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Microwave info needed. (11/1/2017 4:39:11 AM):  I would like to get mom a new microwave but am not sure what wattage. She only heats food and makes popcorn. Any info is helpful. ,  D. Marie Central VA

8445 printing coupons (11/1/2017 5:19:41 AM):  I have a laptop and a desktop computer, I used to be able to print 4 coupons 2 from each but now after I print 2 the other device shows limit already reached, well this sucks anyone else having this issue??,  cheryl ny

8449 Military pay? (11/1/2017 7:09:52 AM):  So how much money do you get that first year you join the military? It includes free food, free housing, free medical care....not sure what else. If you're single you get a free cafeteria style meal but if you're a family, you get to shop at the PX? Sorry to be so ignorant of military matters,  Joanie in the Fl Keys

8450 No Power. (11/1/2017 7:35:46 AM):  Heavy winds and 3 to 6 inches of rain Sunday night. Still no power. My bedroom was 38 degrees overnight. My Betta fish died. Crazy busy at all food places around here. At least it gets up to the 50's during the day. Brrrr! (Whining here!) ,  Diane. ME

8454 Rant (11/1/2017 8:50:46 AM):  I belong to a local yard sale site on facebook. It makes me so mad when I set up a trade & the other person doesn't show up. I was selling some items & last nite a guy responded. We were to meet in town at Walgreens at 9:30 this morning. I always arrive 10 minutes early. At 9:40 I messaged him & ask if he was coming. No response at 9:45 I left. I get home 20 minutes later & he sends me a message saying he is running late but he is at Kroger right now & can still meet. Seriously if you are late to begin with don't stop at the store first. Better off because I got a creepy feeling first off because he wanted to meet where he lived, at a apartment for seniors.,  cathy oh

8455 Snake in House (11/1/2017 8:52:51 AM):  A few winters back, my dd noticed a mouse in the kitchen. My dh went for a trap under the kitchen sink. He reached way back and pulled out a snake skin. He reached further and pulled out a larger skin. Yikes. That summer our mowing boys found a rattle snake in the back yard and killed it. I put sticky traps on my cabinet near the end. A couple of months later we went to Branson. While we were gone, our daughter and dh came over and found a king snake stuck on the sticky trap on the kitchen cabinet. He got it on the floor and killed it. They took a picture of it but wasn't going to tell me. A while later, my grandson was cleaning out my garage and he found some mouse nests. He was sweeping and I said "watch it, there's a mouse." I was just teasing. He got mad because it scared him. Later, he walked over and said, "Look at this picture grandma. This is the snake we found in your kitchen while you were at Branson." He got me back. No more snakes since then. I keep moth balls under my cabinet. I haven't even seen mice. Since it is cold, they may come in tho.,  Janice/Ok

8457 Time change (11/1/2017 10:18:53 AM):  Turn your clock around Love to hear the ringing Turn it upside down Just can't stop the ringing Turn it back an hour Lets you snore some more Saturday November 3 when you go to bed ,  Bob, PA

8463 make it stop! (11/1/2017 11:58:49 AM):  I have a 2nd email addy that I have not been in for months and months. When there was somekind of problem with the trading chat I figured wrongly that it stopped coming in to that email addy. Today I get in it and have over 9000 emails. Probably 90% are trade offers. I also get some email there from companies but at this point I want to 0 all of it out. Can do a whole 50 at a time :( How do I turn OFF getting trade chat emails? I just don't refund like I use to. Just not much time or interest in it anymore. I hope there is a way to do it where I don't have to bother Michelle right now. ,  drowning in email

8466 boat paint? (11/1/2017 1:28:12 PM):  Has anyone used boat paint on a horizontal surface and it has lasted more than a couple of years? For some reason nothing we have tried stays on our flat, wood patio railings for more than one season. We are thinking of trying boat paint in the spring.,  Heather, NV

8467 Wi-fi 'Krack' vulnerability (11/1/2017 1:30:53 PM):  Is everyone not using wi-fi to get onto the Internet? Is anyone pay for a home VPN network? I have been trying to use the Ethernet cable and it randomly says it is unplugged and then I can't get it back working. I am wondering if I even need to be so cautious with going to bank accounts, etc.,  Heather, NV

8468 Meal for 200 & Recipe ? (11/1/2017 1:33:28 PM):  Anyone know of any recipes for about 200 people using diced potatoes ? Our local meals on wheels is looking to improve menu's one of the menu items is diced baked potatoes that goes with a breaded baked chicken sandwich on bun with lettuce and tomatoes The chicken sandwich is very good but the potatoes just aren't appetizing They avoid fried foods and recipe must be simple and cost effective as well My thoughts were to add cheese soup or instant mashed potatoes to the diced potatoes kind of like chunky creamy potato soup or cheesy potatoes ? ,  Ideas Please

8470 Check out Etsy (11/1/2017 1:48:20 PM):  I have a store on Etsy. I have a real love for sewing and doing all sorts of crafts. Please take the time to stop by my store. I Ihopefully did make the link smaller. Thanks for looking.

8474 Please check it out. (11/1/2017 2:27:10 PM):  As this is the first day of the month -- and we can post the blog web sites here goes. This is a shameless effort to promote my web site. This is NOT a blog but instead it is my web page. Or try or try Nancee/IN

8484 my blog (11/1/2017 3:22:24 PM):  Since I don't seem to make tiny urls correctly or put the link correctly I will just tell you what to search: 'A Creative Engineer In Nevada' - it is a Wordpress blog. Oh, and I actually posted a new post today - shocking I know. I hope to blog daily or at least every few days with something positive in November. If a photo is not needed or easy to get cropped, etc I will have a better luck at actually getting the topic posted.,  Heather, NV

8485 computer help (11/1/2017 4:14:41 PM):  What the heck did I do? I have Swagbucks set as my search engine. Starting today, I log into my Google Chrome in my Windows 10 & I type in search bar, Bank of America to check my account. Well I get a tab that says bankofamerica-Swagbucks. I click on Bank of America official site & up pops another tab! It says Bank of America. It gives me option to proceed to and when I click on that, I get another tab! I entered acct info & luckily didn't get still another tab. Then when I do Yahoo in tab for my mail, I get another tab saying yahoo-Swagbucks. I clicked on the Yahoo option & get another tab. I am getting tabs like crazy & it is driving me crazy. Did I somehow trigger all this? If so, what & how do I reverse it?,  lost

8489 broken urls...posting # 58465 (11/1/2017 5:13:53 PM):  Mr. Heater MH9BX 9000 BTU Propane Portable Buddy Heater: Lowes Heater: Here's how to make your tiny url clickable: Use your space bar to make two blank spaces; then cut and paste the tiny url from the page and paste it to the submission box; make two more blank spaces with your space bar. That's it! Don't use your "enter" key because it will cause the next word to hitch to your url which will keep it from working.,  Google Researcher

8491 Computer (11/1/2017 5:23:18 PM):  I am getting a number of pop ups about the zeus virus and then when playing pogo games I will get kicked out of the site and a screen comes up saying congrats you are ### to this site. I will X out of each one and I have run everything I can from my antivirus program, malwarebytes, spybot, CC cleaner, defrag, clear history, etc. and it still happens occasionally. Today I had a new pop up that did freeze my computer and I could not get out of so I had to do a shut down. Any ideas what I need to clear all this out? I did do a system restore also to when computer was working okay and that seemed to get rid of some stuff but not everything. Should I try another restore farther back? Thanks for any help!,  Ann

8493 New computer (11/1/2017 5:25:36 PM):  Does anyone have a suggestion on where to get a new computer and if the place can put on what I would want on the computer instead me having to do it all at home? Any ideas how much something like that would cost? I tried to update something on my computer and got a lot of crap I didn't want a year or so ago and would like someone else to do everything so I won't mess up again. ,  Not computer smart

8502 Joanie (11/2/2017 3:52:51 AM):  Also, my son is coming home for a visit in December. (He's been deployed for over a year now). When DH was in the Air Force in early 80s you could hop a plan for minimal $$. He paid like $20 each way to come to WV from Germany--on a mail plane but still cheap. However they no longer help with costs to get home. We paid over $1000 for his ticket to come home (RTrip) as we know he's not making much.,  Susan, SC

8504 Foy Code (11/2/2017 6:31:53 AM):  xl2uvtujg is for 31 points for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

8510 Just Great (11/2/2017 8:17:21 AM):  This World Series was a memorable classic in many different ways. The players stood and put their hands over their hearts during the National Anthem. ( That is much better than the tattooed thugs in the NFL.) The teams were evenly matched with the Dodgers being a slight favorite. There were no dugout clearing brawls even though four Dodgers were hit by pitches early in game 7. The defensive plays ranged from spectacular to errors. Houston's train is unique. Several of the games were nail biters. The fans behaved and good sportsmanship prevailed throughout the Series. Carlos Correa topped it off by proposing to his girlfriend, winner of the Miss Texas beauty contest. He gave her a large diamond ring and she accepted his offer.,  Bob, PA

8513 Joanie, others - military (11/2/2017 10:08:07 AM):  My grandson and his wife graduated from the Air Force Academy 5 years ago. They had met at the Academy and got engaged. They were told that if they got married within one month after graduation they would be stationed together. They got married the day after they graduated. They were assigned a base in Colorado. Six months later he was sent to Mississippi and she was sent to California. Next he was sent back to Colorado and she was still in California. Then she was sent to Greenland for a year and a half and he was sent to Missouri. You have to give the Air Force 5 years service. She just got out and he has signed for another 4 years. During the five years they were hardly together. They were both captains and used their own money to fly back and forth to see each other. ,  Betty, La

8514 Doreen, MI (11/2/2017 10:21:52 AM):  Thanks for the info. Haven't been on computer in a few days. Was going to place Amazon order and thought I'd better check back here to see if someone answered. I want the $10!! Thx again!,  Susan, :LA

8518 Scam??? (11/2/2017 10:57:35 AM):  My dh is getting messages on his phone that his debit card has been locked and to call this number back. I tod him not to call back and if he is concerned, to call the issuing company. Anyone else getting this message? ,  Vera in MI

8519 Scam??? (11/2/2017 10:58:02 AM):  My dh is getting messages on his phone that his debit card has been locked and to call this number back. I told him not to call back and if he is concerned, to call the issuing company. Anyone else getting this message? ,  Vera in MI

8520 Love senior discounts (11/2/2017 11:04:32 AM):  My dh got a ticket for 5 miles over and he went to court to request that points not be added. He has not had any violations in many years. The ticket was for $125. But if he paid $175 no points would be added. So he said OK. Then the judge said that since he was a senior, he got a discount (huh?). The final cost was $135. Has anyone else gotten a senior discount for a speeding ticket? ,  Vera in MI

8525 Remember Zak? (11/2/2017 1:07:26 PM):  My nephew Zak who had problems with drug and works in the oil field is better and many of you sent him b/day cards to his mother's house. He really appreciated them. He lives in a Travel Trailer Park while working away from home. His black lab dog Pudge was lying in the road and was run over. He was in serious condition and taken to OU Veterinary Intensive Care. They thought they could do surgery but with only 10% success but Pudge would be a like a vegetable. Pudge was his first dog and kept him company during all his problems with the drugs. He was a constant friend while he was on the oil field. Pudge passed away. His hospital bill was $2700 but the hospital brought the bill down to $2200. and cremation was $90. My brother paid for it. The nurse there said she was going to make a plaque out of a paw print of Pudge's for Zak to have a memory. She is doing this on her own. Isn't that sweet. The money paid at the hospital goes for scholarships at OU. ,  Janice/Ok

8526 Oct Bonus (11/2/2017 1:13:34 PM):  SB Oct Bonus is out check under daily goal drop down menu for yours.,  Sunshine (Linda IN)

8527 Posts (11/2/2017 1:19:51 PM):  I've submitted several posts some original some replies they didnt come thru to off topic just thought I'd mention ,  Ann, NC

8528 Helping Hands Scam (11/2/2017 1:43:14 PM):  828-552-8408 caller says they with Helping Hands they assist with choosing a plan and ask you to hold then while you are placed on hold you may hear a recording telling you You quality for a special trip press #1 to opt out the recorded caller continues with information on a trip To me this is a scam they are not helping you choose a medicare plan ! Its a scam This call has nothing to do with medicare Hang up or do not answer,  Ann, NC

8533 Thanks - Microve help (11/2/2017 2:57:12 PM):  Many thanks for this help! Google Researcher,Teresa, CA and Susan, SC. Got one today.,  D. Marie Central VA

8534 Remember Zulily sheets? (11/2/2017 3:20:28 PM):  I finally washed those sheets Michele posted from Zulily that were really cheap. I had bought them as gifts for my bachelor brother's new house. Every single pillow case is unraveled. No clue if they were like that before or after the wash, because, well, who checks? Going have to put the sewing machine up,  Joanie in the Fl Keys

8538 Clorox Wand vs toilet brush (11/2/2017 6:54:33 PM):  How many of you use a toilet brush vs. the clorox wand with refills. I understand the refills can be used a few times before you have to throw them away. I find I donít know how to clean the toilet brush so it doesnít sit there with yuck on it we canít see. I donít want to waste money but I have scrimped & saved my whole life and I just want a few things easier as I get older. Can you share what you use for cleaning the toilet?,  Name withheld for embarrassment

8539 Zulily sheets (11/2/2017 7:38:12 PM):  I haven't ordered them from Zulily but sister bought some from Kohl's (forget the brand, but it was a good brand). The sheets were raveling before washing, so she just folded them back up and returned. Wonder if they send "seconds" to Kohls.,  Susan, LA

8541 Doreen-Coke codes (11/2/2017 7:41:37 PM):  Yay! I was able to get 2 Amazon gift cards each for my sister and I. I've already spent mine, LOL!,  Susan, LA

8552 Pet expenses (11/3/2017 7:40:15 AM):  Curiosity question....How much would you spend on your pet for medical care, whether for an illness, or a sudden emergency? I know some would have no limit....and sometimes it's a slippery slope (you think it's going to be X, but then it turns into Y & Z, and it's in incremental amounts). Our last dog was such a great pet and I think I would have spent a few thousand if he would recover and have quality of life. Our current dog, I'm not sure I would go over a few hundred (he is a source of a lot of stress). Instead, I would probably spend the money on a slightly older dog in need of rescue....,  Skys the limit?

