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Priceline for airline tickets? (4/19/2016 11:15:53 AM):  I was wondering about using Priceline for airline tickets where you name your price?? Anyone have good luck with that or not?? I need to fly 4 people (2 adults, 2 kids) from Portland to Spokane in June and I would like a better price than is out there obviously. Thank you for an answer,  Cheap tickets!!

3930 Switching parties (4/19/2016 11:43:39 AM):  I am registered as a Democrat but want to vote Republican next week. Can I switch parties? If so what do I need to do in order to change my party?,  Rose PA

3948 OTC (4/19/2016 4:09:16 PM):  I haven't seen anything written about it, so am wondering why I have nothing for yesterday's OTC, or for 2day's ago. The last I have (before today) is 4/16.,  just wondering

3952 bank, etc & physical address (4/19/2016 4:23:44 PM):  So, Sunday night I checked the online site for one of our credit cards and there was a giant warning that if we didn't give them a physical address (which couldn't even be a mail forwarding place) they would deny our charging capabilities (we have a PO Box for a our main address since we didn't even have a change to get mail at our house when we bought it). Then yesterday I had to open a new checking account for my 4-H group and they required my physical address (my driver's license even only lists my PO Box). I guess this is a new Federal requirement. So, what do the people who RV full-time do?,  Heather, NV

3953 Estate sale definition (4/19/2016 4:25:15 PM):  When you see that someone is having an 'Estate Sale' what do you think of? I assumed someone had died. I found out no, her mother-in-law just moved into an apartment! That was so weird to me....,  Heather, NV

3958 Susan, LA (4/19/2016 6:27:44 PM):  Your post titled strange situations (I think) a few days ago where you followed a strange car that was driving slowly down your street - did you ever follow up and give police their license plate info? Just curious.,  Sheila, NV

3966 Life insurance (4/19/2016 9:02:52 PM):  I'm looking for life insurance policy for my boys 14 & 16 and one for me. I never paid attention to Gerber life. Amazing! I don't know why I never noticed it. Now my boys are too old to enroll. Any suggestions. TIA,  Renay & NJ

3967 coupon search (4/19/2016 9:14:26 PM):  i was trying to find a coupon in the database but i couldn't get it to work, any tricks ?,  janet c

3968 Molly (4/19/2016 9:28:23 PM):  First off I missed y'all so much these last few days. So good to have site working again. Anyway our dear sweet pitbull Molly chewed up hubby's $400.00 prescription sunglasses. DH left them on patio table long enough to bring in steaks and grab a drink. Well thank God lens were not messed up and at first he was told $350 to replace frames but they found his old frames at another store and is only going to be $160.00. Oh the joys of owning a large puppy.,  Vicki, Va.

3969 Sad Event In Virginia (4/19/2016 9:37:17 PM):  We had another horrible shooting here in Va. A young husband & father went in a grocery store to buy his pregnant wife some ice-cream. Another man came in & started shooting & killed the other man. No real reason for the shooting. Seems there are some mental issues. The man who was killed leaves behind his wife, daughter, & unborn baby. His wife is 8 months pregnant. His father was on our local news tonight and just so terribly emotionally tore up. Just so sad & devasting.,  Vicki, Va.

3985 OMG (4/20/2016 7:04:52 AM):  Just read a post from yesterday where a woman's doctor keep her on Fosamax for 12 Years (or something like that) - It is so scary to me how many crappy doctors are out there!! I hope her family sues!!!,  Joanie in NJ & FL

3986 Vacation (4/20/2016 7:27:53 AM):  It is nice to have this site back up. I am on school vacation this week and visiting my daughter in G-burg. We met up with our VT school group Monday and toured the battlefield and the Eisenhower homestead. Yesterday we hiked about 8 miles of the AT near Harper's Ferry. Today and tomorrow we are going to the Spring Carlisle car event. Not sure about Friday and Satuday yet. But we do have to leave on Sunday so I can be at work on Monday. ,  Joanne Vt

3990 Change Over Days (4/20/2016 9:26:43 AM):  Well I am packing up my winter clothes & bringing out the summer things today. Actually its a little cool here today in Va. We have NE wind so that makes it a little chilly. So good day to do it. Actually not quite the ordeal it has been in past. My large capacity washer really helps & not having to sort colors really helps. I do have large load of gentles to do tomorrow. Probably going to clear drawers today & start on closet & finish closet tomorrow. Then we get to reverse it come about Oct. Plus we have to keep few summer things handy because we can get some warm days even in winter. ,  Vicki, Va.

3997 Moving (4/20/2016 11:37:34 AM):  Have sold out NJ home and clearing out to move permanently to FL Keys.....clearing out a house you have been in for 38 years is hard!!! This is like looking through old picture albums....just reread my son's papers from when he was 2 and a foster child.....there are some horrible people in this world.....but then I found all his school art work and papers and awards. He does not want any of it, I have a 1 bedroom home in FL and no place to save it....shredding it is difficult,  Joanie in NJ & FL

4002 Foy Code (4/20/2016 12:33:34 PM):  1u21fj8ic worth 21 points for 1 more.,  Vicki, Va.

4003 Candy Crush Saga (4/20/2016 12:39:38 PM):  I am stuck on level 20 and can't get to 21. Without having to buy moves; can someone send me some moves or something? It is frustrating.,  Janice/Ok

4004 Susan, LA (4/20/2016 1:20:52 PM):  Thanks for telling us what happened. I was curious b/c it certainly sounded strange to me and being retired law enforcement (in WA st), I was glad you got the plate and gave it to SO. At the very least, it's a suspicious vehicle report and on file. I am sad that some posters made you feel like you had to explain why you were leery. We have a neighborhood watch on our block and while we don't have meetings or "patrols", we do certainly keep an eye out for strange happenings. You did the right thing.,  Sheila, NV

4007 Recall Notices (4/20/2016 1:49:53 PM):  Polaris recalls RZR Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles due to fire hazard; severe burn injuries, one death reported:
Flying Tiger Copenhagen recalls wooden toys due to choking hazard:
Brunton Outdoors recalls battery packs due to fire hazard: Researcher

4010 Need name of window cleaner usable on car windows (4/20/2016 2:23:29 PM):  I am sturggling to remember the name of a window cleaning product that can also be used to clean car windows & headlights. This brand usually has a rebate offer out every year. And you can print it from their Website! Does anyone remember what brand it is?,  Virginia Ann S VA

4020 Allergy Season (4/20/2016 5:15:37 PM):  Spring has finally made it to OH and it is so warm and beautiful. Since we went to FL over the winter I did not have any respiratory issues at all so when my I woke up with full blown allergy issues yesterday morning I was shocked. I barely had a voice, coughing if I even tried to breathe, headache, backache like I had been kicked called the doctor which I got in within the half hour. Two meds and back on inhalation therapy, they took chest and sinus x-rays and since I have so much of experience at this call only if I get worse. After a four hour nap and twelve hours of sleep, waking up four times to cough up a lung I did feel better this morning and better all day. Of course my DH won't let me out of the house because the pollen is so high. Anyone else this miserable? If someone wants to see an outstanding movie, take lots of tissues and go see Miracles from Heaven. It is a wonderful movie, you could hear people cry, then they cried harder at the end I was sobbing along with my friend. If Jennifer Garner doesn't get an award for this it just isn't fair.,  Chris, OH

4024 neefo on Nursing homes in OK (4/20/2016 7:15:25 PM):  can someone who lives in Oklahoma give me info and nursing homes, how you pay-- if you cant pay--,  wprried and need answers

4025 Ebates? (4/20/2016 7:17:59 PM):  anyone do the In-store cash back with Ebates?? you have to connect it to your credit or debit card. need more info thanks,  Laine J TX

4027 Cooked or raw shrimp (4/20/2016 9:06:11 PM):  There is a shrimp sale in one of our supermarkets. They have raw and cooked types in different sizes, what type would you recommend and why? Size? Is it OK if the shrimp is frozen, either raw or cooked. Should it be devained?,  Amateur cook

4028 Recall Notice (4/20/2016 9:29:13 PM):  YTL International recalls drywall lifts due to injury hazard: Researcher

4030 friend get togethers (4/21/2016 12:31:21 AM):  I have friends that only want to get together for lunch (and most of them are not friendly with each other so it is multiple lunches for me). Is it weird that I would rather get together and work on projects - sewing, scrapbooking, anything portable? Even the people I meet in Zumba want to just go to lunch. I have even offered just going for a walk and they don't want to do that either. I want to get together with friends, but I am sort of tired of going out to lunch.,  Heather, NV

4040 Recyclebank (4/21/2016 7:26:14 AM):  I can't seem to find anything of use or worth my points anymore. What are you getting from Recyclebank? I am wondering if I should stop trying to earn points. Thoughts?,  Lorena, TX

4046 Checks (4/21/2016 8:52:27 AM):  Please help big dummy. I have often read where you can buy your checks online & they are much cheaper. Can someone please tell me a reputable place to buy from & how do I link it to my bank account. ,  Vicki, Va.

