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Heinz Chili Sauce 7lb (11/12/2015 2:18:48 PM):  I'm hoping someone here can help me with this. I was given a 7 lb 2 oz bag of Heinz Chili Sauce and planned to make a big pot of chili, freezing it in meal-size portions. I added 12 cans of kidney beans (8 drained, 4 with liquid), some chopped onions and peppers, and 2 lbs of cooked hamburger. The chili on the stove simmering now, and it is much too sweet. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. There is no recipe on the bag, and when I tried to call Heinz to get help, I got a call center in some foreign country and was told to go to heinzqualityportal dot com and put in a ticket. I tried that 4 times and couldn't get the help request to go through. I went back to the number I'd called, and the same fellow put me through to someone in their retail sales who said they have no recipes for the commercial products and couldn't help me. Have any of you used this commercial product when preparing chili in a restaurant or school cafeteria? Does anyone know how to properly prepare it? Thanks!,  SharonTN

4833 New Target MasterCard problems (11/12/2015 3:20:32 PM):  Anyone else having problems using their new Target MasterCard on the website? I tried and it didn't take off the 5% (and lists it as a 'MasterCard' not 'Target MasterCard'). When I called the website phone number they implied that my credit card number started with the incorrect numbers and sent me to guess services. Guest Services said my credit card number is correct and wanted to send me back to the website number. I refused since I didn't have time to talk to another person. I hope they get this fixed since I am not sure if what I want is carried in the store. ,  Heather, NV

4835 Epson printer ink (11/12/2015 4:15:31 PM):  I have an epson printer which takes number 69 ink. I received the staples $10 off $20 purchase and of course epson ink is not valid to use this coupon. What other ink does staples carry that is compatible with my printer? Thanks for any help!,  Ann

4839 walk & stress (11/12/2015 5:33:35 PM):  So, after my Target website issue earlier I took Pepper (the Golden Retriever) for a 50 minute walk. Definitely felt better when we got back. Now to go get the kitchen cleaned up before DH gets home.,  Heather, NV

4841 another estate task done (11/12/2015 5:38:57 PM):  I took mom's jewelry to the jeweler the other day (I spent 2+ hours there!). DD and I had decided which items we wanted ahead of time. Each piece was put in a separate mini ziploc bag (found them at Michael's) with the marks we found on them. Today I picked up the check for the jewelry we scrapped (they pulled out the mini jewels and saved them for me). Some pieces are being put on consignment, I got the values for each piece we want to keep and they helped me figure out which pieces were costume (I will probably donate the costume pieces we don't want to the thrift store). It felt so good to come back with only the pieces we want. ,  Heather, NV

4845 90th birthday (11/12/2015 6:28:27 PM):  My neighbor is turning 90 in a few weeks (Nov 25). My son's class made cards for him, and I think my daughter's class is going to also. I know it's a long shot, but I'd love to get up to 90 cards for him! This will be the first anniversary of his wife's death, so I'd like to make it as special for him as possible. If you'd like to send a card, you can send it to me and I'll give them all to him together. John is originally from Italy - he loves to talk, and loves to cook. Please email me lisa samson at yahoo dot com for my address if interested in sending him a card!,  Lisa, OH

4847 Recall Notices (11/12/2015 7:31:18 PM):  STIHL recalls edgers, trimmer/brushcutters, pole pruners and kombimotors due to fire hazard:
Family Dollar recalls wax warmers due to fire and burn hazards:
Laceration injuries prompt SharkNinja to recall Ninja BL660 blenders to provide new warnings and instructions:
PNY recalls portable lithium polymer battery packs due to fire hazard: Researcher

4848 So sad (11/12/2015 7:32:09 PM): This happened in Indianapolis. But they use to live in our area and attend New Spring Church. We attended this church at about the same time though I don't remember them. (church is huge and top growing church in the US). I work with a guy who was best friends with this husband in college and still in touch. So sad. I can't imagine his shock and having to now become a single dad. She also lost their unborn child (12 weeks along).,  Susan, SC

4849 One More Nail Question (11/12/2015 7:36:24 PM):  Thanks for the advice last week about getting gel or acrylic nail extensions. Last question. How do you get them off when you don't want them anymore? Can you do it yourself or do you have to go back to a salon? If you do it yourself, does it involve chemicals? Also, can they fall off before you want them to? ,  Vicki L

4851 iPhone 6 (11/12/2015 9:42:43 PM):  Got my new iPhone 6 today and trying to learn how to use it. Previously had 4 so familiar with it, but a few differences. My main problem now is that my computer won't recognize the phone. When I go to Control Panel, phone shows as "Apple Mobile Unspecified". Tried to add device, but when it says it's searching, nothing happens. When I go to Computer, it doesn't show up at all. Took some pix on way home to try the camera out but I can't get them to my computer. Thinking if I can get the phone recognized, the rest will solve itself. Any help would be appreciated. ,  Susan, LA

4861 Where is everyone? (11/13/2015 8:09:15 AM):  I know this has been asked many times this year. Posts have really fallen off; I can go for a few days without reading and catch up in minutes. I think it started when little Chloe got so sick and Michele was absent to be with the family. Some people just don't get it that family comes first, and many of them seem to have "jumped ship". When there are few posts on Political Day, you know something is up. Even the snarky people seem to have moved on. (no loss there, lol!) Anyway, what other deal sites do any of you recommend? I've been with RC since the 80's and have no intention of leaving, but would like to hear from others what sites they find helpful. I haven't been doing too many deals the last few years, since we're empty nesters, but now that we have a ladies group at church, I'm back looking for deals to fill goody bags for the nursing home and assisted living home. Any sites that are favorites? Thanks!,  Paula T. TN

4863 Expired Catalinas (11/13/2015 8:57:10 AM):  I have 2 expired Catalinas, $1 from Food Lion (exp. 10/13) and $2.50 from Walgreens (exp. 11/3). Is it still possible to use them anywhere? TIA,  Forgetful in GA

4873 FOY Code (11/13/2015 10:14:29 AM):  idfw2vyvn For 26 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

4880 Things are looking up. (11/13/2015 12:07:59 PM):  My dd was training for a post office job; delivering rural route. She had to get a vehicle; which turned out to be bad news. She was trying to do the route in her car. She was being trained by three people. They were all telling her to do things differently. She had a meltdown and quit. I would be a year before she would get on fulltime. She is a hard worker; but it stressed her. The two clerks were talking about her in a round about way; as "changes in the office,etc" Why do people have to be so mean and "snarky" like someone said. Now the good news. She is still driving a bus to and from school each day and some field trips. Her dh has been subbing and driving buses also; but I think he has gotten a job with Red Carpet Bus Lines. He just has to give them his decision. If so; she is going to sell her vehicle she bought for the post office and buy an embroidery machine. She loves doing work like that. The local T/Shirt shop has promised to give her their business if she gets the machine. This is great because she is very talented. They will move when their mobile home is ready. We are still enjoying them being with us.,  Janice/Ok

4881 Fur Moms (11/13/2015 12:08:37 PM):  Any fur moms out there that have power chewers? I need a recommendation of something that will last for my 2 dogs for longer than 2.5 seconds lol. So far the black kong is all that has held up but they get bored. Deer antlers which are supposed to hold up, not! At 20 some odd dollars a crack I just can't afford to try toys. Thanks for anything that could help,  Sheila G IL

4882 Wounded Warriors (11/13/2015 12:13:54 PM):  There are many Wounded Warriors organizations: the two "main" ones are: Wounded Warrior which has a paid Administrative and Executive board. The Wounded Warrior Program is actually run by our Govt. I know because my US Army Retired Sister has worked for them for the past 7+ years in Landstuhl Germany at the US Military Hospital where EVERY WW comes to. She is the Lead Finance Officer (civilian) and has Active Duty Military working along side her with the WW. She assists the WW and their families (spouse or parent) who may be brought to Germany (your Tax dollars at work) to give the WW support IF they are in Landstuhl for a certain time period. Many WWs return stateside for medical care, recovery etc and many also return back to their downrange unit.,  Pat; now in Phoenix area

4903 Milly, MN (11/13/2015 4:07:12 PM):  Thanks for the link to the education article. I'm sure other state's have good programs for these students too. Unfortunately, we just don't hear about them! I posted this link on our school's website too.,  Joanne Vt

4905 Contact lenses (11/13/2015 5:21:03 PM):  Well, I finally got around to searching for the best prices in contact lenses. $110/24-pack came up most of the time. One of the websites said that the government has set the price for the contacts and no discounts can be given. Have any of you gotten discounts when ordering contact lenses?,  Mindy, MD

4908 France (11/13/2015 6:01:06 PM):  Just crazy and so tragic for all the innocent people in France. The band (or one of the bands?) at that concert hall was from our area, Greenville, SC. The main lead singer was a native of Greenville. Preliminary reports are that everyone is dead in the concert hall. So tragic!,  Susan, SC

4910 Blenders (11/13/2015 6:35:40 PM):  My blender died and I need a new one. I went shopping but there are so many different kinds! I'd like to know what kind of blender you have, and what are the features you like the best about it. Thanks for your help.,  Geri P - WI

4914 Rash from Oak trees (11/13/2015 8:03:36 PM):  I take a walk nearly every day and have my second attack of a rash on my neck and throat areas. I have been told that the Oak trees are causing this rash and that the germ is air borne. I do not touch the trees or anything related to them. I have been told that Orajel helps heal the rash. But I tried Lavender oil and that has worked. Anyone else know anything about this?,  Marge, OK

4919 Where is everyone update (11/13/2015 9:07:53 PM):  Sorry, I had a senior moment by asking for other deal sites, forgetting that it isn't allowed. Thanks for everyone's considerate and not snarky replies. And I have to agree about everything wanting you to do it on your phone. Guess the deals really are hard to come by these days. Thanks again for your patience with me.,  Paula T. TN

4928 Snopes (11/14/2015 5:58:50 AM):  Apparently the couple that owns this site has been arrested because they took bribes from politicians, foreign governments, and foreign entities to falsify the stories. Who would have thunk?,  Bob, PA

4931 Veteran Topic (11/14/2015 8:52:07 AM):  I was truly shocked to read what CB-OHIO had to say about Veterans and I thought her comment was truly a slap in the face to people who have served their country. My husband served 4 years in the Coast Guard doing search & rescue. He was stationed in various places in the United States. His time in the service was very hard for myself and our new baby. We made many sacrifices and we lived in poverty as his pay was minimal and not even enough to survive on. I remember many times having just a bag of potatoes and a few cans of beans or vegetables to live on. There was no commissary near us. There was no "going out to lunch" for us. I wondered if her husband had to give up 4 years or more of his life to serve his country? If her husband had a small inconvenience one day...big deal. In my opinion, she needs to apologize to ALL the veterans that have served their country. ,  Thank you Veterans!