8555 Typical weather- no Fall for me (11/3/2017 9:40:32 AM):  I've had almost 3+ years straight of summer. We've had fewer than 10 days, so far, with lows below the 80's. Today will be in the low 80's. Looks like I'm flying on Tuesday- high close to 80. The next day, aka, the day after I leave? High of 60. Figures. ,  William M.M FL

8565 Foot Surgery (11/3/2017 1:03:23 PM):  I had foot surgery on 10/20 & just starting to sit at the computer with my foot up on my knee walker. Still no weight on it till Mon. when they take the stitches out. Did not replace the big toe joint at the toe, but did fuse the smaller joint. Also grafted a piece of tendon into lengthen the tendon running down the top of the foot as well as cleaned out all the scar tissue around the tendon & bone. The first week after 3 hrs of foot surgery is no fun! Can't use the knee walker much as I have arthritis in that knee & it just hurts too much for prolonged usage.,  Linda, Fl

8571 Pet expenses (11/3/2017 3:35:10 PM):  We have always paid what was needed for our animals. Meds, operations etc... Ollie my Westie, also named Ollie, the refunding dog, died in September at 15 years and 9 months old. He and I are on the front page of a Refund Cents magazine with all the bottles of free hair dye. If you have kept the magazines he and I are on the back cover of another issue. Our 13 year old Havanese has sarcoma and takes pills for chemo, cost $275. per month. He hops down the hall as he plays with his toys. So far, so good. When we see he is in pain the vet will put him to sleep. ,  Carole H. KY

8572 (11/3/2017 4:17:57 PM):  At Walmart, free eggs up to $2.50 and bananas up to $1. You need the app on your cell phone or Ipad for this offer because you need to send a picture of the receipt with the items on it. They send the refund money to your Paypal account. ,  Vicki J, AZ

8573 E Poll (11/3/2017 4:21:43 PM):  I have been doing survey for E Poll for years. Now it looks you don't get points only entered to win money. Am I reading this right?,  E Poll?

8576 Son (11/3/2017 5:19:54 PM):  My son does not have cancer. Thank you for praying for him.,  katie O mich

8577 Angels (11/3/2017 5:20:46 PM):  Dayle R., come on up. NY state should be plenty cold by then. ,  Sharon S, Ny

8580 Impractical Jokers (11/3/2017 6:24:14 PM):  Does anyone watch this show? Last night was the final show for the season and I was really surprised at them destroying the jeep. There are some things that just do not make sense to me. Anyone else see this? Opinions?,  Ann

8584 SuperStore (11/3/2017 7:56:46 PM):  Did any of you watch Superstore last night? What were your thoughts? I thought it was too risquť and the storyline was poor with the manager.,  Mindy W, MD

8585 Slow computer (11/3/2017 7:58:37 PM):  I have F secure on my computer & just did a scan. Nothing was found. Is there something else I should do? ,  Liz

8587 Desk Top Agent Tray (11/3/2017 9:09:32 PM):  When I log on to my computer that's the first thing that comes up. It says it's isn't working. Does any one know what that is and how to get rid of it? ,  Margaret WA

8590 Great new youtube channel (11/3/2017 11:03:29 PM):  Search youtube for "Rowan and Martin's Laugh In" as a channel. So far they have posted 88 5+ minute clips from the original show. It was a brilliant comedy show with great writing, acting, and visual editing. This is the most I've ever seen of it. The women clearly dominate in the talent area with Goldie Hawn, Judy Carne, Lily Tomlin, and yes, the under-rated Ruth Buzzi. The comedy team of Rowan and Martin were also very funny. Take some time to check out the videos on this youtube channel.,  William M.M FL

8593 Traveling to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (11/4/2017 6:18:34 AM):  I am traveling to Regina on Monday from Michigan. Just wondering if anyone knows how much snow is there right now? What time zone are they in? Does that area observe daylight savings time? Thanks in advance!,  Traveler, MI

8594 Foy Code (11/4/2017 7:19:50 AM):  80nchc7nz for 29 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

8595 Foy Code (11/4/2017 7:31:30 AM):  azrpm7fal for 16 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

8609 deck railing/ boat paint? (11/4/2017 12:13:06 PM):  Our deck railings are not pressure treated (just asked the husband). The vertical boards are painted white and are keeping there paint for more than a season. For some reason the railing tops are not. Oh, and we call it a deck, but it is really a cement patio with a railing with a fence/railing that goes around three sides. We might try boat paint in the spring. We looked at a can in Home Depot, but it gets too cold at night here already.,  Heather, NV

8610 zip drive (11/4/2017 1:52:22 PM):  I honestly don't know, I'm sure 99% of everyone else does. I have a zip drive that has pictures on it. I put it on the front of the computer, and nothing happens. How do I see the pictures? How to I get them printed at CVS, Walgreens or whatever? My printer is over 10 years old and can't print pictures from it. They turn out streaky. I would appreciate any help. Thank you,  Diane, ME

8613 Streak Was Broke (11/4/2017 4:10:45 PM):  Our high school team had won every single district team games since 2006. We had lost play off games and some state champion games. However we had won a total of 99 straight games for our district. Last night though we did lose and lost our winning streak. We came very close to scoring at the last 2 minutes but it was not meant to be. Even though we did lose I think our team can be proud of 99 wins and district champion ship since 2006. If you are interested check football for Oscar F. Smith High School.,  Vicki, Va.

8617 ? (11/4/2017 5:36:16 PM):  Is appliance girl still on this site?,  Ruth Ohio

8620 Job interview (11/4/2017 6:08:30 PM):  I recently went on a job interview and a number of things that were said made me think they were hiding something or not being honest. Have you ever been on an interview where something just didn't seem right? What was the outcome and did you figure out why you felt this wasn't right?,  Job hunting

8625 pet expenses (11/4/2017 10:57:39 PM):  We don't have a set dollar amount. I have paid $2500 to have a torn ACL replaced in one of our cats. And we have paid for ongoing treatments for aging/ill cats as well as for special foods that are typically expensive. It matters more to us what sort of benefit it will provide the pet. A $2500 surgery that will make them pain free and able to stay mobile for more years is a no brainer for us, but $2500 for something that won't help much or improve their quality of life doesn't seem like a smart use of that amount of money. $2500 is extreme for us. Expensive is more like $300-$400 trips. Our vet bills have always been large and will probably always be large, mostly due to the # of cats we have. Someone almost always has something going on, and if they don't there is normal checkups, etc. We don't consider ourselves typical pet owners. Also, if there is a need for a procedure and you do not have the money for it, many vets have funds set up for low income or fixed income pet owners. Not for routine type things, but more for emergency things, where it might be needing to come up with the $ or put your pet to sleep. If it's ever that tight, please don't be afraid to ask at the vet, the worst they can say is no, they don't have those type of funds. ,  Deborah L

8627 Foy Code (11/5/2017 6:29:52 AM):  0oeu7ui7w Is for 23 points for 1 more.,  Vicki, Va.

8629 Foy Code (11/5/2017 6:48:09 AM):  gvsdl4vnv for 39 points for 1 more.,  Vicki, Va.

8630 Foy Code (11/5/2017 6:53:31 AM):  sp6iide2x For 18 points for 1 more,  Vicki, Va.

8635 DST ending (11/5/2017 10:25:11 AM):  Did anyone actually get an extra hour of sleep last night? My eyes popped open at 4:26 (usually get up at 5:30) and there was no sleeping after that. I'll probably fall asleep by 8 tonight. It always takes me longer to adjust to "falling back" than it does to "springing ahead." The whole think just seems silly to me--why do we keep doing this?,  Linda, TX

8643 Inserts for today (11/5/2017 1:55:49 PM):  This was not updated, so I went online to check through Google, and it was very helpful. We don't get nice fat inserts, so I sometimes ask my out-of-state daughter to buy a paper for me. She has a supply of SASE's and cash, and I appreciate her help very much.,  Alice Dodge, OR

8644 sell gift card (11/5/2017 2:03:07 PM):  Can anyone recommend a good place to sell a gift card?TIA,  June/AL

8649 Dominos sugar (11/5/2017 3:29:10 PM):  Remember you can price match from BigLots to Walmart savings catcher and Target and use coupons.Big lots don't take coupons,  Julie J, FL

8654 Seafood (11/5/2017 6:32:02 PM):  I told my DH that I would make him dinner; something with seafood (his favorite). Initially, I was going to make salmon but then I ran across a box of tuna noodle casserole so I made that instead. When DH asked where the seafood was, I said, "It's the tunafish in the casserole." He looked at me and said, "I was thinking shrimp actually." I said, "Me too.",  Mindy W, MD

8655 Tomorrow (11/5/2017 7:40:11 PM):  My birthday but also consult with the oncologist to see if there is anything for me. ,  Judyb. La

8658 Is this safe? (11/6/2017 6:28:12 AM):  I got notice I can get a Free 24 pack of Pepsi after I answer some questions. It was from I started to answer the questions and then after a few questions it started to ask more questions about my credit card usage. I then stopped,  Was this for real?

8661 Rebate Rebate (11/6/2017 11:17:21 AM):  Is Michele's Rebate Rebate tracking program available to download to my computer? I used to have it on my old laptop, but my laptop died and I would like to download the program to my new computer. I can't find it on Michele's page. Thanks for your help.,  Kathleen Hafford ( ME)

8665 Nose Question (11/6/2017 11:33:05 AM):  I have had a sore nose for about three days. It is in the fatty part of the nostril and it hurts right below it also. I am thinking it might be an ingrown hair or something. I had similar pain several months ago. I have a mole on my face under the nostril. It never changes but when I put my tongue under my lip it is sore there also. I don't think anything is wrong with the mole. I am going to have to go to the doctor, but hate to. It makes it hurt by one of my teeth also, but it is not decayed.,  Janice/Ok

8670 Kindle Fire or ??? (11/6/2017 3:09:25 PM):  I want to buy a tablet possibly the Kindle Fire HD or better if there is a model better than that for doing videos and games on Irazoo, Swagbucks, Instagc and Gift Hulk. Really prefer no more than $140. & waiting for a Black Friday sale or the big internet sale day (forgot what is is called; think it happens on a Monday). Not sure what would be best for videos and games. Anyone use a tablet for any of these sites? I think the Kindle Fire Swagbucks has to be "side loaded" whatever that means; but there is Utube vids about it. Just trying to find a way to better the income from the sites and also must for Hulu & Netflix.,  lost

8671 Snake in house!! cont. (11/6/2017 3:20:53 PM):  Well we found where the snake and the mice are coming into the house. DH and I took the dryer vent hose off the dryer, cleaned the area. There were three holes in the soft aluminum where mice were getting in and can only assume the snake followed them. We found mouse droppings inside the back of the dryer and behind the dryer. I will vacumn the metal pipe where the outside dryer vent is placed and put a new dryer vent cover on it. That will be for next weekend. I will still keep my mice traps baited. You never know, those mice have a way of getting into our house. Mouse/snake hunt isn't over!!,  Carole H. KY

