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Zoombucks Code (7/9/2014 8:59:20 AM):  BRAZILGERMANY2014 Today's Code.,  Melody, WA

8629 Bumping up-Sharon prayers (7/9/2014 9:48:42 AM):  Bumping this up cuz I posted late one night, which kicked it over into "yesterday". Just reposting so everyone can see if you missed it before: I know I'm not crazy and I debated whether to post this or not, but as I'm reading the replies to my post, I realized---I have the wrong name!! Her name is LISA, not Sharon. There is a girl in same office named Sharon, but I certainly know the difference between them. Why I posted Sharon, no idea. And I hope that nothing happens to Sharon and I'm certainly not going to mention it to her. I thought, maybe I shouldn't admit it b/c people will wonder how well I know this lady if I didn't get her name correct. (Even if I didn't know her well, she still deserves prayers.) But then I thought, what if God is hearing prayers for Sharon and doesn't realize that all these prayers are for Lisa and she doesn't get better. So I'm just admitting---I got it wrong. Maybe it's time for the butterfly net for me. Thanks again for everyone's prayers, but please change it to Lisa., Susan, LA,  Susan, LA

8631 wedding rings (7/9/2014 10:22:49 AM):  My family history is a bit different on this. First, both hubby and I always wear our rings. My mother NEVER wore her rings. She was not a ring person. My father, who was a carpenter, always wore his! After my mother's death, he remarried 5 years later, and chose to not wear a ring. My dad and step mom have been married for 25 years now - he with no ring, and she with hers. Now my daughter is also not a ring person. Has never liked wearing them. She got a beautiful engagement ring. Her husband of 6 years always wears his ring. My daughter rarely wears hers (I've seen her wear it twice). Not her band, not her engagement ring. It's kind of abnormal for females to not wear a ring, I think, but both my mother and daughter do not care for how they feel on their fingers.,  Dianne in GA

8637 leg pain (7/9/2014 11:02:08 AM):  The leg pain at night continues and I think I spend more time trying to get comfortable than actually sleeping My right shoulder hurts from all the attempts to find a comfortable position last night. I am usually up numerous time making cold and hot packs. The ortho thinks its a pinched nerve and I have an MRI being scheduled. I had a nuclear scan of my skeleton last week I'm tired of it and discouraged. The injection I got only lasted 2 days and the muscle relaxer didn't do anything and he is not going to prescribe me anything else until the tests come back. He even said something about an epidural. I'm grateful I can stand and sit with little or no pain but the nights! My shoulder hurts from trying to sleep in my compter chair. Ortho has no idea how much I dread the nights. Wish I could sleep standing up like a horse!,  me

8639 Recipe (7/9/2014 11:22:53 AM):  I am looking for a recipe that was in Woman's World magazine about 6 years ago. It was for Almond Joy pie. I know it had coconut milk and cool whip in it. I hate coconut, but DH loved it. Thanks for any help!,  Beth in Overcast Palmer, Alaska

8640 Recipe (7/9/2014 11:22:53 AM):  I am looking for a recipe that was in Woman's World magazine about 6 years ago. It was for Almond Joy pie. I know it had coconut milk and cool whip in it. I hate coconut, but DH loved it. Thanks for any help!,  Beth in Overcast Palmer, Alaska

8646 Cow costume ears (7/9/2014 12:33:01 PM):  Last year I just attached the ears to a couple of cheap painters ball caps that were laying around the house. We wore them backwards (brim to the back) and they worked out fine. HTH!,  Paula T. TN

8649 Update: Lorena, TX (7/9/2014 12:57:34 PM):  Good afternoon to all! Well it's been a week and a half since my surgery. I think that I expected to get out of the hospital and be at 100%...well THAT didn't happen! I am so used to being independent...this was annoying. I can't carry anything, I can't cook, I can't be next to the stove, what the heck am I supposed to do? Well, I watched a video on hystersisters (Thanks Leigh, IA) and for 1 to 2 week recovery it says to rest and let people help you. Oh and my favorite, "Send in your super hero cape to the cleaners right now." Ah!!!! Well, fine, I am trying to rest and have the kids help me, but with everything else going on, it's kind of hard. Please keep me in your prayers and good thoughts, not only for a quick recovery, but that the "rest" works out. Thanks for listening! God Bless! :D ,  Lorena, TX

8653 Swagbucks Code (7/9/2014 1:26:37 PM):  TRUNKIN for 3 Swag bucks B4 2:00 PT!,  Melody, WA

8658 Sheila G, IL - hips popping (7/9/2014 1:53:39 PM):  Thanks for your post to my question (20 yr old DD with popping hips, etc). I am wondering if that is what is going on. Right now DD says her hips feel better, but her legs feel stiff (I hope she is taking the Aleve, but didn't ask). If it happens again I am thinking of sending her for a massage (I am assuming she will go there without an argument) and see if that helps (I know her back muscle gets tight, etc and the hips could be doing the same thing). If it doesn't then we will go to an Ortho dr.,  Heather, NV

8661 Amanda (20) and boyfriend (7/9/2014 2:07:19 PM):  DD (Amanda - 20) has a boyfriend. I know that isn't surprising, but she didn't have one until she went to college and this is the first one we have heard about it while they are still going out (not after they broke up). Well, BF wants to take her to meet his parents (and probably his sister) in August! (They started going out in March.) I met him in April for dinner, but Dad hasn't met BF yet. So, I suggested Dad meet BF and at first I got 'Why?'. Well, I got a text this morning that she and BF are going to meet us for church at the end of the month and go to lunch with us so BF can meet Dad. When I told Dad this morning he looked in SHOCK! (His little girl is growing up). Oh, and I should state BF is Asian (and Amanda is blondish/blue eyed). We have no problem with it (at least I think Dad doesn't since he hasn't said anything), but Grandpa and the Grandmas may make comments if this really becomes serious (sometimes the Grandparents say inappropriate things without thinking first). Like Amanda has said 'normal (white) guys are only after one thing and the Asian guys seem to respect girls more'. Amanda is going for an Engineering degree and BF wants to be a Heart Surgeon so BF also understands that she needs to study, etc (one other Engineering student figured she should skip school and studying since they were going out - like Amanda [and we] said he isn't going to make it through the degree if that is how he acts). ,  Heather, NV

8664 Home again` (7/9/2014 2:28:09 PM):  Been to north Central IN and am back home now. The crops look great all through IN this year!! We stopped in Gatlinburg last night on the way back. Love that town. So now want to go back there. It's just 3 hours from home and we've been there several times but still fun.,  Susan, SC

8676 Walgreens coupon acceptance (7/9/2014 4:37:20 PM):  Have I been sleeping? I must have missed this. Now told they only accept 6 like coupons. Input? They are happy to sell 7,8,9, items etc but not take the coupons!,  Sigh

8687 Sam's club (7/9/2014 5:55:04 PM):  I went to Sam's this evening and there are things I won't be able to get that I purchased at Costco like the natural peanut butter that we love and hubby likes the old fashioned quaker oats, Sam's only has the quick cook. I'm trying to convert him over to my steel cut oats, now maybe I can make that happen :) One good thing is- when I went to put my employees on my Corporate account at Sam's, it didn't cost me a cent for the two additional cards. At Costco I paid for each card and I had a Corporate account there. That was a nice savings. I provide food for the lunchroom for my employees and now that I live so far away I have my manager and one other employee who can go in and buy lunch meat, cheese, bread, fruit and veggies, so they can have a healthy (healthier) lunch than the Ramen noodles that I saw them all eating- They all smoke and I know they could afford to eat better if they quit smoking, but eating junk food just doesn't sit well with me and years ago I was a smoker- it is a hard habit to quit. t let them buy milk and cereal too since they start work at 7am. As an employer- I provide a free lunch too at no cost to the taxpayers! LOL ,  Sharon B., VA

8692 fFractured Metatarsal (7/9/2014 5:59:21 PM):  Has anyone had this? I fractured my fifth metatarsal and am in a walking boot. I see doctor in 2 weeks and he said it will probably be needed longer than that. I was just wondering what someone else has experienced with this.,  Rachel MA

8694 poppy seeds for baking (7/9/2014 6:02:36 PM):  Used to be able to get them at area stores, not no more. Dose anyone in western NY know where any might be? Thanks,  cheryl ny

8702 Garden Woes (7/9/2014 6:52:35 PM):  I am so ready to throw the towel in on our tomatoes. I have mulched, planted marigolds. Stick my finger in to check for soil dryness. We checked soil prior to planting and ph was little low so hubby put some lime in. I have used Epsom salt, added calcium tabs and sprayed plants with organic spray made of dawn,bleach and baking soda and I cannot get rid of the bottom end rot and tomato plants just not producing like they should. I noticed too that some of my green peppers are getting brown spots. I am so ready to scream. Any suggestions are welcome. I am so sick of researching on internet and nothing really getting rid of it.,  Vicki, Va

8708 Face book (7/9/2014 7:08:09 PM):  I want to exit a person off my fscebook page. Would some one tell me what I should do? ,  Katie O, MI

8722 Identifying a knobby surfaced Summer Squash (7/10/2014 6:51:35 AM):  Yesterday, my nephew brought home soeme huge Summer vegetables from a garden he's taking care of for friends of my brother & his wife. 2 of the vegetables are crook necked squash that have a knobby exterior all over them. What type of squash are they? And how do I prepare them for eating? or are these gourd type squashes meant for drying & not eating?,  Virginia Ann S VA

8726 Resume' help needed (7/10/2014 7:35:42 AM):  I've been a stay at home, homeschooling mom for the past 16 years. I need to get a resume' together so that I can start applying for jobs. Has anyone used things like homeschooling, volunteering, tutoring, etc. to make a viable resume'? If so, I would appreciate any hints/helps. I was employed for several years in the same industry prior to becoming a SAHM but do not plan to return to that field. Thanks!,  Susan near Houston

8729 Janice not in Waxahachie (7/10/2014 8:20:25 AM):  The day i mailed your envie I was there but right now staying in Grapevine Texas. ,  lila in tx

8731 Janice not in Waxahachie (7/10/2014 8:22:07 AM):  The day i mailed your envie I was there but right now staying in Grapevine Texas. ,  lila in tx

8740 Bob (7/10/2014 11:01:07 AM):  A couple of weeks ago, you mentioned Open Office that is free. There are so many different links, I'm afraid to download. Can you lead me to the correct one?,  KarenIA

8744 Vindaile Research Surveys (7/10/2014 1:24:20 PM):  Does anyone do these and is it worth your time? Thanks for any input on this.,  Lynn

8747 dishwasher repair ? (7/10/2014 2:23:06 PM):  Our dishwasher has developed several hairline cracks in the liner walls. I am concerned that water is being forced thru these crackw and may become a mold and/or water leak problem. Is there anything that can be "puttied over " the cracks to seal them and hold up against the interior heat of the unit? I haven't heard from appliance girl lately. Is she still out there? Thanks for any help.,  Vera in sunny MI

8751 a joke (7/10/2014 3:40:58 PM):  The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a Catholic elementary school for lunch. At the head of the table was a large pile of apples. The nun made a note and posted on the apple tray: 'Take only ONE. God is watching.' Moving further along the lunch line at the other end of the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies. A child had written a note: 'Take all you want. God is watching the apples..',  Google Researcher

8756 Does anyone know the answer. (7/10/2014 4:43:51 PM):  I live in NY. Does anyone know if this is legal. I celled and cancelled a dental appointment the same day. I was very sick and they knew that. They said on the phone that I would get charged for that appointment. There is not a sign in the office, nor did they tell me that before hand. They charged $50.00.I sent the money and a letter to the dentist. Of course they cashed the check. Legally, can they do that???,  Upset in NY

8762 Figs (7/10/2014 6:08:17 PM):  Just received my 1st gift of figs this season. My wonderful neighbor called and said her DH had just picked and I could pick up if I wanted. She said "a few" but it was a "honey bun case" from Sam's so you know how full it was! Don't know what variety they are. I know they are not Celeste. They are the huge round ones like you can stuff--more yellow than brown. How much better can it get---fresh figs and I didn't even have to sweat to get them!!,  Susan, LA

8765 Penneys Return Policy (7/10/2014 7:55:28 PM):  I have a set of drapes that were way too long for my window and would cost too much money to have them hemmed. I have the receipt however I purchased them a year and a half ago. Would you try to return them to the store or would you just give up and lost $60. I figure all they have to tell me is "no"???,  Embarrassed

8771 Should I feel slighted? (7/10/2014 9:31:49 PM):  I have a grown niece who moved cross country ten years ago. We were close throughout childhood, I used to even drop her off at school. We have never argued. On a few visits, I took her to the airport or had lunch. She comes out twice a year, and stays with her parents for a week, who live less than a block from me. On the last four visits, nobody has told me she is coming. I find out from other relatives after she leaves. I heard she was here this week, and saw photos of a family party with her other aunt, cousins, etc. I Facebooked her to ask if I could take her to lunch. No response, but a cousin saw my request, and said she already left! Two missed visits ago, she promised to get together next time. How would you feel in this situation? I don't want to assume anything. The odd part is that she seems to have loads of time to get together with other relatives!,  Puzzled

8774 A joke.... (7/10/2014 11:18:45 PM):  A taxi passenger leaned over to ask the driver a question and gently tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. The driver screamed, lost control of the cab nearly hit a bus, drove up and over a curb and stopped just inches from a large plate window. For a few moments everything was silent in the cab. The shaking driver said, "Are you okay? I'm so sorry but you scared the daylights out of me." The badly shaken passenger apologized to the driver and said, "I didn't realize that a mere tap on the shoulder would startle someone so badly." The driver replied, "No, no, I'm the one who is sorry! It's entirely my fault. Today is my very first day driving a cab. I've been driving a hearse for 25 years.”,  Google Researcher

8778 Closing (7/11/2014 4:13:53 AM):  Heading out for Carolina early this morning for the closing on the property down there. This is bittersweet for me- I don't have to worry about taxes, insurance or utilities down there any longer, but it's a stark reminder that mom is gone and this is the end of her affairs. Everyday it's been something different that I had to gather for closing and had to postpone the closing twice. I had forgotten how long, drawn-out and stressful a closing can be. This is part of the journey of life and I know this too, shall pass. Just thinking out loud this morning. Have a GREAT Friday, everyone!,  Sharon B., VA

8785 Science Diet cat food (7/11/2014 5:30:39 AM):  Yesterday, ups dropped off a box. Inside the box was a 3.5 lb bag of Science Diet Cat Food. There was no note inside, so I have no idea why I got it? I will donate it to the Human Society, but wonder why I got it? My cat is very fussy, and if I open the bag he and he doesn't like it the Human Society won't take it. So rather just take it there.,  Any Ideas? Thanks

8788 Registering a new software program (7/11/2014 6:35:55 AM):  Yesterday, I instslled the Hallmark Card Studio 2014 Deluxe edition in my computer. As i installed this updated version, I was allowed to register this program. But at no timee during "registration" could I enter the product registration code number I got on a card with my program. When i tried to use that program to create a card, I got another onscreen message inviting me to register my program!I had just done that & had the new Hallmark icon on my Desktop screen. Forgetting I'd already registered it, I filled out the registration form again. Still no place to enter product registration code. Then that program was starting to install the files! I quickly hit "cancel" since I already had those files installed. How do i get this program to recognize that I've already registered it?,  Virginia Ann S VA

8794 Traveling Pat (7/11/2014 7:26:01 AM):  I am sending a package to your Sister today.,  cathy oh

8795 Refrigerator broke down. (7/11/2014 7:32:07 AM):  My refrigerator broke down yesterday. The freezer was quite full with meats, TV dinners etc. The freezer door remained closed for 30 hours. Some foods thawed out, some still had ice crystals in them and the ones on the bottom were a little more frozen. How will I know which foods are safe to keep? My new refrigerator is due to arrive in a few minutes. ,  Rose

8807 Cleaning, Jelly & Shortcakes (7/11/2014 9:21:51 AM):  So far we are having a nice summer. I'm still trying to clean the house. Upstairs is not too bad now. However, I have still have about 15 milk crates of school stuff to sort through. (Translation: I cleaned out my 3 file cabinets at school and just brought the stuff home to sort.) I'm supposedly only teaching 6th grade math next year so I need to sort and pull out just the 6th grade math stuff. All of this stuff is personal lesson plans and kid project plans etc.. and I just want to keep the best stuff. But I've been good at ignoring this project because the berries have been coming. First the strawberries at the end of June. It was not the best year because it has been so wet. But I did make strawberry pie, froze a bunch and made about 12 pints of jelly. Now the raspberries are just starting and look like they will be ripe next week. However, the blackcaps (some people call these black raspberries) have been doing great. We have a bunch of wild plants at our property and so far I've made almost 12 pints of this. Usually, I only make a few pints because the fruit often dries out. Also, the red currants are coming at a local farm too. As for our garden, it's coming along ok as long as we don't mind sharing stuff with the woodchucks. Deer haven't been too much of a problem this year thanks to our big fence.,  JOanne Vt

8811 Update: Lisa (7/11/2014 9:49:59 AM):  Spoke to co-worker yesterday. They received text from Lisa. She said Yes, this actually me doing the texting for the 1st time since this all began. Evidently, her husband had been texting updates from her phone. She said she is doing better, actually felt like doing some texts and that they believe they have actually found the right combo of antibiotics. They are thinking she may go home in another week, barring any more problems. Guessing those prayers---whether for Sharon or Lisa---worked. Don't stop now. Thanks to all ,  Susan, LA

8815 spoof call (7/11/2014 10:21:12 AM):  I heard about those calls where your own name and number show up on your caller id. We got one today. I didn't answer it of course and no message. ,  me

8818 Swagbucks Code (7/11/2014 11:28:03 AM):  Envelope before 11am PT/2pm ET for 4 SB!,  Melody, WA

8819 used car (7/11/2014 11:28:44 AM):  I'm hoping to buy a reliable used car in the next few months, 2011 or newer. I need a 4 door with good gas mileage, a roomy trunk (for a wheelchair), and good visibility. Any ideas? Thank you.,  Marcia, MO

8827 What are your thoughts? (7/11/2014 12:43:56 PM):  About Marine Tahmooressi. Held in the Mexican prison? He served 2 times as a Marine in Iraq? Made a wrong turn in error and ended up in MX. So many made the same error as he did.,  Lynn

8831 Wow. OxiClean (7/11/2014 1:47:16 PM):  I just used some OxiClean on a couple of ds's clothes, since he washed a pen and DRIED it in his laundry. I did the pre-treatment, soaked for an hour or so, then washed with Wisk & OxiClean in the water. Dried ink came out!! I missed a couple spots on his tshirt so now I am redoing that shirt plus his jeans. I am so blown away! I almost did nothing, since they had been through the drier. I did make a paste as the pretreatment, not the concentration on the bucket.,  Sue P., CT

8832 Computer Question (7/11/2014 2:19:39 PM):  I am hoping someone can offer some input - I can usually figure out computer issues but this one has me stumped. We have a desktop running Win 7. If the compuer is left on and goes to sleep, when I go back to use it, it shuts off withing 30 seconds and reboots with the "improperly shut down" message. If I turn the computer off, and go through the normal start up process, this doesn't occur. Does this ring any bells? Thanks so much!,  Lisa P, CT

8834 Blue Bonnet margarine (7/11/2014 2:29:09 PM):  I admit that I don't put the big tub of margarine right back in the refrigerator. However, I'm not understanding why water is appearing in the tub and I have to drain it out before I use the butter. It seems kind of odd to me.,  Mindy, MD

8845 Labels (7/11/2014 4:28:48 PM):  I have a hp laptop with windows 7. Is there a way to print address labels without buying a disc from the store?,  cathy oh

8850 Pampers codes: (7/11/2014 5:24:47 PM):  In the boxes of Pampers, where are the codes? Are they the numbers printed in heavy black ink on one of the bottom flaps? If so, some of them have 3 letters at the end (JAX, MIS) and some just have numbers. Some of the boxes have light, hard to read numbers -- some are on the outside of the box itself, some are near the dark code -- and some don't have the second kind of numbers at all. Help!!,  Jane, CA

