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Vote Request (5/10/2016 1:36:34 PM):  Hubby & I have been chosen as having one of the Ugliest Grills (trust me, this thing is sad & I discovered today has become a maternity ward for a family of mice LOL) & are in the running for a wonderful patio set to go with it. We'd be so grateful for any votes. Voting is accepted daily through this Friday. Thank you so much for any help. Michael P's Grill at All voters may enter to win a year's worth of Johnsonville Sauage :),  Lisa P, CT

4937 Life Expectancy (5/10/2016 4:05:02 PM):  Several months ago the topic was the health care delivery system and life expectancy. Some thought that the two were directly related. I said that the US lifestyles, poor diet, murders, suicides, and car accidents impact the overall expectancy average for Americans. I was quickly told that that is NOT how life expectancy was figured. Who knew? I heard a news story that the life expectancy here has dropped because of the drug overdose deaths especially among the early 30 year olds. Somebody needs to call the feds and tell them they are figuring it wrong.,  Anna, AL

4940 Arm and Hammer (5/10/2016 5:02:06 PM):  After eveyones complaint about Arm and Hammer I decided to e-mail them and once more and have them check into the rejections that they have done to me in the past. Probably wont get anywhere. But its worth a try well see what happens. ,  Becky

4950 need 46 people (5/10/2016 6:27:36 PM):  need 46 or more people too sign up now! less then 29 hours left ,  amy s iowa

4952 Who cares? (5/10/2016 6:52:17 PM):  I finally read the pad comments this evening and chuckled. It made me think of how I had an obnoxious father of a middle school boy who used to try to have a "parent conference" about his child whenever I was in Walmart of the grocery store. One day I found the best way to ditch him was to stop and examine everything thing in the feminine products aisle while he was trying to talk with me.,  Joanne VT

4955 weird dream (5/10/2016 7:58:54 PM):  A few nights ago I had the most vivid dream of my life. It will not leave me. The world is having massive earthquakes, everything is being destroyed in front of my eyes. The God himself speaks and a cross appears in the sky. At the sound of his voice I woke up in a panic. I am telling you this voice was like nothing I have ever heard in my life and I have no idea how I knew it was God but I felt it withing every fiber of my being. I know my weird interest in the end times, both books and movies contributed. I have also been researching earthquakes due to the large number of earthquake swarms in the US and other places. I also totally believe in the Bible and the book of Revelations. So my dream is totally consistent with what I read, watch on TV in Movies etc. I just cannot put into words how the voice that was a voice but wasn't a human voice has shaken me. I believe that when Jesus comes EVERYONE in the entire world will hear and know. I just can't explain it but I have never had a dream like this one in my life. I don't want to debate whether my religious beliefs are correct or incorrect, but I would like comments or opinions on my dream. It seems as real to me now as it did a few days ago. I remember every detail with clarity. ,  Doreen,MI

4958 Lisa OH (5/10/2016 10:33:21 PM):  How are things going with the new puppy?,  Milly MN

4966 Costco chat (5/11/2016 6:59:10 AM):  I could use a little input here. About Costco. the pros and cons. It is just me and the mister. two people live in this house. A costco is being built here in the city. I can join for $55.00 a year. Yes right now they have a bonus but the bottom line is fifty five dollars a year. We were told that at the costco gas station we get 10Ę off each gallon of gas. Geez ten cents off a gallon sounds rather good. Might be worth the fifty five dollars. Could we chat about Costco...... please. ,  Nancee/IN

4970 Alaskan cruise (5/11/2016 7:54:33 AM):  Curious if capris would work for July Alaskan cruise or if I should bring pants? Should husband bring shorts or stick to pants? And what's the weather in Seattle in July? Any other tips appreciated. This is for the first week of July.,  Dianne Olsen

4972 Co-worker issues (5/11/2016 7:59:28 AM):  What do you do when you work in a small place (meaning me and other girl) when she is a *itch and thinks she knows it all and it above doing my job or even helping me. I was out for 10 days with pneumonia; didn't help me one bit. I assist doing her work when she isn't here and I've been here longer but today she just pissed me off. I gave documents to a boss of mine and he joked "what you can't put them in numerical order" and I hear her say "good luck". So I loudly said "not nice Lisa". I'm sure she heard me. Ughhh I'm just so sick of her negative, nastiness. I have enough stress in my life.,  Stressed in NJ

4973 Bladder leakage (5/11/2016 8:01:42 AM):  LOL - if slight bladder leakage (as Whoopie calls it) was a disability, I would have quit work 40 years ago to live off the government!! As a younger woman, I had the incontinence where you cough, laugh, sneeze and pee yourself. As I got older, I got urge incontinence....when I feel the need to pee, I better get to the bathroom REAL FAST....when my bladder sees the toilet, it just starts to pee....doesn't matter that I am still standing in the doorway....LOL!!!~ And after I had a stent put in in 2012 when they went in to laser a kidney stone, it all has gotten worse. Doc gave me exercises but says there is no other option but surgery which to me is just unnecessary. Would not subject myself to surgery for annoyingness. I never birthed children so you cannot blame it on that but did have ovarian cancer surgery in 1981 with 3 surgeries in one year, so they blame it on that,  Joanie still in NJ & FL

4989 What next?! (5/11/2016 11:08:24 AM):  This blows my mind. Just read where people are taking mega doses of Imodium to get heroin-like high! Now we are going to have to jump through hoops to buy it for legitimate needs just like we have to do to buy cold medicines!,  Susan Fulkerson

4990 swagbucks (5/11/2016 11:16:25 AM):  It seems to be getting harder to earn swagbucks. Does anyone else feel that its getting harder?,  Wondering

4998 Delicious (5/11/2016 12:29:40 PM):  My sister and her hubby drove down to our home from northern Maine yesterday. They brought with them one pound of lobster meat, six half gallons of maple syrup from Stockholm, Maine, and one pack of Jordan's red hot dogs (snappers). I'm spoiled.,  Bob, PA

5005 Morning Glory Seeds (5/11/2016 1:43:18 PM):  They try them as well. They eat them.,  C. F. PA

5006 Voting Request (5/11/2016 1:47:09 PM):  Wow!!! Thank you so much to everyone for your wonderful support. I was a little nervous to post & am overwhelmed by the tremendous responses. Since daily voting is allowed, here is the link again ~ I'd love to see someone here win the year of sausage. :) Please continue to vote for Mike P's Grill at Thank you!,  Lisa P, CT

5019 Serious Bank Problem Long Story (5/11/2016 5:39:42 PM):  Because of their interest I opened two five digit accounts, C/D and Money Market, at Discover Bank/AAA located in Utah in 2009. No transactions were made to the MM account but my C/Dís were renewed every two years. On March 21, 2016 I received a letter from Discover Bank telling me that both of my accounts had been closed on Feb 29, 2016 because they were dormant. The letter stated that I had until March 31, 2016 to claim my money or it would be sent to the state of Pennsylvania as abandoned property. Since I had received no previous warning about this from Discover Bank I was shocked. I called immediately to claim my money and asked why they didnít inform me of this ahead of time. I was told that is not their responsibility to inform customers when escheatment is about to occur and that it is up to the state of PA to inform me of it. I have never heard of such a thing and was confused as to how they had no duty to inform me of this ahead of time but I let it go in order to receive my savings. Though Discover told me my checks would be sent Fed Ex, it was three weeks later that a received my MM check through snail mail. After waiting patiently for eight days for my C/D check to arrive I contacted them asking why I had not received it. After searching they told me that they accidentally sent the check to the state of PA and that it would take six weeks to get it back. I was very angry and insisted on speaking to a manager who told me the same thing. Then she suggested I contact the state of PA by myself which I refused to do. Being it was their mistake I feel they were obligated to get my money back. I told the manager there is no need for me to have to wait six weeks for my check since I waited five weeks already and insisted it be sent sooner. After making back and forth phone calls for several days, on April 28th the manager said she would Fed Ex me a document which I needed to sign and mail back to her and that my check would be sent to me within a week after they received the signed document. After waiting twelve days and still not receiving my document I called again. With the manager not available I spoke to a different rep who said the document was sent on May 2nd. When I asked if they could check their Fed Ex tracking number all I was told is that is was sent express mail and that I need to keep waiting for it. Iím a very patient person but this company has put me through so much rigamarole and aggravation that I am ready to explode. Not only did this company make an error by sending my C/D check to the state of PA but my C/D was NOT a dormant account. I made a two year renewal on my C/D in March of 2015 and it was to mature in 2017 so how can they say that this account was inactive? I questioned them about it without getting a straight answer. Iím so fed up with the way Iím being treated that I feel that legal action may be the only way to make some progress and receive my savings. Can someone tell me if itís true that this bank did not have the responsibility to inform me of the closings that were about to happen to my accounts? Arenít banks obligated to keep customers updated on what is happening to their savings? I just donít understand it. I am sick and tired of playing ring around the rosie with them as well as mixed up as to what my next step should be in order to get some action done. Anyone have any suggestions as to what would you do if you were in my shoes? ,  Rose PA

5020 What's that?? (5/11/2016 5:52:33 PM):  What is Moxie??? According to Bob you put it in your clogged sink.,  Susan, SC

5021 Joan J (5/11/2016 6:01:04 PM):  I read your screaming reply and you need to calm down. I didn't mean to send you off on a rant but I guess I did. Think for a minute. Life expectancy in the 1700's was about 40 years. No expensive pills or hospitals to blame. There was high infant mortality and no antibiotics. Life was hard living off the land. So they averaged about 40 years. You blame the hospitals but my relatives with no insurance have been in and out of the hospitals for the last two years. He spent 12 days in ICU for valve replacement. Didn't pay a dime and has no intention of paying. Been back a couple of times since then. The misses is in and out too. That is what is wrong with the system, freeloaders. They aren't the only ones. There is Medicare, Medicade, programs for kids, subsidies and still no coverage and you get treated. That is what is wrong with our system. Here from another country? Come on in we will cover you too! Hope this reply doesn't make you scream again.,  Brick Wall aka Anna