8676 Selling Gift Cards (11/6/2017 7:39:27 PM):  Did you get an answer yet? had been recommended to me, but the reviews are awful. Somewhere, I have the other site written down. Will post later. Let us know if you found a different site.,  Sue S., MN

8683 Serenity (11/7/2017 7:20:49 AM):  I am asking for your prayers again for my great-granddaughter Serenity.She is having heart surgery tomorrow morning. This is her third surgery.The doctor needs to finish closing the hole in her heart.Thanks,  Valdena,Ky

8685 Birthday Greetings (11/7/2017 8:36:55 AM):  Please send email b/day greetings to my sweet sister-in-love She is Zak's grandmother and lives in Texas. When his dog Pudge was run over. She and her dd came to Oklahoma to be with Zak. She is very loving and takes care of everyone including my brother. She shares her b/day with my grandson Tanner who is 22 today.,  Janice/Ok

8686 (11/7/2017 9:08:20 AM):  Has anyone ordered shoes from Zappo's? Are they a reliable company? Thanks. ,  Vera in sunny MI

8689 My first crocodile (11/7/2017 9:44:46 AM):  We live in what is called "the upper keys" and we sometimes get crocodiles (salt water) and alligators (sweet water) when the waters mix. I have read in the local papers about crocodiles in the canals but they are way up, maybe 15 miles north of me so I just blew it off. Well, went out to breakfast, maybe 8 miles south, this morning and this cute, maybe 4' long crocodile was swimming around the restaurant. I better keep a better watch on my dog!!,  Joanie in the Fl Keys

8692 Foot surgery followup (11/7/2017 11:04:54 AM):  Went to the Dr. yesterday expecting to have stitches removed & to be able to start some weight bearing. Didn't happen. 2 more weeks, but can start using the heel to help with balance, but no walking motions. Big toe is still really swollen & as the nurse reminded me, this was a really big surgery & takes a long time to heal. I've ordered a pad for the knee walker & hope that will make it less painful to use the walker. ,  Linda, FL

8704 Ideas (11/7/2017 6:31:56 PM):  This is kind of long, but we go south for the winter and my husband forget the mask and strap to his sleep machine. We couldnít order a new because we just had, so would have been $119. When talking to the girl from the medical device office, she volunteered to meet our neighbor at our house and get it for him. She did and mailed it. I think she used work mail, so I donít think she is out that expense. But I would like to do something for her. Suggestions? I donít even know her address, would have to send it to work. But Iím torn, when I do a RAOK, I donít want rewarded. Would a nice note be in order or say, $20 gift card to somewhere?,  Snowbirds

8707 Flu (11/7/2017 8:54:34 PM):  Stomach flu. Yech plus slot of laundry. Wonder how to clean the little decorative pillows ...,  Me

8709 Recall Notice (11/7/2017 9:32:57 PM):  Norco Bicycles recalls childrenís bicycles due to fall hazard: Researcher

8713 leg cramp (11/8/2017 1:28:33 AM):  I work on my feet running around & recently started having leg pains. I've tried eating a banana or 2 thinking low in potassium. Seemed to help a bit. In the past I hurt my sacroiliac and sometimes it bothers me when I try to sleep. For example I no longer can lay on right side more than 3 min or the hip pain is horrible. So today I have this knot feeling cramp in a thigh (right leg) and i kind of rubbed it (probably a no no) and it didn't help. Someone told me to try Gatorade. Never had Gatorade in my life so hope it works. Any other suggestions other than Dr unless absolutely important I go. It isn't horrible pain just pain but I can handle it just would prefer not to.,  crampy

8716 Kelloggs (11/8/2017 7:47:18 AM):  I got notice with my Kelloggs points I have. It also shows I got 1 punch point. I never got it before and not sure how I got it. Does anyone know?,  Thanks

8717 Udate On Baby (11/8/2017 8:41:15 AM):  The baby with liver cancer from my church is having a procedure to cut the blood supply off to the tumor. ,  Vicki, Va.

8719 Getting billed (11/8/2017 9:49:08 AM):  I was hospitalized overnight in January for a shoulder replacement. They put a sling on my arm in the OR. 5 months later, I got a bill from Berg, Inc. for $67 with a note on it that Humana will not cover the bill (Humana is NOT my secondary, it is my RX insurance). I had Medicare send me a copy of the hospital bill and Medicare paid for this sling. I called the company but some lady in India answered and wanted my ss# which I refused to give her. 3 letters to the company went unanswered so I reported them to the Medicare Fraud Alert team, the one in TX, the one in PA and the one in DC (the return address on the bill was PA, the pay-me address on the bill was TX). They sent my bill to collections and you can believe I gave that guy an earful when he called and then blocked his number. SURPRISE SURPRISE got a letter from them yesterday writing off my bill,  Joanie in the Fl Keys

8728 Cold/Warm Cooler (11/8/2017 2:26:13 PM):  Does anyone have one of these. We are thinking of going south this winter and thought it might hold food cold longer if we could plug into lighter in car while we traveled for 3-4 days. Don't have any experience with one.,  Bev, IN

8729 K-Insiders Newsletter (11/8/2017 2:36:23 PM):  Check the K-Insiders Newsletter email for your Member ID as winners are posted and you must email a response if your ID is listed. I won one of 100 Kellogg's coupons for a free product up to $5 in value. It was a very nice surprise!,  Debbie W.,IA

8730 Bundt cakes (11/8/2017 2:57:33 PM):  I think I posted in the Spring asking about Bundt cakes. Someone was nice enough to post a few of her recipes (one was with Vanilla pudding) I have misplaced the recipe and when I tried searching off topic, nothing. I also have a question about a Nordic Ware Fall Harvest pan I bought from a thrift store. It seems to be deeper and larger than the regular Bundt pans, so would I need to double up on the recipe? Thanks again for your help! I want to make this for Thanksgiving. ,  Lori L MN

8732 Furnace (11/8/2017 3:36:47 PM):  I have a trane furnace and had a tech out to do yearly maintenance. He said it was made in 2003 but hubby knows it was put in in 2006. The tech said the inducer motor amp is running 2.2 and that is high. He is suggesting the furnace could stop running and should be replaced. I do know our AC which was put in at the same time has a leak and needs recharged every spring. Is the tech being truthful about the furnace? An 11 year old furnace is not that old and our previous one lasted over 20 years. ,  Ann

8736 Recall Notice (11/8/2017 6:22:50 PM):  OshKosh recalls Baby Bígosh quilted jacket due to choking hazard: Researcher

8748 Fake news (11/8/2017 8:34:46 PM):  I'm sure we have all heard about fake news but what about not reporting the news. Yesterday a doctors office and his pharmacy were raided by the FBI and DEA. I know the doctor and how a major hospital bought him out a few years ago and how he owns the pharmacy. He treats drug addicts mostly. The news reported on the raid but never said the doctors name or who owned the business. Today there is nothing on the news website and nothing being said on the news. The doctor is well known and on a number of boards and the hospital that owns him is very well known in the area. I have known of other incidents involving the hospital network that was not reported. I have never heard or read anything negative about the hospital network. ,  Not reporting the news

8752 Target (11/9/2017 6:16:28 AM):  Heard on the news that twelve Target stores are closing. I could not find a list of stores ,  Patti/IN

8753 Teresa CA Thanks! (11/9/2017 7:09:45 AM):  Thanks to Teresa CA, Sue and Google Researcher(and anyone else I may have missed) for answering my questions on Bundt cakes. Teresa, if you could post the one that used Vanilla pudding and one of your other favorites I would appreciate it. =) Sue, my plan was to bake the cake first. I always experiment , especially when bringing something for a major holiday.,  Lori L MN

8758 Cold/warm cooler, Bev Ind (11/9/2017 9:20:05 AM):  We had one of those. It never got cold. After I drink a bottled water, I fill it up and freeze it. I use these in ice chest and they keep everything cold for at least 2 days if the chest is not opened frequently. I use this all the time when we go camping for the weekend. ,  Betty

8759 Cold/warm cooler, Bev Ind (11/9/2017 9:20:06 AM):  We had one of those. It never got cold. After I drink a bottled water, I fill it up and freeze it. I use these in ice chest and they keep everything cold for at least 2 days if the chest is not opened frequently. I use this all the time when we go camping for the weekend. ,  Betty

8769 Restless Leg/Soap (11/9/2017 12:31:00 PM):  Yes, I put Irish Spring soap under our sheets last week when we "lost" the Requil we had just bought. Our well meaning dd put it away with some meds he was no longer taking. We finally ran across it. So the soap did help until we found the Requil.,  Janice/Ok

8771 Greeting card exchange (11/9/2017 1:19:37 PM):  Hi everyone, I thought I might try setting up the Christmas Card Exchange if anyone is interested. If you have any suggestions or comments, please post now. So I can get a handle on what might have gone wrong last year and so that I can correct any problems before everyone gets their addresses for sending the greeting cards. What about a timeline? Would the deadline for sending me your address be too early if it were November 27th? Is there anyone else that would like to do the Christmas card set up? Just looking for everyone's thoughts.,  Karen in MN

8773 Furnace (11/9/2017 3:43:08 PM):  I had another guy come out today to check my furnace. He used a different tool to check the amps and he was getting well below 1.0 and said the maximum would be 1.6. he checked a few things and said there is nothing wrong with your furnace. Then he showed me how he could manipulate the reading by putting the white wire on his tool and move the black wire behind it. He was NOT happy to hear how this big local company was trying to rip me off and he said at meetings he has heard how this other company will try to get you to buy a new furnace if over 10 years old. He said you need to tell them you had another opinion and what he told me. Thanks to all who answered my question about it! ,  ann

8775 Free pizza at Kroger (11/9/2017 6:10:00 PM):  Where can you find the printable coupon for the free pizza at Kroger? Found the cream cheese in digital coupons, but can't locate the printable coupon for a pizza. Thank you.,  a working Mom

8776 Serenity (11/9/2017 6:10:25 PM):  Serenity made it through the surgery just fine.They think the got the hole closed this time. Thanks for all the prayers.,  Valdena,Ky

8779 Renewal Refund Cents (11/9/2017 8:03:44 PM):  I was just wondering, has anyone done a renewal for Refund Cents since Michele has been gone and did it work out okay? I need to do this by the end of this month with Paypal.,  SE, WI

8786 50th Birthday (11/10/2017 7:28:51 AM):  We are going to a 50th Birthday Party. No gifts but thought I would like to bring him 50 of something. I sure could use some suggestions. Thanks.,  Liz

8800 Prayers (11/10/2017 1:23:44 PM):  My son's young co-worker had to leave work because her nephew,16, got stabbed at school. They had gave him 2 pints of blood so far. So sad and so scary. Please say a prayer. Thanks!,  a working Mom

8801 Nose (11/10/2017 2:16:53 PM):  I went to Urgent Care yesterday; but before I left school I looked in the mirror and I had about 4 pimples just in side my nose that were yellow. The doctor asked if I waxed my nose (yuck) or if I had been scratching it or something. (no on both of those). I told him it felt like a boil at the bottom of my nose and it was hurting in the surrounding areas. He looked inside and said it could started out as a hair that grew back inside, but looked like a staph infection. He gave me some cream and an antibiotic. It is on its way to getting better. I am glad I went it was throbbing yesterday afternoon.,  Janice/ok

8802 Nose (11/10/2017 2:16:56 PM):  I went to Urgent Care yesterday; but before I left school I looked in the mirror and I had about 4 pimples just in side my nose that were yellow. The doctor asked if I waxed my nose (yuck) or if I had been scratching it or something. (no on both of those). I told him it felt like a boil at the bottom of my nose and it was hurting in the surrounding areas. He looked inside and said it could started out as a hair that grew back inside, but looked like a staph infection. He gave me some cream and an antibiotic. It is on its way to getting better. I am glad I went it was throbbing yesterday afternoon.,  Janice/ok

8803 Leg cramps, etc (11/10/2017 2:18:43 PM):  Yesterday, believe Joanie mention taking some kind of Cal.Zin, magnesium for leg cramps. Our pharmacist said you can take that with certain antibiotics. So, check it out before you take it. Cyprofloxican was one of the antibiotics that you can't take with it.,  janice/Ok

8808 Fun advent calendars (11/10/2017 4:00:02 PM):  I have been getting the Lego Advent Calendar the last few years- but was looking for something different this year for the kids to do. Any other fun advent type calendars you all are using? ,  Rachel, AR

8810 Leg cramps ? (11/10/2017 5:31:06 PM):  Must it be French's mustard ? I have Aldis yellow mustard will that work as well ?,  Joy Pa