8877 Puzzled (7/11/2014 9:48:03 PM):  I know, I'm kind of late to the game, but I'm a bit behind in reading OTCC. IMVHO you have been made to feel unworthy of your niece's time and purposefully ostracized by her on F.B. in posts/pictures other family members can see. Please her me loud and clear when I say these actions have nothing to do with you and say nothing about you as a person! These actions speak volumes about your niece and I, personally, would want nothing to do with any of it. Anything you may have done doesn't deserve this junior high playground bullying you are receiving as retribution. Unfriend her so you don't have to view her little digs anymore and move on. Just my 2cents.,  Shelby, aka Dear Abby

8881 update, son's surgery (7/11/2014 11:05:29 PM):  On Wednesday my son had another x-ray and the Surgeon clamped off the tube into his chest. When he was discharged from the hospital they had implanted a Heimlich (one-way) valve in his chest that allowed air from the chest cavity to escape. This valve was invented by the same Physician that came up with the Heimlich maneuver to discharge food from someone choking. On Thursday another x-ray and the Surgeon removed the tube. Unfortunately, there was some difficulty as the surgical opening was healing around the tube. The surgical opening had to be re-opened and then re-stitched. Son was in great deal of discomfort- apparently the numbing injections only burned and he said he thought they made him more sensitive to the cutting. The tube had to be out 24 hours, so another chest x-ray today, Friday. (Since January he’s had so many x-rays…he certainly might glow!) The surgeon said his lung was attaching to his chest wall but it would take another 2 weeks of resting. My son is off work until August 4, not allowed to drive for two weeks but Surgeon prefers he not even ride in a car for two weeks as he's concerned of sudden stops & pressure from seat belt! He's not allowed to lift anything above his shoulders and is only allowed to lift/carry up to 8 lbs. His daughter is now 11 weeks old & does weigh over 8 lbs so he can hold her, but can't pick her up which my son says is pretty upsetting to him. He has to sleep upright and has a recliner that he can adjust just enough. Today was his birthday and he was pretty down as it's the first birthday that we weren't with him.... Family in NY had scheduled a picnic party for Sunday- but moved it to the end of the month so hopefully he will be able to come from Ohio. Since he was born on my Dad's birthday, he loved being Grampa's best birthday present! My Dad would have been 90 today. So today was a bit rough for me without my son & my Dad. The Surgeon just couldn’t believe this incident with a 30 year old non-smoker. Our son asked the Surgeon if he had waited a few weeks would the Surgeon feel any differently with a 31 year old non-smoker? Our son was trying to joke with him and had to point out his birthday was today. I said well since you are joking… you are feeling better! Thank you everyone for your prayers, thoughts & words to comfort me… ,  Pat

8887 Law of attraction - slightly long (7/12/2014 6:05:41 AM):  I am an Aquarius and if you read up on the astrology sign, you'll see where we get a little lost in our thoughts. I am really, really starting to believe in this Law of Attraction. Now I KNOW it worked with me getting down to DC to my job, and I know it worked with me getting the house that I just recently bought, but now I'm really starting to believe it affects my couponing too! Let me explain why. My time is limited down here because of my work schedule and type of life I live now. However, just yesterday, I had to smile again at how these coupon opportunities come to me when I least expect them. I received a call to do yet another focus group with BlueCross Blue Shield. I told the guy to let someone else have it unless he cannot absolutely find someone else. He called back and he said needed me. The ironic thing is that I just used my $100 Amazon gift card from the last focus group yesterday. I thought to myself, "Well, no more gift cards from the focus group." Anyway, I am always amazed but starting not to be surprised when I find so many of these deals.,  Mindy, MD

8889 leg (7/12/2014 6:16:11 AM):  I bought a heating pad yesterday and thought I would finally get a good nights sleep. It didn't make much of a difference. My husband massaged the area and that helped for a short while and then the pain came back. I ended up sleeping in my computer chair with my legs propped up on my bed. I haven't heard yet about an MRI I cant believe this started 2 months ago and no end in sight.,  me

8891 Comcast eamil (7/12/2014 7:02:18 AM):  I wanted to see if anyone else had this problem or would know what to do.I use Firefox as my browser and Comcast email. the display of email has changed.On the left hand side there should be inbox,saved trash and spam folders.That area is blank. I feel like this a problem with Firefox since on IE & Chrome it displays like it should. I hope you understand what I mean.I hope someone can help. Thanks,  Valdena, Ky

8892 Yahoo Mail (7/12/2014 8:00:35 AM):  Can anyone tell me with new yahoo. How to do a group email. I would like to send one email to 10 people at one click. TIA,  Ohio

8893 Change Zip's (7/12/2014 8:05:21 AM):  #75917 Please tell me how I change the zips on to get the Bunny Ice Cream coupons. Thank you,  Marilyn, Illinois

8894 Marine (7/12/2014 8:09:11 AM):  Of course we are not privvy to all conversations behind the scenes talks, but I thought it has been stated by the WH press secretary that the president has not spoke to the Mexico president of this case. And I thought the marines mother has stated that the president or anyone from the administration has spoke to her. That is why I made the comment that "no one is doing anything". I admittedly do not follow this closely, so I could be wrong. ,  Karen-IA

8895 Tahmooressi Post (7/12/2014 8:10:14 AM):  Thanks Jane and Grace for your excellent responses to my post. I hope a fair resolution can be worked out soon. On a different note -I've been to Mexico only once. My DD lives in AZ. We drove to Nogales, US and parked the car in a parking lot and then walked into Nogales, Mexico. She said that's the way most Americans in the area enter as they don't want to park their cars in Mexico. Nogales, US and Nogales Mexico border each other. Don't remember what the area we went to is called but it was a huge outdoor area where the Mexican merchants had booths and tables with the items they were selling. We spent a couple of hours shopping and then went through the American customs (an agent sitting at a table) on the way out. DD had a bottle of Kahlua and I had a ton of items. I contributed greatly to the Mexican economy that day. ,  Beth

8901 Pig Roast & 3 Bean Salad (7/12/2014 10:02:27 AM):  Friends of ours invited us to a pig roast today. They are having tons of people. I offered to make a salad and was given a huge container. So of course I cheated. Hubby has already tasted this and given his seal of approval. 4 Jars of Aunt Nellies 3-Bean salad, 4 cans of Green Giant 3 Bean Salad, The rest of the cans are all about 16 oz -- 2 cans chick peas, 2 cans black beans, 1 can dark red kidney beans, 1 can light red kidney beans (all rinsed.) Overalll I think the salad cost me under $10 since I always buy these items when they are really on sale. It will feed plenty. You can mix up the beans however you like it depending on what you have.,  JOanne Vt

8906 SPOOF CALL (7/12/2014 11:53:24 AM):  I received a call and my caller id identified the person as a young lady that lives in my town that i hadnt talked to in years. so I answered the phone. Immediately after that I was surprised to hear a taped call wanting to lower my interest rate. I punched one and a man said I see that you want to lower interest. I Said no, and he said then why did you call me. I said I didnt you called me . I asked to be taken off the list and he got very angry. I hung up. Has anyone else had this experience. Also his number did not appear on my caller id at all, just the girl. ,  shirley ky

8909 Gas Prices (7/12/2014 2:07:05 PM):  The gas station that I went by on my way home from work yesterday showed gas 10 cents cheaper than it was when I went to work in the morning. It was $3.799.,  Jackie A., PA

8911 Linda Woodard (7/12/2014 2:30:48 PM):  Can you please get in touch with me? I lost your email address. Nothing bad.,  lynn

8912 Beth (7/12/2014 3:03:15 PM):  Your right, Greta Van Susteren would not go out of her way, like she has if the Marine was doing wrong. She has been there from the start and there for his Mother. She has pleaded for the right person that can set him free to make the call, but isn't. She is one reporter that goes out of her way if she feels they need her support. ,  Lynn

8913 Facebook (7/12/2014 3:03:45 PM):  We think Fb is just a bad environment for innocent trusting people ... adults and children .... we feel there should be options to at least opt out of suggested friends or restrict suggested friends by age age and or content of profile pictures to my knowledge no restriction like this exists On our facebook pages So many very young girls and boys pictures appear as suggested friends that are offensive to us we just don't like or care to see young boys or girls nearly nude I use Facebook to keep in touch with a few relatives and close friends and set every option to private so personal info isn't shared It is easy to see why predators are on Facebook and why more discretion ,  More Discretion Needed

8915 Swagbucks Code (7/12/2014 3:29:51 PM):  GettingReady before 3 PM PDT, worth 2 SB!,  Melody, WA

8918 Riteaid (7/12/2014 4:03:32 PM):  Bought (4) downy unstoppables Used (4) $2/1 coupons Received $7 up PLUS (2) $1 ups (monthly deal when you buy 2). ALSO Received a $4/20. Great deal especially When its around $8 regular price which I Will not pay...,  Sharon. PA

8920 My Garden (7/12/2014 4:15:14 PM):  Well, my garden, along with everybody else in this area is doing poorly due to all the rain and cool weather we have gotten this spring and summer. I am thrilled that I am finally getting a few cucumbers, zucchini, onions and I got my first small head of broccoli. I got one tomato today but that is because I started them in the house and they had little tomatoes on them when I planted them. I still have spaghetti sauce and salsa left over from last year, so if I don't get much this year I'm OK. Usually I give a lot of last years stuff away to co-workers but due to what looks like a poor crop, I'm hanging on to most of it (yes some of it will still be share with a co-worker that can use a little help). It doesn't look like I Will be able to donate as much fresh produce to the food bank as I would like to this year.,  Jackie A., PA

8921 Food Apps (7/12/2014 4:36:33 PM):  I down loaded the food network app on my ipad and like it. However I would really like suggestions on apps to download that has it all. A menu planner,receipes, and shopping list. Also have icookbook . Oh I have been reading posts today. Just been a little busy. I sent husband to golf course and catching up on things. All of your needs are in my prayers,  Vicki, Va.

8927 what's for dinner (7/12/2014 5:21:55 PM):  I don't know what it is, but it is delicious. Almost every day my dear Muslim neighbor brings us food. I guess its leftovers from the evening meal (they have to fast sunrise to sunset for Ramadan). she brought it earlier, It has chickpeas and some sort of grain with vegs and seasoning. Boy can she cook! my husband and kids say I should prepare something and give it to her. I would have to be mindful of their dietary restrictions,  JudyB LA

8954 melody (7/12/2014 8:43:47 PM):  bumping this up so you'll see it, lol! my mom's thyroid dr lowered her 30 mg in march. then...... I started her at a new regular doctor, she took all her labs with, guess what? this doctor says, oh, my look at that low tsh and lowered her another 15mg! she barely made it 2 weeks when I myself put her back up 15 mg, she noticed the difference right away! but I would hate to tell her to go up again and have something happen? not any doctors around here that will even consider doing t3 and t4. and........ I went to an endocrinologist 2 weeks ago for an opinion? you don't even want to hear that story.....,  christy, ia

8961 Sugar and Salt (7/13/2014 2:15:16 AM):  My dh (I am the corn cob poster - whose dh thinks it must be eaten like a typewriter LOL) anyway my dh was telling me that he can't eat any of all the fresh tomatoes I picked today from a family member's garden. I am like why not - well I am cutting down on my sugar he says and he is border-line diabetic with his physicals. I am still like why? Tomatoes are not bad for you. He says the only way he can eat tomatoes is with sugar on them. I have NEVER heard of eating tomatoes w/sugar. He suggested I ask here after my responses to the corn on the cob question - some agreed w/him. He also feels like you need salt on watermelon. I totally disagree there too and have never put salt on my watermelon. Nor heard of sugar on tomatoes! I am from the south. He is not!,  Donna/GA

8976 Starts Today (7/13/2014 9:23:30 AM):  Remember I posted that my hubby was picking up extra day at his golf job. Well it starts today. Today he is actually working for person on vacation. Then next Saturday morning for man having surgery and then he will settle down in his Saturday afternoon schedule. I have 10 hours to do things and relax. Today is more for relaxing. I am going to start my wash and do a little mending. I can't sit for 10 hours. I see a movie that I have taped and going to start orange is the new black on netflix. For update on baby released from hospital he and parents are doing great. They are trying to adjust to having a working schedule. Working on getting him to sleep through night. Just typical things of bringing baby home. He has a Dr. Appointment this next week and no one taking a chance. The doctor is seeing him after hours. Per the doctor he and staff will have on masks and baby too and exam room will be wiped down prior to baby's exam. Please keep his mama in prayers as she is still a little anxious of him catching something. ,  Vicki, Va

8981 puzzle (7/13/2014 10:16:57 AM):  Last week's challenge: Name a famous actress of the past whose last name has five letters. Move the middle letter to the end to name another famous actress of the past. Who are these actresses? Answer: Greta Garbo/Eva or Zsa Zsa Gabor .I think many of us had this answer last week. We did great!!!! The new one sounds doable also. Next week's challenge: Think of a popular TV show about cooking. I guarantee it's a show everyone has heard of. Remove the second and third letters of the first word and insert them after the first letter of the second word. You'll get a phrase for a different kind of cooking. What is it? ,  MAC--WI

8983 Ciggy coupons (7/13/2014 10:39:18 AM):  Does anyone still trade for them? I've posted a few times on the trading board but hadn't gotten any responses,  Randi, LI

8988 Bob PA or other guru (7/13/2014 11:14:48 AM):  Printer is not printing. It printed fine tnen I tried to print a Staples coupon and got this message " Printer is in error state Epson 72c71c (4530series) is in error state" It is a workforce all in one pro series 4530 and I have a Dell with windows 8.1 (I know. I know) I rebooted the computer and un/re plugged the printer. My DH can print from his computer fine. It also shows that the wifi connection is ok. I do also get a message about the black ink being low. That started a few days ago. And of course, Epson help is not available til MOnday. Thanks for any help.,  Vera in sunny MI

8990 Computer Help (7/13/2014 11:46:00 AM):  I'm going to switch desktop computers. I have Outlook on my old computer. I bought Microsoft Office for the new computer but it doesn't include Outlook. Is there any way to print my contact information from Outlook on the old computer so that at least I will still have that information? And is there a way to get Outlook on the new computer? I prefer getting my email that way. This is NOT the Outlook that hotmail uses, but rather this one has contacts, email, and calendar and actually downloads the email to the computer. Thanks.,  Amy J, OH

8991 Swagbucks Code (7/13/2014 12:17:35 PM):  SchoolPrep before 1pm PT/4pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody, WA

8993 Food--Bump Up (7/13/2014 1:46:49 PM):  A lot of unusual items mentioned below. Only thing that I do that most don't is with mustard. I use it on most pork products (not bacon)--ham and sausage mainly. I do use pepper on some items. Did not like pepper as a child. So my dad would put white pepper on items as he was cooking and I didn't know the difference. (Mom was handicapped so dad cooked),  Susan, SC

8995 My Points offers (7/13/2014 1:48:39 PM):  I just submitted the 2 offers from My Points for buying the Suave/Noxzema & Dr Pepper/Snickers. It took awhile for me to find someone to show me how to take the picture & make attachment. Yes, a 1st grader knows more about this stuff than I do. Anyway, do I get some confirmation that they approved it. Pretty much I waited till almost the last minute to get them sent in.,  Lynn

8997 SavingStar (7/13/2014 2:03:51 PM):  The app that is now available for Iphones & androids, well it doesn't work on my cheap Kyocera Event (pre-pay smart phone). Hopefully it will work on your android. ,  Lynn

9002 Boneless spare ribs to cook (7/13/2014 2:27:14 PM):  I have two 1 lb packages of boneless spareribs___ about six in each package. I would like to BBQ them on my gas grill but have never cooked them before. The only meats I have ever barbequed are steaks, burgers and franks. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cook them along with how much time and the right temps?,  Chris

9006 Lexiscan (7/13/2014 3:06:18 PM):  Has anyone ever had a Lexiscan.Did you have any problems? I am suppose to have one but have read some bad reviews that scares me.,  Faye KY

9009 Swagbucks Code (7/13/2014 4:32:42 PM):  GermanyWINS before 4pm PT/7pm ET for 2 SB!,  Melody, WA

9010 BBW online free shipping code (7/13/2014 4:38:23 PM):  SUNNYVX5veJzC49UA Free shipping on orders of $25 or more. Place an online order of $25 or more and receive free ground shipping and handling anywhere in the contiguous US, free shipping and handling offer excludes orders shipping to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and US territories. Enter promotion code during checkout and shipping and handling charges will be adjusted on qualifying orders. This promotion code is not valid with any other offer that requires you to enter another promotional code at checkout. If another code is entered at checkout, this offer will be void. Not valid for orders upgraded to second day or overnight delivery. Offer valid only at through 11:59 pm EST on September 30, 2014. ,  Leigh IA

9019 Letter to child camper (7/13/2014 9:42:16 PM):  My grandson is at camp this week so I made up a letter for him to circle the answers to my questions. I know he wouldn't write a letter or card to me. Some of the things I asked him are: Is the food (excellent)(good)(fair)(bad)? Have you met (new)(old) friends? Is the weather (hot)(warm)(just right)? Is your bed (hard)(soft)(just right). I did this for my now 26 yr. old grandson and just the pack rat that I am kept the letter he returned to me in the self addressed stamped envelope. If you have some decorated paper it is good to use. The letter I kept had bugs,bees amd turtles around the edges. Must have gotten rid of rest of that paper so I just put my new letter over the old and made a copy - so now my 13 yr. old grandson will have bugs, bees and turtles bordering his letter. ,  Joyce A., VA

9020 RAOK: Free e-comic book (7/14/2014 12:18:22 AM):  Won a free e-comic book from the Subway Guardians of the Galaxy game and thought this would be more enjoyed by one of "our" kids than by me. Knowing how we all enjoy contests, the RAOK has a twist: be the 1st to correctly answer the following question and post your email dot com. Question: what's my favorite candy bar? Purrrz,  Susan R., CA

9021 RAOK: Free Movie on Demand (7/14/2014 12:31:41 AM):  Won $6 off cable bill from M&M's but now they don't have the option of streaming video and I don't have cable. So, I'm playing it forward. 1st one who correctly guesses the answer and includes their email dot come will win the code. What is my favorite fruit? Purrrz,  Susan R., CA

9034 Anyone play Farmville 2 on Kindle? (7/14/2014 8:08:58 AM):  I downloaded the Farmville 2 game to my Kindle. But I have a couple questions. How do we get more keys? Why are the barn items in the barn, and how do we get them out of there? Is it best to connect to Facebook acct? I like playing this on my Kindle, and don't have to be connected to the internet.,  Larie/Ky

9041 Sugar and Salt (7/14/2014 8:19:07 AM):  My hubby puts a Ton of salt on everything he eats, (has already had a heart attack, and has high blood pressure)but yet he covers the watermelon slices with it, also his apple slices, cantaloupe,etc. H just akes the salt shaker and pours it all over everything on the plate when we eat, even before tasting it. He also puts mustard on his sausage.I only put a dab of salt on tomatoes,or eggs. I do like to put sugar on my fried green tomatoes, after I take them out of the skillet.,  Larie/Ky

9044 Gas station scammers (7/14/2014 9:52:30 AM):  With the price approaching $4.00 around here, it's all we can do to fill our own cars. Here's the newest scam while you're pumping gas at a station. Someone carrying a gas can comes up to you and says that ran out of gas, could you help them out. They get the can full, go home and dump it into a bigger tank or other cars and head back to the station. The old one of getting money for gas still goes on too.,  don't fall for it

9045 survived inlaws (7/14/2014 10:23:09 AM):  Sister-in-law (DH's sister), her DH and one daughter were here for 4 days. We had lots of fun and survived. I am always surprised what happens when they are here - this time we have a semi-broken toaster (someone decided to push the handle up and broke it off). Like I told DH that either we ate all of X,Y,Z, etc or it gained feet and walked off. In the past we have lost pillows, etc after they have left. So far I haven't found a 'thing' missing just food. I am always surprised how much they can eat also. Now to get the house back together.,  Heather, NV

9049 Ghostbusters Return!! (7/14/2014 11:24:39 AM):  Mark your calendar now. The original Ghostbusters will be re-released for one week only on Labor Day weekend. Such a great film of my teen years!!,  Susan, SC