5022 Warm Greetings from Florida (5/11/2016 7:24:58 PM):  Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening! It a pleasure to be back, took a two year hiatus. (Took time off was a little upset with a show, Xtreme Qpon) Glad to be back, how I missed this group! Hope everyone's evening is a pleasurable one. ,  Emily, FL

5033 Big warehouse stores (5/12/2016 6:02:51 AM):  We share Costco with one friend and BJs with another.....just don't tell the store.....claim lost cards and get extras. Nobody ever looks at the card. My brother has the plan where you need to spend over a certain amount of money per year to earn benefits so we put our purchases at Costco on his card to help him reach his limit. Our friends in PA have copies of our BJs card,  Joanie still in NJ & FL

5041 Co-workers (5/12/2016 9:15:03 AM):  A few weeks ago at work we had meals bought for us for dinner. I was told Monday it would be pizza (wound up being 3 large pizza for 9 people), Tues. was ice cream, Wed. was Bob Evans, Thurs was KFC and Fri we would all bring in food for dinner. I told co-workers what I would bring in on Fri. Since I work part time I was off Tues. and Wed. I got to work Thurs and we had KFC for dinner. Friday I came to work and when I went to the restroom and came back to the dept everyone was gone. I assumed they were in the break room having dinner so I went over there with my food to share and see pizza on the table. I said "Pizza? No one told me we were having pizza." One lady looked at me and said "XXX bought it so now you know" in a real snotty way. I just left my food on the counter and walked out. Not one person apologized or said sorry, we thought you knew or help yourself. I was very angry and hurt. Later one lady did come to me and said she thought the supervisor would have told me and I said no, no one did. I told this lady I felt like I had been slapped in the face and told no one wanted me to join in on the weeks celebration. I told her how mad and hurt I am but now I see things more clearly. I know she told the others what I said. The supervisor never talked to me about this and since that day the 3 people who were eating pizza that day have been very cold towards me and barely talking to me. I have given up trying to fit in and am staying to myself too. No matter how much I may not like someone I would never exclude them like they did me. ,  Not in their group

5042 Warning (5/12/2016 9:17:28 AM):  We have been members of Amazon since 2000, we have had some very minor issues over the years but Amazon has been great about taking care of any issues. Last night I received an e-mail from them about an order made for $595.00, all paid out of my gc balance. I went and checked with my dh to see if he made this purchase, and also why did he use my gcs as payment. He did not do this!!! I checked out everything quickly and got Amazon on the phone, the purchase was going to Miden NV so they knew it was not us when I explained this all to cs. They filed a security complaint, locked down my account and changed my password. So its all been turned over to them at this point in time, and my gc balance is going to be restored by amazon security. I was very lucky to catch this within 5 min of their time of making this purchase. I have always kept my gcs deposited into my amazon account, I save up for special things I might want and never before have had an issue. What will happen now I have no clue, plus I do not know if I will ever know what amazon will do about this security breach or hack. I just am telling this to make people aware to keep good track of credit card accounts, paypal, amazon and any banking accounts you may have. So much better to be safe the sorry.... ,  Sunshine (Linda IN)

5047 Still Chilling Out (5/12/2016 10:40:55 AM):  Still taking a break from the routine housework thingy. Just doing what is absolutely necessary. I have quite a few dump meals so real light week of cooking. Hubby and I hit a couple of thrift stores yesterday. At one of stores I got 2 very nice blouses for $12.00 and another I got purse and 2 tops to wear around house and running small errands. I paid 6.87 for all l3 items. Hubby got 3 pairs of men's shorts for less than $20.00. Thanks for letting me know what a swagbuck rebate was and for the ideas to make waffles. Lisa I love that name Sarge. I bet he is a hand full right now. Molly still has her moments but has calmed down quite a bit and is getting the hang of bad behavior is not a good thing for her. Well I got a few more days and then back to the housework grind.,  Vicki, Va.

5050 Graduation gifts? (5/12/2016 10:49:18 AM):  What kind of $ do you send for nieces and nephews graduating from high school? I thought $20.16!,  Mrs. C

5052 Charitable contributions (5/12/2016 11:02:01 AM):  Thought I had it bookmarked, but could someone point me to the site where you can find out how much of your contribution is actually used for the cause you are trying to support and not for overhead? Wow, what a run-on sentence! Anyway, I'm having no luck searching. I know it is discussed here fairly often. Thanks!,  Paula T. TN

5057 life expectancy (5/12/2016 11:34:15 AM):  Want to point out a couple of things: When it comes to smoking, I read that their cigarettes aren't nearly as potent as those in the US. So that is why they may have more smokers, but as high of a rate due to cancer etc. Also, in other countries, I think they eat better than we do. More natural foods, farm fresh. Not processed stuff like we eat. For example, I read this Norwegian author, and when he talks about eating it's eggs, meat, fish, cheese, veggies, fruits, water. It's never Twinkies and diet soda or processed foods. Never cookies or crackers.,  Dianne in GA

5074 What's for dinner??? (5/12/2016 4:45:09 PM):  Tonight was Rotisserie Chicken from Sam's, Baked beans, and onion rings. This is my busy busy week with lots of hours at work (today 6:45 to 4:15 and two more hours tonight) so most nights is dinner on the fly. What's good at your house??,  Susan, SC

5079 Moxie- Diane ME (5/12/2016 8:21:27 PM):  That is the taste- Dr Pepper and root beer together. That is why I like it. Someone mentioned Mr. Pinchy. What is that?,  Carol, MD

5080 Sunshine (Linda IN) (5/12/2016 8:39:28 PM):  Was the item being sent to Minden, NV? (I can't find a town with the spelling you put.) If so, it is coming to area where I live (but not my house). I use my DD's Amazon account since she is a student so she got a good deal on Prime. I am really glad she gets an email when a purchase is made. I will have to keep my gift cards in the house until I am ready to buy from Amazon.,  Heather, NV

5081 good day (5/12/2016 8:52:26 PM):  So, today is my birthday. I went to Zumba and then DD met me down here and we did some errands while her oil was getting changed and tires rotated -DD bought needed pants and we went out to lunch. Then DD helped me give Pepper (the Golden Retriever) a bath! DD put peanut butter in a plastic bag (with the corner cut off) and Pepper licked it during the whole bath - we used Pepper's swimming pool and the hose. Pepper is so soft and smells so much better. DD also cleaned the dirty section of the wall by the front door that Pepper always lays against. Now I will have proof when Pepper needs a bath next time (DH thinks Pepper gets 'clean' when he takes her swimming in a lake.) Tonight was dinner at Chili's and I got a piece of cheesecake for free since Chili's gave me the birthday reward. ,  Heather, NV

5086 Left Out Employee (5/13/2016 1:27:44 AM):  If people are not going to let you know of changes in plans and the supervisor doesn't help; you don't need these people to socialize with at work; AND don't have a pity party, because those parties are only attended by the person throwing them. (experience) My classroom is in a different bldg. than the high school. Sometimes they have pot luck dinner and I usually don't participate because I have to eat lunch with my class. It is delivered by the cafeteria. I don't have to bother to bring something. There a restaurant dinners or sandwiches provided on Parent/Teacher meeting nights that I go up there for. Sometimes if someone brings goodies, one of the janitors brings me something. Since I can't leave my class alone except for my restroom breaks; I miss some things, but I don't let it bother me. I jokingly say "It is lonely at the bottom." haha Of course, I am 69, it might have bothered me when I was 26 and working in an office with younger women. I wasn't invited to one of the girl's small weddings. I was told by one of the other girls that it was for the "Intermediate" family only! haha. Her use for words always cracked me up. ,  Janice/Ok

5093 Sunshine (Linda IN) (5/13/2016 9:31:04 AM):  Your package was being sent to a forwarding place (you sign up with them to get your packages, etc and they forward it to the final address). My DH works out by that place! Wow! I hope Amazon / the police can figure out who it was being sent to.,  Heather, NV

5094 Graduation gifts (5/13/2016 9:35:16 AM):  I am looking for suggestions for high school graduation gifts for a is my nephews wife's son. I am thinking $20.00....My hubby is retired and on SS and I still work. Is that too little? I would only consider money as I don't know the boy well and don't know any future plans or likes or dislikes.,  Jan-IN

5097 Moxie (5/13/2016 11:11:56 AM):  Moxie's flavor is unique, as it is not as sweet as most modern soft drinks and is described by some as bitter. Moxie is flavored with gentian root extract, an extremely bitter substance which was reputed to possess medicinal properties. It originated around 1876 as a patent medicine called "Moxie Nerve Food".,  Bob, PA

5102 Recall Notices (5/13/2016 12:57:59 PM):  Hobby Lobby recalls infant rattles due to choking hazard:
Hobby Lobby recalls infant pacifier holders due to choking hazard:
Robert Bosch Tool recalls grinders due to risk of burns:
Twin Go recalls baby carriers due to fall hazard: Researcher

5103 Poll: Cell phone on silent? (5/13/2016 12:59:42 PM):  I am wondering if you keep your cell phones on silent when you are home. I just spent 10+ minutes looking for my cell phone in the house (I even called myself and couldn't hear it vibrate). I finally found it on the bed. I think I will now have it ring if I am just in the house.,  Heather, NV

5106 How to hide clip art images (5/13/2016 2:00:04 PM):  I did a stupid thing this morning on my computer. Need help from you more computer literate guys! I downloaded a template for Avery 8869 Business Card blanks. I brought it up through my word processing program "Open Office". I mistakenly clicked on a link that brought up various clip art images you could add to your business card design. It shows the actual images under the tool bar that shows the chosen font style, size, etc. I now cannot get that panel of clip art images closed or hidden! The panel extends down over the word processing screen when I want to type another document! Please help me!!,  Virginia Ann S VA

5107 lawn chair (5/13/2016 2:11:00 PM):  I need some new chairs for our yard. Most expensive time of the year - I know. 4 basic metal chairs that can support up to 275#. Any ideas,  judyb la

5108 Hey Bev/IN (5/13/2016 2:13:16 PM):  Well congratulations !!! Saw on the news station that Wabash won..... ,  Nancee/IN

5112 Voting - Last Day.... (5/13/2016 2:59:32 PM):  Thank you again to everyone for your wonderful support. Today is the last day for voting in the Johnsonville Ugly Grill Contest. If you could take a moment to submit one last for Michael P's Ugly Grill, I'd really appreciate it. I can't tell where I stand in the competition but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you again so much! The link is... & remember, by voting you can enter to win a year's worth of sausage :) Mmmmm,  Lisa P, CT

5119 appliances (5/13/2016 6:38:06 PM):  We're going to have to purchase a side-by-side refrigerator and a top-load washer and a dryer next month so I'm looking for recommendations on what brands work best. Been a long time since we had to buy either!,  Karen MN

5134 Gifthulk (5/14/2016 10:24:05 AM):  Anyone else having problems with Gifthulk today. On guess the card I have to put my rank and suit every single time. Also it is not even revealing a card to show if I have guessed right card or not.,  Vicki, Va.