8811 Lets Talk About Different Faith (11/10/2017 7:05:42 PM):  Yes ... Lets talk about different faiths. I'm a Christian. But there is a woman I work with at the newspaper office that is Jewish. . Nice lady...I really like her. Coming up is the Jewish Holiday Hanukkah. Do I mail her a Hanukkah card. Or do I just ignore the holiday. No she does NOT mail me a Christmas Card. But yipes. what do to. Just curious....there has got to be a Jewish person on this web site. So I does this non Jewish person mail a Hanukkah card.... ,  Nancee/IN

8824 Coupon Cabin (11/11/2017 8:10:56 AM):  I was searching for a discount code today and came across Coupon Cabin. Does anyone use this? It peaked my interest for the current 20% Amazon Gift Card. We buy a lot of Christmas items at Amazon so any savings is appreciated. ,  Chris, OH

8825 broken url...posting #58822 (11/11/2017 8:37:43 AM):  You are so close! I think you might have used "enter" key when you pasted the tiny url. Use your space bar instead...make 2 blank spaces; paste url; make 2 more blank spaces with your space bar. That's it! Then you can type more to your post but do not use the "enter" key!,  Google Researcher

8826 Chill People (11/11/2017 8:48:55 AM):  I was just catching up on Off Topic. Thanksgiving is a mere few days away, let's start thinking about what we are thankful for. Yes stores become busy, I was at JoAnn Fabrics yesterday because of a big sale with atleast 20 people in line at the cutting counter. Everyone's carts were filled with bolts of fleece which took awhile to cut but instead of people being inpatient we were laughing, discussing projects and having a good time. There is so much hatred, stress, bullying and sadness in our world today so please everyone smile. Smile at your cashier, servers if you eat out or even at your spouse and children at mealtime. Most importantly have everyone help with the day to day chores, they may grumble but smile, it goes a long way and will make you feel better also.,  Chris, OH

8829 Snow (11/11/2017 9:38:56 AM):  It was a very long week at school. Parent conferences went from 3:30 to 8pm on Thursday night -- every 15 minutes and no breaks. Then we finished up on Friday morning from 8-12. However on Friday morning, we had a slight dusting of snow and lots of wind. One of our sixth grade little girls came with her mom to our 8am conference. She was all excited. She had never seen snow and now she can't wait for real winter!!! Her family had moved her from Louisiana over the summer. Her mom, originally from New England, just laughed but took recommendations on where to get really good snowsuits and winter boots that would before she left. I can definitely wait for winter. I still have a lawn full of leaves to rake. But at least most of the leaves are down now and it is not too windy today. Our temp. is only 25 degrees right now.,  Joanne VT

8843 Side effects question (11/11/2017 1:07:06 PM):  A while ago I started feeling tingling on my arms, calves, ankles and face. In fear of having signs of a stroke I went to the ER and fortunately there were no stroke signs and I was sent to my family doctor for a check up. My doctor couldn't find anything wrong and said it could be a side effect from the medicine I take for my A Fib. I know that tingling is one of the side effects of this medication however I have been taking it for four years with no side effects and am confused as to why I may be getting them after taking them for four years. I always thought side effects came shortly after taking the medication. Is it possible for side effects to start four years later?,  Rose PA

8845 Room service at hotels (11/11/2017 1:28:09 PM):  I recently stayed for 3 nights at a Holiday Inn Express. What I normally do each morning is gather all of my things together in one place so that room service can come in and clean without having to clean around all of my things. This last trip, I left things out and hung my ďprivacy pleaseĒ sign on the door knob. It was a 3-day business trip. Are the cleaning people offended at all that they are not able to come in and clean/replenish? I was all set with everything I needed and just wanted the 3 days to myself and my belongings. I did also receive a note under the door reminding me that I can have someone come in and clean/replenish. What do you prefer? How do these cleaning people feel about that?,  Just curious, MI

8846 Room service at hotels (11/11/2017 1:43:41 PM):  I recently stayed for 3 nights at a Holiday Inn Express. What I normally do each morning is gather all of my things together in one place so that room service can come in and clean without having to clean around all of my things. This last trip, I left things out and hung my ďprivacy pleaseĒ sign on the door knob. It was a 3-day business trip. Are the cleaning people offended at all that they are not able to come in and clean/replenish? I was all set with everything I needed and just wanted the 3 days to myself and my belongings. I did also receive a note under the door reminding me that I can have someone come in and clean/replenish. What do you prefer? How do these cleaning people feel about that?,  Just curious, MI

8848 Tumeric ? (11/11/2017 2:12:02 PM):  How do you take this spice ? how much and when I picked up some today at Big Lots ,  Ann, NC

8849 Tablecloths (11/11/2017 2:16:44 PM):  I have never owned or had the need to use a tablecloth. This year I have that need. Can you set hot pans or dishes on a cloth tablecloth? Thinking plastic would be to big of a hassle. Any thoughts? I am needing this for food set up area not my eating table.,  Hoping for suggestions

8856 Air-Fried French Fries (11/11/2017 3:23:25 PM):  I just made my first batch of Air-Fried French Fries. I think they were every bit as good as deep fried.,  Linda H., FL

8858 Christmas Card Exchange (11/11/2017 3:41:37 PM):  Hello everyone! I have decided to go ahead with the greeting card exchange set up. I received some very nice comments. Thank you all. Here is what I need to continue. Please send to my e-mail address your snail mail address and type it in the way it would appear on an address label. name street address city, state zip The deadline for sending the addresses to me is November 26th. I will send everyone an address sheet that resembles a label sheet like Avery 8160 before November is over. If you don't have label sheets, you can just cut out the address and glue it on the envelope. Any questions? You can start sending your addresses now. I will e-mail you back so you know that I got your address. Here is my e-mail:,  KC in MN

8859 :( (11/11/2017 5:34:00 PM):  Very sad to see RMC (as us oldtimers call it) being shut down. Saved a lot of money over the years.,  Melody, WA

8862 Refunds (11/11/2017 7:49:51 PM):  After more than 30 years with Michele, I have no intention of accepting a refund. This has been the source of more good deals & support from this community that I could ever begin to add up. I will miss all of the regular posters & wish that it had not come to this. However, I understand Michele's position & pray that God's blessings will be with her & her family.,  Linda, FL

8863 Michelle (11/11/2017 8:01:43 PM):  Please do not leave with a heavy heart. Remind yourself that you have provided many things for many people over the years that they wouldnít have been able to do on their own. I have no idea what other websites there are to find deals. They certainly will not be what yours has been. There are far more appreciative members on this site that respect your family situation than the people who do not. This site has always been a stress reliever for me to read what deals I could look forward to doing. My couponing will not be the same. I used all the time your listing of all the coupons and what coupons would be coming out to look forward to seeing if there were any good bargains out there . Your parents and family all be in my thoughts and prayers. Please remember you have done a phenomenal job for only $12 a year per member. Itís been the best bargain of my life with all the money it has saved my family over the years. ,  Laurie, Ohio

8868 Michele and RMC (11/11/2017 9:55:37 PM):  Dear Michele, You've been a wonderful help to us for MANY years, and I wish you all the best for your future. And I remember when you kept us informed, even when serious situations arose in your family. You kept plugging away -- sometimes I was amazed that you could carry on! I loved and will miss the Chats, and "tuned in" morning and evening on most days. You needn't return any $$, but I'd like to keep in touch in some way.,  Alice Dodge, OR

8869 Michele (11/11/2017 10:10:56 PM):  I just read your update and I am sad to hear that RMC is shutting down. However, I do understand your reasons and they are very valid reasons. You have done a fabulous job finding great deals for all of us over the years. Yes, you are correct we can look at free sites but they could never match the heartfelt personal touch you have given to RMC. You have given so many people a safe site to vent , to " cry" to be encouraged,to laugh and to share great deals. You have touched so many lives and made them better. Please ignore any nasty comments about doing a lousy job. That is not true.Goodness knows for $1.00 a month you have created a great value for all your subscribers. Some people are just mean-spirited and unhappy. My best to you and your family. I missed the post with your parents address but would love to have it posted again so I can send them a card. Hugs. ,  Susan TX

8870 Sad day (11/11/2017 10:14:30 PM):  My best friend's dad died today at the young age of 72. I am saddened by the loss, but grateful that I was able to visit him when we went to Florida earlier this year. Now I am saddened by the upcoming loss of this site. It has meant a lot to me, and given me so many ideas and perspectives. As others have said, it goes so far beyond just a deal site. I would love to have some semblance of Chat kept alive in some form. There is such a wealth of knowledge, and community. Thank you Michele for all you have done and including us in the lives of your family. ,  Lisa, OH

8871 decisions (11/11/2017 10:45:45 PM):  What a very sad day for.... Refund Makes Cents... Makes me wonder if the negative posts didn't just add fuel to the fire....of a already troubled woman .. Regardless of how or why...I can honestly say this is so sad it makes me ill. I have had RMC in my life since my niece was a little girl and saw an add to sell coupons. I sent away for a sample magine and never looked back. But decisions had to be made.....sad,  Nancee/IN

8874 Michele (11/12/2017 1:00:15 AM):  As a Michele "follower" for the past 30+ years, I want to commend you as a gifted, organized leader, publisher, editor and friend. You have shared your God-given gifts generously with us and I thank you so much! Plus, through RC I have come to meet some really good friends--both online and off! The yearly $12 subscription has been well worth its weight in gold and I certainly do NOT need a refund! I know you have heard that the Lord does not close a door unless He leaves a window open, and I pray that your "window" opens out to a blessed, fulfilling life for you and your family. Many thanks for the professional, unselfish, conscientious part of our lives that you have been, and God willing, we will meet again. ,  Barb M., OR

8875 Foy Code (11/12/2017 7:18:12 AM):  f7r8idzie For 22 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

8877 Just Blown Away (11/12/2017 8:47:29 AM):  I too like many others am so sad and just blown away what is happening. I also know that this is the way you need to go and what you need to do at this time. Michele I will be praying for you and your family. You all need each other now more than any time you have ever needed each other. My heart and prayers go out to all of you. Lean upon God at all times especially the stressful times, enjoy the good and peaceful times with the joy of a little child, and rest in God's peace at all times. Thank you so much for making my family lifestyle so much better with the amount we were able to save with coupons and refunds and so many other savings. Also a big thank you for the pure fun of this hobby. Yes there was work but what a blast and the joy of the bragging rights when a deal was done. I will miss you and everyone. However I am not saying good bye. Only God and your heart will lead you in what direction you need to go with this site. I will be praying though that if it is meant to be we will all be together again on your new site. So for now take care of your family needs and yourself, and for now Later Alligator-After While Crocodile.,  Vicki, Va.

8880 RMC (11/12/2017 9:03:16 AM):  Would it be possible to keep RMC like it was while she was gone? I would gladly pay $1 a month for it. I have been a member from the beginning, and can't imagine a day without RMC,  Will miss this.

8882 Old RC issues (11/12/2017 9:46:10 AM):  Does anyone save past issues? I have been going down memory lane this morning and was in one in or after 2006 holding my little Pekingese Zorro, who is now gone. Scouring though my old issues but can't find that one anywhere. If anyone knows of the date please let me know . So sad to see the end of RC. ,  Lori L MN

8885 Memory Lane (11/12/2017 11:42:42 AM):  I would like to take a trip down memory lane with all of you before we go. My first rebate was in 1977 when Oscar Mayer wanted 4 outer wrappers and we got $1.00. I remember thinking if I had saved wrappers before that I would have gotten more money. I was hooked. I remember saving the Gala triangles and taped them in a little booklet and we got $5.00. I bought so many paper towels to do that deal. Then coupons got really hot along with double and triple coupons. Drove 90 miles once to triple coupons in another town. Went with a coupon friend. We could hardly fit everything in the car. All of this was before computers. Biggest deal of all was the Salem/Camel. Got 1 pool table, 8 tv's, 8 camcorders, 8 cordless phones and more I can't remember. That was in 1992. It was so much easier to trade and know everything when computers became available. I have loved this hobby and this website and the magazines that came before. On to a new phase in our lives. Always changes ahead. Hope we can continue some type of Chat site.,  Karen R. in LA

8888 Michelle (11/12/2017 12:34:00 PM):  I also will miss this site. As others have said, you gave us a lot for only $1 a month. Wish you the best with your mom and dad, and then you and George need to take a well deserve long vacation and enjoy yourselves. After that you can figure out what you two want to do in your new retirement. I will miss the people on this board as well. ,  Jackie A., PA

8889 RefundCents (11/12/2017 12:45:14 PM):  Michele, You have given all of us so much for so long. I don't want a refund. Please keep the remainder of my subscription fee. Thanks for all you have done for us. I hope and pray that the situation with your parents improves.,  Andrea, MI

8890 no refund for me (11/12/2017 1:29:27 PM):  I don't want a refund, have gotten alot of knowledge from this site but I understand standing by your parents and doing what you need to do. I would like to be included in a facebook group also. ,  Jean L Md.

