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Sleep Number bed? (9/22/2015 9:48:10 AM):  Anyone have a sleep number bed? We are looking for a new bed and am wondering if it would help us. I heard each person can get their own number (DH and I sleep differently). I also heard it has an App that will tell you how you slept (tossing and turning, etc). DH has sleep apnea so I am wondering if this would help us figure out why some nights he has good numbers versus the rest. ,  Heather, NV

2263 Appliance Girl????? (9/22/2015 10:30:47 AM):  We are stumped. Built in 09, Samsung side by side fridge, with water dispenser and auto ice maker with chopped ice capable dispenser in the door. Model# RS275ACBP. The ice maker drops the ice, fills and in about 30 seconds blips in a little more water, then in a bit, blips in a little more water until it's running out the door where the ice is dispensed. It freezes thick in the ice tray and won't drop the ice. It has done it off and on for a short periods of time and always seems to straighten out. Now it does it everytime I thaw out the ice tray and drop the over frozen cubes by hitting the reset button to make the tray drop the cubes. I tried another reset yesterday and it got worse by last night by pouring out more water. We have cleaned all the screens in the water lines and took them all apart. We have replaced the Water Inlet Valve in the back of the fridge and replaced the Filter inside the fridge. Turned off and warmed up the fridge/freezer. That symptom from the ice maker indicates a drop in water pressure but nothing has changed in our house. We turned the water off at the street with the T and turned it back on. The freezer isn't stuffed full to prevent air flow. Would you have any idea what's wrong please? Main control board? We can replace most anything. Thought we had it fixed by cleaning the lines. Thank you for any help.,  Melody

2264 Windows 10 (9/22/2015 10:40:39 AM):  Can you get a free version of Windows 10 if you have Windows XP on your computer? TIA,  CC, Ky

2265 Coon Rapids/BTFE (9/22/2015 10:43:32 AM):  I am having a senior moment and I can't remember your name. Thanks for the BTFE.,  Janice/Ok

2266 Joanie?meds (9/22/2015 10:48:26 AM):  Yes I am the one who took cyprofloxican. If you look up the drug it can be used for UTI's but also for bronchial pneumonia. My dd was given Augmentin for hers, but my dr. must have not thought my was as bad as hers. The breathing treatment has medication in it and steam. It has helped my cough and loosened my chest. I can't "hock" stuff up but am evidentally swallowing it. I am taking mucinex also. My nose is runny but not green or yellow. I is now flowing so I can get rid of stuff also. I am feeling much better and not coughing as much. People around here are saying it is tough to shake off and that most are taking two rounds of antibiotics. So far my dh hasn't gotten it.,  Janice/Ok

2267 soap scum (9/22/2015 11:25:28 AM):  needing help with soap scum in fiberglass tub and shower, what do u all use???,  sick of scum

2272 Swagbucks Code (9/22/2015 12:02:26 PM):  TuesSurvey until 12pm PDT/3pm EDT to earn 3 SB!,  Melody

2273 Here comes the Pope! (9/22/2015 12:08:56 PM):  The Pope's upcoming visit to Philadelphia has turned the city upside down. Massive traffic jams are expected, although crowd sizes are going to be smaller than first predicted. Hotels which raised rates for the visit time frame had to lower rates due to poor bookings. Crooks are now selling fake tickets to the Pope's Masses. You can buy small statues of the Pope or inflatable life size Popes. No one has come up with Popesicles yet, but someone probably will. The biggest problem in Philly is that the city is expected to have multiple traffic jams, the thought of being stuck in traffic appears to be keeping many people away from the city.,  Bob, PA

2274 Mcdonalds Monopoly (9/22/2015 12:38:23 PM):  I emailed Mcdonalds about the monopoly game they usually have at the end of Sept. Looks like they are NOT doing it this year. Here is the response I received: Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's. Thank you for your interest in Monopoly at McDonald's. This year we had a great opportunity to partner with the Minions and the NFL on unique game opportunities. We know Monopoly has been a customer favorite in years past and there’s always consideration for bringing it back. Again, thank you for contacting McDonald's about Monopoly. We hope to have the opportunity of serving you again soon under the Golden Arches. Tanya McDonald's Customer Response Center,  Ann

2275 Where would you find (9/22/2015 12:50:43 PM):  The Free One Gold Star chili Rice Bowl. What stores and where in the stores?,  Thanks for any help.

2281 How to delete on messenger? (9/22/2015 1:41:18 PM):  I need to know how to delete names and conversations on messenger, can anyone help?,  Not real good on computers!

2285 utilities, insurance, etc (9/22/2015 3:34:50 PM):  I was able to (easily - just tell them who I was, mom's account number and that the house was sold, etc) cancel PG&E, AT&T (but they really wanted me to transfer mom's phone number to a cell phone or family member) and trash (water will be automatically transferred). House insurance is another thing. I just had to email them a copy of the trust AND death certificate. Then I need to call them back and since I am the executor they can talk to me and cancel it. What they didn't say was how long to wait between emailing them and calling....,  Heather, NV

2289 Snowflake-bumping up (9/22/2015 4:19:34 PM):  I go back and forth between she doesn't realize what she's doing, like you said, and that she DOES realize and just doesn't care. She's and only child and was adopted, so her parents catered to every whim---and still do. When the baby was born, her daddy came in with food containers from the length of extended arms to his chin. "Is that ALL you brought?!" I think that she goes back and forth between those 2 situations herself. Comments some years back: #1-I'm going to state my opinion to whomever and I don't care what that person thinks. THEY will have to adjust their opinion to fit mine, b/c I'm not adjusting mine. #2-To my sister, mother of the groom: THAT'S what you bought for the wedding? (and it wasn't her wedding but another family member) Why don't you let me go with you and pick out something appropriate and that would look good on you? #3-(DS likes tennis shoes and loves Chuck Taylors right now.) If you HAVE to wear tennis shoes, why don't you buy something age-appropriate b/c those really don't work for someone your age (which at that time was 50). So DS says that when she goes to visit and she knows they will not be going anyplace fancy, she wears her Chucks and was tempted to give each of the kids a pair of them too! I said this recently, but when her DH was in Iraq her FIL would come to mow the yard and this is with a 3 hour daily commute to work. He changed clothes before he left work b/c he didn't feel it was appropriate to change at her house since she would be alone. She greeted him at the door with: Well, don't WE look sloppy today! Sometimes if I wasn't there, I wouldn't believe some of the things she says. ,  Susan, LA

2291 Sleep Number Warranty (9/22/2015 4:28:34 PM): This is the current warranty information.,  Google Researcher

2292 Sonya update (9/22/2015 4:31:52 PM):  In ICU, sedated, on breathing tube. One lung collapsed. Filtering blood from lower extremities to assure no clots travel to heart or lungs. She's a very sick lady. Please continue to pray for her and the family.,  Susan, LA

2294 Jane Elliot (9/22/2015 5:09:51 PM):  Bumping up -- So happy to see your name again on this board. I hope you're doing well, and that you are as busy as ever. And I left out the word "undies" in my post last night. I've got to proofread my e-mails!,  Alice Dodge, OR

2299 snowflake (9/22/2015 5:57:33 PM):  I feel your pain. My daughter in law sat at my house and said I could never live in a house like yours yuck. I didn't have a dishwasher or a garbage disposier. Then looked at my furniture and said whos taste in decorating is this its horrible This coming from a girl who has a purple sofa. Ya I miss seeing her kids but I don't need the stress. Somebody else can have her. So your not alone,  laura ca

2308 Facebook Advice (9/23/2015 9:40:08 AM):  I am trying to prevent someone from posting ugly material on my FB timeline site as well as things that show up on the newsfeed. I have unfollowed the person responsible but need to unfriend him. Is there something I've overlooked cause I never seem to be able to get rid of him.,  Jeanne IL

2311 I am NOT (9/23/2015 1:06:07 PM):  undergoing chemo again. This is a rumor. Passed the 5 year mark and am cured.,  Melody

2314 BB Predictions (9/23/2015 2:05:42 PM):  Who do you think will win Big Brother tonight? All of my choices have left the house. I liked James and Johnnie Mack. I hope Vanessa loses. She is such a loud mouth cry babie (fake tears) who has turned on everyone. Didn't care for the showmance with Austin and Liz. He had a girlfriend of 18 months and fell for Liz. Steve is weird, but I guess I would rather him win. Half the time I don't think he knows what he is talking about; and he didn't do much during the game but hide and talk to himself. NOW he is talkative. Who knows??? I hope James gets the favorite house guest $25,000.00,  Janice/Ok

2315 Cheeios (9/23/2015 2:46:05 PM):  Just got an email from General Mills that Cheerios products are now gluten free. I know a lot of people, especially kids, that are GF so this will make it so much easier on people. To make sure you got a box that is GF, on the front bottom right corner it will say gluten free. ,  HTH

2317 Swagbucks Code (9/23/2015 4:22:21 PM):  SwagUpMemory until 4pm PDT/7pm EDT for 4 SB! Thanks Susan.,  Melody

2319 women's razor (9/23/2015 4:53:05 PM):  What is a good (cheap) electric razor for underarms?,  me

2323 TV Guide (9/23/2015 5:24:43 PM):  I received a letter in the mail offering a year subscription to TV Guide for only $10. I don't see any restrictions or catches to this offer. Has anyone else done this?,  TV Guide

2326 Cholesteatoma Surgery (9/23/2015 7:25:41 PM):  Has anyone on this board ever had surgeryto remove a cholesteatoma growth from their ear? I got my VNG testing done today. Was initially told by audiologist I had central nervous system disorder of unknown cause. I then went back to NP at the ENT office . Doctor inspected ear with microscope &now saw rogue skin cells rapidly multiplying in my right ear. Doctor tried unsuccessfully to suck them out. Had my first ENT Doctor look at ear. He too was unsuccessful at sucking them out. Both said I have cholesteatoma. It's pressing on the bone structure behind ear drum & slowly destroying the bone. I'm scheduled for a CT Scan of the bone behind my right ear this Friday afternoon. I am being referred to a ear specialist in Richmond, VA who is tops in treating vertigo & cholesteatomas. The CT Scan will show how extensive my growth is. I've had the hole in that right ear drum for 3 or more years now. Am surprised the growth didn't show up long before this! I'm scared of how big it may be. And whether it can be completely removed in one surgery. I don't even know if this surgery would be inpatient or outpatient. At least i can stop using my new expensive ear drops!,  Virginia Ann S VA

2329 Appliance Girl????? (9/23/2015 8:36:58 PM):  We are stumped. Built in 09, Samsung side by side fridge, with water dispenser and auto ice maker with chopped ice capable dispenser in the door. Model# RS275ACBP. The ice maker drops the ice, fills and in about 30 seconds blips in a little more water, then in a bit, blips in a little more water until it's running out the door where the ice is dispensed. It freezes thick in the ice tray and won't drop the ice. It has done it off and on for a short periods of time and always seems to straighten out. Now it does it everytime I thaw out the ice tray and drop the over frozen cubes by hitting the reset button to make the tray drop the cubes. I tried another reset yesterday and it got worse by last night by pouring out more water. Yesterday, we did a reset, dumped the cubes and left the ice maker off for 24 hours. Started it back up and it's doing the same thing. We also ran water from the door for 5 minutes in case there was an air bubble in the line. We have cleaned all the screens in the water lines and took them all apart. We have replaced the Water Inlet Valve in the back of the fridge and replaced the Filter inside the fridge. Turned off and warmed up the fridge/freezer. That symptom from the ice maker indicates a drop in water pressure but nothing has changed in our house. We turned the water off at the street with the T and turned it back on. The freezer isn't stuffed full to prevent air flow. Would you have any idea what's wrong please? Main control board? We can replace most anything. Thought we had it fixed by cleaning the lines. Thank you for any help.,  Melody

2330 Yogurt For Puppy (9/23/2015 9:01:24 PM):  Anyone know of a good yogurt for puppy. All those antibiotics have gave Molly a yeast infection. I know to avoid ones that have artificial sweetners. I am looking for a plain yogurt but that is hard to find.,  Vicki, Va.

