluten free for hormonal issues. I know it can be expensive. Anyone have good recipes, websites or suggestions for products that are not too expensive for her. TIA,  Mother in law

4440 Traumatic brain injjury (9/6/2014 7:54:55 AM):  Could an old TBI from 20 years ago cause the following ongoing problems? Falling asleep at weird times, like during a conversation...poor impulse control with money and relationships...drug abuse...inappropriate and shocking remarks? The person had a head injury in a car crash and has been on SS disability ever since. ,  RD

4441 Christkindlemarkt (9/6/2014 7:58:32 AM):  It has always been on my bucket list to go to a "ChriskindleMarkt", German Christmas festival. I'll be going to Pennsylvania in December and I see there are two during the time I'll be there. One in Bethlehem, one in Mifflinburg. Has anyone been to either one and have any comments or helpful hints? They appear to be equally far from where I'm staying. Thank you!,  Julie in Mass

4442 Fruit flies or gnat problem (9/6/2014 8:01:36 AM):  We are having a terrible problem with little fruit flies or gnats (not sure what they are called) in our kitchen. We've tried apple cider vinegar and Dawn mixed with water and have caught several of them. Anyone else having problems, and what do u do about it? Weve also gotten rid of any thing laying around on counters that could draw them!,  Mrs. C

4451 Asking for Good Thoughts (9/6/2014 9:38:35 AM):  DS has an interview this afternoon for a position with the college radio station. This is what he wants to do as a career. Its very competitive. Please keep good thoughts for him...,  Randi, LI

4456 Selling site (9/6/2014 10:03:48 AM):  I am looking for some place other than craigslist to sell some collectible items. We have collectible dye cast trucks, knifes, some national wildlife items, etc. Any good site to sell any of these items. ,  Penny in MO

4462 Tesla factory (9/6/2014 12:26:25 PM): Bob, PA

4466 Swagbucks Code (9/6/2014 1:50:03 PM):  SuperCash before 2pm PT/5pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody, WA

4480 Anesthesia (9/6/2014 4:30:20 PM):  I was reading over yesterday's OTC posts and saw one about anesthesia. Before Rodney's accident we listened to a radio show called Duke and the Doctor. The husband, Duke, owned a string of vitamin/health food stores and the wife was a doctor. She talked about anesthesia and said that your body would "fight" against the effects of this foreign substance for one whole year. Sounds scary but we've (the insurance company) paid enough money to anesthesiologists over the past 17 months. I'm pretty sure we've paid his house off by now! Two different times after Rodney came out of surgery he had to be given Narcan (spelling?) because he quit breathing. Scary stuff but miracle stuff, too. Can't imagine what Rodney's life would have been like had anesthesia never been invented!,  Sandy B., MO

4495 Altering (9/6/2014 7:36:46 PM):  Well I have been altering the crotch line on a pants pattern and got pattern all cut out today. Followed a tutorial by professor pin cushion. I drug hubby all over town to find a paper drop cloth or some sewing tracing paper. Could not find the first paper drop cloth and very little pieces of tracing paper. Enough to trace a pattern for a 2 year old. Young lady at hancockfabrics suggested parchment paper. Worked wonderful. I did have to piece 2 sheets together with duct tape but quite simple. So here come some nice dark brown pants for winter. I am also starting blouse but since I' m new to sewing I am making a muslin first to get everything right before I mess a good piece of material up. I hope altering crotch on pattern works.,  Vicki,Va.

4502 Need Vacuum Cleaner (9/6/2014 10:16:01 PM):  I am looking for a BAGGED upright vacuum. Not asking for a bargain price I just need one with good horse power and suction. Does anyone have any recommendations? (Not interested in Dyson.),  Rose

4503 Susan in LA (9/7/2014 12:08:31 AM):  Can you please email me? Thanks!,  Beth in Fall is Approaching Palmer, AK

4504 HOLY BASIL (9/7/2014 5:34:53 AM):  Can anyone tell me if they take Holy Basil for well being and anxiety? If so how long have you been taking it and is there a particular brand you prefer?,  Anxious

4505 Elk Antler (9/7/2014 7:21:33 AM):  Where can I purchase an elk antler for my dog?Thank You for the tip,  Laurie, Ohio

4510 Clean shave (9/7/2014 9:32:15 AM):  My oldest son discovered that he could buy a brand of razors that are as good as Gillette Fusion for nearly half the price. They are called Harry's Blades and a set of eight blades are $15.00 compared to $28.00 for Gillette Fusion. They are made in Germany and have five blades just like Gillette's. He said that each set is good for 8-10 shaves.,  Bob, PA

4513 Puzzle (9/7/2014 10:19:32 AM):  Last week's challenge : Think of a word that means "to come before." Replace its last letter with two new letters to get "someone who comes after you." These two words are unrelated etymologically. What words are they? Answer: Predate, predator Next week's challenge: Think of a word starting with T. Drop the T, and phonetically you'll get a new word that's a synonym of the first one. What words are these? ,  MAC--WI

4515 making labels on computer (9/7/2014 11:04:09 AM):  Does anyone have a link to tell me how to make labels for my Christmas cards? Each year I have wanted to do this and think of it the week before. This year I am starting early!! I have Word Starter 2010 if that matters. Thanks! ,  Lori OH

4516 Eggplant recipes (9/7/2014 11:18:08 AM):  My daughter purchased a purple and a white eggplant yesterday, but we have never had. Any good ways to prepare? thanks,  Bev, IN

4517 Atlantis Bahamas (9/7/2014 11:19:32 AM):  Has any one been here I was wondering how much 6 days. Five nights would cost for me my hubby daughter 19 son 14 and others daughter 9 hotel food and flight just a idea on wht that would cost for June leving from chic ah just s ball park figure cheapest room I would stay. Any one one been there in the last year or has a book one coming in the spring or summer thanks,  Shannon IL

4521 couple of questions (9/7/2014 12:32:34 PM):  My Winn Dixie has the green mountain greek yogurt and cream cheese on clearance half off. I bought it since we needed cream cheese and its really good. The dates are through November and I was wondering if that's something that can be successfully frozen. They have both the bricks and the tubs Second question - I get an email newsletter from one of our missionaries. It is full of AAAAAAs with diacritical marks and other symbols and heaven knows what else. I it is hard for me to read. Why does that happen? Anything I can do on my end to correct it?,  JudyB LA

4523 What's for dinner?? (9/7/2014 3:05:28 PM):  I get so tired of my own cooking!! Tonight will be cheesy chicken casserole, green beans, rolls. Maybe pudding but doubt it.,  Susan, SC

4524 elk antler and dogs (9/7/2014 3:08:57 PM):  I don't know what to say other than I bought one at Petco (about $15.00) and she started chewing on it (I won't let her take it out of the house so I am in the room in case she breaks a piece off). The one I got has some marrow in it so she has been trying to get it out. I am also taking it up so she doesn't get bored with chewing on it all the time. ,  Heather, NV

4525 Mobile Device for Swagbucks (9/7/2014 3:23:28 PM):  I need to free up my computer to get real work done, but I still want to Swag. I'm looking for a android mobile device to run some of the apps. I see that Staples has a Nobis tablet on special this week. 4.4 with KitKat. Does anyone use this for their Swaggin' or are there any other recommendations for tablets or inexpensive phones? TIA! ,  ksy, Oregon

4526 Mobile Device for Swagbucks (9/7/2014 3:23:28 PM):  I need to free up my computer to get real work done, but I still want to Swag. I'm looking for a android mobile device to run some of the apps. I see that Staples has a Nobis tablet on special this week. 4.4 with KitKat. Does anyone use this for their Swaggin' or are there any other recommendations for tablets or inexpensive phones? TIA! ,  ksy, Oregon

4531 Swagbucks Code (9/7/2014 4:37:34 PM):  BackInMyDay before 5pm PT/8pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody, WA

4534 Facebook help? (9/7/2014 5:32:28 PM):  Any Facebook help would be greatly appreciated ... Is there a way I can search a friend's friends by geographic area? In April when I went home to Florida for daddy's funeral I got a Facebook message from a high school friend's friend. All my high school friends are in Florida and one of them has a friend (not a high school friend) who lives in Overland Park, KS, which is close to us here in Kearney. She saw the wreck last year on TV and was so surprised to see posts on Delisa's (my high school friend) wall and to find out that we were high school friends. I didn't answer her message then and when I went back I couldn't find it. I've looked in all my messages even the "other" folder. Delisa and I haven't kept in close touch since high school (we graduated in '84 so that was quite some time ago) but I wrote and told her what happened. Turns out she knows several OP people through her husband and said she'd touch base with them and try to find out who it was. She didn't get back to me and I didn't want to bug her so I thought I could just search her friends ... eliminate all our mutual high school friends and see who was left. There's still about 200 left and they don't have the place they live under their name so I'd have to click on each one and then go back to check the next one. Any ideas? Thanks ~ as always!,  Sandy B., MO

4539 Josie Dog (9/7/2014 7:45:17 PM):  Son called today and Josie is doing great. She is up and about walking on operated leg like nothing ever happened. Son still has to take her out for her doggie business on a short leash and keep close eye on her to prevent jumping up. When he can't supervise her she has to go to her room & cone on her head. One knee down and one to go.,  Vicki, Va