4052 Prince (4/21/2016 11:50:41 AM):  Wow! Just saw where Prince has died. Wasn't a fan of his, but still very sad. Only 57.,  Susan, LA

4053 Prince dead at 57 (4/21/2016 11:56:54 AM):  What a shock!Prince found dead at his home in MN. The dj's at the radio station are in tears. I had heard over the weekend that he made an emergency landing and had the flu but was discharged. ,  Lori L MN

4055 Damaged furniture (4/21/2016 12:09:50 PM):  After spraying my solid wood bedroom furniture I got distracted by a phone call and accidentally left the polish on too long. The color of the wood furniture seems to be lighter and has a dull look as well. Is there anything I can do to bring it back to its original color and shine?,  Just asking

4058 Spring Cleaning (4/21/2016 12:45:14 PM):  I can't go outside because of the pollen, had a doctor's appt. so now I am wheezing also. Anyway decided to clean out my closet, don't worry no dust my cleaning lady would never allow such a thing and I am not kidding. I lost twenty pounds over the winter, clothes are going into the donate bag unless I really liked the material then I cut it down to what I want to keep. Yes I recycle clothes that way. I do not own many clothes because my theory is just how many can you wear, I keep a couple of nice dresses, blouses, tops, many tank tops, three qtr, length tops to put on over them when we go out to eat and have nice pants, cotton pants and of course jeans. I keep only sweaters that have held up good, not lost their shape. I have been up since 2 AM from this miserable cough, went through all my quilting books, got my address labels off and they are going into the recycling. I am way past the beginners even expert level so they are only taking up space. Also DH and 1 have this new philosophy, do we want to move this someday? If we say no, then out it goes. Donate, garbage or pass it on to someone. ,  Chris, OH

4064 Candy Crush (4/21/2016 1:35:13 PM):  Thanks for your help. I googled it. Learned there was a white rectangular box above level 20. Clicked on it and it set up for me to request help from friends. I did it several times and was able to move on in the game. Thanks.,  Janice/Ok

4071 Some good news! (4/21/2016 3:11:18 PM):  CEA dropped to 226 from 373! Prayers are working! Thanks everyone! Have to wait awhile for another scan to see what the tumors are doing.,  Debbie, OR

4072 Diane, ME (4/21/2016 3:14:22 PM):  Awe, if I were closer I would definitely go have a meal with you! Sending cyber hugs and love <3,  Lorena, TX

4073 Dinner tonight (4/21/2016 3:38:56 PM):  Fixing a meatloaf along with Macaroni n Cheese, sliced cucumbers, and maybe something else?? What are you fixing tonight??,  Susan, SC

4087 Portland, Oregon (4/21/2016 7:24:16 PM):  I am going to Portland in June. Looking for a place to stay for one night in the downtown area where I can walk around some local sights. Any suggestions?,  Nancy P, MA

4088 lizards (4/21/2016 8:05:02 PM):  Anyone have a tried and true way of getting rid of lizards in yard. I am open for any idea. ,  sharon Mo

4105 Another one dies (4/22/2016 9:38:09 AM):  Percy Sledge, age 75, died yesterday from liver cancer. His most famous song was 'When a man loves a woman',  Bob, PA

4106 thyroid biopsy today (4/22/2016 9:40:07 AM):  I am having my second thyroid biopsy today. The Dr does it himself. Good part is I know what to expect, bad part is I was hoping to never do it again. Praying if there is a reason it should be removed we find it this time. I am tired of being concerned about it.,  Heather, NV

4113 Foy Code (4/22/2016 11:24:39 AM):  iejkhtaqo worth 39 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

4114 Judy Fisher died (4/22/2016 11:39:32 AM):  Many of you may remember long time trader Judy Fisher, currently of Reno, NV. She had formerly lived in Stevinson, CA. I just got an envelope back I'd mailed to Judy in Reno. Her daughter Donna Geary of Turklock, CA said their Mom had died before they'd gotten my back from Judy's companion in Reno, Jim. Judy had been battling Ovarian Cancer for 4+ years! She endured several surgeries & multiple rounds of chemotherapy. Thee family provided a return address in case anyone would like to send a note of condolence. The Family of Judy Fisher, 1753 East Springer Drive, Turlock, CA 95382. Judy & I were long time traders. She loved getting good deals & couponing! Her family said she always impressed the store clerks & onlookers with the deals she could do! RIP friend!!,  Virginia Ann S VA

4116 Wedding concerns (4/22/2016 11:59:32 AM):  My wedding is in 2.5 weeks in Hawaii. I'm moving out of my house, have a tenant to move in, am finishing up work reports, and guess what I am worried about? My wedding pictures. Because no one is attending, everyone wants to see the pictures. That's nice, but I feel like I'm under pressure to look great. I also know I worry about small stuff. My big concern is that I will get emotional, cry, and then my face will look bad. I'm seriously considering throwing in some funny comments during the vow section, like, "I promise to try to do my best not to make everything a deal.", "I promise not to buy every bag of reduced produce that I see." I've decided to get my hair and makeup done. I'm not sure how the hair will go since it's short. I am going to get some kind of flower on the side. I just learned about the airbrushing so I think that would be good. For $160, the company we're going with will come to my room and do it. That sounds SO pricey, but I think it sounds easy. My arms. It's a sleeveless dress but my arms aren't exactly in shape, so I'm going to try to find a little sweater/jacket for it. We're getting 90 pictures so I'd like to think that we will get some good photos. I am going to put together a Shutterfly (thanks for the OP who talked about going to Coke Rewards to get a code) book with pictures from when we met and end with the wedding pictures. Then, I think I'll do a wedding book. Any thoughts?,  Mindy, MD

4122 VSecret (4/22/2016 1:23:36 PM):  Someone told me if purchase is under 10.00(panties 8.50)They are suppose to give you back credit or in money,  Julie Fl

4123 Pictures (4/22/2016 1:37:28 PM):  I found a book of pictures at the Goodwill.I bought it because it had all 3/5 and can use for sweepstakes.I can use all pictures of animals beach scenes etc but not pictures of real people.Please remember if you are going to donate after loved one passes don't donate personal things.No telling what some mean person would have done with all the baby little kids pictures.Glad I was the one to find them,  Julie Fl

4129 Donna A, GA (4/22/2016 3:04:14 PM):  Hope all goes well,  Debbie, OR

4143 FOY code (4/23/2016 7:04:54 AM):  bzfhxhcrd for 1 user and 32 points.,  Gifthulk person

4146 Chris, OH & medical (4/23/2016 7:54:42 AM):  Chris - I think you definitely had a worse day than me yesterday. I feel pretty good, but have a bruise on my neck (6 needle pokes in my thyroid this time versus 18 last time). I am so confused though - I was told the three nodules are now one (?)- why 6 versus 18 pokes. I could swear that I was told the biopsy last time pointed to Hashimoto's, but yesterday the Dr said it was via blood test instead. He said it if came up benign then I don't have to do another biopsy (unless something changes). ,  Heather, NV

4148 Foy Code (4/23/2016 11:00:50 AM):  y06t49wmn for 11 for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

4151 we lost (4/23/2016 12:51:05 PM):  our precious dog(Max) on the night of April 22. He and his brother, Tobie, were(or) going to have their 15th birthday in May. He was still so active. He loved his stuffed animals and every time he came in the house he would run and check on 3 of them. Fri night he came running in when our son, daughter-in-law and 2 granddaughters came in at 6:15, we let him out while we ate, then when he came back in he didn't want anything to eat. He came over and lay down as close as he could to my chair, which is where he always lay and I was rubbing him. Then I said he just had a light stroke. My husband, Don said lets get him on the back porch where he can get some air. They did. He had several more strokes and seizures and then he was gone. That was 8:00. He went down so fast. He was so smart and active all the time. Tobie has arthritis and we thought he would go first, but that didn't happen. Max thought it was his job to help with laundry. When the washer stopped, he would stand up and look at you like well aren't you going to get up and take care of it? We live in the country and he wanted to walk on the road every day. After Don got cancer, he would nudge him to get him going. He probably would not have walked as much if it hadn't been for Max. We are both so sad over our loss. Tobie is so confused as to where he is. He finally went out to his grave this morning. He has been avoiding it.,  Lillie Tx

4163 Finals week (4/23/2016 5:37:41 PM):  It's finals week here in our house. My DD is in finals for her nursing classes and son is in finals for his classes (computer science). They both go to the local tech school. DD will graduate in December with her RN degree then go on to get her BSN. DS will graduate in December with associates degree and go on to get his BS in computer science. But in the mean time, stress level is high around here. My other son is doing well in his aviation classes with the Marines. He has til June then will go on to another more advanced school. But this schooling gives him college credit of like 30 hours. And me, I'm just trying to get thru the next 6 weeks of busy school!!,  Susan, SC

4165 Prince (4/23/2016 5:55:29 PM):  Just read where Prince has been cremated (already) and private service held.,  Susan, LA

4167 Sally Hansen Gel nail polish (4/23/2016 5:59:28 PM):  Have any of you tried the 14-day Sally Hansen gel nail polish? I'm tempted to convert to it since most of my nail polish is old or drying up.,  Mindy, MD

4174 Missing Jane CA? (4/23/2016 9:50:15 PM):  Has anyone heard from Jane, CA? I've missed her posts. We exchanged emails about political buttons from the 50's back in September but I haven't heard from her since. I know I've been pretty busy this year and never did finish all of my Christmas cards in December or January!,  Joanne Vt

4177 Married to a paper hoarder (4/24/2016 6:19:05 AM):  Clearing out a house that we have lived in for 38 years is hard enough as it is, but my DH has saved every piece of paper, every birthday card, newspaper articles, jokes.....shredding yesterday auto insurance papers from 1993,  Joanie in NJ & FL

4180 Computer screen changed color (4/24/2016 7:38:01 AM):  While using my desktop computer the screen suddenly changed color. Instead of the clear colors, my screen now has a tint of blue on each page and website. When I try to play cards the color of each suite is black when they should be red and black. Everything is plugged well to my computer, monitor, wall etc. Any idea on how I can eliminate this blue tint and get it back to normal?,  Rose

4183 Credit Card Fraud--- (4/24/2016 10:37:55 AM):  someone charged over $900 on an online site where I shop to my credit card. I was able to cancel the order and my credit card. I was told to file a police report. Our local police department is very small. Would they actually do anything about it? What info should I take with me? ,  Feeling violated

4189 Credit card fraud (4/24/2016 11:48:17 AM):  Must be the season! I got an email on Friday which stated that $1,497. had been run thru PAYPAL and charged to our VISA. I wondered what my better half had charged! He usually doesn't charge over a hundred dollars or so without telling me first. As soon as he came in the door, I asked what he bought? He says he didn't spend $14.97 and I said it again so he understood ONE THOUSAND four hundred ninety seven dollars. He jumped on that in a hurry and called VISA...told them it was attempted fraud. They cancelled the card and refused the charge. What the thief didn't know is we have it set up to send us an email when one cent or more is charged on our card. So every charge is followed by an email to our email account. I always check to make sure it's familiar (our charge). If you can set your credit card accounts to send an email after every transaction...then you can spot fraud almost as fast as someone can try it!! This was attempted on a card with a chip....some safety in that when we had our cards in our possession and they could still make a fraudulent charge!!!,  Google Researcher

4191 deaths (4/24/2016 11:51:58 AM): This is a site we should be looking at and realizing the magnitude of what our military has given for us to be and continue to be free. Real people who quietly did what they were supposed to do without fanfare. Real people who should be talked about and honored. Real men and women to be looked up to as heroes.,  Faye