2337 Scam? (9/24/2015 7:12:45 AM):  Yesterday DH and I went to Kroger to get gas. We had .50 off per gallon which doesn't happen often as I don't buy that much in a month. So we were filling up 2 cars and DH brought a gas can along for the mowers. As we were pumping, a van pulled up beside us. The guy opened the door on the van and 2 toddler boys were inside. They were still dressed in footed pajamas at 1:00 in the afternoon. The dad was on the phone but I didn't notice that he wasn't pumping gas until he asked us if we could spare a couple dollars to get the boys home. He mentioned he was going to a city about 50 miles from us. Then he said mom was in jail. So since you are allowed 35 gallons of gas at Kroger, we had 2+ gallons left when our tanks were full. Instead of filling our gas can, DH passed the nozzel through and put the rest in his tank. Then I happened to have $2.00 in my pocket that I gave him and said to get a couple more gallons. DH went to get his change and I got back in my car. The guy in the van did not go pay for more gas, he pocketed the money and drove away. Did he scam me? Looking back I think so. Well, DH and I helped him out in the spirit of kindness for your fellow man and if he scammed me, that's his problem. Of course, my DH, ever the optimist, said, "Maybe he went to McDonalds with the $2.00 to get the kids something to eat. I'd like to think so, but I doubt it.,  Sue, MI

2338 Peanut Butter Allergy (9/24/2015 7:38:53 AM):  Last night while my dd was at church, her dh gave their 1 year old a couple of tastes of peanut butter. When dd got home Heidi had red splotches on her cheek. Heidi rubbed her hand across her face and splotches showed up everywhere. Her eyes were watering and one was swelling. She was itching all over her face. Her face looked like clown make up gone wrong. They took her to ER where they gave her a bath, a benedryl shot another kind of medicine. She immediately started looking better. Her dad felt badly; he didn't think about peanut butter being bad for a baby. I wonder if this means she has a peanut allergy or she is just to young for it?,  Janice/Ok

2339 Walmart Beauty Box (9/24/2015 7:56:47 AM):  I received my fall beauty box from Walmart yesterday and was very happy! It contained the following items: Schick Hydro Razor, trial size Dove deodorant, trial size John Frieda 7 Day Volume, trial size ACT Mouthwash, trial size Curel Rough Skin Rescue, trial size packet of Nivea Body Lotion, trial size packets of Crest 3D White Toothpaste and 3D White Whitening Gel. The best thing was a full size bottle (1.0 ounce) of ROC Deep Wrinkle Serum. I looked this up on and the price was $15.98! Got a few coupons with it too. Great deal for $5.00!,  Christie M. OH

2343 pumpkin spice (9/24/2015 8:24:34 AM):  Am I the only one who doesnt like it?,  judyb la

2345 doctors (9/24/2015 8:33:17 AM):  My daughter went to a GI practice that has several doctors. she didnt like the one she got so she switched to another practice. That was a solo practice and the doctor is retiring the end of the month. That other practice is the only game in town. She wanted to go back and see a different doctor but they told her she still had to see the original one. Can they do that? ,  judyb la

2354 Face cleanser & moisturizer (9/24/2015 10:58:53 AM):  Hello ladies! I need where else to go but here! I'm pretty sure it has been discussed before, but I cannot remember the answers, so please remind me. :) My face is combination and sensitive, yes....oily, dry and sensitive. Not fun. First, what can I make/use with natural ingredients (i.e. oatmeal, sugar, etc) to clean my face at the end of the day? I cannot use soap anymore, it is drying my face out :( I do not want to buy anything for the obvious cost factor and also for the allergy factor. Second, what can I make/use, again natural, as a moisturizer? I have tried cocoa butter lotion and coconut oil. The lotion is not enough or maybe doesn't last long enough. The oil is the opposite, too oily for my t-zones. Ideas please! And yes I could look it up on google, but I am looking for personal experiences that have worked. Thanks ladies! :) ,  Lorena, TX

2361 Seattle area (9/24/2015 12:51:37 PM):  Not sure who on here is in Seattle area. Read on another site about all the hassle having Chinese President Xi Jinping there in Seattle area for a few days. Closing freeways down for periods of time so he can use them to go to Boeing, Microsoft & some high school. Today I guess he heads to DC for a few days. So the people put out about the Pope visiting & causing traffic jams, don't feel bad. Your not alone in the hassle. It is funny, or I think it is, lots of talk on news about the Pope coming & very little about Chinese President. ,  member

2365 CROSS COUNTRY TRAIN (9/24/2015 2:42:47 PM):  Hi all. I'd like to take an economical train trip across country, from SanFrancisco to New York, or SanFrancisco to Chicago (if the price is better). I've never taken a train anywhere. Does anyone have any tips for me. I would not get a sleeper car because I think they're more than I can afford. I've heard the chairs are comfortable enough to sleep in. Also, is the on-train food expensive? Can you get off in a city to look around and then take the next train? Would appreciate any info you can give me on how to save money on the trip. Thanks so much. Jackie,  Jackie C, OH

2372 Willow Trees (9/24/2015 3:53:57 PM):  We have several willow trees and dh has been worried about some of them, the tree guy came today and we are going to lose three of the trees, it seems there is a boar that is attacking this type of willow, they drop leaves and turn yellow. It also causes them to get a fungus type stuff. They will treat the others that are not effected or he feels we can save. Our other type of willow apparently is not effected by this. So if you have willows keep a close watch since this is treatable if caught in time. Really makes me sad they are such beautiful trees and we are so lucky to have the land to be able to have them.,  Sunshine (Linda IN)

2373 Swagbucks Code-SwagButton only (9/24/2015 4:11:27 PM):  PassTheBaton in the SwagButton ONLY until 6pm PDT/9pm EDT to earn 3 SB! This Swag Code can ONLY be redeemed in the SwagButton. Get it here but be warned some computers flag it as malware.,  Melody

2377 Walmart Savings Catcher (9/24/2015 7:17:31 PM):  Is anyone else having issues with the walmart savings catcher? I do not have a smart phone...I put in the codes (the receipt number) directly into the web site. I can't today at all. ,  Nancee/IN

2385 DH Home from hospital (9/25/2015 5:53:38 AM):  I posted last Fri. about DH going in hospital for possible MERSA & missing my reunion in Pensacola. He came home from hospital about 9:00PM Weds. with a PICC line & 2 IV antibiotics till 10/16. No surgery this time as abscess began responding to antibiotics, but because the location is so close to his vascular graft line-the long course of antibiotics. One is a 3 to 5 minute IV push, the other a 90 minute drip--both twice a day. Infectious disease MD thinks its probably not MERSA, but taking no chances with DH's history.,  Linda FL

2386 Poll (9/25/2015 5:53:41 AM):  Are you someone who has a cup halfway empty or a cup halfway full, or do you realize you can always fill that cup back up if it goes down??? ,  Sunshine (Linda IN)

2388 Facebook (9/25/2015 6:11:33 AM):  OK I have decided to unfriend my one step daughter on Facebook. Is there anyway to keep her from seeing my posts if she goes into my Facebook. I'm thinking there isn't. Because come Monday she's going to probably realize that I've unfriended her and she's probably going to go and look at my Facebook account and see that I have posts out there. Then she'll probably get the idea that I've unfriended her. But I don't want to see any of the posts I don't want to share in any of her father's excitement about his trip since she wouldn't be a part of it and decided to go on another trip unplanned. ,  CB OH

2390 Butter vs Margarine (9/25/2015 7:45:06 AM):  Opinions on butter versus margarine -- I think there are health risks with each -- I use butter in moderation and stopped using margarine because of the difference it can make in some baking and never did find a margarine that had a favorable taste. Is there a margarine that is wholly natural?,  Sue S., MN

2391 Title 19 & Nursing home (9/25/2015 8:00:51 AM):  Would like any input regarding a friend about to go on Title 19 after being private pay in a nursing home for 2 yrs. She is still carrying a Blue Cross supplement which is $350 a month. The nursing home told her she still needs to carry her supplement which surprised me as she doesn't have any money or assets left after paying over $6000 a month for the last 2 yrs. Anyone know of a situation like this or can point me to who I should help her call to ask more questions? Thanks so much. There is such a wealth of knowledge here.,  Iowa Nursing Home

2400 King Arthur Flour response (9/25/2015 9:27:38 AM):  I had posted about sending King Arthur Flour a photo of my 3 winning breads. And how their specialty ingredients kick your baking up several notches. I got a snail-mail response from them yesterday. They congratulated me on my wins! They also included 2 free coupons I could use in grocery stores only. One is for 5 lb. bag pf KAF flour, excluding organic & gluten free. The other coupon is for KAF Baking Mix in Popover or Vanilla Cream, Cranberry Orange or Blueberry Sour Cream Scone mix. The coupons don't expire until 12/31/16. I know where to find the flour in stores here. I'm not sure about the Popover or Scone mixes. Has anyone ever seen them in Walmart Supercenter? If not, then where?,  Virginia Ann S VA

2401 Tanning cream (9/25/2015 9:29:49 AM):  Anyone have a good experience with one? Just want some color on my legs for vacation. Arms and face are good!,  CB OH

2410 judyb la (9/25/2015 11:16:05 AM):  Re: All doctors taking the same insurance. We are still fighting with our insurance over a $400 bill for my husband seeing a urologist. His reg Dr could not see him so they booked it with his partner. His partner was not on our ins (even tho we had asked) so it was billed out of network and we paid all. After a little digging, we found out he was with our insurance, but some little piece of paper work had lapsed. But then they wanted to argue that we did not get a referral. Our ins does not need a referral and it's the same Dr he's seen for 2 years!! There are so many loopholes they want to claim. Some of our Drs won't let us switch either unless the Dr we are going to right now approves it. ,  Mo

2421 #22267 Tub Cleaning (9/25/2015 3:41:20 PM):  I haven't been on for a few days so if nothing has worked on the fiberglass tub yet try a Mr. Clean eraser. It worked wonderful on ours, shines like brand new.,  Chris, OH

2423 Malwareby (9/25/2015 4:12:05 PM):  Is this needed on the computer? If so what does it do?,  Thanks

2427 What's for Dinner? (9/25/2015 6:33:14 PM):  Hi -- We're having baked chicken thighs with roasted carrots and celery (in the same pan), with baked potatoes. Also, applesauce, and warm French bread.,  Alice Dodge, OR

2430 Weekend not good yet (9/25/2015 7:13:35 PM):  This weekend is not starting off well. I went to get my hair cut this afternoon and was turned away because I have head lice!! (An occasional occupational hazard of teaching.) This I can take care of with the "shampoo" and lots of laundry. However, I do appreciate prayers for my husband. He spent the last part of the day in the ER with a suspected DVT. He will be going back to the ER tomorrow morning at 7:30 am for an ultrasound on his leg. (So much for finishing the doors on the new house today.) ,  Joanne Vt

2437 Insulting friend (9/25/2015 9:25:48 PM):  What do you do with a friend who makes rude comments? I mentioned that I want to try Botox. Her reply, "You need more than Botox, a full face lift." I told her I was hurt and she said I can't take the truth. ,  Bothered

2454 Geri, IL (9/26/2015 9:46:39 AM):  Congratulations on your 52nd wedding anniversary! ,  Susan L, AZ

2457 Dreary Day (9/26/2015 10:42:52 AM):  Yucky weather here in Va. It has been cloudy & windy all week long. Now since yesterday rainy & cloudy. There have been some breaks in rain but just a few. I think today is supposed to be worst day. Weather man said this coastal storm may start to move out Monday. Some areas suffering tidal flooding. I'm just having nice cozy day. Staying in pajamas & doing some sewing, watching shows & just chillin. Will be nice though to see some sun. ,  Vicki, Va.