4541 Bountiful Basket (9/7/2014 8:18:07 PM):  I got our first baskets yesterday: large green leaf lettuce, cucumbers, organic grape tomatoes, corn on the cobs, Hatch Chiles, lemons, prickly pears, peaches, Apple Pears and green grapes all for $15.00. I also bought a 38 lb box of Bartlett Pears ($25.00) that I am going to make into jam and water bath can. We have already enjoyed part of it and it was definitely good and different.,  Heather, NV

4546 Brenner update (9/7/2014 9:48:27 PM):  Brenner is home!!!!!!! He's probably been back to Fargo, ND about 2 hours now. He went home with Mike and Brittany this evening. They said he slept all the way from Minneapolis to Fargo...woke up fussing.,  Google Researcher

4550 anesthesia etc (9/7/2014 10:31:51 PM):  I don't care how healthy a person is at 81. You're still 81! I think ANY surgery is risky at that age. I actually had "lung failure" while coming out of anesthesia when I had my thyroid removed, and ended up in ICU for 8 days (I was 46, 47 - I can't remember!). My doctor said I turned blue. ANY surgery is risky - period. We sign all kinds of waivers because stuff happens. Melissa Rivers will probably sue, and reports say Joan's cardiologist gave his okay for the endoscopy, but Joan was 81. I'm sorry for Melissa's loss, but at 81 no surgery should be considered routine.,  Dianne in GA

4559 Priority mailers (9/8/2014 6:02:29 AM):  Does anyone know how much it is to send a flat rate priority mailer box? Thank you.,  Lisa in PA

4561 printing (9/8/2014 6:43:27 AM):  I cant print certain coupons. When I click to print or Crtl+P on some sites the screen fills up with the options and I scroll as far down as I can and no print button. I moved the task bar to the right side in case it was hiding the print button and that didn't make a difference. any suggestions?,  me

4562 Flea treatment help (9/8/2014 6:46:16 AM):  I wondered if someone uses something other than Frontline for their cats. We have always used Frontline for our cats and bought it on ebay. It still seems to work for our older cat. But our rescue kitten is still scratching and I have seen a flea jumping on her. (Kitten is roughly 12 weeks old or so, and probably around 4 lbs.) Gives me a bad feeling and then I swear I am itching too... Anyway, is there something better to use for the kitten? (BTW, her fur seems to be a bit longer than our other cat so I wonder if that makes a difference.) Thanks for the input.,  Tricia, MD

4571 Happy Person Here (9/8/2014 8:10:04 AM):  I have been working on this item I want on amazon for quite sometime. I thought it would probably be sometime next week when I got to order it. Well they dropped price 5 % today and I just placed order. I was not even going to check on it but hubby wanted to see it. So happy I looked. It is a sewing form to help fit my sewing creations. Tickled pink today.,  Vicki,Va

4572 Nancy/Belly Laughs (9/8/2014 8:18:14 AM):  I love funny shows. But I make up a lot of my comedy. I always wanted to be a comedian. I use it at church and school usually because I have a captive audience. I probably should be a comedy writer and make dollars for it. I think some of my material is funnier than I hear from comics on TV. I love to listen to comedians who have a clean act. My whole family is funny; no sad sacks here so we laugh most of the time. My dd asked that we not make her laugh during labor. When my dh has been in the hospital at times; it is time for my dd's and I get together and get him cheered up. The Bible said laughter is like a good medicine. Maybe that is why I am pretty healthy. If you are ever down in the dumps would you pick up a bumper for my Dodge? A new thread: We ought to have a "Refund Cents Got Talent Jokes" one day.,  Janice/Ok

4573 DD's B/D (9/8/2014 8:22:23 AM):  Yesterday was my older DD's birthday. She is a beautiful daughter, inside and out. She has always cared for other people and goes out of her way to help them. She and her husband are house parents for 7 Native American girls in a Village for Indian Children. Although most of their needs are taken care of; she buys many extras out of her own pocket. We go to thrift stores and yard sales and she buys like new clothes for these teenage girls. She is a thrifty shopper and gets name brand clothes for almost nothing. She is Tanner's mom. Please email her a belated b/day greeting at: tell her you are my Refund friend. Thanks,,  Janice/Ok

4580 thank you poem help please? (9/8/2014 9:41:47 AM):  This past week, my mother came over with an envelope for me to open. Inside was $40(!) and a note: "It is easier to give than receive - this I heard, this I believe also, we tend to put ourselves last - but for to day this feeling must pass for Shelly and me, we both agree, your time has come - so beat the drum you choose the time you choose the place as to the beauty shop you race. Shampoo & hair cut cuz we love you! Could I get some thank you poem ideas please? PS - got my hair cut - I forgot how cute I am! ,  Cindy T., WI

4581 instant win (9/8/2014 9:59:15 AM):  is there a best time to play I been playing for two years and I never win,  shannon IL

4584 Happy Day on OTC (9/8/2014 10:20:35 AM):  How fun reading over OTC this morning. Every body is so happy and on a Monday, too. Hope the rest of everyone's week goes as well as today! ,  Sandy B., MO

4586 Irazoo Treasure Code (9/8/2014 10:37:15 AM):  cleanhouse Until 9/15/14, 4:52 PM EST!,  Melody, WA

4592 FOY Code (9/8/2014 11:08:23 AM):  xqjz4sgcw good for 29 point for one more. paste & copy not doing good today but I checked code numerous times to confirm being right. ,  vicki, Va.

4599 Phone Call (9/8/2014 12:06:03 PM):  Well, this one was a new one I had not heard. I answered the phone from an older phone where I could not read the caller ID. Normally I would not answer these calls, but it could have been from a doctor and I needed to answer it. It came up as Toll Free Caller when I looked on another phone. It was recorded but from the IRS. He said there is something very wrong with (whatever he said, I missed some of it) and we are to call back the IRS immediately at the following number (I didn't write it down). And if we do not call back, it will be a federal offence which will lead to our arrest! What next. I figure if the IRS wants me, they will probably send a letter and not have me call them back from a pre-recorded message. But the way it was worded could really upset some elderly people. I sure wish this phone stuff would stop. We have had at least 6 since yesterday. Voter Alert, Survey, Neighbor, Florida Call, which is probably the credit card one, Our own name and number calling ourselves, two Toll Free Callers, and one of those had our own number except for one digit different, and more I can't think of right now. I have to answer the Toll Free ones if we have a prescription at Walmart because that is how their pharmacy comes up to tell you your script is ready. So much for the do not call list.,  Sue, MI

4604 Quicken and manual entry (9/8/2014 12:24:20 PM):  At least from my experience (last couple of hours) don't buy Quicken if you want to manually enter the data (not have it automatically downloaded). It appears I need a third party software to convert the spreadsheet type to a type Quicken will recognize, etc. I will play with it later, but I think I will have to use it for other uses (maybe for just keeping track of my Mom's bills instead of on paper).,  Heather, NV

4606 Laughs (9/8/2014 12:34:01 PM):  I think the funniest things are real life Helen and her flamingos. I don't know why this was allowed to happen; but when I was 7, I was allowed to "draw" my brother's bath water. Maybe I just took it upon myself. I turned on just the hot water. He was about 5 1/2 years old and he jumped into the steaming tub. I think this was when the Salsa dance was invented...back in the 50's. Maybe this is why he put bubble game in my metal hair rollers at naptime shortly after that. BTW, he still loves me.,  Janice/Ok

4610 frustrated with Toyota - Long (9/8/2014 1:32:16 PM):  So, we have a 2007 Toyota Rav4 that needs the Rear Lower Suspension Arms recall performed (for 2006 to Early 2011). I first called to make the appointment in April and was told they were booked out until June (ok). Then I showed up and they had NO parts (they said they called, but I never got a message). I had them do something else small since I drove 0.5 hour+ to get there. So, then I was told to call in August to setup my recall. I called and was told they were only getting enough parts for 3 cars a week and to call in September to see if they were getting parts yet (huh?). I called the Toyota Customer Experience Center at the end of August to verify this (yes, there is a national back order on the parts - I can understand this since I used to handle the recalls of products for our customers when I was a Quality Engineer). I was told the local service center should have a waiting list and they would have the local place call me. {long story - I finally called them explained that I heard they should have a waiting list where they call me and she was going to check and let me know} Well, I just called them since I never got a message and 'No, we don't have a waiting list and they are still only getting enough parts for three cars a week'. So, I am now required to still remember to call them and I guess I don't call until October since it is now September and they still aren't getting a lot of parts. I called the National Toyota number back and told them to update my case (local place doesn't have a waiting list) and right now I am NOT buying a new Toyota when we need a car (DH wants to, but I am tired of dealing with this). So, hopefully Honda, Subaru or Buick has a vehicle I like when I am ready (in a year or two) otherwise I will have to drive 50+ miles to get a car serviced in Reno... (Oh, and I have had more recalls on this Toyota than all our other vehicles combined - Mercury Villager, Mazda and a Ford F150). If I don't get an appointment in October I am thinking of calling the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and file a complaint - Toyota's paperwork says you can if 'you believe they are unable to remedy the defect within a reasonable time'. I would think they should have parts by October when I was sent the paperwork in April. (sorry for the rant),  Heather, NV