4933 Sears Free Shipping (11/14/2015 9:22:45 AM):  Does Sears ever have free shipping? If so, does anyone have a code for free shipping? Thanks for any help,  Lynn

4936 Anyone else have this problem? (11/14/2015 9:59:21 AM):  I have refundcents as my home page on Mozilla. About a week ago, Mozilla no longer saves my home page. Every day I have to add it again. Today I noticed that RefundCents is not a secure site, and when I went to drag the icon over to the home to save it, it says this site does not supply identity information. Is this the reason why I can no longer keep it as my home page? Any help would be appreciated! ,  Cheryl C, ME

4939 Paula TN (11/14/2015 11:09:52 AM):  Paula, can you email me at I need to ask you something. thanks,  Susan, SC

4942 Jane Elliot - still on here? (11/14/2015 1:24:51 PM):  I ask since I saw that name listed on the 'Where is everyone' post AND LinkedIn just starting showing her as someone I know and thinks I should link with her. I am not sure how LinkedIn knew that I knew Jane. I got a request the other day from a blogger I follow also. Her I at least knew I had emailed at least once.,  Heather, NV

4957 What's for dinner? (11/14/2015 6:03:04 PM):  Hi -- We have a beef stew bubbling away on the stove. I'm gradually adding the veggies: celery, carrots, green beans and cubed potatoes.,  Alice Dodge, OR

4963 iphone 6 not recognized (11/14/2015 8:20:29 PM):  About to pull my hair out for 2 days trying to figure out why computer was not recognizing new iPhone 6. Recognized in Control Panel as Apple Mobile USB (changed from the 1st day somehow when it was Apple Mobile Unspecified). iTunes recognized but not on Computer. Thinking and thinking, then I remembered years ago when I tried to install iTunes, it would not. So we searched YouTube and found this kid whose voice had not even changed yet and he said that he had "been up for 2 days trying to solve problem b/c I can't play my video games". Said to create a new user acct. on computer and then log off and back on to user name that you normally use. Said he didn't know why, but "trust me, it works". And it DID! So thought I'd try it with this problem. Worked part way. Phone was recognized on the 2nd user name, but when I went back to original, was not there. This is the link to a young man (not the same kid) explaining how to fix it. I have no idea what all that means and was really scared that I would mess something else up, but it worked!!! Seems I had to install driver software for MTP USB Device, yet when I checked for updates, said I was all up to date!! Really strange that all the Apple posts I read never mentioned this fix for the problem. Yay for young people and YouTube!! At least I could place and receive calls and could text photos, which for some reason my old phone no longer did. I could take photos, just couldn't transfer from my phone to computer. All is well now. So just keep this in mind if anyone has iPhone 6 issues. You certainly won't find any answers on Apple site.,  Susan, LA

4965 Puzzle (11/15/2015 7:31:03 AM):  Think of a word that contains three consecutive letters of the alphabet together — like CANOPY, which contains NOP. Change these three letters to one new letter to make a synonym of the first word. What words are these?,  MAC--WI

4972 Swagbucks Code (11/15/2015 11:55:16 AM):  MickeyEars until 12pm PT/3pm ET to earn 2 SB!,  Melody

4975 Louse (11/15/2015 12:22:48 PM):  I grew up in In and less than an hour to the OH border. I have never heard of "city chicken". What's that???,  Susan, SC

4982 Squash (11/15/2015 6:16:31 PM):  Are there any secrets to cutting a squash -- particularly acorn squash? I always have a tough time cutting it in half so I can bake it upside down and then add brown sugar an butter before serving. I use the "meat cleaver" looking knife from my knife set to cut it but it is a struggle -- even for DH.,  Sue S., MN

4985 Yarn (11/15/2015 9:38:16 PM):  I purchased a scrubbie type dish cloth at a local craft fair -- and now I wish I had purchased a dozen. The maker told me she has to order the yarn online because she hasn't found it in the stores -- it isn't made with the netting that I've seen before - she made them about five inches square -- the yarn is not exactly a single strand but has bits and pieces that stick out and lend texture to the cloth. It works like a charm. Would love to locate the yarn or at least the name of what I am looking for. Hopefully, this description makes sense -- I think it is knitted -- as the weave would be rather tight for crochet. Thanks in advance for any help.,  Sue S., MN

4986 unscientific survey (11/16/2015 5:11:16 AM):  How much time does it normally take you to get ready for the day? I am wondering what is the average time people get up before leaving for work etc. For example: I leave for work at 7:30 and I normally get up between 5:30 and 5:45 (I can get up as late as 6:00 and still be OK) I have asked others at work and some get up 1/2 hour before leaving some get up 2 or 3 hours before leaving. Just curious what the average is. I figure 1/2 hour to shower, 20 minutes to eat, 10 minutes to get lunch together. 20 minutes to fix hair and get dressed. Misc stuff, time varies: Feed the dog, let the dog in and out a few times. quick cleanup of kitchen, dishes into dishwasher, wipe counters. I like to scroll through FB and RC for a few minutes, drink some coffee relax for a few. ,  Doreen,MI

4990 Daughter/P.O> Job (11/16/2015 7:19:50 AM):  Thanks for all who posted about her. She didn't "blow it." They are cliquish. The vehicle she purchased for the route, was a dud. She would not get benefits or on full time for a year. The lady who was so insulting to her is being moved to our local post office. She might not be happy about that; but the post master there won't put up with that stuff. She is the one who hired by daughter. We have known her since we moved here 30 years ago. My dd had to go back on Prozac to do the route, but now she is back to herself. My sil has gone to OK City today to train for the Red Carpet bus driver job. One good thing is that we have been able to all live together in harmony during these changes in their lives. Thanks to all who were positive about the embroidery job. Previously she had been decorating sweatshirts and t-shirts. She has also made quilts out of t/shirts for several people in town. She decorates ball caps also. BTW We won the first round of play-offs 56-26. My grandson got to play several times also. ,  Janice/Ok

4991 Remember Jessica? (11/16/2015 7:20:51 AM):  She is the girl who lived with us her senior year. She become the mom of a 8lb 12 oz baby boy this weekend. ,  Janice/Ok

4992 Plenti (11/16/2015 8:16:57 AM):  Trying to figure this out. Can I receive points monthly from AT&T on my cell phone bill (already have) not a new one. On the food items how do you receive your points? Enter online? Have to have a smart phone? I have my card and have set up my account. Trying to figure it all out.,  Not smart

4998 Cole slaw (11/16/2015 10:41:42 AM):  Looking for a great cole slaw. I know the bag of cole slaw mix, but what do you use for your dressing?,  Penny in MO

5002 Trouble accessing (11/16/2015 6:33:53 PM):  Has anyone else had trouble accessing the site today? I kept getting "timed out" message. Been since right after lunch.,  Susan, LA

5008 Guideposts Devotionals (11/16/2015 6:33:14 PM):  I want to order some inspiration from Guideposts. Can someone please tell me what Edpf and Epub mean? Would either of these allow me to print it out if I wanted to save it? or is this why they are cheaper? These are only 9.99 where the books are 16.99. Thank You, Laurie,  Laurie W, OH

5015 Sue S. MN (11/16/2015 7:17:33 PM):  Here is a link for the scrubbie yarn. Seen your post earlier today but was gone and busy but finally had time to check this out for you. I've seen this online before and it does look interesting. Hope this helps you out.,  Gayle, MI

5025 FSM (11/17/2015 5:00:56 AM):  If you have been around RC for a long time ago you might remember we had a poster who called themselves the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I just happened to see this news story and it made me think of that. I had a nice little morning chuckle.,MI

5026 Prepping (11/17/2015 5:24:24 AM):  OK , folks , I'm putting together a "disaster kit" . Any ideas of what else I need to include ? I have : Crank and battery operated flash lights and radio 2 coleman battery operated lanterns Manual can opener candles regular land line phone grill and charcoal wooden matches & lighters kerosene heaters & fuel clean tidy cats jugs filled with water for flushing wipes extra blankets & sleeping bags pet food gallons of drinking water My "kit" is actually a corner of the spare room . Small items are in a plastic tote .Larger items are right there , too . Being a couponer , I always have lots of food & drink on hand . We also have a wood stove in the basement . We will keep all meds filled , car gas tanks will be full at all times, and extra gas in the cans in the detached garage . I'm getting a little concerned about natural and man made disasters . Want to be prepared as possible . I live in NW PA . We get some pretty awful winter weather . With so much going on in the world , I also worry about terrorist attacks on the electrical grid . I just want to be prepared , just in case ! Anybody have any other suggestions on what I need to add to my "kit" ? TIA !!!,  Martha B. Meadville Pa

5028 Eddie Cash show (11/17/2015 6:40:25 AM):  Has anyone seen any of his shows? We were thinking of buying tickets, but not sure if its a good show. If you have seen him, does he have a back up band?,  Thanks for any help.

5029 Very short posts (11/17/2015 6:42:08 AM):  I have to say, that lately when I get on here there are like 5 posts and the entire rest of the page is blank. Are people just not posting on here, or what? I enjoy reading them, but really expect to see more. Just my opinion.,  KathyB, MI

5031 Christmas gifts- Doll (11/17/2015 7:36:58 AM):  My daughter has an American Girl Doll she received, and the only things on her Christmas list are accessories, clothing etc for it. I know Target has their brand and Walmart has their brand, which will work with the AG doll. Have ya'll seen any discounts or Black Friday ads that has any deals on things like clothing, shoes, accessories? I got her a bed and bedding from Amazon, when it was on sale a bit back, but just wondered if maybe any others had seen some deals. Thanks in advance. ,  Rachel, AR

5035 Eddie Cash show (11/17/2015 8:01:23 AM):  If anyone has any information on the Eddie Money Show, please email me. I need to know by tomorrow. Thanks,  lynn

5041 pipping Rock (11/17/2015 9:29:36 AM):  Anyone have free shipping for Pipping Rock?,  Thanks for any help.

5042 Flying Spaghetti Monster (11/17/2015 9:51:21 AM):  We old timers will remember posts from someoone using this name. I saw on FB today a news story that a woman following this religion insisted they allow her to wear a colander on her head for drivers license photo. LOL. States it;s freedom of religion.I don't personally care. None of her facial features were blocked.If she wants a photo like that for 4 yrs, go for it. It was in MA and she was permitted to wear it for the photo.,  Sue P., CT

5052 Black Bean Burger (11/17/2015 11:46:32 AM):  Looking for a tried and true recipe for black bean burgers. Something flavorful and not too many ingredients to keep prep simple. I do make (well, rehydrate) my own black beans and usually have a few bags in the freezer. So ideally, something I could just add a few ingredients to one of the bags out of the freezer and just puree/mash up and I got burgers!,  Laura, WI

5054 Swagbucks Code (11/17/2015 12:20:06 PM):  FightCancer until 12pm PT/3pm ET worth 4 SB! Thanks Susan.,  Melody

5055 FOY Code (11/17/2015 1:26:53 PM):  0d4hm4mxe For 27 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

5058 American Girl (11/17/2015 1:49:10 PM):  Do the clothes have to be American Girl? There is a doll clothing store in Pigeon Forge you might want to check into. Don't know if they have a website or not. Ever thought about having someone make her some doll clothes? Hope this helps.,  Janet/GA

5062 (11/17/2015 3:32:42 PM):  Has anyone used this site? Might have been discussed in centisble chat. My husband's coworker told him about it. Adorable things at excellent prices. Something about shipping from China or bulk or something is why the prices are so low. There are reviews on many of the items too. I spent $50 on it yesterday and many things have been shipped already. Looks great for stocking stuffers.,  Dianne in GA

5063 Thought provoking (11/17/2015 3:35:50 PM):  This poem was written by a woman who used to live across the street from my grandparents house in Northern Maine. Her name is Cice Anderson. The Rub---- by Cice--- And this is the rub you see,-- were I displaced would the Muslims welcome me---If to their country I must go ----would my Christian faith I be allowed to show---Could my crucifix of my dear Jesus be worn—when I knelt to pray on a Sunday morn---or would they view me as an infidel---not worthy to live, so I have heard tell---Yet as Christians we are expected ,you see---to say, Dear Muslim let me help thee—Let me help you in time of need---even though you may stab me in the back indeed—Oh! My dear Lord I pray to you,--- and ask you just what I should do--- In this time of trial you see,-- I just don’t know where I should be –should I do unto other as I would have them do to me---or do to them what they would do to me, if given half a chance, you see. ,  Bob, PA