8891 Facebook (11/12/2017 1:32:19 PM):  I do hope that Facebook will not be the only way to stay in touch with refunders. I won't get a Facebook account until I retire from teaching in about 3 years. I'd love to subscribe to a blog of some kind -- just not Facebook.,  Joanne VT

8892 Memories (11/12/2017 1:51:41 PM):  I lost track of all the refunding publication over the years and they folded and some one took over the subs and do on. RC is the best. I'm trying to remember the names of those long ago. Road runner refunder, refunudle bundle, what was that hlossy one a man started.... ,  Judyb. La

8894 Christmas Card Exchange (11/12/2017 2:13:35 PM):  Hello everyone! I have decided to go ahead with the greeting card exchange set up. I received some very nice comments. Thank you all. Here is what I need to continue. Please send to my e-mail address your snail mail address and type it in the way it would appear on an address label. name street address city, state zip The deadline for sending the addresses to me is November 26th. I will send everyone an address sheet that resembles a label sheet like Avery 8160 before November is over. If you don't have label sheets, you can just cut out the address and glue it on the envelope. Any questions? You can start sending your addresses now. I will e-mail you back so you know that I got your address. Here is my e-mail: ,  Karen in MN

8896 Michele (11/12/2017 2:24:29 PM):  I am also one that does not want a refund. All the money you have saved myself & my family over the past 33+ years I have been with you has been enormous. I was in tears reading your post & can not imagine what you have been through. You & all my refunding family will be so missed.,  cathy oh

8899 Question (11/12/2017 3:54:45 PM):  Does anyone know of a prescription for depression that doesn't have a lot of bad side effects?,  CN

8902 Editor Michelle (11/12/2017 4:09:28 PM):  Have you thought about selling your business? Has anyone thought about buying it to continue? Seems it would be a win-win all the way around......,  Faye

8903 Emotional (11/12/2017 4:16:37 PM):  Ok, maybe it's because I just read a sad story in a magazine but I am in tears (I'm pathetic) knowing this website is not going to continue. I didn't realize how much I loved this website and everything that with it. I totally understand Michelle's viewpoint though and she really needs to do what is best for her and her family. I truly hope someone can come up with a solution. While I cannot come up with an idea, I would financially support another website of this nature. Like others, I don't want a refund. I'm just so sad!!,  Mindy W, MD

8904 Future Info (11/12/2017 4:32:52 PM):  When the site closes, how will we know if Michele decides to start it up again, or if a different format is set up, or a blog starts, or someone takes over the site? I too would like to keep up with any updates that may occur.,  Cathy B. Mo.

8912 My Dad's Hospice update (11/12/2017 7:15:38 PM):  Hello Dear RMC friends, A few months ago I posted a question about hospice care. My Dad was critically ill and so many on this board were kind enough to share their knowledge and experiences with hospice care. I wanted to update everyone who replied to my post: My Dad is still in hospice care as he has a "very sick heart" according to hospice. He has done remarkably well these last few months. My Brothers and sisters and I were so happy that he was able to celebrate 66 years of marriage with my Mom this past September. We are now cautiously optimistic that he will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with us. Many thanks again to all who replied to my hospice inquiries. I'm not sure what the future holds but I want all of you to know I was touched by all the support, cards and kind words as my family experiences a " new normal" in our lives. Hugs to all. ,  Susan TX

8913 More Memories (11/12/2017 7:33:22 PM):  I'm also a subscriber from back in the 80's. Our oldest son had muscular dystrophy. I was a SAHM for years due to his condition. In 1988 I had a story in RMC and also an ad to sell potluck qualifiers to help pay for a trip to Disney World. I had so many responses; many sent extra $$ and sweet notes, which I still have here in a desk drawer. All of us except our youngest had the yellow Tropicana Hawaiian shirts to wear on the trip. The boys also had Disney t-shirts from maybe Hunts catsup. We had a blast, thanks in part to this great hobby. We lost Chuckie in 1995, but we still all have our memories.
It was always a great day when RMC arrived in the mail. I would read it cover to cover and begin answering ads. I was an Honor Roll trader. There were so many great deals and coupons! I really loved when a store in my area offered unlimited double coupons every week. I had 50Ę off any 1 Del Monte product from a mail-in offer. Tomato sauce was 25Ę a can and I got $1 off with the coupon. The balance came off the rest of the order. Those were the days!
And then there was the Y2K Baby Contest. Many of us sent in items to be given to the first RMC baby of the year 2000. I got several nice notes from the ones who received my stuff. One of the ladies even had twins! So many great memories!
Michele, I completely understand your need to shut down the site. I also will miss everything about it, even the bickering. God bless you and yours. I hope you will have many good years yet with your parents. Coincidentally, my subscription ends this month, and I was just thinking I needed to renew. I was also happy to see Melody posting again. I also hope all of the RC family can get together again. Until then, thanks for the memories! (and the $$$),  Paula T. TN

8917 Michele, RefundCents (11/12/2017 9:10:44 PM):  I am so sad that you will be closing this site. However I understand your need to do so. I was a caregiver for my husband and mother and know how hard it is to be in the situation you are in. You need to do what is best for your family. You also need to take care of yourself, even if you rest for a few minutes a day. You have been like family to many of the people on this site. Now your refund cents family has to take care of you and let you go and do what needs to be done. Thanks for all you have done to keep this site going for so many years. Prayers going your way for your parents and you and George. I do not want a refund. ,  Betty, La.

8924 A Good Movie (11/12/2017 11:42:54 PM):  I just watched "Our Souls at Night" with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. A must see for those over 65. It is a Netflix movie. ,  Sue S., MN

8926 New forum (11/12/2017 10:52:39 PM):  Please include me in any new forum. I would sure like to keep in touch with you guys. ,  Vera M, MI

8927 superbowl (11/13/2017 5:41:52 AM):  des this mean no superball pool, I really enjoined it thanks janet young,  jyoungny

8929 John (11/12/2017 10:11:28 PM):  Thank you for all the KMart deals. Your posts are so much appreciated. Going to the Beckley, WV store tomorrow that is going out of business. Hoping to find some good deals.,  Brenda M, VA

8934 SO sad (11/13/2017 9:19:55 AM):  SO sad for this all to end, I have been limited in how much I do deals in last 7 years due to a very demanding job, 2 hour daily compute, dealing with breast cancer treatment, but when I did check in I loved it. I have been with RefundCents for years, still have many of my magazine copies in the basement, I can remember before the internet, getting my magazine in the mail, running from mailbox with excitement, I live in the country, knowing I had hours of great reading, inspiration! I do not need a refund, I always felt 1 deal could more than cover the $1 monthly fee. I do hope you are back after things settle down, I understand Michelle, family first, they are blessed to have you/ children that will take care of them. Thank you for all the wonderful years of sharing great deals! ,  Lisa, Illinois

8939 Michele (11/13/2017 10:00:56 AM):  Best wishes to you. Will miss you and this site terribly. No refund for me.,  Jill, Nebraska

8940 Michele E (11/13/2017 10:29:21 AM):  Thank you for all you have given us these many years. Will miss you and wish you the best as you move into a new chapter of your life. I feel like I am losing a good friend and will miss checking on the site. No refund for me after all you have done for us. Take care. ,  Jan L, IA

8941 Bereavement ideas? (11/13/2017 10:35:27 AM):  My best friend's father passed away on Saturday. Her mom and dad had been together for 63 years (starting at age 9). Any tips for helping my friend and my friend's mom? I know many of you have gone through the loss of a spouse or parent, and I would love to know some things that helped you. My friends mom is in Florida, so not local, which makes it more difficult...,  Lisa, OH

8942 is it possible? (11/13/2017 10:41:05 AM):  Is it possible to post the CC and OTCC stuff on the RC Facebook page? I mean us the members, since Michele has bigger obligations. A person would have to scroll a lot looking for things that interest them but where else can a person go when they want to know if someone has a discount code for Kohl's, or needing prayers for something? Where else can I ask why my Windows 8 is wigging out doing something odd, or get some good bundt cake recipes?,  separation anxiety? lol

8943 end of Refund Cents (11/13/2017 11:54:55 AM):  so sad to see it go.. I have been on here for 22 years myself.. IF and when you do come back may I suggest you create a RefundCents Face book page.. I am much quicker to see a message this way myself then to look for an email-- Just a suggestion.. best of luck in all that life throws as you as we all know life is full of change and I can personally vouch for that.. Its been fun!!,  Laine J.,, FL

8945 Google Researcher (11/13/2017 12:03:25 PM):  You're going to be missed, too. You've been a blessing to so many and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!,  Diane, ME

8947 closing of site (11/13/2017 12:16:05 PM):  Thanks Michele for all those years of good deals and so many coupons to print. Hope all goes well with your parents in the future. No refund needed.Take care, Janet,  Janet Madden NJ

8948 No refund for me (11/13/2017 12:26:43 PM):  I probably owe you lots for all of the friends I have met on your sight. We have laughed, cried and rejoiced together. You will be missed Michele. It's time to take care of your family. ,  Janice/Ok

8953 Sharon TN (11/13/2017 1:04:30 PM):  I just signed up on the dollarsandsense site. FOund my profile, updated.For the life of me, I cant see where to make a new post. What am I missing?,  Sue P., CT

8954 Illinois peeps (11/13/2017 1:18:54 PM):  Where are we headed to online for deals? Mashup Mom is pretty much a dying horse also.,  Sheila G IL

8960 Hearing Aids (11/13/2017 1:52:03 PM):  I need to get hearing aids she said behind the ear was better and cheaper. I know nothing about them and would like your thoughts on what is best and easiest to get use to.,  Ruth Ohio

8961 Foy Code (11/13/2017 2:14:42 PM):  mj3r8gy8j For 10 points for 2 more,  Vicki, Va.

8963 Facebook Group (11/13/2017 3:14:10 PM):  I talked to my daughter today about us needing COUPON,REBATE, DEAL GROUP discussion group She said she would help set up a private group thru Facebook For those interested The group will be free , and private ,  Ann, NC

8964 Refund Cents ending. (11/13/2017 3:25:06 PM):  I too am so sad this sight will be gone. I do not want a refund. I have been a member while the magazine was still around, did not have a computor when it ended but saved the info so when I did get one I could learn how to start back into the site. This site has saved me so much through some tough times. I will miss the chat boards and coupons listings. I also am one that comes to this site every day just to see what is happening. Take care of your family Michele, thoughts & prayers for you and family. ,  Hilda,ohio

8967 No refund please (11/13/2017 3:28:50 PM):  I agree, donít need a refund here. I started reading the magazine years ago with my mom. She taught me about coupons and all of it. She passed away last year and although I miss her everyday, I feel close to her with all the wonderful knowledge she gave me. God bless you and your family, Michelle, thank you for many years of refunding and couponing. ,  Brenda C, AR

8968 No Refund (11/13/2017 3:38:53 PM):  Thanks!! for all the good deals. No Refund for me,  Mary A. Oh

8978 Google Researcher (11/13/2017 5:25:29 PM):  Thanks for all you've done for us. How is your husband doing? You'll both remain in my prayers and I so hope that Michele returns in the future just to maintain our friendships, if nothing else.,  Marion, CA

8979 Julie in Mass (11/13/2017 5:33:45 PM):  How are you doing? It's been too long since we've heard from you. I know you were facing surgery and/or chemo. I'd love to know that all is going well and you're too busy with other things. Just know I think of you often and have kept you in my prayers. What a shock that I was actually pulling for Josh in the end when I couldn't stand his noise and nonsense early on and so glad it wasn't Paul. ,  Marion, CA

8980 Sunshine (Linda IN) (11/13/2017 5:41:55 PM):  I've sent you an email and it went through, so I'm hopeful it's still a working one. Just wanted to make contact before RC is no more. ,  Marion, CA

8981 No refund for me (11/13/2017 5:52:53 PM):  I'm saddened by the closing of RefundCents and to say goodbye to Michele; with that being said, I feel there's a reason for everything and to be able to spend more time with her parents is quite a gift for both sides. I wish you well my friend!,  Carol-Iowa

8982 Carole in Kentucky.... (11/13/2017 6:01:12 PM):  Carole, Hoping you get this. I also sent a email.... We or rather my sister has another letter from France. You translated one before. We are in hopes that yes my sister can send you this and you translate when you can. Nancee,  Nancee/IN