5135 Self cleaning oven (5/14/2016 10:36:19 AM):  Is it safe to leave oven racks in when cleaning a self cleaning oven or would the oven racks be damaged by doing so?,  Just asking

5136 VERNORS (5/14/2016 11:12:58 AM):  DOREEN,MI i was born in downtown detroit. we used to go to the vernors plant on woodward ave and watch then thru the window. also, they gave out free samples sometimes. we really loved it. a brother who moved to texas after getting out of service would drive back to detroit and stock up on it. kentucky vernors is not at all the same miss good stuff. and also watching the pizza man toss the crust in the air to make it. he stood at the window to do that i guess to entice us to enter,,  shirley ky

5144 red pop soda (5/14/2016 12:39:16 PM):  Linda of TX asked what brand of soda was nicknamed "red pop". According to Google "red pop' is a soda. Faygo markets a "red pop" soda flavor. Perhaps that's the brand she's thinking of!,  Virginia Ann S VA

5147 Post# 35139 Broken link (5/14/2016 2:22:29 PM):  Url is from a secured site (denoted by https) and must be put thru this site first: cut and paste the second url that comes up when the page changes. In the RC submission box click your space bar two times; paste the url you have ready; click space bar two more times. You have to have two spaces before and two more after the url to make the hyperlink. I tried to get it to fix but it says it's not a valid link.,  Google Researcher

5149 Iphone wallet app (5/14/2016 2:56:23 PM):  I don't understand how to use the wallet app on my Iphone. Maybe someone can give me baby steps to do what I think can be done. It says it is for keeping your boarding passes movie tickets retail coupons & reward cards in 1 place. I have some $5 restaurant e-gift cards from Kellogg's Family Rewards & no clue how to get them from my email into that wallet. Can that be done?,  should be simple I hope

5150 doreen mi (5/14/2016 3:21:01 PM):  WHEN i moved from downtown, had to catch a bus to get to the streetcar to go down town. i remember santa in j.l.hudsons. cant remember talking to him tho. i hated to see where they tore it down. i miss the big city living,  shirley ky

5155 Chicago (5/14/2016 4:51:21 PM):  My 2 sisters and I are going to take a train trip to Chicago for 2 days. What are things not too far from Union train station to see and do? Thanks for your help.,  Becky Michigan

5161 value of art work (5/15/2016 6:22:29 AM):  I bought a picture at an Estate sale. The artist is PD Breeding Black and it's called" Three Strange Companions". I don't usually buy art work but liked the wolf. I know she does fantasy type art but trying to find a value. Thanks for any help!,  Lori L MN

5162 Virginia Ann, Clip Art (5/15/2016 7:00:41 AM):  Virginia Ann, This posting refers to your question about removing the clip art pane that's showing at the top of your screen in Open Office. Did you see my reply about closing the clip art gallery? Any luck closing the pane?,  Andrea, MI

5163 Milestones (5/15/2016 7:05:07 AM):  We have had a small army converge at our home this weekend. Grandson graduates from Gettysburg college today, youngest son's birthday, granddaughter on her way to UNC Wilmington to take two courses so she can graduate a year early from Mt. Holyoke college. It is great to see our family enjoying the fruits of their hard work.,  Bob, PA

5169 Foy Code (5/15/2016 12:46:26 PM):  c49bdvhl5 for 30+ points for 3 more. ,  Vicki, Va.

5174 Gifthulk Backpacking (5/15/2016 1:43:47 PM):  Is there a secret to getting the 20 points on radium one for backpacking through Europe. I do all the move to next one and hit continue button at end. It tells me thanks for going through slides but I get no credit for it and have never seen a captcha for it either. You can do it as many times as you want. Need help. I have stayed on each slide over 30 seconds but no points,  Vicki, Va.

5175 used items wording ? (5/15/2016 2:01:13 PM):  What does Used Acceptable Or Used good Mean? No warranty on items. Have a Oldies Outlet Store And Amazon warehouse deals too. Anyone brought items from them? ,  Carole K., PA

5176 Rolo (5/15/2016 2:24:34 PM):  I wonder if most stores stopped carrying it. I looked for it at VS, Winn Dixie, and 2 different Walgreens. not even a spot for it on the shelf. So much for that Savingstar,  me

5180 Neighbors (5/15/2016 3:20:52 PM):  I live in the country and my next door neighbors are having a party. People are coming and using our driveway and then going across the grass and parking in the neighbors front yard and on my yard too on the side closest to the neighbors. Would you go ask the people to move their cars off your grass? Would you put something in the driveway to stop people from using your driveway? Or would you do nothing? ,  Get off the grass

5192 Yard sale (5/15/2016 6:41:57 PM):  I wasn't going to do a yard sale this year but hubby lost his job of 30 years on Monday, I was scheduled be off on Thursday and Friday anyway and so we decided on Wednesday to do it Friday and Saturday. It was very successful and I felt like God was blessing us as stuff that I have repacked year after year finally sold. It also caused us to declutter the shed and some of the basement. Prayers and good thoughts appreciated for hubby to find a new job quickly. Thanks.,  Vicky N., ME

5199 Re: Weird Dream (5/15/2016 9:41:19 PM):  I, too, have vivid "dreams" occasionally. I am a spiritual person & I believe it's when our Lord talks to us of his plans for us. On one occasion, he let me know I was not where I needed to be in my life. Within a few short weeks, my whole life changed for the best, in so many different ways. It was all His doings & HE is still working in my life. I recently had another "dream" of a conversation with God. HE told me to be patient on finding a new life partner. HE told me the guy he has planned for me to spend my life with doesn't know me, yet & he's still mourning his wife's passing & allowed me to see the fellow. I woke up shortly there after, still with a vivid pic in my mind of the guy. I know of this guy. I didn't know him, personally till today. Of course, I never said a word about any of this. But as I was walking off from talking to this fellow, I got the message from our Lord, that "you've now planted the seed"... (meaning the fellow now knows of me), if anything comes of this, if this is God's Will...,  I Believe

5201 Juki sewing machine (5/15/2016 9:56:04 PM):  I ordered a new Juki TL-2010Q sewing machine (mostly for quilting). The local store sells it for the internet pricing even (sister bought the same machine for a lot more last fall). It does a straight stitch, you can do free motion quilting and it has a walking foot too. I can't wait for it to show up. ,  Heather, NV

5209 Cancel Magazines (5/16/2016 8:40:00 AM):  Could use some help. I got some free magazines for some other things I did online. Well at the time I enjoyed the magazines and continued with them. I am now trying to cancel them and need what agency I got them through. It has been ages and I have no idea. Does anyone know of way to find agency? Is there a number or something on magazines that will direct me to agency? Appreciate any help.,  Vicki, Va.

5212 Stove tops (5/16/2016 9:33:04 AM):  A while back we talked about cleaning glass top stoves and what a pain it can be. I have tried everything under the sun and nothing did what was promised. I then saw something somewhere and decided to combine two things and it is easy as pie to do!!! shaklee has a product on amazon called "scour off heavy rudy paste" it comes in a 9oz jar for $14.99 and lasts a long time. The other thing I got at amazon was "scrub daddy heavy rudy" price is $7.49, it comes in a big yellow block, my dh cut it in three pieces for me so it is easy to handle, cold water makes it hard and hot water makes it soft, I use the soft. The two of these and the micro cloth to dry and my stove looks like new. What I do is make soapy hot water so I can wash my knobs at same time soak my scrubber until its soft, make sure its wet, get some paster on it scrub my glass top stove gently, wash off soap and buff off and thats it.... so easy, hths ,  Sunshine (Linda IN)

5218 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIE (5/16/2016 12:38:19 PM):  Happy birthday to the most caring, compassionate, thoughtful friend on the planet! Hope you day is as special as you are!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!,  Diane ME

5219 Coupon Services and Paypal (5/16/2016 2:27:11 PM):  Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone else is having an issue with coupon services and paypal. In the past month two coupon orders went through at paypal but on the coupon service order it gets lost somewhere. These orders are for two different coupon services and only one pay pal account. The money is taken out of my pay pal account and coupons are never sent as they state they did not receive the money. After sending in dispute the money seems to find it's way to the coupon service and then I am promptly reimbursed back through pay pal. Am I the only one that this is happening to? I have pay pal since 1999 and never once had an issue. ,  Cathy, Mass

5221 Wendy's (5/16/2016 2:46:29 PM):  Can't say we didn't all see this announcement coming. Wendy's in CA and NY are going with self-serve kiosks in response to the $15 minimum wage. All other fast food chains will be lining up behind Wendy's ordering them. I don't use self checkout at the grocery store but sure would try these when we get them. ,  Susan L, AZ

5230 Foy Code (5/16/2016 6:34:16 PM):  a7qz0k5t5 For 21 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

5233 friend (5/16/2016 7:48:58 PM):  My friend Deb is rapidly coming to the end of her cancer battle. Probably within a week. For awhile we were both doing well with our treatments. So here I am, still doing well. I dont often have life's not fair moments, but this is one of them...,  judyb la

5234 Tiny Houses (5/16/2016 7:52:31 PM):  I am sitting here reading chat and HGTV Tiny Houses is on. Could anyone on here live in one? I have been doing a lot of decluttering and I do not have a lot of clothes. In fact DH has more clothes than I do but fabric alone would fill up a lot of space. ,  Chris, OH

5235 Hubby's job loss (5/16/2016 8:25:17 PM):  I am hoping that hubby's job loss is actually a blessing in disguise. He had to put in such long hours for the past few years and has been overworked I was afraid he was a heart attack waiting to happen. He worked for a company that supplied medical and specialty gases. Our biggest hurdle will be finding comparable health insurance without paying through the nose. He had a very promising interview today so we are hopeful. Thanks again for your prayers.,  Vicky N., ME

5241 Chicago, Illinois (5/17/2016 4:18:33 AM):  Any recommendations for motels/hotels in Chicago? If not in city, where would be a close place to stay? Is parking available at the navy pier? Is public transportation (the L) safe to ride? Some attractions not to miss? Thanks for info.,  Betty, La

5246 Winter Weather (5/17/2016 5:16:40 AM):  Woke up yesterday morning (4:30 am) to 29 degrees. I know that the temperature usually drops a few more degrees before it starts warming up. Had covered my few strawberry plants so hope they are saved. My apple tree may not give us anything this year due to the freeze. We might have another freeze or frost coming later this week also. We had snow and ice crystals on Sunday, with a high in the low 50's.,  Jackie A., PA

5248 Fox (5/17/2016 6:05:18 AM):  Does anyone know how to keep a fox away? Don't want to shoot it, but don't want it in my yard.,  Need help.