4612 Laugh - daughter and bathtub (9/8/2014 1:39:25 PM):  DD (who will be 21 in a week - oh, my) was probably about two when this happened. I was gone for the day and DH was watching her. He all of a sudden realized that she had overflowed her diaper. So, he strips her down and puts her in the tub - with her socks on! She told him about her socks (after they were all wet) and was really mad at dad for getting her socks wet. ,  Heather, NV

4613 phone scam (9/8/2014 1:40:02 PM):  Besides the "IRS" calling, there is the scam going around again because people just don't learn. If your phone rings once & stops, DON'T call the number back! It is an international call, very expensive & your carrier doesn't have to adjust it. They might, and they might not. You can complain to FTC and FCC. ,  don't be curious to see who called

4616 Internet Explorer (9/8/2014 2:11:24 PM):  Almost everytime I try and open an email in my Yahoo mail, it does open, then a pop up comes up that says Internet Explorer has stopped working. Next a box pops up and says Windows is checking into the problem. Windows will close the program & notify you if a solution is available. Then I manually click on the little box that says close program. It closes, then reopens the email but same thing happens all over again. Running Explorer 7-computer 2-3 yrs old. Thanks for any insight. ,  Missouri Gal

4621 death record - how to find? (9/8/2014 4:27:37 PM):  Sister thinks we should get the death record of Mom's friend so we can 'prove' that 'Jeanette' (not sure if real name or nickname) died before Mom was going to move over here a year ago. Like I said - what does it prove? (other than we are right and Mom is not remembering correctly) Anyways, is there a way to find the females who died between June 1, 2012 and August 1, 2012 in Paradise, CA?? I pulled up the local paper online and I can't find anything. Is there any other (prefer free or low cost) websites I should check?,  Heather, NV

4623 From Debbie, OR (9/8/2014 5:19:54 PM):  Bayer approved me for the donated meds. There are supposed to be here tomorrow. Thank you all for your prayers!,  Debbie, OR

4634 Practical Joke Family (9/8/2014 6:57:37 PM):  Yes, I admit it. Hubby and I raised our 3 kids on practical jokes and now their husband/boyfriends are reaping the benefits. For prob. 8 or 9 years I have managed to scare our SIL with the same fake snake and he ALWAYS falls for it. This is a 6'3" hulk of a guy, too. I'm upping the ante this year!

I just ordered from brylanehome a "creeping ghoul"! It's big, and dd and SIL have a long walkway with a curve in it and a big bush that will hide the "ghoul". Oh, I can hardly wait! DD says she has dibs on it after that for a friend [guy] who believes in ghosts. Then my other dd has dibs on it for her annual Halloween party. Oh, we are soooo bad...As always...,  Marian/MO

4643 Melody/Heather (9/8/2014 7:38:08 PM):  Melody thanks for showing me how to post link. My brain is a little tired right now so I put this in watchlist and plan on looking it over tomorrow. Heather I did not pay anything for the dress form. Yeah little daily work on doing the point programs. SB,Mypoints,Irazoo, & Gifthulk points paid for it all. I am retired and don't work so no way could I afford something like that at this time.,  Vicki, Va

4644 Altering Worked (9/8/2014 7:44:16 PM):  Yippie! I am happy again. You would not believe how perfect altering my crotch line on pants turned out. I used professor pincushion tutorial. Even my husband was amazed. I mean this thing turned out first sewing attempt. I usually go through the act of congress. My legs are still a little baggy so I will have to take a little more in legs. Right now just did a basting stitch to get a good fit. So on to starting all over but at least dry run was a winner.,  Vicki, Va

4656 GRAPE RECIPES (9/9/2014 5:57:58 AM):  My family was able to pick apx. 25 gal. of free grapes yesterday. I have never "canned" jelly or juice. Any suggestions/recipes for something easy. I have made a grape butter for the freezer that is easy, but I don't want my freezer full of grape butter(like jelly). Thanks,  Bev, IN

4660 Susan/Shampoo (9/9/2014 7:45:08 AM):  I was washing my hair in the kitchen sink one day and my little neighbor friend was watching me. I couldn't seemed to get the soap out. We had really soft water so I was used to it. But then I realized the little girl kept pouring more shampoo on my head. This same little girl used to get boo boo's on her knees all the time and would beg for Band Aids every day. So being a silly teenager; one day I tied a Kotex around her knee and told her it was a special bandage. She ran to tell her dad who we joked with all of the time. It was a long time before she asked for Band Aids for a long time.,  Janice/Ok

4662 Book (9/9/2014 8:33:43 AM):  If you have every wondered why everyone seems to be ill you can find the answer in Death By Food Pyramid: How Shoddy Science, Sketchy Politics and Shady Special Interests Ruined Your Health, and How To Reclaim It! by Denise Minger. Stunned to learn that doctors, MDs, did not beleive that food and what you ate, could cause illness up to the 1970s. Complete history of how the food pyramid came about and how it has harmed the health of a large number of Americans. An interesting instruction on the criteria you can use to decide if the health information you are given in something you want to apply to your own health. And the research that can help you reclaim your own health. The book was at my public library. ,  BarbaraS NV

4664 Joke (9/9/2014 9:14:48 AM):  I know we are not formally doing "joke a Day" but my dd told this to me yesterday: Where did the General put his armies? In his sleevies! I know it's a groaner but I laughed. If you heard it before sorry but that's what I got!,  Sue P., CT

4666 Master Chef (9/9/2014 9:25:09 AM):  Who was off last night? For sure not Courtney, as she will be winning. Not because she is the best, but is favored by the 3 judges. Knew that from day 1.,  Lynn

4668 FOY Code (9/9/2014 11:25:49 AM):  0kg1f9p85 worth 11 points for one user,  Vicki,Va

4670 DH & sleep apnea (9/9/2014 12:20:58 PM):  Well, DH (50 and fit) took the overnight test (before Labor Day weekend) and was asked to go in to see the DR today. He stopped breathing 61 times that night!! So, now we are waiting for the specialist to call to setup an appointment. No wonder he is always tired (and sometimes extra grumpy when we know he gets less sleep than normal). And, DH suggested I do the test (which was suggested a year ago and I blew off). I will talk to my Dr the next time I go in.,  Heather, NV

4672 Readers ~ (9/9/2014 1:40:44 PM):  I've been reading a book called The Circle by Dave Eggers and it took me away from technology for a bit. I was scared, no, not quite scared, but apprehensive to pick up my cell phone. If anyone is looking for a good book, go get a copy. Of course it's fiction (I HOPE!) but starts out with a young woman getting her dream job and how it all goes awry. Not instantly, though, but bit by bit and slow enough that she becomes acclimated to each new step before a new step hits her. I'm totally not a conspiracy theorist but this book somehow got under my skin at how slowly BIG change happened and was accepted because it wasn't presented as one whole big change at once. If anyone else has read it or reads it email me (I'm at and let me know your thoughts.,  Sandy B., MO

4673 Overreacting ~ joke / not a joke (9/9/2014 1:58:29 PM):  Well, this isn't exactly a joke but in the end it was pretty funny and shows you how quickly a person can read one line of something and make up a whole story in their mind that couldn't be farther from the truth ... this is a post on Rodney's Guy In The White Truck facebook page that I posted this morning: Hunting season has made me a seasonal widow already and it's only early September! Rodney has been accepted to two handicap hunts now ... one of which prompted this post! Petey (yes his mother is still allowed to call him that!) our oldest boy, served 7 years in the US Army ~ GO BIG RED ONE ~ as a member of the First Infantry, First Air Combat Division. He completed two tours of Iraq and even earned the Combat Action Badge (not just the Patch!) ... okay, enough bragging! He's been out of the Army now for three years and has happily been working as a sheet metal apprentice with Local #2 out of Kansas City since then (thanks, in big part, to Rodney). Today a letter came and I glanced at the top line of the return address ... it was "Department of the Army". My mother's heart dropped to my stomach. I knew there's a sort of "recall period" when a person finishes their time in the service and I thought, with all going on in the news Petey was being recalled. He would have gone back in an instant GLADLY but ... well, nevermind. It wasn't that at all. It was from the Corp of Engineers from Smithville with handicap hunting tips and rules and regs for Rodney. WOW ~ how quickly mother's overreact ... RIGHT?!,  Sandy B., MO

4675 NFL (9/9/2014 2:10:07 PM):  Regarding the NFL and Roger Goodell--I find it sad that so many people are demanding Goodell resign, that the NFL is to be held accountable--the sad part is, we have so many scandals and hot topics all over the world and no one really cares about holding our elected officials accountable for any of them--which will be Will be unnamed because I would wander into politics. When will people pay as much attention to our more serious events, and not to distract from the seriousness of domestic violence, but we have wars and people being beheaded. And our nation pays more attention to Hollywood, TNZ and sports.,  Karen-IA

4676 Fall Garden (9/9/2014 2:36:37 PM):  Well today I finished planting collards & got kale & Swiss chard planted. We really got a lot of rain yesterday. They said between 4-8 inches so ground was moist so hopefully seeds will take off soon &sprout. Tomorrow going to plant green peas. ,  Vicki, Va

4680 Puzzling (9/9/2014 3:22:45 PM):  Ok, splain' something to me. I know this question/discussion has come up before on RC, but for this I just can't figure it out. We've all seen/heard/read about coupons going on ebay for much more than they are worth. I was looking on eBay for used Altoid tins for a project for Christmas. Some of the sellers are pricing them very high for one or two and giving dates of manufacture. Ok, I get maybe if someone collects them by dates. I do get that. BUT, there was an auction (BIN) for one tin, no date of manufacture given, empty, for $5 with $8.00 shipping. $13 for one tin. Why not go to Wags, CVS or the grocery and buy 5 or 6 of them for that much? Can't wrap my mind around this puzzle. By the way it looks just like the one my son has in his car. Nothing special.Go to CVS, Wags or the grocery and buy 5 or 6 of them for that much. Can't wrap my mind around this puzzle. By the way it looks just like the one my son has in his car. Nothing special.,  Lila

4686 Computer ?? (9/9/2014 5:33:06 PM):  I cannot open word documents sent to my email anymore. Can someone tell me how to fix this?? I use Outlook Express. Thank You!!,  Computer Help??

