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Wedding/Baby Shower Letters

Here's how to use the letter at a party:
Write the letter with the #'s and then a blank.. For example...(2)_______.....(3)________. After you buy all the items you wrap them and put #'s on them. Put them all in a bucket with the letter. Before the shower, place the wrapped presents on random place settings. When the bride/new mother reads the letter, she asks who has the #, and then that person opens it and puts it in the empty bucket.


Now that you have decided to make your (1) PLEDGE of love, you will want to (2) SHOUT with (3) JOY about your new (4) DAWN of happiness. As you begin your new (5) ERA together you will find you are a (6) TRUE FIT. You can go (7) ANYWHERE together on the (8) CREST of life. Take care of each other in the (9) FRESH SCENT of the (10) MORNING DEW with (11) DOWNY (12) SATIN CARE (13) CARESSís in the (14) BREEZE of (15) FRESH LINEN. (16) CLING to each other in the bad times and they will go up in a (17) WISP of smoke, and your (18) FANTASTIK hopes and dreams will come true. May all your days be filled in a (19) GLADE of happiness like a (20) JUICY RIPE WATERMELON.

Now that you and Sam have decided to take your (1)PLEDGE of love, you will want to (2)SHOUT with (3)JOY about your new (4)DAWN of happiness. As you go through the (5) Cascade of marriage with Sam (6)ANYWHERE you are together will be like riding high on the (7)CREST of life. (8)ALL the bad times will go up in (9)WISP of smoke, as your (10)FANTASTIK hopes and dreams come true with  (11)Bubbles of happiness. So, with (12)DOWNY (13)Caress', (14)SUAVE talk, and (15)ANGEL WHISPERS you will end your days in a (16 ) Magic (17)GLADE of happiness.

As you are entering a new DAWN in your LIFE, there will come a THYME in your marriage, when you realize your big BRAWNEY guy is not MR. CLEAN, but donít send out the S.O.S, because he might VANISH. So remember your PLEDGE to bring Michael JOY and happiness, to love and SNUGGLE and ALWAYS think of Michael as your HONEY. Best of wishes & best of luck in the years to come


Dear ______________________,
It is only fair that we let you in on a little SECRET. _________ may be FANTASTIC but wait until you find out that he's not MR. CLEAN! He might even expect you to be a DYNAMO in the kitchen! But, he'll wake you up at DAWN to SNUGGLE up close.
We want you to know that we ALL agree that you and _____ will have a very happy LIFE together. Remember your PLEDGE to each other always. Our wish for you is that your home be filled with JOY and that your future together will be ULTRA-BRITE.
> With much love,
> Your Bridal Party


Now that you and Jamie have decided to make your PLEDGE of love and faithfulness, I am happy for you both and share with you all of your excitement and JOY for many years. When you surf the TIDE of marriage with Jamie it will seem like you are riding the CREST of life when he WISKs you to various places. However, Jess, there are a few things that you should know. Right now, you may be feeling as though your life together is completely fulfilled and everything is FANTASTIK but there will be times when you just want to SHOUT because Jamie may not exactly be MR CLEAN! These are the times when he'll need ALL of your attention and understanding. You will be surprised at just how fast your husband will BOUNCE back to normal. Practice GOOD HOUSEKEEPING. SNUGGLE with your man, and remember the CHARMINg man you fell in love with, who swept you off your feet. He will, to some DEGREE, try to SOFTSOAP you with his SUAVE talk and BRAWNY muscles. ALWAYS remember that SUNLIGHT follows every storm and behind the PUFFS of clouds is a glorious rainbow. A new DAWN is just around the corner, which will RENU your love for each other. His DOWNY CARESS at the end of each day will make everything right. Here's hoping that your future with Jamie is always filled with beautiful rainbows. With Love, PS If you ever need to send an S.O.S, SHOUT or just DIAL and I will be there! No matter what, Iím sure you will be GLAD to be his wife.