2459 Swagbucks Code (9/26/2015 11:12:46 AM):  SBRedemption until 12pm PDT/3pm EDT to earn 2 SB! Thank you Susan.,  Melody

2470 Cleaning Stuffed animals (9/27/2015 8:24:41 AM):  Any suggestions for cleaning a favorite stuffed animal? Don't want to toss it in the washing machine.,  Thanks for any help.

2471 Gold Star Chili Rice Bowl (9/27/2015 8:27:12 AM):  Anyone know what store carries this and where it would to put in the store?,  Can't find it.

2473 Gnat bitting (9/27/2015 9:55:07 AM):  Yesterday I got attacked by gnats while outdoors and felt itchiness on my face. I awoke this morning with swelling surrounding one of my eyes along with my eyelid being quite puffy. Here are my two questions. Is there anything I can do to reduce this swelling and what is the best to do to prevent this from happening again? Can anyone answer this?,  Rose

2475 Great visitors. (9/27/2015 10:57:47 AM):  We were delighted to welcome Barb, OR and her husband Leroy to our home for dinner last evening. They are such nice people. We enjoyed their tales of the West Coast and hope they can come again.,  Bob, PA

2476 Comical (9/27/2015 11:01:01 AM):  A brewery in PA made a special beer for the Pope and delivered it to the seminary where he was staying in Philly. The named the beer 'Holy Wooder'. They spelled water the way it is pronounced in Philly.,  Bob, PA

2480 My Points (9/27/2015 11:56:11 AM):  I am trying to cash out and when it asks for birthdate, it doesn't allow me to put the full numbers in. Has anyone had that problem?,  Need to know.

2483 puzzle (9/27/2015 12:37:23 PM):  Answer: Waistband, wasteland. . Next week's challenge : Name a famous Greek person from history. Rearrange the letters of the name to get the title of a famous Italian person from history. Who are these two people? ,  MAC--WI

2487 What's for supper?? (9/27/2015 1:41:08 PM):  I just put chicken and stuffing in the crock pot for later. Will add green beans and maybe something sweet. What's for dinner at your house???,  Susan, SC

2488 Trivia Question--- (9/27/2015 1:42:19 PM):  Where do you keep your aluminum foil and saran wrap and such. Growing up we kept it in an upper cabinet. But now I have it all in a drawer next to my stove where I can grab it easily. What about you??,  Susan, SC

2490 Love (9/27/2015 2:19:31 PM):  Could you please define what these statements mean in relation to a romantic relationship: 1) I'm in love with you. 2) I love you. Does one rank higher then the other? I say # 1 trumps # 2 because one is based on emotion and the other is based on attraction.,  Mindy, MD

2492 Reward Programs (9/27/2015 2:46:38 PM):  Can someone recommend a couple of the reward programs. I would like to sign up with two or three, but would appreciate knowing which you consider the best. TIA for any information that you have to offer.,  Pam PA

2494 Rose - Gnats (9/27/2015 3:03:20 PM):  Rose, I have the solution for your gnat problem. DH and I started walking this spring. We walk in one of our state parks, and the deer flies are AWFUL when they are in season. Got on and found some hats that look like beekeepers hats with the mesh netting that comes down over your face. They were a whopping $2.40 each, and when I went to order more, they were only $2 each. They work for gnats, too. We were the hit of the park; everyone who saw them wanted one! The seller is "Olymstore" and they are found searching for beekeeping, fishing, bug hat or any such search. Ours are camouflage and they come from China. It says allow 4 weeks for delivery, but ours arrived in 2. They are very cheaply made, but they really do the job! I'll send Michele a pic and maybe she will post it in her updates. Biting bugs are the worst! Hope you feel better soon!,  Paula T. TN

2495 Saving Star (9/27/2015 3:44:06 PM):  I just signed up for Saving it worth it? Just wanting opinions pro and con. Thank You.,  Jan-IN

2497 Indigestion (9/27/2015 4:13:11 PM):  After chemotherapy my taste/tastebuds (?) changed big time. I was a Coke Zero drinker for a long time and then 5-6 years ago I switched to regular Coke. Usually one a day for many years. Lately I have one every 2-3 days by drinking about a third of a 16 oz bottle per day. I've noticed that if I skip any days when I do take a drink of Coke in the later part of the day I shortly start feeling indigestion. I'm thinking I should probably go ahead and quit drinking it but I am curious why the indigestion. I drink a good bit of sweet tea and water and COFFEE!!!! I do like root beer so when I crave a soda/pop then I would probably have a glass of root beer instead. I am wondering if the caffeine causes the indigestion, the sugar or ? My tea is southern sweet tea. My coffee I drink is with milk and a bit of sugar. Any personal experience?,  Lila

2506 Update on my dear Walter (9/27/2015 5:08:34 PM):  I am sorry if I have not responded to anyone if they have been asking about my dear Walter.This is the first time I have been on the computer in 2 weeks.It is with a very heavy heart that this is to let all you loving caring refunders know the love of my life was able to complete his journey into the Lord's arms on Tues.Sept.18th at 3PM.& he required my constant attention for 9 days before he passed.I am joyous in the fact that his pain & suffering are now over but I miss him so much sometimes I don't know if I will be able to bear it but I know I will.Life goes on for us who are left behind & all our happy memories are what is keeping me going at the moment.If you would like to see his obit you can go to & click up the obits for Sept.Walter was cremated so no actual funeral but we are having a memorial service for him this Fri.Oct.2 at the Baptist Church in Sherman,NY Again I want to tank you all for your interest,prayers & love during this trying time for us.I would still appreciate it if you could keep me in your prayers at least for awhile as another phase of my life begins.,  Cathy S.NY

2507 Question About Beer Rebates (9/27/2015 5:12:52 PM):  I have just started doing beer rebates and was wondering if you have to pay income tax on them.,  Faye, KY

2531 Gnats (9/27/2015 7:52:26 PM):  The gnats are always bad here in the spring. Rub exposed body parts with cooking vanilla and they will not even land on your skin. I had one bite me in the corner of the eye and by the next morning it was so swollen I looked like I had a lions eye. I now keep a little spray bottle of vanilla just for the gnats.,  Debbie, IN

2547 Botox, bumping up (9/27/2015 8:37:48 PM):  Hello! You are probably just fine the way you are, with no Botox! Please don't rush into anything, and surely you don't need a face lift! Your so-called friend's remark was mean and stupid, don't agonize over it.,  Alice D, OR

2559 Plastic Wrap (9/28/2015 7:02:35 AM):  Speaking of plastic wrap in an earlier post, I wanted to let you know years ago we invested in a Wraptastic which is one of those "seen on TV" that you can buy at CVS, etc. It holds a full roll of plastic wrap. You pull the wrap out and over whatever you are wrapper, hit the top of the Wraptastic which cuts it off and leaves the rest inside with an easy edge. My Dad used to wrap flounder filets (commercial fisherman) and they had something like this and it works great,  Joanie in NJ & FL

2562 Belgian Beer (9/28/2015 7:34:18 AM):  Is that in the same family as Blue Moon Beer?,  lynn

2567 Bird Houses in cold weathr (9/28/2015 8:40:38 AM):  Does anyone that lives in cold states like Mn, if you take your bird houses down or leave them up for any winter animals?,  Need to know.

2570 Swagbucks Code Extravaganza (9/28/2015 9:15:05 AM):  Introducing the World Of Millions Swag Code Extravaganza: Wednesday, September 30th from 7am PDT/10am EDT to 6pm PDT/9pm EDT 6 Swag Codes throughout the day worth a total of 30 SB Swag Codes will appear on: Surveys nCrave Watch Shop Search Instagram,  Melody

2571 Worth anything? (9/28/2015 9:33:48 AM):  Is there any place on the internet where u can post a picture of something and them they can tellu if its worth anything? I have an old picture that my grandmother had hanging on her wall. It is titled My Old Ky Home ,  Larie/ky

2577 Plastic Wrap (9/28/2015 12:10:17 PM):  I keep mine in the freezer (a tip I learned on The Rachael Ray Show, sent in as a viewer tip). The plastic pulls out easily and will not stick to itself. Works great. ,  Amy J, OH

2579 check your bills (9/28/2015 12:58:46 PM):  RE: mom's house, escrow and water company. So, escrow on mom's house closed on Friday 18 September. I got an email the following day from the water company for the 1 Aug through 1 September bill ($25.xx). Called on Monday 21 September and was told to ignore it since it would be paid by escrow. On Thursday 24 September I received an email from the water company saying we owed $132 (with a $63.xx adjust) so we still owed $69.xx??!? I called on Friday and was told that the billing clerk was gone for the day. I got a hold of the new owners (mom's neighbor) to see if they had started watering the yard in September (knowing they would be owning it soon, etc). Turns out they got concerned and even checked the water meter to make sure there wasn't a big water leak in the house, etc. After multiple phone calls (title company, new owners, and the water company twice) today I found out I owe NOTHING. (I still don't understand the $132 number, but I am not going to question it). If I didn't know what the usual bill was (about $25.xx), knew escrow had paid ($39.xx - turned out the water company had given them that number), etc I would have written a check for $69.xx and mailed it off this weekend. My luck is these things always seem to happen right before the weekend so I can't get it fixed asap.,  Heather, NV

2580 Skirt Sewing (9/28/2015 1:51:16 PM):  My black pencil skirt is coming along very good. I did have bit of problem on sewing the skirt vent. It was not difficult but just could not get machine to do zigzag on raw edges. I think area was just to narrow. I finally got out fray check and turned edge over and did a double straight stitch over one another. You can't even see it is double stitched and vent flap hides it also. The rest is coming along great. I did fitting yesterday and looked real nice. I am dreading hemming though with the slippery material thingy. One step at a time though and just take my time.,  Vicki, Va.