5252 my dog (5/17/2016 6:59:29 AM):  My puppy is now 14 months old. For the whole time I've been battling the idea of getting another puppy. I think I'm ready to now. We have another dog, he is 6. They play maybe once a day, maybe twice, sometimes not at all. They get along fine, but he's not as playful. The puppy I think is bored. I've tried everything. I think she just kind of needs another dog about her age. I cannot play with her 24/7. I like sticking to 2 dogs, but 3 isn't bad. They are small - mini doxies.,  Dianne in GA

5253 Wendy's self serve (5/17/2016 7:19:47 AM):  Do you mean a kiosk where you do your own ordering? The food is set out kind like a buffet and you get your own? What exactly are they doing?,  Inquiring mind

5259 Foy Code (5/17/2016 8:42:47 AM):  cir7dd0lc for 16 points for 1 more.,  Vicki, Va.

5261 Peeing Dog (5/17/2016 9:16:53 AM):  We took our dog to the vet. She has a bladder infection and incontinence. He gave her an antibiotic and pill for incontinence problem. He said to put the pill in Jif pnb and not any other brand because of some ingredient that was harmful to dogs. I don't have Jif but have tried several other ways to get her to take the incont. pill. I have cut it in pieces and put it in food, she eats around it. I wrapped it in a piece of chicken skin and she ate if before she know who was happening.Yesterday, I hollowed out part of a weiner and stuffed it in there, she smelled of it and wouldn't eat it. I finally crushed it up in water and added vegetable soup to it. I showed her the bowl and let her smell of it. She didn't trust me. I took the bowl to my dh with his plate. He gave it to her and she ate it. Talk about a smart dog.,  Janice/Ok

5264 Planes, Maps, and Automobiles (5/17/2016 10:18:59 AM):  It was whacky when everyone had to go home. My Daughter had to take my Granddaughter from Gettysburg to the Allentown airport to catch her flights to Wilmington, NC. When they got to Allentown, the flight was cancelled, but the airline provided a bus to Philly, where her next flight was. She made it to NC on time.

My sister and her husband were less fortunate. When they drive somewhere he spends countless hours studying maps and writing down every turn. He thinks he is finding the shortest way. When they came from Maine, they stopped for the night in Springfield, MA. To our home, it is a six to six and one half hour drive. Their time-nine hours, got lost twice. Going back to Springfield with a new set of turn by turn handwritten instructions, they got lost four times-their time 10 hours. I suggested they get a Tom-tom or Garmin- nope their friend told them it doesn't work. Map Quest or Google Maps-nope, you can't trust them. Stubborn runs deep with Maniacs. LOL ,  Bob, PA

5267 Magazines (5/17/2016 10:52:12 AM):  Thanks for info on the agencies. I so appreciate it! ,  Vicki, Va.

5275 $15 Minimum Wage (5/17/2016 11:54:48 AM):  I was just reading of another state raising their minimum wage. I think it was NJ. If servers in all restaurants are earning $15 per hour, I would guess the menu prices will increase and there won't be a need to tip 15-20% anymore. I have noticed some restaurants already posting the "no tips" concept.,  Changes Coming

5281 Prayer (5/17/2016 2:24:56 PM):  My dd just saw on FB that my bro and nephew had a wreck on way to ER, please pray for them.,  Janice/Ok

5283 Television Series' Endings (5/17/2016 3:16:36 PM):  It seems as this year there are a lot of TV series ending. The Good Wife was the first. Castle and Mike and Molly last night. Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo is leaving NCIS--tonight is his last show. Royal Pains and Rizzoli and Isles are both ending after the coming seasons. What do you think? I wasn't thrilled with the Good Wife's ending. I never really watched Mike and Molly but I did last night just cuz--I cried. Haven't really watched Castle much over the past couple years, but caught last night's finale--I felt the ending--the fast forward 7 years--was just tacked on to wrap up loose ends--although I love a happy ending it might have been more a punch in the gut if they'd closed with a tombstone with both their names on it and some sappy epitaph like "lived, loved and died together" on it. I'm going to be a big pile of tears tonight watching Tony leave on NCIS. Royal Pains--we shall see. Rizzoli and Isles will be another tearjerker for me, though--it's one of my favorite shows. I hope that one ends well. What do you think?,  Laurie, MN

5289 Kindle fire music (5/17/2016 3:48:18 PM):  Recently Amazon did some kind of update/change to my fire tablet. I just realized that I no longer have all my free/bought music. No cloud either. Has this happened to anyone else and how did you fix it? I am not electronically savvy.,  clueless

5291 Yes, dogs are smart! (5/17/2016 4:11:57 PM):  Reading about all the tricks to get the pills down your dogs, and having to hand the soup to DH who then gave it to dog, who only then took it, too funny. Reminded me of when we would go on vacations to the beach w/our Paddy dog - we made a huge mistake and fed her people food only. She got to the point that when we were away, she expected people food and wouldn't eat anything else. One time I planned to serve chili, so while I was cooking our meal, I opened a can of Alpo and put it in a pan and heated it!! Nope, she wouldn't even sniff it and she held out til I gave her chili. When we retired and drove from WA st to NV, she would only eat people food on the 5 day trip. Then when we got to our new home, unpacked, set up everything - she still thought we were on vacation because she didn't understand it was her new home. She held out for about 3 days, food-wise, and drank a lot of water. That was a long 3 days for all of us.,  Sheila, NV

5295 Census (5/17/2016 5:41:14 PM):  Has anyone else had to answer the census questions about jobs, etc? I just finished #7 of 8 (four months last year and four months this year) and I will be so happy when next year's questions are done! I am hoping they don't come to our house again (it is supposed to be by address so if we had moved in the last year the next owner would have had to answer all of the questions).,  Heather, NV

5300 Susan or Judy LA (5/17/2016 5:59:38 PM):  Do either of you live near New Orleans?,  Carol, MD

5301 Supper (5/17/2016 6:09:35 PM):  tonite I had a bowl of leftover beef stew with warm rolls that really hit the spot in this wet and chilly day.,  louise, oh

5315 Getting Money Back (5/18/2016 6:48:57 AM):  I canceled my newspaper and can not get my money back. I filed a report at the better Business Bureau, who else can I contact for help with getting a refund? TIA,  Karen N Mi

5316 Need wedding gift advice (5/18/2016 7:11:06 AM):  I like to make assorted crafts that I will give as gifts. I have another nephew whose daughter is getting married in October. Many years ago, I was making sutffed musical hearts with various musical discs inside of them. I made one in a white satin embossed fabric that had the disc "Wedding March"inside. I tacked a narrow satin ribbon on the front that held 1 or 2 "craft" rings in either gold or silver. The ring color matched the actual wedding rings of gold or platinum. I still have that heart & thought of giving it to the bride as my wedding gift. But now I've learned that the bride is planning a very casual wedding with a few touches of traditional wedding sprinkled in. I no longer feel this would be an appropriate gift in view of what her wedding ceremony will be! I am currently working up some decorative note cards using my Hallmark Card Studio software program. One of the designs I've worked up has 2 hearts in it. I call this design "Loving hearts". It has a rustic look to the design. I ve also worked up a coordinating sticker to put on the back of the envelopes. I would like to sned this bride 20 or maybe even 30 note csards, envelopes, stickers as my wedding gift. I feel she will have lots of thank you notes to write various people! Would that be an appropriate wedding gift since she's having a very casual wedding ceremony? My clip art design is printed on white parchment paper.,  Virginia Ann S VA

5319 Clueless/Kindle (5/18/2016 7:46:11 AM):  Unfortunately I don't have an answer about your music, but if you chat/call/email Amazon, they are really helpful about the update. My daughter's Kindle did that automatic update, but she loved it. She didn't have any problems with her music not being there though. Wish I had the answer, but they are really helpful and I'm sure they can tell you how to find your music. Good luck! :) ,  Lorena, TX

5325 Back To Routine (5/18/2016 9:51:18 AM):  Well my stay at home vacation is over. Actually did a few things around house on Monday & Tuesday morning. We did go out with some family on Monday & do some thrift store shopping. We visited a very nice in Norfolk called USA thrift. Wow! what a great store. Then we visited a Salvation army thrift store in Va. Beach. My hubby is set for shorts for summer and I got some great tops and very nice purses. My SIL got some very cute sandals and tops and she got her spouse some shirts. We all just had a great time for very little money. Yesterday Pepper our yorkie was due for routine physical, blood work, and vaccinations. So I am just really getting into routine of housecleaning today. It did me good though to take a break. I am planning on getting into that sewing room today and really giving it a good cleaning. It is horrible right now. Also got a nice piece of material that I need to iron and make some pants. Oh I also bought used sheets for practically nothing to practice new sewing things on before messing up a good piece of material. ,  Vicki, Va.