5066 prepping (11/17/2015 4:02:43 PM):  kind of along the same lines as below. We don't go to large sporting events often usually due to time and money. But I'd be a bit fearful of them right now. Seems to me that would be a likely target with lots of people. My son writes (from Marine boot camp) that anyone in infantry is probably going overseas within 45 to 60 days. At this time he is not infantry as he scored high on his Asfab and is due to go to school instead. (Has been in gifted classes since 3rd grade, so fairly bright). I'm more fearful of winter weather at this point than terrorism as I just don't think it will be much on our soil. And I hope I'm not proved wrong.,  Susan, SC

5069 ISIS (11/17/2015 4:48:31 PM):  With this talk of prepping, I was wondering if these attacks will affect our economy. Will people avoid shopping malls? How about trips to NYC or D.C. or other places that would have a lot of people gather, such as Times Square in NY?. What are your thoughts?,  Jackie A., PA

5076 Generator??? (11/17/2015 5:35:04 PM):  If one has a generator, how many hours would it run with a full tank of gas?? And then you would need more gas, right?? So it would last just a week or?? If an electrical grid went down, I'm not sure a generator would help that much. You would still have to get to a gas station to replenish/ Thoughts??,  Susan, SC

5085 Black Friday plans (11/17/2015 6:34:03 PM):  Anyone have any grand plans? Have you been scouting the Black Friday ads seeing what you may get? I won't go into any actual stores, you can get most things online, but there are a few small things I would like to order this year. A few things from Kohls, Target and Gymboree. I also always get the VIP bag at Bath and Body works as a gift for my sister in law. There are a few things at Bass Pro we might get for when we go camping. Any of ya'll have grand schemes worked out? ,  Rachel, AR

5095 Generator, Judy La (11/17/2015 11:18:32 PM):  It is a portable generator. When we use it we put it on our screened in porch. Before Katrina a friend of ours bought a generator that was hooked up to natural gas line so that he could use it he lost power. He couldn't use it after Katrina for days as there was a break in the main gas line that fed the community his house was in. ,  Betty, La

5098 Prepping post? (11/18/2015 7:06:38 AM):  I remember back in the 60s when my then boyfriend and I lived 5 hours apart during the school year and 2 hours apart when we were both on Long car truck had my birth control pills, change of underwear and socks, and my hair brush......that is what I used to think was most important....LOL!!!,  Joanie in NJ & FL

5104 Swagbucks Code #1 (11/18/2015 8:15:03 AM):  ReadyToGobble until 8am PT/11am ET to earn 5 SB! It's a code extravaganza today. I think it's 6 codes today.,  Melody

5106 Fixed income annuity (11/18/2015 8:28:24 AM):  I am recently retired and my husband has been for 2 years. Our 401-K was converted to an IRA and we have monthly withdrawals. We just took a short course from a community college regarding ABC retirement planning. The instructor strongly endorsed fixed income annuities, saying the old platform of portfolios of mutual funds and bonds is no longer valid and market volatility will continue to increase. FIAs apparently protect your $$ in downturn years. My words not his. Does anyone here have further info on FIAs? Either good or bad? His presentation made a great deal of sense, but I am a biologist by training, not a financial whiz. Any help appreciated. ,  Learning

5107 cost of Thanksgiving foods (11/18/2015 8:47:31 AM):  I was looking through the grocery ads today and I saw the 6oz French's friend onion rings on sale for $3.49 (save 50c) They really have gone up in price. I think I will skip the green bean casserole this year,  judyb la

5108 Dorothy Heiland (11/18/2015 8:47:38 AM):  Has anyone heard from her recently? I don't do Facebook. ,  Vera in cool MI

5111 puzzle answer (11/18/2015 9:11:58 AM):  My guess is DEFeat and beat.,  Theresa, PA

5112 Retinol (11/18/2015 9:12:08 AM):  I've recently added a retinal correction treatment to my facial routine. Do I apply before or after using moisturizer? ,  just askin'

5114 FOY code-limited (11/18/2015 9:26:24 AM):  november18newsletter 25 Hulk Coins Fountain of Youth code for the first 25,000 users.,  Melody

5116 Swagbucks Code #2 (11/18/2015 10:01:34 AM):  MmmGravy before 10am PST/1pm EST for 4 SB!,  Melody

5119 FOY Code (11/18/2015 10:35:24 AM):  r4io3p4lz worth 10 points for 1 more.,  Vicki, Va.

5123 What's for Thanksgiving Dinner? (11/18/2015 11:27:38 AM):  We are having a honey ham from Sam's Club {just as good as a Honey Baked and a fraction of the cost) corn, broccoli, Pillsbury Crescent rolls, stuffing, parsley potatoes. And my DD is bringing a vegetarian main dish for herself... and a dessert. There will just be 5 of us. ,  Vera in cool MI

5124 Gravy with no MSG (11/18/2015 11:29:43 AM):  I would like to make a home made gravy with the ham. Any good recipes? I usually only make it with turkey. Thanks ,  Vera in MI

5125 Kindles, etc. (11/18/2015 11:42:33 AM):  Does anyone have the $49 Kindle offered on Amazon? Do you like it? My daughter has requested a tablet for Christmas. I am considering this one for her. (But first, I will give her a 70-page spiral bound notebook "tablet".) It's okay - she gets my sense of humor. I am wondering if this one is good. I have the Fire HD but that is out of my budget at this time. If the $49 one is not decent, can you recommend a different one? Thanks!,  Amy J, OH

5126 melody, wa (11/18/2015 12:04:33 PM):  melody, could you please email me at i would love to talk to you & learn more about thyroid issues. my husband's levels are somewhat high & the dr wants him to take prescription meds, but he doesn't want to. i ordered him the iodine drops, but i'd like to ask you some questions about their use. thanks so much! ,  donna in norcal

5127 Swag bucks code #3 (11/18/2015 12:09:16 PM):  MashedTaters Until noon Pacific time. 4 SB.,  Melody

5130 90 Day Fiance (11/18/2015 1:12:30 PM):  Anyone watch this? Seems like this time none of the couples sound like they will make it to the altar. When something surprises one of the women she says "Oh My Buddha," never heard that before. I think the older man is selfish to tell his 19 year old girlfriend that there will be no children. It is no wonder he is single (after his first marriage to a 90 day fiancé.) The whole set up seems like it is all what he wants; although he bought her a red sports car like he bought the first wife. ,  Janice/Ok

5135 Swagbucks Code #4 (11/18/2015 2:06:18 PM):  JustStuffIt until 2pm PT/5pm ET to earn 5 SB! The site crashed so it may be a little slow to get on.,  Melody

5143 re: Generator??? (11/18/2015 3:29:39 PM):  Susan SC, my story is similar to Sunshine's post. We were without electricity and water for over a week in 90+ degree weather. Some of our gas stations had electricity so we were able to get gasoline for the generator that my husband bought at Lowes. It cost us over $40 a day to run the generator for about 4-5 hours a day. (Just long enough to keep our freezer & refrigerator cold -- I had just purchased about $200 in meat and hated to lose it.) I convinced my husband to buy a generator that is fueled from our propane tank. It was expensive, but I love it. The portable one had to be kept outside in a covered area with extension cords coming into the house. (That meant our doors could not be locked at night if we were running the generator.) We have not had to use it yet and my husband still "complains" that it is the most expensive "insurance" that we have bought --LOL. I am still very thankful that we have the generator. This is the first house we have lived in with a well, so I was surprised it took electricity to have water --duh! We also now have rain barrels to help with any water crisis. I have enjoyed the Prepping posts. ,  Helen in Va

5144 Sue S. MN (11/18/2015 3:34:35 PM):  Just wanted to let you know I received an email today from Mary Maxim and that scrubbie yarn is on sale for $1.99. I didn't check what shipping is but at least the yarn is on sale. How weird it was to get that email right after you were asking about it, lol.,  Gayle, MI

5145 Swagbucks Code #5 (11/18/2015 4:05:37 PM):  LightOrDark until 4pm PT/7pm ET to earn 4 SB!,  Melody

5150 Generator buying (11/18/2015 5:19:44 PM):  My advice is to check pawn shops for generators!! My brother bought one at a pawn shop a few years ago. It was "frozen" (wouldn't start) so he talked the pawn shop seller into dropping the price $20 and he bought it anyway. He's a guy that can repair just about anything so took it home and got it going! He uses it and we had borrowed it once...then we bought our own. They are worth it if they save a freezer full of food just once! We haven't been able to use our generator at night. Crooks are cruising neighborhoods and at night will steal any generator left outside. We always wheel ours into the garage for overnight during power outages. You can also check newspaper ads, Craigslist etc etc for a used one...just make sure it starts before you buy it!! ,  Google Researcher

5151 Hypertufa (11/18/2015 5:22:40 PM):  Would the person who inquired about hypertufa a while back, please e-mail me at lph33511 at,  Linda H., Florida

5152 Dynamics of meetings (11/18/2015 5:23:55 PM):  I find human behavior fascinating at times. The president of the Friends of the Library group had to quickly leave her 20+ year position due to health reasons. A very nice southern woman with a quick wit but a bit of a controlling personality. Last night we had our monthly meeting with four quiet (me included) people which was done in half of the time and we were able to work reorganizing the bookstore like it needs to be. I had to chuckle to myself because it was amazing to see how people's reactions change, how much work got done, and how the meeting tone changed once the president left.,  Mindy, MD

5153 Craft shows in greenville (11/18/2015 5:30:15 PM):  What are some good craft shows during Christmas season? Moved to North Georgia and missing my Atlanta area shows this time of year!,  Ginny GA

5155 IA/NE/MO Convention People? (11/18/2015 5:38:11 PM):  Do we still have some of the people from Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri who used to make the rounds of refunding conventions back in the day? I really miss those days and all the people who became friends. Any of you still out there and would like to chat a bit email me at Cpnlady110 @ (leave out the spaces of course).,  Bev in Iowa

5156 Swagbucks Code-Last one (11/18/2015 5:51:23 PM):  PiePlease until 6pm PT/9pm ET to earn 6 SB! ,  Melody

5172 Traditions for T/Giving (11/19/2015 9:15:41 AM):  When we got married 42 years ago. I told my mil I would bring the fruit salad to T/Giving. She said we don't have fruit salad. My family always had it. It was my job to cut up the fruit. We put apples, oranges, apricots, pears, peaches in ours. We added bananas; coconut, pecans and cool whip right before serving. Back then I thought everybody had fruit salad at T/Giving. When we lived in NY, turnip greens was a must at a friends house. In later years, my mil served a fruit salad with cherries, pineapple, bananas and vanilla pudding mix. Another tradition in my family is eating a little of the raw dressing (before eggs are added). My dd and I love this. I also get to eat the neck of the turkey after we cook it and the giblets for gravy.,  Janice/Ok

5173 Potato Salad (11/19/2015 9:18:18 AM):  I brought potato salad to a family picnic once. My mil and sil said "Oh you make sour potato salad." Mine has mustard, miracle whip, onions, dill pickles, and boiled eggs. I guess they made theirs with sweet pickles and pimentos. My mil was a wonderful lady but more than once she mentioned my sour potato salad. When my dd was young she said "Well, I love my mom's potato salad." I thought it was funny that she was defending it. What's your fav potato salad?,  Janice/Ok

5181 Swagbucks Code-SwagButton only (11/19/2015 11:09:12 AM):  EasierEarning in the SwagButton ONLY until 11am PT/2pm ET to earn 3 SB! This Swag Code can ONLY be redeemed in the SwagButton. On your toolbar.,  Melody

5190 Open Sky (11/19/2015 1:04:41 PM):  Does anyone know how to find the phone number for them? I bought a necklace and only wore it once, it's all tarnished.,  Karen, PA