9050 Brenner's story (7/14/2014 11:28:04 AM):  The Fargo, ND newspaper has an article about Brenner and his family. This is the link: Researcher

9052 hammock suggestions? (7/14/2014 12:20:48 PM):  Thanks for cordless weed trimmer and Mouse sander advice. DH now needs to tell me which one he wants me to buy. Any hammock suggestions? We have a woven 'rope' one that needs to be replaced (the birds have been trying to pull out strands even). I would like it to be able to hold at least 250 lbs (Pepper [golden retriever] jumps in and off when DH is in it!). Reno has more stores so any national stores or online would work. Thanks in advance.,  Heather, NV

9054 Swagbucks Code (7/14/2014 1:36:34 PM):  MightyMascot before 1pm PT/4pm ET for 5 SB!,  Melody, WA

9057 What's for Dinner/Supper? (7/14/2014 3:00:05 PM):  Pizza, tossed salad and ice-cream for dessert. I'm craving cheese :),  Sharon B., VA

9058 What'd you get free or cheap today? (7/14/2014 3:04:30 PM):  You know how people always discuss what they are making or made for dinner? How about 'what did you get for free or cheap today?' I got a free first aid kit because of a new expresscare clinic. I got a lunch at Applebees for under $5 because I used my $5 Applebees coupon for signing up for their Perks Program. I got a small tin of Nivea cream for .19 because a CVS coupon 'off any lotion' printed out. I got a box of Cheerios for .88/box at Giant, MD that was $1.88 - .50 coupon doubled. I also got .30/box of San Gorgio pasta because it was .88 and I had a $1/2 coupon. I almost got a cheap shirt for my friend at Lane Bryant with my free $10 coupon but thought $5 was too much to pay. I got to read my People magazine at the Barnes and Noble bookstore for free. Ok, I'm happy. How about you? What great deals did you reel in today? And my boss says that free things are poor quality!,  Mindy, MD

9063 Update Internet Explorer (7/14/2014 3:42:26 PM):  Can someone tell me hoe to update Internet Explorer? I really need to do this, but have no idea how. Thanks for any help :),  Clueless in Oregon

9065 Scams (7/14/2014 3:52:35 PM):  Talking about scams. I was at Kmart a week or so ago a bad one. I came out to find some girl looking into my car, her hands cuffed around her face peering in because I have tinted windows on the back doors. I stood there and waited for her to look up and notice me, startled, she says oh hi my name is Gloria. I promptly said, don't care tell your story walking. I'm sure it was going to be the I need bus fare routine. ,  CB OH

9069 TDA and not getting emails (7/14/2014 4:18:00 PM):  A few weeks ago I posted that we weren't getting emails from TD Ameritrade (they said it was undeliverable to Well, I just got multiple letters from TDA saying our email was bad and we had to change it. So, I just had a chat with Charter and they didn't know why. So, I called TDA to find out exactly what email they were sending it from and the exact error. Well, I was told it was TDA's computer glitch and I can change the emails back. Good - now I don't have to worry about missing other important emails.,  Heather, NV

9096 Kitty issues (7/14/2014 7:19:25 PM):  I have an indoor cat that is about 10 years old. We went away last weekend and when we returned I thought, "wow, she looks a little older." It was in her face and she just looked a little older. Today (a week later) it appears she is having a little trouble with her hind legs. She walks almost like she is intoxicated, not quite a straight line. When she sat down and started to use her front paw to clean herself, it is like she can't keep her balance. She tried to clean her face with her paw a few times and then sort of fell over/down and just layed there, almost like that is what she had intended to do. I plan to call the vet tomorrow morning and will take her in for a checkup but didn't know if someone here might have an idea of what is going on. She is eating and drinking and going to the bathroom okay. Also, prayers and good thoughts are welcome. Thanks.,  Vicky N, ME

9103 IHOP Blessing (7/14/2014 8:45:31 PM):  My dh and I ate breakfast at IHOP. When I was going to pay our check; the waiter came back and said someone had already paid it and he said "I guess chivalry is still around." I didn't see anyone I knew, so I assumed that someone saw my dh's Viet Nam cap and did it to honor him.,  Janice/Ok

9104 Walmart (7/14/2014 8:49:33 PM):  While waiting for my dh in Walmart parking lot; a young man in a jeep type vehicle was having trouble getting it started. He finally looked in his back seat and got a battery charger out. It didn't seem to work, so he was looking around him. I asked if he needed a jump. He said he didn't think my van could do it, but thought he could get it started if he took my battery out and put it on his vehicle to get it started. I told him I didn't want to take my battery out. He continued to try using his battery charger...I just prayed that the Lord would help him get it started, within minutes it started up strongly. As he took the charger off I told him I prayed that it would start. He seemed pleased; thanked me and told me to have a good day. I hoped that he wasn't up to no good; but whatever, it turned out best for both of us.,  Janice/Ok

9105 Bob PA Computer question (7/14/2014 9:01:39 PM):  A Windows Security Alert Windows came up saving “Windows Firewall has blocked some features of Webroot Secure Anywhere on all public and private networks”. Whenever these windows appear I am not sure if I should follow their instructions or not. Please tell me the right thing to do. Should allow access or cancel? Thanks.,  Rose PA

9113 Susan, LA: (7/14/2014 9:49:50 PM):  No gross stuff in this forensics seminar. Mostly it was DNA, cell phone tracking/towers -- no "wet" topics, lol!,  Jane, CA

9115 NJ Flea Markets? (7/14/2014 9:58:53 PM):  I sold at St. Mary's flea market in Elizabeth, NJ for years. It closed for good to our surprise in June. This was my only source of a small income. I'm searching online for another flea market in NJ. All I can find is the Meadowlands and Dover flea market. Does anyone in NJ have info about other flea markets? St. Mary's was very nice and it was small indoor and outdoors. TIA,  Renay, NJ

9116 RECALL NOTICE (7/14/2014 10:20:21 PM):  GSK recalls Panadol Advance bottles due to failure to meet child-resistant closure requirement. Sold exclusively in Puerto Rico: Researcher

9118 Long vent sorry Skip if you want! (7/14/2014 11:34:36 PM):  Sorry all I need to vent and this is the only place I feel safe doing it. I am a volunteer firefighter/EMT I have been on my current department for going on 8 years. I have 2 wonderful children and I am carring our third. I breast fed both of my older 2 so as expected I nipples are bigger then that of a person that has not. The chief of our fire department came up to me a coupon of years a go and made a comment that I need to wear a bra and/ or a sweat shirt when I went on a call becuase of the fact that my nipples would stick out when they got really cold. Okay I took the advice and that is what I did. About a year or so ago we worked a fire that was a hot one and I had worn a bra and sweatshirt to the fire but you can oly wear so many layers when working a fire. I took my sweatshirt off becuase I was over heating. I was then assigned to get the paper work done and it was turning into a cooler night. He happened to be walking the other direction and stopped me to tell me I need to put my sweatshirt on as I was sticking out. I pulled up my bra strap and was like I am wearing a bra he still said I need to put my sweatshirt on becuase it was not professional looking. Okay got the paper work done and put on my sweatshirt even though I was still really warm from working the fire. At some point I do not remember if it was before or after this I got an email from him stating the same thing. Fast forward to tonight I am on no medical restrictions I can work waht calls I want and I know that it is not safe to work a structure fire. So I have been responding to medical calls and wrecks only. We got a call for a tanker truck to assist the city paid department with water. I have only once seen how the pump works and wanted to go to use it as a training opp. I was this first to respond to the page and the first to the station. When the captian gets there I get told to go home that I do not need to be out and up this late at night. I explained to him what I was doing and it was the same thing that one of the guys wanted to do. I did not get a response from him. So i got in my car and left. If he would have just said that he did not want me to go becuase of the fact I am carrying a baby it woudl have been okay but the way he said it just made me feel like because I do not have frank and beans between my legs and can carry a kid for 9 months I get discounted. There are also little things that are petty crap that I am getting tired of. ,  POed mama

9120 pets.... (7/15/2014 12:07:30 AM):  I'm not a pet person & I am not nasty or cruel- I just don’t want to be forced into dealing with pets which my step-dtr always seems to try to force my interacting with her pets. I have a fear of dogs probably because I was viciously bit by our neighbor's friendliest dog on earth when I was in second grade. It was a hot day & he got loose and found his family at the park waiting for the new wading pool to open. Their Mom said none of us could go swimming until someone took the dog home- so I volunteered and went with one of the girls in the dog owner's family. She tried hooking his color to the rope/run and I ended up being bitten on the face. ....never did get to go swimming that day or for several days after. I’m not fond of cats... I don't like how they seem to pounce on me or come out of nowhere. Anyway, my step-dtr complains that I won't go to her house, eat dinner- except outside. She had a rottweiler and maybe his bark scared me but I'm told too many times dogs can sense fear. My step-dtr says I should just relax. I lose my appetite at her house because the cat's dish is always on the kitchen table- so the dog won't eat it. Litter box was in the kitchen under the table... One of her two cats also has a bladder problem that has been treated quite often but still apparently has no control leading to odors that aren't my favorite. Anyway, step-dtr gets upset because I don't love her "fur-babies" & tells me I am missing out on their tender love. She’s always trying to get me to relax & pet which ever cat jumps to my lap. I am always very calm when that happens and just say “Step-dtrs name” so she will call the cat to come to her. Is this normal for pet-lovers to try to convince people like me? Am I some horrible person because of my being a non-pet person? ,  Pat

9121 How to find closure? (7/15/2014 12:29:17 AM):  Not sure where to begin. My friend, twice divorced, bipolar, and very lonely, "met" a creep online. He is much younger and in another state. He flattered her, stringing her along for a while (not sure, but about a year). He asked her to fly him out to see her, at her expense. Worried that she wasn't attractive enough, she wanted to wait. He told her he needed car repairs and could drive out later, so she sent him money. The excuses got more elaborate. He kept calling her his sugar mama, which is not just insulting, it's inaccurate, since a sugar mama does get something in return. She then was eager to meet him, and suddenly he was stalling. I think it is obvious, he never planned on meeting, just asking for money. Finally, she gave up. I did a background check on him. He served time for drug dealing and assault! He also is very heavy and unattractive, and the one photo provided wasn't him. I am relieved they never met, of course. She feels foolish for being trusting, and her confidence is destroyed. What advice would you give her? She may have behaved foolishly, but she is very kind. Her ex was verbally abusive and always belittled her looks, which didn't help.,  Angry at the Creep

9136 Kitty issues (7/15/2014 6:41:01 AM):  I called the vet first thing this morning and was able to bring her right in. They have kept her for some tests and will be calling me later this morning. Thanks for the prayers for my kitty Katie.,  Vicky N., ME

9138 you're not alone ... (7/15/2014 7:22:30 AM):  I appreciated you sharing the story of your family.... I guess I never thought anyone could treat family the way yours & mine have done! I never saw anything like this until I met my DIL and figured how could anyone understand how she treats me? and then to find out that I'm not alone. My heart sends healing to you and everyone else with family difficulties. ,  Pat

9140 Feeling frustrated (7/15/2014 7:42:00 AM):  My inlaws have a very limited relationship with my children (inlaws choice) They do come to a few sporting activities a year-- they've remarked to us that they've set a "quota" on the number of games to try to get to. They come late and often leave immediately following the game. Recently, my 8 year old asked if I think that grandpa will ever want to spend more time with him. The honest answer is no as he is very busy spending his time practically raising another grandson. They go to everything for that child. Anytime we try to share something that our children are doing-- we are interrupted so that they can tell us something even bigger that previously mentioned child has done. My husband has tried talking with them about this,but he was told that they could "never compete" with the relationship that the other grandparents have with the children. As a result, my mother (my father has since passed away) has chosen to stay away if they express plans to come to town (even though they are very unreliable) We've reached out and asked them to do things like go bowling, the zoo, amusement parks, etc. only to be met with excuses as to why they cannot go with us. Yet, they recently told us that they took the grandkids to the zoo that is located about 15 minutes from our home. We weren't told until a week after they went. They've expressed interest in spending time with our children at their home, without my husband or myself present, though in our visits with us present have refused to lock the pool gate b/c "the kids know the rules" My son has only stayed there briefly when he was 3. When we arrived back at the house, we found him fishing a basketball out of the inground pool with no adult outside. That was enough for me to say that he cannot have visits without my husband or myself. I'm struggling though as my son has noticed and asks about why they don't come around. We've danced around the topic, but at this point, he thinks that it is him. I realize that we cannot force them to be more involved, but this part time grandparent thing is having an emotional impact on our family. Curious as to how others have handled this type of situation. TIA!,  No name today

9146 Irazoo Treasure Code (7/15/2014 8:46:05 AM):  laundry Expires: 7/20/2014 9:20 AM ET. Worth 100 points.,  Melody, WA

9147 Barb M. and Carolyn in OR, (7/15/2014 9:02:17 AM):  Sending you Birthday Girls wishes for a very, VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!! I hope it's a super day for both of you.,  Adina, AZ

9166 leg (7/15/2014 11:58:13 AM):  Its no better and I still haven't heard about an MRI. I made an appointment with a neurologist today that my primary highly recommends. I guess he is good - I cant get in until a week from Friday. so its 10 more miserable nights for me but I actually have hope that something will get done. they also told me to call an hour before my appointment to see how they are running on time. how often does any practice do that? Years ago I had a dermatologist whose office would call you to let you know they were running behind, and how far behind, and let you know when to come and gave the option of rescheduling. ,  me

9168 Small jobs (7/15/2014 12:14:08 PM):  I thought this was a neat idea. Need to blend something or just want a individual smoothie but don't want to use or clean out a big blender. Put all of your stuff in a mason jar and fit the blade and rubber ring over top of mason jar and then screw on ring from blender. Screw it on tight turn upside down and put on base of blender and turn on. Great for blending small amounts. Also after blending smoothie take off blade and ring and stick straw in mason jar for individual drinks. This would be great for making small batch things.,  Vicki, Va

9173 Auto correct (7/15/2014 12:55:37 PM):  I really hate it when the auto correct corrects me incorrectly! I noticed in some of my post in laws have become inlays along with a few other "creative" words. Oops!,  Joanne vt

9194 Viral meningitis (7/15/2014 3:13:28 PM):  What is it? Does anyone have any personal experience with this? I can get links for information, at this time I'm hoping someone has experience that they can help me with, thank you. I just had a family member diagnosed.,  Thank you

9198 Swagbucks Code (7/15/2014 4:29:27 PM):  OptimusMeow 5 SB before 4 PM PDT!,  Melody, WA

9204 Boot Camp Graduation (7/15/2014 5:12:08 PM):  We are going to grandson's boot camp graduation next week. They are getting four tickets; so his mom, dad, brother, and his aunt are going to the graduation. Dh and I will be watching live coverage on big screen TV from the Navy Lodge near base. We are excited just to get to see him. We saw a pic of him and his group after their blood drive last week. He was the only one smiling; head up and chest out!!! Can you tell I am proud. I can't wait to see him in uniform.,  Janice/Ok

9216 Christy (7/15/2014 8:01:28 PM):  These are patient experiences. This is the Mayo Clinic I'll keep looking.,  Melody, WA

9221 RECALL NOTICES (7/15/2014 8:41:59 PM):  Bollinger Fitness recalls resistance bands due to injury hazard:
All Halco recalls LED bulbs due to risk of injury and burn hazards: Researcher

9222 Watching a very strange thing... (7/15/2014 9:11:55 PM):  Right now, I am sitting at the kitchen table, facing a sliding glass door onto our deck. The glass door is closed. There is a mouse, climbing up the screen door outside, catching moths. Yes, a MOUSE, catching MOTHS! I would not believe it, if I hadn't seen it, twice. At first I though maybe a bat had gotten caught in between the two doors and got up for a closer look. But, it is just what I thought it was! Strange.,  KathyB, MI

9235 mental illness (7/16/2014 7:20:12 AM):  My sister's 40 yo son has some major issues . I've never had a problem dealing with him . All that changed at a recent family reunion . He and I arrived at the park shelter at exactly the same time . Two women that are always trouble makers were the only ones there . One was related by marrige to a distant , now deceased cousin , one has no connection to us what-so-ever . Everything went fine. Nephew was helping me set a few things up . I needed to make a quick run to the restroom . When I returned , he was chatting it up with these women . He was relating to them all the family business . Telling them about family gatherings , where I live , blah-blah-blah ! I pretended I searching in my trunk for something . I called to him to come help me a minute . He ignored me . I DID raise my voice a little and again beckoned to him . HE LOST IT ! He came charging at me , screaming , foaming at the mouth using the foulest langauge ! He knew I was upset that he was talking to the women . He screamed, using a monster voice , with his lips stretched over his teeth . Told me he's an adult and I can't tell him what to do . He'll talk to anybody he wants to ! He must have used the F word 20 or more times , along with some nasty names for me . He jumped behind the wheel,of his car , I tried to calm him down which only made things worse . I told him I didn't care who he talked to , but didn't want him giving them any info about me and the family . His eyes were bugging out , his hands gripped the whell so tightly I thought he was going to break it . He looked in the passenger seat and spotted the gift I'd given him to deliver for me . He pushed me away with the car door , ran around to the passenger door , grabbed the breakable gift , raised it above his head and smashed it on the concrete ! He slammed the door so hard I'm surprised it didn't fall off ! He jumped back in the car , swearing a blue streak and peeled out on the park grass and gravel . I was so shaken , the 2 women were outright laughing . I trembled for a very long time . His melt downs are legendary , I'd never witnessed one . My sister says his father has also has explosive anger . I know they're both mentally ill . I don't know how to get this memory out of my mind . I don't think I can ever see this nephew in a good light again . I will avoid any contact with him . I wish I could say I forgive him , I'm not sure I can ! I've defended him many times to family and friends , I always said "Oh , I'm not afraid of "Joe" , he's harmless ! " I'll never say that again ! I'm just afraid of what he'll do next . He has a history of "getting even" . I thought things were being exagerated . I should have listened ! How would you handle future encounters ? ,  Scared and scarred !

9236 What Was For Dinner (7/16/2014 7:32:18 AM):  Yesterday I was going to make nice dinner for family. A chicken in the oven, fried squash cakes and hubby was going to do mashed potatoes and gravy. I got chicken in oven and then started to get squashed prepared. Just prior to doing squash though we did sit down for a cup of coffee. Also along with preparing squash patties for supper I also prepared some for freezer and was also freezing other things. So all this was not a quick process along with talking to hubby and helping him with a few things. I got all this done and decided to see how far along chicken was. Well we had had a thunderstorm and we did not lose electricity but it did flicker and never happened before but it had turned off my oven. So we ended up with a hamburger and fries from Hardee's . I did turn oven back on and at 8:30 chicken was baked. Good thing excepted potatoes everything ready for tonight. I placed the uncooked squash patties in refrigerator with plastic wrap over them so I will just need to heat oil and fry them up.,  Vicki, Va.

9237 Mypoints (7/16/2014 8:50:41 AM):  Starfish found in Embassy Suites Hotels,  Helen in VA

9239 odor (7/16/2014 9:29:10 AM):  Need help!we have a home showing tomorrow,long story short mouse has died under house,smell is so strong!!what can I do to mask smell till it goes away on its own. HELP!!!,  celene. ky

9241 call blocking (7/16/2014 9:49:00 AM):  I have a Panasonic phone and have maxed out my blocked call limit (30) Does anyone use a call blocking device that lets you block more numbers? We have AT&T,  clueless

9242 Swagbucks Code (7/16/2014 10:18:06 AM):  WeveGotSpirit before 10am PT/1pm ET for 4 SB!,  Melody, WA

9244 woodchuck (7/16/2014 10:20:36 AM):  We ha e a woodchuc in our yard he was nibbling on the front door yesterday How do I get rid of him thanks,  Kathy jo ma

9250 Free Redbox DVD Rental (7/16/2014 11:06:45 AM):  FREE Redbox DVD Rental when you enter code FRIENDS It can be used at a kiosk or online and is valid July 16 & July 17 only.,  Melody, WA

9254 To Feeling Fustrated (7/16/2014 11:45:09 AM):  A new thought I added, but need to refresh it. She doesn't say if she is married. And if she isn't, this is not something most women would not want there husbands working with. Says something about morals. I don't care if she is large breasted or small, cover up. With so many cute tops, there has to be something to cover up unless you chose not to. You got the attention, if you wanted it or not. Out of respect for those that you work with, cover up.,  My 2 cents.