4692 Odd behavior at CVS (9/9/2014 6:54:20 PM):  We all know that CVS has stopped selling cigarettes. CVS employees have told me that people are still running in, plopping down money, and requesting their favorite brands. Some are even coming in multiple times and others are staring at the new white backdrop and ordering cigarettes even though there are clearly no more. Are most people just zombies who are programmed to spend, consume, and then go back for another round?,  William M M, FL

4697 TCM is such a great channel (9/9/2014 7:48:17 PM):  I've really started loving Turner Classic Movies as one of my favorite channels. This summer I've been able to see: "Blow Up", "Chinatown", the original "Planet of the Apes", "The Maltese Falcon", "The Kid", "Lifeboat", and last night it was "On Approval" with Clive Brooks, Beatrice Lillie, and Googie Withers. No spoilers from me but the "dream sequence" near the end was Oscar-worthy by itself. BTW, one other movie I've seen on TCM this summer happens to have been Charlie Brown's favorite movie. Anyone know what that is?,  William M M, FL

4699 Eating Machine (9/9/2014 8:02:27 PM):  I enjoy having a nice rainy day to spend at home with hubby. However don't plan on getting a whole lot done. Every time I turned around there he was asking is it time to eat. This man could have breakfast at 6am or 10am & lunch would still have to be at 12. Just the time you think your finished with routine meals he is asking for coffee with something to go with it, snacks, deserts. I felt like I was chained to kitchen and told him he was a eating machine gone completely out of control. Just looked at me like I was not of this world.,  Vicki, Va

4707 Dallas, etc. (9/10/2014 4:10:59 AM):  I skipped Season Two and thought perhaps I might like to start watching it again -- it is way to complicated for me -- and who thought there could be anyone more conniving than JR? Anyone watching Reckless? I also like Unforgettable. And I love NCIS. What other fall favorites do other folks have?,  Sue S., MN

4709 Recall Notice (9/10/2014 6:23:04 AM):  Cabrinha recalls Kite-boarding control system due to risk of injury: Researcher

4722 melody, thyroid (9/10/2014 11:52:20 AM):  my moms labs just came back, minus iodine and antibodies. but, her tsh is very low, t4 low normal and t3 high normal? she has all kinds of symptoms etc.. is it possible in the elderly they should just be taking t4? she was lowered 15 mg in june, that lasted only 2 weeks she was completely exhausted! have any ideas? I think we are headed to an endo with her, maybe synthroid would get her more stable?,  christy, ia

4723 Pear recipes?? (9/10/2014 12:42:45 PM):  I need some good pear recipes. I got 38 lbs of Bartlett Pears (with our Bountiful Baskets on Saturday). They were really hard and green on Saturday, but they are yellow and getting softer today! I already made Pear Bread (it is good). I also mixed some pears with berries (which I also have a lot of) and made tiny pies. I am currently cooking the tiny pies and a big berry pie. I also just washed some of my canning jars so I will be ready to make jam when I get the propane tank (I am not going to be able to cook many jars at one time in the turkey fryer, but it should work for me).,  Heather, NV

4726 Stephanie B, KS (9/10/2014 1:27:31 PM):  Stephanie, he has signed up for and is getting the GI Bill. When he originally enlisted in the Army in the early 2000's he had attended a year of college. The Army was offering a choice of either paying off student loans or "saving" the money and applying for the GI Bill. His student loans were less than $3000 and he thought the GI Bill would be a much better choice ... and it has been. As an apprentice he makes decent money but as a young person with a young family money is always tight. The GI Bill certainly has been a blessing for him.,  Sandy B., MO

4735 where does it stop? (9/10/2014 2:42:37 PM):  There is a video attached to this story, but reading the story is enough. It made me to sick to my stomach. If I had extra money, I would send a check for college expenses to this young man. When does this end? I think it was the father that said this crap is due to the break down of the American family. Here is a good young man with goals, great grades, part-time job, going somewhere & thank God they didn't end all that.,  so sick of this stuff

4738 Dinner Tonight (9/10/2014 3:56:23 PM):  Dinner tonight will be Pepper Steak on rice, green beans, cheese and rolls. What are you fixing??,  Susan, SC

4746 Recall Notices (9/10/2014 6:52:30 PM):  Coleman recalls inflatable rubber river tubes due to skin irritation hazard. Sold exclusively at Walmart:
Benetton recalls United Colors of Benetton boys jackets. Waist drawstring poses entanglement hazard: Researcher

4750 Work situation - gross (9/10/2014 7:20:25 PM):  Have you ever heard of an individual urinating and defecating at work in a trashcan approximately three times/day and then hiding it? The individual has a high ranking position. It's being handled within that specific management staff (sort of). I'm perplexed. I looked it up but couldn't find anything about it. I don't know any other details. I'm thinking this individual has a fear of public restrooms. Any of you run into a situation like this? ,  No name this time

4753 eBay grrrrr: (9/10/2014 8:05:19 PM):  Why on earth would a seller charge $7.32 for "standard shipping" on an item that would clearly fit in a small flat-rate box for a bit under $6? Grrrrr!,  Jane, CA

4759 09/11 (9/10/2014 10:05:40 PM):  For all you who have followed Rodney's and my story over the past year you'll know that I've mentioned being in law enforcement. Well, I got into that field in 2002 after I lost my job in a career that shriveled up after 2001. I worked as a flight attendant at Vanguard Airlines in Kansas City. The financial devastation was more than the small airline could handle and one year and one month after 09/11/2011 they filed for bankruptcy. Since all 900+ employees were fired (NOT furloughed) at once we all qualified for unemployment and, I forget the exact technical name, for retraining funds. I used those funds to go into law enforcement because I knew that was a career that there is always a need for. So, tonight I got all nostalgic and wrote out a little of my story. It's 10:35 PM in Kansas City right now. On this date in September 2001, I was in Dallas and sound asleep. I was working for Vanguard Airlines at the time and we had a 6:00 AM "show time" the following morning. We were going to start the first leg of our four leg day flying to Kansas City. We made it to Kansas City okay and blissfully unaware of what was going on ... the flight attendants, at least. I was flying C position and my job after landing and disarming the door was to open the cock pit. When I opened the door and saw the captain's face ... well, I didn't know what had happened but I knew whatever it was was NOT good! "We're on a nationwide INDEFINITE ground hold ... I don't know what's going on but listening to the radio sounds like we've gone to war!" I knew immediately he wasn't joking and was, for the first time in my flying career, scared! The ground agents didn't have much more info than we did really but they did know that two planes had crashed ... more came later but only two when we landed early that Tuesday morning. My son was at William Chrisman High School and I thought I'd touch base with him to let him know I was okay. Of course, I could not get cell reception. When my cell phone came back on I had 17 frantic messages from him. My buddy bidder, VickieJo Vickie Yardley Griffith to everyone else) was in New York on the 10th and that night began a very scary week for her crew, that was stuck at a hotel by LaGuardia, and all of the crew's families! To all of our military who as a result of this attack, and for all other freedom reasons, have fought ~ THANK YOU! To our brave firefighters who so selflessly and bravely ran into burning and falling buildings (and run up to burning trucks at I35 & Chouteau in Kansas City) ~ THANK YOU! To chaplains and others who made the ultimate sacrifice and died while offering comfort to those on 09/11 ~ THANK YOU! To all my Vanguard Airlines family who banded together and acted as each other's therapist to help everyone get through this ~ THANK YOU! And, most of all to my family who, scared as they were that day, knew I loved what I did at the time and put on brave faces when I left the house six days later for my first flight after 09/11 headed to SFO ~ THANK YOU!,  Sandy B., MO