5193 Insurance (11/19/2015 2:02:59 PM):  Recd. call from my insurance agent last month telling me that they offer a discount for a "hip roof" and to claim discount, need to send pix of all 4 sides of house from rootop to foundation to prove that I have this roof on all 4 sides of the house. Okay....been with same (major) insurer for 25+ years, same agent who bought out my previous agent for probably 10 years, never heard of this discount before so why are they offering now. Personally, I think it gives them a reason to come out to inspect on the premise of applying for this discount and they will find something while they are out here to cancel the policy. They only gave 1 week notice before policy renewal. A friend in my old neighborhood got a call from her insurance telling her that she needed to paint the detached garage apartment behind her house or they would cancel the policy on her home. The apt. is not even insured! My agent said she looked on Google maps and noticed an alarm company sign out front so I could claim that discount as well. (I just have a sign, no I had to tell her that. She said it was good b/c it was a deterrant for break-ins anyway.) Today I receive call from my agent again wanting to go over my auto policy before my week! Nothing like waiting till last minute. They offer a Safe Driver discount if you take the course. Again...never offered THIS discount before! It will save me $90/year for 3 years. The online course is $30. Just aggravating that they do policy reviews on us every year or 2 and no one has ever mentioned these discounts!,  Annoyed insured

5197 More about Potato Salad (11/19/2015 2:31:16 PM):  My dd and I love to warm Campbells Chicken Noodle soup and add a large spoonful of leftover potato salad to it. It is so delicious. When I was young my mother would do that only she used dry chicken noodle soup; the one with the tiny noodles. I was thinking; during my childhood; there were five in our family. We never had huge bowls of food on the table. Our mashed potatoes were in a glass bowl that only held about 3 cups of potatoes. We never ate green canned green beans. We would often cook fresh green beans with new potatoes. Corn was corn on the cob. We rarely ate canned foods. Roast was always with natural gravy and cooked in the oven. My dh loves roast with Golden Mushroom soup and cooked in the crockpot over night or all day. ,  Janice/Ok

5201 Michele's back!! (11/19/2015 3:07:37 PM):  Glad you're back. Hope your vacation was great, but cut yourself some slack. We don't expect you to jump right in this afternoon! Geez!!,  Susan, LA

5202 Swagbucks (11/19/2015 3:11:31 PM):  Is anyone else having problems watching the videos. Either I get stuck on one and it never moves or I get to the end and get no credit. Can't get no points that way ,  Deb-Il

5205 Cathy NY (11/19/2015 3:39:26 PM):  I've missed you and imagine the coming holidays may be difficult for you after having lost Walter. I recall you were having problems with living arrangements and were considering moving. I hope those issues have been resolved and you are living comfortably. My thoughts, prayers, and good wishes for you continue. I'd love to hear from you as I'm sure many other here would - when you have a chance.......,  Marion, CA

5207 Cute Joke (11/19/2015 4:29:19 PM):  from Kevin Sorbo on Facebook. Laugh for the day: When our lawn mower broke and wouldn't run, my wife kept hinting to me that I should get it fixed. But, somehow I always had something else to take care of first, the shed, the boat, making beer.. Always something more important to me. Finally she thought of a clever way to make her point. When I arrived home one day, I found her seated in the tall grass, busily snipping away with a tiny pair of sewing scissors. I watched silently for a short time and then went into the house. I was gone only a minute, and when I came out again I handed her a toothbrush. I said, "When you finish cutting the grass, you might as well sweep the driveway." The doctors say I will walk again, but I will always have a limp.,  Melody

5211 Update from Cathy,NY (11/19/2015 7:15:21 PM):  Thank you Marion,Ca.for asking about me.Sorry I have not posted lately but have been extremely busy the last month(seems like years)Yes I am moving.It wasn't by choice & at first I was VERY unhappy about it but after seeing the apt.a few more times I have decided it really is a nice little place & once I get settled I am sure I will be happy with it.I guess this is the final chapter as a new single person.I have been busy the last month weeding through 11 years worth of accumation,tossing bag after bag of old papers receipts ect.I think I had 3 trash bags packed full just of the papers in his file cabinent.Then I had to sort through what I could take with me & what I needed to sell or donate.Tried to have a household sale but after calling 8-9 people they were either all booked up or didn't think I had enough.So had to settle for having an auction.It is the Sat.after Thanksgiving at 10:00PM in Findley Lake NY if anyone is in the area & interested.Had a bunch of guys here last Sun.& moved most of the big stuff.2 coming back tomorrow night to finish up.I will be so happy to finally get settled in as both places are complete messes & I can't live like this much longer.Then it will probably take me a month getting everything settled at the new place.For the first time in my adult life am not cooking a thing for Thanksgiving dinner.Have to get settle over there so I can do a little Christmas baking(I hope)That was always part of the holiday for me.That is where it stands for now.P,S.You are right Marion The holidays will be a very sad time for me & I am sure a few tears will be shed,  Cathy S.NY

5213 Oops! (11/19/2015 7:56:58 PM):  My sister is the most comical person I know. She went to church last Sunday and got there early. So she went in the room where the ushers, greeters, and acolytes were before the service and started chatting with them. She has been trying to lose weight this year and so far has lost 18 pounds. While chatting, her slip fell to her ankles. She quickly went down the stairs to the restrooms and threw the slip in the trash.

If you think successful dieting loses only pounds, think again. LOL,  Bob, PA

5219 Neck, elbow & PT (11/19/2015 10:03:13 PM):  Was sent to Physical Therapy for my 'pinched nerve in neck' issues (which they think are adding to my tennis elbow and carpel tunnel). I agreed with the physical therapist that I don't think it will solve the problems, but it would be nice if it helps with them. She taped my arm (wrist to past the elbow) on the top and boy does it feel better already! The tape should last two days and I go back to see her next Wednesday. I may have to find out what this tape is and see if I can put it on at home between visits.,  Heather, NV

5224 Recall Notices (11/19/2015 11:24:43 PM):  Bostitch electric pencil sharpeners recalled by Amax due to shock hazard:
Collaborating Across Borders: North American regulators working together to protect children from harmful toys: Researcher

5226 thyroid question (11/20/2015 6:19:57 AM):  Would intermittent panic attacks come from overactive thyroid?KNow someone who feels symptoms of low blood sugar including anxious feeling that could be related to diet, but now the symptoms come without relation to diet. Went to ER and with symptoms blood sugar was fine. They did throid blood tests that were told were normal.Have to find out which blood tests.Person does not have the symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, brittle hair and nails, the eyebrow thing.,  inquiring

5229 Off the shoulder dress.. (11/20/2015 8:01:38 AM):  When my dh and I first got married; I gained a few pounds. I was playing the piano for the invitation at the end of preaching. Dh was standing beside me to lead the hymn. My dress had one of those plastic zippers and I could feel it coming apart in the middle of my back. I leaned over and ask my dh to zip it down; then back up. (The congregation had their eyes closed for prayer.) Just as my dh finished zipping the dress down; the pastor said, let's sing. The more we sang; my dress started sliding off my shoulder. At least the people could only see a side view of me at the piano. I was glad the song ended before my dress fell down and ended my piano playing gig.,  Janice/Ok

5230 Football Playoffs (11/20/2015 8:05:47 AM):  We will be getting out of school early today for the game in Luther Oklahoma for second round of playoffs. ,  Janice/Ok

5233 relaxing music (11/20/2015 8:53:09 AM):  Someone gave me an idea for calming music-a website I think. I didn't bookmark it so now the info is gone. It was when I was discussing anxiety. I am doing fine but hectic getting Mom's house cleaned out, Thanksgiving etc and I could use it for some 5 min respites. Thank you!,  Sue P., CT

5239 Fitbit question (11/20/2015 9:21:13 AM):  I have been thinking about the fitbit charge hr. Does anyone have this. I have a small wrist and some reviews say it is awkward because the HR monitor is 2" long and sticks out on smaller wrists.??? any thoughts? Thanks,  Vera M, MI

5241 Helen / FL (11/20/2015 11:49:40 AM):  Reading the post from Janice about her dress made me lol. She has funny things happen & it got me remembering Helen, FL. Does anyone keep in touch with her? She always had funny things happen to her too & between the 2, caused me to laugh a whole lot more than my life has me laughing. ,  hope she is doing well

5242 Christmas Card exchange (11/20/2015 12:09:17 PM):  Has anyone thought about the Christmas card exchange for this year? Christmas is coming.,  Marian, AZ

5243 Horizon Foods Offer - Peanuts Lunchbox (11/20/2015 12:27:04 PM):  I know I'm probably looking for a needle in a haystack, but would anyone happen to have the form for the Horizon Foods promotion where you submitted a form (unsure of the purchase requirements) to receive/buy a Peanuts Movie Lunchbox? I understand it was in an issue of AllRecipes magazine but that's as far as I've gotten. I would love to have this for my collection and would be so grateful for any guidance. TY!,  Lisa P, CT

5244 Google researcher (11/20/2015 1:35:04 PM):  A few weeks ago for me you posted about the best skillets to purchase. I wrote it down and now that I am ready to order cannot find my info. Can you help?,  Penny in MO

5245 Toys R Us (11/20/2015 1:42:03 PM):  Also posted on CC, but Toys R Us is offering free ship to home, expiring today with minimum purchase of only $19!!,  Susan, LA

5247 Please Vote for Brookville!!! (11/20/2015 2:39:43 PM):  Please go here on Facebook and vote for Brookville, Ohio Intermediate School!!!! Thank you!!!! It could mean $100,000 grant for my boys school to get a science lab makeover!!!!,  Kim, OH

5252 Ibotta HELP NEEDED (11/20/2015 5:59:19 PM):  How do you "refresh your app" on Ibotta? Do I need to delete & reinstall...boy I hope not! I scanned upcs & receipt today but it says I need to send another copy of the receipt. In order to do that, I need to refresh the app. Sounds easy, but confusing me. Please tell me in pre-school steps. I am tired, not much sleep last 2 nights & I am to old to get how some other this electronc stuff works. I would appreciate any help because it is just shy of $7. & can't afford to be out that much if I can help it. ,  sleepy

5253 sunmaid raison (11/20/2015 6:01:08 PM):  I won 2 movie ticketso n the instant win game.,  sarah,ct

5259 Martha B. Meadville Pa (11/20/2015 8:27:58 PM):  Prepping--bumping up. Think about paper products you need--bath tissue, paper plates, bowls, plastic forks & spoons, disposable cups and glasses, large trash bags.,  dfe

5262 Sheila G IL (11/20/2015 8:53:27 PM):  My friend got all of her squeaky toys at thrift stores.,  dfe

5264 local elections (11/20/2015 9:05:27 PM):  No - this isn't a political post on a non- political post day. Its just me saying that I will be SO glad when the governor's race is over (tomorrow) Almost every time my phone rings I know it will be about the election. Yesterday I got 11 calls, 1 from a friend and the rest political. Today was only 5 (so far anyway) I let my answering machine take them and the recordings go on and on and on. ,  judyb la

5265 My Points video (11/20/2015 9:16:59 PM):  Did anyone run videos today on My Points & get credit for them? I ran 8 videos using Chrome & got 0 points. Not sure if I did something wrong or if problem with MP.,  trying to earn for Christmas

5272 ONE Christmas Card, Please (11/20/2015 11:38:14 PM):  I'm not a Christmas card sender at all but, there is this little girl in Holgate, Ohio that is mentally challenged. Her mother asked me to please send her a Christmas card as she runs to the mailbox every day to check and see if she received any mail. Let's make her day! Please take a few minutes of your time and send this little girl a card to hang on her wall! Have your kids send her one, teach the meaning of Christmas early in life, to give rather than receive. Here is her address: Nola Hoskins c/o Linda Jackson; 309 North Brayer; Holgate, Ohio. 43527-0734,  Pat now in AZ

5274 Snoe (11/21/2015 7:21:51 AM):  Michigan is getting the first snowfall of the season . and the first one always seems to be the prettiest with just a light dusting making everything clean and sparkling. Detroit may get as much as 7 inches. But we may get lucky and have the heaviest go just to the north of us. It will be gone as Temps go back to 50+.,  Vera in snowy MI