8986 Sometime in Nov. 2015 (11/13/2017 6:23:08 PM):  I hit major IT burnout and decided to step away from the online world. The climate of the boards swayed towards negativity a little too much for me. I had given up a small online IT job I loved doing, I had been doing for 11 years so I could step away. IT is a stressful field, when things break and websites go down, they have to be fixed right now. I was helping my niece with her 3 kids from the time they were born until I couldn't physically do it anymore after finishing chemo. I held on as long as I could but I had no more to give the kids or the job. I just stepped away from RMC, telling no one, so the statements I have seen from time to time on Off Topic, were not correct. I did not post I was leaving on FB or RMC. Been criticized in the past for wanting to garner attention when I posted I was leaving. It was a hard decision to make but a good one. I've spent much of the time at our Bible Camp, painting, helping in a major cabin renovation and rediscovered my love of indoor and outdoor painting. I've painted the renovated cabin from the top to bottom and textured walls, mudded and taped entire rooms. It's been a blast. Next month I will finish the 2 story house on the inside, that the caretakers of the camp live in. I am almost done upstairs and have the whole downstairs to do, including texturing a 30x30 den. Thatching and aerating over 5 acres of grass at camp for 2 weeks in the spring and 2 weeks in the fall. Another chore I love doing and just finished. How could you not love sitting on a riding lawnmower in granny low and towing the yard equipment while taking in the beauty of this place? My 3 sons are 31, 29 and 24. Micah is a Senior VM-Ware engineer at a major airlines. Loves his job, most of the time and is very happy. Joel, just closed on his 1st house. Perfect house that has everything he wanted.(Jeremy and I still live with Micah in the 5 bedroom house he bought and moved us into) Joel is a VM-Ware Systems Admin. He and Micah work together at the same company. Neither has a serious girlfriend but have dated. Jeremy attended PLU here in the Pacific NW and got his Bachelors degree by age 22 in computer programming. He did Running Start last 2 years of High School and had his Associates Degree with his High School Diploma by 18. He's working for a Startup company that culls auto parts from dealers and takes care of the shipping and payment, taking a small percentage and has increased sales by a lot for the Dealers. He has a girlfriend, who is also in IT. She's is a Software Developer and does Web Design. They plan to get married (he has not proposed yet) after his student $40K debt is paid down or paid off. Claire lives in West Seattle and they spend Saturday's together. He picks her up and brings her to our home and takes her back home in the evening. Very nice fit for him. They've know each other online for about 6 years, gaming together. For those that remember my borrowed family. Leanna is 13, in the 7th grade, taller than I am and plays the flute. She also wants to be a computer programmer and does excellent in school. Marquise is 12, loves to play sports, especially tackle football in a league we have here, baseball and basketball too. He is really good at them all. Does well in school in the 6th grade and also is taller than I am and I'm 5'8". He's hoping to get into major league sports. Nevaeh is almost 10. Sweetest, kindest girl I know and is doing well in school. She's in the 4th grade and she has a clothing fashion talent that may lead her in that direction. Maybe designing is in her future. I get them 2 days a week for Church. Usually keep them for the day Sunday. Hoping to get them a week during Christmas and go spend it at camp to just hang out and be together. Won't be long and they will be grown up. I can empathize with elderly parent care. Been taking care of my 90 year old Mom. She's never really been sick with anything. Had a little high blood pressure creep on at age 82 but that's been it. We started Feb of 2016 with what turned out to be an ulcer. While scanning all that, they found a mass in her abdomen by the duodenum. Drove to Seattle for a combo biopsy-CT scan 3 weeks later and the mass was gone. That was a relief. Best guess was the pain she was in from the ulcer (I had to call the Paramedics, she was so bad) possibly ruptured a blood vessel and caused a large hematoma that went away on it's own. Took a round of meds for the ulcer and it's gone too. Move forward to May 2016, slow heart rate of 35-40 beats a minute had the Paramedics back twice. Once she was ashen gray. Took a year for the Dr's and Medicare to finally implant a pacemaker May 2017. They kept arguing, she's not bad enough, yes she is. She's doing very well with that and back to her old self. Thursday she had 9 teeth extracted, so we're in the middle of that right now. It's been hard for her to admit that she's no longer 20 and can do anything she wants. When you realize you have to ask or accept help after being the one giving care, it's rough on the parent and the child. Something about being their "caretaker" changes things. Went through that with my Aunt I took care of in 1999-2001. I'm doing fine. Almost to 8 years cancer free in January. Just turned 60. In March of this year, a car was pulling out of the Mall and didn't see us. We were headed Westbound in the left/inside lane and she was turning left from Northbound, to go Eastbound. Her site was blocked by 2 cars turning into the Mall and she didn't see us in the inside/left lane. She never should have pulled out without being able to see around the 2 cars. Our dashcam recorded the whole thing and it is really bizarre to be able and watch it again. We got thrown really hard as the seat belts locked. We went forward and back 3 times after the shoulder belts locked. Very, very fortunate we were not severely injured. We T-boned her at 30, only a fraction of a second to hit the brakes, hit the front left bumper and careened off her mid door post, so no airbags deployed for us. The driver had no insurance and neither the did the car owner who was the passenger. Totaled Micah's very 1st new car, a 2008 Prius.. Amazing how much you get attached to cars when you have them so long. Jeremy just finished treatment and I'm almost done. We still go camping and boating during vacations. Micah bought a new truck during the summer to haul the camper. He needed a 4 back wheel dually, to carry the weight of the camper. Now we can load up with 50 gallons (approx 400 lbs) of water for when we go boon-docking up in the mountains and no longer worry about the weight. I'm going to miss RMC. It's been my homepage since 1999 when Michele added it to the her offering of services. Yes things come and go, this site is much more than that to many of us. I learned so much here and hope I helped as much as I could.,  Melody, WA

8988 NoRefund (11/13/2017 7:31:32 PM):  Please do not send me a refund. You have worked so hard over the years. Life comes at us full force sometimes and makes us change course, hopefully for all of us RCers we can get back together later on. Hugs and Prayers!,  Charolette, Va

8994 DollarsandSense (11/13/2017 8:13:44 PM):  Just joined this site. I hope someone can explain this in baby steps. I am sure I will catch on but right now it is a bit confusing. I will so miss refunding cents but it will be so nice to stay in contact with all my refund cents friends.,  Vicki, Va.

9002 Foy Code (11/14/2017 7:26:35 AM):  99vxvr8ze for 28 points for 1 more,  Vicki, Va.

9005 Vicki, Va (11/14/2017 8:00:29 AM):  Vicki, I've really enjoyed your posts about homemaking. I'm going to miss them.,  Andrea, MI

9006 RefundCents and other sites (11/14/2017 8:21:16 AM):  I am happy to see that members have offered us another forum to share deals. But after looking at the forum posts I realize whay a unique platform Michele allied on her site. Iím not criticizing those who offered alternatives forums but I now see that those forums donít come close to what Michele created. Itís sad to say but I think for me it may be time to let go and just check local deal sites.,  Still Crying

9007 RefundCents and other sites (11/14/2017 8:21:16 AM):  I am happy to see that members have offered us another forum to share deals. But after looking at the forum posts I realize whay a unique platform Michele allied on her site. Iím not criticizing those who offered alternatives forums but I now see that those forums donít come close to what Michele created. Itís sad to say but I think for me it may be time to let go and just check local deal sites.,  Still Crying

9015 saving deals (11/14/2017 10:05:12 AM):  So, what apps, etc do you use to get saving deals? I want to get back into couponing, etc, but we are trying to eat healthier than years ago so I don't know how much luck I will find. I did pull a couple of coupons out of Sunday's paper.,  Heather, NV

9016 Michelle & RC (11/14/2017 10:11:14 AM):  No refund needed by me. I was offline this weekend and just saw your post. I am one of the ones who has let refunding / couponing slide for the last few years (life got in the way), but I always came to Off Topic at a minimum. I would love to keep in touch with people who are on the board.,  heather, NV

9017 So Sad (11/14/2017 10:12:18 AM):  I am so sad that you are closing the website. of course, I have no clue what things cost regarding internet hosting but anything you can keep for us all to share, I would gladly pay for. My subscription number is #509 and I think that means I was among your first 500 subscribers in 1981. Your good deals and reader's good deals more than make up for $1/month. But I know well, that family comes first. I thought these past 2 weeks were fine.....would love it if you just did & site. I wish you well...........,  Joanie in the Fl Keys

9022 BTFE (11/14/2017 10:54:35 AM):  Thanks to all who have sent BTFE to me. I would still like to receive them if you would like to send them: Janice Reese P. O. Box 1310 Kingston Ok 73439,  Janice/Ok

9024 starting to be sad (11/14/2017 11:10:54 AM):  It is starting to hit me reading the page & I'm getting sad. We know a lot about the life of so many people here. We were there for venting and questions and atta girls (& some atta boys) for health issues, marriage issues, kid issues, in-law drama, good recipes and so much more. Kind of feeling like I am losing a best friend. RC is the 2nd site I pull up every day, right after my mail. I guess I will check out that 1 site being mentioned that others have signed up for an hope there is a bonding page. Yes, I get why the site is going away. I certainly would of paid more yearly if that would of made a difference but that wouldn't of helped with the health of parents of Michele. ,  :(

9025 last day (11/14/2017 11:19:10 AM):  When is the actual last day of the sight? There are a couple people I send birthday cards to every year but don't have address book with them listed. No time today or tomorrow to search for their names, addresses to jot down for future. If I can't get to it by Saturday will sight still be working?,  busy week

9028 Michele's post (11/14/2017 11:35:45 AM):  Dear Michele Thank you for all the years of hard work and joy Refund Cents has brought me. Please no refund due. You deserve even more for your efforts. You and the site will be sorely missed. I wish you and your family many blessings in the future. Who knows maybe the print version will be back someday (dreaming!) Refund friends do you think we still have time for the Christmas card exchange this year? Would sure appreciate. Again thank you Michele your one in a million. Sincerely Ann P,  Ann Palmeri NY

9029 Air fryer? (11/14/2017 11:36:23 AM):  I have never seen an air fryer but how is it different than roasting? You put something in the over and hot air cooks it.....,  Joanie in the Fl Keys

9031 Nancee/IN (11/14/2017 12:02:22 PM):  Please send the letter to Community Tree Care,Inc, c/o Carole P.O.Box 24391, Lexington,KY 40356 ,  Carole H. KY

9036 So long (11/14/2017 12:38:06 PM):  We are sorry to see your terrific site coming to an end. We have made many new friends across the country, some of whom we have met and many we have not met. We still consider the latter friends. I like to think that I have helped people save money in their travel plans and in some other areas that I have experience with. I have enjoyed political days and discussions about religion and other facets of everyday life. Some of the topics have upset people, but that's just the human race on display. My wife is the shopper in our home and has saved thousands of dollars over the years because of your savings finding abilities. We cannot accept a refund from you! We hope you find peace in your family matters, they always come as a top priority. In short Michele, we will miss your great offerings, but as a person you are swell. ,  Bob ad Gail, PA

9037 Compression Socks (11/14/2017 12:40:09 PM):  I have seen posts before about Compression Socks and didn't pay much attention, but now I need some and have no idea what to get. Any input on brands, where to buy etc. would be very helpful. Thanks.,  Bev, TX

9044 Shopping (11/14/2017 2:30:57 PM):  Got off the island and went to visit my brother in North Fort Myers. spent lots of hours on the Caloosahatchee River but also got to go to Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Sav a Lot, Harbor Frieght Tools and the Tastycake outlet store. Love those outlet stores....and Sav a Lot was cheap!! Not much of a variety but what they did have was really, really cheap. Oh and foods I never hear of, or flavors I have never tried. Bought something called Abuelita hot chocolate which is delicious,  Joanie in the Fl Keys

9050 Cricut Machine (11/14/2017 4:19:01 PM):  I have grown children. I have years of scrapbooking to start. Can anyone tell me if a Cricut Machine is worth it? I donít need to cut anything out of vinyl, I donít sell crafts. I am thinking of using it to scrapbook and make greeting cards. Can anyone advise me who has one if these are worth the money? If so what is the most basic one you would recommend? Also is there a lot to invest after it is purchased on supplies to keep it working? Thank You- ,  Laurie, Ohio

9052 No refund for me either (11/14/2017 5:05:48 PM):  But, I keep thinking about all the news I wonít be reading about and all the folks I will miss. I wonít get to read all of Bobís corny jokes or news about the Energize Bunny, Susanís Marine, GR and her family, Janice and her love of her family, her church and life in general, Marion and her always positive outlook on life, all the people here dealing with serious health challenges or issues their loved ones are facing, Vicki and her sewing, will Susan rebound from her flood, Rachel and her upcoming trips, and so much more. I will miss this sit.,  Anna, AL

9053 Michele (11/14/2017 5:17:36 PM):  I am so sorry that RC must close, but I truly understand what you are going through. My best wishes to you, George and your family, esp. your parents. I hope everyone comes out of this with love pulling them through. Michele, you have been awesome through the years. My best to YOU. I will check into other groups and hopefully see names of others I've seen on this site...some truly wonderful and helpful people.,  Linda, VT