4198 Columbus (4/24/2016 1:37:59 PM):  My husband and I are headed to Columbus the third or fourth week of May for 25th anniversary dinner we always go to Ruth's Chris steakhouse. But I kind a wanted to make it an extra day or two anybody have any suggestions what we should do down there? The only other thing that we've ever done was go to a hockey game when the Hawks are playing the blue jackets but that's over now so we can't do that. The last time we were down there we went to the zoo and it happened to be the opening of the giraffe exhibit so it was extremely crowded and not a lot of fun so I don't think I'm going to get him to do that again. We always go to Polaris mall to go shopping but I wanted to do something else if there's any kind museums or things like that I checked online but really haven't found anything of interest to him. ,  CB OH

4202 What title do I call sea shell clip art? (4/24/2016 2:09:37 PM):  I am wanting to decorate some writing paper with images of sea shells. I want to use some of the clip art images in my Hallmark Card Studio software program. But for the life of me, I cannot think of which category of clip art images I would search! ,  Virginia Ann S VA

4203 CVS (4/24/2016 2:15:40 PM):  I didn't argue but found it amusing to be refused on a coupon at CVS. It was one that printed from redbox a week or so ago that said $1 off $5 of handsoap and/or sanitizer. I bought Irish Spring and clerk said that was not hand soap but body soap. I wash my hands with a bar of soap after working in my garden so didn't get this.,  Susan, SC

4207 Foy Code (4/24/2016 3:14:06 PM):  8ww4b8sro For 10 points for 3 more. ,  Vicki, Va.

4208 Disoranized day-very long (4/24/2016 3:38:49 PM):  Went to grab a bite after church, then some errands. Had pair of pants that I decided I just wasn't comfortable with. Glad I looked at my ticket b/c today was Day #30 on a 30-day return policy. Otherwise w/b store credit and I really didn't want Dillards credit. Also had postcard from Clinique for free lipstick, which I thought was Macy's so after getting back in my car to drive around to Macy's, I look at the car. It's for Dillards so back to the store I go. At least I hadn't left my parking space. Stopped at grocery store and couldn't find my credit card. Sometimes when I put it back, I miss the little zippered pouch but it's always right behind it (and my purse is so full, it doesn't have any wiggle room so I know where to look). But not today. I panicked. Only other place I had used it was at the restaurant so I called when I got to my car. They had it and said it was in the register for safekeeping. Luckily, I wasn't but 5 minutes away. So glad I hadn't gotten back to the house, which would have been 45 minute trip. I have NEVER left my card before. I always leave my hand over the compartment of my purse where I keep my cards so that I don't forget and don't zip it till I get my card back. But today I was busy talking w/ the owner who I hadn't seen in a while. Scared the poop out of me. I think what I was thinking about while I was talking to him was my server. He was extremely attentive to all in his section. But one thing bothered me. He took my dirty plate as I got up for a refill (Chinese buffet). He was walking alongside me and said "I know it's probably too late, but you could have just left your purse there. It would be OK." I thought this was very odd for a server to say. I thought fast and said "It's habit. Like it's glued to my shoulder. It's always with me." Wasn't about to leave my purse! I debated whether to mention to owner and I guess I really should have but didn't hear him say it to anyone else in the area so he would have known who it was. The owner is an elderly Chinese man, very all-business and have heard him yelling at employees before. His comment just bothered me. Then on way home, I'm sitting at red light to make left turn. SOmething caught the corner of my eye. Here comes a truck going the wrong way on the side of me. THEN at another light, a car in front of me was slow to take off so I put my signal on and went around it. Could see it was still way in the distance. All of a pulls alongside of me and cuts in front of me. I had looked over, expecting to see a kid but (and I'm sorry and don't mean to offend anyone) but it was an old lady with a handicap tag on her mirror. I was shocked! At least she didn't flip me off. HaHa But...not long after she whips in front of me, she gets back in the other lane to make a left turn. I followed behind her for a while, thinking she would eventually pick up speed, but I pulled around her when she didn't. I decided it was time to call it a day and head to the house!,  Susan, LA

4211 Fox/Cat (4/24/2016 4:01:08 PM):  Will fox search for cats? I have cats around in the area, and now we noticed Fox hanging around. Wonder if the cats aren't safe?,  Thanks for any help.

4216 Clothes (4/24/2016 5:42:03 PM):  What do you think of those type of tops that are short sleeved for warmer weather but the material is thick & lined for winter type of weather. I am always baffled by what to do with it. Its like down here in South you may get a week of wearing it but that's it. It's like having a newborn come in over 8lbs but they may have a few days in newborn things if they even have that. Just a waste of good fabric to me. ,  Vicki, Va.

4218 Email notices (4/24/2016 6:54:23 PM):  Our CC is a Chase Freedom VISA. My son says to go to the website for the bank your CC is with and check for "alerts" in their menu. If you don't find the word "alerts" in their list then they don't do it. If you find it click on it and follow the instructions as you go thru it to set up whatever you want to trigger an email to you. Our son set it up for ".01" (one cent!) so that's what gets the email triggered. I believe this is automatic email and if you find something that isn't yours call the CC company immediately. I think it will help to stop the theft of CC numbers since this stops the attempt while the charge is still pending. ,  Google Researcher

4229 Pinto Beans (4/25/2016 7:56:04 AM):  When I cook pinto beans, I hate having to sort them. Wouldn't it be nice if you could find that little rock the first time you looked? Just askin'.,  Janice/Ok

4230 Moving and shredding (4/25/2016 8:18:16 AM):  Today I am shredding electric bills from 1980,  Joanie in NJ & FL

4237 Bob Re: screen changing color (4/25/2016 10:45:24 AM):  Thanks for all your help Bob. I appreciate your time and the details. Very helpful. I gave it a try but it didn't work for me. I was told that since my monitor is so old (16 years) it may be losing color and I should get a new one. Hope that I will soon be able to say "problem solved"!,  Rose

4241 Foy Code (4/25/2016 1:46:25 PM):  Ogohykjsj worth 30 points for one more.,  Vicki, Va.

4244 Yesterday Version 2.0 (4/25/2016 3:13:06 PM):  Ran to WalMart today. Making a right turn onto the center aisle. There was a man about 2 cart lengths down the aisle in the center of the aisle. He stopped dead in his tracks and gave me "the look". I wanted to say "problem??" but didn't. I mean, HE was the one that was smack dab in the middle of the aisle and made no attempt to pull his cart to the right so that we both could pass easily. And it wasn't like I made a really wide turn or came barreling down the aisle. I don't know what's wrong with people these days. Sometimes I want to just pull the covers over my head.,  Susan, LA

4245 We could use lots (4/25/2016 3:16:44 PM):  Of prayers from my brother-in-law and his wife and three sons. Tomorrow morning he is going in for a biopsy on his pancreas. He has been told his blood work is showing signs of something. They aren't sure how bad it is. I would appreciate any kind words you can say for him. Thank you so much!,  Very worried sister-in-law

4251 yum, strawberries!! (4/25/2016 7:01:03 PM):  I went strawberry picking on Saturday. Just finished my second batch of strawberry freezer jam. Yum!! So easy with the sure jell recipe!,  Susan, SC

4253 Google Researcher (4/26/2016 1:58:55 AM):  I need your help! I am googling for quite awhile trying to find an email address or even street/city address for the CEO of Humana. Or even a number that would get me to a secretary or to someone who works for him. Or anyone in a position of authority! I am at my wits end w/Humana. My mother had Humana Gold medicare advantage ins. She is 8l and has dementia/congestive heart failure. The Director of the assisted living place where she is in the Memory Care unit suggested I put her on hospice last fall He said she would get a lot more personal attention/care from the daily hospice workers..(I actually think his staff did not like changing her colostomy bag from her colon cancer and hospice did do this) I did this but it was a mistake. She got very swollen up - ankles/legs and in bad shape. The hospice nurse told me she would die if not taken to the hospital very soon. That if it was her mother she would revoke hospice and call 9ll. She told me I could revoke hospice that day - l/4/l6 and it would be effective immediately. I have copies of the medicare form I signed to revoke effective 1/4/16. However Humana is refusing to pay any of her hospital bills - she was in intensive care, drs./ambulance trips -like $l500 ea. to and from the hospital after she was released.. Or her needed colostomy supplies. They say their records - lst told me 2/29/l6 was the change date - now they have upped it to l/3l/l6. The hospice of course did not see my mother after l/4 and they show they correctly submitted the paperwork for the revocation to be effective l/4/16. i have conversation after conversation with various humana people. I have asked for a supervisor which gets me nowhere. I get put on hold for 30 min. or so while they "research" then the call is disconnected and goes dead on my end. .. This has happened several times. It is like talking to wall to some of them who say well we show it did not change to l/3l or 2/29 - depending with whom you speak and there is nothing you can do to get them to assist in any way. My only other idea is try to start at the top - with the CEO's office - not that I expect to actually talk to him. But hoping they would direct me to someone with some authority to confirm the correct date so her bills can be paid. Can you help? Thank you for all you do for the boards.,  Donna A in GA

4254 Columbus (4/26/2016 6:13:02 AM):  Thanks everyone for all the posts of things to do down there. I'm pulling them all up and seeing if we have enough time to get to everything.,  CB OH

4259 Reheating Beans (4/26/2016 8:01:38 AM):  I cooked pinto beans Saturday. I reheated the whole pan last night because I thought we could finish the rest. Is it ok to reheat it again tonight?,  Janice/Ok

4261 Need an opinion (4/26/2016 8:32:07 AM):  We lost a grandson a little over a year ago. My step-daughter has not returned a phone call, email or text since the 'anniversary' date of his death. We though it was because she was busy and just depressed. Well it turns out she was very mad at her dad for not calling her on the anniversary of his death. We attended the funeral and stayed for a couple of days last year. She basically told her dad he was WRONG not to call her that day. I did send her ((HUGS)) via facebook. But we are not people who bring up death anniversaries. Are we alone in this? I think it's better to celebrate their birthdays and miss them on the holiday rather than dwell on the day they died. My family has never reflected the 'death' day, only the 'birth' day.,  CB OH