5275 Prayers Needed (11/21/2015 8:08:01 AM):  Just found out this week that dh has prostrate cancer. We will find out next month when the surgery will be scheduled. I go from feeling everything will be ok, to feeling like I need to puke and panic of what will I do without him. The doctor says it is in the early stage, which is good. But that within in the next ten years it could come back somewhere else. His brother went through this three years ago and they have removed everything they can and now they say it has moved to his lungs. Of course that only increases our fears. I can tell he is really upset too. If I am not in the same room with him he will find me and ask if he can help me with anything. Please pray that we can calmly make it through this first surgery and God will see fit to not have it return.,  Debbie, IN

5277 Scary situation (11/21/2015 8:35:53 AM):  We have had issues with speeding in my subd. for quite some time now. We have off-duty sheriff patrols, and last month they began to run radar and issue tickets but they aren't out here 24/7. They issued 15 tickets for speeding/running stop signs. One driver was doing 57 in a 30 mph. Last night someone reported that her husband put the trash out just before 10 p.m. and was nearly hit by a car doing 100 mph!! I live around the corner from them and heard a fast-moving vehicle also. ,  Susan, LA

5282 Rain (11/21/2015 8:46:15 AM):  After last 3 weekends of rain, my yard had finally dried out enough to have it mowed. Thankfully it's not summer so not growing nearly as fast. Then Tuesday it rained again. Trying to get my yard mowed, actually would be more like mulching the leaves, before Thanksgiving. I contacted the guy who does my yard and he said it should be dry enough by Saturday (today) for him to mow it. Wouldn't you know I wake up this morning and it's raining! Forecast changed literally overnight from 30% chance to "thunderstorms". His dad, who is retired, used to mow for me but had to quit for health reasons. This guy still works so schedule is limited plus it gets dark early now so really limits his mowing time. Guess my yard will just look untidy for Thanksgiving. Same thing happened last Christmas. If I had to choose between the 2, would rather have yard "spiffy" for Christmas. We really haven't had seasonal weather, even for us, so far this year. We had one night that was chilly, but the next night was back into upper 50s for lows. This time we are supposed to have several nights in 30s and then down to 29 Monday night I think. ,  Susan, LA

5289 Sue P (11/21/2015 9:27:07 AM):  It is true. Have a great weekend and coming Thanksgiving holiday.,  Marion, CA

5293 Janice (11/21/2015 9:54:33 AM):  How did your football team do? Our tigers just won by skin of their teeth 20-19. Both teams had great defenses but our offense was little off last night. They did however get it together in last of 3rd quarter to get a touchdown and field goal and keep other team in 4th quarter from scoring to win game. Team we play next week is rated #15 in nation so it is going to be a tough one. This one was one of those fingernail biting games.,  Vicki, Va.

5295 Posting # 25269/Lisa P CT (11/21/2015 10:09:45 AM):  I am not able to find a list of retailers for Horizon Foods. You might be able to check your local markets for the Horizon Foods Products.,  Google Researcher

5301 Unexpected Day Off (11/21/2015 11:36:22 AM):  Well my son drove to his job at Walmarts this morning to be met with locked doors & sign they were temporarily closed. Just after midnight one of the electrical panel caught on fire. No one was hurt and fire dept was able to contain fire to the electric panel. However some smoke damage to clothes and electric power shut down until repairs done. Thank God no one was injured.,  Vicki, Va.

5310 Theresa NE (11/21/2015 2:23:03 PM):  Please email me sucat at you!,  Sue P., CT

5312 Spam phone calls (11/21/2015 3:45:22 PM):  We get most of the usual spam calls like the ones from Rachel or the IRS, but am curious about one. Who is behind the calls that show up on caller ID as your own name and phone number? Curiousity is getting the best of me but I'm not about to answer to find out.,  Karen MN

5314 Big Y/ Stop&Shop (11/21/2015 5:06:59 PM):  thanks to OP. Never thought I could use Big Y $7 coupon at s&s,  srd

5322 Glad it's over (11/21/2015 8:41:32 PM):  At least my phone can stop ringing so much now! DS said she had 17 phone calls yesterday. ,  Susan, LA

5323 Crazy weather (11/21/2015 9:06:26 PM):  This morning dh went to get the newspaper and came back saying come see this. There was the most beautiful rainbow in the western sky and the sun was just nipping the tops of the trees on the back forty. Thirty minutes later we had snowflakes bigger than a half dollar. The ground turned white pretty quickly. It finally stopped a couple hours before dark and melted off. Temps are headed for a low of 19 tonight. I am never ready for winter but I always think the first snowflakes are exciting.,  Debbie, IN

5324 Prayers (11/21/2015 9:18:11 PM):  Thanks to all you for your words of encouragement. Someone asked why wait till next month. Doctor wanted us to go see radiation Doctor first and talk to him about that option before we make up our mind. But, he told us if we do radiation that takes surgery completely off the table. He sent us home with a big book to read about it. We have chosen surgery first and save radiation for anything else that might come up. And of course the first appointment for that doctor is not until next month, and then a week later we go back to the other doctor. He did tell us he might not be able to have a erection after this surgery. I don't care, I would rather have him. We have been together for 42 years and he is my best friend. ,  Debbie, IN

5325 Stamped crosstitch embroidery problem (11/21/2015 9:26:41 PM):  I purchased a stamped crosstitch quilt kit. My mom and I embroidered it. I dipped it in water tonight because I saw a small ink stain. Sure enough, the ink started bleeding from the stamped crosstitch. How do I salvage this? I wanted to make it into a kid's quilt but I know they won't dry clean it when it gets dirty. Help!!,  Mindy, MD

5328 Deer hunting season (11/22/2015 5:07:32 AM):  Yesterday was deer opener and DH was lucky to bag a 4-pointer. Unfortunately, he cut his thumb while gutting the deer. I drove him to Immediate Care, he got stitched up and off he went back to deer camp. Now there's a real hunter, ya gotta love him!,  Angela Z/NY

5329 Disposable Razors vs Regular (11/22/2015 6:21:48 AM):  Can someone please help me understand which razors last longer? I priced disposable razors like schick and the identical razor in a 4 pack cartridge refill. Why do the refills cost so much more? I asked customer service and the rep told me you should get 5-7 shaves from either razor that they are identical only one you throw away the whole razor? How long do you get from your razors and which kind do you buy? ,  Laurie,Ohio

5331 Puzzle (11/22/2015 7:14:57 AM):  Answer: Challenge answer: DEFEAT —> BEAT. Next week's challenge: It's not very hard. The following three Thanksgiving dishes have something very unusual in common: Spit-roast turkey Cornbread stuffing Boiled squash What is it they have in common, and can you name one other thing that might be served at Thanksgiving dinner that has the same property?,  MAC--WI

5332 Angel soft T.T. (11/22/2015 7:44:31 AM):  Has anyone bought Angel Soft Mega Rolls lately? Only brand I've bought for years since it disintegrates quickly. Bought 12 pk. the other day and the texture has changed. Advertised that it's more/roll than their other sizes and it truly looks bigger than their mega rolls that I have purchased before. Only thing is, each square looks thinner and is much rougher than normal. Almost as rough as public restroom tissues. Guess they had to do something to account for the bigger rolls b/c there's only so much you can fit on a roll. Definitely going to make a complaint on this. Guess I'll have to try to stock up on the older version before it's no longer in stores. So I'll be the one you see staring at the tissue package like she's lost her mind b/c I'll be trying to see if it has the deeply embossed designs inside.,  Susan, LA

5333 Medicare supplements (11/22/2015 7:57:37 AM):  Wanting your on hand opinion of medicare supplements. What type do you have? What does it cover? Co pays? Covers the 20% medicare does not pay? Dental? Prescriptions? Monthly amount? Hospitalization?,  Trying to figure it out

5337 Reelz (11/22/2015 9:51:13 AM):  I have never heard of this tv station before. Bored with what is on & went higher up the numbers to see what looked interesting. There are hours of old videos on Reelz about JFK. Watched about riots in the South about desegragation, the loss of their baby Patrick, Cuban missile crisis. All interesting stuff to me because I was to young to remember any of this. ,  entertained

5339 Reelz (11/22/2015 10:13:28 AM):  I should of pointed out some of the shows were real video & history followed by "The Kennedys". That is the show the Kennedy family tried to have stopped. Greg Kennear (sp) & Katie Holmes play Jack & Jackie. Pretty interesting, but not 100% accurate.,  viewer

5343 Swagbucks Code (11/22/2015 11:30:59 AM):  WorldMarket until 12pm PT/3pm ET to earn 2 SB. Thanks Susan.,  Melody

5348 Black Friday (11/22/2015 12:05:27 PM):  Is there a place to go and see all the ads? Thanks,  shopper

5351 Debbie, IN (11/22/2015 2:00:15 PM):  I am praying for you and your husband. I'm sure there was biopsy. I don't know how you would know, if not. Please ask Dr. about the Gleason scale, and what stage. ,  dfe

5358 My son (11/22/2015 3:44:36 PM):  My son is at Parris Island Marine Basic Training. Tonight, rather 2 am on Monday, he begins the Crucible. This is 54 hours of nonstop physical activities which begin with a 6 mile hike, very little food, water and sleep, involves teamwork exercises and will culminate at the end with a nine mile hike (but 45 miles of marching in between). If he can survive these challenges, he will earn the title US Marine. I have faith in him so say an extra prayer of strength for him. I feel in the coming months all of us will need some strong military presence in our world. Oo-Rah!!! Semper Fi!!,  Susan, SC

5362 health insurance (11/22/2015 4:46:08 PM):  No name, but we are under retirement/Medicare age if that matters. DH is thinking if work won't let him switch to 4 days a week next year (32 hours and we keep our health insurance) that he will quit. Yes, we could afford it and I figure at some point he will get bored so he will start his own business or find a place to work part-time; or I will :-) Anyways, I think the health exchanges are only open in the fall - true? If so, I guess we will still be able to buy our own health insurance (without the discount) next year on the open market, true?,  may need health insurance

5366 Prescriptions (11/22/2015 5:51:49 PM):  I have 2 new ones to have filled. Any good deals out there.,  Thank, Janice in Ga

5372 (11/22/2015 7:35:41 PM):  Has anyone here bought gift cards from this site? Are they reliable and quick. I am interested in getting Amazon gift cards.,  Vicki,Va.