5330 Need current rate for Priority Rate 9 1/2 (5/18/2016 10:52:13 AM):  Would somebody please tell me what the current rate is for Priority Flat Rate 9 1/2" x 12 1/2" envelopes? The postal Website doesn't give that rate.,  Virginia Ann S VA

5335 Me - re: self serve kiosk (5/18/2016 1:17:46 PM):  The one we used at McD's had a touch screen and you started by selecting a category (sandwiches, sides, drinks, value meal, etc.) then I think it had pictures of everything and you just touched the picture on the screen. It was very easy. There were 4 of us, hubby & 2 kids, and we each just took a turn ordering what we wanted. My boys got a kick out of it.,  Mary, KS

5342 Adjusting a clip art image to fit a label (5/18/2016 2:50:35 PM):  I'm working up some decorative stickers to put on the backs of my greeting card envelope using my Hallmark Card Studio software program. I'm using a clip art image of a teddy bear surrounded by flowers in an envelope. The template that appears to fit this clip art is a 2 1/2" to 3" square. It only prints 3 rows of 3 labels each. The Hallmark program doesn't say which brands of labels fit this template. I saw a package of avery labels on Staples Website that is 2 1/4" x 3" with an arch at the top of the label. Each sheet has 3 rows of 3 labels. I printed out a test run on scrap paper so I could lay a sheet of the Avery labels on the printout. The image printout looked like it would fit those labels. But when I did an actual print run on 1 sheet, the image landed too high on the bottom row of labels. Part of the image will be shopped off when I remove the label from the sheet. Is there a way I can adjust the lay out on the bottom row of labels? The image hits the other 2 horizontal rows of labels okay. Or does anybody know of a label brand that prints 3 rows of 3 labels to an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper?,  Virginia Ann S VA

5346 What's for Dinner? (5/18/2016 5:11:45 PM):  We grilled some chicken for fajitas. I cooked a big pot of pinto beans, sauteed some peppers and onions, and made a salad. Served with flour tortillas - yum!,  Nancy, LA

5348 Snap by Google (5/18/2016 5:58:51 PM):  I haven't used S by G since last December. There use tone some grocery items available but I can't find them at all. It says 30 offers but it is stuff like AT&T, Amazon, etc. If I do those I will do them on Swagbucks. Are there grocery offers that I am missing somehow? ,  Lost

5349 Dr Phil (5/18/2016 6:06:09 PM):  I seldom get a chance to see this show. Missed the beginning because I was in shower. Not sure what led up to it but a married couple in Irvine tried to destroy the life of a PTA president. Something set the mom off involving her grade school age son. This couple planted drugs in her car and called it in. By a miracle this woman was able to clear her name and keep her freedom. It still took a heavy toll on her life and that of her family. Didn't sound like either of couple served any time but should of. In some locations the show will be on tomorrow. Alarming to see what some crazy person can do to ruin your life,  grateful to know no one that crazy I think

5351 Where is the news coverage (5/18/2016 7:05:12 PM):  I doubt if many of you saw news coverage about the gay pastor that admitted he lied about Whole Foods Market writing a slur on a cake. (The store said the cake decoration writing had been altered after it was picked up.) CA

5355 hmmm Overtime anyone?? (5/18/2016 7:13:01 PM):  Wondering how this new ruling will affect the economy. It says that anyone who is salaried and making less than $47,476 will now (come December) make overtime pay. I wonder if teachers would be included as I make less than that and work a lot more than 40 hours some weeks. But what will that do for businesses and the overall economy??,  Susan, SC

5363 Appropriate times for texting (5/18/2016 9:47:18 PM):  I'm a night owl and often text my friends with ideas, etc. late at night (like now - 11:46 p.m.). After a response from a friend of mine, I'm considering not texting after 9:00 p.m. like I do with my phone calling. What are your thoughts on appropriate times for texting?,  Mindy, MD

5365 18 Days (5/18/2016 10:00:29 PM):  Our weatherman here in Va. Said that out of the first 18 days of May that 14 of them have had rain. This has been the most gloomiest May I have seen in a long time. I don't want hot weather but I am beyond ready for just some warm sunny pleasant spring weather. We are supposed to be rain free next couple of days and then heavy rains on Saturday again.,  Vicki, Va.

5366 Wedding/honeymoon update (5/18/2016 10:02:02 PM):  We are back from a great wedding/honeymoon in Hawaii. As some of you might remember, I was worried about several things regarding outfit, makeup, and arms. As it turned out, everything went great. I became a totally different looking woman after getting my hair done and having the airbrushing. The Spanx were a nice addition to make everything smooth. I also found a little sweater/shoes at Macys on the last day before we left. I'm glad we did everything on our own instead of inviting a lot of people. The Hawaii vacation was awesome. My favorite part was the amazing blue water and watching the waves primarily on the east side of Oahu. I'm really glad we rented a car. So, I'm excited and extremely grateful to have found someone in the middle years to have and to hold. Thanks for your kind comments. I often feel like I can come to this forum and receive loving support.,  Mindy, MD

5367 Ugly Grill.... (5/18/2016 11:11:12 PM):  I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who voted for my "ugly grill" in the Johnsonville Sausage contest. Unfortunately, I wasn't the grand prize winner but am sincerely grateful for the support I received from the very sweet members of this site who took the time to vote. Many thanks again & cheers to a great BBQ season.,  Lisa P, CT

5383 CVS rewards (5/19/2016 6:31:40 AM):  Do they still take these if they expired? The ones that come out for purchasing certain products?,  Lynn

5390 Texting-bumping up (5/19/2016 9:18:18 AM):  I'm a night owl, but not an early riser unless it's a work day. One of my neighbors and I chat on my house phone after her DH goes to bed. B/c I know he goes to work at 4 a.m., I always tell her that SHE will have to place the call so I don't wake him up. And since it's just me, it won't bother anyone else in my house. Another friend is also night owl but she also texts a lot---and late. We have a mutual friend going through chemo and is having some issues. As I got in bed last night, I checked FB and saw a reply to another post that anwered my friend's question so I texted her b/c it was buried in lots of comments. I knew better, but did it anyway but did tell her that I was checking FB just before going to bed. So that she would know that it was bedtime for me. She continued to text about unrelated topics so I waited longer each time before replying. Finally almost an hour later, I quit responding. I do have my phone on the nightstand on silent/vibrate. Like I said I took the chance but knew better when I did it. I wouldn't think of calling anyone after 10 p.m. and I have one friend who told me to not call after 9:00. I even have an elderly friend/neighbor and she is still self-employed. I know to not call after 7 p.m. they are in bed. ,  Susan, LA

5393 Passport (5/19/2016 9:52:45 AM):  OK friends, it's been awhile since I have been out of the country and now I am planning a few trips over the next few years. What is the best way to get a passport? PO, on line, other? How much does it cost? How long does it take? Our first trip will be in July so I need to jump on this if it takes awhile. TIA,  CB OH

5394 Requests/Update (5/19/2016 9:52:58 AM):  My brother is resting from accident. Nephew says he is feeling great. It must have been the prayers. email (he's a used car dealer) His name is John. My younger dd celebrated her 34th birthday yesterday. She is the mother of my granddaughter. Would you email her a b/d greeting? Jill email Thanks,,  Janice/Ok

5401 Morley Safer (5/19/2016 12:07:08 PM):  Just read he passed away, age 84. He just had a show (60 Min) last Sunday that he was retiring!,  shocked

5402 Choc Chip fluff (5/19/2016 12:42:05 PM):  Susan, SC What's Choc Chip fluff--something you make (how?) or something you buy (where?)? Sounds really good.,  share please

5403 Debbie H. Va. (5/19/2016 12:52:28 PM):  I hope the weather will be good for graduation at UVA. However they are saying heavy rains for Saturday here in the Tidewater area of Va. I hope they have a place for indoors at UVA if it is going to rain. We have been up to UVA a few times to watch our local high school play. When my youngest son graduated in 2004 from high school it was outside and there was one of the most horrible thunder and lightening storms you ever saw. The bleachers were metal so the bleachers and field were immediately evacuated. My son was number one is his class so we got to see him graduate and just a few others before the storm. However many grads did not get to graduate that night and they and their parents were just so disappointed and beyond sad. The school did nothing to reschedule the graduation. A few of the churches here did do a type of graduation ceremony so the graduate and their parents could have some type of memory and get pictures. I felt so sad for all of them. Just to see your child go through 12 years of school and not be able to graduate. Just so sad. Since then all HS graduations have been indoors.,  Vicki, Va.