4262 Baby Showers (4/26/2016 9:03:53 AM):  I am going to be a great-great-aunt in Aug and Sept. We went to a gender reveal shower last Saturday for one baby. It was in Texas and was given by the grandmother and great grandmother. The next shower is this Sat. given by the same two ladies. My dd went a day early and helped decorate for it. There were about 40 in attendance and my brother cooked out for it. It didn't used to be politically correct for the immediate family to give showers, but I guess today anything goes. When I got my invitation (yesterday) for Sat.'s shower. She had her registry on it and a slip in card that said since cards are just thrown away how about buying a book and writing a message in the cover of it. At the revealing shower last week they requested gift cards; but some brought gifts. Personally, I thought the gift card was easier. Things have sure changed over the years.,  Janice/Ok

4273 passwords (4/26/2016 11:21:31 AM):  Since we have a safe deposit box at the bank I had an idea. I am going to make a copy of our passwords and put it in the box. Then if we did have a fire at the house I would at least have the critical passwords. Figured my idea might help someone else out too.,  Heather, NV

4277 Snow (4/26/2016 12:46:56 PM):  Still snowing here! Up to about 4" so far. It's not fair!!! LOL,  Diane Me

4288 Grainberry rebate question (4/26/2016 4:05:02 PM):  Did a websearch, and my search still has Chat coming up on page 4. Anyone know how to contact the company to see if I can order more than one coupon at a time? With a self addressed envelope, postage there, the 6 UPCs and cash register tapes required it only make sense to do it if I can order more than one at a time. I have enough to do it several times over.,  Diane ME

4291 Janice (4/26/2016 6:22:35 PM):  I saw that OK may get severe weather tonight. Are you in that area??? Or is it storming there??,  Susan, SC

4292 Strawberry Freezer Jam (4/26/2016 6:47:58 PM):  Here is how I am making the freezer jam now-takes a lot less sugar. Started making for my mom who is diabetic so she could enjoy some too even tho it's still loaded with sugar. You can find Clearjel at the bulk food stores and also some Sam's carries it. We love it as much as the one made with Sure Jell. STRAWBERRY Freezer Jam 2 lbs strawberries 1Tbsp corn 2 cups granulated sugar 4 Tbsp Instant ClearJelģ Crush ripe berries but leave lots of chunks. Add corn syrup. In a small bowl, mix sugar and clearjel before adding that to the berries. I also add 1 packet of unsweetened strawberry koolaid-makes it a beautiful red color. Put into freezer boxes and freeze what you won't use within 3 weeks. Recipe came from a Facebook site. ,  MO

4296 Recall Notices (4/26/2016 7:12:46 PM):  Alltrade Tools recalls ratcheting tie downs due to injury hazard. Sold exclusively at Samís Club:
One World Technologies recalls snow blowers due to fire and burn hazards. Sold exclusively at Home Depot:
Stile Products expands recall of Tern folding bicycles due to fall hazard: Researcher

4299 Dreaded Interview Question (4/26/2016 8:49:37 PM):  I have an interview next week and while I don't mind interviewing and am very confident in myself and my skills, I hate the dreaded, "what is your biggest weakness?" So, what kinds of answers have you given in the past? Or, what would you advise me to answer? Background: I have 4 college degrees and while the job in which I am applying is not directly related to any of them, it is similar to my current employment.,  Thanks for the help :)

4300 safe deposit box @ bank (4/26/2016 9:25:21 PM):  Like I said I was putting a copy of the passwords for in case of emergency - house burns down, etc. I keep the other critical, but hardly used paperwork in there also (marriage certificate, etc). I also figured if I kept an emergency copy of the passwords maybe I would actually go to it at least twice a year (to update the passwords) and put the other critical papers in there (we have a small fire box at home too, but it doesn't hold everything).,  Heather, NV

4302 prayer request (4/27/2016 12:12:47 AM):  Myfriend E who is batttling cancer is not doing well.We got word her treatments did not work at all. They have switched to another treatment.She is in thehospital because her pain could not be controlled. She finally is comfortable. I was so sure she would do well. They are not giving up,started another therapy and discussing other options. Please pray for my dear friend.She deserves a miracle.,  Sue P., CT

4304 Diane in GA (4/27/2016 2:07:10 AM):  Moving this up on yesterday's post. You were saying hospice could call an ambulance. We were using Abbey Hospice in Social Circle, GA. They said that Medicare would not pay any of the hospital bill for anyone on hospice if they went to the hospital for the same condition that they were suppose to be terminally ill with.. Mom's was congestive heart failure. The RN that visited Mom from the hospice stated if Mom fell and broke her leg then she could go to the hospital and get it set - it would be paid as an example. But if it was the congestive heart failure then no. Her heart dr. at that time told me he was not even suppose to see her if she was under hospice care. My mother fainted - I think it was low blood pressure (hospice nurse said that). The Assisted Living med tech called 9ll. They came and took her to the hospital. The hospice RN was at the hospital trying to get the dr. to code the visit for anything else other than her blood pressure/congestive heart failure/afib etc. She explained to the dr. ins. would not pay otherwise. Abbey Hospice went to talk the Director of the Assisted Living place and apparently got into it with him. He said they were "rude". They explained when you agree to hospice you are saying no extra things will be done to try and "save" the person - that I agreed to just comfort measures by putting her on hospice. In Jan. mom was very sick and the hospice nurse suggested I take her off hospice- revoke it - that it would be effective that day and that way the hospital/ambulance/drs. bills etc. would be paid. I don't think I fully understood when I agreed/signed paperwork for hospice in the fall before how it worked. At that time they were telling me mom could get better and her ins. might not even qualify her for hospice and she would have to get off of it. My dad had hospice and it was an easy decision. He could not get out of bed. (he had fell and broken his hip - had to be more surgery for the leg coming out of the hip joint) He was in and out of the hospital/rehab and had quit swallowing. I knew there was no quality of life. I also new he would not want to live like that - not being able to swallow - being on a pad in the hospital bed for people to change him. He died a natural death during the middle of the night. Mom on the other hand had been walking around and seemed to be enjoying life. I couldn't not send her to the hospital.,  Donna A in GA

4308 Question (4/27/2016 6:36:49 AM):  There has been a lot of talk about people being sad about a person's death anniversary or a person being sad about losing a family member.....does not all religion say that the "afterlife" is much better than this life and the goal of living this live is to die and go to heaven, nirvana, etc etc. Shouldn't you be happy that the person you love has achieved nirvana/heaven instead of feeling sad for yourself for missing them?,  Just asking

4313 coke rewards (4/27/2016 8:42:04 AM):  Okay...I am a bit lost. I got email from the coke program. In email it had "watch for rewards on 4/27..... So I click on today.....4/27 and I see NOTHING new. Did anyone else get this email. Did anyone else see anything different ,  Nancee/IN

4322 McDonalds (4/27/2016 10:08:45 AM):  Now that the Monopoly game is over, does anyone know what the treasured missing piece is? I don't have very many, but do not want to throw away the winning piece!,  Mary S, WI

4329 Foy Code (4/27/2016 11:08:32 AM):  j022g2cw2 For 26 points for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

4330 Foy Code (4/27/2016 11:08:36 AM):  j022g2cw2 For 26 points for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

4331 Groupon/Snap (4/27/2016 12:29:09 PM):  Hello all! Just a reminder...if you haven't used your "Snap" money at Groupon, it expires Friday, April 29th! :D ,  Lorena, TX

4334 to Tammy in KY (4/27/2016 1:05:26 PM):  No offense taken. Everyone deals with things differently. My father told me it was harder when my sister died than when he lost my mother. I've never lost a child (just been disowned by one and the pain over that is pretty intense). I'm so sorry for your loss. hugs.,  Dianne in GA

4342 Grave stone (4/27/2016 4:08:26 PM):  Last week I went to the cemetery to visit my in laws. Only to see that someone shot a blue paint ball on the headstone. I had to take a baby wipe & rub quite awhile before I could get it removed. I feel sad for that person if they have nothing to do with their pathetic life other than damage headstones. I would not want to explain my reasoning for doing something like that to the God. ,  cathy oh

4346 Post 34345: missing mom (4/27/2016 5:28:48 PM):  Thank you for one of the most thoughtful posts I have ever read on this board. I urge others to read (or re-read) it. You said many of the things I feel, too.,  J: MI

4350 Ohio (4/27/2016 7:12:08 PM):  I've been reading about this mass murder in Ohio. They keep finding out more information on them. They found a marijuana operation in 3 of the 4 homes which tells me it was a business and not just personal usage. So I'm thinking it was for payback on a drug deal. Any thoughts??,  Susan, SC

4354 Food Processors (4/27/2016 8:22:32 PM):  On the Food Channel the lids sees to just snap on. Mine you have to twist to get on and its a bugger. Do you what processor's snap on? TIA,  kAREN pa

4357 re: missing mom (4/27/2016 9:02:03 PM):  I'll try to give a brief overview of a typical Christian's interpretation of "why bad things happen" or "why there is evil in the world" God's creation was "Good". God gave mankind authority on earth. God gave everything on earth for man to enjoy, but for one thing -- the knowledge of good and evil. God told Adam & Eve not to partake of its fruit. They yielded to the temptation of Lucifer, the fallen angel, and ate of its fruit (lust of the flesh, pride -- to be like God). Now they have been exposed to evil and have unwittingly transferred their authority & rightful rulership of the earth over to Lucifer or satan. The New Testament calls satan the god of this world. John 10:10 says the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I (Jesus) have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly. The purpose of Jesus coming to the earth was to legally regain the authority that man had lost and to re-establish our fellowship with our Creator. Jesus paid the punishment for all sin. The effects of sin is still on the earth (sickness, disease, poverty, lack, etc.) and will remain until the time that Jesus returns to reign as King. Some terms we use are: the Rapture of believers/ Church before the Final Tribulation of the earth; Millennial Reign of Jesus--1000 years of a type of Utopia; and a New Heaven and a New Earth. God is good, God is love and God is just. There will come a time when all things are restored and the longings in our heart will be satisfied. ,  a believer