9261 Telphone Jack (7/16/2014 1:09:30 PM):  Hi. everyone -- I have dial-up and have had assorted problems with my new computer, including a faulty modem. Then about a week ago the telephone jack gave up. I'm borrowing a computer right now.,  Alice Dodge, OR

9270 I never cease to amaze (7/16/2014 1:48:05 PM):  myself. Got the mail today and there was a delinquent real estate tax notice for the farm. It was due on 6/7/14. I knew I had paid it and pulled up the bill pay from Wells Fargo. I pulled up the check and the correct account number was on it. I picked up the phone and called the treasurers office. She said, no, I'm sorry we have not received your payment. I said, Well, I'm looking at the check and it was paid on 5/5/14. She said again, no we haven't received payment. I was insistent that it was paid and I was looking at the actual Wells Fargo cancelled check. I read her the account number that printed out on the check and she said yes, that's the correct account number, but we don't have the payment. I then told her and yes, someone from your office wrote on the bottom of the check in pen the following numbers…..blah…blah…blah… THEN I saw it… The check was made out to Mecklenburg County Farm Bureau and NOT Mecklenburg County. When I set it up in bill pay, I used the correct account number put the wrong name and address. Now, my homeowners insurance account has a nice credit and I have to pay penalty and interest as well as the tax to the county. I'm just shaking my head at myself. Hubby laughed, but I'm not laughing-that's like riding down the road with your window open throwing money out. Totally my fault and I hate wasting money! I asked if I sent her a copy of the payment would it be possible to have the interest and penalty reversed. She said no, but you know, I had to try! LOL,  Sharon B., VA

9274 Firefighter/ EMT mommy (7/16/2014 3:05:42 PM):  When I wrote this post I was already upset by a comment that had been made earlier in the day that made my son feel like he is not like other kids and asking why people treat him different. He is only 5. Also just day to day things just left me feeling like a blah worn out person. It also may just be hormones talking. I am a very self-conscious. My family is all smaller framed then me I am a large framed and do not have large breasts as I do. I have always been put down for not looking like a woman and that fact that I look like a small man with large breasts this was all though school. I will not even go to any other the department events that would have me wearing anything but long pants and a short sleeve t-shirt because I do not feel comfortable so as for doing this on purpose that would never happen. I do dress respectfully if it hugs my body and would actually give a defined shape I do not wear it I will wear baggy clothes that hide my body and cover me up. As for the first time it was mention I give him that one because it was a Car wreck at 2:30 in the morning and the call was a possible missing person and a partial ejection I let my head and thinking on how to handle the situation distract me from putting a bra or sweatshirt over my PJ's. After the conversation about this call I went to Layne Bryant and invested in some good quality bras. I will only go to a call in a man’s T-shirt because they are thicker and I buy them one size bigger that want I would normally wear in a men’s size to ensure that this would not happen again and whenever we get a call I make take the extra 2 minutes and make sure I have a bra on always even if it is the middle of the night. No! I was not just fighting a fire in just my bra after I took my sweatshirt off. As for the night that I took my sweatshirt of I was wearing one of my good bras and a man’s t-shirt. One of the guys had gone down do to overheating and I did not want to be the next so I removed my sweatshirt so I could cool off as I was getting information from the homeowners. I was simply walking down the driveway when he told me to put my sweatshirt back on because nobody wants to see that it was not professional looking. I them proceeded to pull my bra strap up and told him I was wearing a bra under my t-shirt like I was reminded already told to do. Yes I am married I am the only am in my 30's we have about 6 other women on the department out of the 6 three of us respond to fires and will pack up and work with the guys and get in the nitty, gritty hot stuff. I am also the only person on the department hat has children as young as mine and the other women are finished have children or are not going to have any for a long while as the youngest female is only 18. It may just be that they are not sure how approach the situation about my being pregnant. As for what I am going to take away from all of this and the posts are that I need to explain myself better. Enjoy my children and men will be men and I am still in a battle with the good old boys club. ,  Just me now

9275 Supper tonight (7/16/2014 3:21:58 PM):  I'm going to try making fried green tomatoes tonight. Hope they turn out good. A guy up the road about half a mile plants a huge garden every year. Then sells his produce. He sometimes is not home so then he sells on the honor system. Today was one of those days. So I bought my $2 worth ($1 a lb--scale available) and put it in the box. There was $12 or more dollars in the box. I'm blessed to live in in an area where most people won't bother this. We also do not have pan handlers around our area so when we travel to Atlanta or Charlotte my kids are amazed to see people like that.,  Susan, SC

9277 Pam K (7/16/2014 3:24:26 PM):  Bumping this up. Grate squash and/or zucchini in food processor. Drain water out. I let it sit in strainer a good 30 minutes. I then lay my squash on clean kitchen towel and roll it up and press out as much fluid as I can. I then salt, pepper them to taste, parmesean cheese and cheddar cheese. Put in enough flour to hold mixture together and make patties. I usually chill them in refrigerator on paper towel to get little more water out of them. Get grease hot and fry them up. Very yummy.,  Vicki,,Va

9282 From Debbie, OR (7/16/2014 3:55:26 PM):  Sorry it has been so long. I am feeling better. My CEA (Cancer Marker) has gone down from 41 to 37.4. This is the first time that it has gown done, so we are finally heading in the right direction! All of your thoughts and prayers are working! Thank you all so much!,  Debbie, OR

9289 Honoring Veterans (7/16/2014 4:50:46 PM):  There has been a lot of discussion about what businesses, etc. do to honor veterans. Several years ago, the WWII Memorial was about to open in Washington, D.C. it would include a Hall of Valor with names of the servicemen & women who gave their lives in WWII. The committee setting up this Hall wanted to be sure they had every name that should be included. They had a Website you could visit to learn more about the memorial & the Hall of Valor. There was a phone number you could call if you felt someone's name should be added to that list. My late Dad was chosen to work at a refinery in SE Texas that solely made aviation fuel for the war effort. That was his contribution in WWII! I called that phone number to ask if his WWII contribution was worthy of having his name included on the Hall of Valor list. The staffer I spoke with immediately said YES! My late Mom's older brother was also working at that same refinery during WWII. AS the war was ending, he was chosen along with a few other refinery workers to stay on & properly shut the refinery down. ,  Virginia Ann S VA

9291 My kitty (7/16/2014 5:18:11 PM):  I had to bury my sweet snuggle muffin today. She had a tumor and there was nothing that could be done. She gave me 12 years of snuggles and kisses and keeping me warm and for that I am very greatful. I am totally heartbroken but I am hopeful it will be easier with each passing day.,  Vicky N, ME

9314 Leg Cramps (bumping up) (7/16/2014 8:04:00 PM):  For those who are experiencing leg cramps, do you know your Magnesium levels? I've read where more Americans are under in their Magnesium levels than any other country. We simply do not get enough Magnesium through the foods we eat. Try magnesium supplements & see if they help with your leg cramps. I will say this, I can't take more than 1 mag. supplement per day or my gut highly regrets it.,  Terri, NV

9315 Susan, SC/ Food (bumping up) (7/16/2014 8:04:51 PM):  Susan, wasabi is horseradish.,  Terri, NV

9316 Printing Target Coupons (7/16/2014 8:10:37 PM):  For the last week or so I have not been able to print Target coupons. I have been printing them forever with no problems, then all of a sudden when I try to print them, it tells me "looks like this is your first time printing coupons from our site, or you have an older version of our coupon printer on your computer". It says to download the new version, which I do, but then when I try to print again, it starts all over saying the same thing. Help!!!! ,  Bev, TX

9317 Food (bumping up) (7/16/2014 8:13:12 PM):  I got my love of yellow mustard from my Daddy. My dh & I eat mustard on every meat sandwich from burgers to bologna. I used to regularly eat ketchup on my eggs but not so much anymore. My dh loves honey on his French fries. But also, & not a the same time, he also likes mustard on his French fries. I'm not sure if he really likes it, or it's for 'shock value'. Same for his like of putting steamed broccoli on his waffles when out for a breakfast buffet (something we've not done in several years). Dh also has a strong liking to black pepper & salt & hot sauce. He'll put one or more of these on his foods at every meal, almost without tasting the foods before sprinkling on them. Says they make the food tastes better. I like hearing what you all are having or had for supper. I like the ideas I get from them. Thanks!,  Terri, NV

9318 If looks could kill (7/16/2014 8:18:16 PM):  I sure would be dead today. I had moved last year and someone was willing to move me but he saw what needed to be moved but he expected me to give him a price but I didn't know what price to give him. He wouldn't tell me a price even though I asked several times. He had talked himself out of making money. Someone else moved me and I was given a good price for moving. Again a few weeks later, a friend brought my pictures up and the person above who had talked himself out of the first job was hanging pictures and he was a lousy picture hanger. Fast forward to with the last few weeks, I have the patience of Job, I tried again to hire this person to move 5 things for me. Again, I had asked how much he would cost. He would not tell me. Another resident and I was talking (only because I knew the resident had hired the person and the person would give him a price. The resident told the person to give me a price. My girlfriend went and told him what we were paying and it's a good pay for an hour's worth of work. Well, this person came to my door and asked me what was I paying and I said my friend already told you what I was paying. He said no she didn't so what are you paying. I said I'm frustrated because someone is stretching the truth. He said I don't lie. Well, I had known my girlfriend for over 28 years and she don't lie. My girlfriend said she would be here at 4:30 so they could get the job done. He had said my friend said she would be here 4 to 4:30.. I told my girlfriend what he said so she found someone else to do the job. My girlfriend came over yesterday and the guy that he messed up the job offer as she found someone else to do it. This guy saw me this morning and gave me the dirtiest look even. That saying three strikes and you are out really does apply to him as I won't be asking him anymore to jobs for me. ,  me

9320 Frustrated Firefighters (7/16/2014 8:35:12 PM):  I know I'm coming in late to this conversation, but I'll be brief with my comments: 1) To the original poster - thank you for your service to your community. Being that you have young children at home, I'm certain you have your hands full enough with things in your own immediate life. Yet, you are dedicated to the community enough to work on the fire department. Bravo! 2) I understand the issue your leader is struggling with. But personally, I'd like there to be a LAW that any man with man-boobs larger than a B-cup be BANNED from going topless in public. And any man meeting that description AND using a riding lawn mower should be instantly FINED. Repeat offenders should be JAILED Because when it comes down to it - ALL humans have "breasts" and "nipples". But I've never seen woman walking around with sweaty, hairy bare ones in public.,  Nancy B, MI

9323 Google Chrome (7/16/2014 9:24:38 PM):  Somehow I got trovi spyware on my computer. I have run my antivirus program, malwarebytes and spybot and cleared out a lot of stuff but trovi is still showing up with google chrome as a search engine. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it? I have tried delete but still can't get rid of it. Thanks for any help!,  Ann

9326 RECALL NOTICE (7/16/2014 9:50:40 PM):  Nantucket Distributing recalls outdoor patio set chairs due to fall hazard: Researcher

9338 Happy Big Boy (7/17/2014 6:38:47 AM):  Well my hubby got his boy toy back. He has had his 69 Chevelle in the paint shop for last 6 months. He had it painted and new vinyl top put on and chrome polished. It looks really good. Anyway he is like a kid with a toy right now. ,  Vicki, Va

9339 Food- potato chips (7/17/2014 6:51:48 AM):  With everyone submitting their interesting food combinations, I thought it would be of interest to post something I saw in the Washington Post. Lays Potato Chips is introducing two new flavors- Wasabi Ginger and Cappucino. What? Coffee flavored chips? Thoughts?,  Carol, MD

9346 Thyroid update (7/17/2014 7:04:01 AM):  Thank you for your continued prayers. I had my iodine marker full body scan lland the remaining cancer cells appear to be confined to the thyroid removal site. Tomorrow I have the full dose radioactive iodine treatment and another full body scan a week from Friday to see if the treatment worked to kill the remaining cells. Thankfull that it did not move to my lungs. Saturday I can have regular diet...I sure missed the cheese and bread made with butter/milk. And I don't like the bland taste of distilled water. But,hey, it is a small price to pay to make sure the treatment works. Thank you again. ,  Vera in sunny MI

9355 MIL (7/17/2014 8:33:22 AM):  -Just visited my out-of-state MIL. DH had a good visit with her, and I had a visit. I am glad that his visit was a good one.,  Just had to vent a little

9357 mypoints (7/17/2014 8:36:28 AM):  Starfish is found at Keurig,  Helen in VA

9360 Calif newspaper ad (7/17/2014 8:56:15 AM):  "An ad for foster parents for illegal immigrant children in California promises $6,054 per month for those who sign up and successfully complete the 45-day approval process. The migrant children ad appeared in a Penny Saver in Murrieta. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, hundreds of protesters stopped busloads of illegal aliens from being transported into the town for holding and ultimate release. The foster immigrant children ad was placed by the Crittenton Services and Foster Family Agency – FFA. The Murrieta Penny Saver notice said the agency was looking for families to provide homes for both American foster children and “unaccompanied refugee minors.” The Orange County foster family organization provides services for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. When contacted the FFA journalists learned: “Those willing to a take in a child under the age of 16 can receive up to $854.00 tax free per month. For those taking in a child over 16, the total is $1,008.00 per month in reimbursement. If you have a 5 bedroom house and can take in as many as 6 children, you can receive reimbursement of up to $6,054.00 per month tax free.” ,  news & no comment

9361 mom & auto pay bills (7/17/2014 9:06:08 AM):  I and my sister are visiting Mom. I was able to help her setup multiple accounts for automatic payments from her checking account. Good thing I came over to do this since money was owed on some of them. ,  Heather, nv

9363 To; Good Luck (7/17/2014 9:16:05 AM):  Good Luck, you do not consider age 15 to be a child? Really? How old is your stepson now? If he recently graduated high school, why punish him for avoiding your husband years ago? Instilling good work habits is necessary, but fatherhood and stepmotherhood shouldn't be a scoreboard. I know that being a stepparent must be hard. But it's something to be cautious of when marrying. So many resentments can come up, especially bitterness over "having" to pay hefty child support. ,  Grace Basham, CA

9364 computer help (7/17/2014 9:23:01 AM):  Hi, I have lost the scrolling arrows at the bottom of my screen on my outlook page. Also for some reason my "maximizer botton" appears in steps please...and thank you in advance. ,  Geraldine NY

9365 Survey Junkie & its affiliates (7/17/2014 9:23:28 AM):  Yesterday, I got an e-mail invitation to sign up for Survey Junkie. it claimed you would make tons of money doing surveys or testing products. I'm already signed up for a lot of survey panels. So I figured why not sign up for one more panel. When I registered for Survey Junkie, they tried to get me to sign up for a ton of other survey panels, freebie sites, etc. They were always giving each panel, freebie site an EXCELLENT rating!Even though I knew some panels, sites were POOR to BAD. Survey Junkie then sent me an e-mail to thank me for registering with them. They meentioened about sending me links to many other survey panels, etc. sites. And was sure I'd signed up for ALL of them. They were sending me more sites, they just knew I'd want to sign up for! They didn't know that I'm already signed up with most of the sites they sent me invitations for. And I earn VERY FEW points or cash with MOST of them! I later started getting e-mails from other sites related to Survey Junkie. One was Catchy Freebies. They had a link for "Today's" Freebie. it was a sample of Pantene product. I signed up for the sample. But they were refusing to send it, wanting me instead to sign up for even more survey sites, etc. I gave up trying to get that freebie sample & deleted their message. Then I got an ee-mail message from saying I'd qualified for a free product with a value of $997. My cost to receive it would be $0.00. I only had to click on link in message to be sent that freebie. I was also told that the link to claim that freebie would only be available for 12 hours. MyAffiliateCashSystem of Las Vegas, NV was mentioned as being connected with offer. I was sure this was a Scam site. And immediately deleted this message. This morning, I get a duplicate e-message from with this VERY SAME offer! I immediately deleted this 2nd message. I wonder how many more times I will get this e-message from I Googled to see if this site is legit. But couldn't come up with anything. I then Googled My Affiliate Cash system to see if it's legit. A Scam site that rates whether a site is legit or not was initially giving it a rating of "90". Which they wanted to say was "safe". I'm still not convinced of it! Has anyone had any experiences with Survey Junkie or Catchy Freebies?,  Virginia Ann S VA

9366 iPhone question - swyping text (7/17/2014 9:35:50 AM):  I just switched from an android phone to an iphone and the thing I miss the most is being able to swype my text messages. Is there a good app on the iphone to do that?,  Big learning curve

9370 Fountain of Youth Code (7/17/2014 9:55:37 AM):  For Gifthulk personaly for the first 25,000 users, worth 25 HC.,  Melody, WA

9379 Internet Service (7/17/2014 11:39:14 AM):  I wanted to ask those who took the plunge to eliminate cable altogether....where do you find internet only providers? There's no way around getting rid of internet. TIA!!,  Rhea in VA

9381 Card Shower (7/17/2014 11:49:21 AM):  My Princess turned 10 on the 5th. Once again her "father" did not call, text or send a card. She is so upset that she has been crying about it. This morning she woke up crying asking me to ask him to come to her 11th birthday next year. As some of you know, I am still in "recovery" mode and I am still not able to drive. This makes it hard to just whisk her out of the house even just to go shopping at CVS, yes she is my coupon helper ;) I have taken her to the library several times in the past few weeks (well we have had to have someone drive us, lol). But, it is eating away at her that he wasn't here, again. If you have a chance, could you send my Princess a card? Dollar Tree has .50¢ cards....just something upbeat or girly...with a few kind words would just make her day. Victoria Medrano 2813 Austin Street Corpus Christi, TX 78404 Thank you in advance for any that can send one....and if you can't, please keep her in your prayers that she can get through these next few weeks until I'm finally better so I can distract her with couponing! God Bless! :D ,  Lorena, TX

9386 FOY codr (7/17/2014 12:15:10 PM):  You've won Fountain of Youth Code jo038w51o worth 20 Hulk Coins for use by 2 more users ,  Vicki, Va.