4764 Internet dating?! (9/10/2014 10:54:52 PM):  Why do people create internet dating profiles, yet seem to be into emailing, instead of actually meeting? This has happened several times to me. The men ask for more pictures, and keep emailing. One asked me, after several emails and photos, to sign up for an instant messaging app from my phone, to speed up sending more photos! I responded that I am not interested in being a pen pal. He asked again, "Are you sure you don't want to exchange more pictures?" I said no. He replied, "You are blunt." ,  Dater

4765 marriage (9/10/2014 11:03:22 PM):  Just wanted to ask for prayer. I got married this past May 31. For some reason things haven't been the best. I have given it my entire heart & all I get is hurt. he doesn't physically but mentally. So today I sought the advise of a professional a lawyer. I have offered to go to counseling & he won't hear of it. It is just so sad as I thought I would spend the rest of my life with him. He isn't happy about anything for some strange reason. He is a truck driver & he goes throughout the week so yes there could easily be someone else. I have told my mom what all he has done & she is supporting me & letting me vent ot her thankfully. My family has been very supportive of our relationship granted we had broken up a few times before we got married. He is extremely insecure.Please keep me in your prayers & ask God to guide me in the direction he wants me to go. Thanks all ya gals are awesome.,  Sherry WV

4772 Another Las Vegas 1st (9/11/2014 12:51:56 AM):  They're soon to start building the world's largest IKEA store in Las Vegas. This was on the Vegas news a few weeks ago.,  Terri, NV

4774 Pat, Traveling the USA Update (9/11/2014 2:13:57 AM):  Lots of changes the past few weeks; some bad, some good.... but that’s life for everyone. A few weeks ago we were having a problem with our fullwall slide out room apparently because of the leveling jacks that we had replaced/repaired at the end of July at the RV factory in Indiana. We made a fast trip without any sightseeing of the 2200 miles to Redmond OR for an RV Convention Rally & arrived there August 8. Quite busy at the Rally with meetings & seminars & some business too because I'm on the Governing Board. We left Redmond August 17 and went to the RV Factory near Eugene OR because of the jack problem. Unfortunately, we didn't have an appointment (scheduling 3 months out) so we had to wait. Luckily, they have RV hookups as we waited several days hoping to be seen. We never did get seen! I woke up one morning & DH said the refrig was off. I thought I may have turned it off as I had planned on defrosting it! Not so lucky!! They couldn’t help us with the refrig for at least 2-3 weeks at that RV factory. Then it took two days to find someone else to help us; they were only an hour away. We were buying Dry Ice to keep the very full freezer food frozen. The RV is a 2007 and that Refrig was discontinued. So, a part was ordered to repair it. RV refrigerators are quite different than your ordinary home refrigerators. They operate on electric or on propane. The only time we run it on propane is when we are dry-camping without hook-ups. I’m very leary of propane and will use everything electrical before I have to use it, even with cooking. They had to take the refrig out of the “wall” and lay it on the RV floor. When I went in the RV while the techs were at lunch, I looked into the hole where the refrig had been. There was a very dark charred black spot in the wood and a burn mark going up the wall! The Service Tech said we were VERY lucky! A fire had started in the back of the refrig BUT the flame melted a hose which let the ammonia (non-flammable) gas out and that extinguished the flame! If that had not happened the entire RV could have burned to the ground. It is not uncommon for this type of fire. I always thought it was because people didn’t do all the necessary maintenance! But that was NOT the case for us as we have always been very diligent with keeping the RV level, inspections, cleaning, checking for spider webs etc. We were always told if you smelled ammonia you had a refrig problem- we never smelled it! The Service Tech told us we must have not been near the RV when the fire started as we would also have heard the “explosion”. So, the part that was ordered didn’t fit and since another part had been damaged, our only solution was a new refrigerator. Newer RVs now have residential refrigerators installed. We checked on that option but we’d need more house batteries (already have 4 golf cart 6V) and a different electric inverter at an additional cost of over $2000, plus labor and of course, the price of the refrigerator! And then trying to find room for more batteries and finding the right size refrigerator made it impossible. After a day of researching all, we made the decision to get another RV refrigerator. There was only one RV refrigerator style that would fit the existing space, to the tune of $4250 + 9 hours of labor ($125/hour) to get the old one out and the new one in. RV doors aren’t very wide- so that was accomplished by putting them through window which had to be removed and then re-installed. This 19 day adventure from leaving Redmond on August 17, one week waiting for jacks with the fridge finally installed last Friday, Sept 5. During this time the RV Service Dept let us use the employee’s breakroom refrigerator which wasn’t always accessible since they were closed weekdays by 4pm and on weekends. Anytime I went to go get something to make dinner, there always seemed to be an employee there who would tease and ask what time is dinner!. I once said: I know there are many Male chefs and there may be a wanna-be amongst you! And anyone who wants to cook just has to invite DH & I to dinner! And tomorrow night…. The rest of the story…… as Paul Harvey would say! ,  Pat, Traveling the USA

4778 Low Pressures (9/11/2014 5:35:54 AM):  We have low pressures back to back in our area right now and my body does not like it. I am achy all over. Head feels full and on verge of a migraine. I feel like someone has attached a anchor to me. I feel weighted down & fatigued. Going to gym today and not looking forward to it. I know I will ache and be sore rest of the day. Here come the ice packs. We just got 8 inches of rain and our weekend is supposed to be 2 days of rain. Not all low pressures affect me like this but when they are one after another they do. Do others feel horrible with low pressure?,  Vicki, Va

4784 Anti virus (9/11/2014 6:48:27 AM):  Just got a new computer, what kind of anti virus do I need? someone suggested c cleaner, said it is free and very good,  RC

4789 Menopause (9/11/2014 8:08:50 AM):  Okay you menopause women out there got a few questions for the last six months I have been extremely moody very depressed I know it's the menopause because I haven't had a normal period in over year now so what is your suggestion those of you that have gone through it don't really want to take pills. I'm still waiting to get into see my doctor they're always back on 2 to 3 weeks. I have hot flashes too but they're not that bad it's just last about 3040 seconds and there's usually only about two a day so those are not a problem really. Really any advice on the moodiness and the depression would be fabulous. Just a side note I'm dealing with a heel and ankle problem right now so exercise is pretty much out of the question until I get this taken care of in the next couple weeks I know exercise helps depression I know 12 years ago when I had a little bout of it it helped. TIA,  Me

4794 Vote Request (9/11/2014 9:13:50 AM):  Please take 3 seconds to vote(one time)for Kelsey C. Kelsey is the daughter of Jamie,IL. and sister of Shauna, IL. Kelsey aspires to be a neonatal nurse practitioner and is currently working her way through nursing school. She has worked almost full time since turning 16 to fund her education. This quick one-time vote could help her to win up to $100,000 in scholarship money.Thank you for your time!! friend

4795 Mississippi Lab Tests (9/11/2014 9:16:44 AM):  This topic may have been addressed here before, not sure, but I was just talking to a friend who is self-employed, has no insurance (looked into the Affordable Act but felt it was too expensive and recently looked into it again and it was even more expensive than late last year). Anyway, apparently to save money and get her lab tests and blood work done less expensively she has found some health service company in Mississippi that has an agreement with local area labs who will do the lab tests if you print out an order form online from this health service company and present it to the lab without having your doctor write the prescription. In our area the lab company Compu-Net honors this agreement. One test that usually would cost her over $1000 ended up costing her a little over $200 bucks. They apparently send you the results personally and you take them to your doctor. Her doctor is fine with that arrangement. Don't know if anyone else here does that, but might be something worth looking into online if you or anyone you know is not insured. Think her company is out of Jackson, MS. Hope this helps somebody.,  Janet OH

4797 Pear Bread recipe (9/11/2014 9:49:35 AM):  I used 'Pear Bread II' from (and if you know me I replaced the regular flour with gluten-free flour). Next time I would add a little Xanthan gum so it holds together even better).,  Heather, NV

4806 Oil Pulling (9/11/2014 10:41:06 AM):  I have read previous comments about oil pulling and dental/gum issues so I started trying it with coconut oil. I have a pocket in my gums which the dentist puts antibiotic powder into every 3 months and keeps suggesting I see their oral surgeon to have it fixed but I keep putting it off. I have been doing oil pulling for 3 months now and saw a little improvement at my last visit. I would like comments from others who have done this and had a pocket in their gums. How big was the pocket and how much improvement did you see and how long did it take. Did the oil pulling help with gum bleeding? Thank you so much for any comments. My dentist suggested a saliva test but insurance won't cover it and the dental hygienist admitted another patient had the test done and was put on oral antibiotics (not just the powder) but there was no improvement in their condition even with the right antibiotic for the "bad" bacteria they had. ,  Oily

4808 Married at First Sight (9/11/2014 11:38:14 AM):  Did anyone watch this show? What did you think about the three couples? I knew Vaughn and Monet would make the choice they did. I know its been a few days, but some people may not have seen the last episode yet. ,  Debbie, OR

4816 TCM (9/11/2014 12:30:45 PM):  Yesterday I read a post about TCM and today is a cool and cloudy day here in KC ~ perfect day for an old black & white movie. All morning now I've been watching awesome movies! Thanks for posting that tip :),  Sandy B., MO

4818 Dianne in GA (9/11/2014 12:47:05 PM):  I love soup and I love making soup. I love chicken corn chowder, so would you be so kind as to tell how you make your super easy chicken corn chowder? Others are welcome.,  df.fl