5412 playskoo pipework (5/19/2016 2:13:28 PM):  I looking for Playskool pipework for my Grandkids if any one has one for sale please let me know,  Debbie Mand WI

5413 Worry too much? (5/19/2016 2:14:28 PM):  In the little town where I live we have city wide clean up twice a year where you can sit out unwanted household items that won't fit in the trash and the city will pick them up free of charge. We coordinated the delivery of our new furniture with the city wide pick up. After we set all our old stuff out, though, we got a call from the city that the date had been changed by a week because of the threat of bad weather. Well, we weren't going to bring it all back in so we just left it bunched up in the driveway. And, remember a couple of months ago that I told everyone I was a volunteer CASA ... well, with that volunteer work I get lots of mail from the court house since I'm a party to a case. With all the court mail and all of our furniture sitting out in the driveway I'm just sure our mailman thought, "they must be getting evicted"!!!! LOL Rodney told me I worry too much about what people think. Hmmm ... maybe :),  Sandy B., MO

5427 Recall Notices (5/19/2016 5:19:41 PM):  Target recalls Menorahs due to fire hazard:
Pacific Cycle recalls infant bicycle helmets due to choking and magnet ingestion hazards. Sold exclusively at Target: Researcher

5428 Recall Notices (5/19/2016 5:30:01 PM):  Black Diamond recalls climbing ascenders due to fall hazard:
Rocky Mountain recalls bicycles with front disc brakes to replace quick release lever due to crash hazard:
SCOTT recalls bicycles due to fall hazard:
Digital Clamp Meters recalled by Klein Tools due to shock and burn hazards:
Black Diamond recalls Camming climbing devices due to fall hazard:
Black Diamond recalls Via Ferrata climbing equipment due to fall hazard: Researcher

5432 brakes (5/19/2016 5:57:01 PM):  does anyone have an idea how long back brakes on a front wheel drive car should last mile wise? My driving is mostly stop and go. I don't want to ask the dealer.,  lbj

5445 Thanks (5/20/2016 6:08:06 AM):  Thanks to all for the info on the passports. Looks like there's a lot of different times in which it gets back to you. But we will start in a few days getting the applications and everything together that we need because the first time we're going somewhere is the end of July we're just going to go to Ontario. Rain who is a Beatles tribute band is playing up there. We've seen them twice before once in Cleveland and once in Canton and they're really good. So I figured we'd make it a mini vacation. Another trip will definitely be to Europe. And then next May I'm renting a little house in the Bahamas right on the beach! So it will come in handy. ,  CB OH

5449 Foy Code (5/20/2016 10:00:00 AM):  h3o6zo25i For 17 points for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

5450 USPS Order Saga (5/20/2016 10:58:40 AM):  Yesterday morning I got on USPS Website & ordered the following items: a 10-PACK OF 12 1/2" X 9 1/2" Priority mail flat rate envelopes & 20- $1 stamps. The Priority mail flat rate envelopes were from the free shipping supplies Web page. In my mailbox yesterday afternoon was a priority mail flat rate LETTER envelope #10 size. I even got a message in my e-mail Inbox that I had a delivery of the 1 priority mail flat rate LETTER size envelope! The e-message also had some attachment with it that showed images of various priority mail flat rate mailing boxes & envelopes. I called USPS this morning to ask why i was sent the wrong thing. Staffer had no answer for me. Just gave me another toll free number to call. It was for shipping supplies. They had no answer for me either. but said I'd likely have to reorder those free shipping supplies! One staffer was able to tell me that my stamp order had shipped. Should I have to reorder those free shipping supplies? I can't believe they would send me the wrong item the same day I ordered it on line!,  Virginia Ann S VA

5453 Help with Windows 10 (5/20/2016 1:05:14 PM):  Well while shopping on Amazon this morning my computer stops and upgrades me to Windows 10. Well I am completly lost. Can someone just explain how to get on Internet to sites. I see there is no internet explorer no longer. I have seen a couple of tutorial with some help but lot of explanation clear as mud. Big dummy here needs all the help I can get. Very very much appreciated! ,  Vicki, Va.

5454 Pinecone Research (5/20/2016 1:06:54 PM):  Those doing Pinecone Research .. have you received and read the new privacy policy? I'm mot really sure if I want to continue.,  avid researcher

5459 Vicky, ME (5/20/2016 3:05:50 PM):  Did your husband get the job?,  Diane ME

5476 Paypal question (5/20/2016 6:56:36 PM):  My renter wants to use Paypal to pay her rent. It looks like she just puts in my phone number, the dollar amount, and it will end up in my Paypal account. I guess I then move it to my checking account. Have any of you used Paypal just to transfer money? Any problems I'm not seeing?,  Mindy, MD

5477 ibotta (5/20/2016 7:56:49 PM):  Can someone explain ibotta? How it works on refunds. ,  sharon mo

5479 Recall Notice (5/20/2016 10:23:06 PM):  Phil&Teds recalls dash strollers due to risk of injury: ,  Google Researcher

5483 Donna, Windows 10 (5/21/2016 10:43:18 AM):  Donna, Please see my response to you under post 35453. Turning off the computer is only a temporary solution for keeping Windows 10 from downloading. I've made a suggestion in the response that I just mentioned.,  Andrea, MI

5486 Sharon (5/21/2016 11:34:27 AM):  I recently started using Ibotta. You have to first download a video on a product. Some are like 2 seconds some a bit longer. Then buy the product. Take a picture of the receipt and the upc code. The site really does walk you thru all of this. I've not cashed out yet but plan to soon so will have to figure that out!,  Susan, SC

5489 Padded Plastic Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes (5/21/2016 1:01:22 PM):  Thanks you ofr responses to my USPS saga. Where do i find the padded plastic 12" x 9" Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes on the USPS Website? I only see the paper board 12 1/2" x 9 1/2" Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes among the free shipping supplies! I've used those padded plastic envelopes before & would prefer them!,  Virginia Ann S VA

5491 Sam's (5/21/2016 2:42:25 PM):  I got a boneless spiral cut ham at Sam's when I got my membership. I had a $10 off that came with the membership and it was $15.76. Just cut into it today and it is the worst ham-full of fat and grisel. Would Sam's give us a different one if I take it in the next time I shop or will they just refund the $5.76 I paid? I am hoping they will give us a new one. ,  MO

5499 Please Vote for me (5/21/2016 5:07:01 PM):  Cat's Pride Litter is having a photo contest. Please vote for my photo to win. Thank you so much. VLTampa FL

5503 Lisa-Paypal (5/21/2016 6:40:41 PM):  Depends on if your have a fee paypal or a free paypal. IF you have it set up with fees then it would detract from your rent. My paypal account is free.,  Susan, SC

5506 Visiting Alaska (5/21/2016 6:56:28 PM):  We'll be traveling in Alaska for vacation this year between Seward through Anchorage, Denali and flying out of Fairbanks. Anything not to miss? There is just so much to do it is hard to figure out what to skip. Also - I don't see a lot of discounts on thing there. I know about the 2 coupon books. Do they have a lot of discounts at Visitor Centers? Thanks for the info.,  Kim C., FL

5507 METV (5/21/2016 7:04:16 PM):  Happy Saturday! Just found out about this channel, MeTV. Memorable Television showcases some original television programs from 50s - 80s. But the best part, in my opinion, old Sci-Fi movie showcase with host...Svengoolie. See, not everything on TV is bad. :) ,  Emily, FL

5519 Online sellers (5/22/2016 6:03:52 AM):  I have some Waterford Christmas plates and ornaments that I'd like to sell. Also some other porcelain ornaments. All are dated. Online sellers...what do you recommend. EBay? Craig's list? Is there any other site?The plates are very heavy so I would not pay for shipping. I know I will not get rich off this. The plates between $60-$80 each on Amazon but half that on eBay. I also looked at the auctions and no bids on several. Any suggestions for sites, selling tips? I know auctions you usually start quite low but I don't want to get a price of $15 and then have to pay shipping! Any help is appreciated!,  Sue P., CT

5521 red copper skillet (5/22/2016 7:27:16 AM):  Anyone have the red copper skillet advertised on TV? I am tempted to try it. Often you can find those "advertised on TV" products at Walgeens & Walmart but currently ad says not in any store. Maybe I will wait till it is I hate payng p/h charges, but if you did, do you like or hate the skillet?,  needing new skillets

5523 MeTV (5/22/2016 7:41:16 AM):  I only have one complaint about this station and it's not really the station, it's our local provider. A program will be advertised at a certain time and our provider carries local programming, like local churches' services.,  susan, LA

5529 Chickens (5/22/2016 12:00:43 PM):  The world's largest chicken BBQ was held yesterday at Long's Park in Lancaster. 24,000 chicken dinners were sold by the Sertoma club with the profits somewhere in the $100,000 range. The proceeds are used to maintain the park and other noteworthy causes. The BBQ is the largest according to Guiness Book of Records.,  Bob, PA

5535 playskool pipework (5/22/2016 3:55:16 PM):  Does anybody have any of these for sale Please let me know,  Debbie Mand wi

5536 No health insurance (5/22/2016 3:55:17 PM):  Has anyone dealt with this? I have no insurance due to a Medicare screwup, is there a way to get prescription drugs? Any help appreciated,  No name

5537 A little seasoning (5/22/2016 4:06:31 PM):  I am a very plain cook. Aside of salt and pepper I rarely use any other herbs or spices when cooking as I am satisfied with the original taste of the meats I cook. However I would like to make it a little flavorful when I have company. Do you have any suggestions of a seasoning blends I could sprinkle on to add a little more flavoring to the original taste of chicken and chops?,  Plain cook

5539 expired Marriott points (5/22/2016 4:54:24 PM):  Ugh. I was told that my Marriott points expired today (May 22, 2016). I just went in to use them and it won't let me since they 'expired on May 22, 2016)'. I just sent customer support a message saying that it should have said they expired on May 21, 2016. I guess I won't be using a Marriott hotel if I have another choice.,  Heather, NV

5546 Gift Card (5/22/2016 6:40:49 PM):  The first person to email me I will send a gift card that has $4.96 left on it-to Old Country Buffet, Country Buffet, Home Town Buffet, Ryan's or Fire Mountain. Ours went out several months ago and I have no use for it-so hope somebody can use it. Just let me hear from you. Have a great rest of the eve. Jeri,  Jeri/Co.