9388 hmmmm (7/17/2014 12:17:59 PM):  our hard earned tax money,  rebecca

9392 Need Advice (7/17/2014 12:53:00 PM):  My husband was in a minor accident the night before last. No one was hurt. His car didn't even move when it was hit, but there is damage. The way it played out the police were not called and my husband did not get all the other driver's info. She (the other driver) will not answer our calls for the missing info. My question - Is two days after the fact too late to make a police report of the accident? I appreciate any helpful thoughts. : ) ,  Crunched Car

9395 Suggestion for Political Day (7/17/2014 1:08:41 PM):  I don't know if I will be near a computer on 7/31 which is our next political day. One topic that I would like to see discussed is the "immigrant kids" now crossing the border. What are some good solutions to this problem? Today, our governor spoke on the news saying that "Vermonters would want to help kids and be part of the solution." So now I need to watch tonight's news and get more than the 30 second clip from the car radio news. I also heard today that some towns in MA will be receiving some of these kids too -- and that school superintendents are trying to figure out how to place these kids too. However, I'm not sure if any of this will be covered since this afternoon's news is focused not the the Malaysian Airliner that crashed near Ukraine.,  Joanne Vt

9402 book review blogs? (7/17/2014 1:31:16 PM):  Does anyone have websites of blogs that review books? I am searching for blogs for American suspense novels. For some reason, I do not enjoy the international suspense novels as well. If I could search by genre, that would work too, but most seem to be featuring Britain's authors. thanks! ,  Lori OH

9406 Favorite Products not There Anymore (7/17/2014 2:23:31 PM):  Many folk have talked about their favorite products that are no longer available in stores when they want more. My favorite product was a bra style made by certain manufacturers. I would initially buy 2 or 3 depending upon if there was a special mail-in promo going on. I got to loving a certain bra style by a certain bra manufacturer. About 2 years later, i would return to the department store location where I had purchased those bras. When i didn't see that styele, i'd ask the clerk. Her answer would always be - It's been discontinued! Now i'd have to struggle to find another bra style that fit the way the last one did. Fortunately for several years now I've been able to buy the same bra style. I'm setting a record for being able to still buy my favorite bra. Before moving from Pittsburgh to rural SE VA, I needed new bras. My old favorite, just like the favorites before it, had been discontinued. I was also in a bra & panty club at the department store where i bought my bras. My club card was punched enough times that i qualified for a free bra! At the time I needed new bras, Lily of France was having a mail-in promo for 1 or 2 free bras when you bought 2 qualifying bras. I now don't remember how many free ones you got by mail. You just had to send a small p./h. fee for them with the required form & store receipt. I was able to combine my club card with the mail-in promo . I ended up with 1 purchased bra & 2 or 3 free ones! Then I had to move down to a rural area in SE VA. Now I'm not near any department stores to buy bras. But i can shop for them online. I use Bare Necessities Website when buying new bras. The first time I needed new bras, the name tag inside my wornout bras were too faded to easily read. And the style numbers were just as hard to read! I racked my brain trying to remember what brand i'd purchased in Pittsburgh. Eventually I remembered "Lily of France" name. I held my breath as I searched Bare Necessities Website looking for the Lily of France style I was wearing. What a relief to find that style was still available! I've bought them more than once since moving down here. Just last Sunday I got on to Bare Necessities Website to order new bras. They are an ebates merchant. So I always go through ebates first so I'll get its rebate. I was shocked to find out that day only, Bare Necessities was having a 20% off sale on select bras & styles! My bra costs less than $15 regular price. So i wasn't sure it would be among the 20% off sale items. But it was! And Whoo-hoo! I saved $6 for buying 2 bras. Plus I'll get the ebates rebate which cuts the cost even further. Log on to after going through eebates Website. Then sign up for their e-newsletter. you will get advanced notices of their sales & other promos. They not only have things for women, but men too. I hope my bra style will still be around for years to come!,  Virginia Ann S VA

9414 8 & 9 year old (7/17/2014 3:45:44 PM):  Boy and Girl, that had to start visiting their dad who punished them for every little thing they did wrong, including having to chop wood. Thank you to everyone for all the prayers and thoughts. We have an appointment with a Family Lawyer in 2 weeks and they will decide if they will take the case. I mailed out 10 letters to firms in the area. This Lawyer specializes in tough child protection cases like this one. We are thrilled. We'll figure out the finances somehow. We'll tighten our belt and can swing most of it. These kids are worth it. Thank you all.,  thank you

9425 Lays New Chip Flavors (7/17/2014 4:47:23 PM):  I'm not sure I'll try the new flavors. They got me last year on the 'chicken & waffles' flavor. I'd not had chicken and waffles together so I didn't know what to expect. After eating a few, I finally got the taste of it. But that was the only bag of them, we got. Same with their "Cheesy Garlic". If I'm wanting garlic, the amount of garlic they had on those chips, won't satify me. I REALLY like garlic & those weren't garlic-y enough for me. Last year, we tried some Herr's brand potato chips. After not ever seeing this brand before, decided to try them. I don't recall what flavors we got. But it was like the flavor labelled on the bag didn't match what was inside. We didn't choose a hot pepper flavor or no where near it, but the chips tasted like they'd poured a bottle of hot sauce in them. What a surprise! But we liked the texture of the wavy chips, the thickness, etc. But the flavor was way off. Has anyone ever experienced this with the Herr's brand potato chips before? We're not sure if we want to give them another try or not. Walmart is the only place in our area that carries this brand & not every shopping trip there, do we find them. Just occasionally. Thanks for your imput.,  TerriH, NV

9435 Tree and flower questions (7/17/2014 7:00:09 PM):  I should have listened to the man who trimmed the dead branches off of my tree so I knew what kind it is because for the last two weeks, it has been shedding its bark (it's not a pine but has large leaves, like a maple?). I noticed other trees in the neighborhood are doing this. Is this normal? I have the whole front flower bed covered with tiger lillys (orange flowers that are about three feet high). The flowers have died and now there are dead stalks. Do I trim these down? Personally, I don't like their look and probably will remove them.,  Mindy, MD

9436 RECALL NOTICES (7/17/2014 7:01:17 PM):  Popkiller recalls USB chargers, adapters and cables due to fire and electric shock hazards:
Cycling Sports Group recalls GT Brand Mountain Bicycles due to crash, injury hazards: Researcher

9451 Lowe's Staten Island (7/17/2014 10:47:37 PM):  There are so many complaints about businesses that is nice to find a GOOD story about 1. This is from FOX news so some of you won't believe it is 100% correct, but I do & want to share it- NEW YORK – Three employees at a Lowe’s store on New York’s Staten Island stayed well past closing time last week to repair a Vietnam veteran’s wheelchair that he asked the Veterans Administration to replace two years ago. "They said, 'You're not leaving till it's like new again,'" Michael Sulsona, the double-amputee veteran, said. The wheelchair apparently broke down in the store. ADVERTISEMENT Sulsona, 62, who said up to that point he heard nothing from the VA about a replacement chair, but felt uplifted by the workers at the store. He sent a letter to his local newspaper, The Staten Island Advance, to publicly thank the employees who stayed at the store well past 10 p.m. and didn’t charge him anything. "I kept thanking them and all they could say was, 'It was our honor,'" he wrote. "The actions of these three employees at Lowe's showed me there are some who still believe in stepping to the plate. ... Someone needed help and they felt privileged to be given the opportunity." "I kept thanking them and all they could say was, 'It was out honor'" - Michael Sulsona Sulsona, an ex-Marine, said he lost his legs in 1971 when he stepped on a landmine in Vietnam. After his letter to the newspaper, the VA got word of Sulsona and sent him a brand-new wheelchair Tuesday. Sulsona's new chair arrived in the wake of months of scandal in the VA's health care unit over complaints nationwide of long wait times and poor patient care. ,  thankful for those men

9454 Kindle question: (7/17/2014 11:36:46 PM):  My friend, John, came over this afternoon and set up the Kindle I won last weekend. The package included the Kindle itself, a charger, and a piece of paper that gave instructions on how to power on/off, control the volume, swipe the screen, and a couple other basics. But there was no other instruction pamphlet. So, the first thing I did was to download a free Amazon book. Now I can't get it off my screen! If I swipe, it just turns the page. If I power off and power back up, I get the same book page I had when I turned it off. How do I get the book off the screen so I can do other things? TIA,  Jane, CA

9456 (7/18/2014 4:56:53 AM):  Here it is, an instance of how we are not educating our children. On fb I see a cute boy with a koolaide mustache holding a sign. The gist is, his 1st grade science project is social media, how far will his photo go, how many people will see him? He doesn't look to be 13, the age I understood you need to be to be on fb. Someone tell me where the science is, rather than people oohing and ahhing to post their location thinking they are helping him?,  Faye

9459 Harp Mortgage program (7/18/2014 6:19:51 AM):  Does anyone have any information about this program? TIA,  Renay, NJ

9462 Thank you (7/18/2014 6:33:55 AM):  Thank you everyone for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. I miss my kitty terribly but I know she isnt suffering and that is comforting. I am sure it will be a little better with each passing day. Thanks again.,  Vicky N., ME

9474 Need advice (7/18/2014 9:16:21 AM):  I could use a little input here. I am making a DVD for my class reunion. I have scanned the photos etc. I have music to go along. Is there anyone on this board (off topic and also chat) who has made a DVD with photos AND the music. It almost seems simple but I think I might be making it too easy. I am getting a bit beside myself. Please….. anyone here put music AND photos to a DVD and gave it out to friends or family Any advice would be grateful appreciated. ,  Nancee/IN

9475 From Crunched Car (7/18/2014 9:17:45 AM):  Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. We ended up calling the police. They said there was no need for a report as there were no injuries. They advised us that we had enough info for our insurance to work with to get the missing info. So we'll pay our deductible and be reimbursed eventually. Thanks again! :) ,  Crunched Car

9477 Figs (7/18/2014 9:39:36 AM):  My awesome neighbor did it again! She called yesterday afternoon to tell me she had some more figs----if I wanted them. When have I ever turned down figs?! I was shocked when she brought the bag out. It weighed 12 pounds! Again, I didn't even have to break a sweat to get them. So glad she picked yesterday b/c it started to rain heavily early this morning. Besides not picking in the rain, rain sours figs and all those wonderful jewels would have gone to waste. It is forecast to rain through Sunday due to a "rare July cold front", as the news described it, that came through on Wed. and is backing up as a warm front. It dropped our highs to about 88, but the best part was that it lowered the humidity. I guess since it's going to rain for the next few days, I'll work with figs. Either that or clean house---figs win!!,  Susan, LA

9487 Blu de' Blu (7/18/2014 11:01:29 AM):  my pup has been sick for the last 2 days throwing up liquid and slime. I took him to the vet this morning and he's in surgery right now. The blood work was good, but the X-ray showed what the vet believes to be a larger piece of 'material'. The town where the vets office is having their annual "Lake Fest" celebration which closes off the streets and the vets office will be closed tomorrow. This means I can't bring him home until Monday. I really dislike the thought of him being there all weekend. ,  Sharon B., VA

9488 Tumor Markers (7/18/2014 11:12:02 AM):  I was asked what they are. Not all cancer patients have them, no one knows why. Basically (I am still learning) it is a gauge to show how saturated your blood is. Every person is different. Some can have a marker of over 1000 and feel fine. Some have a number of 30 and feel rotten. For non-smokers, Colon cancer-free is generally under 5. That means that while cells are in your body, your system is talking care of them by itself. My marker went from 8 to 18 to 24 and then to 41. Now it is finally starting to drop. It is tested in the blood every two weeks. Per my Oncologist, the Chemo is finally helping my body to fight. It is kind of a lie-detector test. Not admissible as evidence, but a good tool to use for most people. I know that this isn't much, but I hope that helps.,  Debbie, OR

9495 Mercury Thermometer (7/18/2014 11:35:25 AM):  Susan, LA: They don't make thermometers anymore. However, they do make some with alcohol or another liquid in them.,  Joanne Vt

9497 This is our son (7/18/2014 12:07:44 PM):  Please check this out, I understand just accessing it helps put it to the top of the list. Yr&enc=AZMY3VYc4rTOE2WnOgPt5ErSJ42V8l163uigvPk_WQA_hHnn4HZFAGc2gc fRqvZbHh_3KBeuJZOAbtbiDopN5O52Oy2Byu2xYout0TAd2yTOHDIFi7OUtO6zmWBc3yq5i2M&s=1 Thanks, ,  Janice in Ga

9498 MSNBC (7/18/2014 12:15:09 PM):  Malaysia airline story--Did anyone see the story that an anchor named Krystal Ball talked to a caller that claimed to be a sergeant. The poor girl, her producers hung her out to dry. The caller told her he saw something that looked like a blast from Howard Sterns a---. The poor girl went on to question if he knew what he saw from his military experience. They should have screened her call and cut the call, he went on to call her a dumb---,  Karen-IA

9514 Facebook scams (7/18/2014 2:51:37 PM):  This is one related to "like" and "share": And this is the scam I mentioned in answering Sharon B's post.It's called "Like farming" and the info is always fake(or worse a hijacked photo or something): I really wish people would put this much effort in honest work!,  Sue P., CT

9519 89497 (7/18/2014 3:19:01 PM):  Sorry about the link. Please try Thanks for everyone's help.,  Janice in Ga

9520 Swagbucks Code (7/18/2014 3:23:35 PM):  HogWild for 3sb before 3PM PDT!,  Melody, WA

9536 Bacon grease on wood deck (7/18/2014 5:34:39 PM):  I spilled bacon grease on our wood deck. Crazy I know! Does anyone know how I could get it out, its really showing!,  deck owner

9544 Swagbucks and MyPoints coupons (7/18/2014 7:39:31 PM):  I am doing all I can to earn Swagbucks and every once in awhile I do use a coupon printed from there. It got me thinking of a pretty easy way to earn points and wondered if anyone else does this or has thought of it. What if I printed the coupons from Swagbucks and left them near the product on the shelf in the store? The person using the coupon would save some money and I would get the Swagbucks (eventually). I suppose this could also apply to printing coupons from MyPoints as well. What are your thoughts?,  Leigh IA

9553 Quiet house (7/19/2014 3:40:39 AM):  Yesterday was a sad day - I had to say goodbye to my kitty of almost 20 years. I rescued "Stinker" in 1995, and she was already an adult cat. So, I really have no idea how old she was. In the past 2 months her health declined very, very rapidly and I just couldn't stand to see her suffer anymore My young daughter will be very sad when she hears the news. But perhaps after a short wait, we'll get another kitty...,  Nancy B, MI

9560 Ole and Lena (7/19/2014 7:53:18 AM):  Lena goes to the doctor and complains that her husband Ole is losing interest in (Vell ya know). The doctor gives her a pill but warns her that it is still experimental and tells her to slip it into some of Ole's mashed potatoes at dinner.
About a week later Lena is back at the doctor. Lena says, "Doc, da pill verked great! I put it in da potatoes like you said! It wasn't five minutes and Ole jumps up, rakes all da food and dishes on da floor, grabs me, rips all my clothes off and ravages me right there on da table!"
The doctor says, "I'm sorry, we didn't realize the pill was that strong. The foundation will be glad to pay for any damages."
"Naah," Lena says, "Dat's okay. Ve aren't going back ta dat restaurant anyvay.",  Google Researcher

9563 Card shower (7/19/2014 8:43:10 AM):  I've never asked for one. This is the time. My sister has been in the hospital for a week already. This week she was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis. Her spinal fluid is leaking and after 2 surgeries, it's still leaking. It's caused the infection around her brain. She's had a severe headache over a week now, the hospital room is constantly dark and her visitors must wear masks. The prognosis isn't wonderful. She was told to expect to be there approximately 4 months. This is on top of other serious medical problems she has. If you could find it in your heart to send her a card at the hospital, I would be forever grateful. I write this with tears in my eyes, she's only 53. She's missing her granddaughter and her garden terribly. Here is her information: Pam Tonsberg Rhode Island Hospital, Room #655 593 Eddy St. Providence, RI 02903 Thank you!,  Julie in Mass

9578 Swagbucks Code (7/19/2014 11:58:51 AM):  ThatWasEasy before 11am PT/2pm ET for 3 SB!,  Melody, WA

9579 Extreme Couponing (7/19/2014 12:04:15 PM):  I do not normally watch this show. Today when I was channel-surfing I got two surprises. The first was that a woman got $800 worth of organic food for $108. The store was Whole Foods and the coupons looked internet-printed. The second surprise was that when it showed a NY woman shopping with her sons, it turned out to be Susan Samptur. She is no ordinary shopper. She even had a robot that sorted her coupons.,  Theresa, PA

9581 PUZZLE (7/19/2014 1:25:41 PM):  Did anyone come up with an answer to the puzzle MAC posted last Sunday? It looked like it would be easy, but I'm stumped.,  Gina, CT

9583 MintVine Survey Panel (7/19/2014 2:16:30 PM):  Has anyone ever heard of MintVine survey panel? Does anyone ever do surveys for them? Survey Junkie claims they're one of the world's most popular research communities! And folks earn tons of money doing surveys for them.,  Virginia Ann S VA

9586 Sharon B.: (7/19/2014 2:29:45 PM):  Is Blu de Blu all tucked in at home now? How's he doing?,  The McGruffster

9589 here we go again (7/19/2014 3:24:39 PM):  Expensive things like breaking around here. The house is hot and the AC isn't cooling. The furnace closet is next to the bathroom no basements here). We noticed water around the bathroom door and assumed someone spilled water in the bathroom. Turns out the AC drain lines are chocked and water to be mopped up and it has been draining for who knows how long and causing damage we weren't aware of. Its an old AC that uses Freon so its time was up. $6500 plus tax. We said go ahead and do it. We will have to take money out of our IRA but at least we are over 60 although we will be taxed on it. Hopefully next week it will get done,  stressed

9604 Carpet Sweeper (7/19/2014 9:08:38 PM):  I finally broke down and bought myself a carpet sweeper. I can vacuum and later in day or early next morning I have things on my carpets. I love my vacuum and it does excellent job but we still manage to track things in. I get so sick of hauling vacuum out. Swiffer things are worthless to me they just push things around on kitchen and bathroom floors. Bissell works great. I used it on carpet around my doors and picked up everything. Also went over my kitchen floor and it picked up dried onion peels and even flour I had got on tile floor. I am going to love this thing for quick clean up and in between vacuuming.,  Vicki,Va

9605 Huggies Wipes/ Flush? (7/19/2014 9:53:16 PM):  Sorry if this has been discussed but should Huggies wipes be flushed? There is nothing on the package that they are "flushable". They are being used in our house right now and now I'm worried that we might end up in trouble if we don't quit flushing them and instead put them in the garbage can. I'd hate to end up with a plumbing bill for thousands of dollars. We have village water but that repair could be excessive also. Thanks for all of your input. ,  Carol A. H., WI

9609 Sad day (7/20/2014 4:57:45 AM):  On Friday, I had to make the tough choice to put my kitty down. "Stinker" had been part of our home and life since 1995. She was already an adult cat when I rescued her, so no one really knows how old she was. Until a month or so ago, she was aging pretty well. Then I think I witnessed her having a seizure, and it all went down hill from there. My DD, 11, has been at grandma's this weekend. I'm glad I didn't take her to witness at the vets; Stinker was aggressive at one point. But now I have to tell my daughter the only kitty she's ever known is gone :(,  Nancy B, MI

9615 Susan Sampter (7/20/2014 10:00:21 AM):  WowW! Susan Samppter! That's a name from the past. I started couponing when my neighbor asked if she could have the Jello package out of my trash. That was 32 years ago, 1972. I picked up a magazine to read on a camping trip and saw Susan's couponing article and the rest is history.I bought an Olds quite a few C Ds( Not the music kind) Later I found Refundcents and I'm still here. What a great hobby. thanks Refundcents Beatrice Ma ,  Beatrice Ma.