5380 Cobra (11/23/2015 3:55:29 AM):  I've often seen people mention Cobra as in the post below. We did Cobra insurance once when my kids were small (maybe 16 or so years ago) and DH was between jobs. For us, it was at an unreal cost ---like two to three times what we normally pay for insurance. So I don't know if it was just us or likewise for all. I just don't see it as a viable option in most cases except as a last resort. For us we only had it maybe two months or so??,  Susan, SC

5382 Life on the Farm (11/23/2015 5:10:52 AM):  Well, we did it! We sold our business and the commercial building and are now offically retired. No more six hour round trips down to the plant and our employees still have their jobs. We closed last Monday and I picked up the proceeds this past Wednesday. I am excited and feeling beyond blessed- I can’t even begin to put into words the gratitude that I’m feeling. Our ex-employees are still working on Saturdays at the log house getting it ready for sale. I know that's been a goal to get rid of that house for years now, but it just hasn't happened because there isn’t enough time to get everything done. The house is now empty with the exception of the kitchen cabinets that has the cookware and dishes in them. Everything has been taken to the barn -there is an auction side and a Sharon wants to sort through side. I've called the auctioneer and will meet with him in a couple of weeks for an estate auction for all of the stuff. I wanted the old Ethan Allen hard rock maple that was popular in the 50's and 60's for the farm and searched high and low to find it. My bedroom at the farm is Mahogany, so all of the antique furniture from the log home will be sold with the exception of the 1800's solid oak dining room table that hubby bought as a child for $0.50 --that's already up at the farm. My ex-employees want to continue to work on Saturdays at the log house, so I’m going to let them do the painting inside and all of the yard work- There’s enough work to keep them busy until Spring…lol Then the house will go on the market. It feels so good to have such a huge chunk of the work done on the log house. I see less stress in my immediate future…lol… Seriously, I’m so thankful to Him for everything that is good and right with my life. God is good- ,  Sharon B., VA

5386 med insurance (11/23/2015 7:45:35 AM):  My mind is so blank this morning. SMH Helping someone get info about finally getting medical coverage. He will qualify for help with the payment. Good grief, what is it called? Anyway, I thought I heard if you get say $1,000 in help with insurance payment, that $1,000 is removed from any income tax refund you have coming. Is that true? Trying to figure it out so I can help him out. I know he is lucky to have extra $200 a month after basic, very basic, expenses. Doesn't make nearly enough money to exist properly. Does not qualify for the state medicaid plan however.,  member

5391 Cheerios with Protein lawsuit (11/23/2015 8:45:51 AM):  I just saw on the news that General Mills is being sued for misleading the public about the amount of protein in its Cheerios with Protein cereal. It is not that different from regular Cheerios and contains more calories and sugar. You are required to eat a cup and a half to get the amount of protein listed versus 3/4 cup of the regular Cheerios.,  Theresa, PA

5396 Gold Rush & Alaska Frontier (11/23/2015 9:36:33 AM):  If anyone watches Gold Rush, does anyone know what happened to Fred and his son who use to look for gold. Also Alaskan Frontier. Does anyone know for sure if they really live in the homes for real or is it just a set up for the show? Thanks,  would love to know.,

5408 iRazoo Treasure Code (11/23/2015 11:56:46 AM):  ThanksGiving2016 New 100 point Treasure code! Expires: 11/30/2015 11:00PM EST. Thanks Barb.,  Melody

5409 To Sharon (11/23/2015 12:06:39 PM):  Good to hear from you again! I've been missing your posts!,  Alice Dodge, OR

5410 DH & 32 hours/week (11/23/2015 12:20:24 PM):  I came home and DH said he got a message from his boss that tentatively he has been approved to work 32 hours/week (and we keep our health insurance) starting 1 January! I am so thankful right now. DH also said that might solve some of the problems - right now he wants to 'do something fun' every weekend (since he only has 2 days off), but now he will have 3 so maybe he can have some fun and we can do some needed work around the house. I will still investigate having our own health insurance for the 'someday' where he really quits, but now it is not critical.,  not looking for insurance now

5424 What's for dinner/supper? (11/23/2015 3:55:37 PM):  It's cold here, so we're having a homemade beef veggie soup with corn bread. Pumpkin pie with homemade whipped topping for dessert.,  Sharon B., VA

5428 NBPR (11/23/2015 4:55:32 PM):  Does anyone but me find it hard to be joyful for those lucky people who can use these forms? Just joking, if we can't have them in Iowa I AM GLAD you are able to have them.,  Bev in IOwa

5429 Swagbucks-Mobile Code (11/23/2015 5:28:43 PM):  HolidayTarget in the Swagbucks Mobile App ONLY until 5pm PT/8pm ET to earn 3 SB! This Swag Code can ONLY be redeemed in the Swagbucks Mobile App.,  Melody

5438 Angel soft T.T.-update (11/23/2015 8:03:36 PM):  Called James River Co. for Angel Soft today. Kinda strange call. Asked if I had ever used Mega rolls before, said they had not change thickness or depth of embossing. Feel certain that I have bought before since usually buy the largest rolls they have, and have bought at WalMart before. Said she would send out coupons as replacement and asked how many of the rolls I have left. I've only used 2 rolls from the pack. Wonder if they are going to pro-rate the replacement value??! That sure would be cheap! Curious to see what type of coupons they send.,  Susan, LA

5442 DWTS spoiler (11/23/2015 8:57:29 PM):  For those of you that have not seen DWTS tonight (Monday) yet, please skip. Derek and Bindi's freestyle was awesome! At the end of the dance, they were facing the screen and a photo of her with her dad came on. She broke down. So touching and fit in with the song. They explained afterward that Bindi didn't know that the photo would be on the screen. Derek kept it secret from her. A very nice thing to do for her but knowing how close she was to her dad, I just wonder if it was unfair of him to catch her unprepared on live TV. ,  Susan, LA

5443 Shutterfly site (11/23/2015 9:39:44 PM):  In case anyone is trying to finish up the free calendar that expires tonight, Shutterfly site is experiencing difficulties. Per their FaceBook page, they have extended the SAVE365 until tomorrow. DS was trying to finish her calendar and sent me message that she thought it was her computer b/c she would get spinning circle, then "out of focus" message. I Googled and found that there are issues with the site. I was trying to do a photo book for my friend with pix of her 90th b'day party. I was past the uploading phase of process and was just working on background and embellishments so I didn't have any problem. Hadn't planned on ordering it today anyway, want to take my time and do it right. Decided to put it on share site so she could see it, then I got same "out of focus" message.,  Susan,LA

5445 cough (11/24/2015 6:36:38 AM):  i have a cough i cant seem to get rid of any home remedy out there please post thank you ever so much bobbie,  bobbie al.

5446 husband (11/24/2015 7:06:09 AM):  Anyone here have a husband that would wear the pair of pjs a man is wearing in picture on Michele's Updates page? Wear them without a protest? lol My DH wouldn't of, especially if there was gonna be a photo of it. They look cute on the wife & kids, but maybe could of done something similar but a bit more manly for the DH. Maybe young men these days would not have problem with those?,  jmho

5447 Cat Hair on Clothes (11/24/2015 7:47:42 AM):  Does anyone know what is the best way to get cat hairs off my clothes real fast especially my black clothes? The cat hair rollers don't work that great and take so long to get the cats hairs off my clothes. Yes I am a slob and left the clothes on the floor. The cat hairs are imbedded all over some of my black clothes. Yes, I won't do this again.,  Nina/NY

5459 Purell (11/24/2015 9:01:14 AM):  Has anyone cashed in points on this site. I see you will lose your points at the end of the year. What are the gift certificates that you can get? I have 44,000 points and would like a idea of what they have. They don't allow you to check them out.,  Lynn

5461 Swagbucks Gift Cards (11/24/2015 9:11:34 AM):  I got a email today from SB. I guess they are jumping on the bandwagon. I believe the new site is called MyGiftCardsPlus. You can order giftcards from them and get up to 16 points for each dollar. Plus right now they have extra 33% until December 15 and 100 point bonus. I looked and they do accept paypal. The site launched today. So if you need gift cards you may want to check it out.,  Vicki, Va.

5467 Baking (11/24/2015 10:27:46 AM):  Any have good recipes for baking turkey?,  R C in Il

5481 All in one post (11/24/2015 1:42:15 PM):  Hello to all! Happy holidays! I hope that everyone is doing well. Fair warning, this is going to be a long post, so if you don't have time, just scroll on by. First, I do want to say I am very thankful for so many things. I thank God for my daughter, who loves me with her whole heart. I thank God that my parents are still alive. It took me a while to appreciate them, long back story, but I really do now. :) I have a great job that is flexible enough to pick up my daughter. I have a place to live, I did not like not having a place to live. I have a car that works, this is such a big deal especially right now that the temperatures are dropping here. I have a great family of RMCers that have opened up their hearts to my Princess so many times. Second, point places/surveys/rebates....I was so excited that I had not cashed out earlier, so here is what I got (some still on the way): $80 check (viewpointforum), $50 Target e-gc (globaltestmarket), $25 Red Robin gc (dreampoints), $25 AMC gc (mypoints), $28.25 paypal (Ibotta), $5 Visa gc (Cover Girl rebate), $4.99 check (Staples rebate), and a $6.99 check (Clearasil rebate). Whoo hoo! Talk about having Christmas covered ;) Next....what the heck is the deal going to be with Coke? Does anyone have a heads up? I know we have to have codes, like every year, but I am hoping that we can at least get the same point value as last year. I know there hasn't been any of the 30 point coke coupons like there were last year. Boo! I know that some of you emailed me, wow I didn't expect more than the op to email me, about Verizon Smart Rewards. They are going to be doing a double reward starting Friday through 12/5. The times are 2 pm and 8 pm, EST. I hope that they are going to at least have some gift cards during that time. Good luck to us all! Oh, and don't forget to sign up for the 1GB of extra data for the month! There is a "sign up" on the Verizon website. SYWR.....thank you for reminding me about the sweeps! I used to do them, but never saw the use....until I saw someone saying they got points and used them....duh! So, I have been trying to do them daily. I have use those points and the surprise points and in the last 2 weeks I have bought a purse (Christmas present for my Princess), a 2 pc pj set (she grew, lol), a 3 pc pj set (her again), 1 sleep shirt and pj bottoms (still her), 2 blouses (work), 1 cardigan (mine is pilling...any ideas to fix/stop this?!), 2 pjs (nephew for Christmas)....and a partridge in a pear about $33, worth almost $260! To say that I was excited, just didn't cover it ;) Thankfully, you all understand my happiness :D Finally, I want to thank everyone that posts/shares information. I know that I have been able to get so many things that I normally could not have afforded otherwise (single mom, no help from the loser, part of the long story, lol). I hope everyone has a blessed and safe Thanksgiving and Christmas! Thank you Michele for all of your hard work all year! :) ,  Lorena, TX

5482 cough (11/24/2015 1:55:51 PM):  This is a long story, but I'll try to keep it short. I started coughing about 4.5 yrs ago. I had every test under the book and a bunch of diagnoses, none of which stopped my coughing (allergies, acid reflux). They found my thyroid cancer during some of the tests. About a month ago my dentist asks if I have a problem with dry mouth. Didn't really know what the symptoms of a dry mouth would be so I said no. I do pretty much sip a drink all day, but I thought that was due to thirst. Dentist said one of the meds I've been on about 10 years can cause dry mouth. Two weeks ago I went on a cruise and didn't want them to deny my boarding thinking I was contagious, as my constant coughing is hard to hide (I'd been on other cruises in the past 4.5 yrs but they are on heightened alert due to ebola). I decided to try biotene for dry mouth. Well after 4.5 years I found my problem! It's been a dry mouth all along. Biotene has been a godsend. When I feel "choked up" or start to cough, I just take some biotene and I'm good to go. The spray seems to work the best/last the longest. The gel is very handy. The mouthwash and toothpaste are okay. Aim makes some lozenges which are nice too. You can use biotene as much as you want, no side effects. It has no taste, although the spray smells a bit minty. I go to the dentist every 6 months, but for whatever reason he hasn't mentioned it before. Dry mouth is usually diagnosed by a dentist. So if you're having a problem with cough, try some biotene. Dry mouth might be the problem if they've ruled out everything else. Acid reflux - I didn't have any of the bad taste in my mouth that is usually a symptom of acid reflux. None of the acid reflux meds worked for me. Allergies - I'm allergic to wheat and milk. Change in my diet didn't stop my cough or make me feel any different. Thyroid cancer - They did discover this and there are times when you feel a lump which could affect your breathing and make you cough. I had my thyroid removed, but the coughing didn't stop. Tests - I had my esophagas stretched and many other tests done, including cat scan, camera down my throat, MRI and more (most of which I can't remember the names of).,  Dianne in GA