2582 iRazoo Treasure Code (9/28/2015 2:26:10 PM):  HealthyEssentials Until 10-04-2015: at 11:00 PM EST. Worth 70 points. Thanks Barb.,  Melody

2583 Gold - Silver (9/28/2015 2:26:59 PM):  Is there a home test to see if an item that is silver or gold is real? I am thinking you can magnet gold items but do not know if it attaches is that good or bad. Trying to clear items in my house, and have several jewelry items that I do not think is worth anything but do not want to garage sale if they are. Any help out there. I have probably 50 - 75 items.,  Need help

2588 Visit (9/28/2015 3:50:08 PM):  Rick and I had a lovely lunch and visit with Barb Miller and her husband LeRoy. Rick said there was not enough time for Barb and I to chat LOL... we could talk for hours. So happy they had the time for a visit with us, Barb is a sweetheart. And yes Bob and Gail I got your Hi....,  Sunshine (Linda IN)

2589 Pay Pal (9/28/2015 4:05:12 PM):  I have a prepaid visa card. I would like to add the balance to my Pay Pal Account. I couldn't see a link. does anyone know how I can add this balance (credit card) to my pay pal account,  Nancee/IN

2592 dyson animal vaccuum (9/28/2015 4:42:57 PM):  I just vacuumed the whole house (like normal) and then was using the wand to pick up a few extra pieces when it died! I plugged it into another plug and it still won't work. The outside of the ball is hot too. So, I guess I need to figure out what to do since it should be under warranty (it says 5 years online and I know it is less than 4 years since we got it after we got Pepper the golden retriever).,  Heather, NV

2594 Somehing to think about . . . (9/28/2015 5:35:13 PM):  I had gotten something sticky on my hands which therefore transferred to the steering wheel of my car. When I got home, I got out some Lysol wipes -- which removed the stickiness right away -- but it took three individual wipes before the cleaning effort wasn't grey, grungy and dirty. You can bet I will be a bit better about cleaning it for no reason at all after this. Have you attended to yours lately?,  Sue S., MN

2596 Look Out! (9/28/2015 6:30:41 PM):  We just received our Medicare Advantage plan booklet for 2016. Everything has gone up drastically. Drug co-pays have more than doubled, hospital outpatient care went from zero co-pay to $345, doctor co-pay has doubled, and our monthly premiums went up 24%. The increases appear to be a result of the affordable care act.,  Bob, PA

2623 Gift Hulk Redemption - Help (9/29/2015 6:48:57 AM):  I am trying to redeem at gift hulk. I cannot get my order confirmed. It keeps telling me not to close a page until I get my PIN. But, how do I get my PIN? Any help out there? ,  Penny in MO

2629 Bird Houses (9/29/2015 9:23:39 AM):  Thanks for the information about leaving them up for the winter. Do I clean them out in the fall or spring? ,  Thanks for the help.

2630 Sonya (9/29/2015 9:25:07 AM):  Thx to all for their prayers and I ask you to continue. Received word yesterday that Sonya is still in ICU (going on 10 days this time). Still on vent, undergoing dialysis and chemo. I can understand dialysis if she may be going into kidney failure, but totally don't understand the chemo deal. The lady that relayed the message for Sonya's mom wasn't sure of the reason and I don't think her mom fully understands the reason. Something about a kidney biopsy was done and they started her on chemo. Chemo and dialysis are grueling enough when your body isn't in a weakened state to start with. Her mom is staying at hospital almost round the clock, which isn't easy considering her age AND her husband has serious health issues too. ,  Susan, LA

2632 BTFE Thanks (9/29/2015 10:26:08 AM):  Thanks to the person who sent me over 135 BTFE from Columbus, Ohio.,  Janice/Ok

2637 Portions downsized (9/29/2015 11:05:22 AM):  I know everyone is cutting back, as I've posted in the past. I stopped at a BBQ place yesterday on the way back to town. Usually I order 2 lbs. brisket and there are 4 sauces. I decided to only order 1 lb. yesterday. I like quite a bit of sauce so I asked the price for extra containers of sauce. She asked how many extras and I said 3. These are only the small plastic containers like they put sour cream, etc. in when you go to Taco Bell. There were 4 containers in my order, which means that had I not ordered 3 extras, I would only have received 1 sauce (equal to about 2 tablespoons) for 1 lb. of brisket! I think that is ridiculous for that amount of meat.,  Susan, LA

2641 Looking for a word (9/29/2015 12:41:25 PM):  Need help with a discussion Rodney and I have been having ... What do you call a little pad that you take notes on. We both think it's called something else and I'm pretty sure I'm right (big grin on my face!). Let me know what yau'll call it other than the obvious, Post It Note. TIA,  Sandy B., MO

2650 Chick-fil-A calendar card (9/29/2015 2:13:24 PM):  Is there a way, besides going to CFA of course, to see if you used your card that month? For the life of me I can't recall. I have 2 cards & think I used 1, but not even sure which one. I could go there & try to use it, but I don't get paid till Friday so can't pay for dinner if I already used it. ,  forgetful

2653 Germs-bumping up (9/29/2015 2:44:02 PM):  I also clean my hands after I put my transaction in the drive-thru tube at the bank and again after I take my items out and put my money up. Also after handling menu and after paying bill (dirty book, or whatever it's called, that they put the bill in and dirty credit card). ,  Susan, LA

2662 Recall Notices (9/29/2015 4:55:00 PM):  Madewell expands recall of women’s sandals due to fall hazard:
Calphalon recalls pizza wheels due to laceration hazard:
Thirteen manufacturers & distributors recall bicycles with front disc brakes to replace quick release lever due to crash hazard:
Chewbeads recalls Pacifier Clips due to choking hazard:
Rattan arm chairs recalled by Ross Stores due to fall and injury hazard: Researcher

2663 broken url....Post # 22657 (9/29/2015 4:59:57 PM):  This url is from a secured site (Note httpS) ab]nd will not hyperlink without using this site: The corrected link is: Researcher

2664 Important Warning (9/29/2015 5:02:15 PM):  I got a very authentic sounding call today from someone claiming to be a Microsoft employee. He said they were getting a lot of error messages coming from my computer. He was going to help me fix my errors. First he asked me to press the Microsoft flag icon and hold it down along with the letter R and then let them both go at the same time. When that didn't work to suit him he had me go to the address bar and type in He had me put in my name and a code, much like Dell did before when they worked on my computer. That gave him access to my computer and he started showing me error messages from the last 3 days or longer. He said "you cannot use this computer, these kind of errors usually mean your computer has been hacked!! He kept repeating himself "do you understand". He was asking questions and when he got to asking me if I did online banking or shopping a red flag finally went up and without saying a word to him I shut my computer down, he was asking me if I was taking control of the computer. I didn't even answer him I shut my computer off and hung up the phone. I called my son who is more computer savy then I am, he looked at some stuff and then we called Dell tech support. Dell did what they could with my limited warranty and they found some files that this man had corrupted and fixed them. They told me I should be safe now. I asked them if I should have my oldest son who builds and repairs computers take a look at this and they said "yes, he may be able to find more corrupted files since we weren't able to check everything with your limited warranty". If someone calls you and says they are from Microsoft or anywhere else and that your computer is sending error reports to them, get their number and call them back!! My son said they are called social hackers and if you give them control of your computer they can pull up your events page and make you believe you have huge problems! Dell said that they usually ask for money to fix the problems but I didn't allow this guy to get that far. They could also be hackers who are after your bank information This was very scary to me, so beware!! Sandy PS, this guy just called back under "Private Number" and said "we got cut off earlier, please don't hang up"! I said "I don't need any help" and hung up!!,  Sandy L TX

2678 Watching Joaquin (9/30/2015 3:42:44 AM):  I think all the East Coast is watching or should be watching Joaquin. They really are not sure of it's track right now though.,  Susan, SC

2681 Baltimore (9/30/2015 7:37:27 AM):  The city settled a civil lawsuit without going to trial by giving Freddie Gray's family 6.4 million dollars. The city admitted no fault and had the plaintiffs agree to no civil suits against the police officers involved. That was a foolish thing to, because I don't think the police did anything wrong. Freddie Gray's rap sheet reads like a double role of Charmin including robbery, assault, and drugs,drugs,drugs.,  Bob, PA

2685 Vicki (9/30/2015 9:08:50 AM):  Yesterday you gave us statistics on how the U.S. death rate is higher than other nations. Your premise was that it was all the fault of a poor health care system. You left out many factors that contribute to our death rates. Our military is by far the strongest in the world striving to keep us safe. Japan and Sweden were ahead of us on your list. Have either country sent their brightest and best to defend the world from terrorist? We have our military dying on the battle field and even here while in training. Our obesity rates lead the world. We lead the world in homicides. Our suicide rates are high also deaths from smoking are high. Illegal drug use death contributes also. None of the deaths can be prevented by the medical field. Yes, they can educate but they can not stop over eating, smoking, murder, illegal drug use. To blame our medical system for these deaths is wrong. Every person that shows up at the ER is treated no matter what. Whether they follow up on care and live a healthy lifestyle is their business. Physicians can not cure someone that is non compliant and lives a poor lifestyle. Money or lack of is not the problem here.,  Anna, AL

2687 Planned Parenthood (9/30/2015 9:34:34 AM):  I am appalled at the videos and I do not believe they are doctored, the full videos are available online. But, let's leave the videos out of the picture and forget rather you are pro life or pro choice. I think it should bother all tax payers that a half a billion dollars is going to a non profit organization whose director receives almost $600,000 per year salary. Luxury travel expenses are listed. The republicans are asking for this organization to be defunded and that the SAME amount of money be given to other women's health organizations. I cannot understand why the democrats are blocking this. Do the taxpayers realize that our money goes in and flows out the other side to democratic campaigns and PAC's. PP are flush with cash, they don't need the taxpayer money. I bet if we put a clinic beside everyone of the PP facilities who promote alternatives to abortion such as adoption and support for keeping your baby and it was funded with the same taxpayer money, there would be an outcry. Lastly, now that we have the Affordable Care Act accessible to all women and virtually all routine medicine and birth control is free, why do we have to be using taxpayer dollars to fund PP?,  Karen-IA

2688 Abortion (9/30/2015 9:36:25 AM):  Does anyone know how a woman with no money gets an abortion at Planned Parenthood? They say that it is against the law for taxpayer dollars to be used, but how is it paid for when a young women comes into the clinic and she has no money and/or on Medicaid?,  Karen-IA

2694 Expired Verizon rebate card-- (9/30/2015 12:21:57 PM):  I found a Verizon credit card in my wallet--from a rebate--it expired 9/15. Has anyone ever had luck getting them to issue a new one? ,  Feel stupid!!