9616 James Garner (7/20/2014 10:18:14 AM):  Actor James Garner passed away at home, at age 86. Even as a kid watching Maverick & Rockford Files, I use to think he was a hottie. Good actor too.,  just me

9618 opinions please (7/20/2014 10:46:56 AM):  I am going to a wedding next week. I have the same dress in Lilac or a deeper purple. If I wear the Lilac dress, what color shoes? I have Taupe shoes, with one inch straps across the toe area and one inch straps across the instep; they are sling backs. If I wear the darker purple, I have black pump fabric shoes with some beading on top. Please give me your opinions. Whichever dress I decide not to wear, I will return. Also, what about stockings? I know most ladies are no longer wearing panty hose, but I cannot wear heels without stockings. I thought a light taupe if I wear the taupe shoes and black if I wear the purple dress. However, the purple dress, black hose and black shoes seems more wintery than summery. ,  Undecided

9619 insurance class action? (7/20/2014 10:58:26 AM):  Is there a current scam involving insurance class action? I received an e-mail that I'm afraid to click on. ,  Theresa, PA

9631 Puzzle (7/20/2014 11:55:30 AM):  Last week's challenge: Think of a popular TV show about cooking — a show everyone has heard of. Remove the second and third letters of the first word and insert them after the first letter of the second word. The answer will be a phrase for a different kind of cooking. What is it? Answer: Breaking Bad (which is about cooking meth), baking bread Next week's challenge: Name something in five letters that's nice to have a lot of in the summer. Change the last letter to the following letter of the alphabet. Rearrange the result, and you'll name something else that you probably have a lot of in the summer, but that you probably don't want. What is it? (HINT: the second thing is a form of the first thing.) ,  MAC--WI

9632 Kindle paperwhite (7/20/2014 11:58:03 AM):  I have this and love it. However, what are highlights & how do I get rid of them? Sentences are underlined and it makes no sense to me! Very distracting!,  reader in Colorado

9639 linen clothing (7/20/2014 12:21:47 PM):  I have 3 lovely linen pieces- slacks, skirt & blouse. They wrinkle badly. I do press them with my steam iron & they look nice; but as soon a I start wearing them they wrinkle considerably. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just the nature of the beast?? TIA,  Marianne NM

9646 Colorado State Loop (7/20/2014 12:32:38 PM):  Do any of you miss the Colorado State Loop as much as I do? It's gone about a year now because we no longer had a moderator. I don't have a computer and can only occasionally get to a county library (which has a computer). Wouldn't any of you CO people who own a computer like to volunteer to be the moderator--so we could get it started up again. If so, let Michele Easter know. (Ruth from Lakewood) ,  Ruth D., CO

9652 Gardening - Raccoons (7/20/2014 1:00:54 PM):  A few weeks ago, I asked if anyone had tried Ivory Soap or a transistor radio to keep raccoons out of a corn patch. Your suggestions ranged from Ivory or Irish Spring soap, transistor radio, electric fences, etc. with mixed experiences (well, all except for the electric fence). My gardening friend tried the Ivory soap and it's worked so far. My friend could tell that the raccoons had "investigated" the patch one day so he cut slivers of Ivory Soap all along the edges of his patch in addition to the 2 bars that he has hanging from posts and, again, it's worked so far. The corn is just starting to come on so keep your fingers crossed. Many thanks for all the kind help and suggestions.,  Gardening friend

9659 Insurance Manufactered Housing ? (7/20/2014 2:19:12 PM):  We've learned some insurance companies here is NC do not insure manufactured homes any more (Nationwide) Most only offer home owner type policies for homes under 20 years old Then switch over to fire policies when the home reach 20 years + Our home Manufactured Home or Doublewide is over 20 years and I just looked at our renewal policy and it looks like its switched to fire policy Our home is in very good shape well maintained with additions Our mortgage is thru GreenTree Servicing they offer complete replacement coverage for about double of our old home owners Any input appreciated ,  Debby NC

9660 dangerous , crazies (7/20/2014 2:31:02 PM):  I just got an e mail from my niece . She wanted to warn me before I see it on the news . She works in a county nursing home . The care givers saw fiT to "302" her . I guess this means they had to admit her to a psych ward for the safety of herself or others ? Anyway , her boyfriend showed up and made threats against the staff of the nursing home . He said he and his buddies would return to shoot employees . Three big goons did show up and try to get into the entrance , but were stopped by security . Police were in attendence during shift change . My niece wanted me to know what was going on in case it was on the evening news . It wasn't on TV last night ,or in the Sunday paper . I wonder why . No matter where we are ,I'm convinced we're really not safe from the crazies . The area is also experiencing a number of home invasions . What is this world coming to ? Are drugs at the bottom of a lot of the violence we're seeing ? Makes you wonder what kind of world our kids are inheriting from us ! I feel sorry for them . ,  MB , PA

9661 Swagbucks Code (7/20/2014 2:34:20 PM):  SearchForCBs before 3pm PT/6pm ET for 4 SB!,  Melody, WA

9663 Cheapskate family (7/20/2014 2:40:09 PM):  Does anyone know if these people have come out with any new books latley? ANd what ever happened to the woman that wrote the tightwad gazette.,  Becky

9667 Shoe Box shoppers alert (7/20/2014 2:59:10 PM):  Here are some bargains this week if you're doing shopping for the shoe box project. Walgreens---backpacks $2.99 (yes,if you fold them they will fit in the bottom of most boxes.) Target---girls' undies xhilaration brand 10 pair for $6 or Hanes 12 pair for $7.49 70 page spiral notebooks .25 Meijer---Crayola crayons 24 count .50 or Roseart crayons .25. Roseart markers .79 Same notebooks .25 Walmart-- notebooks .25 (I know they have cheaper crayons but they are very thin and break even easier than crayola or roseart.),  Sharon in lovely MI

9668 Necco (7/20/2014 3:00:08 PM):  I was looking for hard candy for my husband to carry for his diabetes and at Michael's I found Necco's. I don't even remember the last time I saw then so I bought one for $1.29. now we want more and I was wondering if they are available in any other stores? Otherwise I will order from Amazon. No Cracker Barrel here,  JudyB LA

9675 Stop button in 7? (7/20/2014 3:41:59 PM):  When I used Windows XP there was an option to stop a page from loading. I did this lots of times when Michelle's updates took too long to load and then I could see her page fine but now I have Windows 7. Is this option available somewhere in 7 and I just don't know where to look?,  SharonG MI

9677 Burlington Coat Factory (7/20/2014 4:24:13 PM):  Does anyone shop Burlington? I haven't in a long time, think only once since they started offering refunds instead of store credit, which tells you how long it's been. Purchased several large baskets to organize closet shelves. They put them in the bag and back in my cart. I rolled the cart to the door and it stopped. I thought the wheels had gone wacky, so I looked down. The girl at the register muttered something so I asked her to repeat it. "The cart don't leave the store." (Read this in all caps for emphasis, as she said it slowly, as if I were a child.) So I said, I'm supposed to carry this heavy bag (wasn't really heavy, just awkward) to my car??! (If I couldn't take the cart to the parking lot, why did she bother to put my purchase back in the cart in the first place?) And then a nice young man came from behind the register to carry it out to my car for me. I was about to say, Let's just back up and do a return cuz I'm NOT taking this to my car without a cart. I've heard of stores where there are alarms so that you don't take carts beyond the parking lot, but one where you can't take it to your car!! Anyone else run into this policy? They sell comforter sets in the zipper storage bags, so do people really carry those huge things out to their cars?,  Susan, LA

9679 Cooking: (7/20/2014 4:27:43 PM):  I cooked a lemon and garlic Hormel tenderloin I'd found on sale-thinking I could wash off the seasonings. Wrong. It tastes terrible. What can I add to the crock pot to cook it longer and make it taste better? Can't do soy tho.,  MO

9687 Cheating Spouse & GPS (7/20/2014 5:11:26 PM):  My daughter's husband has been cheating for sometime in the past he has admitted it she wanted to make it work and started fresh he promised no more all the signs are there again and again Does anyone know of or have any suggestions about tracking a spouse ? He is never where he is supposed to be even when he's supposed to be working he's not Its one lie after another and it worse instead of better ,  No Name

9700 Dress...... (7/20/2014 6:13:14 PM):  I'm going to my great-niece's wedding next week, too. I'm wearing a black and blue pants outfit. The top is black with a blue/black print around the waist, black pants, and a sheer 3/4 sleeve jacket in the blue/black print. I wore it to another great-niece's wedding (DH's family) and my DD said it would be good for this one too. I'm wearing black sandals, no hose.,  Nancy, LA

9706 Lunch (7/20/2014 7:36:30 PM):  What do you all have for lunch? I'm so tired of the same stuff and I dont want to eat a lot for lunch. I usually have a bowl of cereal, but lately, I'm so hungry by 2:00 or 3:00, I can't function. I've tried fruit, and same thing, hungry mid afternoon. ,  Karen-IA

9710 James Garner (7/20/2014 8:04:22 PM):  James Garner was a great actor. He served with my father-in-law in the same unit, 5th Regimental Combat Team, US Army, in the Korean War. My father-in-law spoke highly of him. A real class act. R.I.P., Maverick.,  Grace Basham, CA

9716 Help Needed (7/20/2014 8:44:48 PM):  I have an antique item I am trying to identify. It came from a farm, it has two metal wheels with a box in the middle. It has the old wooden handles that most old farm items have. Any ideas what it is or where I can find out what it is? Thanks.,  Penny in MO

9736 Protesting cat? (7/21/2014 5:05:39 AM):  I'm here in SWFL, watching my mother's place while she's away on a long cruise, and that includes watching my mother's cat. I've known this cat for years, no problems, and even when my mother is here the cat sleeps in my room, purrs all of the time, and then lays in the sun all day. However, since my mother left a few days ago, the cat has been scratching and meowing at her bedroom door and, 3 times, it dragged, or attempted to drag, articles of my clothing into its' litter box. That's two socks that she dragged, at some point, into the litter box, and one t-shirt that made it partially in to the litter box. Is this her way of protesting?,  William M M, FL

9745 Back ~ again (7/21/2014 7:28:51 AM):  Been about a week since I've been on OTC so I'm hoping to get caught up today. Rodney had surgery #36 last Monday and it went great. The morning of surgery the burn/trauma team doc thought he'd be there a couple of weeks. He was going to do primary closures and then he thought Rodney would have a wound vac for about a week and then another round of grafts/harvests. That was what he told us when he looked at Rodney Monday morning and just before he was wheeled into surgery. He came out after only a couple of hours, which surprised me, and said that he only had to do ONE primary closure and he didn't have a wound vac and did NOT need any grafts right now! And ... he only stayed ONE night in the burn unit and came home on Tuesday! That was a great "surprise" to us and a very welcomed one. Hope everyone has been doing well over the past week.,  Sandy B., MO

9746 Orlando trip (7/21/2014 7:33:40 AM):  My husband has a business trip to Orlando the second week of October. I am looking to go along, but wondering what there would be to do during the day when he is at his conference. I won't have access to a car and really am not interested in doing the amusement parks...TIA,  Beth B, MI

9752 Smoking Oven Advice (7/21/2014 8:26:55 AM):  I had some excitement at my house last night. And I have some advice for all the folk out there who bake in their oven. Late yesterday afternoon I decided to make up a batch of my cracked wheat bread dough & bake it in my mini popover pan. I turned my oven on to preheat it to 400°. In short order, heavy smoke started pouring from the oven vent at the back of my stove top! I quickly turned my oven vent on high. then yelled for my nephew who was outside. Getting no response from him, I grabbed my walker & pushed it as fast as i could to the front door. I opened the door, stuck my head outside & again yelled for him. He came running & I told him about the heavy smoke coming from oven vent. he raced in the house & quickly opened the windows behind the dining room table. We had to get the smoke out of the house before my smoke detectors went off! I asked him had he spilled anything in the oven when he used it Saturday. He immediately couldn't think of anything. Then he opened the oven door to see why the oven was smoking. It suddenly hit him! he had baked 2 large meat loafs at separate times, plus a green bean casserole. Had made up a meat loaf mixture for more than 1 meat loaf. Was sure he had 2 large loaf pans. But could only find 1 of them. So he put the remaining mixture in the refrigerator until he could get another large loaf pan. I told him I had several loaf pans in Pyrex & metal of different sizes. he could use one of mine for the 2nd meatloaf. He leikes to top his meatloaf with strips of bacon. He'll buy the cheapest brand he can find. He forgot I've told him any number of times to set his casserole on a drip pan in the ovne. then if the casserole runs over or leaks, the leak lands in the drip pan & not on the oven racks or bottom of oven. He forgot to do that. And the bacon dripped grease in the oven. He scraped out the grease residue from the oven. then reclosed the oven door. It took a little longer to get my oven heated back up to 400°. But I had no problems baking my rolls. he berated himself for making a stupid mistake! Hopefully, he'll remember the next time he bakes any casserole in the oven. He had also propped the front screen door open to help get the smoke out of the house. Opening it let in 2 tiny tree frogs. he pointed them out to me. Then tried to corral them & get them back outside. That was easier said then done! He'd try to grab them & they'd jump away from him. he eventually managed to grab them & get them out on the front porch. He then unpropped the screen door & closed it before they could hop back in the house again!,  Virginia Ann S VA

9774 Aargh (7/21/2014 10:08:56 AM):  Getting ready for a beach vaca and have a VRBO apartment booked and paid for. I have been trying to get in touch with the owner who until a week ago, answered all emails or my call immediately. Now no answer to 3 emails. Several phone calls. It goes right to VM. I have left messages but now I am getting very nervous! I got an email on July 25 with area info(local attractions, recommended restaurants etc). The balance was due and I sent it in and it has been cashed.I realized that I don't have info on how to get the keys and for a week, no answer to this question. I may be overreacting but this is making me crazy.I do not want to get there and have a problem. What to do?? I did contact the VRBO customer support and am waiting on them. That says allow 2-3 days for their response. I am thinking of booking a hotel since I have free cancellation up to a couple days before. I have to look in another computer for saved lease agreement that went with the deposit. Just venting here but need someone to tell me this is just a minor glitch and I will hear from the guy. I have used VRBO 3 times already-in FL, and 2 places in Italy that went very smoothly! I'll say it again...aaargh!,  Sue P., CT

9786 Blu de' Blu (7/21/2014 12:50:58 PM):  is a spoiled brat of my making! LOL I put his food bowl down on the floor and he ate it this morning- I just brought him in from taking a walk and giving him a good brushing and put food in his bowl and put it on the floor. He just stood there and looked at me until I got a spoon out and hand fed him. He's really playing this operation for all it's worth! LOL,  Sharon B., VA

9792 Internet question (7/21/2014 2:25:46 PM):  I have never changed internet providers.Always had the same one. Now I am changing, it just got too slow for me and they are not changing anything in the future.. Is there anything I should do before that happens? Will my emails stay the same,or do I need to copy them or save them in some way? Will my favorites stay the same?,  Mary, Ok

9793 PhotoStamps (7/21/2014 2:36:12 PM):  Does anyone remember a few years ago when we could find boxes of PhotoStamps at Walgreens on clearance? I bought 2 of them and set them aside and never used them but discovered them today. Will they still be good, the code that is. I am thinking of using one box with a picture of my stepdaughter with her 9 month old son and the other box of my stepson-in-law with the 9 month old. I am thinking this might be a cute Christmas gift. One problem is that the picture inside the box it shows a picture of a stamp but it is 42c but postage is higher now. What happens with the difference in postage? Will I have to pay the difference? That is no big deal. I just don't want to go though any of the process if there will be a snag and will have wasted my time. Thanks for your help!,  Leigh IA

9803 Nancy B., MI (7/21/2014 4:00:08 PM):  How did it go with telling your daughter about Stinker? I'm sure she's heartbroken :( ,  Sharon B., VA

9806 from stressed (7/21/2014 5:02:25 PM):  Its been 2 days since the AC quit. It seems like a lifetime. in the 90's and we have fans going all over the house but it isn't a huge difference. Thursday seems to be the target day to get the new one. Wednesday was also a possibility but I have 2 doctor appointments that day and want to be here when its done this isn't helping me sleep at night with my leg let me tell you. Forget the heating pad. Husband is trying to figure out a way to get some cool air going. I don't want to spend the money but we might go look at one of those portable ACs. Our front door isn't air tight and we could vent it there. If anyone has any other ideas I could sure use them. Hotel rooms isn't an option,  s (for stressed and steaming hot)

9808 Christmas gifts. (7/21/2014 5:26:20 PM):  Christmas is only 12 paychecks away for me. I am looking ideas to make homemade Christmas gifts that are nice for family and grandchildren. I am wanting to get started early this year. I do not have a lot of money to put in Christmas for 6 adults, hubby and 6 grandchildren, so thought I would make a few things. I do not sew or crochet/knit. In the past I have done pics with mod podge, pinecone starters, bath salts, jar stuff, scrapbooks etc. Looking something different for adults especially. Would like to maybe do some wood items. I have searched pinterest for ideas, just not finding much of anything there. If anyone has any ideas I would surely apreciate them so much. Thanks so much!! Have a great evening everyone. ,  Shrley H. Snithfield NC

9810 little LED path lights (7/21/2014 5:52:27 PM):  About 2 years ago, Menards had a FAR on path lights, patriot brand LED solar mini path light- Newport. We finally put them out and need several more, does anyone have any collecting dust in their garage I could buy from you? UPC is 0 62964 95359 6 I have googled, checked menards, ebay and amazon with no luck.,  Pat, IL

9812 Need ehelp downloading an Avery Template (7/21/2014 6:53:52 PM):  I need help downloading an Avery Tempelate for a oval sticker that's 1 1/2" high by 2 1/2" wide. Neither of my Hallmark Card Studio programs have an oval template in the stickers file. My labels on 8 1/2" x 11" sheets are 3 rows of 6 labels each. The Avery package number is 22814. Avery says to use Template 22804. I have Chrome browser. And when i try to download the Avery template, I'm told I have to allow popups in Chrome to download the template. I've tried to allow popups for this Avery file. But I still can't download the template! I also need to find 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of sticker paper that have 3 rows of 3 2 1/2" square stickers on them, Plus same size sticker paper with 3 rows od 3 1 3/4" diameter circles on them. Those 2 templates are in my Hallmark Card Studio programs. but they don't specify which brands of sticker paper you buy that matches those templates! My e-mail address is,  Virginia Ann S VA

9813 Good Day (7/21/2014 6:58:27 PM):  Well it has been good day for points for me. I got 14 points x 2 from SB and also got my last thing I needed for the 13 bonus points. I met my goal by 1pm. On irazoo I got 81 points for search, gifthulk 55 points for guessing the card and 5 points for mypoints. I have been kind of busy working out in garden today and few things in house. I got all of you in my prayers. The thing about the smoke in the oven reminded me of this patient I once had. She was such a sweetie. She told me her family finally convinced her she couldn't live alone. She looked at me and said " here's what done me in" I put a chicken in the oven and a little later when chicken was almost done I put some potatoes on to fry. She said I went to sit down for just a few minutes. She said well sometime later I had fell asleep and the house was super warm and it was glowing orange all around me. She said my daughter did offer to let me move in with her but I told her no I've already burned my house down. I don't want to go to jail for killing my son in law. She looked up at me I like him for short periods of time but very short. Cracked me up. We tried to instruct elderly to set a timer in case they did fall asleep when they were cooking to prevent fire and injuring themselves.,  Vicki,Va

9820 college dorm bedding (7/21/2014 7:44:55 PM):  Parents of college students, is it a must to have a mattress cover ( in addition to a mattress pad)? Apparently this is supposed to be helpful to minimize any issues with bed bugs? College doesn't recommend one, but I've seen it listed on a few college supply lists.,  Laura, WI

9830 Swag Code Extravaganza 7/22 (7/21/2014 9:22:55 PM):  Swagbucks is taking you to Summer School! Earn up to 35 SB in Swag Codes alone throughout the day and help your Mighty Mascot team earn more points! Codes are in these places (Pacific time) 8 AM Facebook 10 AM blog 11:30 AM Twitter 1:30 PM Facebook 3 PM Twitter 5 PM Instagram Watch here all day for them to be posted.,  Melody, WA

9837 Good News (7/22/2014 5:16:31 AM):  Abby Hernandez who has been missing from the Conway, NH area since last October is now home safe! She was 14 when she went missing after school one day. Details of the investigation are still unfolding.,  Joanne Vt

9844 Scary technology? (7/22/2014 8:13:31 AM):  Out of 6 relatives here in SWFL I'm the only one who knows how to make attachments to e-mails, upload pictures, and, wait, it gets worse. Only 1 other knows how to take pics with their cameras, and 1 didn't want to hook up a DVD player out of fear it would "drain power" from the tv. But the top honor goes to a former in-law who thought, at least for a brief period, a few years ago, that internet "spam" really was messages from Hormel about Spam, the food. Wow.,  William M M, FL

9847 Brenner Update (7/22/2014 8:18:13 AM):  Brenner is 15 weeks (3 1/2 months) old today. He weighs 6 lb 2 1/2 oz. Therapy has started him bottle feeding. His respiratory problems are making bottle feeding difficult. Eye problem is still the same. His projected discharge date is another 5 weeks.,  Google Researcher

9849 Swagbucks Code (7/22/2014 9:18:15 AM):  GoBackInStyle before 9am PT/12pm ET for 5 SB!,  Melody, WA

9853 Zoombucks Code (7/22/2014 9:39:05 AM):  HAMMOCKDAY2014,  Melody, WA

9858 Mom, memory and autopay (7/22/2014 9:55:37 AM):  I went and visited our Mom last week (my sister was there also). We helped Mom automate her bills (good since multiple of them had money due). We went over it multiple times so I hope she doesn't try to undo what I did. I headed home on Saturday and sister stayed until today. I was told on Monday that Mom already didn't remember that I was there (or that she had bought clothes at Kmart, etc). I am also starting to get concerned that she is not eating (except for bananas) when someone isn't there, but can't prove it. Someone suggested I call the Senior Center in her town to see if they have any ideas. I am not exactly sure what to do. Oh, and Mom told sister that she won't spend her investment account since 'she is keeping it to make sure us 3 kids are OK'. I would be so happy to have her spend her money instead of being driven nuts now and then given her money...,  Heather, NV

9860 VRBO update (7/22/2014 9:58:26 AM):  I know you have all been waiting anxiously for this. lol I have not heard from the guy yet, but I did find the lease. Thereis another number for him to call, but also a number for the condo building. Turns out you check in at the condo just like a hotel so they told me they have a keys, parking passes etc. So I feel better. I will just make sure I copy emails from him and cancelled checks and bring them. If I don't hear from him before then. I will keep up with calling etc.,  Sue P., CT

9863 Appetizers (7/22/2014 10:15:00 AM):  I'm having a appetizer party this weekend. I'm looking for any good recipes or dips. Thank you so much. Lynne,  Lynne Ca.