4821 Century Link (9/11/2014 1:21:45 PM):  Hello, everyone -- Finally decided to go with Century Link as my ISP. It took long enough for me to make up my mind, LOL. Please wish me luck -- there are some new things to learn! I have missed you all VERY MUCH.,  Alice Dodge, OR

4824 Home Goods (9/11/2014 1:42:53 PM):  Does anyone here shop at Home Goods? I have a $100 gift card and it's a distance away. I went to their site but it doesn't show much in the way of what they sell and there are no prices listed. I'm not looking for furniture or knick knacks, etc. I do want sheets, towels, kitchen gadgets, etc. Do they have these things? Are the prices good? Thanks!!,  Karen S (NJ)

4830 Brenner-bumping up (9/11/2014 2:30:21 PM):  I've been off OTC for several days but did see that Brenner is home. So wonderful! ,  Susan, LA

4840 Woman who was divorcing (9/11/2014 4:01:43 PM):  that we all encouraged to get a lawyer? Who's husband had a girl on the side that visited them? How are you doing?,  Melody, WA

4844 Recall Notice (9/11/2014 4:27:53 PM):  Kidde recalls smoke and combination smoke/CO alarms due to alarm failure: Researcher

4848 Yahoo/computer question: (9/11/2014 4:44:06 PM):  All of a sudden, everything but 5 e-mails, some opened, some unopened, disappeared from my inbox! Not good!!! How can I restore everything? As far as I know, I didn't hit cause all the boxes to be checked and/or hit "delete". Furthermore, some of the emails are from late last night or early this morning and some are from an hour or so ago! TIA,  Jane, CA

4867 Plink (9/11/2014 6:06:47 PM):  is closing the site down today. Just got the e-mail.,  Melody, WA

4869 Computer question (9/11/2014 6:24:06 PM):  Hi, everyone -- My ISP since 1998 has been AT&T. Have decided to go with Century Link now,and the fellow who set it up today said I can still use AT&T for my e-mails -- in other words I'd have two e-mail addresses now, counting Century Link. He said it would be free (the AT&T, not the Century Link). I don't want to pay extra and so far cannot get an answer. Does anybody know -- or had an experience like this? ,  Alice Dodge, OR

4884 Divorce - Need Help (9/12/2014 6:19:42 AM):  I need advice about divorce. I've been married for two decades. I haven't worked for most of those years including now. My spouse has control of what bills are paid to whom and how much...and controls all the money. He's not physically abusive, but he is verbally abusive. I want out of this toxic relationship. The problem is if I get a job, my spouse will want me to turn my whole paycheck over to him...just as in the past. So I will still have no money to hire a lawyer for a divorce. Can Legal Aide help me free to take the step towards divorce? Or is there another service that can help me? If it were just me, I could just leave my spouse and stay with friends or family out of state. However, I have children so that is not possible. I feel alone and stuck in this situation that is not good for my children or me. I need your advice, please.,  Anonymous

4886 Cookbooks (9/12/2014 7:40:40 AM):  Does anyone know what kind of cookbooks have any value. Since I became disabled and cannot cook, I am weeding out some of my cookbooks (I probably have over 150 books). Some over 50 years old. Are they worth anything??? I am housebound so I cannot take them anywhere to find out. Any advise you can give me before I donate them would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!,  No longer cooking in NY

4888 Prayers (9/12/2014 8:42:03 AM):  My dd went to dr yesterday. Her baby girl is due Sept 25. Her blood pressure was up and she had gained 7 lbs this week. They said she had preeclampsia. She will have a non stress test on Monday; then they may induce the 16th or 18th. Please keep her in your prayers. (Jill),  Janice/Ok

4897 Mental illness (9/12/2014 9:43:24 AM):  My brother, who is getting close to 60 years old, seems to be suffering from a mental illness. He lives almost 2 hours away from the rest of our family, has a wife and 2 grown kids. Has anyone else ever dealt with a relative who has gone from being loving and kind to downright evil? We are all aware his wife is very controlling (extremely!) and we know his life is miserable, but he denies it. We had noticed changes in him for the past 3 or 4 years, he seemed to lose his sense of humor, which used to be a big thing for him. This past year he has gotten downright mean to me and also our parents. He has made up crazy stories of things that never happened, he thinks we've said and done mean things to his wife and kids, he quotes us on things we've never said. He truly seems to have lost his mind. We are not able to get him help, his wife totally controls him and she does not see there is any problem. The rest of us have known him his entire life and we all realize he is a totally changed person. He never used to lash out at us, he has made threats, he calls and yells at our parents. If they hang up, he calls right back, they hang up again, he calls right back. They have to unplug the phone at times. We all suspect he is depressed, it seems quite obvious. His wife is against taking pills of any kind, and their son suffers from depression and she refuses to let him take pills. I'm just wondering if anyone else has dealt with a family member or friend who has had a huge personality change and gone from being fun and pleasant to being basically a monster. Any idea what's wrong with him beyond depression? Bi-Polar? We have a phone recording of him going off on a rant and he had times when he's screaming and yelling and then instantly goes to talking rather softly, then crying, then back to yelling. I supposed he's bi-polar from the sound of that. Anyone else deal with a bi-polar person? Is this how they act? ,  can't say this time

4900 Shoebox Shoppers and Others (9/12/2014 10:06:20 AM):  Dollar General has all their clearance at an additional 50% off this week end. They have lots of stuff and the summer toys are at 75% off. This sale is good all week end and no coupon needed. I checked 3 of them and 2 were only so-so but the third was huge.,  Sharon in Cloudy MI

4904 FOY Code (9/12/2014 10:52:48 AM):  You've won Fountain of Youth Code gj3vq83j9 worth 17 Hulk Coins for use by 2 more users ,  Vicki, Va.

4910 prayers for friend (9/12/2014 11:18:46 AM):  A friend Melissa (and the DHusbands work together) is having a c-section today since the baby is upside down (it is her due date). Please pray that everything goes well. ,  Heather, NV

4911 canning with turkey fryer (9/12/2014 11:21:53 AM):  Well, luckily I waited until DH could help me hook it up. It appears our new propane tank has a problem. He hooked them together and then turned the regulator for the fryer - it smelled like gas and you could hear it, but the tank was turned off! We also did the soapy water test from the connection to the hose to the turkey fryer and it bubbled (meaning it was leaking). So, I am guessing the tank is defective?? So, right now I am cutting up and freezing as many pears as possible so I have time to figure out how I am going to get the jam made later.,  Heather, NV

4913 Thanks to all (9/12/2014 11:41:02 AM):  Hello, everyone -- Thanks to Marion and Sunshine for your good wishes re my new computer system. Yikes, I do have a lot to learn! ( : ,  Alice Dodge, OR

4919 Stew w/Chili Meat (9/12/2014 12:39:52 PM):  Have any of you ever made stew with Chili meat? I thought I might try that instead of chuck roast.,  Janice/Ok

4936 Fall Weather (9/12/2014 3:36:30 PM):  Our high today was 62 degrees. My husband started the furnace this evening since we are going to be in the upper 40's-low 50's tonight.,  Jackie A., PA

4937 Toluna Survey Panel (9/12/2014 3:38:48 PM):  Is anyone on this board a member of Toluna survey panel? I received an invitation to join it during this Summer. And now I'm sorry I ever did! I'm rejected 99.99% of the time when I try to access any survey invitations from them. I haven't earned enough points to even be able to redeem for anything! And I'm beginning to think I never will be able to redeem for anything. They're also very persistent in sending me invitations to join other very suspect survey panels. I'm already signed up with several legitimate survey panels. So I think I know what's legitimate & what's not! I have never been invited to test any products for Toluna. Would love to know if anyone does their surveys & what they think of them? ,  Virginia Ann S VA

4938 Melissa and baby girl (9/12/2014 3:40:08 PM):  Baby girl was born at 12:50pm Pacific time. Dad posted that both are well, but they will wait until Mom recovers some before they pick a name. He posted photos on FB, but no other details.,  Heather, NV

4940 Jane - Home Goods (9/12/2014 4:51:32 PM):  Hi Jane - haven't you stopped in at the new store in Pleasant Hill yet? It opened in June. I've only been there once so far. I've previously shopped at other locations - Gilroy, Reno, etc so was quite excited when I found out we were getting one here. (Sorry for delayed reply - I broke my wrist over the weekend & it's slowing name down besides wearing me out),  Teresa CA

4946 Songs in your head (9/12/2014 6:38:03 PM):  Don't you hate getting songs in your head? Last week, for some reason, it was "Six Days on the Road" and this week it's been "King of the Road." "Love is Blue" is another hard one to kick.,  William M M, FL

4958 Dress Form Arrived (9/12/2014 7:38:16 PM):  My dritz dress form from Amazon arrived today. Took hubby about 5 minutes to put it together. Very nice. Controls are plastic but what isn't these days. Like someone said in reviews on Amazon just need to treat her gentle & like a lady. They turned very easy so unless I got rough with it I see no problem. It also has hem guide thing but my hip & back still hurting some so didn't do much there. I think once I get all measurements to match mine it will really help not to put things on numerous times plus be able to look and see what clothing looks like. She has been named Miss Hazel. ,  Vicki, Va