4361 God (4/28/2016 6:05:27 AM):  Since everyone has been posting about this I would like to share a story. Years ago my in laws going through a very stressful time. My mil who was very religious. When you walk into their house there is a table with candles on it. One day I went over & walked in to see mil praying at the table which was normal. She had her back to the door. But standing right beside her was a man with his hands behind his back. He was wearing what I would describe as a burlap sack with a rope tied around the waist. He had on no shoes & had long brownish hair. I stood there & watched him turn and float to the right & when he got to the wall he disappeared. It caught me totally off guard & consider myself lucky to see that. I remember reading in the bible when times get tough that he his by your side giving the you the strength you need. ,  cathy oh

4364 Pedophiles (4/28/2016 8:35:28 AM):  Just saw on the news that politician who molested the kids he was coaching got 18 months. I think there should be a law based on the child's age that these pedophiles are castrated. These people are mentally ill and most of them do not follow a chemical castration if one is ordered (take pills to lower your libido) and I think this is the only way to assure they will not molest in the future. But somehow age based....when parents scream that their 16yo daughter had sex with her 17yo boyfriend and have him declared a "molester", I think that is horrible...just parents who want to blame another for their daughter's behavior. My son and his wife got pregnant 6 weeks after they met....she was 26, he was 25 and her father screamed and yelled at my DH and I that "your son got my daughter pregnant!!!" What kind of idiot blames the man in the 21st century?,  Joanie in NJ & FL

4367 Myth about Christianity (4/28/2016 9:49:25 AM):  No one could convince you that Christianity is not a myth. We have been studying the book of Revelation in the Bible on Sunday evenings. It tells what is in store for those who are left on earth after Jesus returns for his people. It is very scary to hear what will happen to those who are left behind. One day every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess before HIM. I pray that many will believe before that time comes. It is not a matter of religion but a personal relationship with Jesus.,  Janice/Ok

4372 My Opinion (4/28/2016 12:22:54 PM):  When I hear others say that if I lead a good life and I do good things then I believe I will get into heaven. Or if I hear others say if I am not doing what God wants me to do then he will tell me what to do. Just my opinion but aren't you really giving God an ultimate and taking things out of God's hand and in reality making that I and me your god. Just maybe God did reveal to you that your way was not correct and you chose not to listen. I would much rather hear someone be honest and say I really don't believe this line of garbage about God that I hear but if there is a God then God will you reveal yourself to me and will you show me what you want for me and what is my purpose toward you and here on earth. When you do the I and me thing you automatically shut the door to God. The other belief is not its my way or nothing. If God is real and true which I do believe then if you are willing to listen I believe God will reveal himself to you. God is also a gentleman he will not bust down a door to know you better. He said knock and it will be opened to you.,  Vicki, Va.

4376 hot topic (4/28/2016 4:09:12 PM):  I rarely discuss my religious beliefs as they are so different than most. And I live in the buckle of the Bible Belt as we call it here. But I find others' opinions interesting even if it is not my own. I love that movie Ghost with Patrick Swayzee. I truly believe like in that movie that your soul will be at rest if you do good things in your life. But that's about as far as I go. Like I said before, I think your life molds your beliefs. I had a very rough childhood which had lots of tragedies so it helped form my current beliefs. But I still hope others are open and not criticizing of any religious beliefs as truly no one knows the absolute truth.,  Susan, SC

4379 God topic (4/28/2016 4:53:44 PM):  In reference to your post " 34370 God (4/28/2016 10:11:05 AM): Interesting overview. Thank you! If God is all powerful, all knowing, then he would have known Adam and Eve would eat the apple and be tempted by the devil." My understanding of the Bible is that your statement is absolutely correct concerning God being all-powerful and all-knowing. God is not limited by time and space as we are and He knew before man was even created that man would sin and need a redeemer. It was "worth it" to God to sacrifice His Son to redeem mankind from the fall of sin. Mankind is created in the image of God. He is our loving Father. We are His family. I Peter 1:19-20 and Revelation 13:18 are a couple of references indicating that "Jesus was slain before the foundation of the world". ,  a Believer

4381 Rapture, in reference to your question (4/28/2016 5:49:57 PM):  I copied this text from the internet concerning the term, rapture. "Rapture" comes from the words "caught up" in I Thessalonians 4:17. In the Greek the word is harpazo - "to seize upon by force", "to snatch up." The Latin translators used the word rapturo." For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and thus we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words. (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18) ,  a Believer

4385 Creamation (4/28/2016 10:19:38 PM):  All this talk about religion makes me want to ask you fellow believers what you think about being cremated. Do you think it makes any difference in our salvation? ,  Mary S, WI

4388 Religion (4/29/2016 7:26:49 AM):  I personally do not believe. I work in an environment of multiculture and multireligion. My Hindi friends believe in multi-armed women and elephant gods. My Buddist friends believe in sweetness and light. My Muslim friends believe in you know that the conflict between Muslim fraction is all over which member of the family became the "head" after Mohammad died? Do you believe that all these people are wrong?,  Multiculturalism

4393 Summer Reads (4/29/2016 7:42:29 AM):  Well, spring isn't exactly here yet in Minnesota, but I occasionally like to request good books from other RC folks to read with the upcoming nicer days to read on the patio or at the beach. Ideas? ,  Sue S., MN

4394 Small Size Paper Cutter (4/29/2016 8:17:11 AM):  I am thinking of ordering a small sized paper cutter. One I can use to cut 8 1/2"x 11" sheets of paper into note cards. Many, many years ago, my now late Dad bought me a humongous sized paper cutter for Christmas! It could cut an 18" x 24" sheet of poster board! But it was way to heavy for me to manage. I always had difficulty getting that paper cutter in & out of its cardboard storage box. I think when I moved down to rural SE VA several years ago, I gave it away. I would get something no bigger than about 12" x 18". I'm not near craft stores or office supply stores like Staples. Where would be a good Website to look for this paper cutter?,  Virginia Ann S VA

4396 Ink stains (4/29/2016 8:53:59 AM):  I recently changed the black ink cartridge in my printer and accidently spilled a few spots of ink on my tan carpeting. Any suggestions as to what to use to get the stains out? Everything I tried so far is making it worse. Any suggestions would be appreciated.,  Susan, PA

4401 Joanne VT (4/29/2016 10:25:25 AM):  I read all the messages yesterday about the bible. Can you or others explain this phrase? "Born again Christian" I do not understand. I was baptized when I was a baby and educated in a religious environment but never heard this statement in the religion I was brought up in.,  Thinking...

4404 Retirement (4/29/2016 10:51:34 AM):  Well it's finally happening. My husband is going to retire in October of this year. 6 years ago his dept was sold by the Timken company here in Ohio to another bearing company. They have made a lot of changes and moves but decided this was the last year for his office to be open. They made everyone an offer to relocate. We were hoping to get South Carolina but were offered Westlake Ohio instead. That is 60 miles from us. Per the company agreement anything over 50 miles is a relocate option. We have decided not to relocate so he will accept the severance package which is quite good! He has been there 28 years this Sept. so he will get 28 weeks pay, 4 weeks vacation pay, his bonus up to that point and they will pick up insurance for four months. He can also apply for unemployment that following week. So all in all he will be covered right up to his 62nd birthday which is Oct 2017!! Then he will collect SS. I am excited for him because he deserves this. He has two older brothers and he will be the second to retire. He will probably go stir crazy and find something to do or work PT. Who knows maybe he will take over my couponing!! I will continue to work the job I have and my company will pick up insurance in Feb 2017 in place of any raise I will get that year. I can live with that! Due to this news we have postponed all vacations this year including a 25th anniversary trip, but that's OK, we will go next May to a sweet little house right on the beach in the Bahamas!!,  CB OH

4416 Puppy? (4/29/2016 2:18:44 PM):  Okay, I shouldn't post because I'm being premature, but....we are going to look at puppies tomorrow! I haven't told the kids yet. It's going to be a busy day with soccer games and a birthday party, but this litter seems like what we're looking for, so I want first look at them all! We were leaning toward an older puppy (1-2 years old), but these are more like 2 months old! The kids will be out of school in 4 weeks, and we don't have any out of town trips (or guests) planned, so I think this is a good time to get a dog, and of course the irresistible call of a puppy.... I am still really torn. Many of you remember our dog, Master, who died of bone cancer almost 2 years ago. I am very anxious about "starting over" because he was such a phenomenal dog. I think this is as good a time as any though! Please say a prayer (or think a good thought) as we enter this journey. If we don't get a dog tomorrow, my guess is that we will be getting one in the next few months.,  Lisa, OH

4418 credit card alerts (4/29/2016 2:40:31 PM):  I went and double checked that I had the alerts setup correctly (I used to get notified and then they stopped) and found out when the one card was replaced due to fraud the alerts were turned off! So, I took someone's advice and put in to be notified if a 'Large purchase' over $0.10 happened I would get a text. ,  Heather, NV

4420 frustrated with Dr (4/29/2016 2:47:05 PM):  So, last week I had my second thyroid biopsy (done by the Dr since per him he is the expert and better than by ultrasound guided). I called this morning to get the results and was told they mailed me a letter yesterday. Turns out the Dr or lab messed up and didn't get enough cells so I have no answer! I was told to redo it in July (via ultrasound guided)! I had been telling DH that I want to find a new doctor for multiple reasons and he wasn't commenting. Well, now he agrees! DH also wants me to call the insurance when I have the letter and explain that Dr / lab messed up and we got no results. DH doesn't think they should be paid. (Dr also said a few things to me and in general that weren't very professional while he was doing the procedure.) The 'sad' part is the Dr is supposed to be an expert - was saying how many talks he had given in the last month alone. ,  Heather, NV

4421 Thinking... (4/29/2016 3:19:36 PM):  Posting here because for some reason I can't get the response button to work. Jesus talks about being born again in the book of John. Most people know John 3:16 even if they don't know what it says. The third chapter of John is about the new birth. It talks about a ruler of the Jews who came to talk to Jesus. Jesus said to him, "Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again." Of course this was very confusing to him and he was asking Jesus how he could enter a second time into his mother's womb in order to be born again. Jesus explained it was a spiritual birth. He said, "Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Sprit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, 'You must be born again.'" Just as we received a physical life when we were born physically, when we come to believe that Jesus Christ as the Son of God died to pay the penalty of our sin, repent and surrender our life to His Lordship, we are born again and receive a spiritual life. And just as a new born baby needs food to grow physically, so a new born babe in Christ needs to grow spiritually by feeding on His Word. And as many have said here, "It is a relationship" and our relationship with God (as any relationship) only grows as we get to know that person better, and we only get to know God better as we read and learn about Him from what tells us in His Word.,  Saved by grace