9870 89808 Christmas gifts (7/22/2014 10:54:59 AM):  Thanks everybody for all the ideas. I really appreciate it!!! Have a great day!!,  Shirley H Smithfield, NC

9876 Swagbucks Code (7/22/2014 11:18:33 AM):  SayCheese before 11am PT/2pm ET for 7 SB! ,  Melody, WA

9886 Hud (7/22/2014 12:00:18 PM):  DH heard on the radio today that all the cities that took grants(free money) to use towards HUD will now be the cities that the government is sending the illegals coming across the border to. How's that for free. ,  cathy oh

9887 Potting training (7/22/2014 12:03:39 PM):  My D.I.L. is in the process of potty training her 3 year old boy. He has mastered the first half. The other day he was in the tub & went #2 so he picked it out of the tub & tossed it in the toilet then told his Mom he used the toilet. Later he told her what really happened. That boy is way to smart for only being 3.,  cathy oh

9888 Puzzle--bumping up (7/22/2014 12:33:06 PM):  Hi there! would one of you kind and brilliant people who solved this week's puzzle please post your answer? For whatever reason I'm just not getting it, even though I have a feeling I'll slap my head and go "Oh man!!" when I see it. Maybe we Phoenicians just think of summer differently...LOL!! thanks!,  Alison from Phoenix

9889 Swagbucks Code (7/22/2014 12:48:55 PM):  NomNomNom for 6 SB Swag Code before 12:30pm PT/3:30pm ET! ,  Melody, WA

9896 older person and presents (7/22/2014 1:51:01 PM):  I didn't read all of the comments about presents, but I will say what I saw last week with my mom. Sister now brings her practical presents - pens, boxes of green tea bags, LED light bulbs, etc. I also think postage stamps (since she still mails us letters) would be a good idea. About 2 years ago I made mom a winter flannel quilt (which was on the chair), but the one I made a year ago (summer weight) wasn't visible. I asked about it and Mom wasn't sure where it was. I am just hoping she didn't give it away to the truck that comes down her street. So, from now on she will get 'practical' presents (stamps, etc) from me.,  Heather, NV

9904 barn cats (7/22/2014 2:25:39 PM):  we have cats in the barn that have fleas they want let us catch them how can we treat them ,  bobbie al

9910 Swagbucks Code (7/22/2014 2:49:29 PM):  Hertz worth 8 SB until 2:30pm PT/5:30pm ET! Thanks for all the encouragement and kind words about getting the codes. I'm happy to be able to help boost those SB accounts. :),  Melody, WA

9911 Odd Postage Meter Stamping (7/22/2014 2:49:44 PM):  I got a letter from the Audobon Society today with an odd postage meter stamping on it. there was a scrap of bright yellow post-it note paper taped on the envelope where the postage goes. A Pitney Bowes postage meter had been used to stamp first class postage on the envelope. However, the phrase "Bill to Audubon" was printed by ball point pen over part of the stamping. I thought if you use up all of the postage you purchased for your meter, you cannot print more postage on envelopes. The postage meter won't work! Had Audubon Society used up all of the cash value of postage they'd entered into the meter? And they were telling the post office to charge them for the 48¢ postage!,  Virginia Ann S VA

9915 Sister update (7/22/2014 3:11:45 PM):  Huge thank you to everyone who sent a card to my sister, who has bacterial meningitis. I have no idea if she's gotten any yet, she's in so much pain she hasn't mentioned it yet. This is the update: In the last week, she's had 3 surgical procedures to drain fluid from her spine. It's not working and she's in agony. I went to see her Sunday, the room is kept dark, and you need to wear a mask. The did a CAT scan and found polyups on her brain, which grew so big, it cracked her skull. Tomorrow they're operating on her skull to try to repair the crack. I have no idea what all this means, I'm just reporting what she's telling me. She's on so many meds, and 2 kinds of pain killers. Her pain remains a 10, on a scale of 1-10. This is the scariest thing ever. Please, if you pray, please pray for my sister. ,  Julie in Mass

9935 Swagbucks Code (7/22/2014 4:20:00 PM):  Detention before 4pm PT/7pm ET!,  Melody, WA

9940 Gift ideas post (7/22/2014 4:39:47 PM):  I noticed gift ideas posts recently and thought I'd throw something that's worked for us and, maybe, saved us a little money. We have paper grocery bags in an upstairs closet with everyone's name on them and all year long whenever I am anywhere that I find a great deal on anything that so-in-so would enjoy I grab it and throw it in the bags. Then when birthdays and Christmas comes around I can just wrap and I'm done. Rodney's niece is having a baby this year and found out early that it's a boy (Jaxson) so we started a bag for him right away and now when he gets here next month we have some goodies to wrap for baby Jaxson.,  Sandy B., MO

9947 Battle Stations (7/22/2014 5:19:12 PM):  My grandson's group is going thru Battle Stations today; his mother hopes to hear from him tomorrow that he is a sailor. We are leaving tomorrow for Great Lakes and his graduation from Boot Camp. Please pray for safe travels for us. Eight weeks is the longest we have gone without seeing him. He was in 10% of his class who was promoted to E2 (if I am correct about this). He will be going to A school at Great Lakes also for 8 or 9 weeks.,  Janice/Ok

9954 Halleluia!! (7/22/2014 5:52:50 PM):  Finally Devon got a job! Hired as a cashier at Target, she starts orientation on Friday.She says, (lol) "pending the results of the drug test tomorrow." Hired as a seasonal staff but she gets more details on Friday. Whew!,  Sue P., CT

9955 mom & memory continued (7/22/2014 5:54:26 PM):  Thanks for the comments about 'autopsy' instead of autopay - it made me smile. I have spent most of the day on the phone (which I am really starting to hate) discussing Mom, etc. a) Mom refuses to have someone come a few hours once a week (We aren't allowed to pay and she refuses to), b) Mom refuses to have Meals on Wheels (and she told my sister it is because she is afraid she won't hear the person at the door and they will call someone) and up to now c) Mom refuses to move (we tried last Fall, she signed a contract and then REFUSED to pay the bill or move and said it was my fault, etc, etc and I was responsible for paying for 3 months rent). I also heard nightly while I was there how 'bad' I was for having her come over to check out the place, how her friend (who has been dead for 2 years) was crying that she was going to move, etc. I am going to find a local lawyer (who also deals with California) and see if they can help me determine what is the line that Mom has to cross before a Judge will say she needs a Guardian (probably me and 'my mouse in my pocket' since DB and DS act like this is my responsibility - I am the baby of the family). Then a guardian will have the right to pay her bills, decide if we have someone come in, etc. The other issue I have is I am not sure if Mom is capable of living in an Independent Living place (if she wants to move), but she is definitely not bad enough for a Locked down facility (which DS keeps suggesting). We do think Mom would be in a better mood (not talking about dying in the next six months, etc) if she was around people and eating consistently. We did buy Mom a bunch of Ensure and she was drinking that the few days before I left. ,  Heather, NV

9956 RECALL NOTICE (7/22/2014 6:08:43 PM):  Oeuf recalls to repair cribs due to entrapment hazard: Researcher

9959 Swagbucks Code, Last one (7/22/2014 6:30:04 PM):  SisBoomBah Worth 5 SB before 6 PM PDT!,  Melody, WA

9962 Computer Savvy Senior (7/22/2014 6:39:40 PM):  An older friend of ours had a daughter visiting from out of state. The daughter had on a previous visit convinced Dad and Mom to get a computer. Dad didn't like it but was sure he could figure it out, no problem!

Well, while daughter was visiting this one time, she said "Dad, I think we should get some baby chicks and raise them to eat." Dad says, "Hey, we can order some online." He then proceeds to type in ""! Won't take much to figure out what kind of website the poor man got when the page came up, LOL. He has since passed away but he was periodically reminded by family and friends of what a great laugh he gave all of us. This happened when he was around 75 yr. old and this is a very true story...As always...,  Marian/MO

9963 Brenner ? (7/22/2014 6:41:52 PM):  He has a complication with his eyes that is very common with preemies. There was hope that this would correct itself but there has only been a very slight improvement and now the Drs are saying that they will probably have to do surgery to get the desired results. I remember Brenner's Dad...he's 8 years younger than my adopted son. They were here one time when Mike was small and he was so wild. (After he was in school diagnosed ADHD). My son had watched his antics and after they left to visit friends, my son said "Mikey is BAD TO THE BONE!",  Google Researcher

9965 Janice OK (7/22/2014 7:10:29 PM):  If I recall correctly you participate in Operation Shoebox (or something similar). I have some items to send to you for this project. Please email me Thanks!,  Leigh IA

9969 M&M's texting game (7/22/2014 7:22:43 PM):  How many times can one person win? I have won 4 times. For some reason I thought I read that you could win 6 times. Could my husband also win 6 times? I would love to be able to have that much off our dish bill! The 4 times I have won though are still great! I read the official rules but I didn't see it mentioned how many times you could win or if there was a limit of how much credit could be applied to the same account.,  Leigh IA

9976 Yogurt (7/22/2014 8:19:55 PM):  I made the best yogurt I have ever made. I used 51/2 cups of 1% milk heated in microwave for 8 minutes and then cooled it down until it reached just below 120 degrees. I took one cup of the milk and added 1cup of already made yogurt and 10 tablespoons of milk mixed it with wisk and then back in rest of warm milk. I set timer for 10 hours. It was so thick and so creamy. I just had some with a little strawberry and blueberries with just a touch of honey. So good and no additives no extra sugars like commercial brands. I plan on straining some to make cream cheese like cheese to spread on crackers.,  Vicki,Va

9983 Extreme Couponing question (7/22/2014 9:08:49 PM):  After reading comments about this show here, I finally watched a couple of episodes last night. Two women were shopping for groceries and school supplies. One had an ipad and mentioned an app where she added her grocery list and it either gave her info on coupons available OR she added the coupons she had. Anyway, the name of the app wasn't given. My DH was nice enough to try and find it for me but said that there are almost 100 that might be "it". Does anyone here use such an app and, if so, what is its name, please? Thanks so muc!,  Sandra WA

9984 Jane, CA or anyone else (7/22/2014 9:22:32 PM):  How do you make chocolate spoons? I've never heard of chocolate spoons. I love anything chocolate. Thanks.,  df.fl

9991 Sugar Mama? (7/23/2014 12:54:08 AM):  Have you ever known a woman who appeared to be a sugar mama? I think my friend may be. While it is her prerogative, I would feel desperate and pathetic. ,  Curious

9997 Very sad day (7/23/2014 6:04:06 AM):  Last night I had to take m sixteen and a half dog to the animal urgent care and have him put down. He started having seizures. He was old and tired and it was the best thing to do. I miss him very much.,  KathyB, MI

9998 Very sad day (7/23/2014 6:04:41 AM):  Last night I had to take my sixteen and a half dog to the animal urgent care and have him put down. He started having seizures. He was old and tired and it was the best thing to do. I miss him very much.,  KathyB, MI

0009 Sister update (7/23/2014 8:25:48 AM):  This morning they're operating to repair the crack in his skull. Her body & mind are going through so much trauma I can't comprehend it all. I'll keep you all posted, and I *really* appreciate all the prayers. Thank you in advance for the cards! I'm sure she will appreciate them very much!! Here is her information for those who asked, thank you!! Pam Tonsberg Rhode Island Hospital, Room #655 593 Eddy St. Providence, RI 02903 ,  Julie in Mass

0013 Address (7/23/2014 9:01:13 AM):  A week or so ago someone posted about her daughter's father not sending/calling for her birthday and I wrote down the address but now I can't find it. Can someone tell me what it is or the post number? TIA,  CB OH

0020 Irazoo Treasure Code (7/23/2014 9:43:40 AM):  dogsandcats Expires: 7/30/2014 11:24 PM ET.,  Melody, WA

0033 Lynn,meningtis (7/23/2014 10:35:36 AM):  Bacterial meningitis is contagious, but mostly in living quarters, close personal contact etc. That is why colleges require the vaccine to students living in dorms.They don't protect against all bacteria but the more common ones I think. The headaches are brutal but Julie's sister seems to have a very complicated case. When I worked in ICU(18 yrs), I saw only a couple of patients sick enough to need ICU.It can be fatal but most people recover.,  Sue P., CT

0035 FOY code (7/23/2014 11:36:44 AM):  I also got right card and won 55 points. First time for a double win. Praying for all with things going on. You've won Fountain of Youth Code wqclrbr01 worth 39 Hulk Coins for use for 2 more users. ,  Vicki, Va

0036 Again (7/23/2014 11:43:10 AM):  You've won Fountain of Youth Code nnit3m1xj worth 23 Hulk Coins for use by 1more user. Wow I can't believe I won again. I went back and first click I won the FOY code again. ,  Vicki, Va

0039 What are you snacking on?? (7/23/2014 12:15:11 PM):  I made a fresh batch of Salsa last week with Mrs. Wages dry packet mix. So every day I get a craving for something about mid afternoon. I've been grabbing some chips and salsa. Probably not super healthy but not too bad either. What are you snacking on???,  Susan, SC

0040 Prayers (7/23/2014 12:27:29 PM):  I may not answer all things I see here on off topic but I do read each one and do pray. Today I and many of our church members are feeling a little down and sad. A very sweet lady of our church lost her battle yesterday from cancer. I would appreciate if you could say a prayer for her family and friends. ,  Vicki,Va

0047 Old and Stupid!! (7/23/2014 1:11:40 PM):  I just tried one of the special offers-Peanut Lab-on Swagbucks--only to get the message--ARE YOU SURE THIS IS YOUR CORRECT AGE---as only ONE % of this age group is online!! I am a tad PO'D!!!,  Marcella, old in Tx

0057 I'm baaaack! (7/23/2014 2:13:43 PM):  This is a little late, but I just wanted to thank everyone for their great birthday wishes and greetings last week. I had hip replacement surgery on July 2, and it wasn't till I was home again (and trying to log on to RC) that I found my subscription had expired July 1! Michele (God love her!) gave me a temporary password which let me at least lurk till my check was processed and I could be reinstated! So, back to business!,  Barb M., OR

0073 What's for dinner/supper? (7/23/2014 3:05:48 PM):  We're having crab cakes, pickled beets, potato salad and I'm craving green peas, so we're having those too! Dessert will be homemade ice-cream (and I wonder why my hips expand? LOL),  Sharon B., VA

0084 Cornbread cake (7/23/2014 4:12:13 PM):  Has anyone ever heard of this? A lady brought it to ceramics today and when I got there, they told me to be sure to get a piece b/c she wouldn't ever bake it again. They didn't like it. I, along with 2 others, liked it. Has absolutely no cornmeal in it. We were trying to figure out what it reminded us of. We all knew that we had had something similar before but just could not figure it out. I got the recipe and if I ever get the urge to bake, I'll try it. It wasn't overly sweet although it had both white and brown sugar.,  Susan, LA

0090 Swagbucks Code (7/23/2014 5:39:17 PM):  LegsOrHotDogs for 2 SB before 4:30 PM PDT!,  Melody, WA

0097 Update on Master (7/23/2014 8:24:34 PM):  It was almost 3 weeks ago when we thought it was time to let Master go. He improved from where he was, but now we feel it is time to make the decision. His bone tissue growth from the cancer has gotten so large that it is now starting to break through the skin. He is uncomfortable. This is such a tough decision, as he is still eating, drinking, and interacting. People keep saying "you will know", and I don't! There is no "sign". He was diagnosed with bone cancer almost 6 months ago, and they told us he had a few months then. We thought at almost 6 months it would certainly be obvious and he would be shutting down. Although we are not seeing this, in fairness to him, we don't want him to be in pain anymore (3 times a day of pain meds still don't seem to completely control his pain). Our plan is to let him go on Friday. It will be one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, and he will be missed by so many. What a beautiful blessing he has been.,  Lisa, OH

0100 Roma Tomatoes (7/23/2014 8:53:42 PM):  Well I have managed to save quite a few of my Roma's and get the blossom end rot under control. I have used epsom salt and dried milk. I also got rid of very small ones with end rot. Some of very large ones only had a small dime size area of it and I was able to just cut it away. I also cut away all dead leaves from tomato plants and you would not believe how big and how quickly red they are turning. So far I have been able to put up 98 of them and lots more to come. ,  Vicki,Va

0105 Need info on LaSalle Resorts (7/23/2014 10:03:36 PM):  Anyone have any first hand info about LaSalle Resorts on Cranfield Rd in Mountain Home, AR? Trying to find pics of the place or reviews like on TripAdvisor, but so far have had no luck. Apparently it's a small place, just 7 cabins. My sis wants the info, but we can't seem to find a website. She called the facility, but really didn't get all of her questions answered. Maybe someone else can come up with some better search terms. Thanks for any help. You can email me at pjtidwe at,  Paula T. TN

0111 AC (7/23/2014 11:39:59 PM):  tomorrow we get the new central air. The last couple of days had been tolerable to sometimes cool when it rained but I have been hot all day. I had a couple of doctor appts today and waited forever to get another MRI. but at least it was nice and cold while waiting. Our cat with IBD hasn't been acting ell but I hope having a cool house will help. Here I am at 12:15 at the computer because I am so hot and my leg hurts even worse. ,  s

0113 RECALL NOTICE (7/24/2014 4:47:03 AM):  Dream On Me recalls high chairs due to strangulation and fall hazards: Researcher

0122 Radio Shack project (7/24/2014 7:29:50 AM):  I remember the RS of old and how they used to have all these neat kits and projects. Today I got an email about building a robotic arm. I thought the old days were back until the first words were print on your 3D printer. What! I don't have or don't know anyone that has one. Who can afford these things> Anyone here have one? Or know someone who does?,  JudyB LA

0123 Apartment termination of lease (7/24/2014 7:40:32 AM):  I posted several weeks ago about my smokey apartment, Friday the 13th moved-in date. I've talked with an apt. manager and she asked me if I wanted to break the lease. I said "yes", and she said to get proof of a medical condition that the apt was affecting. My son, who lives in the apt. with me, has asthma and has seen a pulmonologist confirming his condition. I have looked on the internet for a quit lease form and cannot find a really official, legal form without a fee, $14.95!!. My question is: Where can find such a form, how can I use it for the most durable legal effect? Should I hope that a free lawyer consultation might be most helpful? This apt has had a serious effect on my son's health (he can't breathe here! Has had 2 incidents late at night, gasping for air). I really thank anyone for their help. And Jane, if you read this, HELP!!,  3rd hand smoked-up apt.