2697 Do you watch Hotel Impossible? (9/30/2015 12:55:35 PM):  I just watched last night's episode and the end was cut off. Did the alcoholic owner of the Hershey PA motel stay in rehab or did he bolt?,  Joanie in NJ & FL

2701 Gift card for (9/30/2015 1:16:57 PM):  family member. How does one get a gift card for a starving family member without going through the mail. I have already called Walmart and they said it would be given in cash. No cash for this family member!! ,  No Name

2706 IRS (9/30/2015 2:01:45 PM):  Got two phone calls yesterday- the IRS is "suing" me! I hung up before hearing anything else. They should be ashamed of themselves trying to scam people! ,  Diane Me

2712 To Shanna and Marion, both of CA (9/30/2015 2:43:54 PM):  Thank you both for the wonderful cards! Face rash is better now that I have (2) meds to counter that side effect. They are going to do a scan next month to see if the trial meds are doing anything. Have been so sore and tired lately that they better be doing SOMETHING!,  Debbie, OR

2716 Govt Shutdown?? (9/30/2015 3:15:31 PM):  So are we shutting down the government again?? I think we should shut down congress for about two weeks and just apply their paychecks towards debt or some other worthwhile cause!!,  Susan, SC

2722 Good News/Bad News (9/30/2015 3:58:57 PM):  Good News: John Boehner is resigning in October. Bad News: POTUS isn't. Now hoping Mitch McConnell follows Boehner and both houses of Congress elect majority leaders who actually represent their constituents by standing up for conservative principles instead of always caving to the oppostition.,  Marion, CA

2726 Make America Great Again (9/30/2015 4:17:46 PM):  Donald Trump has a slogan that he will "Make America Great Again", I think meaning that Americans will be able to have a good job and not have the worries about their job. On Labor Day President Obama talked about how may new jobs have been created under his administration and how low the unemployment rate is. On September 16th the day of the Republican debate President Obama responded to Trump's statement by saying that "America is Great Right Now". Do you consider that America is doing Great right now? I consider for the country to be great would mean people have jobs that cover their expenses (necessities plus some extras) plus some extra money to save with out government handouts like food stamps, WIC or other government handouts. If we are doing so great, why do I keep hearing that more people need government assistance and that kids are going hungry. Am I being lied to when I am told that people need government help to eat? I would like to think that President Obama is right that everybody is doing well and doesn't need government assistance or handouts from the government to put food on the table.,  Jackie A., PA

2738 Pope (9/30/2015 7:54:52 PM):  The Varican has confirmed that the Pope had a private meeting with Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk, while he was in Washington. Funny, the media gave that no coverage at all. I guess it didn't fit the progressive narrative that they want us to believe of the Popes agenda. He reportedly told her to stay strong. ,  Karen-IA

2740 Debbie OR (9/30/2015 9:27:49 PM):  So glad to hear you are a little better! If you got a card from Faith Fellowship Church in TN, that's my bunch. I gave your name & addy to our "Sunshine Ambassador" and she was going to mail you a card a week or so ago. Continuing to keep you on our prayer list. Prayer works!,  Paula T. TN

2742 Joaquin (10/1/2015 3:48:40 AM):  Still watching the newest hurricane. Up to 120 mph now so not just a thunderstorm here. VA has already declared a state of emergency. Lots of rain headed this way.,  Susan, SC

2755 Prayers Today (10/1/2015 9:24:44 AM):  I have a repeat mammo on my right breast along with diagnositic tests (sonogram????) They found a cluster of fibroids (I am assuming) in July and wanted a repeat mammo in 6 months. I am not really worried about it; but I have been having pain in my shoulder blade on that side. I think is is residual pain from my car accident;seat belt and air bag pain. Then I had shingles on that side after that. But, I would appreciate prayer.,  Janice/Ok

2761 Sad (10/1/2015 10:47:55 AM):  My dd in Nebraska adopted 2 kittens 2 months ago. Yeterday the boy kitty, Scooter died unexpectedly. He had had some problems with his kidney but after clearing an infection, they didn't find anything else wrong. He still peed on her bed once a day but they chalked that up to stress bc he otherwise used the box and it only happened when she was home.I guess there was a big kidney problem they didn't find.She said he wasn't his usual kitteny self early in the day, then he went under the bed. When he didn't come out for a while to eat, she went to get him and he had died. I guess he knew and that's why he hid.He was only about 6 months old. Say a little prayer for her comfort, please.Thank you.,  Sue P., CT

2764 Would you say something? (10/1/2015 12:02:16 PM):  My DD (15) played in a PowderPuff (girls flag) football game yesterday. It is supposed to be for fun. They practice for a week and play for 1 day. I noticed that she wasn't getting much playing time but that happens. After her game was over, she came to the stands in tears. She told us that she asked the coach if she could play, and he told her that they wanted to win. That was uncalled for IMO. This is a teacher at the school that she may get in the future. DH & I want to say something to him about how he handled her question. Would you ask him?,  Debbie, OR

2777 Etsy (10/1/2015 1:49:39 PM):  My Etsy Store (11/1/2014 8:02:16 AM): I am thankful for the opportunity to sell my items to you through Etsy. I have a real love for sewing and doing all sorts of crafts. Thanks for stopping by This is my store address if you would please help me spread the word. Tell anyone that will listen LOL. Thanks lots. , Ann/FL,  Ann/FL

2780 What's for Dinner? (10/1/2015 2:06:18 PM):  Fall is in the air here with highs in the mid-'80s, so we are having good ol' steak and gravy with mashed potatoes. Homemade bread is in the oven, too. No dessert - trying to lose the couple of pounds I put on while on our cruise! ,  Nancy, LA

2783 Debbie,OR (10/1/2015 3:06:48 PM):  Guess the card got on the slow pony to OR. :) Hopefully it will arrive soon!,  Sue P., CT

2784 Pope & marriage license comment (10/1/2015 3:25:39 PM):  I decided to make a new post since the original post will drop off soon. It's been mentioned before about marriage license -- why do we have to go to a govt agency to get approval to marry. Let us marry under our own convictions/church/beliefs. After the ceremony then we can "pay" the fee and let the govt record the union of 2 people. It seems to me that it would not be over-riding a person's belief system to certain unions if he/she is simply recording a marriage vs. giving a license to marry. Personally I think it is an over-reach of the government in our personal lives to have to go through them to get married.,  my opinion

2793 Venting for today (10/1/2015 4:07:52 PM):  Did quite a few errands today. My main goal was to find a blue light bulb for front porch light to show law enforcement support. Only found one at Home Depot but it's only 15 W, but I took what I could get. Found this gorgeous sedum that changes from green to copper color. Previously I had purchased one at plant nursery for $12. HD had for $4.28. Then I saw a larger size with a $6.98 sign in front so I opted for that one. When I checked out, my total was $14 but it still didn't sink in. On the way to the car, checked my receipt. Plant rang up for $9.98. Gently opened the bag to check the price and there was tag for $9.98 so I go back to make sure there's no $9.98 sign. Nope, only $4.28 for smaller and $6.98 for this size. So I go back to get my refund. They couldn't do it at lawn & garden so had to go inside. Clerk didn't even question it or call for someone to verify my price. So I'm wondering if this had happened before. How many people don't notice. If I had purchased more than 2 items, I probably wouldn't have noticed either. About that time, I realized I was hungry. A local restaurant opened a new location so thought I'd see how it was. Gorgeous decor, but prices were $2-$3 higher than their other location. Bowl of lemons 99 cents. Not sure how that's going to go over. Each meal comes with complimentary chips and salsa, no matter if you order Mexican food or not. Salsa looked "strange", so I leaned it for closer look. There were 2 chips floating on top, to the point that they had started to disintegrate. "What's the deal with the salsa?" Server leaned in closer and said, "It's just chips floating on top, no big deal." Uuuuh....I had different thoughts so I just said "Never mind. Not going to eat here today." On the way out, stopped at hostess station. Different hostess from when I went in so asked if she was hostess, manager?? Was hostess supervisor and asked what was wrong. She apologized and said that #1 salsa should not have been brought out with chips floating in it and #2 uncalled for response to my question. Several of my friends have been waiting for this location to open so I called them. This thought had not occurred to me but one of them said "sounds like it was chips that someone didn't eat and they just re-served them." YUK! Can't believe I didn't think about that before.,  Susan, LA

2799 mom's estate - good news (10/1/2015 5:20:20 PM):  I can't post on FB (brother might see it), but there is a chance I might have 90% of the estate done by the end of December if not sooner. I had multiple phone calls this week and I need to do more tomorrow/Monday, but since her house sold then we might be able to move everything up. I will be so happy if that comes true. I am tired of a sibling who is trying to tell me what to do... (then I won't have to talk to her or it can just be about regular, non-estate topics).,  Heather, NV

2804 A tragedy in our state (10/1/2015 5:51:37 PM):  It is with a heavy heart that I post this. Our beautiful, friendly and wonderful state is in shock. There was a shooting at a community college in a small city, Roseburg, OR. So far 13 people have died and at least 20 are injured. Ambulances came from all over our state to help and some patients were air-lifted to large hospitals in the Eugene/Springfield area as well as Portland. When will this madness end? The shooter is described as an 18-year old male. ,  Alice Dodge, OR

2805 Enable Links (10/1/2015 5:52:42 PM):  I tried to forward an email to someone and it said "enable links." How do you do that? I've done it in other items where you click a drop down menu that pops up, but not this time. I'm not too good at this stuff!,  Shielia B. FL

2810 Concerned (10/1/2015 6:47:25 PM):  Our state has just declared a state of Emergency due to the incoming hurricane. We are to get 8 inches of rain here but are about 5 hours inland. Columbia and on towards the coast is expecting upwards of 15 inches. Worried about my child at Marine basic training. They are on an island off the coast. Wondering if they will evacuate. I'll try to call the recruiter tomorrow.,  Susan, SC

2825 Pope's Statement (10/2/2015 5:27:10 AM):  Seems like the Pope is trying to distance himself from Kim Davis! She wants us to think she's got his backing in her crusade. This is what the Vatican said: "The Pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis, and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects,",  Just Sayin'...

2827 CSI (10/2/2015 6:33:35 AM):  I watched the series finale but apparently I missed some (most?) of the last season. What happened to Fin and where was Nick?,  Amy J, OH

2833 To Lie or Not (10/2/2015 8:54:45 AM):  When the crazy gunman yesterday asked the students' religion before he shot them, if you were in that position, would you lie? Heck, I would! No way do I see that as a test of faith. I see it as a crazy person murdering people, and I don't bow to crazy. Just like if I were hiding a Jew in my attic and a Nazi knocked on my door and asked if I were hiding someone. "No sir! I hate Jews!" Anything to get rid of the evil and preserve life. In the case yesterday, I guess the first few students didn't know what the 'right' answer was, but it probably became obvious. From that point on, lie, lie, lie!!! God doesn't send people with mental illness and murderous intent to test faith. God gives us smarts to help us get out of such evil situations. I'm not blaming the victims. I'm just thinking it through ahead of time if I'm ever in such a situation, heaven forbid. To me, this was not a moral dilemma at all. Say whatever you have to to stay alive. JMHO,  Betsy C., Calif

2834 Venting-Board of Health (10/2/2015 9:16:23 AM):  I thought about Board of Health during the night. The more I think of it, the more I believe that I was served someone else's unwanted chips. The server wasn't too "with it" or she would have at least removed the evidence from the salsa! Many years ago we ate at our neighborhood Subway. This was before they were required to wear gloves (which really doesn't make me feel too much better b/c I've seen them make the sandwich, work the register and go back to make the next sandwich----all while still wearing gloves!). The clerk had really long fake fingernails. While we were DH and I were coordinating what items we wanted to dress our sandwich, she began to scratch intensely between the rows of her braids. DH and I looked at each other and knew at that point that we wouldn't be eating there that night. But just to see what happened, we ordered cheese on our sandwich. She used the same nail that had scratched her head to separate the cheese slices. We turned to walk out and she asked what was wrong. DH said "If you don't know, I'm not telling you." He told me to call Health Dept. the next morning. ,  Susan, LA

2839 Cute joke (10/2/2015 10:48:58 AM):  a friend put this on fb and I thought it was cute... Two blondes are in a river holding fishing poles with the lines in the water. A game warden comes up behind them, taps them on the shoulder and says, "Excuse me, ladies, I'd like to see your fishing licenses." "We don't have any." replied the first woman. "Well, if your going to fish, you need fishing licenses." said the game warden. "But officer," replied the second girl, "we aren't fishing. All we have are magnets at the end of our lines and we're collecting debris off the bottom of the river." The game warden lifted up the lines and, sure enough, there were horseshoe magnets tied on the end of each line. "Well, I know of no law against it," shrugged the game warden, "take all the debris you want." And with that, the game warden left. As soon as he was out of sight, the women started laughing hysterically. "What a dumb Fish Cop! Doesn't he know that there are steelheads in this river?!",  Sunshine (Linda IN)