4425 Prayers, please... (4/29/2016 4:40:06 PM):  My husband's brother fell from the CAT at the gravel pit today. He was there alone and couldn't walk. He crawled on the ground to his pickup and went to a neighbor that he knew. The neighbor went back to the pit and shut down the machines he had running. Then he took the neighbor home and went home himself. He has spent most of the day in ER being evaluated. So far, they know he has a broken collarbone and pelvic bone. Looks like he'll be laid up most of the summer...which is when they make their money!,  Google Researcher

4429 Total Knee Replacement (4/29/2016 5:58:12 PM):  Once again I am turning to my wonderful friends on this board for facts and truth. I was told a couple of years ago knee replacements were in my future in about ten years. Well after the most recent fall, second round of gel and the x-rays taken today that timeline has been moved way up. What I need to know from everyone are facts about the true pain, rehab, how long did it take to heal and most importantly is it worth it. Did you get mobility back? I am now using a cane but my knee feels like it is always going to collapse. It really isn't it just feels that way and my pain level is already a ten on a daily basis between knees and migraines. Both knees need total knee replacement, I am not leary of the rehab, heck I just want to get back to water fitness and my friends. We took our little grandson out to dinner so he could see his other grandma and I saw a lady from fitness. While I was in FL, she had surgery so we both hadn't been back. We caught up a bit and she will let everyone know Monday what is going on with me. Anyone willing to take the time to tell all please email me at,  Chris, OH

4435 Lisa/Puppy (4/29/2016 6:54:02 PM):  So glad to hear you are getting a puppy. My Molly is getting ready to be a year old in June. She is such a sweetie but she has had her ornery moments too. These are just some things that have helped us & thought they might help you & your family. Yes puppies need exercise & walking but they also need confinement so you can get things done. Like a play pen, or baby gates. I use bitter Apple spray to keep Molly from chewing on things. Crate train for potty training & for puppy to sleep in at night. To keep puppy from using bathroom in crate. Put their food in crate. Unless they get sick they don't like to potty in crate with food in it. We started Molly on Blue buffalo puppy food but it was too rich for her & resulted in bad UTI with 2 rounds of antibiotics. Vet told us that many puppies can't tolerate blue buffalo. We use prong collar for walking to prevent pulling. It works wonders. We also have vibration and shock collar for her. We mostly just have had to use vibration mode & only have had to use lowest level of shock just a few times, Most of the time I can just let her see the remote and threaten her. ,  Vicki, Va.

4438 Amazing Race (4/29/2016 8:00:03 PM):  I have to say this has been probably THE most enjoyable season of The Amazing Race so far. The seasons prior when there was so much bickering and bitching and moaning made me stop watching mid-season. All the teams have basically gotten along so far with each other--and while there was competition between the teams, there hasn't been any real meanness between everyone racing. And for the first time? I don't care who wins--I love them all.,  Laurie, MN

4447 1st of May (4/29/2016 10:30:22 PM):  I just realized I will be away from the computer again on the 1st of the month. I should be able to list my blog address (and have more posts) on the 1st of June. ,  Heather, NV

4451 New changes to our money (4/30/2016 6:02:16 AM):  Had to wait till political day for this. I don't like that are changing the pictures on the paper money. I think it is a waste of taxpayer money. It is stupid to me that we have to change everything, just so that we have pictures of women on the money. Don't know how much the government is paying for the change with the drawing of the pictures and the cost of making the plates/molds. I bet it costs way over a million at least to do it. That money could be better spent.,  Jackie A., PA

4458 The Media (4/30/2016 7:10:43 AM):  Was just FB chatting with a friend of mine who is a Hillary supporter. I consider this woman well informed (my friend) but she had no idea about Bengazi and the email to Chelsea telling of a terrorist attack, she did not believe that the Clintons took things from the White House that they had to return or that all the Obamas and Clintons had to give up their law licenses and Hillary had ethics violations when she was in Arizona....geez, she believed that Hillary never said bad things about Monica Lewinsky! I am amazed at the media....that each channel only tells you things that make their candidate look good. I try to bounce between CNN and FNC but I guess I miss a lot of stuff too...wish there was someplace to go that was all honesty and fact...but is it the media or my friend's choice of what to believe?,  Joanie in NJ & FL

4459 Money/Income (4/30/2016 7:36:55 AM):  TV just announced a college football player just got a $20,000,000 deal. Why do people complain about businessmen who make tons of money but don't complain about athletes, actors, musicians?,  Joanie in NJ & FL

4461 College Costs (4/30/2016 7:44:43 AM):  College debt is constantly talked about in this election cycle. I know it is expensive but I am constantly amazed at the money that is being wasted. A few years ago the UA started providing movers for dorm move in days. It then morphed to adding church volunteers to help with move in. Now sororities are hiring professional movers like Bell Hops to move in the women. They pull up, the car is emptied, and all their things are put in their room. What happened to moving your own things in? It was part of the fun and excitement of beginning college to me. It was hot, slow elevators and an electric feel of excitement is what I remember about that day. The cost of this service is of course added to the bill. I was told yesterday that the house bill will be $12,000 per semester. Who can pay that? I'm told the out of state kids. Amazing.,  Anna, AL

4467 Political (4/30/2016 9:10:03 AM):  Why did Cruz name a running mate?? And why did she agree to it?? He won't be a candidate for the republican party so I don't understand!,  Susan, SC

4475 High Steam Iron (4/30/2016 10:21:51 AM):  I am looking for a good steaming teflon coated bottom iron that can be used with softened water. I recently purchased a T-Fal coated iron has great steam but you canít use softened or distilled water. My entire house is softened water. Any suggestions?,  Laurie, ohio

4479 Car insurance (4/30/2016 10:57:44 AM):  We have full coverage on two vehicles. We have not been involved in any accidents that have been our fault. Last year I was sitting in the car in Kmart parking lot with the car off waiting for DH. A car pulled in next to me and her door slammed into our car. Damage about $600. She had insurance too and it was covered and paid for. Now last week DH showed me a large scrape and white paint on my Equinox again. Back end but on two panels. I don't know where it happened but I was not in the car. Could be costly. Had auto shop look at it but he hasn't returned with an estimate. Called insurance company. She said it probably would be covered and deductible waived. I asked about increase in premiums and she said most likely. She said our discount for no accidents would be taken away too. Ugh. Can they do that? Well they can do anything but if we pay premiums for this kind of thing and it wasn't our fault, why punish us? I don't get it. I don't want to pay out of pocket to avoid a raise in premium, could be $10000 or more. Isn't this why we have insurance? I'm pretty sure the person who did it was aware of it given the damage. Just drive away. No conscience. Grrr.,  Sue, MI

4482 San Antonio story (4/30/2016 12:21:21 PM):  Just read horriffic story about the 2 toddlers found chained in back yard and 6 more kids (from 10 months to 13 years) were found inside. Someone heard a child crying in the back yard about midnight and call police. Parents of the 6 returned the next morning. Authorities are praising the person who stepped up to make the call and that they were able to get there before it was too late for those kids that were chained. They should do the same to the parents!!,  Susan, LA

4489 Conventions (4/30/2016 2:23:06 PM):  Just wondering what people's thoughts are about the upcoming political conventions. My husband & I attended a Bernie Sanders town meeting at Gettysburg College over my spring vacation. It was pretty interesting overall. We were particularly impressed with Tulsi Gabbard, Congresswoman from Hawaii was well spoken. At this event, one of the main focal points was veteran's affairs. While there is still a very slim mathematical chance that Bernie can earn the nomination, I don't think this is feasible. At this point, I am not sure how "contested" the democratic convention will be. Eventually, I think Bernie will push for a more progressive agenda and will support Hillary Clinton in the end. However, on the republican side, I wonder what will happen. One of our former long-serving republican governors, Jim Douglas, one of our republican pledged delegates, has come out and said that he will not support Donald Trump at all. So it is becoming clear that this political season could end with contested conventions in both parties. ,  Joanne VT

4496 Cute Political (4/30/2016 4:08:08 PM):  True story. The same people sort of always sit in the same area at mass and there was a recent newspaper human interest story on one of the couples who were supporting different candidates. Anyway, we were talking about it to the elderly Italian couple seated behind us. She said, "If Trump wins I'm moving to Italy!!" then she adds, "My husband keeps telling people "Vote for Trump!"" Gotta love em!,  Sharon S, NY

4497 PUPPY!! (4/30/2016 4:23:15 PM):  We did it! We have adopted a new yellow lab mix! He is SO tiny (only 8 weeks old). I bought a crate and a play yard for him....I'm sure there will be many purchases of toys, bones, etc to come :). Name still to be determined....the kids are excited to have a puppy. I'm a little anxious, but ready to begin this new chapter of our lives. It will be a fun summer getting to know our new family member!,  Lisa, OH

4498 Graduation gift idea (4/30/2016 4:34:25 PM):  How about playing cards? I did decks of cards for each of my kids. I loaded 53 pictures each - I picked one that went on the back as the "design", then 52 different ones for the cards (or maybe more with jokers!). It is something useful, portable, and relatively inexpensive, plus a really cool keepsake. If you had multiple friends, there would probably be a lot of overlap in photos, and you could maybe even make all the decks the same. I think I did it through, but you could also do shutterfly. I'm sure you could combine this with a few other items into a basket (a significant movie or other game they played together? a blanket from their college?). Another idea would be a laundry bag embroidered with a name, and possibly made out of fabric from their school. Again, something useful and fun!,  Lisa, OH

4505 Trump (4/30/2016 5:43:39 PM):  I find it interesting that Trump supporters say he tells it like it is and yet his own campaign manager says he's playing a part.,  Linda H., Florida

4517 Softened water info/34507 posting (4/30/2016 7:24:14 PM): Researcher

4525 Web Page (5/1/2016 6:38:03 AM):  Check out new web page. As this is the first day of the month -- and we can post a web site here goes. This is a shameless effort to get some feed back. www.blondeladywithdarkroots.comNancee/IN