Dear Gwen, Now that you and Sam have decided to take your (1)PLEDGE of love, you will want to (2)SHOUT with (3)JOY about your new (4)DAWN of happiness. As you go through the (5) Cascade of marriage with Sam (6)ANYWHERE you are together will be like riding high on the (7)CREST of life. (8)ALL the bad times will go up in (9)WISP of smoke, as your (10)FANTASTIK hopes and dreams come true with (11)Bubbles of happiness. So, with (12)DOWNY (13)Caress', (14)SUAVE talk, and (15)ANGEL WHISPERS you will end your days in a (16 ) Magic (17)GLADE of happiness.  Once upon a time there was a SCHICK(1) young lady who met a SUAVE(2), yet BRAWNEY(3)young man. After dating for while, the CHARMIN(4) young man, in a shady GLADE(5),one early DAWN(6), PLEDGED(7) his love. Like a WIZARD(8) in a PUFF(9) of wind, his SUAVE(10) demeaner OUSTed(11)her fears, and she PLEDGED(12) to be by his side ALLways(13). She,of course said "YES" (14), and like a CREST (15) upon a wave, REACHed (16) out to him....and they SNUGGLED(17) as they thought of their FANTASTIK(18) future together


Now that you & Marcus have decided to (1) Pledge your love you will (2) Sweep down the aisle  (3) Arm in (4) Arm on the (5) Crest of a new life with (6) Fantastik hopes and dreams. In your new (7) Dawn of (8) Happiness (9) Reach for the (10) Bubbles in life and (11) Shine like (12) Venus. A word of wisdom.. The (13) Soft (14) Suave (15) Angle Whispers is (16) Natures (17) Band aid to (18) Oust out the (19) Power doubt can (20) Spray on your (21) Fructis life. So, (22) Finish your days (23) Skin to (24) Silk in (25) Clean Linen with your (26) Schick man.

(1) Pledge
(2) Swifter Sweeper
(3) Arm & Hammer Detergent
(4) Arm & Hammer fabric softener
(5) Crest tooth paste
(6) Fantastik multi purpose cleaner
(7) Dawn dish detergent
(8) Nivea body wash Happiness fragrance
(9) Reach Tooth Brushes & floss
(10) Scrubbing Bubbles
(11) Windex has Shine on the bottle
(12) Venus razor
(13) Soft Scrub cleaner
(14) Suave deodorant
(15) Angle Whispers candle
(16) Natures Source cleaner
(17) Band aid
(18) Oust Spray
(19) Lysol Bowl cleaner with Power on the label
(20) Sense &Spray by Glade
(21) Fructis shampoo & Conditioner
(22) Finish dishwasher cleaner
(23) Skinmates shaving cream
(24) SunSilk shampoo & Conditioner 
(25) Clean Linen Glade products
(26) Schick Razor


Congratulations on your new little bundle of ALMOND JOY. I hope you have MOUNDS of diapers on hand. Your little TOOTSIE will have lots of sleepless nights but hopefully the GOOD & PLENTY  days outweigh the NUTRAGEOUS times. Youíll share plenty of SNICKERS along the way. When Lucas starts to RUFFLE your feathers just send him to GRANDMA'S for a FUNYUN time so you can have a relaxing afternoon. He wonít stay small for long so don't forget to be a LIFESAVER for your little SUGAR BABY and save a l00 GRAND for college. HUGS & KISSES,


I'm Really glad that you could come and help surprise my mother. Sit down, relax, enjoy yourselves and chat with one another.

Sorry I can't be with you to share in Mommy's shower
but you see I'm very busy cause I'm growing more each hour.

Though I'm not here to thank you for the special gift you brought, My family and I are grateful, we appreciate the thought.

I'll be arriving shortly, I'm as happy as can be. So after I've been home awhile, Please come visit me.


As the (1) Finish dries in your new home and the (2) Air settles you can  (3) Shout with (4)Joy.  In each new (5) Dawn (6) Pledge to spend (7) All your hopes and dreams  a (8) Wash in (9) Glade of  happiness.  The (10) Bubbles of life will (11) Cascade as the (12) Comet showers you, your world will (13) Shine.

As the (1) Air settles and the (2) Finish dries on your new house may you (3) Shout with (4) Joy  with each new (5)Dawn of happiness. (6) Pledge to (7) Embrace your new home with (8) All the (9) Stories of your lives together. The (10) Schick young man who with his (11)Softsoap  approach swept a (12)Dove young women (13)Off her feet in the (14) Crest of life. Remember (15) Oust out the bad times with (16) Bubbles of happiness. May your world (17) Shine bright on the (18) Edge in the (19) Glade of (20) Cascade (21) Bubbles.

As the (1)Air settles and you (2) Embrace your new house. (3)Shout with (4)Joy at the (5)Crest of your new life together. (6)Pledge to spend every (7)Dawn in a (8)Glade of happiness. (9)Oust out the bad times with (10)Bubbles of (11)Softsoap (12)Stories to (13)Axe the(14)Edge (15)Off and (16)Shine (17)Anew. May the (18)Schick (19)Dove of happiness (20)Wash your world with many (21)Bubbles to (22)Cascade.