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Yard Sale Prices

Here are suggested prices for yard sale items from stockpiles.

Thanks Barb Reynolds for compiling the list.

Advil 24ct  $1.00 (any higher and they don't sell here)
Baby powder     $2.00

Baby washes and lotions   $1.50

Band-Aids - I sold the boxes for .50 each and guess what the hottest seller was at the yard sale. I sold out of about 30 boxes in 2 hours.
Band-Aids for $1 but they didn't sell so reduced to 75 cents each
Bath powders $1.50
Betty Crocker potatoes $1.00
Body wash $1 to $2

Cereal  $1.50

Cheese Nips $1.00

Cleaner, Windex $1.50

Cleaners (like Fantastic)  $1.25 -1.50

Computer paper   $1.50

Copy paper, ream  $3.00

Crayola Crayons 24ct  $1.00

Dawn dish soap  $1.50

Dental floss $1.50 --1.00

Deodorants (including large sizes and expensive body sprays) - $1 or $1.50 (I am raising the price to $1.50 due to high demand and, it's my best seller!)

Dinty Moore stew  $1.00

Dove cloths  $2.50

Electrasol dish soap  $1.75

Fabric Softener  $1.50

Face cleaners  $1.59

Franks Hot Sauce  .50˘

French’s mustard .50˘

Glade spray fresheners  $1.00

Go phone (OM rebate)  $10.00

Hair color - $2 for the ones originally $6 or $7 (or less), and $3 for the more expensive kinds ($9.99 and up)

Hair, gel   $1.00

Hairspray - Cans - 12oz. or higher $1.00

Hairspray - Bottles - 10oz or lower   .75˘

Hamburger helper chicken and tuna $1.25

Hormel chili  $1.00

Huggies Wipes  $2.00

Lipsticks - .50˘ (for NYC) up to $2.00 for L’Oreal or Maybeline

Lotion, hand  $1.25 and $1.50

Lotions  $1.50 (small sizes--.75˘ or 1.00)

Markers   $1.50

Mouthwash  $1.50 (smaller size for 1.00)

Mr. Clean Auto Dry kit  $10.00

Nail polishes   $1.00

Nestle Choc Syrup  $1.00

New computer keyboards $5.00

New, in package, long sleeve t-shirts $3.00
One Touch Ultra Blood Glucose Monitors $15

Palmolive dish wipes $2.00

Peanut butter  $1.50

plastic wrap   .75˘

Pledge Grab-It mop kit  $7.00

Pledge wipes  $1.50

Poligrip  $2.50 each
Protein bars .50

Razor (Quattro)  $4.00

Razors 1/2 of the retail price. I think those are around $10 retail? I'd start at $5 but you might have to go down a bit if they don't sell. In general, start at 50% off of retail and then go down in you have to.

Razors, disposable $1.50(10 ct.) or $1.00 (5 ct) Bic Comfort 3--$1.50

Razors  $2.00

Rite Aid rebate stuff 1/2 of retail

Scotch tape/ink pens $1.00

Scott’s bath tissue  $2 on 4 roll double roll

Sealed(!) over the counter drugs (Tylenol, Mylanta, etc.)--$1.00-1.50 (These are OK for me to sell in Florida and I have been doing this for 12 years. There was a big discussion on this board at one time telling me that I should never resell these items. Even my policeman neighbor said it was OK.)

Shampoo & conditioners $1 to 1.50

Shampoo, Suave and VO5  .75˘

Shampoo, Dove  $2.00

Shampoo, Finesse $1.50

Shampoo, Garnier Fructis $2.00

Shampoo, Head & Shoulders   $2.50

Shampoo, L’Oreal Vive $1.50

Shampoo, Pert $1.75

Shampoo, Thermasilk  $1.50

Shave gel   .75˘ to $1.50-depends on brand and size

Soap (Bar) .25˘ per bar (1.00 per 4 pack)