4526 Etsy (5/1/2016 6:45:12 AM):  I am thankful for the opportunity to sell my items to you through Etsy. I have a real love for sewing and doing all sorts of crafts. This is my store address if you would please help me spread the word. Tell anyone that will listen LOL

4528 Medicare (5/1/2016 7:58:27 AM):  I turn 65 September 6th so my Medicare starts September 1st. My DH was talking to his Medicare guy this week and he says I can apply June 1st. I remember some chat about this a few weeks ago,  Joanie in NJ & FL

4533 April has been beautiful (5/1/2016 9:01:15 AM):  Because we have a contract to sell our house, we returned to NJ 2 weeks ago, maybe 5-6 weeks early.....I miss spring. The dogwoods, azaleas, pears, apples are all in bloom....and my lilac tree smells awesome!! In the FL Keys, you know it is Spring when the land crabs come out and start strolling around and the mahogany trees drop all their leaves,  Joanie in NJ & FL

4534 Weather (5/1/2016 10:03:23 AM):  May is off to a wet start. Had pretty good amount of rain yesterday to bring April to a close. Was awakened at 4:40 this morning from a deep sleep by thunder. Thought it was an explosion but realized it was thunder. Made a bathroom trip since I was awake. Could see lightning flashes followed by immediate thunder so it was right overhead but was not raining. It began to pour just before 8 a.m., huge thunder and lightning. Read where I-49 between Opelousas and Lafayette is closed in both directions due to high water, several vehicles submerged. Happy thought: I have great neighbors. Once the rain slacked, was going out to get the paper. Looked out to locate it before I ventured paper. Someone had put it on my front porch for me!! ,  Susan, LA

4538 Memolink Help (5/1/2016 11:56:41 AM):  Hi - Does anyone have ideas of why all of a sudden that I cannot access Memolink? When I click on the email link that they send each day, it goes nowhere. It worked fine and then one day I was unable to connect. Would anyone have an idea of why this would happen and how that I can cure this? Any help woill be very appreciated. ,  Clueless in CT

4545 Moving (5/1/2016 6:47:25 PM):  Is it me or does it seem that no matter how organized you are in a move, there comes a point in time where, at the last hour, you just throw everything in a box and get going? We got moved. I thought I was pretty organized, but as I look at my new house, there's areas of improvement. The good thing is we're done now. So now, we've already started working on how to do household chores together. I feel I have been doing pretty good on maintaining my patience but it's hard when you've lived alone for a long time. The difference is that I'm so happy to be here that small things like that really don't bother me.,  Mindy, MD

4546 Moving (5/1/2016 6:47:26 PM):  Is it me or does it seem that no matter how organized you are in a move, there comes a point in time where, at the last hour, you just throw everything in a box and get going? We got moved. I thought I was pretty organized, but as I look at my new house, there's areas of improvement. The good thing is we're done now. So now, we've already started working on how to do household chores together. I feel I have been doing pretty good on maintaining my patience but it's hard when you've lived alone for a long time. The difference is that I'm so happy to be here that small things like that really don't bother me.,  Mindy, MD

4547 Thought This Was Cute (5/1/2016 7:34:56 PM):  One of the children of our missionaries asked his dad why Mother's Day was first. After all didn't God make man first?,  Vicki, Va.

4548 Knee Replacement (5/1/2016 8:11:11 PM):  Thank you everyone for your very helpful information which I have printed out and can review. I will keep you informed as to what my new surgeon says at the end of the month.,  Chris, OH

4549 Jewelry In Candles (5/1/2016 9:09:06 PM):  Do you like jewelry? Do you like candles? You can have both! Please look at my online Jewelry In Candles store. Each candle or warmer tart comes with jewelry! You can pick what you want- necklace, earrings or ring in your size. Jewelry value could be from $10 to thousands! I personally had an 18K gold ring in a warmer tart package once. It's fun to see what treasure you have! 100% soy fragrant candles! Thanks for looking! K, VA

4551 Pralines (5/1/2016 11:45:44 PM):  A question for you southern ladies, what is a good place to order pralines??,  Karen, PA

4553 Gap Year?? (5/2/2016 3:57:17 AM):  I've never heard of a "gap year" after high school. I've heard of a year to work and save money to attend college but not a gap year. But I guess I run in different circles than the elite.,  Susan, SC

4554 garage sales (5/2/2016 5:47:24 AM):  Saturdays aren't usually good garage sale days . Fridays are great ! But , I was bored , so I went out . I got 2 of the best deals ! I found a new looking roasting pan , marked $5.00 I offered $3.00 , I got it . Then , I went to a sale I'd been to on Friday . The woman had some nearly new Nike sneakers . She'd wanted $20. on Friday . On Saturday , they were marked down to $10.00 . I offered $5.00 , yep , they're mine . She said she wore them twice , then had foot surgery , and she could no longer wear them . The price on the box was , $69.99 . According to the shoe box , they are Nike , air relentless 3 pink / grey ! You can't tell they were EVER worn . I took my prizes home , as I was washing the roaster , I saw Pampered Chef on the bottom . I got my last Thanksgiving turkey out , it fit perfectly in it . I checked online , this exact roaster is $130. I was shocked ! I couldn't / wouldn't pay that much for cook ware ! But , still I'm thrilled . I'm glad I didn't know the brand BEFORE I offered the $3.00 ! I wouldn't have had the nerve to offer even less . The woman didn't seem to care . My summer of treasure hunting is off to a great start ! Sorry , I just had to brag a little . I know you guys will understand .....,  MB NWPA

4555 Prayers...please.. (5/2/2016 5:56:57 AM):  I am going through a really rough time right now. It just feels like nothing is going right at the moment.,  Thank you.

4556 Tracfone (5/2/2016 6:01:01 AM):  I am looking for a tracfone to use in place of a pricey smart phone has anyone used one would love your opinion.,  Theresa Rogers NJ

4580 facebook (5/2/2016 1:33:31 PM):  Is there a way to set to get notifications only if they pertain to me? I belong to a very active group with dozens of posts a day (a money saving group, can you tell) I dont want all of those so-and-so replied to a post, commented on a post, etc. If its a reply or like to something I posted, I want to see it. ,  me

4584 Michele-deer fence (5/2/2016 2:50:42 PM):  We always had to have an 8-10 foot fence around my mom's garden. Maybe you can add 1-2 feet of chicken wire or maybe a wire without the barbs to make your fence taller. Good luck.,  Carole H. KY

4585 Lila S, TX (5/2/2016 2:58:22 PM):  Happy Birthday to a very special person. I bought a card last week and never got it in the mail. Hanging head in embarrassment. Been moving today and between that and running after my mom, well, I am sorry. Sure hope you had a great day with the sons and grand kids. ,  Susan L, AZ

4587 Internal revenue phone calls (5/2/2016 5:01:09 PM):  Anyone else getting these? For the last couple of days I keep getting these, they are recordings leaving messages leaving a number to call.,  Cheryl

4588 Broken link posting # 34572 (5/2/2016 5:01:37 PM): Research

4589 Broken link posting # 34586 (5/2/2016 5:12:07 PM): The url you tried to post does not work because you used "Enter" when you were trying to make the link. The way to make the hyperlink is to make two spaces by tapping your space bar two times; then paste the url (if it's long go to tiny.url first) to the submission box; then tap your space bar two more times, making two blank spaces after the url. That's all there is to it! Don't touch any other keys.,  Google Research

4591 Garage Sales (5/2/2016 5:41:09 PM):  We go to garage/yard sales almost every weekend. Around here you rarely see a Friday yard sale. Almost all are on Saturdays. Most start at 7 or 8. When I have one (usually 2 per year), I run mine from 7 to 11 on Saturdays. This past weekend I bought $5 worth of shorts for our school nurse (at .50 each) to use for kids as needed. She typically spends her own money. I also bought 6 coffee mug at .50 each. I'll buy some flowers Wed or Thurs and my students will plant flowers for their Moms for Mother's day. I have 6 that are with me for half the day as they are really low so I do their reading, math and writing at a lower level than their grade level. The cups are pretty so that will work out for cheap.,  Susan, SC

4592 deer prevention (5/2/2016 5:48:13 PM):  My husband found the best thing that worked was human hair. He would get a trash bag of cut hair from his barber and spread it along the edges of his garden. After it rained, it had to be re applied,hence the trash bag of hair. It really worked for his garden. The trash bag of hair lasted most of the summer. We lived on 80 acres in the country and next to a wooded area.,  Marge, MO

4593 Happy birthday, Lila! (5/2/2016 6:19:30 PM):  Hope you've been having a good one, and that your year gets better day by day! ((HUGS!!)),  Barb M., OR

4596 To Michele re deer repellent (5/2/2016 8:56:32 PM):  Hello, Michele-- Your garden sounds wonderful and I totally understand about the deer. This trick may help keep them away: Save all your eggshells and crush them. Distribute the little pieces around your plants. I found this out by accident, when I began to use eggshells as fertilizer for my rose hedges out front. Suddenly the deer would walk by my property -- and not have their brunch -- totally ignoring my roses. Later a company in town was advertising deer repellent which smelled like rotten eggs. The eggshells don't have an odor I can detect, but the deer can sense it. HTH,  Alice Dodge, OR

4600 Deer repellent (5/3/2016 8:29:24 AM):  My friend gave up and put in an electric fence - was not too expensive and the voltage is not that strong that you worry about injury to your family,  Joanie in NJ & FL

4604 Michele (5/3/2016 9:22:15 AM):  We have used deer-b-gone and it works great. It also worked on the rabbits, but once again you need to apply after every rain. ,  CB OH

4605 Mother's Day Poem (5/3/2016 11:06:32 AM):  This was written by a lady who used to live across the street from me when we were kids. Just a Note----by Cice---With Motherís day coming, and so many in my shoes----for my Mom is now in heaven, and on this day, it makes me so blue----for I cannot call her, or some gift send----and it is a sobering fact, I canít hug her again---so on that day, I try to remember, just the best times we had----sometimes just the two of us, and sometimes we included Dad----and as I remember, it kind of makes me smile-----for I feel that she is again with me, if just for a little while----and then I put pen to paper, and a little note I write---thanking her for the life she gave me, and that I love her with all my might-----and I send those thoughts to heaven, wrapped in a ribbon of kisses and hugs----for my Mom is always with me, for she is the one who taught how me to love----- ,  Bob, PA