2840 Foy Code (10/2/2015 10:49:50 AM):  8qgkxs7t1 25 points for one more.,  Vicki, Va.

2841 Life Expectancy (10/2/2015 11:00:36 AM):  Yesterday there was a discussion trying to tie life expectancy to the health care delivery system. The two are not the same. Our health care system is not the problem. How we pay, or mainly not pay is the issue. The people I know without health insurance prior to Obamacare still do not have insurance and receive excellent care. On today's news we have the tragedy in Oregon, military members dying in the middle east, family members murdered prior to the fires and a discussion on the rampant murders in Chicago and Baltimore. Not one of these deaths has anything to do with health care.,  Anna, AL

2842 Foy Code (10/2/2015 11:03:35 AM):  27pgu1lw4 For 15 points for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

2843 Kelloggs Family Rewards (10/2/2015 11:19:35 AM):  I have not cashed in on KFR yet, and have a question I hope someone can answer. If I order a few Redbox DVD codes & send to the kid of a friend, how long are the codes good for? I'm not sure they would use them right away, or maybe 1 each weekend. Would they at least be good 30 days?,  just me

2846 Foy Code (10/2/2015 12:05:07 PM):  27pgu1lw4 For 15 points for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

2849 Mammo Results (10/2/2015 12:44:26 PM):  Only had to have a mammo; no more tests until April. Dr. said it was still calcifications just like it was in January. If there are changes in April; then they will decide what to do. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts.,  Janice/Ok

2859 Sonya update (10/2/2015 3:30:44 PM):  Spoke to the lady today that has been taking Sonya's parents back and forth to hospital. They are going to do trach to get her off the vent. Vent has been fluctuating at breathing 50-75% for her. Removing and replacing her plasma. Dialysis is a continuous dialysis, not the type where they do it for several hours several times a week. Said it's like a "low dose" dialysis. From what the lady understands, the chemo is being given to destroy bad intestinal bacteria and help the good bacteria flourish. Sometimes she is aware of people around her and tries to communicate. They will induce labor on Sonya's DIL today. I just have a feeling that Sonya is just waiting to know that she is a grandma. It's going to take a miracle for her, but we all know those are possible! Thank you for your prayers, but please don't stop!,  Susan, LA

2865 RAIN and More Rain (10/2/2015 3:54:35 PM):  8 to 10 inches coming our way tonight and tomorrow. The Clemson Notre Dame game should be interesting. Clemson is in my county and just up the road about 20 minutes. Joaquin is coming!!,  Susan, SC

2867 Cold Weather (10/2/2015 4:10:39 PM):  Well my husband turned the furnace on today. We try not to do that till the mid to end of October. The house was 62 degrees inside and it was 38 degrees outside this morning. We shouldn't be getting that cold yet or having to turn on the furnace. Hope that winter isn't starting yet, it is just way to soon for it or snow.,  Jackie A., PA

2870 Got a walking cast this week (10/2/2015 4:47:18 PM):  for my broken ankle. Can't put any weight on the foot, but get to take off the boot a few times a day, to work on range of motion (aka write the abcs in the air with the foot). Will see the ortho dr again in a month,  Cindy T., WI

2875 New dentist (10/2/2015 5:57:14 PM):  I'm still thinking about my last appointment with my new dentist. I can't help but compare him to my last dentist who seemed much more thorough. For example, as a new patient he didn't lift up under my tongue to see if there were issues, he didn't use the tool to test the middle of my teeth to see if there were any holes, and he didn't use the tool to indicate the gum line, and he didn't inquire about this one tooth that has significant recession. My last dentist would tell the hygienist certain numbers regarding my teeth. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I almost feel like going back to my dentist in PA.,  Mindy, MD

2876 KINDLE FIRE PROBLEMS (10/2/2015 6:08:12 PM):  My husband has a Kindle Fire we just got in January and it has gone crazy for no reason. It "talks" now when you press any button, you have to enter a password for parental control to get in, you have to double click on anything you want to open, you have to use two fingers to slide screen, but it won't work--can't play games, etc. Any suggestions on what could have happened? Thanks,  Bev, IN

2877 Oregon shootings (10/2/2015 6:43:37 PM):  Just read that Alex Skarlatosm the young man who helped thwart the attack on the train would have been at the college where the mass shootings took place, but he was in L.A. rehearsing for DWTS. He has gone home to be with his community and family. ,  Susan, LA

2881 Birthdays (10/2/2015 8:28:40 PM):  I thought there was a link someplace (on refund cents) of the different restaurants (etc) where you can get free stuff on your birthday. I can't find it. All I see is birthdays of the RMCers Wasn't there or is there a list of the different places that has offers on your birthday?,  Patti/IN

2883 Dianne in GA & mom's estate (10/2/2015 11:07:01 PM):  One reason nothing has been distributed yet is mom had a 120 day hold in case anyone contested the will (many years ago my ex-SIL thought she should get 1/4th of the estate when my parents died - at the time my sis and me weren't even married). So, we have finally crossed that date (and the house has sold) so I might be able to make the distribution later this week and then just have to finish the trust (taxes, etc). ,  Heather, NV

2885 Question about a Company (10/3/2015 2:14:44 AM):  Just wondering if anyone has ordered from a company called "Serengeti"? I came across it while searching for plus size corduroy skirts. I have never heard of it before and wondered if anyone was familiar with this company or the quality of the clothing they sell? Thanks for any input you can give.,  Shelly K. MI

2893 Susan, SC-storm (10/3/2015 10:40:09 AM):  I know that his response set your mind at ease. ,  Susan, LA

2894 Cathy S., NY (10/3/2015 10:47:42 AM):  Cathy, I was out of town for several days and finally got around to reading past posts, although I've been responding to current ones. I'm sorry I didn't see about Walter's passing sooner. You have my deepest sympathy. You ARE a strong lady. I can remember back when Walter was first diagnosed and your posts that you didn't think you could do it. You DID it and I know Walter was thankful to have you there for him. Take care of yourself. Many of us have had this journey, myself included. Although we didn't have to tolerate the suffering that you and Walter did, it was difficult for me because it was very sudden. Please stay with us and let us know how you are doing. We are here for you.,  Susan, LA

2896 Drip Drop (10/3/2015 11:33:33 AM):  Just constant rain. I feel for those people who are crazy enough to choose to sit out in this for the Notre Dame Clemson game tonight. ok....No I don't.,  Susan, SC

2900 Foy Code (10/3/2015 12:30:13 PM):  gyzz779c6 Worth 14 more for one more. I post these as soon as I get them. ,  Vicki, Va.

2903 Update On Walt (10/3/2015 5:06:32 PM):  We had the memorial service for the love of my life last night at the Baptist church my daughter,SIL & her family attend.Pastor gave a beautiful touching testimony of Walt's life & then the ladies put on a lovely dinner.All in all everything was beautiful but sad in a way as that is the final end to that phase of our lives.He will always be with me though as he was cremated & right now he is in an urn on the piano in the parlor.I am so blessed to have such wonderful children.My daughter put everything together & wouldn't let me do a thing.I kept saying I wanted to help & kept beening told you just stay home & rest.Today started the new phase of my life & the days are so long.I have so much to do & can't bring myself to get into any of them.I am just wiped out but that is to be expected.The last 2 months of Walt & my lives together got a little rough at times with the last 2 weeks being the worst.I am just going to give myself permission to pamper myself & know that everything I need to get done will get done eventually.Nothing that is an emergency.My SIL is even taking over the task of selling the car.Walt always got the cars he wanted & since he did the driving,I figured why not.The car I have now is a GM Envoy & I hate it.Seems like driving a mac truck to me.I am a small women & can't even see over the steering wheel.If I do get another one it will be a small car that I like.Everyone keeps telling me I am a strong person & will get through this but sometimes I have my doubts.If it wasn't so rainy & cold sometimes I would just like to go out in the yard & scream.I never thought I would find myself standing in a receiving line greeting guests because my love was gone.I keep telling myself the Lord knows best.Walt had so many other health problems besides his cancer & guess he decided my love was just too tired & worn out to go on any more.It gives me peace to know he is in a better place with no more pain & worries.,  Cathy S.NY

2913 Lice (10/3/2015 6:48:23 PM):  The school nurse looked at my head yesterday. No live critters anymore. She said that I should still do the combout for another week or so -- since there still may be "pieces" and little nits there. She will check me again next week -- my hairdresser doesn't want me back until I'm sure everything is ALL gone. I've been doing the vinegar rinse for the last few days and that seems to be helping to loosen the rest of the nits. My hubby is a real keeper. It takes over an hour each night for him to comb through my hair. We were saying before last weekend that we should try to spend more quality time together. (Lots of extended family drama -- plus very hectic work schedules last month.) This kind of "quality time" is NOT what either of us had in mind. However in our 37 years together, we have been through much worse. At least I got a good start on cleaning my house since my daughter (and maybe her husband) are coming to visit in a couple of weeks!,  Joanne Vt

2917 I don't get it (10/3/2015 9:04:17 PM):  Today I went to the grocery store. When I got to my car a man had his full cart right behind my car and was putting his groceries in the back of his truck which was parked next to me. He saw me get in my car and he didn't move the cart. I started my car and he still did not move the cart. I then started to back out a bit and he did not move the cart. I had to get out of my car and asking him to move his cart from behind my car so I could leave. He looked at me like I was bothering him but he did finally move his cart. The same thing happens inside the stores. People are shopping and have their cart in the middle of the aisle and won't move over until you say something and then they act like it is a bother to move. What is going on with the rudeness and not being considerate of others? Do you have any witty comment or suggestion to get through to the blockers but in a nice or funny way?,  Fed up

2922 portable TV (10/4/2015 7:54:18 AM):  I have a portable TV - an old one. It only takes batteries, no electrical cord. Is there anyway you can attach a digita box and antenna to get a picture - or should it just be trashed (properly, of course)?,  Joyce A., VA

2924 Still nonstop rain (10/4/2015 8:33:43 AM):  And More and More. Columbia, SC is a mess. Here, I went out to Rite Aid and the whole corner where I shop lost power. So didn't buy anything and headed home. Torrential rain still coming and lots of wind causing trees to come down.,  Susan, SC

2927 Vegas (10/4/2015 10:58:31 AM):  Hubby and me are going to Vegas at the end of the month.. Last time we went when we scanned through they took my hair jel.. and said it was the wrong size.. does anyone know what the required sizes that you can take on the plane? I know travel size, but the smallest jel i have found is 4oz,, Do not want to get it if i am going to lose it.. Thanks for any help.,  Sherry Fl

2928 puzzle (10/4/2015 11:01:03 AM):  Last week's challenge, : Name a famous Greek person from history. Rearrange the letters of the name to get the title of a famous Italian person from history. Who are these two people? Answer: Euclid, Il Duce. Did anybody even come close to this? I didn't have a clue. Next week's challenge: Think of a two-word term for someone who might be working at a nightclub. The second letter of the first word is a consonant. Move that letter so it's the second letter of the second word, and phonetically you'll get a made-up, two-word term for someone else who might work at a nightclub. What persons are these? ,  MAC--WI