9054 G.R. (11/14/2017 5:35:04 PM):  Are you going to the new site? DH turned 62 this last weekend and I guess maybe we do need all those government sites. DANG! So many questions!!! I didn't realize he was going down that road.,  Shelby

9057 No refund for me either (11/14/2017 5:44:59 PM):  But, I keep thinking about all the news I wonít be reading about and all the folks I will miss. I wonít get to read all of Bobís corny jokes or news about the Energize Bunny, Susanís Marine, GR and her family, Janice and her love of her family, her church and life in general, Marion and her always positive outlook on life, all the people here dealing with serious health challenges or issues their loved ones are facing, Vicki and her sewing, will Susan rebound from her flood, Rachel and her upcoming trips, and so much more. I will miss this sit.,  Anna, AL

9058 No Refund for me (11/14/2017 5:58:20 PM):  I just hope my subscription makes it till the 30th. lol Just don't remember when my renewal date is. I will miss lurking. One more reason for me to spend less time on the computer.,  Sheila G IL

9059 Sad good bys (11/14/2017 6:03:04 PM):  Michelle. I am so sad to read that this wonderful site must come to end. But family is your first priority. I will miss this site as I visited it daily. Thank you for all the years of savings and great deal. Please, no refund for me . May God bless and keep you in his care. Fondly , ,  Cheryl Modica

9060 Hello, Michele (11/14/2017 6:23:08 PM):  Re refunds -- I do not want one -- and lots of other folks don't either. My main thought on this matter is what a big hassle that would be for you in the way of extra work! And heaven knows you have enough on your mind right now. However, I'd love to be informed if someone buys your business, or if you have recommendations for another coupon queen or king that has a site similar to RMC. Maybe you could post before November 30?,  Alice Dodge, OR

9062 No refund for me (11/14/2017 6:35:26 PM):  Michele, I'm still gathering my thoughts but do want to post before any more time goes by that I DO NOT want a refund. It's not much, but after you have put your heart and soul in this for us all these years, it's the least I can do. Please use it as you see fit. I did read where some said to please use it for your parents. I think that's an excellent idea. Thank you for all you have done!,  Susan, LA

9066 Those Overwhelmed (11/14/2017 7:37:25 PM):  Those of you who may be overwhelmed with making the change to the dollarsandsense site. Lacinda was so kind to break it down into simple steps for me. If you look at post 58994 in the reply part she explains it in baby steps. I went and tried it and it was so easy peasy. I then found out that all I had to do to respond to a post was go down to the end and there was a quick reply thingy. I could type in my response and hit quick reply. So if being overwhelmed is keeping you away from it maybe this will help. Thanks again Lacinda.,  Vicki, Va.

9067 New forum (11/12/2017 10:52:39 PM):  Please include me in any new forum. I would sure like to keep in touch with you guys. ,  Vera M, MI

9068 no refund (11/14/2017 7:46:11 PM):  So sorry to see you leave. Please no refund for me. Wishing you the best. ,  Edna Ohio

9073 Recall Notices (11/14/2017 10:58:04 PM):  Smart Balance Wheel self-balancing scooters/hoverboards recalled by Salvage World due to explosion and fire hazards:
Drone Nerds recalls self-balancing scooters/hoverboards due to fire and explosion hazards:
Go Wheels self-balancing scooters/hoverboards recalled by Four Star Imports due to fire and explosion hazards; sold exclusively at Village Mart:
iHoverspeed self-balancing scooters/hoverboards recalled by Simplified Wireless due to fire hazard:
iLive self-balancing scooters/hoverboards recalled by Digital Products due to fire hazard:
Tech Drift recalls self-balancing scooters/hoverboards due to fire and explosion hazards:
Sonic Smart Wheels self-balancing scooters/hoverboards recalled by Dollar Mania due to explosion and fire hazards: Researcher

9074 Email & NO REFUND (11/15/2017 1:19:30 AM):  Michele, NO REFUND for me. I did send you an email from my Cryo Clinic email address, though. I'll resend from my Flyvanguard address.,  Sandy B., MO

9076 Family (11/15/2017 6:36:04 AM):  I am not close to my family. When I see them I am friendly but we are not close. But here I felt like family. I could say pretty much anything I wanted & people still accepted me for me. If I needed to ask a question someone always answered me. Plus this was the only site that none of my family belonged to. So I felt free to post things & not have to worry about hurting anyone's feelings. On here Its been like friends visiting & now its time for them to return home & as much fun as it has been you still don't want them to leave. The time is nearing & your heart aches & tears are in your eyes yet they will still move on with their lives. It is sad to me that my family I know for many years I will no longer have any contact with. May everyone have a safe, healthy, happy life. I will be with you until the last day & already miss you dearly. ,  cathy oh

9078 Heyy (11/15/2017 7:13:02 AM):  I am hoping that people do on this Dollarsandsense site that will have to do....... that the Kellogg's Family Rewards Free Points Codes will be posted. I rather rely on those Kellogg bonus points. where will they be ???,  Charlotte/IN

9080 Happy Birthday Susan AZ (11/15/2017 8:08:19 AM):  Susan , Wishing you a wonderful birthday! Sending hugs my friend!,  Susan TX

9081 Happy Birthday Susan AZ (11/15/2017 8:08:24 AM):  Susan , Wishing you a wonderful birthday! Sending hugs my friend!,  Susan TX

9082 board (11/15/2017 8:18:31 AM):  No refund needed here either. I'll be on dollarsandsense. Thanks Michelle for everything!,  Dianne in GA

9089 1st Swagbucks code (11/15/2017 9:30:29 AM): Worth 10 SB. Going to be codes every 2 hours today. This one is good until 9 AM PST and is a unique code for each person.,  Melody, WA

9092 The rest of the story (11/15/2017 10:13:01 AM):  As Paul Harvey would say. Original post 58986. The Prius that was totaled, was rear ended twice in 2013 in a 3 months time frame but was fixable. Didn't make it this time. Funny thing is that Joel saw it a few months ago, we had 2 bullet holes in it we patched, no idea how they got there but it was our car. Micah bought it when he started commuting to Seattle in 08 and we took immaculate care of it. Engine and the body. Glad to see it lives on. I don't have any info on the people in the car that hit us. Ironically, the car they were in showed up parked 3 blocks from my Mom's house. Talk about shock seeing it. The other driver immediately blamed us for speeding as the Officer, who only came out because she had no insurance, took our statements. They no longer come out for a fender bender with no injuries. Our Insurance Company called her and she said she couldn't see us before she pulled out and said I told her we were speeding because I was late for an appointment. Number 1, I never talked to her. Number 2, I was 15 minutes early and we were 2 blocks from our destination. She told the agent, she saw us speeding, so our Agent asked how could she see us speeding, when she just said she didn't see us. The lady hung up on them. I felt bad for her because I know how it is to not have money for car insurance. I had it no matter what though it was a huge financial sacrifice for us. It's required by law in WA State. Once I heard about what she said and lied, I didn't feel so bad for her. We filed Letters of Loss with the Dept of Licensing, anything over $1,000 damage or injury when you have no car insurance and if she makes no effort to reimburse our Insurance company, the State will suspend her license. I forgot one of the best things that happened this year. After chemo, I had chronic leg swelling. The more I was on my legs, the worse they got. I tried all the cures but nothing helped. After a bout of A-fib, the cardiologist suggested I see a Vascular Surgeon. He had an idea due to my symptoms it was something that could be corrected. I went, it wasn't CVI Chronic Venous Insufficiency, it wasn't Lymph-edema it was May-Thurner Syndrome. Two Dr's May and Thurner, in 1931 noticed that cadavers who had Lymp-edema, had some veins compressed. Never heard of it until the Dr told me. Where the arteries and veins meet in the abdomen, the iliac return vein from the trunk of the body all nest together with other major arteries and veins and sometimes the return lines, get compressed by others pushing on them. I took large doses of prednisone during chemo week and that was a contributing factor to the veins getting compressed. My left leg was 95% blocked and the right leg was 65% blocked. The surgeon put stents in both legs and the swelling has improved. It can take a year for the stents to augment as he calls it and I just had an ultrasound yesterday at the 3 month mark and they are working. Still have swelling that is worse somedays but overall I have a new lease on life without that. No problem with blood clots due to the swelling but I wondered how long before the skin started to retaliate. LOL It's been good catching up. I've lurked and kept up with both chats. I was saddened to see Debby, OR pass away. Rejoiced with many who had happy events, saddened by passings and difficulties. We all have them. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year to all.,  Melody, WA

9095 How to bookmark... (11/15/2017 11:02:41 AM):  On the top of the RC site homepage there is a bank of little icons. The url for the page that is open is first and then there are some icons to the right. Look for a star...hold your cursor on the star. It should say "Bookmark this page (ctrl+D)" then click on the star. This should put the url in the line where it says "Bookmarks" at the very top of your page. To bookmark the SS etc urls, click on the tiny url in my posting; the page should come up with SS or Medicare info; look for the star at the top of the page; click on the star. That's all. When you open the bookmarks, you should find a list of them and the SS or Medicare info all in line. I don't remember what they are or the order but I know it should answer any questions. Remember, if you or your spouse are drawing retirement before age 65 you will automatically receive the Medicare packet about 3 months before your 65th birthday. Read it all, respond if directed to and save the info in a file. There will be a Medicare ID card to use. I also have posted the sites to help for picking "Part D" coverage which is for prescriptions. These you might want to read over many times until you can understand it (that's what I had to do)! Anyway, getting older is not for sissies!!!!!!!,  Google Researcher

9096 gift (11/15/2017 11:34:02 AM):  I want to buy my neighbor's daughter a small gift for Christmas. She is just 3 years old. Any suggestions/,  Karen, PA

9097 Menu for Turkey Day ? (11/15/2017 11:54:24 AM):  Hello all! We are having a small gathering as usual. Six people. I don't want to roast a whole bird so I am making turkey cutlets. I found Butterball brand at Walmart last night. They were $4.?? a pack. Cutlets are from breast meat so will bread and pan fry them. So easy! It is a Joanne Weir recipe. I will make pan gravy and an orange and fig salad. Everyone else is bringing what they want. We will make a meal with whatever people bring. What are you preparing for Thanksgiving? How many guests are coming this year?,  Carole H. KY

9098 Site closing (11/15/2017 11:55:20 AM):  Michele, I too am very sorry to see this site close but do understand the reason. I have enjoyed reading it very much. I do not wish to have a refund. My enjoyment has been worth far more than the small price.,  Roseanne, NE

9099 2nd Swagbucks code (11/15/2017 11:59:27 AM):  *SWAG CODE ALERT FOR THE U.S. ONLY!** Enter GlazedHam in the Swag Code box until 11AM PT/2PM ET to earn 8SB.,  Melody, WA

9100 Debra, SC from GR (11/15/2017 12:15:17 PM):  I have not picked another site to go to so I can't answer for sure. I am keeping my Google Researcher email which I will check and answer any postings there. I'm going to miss answering the questions like I've been doing for many years. My skills have definitely gotten better as the years have passed! I find most answers within a few minutes of searching so I don't spend as much time as I did at first. My email is: google_researcher @ (no spaces). ,  Google Researcher

9108 NO REFUND (11/15/2017 1:29:13 PM):  Have been a subscriber of Refund Cents for a long time. Started back when it was still in print form. I wish Michelle well in all her endeavors. Also hoping everything goes good with her parents. Please, I don't want a refund. Just wishing the best to everyone.,  Susan, PA

9109 Michele (11/15/2017 1:30:08 PM):  Thanks for ALL the wonderful years. Enjoy yourself and keep watching over your Mom & Dad. No refund needed. God bless.,  Diane W, CT

9112 Saying good-bye (11/15/2017 2:35:44 PM):  I have been out of town on vacation for the last few days, and have not checked RC until today. I am totally bummed. I have been a member for 15+ years and have enjoyed reading everyone's post about their families, travels, recipes, good deals, political opinions, medical suggestions, coupons, refunds, google researches, etc. I have met (online) some great people from this site, some that I am truly happy to call friends. I have had so many people praying for us when we went through Katrina, and for that I am truly grateful. I loved hearing from Melody again, her kids and adopted kids were a big part of our lives, and I'm glad she shared an update. There are other people out there that I would love to hear from again, Jeannette, Grace, Jane, and many others. How are we going to find out about peacocks, or Target's 90%, or Bob's next Navy reunion, or Millie's Thomas update, or William's next adventure, what everyone is having for dinner, or Michele's beautiful grandkids growing up???? I hope we can find a way to stay in touch even if it is on facebook. Ann, thank your daughter for looking into a facebook group for us. Michele, this site has been so much fun. I don't know what I will do without checking in each day to find out what it going on. I have enjoyed by $12 yearly investment, and in no way would I want a REFUND! Thank you!,  Yvonne LA