4959 Baby girl name = Lla (9/12/2014 7:41:55 PM):  Well, Melissa (and DH) posted the name of the baby girl (and her sister posted it also so I am guessing they all spelled it correctly). It is Lla Lee {then last name}. I am a little surprised. When they named off potential names I figured it was "Ella" (which we know someone with that name), Sadie and others I can't remember. Is this a common name??,  Heather, NV

4968 Need a Favor- Please (9/13/2014 12:34:02 AM):  We need four of these Padlocks that are being discontinued and there are KMarts that have some in stock on clearance; many say not available for shipping. I ordered four and I even have the UPS Tracking BUT: the UPS Trailer they were in overturned in Portland, OR according to the local UPS Driver and ALL packages were returned to sender, marked SERVICE DISRUPTION OCCURRED. If anyone could possibly check their zipcodes I'd gladly reimburse you for the trouble if you could help me get them. This is the Item #9990000051255311 and the KMart description: 1-9/16in Weather Tuff Lock with 2in Shackle. I entered over 125 zipcodes today trying to find any. KMart can't re-ship when the package is returned! I know it's a shot in the dark but we need this style for the tow-bar hitch for the car to the RV. ,  Pat, Traveling the USA

4970 Pat, Traveling the USA Update (9/13/2014 1:34:53 AM):  and now, for the rest of the story! We were a captive audience in a very small town with a population of 5000, one grocery store = Safeway; absolutely NO Rite Aid, CVS nor Walgreens while waiting for the refrigerator to be replaced for our motorhome! Also the RV Dealership was having a CookOut on the weekends etc and without a refrigerator, we took advantage of that! One Salesman came over while we were using their WiFi and started chatting. Well, I have an Energizer Bunny mouth that keeps on talking too! We had just been to the RV Convention where there were a few hundred new Motorhomes on display. I'm not one for going in them. But there were a few that this RV Dealership had that I wanted to see. Including one that was $900,000! Still haven't gotten into it because it arrived "dead" and they worked on it's revival for several days. After a few days of looking with the first salesman for something to do and he had the next day off so he introduced us to his "sale buddy" team. We had quite a bit of time to waste- and they said no problem as we told them we had no intention of buying. They could even have the new guy practice on showing us a motorhome- he needs to do a lot of homework as they asked us to critique him! Our motorhome is 7 years old and because the manufacturer declared bankruptcy a few years ago, we are "upside down" on our loan as we owe more than it's worth. Even though the manufacturer is back up and running- didn't help the value of ours! Somewhere along the line during the past weeks while waiting for the arrival of our new refrigerator they showed us a motorhome that they asked us if we'd consider. We figured they'd crunch the numbers and we'd say no. Well, this is a new 2013 unit; along with a few other new 2013s that didn't interest us in the least are what they call 'leftovers'. RV Dealerships order or take on units to sell- based on their past sales & inventory. The first year, they don't have to pay anything to have them on their lots until sold. But after that year and again based on their past sales history they have so many months until they have to pay a monthly fee- sort of like a penalty for not being sold? Not sure but the incentives and cash speak! We've certainly gained quite a bit of insight from other RVers, some former RV sales people etc. and learned how all this works! The numbers they did were close to what we'd consider; so then the deal was sent off for Financing. A major glitch: we don't own a residence anymore other than the RV. We're called Fulltimers and there are a few States that we can register our vehicles, get driver's licenses, vehicle insurance etc. Montana offers something called an LLC, but Texas, FL and So Dakota are the states that welcome fulltimers and it's only necessary to have a Mail Forwarding Address in one of those States to be called a Resident and NOT own property anywhere else. So, this past Monday: we were told the financing went through. We got the sweetest deal ever! and finally, the rest of the story: we will be MOVING into our new motorHOME.... probably by the time this gets posted on Saturday morning!,  Pat

4973 Sue Samtur (9/13/2014 5:53:05 AM):  Alice Dodge Please e-mail me at ,  Virginia Ann S VA

4997 Facial Hair (9/13/2014 9:59:41 AM):  Is waxing or chemical hair removers the best option to remove facial hair? I have quite a lot of hair on the sides of my face. Tried plucking but, there's too much hair.,  TKS

4999 Ila - Melissa's baby (9/13/2014 10:10:22 AM):  Well, I was showing DH the photos of the baby and realized that the first letter might be an 'I' and not an 'L' so I went to MS Word to type out different combinations. I think the name is pronounced 'eye la', but we won't know for sure until at least Monday. Also, DH thinks most babies are 'ugly' (squished, etc), but this one is cute since she came out via c-section. I will let you know when I found out how the name is pronounced.,  Heather, NV

5000 Weather (9/13/2014 10:24:26 AM):  Guess our cool front came through. Went out just now (11 a.m.) to get mail and newspaper. It's beautiful. You can actually breathe when you step outside. Came in to look at weather conditions---73 degrees and only 82% humidity. A little more and we can open the windows. Looking forward to that so I can give the A/C and the pocketbook a break.,  Susan, LA

5006 Jane-eBay (9/13/2014 11:24:01 AM):  Jane, what could be better than going out for mail and finding cooler temps and lower humidity? Except, combine that with 2 packages from eBay sellers! Recd. Danielle Steel novel (hardcover) that I was able to pick up for $2.50, only read once and no funny smells. Also 2 pcs. of dollhouse furniture complete with original boxes, same brand as 2 pcs. that I had as a child. Memories of looking at Woolworth's and deciding which one Mama and Daddy would let me have and wouldn't say "that cost too much". One pc. was actually a duplicate of one that we found in the attic not long ago, in perfect shape except one of the drawers was lost. Miracle that all the finials were not broken, yet the drawer is gone. Also watching a few other pieces but they'll add up, so I need to hold myself back. I keep telling myself that I won't find these again, still in the boxes.,  Susan, LA

5010 Cilantro-Tupperware (9/13/2014 12:27:46 PM):  I posted previously about storing cilantro in my Tupperware FridgeSmart container. Don't remember the name of the poster who said she w/ a Tupperware dealer and was interested in my experience. Can't remember the exact date that I purchased this bunch of cilantro, but it was prior to Aug. 3 (I'm thinking 7-10 days prior to that date) b/c I went out of town for that weekend. I thought it would be "gone" when I got home, but it wasn't. Up until last week, I would still use the stems for things, even though they were not quite as crisp--they still had flavor. The leaves still held their shape, although they were limp and I wouldn't use them. Guess I could have used for cooking, but I mostly use in salads. I've been keeping it even though it's past the stage where I would use it. I really just wanted to see how long it would last until I started seeing greenish brown mush. Today I noticed about 1 Tbsp. of that liq. in the bottom of the container so I dumped it. I noticed yesterday that it was starting to lay flat and I decided I'd take it out today. So I guess an accurate portrayal of how long cilantro w/ last in FridgeSmart where all parts are still usable for fresh things would be 4 weeks. I've never had a bunch last more than 5-7 days any other way! ,  Susan, LA

5011 Not Enough Inches (9/13/2014 12:30:28 PM):  Oh I'm not sure I can have enough inches to expand on dress form. Our church had their annual fall picnic and this time around we had a big fish fry. Over 500 fish and probably just under 100 people. Plus hamburgers, hotdogs, all the sides & way too many deserts. Oh you know I had my share of fried fish. Hope I don't run out of inches to stretch out those dummy hips. Lol,  Vicki, Va

5014 Swagbucks Code (9/13/2014 12:44:44 PM):  DIYLipstick before 1pm PT/4pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody, WA

5035 Adina (9/13/2014 6:37:25 PM):  Received your email. I answered with a reply from my phone and sent you an email from laptop. I can receive apparently but not getting to you from me. Let me know.,  Lila

5039 Joanne VT/ DressForm (9/13/2014 7:17:03 PM):  Just went back and read question on dress form. I believe that it goes up to size 28. The hip size goes up to 57 inches. However they do have instructions on how to add padding to areas that it may be needed.,  Vicki, Va

5049 Please help!-Pie Crust (9/13/2014 9:51:07 PM):  I know this is dumb but I tried for years to make a pie crust. I have watched my grandmother, youtube an still cannot get it right. I attempted many years ago and gave up. Now that I am getting Bountiful Baskets there is a lot of fruit. I worked today on the pie curst and it is just falling apart. I used 2C flour, 8oz Crisco, salt and then ice cold water a little at a time by the teaspoon. Should I just give up and use premade only? What a pain. ,  Trisha, TX

5051 Patsy, AL / RVing with Pets (9/14/2014 12:12:44 AM):  We are in the minority because we don't have any pets. It is not uncommon to see 2-3 dogs in one RV and they are every size and variety! Cats, birds, reptiles & probably some I don't even want to know about! Most campgrounds do have restrictions for pets, certain breeds aren't allowed or those with pets maybe assigned to a certain area. Many campgrounds frown on the pet corral/fencing of your site. Yes, many people do leave their pets in their RVs while the owners are gone and neighbors can/do complain or report if the dog is howling or long period of barking. ,  Pat, Traveling the USA