5548 Washers (5/22/2016 7:12:55 PM):  Ugh, mine is dying. Anybody buy one lately? I want a top loader, not a lot of bells and whistles. I looked today and pretty much settled on a Whirlpool, 4.6. It doesn't have an agitator. Is anyone familiar with that? Do they clean just as well?,  Kay-MI

5552 Urgent care (5/22/2016 7:25:27 PM):  We had our first ever visit to Urgent care yesterday. Sarge (our new puppy) bit my daughter a few days ago (not a big bite, just playful puppy bites - sharp teeth!). She has complained about it a little bit, and my husband yesterday said he thought we should get it checked out. It looked like a burn (had a blister), and was red around the blister. I called the on-call line of our pediatrician, and they said to take her to urgent care (said one of the clinics might just send us to ER). It was indeed infected, and we got antibiotics. It seemed so minor, but the fact that the doctor told us to get to urgent care made me realize it could progress fast and get very serious, so we didn't mess with it. The blister has gone down already, so hopefully there will be no further issue (oral and cream antibiotics continue for 10 days). We have to watch for streaks from the area, and if we see them, go to the ER (obviously hoping we are past that risk!).,  Lisa, OH

5554 Best digital frame (5/22/2016 8:07:15 PM):  My dad has been put into Skilled Care after a fall that broke his leg. He Is 91 and the leg is not healing. I am at a loss for Father's Day gifts and had an idea of a digital frame. Prices are all over the place for them. Any frames you can recommend? Can you email pics to the frame if its wireless?,  Michele. TN

5561 Musty Smell (5/23/2016 6:35:25 AM):  Does anyone know how to get this smell out of a house? The house is clean, but just has that smell. I'd appreciate any suggestions,  Thanks

5566 GONE (5/23/2016 7:32:29 AM):  Buffet gift card is gone. Thanks for the interest. Have a great week. ,  Jeri/Co

5567 Estate (5/23/2016 8:07:46 AM):  My mom died over a year ago and has one small bank acct. in her name only I cannot touch. I have been back and forth with an attorney and the bank and being told since it is a small acct. to let it go to unclaimed funds. I have also been told to go to probate, which I did not have to do, or to the court on my own which would probably take a day and cost what is in the acct so not worth doing that. Now I am being told I could try to get a small estate affidavit. What is that and how do I get that? Thanks for any help!,  Ann

5568 Teen Youth Mission Trip (5/23/2016 8:23:09 AM):  The teen youth at my old church in Pittsburgh, Mt.Lebanon U. Methodist, will be making their Mission trip to Project Crossroads in Marion, VA between the dates of 6/23 to 7/2. Would my refund buddies on this board please keep those youth in their thoughts during that week? I think they will give a report about their experiences at the church's "Faith for Today" Summer Sunday program sometime in August.,  Virginia Ann S VA

5571 Tracfone (5/23/2016 9:57:06 AM):  Does anyone know of any Tracfone codes available right now? Thanks for any help.,  Diane W. Ct

5572 Yahoo! (5/23/2016 9:58:03 AM):  The rain and gloomy dark clouds are moving out of SE Va. Out of 23 days for month of May about 21 of them have been rain. Looks like this week is going to be sunny & nice. Even Memorial Day weekend looking good. So over the gloominess & chilliness.,  Vicki, Va.

5573 online selling (5/23/2016 10:04:32 AM):  Thanks, everyone, for your answers. DH made a good point there may be interest more in the fall than now. After Labor Day, I will try to sell some.I will look into a consignment shop in the area. Or I may just donate them since we itemize on our tax return.(depending on quotes I get. SO much easier that it may be worth the lower value deduction taken off taxes. We'll see. At least with your help, I avoided big headaches trying to sell/ship them from an eBay sale.,  Sue P., CT

5580 Foy Code (5/23/2016 11:37:24 AM):  zpcbu3g23 For 23 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

5590 NIAGARA Falls CANADA, st catharines etc (5/23/2016 2:27:08 PM):  Leaving Wednesday for our tourist time in Canada,,,, Passport already in the car ( we are driving) I am looking for TRIED and TRUE advice of places to AVOID, MUST DO'S etc of course saving money is key ! LOL parking advice, tourist stuff that is a must do would be appreciated..... I have looked at lots of website but am looking for someone who lives near there and or someone who has recently gone there.... thanks in advance,  PA Traveler

5593 Where is (5/23/2016 5:02:25 PM):  the RefundCents trading board? Not the yahoogroups, but the actual board. I lost my favorites and can't find the link on this site. Thanks in advance.,  Ginger G, Texas

5594 Cream cheese dip (5/23/2016 5:24:30 PM):  Looking for a favorite recipe for a dip with cream cheese in it. Easy, no meat.,  Looking for something new

5596 Selling gift cards (5/23/2016 7:19:27 PM):  I have a Applebees gift card with a balance I would like to get rid of. I know there are web sites that exist, but which ones do you have experience?,  Sheila G IL

5598 computer help (5/23/2016 8:30:50 PM):  I have a Dell monitor. I have this annoying little pad lock that show up in the middle of the screen. I have went to google and well that didn't help. Yes I have pushed in button and held it ...I have almost done everything that the google search had. Has anyone else had this problem. I might have to call Dell in the morning to see what they think. Okay I will go back to google and see again. But please has anyone else had this annoying pad lock (unlocking and locking) in the middle of the screen issue ????,  Patti/IN

5603 What are Sleep Goggles? (5/24/2016 7:03:01 AM):  I have been diagnosed with chronic dry eye. For five months Iíve been taking restasis yet my eyes still need to have extra ointments and eye drops put in a few times a day to stop the irritations. Each day I need to bail mucus out of my eyes. Without detail my optometrist suggested I wear sleep goggles at night since my eyes may not be completely closed when I sleep. Can someone give me details as to what wearing sleep goggles does to protect your eyes and how it well help eliminate what I go through every day?,  Just asking

5607 Iphone wallet app (5/24/2016 8:48:58 AM):  I asked this before & no response so trying again. Maybe I wasn't clear. On my Iphone I have a wallet app. Apparently it is standard app because I didn't ask for it. Not sure how to out egift certificates in it. I have some egift cards from KFR, Swagbucks, Perk, etc. I don't have a printer & so can't redeem the egift cards on paper. I thought if I take from email inbox to wallet I could keep better track of them and redeem them easily.,  anyone know answer please?

5613 Identifying clip art image of a rooster (5/24/2016 12:55:26 PM):  I found 3 clip art images of roosters in my Hallmark Card Studio software program. I'm using one of them to decorate some note cards & stickers. I think this image is of a real breed of rooster & not just an artist's rendering. This is a multi-color rooster. It's mostly yellow with rust, yellow & black feathers. The tail feathers are black. The belly feathers are cream colored. There's some pale red around the head. I want to say this is a Peruvian breed of rooster. But where would I look online to find images of actual breeds of roosters?,  Virginia Ann S VA

5614 great day! (5/24/2016 12:55:56 PM):  Oh boy I've had a really great day! First, I got a little lost (thanks GPS) but found out that my beloved bank from my old town now has a branch on the border of my new town! Yay! Next, I got a new sewing machine! I really needed one for travel to sew-ins. Went to a store recommended by a friend. Got a floor model Necchi for $399 with an extension table. I've had a Necchi before. They are made by Janome. Great machines. Lastly, my new glasses were in. Stopped by the eye dr. Got my glasses and my first ever pair of prescription sunglasses. Those are the bomb! Just had to share my fun day!,  Dianne in GA

5622 Justice (5/24/2016 3:48:19 PM):  The judges ruling on the first police defendant in the Freddie Gray case was acquitted on all charges. The judge ruled that the prosecution didn't have a case at all. This looked all along like a rush to judgement on the Baltimore DA's part.,  Bob, PA

5627 moving on (5/24/2016 6:38:20 PM):  My son is in Pensacola in the Marines. He's still liking it which is a good thing. They have all kinds of cool things for them to do on the weekends. He has gone paintballing (lots), kayaking, ziplining, and several other activities. This weekend he's going to Universal Studios Orlando for 3 days. All these activities cost money but real cheap. Today he found out that he'll head to Jacksonville, FL in June. But after that he'll be deployed somewhere. I'm just glad he stays on the East Coast for now.,  Susan, SC

5631 Recall Notices (5/24/2016 10:41:13 PM):  Water heating technologies recalls gas water heaters due to fire hazard:
Philips Lighting recalls metal halide lamps due to burn and laceration hazards:
Rixson exterior gate closers recalled due to injury hazard; made by Assa Abloy Italia: Researcher

5637 Bumping up dry eyes (5/25/2016 7:51:37 AM):  More on yesterday's topic. Some people have bletheritis, which is inflammation of the glands along your eyelids. The baby shampoo soaks will help. Allergy meds may help. Before you start buying prescription meds, go buy eye drops....the kind that are just for artificial tears, not the ones with any kind of allergy medications in them. I get the Murine ones at Dollar Tree. Use as often as you want but use them for the last thing just before you go to bed. You don't need to go out and buy sleep goggles.....just get yourself a nice, silky sleep mask in any store. Wake up with gunk in your eyes.....simple wash with clear water,  Joanie in FL

5638 Transgender question (5/25/2016 9:34:49 AM):  I was reading an article about a female to male conversion. The person does not want to be called "he" nor "she". This person wants to be called "they". "They", however, is plural. Is that the term used? How can that be? This is an honest question.,  Just want to know

5643 The Sewing Room (5/25/2016 11:03:51 AM):  I am giving my sewing room a good cleaning today. I think what I need to do is just throw some dynamite and yell Clear!! My sewing room also doubles as a all purpose type of room so it can get quite disorganized. It is also probably the most neglected room in the house. When I am working on projects I might do a little dusting and light vacuuming but I usually finish up several projects before it gets a good cleaning. I got most of it done but need to go through big container of fabric and sort what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of and then a real good vacuuming. Then let the process begin again. All that will happen tomorrow. Now on to the rest of the house.,  Vicki, Va.