5483 Venting-Board of Health (11/24/2015 2:07:24 PM):  Went to CC's Coffee yesterday to get frozen drink and free bag of coffee. Evidently, not too many of these are redeemed b/c each time they have to have a conference to figure out how to enter it. I should have learned from last time to check the receipt, but last time the free coffee was my only "purchase" so when they told me I owed $2, it was obvious. This time I had the drink and some muffins. She had to call manager and he had to figure it out also. Just now looking at my receipt to enter it in my register and noticed that the amount deducted was $2.52 less than the price of the coffee. Last time I questioned why "free" was costing me $2 (and it was an even $2, so looks like the amt. changes by store). Yesterday was a different store and one that is way out of the way for me to go back or else I would go back. Going to put receipt in my purse and if I happen to be back out that way, I'll stop in and question it. And hope that I remember to check the receipt next time. P.S. This was in a booklet that was sold during 2014 holidays for $25 and had $80 worth of freebies. They didn't have the promotion in 2015 and manager said "definitely not this year". Think it was more poplular than they anticipated. I will use some of the free coffee for gifts this year. ,  Susan, LA

5490 Eyeglasses (11/24/2015 3:34:39 PM):  Does anyone know the best replacement warranty for children's eye glasses? My 6 year old grandson needs them and I can't imagine how many he will lose or break.,  Karen-IA

5493 David Canary (11/24/2015 4:53:34 PM):  Just read where veteran actor David Canary has died. I remember him as Candy on Bonanza, but loved him on my all-time favorite soap, All My Children, as Adam/Stuart Chandler. Even though he could be ruthless, I still thought he was so sexy. He was a superb actor. Family reports he died of natural causes. I don't think he looked well as AMC ended. The writers even had him marrying Brooke and moving to Europe. When he came back for a visit, he sat a lot.,  Susan, LA

5495 cough (11/24/2015 6:25:01 PM):  thaks to all who responded with info on my cough i will take all of it very seriously,  BOBBIE AL

5497 Happy Thanksgiving (11/24/2015 7:02:47 PM):  I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. Another year has passed and the holidays are here again. Thank you, all the great people who contribute to this board with info and friendship. If you are having a lousy day you can always depend on this board to be there, to read about other friends and if you need to vent you can vent here also. Who is going shopping Friday? There is only one store I ever shop at after Thanksgiving and that is JoAnn Fabrics. They started their sales this AM, I was shopping online at 4 AM, had a great time and bought a lot of fabric. DH and I are on week four of retirement, we love it and I actually have more sewing time then ever. I am using up all my Christmas fabric so needed to buy new fabric to replace it because I am always coming up with new ideas. I have been doing water fitness over four years now but since DH retired we go three days a week. It is great because I am in the two weeks before my shots for the migraines and miserable but DH drives so I can take my meds and do not have to worry about driving. Our son and his family will be here for dinner on Friday for turkey dinner, I bake on Thanksgiving so the whole four days will be fun. ,  Chris, OH

5500 Recall Notices (11/24/2015 8:41:46 PM):  MVP Group recalls glass jar candles due to laceration hazard:
Exmark recalls Quest riding mowers due to a fire hazard:
Toro recalls TimeCutter riding mowers due to fire hazard:
SalesOne recalls light up ear plug jewelry due to burn hazard. Sold exclusively at Spencer Gifts:
CocoaVia Brand Frothers recalled by Mars Symbioscience due to choking hazard:
Lutron Electronics recalls Roman Shades due to strangulation hazard:
Philips Lighting North America agrees to pay $2 million civil penalty for failure to report defective lamps and implement compliance program: Researcher

5502 Computer Hack (11/24/2015 9:42:22 PM):  I am pretty sure this is an attempt to hack my ipad. I have a small white block on ipad with this number +1-888-275-8940 with a message saying apple has scanned my ipad and their is a malicious computer hack to get all my personal info. I checked on google and this is not a apple number. I know not to call that number under no circumstances. However I cannot get the stupid message of my ipad screen and it is locking up my ipad from doing anything. Does anyone know how to boot its hind parts of my ipad. Trying to make some more points to cover holidays and birthdays coming up. Things like this irritate me and make me so mad I could easily spit nails. The number is very similar to an ikea number on google with the exception of a + sign just before the 1-888.,  Vicki, Va.

5508 Bad News and Great News (11/25/2015 7:11:44 AM):  My Great News is that my son completed the 54 hours of the Crucible and is now a US Marine. I see posts on a facebook support group about this so know it's true. So proud!! On another note, I went in for a simple medical procedure yesterday and ended up in the ER for over 4 hours last night. I had a mole cut out yesterday at a dermatology office. It was about 30 minutes and 8 stitches. I had one done about 4 years ago so not a big deal. About an hour or so later we went to Arbys since I couldn't cook. While there, I felt a whoosh and looked down at my side(stomach) area. I was soaked in blood and spreading. So we left and went straight to the emergency room. There had been an artery that did not get cauterized. So ER dr. had to open me back up then get a scalpel and cut even deeper to try to find the artery. So we have had to cancel our plans to travel 7 hours north to visit family for Thanksgiving and we'll stay home. I'm not in pain now as on pain meds. But later it will hit me and I'll be really sore. I also will now have almost my whole side cut from my section right below rib cage over to belly button area. Not a happy camper but hope I'm somewhat recovered by next week when we travel to graduation services for son at Parris Island.,  Susan, SC

5509 Facebook (11/25/2015 7:57:55 AM):  I am traveling and for some reason Facebook has locked me out of my account. I have never had this happen before. It's telling me to upload an id, is this legit? ,  CB in Illinois

5510 Pumpkin Can (11/25/2015 8:16:59 AM):  I just noticed my pumpin from lib’s says best if used by march 2015. I think it would be fine. Can anyone else comment? ,  Too Ashamed to put my name

5520 Keurig (11/25/2015 8:56:31 AM):  Our 3 year old Keurig wasnt working right last week so we went to Kohls and bought a new one. It was the Keurig 2.0 K200 model. Got it home and plugged it in and boy has the quality of these gone downhill. My husband made a cup with no trouble on the first day. The second day, it have him the message "OOPS, this pod is not compatible with this machine." We used the same type of pod the day before and it was fine. Took that pod out and put in another one and it was fine. The next day he puts in the pod and it starts to brew then it says "WATER UNDER PRESSURE." I opened it to get the pod out and coffee grounds shot out all over the place. We had these two things happen again several times so we called Keurig customer service and they said it needed maintenance (after about 11 cups of coffee?). Ok, so we did what they instructed us to do and it was still happening. Needless to say we called Kohls and they said we could return it even though we had used it. Took it back. Did not want another one since they are so poorly made now. My husband managed to fix the old one and now he is happy again! They sure dont make things like they used to!,  Christie M. OH

5521 Hack Update (11/25/2015 9:02:09 AM):  I did call apple support and it is a hack. If you have a white small screen come up on your ipad with a toll free number do not call it. This white screen will not allow you to use your internet on ipad device. The toll free number that was on my device was 1-888-275-8940. Apple support was very nice indeed to walk me through steps. She said if this happens again to clear out my web settings and safari settings. She said this can be picked up from commercial banners over to side of site you are on. I got the screen after doing a matonomy on gifthulk. Again warning if you get a white block with number or similar number listed above do not call it. It is a hack. Find apple support number on google on another computer and call them if you are not able to get rid of it. We must all be aware of and very careful these days of computer hacks. I hope this will help everyone.,  Vicki, Va.

5524 Costco chicken salad recall (11/25/2015 9:40:31 AM):  Chicken salad from Costco has been linked to cases of E. coli food poisoning in WA, MT, CA, UT, CO, MO and VA. Officials are working to determine the source. Consumers who purchased chicken salad made with rotisserie chicken - item number 37719 - from any Costco location should discard it. People who have eaten it and feel ill should talk to a health care provider. A total of 19 people infected with the outbreak strain of Shiga toxin-producing STEC O157:H7 have been reported from 7 states.,  Susan L, AZ

5530 Christmas card exchane (11/25/2015 10:40:12 AM):  I was looking for the person to contact to add my name to the card exchange. My girls really enjoy getting cards from all over the US. If anyone knows please email me at - TIA & happy holidays,  Sheri M, IL

5534 Swagbucks Code (11/25/2015 12:06:51 PM):  ShopShop for 3 SB by 12pm PT/3pm ET!,  Melody

5543 Thank you (11/25/2015 2:05:20 PM):  Thanks to Michele for posting about the free calendar at Shutterfly. I have been bad this past year and haven't used the codes to make free photo books, but I hope to start making some starting in January. I almost skipped the notice about the free calendar, but then I realized I could use it to make one of some of our trips this year (with no people in the photos) (I usually buy a 12x12 Nevada calendar, but I missed them in Costco this year). So, I now have a 12x12 custom calendar on order for not that much. I use a Flylady calendar in the bedroom to write all the appointments, etc on. DH likes a 'clean' calendar in the kitchen/dining room - don't ask/comment - after 25 years I don't even think about it anymore :-) ,  Heather, NV

5544 DH & Pepper are napping (11/25/2015 2:08:33 PM):  DH took this week off from work. We did a 'stay vacation' - went to see the James Bond movie yesterday, a few house projects, etc. Pepper (Golden Retriever) has decided it is fine to jump up on the couch (with her quilt on it) since dad is home (usually she doesn't even get up during the day with me). Right now DH and Pepper are napping on the couches (and Pepper is snoring!). I hope they wake up soon since I need to finish vacuuming the house, etc.,  Heather, NV

5549 FOY Code (11/25/2015 3:06:44 PM):  6g6pobkt9 Worth 16 points for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

5550 Pay as U go phone (11/25/2015 3:22:37 PM):  Could someone give me there opinion on a no contract phone which would be better A Samsung straight talk or a Verizon LG Transpyre . I have a tracfone but it is not good for internet or facebook... ,  Edna,PA

5554 Paperbackswap (11/25/2015 3:37:29 PM):  I haven't been able to log in all day, any one else having trouble? I can't get in with firefox or safari,  Sheila G IL

5558 Google Researcher?? (11/25/2015 4:15:41 PM):  Now that I am stuck at home on the couch, and woozy from pain meds, we don't have Thanksgiving plans. Son works at Walmart so will work all day, daughter picked up a shift at the hospital as CNA to allow someone else to be off, other son is still at Marines til next week. So since DH is only a master chef if he is fixing hot dogs, what places are open on Thanksgiving? And moreso, where can you get take out that he can pick up and bring home?? Does anybody know??,  susan, SC

5560 Mally Mascara (11/25/2015 4:19:17 PM):  Does anyone know who carries this product? I knows its expensive, but hopping beside from the company I can find it cheaper.,  Please. Need nelp.

5576 Happy Thanksgiving (11/25/2015 10:15:31 PM):  Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hubby finally got my oven fixed and back in the wall Thanksgiving Eve here. (We had a fire last March.) He finally found parts for our 1960's Pre-way oven at the end of the summer; but hasn't had time to actually work on it. Guess he really did want those potato dough rolls for tomorrow. Thanksgiving dinner is actually at his Dad's house. All I was planning to bring was salads and mashed potatoes in the crockpot. Fortunately, the potato dough rolls are easy to make. Next up will be replacing the counter top that was also damaged next to the stove. Maybe he will get that done by Christmas!,  Joanne Vt

5580 Happy Thanksgiving (11/26/2015 7:20:29 AM):  Just wishing everyone a happy thanks giving with all your family & friends. I'm just spending little quiet time here before I get started with the cooking. I did some last night & hubby bought home 20 lbs of collards from local farmer so that had to be cut, cleaned & put up and some cooked for today. Older son works until 5 today & hubby until 12:00 at golf course job. My husband jokes & says golf course is getting men out of women's way today. ,  Vicki, Va.