9113 3rd Swagbucks Code (11/15/2017 3:35:17 PM): Just got home from an appointment. Short notice. Good until 2 PM PST for 7 SB.,  Melody, WA

9121 4th Swagbucks Code (11/15/2017 4:58:57 PM): This is a one-time use only unique Swag Code that cannot be shared. Enter it in the Swag Code box by 5PM PT/8PM ET to earn 9SB. I may not be online for the last code. Getting my borrowed family for dinner and Church tonight. It's been fun getting all the codes. I may not be online for the last code. Getting my borrowed family for dinner and Church tonight. It's been fun getting all the codes.,  Melody, WA

9123 ISO Online Printable Offers!! (11/15/2017 6:37:06 PM):  With Refund Cents shutting down later this month - Does anyone have other resources for the online Printable forms?,  Mary Reed, MO

9124 OCC Boxes (11/15/2017 6:49:21 PM):  Our ladies group delivered 174 boxes today for Operation Christmas Child. My heart is so happy for the children that will receive them. Saw on television some of the boxes were already delivered to the flooded area's. They looked so happy in spite of all the problems they had endured last few weeks. Our group has started to save already for next year 2018.,  Shirley NJ

9127 FB RC page (11/15/2017 7:10:13 PM):  Michele are you also closing down the RefundCents Facebook page? I think I was the last person who posted on it. Could that be a way for us all to continue to "see" each other? I know some don't like FaceBook, but my co-worker got one in a silly name like Turkey Straw or something like that and kept her setting private and only accepted friend request from other co-workers. We are able to talk in a private "room" we set up and that way she can join us. I know this sounds bad but we discuss patients, not their medical history but stuff like, "Can you believe she wore those shoes with that dress??"....just goofy stuff. We have the private room because some of us are friends on FB with patients because we know them outside the office. Anyway, just a suggestion. Time is drawing near.... ,  Jan IN

9128 No refund (11/15/2017 7:11:53 PM):  I will miss the chats very much. No refund. ,  katie mich

9129 No refund (11/15/2017 7:11:54 PM):  I will miss the chats very much. No refund. ,  katie mich

9130 Last Swagbucks Code (11/15/2017 7:56:37 PM):  Enter TurkeyDinner in the Swag Code box until 7PM PT/10PM ET to earn 6SB.,  Melody, WA

9136 We are family... (11/15/2017 8:27:11 PM):  There is no other definition that I can think of. We have cared about others, worried, got mad sometimes at others. Then we made up and carried on our relationships. Some people were hurt by what others said, some people just were able to blow off hurtful words. Many people prayed for others. We have mourned those who have died and rejoiced when a baby was born. If these actions aren't family I don't know what is. I wish everyone here the best of luck. This Thanksgiving is going to be most memorable because it will be our last together as a family be it an online family. Peace,  Carole H. KY

9144 oreo cookies (11/16/2017 1:40:46 AM):  What is the new mystery flavor?,  Curious

9145 Michele (11/16/2017 1:41:00 AM):  Check your email, please, for an email from my CryoClinic2016 and my Fly vanguard email address. Thanks. ,  Sandy B., MO

9151 Stove Top stuffing (11/16/2017 9:18:54 AM):  I see Stove Top in boxes at the store but they use to have it in a cup. It was big enough for 1 person & I think about .89 for the cup. Now I have a relative requesting I find her some (senior living alone & can't get out on her own to shop) and I can't find it. Anyone know if they still sell it that way? Where?,  trying to help

9152 China / UCLA basketball (11/16/2017 9:40:06 AM):  Wondering what everyone thinks about the 3 college basketball players trouble in China? I think they play for UCLA. I think the president should of never approached the president of China for a favor. You do the crime, you do the time. How can you be so stupid to go to another country and break the law? Here so many seem to worship sports players like they are the be all end all & so they do get away with a lot. My heart still breaks for the young man from OH (?) that stole a poster in Korea. I don't for a minute believe China would of treated these guys the way N Korea treated that young man. I get kids will be kids & we all did stupid stuff as kids but do we need to give a class to 18+ year olds on things not to do in other countries before they go?,  jmho

9153 my best Off Topic memory (11/16/2017 9:44:07 AM):  My best memory was when some of you chipped in and got the doll that a little girl saw in a thrift shop and really wanted before someone snatched it away. The generous people on Off Topic gave her a brand new doll. ,  Theresa, PA

9154 Swagbucks code (11/16/2017 10:09:30 AM): Click the link to find your Stealth Swag Code. Remember, this is a one-time use only unique Swag Code that cannot be shared. Enter it in the Swag Code box by 11AM PT/2PM ET to earn 3SB.,  Melody, WA

9157 Husband Christmas? (11/16/2017 10:24:06 AM):  Every time we watch Chicago Fire, they pull out this tool called a haligan, a giant hammer/crowbar/pitchfork thingee that opens DH just sent me a link to buy one.....hhhuuummmm?!?,  Joanie in the Fl Keys

9158 Hearing aids (11/16/2017 10:45:33 AM):  My husband needs aids. What are the best kinds, models, brands, places to buy them? Thanks.,  Marcia, MO

9160 Great Day! (11/16/2017 11:31:30 AM):  Next Thursday our tribe will converge at our house. This year there will be 18 (out of 20) gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving. This is my favorite day of the year.

Our grandchildren sure like to travel, One is going to Iceland in December. One is going to Japan in the spring, and another to Iceland in the summer. They are lucky kids.,  Bob, PA

9161 Michele (11/16/2017 11:35:30 AM):  I just returned from a 10 day vacation and discovered that the Refund Cents site will be closing. It is sad news but I totally understand Michele's situation. And Family has to come FIRST. I just wanted to say Thank you to Michele for ALL of your hard work over the years. I have save thousands of dollars over the years on everything imaginable because of the Good deal alerts and other information I gleaned from RefundCents. So please go forward and take care of family needs. But, never underestimate how much you have done to help so many of us! THANK YOU Michele!,  Shelly K MI

9162 Will be missing RMC (11/16/2017 11:51:15 AM):  I have helped others and a lot have helped me, with the end of this site drawing near ,I just want to say Thank You to Michele! I have met a lot of people on line though this club and I don't want to give up any .Anyone can email me as before . Hopefully friends for now and future. Because RMC is ending doesn't mean we should stop emailing each other. Save emails from Trade and Talk and RMCTraders. I understand Michele's decission .My parents are gone dad passed in 2011 and mom in 2012 .Parents are important ,you miss them. I hope she gets to spend more time with them. No Hard feelings here ,I understand .Will keep her and family in prayers . Hope everyone will continue be friends .,  Wanda Colen ,NC

9168 Refund Cents (11/16/2017 1:00:08 PM):  Like most of you I've been a member for many many years. I've stepped away for the past couple years just with a growing family issue. I was not aware that Michele had lost a son, was that Jordan? Heartbroken over that for her. Many blessings to everyone. ,  Rhonda, Wyoming was Texas

9173 Recall Notices (11/16/2017 2:21:38 PM):  Wholesale Fireworks recalls fireworks due to violation of Federal standards; explosion and burn hazards:
Bush Hog recalls riding lawn mowers due to laceration hazard: Researcher

9177 Swagbucks code (11/16/2017 3:04:08 PM): before 3pm PT/6pm ET for 2 SB! Just stumbled on this one.,  Melody, WA

9178 DollarsandSense site (11/16/2017 3:13:20 PM):  Lisa, have you created a specific area on this site for RMC'ers? To the many who have signed on to it, what do you like about it? (I spent my formative years in the St. Louis area, so I'm of a SHOW ME state mentality). I just haven't been convinced by anything I've seen on it yet.,  Marion, CA

9184 Swagbucks code (11/16/2017 6:08:34 PM): in the Swag Code Box before 7pm PT/10pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody, WA

9190 Post # 59180/cc, ky (11/16/2017 7:31:15 PM):  **Costco's pharmacies are open to non-members where required by state law. The Costco Member Prescription Program is a value added benefit of a Costco membership. However, you do not have to become a Costco member or join CMPP to continue buying prescriptions at the pharmacy. ** Researcher

9192 Avon (11/16/2017 7:42:12 PM):  Does anyone know if Avon still sells Rich Moisture Cream. My mother has used it for years and I can't seem to find it except on maybe eBay. This is one of the things I'll miss. Who will I ask to answer my questions? I could always depend on you all here and Michele. So sad.,  Pam, KY

9195 Isak... (11/16/2017 8:38:08 PM):  checked out of the hospital in Duluth, MN and is now home! Mark and Hannah were taken by surprise because they didn't have his room ready for him! They've been spending a lot of their time in Duluth and thought they would have another month before he'd be home. They are not unhappy about this turn of events tho...ready or not!!!,  Google Researcher

9204 Input Please (11/17/2017 8:24:30 AM):  Could we please talk about cataract surgery. I was going to text later but...I have to do it now and please respond. Looks like I will have cataract surgery in January .... Not looking to it. I have had cataracts for a few years and got new glasses like each year. Well that is just silly. I am young and healthy and decided January and February is a depressing month. Might as well have the surgery. But I'm telling you I don't want to. I had a aunt who had it and then she never drove at night again. OMG...I can't have that. But kinda silly to keep getting stronger glasses each year. Have something done now .... cause I am not getting any younger. Could you people...please type to me. ,  Charlotte/IN

9205 Email Address (11/17/2017 8:35:21 AM):  I printed off email addresses from this site in case I want to contact any of you. Might be a good idea for ya'll also.,  Janice/Ok

9207 Greeting card exchange (11/17/2017 9:37:12 AM):  Hello everyone! I have decided to go ahead with the greeting card exchange set up. Here is what I need to continue. Please send to my e-mail address your snail mail address and type it in the way it would appear on an address label. name street address city, state zip The deadline for sending the addresses to me is November 26th. I will send everyone an address sheet that resembles a label sheet like Avery 8160 before November is over. If you don't have label sheets, you can just cut out the address and glue it on the envelope. Any questions? You can start sending your addresses now. I will e-mail you back so you know that I got your address. Here is my e-mail:,  Kc in MN

9212 Thanks (11/17/2017 10:15:29 AM):  Thanks again to Michele for this site and all the wonderful encounters with wonderful people which was a bonus of this site. Thanks also to all RMCers. I started with the magazine then when I got a computer went on the site and slowly found my way around the links and messageboards. Took me years to get up the nerve to submit! It is hard to put in words the warm feelings I have for all, like Carole of KY posted, we are family. Learned so much that I was able to partake of and share with my family and friends. Sometimes squabbled especially formerly once a month!, but families do that, too. Truly it was like one for all and all for one, rooting and supporting one another. Will never meet many of you, but you will always have a special place in my heart and mind. Will "see" some of you on Dollarsandsense (thanks Lisa) as I don't do Facebook, but Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas upcoming to all. ,  Janet B., OH

9218 Email List (11/17/2017 10:51:15 AM):  Where on site do I find the list of email for everyone.,  Vicki, Va.

9226 Email (11/17/2017 1:26:15 PM):  It's under other places to trade.,  Janice/Ok

9227 Email (11/17/2017 1:27:59 PM):  Mine isn't,  Janice/Ok

9232 kcarlson card exchange (11/17/2017 5:57:35 PM):  Hi Karen thanks so much for keeping the card exchange going! Really appreciate your efforts. I'm having trouble with my email. Will send my name by snail mail. Happy Thanksgiving to You and all here. Ann P.,  Ann P NY

9235 Will miss (11/17/2017 8:01:51 PM):  I will definitely miss this site. It has been a long week at school. We have one staff member needing to take a medical/personal leave from Thanksgiving to Christmas due to personal health issues and another ongoing medical issue with their child. Another staff member entered the hospital with a brain aneurysm last night and is expected to be in the hospital for a couple of weeks and then will need to recover at home. Another staff member needs knee surgery in the next few weeks due to an accident. Then we have another staff member out due to a critical issue with an elderly parent. She is hoping to be back right after Thanksgiving break. I don't think I am supposed to keep using "another" grammatically -- but it just feels like there is "another" crisis coming around the corner. So thank you all who keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers. I always liked being able to post this kind of "personal" stuff here. Since I am not on Facebook and won't be until I retire in 3 or so years, if anyone would like to stay in touch, my email is jjjkraft at Just put RMC or Refund in the subject. ,  Joanne VT

9236 Pie Pumpkin (11/17/2017 9:37:40 PM):  Is cooking a pie pumpkin make better pie? They have them on sale right now for $1 and thinking of trying it.,  Liz

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