Soap, (bar) Irish Spring, Ivory, etc.2 for $1.00

Soap (bar) Aveeno, Olay, Yardley  $1.00

Soap, Dial bar soap  $1.25

Soap, Gillette  $1.00

Soap, Lever/Dove 2pk  $1.00

Soap, Softsoap hand soap .75˘

Starburst jelly beans (that I buy at 90% off at Target every year after Easter) - .50˘ each or 3/$1

Stayfree pads   $2.50

Toothbrushes $1.00

Toothbrushes, electric  $2.50

Toothpaste $1.00 each for single tubes

Toothpaste  $2.00 each for the double packs

Trial size samples  .50˘ each or 3/$1.00

Welch's Jelly $1.00


Other helpful hints:


Trial Size items:  I put them all in a mid size container w/ a piece of cardboard for a sign. I had my sale in the spring and they sold well. I heard people saying that they were going on vacation and these would be great!  Renay, NJ



My favorite tip to give:  I cut out ads from the sales flyers showing what a product sells for on sale and tape it to an index card and put:  CVS’ price: (or whichever store it may be) and show the ad and then on the other half of the index card I put – Vicky’s yard sale price:  $xx.xx – I usually do my price at about 50% of what the sale price is.  This shows people they are getting a good deal.  I also do this with the free after rebate items from Rite Aid only I cut out just the price and don’t show that I was able to get it free after rebate.  Vicky, Maine


Supplies you might need:
Plastic bags to wrap breakables, table cloths to make the tables more inviting. You can also use flat sheets or bedspreads.

Tables – if you don’t have access to banquet type tables, use saw horses and anything flat – doors, plywood, etc.  Don’t have saw horses?  You could use chairs.  Also, picnic tables are great – you can use the top of the table and the seats.  Card tables, coffee tables, the kitchen table!  If you place clothing or stuffed animals or other things on the ground, use a tarp or a blanket so things aren’t directly on the ground.  If you have a chain link fence, they make a great place to hang clothing.  You can also use a wooden clothes dryer to display items.

Price stickers – try to have everything priced. 

Index cards – if you have a lot of one item, for example, toothbrushes, you could do an index card that says “Toothbrushes $1.00 each”.  If you do this type of pricing, make yourself a list so you know what you are charging.


Cleaning towel – nobody wants to buy your dust! 

Clipboard with paper and pens.  If you are doing your sale with a friend, you will need to write down how much each person has earned.  Also, some customers may want to pick an item up later and you will want to take down a phone number.  Or, they may want you to call them if you don’t sell a particular item and they may make you an offer. 

Cash box or fanny pack – you will want to start out with plenty of change.  I usually have $20 in ones, $30 in fives, $30 in tens, and a roll of quarters.  You won’t want to miss a sale because you can’t supply change!  Once you’ve taken in some money, take out some of the larger bills and put it away in a safe place in the house.   

Table and chairs for a checkout point.  I usually do my sale with a friend and we set up a table with two chairs and have the customers come to us when they are ready to checkout.   

When you set up for your sale, try to put like things together.  If you sell from your stockpile, put all health and beauty items,  food items, cleaning supplies, office/school supplies, etc. together.   

When you have a slow spell during your sale, walk around and straighten things back up.  Keep your tables looking neat. -- Vicky Neale



Thanks to all contributors!

Jean, MI

Jean, NY

Jill, MI

Linda b., CA

Lynda, FL

Marcia, UT

Maria, FL

Renay, NJ

Sheila, VA

Shelli, AZ

Susan, CA

Vicky, ME


Thanks Angela, NC for this list

Here is a list of what I had and my prices. I had between 40 and 150 of each of these items except the cleaners (scrubbing bubbles, Windex and shout I only had 5 of each)