2930 Foy Code (10/4/2015 11:16:13 AM):  u5pg4d9v6 For 19 points for one more. I hope someone gets this. I posted as soon as I got it.,  Vicki, Va

2931 Foy Code (10/4/2015 11:28:05 AM):  u5pg4d9v6 For 19 points for one more. I hope someone gets this. I posted as soon as I got it.,  Vicki, Va

2934 Enamel Cast Iron (10/4/2015 11:50:48 AM):  I am seeing these everywhere. Enamel cast iron pots. Can someone tell me if they really make your meal taste better? I have a flat stovetop. I don’t know if I can use one of these on the top of the stove? Also does the brand matter? Macy’s has them, Penneys, Kohls, Besides the price, which I can shop for a deal, the weight of them alone is what has put me off from purchasing one but I am thinking more and more of trying one.,  Laurie, Ohio

2943 Swagbucks Code (10/4/2015 1:06:43 PM):  Clueless before 2pm PDT/5pm EDT for 3 SB.,  Melody

2944 FOY code (10/4/2015 1:30:53 PM):  Use j8xjn436j for 18 points good for 3 users.,  Faye, VA

2947 My sister (10/4/2015 1:41:29 PM):  has been having trouble with wheezing and coughing for over a week. The doc said it wasn't asthma, yet, and gave her breathing treatments, prednisone and anti-biotic. Last Wednesday, she got worse. Her doc is off on Wed.'s so my brother-in-law took her to the emergency rm. The did a lot of tests, x-ray of lungs and gave her more breathing treatments. They called and told her they found nodules on her lungs. She has an appt. with a lung doc Wed. Please pray that it will not be malignant. We've already lost our grandmother, mother and brother to cancer. And my husband has it now. Her name is Wanda. Thank you,  Lillie,

2953 BTFE (10/4/2015 4:39:40 PM):  Is there a certain day when posters can request BTFE and CLFE for their schools? I have a few that I could send them as a RAOK.,  Theresa, PA

2954 Phew! (10/4/2015 4:49:10 PM):  I spent last week at my parents' house helping them with a variety of tasks. I live 3 hours away, and with a young family, it's hard to get away for more than a few days, so this was huge in itself! My mom used to be a huge garage sale fanatic - buying lots of things to resell. She was diagnosed with Parkinsons a few years ago, and has really slowed down and stopped having garage sales. I told her if she was serious about getting rid of things, I would come help. My goal was to clean the garage so my parents could park their cars in there (as it was, they could barely park a bicycle!), and clean out their bathroom closet. After 2 intense days in the garage, I fell off a ladder and severely sprained my ankle (thankfully not broken!) to the point that I could not bear weight on it. However, I was mostly to the organization spot at that point, so I was able to finish the garage after another day (and a bit). I then moved on to my mom's bedroom (had no idea it was SO bad!). She can now see her floor, and her closet is about half as full as it was! Finally, I organized their bathroom closet on the last day. In addition, I was with them as they met with contractors for a kitchen/bath remodel, and looked at cabinets/countertops/etc with my mom. It was an exhausting week, but I am SO glad it's done and I was able to get so much accomplished. My mom has a long way to go sorting through things, but they are things I can't do much with. I hope my parents are able to live better without so much clutter and disorganization (and REALLY hope my mom can continue the process and not have it start the downhill slide again!). My parents are still young - 66 and 71, and I think this was the greatest gift I could give them. It is also a lot more peace of mind for me, and motivation to keep my own house much more organized so my kids don't have to go through that!,  Lisa, OH

2955 Vegas (10/4/2015 5:21:10 PM):  Thank you all that answered my Questions about sizes to take on the plane, some very good idea's. Thank you so much.. I know we will have a good time..,  Sherry Fl

2958 New To Me Return... (10/4/2015 6:40:25 PM):  So, today I was out with husband and son on the way to the auto parts store...across the street Walgreens. After I begged and pleaded and assured I would be only a minute they agreed to wait in car. Well, from the get go nothing went right nothing I wanted was available. Except toothpaste. So, I go with my 2 tubes of toothpaste and 2, $1 coupons to the register. So, of course the RR does not print. Dang it! Associate didn't notice, I point it out. She says they have a new register maybe that's why. She calls the manager. GEESH. I don't have time for this suddenly a huge line behind me. I say I can't wait any longer just refund me. So, she begins refunding me. Right at the very end the manager arrives. I had just asked the associate for my coupons back. The manager says sorry since we are refunding the price of the item plus the coupons we have to keep coupons. So, then they proceeded to refund the full amount of toothpaste and the amount of the coupons. Then keep my coupons. I left with $2 extra in my pocket, nothing else. That was for sure the weirdest return ever. ,  Cindy T, TX

2961 How to get Windows (10/4/2015 7:53:02 PM):  10 to print coupons on Any help would be appreciated.,  Carole H. KY

2967 coke points (10/5/2015 8:05:09 AM):  anyone ever get them to give them back? I thought I was going in the acct and tweeting but must be because i did not put in points. they took away 761 points,  no name

2972 doing resume (10/5/2015 8:42:53 AM):  I need to do my resume but can't afford to do one of those resume services on line. Don't have Word & can't afford it either. Is there any resume format that I can do for free? Some of the resume services offer x amount of days free, but I not expecting an immediate job offer. If it matters at all, I use Windows 7.,  job seeker

2973 Flu shot co-pay (10/5/2015 9:07:16 AM):  Got my flu shot yesterday at Target pharmacy. There was copay of $4; last year it was zero copay. I asked if something had changed and they said that one guy had $17 copay the other day. I decided to call my insurance this morning. They asked if I had it at drugstore. Evidently, to get zero copay it has to be processed as "prescription pick up" and not as a new prescription. New prescription processing charges the drug copay. It was the same pharmacist and tech that was there last year. I think the company may have just figured out how to make some extra money off the shots. I'm not going back to Target for the $4, would spend that much in gas. Will have to try to remember next year when I go. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up so you can avoid it. I like going to Target b/c they are usually not busy. DS went to her doctor last year b/c they were advertising "walk-in flu shots", but they also charged her an office visit for it! Said next time she would get hers at Walgreens. Also going to post on CC.,  Susan, LA

2974 Foy Code (10/5/2015 10:23:33 AM):  evmtm4v6o 32 points for 2 more. ,  Vicki Hannh

2980 Sue P, CT and Grace, CA (10/5/2015 11:42:40 AM):  Thank you for the wonderful cards you sent. ,  Debbie, OR

2981 Prayer Request (10/5/2015 12:09:22 PM):  My sis and BIL were hit head-on last night by a 17 yr. old girl TEXTING and driving about 11:30 p.m. BIL only got minor scrape to his head, but sis got a shattered right wrist and broken sternum. She will be having surgery some time today on the wrist. Sis is 75, BIL is 78, so may be a problem with healing. Please say a prayer for Ardy & Don. The Lord knows who they are! Thanks, all!,  Paula T. TN

2984 Myrtle Beach Weather? (10/5/2015 12:42:23 PM):  So we made reservations a month ago to spend 7 nights in Myrtle Beach starting Oct 16. Do you think the area will be worth going to if it stops raining? I don't know if we can cancel yet. Would like to go somewhere else if this doesn't work out. I have time off from work.,  Bev, IN

2990 Swagbucks Code (10/5/2015 2:00:48 PM):  HalloHunt before 2pm PDT/5pm EDT for 4 SB!,  Melody

2991 Decorating white pumpkins (10/5/2015 2:30:05 PM):  Has anyone noticed suggestions for decorating white pumpkins for Halloween. I saw something SOMEWHERE on the topic which was about painting the natural "stripes" that run from the top of a pumpkin to the bottom in different colors. I am not looking for doing stencil or freehand type pictures or anything because these are small-medium size and I am not all that creative. TIA,  Jeanne E, IL

3004 Flooding (10/5/2015 4:37:55 PM): Columbia, SC is having a horrible time. Massive flooding and roads tearing up. Dams breaking. No water for many people. USC also has no clean drinking water. What a mess that the torrential (18+ inches) of rain brought. I'm two hours north of here and we didn't have near what they said we would get, thankfully!,  Susan, SC

3009 help - estate advice (10/5/2015 6:27:06 PM):  OK, mom's estate is mainly (99%) in an investment account. Mom had all California tax-free bond funds. Brother still lives in California (wants the CA tax-free bonds funds), me in Nevada - I have no state income tax so I could use the CA tax-free bond funds, but sister lives in Oregon and hates California (wants nothing to do with it so doesn't want the CA tax-free bond funds). a) Do I liquidate the account (potential capital gains and fees taken from the trust AND then brother and I pay fees to buy rebuy the CA tax free bond funds back) or b) Do I liquidate some of the CA tax-free bonds funds (to raise more cash) and divide everything by three (sister then can do what she wants with the CA tax-free bond funds). It doesn't seem 'fair' for brother and me to have to repay fees to buy back what we would have had if sister wasn't being difficult (this way she would be paying less fees to sell all of hers and the trust would be paying less than if we liquidate everything). I don't know if I can may everyone happy, but I don't know why two of us has to be upset because one doesn't want anything to do with California. Any advice?? I so want this done so I can stop thinking/worrying about it.,  heather, NV

3022 Scary Weird (10/6/2015 8:56:11 AM):  Things like this make me a little nervous. We had a van just stop on the street out back of my house and just sit there for a few minutes and stare at our house. After about 3-4 minutes the passenger leans out the window and starts taking pictures of my house. Hubby got up and tried to get outside to ask them what was heck was going on. Drove off too quick to get license.,  Vicki, Va.

3024 Our Lucky Day (10/6/2015 12:01:01 PM):  Hubby and I won $65.00 playing scratch off tickets today. We had just won $12.00 last week. Used $12.00 today to buy tickets. ,  Vicki, Va,

3028 Our Lucky Day (10/6/2015 12:56:02 PM):  Hubby and I won $65.00 playing scratch off tickets today. We had just won $12.00 last week. Used $12.00 today to buy tickets. ,  Vicki, Va,

3029 pork roast idea (10/6/2015 1:51:10 PM):  I have a boneless pork loin that I want to cook tomorrow in the slow cooker. What recipes do you all use?,  judyb la

3033 flooding pics (10/6/2015 3:23:43 PM): The pictures coming out of the Midlands and Low Country of SC are amazing. Just so much water.,  Susan, SC

3036 Prayer Request Update (10/6/2015 6:01:51 PM):  Thanks to all who sent up prayers for my sis & BIL, Ardy & Don. Ardy's surgery on her wrist went well, she may come home today. The girl that hit them tried to be a hit & run, but her car didn't cooperate. She wasn't injured. Recuperation will be lengthy, keep them in your prayers. Thanks again!,  Paula T. TN

3040 IRS Scammer (10/6/2015 7:22:16 PM):  Got our first IRS scam call today. It had to be a day hubby was home. LOL It was a robo call and said we were being sued and needed to call the number back. Hubby almost turned green. LOL I told him there would be no reason for the IRS to need to sue us in the first place and to calm down. Looked up the number 509-295-6462 out of Clarkston WA. Lots of complaints, said it had been going on for six months with this number and that if you did call it back a man with a heavy accent would tell you that you would go to jail and have all your bank accounts taken if you did not go to a advanced loan place and send him x amount of money. Just got another call with same message. This time caller ID says private number. I think next call I will turn off answering machine so they can't leave a message. That should get really old for them real fast.,  Debbie, IN