0131 Losing Beloved Family Pets (7/24/2014 9:31:49 AM):  We've had a lot of recent posts about losing beloved family pets. Last night, I was reminded of a memory my nephew wrote for the Memory book I assembled for my parents 50th anniversary in 1985. He was about 21 then. Was dealing with dyslexia that affected his ability to spell words correctly. The day of the party, he came to me in a panic. Said hee'd messed up the paper I'd sent him to write his memory on. And he needed fresh paper to rewrite it. I hadn't wrapped the book. So I was able to give him fresh paper & switch it in the book for the messed up paper. I've typed it the way he spelled various words. Memories When i was five or six, I used to think the world was just for kicks. When I was six or seven, I just knew there was a kitty heaven. When life was so simple, and times were great, all I could think about was going to grandma's house to eat some cake. When I was Eight or ten, things were really good way back then. A TRIP to Pittsburgh, Oh Boy! I can taste the Pie Allready. When I was a boy, Eleven twelve, Memories of grand[as garden I always held. I wish i could, I wish I might. once again regain my Child Sight...... So that I could taste grandma's Apple pie, with my Childhood Eyes.,  Virginia Ann S VA

0133 school lunches (7/24/2014 9:46:46 AM):  We are a gluten free family. School started yesterday & can't believe I gave no thought to lunches. I bought a pkg of sliced turkey lunch meat at Costco. It isn't thin slices, but not real thick either. Trying to think of ways to use it (their pkgs are big) mainly for school lunches that doesn't involve bread. I'm thinking there must be a lettuce wrap idea with turkey & ? but not sure what else to add. What bread free lunches do you send your kids to school with?,  clueless

0135 Sister update (7/24/2014 10:21:58 AM):  Spoke with my sister this morning. She had surgery on her skull yesterday and when she came to she said she had a pile of cards, mostly from "my friends" and her daughters friends. She wanted me to make sure I said THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! It meant the world to see people caring about her! This morning they attempted the lumbar drain, again. Not sure why they have to keep doing that. She said its the most painful thing she's ever experienced. One doctor told her "I don't know if we can make you better". Then she told me she got bad news - her white blood cell count is really high, they told her that means the infection in her brain could be getting worse. Keep praying please!,  Julie in Mass

0141 Dinner (7/24/2014 11:18:25 AM):  I love to hear everyone's dinner ideas - especially in the summer with all of the fresh produce! What's everyone having tonight? We are having country ribs (in the crockpot with bbq sauce now), baked potatoes, fresh corn on the cob, fresh cucumbers and onions, and watermelon. Cooked out hamburgers on the grill and had more corn last night, with cherries for desert. MMMMMM ,  Sheila, IL

0154 VA tornado (7/24/2014 12:04:06 PM):  Wondered if any of the posters on here are close to the area where that tornado touched down this morning??? So sad to see some people lost their life in that.,  Susan, SC

0160 Shrley H. Snithfield NC (7/24/2014 12:38:01 PM):  I just posted a Christmas gift idea on your post from a few days ago...I'm trying to catch upon being away for over a week!,  Pat, Traveling the USA

0161 Baseball: (7/24/2014 12:40:13 PM):  What is it with MLB players engaging in standoffs to try to be the "last man standing" after the National Anthem? I don't get it. What's the point?,  Jane, CA

0162 A/C (7/24/2014 12:40:25 PM):  its up and running! The house feels so much better! They did the whole install in less than 4 hours,  s

0163 disturbing or dirupting RIP? (7/24/2014 12:57:06 PM):  My parents are both buried (their cremains) at Bushnell National Cemetery in Florida. My Dad was born, raised and lived in Western New York. My Mom was born & raised in Boston, MA and moved to WNY after marrying my Dad. They traveled in their RV and often went to FL for the winter. Both died in FL, not at the same time. A new National Cemetery will be opening in Western NY and my youngest sister that lives nearby it wants to move our parents Urns there. It is allowed. The Cemetery in WNY has not begun yet so I don't need to make a hasty decision. I'm uncomfortable with the thought and would like your opinions. My concern is Disturbing their Rest in Peace? But it would be bringing them "home"... which was not an option when they each died. I just can't imagine this... and just the thought .... well, I can't even explain. I hope someone can help me and share their advice, opinions and/or thoughts. ,  Pat

0176 Swagbucks Code (7/24/2014 2:21:17 PM):  KnightsWin before 2pm PT/5pm ET for 4 SB!,  Melody, WA

0179 When does school start in your area? (7/24/2014 2:32:45 PM):  I got my back to school email today. We are starting on August 18th with teacher inservice days. Kids start back on August 27th. The kids' ending date is June 10th (with no snow days.) Most likely they will end on June 17th or later because we always use at least 5 snow days. Teachers are required to do at least one day after the kids are done. (I'm still cleaning my house and trying to do my online class and go to see our daughter before then!),  Joanne Vt

0200 Update on Lisa (7/24/2014 4:27:47 PM):  Lisa w/ discharged from hospital this past weekend. She has been hospitalized since May 16, with the exception of 2 days. She sent this update: On May 16th I went in for a routine hiatal hernia repair surgery, s/h/b overnight stay. The night after my surgery I began vomiting uncontrollably. The next day the dr took me back into surgery - lapriscope, and found that my stomach had flipped. He was able to tack it down and thought that was the end of it. But then I developed a collapsed lung - so back to surgery the next day and this time they cut into my chest and discovered I did have a collapsed lung and also my stomach had died. They had to cut out my stomach - all I have left of a stomach is 25cc's--almost 2 ounces. I am now at home healing but I am nauseated every waking moment. We are in the process of checking on 2nd opinions due to the fact that I cannot get well if I am nauseated everyday. "To maintain substance, I have to have 1200 calories a day and my small stomach cannot eat that much. I have a drip bag of nutrients that I am hooked up to each night to help maintain some substance of "food". I thank each of you for the prayers and I am afraid I have a long way to go. Just in case any of you were wondering what has been going on with her. Thx for keeping her in your prayers. Oh and BTW, the Dr. that did the original surgery was off the day after, so another doctor had to go in and fix his mess. Plus she left out the part about the staples becoming infected and having to be removed.,  Susan, LA

0205 Justice (7/24/2014 4:52:42 PM):  On the front page of our recent Sunday paper was a heart wrenching article written by a couple whose teenage daughter was killed in a traffic accident one week after she graduated from high school. The man who hit her car had nearly three times the legal limit of alcohol in his system. He also had heroin in his system. He had previously been convicted for DUI twice. He was driving with a suspended license. The DA is going to throw the book at him, but cannot put him away for life with the laws that are presently on the books. Two things are evident- 1.Suspended licenses do not keep people from driving. 2. Previous DUI convictions do not keep the violators from doing it again.

There must be a better way to keep this type of tragedy from happening. Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this?,  Bob, PA

0212 Photo storing sites? (7/24/2014 6:40:14 PM):  I have a mess on my laptop. Somehow I have pictures stored in Windows Photo Library, Google Plus, and Picasa. They were also, by default, going into a site created by Panasonic, the camera maker. I have deleted that site. Does anyone have a preference between Google Plus or Picasa? I am going to delete one of those, trying to make sure they have the same pictures in each. Any hints or ideas? On top of all these, they have synched with my Iphone and Ipad and my storage is full on those too. Help! ,  Too Many Pictures

0227 Justified?? (7/24/2014 8:20:09 PM):  I think this man was justified. This man is 80 years old and found these people in his house. I think he is justified and should not be charged. He was protecting his property. Your thoughts??,  Susan, SC

0228 La Salle Resorts/AR (7/24/2014 8:26:04 PM):  Paula, I live approx. 25 miles from Mountain Home. By any chance do you have Google Earth on your computer? If so, you can find LaSalle Resorts on it and look at it at ground level, meaning it will look like you are standing on the street in front of it.

It appears to be older cabins among a residential area, there are homes on each side of it and across the street. You can see the lake but I don't know if there is lake access close to it.HTH...As always...,  Marian/MO

0239 Sad news on TV (7/24/2014 9:34:46 PM):  As much as child deaths from heat by being left in a hot car have been in the news lately another one was on our local news. A 10 month old baby died in Wichita. She was a foster child to a same sex couple (men). That's not me condemning anyone's life choices. That's the way the news reported the story. I will say that my heart just breaks for this baby ... that her life has been so bad she had to be removed from her home and then put into a home where it sounds like she received even worse care!,  Sandy B., MO

0246 Y & R (7/25/2014 12:42:17 AM):  I saw that Uncle Malcolm (Shemar Moore) is returning to Y&R for two days - Sept 10 & 11. I wish they'd bring Dru back, too. ,  Shanna, CA

0250 Fairth Hill and Tim McGraw (7/25/2014 6:03:59 AM):  Just heard they are getting a divorce. Does anyone know why? They seemed so good together. But did notice a change in Faiths behavior and the way she dressed.,  Want to know.

0252 Jane (7/25/2014 6:52:57 AM):  RE: Prior post. Wouldn't the fact that the people involved body slammed this elderly man to the point of breaking his collar bone, come into play?? I'd say it was self defense and in the heat of the moment, he wasn't thinking of the fact they were running away.,  Susan, SC

0257 Couches (7/25/2014 7:10:17 AM):  We need a new couch. I would like to have leather, but don't know if I'll be happy with using it everyday. Our couch gets a lot of wear. I'm not a fan of the microfibers. Any ideas?,  Kay-MI

0261 facebook (7/25/2014 7:36:48 AM):  One of the facebook groups I belong to has a poster who posts what I consider (but fb apparently does not) porn how do I block posts from this person? I want to see the posts from the other members,  help?

0267 Lisa OH- Master (7/25/2014 7:58:51 AM):  Thinking of you and your family this morning- I know it's hard to put Master down. ((((Hugs)))),  Sharon B., VA

0268 Cat repellent (7/25/2014 8:21:18 AM):  I am looking for a safe, effective way of keeping our neighbors cats off our patio chairs. I am considering SSSCAT Cat Training Aid, but there are some people who say it doesn't perform well. TIA for your suggestions.,  Gaye, AR

0270 Bob/Justice (7/25/2014 8:34:36 AM):  Now that a lot of suggestions have been presented, which one do you think will be effective?,  Vi, OH

0276 Sharon, VA (7/25/2014 9:21:49 AM):  I so wish we had a "like" button on here. Just really liked your comments you posted about the 80 year old victim. ,  Susan, SC

0293 80 year old kills burglar (7/25/2014 11:27:19 AM):  I just heard that the 80 year old chased the pregnant burglar, age 28, and her 26 year old accomplice, through the house, into the garage, outside into an alley. The woman wasn't a fast runner so he chose to shoot her, by his own statement. The fact that he killed her intentionally, and OUTSIDE his own home, could cause him to be charged. As for his age, I wouldn't consider him "elderly", but remarkably strong and self-reliant. Not the typical senior victim. ,  Grace Basham, CA

0294 Job story continues (7/25/2014 11:29:07 AM):  Well Devon had her drug test.She went to the orientation at Target this a.m. and they didn't have her signed up. Apparently the woman who interviewed her gave her the instruction sheet for orientation today's date, but didn't say she needed a confirmation call.The gentleman there said he didn't know when the next orientation was but sometime next week. He told her they would call by Monday with info. he did say she needed the confirmation call so they have enough orientation packets etc. Sigh.I hope this isn't a bad sign. However, Devon had a phone interview this a.m. with CVS and they set up a regular interview for this Sunday. I consider the Target situation tenuous so she might as well continue her search.,  Sue P., CT

0299 KS car death update (7/25/2014 11:56:14 AM):  I don't usually continue on in these sad/bad news type of posts but this one is really getting me. Last night the news said the 10 month old was a foster child to a same sex couple (men) both in their 20's. And, again this is not a condemnation of life choices it's the way the news is reporting it. The same couple have adopted two other children and have two other foster children. Here's the real catch, though. This couple is in their 20's and one of the "children" they adopted is 18?! Of course, not everything you hear in the news is exactly correct and it could have been misspoken ... 18 months possibly. What is really so troubling is we have known couples who have been on adoption lists for MANY years when the couple seems to have met all the requirements ... married for an extended period of time; set in their careers; financially solvent; etc. Could a couple in their 20's (same sex or otherwise) be steadfast enough to somehow be pushed to the front of the line in adoptions. And, the news also said one of the men was arrested. Not both, just one. Frustrating situation to say the least. The news also listed stats for heat related deaths in children and this year seems to for some reason be ahead of where we usually are.,  Sandy B., MO

0309 Kefir (7/25/2014 1:42:43 PM):  I'm interested in making milk kefir and just wondered if anyone on this board makes their own. I'm looking for personal recommendations on where to buy kefir grains (I know many places sell them - looking for specifics) and any tips you may have to offer. Thanks!,  Pam M

0311 My Mom (7/25/2014 1:47:52 PM):  Margie, was working in her front yard, bent over and fell, landing on her left arm, it curled under her and it looks like she broke both bones above the wrist. Please pray for her, she's 86 and healthy.,  Melody, WA

0315 School 1/2 days (7/25/2014 2:14:20 PM):  As a teacher, I really dislike the 1/2 days or Early Release days. If the kids go through "lunch" then it counts as a full day for them. Teachers are expected on those days to have "normal" instruction for our scheduled classes -- however, absenteeism is often high on those days. Once the kids leave, we usually get a 30 -45 minute break before we start our afternoon of inservice. There is usually some district speaker or some curriculum work where we have to work with teachers at other levels in other buildings or "building" work. Our day then ends 30 minutes later than on a "normal" school day to make sure we have our "hours" in. The problem with Early release days is that they are disjointed. You start on things and then try to work on them until your next meeting which is usually a month away. The other problem with these days is that you are still planning/correcting for the next day's lesson for the kids too -- so often my mind is not really focused. Another big issue with these days is child care. As a middle school teacher who lives in town, I was able to grab a babysitter (who was often a current students of mine), take her to my house and then she could wait for my daughter and the neighbor boy to get home from school. Then I would run home from the inservice meeting to take the sitter home or to her after school activity. Other parents often had to take time off from work and this causes a rift between the school and community which does not need to be there. I also feel if this inservice time is so important, that the district needs to schedule this at another time. It would make sense to have teachers go back earlier in the year, stay later in June or possibly extend Christmas vacation by 2 days for the students and have us work then. One year, the district gave the kids an entire week off at Thanksgiving -- while the teachers worked Monday & Tuesday. (The only other days that I dislike more are the days that I am sent to an all day meeting or conference and have to write sub plans.) We have brought this issue up in negotiations for several years and our administration and school board insist on retaining the early release days even when the majority of parents & teachers do not want them.,  Joanne Vt

0322 from stressed (7/25/2014 3:12:44 PM):  I saw the neurologist today. I have a prescription for something to help me sleep (for the life of me I cannot recall its name but its advertised heavily on tv) The MRI showed something pressing on the nerve so its on to more tests...,  stressed

0327 Google Researcher (7/25/2014 4:31:23 PM):  Please help me find where I can Lyons Protein powder plus in the small packets - had brought it a long time ago on their website but can not find them again. I need to but them and I can not stand the orange stuff that starts with a j. Thanks,  Wendy/de

0338 Virus Protection (7/25/2014 5:36:22 PM):  I have always used AVG, but it's just becoming a pain in my posterior end. I have always had a problem trying to sign onto the internet and repeatedly get an error message about a DNS server. After 3-10 times I can usually get onto the internet. Just tired of doing that so I removed AVG and suddenly no DNS server issue. So, what's a good, free virus protection to use, where can I find it and how do I go about downloading it?,  Clueless

0339 Update on pregnant burglar! (7/25/2014 6:00:45 PM):  Breaking news on the pregnant burglar in Long Beach story that we were discussing. The Coroner has confirmed that the burglar was NOT pregnant! Gee, on top of everything else, she was a liar, too!,  Grace Basham, CA

0343 First Class Postage Increase? (7/25/2014 6:36:43 PM):  Has 1st class postage for 1 oz. mailings increased again? We just had an increase in 1 oz. mailings early this year. My nephew's lady friend went to our area post office this morning to pick up a box for eme that was too large for postal carrier to put in my mail box yesterday. That mail box is at the beginning of our lane. And I'm near the very end of the lane. Shealso had my outgoing mail. The postal clerk told her post office had just increased rates again without warning. And she hated when P.O. did that! I had "Forever" postage on my outgoing mail & she said it was okay. I never heard that P.O. was going to increase rates again after just increasing them in January!,  Virginia Ann S VA

0344 Debbie McComber post (7/25/2014 6:38:24 PM):  I have to admit I'm a Debbie McComber reader. I have way too many of her books (bought at a booksale for $2/bag) and have spent many lovely nights going to sleep after reading her unrealistic romances of men that don't exist in real life. I love her books so much that I think about the book I'm reading and wonder how the next chapter is going to turn out. So, I wrote to her a couple of days ago and told her how she turned me into a fan. Today I received a nice email from her (I hope) saying how her email made her day.,  Mindy, MD

0345 Self inflicted personal drama (7/25/2014 6:42:11 PM):  I just finished having dinner with a woman tonight whom I am acquaintances with. Over the year, I've heard various 'drama' stories. I thought with the purchase of a new house her life would get settled down. However, now it seems a whole new set of problems have occurred. This slightly baffles me considering financially she's doing better then she was at Christmas. She's also looking at changing jobs because she says her coworkers are not talking to her and tell her she takes things too personally. I like her as a person so I don't really mind hearing the various episodes, but I am really now wondering if she doesn't cause all of this stress herself. I haven't been around a person like this, so what are your thoughts?,  Mindy, MD

0348 How to post a reply to a Facebook post (7/25/2014 7:15:10 PM):  Would somebody please tell me how to post a reply to a Facebook post. I will get an e-message from a specific company on Facebook. I want to reply to the post made by a fellow Facebook member. i will click on "reply" to post a response to that Facebook member. But what link to I then click on to send my response? I see nothing to click on that will send my response. When i click on thee Facebook link to close it out & go back to my ee-mail Inbox, I'll get onscreen message that I haven't finished sending my response. Do I "Want to leeave that page" or "Stay on that Page". I end up having to click "Leave" without sending my response!,  Virginia Ann S VA

0349 coroner report (7/25/2014 7:18:13 PM):  as I suspected P., CT

0350 Not pregnant (7/25/2014 7:31:22 PM):  The autopsy is back and that woman was not pregnant. I think Sue said she bet it was all a lie. So she was just trying to get away with his goods.,  Susan, SC

0352 Master is at peace (7/25/2014 7:38:51 PM):  Thank you to everyone for the thoughts and prayers over the past 6 months. Master is at peace. He left us shortly after the church bells tolled 7:00. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but I know it was the right thing. Shortly after, a bright light shone through the top part of the sky - a sign I am sure that Master made it to heaven. He was an amazing dog and he shared his incredible gifts with us and everyone we knew for 13 years. As sad as I am, I can't be anything but grateful to God for sharing with us such a beautiful, kind, and caring animal. ,  Lisa, OH

0361 LaSalle Resorts (7/25/2014 9:17:56 PM):  Thanks all for your help with LaSalle. Marion, I will try the Google Earth idea. Why didn't I think of that? lol!,  Paula T. TN

0377 Boyhood (7/26/2014 2:28:18 AM):  starring Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke was moat excellent. All best,  Susan R., CA

0378 Boyhood (7/26/2014 2:29:23 AM):  starring Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke was moat excellent. All best,  Susan R., CA

0379 Boyhood (7/26/2014 2:32:29 AM):  starring Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke was moat excellent. All best,  Susan R., CA

0383 I really like this (7/26/2014 6:15:39 AM):  Discussion is always better then argument. Because argument is to find out who is right! Discussion is to find out what is right.,  Sunshine (Linda IN)

0386 mom's memory (7/26/2014 7:54:21 AM):  I called Mom yesterday. Mom remembered that DS was there last week (left on Monday), but didn't acknowledge that I was even there (I left on Saturday). She also said that DB hadn't called since he took her van, but I reminded her he had called on Tuesday and she had talked to him. So, I don't know what to think. DS said Mom's microwave (which I think is the only way she cooks anymore) was 'semi working' when she left (DS didn't even try to get it replaced - told me to do it the next time I am over). My family will probably head over in mid-August for a weekend. DH and I were talking last night. If the microwave needs to be replaced, but Mom won't let us (her last husband Paul had brought it over to their house when he moved in so it is 'special') then we think that is another 'strike' against Mom living by herself much longer. ,  Heather, NV

0395 Monetary Dontion (7/26/2014 10:09:41 AM):  My sister has incurable cancer and will pass soon. With her husband passing away last month what will remain is their four adult children. I would like to give a monetary donation to the family when she passes but I am confused as to whom I should address the check to since they all have different last names. When I asked a friend about this she told me that it is not proper etiquette for me to donate to her children since this is my sister and I am part of the family as well. I tried to find out the right thing to do by googling but could not get the information I needed to know. Could someone straighten me out on this?,  Jan

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