Stride and Eclipse Gum 3/$1
Eclipse mints 2/$1
Rolaids Soft Chews 3/$1
Bubblicious 4 pack .50
*Welch's Jam/Jelly large plastic bottle $1
Kraft BBQ Sauce .75 or 3/$2
Pancake syrup lg northwoods and small log cabin all $1.00
*Tuna 4/$1
Mustard Brown .75 or 3/$2
Mustard Yellow .50
Corn Syrup .75 or 3/$2
*Soy Sauce .75 or 3/$2
Teriyaki Sauce .75 or 3/$2
*Lawry's Seasoning Salt $1
*Lawry's Garlic Salt .75 or 3/$2
Taco Seasoning packages 4/$1
French's Dried Onions sm .75 or 3/$2
McCormick Finishing sauces .50
Ragu Organic $1.00  ( I will probably sell these .75 or 3/$2 at my next sale)
Relish sm (glass jars) .50
*Pickles .75 or 3/$2
Progresso Microwavable soups 2/$1
Quaker Old Fashioned Oatmeal .50
Instant Potatoes med size box .75 or 3/$2
Tomato sauce sm 3/$1
*Peanut butter med size $1
Pumpkin canned reg size .50
Van Camps beans Small 3/$1
*Van Camps beans Large .50
No Yolks pasta .50
Rice A Roni .75 or 3/$2
Red Rose Tea 100 bags $1
Rice white small bag .50
Campbell's soups .25
*Snyder Pretzels all sizes $1
White House apple juice sm .75 or 3/$2
White House apple juice lg $1
Kotex or Always liners .75 or 3/$2
Kotex or Always Pads $1.50
Trial size items 3/$1
*Huggies Shampoo and Body wash $1.00
Excedrin $1
Nail Polish $1
Mylanta small .75
*One Touch $10
Toothbrushes singles 3/$1
Toothbrushes double packs 2/$1
Band-Aids $1
Clearasil products $1
Toothpaste adult .75 or 3/$2
*Toothpaste children's $1
Razors $1.50
Suave hand cream purse size 2/$
edge or skintimate travel size 2/$1
*Antibacterial soap $1
Renu .75 or 3/$2
*Shower to Shower lg $1
Bodywashes men's and ladies $1
*Jergens full size lotions $1
*Dial 3 pk bar soap .75 or 3/$2
*Irish Spring 3 pk bar soap $1
Suave shampoo and conditioner .75 or 3/$2
Soda's 2 liter bottles .50  (sold out of everything but cheerwine and a couple bottles of Dr Pepper)
Iams 4lb bags dog and cat $2
Meow Mix .75 or 3/$2
Snausages .75 or 3/$2
Jerky Treats $1
Meaty Bones $1
Whiskers .75 or 3/$2
Hefty Plates, cup or bowls all sizes $1
Electrasol Gel tabs $1
Hellmann's Mayo small squeeze tube .75 or 3/$2
Hellmann's Tarter Sauce .75 or 3/$2
*Glade Candles .75 or 3/$2
*Glade oil candle refills (the 3 pk) $1
*Glade infusion spray $1
*Scrubbing bubbles $1
*Shout $1
*Windex $1
*Chocolate bars kitkat, snickers, recess cups etc Bage .75 or 3/$2 BUT will do these $1 a bag next time
*** Ideas ***
** have containers for your customers to carry around.  That way they keep their hands free to shop.  Tell them when their container gets full take it to the cashier and she will start a pile for them.   You can get the plastic containers at the dollar stores for $1

** have a cashier. 

** My good friend always volunteers to be my cashier and this really helps.  Make sure your cashier has a price list.  (do something nice for your cashier after the sale e.g. I give mine a $50 gift card to Harris teeter)

** have lots of bags
** if your using long tables buy a roll of paper table cover.  Then you can hang it on your tables (like a table skirt) and write prices on it.  That way people can look below the items they are considering and see the price.
** This year I started a sign up sheet at my sale.  If you sign up giving your name and either phone number or email address they would in turn receive a call one week before the next sale and also an invite to a presale the night before the actual sale.  My customers loved this idea.
** I also do not go down on my stockpile prices.  I started this a couple of years ago, I tell my customers my prices are 50 - 75% off retail.  This last sale I only had 1 person ask me to give her a lower price because most of my customers are repeat business and no the routine.  This also helps because everyone is treated the same no matter how much you spend.
I hope this helps someone out.
Angela, NC