5646 new ipod (5/25/2016 11:22:48 AM):  Ineed a new ipod. Is 7th generation the newest? I don't need the most cutting edge. I have a nano that is broken-the on/off button no longer works. I never was in love with it though..It was the shape of a Ipod shuffle and I'd rather have a little bigger one. It was not as user friendly as my older Nano. Is ipod touch a lot better? Are there really great features thatI should lok for? I want to spend less than $200.TIA,  Sue P., CT

5647 Transgender (5/25/2016 11:24:33 AM):  I have heard them called 'SHIM'. Not a she and not a him!! What a strange world this is. ,  weird world

5653 Matching sticker brands to Hallmark sticker templa (5/25/2016 1:32:27 PM):  I have a 2014 Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe software program installed in my desktop computer. The sticker templates Web page has 5 different templates. But they don't say which brand of stickers each template will match! One of the templates is a square template given "3111". It prints 3 rows of 3 sticker each. How do I determine which brand of stickers will match that template? I called Hallmark tech support this afternoon trying to get that answer. The staffer there tried to say that any brand of stickers will work with that template! Then she said Hallmark no longer supports their 2014 Card Studio deluxe software program! They only support 2015 & 2016 versions! I have Windows 8.1 OS in my computer. The square template in my Hallmark software program doesn't really say what size square it prints. I saw a package of Avery labels on Staples Website that are 3" high by 2 1/4" wife with an arch at the top. Those labels print 3 rows of 3 labels each. I tried to print a clip art image on those Avery labels. But the image hit the bottom horizontsl row too high. Part of the image would be chopped off when I remove the label from the backing sheet! How would I determine which brand of labels will fit that square template?,  Virginia Ann S VA

5655 Staying home (5/25/2016 2:05:29 PM):  Today I am staying home (unless there is an emergency). I can't remember the last day that I was able to not drive anywhere - it feels so nice. I also decided I wanted to do some sewing, etc so I have been trading off doing a chore (laundry, etc) and then some sewing. I have already finished one load of laundry and sewed one small project. ,  Heather, NV

5661 Monro muffler oil change (5/25/2016 4:35:15 PM):  I finally got around to making an oil change appointment for yesterday. I did it online, but called to be sure, as it said they would call to confirm. The guy said not to worry if I made it online and didn't hear back - the appt was there. I dropped my car off, as my son had a class picnic a few blocks away, and said they didn't have to rush (being nice). Well, 2 hours later when I went back, they were just pulling it in! I couldn't wait at that point....I asked if they could give me something for my trouble, and he gave me a free oil change coupon. I made another appointment online for this morning. Same location, different guy. He said if they didn't call to confirm, I didn't have an appt. I told him what the guy said the day before, and the challenge I ran into. He just said "well, if we didn't confirm, you don't have an appt", he didn't seem to care about any other issues (I think he was the manager). Thankfully they weren't busy, and got it done in just over half an hour. It was just a frustrating experience! My husband wants to know why we don't just go to Jiffy Lube, which is quicker and more convenient. Um, because I had a coupon and it was cheaper (plus it was going to be super convenient - it just didn't turn out that way!).,  Lisa, OH

5662 Sarge update (5/25/2016 4:38:50 PM):  Sarge has doubled his weight in 3 weeks! He is now up to 15 pounds! The rescue we got him from said the vet of one of the other pups in the litter thought it was a Great Perenees/Lab mix. So...he might be a little bigger than anticipated! My son is starting to train him and he's doing well so far, except that he wants to bite shoes, cords, people...he is having fewer accidents in the house now, which is great! The weather is finally warming up, so that helps with getting him out more too!,  Lisa, OH

5665 Need code (5/25/2016 5:41:49 PM):  Anyone have a code for RugsDirect? Thanks!,  Nancy P, MA

5666 Medicare (5/25/2016 5:45:27 PM):  Why is this so complicated? Who has this and can help maybe answer some questions? I am so confused,  Cheryl

5681 medicare (5/26/2016 5:54:38 AM):  what is the difference between the medicare advantage and the medigap?,  cheryl

5682 Dry Mouth (5/26/2016 6:06:45 AM):  Does anyone know what type is best for Dry Mouth? Act or Biotene?,  Thanks

5693 Health insurance (5/26/2016 8:49:51 AM):  My daughter is 27 and will soon be off her dads health insurance. She is in the position where she can't get anything she can afford because she lives at home and is going to graduate school part time (which she is paying for herself) and has a part time job. She has applied for many jobs and been told sorry, you have too much education to work here and she doesn't have enough to get something in her career. She can't get insurance where she works now. She has researched insurance and they take into acct. her father and my income so what she could get is more than she can afford. She can't afford to move out on her own. Any suggestions on how she can get something she can afford or who she should talk to? Thanks so much!,  Ann

5695 RMCTrading (5/26/2016 9:38:31 AM):  Anyone know why the lines are all short on the RCTrading board? This happens to me periodically and then changes back to normal without any explanation... looks much better when not all "scrunched up"; ,  Bev in Iowa

5696 Recall Notices (5/26/2016 11:01:45 AM):  TJX recalls foldable lounge chairs due to risk of injury; sold at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls stores:
Noble House recalls counter stools due to laceration hazard: Researcher

5698 Virginia Ann/stickers (5/26/2016 12:19:42 PM):  The 3111 labels you asked about was an Avery 2.5 x 2.5 label. They have discontinued it. has just about any size, paper type, removable/permanent that you could want. An order of 100 sheets runs about $33. Hope this helps with your project ,  Vera in hot zMI

5700 Check (5/26/2016 12:36:25 PM):  Yes just got a $24.00 check in the mail from Venus laboratories Earth Friendly Products Settlement. Have until Nov 16 2016 to deposit or cash Watch your mail,  Lynda/SFL

5706 Best digital frame (5/26/2016 2:40:35 PM):  My dad has been put into Skilled Care after a fall that broke his leg. He Is 91 and the leg is not healing. I am at a loss for Father's Day gifts and had an idea of a digital frame. Prices are all over the place for them. Any frames you can recommend? Can you email pics to the frame if its wireless?,  Michele. TN

5708 My recent finds (5/26/2016 2:58:15 PM):  Last week I found an American Girl doll at the thrift store for $1.99! I had to do a double take! It is not in the best of shape - the hair is ratty looking (but not cut) and it has nail polish on its arms and legs (surprisingly not on its body), but I'm going to see if I can clean it up. Friday I found a school jumper for the American Girl doll that is the exact print of my daughter's school jumper! It was $1! You can bet I jumped on that :),  Lisa, OH

5718 Ebay down (5/26/2016 6:17:09 PM):  Of course, I'm finally in the mood to list some things on ebay, and their "fast listing" keeps saying they are having difficulty...I can't even revise my current items :( Hopefully my motivation will continue after they fix the issues!,  Lisa, OH

5720 iPhone Wallet App (5/26/2016 7:40:40 PM):  Bumping up: 35719 Wallet App (5/26/2016 7:17:37 PM): The Apple Wallet app replaced the Passbook app with the iOS 9 update. There is almost no difference between the two. The Wallet app most likely doesn't work with those eGift Certificates. The Wallet app is compatible with any physical gift card or coupon with a QR code (not a bar code) that specifically states its compatibility with Apple Wallet or Passbook (i.e. Apple Store Gift Cards). Sometimes, there will be a file that allows you to add a coupon or card to Wallet. These are pretty rare to see. The bulk of the items in my Wallet app are my Apple Pay credit cards, membership cards (i.e. myLowes, Staples) and gift cards (i.e. Starbucks) added from their respective apps. The benefit to this is that all of your cards (or "passes") are in one place. In addition, if you choose to do this, you can have Wallet bring up your card when you are near a card's location (ex. Wallet prompts me to bring up my gift card on the lock screen when I enter my favorite Starbucks store). I hope this helps!, Alex Baratti, CA,  ABaratti, CA

5723 Recall Notices (5/26/2016 8:48:47 PM):  Box Components recalls BMX Bicycle forks due to fall hazard:
Rheem recalls to repair water heaters due to fire and burn hazards. Sold exclusively at Home Depot:
Osprey recalls child backpack carriers due to fall hazard:
Hollander Sleep Products recalls mattress pads due to violation of Federal flammability standard. Sold exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond: Researcher

5725 Facebook rants (5/26/2016 10:49:49 PM):  Why do people have to be so mean? Today on multiple Facebook groups (community events and one for photos of our area) people were beyond mean (nasty comments about people who won't drive more than 5 miles over the speed limit, etc). Most of the conversations were deleted later in the day, but it was still frustrating to read and didn't solve any problems. I guess I ignore the pages for a few days and if it continues I might have to delete them since I don't need the frustration.,  Heather, NV

5729 Are there legitimate updates to Chrome browser? (5/27/2016 7:11:46 AM):  For the past couple of days, including this morning, I got an onscreen message saying there was a update available for my Chrome browser. I clicked Uodate now" the first time I got the message. But I never had any update occur. Then I got that message again this morning. I again clicked on "update now". withion a minute I got a message from my Norton Anti-virus that is had just taken care of the low threats to my computer. I didn't have to do anything. I've not been aware that browsers have periodic updates. Was that update for real? Or should I be worried?,  Virginia Ann S VA

5730 IRS scam (5/27/2016 7:17:20 AM):  There have been several posts here recently about folk getting calls from folk claiming their income tax has been turned over to the IRS for a major problem. You can now add my name to that list! This morning I got a phone call from someone claiming to be with the IRS. My income tax file had been turned over to the IRS because of some major problem. I was to call a certain number immediately!I just hung up on the caller!,  Virginia Ann S VA

5735 SCAMS (5/27/2016 10:21:17 AM):  It is safe to assume, anybody who calls you about anything from the IRS to the electric company to Sears, if they are the one who called you and you are not the one who called them, it is a scam!!,  Joanie in FL

5737 Laura Diamond's purse (5/27/2016 11:09:47 AM):  I have been watching the Mysteries of Laura on Netflix. I LOVE the purse/tote bag she is carrying in Season 1. Does anyone know where I might get something similar? A friend did find one link, but that bag was over $700 - not happening. Can anyone help me find a replica at a more reasonable price? Thanks!,  Amy J, OH

5741 Massive Tommeetippee cup recall (5/27/2016 11:46:09 AM):  Log on to to learn about a massive recall of Tommeetippee cups. They're being recalled due to a contamination mold that has already sickened a number of children If you have these cups request a free replacement. Can request replacement online or by calling 1-877-248-6922.,  Virginia Ann S, VA

5743 Pepper & compost pile (5/27/2016 1:03:38 PM):  Why are dogs (specially Pepper the Golden Retriever) attracted to compost piles?? DH moved our compost pile closer to the house (still a ways away) and in an area with a fence around it (he had to add a new gate on the other side). Well, Pepper got into it anyways yesterday and couldn't figure out how to get out! DH figured out that she went through the fence (over two boards, but not over the top) since he found dog hair stuck to the new nails and toe nail scratch marks. I guess we need to add wire to that gate too. He moved the compost pile since she kept pushing the wire fence down and getting into the old compost pile. (You would have thought Pepper was locked in there for a week for how excited she was when I got her out.),  Heather, NV

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