5053 Huge Prayer Request (9/14/2014 12:34:24 AM):  It's a biggie. And I can't expand on it much more than that. Steve and I are fine. Josh is fine. But it's a life changer. And I am downright frightened at the prospect. As I know more, I'll share. Meanwhile, thanks for your prayers and good thoughts.,  Beth in Autumny Palmer, Alaska

5054 Moving! (9/14/2014 12:47:59 AM):  We had a "walk through" today, luckily we're familiar with RVing! But this motorhome has a few new/improved gizmos that we had to learn. We also had to inspect every bit of the exterior for any problems like scratches, chips etc. Our biggest challenge will be which light switch turns on which lights! They were not able to park us door to door! Years ago Dealerships would have a ramp walkway from one RV to another to just walk across into and out of; instead of going down steps from one and up steps to the other. My knee is already rebelling! There is a group holding a rally this weekend at the Dealership. The Dealership has a permit request for a 50 unit campground; but someone in townhall is dragging their feet! We have almost the entire bedroom moved! Doesn't sound like much but keep in mind we have clothes for all seasons & temperatures- no attic storage! But we were also doing little add-ons like changing shelving and re-arranging because of entire different closets, cabinets, drawers etc. Tomorrow will be the kitchen and I am NOT looking forward to that as I lost a great "pantry" and one large cupboard. DH and I had talked about buying a new RV next year or so. We must have a different 7 year itch. We bought our first fulltime RV a year ahead of our plans. The next one was 7 years later and now it's been 7 years since that one! I will try to find the on-line pics the Dealership has. I did find a video of its' sister motorhome that was sold in Pennsylvania and I shared that with my brother and two sisters. ,  Pat

5057 Expensive Week (9/14/2014 6:48:06 AM):  Hi All~ This past week has been an expensive one- My MacBook crashed and had to be replaced and then we had to put new injectors on hubby's diesel pickup. I'm just glad to have it all behind me now. LOL Looking forward to the upcoming week! Have a blessed Sunday everyone! ,  Sharon B., VA

5058 Posting 95048 Broken Link (9/14/2014 6:56:34 AM): When you have a long url use: to shorten the url. To make the hyperlink, tap your space bar two times (in the submission box), copy and paste the shortened url (second link when the tinyurl page changes) into the submission box, then tap your space bar two more times. DO NOT TOUCH ENTER! (That's what you did to your posting). ,  Google Researcher

5060 eBay down (9/14/2014 7:25:00 AM):  Well Jane, I guess it's my fault this weekend. Went to sign in to check a few items I'm watching and seems eBay is down again. This is so unusual---2 outages in such a short time. I don't recall eBay ever being down in the past.,  Susan, LA

5069 Puzzle (9/14/2014 11:02:27 AM):  Last week's challenge: Think of a word starting with T. Drop the T, and phonetically you'll get a new word that's a synonym of the first one. What words are these? Answer: Twirl / whirl I don't think anyone got this last week, at least I don't remember seeing any response to the puzzle. I think there were just too many T words with the limited clue. Next week's challenge: If you punch 0-1-4-0 into a calculator, and turn it upside-down, you get the state OHIO. What numbers can you punch in a calculator, and turn upside-down, to get a state capital, a country and a country's capital?,  MAC--WI

5070 Gardening zone (9/14/2014 11:14:27 AM):  I've never known which geographic zone we're in so I can find out what I should be doing gardening-wise. Can someone tell me where to look? TIA!,  Barb M., OR

5078 Nana's Chicken Corn Chowder (9/14/2014 2:56:09 PM):  1 large can of chicken meat in water 1 quart of water 4 cubes chicken bouillon 1 can of white whole kernel corn 1 large can of cream style corn 1 large can of cream of celery soup 1 large can of cream of chicken soup 1 bag of egg noodles Mix all ingredients together except the egg noodles and heat until warm. Then add bag of egg noodles. Cook until noodles are done. Add salt and pepper to taste. That is the basic recipe. You can use a pound of chicken breast instead of a can of chicken when you have more time. Simmer the chicken in the bouillon and water until chicken is cooked (about an hour). Then add the other ingredients except noodles until warm. Then add the noodles. I've also cooked a whole chicken, then removed the meat from the bones. It is easy to make an even larger batch of this if you have more people to feed. I just dump in more cans of the cream of celery soup, cream style corn, and the cream of chicken soup (you want this so it's more chowderey and not soupy). I also sometimes add cans of regular yellow corn when making a larger batch. I just use what I have on hand. I've also just added a bit more water and another bag of egg noodles for extra large batches. I've actually never added any more chicken though when making a larger batch. It doesn't seem to need it. I've made it using gluten free egg noodles and it was delicious. We always serve it with Keebler original club crackers. Enjoy! ,  Dianne in GA

5085 Bug Wash Sale (9/14/2014 4:24:46 PM):  Stopped at the auto parts store at the corner since didn't feel like getting to WalMart. Needed bug wash since it's love bug season. There was a sign advertising a sale 2/$7 but no sign on how much for regular price. I asked the clerk and she said reg. price was $3.50 "but it's on sale for 2/$7". I just looked at her and she said "you don't have to buy 2 to get the sale price, so even if you buy only 1, it's the same price." Guess the only logic I can come up with for this, is that someone who only wanted 1, would buy 2 b/c it was on sale and they've sold an extra item.,  Susan, LA

5093 Janice, OK-church (9/14/2014 5:31:53 PM):  Janice, how is your church doing? We are going through turmoil with our new pastor. It's been a long 2 months since he came. He's been a pastor for almost 40 yrs. and, from what I can gather, doesn't like to be questioned or challenged. He came in & started making unannounced changes. If he had said he w/ and the reason, it probably w/h been OK. We had a regular Council meeting this past week and the chair asked each of us to tell what we like and don't like about our church. Someone asked why he extinguished the Light of Christ candles & took them off the table. He said since it w/ Communion Sunday, nothing s/b on the table besides the Elements. None of us ever heard of that and someone said that as many of us that were at the meeting, and as many different churches & directions we came from, no one ever heard of that before & are we supposed to believe that no other pastor knew that this was wrong. He said "Evidently, ya'll aren't up on doctrine." OK....Our sister church owns the parsonage and it's in rough shape. He said that we needed to work there b/c we are NOT 2 separate churches and we'd better get used to it. (Definitely short in the tact department.) Then we discussed how to attract new members. He said the target audience s/b young people (I agree for the most part) but then he went on to say that he "doesn't want to attract old people to this church. They are on the way out and that's not who I want as new members of this church. I'll TEND to them, but I don't want to attract them." Gasps all around the table. (We had a visitor today that looked to be about 65 yrs. old and all I could think of was "I hope you don't plan on joinging b/c our pastor doesn't want you.") When he first came, he decided to have a "contest" to see which side of the church could put more in the plate. Most felt this was not respectful and could make those that d/n put in plate each week feel self-conscious (most only write 1 check/month). He said that if anyone felt self-conscious about not contributing, "that's THEIR problem & they need to deal with it". More gasps. And the choir puts theirs in the plate after plates are brought forward. He said by doing it that way, it looks like they are drawing attention to the fact that they are contributing. I didn't sleep at all that night. Today at the end of his sermon, and just before he left the pulpit, he mentioned that we had a meeting and that "some seemed to be struggling w/ some things. I'm not struggling. It's about WHAT we do; not HOW we do it. So if YOU are having a problem, you need to look inside yourself" and he emphasized the last word. Then he left the pulpit. One lady in the choir looked out at me and the lady next to me said "I knew we couldn't get out without him saying something." He's also going to give us Usher and Liturgist lessons. Some of us wonder if he was sent by the Conference so that our church would close. I said we need to meet with the bishop ASAP, before we lose any members, because it's not going to get any better. If he would meet us part-way and admit that he is only human like the rest of us...maybe admit that we got off on the wrong foot and we need to start over again. We're not used to being talked down to like he does. ,  Susan, LA

5094 Great book (9/14/2014 5:46:28 PM):  I do not remember who posted about a book called The circle by Dave Eggers. I read it and it was terrific. It is Science fiction but so current and realistic. It really isn't that far off from reality. I loved every minute of it. It's almost 500 pages but I checked it out on Friday and finished it today. (I am a pretty fast reader) Thanks again for a great recommendation. It's kind of about the internet and how it is taking over every aspect of our lives but it is really about so much more than that. ,  Doreen,MI

5106 KMart/Sears (9/14/2014 8:06:49 PM):  I notice how Sears and KMart are getting stingier with coupons. Our KMart closed today and they had been giving out coupons that could be used at KMart/Sears online and stores besides the one that was closing. At first the coupons were $10/$20. Later the coupons were $5/$35 and yesterday it was $20 in points when you spent $40 on a qualifying purchase (with a long list of restrictions.) Our KMart had been here 35 years and I was told they were closing because the lease was up. After 35 years the lease was up??? I think things would have been different if KMart & Sears hadn't merged. I read the fine print and all the coupons included no clearance and yet I have been using the $10/$20 on clearance and they scan with no trouble. I didn't go there all that often but I will miss KMart,  JudyB LA

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