5585 Happy Thanksgiving (11/26/2015 8:42:35 AM):  to your house from our house! ,  Sharon B., VA

5586 Body wash verus gel (11/26/2015 8:56:41 AM):  Are these the same? Starting my Christmas shopping and DIL wants B&BW Bath Wash, but only found Body Gel. What is the difference? Thanks for any help. ,  confused

5587 Swagbucks Code (11/26/2015 9:08:02 AM):  Tryptophan for 2 SB by 4pm PST/7pm EST!,  Melody

5592 Happy Thanksgiving! (11/26/2015 10:15:21 AM):  We are having a white Thanksgiving (and it is still snowing). I hope everyone stays safe and enjoys time with there families and friends.,  Heather, NV

5596 walgreens (11/26/2015 10:46:44 AM):  No Walgreens freebies today ? They usually have as many as CVS.,  lbj

5597 FOY Code (11/26/2015 11:23:15 AM):  oqpfrg8yq Worth 20 more for 2 more. Taking little break from the cooking just eating couple squares of dark chocolate. ,  Vicki, Va.

5603 Swagbucks Code-SwagButton only (11/26/2015 6:37:30 PM):  HolidayButton in the SwagButton ONLY until 6pm PT/9pm ET to earn 2 SB! This Swag Code can ONLY be redeemed in the SwagButton, on your toolbar.,  Melody

5608 QVC (11/27/2015 8:27:47 AM):  Does anyone have a free shipping code or any code for this site?,  Thanks for any help.

5611 Swagbucks Code-SwagButton only (11/27/2015 2:08:16 PM):  TripleCash in the SwagButton ONLY until 2pm PT/5pm ET to earn 2 SB! This Swag Code can only be redeemed in the SwagButton.,  Melody

5613 Mtn Dew Call of Duty (11/27/2015 2:48:27 PM):  We buy Mtn Dew regularly, and I'd like to send the Call of Duty Black Ops codes every time I get some to anyone who plays that game and can use them. I believe what happens is that you enter the code and get some virtual item that you can use in the game. Drop me an email at cp images at tw lakes dot net and be sure you put Mtn Dew Call of Duty codes in the header so I don't delete you as spam.,  SharonTN

5614 Yahoo trader group (11/27/2015 3:37:05 PM):  I wanted to be able to post to the RMC Trader Group, but it was a major hassle signing up for a Yahoo account. It would only let me choose from a few suggested email addresses, each based on my name, and kept saying anything else was "not available". Luckily I was able to use my landline since I don't have a smartphone and don't text, so it did call me with a code to enter to complete the signup. After all that, I went to the Traders Group and requested to be added. finally I went to the little mail envelope, and I'll be dipped if it wanted me to import my contacts from FB, Hotmail and a couple other places and would not go any further unless I did. Which I did not. I am NOT going to allow Yahoo access to my contacts on other sites just to be able to post on the RMC Traders Group.,  SharonTN

5617 Christmas card exchange (11/27/2015 7:30:19 PM):  Since there is no one to organize the exchange this year, I am going to send out cards from last year’s list. I hope others who participated would like to do the same. Just sending out cards with no expectations in return. Merry Christmas to all.,  Sue, FL

5620 coke rewards (11/28/2015 6:37:17 AM):  Speaking of that coke rewards program. So the holiday rewards will show up on Monday. I had an email that read that it will. But did it have a time. ?? I figure the way this coke rewards program is going that they will have a limited amount of rewards. My question is does anyone know what time these coke holiday rewards go on ??? ,  Nancee/IN

5621 buying gift cards (11/28/2015 10:51:38 AM):  What site is a good place to buy gift cards?,  Lynn

5622 SYW reward points (11/28/2015 11:17:24 AM):  I have never actually used these unless the cashier tells me I have some. I got an email today giving me $5 off a Sears purchase and $13 off a $13 Sears clothing purchase. Can I use both of those on a clothing purchase? I've read about frustrations others have had in trying to spend their SYW points. My daughter has asked for a pair of "feetie pajamas." Is this something I would be able to use the points on?,  Amy J, OH

5623 christmas trees (11/28/2015 1:13:21 PM):  does anyone know when walmart will reduce the price of the xmas trees,  bobbie al

5624 Personalized Santa video (11/28/2015 1:46:10 PM):  Every year I get an online personalized video from Santa Claus for my kids and I cannot remember the website I went to for it. Does anyone recall what it is? I believe it was PNP something.,  Cathy B. Mo.

5631 Susan SC (11/28/2015 6:39:01 PM):  Hi Susan: I'm thinking of you and hope you are feeling better. You said your progress reports will be going out next week? Hopefully, you don't have to write too many. I'm starting my "unit plan" that goes from Monday until Christmas break. It's my "observation" year -- so "they" will be visiting at least twice before Christmas break. I have to have everything all set to go by Monday -- including the assessments for "them" to go over. (Really hate this part -- because, I will change things up a bit depending on how the days go and things will get really out of sync if/when we have a snow day or delayed start. ,  Joanne Vt

5632 TV (11/28/2015 6:41:43 PM):  I have a samsun combo tv, dvd and vcr. Somehow hubby did something and all I can get is the DVD screen. I have a universal remote and not the original remote. I cannot get out of the DVD screen no matter what buttons I hit. I have removed the remote batteries and unplugged the tv with no luck. Anyone have any ideas? ,  Ann

5633 Kohl's frustration (11/28/2015 6:45:56 PM):  I have been very frustrated in the past ordering online from Kohl's, but with the Black Friday deals, decided to give them another chance. I am disappointed far, 3 of the items I ordered have now become unavailable (AFTER I ordered). This is especially frustrating because I ordered the blankets for kids in 2 families, and I can't go with just personalized blankets for some and not others! I'm curious to see if they now take away the value of my Kohl's cash since it brought me below the $50 threshold. I don't think there is any way to determine that without going to the store. If so, I'll be returning some other things.....,  Lisa, OH

5637 Mindy,MD (11/28/2015 9:16:00 PM):  Mindy, didn't see your question from my post from several days ago until just now when I was searching for an older post and saw your question. CCs is the name of the place. It stands for Community Coffee, which is a Louisiana brand and almost a religion in south Louisiana! (HaHa),  Susan, LA

5638 Life Saver Packs (11/28/2015 9:40:32 PM):  Does, anyone sell these anymore? It was a pack and it opened like a book,  karen, PA

5640 Mindy, MD - NV weather (11/28/2015 10:34:15 PM):  Most of Nevada can get cold (even 'Valley of Fire' a Nevada State Park outside Las Vegas got cool at night in March). There is a mountain range near Las Vegas that gets snow even. Where we live (south of Reno) even got to -20 F many years ago and we have had pipes freeze in the garage (we didn't know to keep the furnace running on a schedule when we went away for Christmas so we came home to the pipes from the well frozen in the garage - not fun!). DD knows a grad student at UNR from India and he is shocked that it can get 'so cold' here (and we haven't even got to winter yet). I hope he has more than flip flops to wear after this weekend.,  Heather, NV

5641 unclaimed property - go check (11/28/2015 10:37:17 PM):  I did some searching tonight (starting looking for my mom) and found some shares of a mutual fund for my nephew, $5 for my brother, $0.10 owed to a niece and a $3.99 refund check from General Mills for me. The one for me surprised me! ,  Heather, NV

5645 heating oil (11/29/2015 6:05:15 AM):  was just wondering if anyone has gotten this month and what the price is! Thanks!,  cheryl ny

5646 Printer Ink (11/29/2015 6:49:34 AM):  I have a canon iP3600 color printer that a friend gave to me when she retired from teaching. I was wondering if you could replace the color ink cartridges with black ones? It seems that I am always running out of magenta, blue and yellow. I really don't print all that much stuff --except black & white stuff for school.,  Joanne Vt

5649 puzzle (11/29/2015 7:19:17 AM):  Last week's challenge, The following three Thanksgiving dishes have something very unusual in common: Spit-roast turkey Cornbread stuffing Boiled squash What is it they have in common, and can you name one other thing that might be served at Thanksgiving dinner that has the same property? Answer: The foods have all five vowels (A, E, I, O and U) once each. Other possible foods with this property: Whipped young yams, cranberry coulis, pumpkin gelato, robust Zinfandel. Any food whose name contains all five vowels once each will be counted correct. Next week's challenge, Take the name of a well-known actress — four letters in the first name, nine letters in the last. Insert a letter between the second and third letters of the first name. Remove the last two letters of the last name. The result is a two-word phrase that means "freedom." Who is the actress, and what is the phrase? ,  MAC--WI

5652 Buying Gift Cards (11/29/2015 10:35:44 AM):  What is the best site to purchase gift cards?,  Thanks for any help.

5654 gift cards (11/29/2015 11:08:43 AM):  What are digital gift cards? Are they cards sent to your email & you have to print them out? Or are they cards sent to your email & somehow there is a code that the store can scan, so no printing required? I hope they don't need printed. I prefer actual plastic cards, but that seems to be rare when you earn them from MyPoints & Swagbucks. ,  lost

5655 Swagbucks Code-SwagButton only (11/29/2015 11:12:09 AM):  CyberMonPrep in the SwagButton ONLY until 12pm PT/3pm ET to earn 2 SB! This Swag Code can ONLY be redeemed in the SwagButton on your toolbar.,  Melody

5658 Childs bedding (11/29/2015 12:15:55 PM):  We have 2 children on our church giving tree that have only asked for bedding. The little girl wants Frozen which we got but the little guy wants Seattle Seahawks. Those are expensive!! Any idea where I can get a bed in a bag for Seahawks. It would be twin size. We have checked every source we can think of. Would like a bed in bag set. Thank You!!,  Bedding HELP!!

5659 Stainless Cleaner (11/29/2015 12:32:42 PM):  A while back we talked about cleaning stainless steele products like stoves and fridges ect ect... my dil uses a product that leaves her stainless appliances looking beautiful, its called "Perfect Stainless" its in a spray bottle and $5.99 for a good size bottle. The only place you can buy it is Bed Bath and Beyond. ,  Sunshine (Linda IN)

5661 Pier One (11/29/2015 1:00:00 PM):  Anyone have a code for so much off or Free shipping?,  Thanks for any help.

5664 Happy Mama (11/29/2015 2:11:43 PM):  So happy to have a 12 minute phone call from my son. We have not talked to him since he left us on Labor Day for Marines Basic Training. Today is Liberty Sunday when they get to have 3 hours of free time and to buy snacks and make phone calls. He is in the Honor Platoon which is the top one. We get to meet up with him Thursday and graduation is Friday so then he comes home for 10 days of leave. So excited!!,  Susan, SC

5665 susan marine mom (11/29/2015 2:37:21 PM):  tell your son semper fi. i lost my marine in august after 42 years. he always had to salute at any car that had an emblem on it. he was a proud marine. so i will carry on his tradition. GOD BLESS YOUR BOY AND TELL HIM HE HAS A MARINE IN HEAVEN WATCHING OVER HIM,  shirley ky

5666 Tracfone---can anyone (11/29/2015 2:57:11 PM):  advise me about Trac phones. I want to get one for my son. It would be only for texting and emergencies. Do I need to buy a card for minutes and does the time expire? Any brand to avoid? ,  Mom

5667 Prayers and/or (11/29/2015 3:47:07 PM):  Positive thoughts, please! Tomorrow morning it's time for my annual mammogram & ultrasound (family history, so they do both). It is very stressful to me and I worry about EVERYTHING! Please pray for clean bill of health. Thank you in advance - I appreciate it! ,  Shanna, CA

5669 Facebook (11/29/2015 4:57:54 PM):  OK maybe someone can explain this to me. Just the last two days whenever I have commented on somebody's post on Facebook. And then someone else comments on their Facebook post now I'm getting texts saying someone has posted on the comment. Before yesterday I never received these was that an update to Facebook because I don't like it. How can I stop the texts there is nothing in them that says reply stop.,  CB OH

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