3041 Need tips for Cold (10/6/2015 8:28:15 PM):  Our adult son keeps getting colds and URI. Goes to Dr & they prescribe amoxicillin or z pack. He gets over it , then a couple weeks later has it all over again. He had his tonsils out when he was in his teens because of even worse recurring infections. Any thoughts on preventive measures appreciated. He farms and it is prime harvest now but just came back from Dr again today. ,  Iowa

3042 Lettuce (10/6/2015 8:32:30 PM):  How do you keep bagged lettuce crisp? I always wash & lightly dry with a paper towel just what we are eating and clip the bag shut, but even the lettuce I wash is limp. Wish it were crispy like at the salad bars. Thanks.,  Liz

3043 Detroit Help (10/6/2015 8:59:39 PM):  Need opinions..especially from Detroit or surrounding area residents. DS who is 19 wants to fly to Detroit (with 3 other friends) in Feb to attend an Islanders/Red Wings game at Joe Louis Arena. DH is absolutely against it while I'm still up in the air about it. DH says the area is not safe even though I don't think the area is as bad as it was. Can anyone give me their opinion about the area or knows anything about it? The boys will just be paying for their airfare and food. Hotel is the same hotel as the team is staying. Thanks so much!!,  Randi, LI

3051 thank you - estate advice (10/7/2015 12:09:09 AM):  Thanks for the comments saying I should be able to give my sister all cash and brother & I split the tax-free. I was going to email that option to the estate attorney, but he came back with that option too! Before he kept telling me I had to divide the bonds (which sister didn't want) OR liquidate everything. So, by next week each of us should have 1/3 of the trust account (minus what I had to move to a checking account to pay the bills in the next year, etc).,  Heather, NV

3057 Census Phone Call (10/7/2015 7:23:03 AM):  Have you gotten one of these yet? I got a call yesterday saying I hadn't returned a census form and the lady spilled out a lot of legal sounding government laws, etc about census. She said it had been mailed to me. We don't get mail at our house address. She said it would take 40 minutes to do the census (supper time). I asked her to mail me another one to my mailing address and I would complete it.,  Janice/Ok

3062 HD Sunglasses condensation (10/7/2015 8:45:01 AM):  I recently purchased a pair of HD sunglasses and was pleased with the clear view when I put them on. However in just a few seconds condensation started to form on the inside lenses and my vision became cloudy. I am aware as to what can cause condensation however none of those factors occurred. It was a nice sunny with no humidity or rain and there was no change from hot to cold. I put on two different pair of sunglasses and had no problem at all. What could have caused only the HD sunglasses to condense?,  Rose PA

3065 Looking for (10/7/2015 9:25:35 AM):  A few years back there was a soup mix site from Canada and I seem to remember something in the name like ED Foods but when I do a search I keep getting info about erectile dysfunction. Does anybody remember the name of this site NOT frontier soups , but similar offers. Thanks in advance,  louise, oh

3066 FTWD -- Opinion (10/7/2015 10:07:21 AM):  If there are any other Fear the Walking Dead fans, here are my thoughts on this series. It got a lot better by the end, but I'm not invested much in the characters, especially Travis. He isn't even Hispanic in real life -- he's Maori from New Zealand. (Like there aren't any Hispanic actors in Hollywood?) There is zero chemistry between Madison and him. If he gets bit soon, no great lose, but they are probably hoping to build the entire series around this couple. It's too bad the part was miscast. But I'm a zombie fan so I'll stick with it. Next season will be on the boat, which is a new twist. If it were me, I'd live in Strand's house. Next week starts The Walking Dead. Go Carol!,  Vicki L.

3074 Foy Code (10/7/2015 12:50:57 PM):  e685bo0jn Worth 34 points for 2 more.,  Vicki, Va.

3077 Another FOY Code (10/7/2015 1:12:06 PM):  6ede1n5ko Worth 12 points for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

3079 Another FOY Code (10/7/2015 1:28:18 PM):  6ede1n5ko Worth 12 points for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

3080 Internet/Phone Service-Opinions (10/7/2015 1:59:27 PM):  Time is running out on our Clear Services we've had for years. Looks like may have to choose from AT&T, Comcast, etc. Don't care to bundle. Most concerns are on the service and the speed. Clear had 4G. Don't do games but listen to web-cams daily. Any thoughts be appreciated.,  Karen B - Tn

3081 Billy Joe Royal (10/7/2015 2:11:36 PM):  We lost a great singer, songwriter yesterday. One of a kind. Remembering.."Down In The Boondocks", "Burned Like A Rocket" etc...Billy Joe Royal.,  Karen B -Tn

3083 Foy code (10/7/2015 2:18:34 PM):  dbyqatsxo for 20 points good for 2 users.,  Faye, VA

3098 Scammers (10/7/2015 8:01:23 PM):  Timely article for our recent posts on scammers., LA

3101 ideas needed (10/7/2015 11:25:19 PM):  My friend told me about a beautiful idea for their mother's "mother ring" after she died One sister had each birthstone taken out and for each daughter had it made into a necklace and each son had it place on a tie clip. I thought that is such a beautiful idea! I took my mom's ring to the jeweler with this idea, but my mom wore her ring for years and each stone is badly scratched so can't be done. I have my late mil's mothers ring and was thinking of doing that for my dh and his brother and sister. Her ring looks to be in much better shape. maybe for SIL place the stone in a bracelet?However, my DBIL never ever wears a tie. Can anyone think of something else a stone can be placed in for a man? He doesn't wear rings either.He's a very conservative,casual dresser. I sure wish I could do this with my mom's ring. Anyway, TIA for any ideas.,  Sue P., CT

3109 Molly Update (10/8/2015 8:16:14 AM):  Our Molly graduated last from puppy obedience school. She is doing great. No more problems with UTI's. Learning things so quickly. Little ornery at times but responds quickly to displine. She is so friendly with everyone and just loves people. We had to hide last night in Petsmart and she had to find us. Oh you should have heard her yelping when we left her with the trainer. You could hear her throughout the store and everyone stopped to see what was going on. She found us in under a minute. ,  Vicki, Va.

3113 Attack (10/8/2015 9:39:02 AM):  I just read were the military man(Spencer?) who stooped the attacker on the French train has himself been stabbed many times in California. How sad for him & yet nothing like this surprises me any more.,  cathy oh

3114 Breakfast Humor (10/8/2015 10:31:41 AM):  This year; I started cooking dh breakfast before I leave for school. I was out of oatmeal and milk so I went by the donut store and got his Latte; Sonic for his Rt 44 for the day; and local café for take out oatmeal for him; eggs and ham for me. The lady told me the cook wrote HIS and HERS. When I got to the house, I thought the taller bag was the oatmeal. I took it in along with his drinks. I got back to school and saw my breakfast said "His" It was still early; so I took his back home. (I live 2 minutes away). When I gave him his food he said he spilled his Rt 44 by the refrigerator; and spilled his coffee on the bed. I hurried back to school to eat my breakfast. I opened the bag and it was the oatmeal, toast and sausage. I called him back and I said I give up, you can have the ham and eggs. He prefers the oatmeal. I guess the cook assume ham and eggs were "HIS." I better buy oatmeal and milk tonight.,  Janice/Ok

3117 Oldie But Goodie (10/8/2015 11:42:12 AM):  I was cleaning up some e-mails and ran across this. I thought you might enjoy. Abbott & Costello You have to be old enough to remember Abbott and Costello, and too old to REALLY understand computers, to fully appreciate this. For those of us who sometimes get flustered by our computers, please read on... If Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were alive today, their infamous sketch, 'Who's on First?' might have turned out something like this: COSTELLO CALLS TO BUY A COMPUTER FROM ABBOTT ABBOTT: Super Duper computer store. Can I help you? COSTELLO: Thanks. I'm setting up an office in my den and I'm thinking about buying a computer. ABBOTT: Mac? COSTELLO: No, the name's Lou. ABBOTT: Your computer? COSTELLO: I don't own a computer. I want to buy one. ABBOTT: Mac? COSTELLO: I told you, my name's Lou. ABBOTT: What about Windows? COSTELLO: Why? Will it get stuffy in here? ABBOTT: Do you want a computer with Windows? COSTELLO: I don't know. What will I see when I look at the windows? ABBOTT: Wallpaper. COSTELLO: Never mind the windows. I need a computer and software. ABBOTT: Software for Windows? COSTELLO: No. On the computer! I need something I can use to write proposals, track expenses and run my business. What do you have? ABBOTT: Office. COSTELLO: Yeah, for my office. Can you recommend anything? ABBOTT: I just did. COSTELLO: You just did what? ABBOTT: Recommend something. COSTELLO: You recommended something? ABBOTT: Yes. COSTELLO: For my office? ABBOTT: Yes. COSTELLO: OK, what did you recommend for my office? ABBOTT: Office. COSTELLO: Yes, for my office! ABBOTT: I recommend Office with Windows. COSTELLO: I already have an office with windows! OK, let's just say I'm sitting at my computer and I want to type a proposal. What do I need? ABBOTT: Word. COSTELLO: What word? ABBOTT: Word in Office. COSTELLO: The only word in office is office. ABBOTT: The Word in Office for Windows. COSTELLO: Which word in office for windows? ABBOTT: The Word you get when you click the blue 'W'. COSTELLO: I'm going to click your blue 'w' if you don't start with some straight answers. What about financial bookkeeping? You have anything I can track my money with? ABBOTT: Money. COSTELLO: That's right. What do you have? ABBOTT: Money. COSTELLO: I need money to track my money? ABBOTT: It comes bundled with your computer. COSTELLO: What's bundled with my computer? ABBOTT: Money. COSTELLO: Money comes with my computer? ABBOTT: Yes. No extra charge. COSTELLO: I get a bundle of money with my computer? How much? ABBOTT: One copy. COSTELLO: Isn't it illegal to copy money? ABBOTT: Microsoft gave us a license to copy Money. COSTELLO: They can give you a license to copy money? ABBOTT: Why not? THEY OWN IT! (A few days later) ABBOTT: Super Duper computer store. Can I help you? COSTELLO: How do I turn my computer off? ABBOTT: Click on 'START'............. ,  Linda H., Florida

3118 From Debbie, OR (10/8/2015 11:47:44 AM):  Received some good news from the Dr. yesterday. My CEA went from 177 to 126. The lower, the better for this number. They are taking scans at the end of the month. The prayers are working! Thanks everyone for the thoughts!,  Debbie, OR

3126 FOY Code (10/8/2015 1:54:37 PM):  7krrdx33r worth 12 for 3 more.,  Vicki, Va.

3135 Squirell chewing (10/8/2015 3:41:17 PM):  I have squirrels chewing on our deck. Does anyone know what we can do to stop this. They have done a lot of damage. I don't want to hurt them, but want them to stop. Thanks for any suggestions,  Need Help

3137 diaper cake (10/8/2015 3:47:00 PM):  One of my customers is making me a diaper cake to use as a gift. It's 3 tires high and looks like a castle. She wants to give it to me. I want to pay her. What would be a reasonably good amount?,  srd

3142 Heather - Rav 4 (10/8/2015 5:38:42 PM):  How do you like your new Rav4? Did you get a 2015 or 2016. May be looking into getting one myself and just thought I'd ask your opinion.,  Toyota Fan

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