4608 Check (5/3/2016 1:03:25 PM):  Just received a check for $9.99 from the Van's Class Action Settlement. Must be cashed or deposited by June 28, 2016. Watch your mail.,  Lynda/SFL

4609 mothers day (5/3/2016 1:05:36 PM):  MY husband died in August 0f 2015 He was born on May 8th.1938 Which was Mothers day the year he was born. He will be celebrating his first birthday May 8,2016 in HEAVEN on Mothers day this year. ,  shirley ky

4611 Spirit claims settlement (5/3/2016 3:15:05 PM):  I posted about this in a message a couple of days ago. On the postcard I received, there is no claim number. Someone asked about this and I forgot who.,  Mindy, MD

4612 searching for (5/3/2016 4:09:23 PM):  A couple weeks ago somebody posted a recipe for crockpot chicken that looked good. So I bought my chicken breasts and searched for the recipe and its not here anymore. Did anyone save it? Thanks,  louise, oh

4613 Magazine suggestions (5/3/2016 4:17:34 PM):  for 3 year old granddaughter is most appreciated. She is having trouble speaking and is behind in development. She was a premie and is starting daycare. All suggestions are appreciated. She loves animals and frilly clothes.,  Carole H. KY

4622 Recall Notices (5/3/2016 10:30:41 PM):  Walmart recalls Rival electric water kettles due to burn and shock hazards:
Cascade Designs recalls Avalanche Rescue Probes due to risk of suffocation: Researcher

4623 your opinion of gofundme (5/4/2016 3:35:06 AM):  A family friend set up a gofundme site for herself with a goal of $25,000. She had an abscess for several months that she did not care for. She would not let her MD see it as it was near her private area (she is 41 years old). She went to see her Gyn and who was concerned she could get sepsis/blood infection & admitted to Hospital as she is also (non-complying) diabetic and now probably weighs over 400 lbs. She is now claiming she has flesh eating disease & had surgery last week to debris the wound area. She was sent home to self medicate with IV antibiotics. She set up the gofundme to offset her loss of work as she doesn't have any vacation or sick time left this year. Another habit of hers is to take off time from work to visit friends or watch a new movie release! She is now upset hardly anyone is donating. I can only offer her prayers. I wish I could find the words to help her help herself but that is not her way of handling anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm almost angry over her request for donations, yet when I read some of the other gofundme requests; well, what does one say to those? ,  Pat

4637 Virginia Ann S., VA (5/4/2016 10:54:45 AM):  I don't understand your post # 34634. Please re-post if you are asking a question that requires some digging on my part. If you don't have a question in there ignore me. Thanks.,  Google Researcher

4641 Chili's (5/4/2016 11:43:27 AM):  Life took a big dive and finances a mess. Before that I use to take mom to Chili's for lunch every 2 weeks. It was something we both looked forward to. Well if you don't add points after a certain amount of days your points are void. I will loose 299 points next week. Plan to take mom there Saturday for Mother's Day but can't remember the entree you can get free. Anyone know? Hope I have enough for 1 or I will be eating appetizer or whatever is no more than 299 points. ,  Anyone know?

4643 From Debbie, OR (5/4/2016 12:24:45 PM):  More good news! A few months ago, I was given approx. 6 months to live. As you were praying for me, a new drug was approved. On March 24, my CEA was 515. (The goal in to be under 5) Apr 1, it was 373.3. On Apr 20, it was 226. Yesterday, it was 185.5! Thank you all so much!,  Debbie, OR

4645 Zytek (5/4/2016 12:29:11 PM):  Where do you enter the word MAYFLOWER? Someone was kind enough to post it, but I don't know where you do.,  Thanks for any help.

4652 Medicare (5/4/2016 2:51:04 PM):  Does anyone know if medicare will pay for having a mammogram?,  sue

4657 President race (5/4/2016 3:47:04 PM):  If someone is running in the Presidential race & drops out can they re-join?,  cathy oh

4677 Entertainment news (5/4/2016 7:48:39 PM):  I read on some website that Janet Jackson is pregnant. She turns 50 in a couple of weeks. I'm not sure if that is a true story or not. But wouldn't that be a definite problem pregnancy???,  Susan, SC

4682 Good Writing (5/4/2016 9:39:12 PM):  This precious little girl won this trophy at her school for good penmanship. She is from a very close city where I live at. The most awesome thing about it was she was born without any hands. She is only 7 years old and her printing was spot on. Everyone was trying to figure out what this child can't do and she has been showing them there is nothing she can't do. You should have seen this child printing sentences. Just amazing.,  Vicki, Va.

4685 Eaglets! (5/4/2016 11:58:08 PM):  I've been watching this live stream for a couple of months now There are 3 eaglets, and in the beginning you could tell their hatching order by size, they have grown by leaps and bounds! Both parents have been there a few times when I was watching, they are so beautiful up close, and wonderful parents. The little guys are left alone for a lot of the day now, but the parents do bring food, and they have figured out how to tear apart and eat what is brought on their own now. These little guys were banded a couple of weeks ago, and weighed 8-10 pounds at that time, probably about half the adult size. There are two females and one male. They should fledge in mid to late June, but this past week, they are really flapping those wings and looking over the edge of the nest, so I really wonder if it will be that long. I think this is the 4th year for this pair to nest there.,  Milly MN

4687 Where's the money? (5/5/2016 3:58:22 AM):  What happens to the leftover money of a presidential campaign when a person drops out??,  Susan, SC

4696 google researcher (5/5/2016 8:07:23 AM):  Thank you for the posts of recalls. I have a Rival electric kettle that I am taking back to Walmart today because of your post yesterday. ,  Vera in sunny MI

4697 flip phone help (5/5/2016 8:34:51 AM):  I have a flip phone. Now I would like to cell it. I NOW have Iphone. I don't need web sites...because I have googled and even checked ebay etc. But....just very curious.... Has anyone here actually sold an old cell phone. Pros and Cons and any certain place to sell the flip phone. ,  Patti/IN

4699 clothes washer (5/5/2016 9:09:39 AM):  Okay now I have a question about my clothes washer. I have a feature on my clothes washer......wash the clothes washer. Now that is a enw one. I can tell you my mother never washed her clothes washer. I goggled it and hey not sure what to do. I read about it. I would please like some input. Hey peole do you like actually wash your clothes washer ? ,  Nancee/IN

4701 Virginia Ann S, VA (5/5/2016 9:34:11 AM):  I don't know if you saw my response to your post. So, just in case you didn't: Here are the years from 1900 to 1950: 1910 1921 1927 1932 1938 1942 Happy early Birthday!!!!!!!!,  Lorena, TX

4704 Swagbucks (5/5/2016 10:08:48 AM):  If you do this site for points there were a bunch of surveys up. I got credit for a 50 point one and for a 100 point one real quick. I have already reached my 2nd goal and I still have quite a bit of the mobile apps to do. So if you want some good high points check out the surveys.,  Vicki, Va.

4712 Susan H, CT (5/5/2016 12:04:02 PM):  Thank you very much for your sweet offer about my mom & lunch. I must decline your wonderful offer, but it touches me to know there is someone out there so generous. I am sorry you are not able to share Mothers Day lunch with your mother. ,  Your very kind

4715 School (5/5/2016 12:54:21 PM):  We are out of school the next two Fridays. We didn't use any snow days this year. Graduation is the 20th of May. Then I have to work 4 days the week after graduation to fulfill my contract then school is out until August. Yippe..ready to spoil my granddaughter.,  Janice/Ok

4720 e reader kindle (5/5/2016 3:50:58 PM):  Does any one own a kindle? Do you like it? I seen on sale for $59.95 and did you Add protection plan for it? Thanks.,  Carol, Pa

4726 Backfire (5/5/2016 5:20:11 PM):  After the Mayor of NYC urged citizens to boycott Chik-Fil-A when a new one opened in Brooklyn, the same thing happened there as it did here. Here cars were backed up a half mile from people trying to get in and there were no protestors. In Brooklyn, the line extended around the block. Chik-Fil-A does not discriminate against anyone when hiring employees.,  Bob, PA

4734 Bob, PA (5/5/2016 10:20:07 PM):  It's after 9 pm in Portland, so it's just after midnight in your part of the country. So let me be the first to wish you a birthday that's AWESOME to the Nth Degree!!,  Barb M., OR

4735 tomatoes plants (5/5/2016 10:34:14 PM):  how to get rid of sting bug in your garden I have some in my tomatoes and something is eating my bell pepper plants I don't like to use posion last year I lost most all of tomatoes from sting bugs any ideas.,  sally tx

4737 Debbie/OR (5/5/2016 11:54:28 PM):  I just saw your wonderful news that you posted yesterday. Am doing the happy dance for you. I am thrilled for you!,  Carolyn/OR

4742 Dial contest (5/6/2016 6:32:43 AM):  Can someone please post the site to enter the code? LOVEUMOM?,  THANKS

4745 Kathy B , Mi Thanks☺ (5/6/2016 7:09:56 AM):  Thanks for your help on the e reader! And explaining about no Back light . ,  Carol, Pa

4746 One simple question (5/6/2016 7:56:14 AM):  Is it safe to pluck nose hairs?,  Just wondering

4755 Food tampering (5/6/2016 9:30:03 AM):  A man has been arrested here in Michigan. He was going around to many stores and spraying a liquid mixture of rat poison and other chemicals on produce and other foods. Some of the stores are fairly close to where I live. (I have friends that shopped at some of them) He says he thought he was being posioned. Which really makes no sense but that is why he claims he did it. Very scary because you would have no way of knowing until you got sick, and it would have been difficult to track down if he hadn't been caught. We have some very disturbed people living among us. I try to not let it get to me. I don't dwell on the bad stuff. You have to live your life. I don't want to be afraid to do things. I guess you just have to be very vigelent these days. If you see something strange tell someone. that is how this guy finally got caught. ,  Doreen,Mi

4756 KathB MI Kindle help (5/6/2016 9:37:52 AM):  Sorry, I spelled your name wrong. Thanks so much for taking Time To answer. ,  Carol , PA

4757 Kindle help (5/6/2016 9:50:02 AM):  Thanks to all, who gave information To help me decide 😊 It helped Alot , before purchasing one. ,  Carol , PA

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